The Best And Worst Nationalities of Women (According to Google)

After a RVF thread surfaced showing how terrible even Google thinks American women are, I got curious as to what it had to say about other nationalities of women.

The results….not so shocking, though they are hilarious.

Let’s get this party started with the RVF’s favorite pastime, bashing American chicks.


Spoiled, masculine, big, entitled, selfish, loud, boring, worthless, unhappy, whorish and cunty…..I may have made the last two up, but I’m certain they are numbers 10 and 11 on the list.

Why would any man subject themselves to women like this?  Well, many are stuck in the US, so they don’t have a whole lot of choice.  Others are so god dammed thirsty they actually find these traits attractive.  Either way, American women are the only nationality of women I could find that didn’t have a single positive quality.

Fuck yeah, America.

Moving on….


Oh, black women (yes, I know that isn’t a nationality, but the results were too good to leave out), I guess our dark skinned brethren at the RVF are right on the money about you.  Overweight? Check.  Rude?  Check.  Loud?  Check.  Angry, masculine and bitter?  Check, check and check.

They do get a hit for being beautiful, which I will get on board with.  Black women can be very beautiful, assuming they don’t mirror the adjectives listed above.

Black women may rejoice at being described as “sassy”, but we all know that really just means bitchy, and no one likes an overweight, loud, bitchy woman, unless your name is Dan Conner.

Next up to bat…Russian women.


Tall, blonde and beautiful ice queens.   Appears to be a fitting description from the Russia and FSU trip reports I’ve read.  They also apparently have great fashion sense, which goes hand in hand with Google describing them as materialistic.

If you can handle some cold shoulders and a wee bit of gold digging, Russian women just might be for you.

Lets move on to some Latinas, and see what they have in store for us with the Brazilians and Mexicans.


Well, Brazilian women sure come off well in the eyes of Google.  Aside from a bit of jealousy, which is easily made up for with that whole thing about them being easy, there isn’t a negative trait on the list.  Good in bed, gorgeous, thin and pretty all sit just fine with me.  No problem overlooking some jealousy issues in exchange for that.

No wonder so many black American men are hopping the next jet plane down to Rio De Janeiro.


Mexican women don’t stack up so well against their Brazilian sisters to the south, however they are still miles ahead of American women.  That’s kind of like bragging about beating up the retarded kid at school though.

Getting slammed for being mean and rude right out of the gate is a bit tough, and I’m on the fence how I feel about them being fertile, since I am not ready to have any little Mexican babies running around.  Beautiful, attractive and pretty are great ways to be described though, so Mexican women definitely got something going for them.

Ok, let’s head across the ocean over to my personal stomping grounds, Asia.


Although I am no expert in Japanese women, Google’s results seem to be pretty consistent with what I know about them.  Skinny, small, feminine, attractive, subservient, etc.  Childish seems to fit, if the number of Japanese girls I see over here running around with little kid backpacks on is the norm.

I was a bit thrown off by loud though.  The more I think about it, the more that must be a trait of Japanese-American women.  The Japanese girls I see here in Bangkok are the exact opposite of that.  Maybe people got them mixed up with those rude-ass Chinese tourists?

Anyway, moving on to what I know best, Thai women.


Google nearly got it right with Thai women.  Thailand is definitely a country full of thin and attractive women.  Along with feminine, those are probably the three best adjectives to describe them.

I gotta disagree with them being good in bed however.  It’s not that they are bad in the sack, but normal Thai women are very reserved, so they won’t be screaming for you to stick your fingers in precarious places too often.

The whole Thai women all being prostitutes stereotype is to be expected.  The fact is most men who come to Thailand end up paying prostitutes or dating bottom of the barrel Isaan chicks.   Western women who come here also absolutely loathe Thai women.  They are basically everything they want to be, but will never admit.  The fact that western women can’t hardly give it away out here only adds to their frustration towards Thai women.


I had two female friends from back home stop off in Bangkok for a week while they were traveling.  After an entire night of Thai women bashing (and me throwing a little gasoline onto the fire as well) such as, “Thai women are too skinny”, “They all look like little kids”, and “Guys who like me would never like girls like them” it resulted in two overweight white women doing crunches at 9AM on my living room floor.

Let’s shoot back over to the Anglo sphere and wrap this bad boy up with some bad teeth and bad attitudes.


English and Irish women seem to suffer from mostly the same character flaws as American women.  Though, they do get beautiful and hot thrown in there as well.  I’m not sure if this is actually the case, or if Google is mistaken by US searchers whose only contact with British women is via movie stars such as Elizabeth Hurley and Keira Knightely.  Either way, stuck up, rude, angry, fussy, annoying and cold are far too much to put up with just for an aesthetically pleasing piece of ass.

Well, that’s enough Google searching and white women bashing for this week.  Off to meet my Isaan girlfriend at Nana Plaza and give her 10,000 baht for her family’s sick buffalo.  Cheers.

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232 thoughts on “The Best And Worst Nationalities of Women (According to Google)”

  1. London, which is where nearly all americans go and stay in, has a lot of foreign women who are pretty hot and many speak perfect English.

    1. Foreign men aren’t brainwashed, and so foreign countries have relatively better women. I think its a bitter pill to swallow, that whilst we have been indoctrinated that women are equal to men, its clearly not true.
      Men do all the hard work that sustains a civilization, eg engineering, building etc… Women in all countries, if allowed to satisfy their whims, destroy civilization. There’s no point me working when I am disincentivized by women who don’t care for success, they only care about me having free time and being feckless and perhaps, a bad boy.
      If women of the West have become cunty, its because we failed the biggest shit test in history – keeping their shit under check so they don’t destroy what was built. Hopefully its not too late to fix the damage.

      1. Women are becoming “cunty” for the same reason men are becoming aholes; government is protecting them from downsides to such behavior. Sans government, it’s up to everyone to behave in such a way that vastly more people benefit from having them around, than from simply getting rid of them.

      2. whites don’t even belong in America and europe probably doesnt want you as i seen so many forums saying by Europeans no we dont want them!!!!!you keep them!!!!!!

  2. British and Irish women are not really any different from American ones. I have lived here in the UK and in the States. I would say that British women are far worse in terms of entitlement issues and the like. It is the culture of the place, as foreign women who have lived here a long time fit the UK mould.
    It IS Western culture that is responsible for the general shittyness of women, and places in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as further afield, yield much more physically and personally attractive women. Hungary is a good place to go for Americans, as well as Latvia and a variety of other places.

    1. I do feel British women’s entitlement is more of the shit test variety than in the US. I’m much more concerned about actually being sued or reported to te police by US women than British ones, for one; which indicates US entitlement and self centeredness issues run deeper than in the UK.

    2. I can vouch for Irish women also. I was in a relationship with an Irish woman up until about 2 years ago. Like an idiot she persuaded me to take over her car loan for 2 years. Then after we split up she sold said car and fucked off to Australia. The dinners, the shoes, handbangs, etc. She had the gall to tell me when we split up that I hadn’t taken her out or cooked for her in 3 months! This after I took her on a 10 day holiday to Spain and she didn’t put her hand in her pocket once! I hope the Aussie guys give her a good kicking (metaphorically speaking of course!!!).

      1. I’ve read all these posts believe me gentlemen when I say Irish women are just the worst of the worst I could post stories here of some of the most unreal behaviour you’ve ever heard,most men in Ireland are sick of them and when they complain the women run to the white knights for protection of their fragile worlds were no man can speak out against their vile behaviour its really quite shocking! Add a bunch off booze on top of that and you have one abrasive nasty individual!

    3. Canadian white women are the perfect creature. They are a cross between american and british cultures, have a good knowledge of the world, are sophisticated and classy for the most part, especially if they have french blood. Foreign guys in toronto dont like the women there, most are foreign, they will drive all the way to ottawa and beyond just for a date with a white woman. This is fact. Toronto is filed with self-entitled groups of people for the most part so hardly anyone can get a date in toronto so much for our govt needing more canadian babies.Most of the women their have to marry their own and are stuck in their cultures, but there are many many people from various cultures who can and will marry whoever they want and are in our western culture, and for the most part, they seek a white woman. I have heard some men say they would KILL to date a white woman.

      1. I can’t relate to people saying they’d “kill to date a white woman” because that’s always been the default situation for me. Dating white women is the norm.

      2. YucK! Canada white illegal women are gross! the real good women are ones in UkrainE RussiA and other countries in Europe as well in AsiA

      3. lay off the self flattery being conceited makes others know what kind of person you are.self praisal is the worst thing you could do. someone praising someone else nothing wrong with that though.

    4. yes it is british way of life which makes America crap!egotistical rude obnoxious and nothing is ever good enough.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA im so proud of that because I cant stand whites in stolen America nor british wankers.i do however like other European countries and it’s people though.

  3. Some interesting auto-complete action when you query “Why are (insert nationality/race) men so…” as well. American men didn’t get one positive trait out of the four results when I typed it in. Asians and Indians get the shaft in the Googleverse too. Russian, black, and Irish had some positive things going on…

    1. American men are “weak, boring, insecure, and short”. But obviously, the reason Irish and English do better than Americans in the searches is because Americans make more of the searches, and the “grass is greener” syndrome kicks in.

      1. English men are cheap so are some scottish and irish men. A white woman does not like a cheap man, most of us want someone with a middle class income and some of us want only rich men but honestly another good trait about canadian women we are not as greedy as american women and america itself seems to be. Like our superrich class is smaller and has less wealth than america’s. Something else to point out at least in canada: many asian and other foreign women who come to canada use white men and women for citizenship then dump them. I had 2 men approach me for a fake marriage as he was being deported although he ran a kiosk here. I know a white guy who fell for a thai girl and they got married and had a baby right away and as soon and shortly after she started sponsoring her family members she said ‘I think I was confused, I thought you were a rich man, I do not love you anymore! This man is devastated!

  4. Yeah western women hate it in Thailand. It’s not surprising that they hate on Thai women though as I imagine they feel big and clumsy next to the slender Thai women. They certainly look that way anyway.
    I know you are only joking about Isaan women, but for readers who may not be too familiar with Thailand, don’t fall for the whole Thai Chinese women are rich, light skinned beauties, while Isaan women are dark, splay toed, prostitutes. Plenty of poor ugly Thai chinese, and plenty of fine Isaan women, including of the light skinned variety. Korat is a city that never gets mentioned on the forums, but that is well worth a look in my opinion.

    1. I would love to check out Isaan. I was in the Udon Thani airport and young, and even middle aged, Thai girls were waving at me and giggling with their friends. They were better looking than your typical Isaan bar girl in BKK. There were many white guys there, but there was maybe only 1 or 2 that were under 40, and one of them was a fat fuck.
      I could imagine a young, decent looking white guy with some style and game could do very well in Isaan. I think most farang in Isaan are old fat dudes who married some bar girl and moved back to Isaan with her. I don’t imagine there are many young guys there.
      I’ve heard great things about Khon Kaen, you ever been there?

      1. Yeah, a young, good looking man with good style could do extremely well in Isaan.
        I’ve been to Khon Kaen, but only for a short stay of about 5 nights. Same for Korat. There are quite a few foreigners around, but nothing like BKK. Most are young English teachers, or older married expats, and there is still few enough that being foreign is still somewhat of a novelty there.
        The friend I visited in Khon Kaen was teaching English there. He was around 36 at the time (but looks much younger), average looks, decent Thai, and pretty much had his pick of the litter. I did pretty well in both cities, but I preferred Korat as I found the women to be better looking.
        Korat seemed to have slightly more nightlife too, but as I said, I was only there for a short time so I didn’t really have time to really get to know either city. Neither have nightlife anything close to BKK though.
        If someone was looking for a short break from BKK, or somewhere a bit smaller to settle for a while (cheap too), then either would be pretty good choices, and make good alternatives to Chiang Mai.

        1. Just to add, after re-reading my post, I made it sound as if a white guy can just turn up and start getting top quality women. The usual things still apply, in that there is still plenty of competition from Thais for the best women etc. But for average decent looking girls, it was pretty easy. If you are getting good results in BKK, then it will be like playing a computer game on easy mode.

    2. western women are jealous of Europeans.europeans and Asiatic HighcastE aryaN IndiaN are the best!

  5. They say when you ask a question, you already know the answer. Google is the wisdom of the masses. The collective will always beat out and individual voice, like say, Hanna Rosin.

  6. My parents were immigrants, and did thier best to raise my sister and I with olde world values. But by the age of 13, my sister was not having any of it. She had no interest in learning cultural recipes, let alone cooking. She was a slob, disrespectful to our mother many times, and basically a typical american bratty chick, just like ALL OF HER FRIENDS. She was rewarded at school with guys chasing her down every minute. She excelled academically and she considered that enough. My mother as aghast sometimes that this girl was her daughter, but proud of her nonetheless since this was the American dream. My sister and female cousins are typical first-generation American Bitches. They are NOTHING like what my mother and aunts were raised them to be. I feel sorry for thier husbands (all american men) who thought they were marrying girls with strong foriegn cultural values. I could have warned them, but why bother? Every man for himself.

    1. That is why I’ll never marry a woman who has been “Americanized”, even if she’s a foreigner. I feel your pain!

      1. and I just happened to see your post. Perhaps it is best if you just date someone from your own background and nationality. You shouldn’t judge all American woman based on what I am certain are only a very few of dates you may have had.

        1. That’s true that not every American woman is like that but I can attest to the fact that more than just a few are abusively judgmental and impatient when it comes to relationships. It’s definitely an overwhelming cultural trait you find among American women–much moreso than you’ll find with foreigners.

        2. I’m finding that it’s not just women who are acting like self entitled bitches but I find men as painfully asshole-ish. I’ve tried to talk them into being gentleman and shared tips on how to be more loving to the women but both genders don’t seem to care.
          The great news is there’s still about 50% of men and women who maintain their good looks, are selfless, have empathy, kindness and generosity towards others. I have chosen to focus on the good ones and as a result more seem to come into my life now.

        3. You do know that the obesity rate for women in the US is over 60 percent right lol. They arent maintaining their “good looks”
          I agree about most here being judgemental. I am athletic, a college graduate, I have an awesome job, and most would consider me good looking. I spend alot of time helping charities etc. Generally a good person. I cant get a date in the united states to save my life. Its like someone sprayed me down with a female repellant. First girl from china I ever dated though and 3 years later we are getting married. She wasnt put off by little quirks or that I wasnt a perfect match to some twisted bad boy fantasy. she is the only woman to ever actually get to know me. I know not all american women are terrible, my mother is a saint, but in the current generations finding a lovely, non conceited, loving, relationship oriented, intelligent and non bitchy woman, who isnt obese…..the chances are so small id rather go somewhere its more likely to find what I want.

        4. While trying to ”talk men into being gentleman” have you turned to your sisters and tell them to act lady like as well? Because men are just actually tired of women being entitled and not requitting shit.

        5. the obesity rate for the men is higher.. and Mexico leads the world in obesity rates.

        6. Hispanic men, especially from Mexico, are full of that machismo attitude. I wonder why they get such a hard time from American women.

        7. There are always exceptions to every rule, but as a whole, if you want to marry an American woman, you’d best look for one who comes from a conservative religious background—a woman raised Mormon, Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, Orthodox Jewish, conservative Catholic, or Evangelical. Those women, while participating fully in modern life and having an education and a career, don’t have the typical American female attitude and tend to make superb wives and companions.
          You get the occasional American girl raised secular who isn’t like the typical American bitch—my brother married one such girl—but they are exceptions, major exceptions.

        8. It is not just a few Ashley; it has become most with few exceptions. I have watched and experienced this transition for many years. These males speak the truth.

        9. I see the truth has hit a nerve GooD! oh and you are going to hell! whether you like it or not.8-):P:P:P:p:p:p—–:(””’pushover!

        10. Joshua Sage Son, so I feel Sorry for Your Chinese Wife if She Gains a Pound, and Don’t remain Skinny for the Rest of her Life, because You Would Leave her in a Heartbeat.
          You Are as Shallow and Vain as Are All AMERICAN MEN.

        11. Typical White Boy that Looks for PERFECTION in Women —Perfection that He Does NOT have.

        12. That’s is so True Victor Gomez –American Women Are Terrible. Women from other Nations are Much More Dedicated to Their Families and Kids.

      2. Don’t marry an Americanized woman. It’s the worst thing you could ever do.

        1. This is rather not always true. I am a white canadian woman and I was with a man from Iran for 11 years. He told me he would never ever marry one of his own women or any other foreign women they are too needy here and cant handle our ways and would not fit in. He said it would be like being a babysitter forever, she would never be happy,she would not know anything about sex. What he admired were western women because we are independent and confident and that was a turn on for him. Also, the most sought after women.

        2. Well that’s just your ex-lover’s opinion. He was probably disowned by his family especially if he was a Muslim. Many Muslim families in the Middle East are arranged to be married.

        3. No his family was not religious at all. They were against the religious people. That is probably why he has so many issues there. He did not give a crap about marrying one of their women, he knew it would be a problem for him. He knew the way to get ahead in a white nation is to study there, cut off your community and only hang with white people and you will be accepted and progress in life. Otherwise its staying in his community flipping pizzas and eating dinner at 100 am with a big beer belly and alot of gossip (which he hates). So now that he is rich, he contributes his success to 1) cutting off his community 2) getting an education3) being with a smart white woman and her family.

        4. That’s a bit unusual about his family not being religious. Anyway, good for him if he was successful. I hate being American. I wrote my original comment because I see how people operate in my country (the USA) especially my own family members. A lot of my relatives look down on me because I make less or I’m not striving for the same goals as them. It’s part of the reason why they don’t talk to me anymore. The bottom line is all they care about is money and I can’t be around phony people.

        5. I feel the same 100%. Its like this in Canada at least in the big cities. Its so phoney. I never cared much about money you do need enough but there is a limit. It seems some are so greedy. There is alot of people like this in ottawa the capital! And if you dont have their money they look down on you, I could care less!! I am my own person, I dont care if I wear designer clothes, I buy some clothes that are used or lower-end. I was also like this, even though I grew up the daughter of a lawyer, I was middle class. I guess I took after my parents. Once my dad told me its nice to have money but people should not have too much. Maybe this is why I dont fit into this city and plan to leave. I was also brought up Catholic and feel this was a big influence into how I view things……..

        6. My dad’s family’s Catholic especially my grandmother, but she doesn’t practice what she preaches. She’s been so obsessed with money and me being a part of society that she forgot what’s really important. She and a few of my other relatives live in a really nice area in Annapolis, which definitely has a bad case of class-ism. In that town, rich live on one side poor’s on the other. I see what you mean about money too. I just wanna live comfortably. Honestly, at this point I don’t care if I ever get a house. BTW, thank your parents for teaching you to be appreciative of what you already have. If only more people could realize that, then maybe the world would be a better place.

        7. What I dont like is after awhile you are conveniently left out of family get togethers, that is happening more to me now than say 20 years ago. My nieces and nephews now are in their jobs. My brother came to visit, so I facebooked to tell them so we could all me him at his hotel like 5 days before. They dont ever call me or anything its always me making the move.

        8. It is not unusual. Most Persian (Iranian) – American families came here during the Revolution in the early 1980’s precisely because they were not religious muslims, they were completely westernized and non-practicing muslims in Iran, and when the Shah was deposed and the Khomeini took over the country they basically got out as fast as they could because they did not want to have to live there wearing shadors for the rest of their lives, no makeup, no western clothing, and going back to living life in the 7th century.

      3. Well I am sorry if that is true but they don’t speak for me:) I am more attentive of a wife and mother than most anyone! I adore my husband and would do just about anything for him so…..sorry guys but Americanized is not a viable argument

    2. Sending one’s daughter to an American public school, is rarely meaningfully different from simply selling her off to a pimp. The end result is the same; she’s fucked. By lots of useless guys that couldn’t care less for her.

      1. Agreed stay in your own country and raise your kids there so you don’t have to deal with crazy American bitches

    3. You are so chauvinist, lady (or sir, who knows). Ok, no one should disrespect their parents, I agree with that. But I don’t see why one should like cooking or any other “feminine” thing just because she is a woman. It seems people try to fit everyone in a single pattern: same ideas, same preferences, same dreams. But people are different from each other.
      As an introverted geek girl, I prefer reserved, insightful and unusual people. But this doesn’t mean this the “right” way to be or that everyone should be like that. Other people may prefer outgoing and traditional friends/mates. So, who knows what is better? 🙂

      1. As an introverted geek girl, I prefer reserved, insightful and unusual people.

        Then the author is not talking about you is he? You have no logical reason to be offended on behalf of the millions of cows that don’t have your wonderful qualities.

      2. you, “lady” and i use that loosely, are a fucking loser. continuing the gender war because you want to compete with the stronger sex, is a losing battle as you will see.

      3. No one cares what you think, cunt. We know that you don’t even know what you want.
        You will want whatever pop culture tells you to want, even though you don’t know why.

    4. American bitches? Quite descriptive. It’s funny, im pretty sure America is one of the only countries to allow a foreigner to become a permanent citizen. But it seems that once these people are here they have a list of complaints and insults up there sleeves. The opinions about Americans are biased and uneducated. And I find mostly come from people who dont live or ever have lived in America. We are one of the best countries in the world, and im not just saying that. Its true. Why else do people keep wanting to come here. I dont see Americans flocking to Mexico or or Europe to live. And yeah the vast majority of Americans are obese. But thats the beauty of America people, we have the ability and money and choice to eat ourselves to death. But not every citizen is that way. This country is less than 400 years old and one of the greatest super powers, possibly the greatest in the world. We just have a dickless ass for a president.

      1. actually people who aint in America have better culture and heritage.people from Europe and AsiA,UkrainE,RussiA and IndiA better manners and have class. .which means RussiaN BeaR UkrainiaN BadgeR and IndiaN TigeR have stronger heritage.

        1. I think I talked to you at one time.You work at an Indian telemarketing company selling gay porn.You said your name was “Bob”,but it was “Raja My Knkob off”.Please never contact me or my family again with cheap rugs or really shitty curry sauce.By the way Mumbai is a shit hole with human waste rolling down the streets and cows are better off than the peasants living there.By the way Ive got yor baby photos from the mail.I had to wipe my ass once to develop , The pictures came out a blurry ,smeared brown.I’ll have to try and and develop the rest of your family after breakefast in the morning.I like to use the 4 ply cheap grocery store toilet paper for such matters.Please reply so I can forward you your photos.Have a really great day ass wipe.By the way, India is a really,really big shit hole.TTFN.

        2. i think you have the wrong person you see our people invented sanitary products such as the shampoo while Egypt invented soap. you talking about poo must be when your mother crapped out you’ as your dad says to your mom this one should have been a blowjob. oh and curry is good as it is food which has no cancer in it unlike your processed garbage.

        3. why are you typing and using internet?. guess you didn’t know internet would not exist hadn’t it been for our number zero because without that internet wouldn’t have a binary system in place and you wouldnt have language hadn’t it been for our people either as language linguistics,grammar,literature,philosophy all came from IndiA

    5. Seems like your sister and female cousins learned the American way fast. One thing I do notice about American women who have foreign parents is that many of them don’t like to embrace the traditions from the old country. They want behave like stuck-up rich American girls assuming it will get them ahead in the world. I’m assuming your sister is still single. LOL.

    6. Are your arms broken? Does your list of demands come with deep pockets and a fat bank account? Are you completely paralyzed? If you answer no to any of these questions, you can get off your tush and cook for yourself. American women aren’t spoiled or bratty, but we aren’t having any of your misogynistic crap if that’s what you’re getting at.”Wah! My woman won’t cook for me like a good woman!” Get real.

    7. You Know, Invisible Chair, I have those old world values that you mentioned, but, Ironically, American Men Don’t Like Me. I noticed that Men in the USA are Always Playing Games. It’s so Frustrating to Me that I am thinking about becoming a Lesbian. I was raised by a mother who raised me with old values, but Men in America Don’t Like that. It Seems that They want a frivolous bitch.

    8. I’m a Home Body, and Very Family Oriented. I like to Cook and take Care of the my child. I like Get together with family and friends. Love Family, and Barbecues, Church, etc…Very traditional and Clean and Honest. But Men in America Don’t Like Decent Girls. They Just Want Sluts. They Usually Marry Women that have Bleached Blonde Hair, Manicured Nails, and tight Clothes on. Or they usually Marry Women Who Smoke, Drink, and Do DRUGS.
      Men in America Don’t Want Decent Women, They Marry White Women that Don’t Even Like Their Own Kids and Don’t Take Good Care of their Kids –I’ve Seen it Thousands of Times –Men in America Go Only for Looks, but They Don’t Look for Substance. Men in America are as Bad as the Women.

  7. What about middle eastern women? I tried this and got “beautiful, pretty, covered, oppressed, and why do they wear so much make up”

  8. Brilliant idea for a blog post! Bravo. If the lamestream media had any honest, they’d be doing things like this.

  9. I get completely different results
    I got :
    -Why are american women so hot
    -why are russian women so rude
    -why are british wome so attractive..
    But also -The opposites of mentioned above for eacj nationality.
    It depends on the location where you type it in…
    The quality of this site is dropping below the waterline.

    1. Put it like this, (from a Black man born and raised in the US, with a White British grandfather, and spending a hellafied amount of time in London over the years with my Brit fam {Tottenham rep!}) If you are are a White man, you get a good pick in the UK if you are in shape. Out of shape, you get the lesser slags unless you make a ton of Quid. As an “Overweight”(6’3” 340) Black American, I’ve had a bunch of success in the Cloudy isles, all races. It must be my RP.

      1. 6’3″, 340 pounds? Sorry, bub, you are not “overweight” — you are severely obese by nearly all medical and public health benchmarks. Unless you are like Shaq in his prime, with a body fat percentage less than 12%, and bench-pressing 300 pounds, you clearly need to improve your appearance (and health) before you have a decent change with local women — with possible exceptions if you are a major celebrity, are heir to a huge fortune, and have some of the tightest game on the island.

    2. “The quality of this site is dropping below the waterline.”
      You’re taking this article way too seriously.

  10. Great thought for an article, however, most men who come from the US and go abroad tend to have rose colored glasses. For one, we tend to only stay a few days or weeks. Second, we are using to our own scum sucking wenches that we fail to notice similar traits in women abroad.
    When you get older, less hormonal (read horny and therefore more easily entertained by inferior women, minus some if you have game but are still stuck here), and have transcended the rose/tourist glasses of pooontang; you tend to accept no bitchiness from any woman. You tend to leave extremely hot women for what most men would argue are minor character flaws if that. Pussy comes in all genders I guess.
    Lastly, aside from a great article, you should include the Google searches for the local men and their ills with their local woman. It will effectively counteract any rose colored tint of their women, and also better prepare men for a life of traveling and shrewdly judging which wench they are going to grace for a night..or not.
    Rule number one, never accept inferior behavior, EVER. Be it a man or a woman. For once they use you, they never quit. Best to walk away, or dismiss rudely if they won’t leave you alone.

    1. “…however, most men who come from the US and go abroad tend to have rose colored glasses.”
      Maybe. But anyone who attended a college with a big foreign population can immediately see the difference between the foreign and American women. I went to such a college. Hell, MY PARENTS (!!!) noticed this difference, and told me to stick with a Central American girl I was dating — possibly their only good advice. But did I listen? No…..and I paid the price.

      1. All relationships come with risk, don’t dwell on what coulda been, ponder and overcome what is. Anything else is just your inner sissy making a comeback, evict it ASAP with reality.

        1. All relationships come with risk

          True to a point, but then jumping from the 1st floor balcony and jumping from the 5th floor balcony are not quite the same thing.

        2. your formallity will be divorce guaranteed. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAA’ she will want some good allimony!

    2. I have to give it up to Parlay for the article, he sparked the idea.
      You definitely get rose tinted glasses. When I went to Saigon I thought it was great and wanted to move there. However, a lot of those feelings are probably due to me being a bit sick of Bangkok and just seeing something different was exciting again.
      With that said, women outside of the West are most definitely better overall, rose tinted glasses or not.

  11. I googled “Why are women so..” I got:
    How are you getting so many suggestions? I only get 4.

    1. He’s using the Google search bar in the Mozilla Firefox browser, will return more results

      1. I just tried IE and I get 10 suggestions
        Why are women so..
        and last but not least?

  12. Japan is in the process of killing itself. Something like 1/3rd of 20 something men aren’t even interested in dating/sleeping with women let alone procreating. There is also a sizable segment of the Japanese female population that seems to be content to live at home for the free room and board while spending her paycheck on consumer products pushing her standard of living expectations through the stratosphere.
    I am sure that all does something crazy to the sexual market over there.

    1. 1/3rd of 20 something is particularly alarming, considering there are virtually no Japanese left under 30 🙂 Those guys are dying out hard.

      1. More White people died than were born last year, too. It’s not just a Japanese phenomenon, sadly.

        1. But white religious conservatives are having lots of children, more than any other group. The reason they don’t factor into the equasion is because white liberals aren’t reproducing.

    2. Japan is the end game of where we are headed in the west.
      Complete cultural and sociological breakdown.
      I lived in Japan for a few years – loved it. But even then it was obvious, Japan was doomed. When I came back to the states I saw hints of the same decay but didn’t understand what I was seeing till I got older, wiser, and more aware of the insidious affects of an unchecked feminine imperative combined with unchecked GOV dependency and overreach.
      Now well into my thirty s I no longer watch the news or make any effort to keep up with general media. It just cements in my mind how close we are to the end.
      It’s bad enough when u see it being highlighted on the TV and Social media. But everyday at work, or walking down the street or in the mall? Damn, it’s depressing…

    3. I’ve heard in some age cohorts that number is as high as 70%! And now their government is offering free healthcare for having a family to incentivize men and women alike. In BC, you’re considered married (and must split all assets/debt) if you live with someone for more than two years; the government’s way of dealing with declining marriage rates and increasing cohabitation. Because BC seems somewhat anti-male/anti-entrepreneur/anti-growth (in short, too liberal), more in favour of a socialistic milieu when you compare it to other provinces – especially Alberta and Saskatchewan (a running joke among friends in AB), I suspect that the trend in Japan may grace North America within the next few generations.

    4. Sadly, this seems to be happening to developed countries everywhere. Japan is just ahead of the curve.

    5. This is 100% due to the requirements to raise a family or be an “acceptable man”. It’s not so much feminism but the social pressures on men about their job is so high that they’ll end up working themselves to death (that actually happened btw) or just into bad health. A women won’t marry a man who doesn’t have a “good job” and thus young men, seeing the older ones being worked to death, have decided to just forgo the entire experience altogether. It’s essentially MGOTW dialed up to 11.
      I can’t really stress this enough, to have a Japanese girlfriend (in Japan) requires quite a bit of money. On the flip side they’ll give you tons of sex, all the sex you can want.
      It’s similar in Korea though not nearly to such a high degree. College girls will date / sex just about anyone if you play it right. It’s the 27~30yo crowd that wants money and for obvious reasons, their husband hunting.

    6. Does the huge sex industry have something to do with that? Men don’t have to date to get sex. Pink bar for lunch, soapland for dinner. In Japan, the wife controls the purse strings, so that also may keep men away from marriage. It is also very expensive to raise a child there. Wages have dropped tremendously compared to a few decades ago, so it becomes unthinkable to have a family. The girls find it even harder to find a job, since men a favored, so they stay at home or turn to the sex industry. However, unemployment stays remarkably low compared to the west due to the existence of all the make work jobs we no longer have–like gas station attendants, elevator operators, bus assistants, etc. It really is a unique situation in Japan in many ways.

    7. That sounds like china. Alot of their women wont even date a chinese guy unless he OWNS HIS HOME FIRST!

  13. Should do the same thing for men, seems American men are not so well liked either as weak, insecure, boring and short are at the top of the list. Would much rather be a german or russian when it comes to google 😉

    1. European whitemen on the other hand are smart well mannered, and polite, well dressed!, great accents and respected by other races.german men and swiss men are cool!

  14. One of the articles earlier this week said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” In my case, that new experience has been real, feminine women. I can never go back to Lily White. She needs to be left on the ash heap of history.
    After having been around the world, I now see American “women” as mere entities. Sexless, androgynous, mannish, selfish. Adjectives we’ve all heard before.
    I do not see why American men subject themselves to the olympic feats these women put them through. The level of Game one has to have doesn’t work out in the cost/benefit analysis. You have to have A+ Game to get bad sex and a boring, obtuse, predictable personality.
    I just wonder when Google will come along and censor/sanitize these search results because they don’t fit The Cathedral’s agenda. (The Cathedral is a term from Chateau Heartiste that means the entertainment, media, government and academia industrial complexes in the West, particularly in America.)

        1. and fuck your race, I hope they die out ASAP! thank you mother nature (^w^)/

    1. GUEST, you commentary is brilliantly correct but seriously, in 10 years half of American men will be married to foreign women? Where is your source?

    1. I could imagine could have some gems for results related to white women though.

      1. It says that white women are “beautiful”, “mean”, “skinny”, and “loose”. lolz

    2. Just tried accessing Google India from the U.S., and it does work. It says that American women are “big”, “picky”, and “hot”.
      And American men are “weak”, “insecure”, “tall”, and “macho”. Well… I suppose that’s a step up from us being “weak”, “insecure”, “short”, and “boring” in the U.S. version of Google.

  15. Suggestion for Quintus or LawDogger or Roosh or anyone currently outside the U.S.:
    If you are currently in Brazil or Thailand or France or Ukraine… and you speak the native language, could you please run equivalent searches where you are and let us know what results natives are receiving for similar searches on their women? Translations appreciated.
    It could be that Ukrainians, Russians, Brazilians, etc. are not enamored of their women. If so, the queries would show it.
    RioNomad (nice post), you probably speak Portuguese and Thai; could you please let us know…

    1. Just did for a search for ‘why russian women’ in Russian and got conflicting results.
      …convert to Islam,
      …most beautiful
      …like middle eastern men
      I am in states though..

    2. For Argentinean women in Spanish:
      – so cold
      – so beautiful
      – so pretty
      – so ugly.
      Why women… (in Spanish)
      – love assholes (pendejos, in non-Argie slang; in Argie slang it means youngsters)
      – menstruate
      – lie
      Why American women (in Spanish):
      – Prefer Mexicans (!!!!!)

    3. I’ve actually never been to Brazil. I picked my screen name when I was planning on going to Rio, but due to it being so expensive, I came to Thailand instead.
      I speak enough Thai to get by, but I can’t hold any type of conversation. The large majority of Thai girls you encounter in Bangkok will speak varying degrees of English. Speaking Thai is nice, but not necessary at all. Almost all educated girls from decent families can speak enough English to game her.
      The time and effort it takes to learn Thai is very large, and since it isn’t necessary at all, I’ve given up on learning it. For me personally it isn’t worth my time.

  16. great article. I am a se asia lover as well. I like the grand inn on soi nana, just across the intersection from nana plaza. in that part of Bangkok a guy can day-game the pharmacists and shop girls until after 8pm when the brothels open up. if u day-game a winner-chick, than u date her and if u fail during your day-game, just wait till after dark and go scoop up a bright-eyed 18 year old from nana…just avoid the lady-boy bars.
    do u like Bangkok or Pattaya better, RioNomad?

    1. Bangkok is exponentially better than Pattaya. I also do not recommend day game in Nana. Nana is damn near 100% hookers and low class girls. Thailand has great quality girls if guys would just get away from the sex tourist scene and step off of lower Sukhumvit.

  17. There’s something about Westernization that breaks societies. Freedom and individualism may sound high and lofty, but in the end some degree of collectivism and hierarchy is still required to maintain a functional society. Women knowing their place is one of those things. To call it mean and misogynistic… doesn’t really change the fact that it works.

    1. Its called because we have to live with people and cultures from around the world and are therefore not relaxed and competition. Do you think the women were like this in 1950, 1960 and into 1970 here, when america was almost all white?

      1. It doesn’t have anything to do with multiculturalism (see Argentina’s case). It has a lot to do with the feminist culture taken to an unhealthy and destructive level. When you damage the very fundations that make families possible, you destroy societies.

  18. I think the above nationalities like asian, japanese, brazil etc all favor white caucasian guys..I live in asia and see how much of fat white guys with no looks and body get tail coz of skin color and thats a fact… I have to work much harder and keep myself up on my body and game in order to score, and most of the time I score is a young girl whose drunk after a night out..fact is fact and its hard haha

    1. Many Asian cultures do prefer white skin, but a fat white guy with no looks will be scraping the bottom of the barrel here in Thailand. However, that is still a hundred times better than what he could pull back in the West.

      1. This is something that needs highlighting.
        The stark contrast with the sheer quantity of hot women in Asia vs NA / UK is insane. Guys who don’t have skills or looks can still get hot women due to there being so many of them. Though when I say “hot” I mean by the US definition not the Asian one. The women we typically think as “hot” out here tend to be the medium ones, if she has T&A she’s probably considered “fat” by Asian guys. Very few Asian dudes would give her attention yet westerners would and thus they sell to a different market segment.
        Now the true asian hotties require game and at least a decent physique. Money and other status symbols are a HUGE plus. Japan / China / South Korea all share a deep fixation with outward status, you need to wear your social rank.

        1. To hell with social rank. You don’t deserve anything in life, if you’re a scumbag.

    2. when you say Asian what do you mean by that oriental? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA”’be more elaborative and descriptive!

  19. Sigh. My brother is getting married to a british girl. While I should be happy for him, I can’t be optimistic. On the wedding invitation card, there was a conspicuous message, “No gifts please, we’d rather have cash”. I know my brother, I know this is not his doing. This is only on the invitation card mind you. I can’t fathom how far these women are able to go on their entitlement trip

    1. In Europe it is perfectly normal to ask for cash instead of gifts. I know that it is really uncommon in the US and regarded as rude. Here however it has become a commonly accepted practice even in the most conservative families.

    2. entitlement comes crashing down on people, entiitled people are not creative or actually have very limited technical skills they always rely on others to do things for them and a lot of the time using manipulation, they make bad decisions and waste money, time, resouces etc…. so most people can not really be bothered with them, its only when you serve others build relationships that are meaningfull in the process that you are satisfied in life and can life a wholesome life, yeah i dont fall for that no gifts message just give me cash, because a gift is an extension of who you are to them as a connection of what you have talked about together to go with something in your dreams or their dreams, you dont really need cash when you can see that you can just as easily trade goods for cash or trade goods with other goods meeting new people in the process, money is infanatley boring to aquire, you do need money to get by on, however when you dont believe money that its real you will meet better qaulity people, money as i get older im 43 is more and more everday a little more boring to me its like trying to chase an illusive rainbow down the road and nobody understands what you are doing

  20. They’re right about the Mexican women.
    Since I got to Cali it never ceases to amaze me how,rude,and entitled these women are.Even the old ones. Hell, even the fat and ugly ones…smh

    1. +1 on this. Latino women in California are generally tough nuts to crack. Unless they arrived in the U.S. within the past two years, they are difficult to game and can have major attitudes. And typically that do not like white boys — unless the girl is very snobby and then she will be aiming for the same Guy 9’s as the hot blondes.

    2. You sure ? They have always been sweet and kind to me specially the older ladies they always smile and say good morning .. Maybe it’s the vibe you put off ?

  21. I think black girls get a bad rep: most haven’t dated many non-black guys, and are now starting to branch out. I have seen that most women have an attitude when being expected to deal with constantly low achieving guys.
    Stick to the college educated, articulate, in-shape black women. I think you’d be in for a surprise.

    1. Black women just need to stop wearing all this fake hair and bright colors and bad makeup .. I think that’s why they are looked as least attractive .

      1. Correct. I’ve been to southern Africa. You wouldn’t believe how hot and sexy the black women there are!!!!

  22. Who ever wrote this article is an idiot. There are beautiful woman in all nationalities..from all different back grounds…and to say that he could not find an American woman with one positive trait shows the level of ignorance this person has. I am a white American woman and I can say that I have many positive traits and having some dummy write about me not having any..well…..if you don’t like American woman WHO CARES! Go find an immigrant to date and have children with. No one really cares who you approve of.

    1. Your message says everything about American women. Aggressive, dumb, IGNORANT, idiot, spoiled …….

  23. The real irony in all this is that it is Thai women who want to look like White women in every way possible, you know this but I guess mentioning it would have ruined this stupid article. White women are everything thai women want to be….
    And don’t forget, Google does not always get it right, but what people around the world want to see does….White Western women make up the most beautiful actresses, supermodels, entertainers. Even Thailand, the most beautiful women look the most Western.

  24. Sorry, but I honestly think that this whole article was wrong on so many different levels.
    1: This article was very unprofessional; how it was written, the use of language, and it’s strong and biased opinion. There was no need for bashing nationalities (especially American women) in the manner that the writer did.
    Yes, some facts may be true but these are people that we are talking about.
    One can not simply state that, ‘Well, many are stuck in the US, so they don’t have a whole lot of choice.” All people are different and have personalities of their own. Many people are influenced by the culture that they live in, thus resulting to these generalized characteristics and norms. After all, we are what we see.
    For example, young Japanese women may come off as childish because of what they grew up with. Japan is swarmed with anime and cartoons (that some of us may see childish too us) and these women grew up with that. It is their culture and a part of them.
    So to the people that are reading this post, shame on you to blame the people. Blame the culture that they grew up in. As an Asian American living in the United States, I see that their culture putting the wrong candidate for a perfect woman on the pedestal.
    If you are just being a sheep going along with all the comments calling them ‘American bitch’, ‘Americanized woman’, and etc look at American t.v shows and see how they are giving their females the wrong idea. If you were looking at television shows to get an idea of how American woman are like, do some research of your own.
    I can’t put enough emphasis on it. Don’t bash the people but the culture.
    2: People are all different and I have known so many American girls that are kind. I’ll admit that the bitchy, American, cheer leader is the worst out of all the worst nationally.
    But honestly, for the nerd girl who sat back, watched, and studied people for most of her high school life, it was only 1 out of 10 girls that were truly being stupid and ignorant.
    The story of American women being a terrible choice to marry or date is just a story that was spread by mouth, posted all over the internet, fooling light readers that they were the facts.
    DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF. Not by using Google, but by going to the country yourself and seeing everything with an open mind.
    3: Now as a writer to writer, how did you get away with all that slang written in your article?

    1. “but these are people that we are talking about.” I would not be to sure about that in some cases. Very few western women have any humanity.
      So how many women have you dated?

    2. if you American are so good then how come you cant embrace your own people yet you want someone from somewhere else which means you aint content and happy with what you claim to be you certainly arent no paradise.keep your negative habitual ways in America and dont bring it anywhere else in the world.

  25. You white bastards have no experience with Black women. The American white media and social networks have depicted Black women in the worst way possible. All nationalities wish they had Negroid hips, breasts and ass.

    1. Fatsos are the best words to describe them. All they do is eat and sit around. They don’t walk, they wobble. Shame on them for bring children into this world and not being mothers to them.

      1. You really don’t know anything. I am black and have the best mother in the world. I would choose her over and over again because she is first rate, and the best woman i have EVER met. I am not partial because she’s my parent. I do not hold those same feelings about my father unfortunately. Most white men are judging from afar with nothing to go on besides preconceived notions, dreadful racial practices, appearances, and third party information. You have no credibility in judging us, pointing fingers, and shaming when you should be looking in the mirror. If you see something wrong, take action. If there are people who you think aren’t living to their best potential, show them a better way. Add value on this planet, other than making money.

    2. NO! PPPppPPppppPPFTTT”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA” walmart videos on youtube are proof of it.but (Africa) Africans known as the Enest crew! that’s a different story altogether they take care of themselves..

  26. did you ever consider making a google search in a foreign language? Obviously all the searches are made by the american/english men. But there are a lot of guys like you, here in Finland, too, who like thai ladies. They are all those losers with ugly face and zero self confidence. They feel threatened by independent women, but hey, it’s great anyway that you have found a partner. You use her for sex and house keeping, and she takes your money. There’s just one thing that I do not understand: ” They are basically everything they want to be, but will never admit.” What? There is absolutely nothing that I would envy in a Thai girl. They are poor, they are ugly and their skin looks really dirty like they haven’t taken a shower, ever, they don’t have a** and boobs, and most importantly, they have to spend their whole lives as prostitutes pleasing a man for money. Imagine spending your life and having sex with a disgusting old fat women who stinks, .. you’ll get the picture. I would never change my clear skin and curvy yet firm body for a boyish figure. I must admit, sometimes I feel a little envious when I see pretty Brazilian booties or French super elegant and skinny women, but trust me, there is NOTHING about thai women that a western woman would like to have.

  27. well just when i thought i had seen it all…thanks internet for proving me wrong. seriously who does an article on google suggested searches?

  28. True “hh”… they are so damn gorgeous and are playful in bed. Some of them have flawless features and I wish I could have one in bed tonight!!!!

  29. As an Aussie in NYC I would never touch 90% of the women their with bargepole. Animals. They will never be mother or wife materiel.

  30. This article is incredibly biased. It is no wonder searching Google for answers in English would end up with results like this. I know many foreign men who literally lust after American women; people are usually just attracted to whatever is foreign to them.

  31. it´s funny how novelty works on the people´s head. During world cup in Brazil, in local newspaper were just asking to couples Brazilian Woman x Dutch Guys and Brazilian Man x Dutch girl… happened exactly that, each one criticizing your countrywoman and countryman. Brazilian girl saying brazilian guys are sexist which said Brazilian girls are gold diggers, Dutch girls saying dutch guys are sexist and dutch guys saying dutch girls were gold diggers and each one saying that person of other country was more lovely, treat well and bla bla bla… scenario is always the perfect to fit yourself.
    men criticizing men from others countries and yours countrywomen and women criticizing woman from others countries and yours countrymen.
    the famous Grass is always greener on the other side. The problem is the people really believes in stereotypes.

  32. This article is accurate on most american woman and sounds accurate about the rest obviously you can’t say this about all woman in any country but more then average it’s spot on.

  33. If I could afford to move back to Europe I would, American women are snobby stuck up self absorbing biatchs……I live in Boise, Idaho, what a mistake moving here. I’ve had three dates in three years one was great the others were stuck up, it is sickening.

    1. I am a white woman and I cannot find any good men in Ottawa. I decided to look for a european husband now. Funny, I thought this would be a great place to find one with all the government jobs, education and money floating around this place! I actually met a nice man yesterday from Turkey and he bought me a pizza and pop which was so sweet of him, he was on his way back to Toronto (he was married I found out after). I am now 50, I looked all my life here and I have lived in 3 provinces, cities and towns. I once dated a British man I find them very attractive and smart. I also find some native men attractive if you can find one who has no addictions and a good family. I would never consider a black man, he may be amazing but its the racial stuff I would have to deal with every day that I would no like. I once met a black guy I went to h. school with and he wanted to take me to his sister’s wedding but I never went. He was such a great guy too, very nice, I still feel bad now even bringing it up.

  34. American and Americanized women of all races are quite wretched. Don’t believe me? Work in Corporate America in a city like New York and you will see what I am talking about with your very own two eyes. And it won’t take more than 2-3 hours to see what I mean.

  35. A lot of women here in the US are just plain old nasty. As far as black women are concerned, that’s kind of true for some of them. I have a black mother and half-sister whom I learned not to be like. My mother was mean, set in her ways, couldn’t keep a guy or a job and just went plain old crazy in the end. My evil ass half-sister is just like my mom personality wise but she has a job and just got a six-figure one at an accounting firm. The way I see it she’s gonna be another statistic of one of those over-achieving educated single black women who can’t find a man on her playing field because she makes too much. She might have money, but she’ll be loveless in the end. I guarantee it. I don’t wanna be like that.

  36. LOL….since when Brazilians and Mexicans are sisters? Mexico is North America you like or not, I am sure you learned geography in school right? And Brasil is South America…you need to do some map study.

  37. It’s weird that u had great things to say about Thai and Brazilian women considering that u are Brazilian and live in Thailand… lmao. Mexican women are definitely Not more attractive than American women. Mexican women have no figure whatsoever,they’re all built like spongebob and they all envy and try to imitate white-american women.Mexico now has the world’s highest obesity rates. And Europe isn’t that far behind them. “black” is a nationality too, dumb ass, its called “african”! American women areally the most beautiful and most independent, That’s why all other countries of women are jealous of us. American women have thousands of positive qualities. I think you just want to bash someone in order to feel good about yourself. Oh and I forgot to mention that Brazilian women get more plastic surgery than American women, especially when it comes to butt augmentation And breast augmentation. White American women are the descendants of European women, so in reality you are saying that European women have no positive qualities or that American women are beautiful, which we are.

    1. you sound bitter and you are calling black women beautiful? Yea that’s where I stopped because most black women are shaped like muffins and “spongebob” like you mentioned. Visit Detroit.

    2. no!european women who have their culture are classy.white women in stolen America are absolutely trashy

  38. Well with most women nowadays that are very high maintenance, selfish, spoiled, and independent, really speaks for itself.

  39. Well today it is very hard to find a good woman that isn’t very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, which is the very good reason why many of us good men are still single today as i speak.

  40. Well American women are the Worst since many of them today are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy, which really speaks for itself.

  41. I find latin women to be extremely selfish honestly. Don’t ever spend money on them, they will make you pay for everything all the time. I’m sure it’s not true with all, but most of them, in my experience.

  42. Men have determined this evolution of American women, How? When you say you want a “smart”, “intelligent”, “strong”, “confident”, “independent” and even sometimes “bitchy” woman who “knows what she wants”, in other words, you wanted a woman who’s just like a man. You play their game and encourage them to be the worst they can be – drinking, smoking and partying loud just like you. American women said their place is not modesty at home, PLUS freedom and equality for all, you say “hail yeah”.
    To complete this recipe for disaster, you support their Feminism (advocacy for female supremacy rather than gender equality) which crowns it up – Complete immunity to commonsense natural order. A few years later, American / western women have evolved to be men, while American men have no choice but only either only play angels, gods or die out. Its happening because men still take more than a second look at those worthless bitches. And then you wonder why this why that. If all men in the world had the mindset of moderate Asians, those useless bitches would be mating only themselves until they pause for thought to realize what’s wrong with them.
    The rest of the world just can’t understand why Americans are so stupid. American men should suck it up and bear the consequences of their stupidity. Asian countries are becoming smarter and gradually setting laws that make it harder for western men to marry their women. Take your insanity elsewhere

  43. You should never put English and Irish women in the same category! Irish girls are the best lovers, not jealous, and the dark hair, green eyed, black Irish are stunning!

  44. I’ve been in Britain and my friend is studying there, excuse me… but mine and friend’s question on the first place was “Why british women are so FAT?!”

  45. This does not work anymore. I wonder if someone at google saw this article and disabled auto-suggest for these particular search terms

  46. The general thrust of this article is actually True. Materialistic values technologically based, has created this severe problem and guess what, the more other nationalities of females become spoiled with technologies Education, they too will become the same. This begs the question, why when men created invented ALL technologies, should they be surprised to see the demise of femininity plus farrrrr worse, family life? Scientists, politicians, business men, professors, lawyers and doctors are not God thought many think they are whether female or male, these days.

  47. Here is the key remedy to changing American women in the fast lane, they must lose their own source of Income…yes, you read this right…ever since females attained their own Income, the spiraling downward of family life into an abyss grew. And the birth control accompanied this even though it has caused havoc on women’s physical health.

  48. In fairness ive travelled through asia as an small-average size non drinking politely chatty irish girl i think south east asian women are stunning,im happy the guys there are not keen on hooking up most seem a) just there to hookup b) a little uneasy on the eye/some behavioural issues that are looking for wives/gfriends that women at home wouldnt fancy or easily out earn/smart and more power to them it works out well for all parties usually..if im travelling for good looking guys i go to turkey,greece,lebanon etc i dont travel to hookup with what i get on a saturday night at home(anglo saxons) or asian men…I enjoy peace and quiet in asia..if anything when i talk to western guys i get moved along by glaring asian girls because im having a genuinely friendly chat with their next conquest

  49. to all RussiaN BeaR and UkrainiaN BadgeR and Badgerettes keep your border CLOSED!do NOT let any british in or else they will ruin your country just as they did to America and Kanata!.same with Norway do not let british in!.your people are perfect just the way you are! don’t let others ruin it!

  50. I sure hope trump makes that wall across america not intended for what you think!.not about letting people in but to stop americans from GETTING OUT HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAA”’

  51. Whoever you have a relationship with, learn their language and culture and you will be rewarded by life enriching experiences to remember, when, like all relationships, it comes to an end.
    As a young guy I went on an exchange scheme at a Thai university. I lived with an academic Thai family, learned their language and their culture. I met the love of my life through this family. A relative owned a silk material and tailors shop and they took their house guest students to go and get suits tailor made. Drumming up a bit of custom. This beautiful young lady, a shop assistant said to me in English…Would you like to get a silk shirt made Sir? I replied in Thai…No thank you, this farmers shirt is good enough for me. We looked into eachothers eyes and it was love at first sight. Being a good Thai girl we had to meet with a chaperone the first few times. I wooed her with fresh orchids from the market brought to her shop daily. It was three months before we made love and it was beautiful and very erotic. We found eachother equally exotic. She loved my green eyes…like emeralds to her. I loved the shape of her eyes…like almonds to me. Her skin was like coffee coloured silk and she found the texture of my hairy arms sensual. I remember it all, now twenty five years ago when we were both beautiful and young.
    We were together 20 years. Ill health, circumstance and the barriers of harsh immigration laws in the UK and Thailand ended our time together. Seven years later my heart aches for her and I relive those most intimate times. Simply wonderful. I would never, ever wish to change it. Yet, I know that such a love is a one off, rare gem in this universe. Never to be found again. This makes the emptiness of now so…empty.
    So, my fellow men, you can find a jewel to enrich your life in the big wide world out there but be careful as you may just get what you want but as the Buddhists understand, nothing lasts forever.

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  53. Personally I think black females are the worse to date. Its more so their attitude and their build. They are built like balck dudes. Don’t see how some of these black dudes mess with them. Even the skinny ones are the same way..

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