6 Ways Poland Is Becoming Degenerate Like America

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I’ve recently written of my intense disappointment in returning to a country in which the women and culture are becoming more like what we have in America. Here are six negative changes I’ve noticed in Poland since my first visit in 2011:

1. More tattoos


Young men and women are disfiguring themselves with the typical sort of tattoo scribbles that is already epidemic in America. Polish people are deciding to pursue their individualist side by permanently drawing obnoxious things on their body instead of actually achieving something worthwhile that makes them superior to the common man.

2. More ear gauges


Tattoos are tame compared to the sudden, prevalent, and frankly shocking use of ear gauges, whereby people irreversibly stretch and mutilate their ear lobes to appear cool. While it’s possible for the occasional tattoo to look good, ear gauges never look good, and make it seem like the victim is hoping to gain membership in a backwards jungle tribe that has yet to encounter electricity. Since tattoos and ear gauges go hand in hand, you can only imagine the freakshows Poland now has on display.

3. More in-your-face homosexual behavior


Displaying your homosexuality used to be culturally forbidden and even dangerous in an former Soviet satellite like Poland, but you’re starting to see an increase in guys who are gay, proud, and loud. Just last month for the first time in Eastern Europe ever I saw two men passionately kissing in front of a pizza shop. If what’s happening on USA soil is any indication, being gay in Poland will soon be seen as hip, trendy, and progressive. Both men and women will experiment with it, as if catching a sort of virus, and step back from more traditional and humanizing features of Polish culture that have historically been centered around religion.

4. More binge drinking


The only country I had to do the ‘vomit slalom’ was Iceland. This is where I had to look down while walking around the club district at night during the weekend so I didn’t step in vomit because of how common Icelanders puke on the street. This didn’t use to be needed in Poland, but now it does.

Both men and women are competing to consume near-lethal amounts of alcohol while partying. This is so consistent, especially among the men, that a good way I display value to women is to simply be sober at 3am and speak in complete sentences without slurring or swaying my body, but now even girls have so taken to drink that it’s getting harder to have normal conversations with them in night venues than in the recent past.

5. More smartphone addiction


The technology virus has infected Poland. Most Poles who own a smartphone are unable to endure a minute or two of downtime without obsessively checking something on their phone or distracting themselves with music. A girl who would normally look up to the person who walked into the room is now looking through her Facebook account or playing a silly game, oblivious to her surroundings. While girls don’t yet have multiple online dating accounts, that’s just a matter of time.

Human interaction in Poland is being steadily replaced by technology that has America’s narcissistic and brain-dead ways of behaving built right into the device. No formal learning required.

6. More career-obsessed women


Polish women have always been feminist in that they wanted their own career alongside family, but now they are throwing family under the bus. I’ve begun noticing Polish girls shaming their friends who decide to get married early, something you would never see in Ukraine and Russia.

Even worse is that I’m encountering a lot of Polish girls who speak of long-term travel and “Euro trips.” While it’s possible for men to find themselves through travel, the only thing a girl finds is exotic cock. Polish girls are racing to become corporate whores at the same time they’re becoming actual whores for sexy Mediterranean men who spit a smooth game.

What amazes me is the speed at which a culture can degrade. I was so unsure that the observations above were objective that I had to discuss them with other men to be sure—both Polish and foreign. They’ve confirmed that the changes I’ve seen are really occurring, that Poland is adapting the worst of the West and that there isn’t much to be done about it. The women will lead the way to the bottom and the men will have no choice but to keep up with them in order to squeeze out the last drop of genuine intimacy left before Western degeneracy crushes them completely.

There is no stopping the decline of the sort that Poland is experiencing. It’s too hard to change the minds of a large percentage of the population who have been deceived in thinking that the West’s soulless value system is their path to happiness and riches. When they approach the end of the rainbow they’ll be surprised to find that there is no pot of gold, and that they’ve lost what can never be regained.

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145 thoughts on “6 Ways Poland Is Becoming Degenerate Like America”

  1. This is a very pertinent point the Game side of the Manosphere all too often ignores or glosses over – that women, as a whole, are getting worse at an exponential rate.
    And it’s spreading outside the English-speaking countries.

    1. Thanks to the export of American culture via globalization. Half way through this century, the only place you’ll find traditional women is in places with Shariah law. Probably.

      1. Erm… most women will be traditional then as white women don’t reproduce/have good LTRs, except if mostly to destroy society?

        1. If I am understanding you, that sharia law will destroy society ultimately even if it makes traditional women. Yes

    2. Could this be the ultimate result?
      Is this something we will see happening more often in the west?
      No doubt we RP men and ROK readers could see this from miles!
      Female introspection I think will NOT be forthcoming (judging by the posts in the article)….so sooner or later society WILL blame men (legally even?)…as is the usual case when women’s behaviour bring undesired consequences.

    3. Proof it is the degenerate culture – modernisation and then feminism is primarily responsible, but PUAism also helps inflate egos. And once a girl has gotten a taste of the carousel, she won’t stop.
      It’ll all end soon though, there’s no need to fund feminism anymore because it achieved what it was designed to do – destroy the power of the men, family unit and society. We now have LEFT the decline phase of a society and entered the totalitarian/bondage phase.

      1. Most people seem to believe that this is something that happened on its own. The truth of the matter is that women really cannot think for themselves and are only as good as the society they live in. Unless they are controlled, by nature they are rather immoral, hateful, opportunistic, paganistic creatures.
        But does this happen on its own? NO. The global elites that have been pushing western civilization towards a one world government, know that one of the many ways to destroy a society from within is to implement feminism. Once this is achieved, the men of that society are weakened and the global elite (through the power of their monopoly of international banking and usury with endless amounts of wealth to finance any agenda) push forth with collapsing borders and molding western civilization into what they want. Women are able to get away with their behavior and fake elevated status in society due to the fact that anti-male, anti-family laws have been implemented in their favor to literally give them an upperhand on being “successful” in any arena of society.
        Women do not have the ability to dominate anything anywhere in society. They only appear to be able to do so because laws have been implemented tying men’s hands behind their backs and mainstream media then encourages women to act the way they do.
        And one last thought when it comes to business…..women only appear smart and successful when you pepper them in amongst men at a corporation. However, for example, if you have an engineering/manufacturing company of 100% men, it will be a successful company. But if that same company were 100% women, it would fail immediately. Women as a whole are helpless. Women as a whole cannot innovated and create like men can. HYPOTHETICALLY, If you were to divide the country up in 2 parts, men on one side and women on the other. The side that the men live on would prosper with new creations, innovations, and infrastructure. The women’s side would crumble and they would literally be fighting with one another.

      1. I love these kind of cartoons & info-picture-posts.
        A picture says a thousand words. And, of course, men are more visual than women!
        Seriously… I could spend 10 pages of writing trying to portray the above concept, and only get praised with “misogynist and asshole” kind of compliments.
        These just make me laugh… and realize how simple life can be with some humor.
        Women really should only be laughed at for their follies, like little girls trying to spread their “girl germs” to the young boys they think they are the haughtest!
        In the end, we all end up agreeing with Leonardo DaVinci – “Marriage is like sticking your hand into a bag of snakes with the hope of pulling out an eel!”
        (And for this quote, they tried to call him “gay” too!)

        1. A picture says a thousand words.

          It’s not only about ‘saying’. It’s about convincing and making an impression. One macro convinces more than 1000 comments. It’s memetic warfare out there and the manosphere should use images against feminists wherever possible.
          Macros can’t be outargued, macros are spread and collected.
          Macros are like statements from the gods above. They sum up with an imperative.

        2. You’re from Glasgow right? You are supposed to be bright!
          With the number of posts this guy makes along with the number of pictures he has stored on his hard drive, promoting men versus women, I am more apt to think he is a government / political troll with an agenda than a genuine user. His pictures are half-truths with lies. That’s the problem with brainwashing – it is usually half true, and this is what people focus on.
          Buy his lies, and kiss goodbye your society and your race, all within your own lifetime. When England falls, the mass of people will easily cannibalise the countries immediately next door to it.

    4. dammut get a good girl there while u still can.
      heres an idea lets boycott american products from food n clothes to media n culture.

  2. I remember posting a comment on the ROK article titled “6 Things White Girls Can Learn From Filipinas” about how most girls, by nature, are dysfunctional regardless of their geographical location.
    People got pissed, but I still stood by my opinion. And I still do. Which is why it was worth mentioning that because this current article helps to reinforce my point that I made in the article.
    Unfortunately, women will never be able to change their nature. They will be bossy aggresive, career minded, self entitled, only think of herself, and live a life with delusions of grandeur. They exhibit and display the same characteristics such as jealousy and narcissism and it doesn’t matter where you go, it will be there.
    That is the reality of this life. Which is why it is now becoming extremely difficult, to find the “girl of your dreams” because it is either very rare or it simply, does not exist. Men who have been pursuing this goal of finding “the one” need to come to the realisation that their life should not be wasted on this pointless endeavour, but rather, he should strategise his life mission towards a goal that is ascertainable and more importantly, worth pursuing.
    So go out and travel, develop a hobby, learn a new trade, read a new book, learn the mechanics of your car, or do something of your own interest, because believe me, this is far more satisfying and fulfilling, rather than hoping that you will expect to find the right girl of your dreams in some distant part of the world.

    1. I don’t think the point of this article is that female biology is identical and decides behavior no matter what. It’s that the culture of Poland is shifting in ways that bring out the worst behavior in women. To the extent that countries try to adopt the ways of the West the quality and femininity of women will suffer.

      1. But why is that? Why do cultures shift in the wrong direction? I truly believe it is to do with women’s nature and biological gender. Time has proven over and over, how dysfunctional their mindset is, and the fact that women in Poland are starting to become Westernised proves this.
        And Poland is not the only country where women are becoming like this. Many other countries include India and Japan, where women are desperate to replicate the lifestyle, culture and behaviour of the West.

        1. If there was a lever a man could pull which would drop a beautiful horny woman into his bed and all the resources he could ever want, I bet the majority of men would never leave their house.
          I think there are more individualistic men then there are women on average, but I think the problem is that the western way of life is marketed to women as a free-lunch… which it is… in the short-term…

        2. It’s going to have to be one hell of a house to fit the Nurburgring and the Green Mountain National Forest into it.
          ” . . .the western way of life is marketed to women as a free-lunch…”
          Because that’s what they demanded they should be able to buy, never mind that’s it’s an oxymoron.

        3. “other countries include India and Japan, where women are desperate to replicate the lifestyle, culture and behaviour of the West.”
          Japan has its own thing going on. They aren’t just following behind the US. They’ve become weird sexless robots.

        4. Banking usury and feminism were used by the same people to bring down 7 empires over the last 5000 years.

        5. They’ll still outlast the uk, whose brand of feminism has allowed the bankers to also use multiculturalism to genocide the society by proxy.

        6. I disagree. He wouldn’t leave the house for a year, maybe, but then he’d get bored and think “You know, I’d like to achieve something that I can be proud of.”

        7. You are the only person in this whole comment section that has even the slightest idea what’s going on. It’s not “the liberals”. They are only a tool. It’s not “LGBT activists”. They are only a tool. One of many tools, but one of the most essential in what is currently happening. That is, the banksters, the zionists, the JEWS, whatever you want to refer to them as. In reality they consist of a completely disproportionate amount of jews, as a matter of fact. Considering they are supposedly only 2% of the population worldwide and 0.5% of the U.S.’s population, that should ring a bell. It should also ring a bell that they’ve been “COINCIDENTALLY” kicked out of 87 separate nations throughout the course of recorded history (that is currently known by man) over 108 times total. That should also ring a bell. Stop watching TV. Stop watching Youtube, at least the major, popular, controlled mass-media channels, which are no different from the controlled mass-media on the TV – infact, they’re worse, considering they’re international. I’m about a quarter jewish, quarter English/Scottish and half Chinese. It makes me fuckign sick what is going on in the world today, the evil that these undeserving fucks are getting away with, and manipulating your GMO’d, deeply brainwashed, corrupted minds into doing/thinking/supporting. Do some research and get a grip, people. Learn to support yourself. Realize what is going on. There may be several wars to come, very soon in the West, followed by a close replica to the implication of full blown communist slavery and hell by the jewish bolsheviks of the 20th century in Russia, along with a similar situation with the implication of the puppet Mao in China after the opium trade was done with to weaken and corrupt the masses. Today’s opium is porn, pushed by those fuckers in charge. It morally debases and corrupts. It weakens you physically and mentally. It is 100% at your disposal at almost all times. Candy in front of a little kid, Look up who owns Pornhub, and other companies. jews. Ron Jeremy. A jew. Alan Greenspan. A jew. Ben Bernanke. A fucking kike piece of shit. Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx. The list goes on, and on, and on.

    2. pursuing these dreams whilst ignoring all else means the western man, particularly whites, are fucked financially in 10 years or less, and will become a powerless diaspora in 20 years or less, most likely never to recover.
      Yes, its that bad.

    3. Women untamed act out and are generally negative. That is why Men of the 1800’s controlled women, because left unto themselves women very quickly degenerate.A grown woman’s nature is hard to change, that is why a Father must mold his daughter at a young age.It’s the adage you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can train a puppy.The best fight against feminism is to bring your daughter up responsible and to act like a lady,we suffer as Men when the beta’s, white knights or drunken fathers aren’t in their daughters lives during those crucial years of being able to mold them into something respectable.

  3. My current girl is Russian and she told me that prior to this whole Ukraine mess Russia was getting a middle class and they had hipsters, Social Justice Types and the whole nine starting to happen.

    1. They’re all the same – women and men are a product of the culture and their parenting/previous relationships. Its not like there is some special Russian gene that makes such women more benevolent and humble, as opposed to their upbringing and environment. Take such women to the west or induct the same values upon them and the vast majority inevitably become as westernised as the locals.

    2. USA/EU are running out of time (their societies and economies are going to collapse), they needed Russia broken up into pieces and made harmless, yesterday, which would have made China manageable.
      “All is lost”–Poroshenko after Minsk-2:
      Russian fifth column panics over Putin’s triumph on the Minsk agreement:
      Meanwhile, Inside The White House:
      Putin, Merkel, Holland, the Ukie puppet, etc, all up all night working out Minsk-2, while Obama takes goofy selfies.
      Selfies Are Linked To Mental Disorders:

      1. Russia is run by same bankers as US/EU, they will go down with us, probably fighting the US – to weaken the white man, as the final deathblow, so the banker and his brethren can take over.
        But in reality, we will all go down, even the insane maniacs designing these events.

        1. Interesting. The age-old plot to destroy our kind will finally come to fruition? The banksters and EU CFR controllers are only human too, no matter how much of their ‘tech’ they employ to lengthen their lecherous lives and try to pacify the earth to an existence of a sham. No matter who makes a deal with the devil, they are still only human, and can be killed just like any of us can.

        2. Well, yes, prophecy seems to indicate that Russia’s destiny is one final war of mutual destruction with Mystery Babylon. After that, the Antichrist picks up the pieces and rules over what’s left of the world before the Lord Jesus Christ returns and throws him into the Lake of Fire.
          In that case it can only be postponed, not avoided.

    3. Russia has the highest divorce rate (I think over 70%) + most of the whores in EU are Russian or Ukrainian => These girls are the worst for LTR. Probably they share this “slut” gene.

  4. Now we know what the former Soviet Union was trying to spare the world from when they sent in tanks to crush the Polish revolution back in 1968.

    1. You’re confusing Poland with Czechoslovakia (which no longer exists).
      edit – or maybe not.

      1. My bad, Czechoslovakia revolt was’68 Poland was ’36, crushed by majority of Poles, Poland resented treatment of them by Russian troops in ’45, shoots my tongue-in-cheek attempt to hell. I’m leaving my post unedited as a reminder to me not to engage keyboard when I’m faced.

        1. Not as bad as you thought, there actually was a ’68 student led uprising in Poland that presaged the Czech, but it was a relatively mild affair, as these things go, and the Russian tanks had to go through Poland to get to Prague, so at least they were, in fact, there.

    2. Only a few Polish armoured cars were used for crowd control in the Polish March Uprising which was an internal affair.
      But it was Polish tanks and 26,000 of the 2nd Army, along with the Russian, that were sent in to crush the Prague Spring.
      I missed the party by a few years, but even in the spring of ’65 Prague was already beginning to thaw. I always told myself I’d go back after the Russians had left and before the Budweiser signs went up, but I missed my window of opportunity:

      1. Look at all those happy children, yet to be sent off into the Soviet workplace (“we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us”) and experiments in collective farming.

  5. People are still relatively poor in eastern europe, which retards corruption along these lines. Careers are never going to be the be and end all when average salaries are circa $1100 dollars per month. There’s no real ideological difference though between the corrupt West and the aspirant East. And in bohemia, things have always been ..well bohemian

    1. In 15 years, there won’t be that much of a financial difference between different areas either – population influxes into a west weakened by feminism mean that Global Communism is already here.

      1. its already difficult to tell the difference between capital cities east / west. Eastern european cities – the ones that I’ve seen aren’t quite as commercialised or quite as rich, but otherwise they’re catching up. While they’re definitely not unspoilt havens any more I’m still unclear if they’re going to follow quite the same path. My impression is that men and women are more relaxed with each other in eastern europe. I imagine that’s partly culture, partly down to a more down to earth (poorer) lifestyle.

      2. “In 15 years, there won’t be that much of a financial difference between different areas either”
        Russia and China are going up, most others, especially the USA/EU going down, down, down, down. Know how hard the USSR fell? That’s nothing compared to what will happen in the USA when the EBT cards stop working.

        1. I dont know that russ/china is going up- I agree with jared.
          they do have the benefit of a homogenous culture, which the west clearly lacks…

  6. Well Poland has been in the e.u now for a while and with all the Polish immigrants in places like the U.K it was only a matter of time before things degenerated in Poland. The best places in Europe are outside the E.U e.g Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia etc.. Recent events in Ukraine have pushed public opinion in Russia to a more anti western position and with Putin passing laws banning kids from gay propaganda, things aren’t too bad.

    1. Putin is owned by the same bankers who own the west. Never forget the 100 million Christians who died due to Communism alone – this holocaust was many decades prior to the current era.

      1. Do you have the names of specific bankers who control Putin with solid evidence to back that claim up?

  7. When we say western culture is spreading like a cancer, we’re not trying to be dramatic here.
    And this is being done on purpose. NGOs funded by western corporations and George Soros.

    1. The merchants of the earth seek to destroy the white man and enslave all others. The targetted populations don’t help matters much, having aborted all their babies as the ‘cool’ thing to do, geocoding in part themselves, with the immigration being a consequence to fracture a weakened society, though not always necessary as the banking manipulations and feminism-PUAism was enough over the last 60 years (since greatest/boomer generation).

    2. George Soros, a war criminal who never saw the dampness of a prison cell or the rope like many people did in Germany. Some got plenty of time for simply being engineers and members of the party! A vile person who used the suffering of a group to get a scholarship at London School of Economics, ironically his own people who he hunted down and sent to the camps!

  8. Poland is a white country with very nice looking white women with blue eyes. Sadly, the brown invaders will no doubt attempt to invade it and pollute the gene pool like they do with nearly every European country. This is very sad.

    1. Hmm.. it is the government-corporate alliance that sets this policy; and the women do this situation no favour, as the sluts and PUAs have led to easy sex but low birth rates due to abortion and an atomised society. So they are partly at fault, leading to a social collapse prompting immigration as a consequence. Of course, many can’t connect their actions to negative consequences, as is the achilles heel of the human race.
      You can’t have a future prosperous society without a birth rate of 2.1 or higher in a place where divorce is rare.

    2. I think interrmarriage betweens whites and nonwhites is rare even in Sweden.
      Is Poland experiencing mass immigration? I would have thought not. They always seemed rather racialist.

    3. Blue eyes are the most overrated eye color. Wow, someone has blue eyes, the most boring generic white people eye color. Who cares.

        1. Disagree with you there brother. Pretty eyes the eye color does not make. Been with every eye color in the book, my fav was a girl with great big brown eyes.

    4. WTF; that is not what the article is about. Nothing will dissolve the awareness and community in the manosphere as we apprehend the actual nature of women is to play the racial BS game.

  9. Might want to stay in traditionalist Russia, where they girls have charm, are knockouts, and it’s a crime to even come out of the closet.

    1. Russian charm = knockouts who want you to fund their addiction to Christian Louboutin’s or Gucci purses and if you don’t, they will find a smelly old man to hand over the checking account # and pretend to love him.

      1. yes, women are whores for their own needs in the moment, thus mostly being whimsical destroyers of society wherever they may be found. An exotic whore is still a whore, and should this be forgotten by a man, shortly thereafter she will be found draining someone else’s balls.

        1. That is a fascinating observation in our judeo influenced culture. And isn’t it interesting how times magazine(zionist rag) had not only voted Zuckerberg man of the year, but continue their accolades of contemporary social media as of now.

      2. Agree…women are women all over the world. You have to be careful and spot the flags wherever you reside.
        I say spot the good if you see it but always spot the bad, too. Never give her a pass “just because…”.

    1. That caused quite a stir when it came out among Feminazis and White Knighting faggots all over the internet.
      I’ve no doubt that women in LA are scum. The only thing about this video to criticise is the fact that it just isn’t funny, and the guy looks like Adam Sandler’s down-syndrome cousin..

      1. I think we need to see more of this type of stuff in our every day life (MSM, commercials, etc…). We see enough of it aimed at men being beta or blue pill (much truth) so why not more of this to show the truth behind women and their behavior?
        It’s funny yet it’s pretty fucking sad…at the same time. This kind of stuff (towards men) is on regular TV – all day.

        1. I agree this type of stuff should be on TV .Tv should show how conceited women are, it should show how women still very much chase Rich Men despite how feminists say women don’t go after rich guys any more because their careers give them options, oh yeah and a big one.. slut shaming, slut shaming really needs to be brought back.The stuff on TV is no longer relatable, it is just one big SJW fantasy of how the feminists think things should be.

    2. That’s gay. I don’t believe in beta male shaming, but that guy should be punched in the head and told not to be that way.

    1. Thinks “Virgo with Blond(e)” (sic) is her ethnicity. Posts pictures proving it isn’t anything of the kind.

      1. “A sexy man with a boyish charm” – a fucking 42 year old demanding a wise, wealthy, pool boy.

    2. You wouldn’t bang that grandma?
      I was expecting a train-wreck… She looks better than a lot of 20 year olds I know…

      1. bang, yes, my dream unicorn, not even close. she has 3 kids of which one is a grown adult, meaning the kid has a kid; nothing unicorn about that situation.
        ” I am very happy with myself and my life. I have three awesome sons. My oldest is grown and has made me very proud. My younger two are teenagers. They are good kids. They have taught me what really matters in life and to not sweat the small stuff. They are the reason that I strive everyday to be a better person. Their respect for me is very important. “

        1. not a unicorn, no. but maybe if you were in your 50s and didn’t mind dating a woman with kids, she’d be way better than average. just the fact that she’s over 40 and fit and hasn’t hacked off her hair puts her in the top 10% for middle-aged women. you could do much, much worse. that’s what i’m saying.
          of course, there’s always the chance these pics are old and she shows up looking 20 pounds heavier, with short hair. i used to call it the 10/20 rule when i was single and doing the OKC thing (she’ll usually show up looking 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier than her pics).

      2. yes. i’ve never exactly gotten the hatred here for attractive women in their 30s and 40s. i find the fact that it’s no longer an accident at that age kind of sexy.

        1. I generally find women 30+ to be less attractive then younger girls, but a hot chick is a hot chick…
          I work with a 40 year old filipina woman (she does bottle service at the club I work at) and I find her absolutely banging. Nice skin, funny, super fit, pretty face… Whats not to like?
          I think she is much hotter than the 25 year old that also works with us.

    3. Be very cautious, gentlemen. This one is very contradicting in her profile (read it carefully). She’s very picky (at 42)…SMV is on the decline, already has 3 kids and she’s not looking for the perfect man (but here is her list for your viewing pleasure).
      And if you ask her…she thinks she’s a pretty good catch (that one, alone, is pretty damn funny).
      This one has many flags.

    4. Unicorn is slang for bi female who does three ways with m-f couples. Since you’re probably in dallas, she thinks it just means a mythical creature from her childhood or something cute and stupid.

    5. Are we posting POF profiles now? Get a load of this gem… a 7 with the expectations of a 10. Hope you’re over 6 feet tall, have V-lines, a strong jawline and dislike sushi!
      A quick Google search with her username revealed her nudes, easily found on another site.

        1. Those are good lessons for some of the younger guys starting out (with game, dating, etc…)…and how to spot those train wrecks (or flags).

      1. She’s 5’10, or so she claims. If that’s true she can ask for guys taller, and 6′ is only 2 inches taller. That actually makes her reasonable. The really fucked in the head profiles have women who are below average height demanding 6′ men. She has nudes on the net, very high chance she’s a sex worker. Free dating sites are swamped with that.

        1. the POF profiles are not fake. I’ve met PLENTY of WRECKS like I’ve posted from Dallas. They are true to their profiles !!

        2. I get what you’re saying about dating sites swamped with hookers and strippers, as well as webcam models. I’ve seen a shit load on Tinder, Badoo, PoF etc.
          It’s also weird (or is it?) that all the hookers and strippers I know are some of the most prolific people on social media that I know. Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat… You name it, they’re posting the same inane shit every hour of every day.

      2. Any profile that begins with complaints is a HUGE red flag. This is the equivalent of you approaching a girl, saying hi, and the first thing out of her mouth is bitching.
        Curious, what websites are girls posting noods to these days?

    1. Soon a man’s day will be planned out like this…
      Wake up, take your pills, go to the cuddle-cafe, go to the Fleshlight rental store, go to Starbucks, go home, put on your VR headset, take off VR headset, take your pills, go to sleep.

    1. Wow, Ireland? Interesting. But what are the dates on these surveys. The article and personal experience says that the changes are exponential. The average quality of women from 5 years ago are demonstrably better than those of today.
      In the first chart, is Poland still holding firm at 98%? Notice that the only “western” nation, Germany, is at 29%. All the numbers are dropping.

      1. I’ve been to Ireland and did notice that the girls are higher quality compared to the UK (although I am comparing city to a town). Remember though that Ireland is a largely catholic country and although changing still holds some traditional values. 10 years a girl would’ve been shunned for having a child out of wedlock. Now though it is becoming increasingly common. A friend of mine out there, unmarried father at aged 21. Last time I was out there he was telling me about this girl he knows who didn’t realise she was pregnant until on the delivery bed. She drank and smoked all the way through it. The live out in the sticks though. 1/4 of the whole population live in Dublin which is predominantly where everyone stays when visiting.

        1. I have an Irish friend and he tells me other than Dublin and Cork, there are no large cities in Ireland. It is literally a country of small villages. Both he and his newly married wife came from towns of like 2,000 or something. The Irish were also independent and neutral in WW2. Things you never hear…

        2. I never knew about Ireland being neutral. Semi-aware of independence. Can’t remember when they got it though. Ireland is full of very small settlements, there’s a town I visit if I go outside Dublin called Castlebar. Population of less than 15k they have a football stadium that can hold 40k audience. I’d say Cork is a small city. We’ve towns in the UK bigger. Northampton has a larger population and is not a city.

  10. As a Pole, I can say this is mostly true although due to author’s artistic style the article contains too many colorful exaggerations, which make it sound like the negative features already apply to all of us. Of course, I’m not saying this isn’t the trugth. Polish people (by that I mean next, young generations) are becoming less connected to generations-old Catholic culture (ignore the religion impact, just focus on the cultural one) and just sap all the negative stuff from the west (we often call each other out for having inferiority complex against the west), so the majority is going to abandon all the great culture, own individual identity, conservative views and join the degenerated west pretty soon. Deviation, feminism, entitlement, SJW and whatever else you hate is coming towards us like a wave to the ocean shore (luckily some politically incorrect opinions are still deep ingrained into us, feminism, deviation or immigrants not adapting to our culture are often hated or shamed). You can see youngsters with smartphones already.

  11. I think smartphones/internet and mainly facebook could be seriously considered as the number one cause of degeneration spread rather than just an indicator/symptom.
    It’s the quickest form of visual and social communication and being sheep, when young people see any (unfiltered) behaviors (such as tattoos or binge drinking/casual drug use, selfie whoring etc) amongst their peers they will mimic and amplify, creating a feedback loop. And like the classic tape echo effect in music, the loop degenerates further with every cycle.
    Can the speed at which Poland appears to be degenerating be correlated with the timeline of Facebook?

      1. yeah I prefer this web old school 1.0 version – semi anonymous, I dont need to know your name(well, except for the few like you who dont care), the content of the articles and comments are most important.
        web 2.0 is all selfie stupidity, no substance, your appearance trumps what you have to say, if you say anything at all (just let that ass shot do the talking for you).

      2. You’ve just been reported to the southern poverty law center. Expect re education to commence shortly.

    1. I think you’re making a good point by correlating introduction of omnipresent social media with social degeneration. Just know that Tinder is already here in Poland and the 80/20 principle applies.

    1. if want to get married and have a family, you’ll have to pay a family to keep their daughter in slavery until she is 16. Then you buy the slave for yourself, run away (sail) to a remote island, destroy the boat, setup a workshop and a home, and keep her pregnant. Make sure the children never leave the island as well.

      1. hahaha… that’s about the size of it… don’t forget to bring several male slaves to do the hard work, and some female slaves for wifey to chat with, otherwise she’ll never stop talking to you……

    2. You can always find yourself a nice Eastern woman. Women in places like China and Japan don’t want to date, they just want to get married, and a Western man to them is an easy way to a get green card.

      1. Have you done this? How did the cultural differences and language barrier affect the integration of the foreign woman into you family and vice versa?

        1. I’m not married, but I live in China and have dated Chinese girls. My Mandarin is very basic so I’m limited to women who know English. But Chinese girls are remarkably different from their Western counterparts. It’s not uncommon for a woman to be a virgin well into her late 20’s. One girl is 23 and I was her first kiss. Oddly enough, they’re also naive, so it’s relatively easy to get them to do things they’ve never done before. They won’t jump into bed on the first date, but you can talk them into it after a few dates. As far as culture goes, some are liberal, others are conservative, but most Chinese (especially those who speak English) are familiar with Western culture from TV and cinema, so the cultural barrier isn’t nearly as big as the language barrier.

        2. Are you in an industrial city or smaller town? How are the women physically (I like Asians.. but are they thin / cute?) How do you like the lifestyle living there?

        3. Let me get back to you soon. I’m busy at the moment but I really want to answer your question

        4. I’m in a city of about 2 million, but here in China that’s considered a small city. It isn’t terribly industrial, so the air is clean here, especially for Chinese standards. The lifestyle is good: my job requires at most 20 hours per week so I have lots of down-time and free time, and the pay is good for China, I make over twice the average salary in town. Chinese girls are usually thin, there are some thick ones, but almost no fat ones. I will attach some photos of various women I have met around town and know to varying extents. Chinese girls aren’t known for their tits or ass… but the majority are thin. I’ve even been with a few that had completely flat stomachs naturally, which is nearly unknown in the West.

        5. Why on earth would any sane white man want to get married and miscegenate with Chinese women?

        6. Are you working for a Chinese or international firm? What field / type of work? Thanks for the response and the pics. I read Jim Rogers books Adventure Capitalism and Investment Biker where he travels the world and talks about them from a business / social / lifestyle perspective and he didn’t pick any one country, but talked about how the Chinese are better capitalists than the US, the work ethic is strong, and he is teaching his daughter to speak Mandarin which tells you something…
          I met a Chinese waitress here in the states, was living with her dad, had the tightest ass I’ve ever felt, and she wasn’t even really in shape.. a little too large (not fat just.. not attractively thin) and no tits to speak of. Also her pussy was so tight I lost it basically immediately. Never experienced anything like that before or since.

    1. Who the fuck are you to declare whether something is irrelevant or not? I’m sure the 50+ million Poles don’t think so.

  12. I’ve heard polish are very pro-american,because the russians rubbed their face it so bad for so long. So now they think everything american is good and equals freedom and prosperity. Unfortunately, this manifests itself in negative ways to, like mindless emulation of social norms.
    The russian ruble is totally devalued now. Sounds like a great time to be traveling russia with US$.

    1. A few extra pounds? The bar has been set so low on the weight issue that she is considered “a few extra pounds”?
      I guess it’s similar to the “curvy” body type issue as well (fat does not equal curvy).

    2. She only intends to be Polish. Her ethnicity is “Aries with Brown.” I guess ethnicity as star sign and hair colour is actually a thing. Who knew?
      And of course she has a few extra pounds – on her chins.

    3. Remember the plenty of shit scale:
      “Few extra pounds” = needs a pulley to get out of bed

  13. So I’m half Belgian, half polish, and this is all wrong. I’ve been back to Poland, my mom is from Poland, and clearly, you have NEVER been to Poland to experience how much it has improved. Do you want to go back to communist Poland?

  14. Sad to see one of the biggest Slavic homelands is under siege from the disgusting western feminist movement, oh well at least Russia is keeping feminism at bay for now.

    1. Yeah but at the same time, you cant help but wonder how long it will be till the hens come home to roost. Many of these socialist ideologys originated in russia, they are weaponised memes that have infected the entire world, and they might not have an immunity to it anymore.

  15. Hahaha. Why are you surprised? When you western pigs go and corrupt our beautiful women.

  16. There is no such thing as the sudden change in human nature due to some phony cultural difference or movement, human behavior is opportunistic and independent of location. Someone becomes a twat because they like it, blaming the “culture programming” is not an excuse, you only turn into such a person if your underlying nature tends towards it…..
    We are starting to see the real truth about human nature due to the internet, not just women, but men as well, it is getting harder and harder to live in denial isn’t it?
    What do men want to do? Suck up to their superiors, undercut their equals, and shit on those below them to make sure they stay down
    and.. what do women want to do? Be opportunists as well, by going for the best economical and secure option, it is a primal instinct and this is who we are as beings as history shows. Women will simply jump ship once a better option comes a long, It is who we are as beings
    Women just tolerate you because your the best option at the time, don’t confuse it for love folks.

  17. This poisonous and sick ideology is a result of US influence, so the more Americanized becomes a country, the more it spreads like a pest. Poland until recently was quite clean only because it entered in the US sphere of influence more later than Western Europe, though time goes on and it is becoming Americanized too…

  18. It’s a shame. I was in Poland a few months ago and they truly are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. It was still vastly superior (at least morally) to anywhere in the Anglosphere, but I did notice a lot of young girls behaving like typical western teens and idolizing MTV culture. I hope they can snap out of it.

  19. Man… you are SURPRISED with drinking being a large part of culture in any part of Eastern/Northern Europe? Oh my… taking history into account Poland is actually at its lows when it comes to alcohol consumption. Young people this days do not drink as much as their fathers did (truth is- they somehow can’t handle vodka as we used to at their age) and they drink much weaker stuff (thus growing popularity of beer).

  20. Why are you blaming women, and why can women not also find themselves in travel? You are obviously so sexist and backward, probably muslim, that you cannot have an open mind.
    Inagree Poland is more westernised than Ukraine and Russia, it always was. But why are ou focusing blame on women???!!

  21. Still tremendously preferable than flooding your Country with degenerate third world Muslim reprobates, that indulge in the causal gang rape of the local young girls.

  22. That’s trully sad… my hope was Poland could be a nice place to, at least, meet a decent girl.
    Not an american slut, bissexual, poligamic woman, just like we can find everywhere else.. 🙁

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