The DEFCOCK Alert System

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

The DEFCON readiness system is used by the United States military to describe the preparedness level of the armed forces in response to ongoing foreign threats. It’s time to introduce a system for heterosexual men called DEFCOCK to allow them to judge a city or environment when it comes to threats presented by women.

DEFCON has five stages that allow the US military command to prepare the appropriate state in response to hostile foreign action:

DEFCON 5 — Normal readiness
DEFCON 4 — Above normal readiness with tightened security measures
DEFCON 3 — Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes
DEFCON 2 — Armed Forces ready to deploy and engage in less than 6 hours due to possible nuclear war
DEFCON 1 — Maximum readiness to combat imminent nuclear war

While DEFCON levels are not publicly published by the US military, it is presumed we are currently in DEFCON 3. There have been two previous incidents where we were confirmed to be in DEFCON 2 (Cuban Missile Crisis and the first Gulf War in 1991).

Now that the world is rapidly turning against masculinity, it’s time we implement a DEFCOCK alert system to provide objective and standardized information on whether a certain environment is healthy or not for men. Here are the five levels of the DEFCOCK system:


Completely normal male-female relations in a patriarchal society that believes in a binary gender system of man and woman. Homosexuality is persecuted. Casual sex is difficult (if not impossible). There is no threat of wifing up a former cock carousel rider and then being divorce raped by her. Provider or tribal game is required to land a woman.

Current examples: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, most Muslim countries
Male safety level: Perfectly safe for men to marry and procreate


Mostly normal male-female relationships in a fractured patriarchal society that is beginning to accept alternative lifestyles and gender systems, though men are still valued for being masculine and women are valued for being feminine. Casual sex is common but self-limiting. Divorce rates may be high, but there is a low threat of divorce rape. A mixture of provider and clown game is needed.

Current examples: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Colombia
Male safety level: Currently safe from an institutional perspective but near-term changes are possible


Substantial degradation in traditional sex roles where men are beginning to focus on aesthetics, style, and fame seeking. Women have gained masculine traits and delay monogamy to launch a meaningless office career while experimenting with over 25 local and foreign penises to understand how their vaginas respond to various bad boy stimuli. Provider game is beginning to get phased out among women under 30. Some clown game is required in most relationships.

Current examples: Poland, Estonia, Brazil
Male safety level: Great care must be undertaken with female mate selection for marriage; new anti-male legislation is highly likely within 10-year time frame


Traditional sex roles are actively shamed in major institutions, particularly in the media, academia, and government. Non-heterosexual lifestyles are promoted as superior and major efforts are undertaken to destroy traditional marriage. Campaigns are launched to shame and criminalize consensual sex and masculine behavior such as flirting and bodybuilding. Divorce rape is common, with likelihood of imprisonment for missing alimony payments. Provider game is useless on beautiful women. Clown game is required for all men wanting to get laid.

Current examples: United States, Canada, England, Scandinavia
Male safety level: Unsafe to engage in marriage or reproduction; must screen carefully even for casual sexual encounters; slight danger for normal day-to-day masculine living


Complete absence of traditional sex roles. Institution of marriage reduced to farce. Severe threat of imprisonment for men displaying heterosexual or masculine behaviors. Roaming witch mobs actively surveil and monitor men who hint at having normal levels of testosterone. Women are elevated to goddess status while straight men appointed as their sexual servants through both legal action and media shaming.

Male safety level: Unsafe to live, fornicate, marry, or procreate; males must immediately vacate area for their own personal safety, both physical and mental

As much as many of you would like to apply DEFCOCK 1 levels to places like London, Washington DC, and Toronto, we are not quite there yet. The next five years will be critical to see if certain DEFCOCK 2 cities slide into DEFCOCK 1, which is absolutely unsuitable for male habitation. If I were to place bets, Toronto will be the first international city to enter DEFCOCK 1. This is likely to happen before 2023.

I left Washington DC, a DEFCOCK 2 location, for my current home in Poland, which recently entered DEFCOCK 3 overall, with a small possibility of entering DEFCOCK 2 in the next ten years. Each man has his own preferential DEFCOCK level that gives him the freedom to pursue sexual relations with women who still look and act like women. It’s obvious to me that DEFCOCK 3 and 4 provide a band of pleasure and happiness for the average man to live life on his own terms while pursuing a variety of relationship types.

It would be great if countries remained static when possessing a favorable DEFCOCK level, but as you’ve seen within your own lifetime, decline is inevitable, and I have not personally witnessed a country improving its DEFCOCK status. The best advice I can give men who don’t want to move every three years is to find a city that is either in DEFCOCK 4 or just recently slipped to DEFCOCK 3, because once a decline accelerates, it may happen too quickly for you to leave before you wake up and see a nuclear cloud in the shape of a vagina right outside your window.

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  1. Very Good list and poignant assessment of our situation. A few countries and regions might be needed to address in the future as there is some semblance of safety there. The Caribbean comes to mind. Also China might still be marriage safe. Overall, it is great that we know these added details so we can prospectively pop the bubble that we can do anything but set up a dam to slow the degradation. Until homosexuality gets beaten back into the closet and until we can outright claim males as humans, we will be endanger from all kinds of mistreatment. Granted most sane societies treat women as valuable as they continue the species, but never at the expense of so many male lives.

  2. This is hilarious, but like many funny pieces, the humor inheres in its core of truth. The unanswered question, though, is what should get us to “push the Big Red Button.”

        1. In her video, the most common thing she says (over and over) is “Shut the Fuck Up”.
          Typical feminazi: “Tolerance is great. You have to tolerate and accept me but you shut the fuck up because I don’t tolerate anything but MY WAY”.
          Toronto? Never been there but from all descriptions I’ve seen here and elsewhere, it’s got to borderline DEFCOCK 1.
          This bitch is definitely agitating for either DEFCOCK1 or perhaps DEFCOCK0 where all males are eliminated or enslaved.

        2. The recent incident with Shawn Simoes getting fired for laughing at a stupid joke on TV seems like DEFCOCK 1 if you ask me.

        3. clark, as you probably know, mike babcock was hired as the toronto maple leafs head-coach yesterday. how much time before the progressive-trash of toronto start a campaign to force mike to change his last-name (say to babrooster)? wouldn’t want to ‘trigger’ those feminist beauty-queens with his horribly-offensive name!

        4. So why was Shawn Simoes fired for only laughing at some politically incorrect meme.. while there was no corresponding outrage and calls for this frothing, hateful, vulgar, vile feminist bitch to get fired for this?

      1. Jeez. If she had teamed up with Ultron, they woulda beaten the Avengers.

      2. Is it me, or do all the women with red-dyed hair mentally unhinged? Please comment…

        1. That is pretty much my experience, although the completely androgynous with rainbow dyed hair might be a bit crazier.
          Not as volatile, but crazier all around.

        2. Any dyed color which isnt natural- sure. A bit nutty.
          This green/blue/purple dying was big in high school(for me, the 90s), but if youre pushing 30, then yeah, a screw may be loose.

  3. You didnt mention Italy. I would say Defcock is between 4 and 5 there. I have lived for 5 years in England and I had a white British girlfriend for two years. This experience has been enough to make me decide to go back to Italy, where you can still find decent women with feminine values, where family is still regarded as foundation of society. For the first time in my life, I feel lucky to be Italian and have the chance to settle in a country where traditional values are still the norm, where homosexuality, abortion, divorce, carousel riding women are still frowned upon.

    1. yeah I agree, there is a stark contrast between white Anglo women and Italian.

      1. I was stationed in Italy for a while. It “seemed” like the women didn’t date until they were 30. You know, picture of the Pope on the wall and all that.
        Down on the south end you have to ask permission from the girls father. Traditional. I’d say some parts of Italy are at DEFCOCK 5.

        1. Looks can be deceiving, just check out ostensibly Islamic Tunisia’s hymen surgery craze.
          “But as soon as he knew, he refused to marry and did everything he could to get me into his bed. That’s the way Tunisian men think. A woman who has had sex before marriage is just a slut and can’t be a good mother!”
          “If I had told my husband that I wasn’t a virgin, he would never have agreed to marry me. And it’s the same for many women in Tunisia.”

        2. Ah I’m well aware of that – read something on that years ago.
          Yes when it comes to female deception and how low it goes, go as far as those articles on the matter and that’s all a man needs.
          Women will go as far as surgical alteration to lie.

        3. I’m from the South and you are absolutely right Doktor Jeep. I have some British friends who dated Italian women (here in the UK); they found them very possessive and jealous. I guess there is always something to give if you want tradition, including asking permission to her dad.

        4. Latina, Asian and traditional Italian women can become red hot jealous. When they follow you around and demand to sit in the car and oversee while you work, that’s just too much. Traditional they may be but too much is too much. I’ve always said that any traditional woman first needs broken to polygamy. The jealousy is absolved and the perfect foundation for a patriarchal clan is laid.

        5. Yeah, you cant trust what they say, good on that man for not falling for used goods, why pay full price on a used car.
          What i really want to know is, how do you tell a real hymen to fake one apart?
          I tried putting it on 4 chan and all I got was from manignas “stop being a sand nigger” and then thread gets pruned by the new femtards running the forum.

        6. the women didn’t date until they were 30
          No, they just wouldn’t go out with you lol All of these countries are very class conscious and they will not go with some serviceman unless you were a high ranking officer.
          I actually picked up a girl in NYC years ago and took her home (in Boomer language that means I fucked her)
          She was Polish and had a picture of the Polish Pope on her wall. I’m serious.

        7. I raped a girl once in Tunisia.I was there with my 19yo Russian gf. Tunisia has the highest age of consent law in the world, it’s 20 (if you’re unmarried)

        8. You don’t even know what a hymen is little boy.Put down that jew bible where females got married at 12 you baptist cracker.

        9. Second link doesn’t work but wow, looks like the Tunisian men are far more redpill than your average western guy who will wife up single moms and sluts all day long, and then wonder why they are divorced, broke, depressed, horny and alone a few years later.

      2. I found it very difficult to approach / engage Italian women. That being said, I speak a few foreign languages, but hardly any Italian. If you speak English to them they treat you like a tourist, they will answer basic questions, tell you how to get to the museum, but that’s it. It’s a pretty language though, and not all that hard if you speak another Romance language, so next time I go back I will prepare…

    2. I’ve heard Italy is doing very poorly economically though, and has mass corruption in government. Maybe an exaggeration?

      1. They are one of the “I”s in PIIGS (Portugal,Italy,Ireland,Greece,Spain.)
        All economic basketcases.

        1. Maybe those countries are made to look ‘an economic basketcase’ (as you define them) because they are not complying with swapping traditional family values for the modern liberalism that makes people unhappy. Usually unhappy people are better consumers, who sustain the economy by buying things to soothe themselves, rather than because they need it.

        2. Not sure how you’d make countries look like economic basketcases- you are either in the black or in the red, and these countries are in the red.
          At least italy still has world- class brands(Does Ferrari and Fiat still make their cars there? You tell me).
          The other countries dont have much going on- Ireland is essentially a tax haven, Portugal grows those trees which provide cork for wine bottles…cant think of much outta Spain or Greece other than olive oil…

      2. Hi Clark Kent. Please look at the table showing the amount of gold reserve per country:
        Italy is the third just after the States and Germany. This means that Italy has a considerable reserve of assets. At moment I suppose Germany and other European countries are very interested in this reserve (however this is another subject). Also the vast majority of people in Italy own their own houses.
        Corruption exists, but is not endemic. Let me make an example: a company like Monsanto has not been able to get into the Italian market, despite the amount of ‘lobbying’ (and maybe money paid?) to introduce their GMO seeds.
        It seems that tradition is strong in the food-chain as well as women.

        1. I’ve always heard Italy’s politics are corrupt, and indeed there was the big milk company scandal a few years ago.. parma something.
          But really, America politics are SO corrupt, at least on the national level, that I can’t imagine it’s much worse anywhere else that is considered a “free” country.

    3. I am not Italian, but rather an Italian- American, the grandson of Italian immigrants. I can’t claim Italian citizenship but do have experience with an American version of Italian language and culture. I note that the latest figures show a fertility rate for women in Italy at an abysmal 1.42. This shows me that although your women may not be the ball busters that Anglosphere and Scandinavian women are but feminism has taken hold in your country nonetheless. I fully realize that the Italian economy is and has been problematic and that might have some effect on the fertility rate. That doesn’t change the fact that your country like almost all of Europe is dying. Burqas for every woman by 2050?

        1. burma seems to be doing a decent job at shipping-out (literally… on boats) select uhhh… ‘demographics’ of their population. italy may be wise to follow suit. they’ll be a pariah of europe for a while but the long-term upside could be worth it!

      1. At his point I might even be okay with Islam taking over. Hell, at least they don’t bow to feminism.

        1. You know at least I can have a conversation involving shared masculinity with guys from Islamic and other more traditional cultures. In fact I find myself increasingly ignoring opportunities for new friendships with western manginas, as I just get annoyed and irritable.

        2. Couldn’t have said it better. Sad when I have to pick having a group of high IQ friends for any coursework, or a group of high testosterone friends for gym or girl talk( they’re usually black )

        3. I have a Muslim friend from Somalia and you’re right. We can talk openly about women/ feminism without the possibility that he might go mangina on me.

        4. What’s really funny is the following. Feminists and SJW’s ignore and even sympathise with Islam. Yet Islam is as red pill as it gets. Redpill is even an understatement since women are simply property there and probably viewed as lower than slaves.
          So if ISIS wer eto somehow (lol) takeover America and start Sharia law, we’d be good. In fact, men would be doing fucking great. Women on the other hand would be wishing they had the former “patriarchy” back.
          This shit is really funny if you just step back and look at it all.

        5. No, I’m pretty sure a lot of us wouldn’t be doing so good. How about you familiarize yourself with all of Sharia Law, beyond the tenets of it that dovetail with your red-pill-philosophy?
          Sharia doesn’t just curtail women’s rights, dipshit. You can keep your snackbar horseshit wet dreams. I prefer having cursory human rights, even if feminists and SJWs are making as earnest an effort as ayatollahs and imams, at eroding them.

        6. Is your asshole sore? It sounds like it’s sore. Why else would you be so offended that you would start tossing around names like dipshit and getting at some random stranger.
          Go get some cream for your sore asshole. You will feel better.

      2. Hi Pauldrake, you could interpret that in another way: Italian government doesn’t give hand-outs to single mothers. Teenage pregnancy and single motherhood is an almost non exhistant phenomenon. Women usually have children only once they get married.
        As per feminism, it does exist indeed and very often women complaint that they feel objectified (see some Italian commercial on TV). however traditional values are strong enough to keep feminism on check. You would never see women going to the supermarket in their pijiama as I see in the UK. Morbidly obese women are a very rare occurrence (Italy, together with France have one of the lowest obesity rate in the world). This is because women understand that most of their values is in their appearance, which is not what feminism teach them. Here below some stats confirming my point:

        1. Fatness is genetic which is why the lower classes and peasants are the heaviest, just like in the US.The females having all of the bastard kids in the US are all non white or the real bottom of the white class.I’ve never seen any knocked up girls in the US unless they were married so I have to wonder where you live and who you boys associate with.Where I live now 75% are married 6% divorced and the rest single or widows etc. I guess that some in the married category were remarriages.

        2. You’ve never seen any knocked up girls in the US that weren’t married? Lol.

        3. Interesting Stats. France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy all seem good.
          The dangerous thing is in countries like Latvia: In the 18-24 year old group they are some of the thinnest, but overall they turn into some of the fattest, so beware of anything long term with these girls. And of course the sick high obesity rate in UK of both 18-24 and all females is just disgusting.

        4. fatness is genetic? that explains the photos from concentration camps. they select from those who have the thin gene.

      3. You might still be able to get Italian citizenship, depending on whether or not your paternal grandfather was naturalized before your father was born:
        C. Your father was born in the U.S. and your paternal grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of your father’s birth* and neither you nor your father ever renounced Italian citizenship.
        The following documentation is required:
        1. birth certificates of your paternal grandfather and your father;
        2. marriage certificates of your grandparents and your parents;
        3. your paternal grandfather’s naturalization certificate or a
        letter from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service evidencing that he was naturalized AFTER your father’s birth.
        If your paternal grandfather was naturalized before your father’s birth, you and your father are not entitled to Italian citizenship.

      4. Italy ranked 5th in GNP before the rise of these giant countries like China, India etc. which combined have 60x the population. I’m also sceptical of their financial status because they’ve always liked to hide this and their assets in Swiss accounts etc.And I wouldn’t judge Italy by what you see in the US where the immigrants were 90% from depressed areas in the South and 50% from Sicily. They don’t even speak Italian unless they learned it in a State school after Mussolini required it.
        The low fertility rate has been the same since the Romans so I doubt it has anything to do with feminism.
        Iran is no place for you boys either. The females are a lot better educated and sophisticated than you boys from Podunk could handle.You’d have to live in some backwater, like that geezer on here who is in some Mexican one donkey town, and you’re not going to like that.btw, Iran has the highest number of opiate addicts in the world, and this is nothing new.
        Amish girls are OK but even they would be too liberal for you religious lower class wacko pyjama boys here.
        Not any place you really can go if you’re a freak and live by some unnatural anal retentive code.And stop with this ‘traditional’ crap because you don’t have the slightest idea what things were like even in the 80’s, let alone generations ago.Most of you fantacise about “traditional marriage” because you think that you can trap a female to stay with your losers butts.Females don’t change, it’s their nature to behave the way they do.You omega boys just can’t cope or handle them and are defective yourselves.

      1. You know I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning Spain before in relation to game. There must be PUA Spaniards

      2. Interesting when you look at the rates of infection by race – with Negro’s/blacks as always leading the way in sexual disease infections.

    4. Enjoy it while it lasts, the Catholic Church is busy committing suicide by destroying the traditional values that form its very foundations.

      1. I hope it doesn’t happen. Catholic church has survived thousand of years and kept the society united. A few days ago there was an interesting article on a catholic website, discussing the role of women in modern society and why modern women are so unhappy. We (manosphere) are not the only people who understand what feminism has done:

    5. From my limited experience from Italy, specifically buying clothes in Trbiž or Tarvisio how you call it. The gender relations are not really anything that was mentioned as a DEFCOCK5 since i noticed a particulaire pattern in Italian trade districts as in small trade not malls. My mother also noted the same thing as she is a trader of high value goods and italians are a big part of her customers.
      The thing we both noticed is that the merchants where we were in Italiy and my mothers clients were always male, but the men never had the money. When we go to Trbiž and buy something the man always vanishes with the money and comes back with the change. When my mother sees an italian customer who is intrested he always vanishes and comes back with the anwser. Of course that being a high price purchase i understand. But from the information we got over the years it seems that in italian gernder relations the woman is always the one who has the money.
      Please corret me if i’m wrong or if that only applies to that part of Italy.
      p.s. Trst je naš.

      1. I taking a trip out to France next year with the thought of possibly moving there in late ’16. Any insight on how the local women are?

        1. Never been there but I heard an old tale how French socialite and society women since the revolution will often have a ‘side’ man in addition to their proper husband. This presumably went on even before mass media. It may be an offshoot or result of the revolutionary purge. The country became somewhat more matriarchal or maybe less alpha after the purge. Back then most other European men wouldn’t put up with that shit. Today all of Europe is knocked silly and doesn’t know the difference.

      2. North and South are different (Italy was unified only 150 years ago). In the South is the man who takes care of the family finances and make the choices. I’m not sure how it is in the North.

    6. I’ve heard from various sources that a lot of Italy outside of the big cities, especially in the south, is still very traditional, and that even the cities aren’t as bad as the US, UK, etc. Glad to here it confirmed by a native Italian.

      1. You are absolutely right. I lived in Rome (approax. 3 million people) for quite a while and I have never seen anything like here in the UK. A few years ago my then girlfriend tried to get a morning-after pill; she went from one hospital to another and they always refused to give it to her. Doctors can oppose to give that pill or practice abortion for religious reasons. here in the UK, if you are owner of a private company, you cannot refuse to do something against your principles:

        1. Unfortunately the US is headed the way of the UK (I think in some states it’s already like that).
          Just out of curiosity, how bad is the job market in Italy with all of its economic problems? I’m an engineer, Italian-American, and I speak Italian. If the US gets much closer to DEFCOCK 1 I’d be tempted to give it a shot overseas.

        2. Same here… Do you have Italian citizenship yet? I had to make an appointment at the consulate and it’s a 1-year wait! Still, it seems like a better option than staying in the US.

        3. Unfortunately I don’t have Italian citizenship (my ancestors immigrated too many generations ago). Even if I ended up living there, I’m not sure I’d go for full citizenship. I was looking into obtaining residency in Italy as a foreigner. There are some hoops you have to jump through, including an “integration agreement” where you agree to learn the language and/or culture well enough to pass an exam after 12 months there. If you don’t pass, they can deport you. But I actually support that as a way to maintain the culture (unfortunately they aren’t holding refugees from North Africa to the same standard).
          Is it a 1 year wait just to have a meeting at the consulate? Or a year wait to obtain your citizenship?

        4. 1 year just to have a meeting…Wish my great grandparents had just stayed there…

    7. This is an episode from a Jeremy Clarkson special (Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours) from 2001, in Italy. At minute 27:00 he’s driving around Southern Italy, and remarks that there appear to be no people around. He notes that the reason isn’t that they’ve moved away, because it’s true of all of Italy, but that women aren’t having enough children. He then interviews a small town’s mayor, who explains that it’s a big problem, that the birth rate has halved in the past 30 years, and that the government is offering cash incentives for children (1million lire for the 1st child, 2 million lire for the 2nd, etc.) But to no avail. He goes on to say that Italian women are now more interested in their careers………..
      ………in 2001.
      As another sign of the degradation of Italian society, earlier in the episode, Clarkson goes to an middle-aged/old woman fashion show in Milan. At minute 19:00, not for those with weak stomachs.

      1. The mayor sounds like he’s giving lip service. All politicians do. We have to divest from the corporate borg that institutionalizes the makework cubicle for child bearing age women and structures the work schedule around the bar hopping carousel scene lifestyle. We’re up to our eyeballs in the advertizing, the central business districts ran like amusement parks to keep and captivate females busy partying and working. That is sucking and fucking, then binging and returning to work doing duplicative paper shuffling, paper stuffing, paper shreddnng, paper crumpling, paper hole punching, paper sorting and filing . . JEEZUS F KRIIZE how many more pointless ‘PAPER JOBS’ can companies come up with to keep the workpool waters stirred round and the workers centrifugally trapped?

      2. oldfashionedfellow, in big cities you have cubicle slaves who ride the carousel, however this is not the norm. I have a number of friends whose wives are staying at home mums. Also you would never see the show that you can see in England on Friday and Saturday nights: droves of women lying on the floor in their vomit after a night of binge drinking. Italian women may be influenced by feminism, but you still cannot see such spectacle. They would be ashamed of themselves and everyone around would shame them. Here in the UK being so drank that you end up in a stranger’s bed is a badge of honour to show to their girlfriends.
        As per birth rate, women in Italy do not receive financial support from the government if they are single mothers. Women do not have children outside marriage or stable relationships. Even the more progressive of my friends who were cohabitating and didn’t want to get married, ended up married ‘to make their famlies happy’. The incentive to have children you are talking about is still there and it’s for couples.

        1. I acknowledge that the Continent doesn’t see the same level of overt individual debauchery that the Anglo-Saxon world practices. However, it would be a mistake to read too much into this. The difference existing between them is a reflection of cultural restraints which linger-on in countries which are less individualistic, where selfish behavior still has some check upon it.
          But these societies still suffer from the poisons of humanism/egalitarianism and unbelief, which together have been largely successful at killing genuine belief in the hearts of their people and separating them from a traditionally conservative way of life, over the course of the last 100+ years.
          The collectivist nature of their traditional Continental cultures may mute the immediate consequences of unbelief and cultural decline, and save them from the spectacles of Manchester on a Friday night, but it can’t stop them altogether. Italy may not have a high bastardy rate, compared to Britain, but its lack of children, due to feminism, will doom it every bit as much as Britain or America to its fate. Their respective paths to hell will look a little different, but the destination is ultimately the same.

  4. Basically only third world countries left. Rest is being taken over by fags and spoiled iphone addicted sluts who are useless on every imaginable level. Even sex.

    1. Mogadishu game: How to deal with cock-blocking warlords without losing any limbs
      Article ready for submission

        1. Lol, essential equipment for achieving deep penetration in enemy territory

        2. You will also need camo-pattern condoms.
          That way, they never see you coming.

        1. But the girls are hot!
          Weather for Mogadishu, Somalia
          Right Now:
          Humid and Partly Cloudy
          Wind: 8 m/s (SW)

        2. It sucks there and never goes below a humid 75 and is as sucky as Mombasa down the coast. At least Kenya has a better climate inland in Nairobi where it’s in the 70’s year round, 50’s at night as you get closer to Mt Kenya

    2. Run Nigeria game. They have a lot of money these days and a lot of sex.

    3. well it has to be an “open culture” not like say indiia or middle east where being anything foreign is DLV like Roosh got when he was in Turkey aka the most westernized muslim nation.
      Think latin america and SEA are left and perhaps africa if open to outsiders.

    4. If you want a good country to pick up women let me suggest a particualire city in Bosnia. It’s called Banja Luka and from the time i was last there (a year ago) the female/male ratio is 4:1. And let me tell you that the young women there are really thirsty and really want to find a husband, from another country.
      I even got this said to me:”Me nebojš vzel sabo u Slovenio?” which translates to:”You’re not gonna take me with you to Slovenia?”.
      And by the way Banja Luka was quite heavily purged during the war and many of the men go work outside the country.
      I think it’s the closest i’ve yet seen to whore island.

  5. So now that nearly every great city is at risk of becoming a post-apocalyptical Her-oshima we finally have a guy-ger-counter that can help us to detect toxic levels of feminist radio-activity.
    Not really sure I’d consider Saudi a model of anything but corruption though.

  6. Good list but in DEFCOCK 2 it says:
    Campaigns are launched to shame and criminalize consensual sex and masculine behavior such as flirting and bodybuilding.
    In which countries is bodybuilding shamed or criminalised?

    1. Sweden. Pro builder was INVITED there, was arrested under the suspicion of having used them.
      A female cop arrested some avg joe (and I mean average, he looked healthy, not freaky) for the same thing. Her male superior let him go. He tried to sue, but the female judge dismissed his case.
      Cant make this shit up.

        1. Ive seen worse.
          Nicole Bass od Howard Stern fame is my favorite. She had a voice just like the guy who played Buffalo Bill in Silence of the lambs.

        2. Her 215k followers on Instagram suggest plenty of guys would. #wouldnotbangeither

        3. Plenty of SCHMUCKS would. Or plenty of Arabs who are financing her enterprises while she serves as a human toilet and a cum dumpster would. Really, like she’s bankrolling any of her endeavors all by herself? We know better!

        4. “Really, like she’s bankrolling any of her endeavors all by herself? ”
          None of those Instagram whores do. p4p all the way.

      1. my god. The story of the undercover guy hiding in the toilet – sounds like an onion story.

    2. It’s a good question and there is direct demonization and indirect. There’s a lot of indirect because frankly, and in the USA in particular, there was a “fitness craze” in the 1980s that brought bodybuilding into the mainstream and for the most part it never left.
      (In spite of the mangina-ization attempt of places like Planet Fitness)
      Indirect demonization can be seen in how laws are treated pertaining to the illegal use of or abuse of legal hormones.
      If you want to take hormones to become a big musclebound monster that’s evil and bad and horrible and a bad influence on kids and you should go to jail.
      If you want to take hormones to become girly and grow tits and shit like that, well, that’s pure and natural and not only should you be allowed, but taxpayers should pay the bill for it while you can go and be a teacher or have contact with children who will be given courses on various forms of comparable faggotry.

      1. Yes, that’s true, sex changing is sponsored by the national health service in the UK.
        Thanks for the clarification.

      2. Yep another reason why law allows alcohol and smoking is because they will make you weaker an ramp up your medical bill more money for the 1%s

  7. Interesting article but Clown game? Do these hoes really reciprocate men acting like an entertaining buffoon because I’ve had a different experience. A woman requires me acting like a clown to get into her pants? lol fuck that. Did Tyrone the ex felon act like a clown to fuck her? No, did Adam the Wall street exec’ act like a clown to fuck her? nope
    We need to stop putting pussy on a pedestal and acting like pussy is hard to find when its actually harder to find a perfect sandwich(crisp lettuce, succulent tomatoes etc.) than it is to pick up a woman nawadays.

    1. Every human is basically a clown. It’s just, well(sob) . . some are better than others . . 🙁
      (an actual circus clown once told me this and then he began crying)

    2. You damn right it is buddy! Even Jimmy John’s is falling off the wagon. Some day soon I’ll have to supply my own bread, deli cuts, fresh vegetables and secret sauce. I think carrots in Chipotle sauce is the way of the future.
      With hot women, if you intend on having a steady supply of new ones, clown game is very useful. I like thinkers so I don’t acclimate clown game completely.

      1. Humor is somewhat of a lubricant of sorts. Think of it this way: If you’re trying to force your way into a doorway where the doorknob and deadbolt is rusty or sticky, then it takes more force and strain than usual to turn the squeaky knob and the door needs lifted up by the knob to reduce the drag on the deadbolt. Lube makes it all slide like magic. But if you were a pick up clown stuck in funny mode, joking at job interviews, joking while trapped in a burning building, joking when signing and agreeing to legal papers or contracts or consenting to surgery, then man you’d be the fool in the pool. That would be like spraying too much lube not only on the lock but all over yourself and the ground surrounding the whole place. You would slide all around like a slapstick scene from an old looney toons cartoon. Lube and humor should be used sparingly and only applied to the fulcrum or to the sticky points.
        Lube is powerful and issued in the age of fine running machines made of many precise sliding and load bearing parts, when before metals only made good swords and plows. Humor ‘lube’ will psychologically open gates and make the removal of panties seem as if they were seated with a bead of grease instead of glued on to her butt with hairspray.
        Most women surveyed like a sense of humor in a man. Don’t give her all she wants then. Remember NEVER TOO MUCH lube, just enough to bust into the place and pick the lock. If you’re married even and she’s over the stove preparing a casserole, then only enough humor and lube to pop it from behind. You don’t want to have her sliding around the kitchen and dropping or blowing dinner for later.

    3. I was on PoF the other week and saw a pretty med student on there. For her requirements for a guy, she was looking for someone that would “Entertain her, make her laugh, and be fun to hang around”. In short she wanted a clown to distract her from her oh so hard educational pursuits. It made me sick.

  8. You sure about those defcock 5 countries? My understanding of Islamic law is that what’s hers is hers, asset wise, but what’s yours is hers too. The man is completely responsible for supporting the family financially, wife has no obligation whatsoever. She runs up a debt? Your problem not her’s. But she gets a nice windfall? She keeps it all and you get shit. But you can have two or more wives? Great! More work for you to support them.
    I’d never want to live in any of these countries let alone marry there. Despite what one hears about the treatment of women in the media, it’s way worse to be a man there. In a place where women are not allowed to drive, men disappear and are tortured for expressing the wrong thoughts. There is no fucking way Saudi Arabia is a safe for men or anyone not a Prince for that matter.

  9. Good article, but why not take it one step further and ask, ‘What causes a country to go from DEFCOCK 3 to DEFCOCK 2 and from say DEFCOCK 2 to DEFCOCK 1? The obvious answer is it’s caused by an increase in the number of PUA’s and fornicators who sexually corrupt a nation’s women, turning them into the very feminist blowhards they themselves despise.

    1. Men can’t corrupt women, women corrupt themselves… If women wanted no one would ever get laid..

  10. And there you have it folks! I rest my case. For all the hate and racist remarks the articles regarding Muslims and Muslim women received on ROK and how much of an anti-muslim bigot Roosh is, now he’s agreeing to the fact that Muslims and Muslim countries are the best places to find women who are not on the cock carousel. I love the irony.

    1. I question that. Indoneisa is the world’s largest muslim country, and getting laid there is like throwing your fishing line a swimming pool stocked with trout.

      1. outside Jakarta / Bali?
        They’ll chase you with their parangs elsewhere

        1. true. But Jakarta’s a nice sprawling cesspit. Haven’t been for a while though

        2. Of all the beach tourism destinations in the world, Bali is by FAR the most overrated… what a shithole!

      2. Those weren’t Muslims girls you were getting laid by then. Indonesia also has a high number of non-muslims.

        1. Its like 90% muslim, and the nightlife is fast in the cities. They don’t drink alcohol, but they hang out at clubs and hook-up with non-muslims. No doubt its more traditional in villages. There are lots of misconceptions about muslims in the west, the media image that its all like the persian gulf. But even the persian gulf women go nuts on tinder when then traveling in other countries.

        2. They do drink alcohol. A girl I know was at the LSE and she was Indonesian. Obviously upper class because she was taller and better looking than typical Indonesians had her own townhouse in London and a driver, her father owned some Indonesian banks. I never even thought she was muslim and she would drink and wear short skirts.There are different people in Indonesia like Hindus etc
          These upper class girls (the only ones you really want to bother with) do what they want. Yes, even in Saudi Arabia and their fathers are very indulgent. They may say their prayers every day but pretty much consider themselves above the common herd and their silly customs.

    2. True but the only ones can get in are those born there. Even if you are same ethnic group, same relgion, native to that region, But youll have a harder time as the western born guy then the native born guy.
      The only equalizer is if your parents know someone(social cirlce game) that they can introduce you, but you once again gotta show through your habits that you are not fully westernized….They perfer marrying their daughteers off to local born guys. Same case in india.

    3. Would say South East Asia is much better women wise than any Muslim country.

        1. Women are not even fully conscious. What would they use the IQ for except against men?

  11. I have a question why is provider game a good thing… Seems like under cover white knighting to me.. The guy slaves away so the women can act like rising kids is hard in a nice air conditioned home.. Think about.. It’s not a good deal..

    1. Provider used to been patriarchal but it has become gynocratic trap that can be sprung given the chance

    2. In the past, men wanted children that could keep their legacy alive and help them on the farm/battlefield/whatever. Without the welfare state, they also needed family to look after them in their old age. How could you have sons without a woman?
      If she has a nice easy life looking after the kids at home, good for her. You get a home cooked meal and your clothes ironed, it’s win-win.

    3. The hell it isn’t. It’s a great deal for society, as it means that we get to continue forward as a species. It’s a division of labor for a reason, and ideally the wife does more than sit on her ass and watch Regis and Cathy Lee, she instead actually cleans, provides meals and handles domestic chores such as grocery shopping and other such things. If you see traditional relationships as slavery, then feminism has won, because that’s what *they* have claimed for decades.

      1. Exactly, the Ideal society is the Man is the Bread winner, and the woman stays home awaiting to tend to the Man after his long Day, I worked with a guy House Painting, and all day long up and down Ladders, constantly moving the arms Painting with a Brush and roller, Laborious work, and when he got home beat after a long days work, he had to cook and clean and watch after the kids while his wife did nothing, she worked as a Nurse I think, but she basically contributed nothing back at the house.

  12. To address the state we are in, the president of the boy scouts is looking to lift the lifetime ban of gay men serving as leaders in the boy scouts. Maybe it is time father’s get to know their sons again and truly take your kids out of the system.

    1. Gays have done horrific damage to the catholic church and boy scouts. Political correctness won’t allow real discussion. Gays are now a “protected class” because feminists need them to get to 51%.

    2. And no surprise. I told our traitorous closet liberal Scout Master of our troop that his vote to let gays into the Scouts during council would come back to bite him in the ass when the move to make scout leaders came to fruition. Of course I got the snarky sneer and condescending “don’t be a hater” from him. My son dropped scouting immediately afterward.

      1. I went to the Trail Life inagural convention.
        I am quite comfortable recommending that organization. My Grandsons will probably be Trailmen.

    3. Hi Red, every time I come to the cutting edge, I find you arrived before me.
      I don’t have to restate my disgust for the BSA-financing-in-return-for-giving-homosexuals-open-access-to-our-boys debacle.
      Most of my boys are over 15 and have their Life Scout. This year I hope to push them the rest of the way to Eagle. Our unit has a long history of the boys voting others into and out of the Troop.
      My Grandsons will not be Boy Scouts.

      1. It’s a no brainer. Leave the scouts at the point that it advocates P.C. culture. Start your own breakaway charter. It may be hard to steer others to break away though. Getting people out of any institution that has degenerated can be like pulling teeth. They’ll keep attending their church even after a drag queen stands at the pulpit. They slowly became acclimated to the bullshit.
        I attended a merit badge university once where the the group began by watching a video where a big fat black socialist worker looking woman, a ‘female’ scout leader, lectured about ‘REPORTING ABUSE’ of any kind. ‘REPORT TO THE SOCIALIST SERVICES AUTHORITIES’ was the message of the video. ‘TRUMP THE AUTHORITY’ of the blood parents whenever you suspect anything that the socialist services can use to build a case to eviscerate the traditional family. . It made me sick watching. The male leaders said they were required to play the shit to the group. The fat black lady looked like she was the leader of some inner city orphan group of stolen foster kids, you know, the pool of psychotropic guinea pig hostage kids and organ donors in wait/holding. The kids need rescued alright . . rescued from the psycho dope system and helped to grow and mature over their ghetto whore single bitch mothers. What a piece of shit government we have. The scouts are SUPPOSED TO BE apolitical. But I quipped that ”to be or to advocate being P.C. is in fact being VERY VERRY political, is it not?”
        AND GET THIS, the mostly rural and suburban group of dads watching the video sat there like POTTED PLANTS and drank it in. I made the point (light heartedly) that HOW CAN THIS WOMAN be a scout LEADER??? Sooo . . a GIRL who never attended BOY scouts can grow up to be a BOY SCOUT LEADER eeh??? OK THEN but a BOY can’t be a GIRL SCOUT (and shouldn’t). And a BOY cannot grow up to be a GIRL SCOUT LEADER can they? Lolol.
        A good group to charter would be OLD SCHOOL Indian Guides. ”To be pals forever with my dad” is in their old prayer. But their NEW prayer says to be ”friends with my son/daughter”. Save the good points of scouts and guides only and leave the degenerate P.C. garbage. What I always liked about the old Indian Guides was their voting. During a campout they voted all day on everything. On a hike where they reach a fork in the trail THEY STOP and vote. ”should we go right or left?all in favor say ”HOW’. And here’s the funny thing, the vote was ALWAYS UNANIMOUS between fathers and sons. Everyone always shouted ”HOW” and raised their right hand. The idea was to teach dads and sons to BE UNANIMOUS. I can’t remember anyone voting against their dad or the tribe.
        Everyone is breaking away from everything rotten these days, saving tradition and decency. Churches, public schools and longstanding civic groups are being left in the dust. The good must be saved. Start one offshoot uncontrolled, unregulated group and the ‘breaking away’ becomes easy. This becomes an age of restoring and relaying our oldest and most established core foundations. CONSTITUTIONS REQUIRE PERIODIC AND REGULAR POLISHING. They’re not just dusty trophies on the shelf. This ‘breaking away’ is our mason or bricklayer energy playing out AND begins an age of foundations. Foundations don’t get repaired every day you know. It must be laid right then.

        1. I understand your passion. Our unit has almost every boy at Life now. We’re very careful to plan our High Adventure around groups of old school scouts. We have stopped participating in larger gatherings.
          The last Scout Executive has said that we will change the Oath, Law, and Promise. His stated belief, as pubished in “Scouting” magazine, is that no one will remember after five years.
          I will remember. The men and boys in our unit will always remember.

  13. Any women, anywhere when taken off the grid and out of civilization will quickly forget about pursuing feminist causes. After the hunger pangs become numb, when bugs begin to taste good and the bruises from the self inflicted head banging that ocurrs during withdrawal from the smartphone and social media are but a distant memory, then you will see the natural order take root and restore itself.

  14. Sweden is easily the world’s first Defcock 1 imo. San Francisco will try it’s hardest to be second.

    1. Um…… Roosh was born here, you stupid faggot. He is more American than you, given his self-sufficient, can-do, enterprising spirit.
      Instead, you are just a whiny loser.

    2. Iran is more suited to folks intolerant of others opinions, you know, like you.

    1. Proof that they don’t run the world. Do you think Genghis Khan tucked his balls into a purple thong and twerk-screamed “WHO RUN DA WORLD? KHAN!”
      The inherently weak must always appear strong.

  15. ha.the end is truly near.fuck that.i doubt defcon one will happen.feminism seems to be crashing no?

    We have all become robots with no distinguishable reproductive body parts no male genitalia or female genitalia and are the same sex and are made of same material
    The technophile loving faggots dream.

      1. Yay lol. Not for long though. They introduced a gender and sexuality course in our main University so a lot of university students even men, are claiming to be feminists now lmao. Its at odds with our traditional culture, for example there are debates over whether or not a wife should share out out her husband’s food first. (When setting the table for dinner my mom and grandmom would share out the man’s plate of food first) Now university feminists are claiming that men shouldn’t get their plate of food first and that doing that makes the wife a slave.

    1. Haven’t been there but a friend lives there and it’s definitely DEFCOCK 3 if not higher. It is one of the most westernized Asian countries out there.

  17. Here in Ireland, a referendum (US: a bill) has recently been passed on gay marriage with two thirds of the vote in favour. A lot of the content in this article can be associated with Ireland and it’s downward spiral into cultural and social chaos beginning only in the ’70’s or ’80’s and where the situation, in my view, put Ireland in the DEFCOCK 2. The speed in which the nation is declining, it won’t be long and Ireland could be firmly locked at level 1.
    Feminist and LGBT groups/organisations have now lobbied very aggressively and successfully to have abortion and gay marriage passed in the Irish constitution within only 5 years.

  18. I think somewhere between D4 and D3 is reasonable to expect from a society.
    Sorry, but living under Shariah law is not good.

  19. none of this will matter much…. the aliens have had enough of the experiment and will be harvesting what they can of the current crop of damaged “humans” and rendering the rest of them into glue and fertilizer.

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