How Mainstream TV Uses Emotional Triggers To Sway Political Opinion

I went to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and as usual, I was confronted with numerous blue pill beliefs. While I’m no longer annoyed by these things, because I’ve gone through the “Return Journey” phase of swallowing the red pill, I did notice something that was extremely disturbing.

As I grew tired of arguing over basic political, economic, and gender points, I meandered downstairs to my family’s recreation room. There was a group of my younger relatives, aged 16-20, watching some show on Netflix about trans-gendered individuals.

I don’t know what the show was called, but one thing that really struck me was the show’s uncanny ability to use emotionally charged scenes and drama to elicit a feeling of compassion for the characters. In other words, numerous TV shows are now starting to take advantage of our natural empathy, and using it to sway our political and social opinions.

Emotionally Gripping

As I stood behind the couch watching a few minutes of this transgender show, I saw a very heart wrenching scene take place. Although the nuances of the story line were lost to me, I gathered enough information to see what was going on.

Basically, some guy was getting surgery to turn into a woman. As he was in the operating room, something went terribly wrong, and despite the surgeons’ desperate attempts to save him, he ended up perishing.

The following scene was comprised of extremely grief-inducing piano music played to various clips of the man’s children all mourning their loss. While this may seem innocuous, or like it’s just “creative, dramatic television,” I believe that it’s actually something far more sinister.

What’s going on here, is that the elites (because remember, this is a top down operation) are trying to traumatize the average American youth with images of the “horrors that transgender people go through!” They’re using television to create these emotional “triggers,” if you will, that will be ignited anytime someone says something against transgenders.

In other words, the trauma that occurs from becoming engrossed in this TV show (in our example) leaves an emotional residue of sorts, so that whenever the topic of transgenderism is brought up in conversation, the viewer subconsciously remembers the emotions associated with the topic which the TV show implanted into his mind.

Emotional Triggers

Television erodes your ability to think

Television erodes your ability to think

This became abundantly clear to me as I was arguing with a friend from the West Coast over transgenderism. I very calmly said that I believe it’s a mental illness, and should be treated as such. I said that these people need help, and we shouldn’t encourage them. I backed my assertion by referencing how the chief psychologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital has vehemently called out doctors who perform transgender surgeries as “collaborating with a mental illness for profit.”

Despite my calm and collected assertions, she grew EXTREMELY emotional and automatically assumed a whole host of things about me:

  • I’m a disgusting, careless sociopath
  • I have no sympathy for others’ suffering and I’m a cold-hearted bastard
  • I vehemently hate anyone who’s different than me

Despite the fact that none of these things are true, it became clear to me why she automatically believed this about me: the TV shows that she watches had been subtly implanting little emotional biases into her brain. This is how manipulative our “real” media is.

What happened, in psychological terms, was that as I was calmly explaining my perspective on transgenderism, her subconscious was flooded with all of the EMOTIONS that she associates with the topic:

  • All of the pain and grief she experienced from TV shows depicting transgender “issues”
  • How Bruce Jenner is a “hero,” and how much mainstream “opposition” he encountered when coming out
  • All of the anger she experienced when the token “anti-transgender person” in each show was a huge dick to the main character (more on this in the next section)

All rational thought was completely stopped, as she had literally been trained to elicit a certain response whenever the topic of transgenderism is brought up. Do you see my point? By repeatedly exposing people to scenes that elicit sympathy for transgenders, the media is engineering a widespread social response in favor of it.

Token Characters

"I'm the stereotypical jock that beats the shit out of flamboyant transsexuals!"

“I’m the stereotypical jock that beats the shit out of flamboyant homosexuals!”

As I alluded to before, another underhanded tactic that mainstream TV shows use is that they never have a rational, level-headed man who supports traditional marriage and normal heterosexuality. Any time someone in mainstream media doesn’t support the main character’s disorder, he’s always portrayed as a complete asshole.

This can take the form of him beating up the main character, bullying the main character, or what have you. I recall several years ago there was ample talk at the work place over some “anti-homosexual” character in glee that smothered a smoothie onto a guy just because he was homosexual, or something ridiculous like that.

Despite the fact that NOBODY I know would do something like this, the elite-sponsored TV utilizes token characters in order to implant a certain idea into our heads—the idea that everyone who opposes deviant sexual orientations is a cold-hearted bully. I recall that this was pointed out to me by a Catholic high school teacher, and it didn’t make any sense to me back then (before homosexuality was normal).

Now, in retrospect, I’m extremely thankful that he planted that seed in my class’s mind. The more that I look at television through this lens, the more I see what he was talking about. There’s never a level-headed, confident, genuine man that has game, either. It’s always either a completely meek beta male, or a chauvinistic “bad boy” Hank-Moody type character (although I do love me some Hank Moody).

This phenomena is taken even further as the transgender or homosexual person in mainstream TV is almost always portrayed as some brave, sweet, sensitive soul, with a hard life. In other words, the elites are engineering a dichotomy as Roosh has referenced before.

The dichotomy is that you’re either a sweet, empathetic, gentle-hearted person who supports transgenderism and deviant sexual preferences, or you’re a complete asshole who bullies and berates people just because “you’re mean.” This use of labeling brainwashes others into IMMEDIATELY putting you into the “sociopathic jerk” category if you don’t support transgenderism, making any and all rational discourse folly.

Subtle Desensitization

The average American is desensitized for 8 hours a day.

The average American is desensitized for 8 hours a day.

Another terrifying event that comes to mind of the media’s disgusting methods was when I was watching a popular kid’s TV show known as “Adventure Time,” a year or two ago. Again, I was with my family for some holiday event (I can’t remember which), and recall some of the kids watching this show.

Despite the fact that it’s labeled as a kid’s show, I saw an insidious little dialogue take place that was meant to desensitize children to pedophilia. In the show, there was some ball going on (I assume it was like a “prom” type deal), and the old wizard was looking for a partner.

He ended up going with some underage girl, who was probably 60 years his prior, and when the main character pointed this out, the old wizard simply stated: “Age…is nothing but a number!” Upon which the characters started dancing and doing comical things to prevent any sort of rational thought occurring after this was said.

After seeing this I became extremely disgusted and turned off the television, but that’s beyond the point. Why is this type of dribble being used to brainwash our youth? Anyone with half a brain can see that the point behind this scene was to start subtly implanting the seeds of pedophilia into a child’s mind.

Again, the words of my wise old Catholic high school teacher come to mind. I’ll never forget when he told me that “in 15 years, pedophilia will become normal.” My entire class was shocked, and couldn’t comprehend such a thing happening. He said this in 2009, and it seems that his prediction is coming true.

“First it will start with the media,” he said. “They’ll have some show where they make jokes about it and they’ll keep the humor very lighthearted, never showing the actual act. They’ll begin the process of desensitizing you, then eventually some politician will bring it up, and it will be an official stance that other politicians will be forced to take. This will begin the process of slowly normalizing it.”

My God was this man spot on, because this is EXACTLY how the media sways our opinions.

Keep in mind that their methods are SUBTLE, and that’s the point—they want to keep it below the level of thought so that you never question what they’re teaching you. Any time a strange or ridiculous belief is asserted, they very quickly move into a joyful scene or celebration to not only prevent you from thinking too much about the ridiculous belief, but to have you associate happiness with it, as well, which brings me to my next point.

Association And Correlation Bias

There’s a very powerful phenomena in psychology known as association; this is sometimes also called the correlation bias, or “Illusory Correlation.” This is basically your mind’s tendency to look for relationships where there aren’t any.

For example, why do you think most modern girls aren’t girlfriend material? Why do you think that the average man is weak, pathetic, and emasculated? It’s because of the media’s tendency to slowly create illusory associations within your mind.

The media causes women to associate happiness and a successful life with the following:

  • Being a man-hating feminist, who can’t submit to a strong, confident man
  • Not cooking or cleaning, because that’s “sexist”
  • Riding the alpha male cock carousel, and not getting married, because marriage is “oppressive”

The media creates a false correlation in women’s minds by constantly portraying bitchy, overly-masculine, slutty women as being empowered, sought-after, and happy. As any man who’s been learning game knows, this is absolute nonsense.

It doesn’t matter, though—once your brain has an association, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it. This is why so many men are emasculated nowadays. It teaches us to associate:

  • Being a weak bitch with getting a hot girlfriend
  • Being a feminist and leftist with having girls think you’re noble and heroic
  • Courting a slut with being a gentleman

As any modern man who reads the manosphere knows, these are completely fallacious beliefs. Being a weak, low-testosterone man will not in fact land you the girls. Being a screaming leftist who holds those “I’m a feminist because,” signs will not get you the approval of women, and courting a washed up slut does not make you a gentleman (it makes you stupid).

Despite the obvious illogical nature of these beliefs, because the mainstream media has 8 hours a day to indoctrinate us, most men end up buying into them wholeheartedly, and will even berate you for having game when you CLEARLY get more women than them.

“So What Can I Do?”

It’s time to dismantle the MSM.

First things first, stop watching mainstream media. In case you haven’t noticed, the MSM is starting to feel the effects of men waking up; in fact, they’ve recently gone on a long, drawn-out tirade about “fake news,” or in other words, news that is red-pilled.

I haven’t watched mainstream media EVER—the only time that I ever watch MSM is if they’re interviewing a pickup artist, a manosphere blogger, or if I’m trying to debunk their ludicrous reporting. I get almost all of my news from sites like ROK, Danger And Play, Info Wars, Natural News, and the people that I follow on Twitter.

In addition to only consuming a red-pilled information diet, ensure that your children don’t watch TV unarmed. I saw a phenomenal post recently on “How to Raise Red-Pilled Daughters,” and the ROK author talks about how he doesn’t flat out ban TV, but rather teaches his daughters to think rationally and learn to see the foolishness of MSM.

Aside from not watching MSM and raising your family to be skeptical of it, you can also support alternative media sites by simply tuning in. You don’t have to buy any of their products (although it helps); simply giving them your attention and leaving a thoughtful comment or two is enough to generate interest.

All in all, we’re facing extremely tumultuous times. More and more people are starting to break free of the MSM’s grip on their mind, but the men who get left behind end up more brainwashed than ever. Eventually, once the MSM dies, we can begin the long and arduous process of reclaiming our country—and this, my friends, is something I believe is worth fighting for.

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  1. ,,All in all, we’re facing extremely tumultuous times. More and more people are starting to break free of the MSM’s grip on their mind, but the men who get left behind end up more brainwashed than ever. Eventually, once the MSM dies, we can begin the long and arduous process of reclaiming our country—and this, my friends, is something I believe is worth fighting for.”
    This…and a thousand dollars + a bag a’ chips.
    Wanna’ wake up?
    Want your people to unify against the real evil?
    Study your country’s history.
    The falsification of history ( although depending from country to country ) is not so altered going back 50 years.
    Start finding out who you are, by finding out who your ancestors are and what they stood for.
    Start studying history – the illegal type.

  2. How is it possible that a large group of people watches 8 hours of TV per day? Is it because of weekends?

    1. I wonder that as well. Additionally, I wonder how much of it is actually “watching” as opposed to just having the television on in the background as a kind of white noise? My wife used to do that. She’d turn on the tube then walk away and go bake something as the television blared on. She wouldn’t even look at it, but by golly, it had to be turned on! I broke her of that habit in time, it was extremely annoying. I hear a lot of other people do the same kind of thing.

      1. I have a few friends that used to do that. Annoying is right. I guess when I want white noise, I turn on real white noise. All the TV does is create agitation. Especially if it’s on any kind of news channel.
        I’d had enough one day while I was staying over there and suggested they turn it off. The change in everybody was pretty funny. A lot less agitation and everybody’s mood improved.

        1. They do such weird shit don’t they?
          My wife also used to do California stops at stop signs (rolling stops I guess they’re also called). Broke her of that. And when texting first started to be a “thing” she told me that she texted while driving (I have no idea how that came up, but she told me for some reason). I told her that if I ever caught her texting and driving that I would take her phone out of her hands and throw it out the car window and make her get a flip phone as a replacement. She actually didn’t react the way you’d think she would (screaming, cursing, etc), instead giving me a “Aw, you don’t want me to get hurt, I love you” thing.

      2. I absolutely hate that….a damned TV blaring in the background. My in-laws keep the weather channel cranked up to 11 going all day…
        I’ve visited people who do this and turned the damn thing off for them.

    2. Couple things, from personal observations:
      Housewives have always watched soap operas and daytime talk shows (Maury, Oprah, Judge Jaw N. Law), many families here watch TV after work/school.
      Many kids are raised by the TV (even have one in their own rooms), they come home from school and watch until 10-11pm.
      People on welfare tend to somehow own pretty nice TVs, even if they struggle to eat.
      Many businesses have TVs in their break rooms (or in the case of mechanics and such, in the garage itself).
      And several professional/government type jobs have a television either in the lobby area or even individual offices. Even many classrooms have TV and that’s K-12 and colleges.
      It might also include internet-based TV services, in which case anyone working with internet access can be watching TV.
      Even having cut TV from my own home years ago, I still encounter it on a daily basis just going about my job/errands.

      1. Hell, I don’t even like bars or restaurants that have TVs. It’s feeding a constant need to be distracted from reality and personal engagement.
        I can understand wanting to watch a big sports game at the bar occasionally, but does that shit need to be on 24/7? The last place I went they had Fox Sports on behind my table which was nothing but a panel of 3 guys and a chick *talking* about college sports for an hour.
        I’ll ignore how talking about teenagers throwing balls is a complete waste of time to note that it was muted, so unless you liked looking at strangers sitting in a circle together, it served no purpose, than to occasionally distract my eyes from my friend.

  3. These “horrors that transgender people go through” are in reality grotesque abuse of mentally ill people by doctors who should have their medical licenses revoked and friends and family members who should have charges brought against them for allowing this nonsense.
    Counter an emotional narrative with an emotional narrative. This is not about compassion. It is about gross neglect and abuse of people who need professional help. You should feel sorry for the transgender not because he lost his life pursuing his delusions, but because he was unwittingly sacrificed at the alter of diversity by a cabal of monsters that have let feminine non-logic override their ability to accept reality.

    1. And the cultural Marxists are only going to come up with increasingly worse ideas as they are left to run riot. The field of mental health in the west has gone crazy. I’m currently forced to go against my own values and work with a transgender ‘person’ in that particular field. They have a myriad of mental health issues, but it seems the real issue is encouraged as a lifestyle choice, while the symptoms of the real and core psychopathology are focused on as something else, and nothing to do with the traumatic, perverse and ultimately inappropriate step of trying to change genders. Essentially I’m watching a young naive and impressionable human being used for the validation needs of misguided and twisted psychiatrists and psychologists…and I’d be fired if I tried to intervene in any compassionate way.

    2. This. Counter an emotional narrative with an emotional narrative. You can’t out-logic someone from a position that they didn’t use logic to arrive at in the first place.

    3. To have any chance of persuasion, you have to meet the emotional arguments and turn them.
      “Did you know transgenders are actually mentally ill?” …is not a winning argument with irrational people.
      “Did you know reassignment surgery actually makes people kill themselves. Why would you support that?” …at least has a chance, by using the emotion against the subsequent rationalization masquerading as an argument.

      1. Jesus. Someone married her/him? I mean, I guess good for the transdoodle, who was surprisingly articulate and logical. But, this video is an illuminating example of why these people get killed occasionally. To me, I didn’t know this was a trans person till halfway through the video. Something seemed … off … but I couldn’t pinpoint it, and I was focused on the fact that her upper lip doesn’t seem to move naturally, but I figured maybe this was just some chick who got some botched botox/plastic surgery. I could see how a dude, after a few beers, picks up this “chick” takes her home and surprise! You’ve been making out with a dude all night. Is it any wonder that people would be violent in this situation? Not saying that’s good. But I’ve never really (at least not that I’m aware) been around a tranny this convincing, so I always assumed that guys who said this shit (I freaked out when I found out it was a dude) were just trying to cover some other nefarious shit because you would obviously spot one of these folks a mile away and know what you’re getting into. All I can say is thank God I’m married (wife’s original birth sex was female).

  4. Well I do not watch mainstream TV and don’t seek interactions with sheeple who do so. People who are watching TV – especially these dumbfkk sitcoms with laugh tracks on them – let my idiot detector go apeshit.

  5. Pedophilia will never be normalized. Why? All around us are hundreds of thousands of adults who were damaged by pedophiles. Seriously, they’re everywhere. My own mother is one of those victims (age five). My former brother-in-law is another (age twelve). My college girlfriend is another (age seven). There’s a lot of pent-up anger out there against pedophiles.
    Transgenders, on the other hand, pose no direct threat to your well being. Yes, they’re weird and, yes, they make me feel uncomfortable sometimes … but they ain’t hurting anybody.

    1. This.
      Also “age is just a number” is a positive thing if at 40 I want 20 year old girls to believe that. Feminazis usually don’t, so it actually contradicts their own narrative.

        1. One by one. There is a pushback because that’s a new topic. There was a pushback against gay rights too. Then against transgenders’. Now we have pushback against that. We have hope in Trump to put a stop to it, of course.

        2. You’re missing my point.
          Gays and transgenders don’t hurt anybody.
          Pedophiles do.
          Which would you rather be in prison?

        3. You should check out his link, it’s about the newest ploy, “we can’t prove it does them any harm.”
          And if that whole pizza thing proves out, who will be doing the imprisoning?

    2. The only problem I have with the whole transgender push, is that it clearly has a lot of mental illness attached to it. These people off themselves at a hugely disproportionate rate compared to the average. They need serious and compassionate psychological help, but they will never get it as long as we continue to pretend that it’s a “lifestyle choice” instead of the grave mental illness that it is.
      Now if we’re all fine with seeing people who need help, and could get help if we’d just stop encouraging their issues, suicide themselves off, well then, ok. But it seems anti-ethical to a viewpoint where compassion for the weak and helpless is of value.

      1. Is there data available on the mental illness link with transgender? I’d like to know.
        My problem with transgenders isn’t them per se. It’s the media that glorifies them (lookin at you, Vanity Fair). Freaks have always been around — it’s part of our biological inheritance — but they shouldn’t be emulated.

        1. “That 41 percent suicide rate among transgender people
          is more than 25 times the rate of the general population, which is 1.6 percent. And among trans people ages 18-44, the suicide attempt rate was 45 percent.”

          From here:
          Also reported across the media, including the msm.

          They also, of course, have higher rates of HIV and other illnesses.

        2. Also of note:
          Yet in over 90% of transgender identity shifts we see it is boys who opt to “become” female in their self-reassignment. Left to their own non-abstract decision making – and reinforced by Blue Pill parents and the Village – boys will, in the binary, shift to a female / feminine gender identity in overwhelmingly greater numbers than girls shifting to a male / masculine identity.
          This is the truly worrisome aspect of said topic. According to Wikipedia: “In the US, the DSM-IV (1994) says that roughly 1 in 30,000 assigned males and 1 in 100,000 assigned females seek sex reassignment surgery.” Similar ratios are seen again and again in studies from Europe, so it appears to not be limited to our culture. The very real threat of unrestrained Feminist ideology is likely responsible, at least in part, for the disproportionate number of males who are willing to become woman-like versus the comparatively smaller amount of females who undergo transitions. In a sample size that only encompasses .3% of the US population (about 700,000 people) this is a glaring discrepancy in an area where one would think, given common biological factors relating to fetal development, that the amount of MtF should be roughly the same as FtM.
          When the typical message reinforced by not only mass media as a whole, but also teachers, parents, and celebrities is that masculinity is inherently toxic…well. Is it any wonder that more males would seek to become that which is *not* labeled as dangerous, poisonous, or flawed despite the fact there is no biological reason behind the majority of said decisions? Please note that I am not discounting MtF transfolk wholesale, simply asserting that those with actual feminized brains are fewer than the numbers would suggest.

      2. I’ve lived among leftists for too long, now, so I’ve developed a couple of my own subtle mind-worms to turn on them. My tranny script goes something like this:
        “The thing is that we know that, like, half of transgender people commit suicide, which is way higher than the gay suicide rate, which is way higher than the already ridiculous male suicide rate. All the transgender people I know have a deeper problem they need to address, and I think that’s what kills them. We need to take them more seriously and get them the help they desperately need.”
        Lefties (particularly the young) think they hate bullying, suicide rates, death of deviants, and failing to help those in need. Mix it all up like this and they start to make all the right associations.

        1. There are dozens of other associations I’ve played with:
          – Gays associate with some deeper trauma (girl screwed them over, mom didn’t love them, raped) that they’d be much happier if they addressed
          – Gun control and 2A support are the same, with one tiny seed different. Leftists do most of the shootings in America and have a lot of rage issues, so they want to keep guns out of their own hands; 2A advocates want guns to protect against raging lefties.
          – Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. The biggest problem with welfare programs is they pretty much guarantee idle hands.
          – Beggars can’t be choosers. The problem in America is we have too many beggars deciding what those who keep them alive/employed/housed/educated/etc. have to do.
          The trick, I find, is to start with something they agree with on a basic level and build from there into your wrongthink. They’ll eventually reach a point where they know they’re on unsafe ground, but they have no idea why it’s unsafe considering how reasonable the path was.

    3. Nope. “Misery needs company” is the damaging principle behind “transgender” case. And boy, are their problems expensive! 🙂

    4. What is dangerous about not thinking transgendereds are a threat is that as soon as that Is seen as an alternative lifestyle instead of mental illness is when the door Is open for every degenerate behavior to be normalized and civilization collapses under the weight of apathy.

    1. If pedophilia was a disorder, then pedophiles, just like transgenders, should be involuntarily committed to protect the public and themselves.

    2. Pedophilia is not a choice, though.
      Acting on it – by molesting a child or viewing child porn – is a choice, the attraction itself to prepubescent children isn’t.

  6. Basically, some guy was getting surgery to turn into a woman. As he was
    in the operating room, something went terribly wrong, and despite the
    surgeons’ desperate attempts to save him, he ended up perishing.

    I do so love a happy ending!
    I’d be surprised if most here haven’t already turned off the television for good. That shit is so freaking toxic and so blatantly propaganda I can’t really see how any person in red pill or coming to it hasn’t already thrown the television out of the window.

    1. I threw the TV out. Not really, just left it behind when I moved out 4 years ago. I don’t own a TV set (and don’t pay for cable obviously), and my life has been awesome. I can see the world for what it is. Priceless…

      1. Congratulations, I did that in 1999. Still, you got got be on guard for excessive sedentary time on the computer or other gadget.

        1. You have me beat by 4 years. I walked away in 2003. It made good sense at the time. They’d just taken MST3K off the air and the rest of the toob was filled with feminist bilge, even then.

        2. It was about the time Sienfield went off the air. It was bad enough then. Every now and then, I will go to someones house or see it at a waiting room. I am amazed at how much lower it has sunk. Like watching the grass grow, you don’t notice how it changes from day to day, but if you come back a decade later, you are shocked at how much it changed.

        3. God I used to love MST3K. I should check that shit out again.
          BTW you can come back to TV, just for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. They offer some great programming.

        4. Oh, I watch series on Netflix, but only after serious screening, reviews and recommendations from non-blue pill friends and family. But even that is occasional, I don’t sit and binge watch it for weeks at a time.
          MST3K was the best thing that ever happened to television after the 1980’s. Loved it as well.

        5. That’s incredible, you beat me by 4 years! 🙂
          Though at the time I got rid of the TV just to focus on studying. Can’t say I’ve missed it at all since.

        6. haven’t seen that one yet. THe INdiana Jones one and the star wars ones are terrific. I thought you would like.

        7. I used to enjoy the History Channel when they actually showed half decent historical documentaries but after they went loony on Aliens it soured the History Channel bigly…
          The CI and sport channels are still pretty decent but everything else is rubbish

        8. I wonder how much of the problem comes from there being like 1000 channels that need to fill 24 hours a day with something or other. I mean, when we were kids you had the networks channels and there was day time programing for housewives and about 3-5 hours had to be filled for after work relaxation and a big chunk of that was already covered by the tonight show (as other networks didn’t even bother really trying to compete with johnny)
          Then cable, but only a few people had cable and the channels were basically specialty channels. One for movies one for music one for hitler blah blah blah. At this point I imagine there are execs who will just grab anything and toss it on the air and hope for the best like a guy in a casino who doesn’t have enough money or time to make playing slowly count so he drops all the dough he has on double 6 and hopes for the best.

        9. Felt the same about the Discovery Channel. Used to love watching all of the future tech before they became documentary heavy.

        10. At the time I left it seemed like the Hitler Channel. My mother got me Drunk History for Christmas two years ago, which I thought was hilarious, and I have seen episodes of Tales of the Gun, which I loved, but really, I don’t know much about what they’re doing these days.

        11. True. While there is plenty of stuff happening all over the world every day, we see what 24 hour news turned into–basically 2 hours of unimportant happenings repeated ad infinitum. The ones that really irk me are when they say OK Food isn’t interesting enough, why don’t we create some drama and competition and start a new program called Stone Cold Ice Kitchen Cleaver Deathrace 2000?
          I think in some of the extreme monarchies or places like Brunei they only have a couple of channels. PBS is pretty benign content, stuff for the kiddies during the day, cooking show in the evening, and an hour of news.
          Were you the “Catholic schoolteacher” ?

        12. Me too 10 years ago. Now even the documentary channels are stuffed with fucking garbage.
          They’re all effects and bullshit narratives to appeal to kids. Not even enough scientific content to challenge a bright 11 year old

        13. Yeah a Hitler Channel is far more interesting than an hour long documentary segment trying to convince us that Aliens built the pyramids

        14. I was not a catholic school teacher but I did, in my day, teach a few catholic school girls a few things years ago when that kind of stuff was still legal.
          I like informative cooking shows ya know. I really like Good Eats with Alton Brown and feel I learn a lot from it. God knows I can watch Giada DeLaurentis do just about anything. If she had a show where she showed how to abort a fetus and cook it up for thanksgiving dinner I would sit, transfixed. But yeah, the crazy competitions and shit are wild. I remember when history channel was basically US History, Hitler and The Russian Tzars with the occasional break in for some shit about English people with swords. It was actually great. I decided to get rid of cable when I sat down one day after work, spent 40 minutes flipping through the guide and then just turned the tv off.

        15. All the good stuff moved over to H2, then they yanked the channel and replaced it with Vice which is horrendous

        16. I can receive OTA (local networks) on my PC for free, so I record the Cook’s Country / America’s Test Kitchen cooking show and get some good tips off that. I like how they stay away from trends and cook with plenty of butter and fat, which I’m not convinced is unhealthy, though I do restrict my meat intake.
          I remember History channel came out with History International, which they wanted to charge a premium for. I think they just switched most of their good content to that channel. I do enjoy imagining all the background work that goes into constantly producing new Hitler content, week in and week out, and imagining the boardroom pitches for a new twist on redo-ing Barbarossa.

        17. Haha true
          A typical Documentary Channel lineup
          6pm Hitler’s Secret Orgies
          7pm Hitler. The Lost Tapes
          8pm Did Aliens Build ….?
          9pm Surgery, Ancient Egypt Style
          10pm Was Hitler half man half Orca?
          Yeah, dumbed down some

        18. I was out before this apparent alien thing. That’s got to be cringe worthy.

        19. the new hitler content is always great. 10 years into History channel there would be shows like “Hitler’s Toothbrushes” and “Von Klink: Hitler’s Personal Shoe Shine Man” It was absurd. It reminds me that there is a college radio station here that on elvis’s birthday plays like 62 straight hours of elivs shit and they interview people and it has got more and more pathetic as the years roll on. Last year they had a guy who was the young teenage assistant to some roadie telling stories about his time with elvis and it was like 2 hours of an old man saying “and then elvis asked me to go get him a news paper” and some radio voiced guy saying “hhmmmm yes, yes, that must have been exciting”
          As for butter/fat I think that trend is pretty much over. The truth is that neither fats nor carbs are bar for you. The problem is when you have too many in the same meal. I eat a ton of meat. Literally, at this point I am thinking of just bringing a goat with me for lunch every day. But when I eat I eat loads of lean mean with carbs (like 8-10 oz of chicken breast boneless skinless with 1 full cup of white rice which is my 10 am meal that I am eating now) or a fat meal which is 8-10 ounces of a nice fatty steak with some avocado, steak fried up in butter and as much broccoli as I can eat — which will be my two pm meal). The trick is to have meals with either carbs or fats…at least that is current bodybuilding wisdom and, having started doing this 2 weeks ago coming off my latest bout of inactivity, lethargy, too much booze and not so great for you food it is quickly working well.

        20. Besides the odd Space documentary that isn’t ruthlessly dumbed to an under 8 year old’s level, me too.
          Now it’s all Ice Road Truckers and Storage Wars, which in themselves aren’t THAT terrible … but are fucking horribly overexposed.
          My life is actually ever so slightly enriched knowing how haulage is moved around Yukon … but not with 5 seasons of manufactured human drama

        21. Stone Cold Ice Kitchen Cleaver Deathrace 2000

          Now *that* is a show I might tune into. I would also watch televised baseball if it was tweaked and made into a full contact sport. Like, use the bats as weapons and throw balls to intentionally disable other players. That kind of shit. I’d buy season tickets.

        22. I got called ‘Old’ for watching Seinfeld in a communal area. All my hope for the world faded then and there.

        23. Westworld any good? I’m starting to get people recommending it to me.

        24. Was that the thing where they had the three robots making commentary during the movie? I think I recall that being pretty funny.

        25. Two robots and one human. Lots of people are fans of Joel (the human) but I prefer the later season Mike (the human).

        26. Two And A Half Men went to hell after they killed off Charlie and replaced him with that fag.

        27. “I wonder how much of the problem comes from there being like 1000 channels that need to fill 24 hours a day with something or other.”
          Yeah, but the something or other just happens to be supergay progressive shit

        28. I know there is a lot of it. I am less inclined to believe in the overarching conspiracy stuff. Entertainment has always been kind of gay. . The technology and amount of consumption has changed, but really not the character. I still think it is a perfectly valid option to simply ignore what you don’t like, enjoy the stuff you do and forget that the characters and singers and whatever have people with opinions behind them. It is like a website full of faggots complaining that auto repair is a hetrosexual conspiracy because every time they go to get their cars fixed they see guys with snap on calendars with girls with boobies who all seem pretty heterosexual to them.

        29. “It is like a website full of faggots complaining that auto repair is a hetrosexual conspiracy”
          I think cars that actually work probably is a heterosexual conspiracy. I agree that entertainment is going to have a lot of gay players but I don’t think its necessarily a choice between ‘overarching conspiracy’ and entertainment just being naturally / pre-dispositionally a bit gay. It’s not necessarily an overarching conspiracy if there’s an agenda being pushed and I’m pretty sure there is an agenda being pushed, and that if that is the case its not just because people in the industry are a bit gay (which would be fair enough – they would have a right to pursue their own interests like everyone else) but because rainbow power is at the very heart of the progressive agenda. Isn’t that in some ways just the flip side of the idea that masculinity is under attack (which it is).

        30. Im old enough to get that reference. scream into your phone, get a shitty t shirt

        31. “The Office” was a breif rebound, but even that got stupid, and NEVER matched the wit and writing behind Sienfeld.

        32. hmmmmmmmmm.
          Must be an aquired taste. I gave that shit five minutes, then slammed my dik in a car door.

        33. For a while it was cool as the “build shit channel” (monster garage, American hot rod and all that)
          but then I realized it was just an extra-long tool commercial…

        34. I really don’t see what’s wrong with televising some sort of exile island full of criminals. I suppose like the hunger games, but with people who actually did something wrong. Our “justice” system is so far from providing justice, that I wouldn’t know where to start, but I don’t understand why the system of exile or banishment that was practiced everywhere, throughout history, has no part in our current system.
          If you pose little to no threat to society, go through some rehabilitation and quickly release back to productive society. On the other hand, if you are dangerous, instead of just letting you pump iron all day and sit like an animal in a cage, you should be banished from our land. But that’s no reason you can’t serve as entertainment for the masses. Hell, I bet if you offered banishment to a survivor battle island as an *option* to many incarcerated, they would take it.
          In all seriousness, if Vince McMahon pitched this to Trump I could see him approving it… Win/win.

        35. Controversial stuff sells. People pay attention to Bruce Jenner precisely because he’s doing something sick and bizarre. He acted like a semi-normal athlete for years and unless you remembered him from the Olympics, you wouldn’t know who he was, until he put on a dress.
          So it doesn’t strike me as odd that once we get 500 channels and there is intense competition for eyeballs, you see stuff like Human Centipede and a bunch of degenerate garbage. It’s more about the amorality of capitalism than any grand conspiracy.

        36. here I agree with you 100%. The choice isn’t one or the other. But I was pointing out that the overarching conspiracy folks are also wrong. I think what is going on is that degenerate types, homosexuals, blah blah blah have, for one reason or another, been attracted to the arts since, ya know, forever. Now that the arts is something that gives them power and not just an outlet for their creative side they are using that power in personal and selfish ways. I must say, I would do things very much the same if I could. If I woke up tomorrow and had a billion dollar empire and 75% of the people in the world kissed my ass and praised everything I did as amazing I would push a pro lolknee agenda in a heart beat.

        37. well I don’t disagree with that mostly either but the reason for rejecting the idea of ‘overarching conspiracy’ has more to do with the degree of omnipotence conspiracy theorists ascribe to puppet-mastery than anything. Agendas may be personal and reflect healthy egos, but when they work behind the scenes, including in combination with others with similar interests or ideas, and in particularly where there may be a shared ideology involved intent upon changing or transforming some aspect of the world then it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to keep an open mind about the possible reality of conspiracy, or the multiplicity of conspiracies, including at a very high level. There doesn’t have to be a single overarching conspiracy for there still to be something akin to a big globalist push that could in some respects (if not necessairly others) approximate to a new world order (I mean bush senior & co were explicitly in favour of such a thing) and if that’s the case, and there is evidence to support it, why shouldn’t that conspiracy also involve feminism / a systematic attack on masculinity plus lots of rainbow magic. We know the financial markets are massively manipulated by elites, central banks and governments etc, so why shouldn’t every other kind of market be similarly manipulated. If there is a command economy in one respect why not the other?
          When ideology is working beneath the surface for the most part the ‘conspiracy’ is automatic and need not even be fully conscious and right now IMO rainbow diversity is working beneath the surface for the greater gayification

        38. the trick is, and you are right, but the trick is you are simply not going to either get homos out of entertainment, get people to stop working in their own best interests or get fags to stop being resentful to the bullies who beat them up. So what realistic options do we have. Well, basically, it is like Ghostbusters. The containment unit which holds the ghosts is working just fine. When the Mayor asks the guys what went wrong they said nothing “until dickless here pulled the power” and that is what has to happen. You aren’t going to change things. People have always been self interested. Fags have always been sensitive. And entertainment has always been a magnet for homos. What you can do is tune out. Like I mentioned on the John Legend article yesterday. Why the fuck do you know what he thinks about anything? I have known his name for years and heard his music for years. I had no fucking clue any of his thoughts. If you pull the power (and surprise surprise, Hollywood fags draw power from attention) on the attention whore…that is stop paying attention…its influence withers and dies.
          The show that is currently on that I like is Sherlock. Now I don’t know if Benedict Cumberbatch is a homo, a socialist, a Nazi, a transvestite, I don’t know where he stands politically, I don’t know if he is married with kids or a serial womanizer….what I know is that he plays the role of Sherlock and he does a damn good job. The fuck I need more than that for. If you have spent any time around attention whores you will already know that positive attention or negative attention it doesn’t matter…it is all fuel. Stop paying attention.

        39. Nobody is going to disagree with you about tuning out…or whatever. As a strategy that’s the most obvious thing we can do, and I certainly try to do that for any ‘stars’ who begin to annoy me with rants about their politics. As for Sherlock I like that too but the more Cumberbatch speaks the harder it is too watch – that probably is something that can and will change as the actors / celebrities learn the effects on their star power of being too political or engaged.
          I have no problem with gays in the industry, and sure, a part of that may predict a gayish agenda in our entertainment. But I think we’re going to have to disagree here – unsurprisingly I guess : unlike you I don’t think its all – ground up. Lots of gays in the entertainment doesn’t in itself generate all the ideology necessary to galvanize a gay agenda. That ideology is being fed into the system from our institutions making it available to be taken up on the ground. There is nothing organic / naturally occurring about any of this

        40. Funny thing: the penis looking snail thing he is holding is called a geoduck and sliced thin and given the ceviche treatment it is one of the more delicious things that one can eat

        41. No kidding!! That dumb jew producer should have said, “you got one month to get your shit together and get back to work”. Instead the dumbest jew in Hollyweird went on a power trip and lost big time.
          I loved that program until Charlie left.

      2. I love my TV. Get a girl on the couch with a movie playing on the surround sound, a move here and a kiss there, and by credits she’s got her blouse on backwards searching desperately for her other sock.
        Never got laid watching Jon Stewart shit on sane people, so I don’t even own a coax cable anymore, much less pay for shit programming.

        1. I love my tv too. I am a big fan of old movies and silly movies. That said, I never use the putting on the TV when the girl is over. I tend to like to do something more active. Like cooking for them and talking to them. Lately I have been teaching myself banjo so there are 2 guitars and a banjo in my living room…that usually turns to something. Mostly, I don’t want to share the young ladies attention. Of course, there are a million different styles and everyone customizs to fit himself, but I find I do better when I am “on stage” as it were. I often think of myself as two different people. There is lolknee and the lolknee show. lolknee never gets laid. But once the lolknee show is on, it is game over. Mind you, the show isn’t dishonest at all, it is just far more outgoing where as the actual lolknee is more of a solitary being.

        2. That said, I never use the putting on the TV when the girl is over. I tend to like to do something more active. Like cooking for them and talking to them. Lately I have been teaching myself banjo so there are 2 guitars and a banjo in my living room…that usually turns to something.

          Lolknee: “My dear, you are simply radiant tonight. I cannot wait to have you in my arms. But first…a little Foggy Mountain Breakdown!”

        3. I wish I could play it that well. FMB is my goal now. But really the convo goes more like
          Girl: Is that a banjo
          Me: yeah
          Girl: you can’t really play that can you
          Me: plays for 3 seconds
          Girl: is there anything you can’t do
          Me: nope….coy smile.

        4. Agreed. My TV is simply a “movie viewer” for films I choose to enjoy.
          Though I did go through a baffling “Waltons” binge a few years ago…

        5. A friend of mine started learning guitar and told me:
          “Just having that thing in my house has increase my pussy volume tenfold”.
          Just doesn’t work with a sousaphone…

        6. but that is it…I could totally make it work with a sousaphone. Girls are impressed by any form of expertise. Like my banjo…here is a girl who doesn’t know anything about banjo, has never heard banjo, really doesn’t know anyone who knows anything about banjo and, almost assuredly, would hate any banjo music. The fact that I know how to do something that seems esoteric just makes me that much cooler. “he can do anything! hell, he can even play the banjo”

        7. going to save. this. the fretting looks easy enough and I know how to play the song on the guitar. The trick is getting the finger picking down. Nothing too complicated here. Foggy Mountain Breakdown is muc, much harder.

        8. btw he is actually a really, really good banjo player that Steve Martin

        9. I used to think that (mind you I have played guitar over 30 years) and Frank Zappa himself said that any man who said they originally learned the guitar for a reason other than getting a girl is just lying. But I have found, with time, that having technical proficiency with your hands at anything will make panties wet. I watch girls watch my hands while I cook and I feel I am in positive danger of being molested.

        10. Look up “The three pickers” on you tube when you have an hour to kill. Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Skaggs are amazing.

        11. I know them very well. I have only recently begun playing bango but I have always liked the music and am a big fan of 3 pickers

        12. There is so much good music out there that has been largely forgotten because it has been ignored my the mainstream media. That is real talent right there. Humping on a foam finger in a string bikini? not so much.

        13. Lol yeah. Boggs is tough. I mean they had to remaster his stuff from the wax records! But yeah, really great gems out there

        14. If she sets foot in the imperial suite, there’s no time for TV anymore. She is fucked in the most literal way.

      3. How do you guys watch the Yule Log on Christmas morning without a tv? Madness!

      4. Hulu and Amazon Fire allow you to pick your shows more carefully. Anything too preachy or stereotypical shallow can be more easily avoided. However, with decreased time to watch TV, and the wonderful availability of Kindle, I don’t watch an exceptional amount anymore. Those shows that I do watch are normally sci/fi horror, so there rarely is opportunity for them to get overly socially preachy.

    2. I did it a few weeks ago and got Netflix per your advice and I couldn’t be happier. Another monthly bill for something I barely use gone and the few programs I do like are either on Netflix or easily downloadable. At current the only program that is coming out with new episodes I like is Sherlock BBC and that is super easy to snag online anyway. A serious boon getting rid of that tv.
      As for your love of transdoodle happy endings….what you do in san Francisco massage parlors is your own business but keep it off the site

      1. People seem to think that they’d miss out on so much, but given the internet and Netflix/Hulu you really don’t miss out on anything. I think most people get cable because that’s just what they’ve always done, so they continue to do it. Nobody puts any thought into it, it’s just something you’re “supposed to do”.

        1. exactly. That is why I had it. It was like not having cable meant you weren’t a grown up or some shit. I felt the same way when I nixed my landline a few years back. As it turns out, cable is simply obsolete. It is like holding on to your old Underwood in case you need to type up a letter.

        2. I use site called vidangel. It is a $1 pay per view movie site. I think it helps cut down the sedentary time because you have to buy a movie each time.

        3. Couldn’t agree with this more. Currently stream Netflix and Hulu. Left Cable behind and never looked back. Now the only struggle is finding shows to watch on Netflix. Not a bad problem since it acts as a pleasant filler when bored with work. Couldn’t help but laugh this past weekend thinking how getting the next best television sale used to seem like the adult thing to do.

        4. I have satellite television instead of cable because I live in the boondocks and can’t get Internet except satellite( which is a poor substitute). The only reason I keep DirectTV is to watch movies(not interested in sports). I’m just waiting on the day I can get high speed internet.
          Up until a few years ago I enjoyed watching History/Disovery etc but I can’t even stomach that anymore either.
          Probably going to ditch DirectTV anyway and just do without altogether except what I can get on antennae.
          If I had small kids in the house I can’t think of anything on television that I would allow them to watch.

        5. When I ditched my landline about 10-12 years ago folks thought it was the silliest thing ever. I said why pay two bills for phone service when I have my cell phone on me all the time anyway no need for a landline. About the only people I know anymore that use a landline are elderly folks and businesses.

        6. I now have a free home phone (Ooma) and free cell phone (ringcentral I think.. I mainly use it for a secondary number for chicks). My main cell is $20 a month through Ultra Mobile. I know people paying 5 times that for essentially the same service. Because you’re “supposed” to just stick with AT&T or Verizon.

    3. Not only is the content toxic, but I am not exaggerating when I say that during Thanksgiving, it appeared that the split between program and advertising was 50/50. And this wasn’t even on the big ball game. Perhaps they ramped up the propaganda on that day, but I can’t imagine how someone would pay good money to be part of the marketing apparatus for corporate America.

    4. Thread winner. Last year I was watching some documentary made in the US, dubbed over in German, about homosexual men coming out about having hiv-aids. First they gave a personal, sad intro leading up to “I did alot of drug fueled homo-orgies with multiple men and now I have aids.” I was laughing so hard the wife thought I was watching a comedy.

    5. “I’d be surprised if most here haven’t already turned off the television for good”
      Me too. At this point if I want to see a movie I try to track down old movies I remember from a xouple decades ago and download them; likewise for old tv shows. If one cannot find them on google play, many times there are tv shows pirated and uploaded to youtube.

    6. Officially off that drug since 2 years ago. No cable subscription. No Netflix. I’m not even up to date on mainstream cinema. Could give a shit about the new Star Wars or other SJW infected material.
      I’ll stream whatever I want or recommendations from like minded men on the laptop. Healthier wallet & a healthier mind.

    7. If anyone is looking for a better source of passive entertainment, I’ve replaced watching TV with watching streaming youtube through my living room TV.
      Instead of watching SJW garbage, I watch real news, learn how to do cool shit, or watch podcasts featuring real discussion and dialectic (Stefan Molyneux, Joe Rogan, etc.)

        1. I’ll be honest… it may be the best decision I have ever made in my life. All that time I used to spend on garbage, now I learn stuff.
          Throw on some JRE and do some karate, practice draws with my concealed carry, or maybe just eat a sammy and chill.

    8. Things are getting so desperate, its like watching an exorcism. The demon doesn’t want to go! They seem to be deciding on what level of crazy they are prepared to go. Turkey(NATO and has nukes) declared war vs Syria(Russia proxy) the other day and, for the conspiracy theorist of us who believe that they have been modifying weather with HAARP..why there is a massive never before seen cold front over Alaska that looks like it will plunge half of the US well below freezing, many places negative.. All alt news is fake news, And lets jack up oil prices to try to damage the economy. I’d like to see the guillotine brought out for each and every globalist, for all the assasinations they’ve caused.

    9. Ah yes, a warm fuzzy story to start the day off. I just get that warm, squishy, yummy feeling.

  7. Exactly why television is called programming. What’s happening now Is that part of the human race is waking up and the left wing media is seeing this and that is why they are fighting back. Parents keep a vigilant watch on your children their subconscious mind Is most suseptable. Men start ignoring low quality women entirely. Regardless of what they say women want your attention and leadership in their life. Only ignoring them will change their behavior. Those of you with families and quality wives get rid of cable and MSM. The more we practice these values the more they will wake up. The Left wing mass media Machine Is Angry that means we are making a difference and impacting our world. Congrats gentlemen stay vigilant. It took Jehu not Ahab to push Jezebel off a balcony and he did It by waking up her man slaves. They pushed her. In a world full of Ahabs be Jehu.

    1. Hooray! Someone else came to the same conclusion that I did. Seriously, thank you for making this statement.

      1. You’re welcome. Stay alert stay vigilant. Conformity Is cowardice, apathy leads to destruction.

  8. Nothing new.
    Look back ten to twenty years ago and the same thing was happening to normalize homosexuality: Friends, Law & Order, Buffy, etc. All while never showing the related diseases, rapes, domestic abuses, and drug abuse, etc.
    It was also classified as a mental illness until recently. Now you hear people spouting that they’re born this way despite no scientific proof to support it.
    And any rational discussion is immediately shut down either by force (in the case of the gay lobby having funding pulled from studies which were pointing back to it being a mental illness) or by shouting down (the emotional tirades everyone from SJWs to the supposed skeptic/cynic community go on to defend it).
    The only difference now, is that since a universal argument was made and accepted about one deviant behavior it can now be applied universally to all behavior and at a much more rapid pace.

    1. Even Joe Biden affirmed this by crediting the show Will and Grace for doing more to advance acceptance of same-sex relationships with than any amount of government policy ever could, especially among the youth of the time.

    2. Friends? I didn’t watch that much at all, but I don’t recall any faggot characters (as in homosexual).

      1. One of the guy’s wife left him for another woman because she “discovered” she was a lesbian after they got married and had a son (if I recall correctly that is). Also another guy’s dad was a transsexual (played by Kathleen Turner, I think). Seems like they relied on the old gag that guys who didn’t have an interest for the girls turned out to be gay.
        Been awhile though.

        1. Ah, ok. Like I said, I really didn’t watch it much at all. I’d tune in once in a while to stare intently at the young, tight, hot Jennifer Aniston (and that girl who played Phoebe, whatever the fuck her name is), but that was about it.

        2. Even if there wasn’t any faggotry, friends showed 3 hot women, all having it together, and 3 guys: 1 clown, 1 idiot, and 1 whiney simp. That portrayed faggotry in my book.

  9. Yo dude next time your going to mention a website have the consideration to warn if it’s going to be NSFW! I had no idea what danger and play was until I went to check the site after reading this article. I could’ve got into a heap of trouble if I had closed the thing as fast as I did!

  10. The only time I watch Talmudvision is when I stay in hotels. I cant believe millions of people even pay for that garbage.
    Funny how when you watch again some of the movies you watched as a teen, this time you can read between the lines and notice all the subtle messages embedded here in there – gays normalization, feminism propaganda, white men mocking, honorable, mistreated jewish characters and so on.

  11. I want to add that their propaganda only works when you absorb it and when they’re sufficiently subtle to bypass your critical mind. So long as the music is subtle, the characters are otherwise realistic and entertaining, and the messages are carefully laced into the story, even the most resistant can be worn down (my mom, who hated Harry Potter for religious reasons, became a fan due to the old Bewitched show).
    But, on the positive side, they’re getting really bad at it. Anyone who’s been to the theaters in the last five or ten years can tell that writing standards and storytelling have no place in today’s Hollywood. The new Ghostbusters abomination is a “girls are better than boys” feminist piece that was so poorly done the propaganda actually backfired. The new Star Wars, though largely a rip-off of the good ones, worked so hard to make Rey a strong and powerful woman that they forgot to give her a character or explain why she can do literally anything she does in the film.

    1. …and poor Jabba? The only strong-willed heterosexual entrepreneur? Whose story implicitly taught us what happens when you don’t work out, let your dirty work be done by the others, and don’t keep those chains tight? :))

  12. I don’t remember exactly, did Trump say he was going to drain the swamp or make it bigger?
    Trump to nominate Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
    If approved by the Senate, Mnuchin would follow in the tradition of two previous treasury secretaries — Robert Rubin in the Clinton administration and Henry Paulson in George W. Bush’s. All had vast Wall Street experience gained from years spent working at Goldman Sachs.

    1. I don’t really think Trump will do anything profound. A president has very limited power in America, in many of ways, he might actually make alot things work. It was just beautiful the way he made those smug media whores weep on air, I could watch that shit any day. He was just the pseudo messiah of the Right, much like how Obama was the pseudo messiah of the Left, Obama literally(Hitler) did the exact opposite of what he promised. The hope with Trump is that he’s not a career politician or lawyer so he always has the potential of proving the world wrong….

    2. If the president surrounds himself with neocons and tradcons, they will filter the info that gets to him, and he will end up making the same kind of decisions that we would have gotten had he lost. Looks like he’s heading in this direction.

    3. Off topic, much?
      You’ve hated Trump since day one, even the few good things he’s said you don’t credit him for. I don’t take your critiques of him seriously as a result.

      1. We’ve discussed this before. Trump has Jewish ancestry from Germany. Therefore, he’s related to everything being discussed.

        1. Yes yes, casinos, indians, no actual proof but lots of circular reasoning….right, been there, done that.
          You’re like the broad who can’t stop talking about her sickness.
          “How are you today?”
          “I’m sick”
          “Oh, so sorry. So what do you think of the new Chevy line of SUV’s”
          “I was in an SUV when I first started feeling sick…”
          “Um…ok. Hey, I just love my new iPhone! Do you have one?”
          “Yes, and I have an app on it that helps diagnose my sickness”
          Blah. Blah. Freaking. Blah.

        2. Perhaps your hostility stems from the fact that you won’t acknowledge sex is indeed painful.
          It’s not the only thing we’ve been brainwashed to believe. Truth be told, shit actually does smell like roses, but we’ve been told it doesn’t due to the inherent risk of having fecal matter strewn everywhere to freshen up the house.

        3. Banana toast, baseball, bobby pin ventilates rapidly.

        4. I forget, when is your transgender surgery scheduled? Was that next month?

        5. You are quickly becoming my absolute favorite. You are like our Kanye.

  13. I can’t remember the last time I watched television. I had a Netflix membership several years ago, but I ended up cancelling that when I realized that their “documentary” section was chock full of leftist shit like An Inconvenient Truth and a bunch of LGBTWTFBBQ stuff.
    Unplugging is probably the single most immediately beneficial thing you can do as a new red pill. It helps you and it fucks their revenue stream.

  14. One might make the argument that the mechanism are essentially NLP in electronic media format; using sounds, visuals, music as a means to captivate and lead the audience. Very powerful so it is essential to wake up to this. Good article.

  15. The average American watches TV for eight hours a day? Who the hell are these people? I squeeze in a half hour to an hour a day, some days none, and maybe a longer show or a movie on the weekend. I’ve got shit to do!

    1. yeah, unless you are a machinist level insomniac I can’t imagine where the time comes from.

  16. Well hey there baby girl, you got your frazer set to stunning! *wink wink*
    You know sweety, you remind me of my little toe, because I get the feeling that I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture in the house. *wink wink*

    On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.

    So *that* is the new euphamism for double penetration. Well whodathunkit?

  17. Teach your kids that everything on TV, including stuff that is marketed as “news,” is only what the presenters want you to see, and it should never be taken as a reflection of reality.

  18. Nailed it.
    As a teenager, I fell victim to the idea repeated again and again that the way to a woman’s heart is to be their friend, be caring and listen to them. The guys who had game were ALWAYS depicted as abusive scumbags, manipulative arseholes, cheaters or guys who were destined to be losers ridiculed by women.
    Remember near the end of ‘The Wedding Singer’ when Robbie (Adam Sandlers’) is jaded at his love interest Julia (a lush Drew Barrymore) choosing said ‘Douchebag player alpha’ instead of him. Robbie’s best friend is also a player, and Robbie says how “he’s got the right idea, that’s the way to be” to which his friend confesses that he’s miserable. He then says “Look at The Fonze. You know why ‘Happy Days’ got cancelled? Because nobody wants to see a 50 y/o man trying to pick up chicks”.
    The use of emotional arguments works a treat here in Australia, where every time there’s a mass shooting in the USA the media makes it sound as if just walking outside your front door means you’re almost certain to get shot. And of course, anybody in the USA who supports the second amendment is always depicted as a far-right, gun-totin’ redneck from the South. It’s a worry how many people in Australia seriously think that all the USA would need to do would be to copy-paste Australia’s gun laws (look them up for yourself) and America’s “gun problem” will disappear. Then they’ll add that there have been no mass-shootings here in Australia in 20 years and that gun laws were changed after so therefore the argument is sound…

    1. What we call game is nothing more than normal heterosexual male-female interaction. Teasing, being -sometimes-unavailable, being a ‘bit of a cheeky so -and-so’ were all standard normal ways for a man to get a girl in the past and such real, proper advice passed down from parents to sons. Yes, even moms would warn against not being a doormat to girls they could sense had no interest in their sons. I used to feel weird because being nice and too caring never seemed to make sense to me at all. But now, thanks to red pill, reality has been revealed again-it’s really perverse how something so natural and healthy as good-hearted game is portrayed to be a bad thing. It’s like the ghosts of grandfathers long dead are revisiting us again.
      Sorry to hear about Australia-thought Aussies were a bit more down to earth!

      1. Too bad that this happened. My dad is a doormat, consequently I was a doormat through high school. I had to look at memories of my grandpa on how to do it right. Lots of knowledge has been lost when it skipped one or two generations. Hence, you have the “alpha” who has to pick a fight with anything and everything, or you have the clown who is making a fool out of themselves to get laid.

  19. Historically transexuals have been particularly vulnerable to violence, and getting beat up or worse – I have some sympathy for that but I have little time for the idea that people can change sex. These things are presented as though they proceed from the situation on the ground, from the available empirical evidence gathered by ‘experts’. In fact I strongly suspect the push towards the gender neutrality in feminism, LGBT / queer theory, and transgenderism relates to the occult principles of ‘balancing’ i.e. levelling gender – bring the male down to the female and the female up to the male – at which point gender is negated back into prima materia. Don’t forget the baphomet has breasts. This is not an accidental feature.

  20. It is a rare thing to see a real live cross-dresser. Why does the media think these deviants deserve so much air time?

    1. was just telling GOJ this off board. Living in NYC all my life I have never seen one.

      1. On my high school senior trip, our class went to Vancouver BC on this ferry (not fairy). I guess there was a convention or something because there were about 200 of these freaks on the boat. Hairy, mannish things in high heals and miniskirts.
        Even at that, when monday came around, they probably just put on their regular clothes and went back to work shuffling papers.

        1. yup. And that is just it. They all tend to stay around one another when they are doing their fag out. I am pretty sure that if I go to certain neighborhoods or certain clubs or bars here I can find loads of these things but the media makes it out like they are just another group of people like: Timmy from accounting is Irish and Bobby From Legal is Italian and Ed from engineering is indian. What about bill? Oh…bill…he cut his dick off and says he is a woman. Oh, ok, I got it….I was going to say Maltese but yeah, now that you say it I can def see that he is one of those.

        2. There is this guy here at work that is rumored to be gay, but I never see him treated any different. Whatever he does on the weekend is his business.

        3. If I ever meet one face to face, I’m going to call him Klinger, and nothing else. It just seems like the right thing to do.

        4. I am with you on that. Even with entertainers. I thought Charles Nelson Riley was great. Gays had a place. They made sense in a context. If two guys are into buggering each other in their own bedroom I don’t see how that is anyone’s issue.

        5. It was interesting that once the shrink confronted Klinger and called him a transvestite AND a homosexual, Klinger knocked it off!

        6. I remember that episode actually. It was very entertaining and showed how people thought at the time. Being shot at in war was literally (Hitler) a better option than being thought of as gay.
          Man I miss the old America.

        7. I read somewhere that the song was written by the Kinks based on an actual experience from one of the band members.

        8. funny thing is, that show was a liberal play ground both writers and actors. That was just the way people thought. Politics aside, the social attitudes of both sides of the political spectrum were fairly similar at that point. Of course there has always been the far far left who was all fag all the time and the far far right of kill the faggits but most people were pretty much on the same page.

        9. At the time the Left hadn’t been fully co-opted by the fabian socialists/progressives, so they still were more or less normal Americans who just had a different (and stupid) view of how to solve what they considered problems. They were wrong about basically everything except non-interventionalism, but they were still Americans in attitude. I miss that old style Democrat.

        10. it is good to have a left wing party that has similar values. If you have two parties who recognize the same issues, have the same values and just have different solutions and who argue with one another in an earnest way rather than the petty feminine bickering that politics has become it serves everyone’s best interest.

      2. I had close encounters with two. Both pulled knives out of their “cleavage”.

    2. I still see them occasionally.
      In fact, when there were still hookers roving about these parts, most of them were dudes.

        1. I will say that the 10-20% you see on TV may be representative of the community of people who go into businesses like acting and singing. The arts has always had a heavy representation of homos. So while what you see on TV is not indicative of the wider culture I would bet that it is fairly indicative of the culture of performing artists in a first world country.

        2. But…they try to pass it off as normal culture. That’s where the rub comes in. If they were doing the Gay George In Gay World show, ok, whatever. But they’re trying to normalize it and make it seem like 20% of more of the world are fudge packers. It just comes across as stupid and propaganda.
          Which is why I turned off the tube once and for all. This problem is pretty easy to solve when you get down to it. Pretty soon it will be ONLY the faggots left watching that big ol’ time sync.

        3. this is exactly correct. You know, I think about heroin addicts. I have known a few real life time junkies and one thing that struck me as odd is that junkies all know each other and live junky based lives. Their entire being is about acquiring and using heroin. I am not even talking about people who get high anymore, I am talking about 30 year users who are maintenance users. To those people the life of waking up in the morning and focusing on nothing but smack, no matter what they have to do to get it, seems perfectly normal. They talk to one another and totally understand it. After long enough it seems odd to them that people have non heroin related hobbies.
          I suppose the same thing can be said for homosexuals — especially ones in Hollywood. The thing is, it was different before Hollywood was a shortcut to the kind of wealth rarely dreamt up by oil barons only 100 years ago. They have formed insulated communities where they are all together, fagging it up. People are kissing their asses (literally and figuratively) (hitler) because they have enough money to donate that will make people send yes men, they live their lives going to the best restaurants the best parties the best hotels wearing the most stylish clothes with no clue what its like outside their own community (not unlike the junkies and really not unlike most people though to a lesser degree). To a Hollywood actor who has millions of dollars, a few mansions, some great cars, spends their time having the best restaurants kiss their ass, people ask them for autographs and living in a totally isolated community where 60-80% of them are total fucking fags it is easy to see that they would see the 20% of society being portrayed as faggots on television as being too low….they have a skewed view of the world based on their own private experiences.
          Of course I am not saying this makes it ok, but I think it does at the very least explain the phenomenon. I have absolutely no problem thinking that a guy like Neil Patrick Harris who has been famous and rich his whole fucking life and spends 100% of his time with theater and film homos walking into places where everyone worships him…I’ve no problem thinking that from his perspective the world is one big fagapalooza. Why would he think anything else. This is all he has known since he was doogie houser MD

        4. I have never seen a transgender in germany, meanwhile german media portray them as the majority of the population.
          Oy vey!

  21. Just play the stupids like the stupids have been played. One little pop culture reference, a slight inversion of the norm; and they eat out of your hand. For god’s sake the idiots respond too bloody color. Dress up like the guy in fifty shades of grey and play stupid as their gears turn.

  22. Who’s to say an emotional response is bad? Uncompromising compassion needs to be shown to all groups. We shouldn’t question their motives. As long as we show them uncompromising compassion they will begin to feel our sincere energies and we can all come together to put this dark time behind us.
    This is why I firmly believe a woman should lead the family. The concept of “patriarchy” is simply a silly notion. A group of people you supposedly love should be lead by the least compassionate and nurturing person in the family? Please. My wife leads our household and we make do just fine.

    1. I don’t know your circumstances so cannot comment, however, it is my belief that no woman is free to be compassionate or nurturing without having a husband who is desired and respected and seen as the rock of the family unit. If a man is weak-willed and has feet of clay, that compassion and nurturing side of females goes through the window leading to neuroticism and a desire to find a real man. Unfortunately, because men have been convinced (blue-pilled) into thinking being like a woman is good, families fall apart. As for ‘uncompromising compassion’ to all groups, you gotta be kidding.

      1. I am most certainly not kidding. How do you think we got into the problems with ISIS, Al-Quaeda, and the Taliban to begin with? We stopped showing compassion to that region and they rose up.
        In regards to your first point. The individual circumstances are irrelevant. A woman is more compassionate than a man. Have you not heard of the old saying “A face only a mother could love”? Why is it the mother and not the father? Exactly.

        1. You said ‘uncompromising’ compassion; I take that to mean that you would show compassion with no conditions-I think that is the wrong thing to do. In the right circumstances, a woman is more compassionate than a man, more nurturing, I don’t disagree at all, but ONLY if she has a husband she respects and desires-difficult these days but still possible. Because if she does not have such a man, she will become neurotic and look elsewhere for a man that fits her idea of a real man. So the individual circumstances ARE very much relevant. Put woman A with man B and divorce happens, put her with man C and something harmonious takes place. It’s not difficult to understand.

        2. And what would make a wife respect a husband more than him voluntarily stepping down from the leadership position and handing it off to her? It’s the ultimate display of trust. It’s not hard to comprehend.

        3. Any man who voluntarily stepped down from his leadership position would soon lose the respect of his wife. Woman like to be led by a strong man. If you disagree with this notion I don’t know what you are doing here to be honest. Of course, people get ill and sick and that cannot be helped but to voluntarily say ‘the ball’s all in your court’ would be a recipe for disharmony.

    2. Dude, you are weird. But, you do bring up a point. God made women more caring, emotional, and more hamster wheeled in their thoughts. For taking care of kids, that does have some advantages over men….
      However, God made us more goal oriented, stronger, linearly thinking, and less emotional. For leadership roles, those qualities are more important. I love my kids, that does not mean I will coddle them if they misbehave.
      Both roles are important in raising kids. They need nurturing, and caring. They also need guidance, a work ethic, and taught how to properly lead.

      1. That’s all makes my point entirely. If men are more goal oriented, let them work while the woman leads the household.

        1. She doesn’t lead the household though. Sure, I let her make 90% of the decisions. That is because they are unimportant, or either choice is equally viable. Any real decision is made by me. Real leadership is not forcing your decision on everything, it is teaching correct principles, and letting them govern themselves.

        2. See, you’re doing it completely backwards. She should be making the tough decisions and letting you make the trivial ones like whether you should mow this lawn this weekend or clean out the gutters.

        3. That’s fine, I don’t ruffle easily. Besides, arguments are a good way to get your ideas out.

        4. I can see this is a waste of time. I’m making my points clearly and concisely and you two just want to dismiss them. If this keeps up, I’ll have to add you two to my block list. Say hello to lolknee.

        5. Block list? You’re either joking or being really passive aggressive. You are making your points clearly and concisely but this has nothing to do with whether your points are correct or not. I can say the moon is made of cheese-I am being clear and concise in saying this but I am still incorrect! You think a man handing over authority to his wife is a good thing. I most certainly do not think it is a good thing. No blocking from me, though. I don’t let such things lead me to block anybody.

        6. Only time I will block someone is if they are deliberately stalking my comments and spamming for more than a day.

        7. See, that’s what I’m talking about. Real male authority. Note the language expressed here: ‘I will not’ not ‘I will not if that’s OK with you, honey’ Also see the use of the exclamation mark for emphasis. Take note fatherofthree! 😉

        8. I assume that was some snarky, half-witted comment from lolknee, no? He always seems to pop up when I make comments, hence why he’s on my block list.

    3. you arguing for uncompromising compassion, and then disqualify yourself from leadership on the basis of not being sufficiently compassionate? So you are saying you believe in compassion, but are incompetent in your ability to practise it on account of the fact that you are male?

  23. This has been going on for decades. I have not watched network TV in over 20 years just for this reason. Who would have thought gays getting married would have come to pass just 15 years ago? Now you go back 20 years and Hildebeast had some of the very positions she is calling Trump a racist and bigot for. Next it will be bestiality will be mainstreamed then pedophilia and then I leave. Every parent has to teach their kids about the crap that is being pushed on TV and in school. These people are genuinely mentally ill. Thank God my kids are grown up and red pilled.

    1. “Bill Clinton came out today same sex marriage. He further went on to say he isn’t really too keen on opposite sex marriage either” –Norm

      1. theres a 30 min clip of his Weekly Update bits on you tube. Its funny, he was trashing hillary a lot 20 yrs ago, but I dont remember any of it- I just remember OJ/Frank Stallone/crack whores

        1. I have watched a load of them. I have been suggesting to people to read his new memoires. It is pretty excellent.

  24. Do not indulge in ANY mainstream television or Hollywood films or pop music (which spans many genres, not just whore divas or faggot boy bands or white trash mall metal). Even though their original programming is full of lefty tripe, Amazon Prime Video has a great mix of indie, foreign and older Hollywood films across many genres and is worth subscribing to. Bandcamp actually pays REAL musicians a fair and equitable sum for their music and merchandise sales and showcases actual talent instead of simply pretty faces, and there are more than enough alternative news outlets now that we all now of instead of sewers like CNN whose entire platform is spewing “Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!” until your ears bleed. Next best thing to lining these swine up for slaughter is disavowing their existence altogether and not letting their advertisers reach you in any way.

    1. Amazon Prime is fucking worth subscribing to? Are you gassing me? Do you think I’m a Skype?
      Amazon is owned by Bezos who owns the Washington Post which leaked the Pussy Grabbing tape because Trump said that he would bust Bezos. Fuck Amazon.

      1. Yeah, well that doesn’t change the fact that out of all of the paid streaming services their selection is the best. Unless you wish to torrent everything, which can often be dubious quality or have viruses or not even be the film you wanted but simply named such as the file. A crapshoot all around.

        1. Just don’t spend your time with movies. Easy.
          Buy a Galaxy S7 and make movies on your own.

    2. I used to be a film buff, who liked indie and foreign movies, back in DVD days. Unfortunately then I realized most of them have an agenda, pro-gay, anti-male, pro-immigrant and I couldn’t watch any more.

  25. “They’ll have some show where they make jokes about it and they’ll keep the humor very lighthearted, never showing the actual act.”
    I remember several years back while I was watching Family Guy and seeing the old pedo Herbert. A lot of people crack jokes about him in real life, but that in and of itself is very disturbing. I remember thinking, “How the fuck did Family Guy make a pedophile funny to so many people?” And now I see your teacher’s quote and it all makes sense. His character is a cartoon, you never see him actually rape any kids, and he’s also portrayed as a haggard old man who is pretty much harmless since he can barely move on his own.
    But when you add in the fact that Seth MacFarlane is one of the most outspoken leftists in Hollywood, has multiple popular shows on television as well as a few films, things start to fall in line.

    1. Overton window……
      Family Guy pedo will be replaced by computer animation, then more and more realistic animation, until it is accepted and pushed through the courts into the real world.

      1. They’re already well into the grooming process. I have seen multiple films and television shows portraying “friendships” between middle-aged to elderly adults and kids. Now, within the context of the film, the relationships not only appear natural, but also positive. But when you look at similar relationships in real life, many times adults who become “friends” with kids who are not their relatives will sexually abuse them. Unfortunately, people watch so much television that they lose touch with reality, and when a predator enters the picture seeming like a nice person, their emotional response is to be accepting of that person instead of running them off.

  26. Read Edward Bernays. He is the ‘father’ of Phblic Relations, and designed many of the systems you reference. There is also a great YouTube video by StormCloudsGathering called “Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power” that explains all of this well, in a more digestable format.
    Most people scoff at ideas like evil, or purposeful destruction. But some people are willing to take the next dose of the Red Pill. Those people would do well to understand these mechanisms thoroughly.

  27. People still believe in the myth of eternal progress, I mean how far can we go on the road of insanity ? for sure the most crucial issue we face today as a society is LGBT rights and not bank bailouts or jobs sent offshore. It doesn’t matter that we’re getting poorer by the day, societal changes that targets 0.01% of the population need to be stuffed down our throats. That’s what imbeciles I talk to on a daily basis don’t GET ! Logic does not apply, no matter how simple the facts are.

  28. I just finished watching an episode of “The Doctors” where the public was once again fed the nonsense about the “epidemic” of domestic violence affecting women. The old “one in five women” will be the victim of domestic violence perpetrated by an “intimate” partner in her lifetime. Of course no mention was made of male victims of domestic violence, not to mention help for them. As I sit in front of the television this afternoon I know there will be an airing of endless gynocentric “talk shows” – “The View,” “The Social,” “The Talk,” “Dr. Phil” ….. the list goes on, and there is a very good chance there will be a good amount of man bashing on some or all of them.
    I have always felt that vilification and demonization of men in the main stream media is left wing engineered and executed. Remember Obama’s now infamous “Father’s Day Speech” from a few years back where instead of honoring men on the one day a year they get an inkling of recognition and respect he segwayed into a diatribe about “dead beat Dads” and honored “brave single Mom’s.”
    What is the government’s main opposition? That’s easy – strong, masculine, free thinking, armed men.
    How does a leftist Marxist government control the masses? It emasculates men.
    Brainwashing through the main stream media.
    Remember Barack and Michelle all teary eyed holding their “save our girls” signs after Boko Haram kidnapped Chibok school girls? No tears were shed though for the over one hundred boys who had their throats slit and were burned to death in their dormitories. The main stream did not report it. It was only mentioned on the internet.
    No sympathy for boys, I mean, after all, they’re evil and responsible for everything that’s wrong in the world
    Men and boys are endlessly misrepresented, ignored, or subjected to ridicule and demonization and hatred in main stream media. This type of hatred and bigotry aimed at women would most assuredly never be tolerated.
    Even in situation comedies (straight white) men are portrayed as ignorant buffoons – a good example – “Everybody loves Raymond.”
    Man hate in main stream media makes feminists and feminism more vicious and toxic, which of course is all part of the plan to further destroy men, leading us down the path to absolute Marxism.

    1. I began to identify the relentless “male bashing” and the notable lack of a female equivalent from as young as 12 years old. How the Hell adults can’t spot it amazes me…

      1. Misandry has saturated the media for decades. It has become “normal” and acceptable. People have become desensitized to it – they don’t even notice or bat an eye because they are bombarded with it constantly.
        What astonishes me is if the same hatred and bigotry was levelled at any other group of people (women, gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, etc.) it would NEVER be tolerated, but the most vicious hate can be directed at men and it’s considered normal and perfectly acceptable.
        A man getting kicked in the crotch and doubling over screaming in pain is standard television humor. Do we ever see the same happening to a woman?
        Once again, this is the result of the left, and it’s weapon of choice – feminism.

  29. Average of 8 hours a day of TV? How in the fuck can anyone do this? I would literally be suicidal.

  30. I have watched this trend for a long time. The problem I see is what will we do with the minds that have already been destroyed by this drivel.

  31. Wait, am I a beta male because I cook, clean the dishes, do the laundry, read to my kids, take them to their sports/dancing or an alpha because I’m ex-military who loves hunting and roughing it in the wild, who has no issue whatsoever ending you if you messed with me or my family?

  32. This gives me an idea.
    Why not undermine the leftist narrative by creating associations of our own?
    example: Instead of criticizing homosexuality you might instead criticize (white) homosexuality.
    Not “That fag!”
    Instead “That damn white fag!”
    And maybe something catchy to go along with it.
    example: “The white fags with the white flag” when referring to cucks.
    You are planting the notion that either homosexuality is an evil white man thing OR that evil white men aren’t so bad because they’re gay.
    another example: Black Lives Matter – Black Lives Batter (the word ‘batter’ is almost synonymous with (male on female) domestic violence.
    As for Muslims? Just refer to them as the ‘beaters of multiple wives’.
    ‘polybeaters’ for short.
    Muslim neighborhoods – “72 Pedo St.”
    “Meet the Press” – “Pizza Pres”
    Feminism – Fem-a-schism (who wants to be part of a movement with so much infighting?)
    When you consider how effective the term ‘cuckservative’ has been maybe this is a form of memetic warfare that’s been much underestimated.

  33. I enjoyed this article. I also strongly believe pedophiles will become mainstream. Cant wait for sympathetic pedo characters on the next lefty homo praising show

  34. They own the media and entertainment. Anyone notice there seemed to be a black president on every show for a while? You know just before Obama got elected. And yes they are trying to dumb us down..Podesta specifically talks about it in one of his emails, and that there is a problem because they are losing “compliance”. God damn it comply already populace!

  35. It’s not just mainstream TV. Even the internet is not immune against the insidious propaganda spread in the form of stories and “reports on real accounts”.
    Just like the one below. I suggest any readers to completely read this “story article” ( It’s from my home country ). I won’t say that the account in this article is a lie. But I’m seeing such similar stories popping up quite lately, with similar plotlines ( of a family member, mostly the uncle, abusing the girl ), with writers mostly being female feminist. I’d grab my leg and say that most of these stories are either exaggerated or completely made up to elicit emotional response. An emotional response that would make them ready to give consent whenever a misandric law is passed.
    Mainstream propaganda isn’t just used to promote homosexuality or pedophilia. It’s also used to make people complicit in accepting feminist BS.

    1. A lispy-voiced male is more interested in getting his own diamond from his so-called “life partner.”

  36. If you want to minimize the effect TV has on you or your kids, make sure you have a SMALL screen. Perhaps throw the TV away and use tablets to watch any channel you like. Becames less impressive in an instant. This is most important for young naive minds… When it cames to the effect TV has on you, your feelings an behaviour… SIZE (of the screen) MATTERS. (The smaller the better)

  37. I’m pretty sure *Mind Shaping and Control* are the very reasons TV, radio, books, plays, computers, music—– in short— the *Entertainment* industry was constructed— or at the very least *morphed* into this purpose. Once you understand this you will not believe HOW MUCH mind shaping and control is constantly going on. I think the goal was to have parenting become (in addition to helping to break up families) a secondary influence. This is why hardly anyone can get to the truth and only the ones who can keep objective are the ones who will not allow themselves to be brainwashed by groupthink/groupspeak.

  38. Common scenarios I notice portrayed overly sympathetically and emotionally in modern film and TV:
    “Empowered” woman gets dumped by alpha asshole.
    Jovial gay gets ostracized/insulted.
    Noble black person faces ridiculously overt racism.
    What scenarios get the laugh cue:
    Struggling beta boy: I got friendzoned!
    Man: my wife denied me sex!/divorced me!
    White man says something politically incorrect and everyone else winces.
    Woman puts down man with passive-aggressive snark.
    MY personal fav illustration of this dichotomy:
    Woman: I’ve been physically abused and beaten. Cue dramatic, maudlin music.
    Woman punches man in face. Cue laugh track.
    This is how the elite tries to brainwash us.

    1. Totally, and theres more. Who are the actors? Look at even the old shows. The stupid people are white and the winners or heroes are ??? Have a look for yourself bc there’s a pattern. I’m stating the truth. Not being *racist*. The facts are right in front of you. BTW… I never go to Quentin Tarantino’s and other intentionally *stirring the pot movies* for the reasons stated by Jack Redrum. Some ppl call it artistic license. I call it criminal.

  39. Someone mentioned parenting in the Chrissy Tiegen example article. Parenting only goes so far. All people are *immersed in a sea of subversion* here in the US. Which is why Russia and China have historically been closed off to foreigners and their subversive ideas. They do not want the minds of their people warped by people aiming to further their own cause/s.

  40. I’d agree with every word of this – but beware of presenting it as a conpiracy, as that just puts you with the fake moonshot alien abduction brigade.
    Mostly it’s not conspiracy – it’s more like the TV host in the excellent Scwarzenegger movie “The Running Man”, who is so obsessed with his ratings and being the number one show that he’s lost all touch with what’s right and wrong.
    Writers of influential soap operas are desperate for new material with which they can emotionally engage the audience – because if they don’t they will be out of a job. But if they go too far in shocking the audience, then they can kill the show, because they will be accused of promoting something harmful. So they have a narrow window of issues which they can exploit, which plays into the hands of the SJW mob, who know exactly how to get their flavour of the month topic on the “acceptable” list.
    This is the rap – these people know how to manipulate a larger group in such a way that they don’t realise they are being controlled, and will vigorously deny and ridicule it if challenged.
    Better to attack on standards of debate

  41. Begging your pardon but I really don’t see pederasty becoming acceptable at all. The media is cunning, but I can’t think of a more universally and hysterically loathed crime. Everyone from parents to prisoners hate these types of people on a really profound level.

    1. Even murderers, drug dealers, armed robbers, arsonist, and other associated scum absolutely despise those who victimize children, especially “chomos.” They are the very bottom of the prison pecking order.

  42. Now ?? Is there anyone reading the first story about the moron who want to be a woman, goes through an operation & die ?? Does anyone really feel sorry for the moron ?? Isn’t this the Darwin Award ?? children cry ?? Because dad was such a moron ?? Poor children with this kind of father !

  43. I once remarked how many transgender folks who actually go through with “gender reassignment surgery” often live to regret it to later commit suicide. I was called a bully of transgender people. I don’t bully transgenders. I pretty much leave them alone despite my disapproval of their lifestyle.

  44. I see average people who live mundane, robotic life (work home work home work home) that they feel the need to feel some sort of importance by identifying themselves to be either democrat and republican and will constantly be at each other’s throat of which party is better, no I’m better than you, no i’m better, blah blah blah…
    They are dead most of their lives but suddenly get that high energy all of sudden when topic of politics comes around. Their lives are so miserable that they need to evoke any kinds of emotions to feel alive and have some “connection” to something.
    They will see any politician and expect his/her life to be solved at a whim all of sudden someone gets elected… Like if something goes wrong in his/her life, then blame that politician or president.
    You can see yahoo comments as it’s all too common.

  45. >the transgender or homosexual person in mainstream TV is almost always portrayed as some brave, sweet, sensitive soul
    BD Wong as Whiterose in season 2 of Mr. Robot managed to avoid this rut I think. The char is a mix of these 3 stereotypes with a brutal villainous side of Chinese despot and world destabilizing hacker ganglord.

  46. > I was watching a popular kid’s TV show known as “Adventure Time,” a year or two ago. Again, I was with my family for some holiday event (I can’t remember which), and recall some of the kids watching this show.
    >Despite the fact that it’s labeled as a kid’s show, I saw an insidious little dialogue take place that was meant to desensitize children to pedophilia. In the show, there was some ball going on (I assume it was like a “prom” type deal), and the old wizard was looking for a partner.
    That sounds like Ice King. He is over a thousand years old and the running joke is that he is always kidnapping princesses, none of whom are interested in him, and Finn rescues them.
    >He ended up going with some underage girl, who was probably 60 years his prior, and when the main character pointed this out, the old wizard simply stated: “Age…is nothing but a number!” Upon which the characters started dancing and doing comical things to prevent any sort of rational thought occurring after this was said.
    You aren’t meant to view this as a romance. Ice King is presented as a joke. The guy is insane and senile and none of his romantic proposals are meant to be appropriate. He is literally the creepy pervert who antagonizes everyone.
    >After seeing this I became extremely disgusted and turned off the television, but that’s beyond the point. Why is this type of dribble being used to brainwash our youth? Anyone with half a brain can see that the point behind this scene was to start subtly implanting the seeds of pedophilia into a child’s mind
    That would be like thinking Herbert from Family Guy encourages kids to want to fuck old men. You are confusing humor with propaganda.
    He and Ice King actually portray this as predatorial and disgusting. More insidious would be how Marceline and Bubblegum toy with Finn since it is viewed favorably. They look young but are also over a thousand years old.

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