How To Develop Your Presence

Everyone remembers that moment they walked into the foyer, maybe in a hotel or a board room, and saw him.


A man that had power.

He exuded confidence and that intangible something else that rocks stars, politicians, warlords and the truly successful all have. It didn’t matter if he was wearing a $5,000 suit or blue jeans. People instinctively formed a half circle around him and hinged on his words.

Now fast forward to you. You learned game, became a master of your trade, started lifting weights and lost that extra 20 pounds you picked up in college. But despite all of that something just keeps missing when you walk into the boardroom or get up in front of a crowd.

Welcome to the art of poise.

Poise is typically defined as “graceful and elegant bearing in a person.” In more archaic terms it means “balance or equilibrium.”

The gifted few are born with this. The rest of us have to develop it.

Two Kinds Of Poise

putin merkelbono singing II

Two forms of this typically exist. We have all met the guy who exudes power like it is pulsing out of his pores. Likewise good performers are often described as magnetic. Literally, you can’t keep your eyes off of them.

Both of these are trained through a similar mechanism with different goals. For purposes of providing some definition to what we are discussing, people who exude power can be referred to as electric. People who you cannot keep your eyes off of can be referred to as magnetic. Even Charles Atlas mentioned a method for “developing a magnetic personality” in his book on dynamic tension.

Going electric tends to make people defer to you and trigger their awareness when you walk into the room. If you need people to view you as the guy in charge this is the way to go. Animals, when you really have this down, will view you as a potential threat and can have some interesting reactions to this. If you decide to practice at a zoo, make sure the beasts can’t get through the guard rails.

On the other hand, going magnetic is what you want to do when you are performing in front of a crowd and need to draw an audience in. Good actors and public speakers do this instinctively.

Get Into Posture


Now to the nuts and bolts of how to generate this effect.

For electric, stand up and balance on the balls of your feet. Curl your tailbone under just a hair and stand perfectly upright as if you are pulling the spine erect from the top of the crown.

Next, while holding your feet in place, apply tension so they want to turn outwards without actually moving.

Finally, hold your arms just below shoulder level straight ahead and push from the end of the fingertips outwards. You should feel all of your joints open.

Now hold this position while breathing softly. After 20-30 seconds you should begin to feel a kind of electric sensation pulsing out of your fingertips. That is the electric sensation.

The magnetic sensation works similarly with a reversal of a few key details.

Stand up and balance on the heels of your feet. Stick your tailbone out just a hair and stand perfectly upright as if you are spreading the spine erect from the base of the head and the sacrum at the same time.

Next, while holding your feet in place, apply tension so they want to turn inwards without actually moving.

Finally, hold your arms just below shoulder level straight ahead and open the joints in your arms as if someone were pulling on your wrists.

Now hold this position while breathing softly. After 20-30 seconds you should begin to feel a kind of magnetic sensation drawing across your skin into your core. That is the magnetic sensation.

Work with these sensations a few times until you can generate them at will. As subtle phenomena, this will take a few tries.

Start Your Power Walk

obama walk

The most efficient way to work on this is to practice while walking. On a physiological level, this targets the fasciae tissue in the body and when properly performed over time you will begin to feel the fasciae twist around your core as you move.

Get up about an hour early and before showering go outside. It is best to do this when few people are about as the presence of others can easily break your attention and focus.

Working with the electric phenomena is easiest while moving for most people.

This time enter your electric posture with your hand pointed straight into the ground. Now walk with your right hand coming forward and your left foot coming forward. When doing this you are walking left hand-right foot and right hand-left foot.

Other people watching you will simply see someone that is walking with a very straight and focused posture.

Spend 30 minutes a day doing this. Overtime, this tends to creep into how you carry yourself in general.  If your back starts to bother you in the meantime, go see a chiropractor.

Your mental state when you practice this is important and tends to influence how people perceive you over time as well. So, if you are always angry when you practice this, people will begin to view you as an angry guy. I have no idea how this works, but I’ve seen this manifest often enough to be aware of it. So when you practice, try to maintain a good, or at least neutral, mood.

Walking while generating the magnetic phenomena takes a little more practice, but given time you will figure it out.

On the plus side doing either method does a good job of properly adjusting the spine and tends to reduce both back pain and the need to have manipulative therapy/chiropractic performed.

After about a week you should notice a difference in how people look at you. You still need to have the rest of your life together to get things done, but people will now give you that first look that gets things started.

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    1. Now they can be just as miserable as us straight folks, lesbians even more so.
      “Give them an inch, and they’ll think they’re a ruler.”
      -Rusty Venture

      1. It’s actually about destroying the bourgeois institution of marriage that matters. Marriage never had anything to do with it. There has never been anything stopping homosexuals from throwing a big party, dressing up, eating cake, getting drunk with their friends, then blowing strangers in a bathroom stall.

        1. Us normal straight folks are so privileged, aren’t we? It’s not like there’s anyone trying to destroy our identities.
          By destroying the methods to form cohesive family unit, subsequent generations would fill the void in their life with buying useless products, becoming an overgrown child dependent on the cooperate media culture and doting government to survive.
          There’s already specters of what is to come, and it isn’t pretty.

        1. They seetheir methods of intimidation work, and increase their efforts tenfold to find the breaking point: they exploit all possible weakness. Show no weakness, and there will be nothing to exploit.
          Stand resolute and strong, and no evil will grace this world. Be weak, and all will fall to ruin.

        2. Part of my point is with the metric conversion conspiracy: they change the rules mid-game to get a desired outcome.

    2. I wouldn’t worry about it. If Congress legislates that a cow’s tail is a fifth leg, do cows then become the world’s first 5-legged mammal? Similarly, if they declare a marriage between a man and his horse legally valid, does it remain in fact valid?

      1. I can’t remember the original citation but I think it went something like this: “if we define a tail as being a leg then how many legs does a dog have? Four! Just because you change the definition does not mean you change the reality.”

    3. Supreme court is controlled by majority of 3 feminists plus 2 manginas. The consequences are disturbing. Places like Philippines will never change.

      1. “Supreme court is controlled by majority of 3 feminists plus 2 manginas. The consequences are disturbing.”
        Elena Kagan (Jew), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Jew), Sonia Sotomayor (crypto-Jew) , Stephen Breyer (Jew).
        Jewish groups don’t endorse U.S. Supreme Court nominees, at least in writing.
        The tears and choked sobs when Sonia Sotomayor accepted President Obama’s nomination on Tuesday told another story.
        Packed into the room along with Sotomayor’s family, friends and
        colleagues were representatives of Jewish groups that have consulted with the White House about prospective replacements for David Souter.
        “It was thrilling,” said Sammie Moshenberg, the Washington director of the National Council of Jewish Women.
        It doesn’t hurt that Sotomayor, 54, is a poster child for strong Jewish-Hispanic relations. In 1986, when she was in private legal practice, she joined one of the first young leadership tours of Israel sponsored by Project Interchange, which is affiliated with the American Jewish Committee.
        Sotomayor so enjoyed the country—its immigrant culture, its popular
        music influenced heavily by Jewish immigrants from Argentina and
        Brazil—that she made a return visit in 1996 when she was a federal
        judge, and recently joined a Project Interchange U.S.-Israel forum on
        immigration. In the process, she formed a lifelong friendship with
        Project Interchange founder Debbie Berger and her husband, Paul, who attended her swearing-in as a Manhattan appeals court judge in 1998.
        “She enjoyed Israel not just from an intellectual perspective, she liked the music and the people,” Paul Berger told JTA.
        Richard Foltin, the legislative director for the AJC, said her
        background naturally played a role in how the Jewish community would welcome her.

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      But of course, most here just want the shortcut by cheating and lying due to their entitlement mentality.

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        1. I don’t agree with lying. I never had to do that in order to get laid, but that’s just me..Anyway.

      2. Women start lying when they wake up and apply makeup. Before they leave the house they’ve put on so many lies, from a pushup bra till high heels, and what about that perfume and hairspray. Her hair doesn’t have that volume, it’s all fake. Women ARE fake dude. Added to what I just mentioned you can also add: hairdye and fake nails. bleached teeth?
        Are you going to give yourself a hard time because you want to play the honest guy and not tell her you have a better job than you actually have? C’mon.

        1. I don’t need to lie. I am in the 32% tax bracket. Also, I never had to lie. If you want to lie, go ahead. You’ll gonna have to live with it. It doesn’t matter, I don’t really care.

    3. checking out the guys, that’s a great tip. one reason why i have learned to enjoy seeing a skilled man do something. to see it can be done and having the joy of analyzing it.

    1. Almost.
      After trying these different postures (“electric” and “magnetic”), I felt and saw a distinct difference.
      “Head up, shoulders back” seems to be more “electric” and more obvious for gym enthusiasts.
      “Magnetic” seems to be a bit more tricky than “good posture,” at least as far as I can tell.

    2. Head up, shoulders back, chest out, stomach in.
      You can shave three inches or more off your waist line by eating smaller meals (and perhaps more of them) while maintaining a heavier tonus on your abs as you go through the day. In other words, suck your gut in (and use maybe 1% of your mental concentration to keep doing it) which avoiding high volume food and drink like beer, rice, bottled water and such.
      You can safely drop only 2 pounds of fat a week, and building muscle is even slower. However, by changing your posture, your meal intake, and simply keeping your stomach firm, you get results in a matter or days. That can be a great boost to your confidence that lets you follow through with everything else.

  2. I wonder if kratom will fix my posture? Or maybe stimulants? Is it bad to end every sentence with a question mark?

    1. Kratom will defo fix it ! but only if you use it together with a special diet and training program constructed by Mike Chang !

    2. lol when did this Kratom meme started, I know Chris has been advocating it ever since 5 years ago but why are people talking about it so much now?

      1. It started within the last week or so, I think. The latest “paid article” pushed it into meme territory.

  3. Another good article, thanks Phobos!
    The “electric” is easier for me and more natural, especially since I started lifting weights seriously (“good” posture is actually more comfortable now, whereas before it was painful). The “magnetic” seems quite different and a bit difficult–still, after trying it out, I’m intrigued.
    “Magnetic” does feel quite different from “electric” without any sort of compromise in bearing; it also looks different in the mirror–definitely something to think about and practice.
    I may be giving a talk in front of hundreds of people next year since my boss doesn’t want to do his annual talk anymore but would rather pass it on to me. This “magnetic” bearing is definitely something to consider and practice in the meantime.
    Thanks again.

    1. If you practice regularly, do electric first and magnetic second. Or you can alternate daily.
      With practice you can learn to turn it on and off at will.
      If you want to see more of the stuff I do, take a look at my blog

    2. If you want advice on public speaking, I was the second speaker at an event that drew an estimated 100,000 people (according to some newspapers, I recall).

  4. Sorry. Nonsense. You either are or you’re not. And when you are, you’ll know it. Anything else is gimmicks.

      1. You’ve got it backwards. Improve yourself, make something of yourself and won’t need to resort to any gimmicks and lies. You’re lying to yourself otherwise… keeping you from improving yourself.

        1. this is self-improvement. i have started to walk with better posture half a year ago and i often feel like a different person now. if you tell your body it is worthy of moving dominantly, it will translate into a proof of self-worth and confidence.

    1. Akmed, thanks for the advice. I’ll look into using something like fivr for custom illustrations next time.

  5. Unlike the average internet jockey, I clicked around on your profile and discovered your background and qualifications. Wasn’t hard, but next time reintroduce yourself for the casual visitor!
    I myself am an open-minded skeptic. I’ll try this tomorrow before a big day at work.
    Can’t hurt and nobody claimed that it would make me “more red pill,” which I will never be because I am a man and not a pill.

  6. I went to a yoga class a while back and the instructor at the end made us stand up against the wall, then you slowly step away, and if you keep your body in the same shape, that is supposedly proper alignment. It forced my head and neck farther up and back, and my shoulders back. Try it, you’ll be surprised how different it looks / feels. Also you feel weird walking around this way, but if you look in the mirror, you look confident and normal, not weird.

    1. When I was a teenager I had an uncle who had a well know modelling agency in NY. I would help train the girls in how to walk. First, they would have to strip naked and then I’d put a pencil between their ass cheeks and make them walk back and really worked for them.

  7. In the tai chi classics , I think it mentions to stand as if you are sitting on a stool . Referring to standing meditation .

    1. Scarto,
      This is first of a five part exercise, that is further broken into five stages, used in the fasciae (i.e. tendon/ligament) training for one of the schools I work with.
      The two phenomena trained here, electric and magnetic, represent two of eleven primary meditative phenomena that universally used.
      I should have book out on Kindle in late July discussing the issue.
      For now, check out my blog at for more information.

  8. I have no idea who this imaginary character you’re talking about is. I think you’ve been watching too many Hollywood films.
    Americans often confuse reality and fantasy due to their artificial upbringing, and what’s most embarrassing is they seem to think the rest of the world shares their delusions.
    I find it amazing how you juxtapose Putin and Bono together. One is a shameless hypocrite who likes to indulge in sentimental faggotry and unconvincing gestures of cheap status signalling, while the other is a cynical chess player who probably has no idea what an alpha-male, or redpill is.
    What’s really lacking with you people is relationships. You’re all a bunch of scattered loners who will not lift a finger to cultivate meaningful bonds with one another and as a result you have no common purpose. No common standards to validate yourselves against.
    Instead you’re foolishly trying to become ‘alpha males’ by buying into the very same consumerist culture of paper-shuffling cubicle faggotry that is emasculating you in the first place.
    Muslims are raping White women by the thousands in Europe and the only thing they got going for them is the unity of their religion.
    What have you got White man?
    So it’s no surprise to see you failing to the point where you think yet another article on ‘presence’ (or whatever latest redpill fad is trending) is going to make a single lick of difference.

    1. Brilliant. I have been living for three years in the US and I subscribe 100% to what you just wrote. What a sick loner culture that is destroying the rest of the west: 3rd wave feminism, political correctness, LGTBQRSTUXWZ, fast food, hiphop, rap, and many other shit. There are good things too, the ones that brought me here, but I don’t know if in the long run they will be good enough to make me stay in this country for more years.

      1. I hate the loner culture of the US. I have no idea who the hell my neighbors are.
        Right now I’m on vacation visiting family in Palestine. In our town everyone knows everyone. People visit each other everyday. They go to coffee shops to talk to each other, not to stare at their phones by themselves.

        1. I totally agree man. I live in a neighborhood for more than ten years and still do not know any of my neighbor’s name. Even the conversation seems fake too. I had a dude who said “hi how are you?” to me as he was pacing fast towards his car. He just kept walking by before I could even answer his “how are you?”
          If there is a “small” talk, it’s just bullshit talk like …”weather is nice” or something like that…

    2. Those white women in Europe love getting fucked by the manly Muslim men. With so many white guys becoming weak pussified betas, it’s those alpha Arabs that get the white girl’s panties wet

      1. Perhaps you are right, but don’t think it will last.
        Judging by how myopic Arabs are with their oil it’s not difficult to see how easy it’s going to be to divide conquer you when the chips are down. Then it will be your women who are sold into sexual slavery.
        You’re only as strong as we are weak.
        Have you forgotten our colonial history?
        I say GTFO out of Europe while you have the chance. You can have the West, but Europe belongs to the White Man.

      2. hey I was watching some youtube video and I happened to stumble upon you. Have you ever visited China?
        I’m not sure… the guy kind of looks like you…
        I need to confirm whether that is you or not.

        1. I’ve seen this video before LOL my friend said that guy looks like me also! But it’s not, I’ve never been to China

    3. What you rarely see are groups of whites congregating and acting freely, chatting up other whites to join in whatever interaction is taking place. What you do see are other ethnic groups in numbers, their only tie is their ethnicity, but with whites, the ‘group’ is always some sponsored event, a civic function or some sort of municipal regulated and policed (by sjw’s or the law) and with guidelines for conduct like a sporting event or church gathering. Then to chat up random whites is a challenge when most have to go their way to get back to their rat race schedule. Even meeting neighbors, there seems to be a litmus test that is imposed where you have to be some titled or approved functionary of some local borg before you can have a licence to knock on doors or try to hit up anyone. Of course a drug pusher does that freelance, but they’re ultimately protected by the system. Whites have been knocked stupid by letting control of their women slip. They’ve become the epitome of the see something say something campaign and are failing to punish the manginas amongst them. Fear thy neighbor and trust the state has resulted. You’re supposed to TRUST your neighbor and BEWARE of the state. It’s ass backwards – like feminism.

    4. relationships dont grow on trees. some people just dont fit well in the current society, and the hints that are promoted from time to time here can help those people to increase their chances, and even if youre not a beginner and know how to move socially, you can still learn one thing or another to improve yourself even more, and hence have more social options. no idea why the hate about posture.

      1. This isn’t a question of a few loose cogs here and there, rather it’s a systemic breakdown of the socializing function of White men. Self-improvement is a team effort and right now we’re all failing, whether you realize it or not.
        We’re losing control of our culture and destiny and our enemies are being invited in to take us over.
        A few bandaid solutions here and there isn’t going to save you. Do you honestly think Putin spent his youth reading articles on posture, or how to be a better skirt-chaser?
        There are much more important things to tend to so quite this mental masturbation and start forming relationships with your brethren if you want to advance further.
        Accomplishment means nothing without the proper relationships to validate it.

        1. “Accomplishment means nothing without the proper relationships to validate it.”
          now thats some truth here. as for society, i honestly dont care. at the moment im indeed quite advancing, thanks to my relationships. or not. does it matter? as arthur schopenhauer well observed, social bondings are the foundation of misery. just to take some wind out of your idealizing relationships. are they important? of course. but they do come with a price, and not everyone is willing to pay the same.

        2. “A few bandaid solutions here and there isn’t going to save you. Do you honestly think Putin spent his youth reading articles on posture, or how to be a better skirt-chaser?”
          It was probably much easier getting laid in Russia even during communism than getting laid in the USA. But I hear what you’re saying about the current status quo of socially fragmented white men.

      2. There have always been men who don’t fit in, nothing new. If you’re one of them then find like minded men to socialise with since society is large.Not fitting in is one thing but some men are just so defective that in any age they wouldn’t fit in anywhere.There’s just some nasty personality or physical defect that turns people and females off.

        1. i`ve seen plenty of guys (and girls) that just dont fit in the current society, i was not talking about myself here.

  9. From a regular man’s point of view what I can tell you gentlemen, is that it this information, back in the days, DID NOT COME CHEAP ! So in other words, much appreciation for sharing this information !

  10. ‘People instinctively formed a half circle around him and hinged on his words.’
    Yes, I know how that feels and it’s really quite annoying that the plebes bother me like this.
    ‘The gifted few are born with this’
    It all has to do with breeding. People, like dogs, develop consistent and predictable traits after a number of generations.This is what people mean when they refer to someone as ‘well bred’
    “We have all met the guy who exudes power like it is pulsing out of his pores”
    Listen, if you’re going to keep referring to me I could have just written this article myself.
    The rest of this is just about telling boys how to stand and walk like a man. I can’t train you how to do this but first you’ll need to get a real pair of shoes since most of you have been walking since birth in those flat soled Frankenstein looking Nikes or something similar. You’ve been wearing what are basically running shoes all of your life and don’t know how to walk properly.Sort of like primitive American Indians and their flat soled moccasins and their creepy way of walking.
    So when you wear these flat soled Nikes, or whatever, you’re wearing something that was meant for jogging and when you jog you’re running more on the ball of your foot.
    The more sophisticated societies always had some sort of heel on their shoes for a number of reasons.
    When you walk you come down on the heel (not the sole) and your foot pivots forward onto the sole and then your other foot lifts off and does the same.You’re not walking on the sole whicj just ends up on that stride flat or are you scraping the sole as you walk.
    Having a heel on a shoe also slightly balances your weigh forward and effects your posture as well as taking some pressure off the heel and combined with the arch prevents conditions like plantar fasciitis.
    I’ve given advice in fashion columns where the readers seem to be Millenials, Gen Y’s etc who suddenly at the age of 20 want to learn how to dress (lol) Here’s one of the frequent complaints:
    ” I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds (or whatever) and the leather soles and front of the shoe wore out in a month”
    Now, this guy was just not walking properly as a result of wearing Nikes etc his entire life. A leather sole should last about a year with a normal amount of walking daily even if you just owned one pair of shoes and used them every day.The soles should not wear out quickly because you shouldn’t be walking on them or scraping along on them; they should come down flat if you’re walking properly and the front of the sole shouldn’t either because if it does then you’re dragging your feet like some prole.
    Thus article was about standing and walking correctly but you can’t do that if your feet, shoes and stride are all wrong which will also effect your posture.Human beings compared to other animals are actually poorly adapted to the rigours of life on earth and we have to many times design and use artificial means to make life easier.This is nothing new because the Iceman who was 6k years old and found in the Italian Alps was examined along with his clothes and stuff and his shoes were not just some piece of hide the guy tied to his foot but were apparently made by a specialist, like the tribe shoemaker.
    Boomers of course did not have this problem with walking correctly because they were told not to wear Jack Purcells, or whatever, all of the time because they’d ruin his feet and always told to stand up straight (or they’d grow up to be hunchbacks lol) They also had fathers advising them. Mothers don’t know their arse from their elbow and today according to foot doctors 9 out of 10 frmales are wearing the wrong size shoe.And they wonder why their feet, legs and back are hurting them. Females are wacky because some number on a shoe is really just a relative guide. it’s not like squeezing your size 10 foot into a 7 is going to make your foot smaller lol

      1. It would be a waste of time. These pajama boys either wouldn’t understand it or thought they knew more than the professor.Teens and these 20 somethings always think they know more than experienced grown men. It’s not until they mature that they realise how stupid they were.

  11. I’ll have to try the walk. I think I know what you’re talking about. I had a style of walk that I would put on when walking for exercise or meditation. Whenever I had a large dog come barking across the way, I would do a robot-like one man army march type walk where I made the illusion that I weighed a thousand pounds, pure mass, but moved in proper human form. Kind of hard to explain, but crazy dogs would flee my path. I get respect from most dogs but I believe I exuded a foreboding energy that repelled the wacked out dogs. Scumbag motherfuckers also got a vibe or chill and went to the other side of the street when I walked unflinching focused.
    It’s kind of like a calisthenic walk where more energy is used to work and tense every muscle when moving and keeping form. Your feet stride and hit the ground smoothly while you strive to make the appearance that your legs are like the steel arms on a two ton scissors jack. It’s kind of like the extra muscle effort to produce the illusion of the ‘moon walk’ only foreward and natural looking. There must have been some energy field emitted because street lamps would go dim and a few times I noticed cop cars slow like they saw some massive thing through the corner of their eye and then when they looked straight on at me walking, they went on their way. I guess they picked up on something non visible that went away when they double checked and looked at it directly.

    1. MCGOO,
      Combining meditative/yogic phenomena and movement can get really interesting very quickly.
      The reaction to strong electric phenomena with dogs is pretty universal: they don’t like it and generally view you as a threat.
      The dimming of lights and odd human interactions at night are pretty typical as well.
      Check out my blog at for more information on this kind of thing.

  12. Posture: damned important and it gets forgotten many times.
    Here’s a question: they say walking correctly is important too, so i practice with a book on top of my head and walk in a way that the book does not fall (modeling schools supposedly use this method as well) Then I hear that a “swagger” is more preferable. Is this true? And if so, what is a swagger?

    1. I’ve noticed a remarkable consistency in how the truly powerful move. The picture of Bush and Obama walking together is telling in that both men had the same stride in an unprepared environment. Powerful men move with purpose and vigor.
      “Swagger” really just seems to be an effort to look different from everyone else.

      1. ““Swagger” really just seems to be an effort to look different from everyone else.”
        I hear what your saying but walking is walking…how ddoes one look fifferent from rveryone else by walking? I thought “swagger” mesnt dome kind of bounce in one’s step, without coming actoss looking gay or something.

  13. John Wayne Walking….all you need to know

    This has some better clips if you can ignore the homo parts:

      1. Probably the most masculine archetype of his generation. Would love to see what you think is masculine.

  14. I’m trying but I just don’t feel any electricity or magnetism, anyone else feeling this? I’m not doing it in front of a mirror if that makes any difference.

    1. i don’t feel it exactly like that either, but i feel like it controls the way i look out into the world. the electric thing is a very outward, aggressive stance while the magnetic thing is slightly defensive and calm – i feel like i am a trap with that. the twist of the feet and the butt is elementary, i think, and also changes the position of my shoulders. very interesting.

    2. Ryan,
      And you just hit the nail on the head regarding the difficulty in explaining things like this using the written word.
      Normally, I can show people how to do this in all of about 5 minutes.
      Without being able to see what you are doing, all I can say is to keep practicing. With time you will get it.
      In the meantime, keep your breathing soft and controlled. Also, do not tense up while doing this. You are pushing the joints open in electric and pulling the joints open in magnetic.
      Good luck,

  15. Please, fellows, for non english native speakers, what does the author means by :
    “Stick your tailbone out just a hair”
    “…balance on the balls(?) of your feet. Curl your tailbone under just a hair”
    thanks for the help.
    By the way, nice article, imo we should have more articles about some actor/psychological tricks and concepts like this on rok (instead of kratom ads or another way to get a 6pack).

    1. Faraway,
      For electric: Curl your coccyx/butt so that the small of the back flattens slightly. The coccyx should move no more than 1cm. The ball of the foot is the center mass portion directly behind the toes.
      For magnetic: Push the coccyx/butt out slightly so that the curve in the small of the back is stronger. This is the position you want to be in while doing a back squat with a barbell.

    The Alexander Technique was discovered and developed by an Australian actor in the 19th century as a means to correct body disorganization of any kind. It has become a staple in elite actor training programs here in the US (I myself can vouch for this), and the author even acknowledges that great actors have poise.
    Benefits of the Technique that I’ve experienced are greater ease of movement, more organized thoughts, more alertness and awareness, and an increase in height (I’m already tall, but when I’m incorporating the Technique I often get responses such as “wow, did you get even taller?”). Since your body is more organized it functions more optimally.
    However, the author incorrectly states that a “gifted few” are born with poise, when in fact we are ALL born with poise–examine children in their daily activities and you will notice that their posture and balance are perfect; when they run their form is flawless, if they drop something they bend at the knees and hips to retrieve it; when they sit, their spines are perfectly straight. Unfortunately over time, due to wear and tear, our flexibility and our poise tend to erode, but this doesn’t have to be the case.
    There are several books written about the technique, and although teachers are hard to find, it IS possible to self-apply the technique (in fact, FM Alexander developed the technique on his own), and it doesn’t take much effort. I HIGHLY recommend that men look into it, rather than following articles like this that want you to FORCE your body to create poise, which only creates more tension, which in fact REDUCES your presence (and people can perceive when you’re trying too hard).
    Ease and lack of tension are far more attractive than the opposite.

    1. I’ve had a few sessions with an Alexander Teacher a few years ago and the benefits were as you described.
      I’m interested in learning the technique from books to self-apply as you suggest. What books would you recommend?

      1. The one I’ve read is “Body Learning” by Michael Gelb, though it’s more an exploration of the technique as opposed to a How-To sort of thing. Fortunately a relatively new site, alexandertechnique dot com is a treasure trove of resources, along with tips for self-study.
        Hope that helps.

  17. Presence? Arrive with a 6 foot tall blonde bombshell (or other-ethnically equivalent girl) on your arm. Everyone in the room will look at them first and then at you and then think “he is rich or has a huge penis”.

  18. Does doing squats ruin your posture? Loading up all that weight on your shoulders must compress the spine.

  19. The only metric that even matters for a man is his height. Being below 5 foot 9 makes you short in the U.S. And in most Western countries. For women to even give a second look over a man he needs to be at least 6 feet tall. We can all talk about game and how it bring your value up but it’s all so you can compensate for not being as tall. Only 12% of the population are over 6 feet tall and yet all women restrict their attention to them. Even when these guys aren’t around they will cockblock you!

    1. That’s not entirely true but it’s generally true that females are all visual and all the game in the world won’t overcome their instincts.It’s just a matter of what they can get and what they have to settle for depending on what they have to offer themselves.

  20. practicing yoga has definitely helped improve my posture. I used to slouch walk with weak beta posture but after doing yoga for a few months it naturally improved on its own to the point where a friend even commented on it. Of course being mindful and observant of your posture doesn’t hurt either.

  21. Bruce Lee: “I do not hit, it hits all by itself.”
    Presence is developed, cultivated over time through confidence-building achievement and self-improvement. This may be a nice starting point to get the ball rolling, but there’s no substitute for the real thing.

  22. Been trying to do this but im not sure if i get it right. Is there a video for this ? (Tried looking it up but i mostly got yoga, not sure if it was the same)

  23. One of the most important things to do to improve your posture is to build muscle in your back. Building muscle exclusively in one’s chest and arms can actually cause and increase upper crossed syndrome This can be offset by working on the trapezius, rhomboids, and serratus anterior. Working on the correct muscles in one’s back can make correct posture natural and effortless.

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