20 Memes That Capture The True Nature Of Women

Despite their simplicity, memes have a true power. They are essential tools to spread an opinion and convince a vast audience.

They are effective because they are relatable, easily shared and above all, viral if successful.  A meme is the digital response to paper propaganda.

And memes have done a lot to explain vital principles of game to beginners. Here are a few nuggets:

1. Alpha fucks, beta bucks

2. Red Pill comics

A personnal favourite. Cold, sober and realistic

3. “I am ready”

4. “I like you the way you are”

5.The ever busy rationalising hamster

6. Regret = rape!

Girl sees false rape accusation withdrawn when pictures of her getting her pussy licked while laughing surface.

7. “I am one of the guys”

8. Where is my catcall?

Be careful what you wish for

9. “You are perfect”

10. Double standards

11. Gentlesir mag

12.How to speak Cuntonese: Lesson 1

13. Date up or die tryin’

14. Tinder “Black pill”

That might be the deadliest one.

15. Any takers?

16. “Not all women are like that!”

Definitely would extend it to Western girl

17. Women and damaged men

Referring to Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz and beta anti-gun activist David Hogg

18. There will always be bin divers

19. “I am tired of these nights”

20. On marriage

If all those could be condensed in a few words it would be: “Do not listen to what women say. Observe what they do”.

Memeologists in the audience might criticise the fact that all those images are not “memes” per se. I would argue that cold, brutal reality makes the best memes.

I had to narrow it down to twenty, but feel more than welcome to add classics that I might have forgotten.

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173 thoughts on “20 Memes That Capture The True Nature Of Women”

  1. Yeop. This is indeed the true nature of women. My Dad who passed last year had a failed relationship with my Mom, and a failed marriage to Another woman, and told me at a very young age about Female nature. Every single thing he said was 100% accurate. Women have been catered to for far too long. And have overvalued their pussy. I ignore them as much as possible to avoid the pointless arguing.

    1. SEAN
      “Overvalue the pussy”
      You can get sex for $50 anywhere. That is how valuable the human vagina is. An owner of one is born every minute

      1. That may be true however men all ovet the world are still spending way more for the “opportunity” to get some. Dates, flowers, movies, dinner, etc. The ones with a solid price tag are the only ones who know their real worth.

        1. SEAN
          Youth & Prostitutes
          I started using prostitutes in 1993 at the age of 19. In those days, prostitution was easier to obtain that porn.
          It was my secret. But after using prostitutes I began to have a perspective on the agonies my college roommates went through.
          I remember John, my roommate, spent a load of money on a college-aged slut named Christa. He blew his wad to take her to the grand canyon and he got sex once.
          Meanwhile, I would go to the red light district and pay crack whores (They were every back then and all races) $30 to suck me off.
          I’d come back home satisfied and John would be agonizing about Christa-some slut who finally broke up with him at a party in front of everyone else.
          I realized how much money I was saving on going to prostitutes. For $300 in Amsterdam I could have the greatest sex of my life. No flowers, gifts or whatever.
          Eventually I married anyhow. An Asian woman who was 9 years younger than I am.
          But guys who blow their load and lose their mind over a woman at 20 years old do not see the pointlessness of it all.
          Someday she will be another cougar in some bar buying some semi-Chad drinks to fuck her. That is what all the young beautiful sluts I knew in the 90’s are probably doing now.

        2. @madMAN,
          At the age of 19 & prostitutes !! and it was easy to get prostitutes in 1993! Indeed, this country was/is a first world shithole !!

        3. RAVI
          “This country is a shithole”
          Probably to a teenage Indian like you it is. Especially if you grew up in a largely white neighborhood around middle-class whites.
          Being an Indian teenager you are not popular with white girls who prefer the 6 foot blondes who play football.
          You probably cannot talk to girls.

        4. My dad being 30 took his 18yo GF to a restaurant ONCE.
          Then married her … dropped her two kids in the first 3 years of marriage and everything worked great.
          Mom still complains he only took her out only once, but he doesn’t give a flying fuck.
          I’m the second kid … 30+ now and looking for my 18-20yo to pass on “the skill”.
          My 60+ maternal grandma once told me when I was 16: “don’t buy drinks to girls…let them buying you drinks.”
          Red pilled since teenager. 😀

      2. WTF are you talking about? Because we’re talking about sex with fertile, feminine, 5+/10 females. $50 will get you an STD from a ratchet ghetto crackwhore if you’re lucky.

        1. LYSANDER
          See, there were some heartbreakingly beautiful crack whores in Detroit back when that drug was popular.
          However, crack cocaine has gone out of style and hot crack whore are gone.

        2. In my country, Perú, I can get good looking sluts from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela for just 40-60 soles (13-18 $).
          Some of them look very good.
          With this amount i just can pay the taxi on a date.
          So, pros are better by far than being shittested while dating some natural sluts.

    2. Sean:
      This is why I will never, EVER, get married again. I lucked out to have a great woman in my life, but I understand the world of chances, odds, and Statistics and my odds of hitting that jackpot-woman again are closer to 0%. Given the odds, I simply am out of that marriage game. I would be like winning the Mega Millions Lottery once; then your odds of doing it again are even more minuscule then they were the first time around.
      Women are simply over-valued in our society. Their smelly hole between their legs is NOT worth a lot of the shit guys go through for them. Definitely not worth the cost of an expensive wedding, an expensive divorce, and the headaches they give you. The fact that I can pay a couple hundred bucks in Vegas and have a 8 or 9 come fuck me in my hotel, and then leave without any bitching or without ever worrying about pleasing her shows you how low pussy value really is.
      In fact, The R-man said it best: the pussy they are offering you has basically become free, but men are allowing themselves to be over-charged for it:
      “”Today you have many women pricing their pussy at 1960 levels when the current market value—in the form of a man’s cost per notch—is approaching $0. Too many girls are giving it away for free because it has become free. “”
      One of my Alpha role-model friends here told me when he needs a good laugh, he goes to these Feminist “advice sites” (like YourTango, horoscope sites, etc) and read some of their Fem-advice stuff. I was doing that the other day and was laughing like crazy too, my eyes were watering. I read one article about “20 confessions women wish they could tell men”, but really, their “confessions” were the basics we know in Manosphere all to well. 😆 Women hide their past, they often go out and fuck more then 1 man per night, they scam stuff out of stupid Betas who buy them stuff without putting out, they are great at faking being “good girls”, they scheme and manipulate, they use their dual-mating strategy for early life and almost-at-wall epiphany stage, etc.
      Reading that Fem website was awesome. I was laughing so hard…. how stupid a man would have to be in today’s world to believe in a woman’s chastity and decency anyway? You have to be a clueless moron to buy into a woman’s words anyway. Women simply cannot be trusted, this is why cultures across the world for thousands of years did not even consider a woman’s testimony in court (Judaism, Islam, even Masonic lodges do not trust women to keep secrets).
      Women are the greatest expense and least rewarding part of a man’s life. Everything I liked to do in my 20s (but could barely afford to), I still like to do these things, BUT now I can afford it in abundance and enjoy life so freaking much. I was in Vegas in March, dude it was simply amazing (my 3rd time) and that place is a paradise for fun and women of all kinds. I also enjoy time out with my boys, camping, going to the range, lifting weights, cruising in my convertible, and traveling more then I enjoy a woman’s company. Most women are simply NOT fun to hang out with. They are fun to have sex with and look at, but then… ok, please lease.
      Then when I want regular sex, I start-up a “mini relationship” as described here: http://www.rooshv.com/the-rise-of-the-mini-relationship In fact, having a series of mini-relationships is one of the best, most effective, (and cheapest) way to have some fun, have a girl around when I want it (on my terms), and then moving on when the real woman emerges. A girl told me a few months back I was “stashing her”, where she is only in my life on my terms, but only so far in (this is apparently a girly term for mini-relationship). *shrug*
      If I did not hold to such strong Christian principles, I would be going the high-end P4P route (because I like quality over quantity). But going P4P is a line I simply cannot cross if I am to remain the man I have always been and still want to be……
      But this life can be very enjoyable being single in my mid-30s, even without P4P as many here are suggesting. If you have a good job, no “family law obligations” (alimony, child support, etc), have no debt, and a good job, then life can be awesome in your 30s.
      Besides the low quality of American women for relationships/marriage, America is THE most convenient place for a guy like me. Services are 24 hours, frozen food is incredibly good now and convenient, restaurants are affordable, I make a very good wage, have an awesome life, own house, own a great cool car, and etc. I get 7-8 quality tail, not nearly as much as some of you guys get (in terms of sheer quantity), but I have so many awesome things going on right now, to bang large numbers of women on rotation is not a priority for me anyway.
      Women, lest of all, do not determine my happiness or quality of life. I am the master of my own life and of my own satisfaction. It will be a cold day in hell when I allow others, especially women, to dictate what I do with my life or my value in this world. When I was in my 20s, if someone told me a person did not like me, I would be running around with my hair on fire, trying to “fix it” or placate that person. Now… LOL…. I do not give two fucks about it. Literally. I do not “get nasty” about it, I just agree and amply or deflect and move on. Most of the time, when they are yapping endlessly, I just tune out and change subject anyway. 😀
      I am a much more complete man today then 10 years ago and not caring about what society thinks I should care about makes everything totally awesome. This is why I love my life right now, more then ever. Try not giving a fuck about stuff, you will see how awesome life can be. 🙂

      1. D F*ck,
        The purpose of Wedlock IS Children. Period, end of story.
        A good woman raises your children and is a devoted wife and mother. Despite the betas insisting otherwise, including yourself, they do exist, in the Millions here in America. Mormons, Evangelical protestants, Traditional Catholics and Orthodox. They are virtuous, virginal, and marriage minded. BUT, you wont find them in clubs, bars or wild parties. WHERE you meet a girl says alot about here.
        Only losers pay for sex, its degenerate, illegal and ripe for ripoffs and disease.
        If youre serious about marriage and Children, then you do the right thing. But acting like a Nggr to go and F bitches, with inconsequential motives, is banal and insipid. Shallow and hollow.
        White children are needed. If youre not interested, then F you. Youre not my ally. Divorce runs about 10% says Dave Ramsey when couples agree on Money & Faith. Hes been at it for decades and I trust this is true. But carry on with your Ho’s my nigga.

        1. RW:
          The current purpose of marriage is now to rip-off men and take their freedom and financial security away. You can now reproduce with an LTR girlfriend, never marry her, and still get by and raise a kid just fine, this is what I see happening now. I got a friend, his son just turned 1, he is a white guy, blonde kid, blue eyes. Never married the bitch, best thing he has ever done. They live together, kid is on Medicaid, wife gets to live in this HUGE apartment that is “Rent controlled”, and she gets EIC cash each year and pasy $0 in income taxes. The instant this guy marries, he is fucked. They will be out of Medicaid, they would not qualify for the rent-controlled apartment and would be paying $15,000 a year under the Obamacare “family health insurance deductible”.
          This exact LTR/live-in GF and mother of my children is what I am trying to do right now, but I will have to move away from CO first, since this State has common law marriage (a/k/a/ legal trap for divorce rapist women).
          You can procreate with a stable, steady, live-in fully-committed to Girfriend (GF) and not marry, RW. I suggest men who wants kids (as I do) to try to work this out. There is ZERO social stigma associated with it now, in fact, the tax and gov’t benefits are amazing for doing so.
          What benefits? The woman shows up at some govt office complaining and crying her man walked away and she gets a full array of benefits. The entire system is now set-up to finance kids of illegal aliens who want anchor babies. My future kid can even be born on Medicaid, saving me over $7,600 on Obamacare co-pays for my shitty $9,900 per calendar year deductible (my yearly deductiblewould go to $12k if I had a child in my health insurance plan). Men should stop being a buncha dummies, and be like illegals aliens, and use some benefits. Let the woman get the Earned Income Credit (EIC) refund (she pays $0 tax and then gets a sweet $13,200 in “rebate cash”), food stamps, WIC, free medical care for her and the child, and all sorts of cash goodies.
          UNDERSTAND THIS, ye who are foolish and unwise and still considering marriage today. Marriage is a legal contract where one side (the woman) is legally allowed to steal, cheat, be lazy, not contribute into relationship at all, then break the contract (divorce) and then walk away with over 50% of your assets + unlimited % of your future earnings in Alimony and child support (TBD by a leftist judge) + put you in prison for any reason at any time. That is why they call it “no-fault divorce”.
          BTW, I never ever nightgame, in fact, I never go to clubs or bars at all. Dude, I do not even drink alcohol or smoke cigs, I am 100% focused on fitness and my appearance (yes, I am vain, I know this already). Last time I was in a club, I was there reluctantly as a wingman for a friend in Vegas in March. I had to spend my time pretending to care about some ugly broad (such is the life of a wingman), this is hardly the idea of fun for me. 🙄 Going to clubs is a colossal waste of time IMHO, last time I pulled a girl from a club I was 22, so that was like 13 years ago.
          I run 80% daygame, 20% online game only for myself. I have spent some time trying to figure out a good balance between daygame and online and the 80/20 works best IMHO.
          I have never ever pay for sex, I cannot go P4P because of my Christian religion.
          I agree there are great women out there who could be a mother and wife. These same woken can be my permanent fiancee (a forever engagement) and mother of my kids.
          Then you will say “then the woman can leave anytime she wants with your kids”. True, but she can leave with my kids if we are married anyway. That is the problem. I simply cannot understand why men still buy the idea that marriage = stability and security. It is NOT. It is security for the woman, she gets to decide YOUR fate at that point.
          By marrying a woman, ANY woman, you are handing her a loaded gun. She may never pull out that gun, and she may never even threaten to use the gun against you. But that gun is always there under her waistband, ready for when she wants to use it. Men that live under this threat are forced to behave like lil’ bitches eventually.
          If you live with an LTR and she has your kid, yes, she can collect child support, but she KNOWS she cannot take all your shit with her if she leaves. This is where a good deal of leverage comes in.
          BTW, at my church, there are these ladies there that have a long list of post-wall women there…. God knows how many dicks these women have taken in their holes before they converted. I always like to ask “how come you never married before?” and watch their reactions… “oh I never found the right guy” or “it wasn’t the right time”? My fav is always “not right time”. That is code for “I met ton of quality men, but I still had many dicks to suck and fuck, and because I am strong and empowered, I think I have all the time in the world to find a sucka later on… but now I am ready”. LOL 🙄
          I agree white children are needed for sure. But to PAY massive costs for these children when illegal criminal aliens (illegal immigrants) are getting everything FREE + I pay high taxes to fund all that shit…. nah!!! -_- DO NOT MARRY. Make your woman go and get welfare, birth, food, assistance, Medicaid, etc. SAVE YOUR MONEY, refuse to be taken for a ride outta principle, Americans. Stop being fools. Illegals will use the benefits if you do not.
          10% of divorces when couples agree on money and faith???? Dave Ramsey must be smoking crack if he thinks that is true. Come to my Baptist church here in Orlando or the one in Colorado Springs (6,300 members in Springs) and I will introduce you to an unlimited supply of divorced women and single moms. The divorce rape is probably closer to 70% of “religious women” today.
          Ps. Go check ChristianCafe dating website and we will talk about the insane number of girls there that look, talk, and dress like whores. And they profess to be Christian women looking for a man to marry them and grease up the man’s ass for a divorce rape later on. The ratio of women-men in that site is probably 4-1, I kid you not. The site actually invited me to do a FREE “dating matchmaking service” because they do not have enough men signed up.
          The marriage fraud gig is over, fellahs. Have your kid, game the system,, and do not get welfare-raped by the illegals or divorce raped by the woman. This is new reality in the West, the new rules. We men must play by the new rules and not be fools.

        2. Christian Cool, if you goal is to have insecure kids and live off the system you’re fucking everyone.

        3. @Jack:
          Why would I have insecure kids? Because I refuse to participate in the marriage scam FemiNazis have set-up in the West? I will be a full time, live-in father, for as long as the woman and the courts will allow.
          What “benefits” to marriage? That is all I am asking. Not even good tax deduction for married couples is around anymore. Virtually any woman shows up at some govt office complaining and crying her man left her and she gets a full array of benefits.
          The entire system is now set-up to finance kids of illegal aliens (who want anchor babies) and of stupid trailer trash whores who seek out thugs and gangsta and gets knocked up and refuses to abort the bastard, so kid is now taxpayer expense for life. Sickening.
          I used to be very anti-abortion until I started watching video of some of the ghetto trash having kids. Did you ever see this tramp here twerking before an abortion?
          I am GLAD she had an abortion. Glad. That was gonna be the next crack dealer or welfare recipient crackhead baby momma.
          I am one of these idiot Americans who is paying to finance these people’s kids. I don’t even get a “thank you”, I get told I am racist for wanting the border closed. I am the “mean guy” for wanting to cut Section 8 housing and end WIC/food stamps for irresponsible parents and such. We need to end incentives for people having kids as a way of a “Welfare lifestyle”.
          I am one of these moron Americans who did everything right: married the right woman, worked hard to stay fit and stay married, worked days and took classes at night for a decade. Now I have my own consulting business and take classes at night for Law School. Now I have financial success and I have to finance the kids of lazy ass types. -_-
          My point is I COULD easily game the system as well, not marry the woman and have kids at taxpayer’s expense.
          But there is a line I will not cross. I will not marry again. I am widower, and no reason to re-marry a woman in America today, unless she is insane rich OR I am importing a woman here. Otherwise, it is worst deal ever.
          Why can’t I raise my kids with an LTR woman I never marry? How would that affect the kids negatively? The kids would have a full time mom and dad, just un-married because Dad wants to protect his assets and stuff he worked HARD for, against a predatory woman? Because dad refuses to put his life and future under the whims of a woman?
          Gimme a break…. 🙄

        4. CC, if that’s true I’m sorry for your loss. In one post you say you’re going to live with your girlfriend and live off the system, in the next post you say you’re not. i’m not going to spend time debating a confused guy trying to bone hot chicks. It seems like that’s why you’re here. If not you’d be better served reading a book like Order Of Man. But to answer your question I’m not saying you have to get married, I was disputing your assessment of it. Insecure kids come from people who have your view of it and broke their commitment to them and their spouse. You’re correct, Women find it all too easy to leave but so do men.

      2. The problem with America isn’t the immagrants and blacks so many lament about. It’s the white pussies like you and your friend living off the government tit. Don’t have kinds if you can’t commit to his mother because you want an out when you can no longer handle your woman. Your child will be like you and America will get darker.

        1. @Jack:
          Oh yeah, people like me who work FT and went to school at night for a decade and NOW has financial and educational success, and I am the problem? Yeah, like this winner here?
          Check out her video… one abortion I am GLAD happened:
          Yeah, you are right. White Christian American conservatives who manage to stay married and in shape for 12 years (before becoming widower) and get educated, buy their own house, have no debt, and do well in life are the problem. Suuuuure…. 🙄
          I just understand how the system works. I am not gonna continue to work and finance the lifestyle of crackwhores and illegal criminal immigrants who live off my work and my success. You can continue in your folly, if you like.
          But to say that I am the problem somehow, for simply refusing to be let taken advantage of, so I can say “hey everyone, I did the ‘right thing’ and got screwed in the a$$ by our unfair system” is insane. Just like these idiot dudes that get married to “do the right thing” and then get divorce raped later on.
          Or clowns that go out and try to “be heroes” and get involved in stuff and get criminally charged by our insane criminal court system? Or morons who want to be heroes and then get sued in civil court for getting involved in mess of others?
          Or idiot men that allow themselves to be railroaded by women because they do not want to “be paranoid” and record sexual encounters or make sure the woman stays in line.
          Learn how the system works and get around it or game it. That is only way to survive.
          But you are right…. This woman above here ain’t the problem. It is me, of course. 🙄 LOL….

        2. CC, I didn’t say any of that. What I’m saying is if you’re goal is to live off your countrymen like a ghetto whore you have no honor. You are no “king”. You’re a waste of a man.

      3. I was tinkering with this idea myself, living as an expat in WEurope.
        Then again, making a good bullet-proof prenup, setting a trust fund for kids, keeping finances off the “family” books, have property on your parents names , sound better than raising kids in an insecure family environment.
        There are always solutions…both for dodging taxes and keeping your woman in check.
        NEVER let the woman think she could mooch off you by divorcing you…keep your dough AWAY from your woman.

    1. REED
      J women degrade the shit out of themselves.
      In the beginning, Hefner could not find Christian women to pose for Playboy, he had to hire J women.
      Porn has always been loaded with J women.
      Make no mistake, they themselves have suffered the consequences of their own policies. It was the old J pawnshop owners in the ghetto who got their stores burned down during the Civil Rights era.

      1. Luckily for him Marilyn made it acceptable & the 2nd wave feminism opened the gates.
        He had a fun ride until instagram & Internet porn ruined it all.

        1. warblade
          A Swedish-American (Hefner) and an Irish-Catholic (Larry Flynt) and an Italian (Guccione, Penthouse) actually run the porn industry.
          Jews were always bottom feeders. They never “controlled” porn. They supplied the performers especially female ones.
          But for all the talk of “Jews running porn” the most powerful pornographers were a Swede, an Irishman and an Italian.
          Let me tell you why:
          Hefner, the middle-class Swede, made porn acceptable to middle-Americans. He did not mess with the hard stuff, hired first rate writers etc.
          Flynt, the working class Irish-Catholic whose mother owned an Irish pub, had his finger on the pulse of working white men.
          Guccione came from a legitimate art background.
          The Jews on the other hand, were the Times Square crowd.
          Al Goldstein was the one who ended up broke.

        2. warblade
          Sarah Silverman has been fucked and discarded by every Irish-Catholic in the US entertainment business-Kimmel comes to mind.
          Who gives a shit if she is a slut being used by Irish-Catholic men?

        3. Hugh Hefner was a Ju.
          His daughter also married to one. They know their own, and are very tribalistic.

      2. Ju’s were behind The Civil Rights movement, Moishe Marz..
        They led it, directed it, held positions in it…

        1. RW
          Southerners like you were behind importing Africans to the United States in the first place.
          Of course you will argue that the Northern WASPS imported the Jews as labor for their factories as well as Italians and Irish who brought organized crime to the United States.
          As for Jews supporting the Civil Rights movement they were repaid in full rather quickly. The blacks torched their pawn shops and slum tenements and drove them out of the ghettos.
          Koreans and Arabs replaced them.
          You’ve got me there. Jews were involved in the Civil Rights movement.

      3. Actually, Not true at all. Marz.
        Very Very few women in Porn, historically and presently.
        All by design, as Shiksas (Non jewish women) are regarded as Goy or cattle. So, the male Jewish porn stars like Ron Jeremys et al are able to defile them on screen, for shekels and make the Al Goldsteins of the world quite wealthy on their run to mogul.
        Marz, I got you pegged. Nothing you write is factual or correct under any real scrutiny. Im a trained Jewologist, been at it for over 20+ years. I know more about Judaism than you do, and Im not a J u.

      4. Oh those poor Jewish pawnshop owners and those miserable Jewish porn skanks — all five of them. Oy vey it’s another holocaust!

      5. Hefner was a crypto Ju.
        His nose a dead giveaway, his daughter also married a Ju, they know their own and marry tribally, as you well know.
        Nice try

    2. Just wanted to post this as a rebuttal to the “All women are like that,” vibe going here.
      I’ve suddenly become deeply interested in watching videos on quantum hypnosis, and I’m not even slightly interested in the subject.

      The minute I heard her laugh I fell in love. Don’t bother debating the message, just check how pure and lovely she is. If I met a girl/woman like her in real life I’d propose on the spot.
      Basically, I’m just saying, keep your eyes open, there are one or two diamonds left.

      1. Asada:
        We have about 320 million people in USA today, about 50% are women. To say ALL women are exactly the same is preposterous, if not outright insane, when we are talking about 160 million women. There is no way 160 million women think , behave, an are exactly the same. That is statistically impossible. “Most women are like that” would be more plausible, if mkaing wide generalizations. 😉
        Just because she appears to be “pure” because of her voice and loveliness, as you say, does not mean that is who she is.
        This is the problem, dude. Women are MASTERS of deception. Thi sis a survival mechanism for women. This is because women had to survive becoming “war brides” and women simply never evolved from this survival tool, no longer needed, since we do not have a world that was very dangerous anymore. (see: https://therationalmale.com/2011/10/03/war-brides/ for more info, if curious about war bride syndrome, a very real thing.)
        I watched your video, she seems a little ditzy, but pure?? Where do you get “pure” from??
        How would you rate (1-10 scale) this high 30s-early 40 woman??? ❓ I would rate her a 4…. short hair, crappy platinum blonde coloring, post prime woman, poor make-up job, basic face. What is so special about her??

        1. I’ve watched many of her videos, purely because I find her smile and happy glow attractive. She’s married with a child, this isn’t porn material for me, but I look at her and think, if I found a girl 10 years younger who has the same attributes I’ll marry her, because even if it ends in divorce I’d still have a few years of living with someone who’s nice.
          Not really sure how this is could be considered a controversial viewpoint. Watch some other videos of hers, I wait for the mask to drop but it just doesn’t.
          This was the first video I saw. And note: youtube recommended this for me because I’d been searching for quantum computers and quantum physics and quantum theory and all that stuff, so they thought, “What about quantum hypnosys?” I’m just giving this disclaimer as she talks about “interesting” stuff, to say the least.

        2. Asdasa:
          Basically what you are saying is that she has this “nice girl aura”, which has mesmerized you, since about 90% of the women we meet in America today are colossal cunts, with impossibly bitchy attitudes. So you see this “nicer lady” in these videos and you feel stunned by her niceness, so to speak.
          I get it, I really do. In high school, when I was a Freshman, there was this girl, she was maybe a 4 or 5 tops, but she was so damn nice and sweet that I started to have feelings for her. But it did not last because I am a solid 8 and more attractive women came around and I simply could not resist beauty that was within my reach and I knew I was dating down bigly.
          Any relationship where the appearance of the man and the woman must be within 1-2 points of each other max. Anything outside 1-2 points difference is not a stable situation.
          Now…. you are saying is that if you found this girl 10 years earlier and she looked exactly like her, but 10 years younger, you would wife her up?? 😮
          Putting her “nice girl aura” aside, she is kinda kooky. Yes, she is smiling nicely on the video because she enjoys talking about this crazy stuff. LOL 😉
          But let’s look at other physical attributes. She is also very plain-Jane. Brown eyes, died platinum blonde hair, short hair (warning flag, maybe a yellow flag, but a warning flag nonetheless). She reminds me of the woman from the movie “Normal Life” (1996 movie with Ashley Judd), she is kooky cute girl that ends up marrying a guy and destroying his life.

          To marry someone knowing that it will likely end in divorce later on is not even controversial, it is borderline insane. ❗ Millennials now consider a 4 year marriage to be “a good, long one”, which tells you everything you need to know about that concept for a “marriage with a finite lifespan”. The courts simply will not care about the concept and viewpoint of a “marriage that will likely end in a few years”. The divorce will be as expensive and ugly as you can imagine.
          Do you have any idea the cost of a basic divorce? The misery a man endures? The financial and emotional losses the man will suffer? For the woman, it is all fun and games, she gets to bitch about it to her friends, send you to jail, and take whatever she wants from you.
          I wish I could secretly record and film my boss’ male clients that are going to a divorce. They have this look about them, it is a need to die, a desire for death that cannot be concealed or denied. It is all over theirs eyes, their frail state. Lions turned into kittens. They stare at emptiness, like a soldier with PTSD after losing all his platoon mates looks like. The “divorced men” look is the thousand cock stare for men.
          Bottom line: even if you hope into the BTTF Delorian and you met the younger Allison Coe in real life, please, for Christ’s sake, do NOT marry her, if you think you have more then a 5%-10% chance of a divorce. The misery of it will wipe out any happiness you ever had since the day you were born. Meet and talk to some guys who are divorced now or are in a divorce and they will tell you same story and you will see same misery from them. I kid you not, marriage is a trap that is not worth it, no matter how cute the woman is.
          If Melania Trump wanted to marry me today, I would hesitate, and I think she is stunning in every way. That is how oppose to marriage I am today (and no, I never divorced and had a great happy 12 year marriage to my late wife). It is a suicide pact, where the man swallows the cyanide and the woman swallows a Tic-Tac. 😡

        3. I get what you’re saying, but I’m at a point in my fucking career where one night stands are boring, and long term relationships with crazy (fun) girls is old, so I’m basically trying to find a reason to even bother pursuing females and I am grabbing at personality. I know! Who would have thought.
          That woman’s personality appeals to me because she’s happy doing her thing, and is positive. I’ve dated a co-dependent manic-depressive. Man… put me off dating for years. In my defense she was cute and hid her faults well for the first 6 months. So, yeah, I can get why you can’t understand why someone like that would appeal to anyone, but different strokes for different folks, we’ve all dated different forms of crazy, we’re not all scarred the same way.

        4. @Asdasda:
          I totally get where you are coming from. I am not sure how old you are, but I am gonna be 36 and I have never been much of a guy on the prowl for ONS (One Night Stand) with girls. If an ONS just happened, ok, fine, but I have always preferred relationships over ONS. I never went out with the sole purpose to get a girl back to my place for an ONS and that be it.
          I have always enjoyed the dating process…. oh what is that?? I hear some guys yelling “Beta! Beta!” at me as they read the sentence above. LOL 😀 But I am being honest here. I was in high school mid-to-late 1990s period and it was all relationship-based back then in “middle America”, but the girls were top notch quality back then. The top 3 complaints from my high school friends about their women were 1) Not putting out early enough in the relationship; 2) Their girls wore too much make-up/too high maintenance; 3) they cried when their boyfriends were hurtful to them (sign of a feminine woman IMHO).
          A woman’s personality is critically important when doing an LTR (or God-forbid this day and age, marriage). One thing I always warn guys who want to marry (for some insane reason), to focus on someone of very similar personality, similar likes/dislikes, same religion, and same political views. “Opposites attract” only count when comes to sex. Besides sex, opposites do NOT attract when it comes to relationships or marriage.
          I am serious, woman are masters of deception. I am surprised she managed to hide co-dependent manic-depressive!!! 😮 Give this woman an Oscar!!! lol 😀
          I do not deride you for looking at a woman’s personality since you want a stable LTR situation. You SHOULD look for that. One way to try and match better with a woman that may have similar personality, likes/dislikes, ect similar to yours is ONLINE game! Some guys here on RoK do not like online game, but these websites that you can search and narrow searches a lot can be very helpful!
          I am not talking Tinder; I am talking eHarmony, Match, or ChristianCafe (if you are Christian). Something like that.
          I gave a try at ChristianCafe, the male-women ratio here in my area is almost 3-to-1 women-men, if you narrow “marriage” and “LTR” for relationship types. ❗ So many guys are dropping out of the marriage market, the number of women looking for marriage after 30 is growing exponentially. I COULD exploit this to my advantage and game them accordingly, but I simply cannot hurt Christian girls looking to marry…. -_-
          I hate having a conscience, sometimes! LOL

        5. What a bunch of fuckin poosies. This site is supposed to be about being a man. CC can’t fathom finding a woman regardless of looks that would be a good mom to his offspring and put up with her shit so he can be there for his kids. Weak.

        6. @Jack:
          So you think “being a man” is about finding ANY woman, regardless of her inferior looks and appearance just to procreate (kids that will have physical appearance that is lower then you could otherwise)?? LOL….
          Unless you (Jack) have been married before (or are married now), you clearly do NOT understand how to STAY married. Pumping a kid into a woman is easy. Marrying a random woman who is far below your minimum standards is very easy too. Staying married under these conditions is another issue completely.
          A stable marriage requires a woman who is same religion, around same appearance rating (1-2 points apart, maximum), is a woman willing to be like you, stay in good physical shape and have nice appearance. If the woman is a flake, she will leave, no matter how much game and effort you put into marriage. If she is lazy woman, she will do shit job raising your kids and will get homogonously fat.
          Not for me, jack. I put way too much effort into my appearance, my financial life, and my happiness to do something so absurdly insane.
          Clearly, Jack does not “know jack” about marriage or families. He thinks a man needs to simply wife-up the first ugly woman one that comes by and pump out kids. 🙄
          Talk about a Beta. LOL Go “jack off” and leave the comments to the adults, man.

        7. CC, I see you’ve been using your women’s intuition again. Like most women, you sound fucking dumb. I agree with most of your assessment of women’s behavior, but discounting one because she has a basic face is juvenile like most of your posts. From where Asdasda is sitting, the woman in the video might fit the criteria you outlined in your last lame post but you rip on him without blinking an eye. Very womanish if you. There is more to raising an alpha male son than what I think you’re capable of understanding. Please don’t have your welfare child until your testicles fully develop and the testosterone starts flowing.

      2. In fairness , we have no idea what she’s like on her period when you bring home your second six pack for the week and you want to go out to the garage and work on your truck when she’s been home all day with a crying kid. Been there done that. Suck it up guys. Stick with it for your kids we’ll being. I digress, do it once you’ve had enough fucking “bitches” as everyone seems to put it.

  2. Hilarious stuff! As time goes by western society becomes more degenerate. Can’t wait to see the content of the memes in the next 7 years.
    If the situation will continue on we might become the 1st civilization with a female population made entirely out of sluts.

    1. warblade
      Memes in 7 years…
      White woman, black father
      “Mr. President, we have to put more of these Mulatto orphans on the welfare rolls at $30,000 a year and I don’t know how the taxpayer can afford it”
      White man, black mother
      “Hey son, let’s throw the ball when I come home from work”

      1. Ju’s Ran the slave trade.
        So much so, in fact, that auctions were cancelled if they fell on a Jewish holiday. Disproportionately, they dominated and owned slaves.
        All of the slave ships were also owned by them.
        All of this is easily verifiable.
        Marz is here to do Disinfo on the Goyim

      2. Ju’s lament publicly their dissatisfaction that more people (Whites) are not racially mixing, esp females.
        Oy vey

      1. Fun facts:
        A lot of Jewish traditions & legends came from Babylon(prime originator being Sumer)
        Among them Lilith, one of the symbols of current feminism. The ancient cult was basically proto feminism. Lilith was into into kidnapping & killing infants(abortion) & manipulating men through seduction(cause that’s what female demons do).
        Another interesting fact is that there seemed to be a connection between the Shedim cult, the ancient promoters of the Babel Tower(globalists) & Lilith worshiping(feminism) cause the Shedim were into sacrificing kids(pedophilia & child sacrifice) similar to the Lilith cult.
        So I think u are right, the Babylonians might have been 1st, but we’re taking to another lvl based on the scale of it alone.

        1. warblade
          This might be true but-
          Irish Catholics brought the first real political corruption to the United States (Tammany Hall etc.) and the bureaucracy that was ruling Ireland in the form of the Church. This went on to the era of Kennedy.
          Italians of course, had bribery and corruption to a fine art in Rome.
          The first global power in the United States was the mafia-Lucky Luciano assisted the Allies in the invasion of Sicily through the mafia.
          Pedophilia was and is common in the Irish Catholic church. It is far from just a rabbinical thing.
          Feminism is without a doubt a Jewish thing.
          On the other hand, pornography, which Jewish feminists like Dworkin hated is also dominated by Jews.

    2. @WarBlade:
      Bro, not sure if most of these Memes are funny or sad. :-/ Sure, the Jessica Valenti one and the Tinder ones are funny as hell….
      But if you really think about it, it is actually pretty “sad” when you think about the long-term consequences to our country and society as a whole. It is even worse if you have a child(ren), especially a son. Knowing your son will never ever meet a woman in his own country that is not a whore and he will never have any bonding or even an LTR in his whole life, it is a pretty depressing thought. 🙁
      I think if you go to Sweden or Denmark today, their societies are ALREADY made of an entire population of female whores and sluts. If you compare the average Swedish FemiCunt to an average woman in middle America today (of same age), the American one will be far more “prudish” and have a lower notch count then the Swedish whore.
      Their culture is far more degenerate, less religious, more Marxist, and far more damaged by mass immigration than in America. We still have a good 30% Conservative religious base in the USA today.. and that is far better then anywhere else in Western Europe, hands down.

    “MS-13 is the new Bad Boy in girls’ lives” Latest Yahoo News
    Hey white man, a Ghetto impregnated me and he won’t give me money”
    Hey, Beta, isn’t this guy cute?

    1. Im a cop in LA and this hits home lol. Had to take a rape report once because a chick from WEST LA came home with hickyes all over her body. She said it was from her 18th street gangster ex-boyfriend. She had met him to tell him she was not going to see him again and to stop texting her…. she actually wasn’t pressing charges. It was her fiance, a white beta layer who said she was raped after she was just trying to let him off easy….

      1. HIRAM
        My experience with white girls in Detroit or Phoenix who hang around blacks and Mexicans is the following-
        1) They slowly slide into total drug addiction. First it is a line of cocaine and they fall into full-blown freebase addiction and then end up a crack whore.
        2) They go to jail just because they are in the black or Mexican thugs apartment when it is raided because the guy is selling kilos or pot, coke or whatever.
        3) Most white crack whores end up brutally gang-raped.

      2. This Beta fiancée is like these evil mothers that hate a girl’s totally normal Beta high school boyfriend who just turned 18 and is still banging her 17 year old daughter, and cunt mom press “raaaaaape charges” to ruin the guy’s life.
        The Beta fiancee probably wanted to press charges because HE wants to tell himself that his “perfect little angel” is not a trashy whore for gang members. Oh noooooooo…. But we know better. She is a typical American white trash mudsharking in the ghetto.
        Think about the absurdity of it all: she is engaged (already) while hr supposed “ex” continues to text her ALL THESE MONTHS during her supposed courtship with the Beta, well into her engagement??? LOL 🙄 Why would she go “meet her ex” in person after all this time, now that she engaged, just to tell him not to contact her again??? 🙄 The way to end that is changing your phone number! Ta-dah! Problem solved.
        She clearly went there for a quick bang and she loves being rough-handled by the bad boy, thus the bruises. She probably had been banging the ex the whole time anyway.
        This Beta fiancee better walk away from this trash or he will get royally screwed during a divorce for sure (California, land of the Marxist judges, perfect for predatory women!).
        Probably the only natural resource America will never run out of is white trailer trash women like this entitled little cunt. Hard to feel sorry for such people anyway. 🙄

      3. @Hiram
        This Beta fiancée is like these evil mothers that hate a girl’s totally normal Beta high school boyfriend who just turned 18 and is still banging her 17 year old daughter, and cunt mom press statutory “raaaaaape charges” to ruin the guy’s life.
        The Beta fiancee probably wanted to press charges because HE wants to tell himself that his “perfect little angel” is not a trashy whore for gang members. Oh noooooooo…. But we know better. She is a typical American white trash mudsharking in the ghetto.
        Think about the absurdity of it all: she is engaged (already) while her supposed “ex” continues to text her ALL THESE MONTHS during her supposed courtship with the Beta, well into her engagement??? LOL 🙄 Why would she go “meet her ex” in person after all this time, now that she engaged, just to tell him not to contact her again??? 🙄 The way to end that is changing your phone number! Ta-dah! Problem solved.
        She clearly went there for a quick bang and she loves being rough-handled by the bad boy, thus the bruises. She probably had been banging the ex the whole time anyway.
        This Beta fiancee better walk away from this trash or he will get royally screwed during a divorce for sure (California, land of the Marxist judges, perfect for predatory women!).
        Probably the only natural resource America will never run out of is white trailer trash women like this entitled little cunt. Hard to feel sorry for such people anyway. 🙄

  4. If I were to give a score I would say the Red Pill comics take the no 1 spot.
    Especially seeing that beta dude study only to give the woman the results of his hard labour.
    Men experiment in labs, women experiment with their holes, fuck’s sake.

  5. Great comp, but number 11 is kinda bs though because I remember that being shared around by leftists to mock the manosphere.

  6. An Odd Thing-
    I wonder how prostitutes make a living these days. When I was young in the 1990’s girls my age fucked their boyfriends BUT they were not acting like total whores.
    In the 1990’s if you wanted to get your cock sucked, you paid $40 and got a pro to do it.
    I’ve got nothing against prostitutes to be honest. I’ve been using them all my life.
    But this stupid slutdom of pregnant women with out-of-wedlock children raising taxes through the roof to pay for their 20 minutes of random pleasure is another story.

    1. Losers pay for sex.
      Im a solid 7 and could pull P8ssy every weekend with a diff girl, usually at pub, or place professionals hang out. An approach, smile, small talk and a few drinks..

      1. RW
        Yeah, the same girls from your same town in the same bars or clubs.
        I like to experience sex with a wide variety of nationalities in a variety of countries.
        This sometimes requires the use of prostitutes.
        Losers live in their same birthplace their entire lives and pick up the same women in the same bars they have been frequenting since they were 21.

        1. No
          I dated an NFL Cheerleader, A Miss Calendar girl, lots of nurses and a few others-all considered easily as 8s/9s. Dating and approaching was never hard for me. I played D1 Football in the Big 10, I expected a yes, assume the close.
          Meeting good women isnt that hard. Its a mindset. Thats all.
          Ive never paid for sex, never been with the same hook up girl more than once. I grew up and realized I wanted something that meant something and a woman that could add some meaning to my life, ultimately found my wife.

        2. @ RW
          So you played Big 10 football and you are telling guys to just buy drinks and make small talk? Did you ever think that maybe that works for you because, well…you were born with the genetics to be a Big 10 Athlete??? Sheesh!
          And what are us other guys supposed to do? Bang uglies and fatties and old bags. ‘F’ that!!! As long as I can use $$$ to bang 7s to 10s, I will do it.

        3. RW
          John Dodds will agree that you are A BRIT posing as an American on this blog.
          I don’t why because you are clearly a grown man but you are pretending to be a redneck from the US mid-South when in fact you are a lower middle-class Brit.
          Here’s a secret. You Brit trolls lay it on too think. “NFL cheerleaders” is something a Brit would cite, having no idea how implausible that is.

      2. RW
        Why me? Why are you convinced I am Jewish and why do I offend your sensibilities?

        1. AUTOMATIC
          “Second Thoughts”
          I did not pay 18-20 years for a fuck like many of my friends. Polish Catholic and Irish girls in Detroit in the 90’s were against birth control and many of my friends fucked their life up screwing Wanda or Colleen twice and at 21 becoming a father of a kid.
          I would come home to my bachelor roommates after getting a nice good BJ from a hooker and my roommate would be all bunged-up over some shallow little slut who would not give him pussy or was giving him shit before he could get more.
          Also, at 44 I’d feel a bit stupid hanging around some club full of 20 year old girls who were born when I was on my college Spring Break. And what kind of sex do you get? She’s drunk and half passed out and you are poking her in the boring old missionary position.
          Why bother when you can go to a hooker and get porno-quality sex on demand for a few bucks.
          I feel sorry for a lot of guys I knew in college. They married the first woman they slept with.

        2. @ MM
          I hit a bunch of bars on Saturday night.
          There were lots of young girls there who paid no mind to the 52 year old. But I didn’t care. I had already banged a crazy Chinese girl for $300.

        3. AUTOMATIC
          On clubs-
          Who wants to be in clubs with 20 year old kids when you are my age?

        4. @ MM
          TBH, I like it sometimes.
          Watching the idiots dance around like big bird, when I know I don’t have to.

      3. @RW
        “Losers pay for sex.”
        Perhaps. But I’d rather be a loser banging 20 y/o 8s, 9s and occasional 10s (when I feel like splurging) than a “winner” saddled down with a 40 y/o bag with wrinkles and stretch marks. Paying for sex allows me to routinely bang girls 30+ years younger than myself. Why would I give that up?

        1. And yes, all 40 y/o women are wrinkled old bags. Take away Jennifer Garners/Anniston/Lopez makeup and what do you have? A wrinkled old bag with sagging breasts and loose vagina.

        2. Hey Slim, that’s life. All things God created are imperfect & will fade. The fact that at your age u still find it more necessary to pay random hos $ to enter their body for 10-20 minutes instead of investing in the future of the human race is sad. And I know you said you’re ugly & unwilling to deal with any female under a 7 but, you know what? That’s the cards you’ve been dealt with. All thru these ROK articles several visitors complain about women being hypergamous however, in the same vein, many of them, like you, want a mate out of their league, just like these hypergamous women. I have no problem with guys trying to get 8-10s when they probably aren’t rated that high by women. I do have 1 however when 1) those same guys berate women for doing the exact same thing & 2) they rely solely on the crutch that is money. This is why arranged marriage was popular & effective; some people should not individually decide.

        3. @ Kang
          I suppose I view it a little different than you. I have an older mindset. I come from the very tail end of a time when a male’s net worth were his abilities as a provider and protector (really the same thing) whereas a female’s worth was her youth and beauty. I worked very hard to get where I am financially, and I expect my reward at the end of the rainbow. And if I cannot get it by natural course I will pay for it. Till the day I die if I have to.
          BTW, I believe society ran much better when females had to marry honest, intelligent, hardworking guys for their survival, rather than banging loud obnoxious jerks on motorcycles for kicks.

        4. AUTOMATIC
          Women fuck Alpha male Chad’s the same way that males fuck hookers. Females have no qualms about fucking a Chad right after his dick has been in another woman’s snatch. An Alpha male is the equivalent to a public well, any woman can use him.
          Hookers are the same.

        5. Slim, I agree with your last comment, which is why I made the reference to arranged marriages. Men in countries such as India, China, etc. realized (I believe almost via some divine intervention) that women should not have a say in who they choose & strongly enforced the status quo. I just disagree with you paying for sex not because I’m trying to tell you what to do or anything; I just look at it purely economically. It’s an extreme inflation of market value. I’m the type of guy that would refuse to buy water if I was dehydrated if the store is selling a bottle for $2 & I know they regularly go for $1. I just disagree purely based on the financial aspect. I tried soliciting sex before; I realized that it strongly conflicted w/my core being. After the deed I felt intense irritation, like one who realized he just bought a broken laptop. I couldn’t force myself to stay in that mindset.

        6. AUTOMATIC
          I’m 44 and you know who the losers were? The losers were my buddies in Detroit who paid 18-20 years for a single fuck with a stupid little Polish-Catholic slut whose religion was against birth control or a Hillbilly girl to stupid to use it.
          It is sad as hell to be 21 and a father.
          I had a much better time with the hookers, the cougars, the swingers, the strippers…and eventually I got married anyhow.
          Thank Goodness for the crack cocaine era which was in its waning years in the 1990’s. There were some fairly hot crack whores in Detroit at that time who would DO ANYTHING for $40 or $50.
          You go to the club and pull some chick and fuck her in the dark in a missionary position (Because you don’t know her well enough to ask for anything else) while she is passed out drunk, reeking of Vodka coolers. What fun is that?
          And lets face the fact that young white middle-class women are totally callow. They are shallow at the peak of the beauty. They do not understand the heartbreak that young men feel and twist them around just to give them a bit of sex.
          Thank goodness I spent my youth screwing hookers.
          I got married at 40 anyhow.

        7. @ Kang
          Yeah, I understand. It’s not for everyone. I’ve been doing it for 32 years so I am very desensitized at this point. And yes, I do think the idea of arranged marriage can be a benefit to a society. But for the West, the genie is long gone out of the bottle.

        8. AUTOMATIC
          I came from the AIDS era and the era of birth control.
          What is frustrating to me is not that girls are sluts but that the sluts today are all having kids out-of-wedlock and expecting society to pay for it.
          There have always been beastly men that women regarded as Chads who fucked loads of sluts.
          The difference is that when I was young, these guys used a rubber. Or the girl was on the pill.
          Especially with Mud Sharking-and it may be that blacks are a more fecund-white girls are getting pregnant out-of-wedlock more often.
          When I was young, there were sluts all over but they practiced birth control.

        9. AUTOMATIC
          A great many women are hookers because they like sex. Point blank.
          If I could get paid having climaxes all day from women giving me blowjobs and paying me for them, I would so.
          Half the hookers I’ve been with had an orgasm.
          The idea that all prostitutes hate their customers is a lie, unless you are roughing her up.

        10. @ MM
          Very true.
          Some of the girls I see squirt like Niagara falls. And some love to get bombed with me as well.

        11. Disease, hpv, warts, crabs, rip off artists, and stigma of being such a loser you resort to prostitution. No thx.
          I can get digits off of any good looking college aged waitress or bartender I want and go from there. It may take a date or 2, but Im not worrying about any of the downsides you are with professional sex workers. Even their titles are disgusting. Derelicts use them.

        12. @RW
          “Disease, hpv, warts, crabs, rip off artists…”
          Oh, and you think you won’t get that from girls in bars, clubs tinder, etc..?
          “I can get digits off of any good looking college aged waitress or bartender I want..”
          Ever think that a few us of us, just a few, were not born with the genetics to be a Big 10 football player? That’s like Brad Pitt telling a guy to “just be yourself”. Ridiculous.
          Finally, I don’t give 2 dead flies about any “stigma”.

        13. “… pussies being hypergamous however, in the same vein, many of them, like you,…”
          MALES are polygamous by nature, you moron! If pussies being hypergamous is OK, then they could have never been able to “falsely accuse” a MAN.
          MEN are biologically “active” and are polygamous by nature/evolution.
          Why 99.99% of prostitutes on this Planet are females !? Why MEN have to pay pussies for se$ !? and why not the other way around !?
          “. .with guys trying to get 8-10s when they probably aren’t rated that high by pussies”
          Do you even know anything about pussy “rating” !? Do you even know that MEN and pussies are NOT “equal” !?
          At the basic level, it is more than enough for a pussy to have a “pussy”, but a MAN is expected to have many more; apart from his “Power House” aka Dick!
          Including but not limited to MONEY!
          Dumber! pussy is not something that comes with being Hardworking, Intelligent, Resilient, Strong & Powerful !!
          A society with hypergamous pussies will surely degenerate, but NOT when the same (hypergamous) is applied to MEN.
          I absolutely don’t see anything wrong in what @AutoS said (and doing).
          With the kind of privileges the pussies are enjoying & basking; Yes, female hypergamy is a “sin”.

        14. Still a Kang nails it. A lot of “incels” are “incels” because they are 5s at best and insist on banging 7s at least–and for free. Good luck with that. Just don’t be running people over because the 7+ girls aren’t giving you a tumble.

        15. I wasnt born with genetics.
          I trained, lifted and ate like a mad man.
          Im not great looking but not bad either. I still work at it. Everyone can improve physically, it goes a long way, as do clothes to accentuate to look ones best.
          My advice to those not athletes:
          Pretend youre a billionaire talking to women, if need be, at least initially. It Gives you the boost of confidence you need.
          Or learn to liven up and tell jokes, be the funny guy. I had uglier short, balding friends and they always seemed to do well with the ladies with what they had. Confidence is huge. Use what you have.

        16. 90% of women are unbangable?
          Did you actually just write that?
          Youd rather pay a disgusting, meth addicted prostitute, with heaven knows what diseases, risk arrest, ripoff rather than a better than average or average looking girl in the West?
          Thats degenerate, false and blatantly fraudulent.
          Losers and only losers have to pay to have sex.
          Some of us work on talking to girls, being confience, lifting and working out and being social to enhance our chances and opportunties to find decent girls.

        17. @RW
          “90% of women are unbangable?
          Did you actually just write that?
          Youd rather pay a disgusting, meth addicted prostitute, with heaven knows what diseases, risk arrest, ripoff rather than a better than average or average looking girl in the West?
          Thats degenerate, false and blatantly fraudulent.”
          – Those words right there prove it to me. You are not an Englishman. Or any kind of man. Those are the words of a Cat Lady. So which one are you? “Jennifer”, “Future Cat Woman”, etc..?
          Only a female thinks like that. Of course a female’s net worth is youth and beauty. I can hire an old bag housekeeper for cooking and cleaning.
          Nice try.

      4. RW
        Not in Ohio. You’re a Brit. It is showing up in your grammar left and right, and the sytax.
        Why do grown men get on this blog and pretend to be characters like children making prank phone calls?
        You’re a grown British man and you are pretending to be an American redneck on this blog.
        Do you have time on your hands or what?

        1. Im in Ohio, dumbass.
          I Follow and followed the Reds, Bengals, Browns-Dad from Cleveland-Rocky River-(My Italian Grandma worked in Little Italy in the 1940s-Mayfield Road), and Steelers-(My Mom from Pittsburgh. Mt Lebo South Hills to be exact).
          Im in SW Ohio now. Traveled alot but never to British Isles, hopefully next year, you big dummy.
          I use proper Kings English-had a great English teacher in High School, and I speed read which allows me to have a high command of our Language. I also am wise to the JQ.
          How dumb you must feel now….

      5. RW, there’s terms you use that expose you. I won’t tell you which ones because I don’t want you to be able to correct, but they are weird awkward terms no American would use.

        1. BURNER
          Cliches Across the Pond.
          “My name is Sir Raleigh Dalton and I am the son of a baronet.”
          “I live in a castle with a butler and go off to the rookery on fox hunt’s old chap.”
          “Don’t doubt for a moment I am English. my family lives on a pond with lots of Swans and SHITE.”
          Sad thing is, I have my doubts the guy is even white. I make him for a UK Asian. Probably a pakistani.

        2. Dude,
          Im as American as you are or any other hick on here.
          From SW Ohio, Mom from Canton/Pittsburgh & Dad from Cleveland.
          I had a decent English teacher, I use proper Kings English, am dedicated to doing so. I can be a Dese and dose blue collar guy when I want, but I have a sharp intellect & manner of speaking.
          I know Pittsburgh dialect- ‘yins, dontown, gummy bands’ and the Nasally Cleveland dialect- as well as Dayton hillbilly and annoying Cincinnati- Long A’ sounds.
          I know all there is to know about the Reds & Bengals-followed them since the 1970s. Ive never been to the Brit Isles. Saying Im English is plain Fn stupid.

      6. I would say instead that losers ALWAYS have to pay for sex (because they would’nt have anything otherwise).
        And please, no need to brag how good or handsome you pretent to be, or how many cunts you had or you pretend to had, nobody cares and btw, it’s a girl thing.

        1. @faraway
          Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but IMO, seeing as how 90 percent of females are unbangable, I would argue that using escorts is a grat strategy for guys who can afford it, and weren’t lucky enough to be born looking like George Clooney or Tom Brady. No 5s for me, thank you.

        2. Hi Slim,
          my previous message was aimed at that bragger named RW (bc of statements like “i’m a solid 7”, i pulled that girl and that girl etc. Such bragging is unbearable here, sounds like any girl posting here, just bragging how different and better they are), not to criticize you.
          My point was to refer to some fat ugly omega loser whom no girl would even talk to him, he has no choice except to pay for sex. I don’t think you or any guy of this site is in that category i was refering to, because all guys here had the red pill and improved themselves to the point they can pull some pussy (5 or + whatever) without pulling their wallet each time.
          Doing some hookers from time to time is great indeed, i did it myself in the past (not now because i’m fed up to pay for something i can have for free)
          Btw, 90% of girls unbangable ? seriously ? not marriage material, i can agree but unbangable.. well that’s a question of standards after all, i guess (btw i don’t live in anglo country, perhaps it explains my surprise)

        3. Its not a brag to say youre a solid 7. Thats what I am.
          Maybe an 8 in tip top shape, which I am no longer but could be in 6 weeks.
          Its not a brag if its true. Unbearable or not, this site lacks testosterone and Im giving friendly advice.
          Yes, I dated a Bengals NFL Cheerleader, a Miss (My City) Calendar girl and Ohio beauty pagaent contestant, and a host of very good looking professional gals-Execs & nurses.
          I didnt have game, I had confidence. Something many on here lack. its everything, for short, balding, fat guys too. Work on THAT, looks arent everything. Confidence and the ability to connect, are.
          Again, only losers pay for sex to a professional whore.
          And all of the risks associated with it, including arrest and disease.

    1. In my opinion, bringing kids into this world is insane, especially with the type of women portrayed here.

      1. CHRIS
        “Especially with the type of woman portrayed here”
        Which begs the question, since my generation was the first of single slutty women who never intended to marry or reproduce what society is going to do with these women when they are old.
        They never married so they did not divorce-rape a man out of a house. No kids to provide monetary or emotional support. Whose going to take care of them?

        1. madman marz May 7, 2018
          “Which begs the question, since my generation was the first of single slutty women who never intended to marry or reproduce what society is going to do with these women when they are old.”
          Why do you think western countries are allowing mass migration? Politicians and policymakers are betting that these newcomers (at least their offspring) are going to be net tax payers in the future. Tax money that will fund a large and ever growing healthcare industry.

        2. ace
          Yeah, right-
          Half these mass immigrants WILL BE ON WELFARE THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. The way welfare is headed the fucking system will be BLED DRY in Sweden in 10 years because all the white people will be old and young Muslim males prefer coke deals and stealing cars to honest labor.
          You mean to tell me all these immigrants will get WHITE COLLAR jobs from Salvador and Mexico? “Hey guys, let’s throw over the MS-13 to be productive citizens.”
          What labor jobs they get are usually under-the-table with zero pension anyhow.
          Jews at least hold a job (Usually well-paying) and pay taxes even if their women make dirty movies.
          Indians and Filipinos (I’ve lived in both countries) send every sent home and most of them work in the US in 5 years and then return home to live as millionaires.
          None of these assholes are going to pay into the system barring the odd Vietnamese immigrant engineer or whatever.
          What a joke!

        3. ACE
          Major Truth Pill
          Most Mexicans and Muslims in Europe who are not doing coke deals or stealing cars for a living work in menial under-the-table jobs. What does this pay for?
          A few Chinese surgeons or something cannot offset this pattern.
          Especially Europe. The Muslims are on welfare their entire life, hold some utterly menial position or make a living in the underground economy of pimping 12 year old girls or selling heroin wholesale or stealing cars or whatever is illegal and pays the best.
          How will these assholes pay for shit when Phoebe is 60 and has spent her life in the coffee shop talking about how she hates men and not having kids with fuck all of her own for savings and no house she divorce raped from a man?

        4. Poverty. Instant poverty and dying alone. When a woman is old, senior citizen old, she is done. She is worthless. Especially if she did not marry or have kids. There is no point to her existence any further except being a bitter crazy cat hag.

        5. Note the lady who was found dead and was dead for 3 years before anyone found her. No one cared to look for her or even suspect her as missing.

        6. Juicy
          To be fair, that isolated type of death affects people of all ages these days because we are all drastically atomized. Some places I have lived I wondered how long it would be before somebody discovered me.

        7. If Abdul in Europe or Carlos or Jamal in the US do get a legit job that makes enough to pay taxes, they likely won’t want to pay to subsidize old white people. There is already talk about social security being white privilege because whites get on average bigger checks than our darker skinned replacements

      2. This is mostly millenial train wrecks.
        Alot of younger Gen Z are nothing at all like this. I know, because Im raising 3 of them. I look at them, their friends and social network.
        Totallly diff generation with diff priorities by and large.

        1. Redneck
          If you are Gen X (Born in the late sixties maybe?) then you have to remember that people born from 1965 to 1985 grew up in a Golden Age of prosperity.
          I was born in 1974 and in the 1990’s anybody who could walk and talk could have a job. The economy was so prosperous that women who came of age in the 90’s just figured they would earn enough throughout their entire life to buy a house and did not need a partner.
          Gen Z was born in the year 2000 or after, during the Iraq War when a stupid redneck alcoholic bum destroyed the economy with purposeless war.
          As a result, the magic dust of Bill Clinton’s hippie-dippie liberalism did not rub off on them.

        2. Dude, your embarrassing trite is so 2000 and late. We get it, Mr. Heisman. You enjoy running around playing the gayest sport in America with blacks, and then LARPing as a Baby Boomer with a well-manicured lawn with some post-wall THOT bearing your water-head kids…and you don’t want to be the only one doing it. Your upbeat white-knight chivalry has been disproven again and again and again. I would rather see my race perish than see it succumb to this SWPL faggotry.
          You aren’t the first one to shout this spiel. Gavin McInnes did it first.
          Your personal anecdotes do not negate statistics, history or current trends.

    2. herb
      I’d tell her my sad youthful experiences with sluts and how men regarded them.
      I’d tell her about the girl I knew in college who got genital warts on Spring Break. I’d tell her about the Mud Sharks I knew who went to jail because the black guy they were living with had a kilo of coke in their apartment. I’d tell about all the guys I knew on the run from child support because they had no interest in seeing the best years of their life complicated by a kid.
      I’d change the names but I would tell her my own experiences. The girls I fucked whom I never talked to again. The time I called the cops on a girl I fucked once with mental problems who stalked me. The fact that most men in their twenties just want to a receptacle for their semen and 20 minutes of fun. The young women we laughed at because they gave everyone a blow who ended up bitter old slags at 30 with no chance of getting an eligible bachelor.
      I’d tell the scary stories of the crack whores I knew who were gang-raped by 10 black thugs who knew that the police would not give a shit. About the Claire the coke head next door who was raped by her dealer and her dealer’s friends in HER apartment. About the predator black males I knew who would befriend 14 year old white girls and then rape them. About John Jarvinen telling the Polish-Catholic girl to put the baby up for adoption because he wanted nothing to do with it. About Tasha who ended up dating Scott the pot dealer, dropping out of college, getting thrown out of her parent’s house with no education and nowhere to go and living with Scott’s mother in a trailer and then dating another thug who went to jail for killing a girl…but not before having the girl’s baby.
      I’d tell her all the truths I have learned in my life.

    3. Isn’t blackpill just a neomasculine version of emo nihilism? You know, everything sucks, don’t care if the world blows up, etc.

  7. America the land of degenerate decay. There is only so much joke in a joke. It will get much worse in the next ten years. You have been warned.

    1. KIETH
      Whites will degenerate and further lose any relevance. Asians and Jews will remain intact as family units and remain in the middle class. Whites won’t. It is hard to remain in the middle-class when you are born out-of-wedlock.
      We will also see a great many women in middle age who have very little because they never married or had children-just fucked around until they were 40 and became spinsters. No house from a divorce rape, no kids to help support them.
      Finally, the welfare system will run out and be unable to support dim whites born out-of-wedlock in addition to blacks. There simply won’t be enough money from other people to perpetuate the system. At this point, society will turn into India with children begging, stealing, living in the road.

      1. Aside from the jungle Asians (Bobby Lee’s phrase), Far East Asian birthrates are far more dire than white populations, even without feminism. Asian men are rebelling against gyno-traditionalism, while we Westerners are rebelling against gyno-feminism. China is going to be in an even worse position than Japan or South Korea.
        A case of Slouching Tiger, Impotent Dragon

        1. China and India shot themselves in the foot. They are what happens when patriarchal beliefs systems cater to men. Those two countries have way more men than females. Apples to oranges on that one. However, both countries made it well known about their preferences for men as women were seen as burdens.
          India and China are situations that do not apply to red pill or neomasculinity scopes.
          Furthermore, eventually I see those men in those countries resuming imperialism simply because of the drop in birth rate.

        2. So American football is the gayest sport in America?
          Larping as a baby boomer?
          What Fn drugs are you on? Mr I want to get back at all the evil women and have Nggr type meaningless sex with no consequences…
          American football, next to MMA, is THE ultimate in Alpha sports. Fields are like prison yards. Unless youve taken on NFL defensive Ends and LBs, asserting your dominance after the whistle, youd know nothing about it. You comments are pure stupidity and smell of beta fag.
          Im not a Baby boomer. Im older, but dont fall into that generation. Grew up in the 1980s. Times were good but not great. I grew up on fried bologna, peanut butter and had jack chit until my 20s.
          1990s job prospects were horrible under Bush 1, thats the hand I got dealt. I Worked hard, Played D1 ball, declined an NFL/Canadian tryout offer and got on with my life. Made lots of mistakes, learned from them, learned alot about women, how to manage them, what to look for, and what not…and started a family. Im here to offer advice to bitter, faggy, mgtow wannabees that insist on meaningless Nggr sex with women out of their range.

        3. I’m probably better looking than you, weirdo. Women actually approach ME.
          Football is by far the gayest sport. You’re the last white male to watch it. A bunch of sweaty negroes in tights grabbing each other chasing a ball, while Baby Boomer weirdos like you wear the name of your favorite black buck on your back screaming at the television or in a seat at a bar IN PUBLIC, getting in fights with other creepy voyeur geezers rooting for the other group of feral thugs.
          You are the definition of a cuck. I bet you would let one rape your wife and daughter if it meant you could get season tickets or whatever it is you ‘fans’ want.
          Yeah, I stand by my statement. You just strike me as some hopeful virgin type who worships women he can’t have. You’re a gynocrat and a white knight because you’re afraid of reality.
          Have fun watching your gay sport, which has the highest right of homosexuality of all sports. Something like 10 percent of the NFL is gay, just how you like it.
          LOL your normalcy bias is pathetic and cliché. You SO BADLY want the world to stay as it was under Reaganism that you lie to yourself and everybody else so that we all get back on the plantation and slave away for your make-believe world.
          You sound like some neocon who just found out about (((them))).
          Your posts suck.

    2. JUICY
      Tough to engage in imperialism with a plunging birth rate, unless you want to conquer the world with middle-aged soldiers.

      I’m German-American and my German is rusty but some of it I could make out.
      That is about right.

        1. Redneck
          Like most rednecks, you call others degenerates when you drink and fight in dive bars, probably did meth or coke when you were younger, did some county time in jail (Not prison) for DUI or some other minor offense.
          I’m not a Jew and the amount of Khazar blood IN Jews is wildly exaggerated. They are basically a mongrel race beget by Levant males who intermarried with Italian females in Roman times and eventually with other European women. There is also possibly Negro in their genes from the Africans who followed the flight of Moses.
          I’m no Jew.

        2. RW
          You’re a Britisher, in fact. I don’t know why, but certain phrases and remarks in your syntax give it away.
          I think you are the SAME BRIT who appeared on this blog before pretending to be a white USMC a few months back.
          Dodds exposed you.

    2. Satcadir
      US Army Base Germany (Anywhere)
      German girl: Tyrone, we are going to have a baby.
      Tyrone the Black GI: Bitch, you might be having a baby but it ain’t mine and I am going back home.

  8. selfish bastards, the pain they recieve is well deserved and to the sorry betas you get these post wall idiots you rip what you saw

      In my own youth, I fucked many girls. I lied to most of them, only wanting some sex. I also visited to prostitutes.
      Many girls I fucked only once and then never spoke to again, or fucked them several times and never spoke to them again.
      I never intended on relationships only to get my dick wet.
      The entire time I was postponing marriage and children until I was 40.
      I also fucked hundreds of prostitutes. One reason I moved overseas was the wide variety of ethnicity of prostitutes I used. I’ve used prostitutes in the Arab Gulf, India, Arizona, Michigan, Canada, London, Amsterdam, Spain, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Philippines (Loads), Thailand and Bangladesh.
      In my younger years I accidentally broke up a relationship just fucking a girl on summer holiday.

  9. There’s a way to assert yourself aa a man and avoid the wrong sorts of women without this sort of misogny.
    Women can be annoyng, capricious, and frustrating as fuck all. It’s a sad that 80% of the women are only really physically attracted at a superficial level to 20% of the men. It sucks that, because men are so easy, pre-wall women have 24/7 access to sex and that they equate their “power” to wonton promiscuity.
    But, unless you want to be gay or celibate, the best strategy is self improvement + selectivity.
    Being young and thirsty sucks, I’ve been there. Feeling like hot girls are fucking everyone but you can build into a cauldron of rage if you let it; it’s best to step back from the precipice and take stock of who you are and your own goals. Memes like this simply feed the angst that frustrated young men feel.
    I’m not sure what the “black pill” endgame is unless it’s to convince enough men to give up that it undermines western culture. Maybe “black pill” is a feminist, LGBTQEIEIO sjw trojan horse sent to demoralize young men to the point that they cede the so called “patriarchy.”

    1. No More Pills
      “Thirsty” young men. You can get a prostitute anywhere. In high school I was upset and heartbroken but once I started hiring prostitutes at 19 I no longer bothered with the rage or anger. If you want sex, you get a hooker. Eventually, I married anyhow.
      There were less sluts when I was young (Nineties) but most sluts I knew came to a bad, bad end.
      To begin with, the top 20 desirable men cannot actually support a harem. They fuck a variety of women and in the case of white trash and blacks usually there is one woman who is stuck raising the kid without the man’s financial support. Of course there are rich Alpha males but most of the bastards I knew as young man had a kid with a slut at 20 and went off on their merry way to pursue other women.
      Most other sluts just end up old and single and broke. When you are 35 Chads are not interested in the career slut and the slut is too old/undesirable to attract the average Beta.
      In a way, female sluts end up far worse off than male ones. I was a male slut but at 40 I was still virile enough to attract a 31 year old to marry me. By then I had fucked hundreds of sluts and prostitutes but no matter.
      Women on the other hand, cannot attract a Beta even after 35. The real hard-line sluts who are still clubbing and fucking around at 30 are screwed.
      For the most part the slut ends up mistreated by the Alpha because most Alphas are irresponsible assholes. This is 10 x the case with blacks. Their entire reproductive strategy is an R/K one and if the US were not able to dole out welfare Detroit and Atlanta would look like Africa with starving children.
      White sluts age badly. They are used by a variety of men and it becomes obvious with age. Few men treat them well, because these sort of men do not arouse them. They are aroused at the thought of sucking the cocks of beastly men. As a result, their lives are sordid experience of being on their knees in dirty places, of motel rooms after clubbing feeling used by a guy who cannot wait to zip the trousers up and leave having shot his load, of unfulfilling empty lives.

      1. By far Marz is the smartest dumbass on ROK. Because this clown was obviously roughed up by countless blacks growing up in Detroit, he generalizes all black experience based on what he believes occurs in the ghetto. There are numerous black middle class communities throughout the nation in which that 1 alpha male for every 10 women reality doesn’t exist. For that reason you shouldn’t equate blacks as a whole with white trash, which you do. But since you’re a smart dumbass, I won’t be surprised if you learn nothing from this post.

        1. What is up with blacks and your goofy words and phrases like ‘pigment’ and ‘compunction’ and ‘smart dumbass?’ It’s like one of your big brained ‘nibbas’ lazily thumbed through a thesaurus and started saying random words he landed on enough that all of you picked up on it. Kind of like ‘Elijah Muhammad’ (fake Muslim black guy name) lazily glossed through the Koran and invented all these memes about white people that all of you adopted: ‘cave men, neanderthal, inbred.’
          The weirdest one is how you guys picked Ancient Egypt to be your mythological ethnogenesis. Why?

      2. I agree with most of your observations. We’re probably close to the same age, because I turned 18 in the early 90’s.
        First, female promiscuity and their pursuit of “bad boys” is definitely a lower class mentality that perpetuates their poverty via single motherhood. I attribute much of tbis behavior to the advent of state-as-surrogate-husband and tbe lower education levels of this type of woman.
        I disagree with you about escorts; although, if that worked for you, then more power to you. When I was stationed in Germany in the 90’s, I visited a few Frankfurt brothels and found the experience too sere and transactional. I’ll always prefer a regular woman who’d rate as a 7/10 on looks but who loves being with me over a perfect 10/10 prostitute who’d just close her eyes and fuck for the money. Doesn’t matter who the girl is — she could be the biggest smokeshow on earth — if she doesn’t actually want to be with you (aside from getting paid), chances are, you’d feel like shit afterward.
        My experience was this: if you’re confident, take care of yourself, and have even a little bit of wit and sone social skills, it’s easy enough to get laid. I’m nowhere near being a “Chad” and even before I started making much money, I was doing fine in the Pre-PUA era (90’s – early 00’s). The trick is to be smart about the type of woman you commit to
        I got married a 23 year old woman when I was 31. So far so good 14 years into it. I’m not here because of any MGTOW or red pill angst. I’m more of an anti-sjw/traditional American values type of guy.
        All of this said, there were a few tenporary incel “dry spells” for me (the longest was eight months) during my early 20’s that turned me into some kind of bitter Dostoyevsky character. I found that changing my own outlook greatly increased my chances. It’s easy for a guy who gives up to start to feel like Gollum after a while. I could’ve easily become a proto-typical “black pill” guy but saw my way out of it.
        My advice is:
        1. Learn to identify damaged/promiscuous women and, if you must fuck them, harden your heart to them — avoid letting the provider/protector instinct get the better of you or developing an unrequited crush on one of them at all costs.
        If men hold women to a higher standard, they’ll behave accordingly because women want and need us more than they’ll ever let on. That “patriarchy” the feminists whine about was established for a reason and women willingly bought into it.
        That said, also don’t put a good woman who isn’t a skank down just because you think AWALT. Finding decent women can be a challenge: online dating is a cesspool (it always has been since it started in the late 90’s), bars and clubs usually only attract the shallow girls who are after the next shiney object. Practicing day game and starting conversations with women outside of bars or the Internet pays dividends. I met my wife in the waiting room of a dentist’s office.
        2. Keep your damn head up. Low morale permiates your psyche and undermines you.
        3. Don’t self-victimize and don’t demonize others.
        4. Never, never, never, never give up.

        1. Beautiful post. This is exactly what ROK needs. I’m so fucking sick of the ‘woe is me’ mentality and the stupid infighting between guys bragging about how many hookers they’ve banged. Jesus christ. I’ve got nothing against prostitution but bragging about fucking a hooker is as stupid as bragging about a nice car you rented on vacation. It doesn’t mean anything.
          You need to write an article for this site.

  10. Meme #2 is the best one.
    Especially the first cartoon.
    One final frame would have made it even better.
    Showing the blown out slut chasing aster the well off studious guy, but he’s not interested because he is having too much fun banging 20 y/o escorts.

  11. guys in their 20s looking to settle down should know that your girl will have a 50+ body count and has been [email protected]@nged a few times but will tell you that she only had 5 sexual partners in her lifetime. The decline of the West is here.

  12. Black Pigeon Speaks really nailed this one. Feminism is just one gigantic 60-year long shit-test. None of this pussy-hatted bullshit that is being thrown at us is what women are really want. They’re like the Mcauley Culkin character in Home Alone – the scene where he’s sitting abandoned in his living room trying to deal with his fear and loneliness by watching trash television and eating junk food. He desperately shouts out something like “hey you guys! I’m watching garbage on teevee and eating junk! You better come in and pound me!!” and is disappointed by the ensuing silence. His actions and words were a cry for the emotional assurance of the presence of the kind authority of his parents and family. He knew that as a child he needed that and he just wasn’t going to be okay home alone. American women are like that. They engage in all sorts of outrageous behavior like aborting their children, fucking without restraint, dressing up like vaginas and chanting “Cunt!” at the local community theater’s production of the Vagina Monologues, all aimed at eliciting a firm response by strong and assertive American men who will step up and shut them down firmly yet lovingly, thus dampening their panties and giving them what they really want: to feel secure in the gentle constraints of legitimate and benevolent authority. But after 60 years of their slovenly thottishness, American men just look at them and say the words that every pussy-hatted Slut Walker fears is the truth – “It’s not worth it. You’re not worth it. You’re simply not worth my time, my effort, or my love.” And so, naturally, they seek the constraints of authority from the government, and try to import Muslims and others – men who just might be up to the task of taming these debauched wenches. The thing we men have to get is that A Handmaid’s Tale is just another bodice-ripper novel allowing women to indulge fantasies of what they really want while giving them the space and the permission to separate themselves from it by condemning the society therein depicted. And we men need to tell women clearly that we are on to them and we don’t care.

    1. Dude, great insight.
      I always loved ‘Home Alone’, but I never realised the poignancy of that scene until you analysed it just now. And you’re totally correct about feminism just being another shit test.
      This is what MGTOW guys don’t seem to get- like if you want to do your own thing and avoid women, then do it. But I’m not convinced by these MGTOW’s who then spend every comment/ every video bitching about how terrible women are. Like, if you’ve turned your back on women, why do you give a shit?
      After all, women are only as bad as we allow them to be. This is why I can only feel ridicule for brainwashed, hysterical 3rd wave train wrecks but I absolutely despise cucks and vagina worshippers with the very pit of my being.

      1. These memes are straight out of the old Incel reddit corum that was shut down a while back. They’re nothing new and were made up by Incels to feed their collective “it’s hopeless” mantra.
        I maimtain with galf/seriousness that the Incel “blackpill” is an sjw plot to demoralize young cisgendered straight men and cause them to retreat into solitude. Even if it isn’t, that’s the result it gets.
        Guys who are struggling with women need positive help and encouragement toward self improvement — not a bunch of hate memes that fuel their nihilism.

  13. The person who drew those cartoons is dangerous, that said, they were f-ing hysterical.

  14. Bravo sir, quality memes very entertaining and most importantly…HONEST.

  15. The only meme you need:
    When a women refuses to give a man her best years then no man is obligated to be there for her worst.

  16. To these guys advocating the benefits of soliciting call girls (that i can agree on and dont discount the huge bullshit bypass from typical courtship), but i do have a question. Do you ever kiss these girls? I long and passionate sensual makeout? (besides the fact her mouth has been used to recently to relieve another johns testicular pressure) Isn’t there something missing from your mechanical encounter? Love? Or at least the illusion of it. Some of my most cherished moments with some girls, was the steamy night of kissing her in my chevy truck or the cloudy afternoon me and a diff chick slowkissed for an hr & our phones didnt ring or the backseat of a theater etc. Id never trade those memories for 20 freebies from your cheap gook streetwalkers ever in my life.

    1. PASSING
      No, the pants drop and the call girl drops with them and then straight into doggy-style.
      That is what you hire a hooker for.
      As a young man I fucked a had a few ordinary girlfriends too.
      But truthfully, if these relationships had panned out I would have been stuck in Detroit wouldn’t I?

    2. PASSING
      “Kissing in movie theaters” That is high school shit, bro. Grown men sometimes require porno-style sex from the pros.
      “Cheap Gook Streetwalkers”
      If I had impregnated any of the few girlfriends I had in college or the relationship had led to anything all I would have was “memories”.
      Think I wanted to be stuck in in the Rustbelt because some Polish girl who was a 6 when we were 20 had a kid with me or we married?
      Instead, I’ve had the liberty to move around the world doing what I want.

      1. @MM
        Trade in “rustbelt” for Appalachia and “polish girl” for “trailer park skank” and we have similar stories of avoiding bad choices. I couldn’t agree with you more that getting saddled with some local girl right out of the gate is a bad move — unless the local girl in question supports your ambitions and doesn’t impede your career, etc. Many of my old high school friends did this and they’re now stuck in a small town cliche (and their wives aren’t exactly the stay healthy types).
        However, there’s a middle ground between getting stuck in blue collar hell in your hometown and banging escorts. In my experience, it was better to date around in my 20’s before settlng down in my 30’s (with a younger woman). The difference is that I got relationship and sexual technique practice with women I dated vs just forking over cash for a quickie with a hooker. Not to mention that my self esteem never suffered.
        To each their own — I won’t say that you and Auto are losers for choosing the escort route — and you apparently ended up married, albeit later in life — but hookers aren’t a panacea for everyone and carry a lot of health and safety risks. Most hookers would rob their customers if they could get away with it. A good book on the topic is “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim.
        Ironically, you, Auto, and the other “hobbyists” are aligned with the third wave feminists that whores (“sex workers” as they call them) are awesome. Google the term “SWERF” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The old school 70’s-80’s era feminists and the newer “sex positive” generation of feminists appear to amusingly be at odds on this topic. They all portray men who buy sex as evil but the new school feminist hamster wheel casts the prostitutes (meaning voluntary ones, not the ones who are trafficked) themselves as “empowered.”

  17. The other week I went to my doctors for a physical. There was a very pretty M.A there that helped me get ready for my appointment. I thought she was very attractive and she was pretty well built. Turned out she is a professional wrestler/MMA/boxer. So she was cute as hell. I thought about asking her out when my appointment was over but I didn’t see her. A week later she called me to do a follower up and I asked her out over the phone. She told me “not right now” but thanked me for asking as she was very flattered.
    At that point I thought that was the end of it and went on with my life. I was telling my gym trainer about it and he asked me her name, I told him, and it turned out that she’s a regular at my gym. I’ve seen her a few times since and been a bit too embarrassed to say anything to her.
    Last week I went back to the doctors cause I had a bad ear ache and she helped me again, so we got to talk more. She told me if I ever see her at the gym that I’m almost welcomed to go over and chat. However I don’t have her number or anything.
    At this point should I get to know her a bit more before asking her out again or should I wait a bit and see if we have any chemistry?

    1. The answer is No if you dont ask
      Dont make it formal, just coffee, beer or smoothie, Go from there.
      Let her talk 2/3 of the time. Ask her questions, compliment but dont overdue it.
      Get her number-say Give me your number, and Ill call you sometime, maybe we do this again. Then wait 3-4 days, maybe a week and do what you said. Dont be over eager. Cool & Confident, act like you dont give a F

  18. ironic that a site started by a guy selling losers on how to pick up chicks, has an article decrying women as sluts.

    1. There’s something that always bashes men, calling them every nasty thing one can imagine…now, let’s see, what was it…
      Oh, yes- “the mainstream media.”

  19. I wish I knew that in my 20s. I honestly believed in being ‘good’ to women – of no avail. Later, I started to grow a beard, drank a lot and had wild parties and all of the sudden I got women. Not many (I’m not good looking), but enough to feel like a man.
    Today I’m 50. Yes, I’m an old fart, but still in the game. I am trying out different techniques to pull young women and I have to say that they are always respectful tome, even if I ask them out for a date or touch them. I never got stupid answers or bitch behaviour. Not sure if this is a good sign or not 😉
    Thanks to ROK and the manosphere. You’re doing an important job!

  20. Anyone who uses “…be like…” or “LMAO” or any of that gang banger multicultural millenial written lingo should be sent to a labor and reeducation camp.

    1. LMAO isn’t hoodrat slang. It’s text-talk for “laughing my ass off.” The fact that you think LMAO is gang banger talk makes me LMMFAO right now!

  21. So true, haha. I like reading ROK and as a female age 20 I got married to my husband who is age 37, a love marriage, he isn’t rich! This is happiness.
    Today both men and women waste their youth drinking and whoring, some even continue married, if you are married why on earth go clubbing or to a bar without your spouse, it is whore houses where people all come for one thing.

    Ineptitude, desperation and solipsism are behind nearly every female action.

  23. My wife taught me, “Women are like buses. There’s always another on the way.”
    So Brutal. So True.

  24. Gentlemen: You need to put this into one of your articles.
    The Western World has quietly become a civilization that has tainted the interaction between men and women, where the state forcibly transfers resources from men to women creating various perverse incentives for otherwise good women to inflict great harm onto their own families, and where male nature is vilified but female nature is celebrated. This is unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020.
    This is the site for details http://www.singularity2050.com/2010/01/the-misandry-bubble.html

  25. Totally agree… I am an Indian and have now woken up to this world of thundercunt’s…

  26. Yep. Women are shallow creatures. The Albanian criminal meme reminded me of a tv show in the UK called the fall. The lead character was a sadistic murderer played by an actor named Jamie Dornan who can’t act for shit but is handsome. Every single woman I know who saw this show suggested that they would over-look his predatory murder simply because he was attractive. They pretended that they were joking but they weren’t some of them were getting turned on as they spoke. Just lose some body fat and make some money and you will get women it’s that simple. It literally does not matter what you do as long as you are decent looking and have some money. In fact being a cunt might actually be a positive.

  27. So as someone who actually likes women, can someone explain how any of these make sense?

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