3 Ways To Be More Successful At Online Dating

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With technology making it both easier to connect with people around the world—and making it more difficult to interact with people on the streets—online dating has become a important part of every man’s repertoire. But how do you make online dating work for you? Given that women can easily use online dating as a means to get attention–or hide unpleasant things about themselves, such as obesity or social justice—how can you avoid time-wasters, freaks and psychos?

Whether you’re in cyberspace or meatspace, meeting girls is a numbers game, but there are a number of ways you can narrow down the field and find a girl who’s right for you. Here’s how…

1. Filter out girls who are politically incompatible with you


Politics go far beyond your actual opinions and voting habits: they’re a reflection of how you view the world and how you behave. If you’re looking for a feminine, wifely woman, you’re not going to find her at a Bernie Sanders rally, crowing about muh free college tuition and whining about the “racism” of the right. Leftist women are more likely to be slutty, masculinized, mentally ill and have a host of other negative traits that make them unsuitable for love or marriage.

As Roosh has stated already, the best women to date and marry are those who don’t hate Donald Trump. A woman who is open to conservative ideas is also one who will be more likely to grow her hair out and want to be a wife and mother. Life is too short to waste on tussling with unstable social network broads who go ballistic upon seeing you wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in your profile.

While it’s theoretically possible to convert a leftie girl into a conservative one, it’s also theoretically possible to win the lottery and get struck by lightning. By concentrating on female demographics who already have the qualities you want, you make it easier to find the kind of woman you can spend the rest of your life with.

2. Focus on foreign girls


Out of the crooked timber of Western culture, no straight girl will ever be made. Women in the West are marinaded in a toxic soup of social media, male thirst, sexual perversion and institutionalized misandry. Any girl raised in this environment is going to be varying degrees of dysfunctional, even if she’s purportedly a “good girl” or has an intact family. There is no escaping the cultural Marxist leviathan.

The best way to guarantee that your blushing bride-to-be won’t pull an Eat, Pray, Love on you is to find one from a land that hasn’t been corrupted. Healthy plants can’t grow from poisoned soil, and the soil in eastern Europe and other lands untouched by Western cultural Marxism is still fertile. While there are no guarantees in life, wooing a woman from these lands gives you a better chance of success than the corrupt environment of the West.

The more time you spend abroad experiencing other cultures—whether you’re in Europe, Asia or South America—the more you’ll realize that Western culture is deeply sick and antithetical to forming healthy relationships. Meeting a woman from a culture that reveres family, patriarchy, and tradition will increase the likelihood that the two of you will have a happily ever after.

3. Don’t get too attached to girls right away


At its heart, online dating is speed dating for the slow and shy. Getting attached to a girl you haven’t met yet—or have barely spent any time with—is a recipe for disaster. The likelihood of meeting your dream woman on the first go is unlikely at best, and by becoming too smitten with one girl—nice as she may be—you’re ruining your chances of actually finding a girl you’re compatible with.

When meeting girls via the Internet, message as many as you can and don’t get serious about any single one until you’ve had time to see them in person and get to know them a bit. Remember that online dating is ultimately a numbers game—much like meeting women in general—and you can’t afford to put any girl on a pedestal at any stage of the relationship.

At the end of the day, online dating is like any other form of dating in that you get out of it what you put in. If you approach it in a lackadaisical fashion, you’ll get lackluster results. By learning how to screen girls and focusing on girls from intact cultures, you’ll decrease the number of bad dates you get stuck on and increase your likelihood of success. There are plenty of feminine girls out there looking for a masculine man, and by adjusting your methods, you’ll make it easier to find them.

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73 thoughts on “3 Ways To Be More Successful At Online Dating”

        1. What is story of your profiel pic? Let me guess, you are being creampied in bend over position by another dude.

        1. You ever see that early 80’s Tom Hanks flick “Bachelor Party”? There is a scene in it where this Chippendales stripper puts his dick in a hot dog bun.
          “Is that the foot long?”
          “And then some…”

        2. It is one of those pre-PC hilarious comedies that girls hate, I recommend seeing it when you have time.

        3. The scene that was really funny was when his wife-to-be’s mom got the “lucky” hot dog on the tray…and wouldn’t let go.

        1. It’s a joke about an old sponsored post pushing a questionable health/body building supplement called Kratom.

    1. Neck tattoos and children you don’t care about from multiple women? I give up, what is it?

    2. A ponytail with a few strands of grey hair through it!
      Get that lady killer look, literally!

  1. In 2000, I dropped out of the dating scene and was soon married. Thank God I didn’t have to deal with social media.

  2. Slavic girls, Slavic girls, Slavic girls. We all know they’re great but they are still girls, and if she finds out that you hold her in higher regards simply because she’s Slavic, she’ll use that shit to manipulate you.

    1. Umm last time I checked all girls to some degree manipulate you if they know they give you a boner…

      1. That’s what I was saying, girls are girls no matter where they’re from. And girls lie and manipulate.

      2. All girls try anyways, thats the shit test calling…sometimes its fun to let them think its working, just before pulling the rug out again.

      1. Hehehe they can be epic in that regard. I’ve seen one polish girl fuck and then switch between I think 4 different guys, all colleagues of mine and hers.
        No fucking shame, but she did have a smoking hot thing under her chin. Her face was like a face you’d get off deep throat face fucking in anger… Not a face you would show your mom like this is my girlfriend…
        I was tempted but naah, I avoided the slavics until now. Now we have one from Ukraine, 1.78, slim, blonde hair until her ass and the face of a 12yr old or so… Chatting up everybody waving and stroking her hair and laughing all the time, hanging out with the higher up guys lol. Higher than her that is lol, not me or close.
        Nope. If I snack in the side it’s Swedish expats for now.
        Edit to add, I’m sticking by my 50kg or GTFO, the Ukrainian I’m sure is 52 minimum.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I love total cunts. The larger thing is that all women are the same. It is up to men to keep them in check. If fathers fail to instill discipline and betas feed their snowflake egos they will be sucking my dick.
          Thank heaven for bad fathers.

        2. Hehe I pick from the same tree, but I look for sorta totally not wife material signals now, just because it’s a fun extra out of wanting to stay out of the way of others.
          I go pick the bitchy tattooed girls with rap sheets and so on.
          If a girl starts on how cops beat her up and shit I’m laughing my balls off. Bingo.
          Believe it or not that happened today, a girl told me two cops with riot shields at one point beat her down, and one stepped on her so hard she had a mark on her back and marks from cuffs etc. not sure if true of course but still…
          she was kind enough to share her weight at the same time and it’s well below.
          I chuckled and told her that if someone told me she was dangerous I’d really laugh my butt off. She’s like 1.60max, 40kg if you don’t count her boobs lol.

        3. Ha. I like that brand too. My favorite though is the fresh out of business school mid 20’s dressing fashionable with heels and stockings and who are trying to live a life that movies promised them but it turns out they are just sluts with better clothes.
          However, there is a current one in the stable who fits the description you give very well. I think instead of getting two neck piercings you should just hang a sign around your neck that says “yes i do ass to mouth”

        4. Hahahahahahaha I figured as much.
          Hahaha for the ass to mouth sign… Don’t fucking tell me you haven’t?
          Come on man, when you have that grip on a girl you will do shit you don’t even like just because you can….

        5. I almost never pole at the asshole. I always find it yucky. But yea, it’s happened and I’ve always thought “oh boy, the next guy who kisses her…”

        6. After some thinking about it, I ended up doing this to girls I figured I wouldn’t marry anyway, and I was right. Now I’m married but never plugged my wife like that.
          My wife is probably the only female I really trust… She knows I’m perfectly capable of having 100% surveillance on her, and sometimes I do.
          And she knows I have killed people.

        7. Just as men are not the same(Alpha/Beta for examp.)..women are not the same. In many third world countries parents give their children some serious training in the ways of the world…training that doesnt exist except in tiny pockets in the west. Honey Boo Boo speaks for a nation “I do what I want!” Meanwhile one meme a latina exgf sent me shows a girl feeding her bf with the caption “Eat my love, once you are fat, you’re all mine!” Show me one American girl who would send her bf that meme.

        8. That isn’t about the place it’s about the training. Take that well trained girl and act like a sap for a year and she will be a spoiled brat. All women are the same…it’s how men train them that matters

        9. Marry? Is that the thing where you pretend fucking one woman for the rest of your life isn’t terrible?

        10. Nah, that’s when you keep a woman of your own sort of like a pet and fuck her regularly and she produces little mini you’s.
          No one is forcing people to put fidelity into the vows lol.
          I have to say that a lot of the time she wins anyway, it’s hard to muster the will to game some two bit bitch for sex when you have decent sex on tap.
          I still do, but it takes more effort. You have to have something on the side for the power balance in a marriage to be proper, can’t cheat nature lol.

        11. The training sets them up. Otherwise a strongwilled man can break a bitchy women, and those bitchy women desperately want a man to put them in line.

        12. Agreed but so much work. I’d rather enjoy for a week and Toss back into the pool of cocks

        13. I go back and forth on this, sometimes its good for a challenge sometimes you tire of it. But usually the stronger willed chicks are the hotter fucks in bed. This is a deal breaker for me if they arent good in bed.

  3. 4) Look your best in your pictures: show that you have friends, go on adventures, and are masculine. Your life should appear exciting. NO SELFIES!!!
    5) Trim your description. Girls don’t give a shit about what’s written. They’ll primarily look over your pics and check your job/income status. Mind your writing style–quick, to the point, but with an “edge” and some mystery. Too many guys write their life stories. Don’t list facts in a boring manner. Make each word count.
    6) Avoid long conversations. That’s what a first date is for. If your profile/first couple of messages have truly piqued her interest, she’ll be down to give you her number and set up a date.

    1. Your point 4 is good, I would be more specific.
      You’ll want to hit as many points of these as possible. Abroad. Dogs/cute animals. Close group of friends including pretty enough girls. Well dressed occasion but not a wedding. Nature/trekking/biking you get the idea.
      These are statistically proven to work the best. I used ’em and got tons of hits.
      Your 6 is only valid if you are in the same country. If not you will want to know more before you drop the cash for a flight and all to go see her. Note the above point of aiming for foreign chicks? Well, most foreign girls ARE NOT IN YOUR COUNTRY!
      Chat/Skype/phone is your friend, cheap or free, get to know any broad well enough before you go see her, both for safety and for satisfaction.

      1. Yea, mine were more aimed towards using online for local girls. For someone out of your state/country, you have to employ different methods.

        1. A high stakes game is always more exciting ;-).
          Just pick a country you find good looking girls in, and set to work.
          My new goal is Kazakhstan hehe.
          I also want to see Astana since a while back so I can combine them.
          If I don’t have something to aim for I get lazy hehe.

  4. How could ANYBODY not realize that the answer to all of life’s problems is Kratom?

  5. Let me save you some time and money by giving you my 2 top tips.
    1. Be good looking.
    2. In your profile write “My penis is too big for alot of women” NOTHING else.

  6. Online dating? What is that? You send a girl a check after emailing her and she goes and buys herself dinner? Are there apps where you can just send her some money through Tinder or some shit?

  7. My number tip for online dating is… don’t waste your time. Just speak to women on the street. Its ultimately easier and more successful.
    The tips in the article actually apply to off-line dating and are not going to help you at all with online dating.

  8. I don’t put liberal or conservative Westernized women better than the other. If they’ve been Americanized they are not attractive to me and still seem to carry a hate-man attitude about them. Look at what’s happening right now at Fox with Gretchen Carlson placing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes AFTER her contract was not renewed. Greta Van Susteren( http://www.people.com/article/greta-van-susteren-defends-roger-ailes-agianst-sexual-harassment-allegations) has suppressed any type of sexual atmosphere around Ailes. So I don’t have confidence in any Americanized woman.

  9. Every girl I meet from online is way fatter or older than they look in pictures. Have them meet you in the parking lot before work so you don’t waste too much time on a 2. Or paste their phone number into Facebook to look for a full body pic.

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