This Is Why Every Man Needs A Mentor

Being a man is truly awesome, especially in this day and age. You get to play with awesome new gadgets that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. In fact, you can build your very own gadgets if you so desire. For example, just get a 3D printer and unleash your creativity. You liked LEGOs? Why not make your own LEGO?

You get to bang as many women as you want, carefree and without any obligations. You can choose as much adventure and excitement in your life as you wish and travel all around the world. You can fix every problem you have by using just your two hands and your brain. The result is personal satisfaction and enjoying your life to the fullest

Meanwhile, women choose to waste their years living a life of mediocrity and utter boredom. Women are afraid of straying too far from the accepted norms of behavior and offending anyone. They did so a century ago and they still do so today. When this philosophy fails to bring any spectacular results is when the depression sets in.

An average woman will then spend her days comparing herself to her peers on social networks and obsessively inspecting her selfies to find the tiniest wrinkle. This will cause her to lament that “her youth is gone.” If she is extrovert, she will then probably go outside half naked, hold a sign and start shouting random things in the air.

Social Jealousy Weaklings

Every slut walk or SJW protest is a testament to how awesome men are. Not even the shrillest man-hating she-beast can deny that men change things while women bitch and complain about them.

The instinctual reaction of a SJW is to go on a social media website and start whining about some perceived injustice until somebody does something. In fact, every SJW protest is an appeal for men to use their magical “privilege” and improve the lives of women.

Protesters march on a SlutWalk in Newcastle

“Men, buy us some proper clothes!”

This mythical “privilege” is actually just the potential every man contains in himself. Developing this potential means reaching greatness in all areas of your life. Not just having a great body, or banging a lot of women, or raking in the dough. It means all of those and much more. It includes having an attitude of a winner and having an unbreakable spirit that can endure everything.

Covering up her mistakes

Women have a similar amount of potential as well, but it is inner rather than outer. It is their fertility and is best spent bringing new life into this world as soon as possible. A woman’s fertility only declines as the years go by, making her even less attractive as a mate to any sane man. We naturally connect a woman’s fertility with her beauty, which is why the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

makeup difference

Making it the proverbial fountain of youth

Despite all the sexual education, girls are never told that their most fertile years are between 16 and 20 years of age. After that it slowly but surely declines, making the baby of an older women susceptible to a range of mutations and disorders.

The decline is even steeper if the woman uses alcohol, drugs, or other powerful medicaions. Again, this explains the SJW obsession with stopping “ableism.” It’s not impossible that SJWs succeed in making something like the Down Syndrome widely accepted as completely normal 30 years from now, if they haven’t done so already.

In fact, SJWs in academia encourage women to waste their potential and unabashedly spend their most fertile years going to college and earning their underwater basketweaving degrees. Of course, this intense studying includes spreading their legs to whomever they desire at the moment, aka. “have fun” while using government-sponsored birth control and safety nets in case they do end up pregnant.

Clinging on to her man

The implication behind this leftist line of thinking is that men have more than enough potential to carry at least two people and can compensate for a woman’s lack of it when she finally decides she is ready to settle in her 30s.

But, when she finds out the average man is just average and hasn’t really achieved anything special, she becomes truly pissed and feels betrayed by the SJW movement. This prompts the “where have all the good men gone?” speech in its various forms and a lot of undeserved rage outpoured on the poor schlub.


Explaining why SJWs absolutely loathe the average man

Meanwhile, men have no such age limit and as they grow older they simply become more awesome. The wrinkles and gray hairs that come with age and cause panic attacks when a woman discovers them on her face add much more charm and authority when found on a man’s face.

Per aspera ad astra

Developing your potential is always optional and it’s never too late to start with it. In fact, you can begin right this instant by doing whatever inspires you, draws you, and motivates you. Otherwise, you can live a perfectly normal life with minimum effort and be happy with it. But only when you start to develop your potential will your life become interesting and challenging.

Your best companion on the road to greatness is your mentor. You will find your mentor when you embark on the journey of developing your infinite potential. He is the man who has been through it already, knows the obstacles you will have to face and is willing to share that knowledge with you. He speaks wisely, calmly and with confidence.

Though every man has the potential to achieve greatness, this is not easy to do nor is it meant to be easy. In fact, the greater the challenges a man has to go through, the sweeter is his success afterwards. Remember that every day is another chance to make your life become great and never stop trying to develop yourself with the encouragement and guidance of your mentor, whoever he is.

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84 thoughts on “This Is Why Every Man Needs A Mentor”

  1. I’m glad I have a mentor.
    Plus it’s good for those who didn’t have a father figure to raise you right.
    Bonus points if your mentor is a men who is a red piller 🙂

    1. Having accepted several different apprenticeships over the years, it is remarkable the lessons and growth you can develop under the guidance of another. I’d also add it is the mark of the superior man to take on the apprenticeship. Good job on finding a mentor!

        1. Some can be fun. I like the idea of learning things or learning to make things better. The Hard parts are apart of the growing.

      1. Same. I mean my dad, not yours.
        And my maternal grandfather and two uncles.
        Viet-Nam vet Marine, mechanical genius diesel mechanic who could bar brawl with three men at once and come out on top, badass live off the land hunter (also Viet-Nam Marine) and 1%’er motorcycle club vice president back when they were dangerous. Great men.
        It’s been a fantastic life thus far. Lots of bumps in the road, but those are just learning opportunities now.

        1. My father is also a Vietnam vet. He told me how when he fancied a steak dinner he and his fellows would check the latest intelligence reports and try to decide if they could make it there alive. When I want a steak I go to the supermarket.

  2. God damn social justice warriors, get off my porch!! I’m tryin ‘na talk to my mentor!

  3. Just pick your mentors carefully. Some are destined to lead you to the dark side…

    1. Lenin would have had these modern leftists sent to gulags or lined up against the wall and shot.

  4. Being a mentor is a lot of responsibility but the fruits are worth the hard hours in the sun.

  5. Down Syndrome will not become much of a problem in societies with sjw’s as the slag heaps of women will just abort them. For example many western countries are finding it difficult to make up the numbers for teams for the special Olympics as all the down syndrome kids are getting aborted.

  6. There’s a subtle point here that’s missing, but that is very important – purpose. Above, I see what I see in many of these articles: stay in peak physical condition, bang lots of women, and rake in lots of cash. None of those are bad things. Number one and number three are necessary tools if you really want to succeed in life. And number three is a priceless education that money can’t buy. But at the end of the day, if this is your sole focus, you will turn around in middle age and wonder why you feel so mediocre.
    The reality is, most men are, by definition, average. Defining your success by those three metrics alone is a recipe to get lumped in with all the other average schlubs in the big part of the bell curve. Case in point, Steve Jobs probably couldn’t bench press 50lbs, but he had a purpose that bagged him plenty of tail, plenty of cash, and secured his legacy as an innovator. But any club is filled with countless nameless dudes with six pack abs who are spending tons of money and bagging their fair share of chicks. No problem with it if that’s where you’re content to be, but don’t kid yourself that you’ve achieved greatness.
    What distinguishes a great man from the herd is a sense of purpose. Your mentor can and should help you find it. Choose your mentor carefully, and make sure your choosing him because he can help establish this purpose and guide you on the path to achieving it.
    And, if you haven’t found a mentor, don’t despair. Pay attention to the people you hate too. You can learn just as much about what you don’t want to be by observing the things they fuck up and thinking through what you would do differently.

    1. This is why I favour the lifeblood style of article to the game style of article.
      Accumulating notches is fun at the time but:
      a) it’s a fleeting pleasure
      b) it’s possible to regret eloping with some of the damaged women you’ll no doubt chance upon.
      I don’t look back at 10 years ago and think “ah, I’m glad I screwed that girl who 17 people I know also screwed and who is now married to some poor bastard with 3 kids and looks fucking miserable”.
      I do look back and remember the positive changes I made FOR ME.
      It’s funny that Roosh is known for game, because IMO by far his best articles are on a different kind of self-improvement. I even keep some of them snipped for reference when needed.

      1. I agree with the last statement, All the posts I love from Roosh are his thought provoking and self improvement ones.

      2. I’ve wondered myself about that. How many pussies must one smash to find a personal course of virtue. Pussies great and small obstruct a man’s path throughout life. He can avoid them or he can smash them. Either way he sweeps them aside. Whether he keeps his hands clean or whether he gets head to toe gooey dirty in it IS UP TO HIM.
        Just never forget that is a CARDINAL SIN to deflower a virgin and then toss her. The virgin you finally KEEP. As they say ‘SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST’.

        1. It builds character to turn down pussy. I remember once when I was 23, I met and quickly seduced a fresh out of high school 18 year old virgin. Met her at a dinner party that her parents invited me to. It got hot and heavy fast and I quickly realized that she was falling for me. At this point I had many plates spinning and she was a side attraction. Needless to say one night she came over to my pad and after fooling around she pretty much begged me to deflower her. I declined. She cried. In hindsight I was glad that I treated her like a gentleman. She was a good girl and I knew I was a wolf on the hunt for fresh poon. She wasn’t going to get a relationship from me. Alas that was 18 years ago and the women then were a bit less conniving than they are today

        2. There are no good girls. I don’t say that as a condemnation, just an observation.
          I deflowered a girl who was 25 and still hanging on. My thinking was that anyone not fucking by that age is sexually damaged and it’s only going to get worse over time, and thus she needed an intervention. I did make it “special” for her, with candles and roses and stuff that made her inner hamster spin the fuck out of its wheel.
          I wasn’t going to take her down the aisle just b/c she ‘earned it’ by being a virgin, but was open to an LTR, which we had for 2 years. Alas, like all good things, it came to an end–I hope she is off somewhere happily bonking some guy, instead of freakishly obsessing over whether the next guy she lets get near her panties was “The One” or not. Because the truth is, there is no “One”. Or rather there are lots of potential Ones.
          I might have passed on the 18 y.o. also, but 25 needs help making it to the deep end of the pool.

        3. …but a 25 needs help making it to the deep end of the pool. I’ll have to remember that one!

      1. If you spend a shit ton of money on something stupid, and then lose it all, have you been educated? The wise man would argue yes. Yes you have. heh

    2. “What distinguishes a great man from the herd is a sense of purpose. Your mentor can and should help you find it”
      Yes, and it is interesting that you can find this pattern in warrior like societies. Plutarch says about the spartans: “(When the kids were 12 years old)The elderly men also kept close watch of them, coming more frequently to their places of exercises, and observing their contests of strength and wit, not cursorily, but with the idea that they were all in a sense the fathers and tutors and governors of all the boys. In this way, at every fitting time and in every place, the boy who went wrong had someone to admonish and chastise him. Nor was this all; one of the noblest and best men of the city was appointed paedonome, or inspector of the boys, and under his directions the boys, in their several companies, put themselves under the command of the most prudent and warlike of the so‑called Eirens (18+ years old).”
      And this is no wonder, given how high they regarded manhood(andreia). ¿What better way to teach the boys to be men and soldiers that have them mentored by the manliest men in the ancient times?.

      1. That’s very similar to the Anglo Saxon vassalage system that was used prior to the battle of Hastings.

    3. Case in point, Steve Jobs probably couldn’t bench press 50lbs,
      Yes, right, but in all fairness, he’s dead. Most dead folks absolutely suck in the gym. Decomposing takes a lot out of your form and upper weight limits on the rack.

  7. A man can learn from many different sources, not just a mentor. As strange as it sounds, all you assholes here at ROK have taught me a boat load.

  8. Greatest mentor is internet. It can be your curse or blessing depending how you use it.

  9. Now that’s something the manosphere should be creating! A system by which men of all ages can come together in mentorship.

  10. Your writing is reminiscent of Dick Masterson. I have been observing your latest work with great satisfaction

  11. This is why I say, “All the young men are my sons.”
    Guys like GoJ, Phantom, Red Hood’s Assault (sorry if I’m leaving anyone out), are here to help.
    Our wisdom is the product of long and difficult experience…but for you guys, it’s FREE. *grins*

    1. Your wisdom and insights are greatly appreciated as well as others who posts here in the comments.

      1. Yeah, I like the dialogue in the comment sections. I’ve learn a lot from OG’s like dokterjeep, Mistral, Driver and clark kent just to name a few

    2. You can give advice but you can’t give someone the intelligence required to take that advice
      this is why “advice” without intelligence is worthless, however, if one had the intelligence to take good advice…. they wouldn’t need it

        1. Unless it has a broken leg. Then you shoot it. Which is weird because then you have a horse with a broken and bleeding leg. Never understood that.

      1. If one had the intelligence to take a good advice, one still can use the advice. It provides a different perspective you were not aware of and enlightens.

      2. That’s not true actually. Good advice is intelligence tempered by experience. Inexperienced intelligence can always learn from others who have already went through the trials and tribulations needed to gain experience.

      1. We all accept PayPal or can set up a convenient installment plan if you can’t make lump sum payments. Don’t thank us, we’re here to help. heh

    3. Hey!!!! What about me? I’ve said some cool shit too!
      I’m playing, Mistral.
      I just wished this shit was out years ago.
      Like fifteen years ago….

    4. yeah, that’s right, as soon as I forget to read ROK for more than 2-3 days in row, people are mentioning names while I’m out working( ironic bitching ). I’ve been out there putting out what I’ve learned here, who knows maybe in a way we’ll shift this shit of a world to a better direction in time. Much appreciation for the above mentioned guys as well as the Teachers !

    5. Always appreciated. I’m struggling with being able to contribute more to the comments section in the past couple of months but I take great joy in reading & absorbing the powerful insights & the occasional entertaining inane rubbish (hehe, what do you expect from men, eh?) you guys bring. Salud!

    6. Thanks for helping us young ones, Uncle Mistral! The best way to be a successful man, is to observe men who are stonger and wiser.

  12. I love the gist of this article: stop complaining and go make something out of yourself. Recently ROK has been posting stuff by whiney authors complaining about how they are being persecuted and things are unfair b/c they’re a white male: take this dude’s advice! Stop complaining and do something better with your time instead of looking for sympathy. That’s true alpha male mentality.

  13. It’s nice to hear how men age well unlike women. Always compliment the older man who keeps a younger woman. Red pill makes a difference absolutely.
    The ‘pot belly’ in the pic – that’s an ELVIS BELLY. That is, Elvis in his final years. He perished at only 40 something. He was the Justin Bieber of the 1950’s. In his prime he could out ‘ab’ and out caterpillar scoop Michael Jackson for sure. Elvis the ‘pelvis’ he was. How did he waste away? How did it happen? His mentor wasn’t Hollywood but lard consuming Dollywood.
    Fast forward to the present. Does Bieber have a mentor outside of his degenerate Hollywood keepers? Will he waste away like Elvis and drag countless simp fans along a path of sloth or will the patriarchal awakening prove to be the real unquenchable ‘SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON’? The careening force of the MAN BALL will tell.
    A new age is dawning and the ball must be guided. Many forks in the road approach and the ball can’t stop on a dime or turn back. The bitch forces will go for a last ditch all or nothing grab for total matriarchal ‘bitch rule’. The ball must hit a perfect ‘strike’ and plough every pin under or they’ll burn the place completely this time.
    Meanwhile, Bieber? Give him 25 years plus the eclipsing shadow of the great MAN BALL rolling in FULL JOHNSON and I can picture Bieber with red pill wisdom, lean with distinguished greying hair wearing a learned elders ‘pope’s hat’ and long Fu-Man-Chu beard. His current Hispanic hot tamale diva will have since aged like a lobster but he’ll sport the fresh obedient women of the new patriarchal age with a PREGNANT nymph under each arm. Their petite wasp waists wrecked and disfigured SACRIFICED FOR MOTHERHOOD and their vain Hollywood modeling dreams crushed like the gravel paving the roads to the restored patriarchal temples.

  14. You know, an entirely new front on the war against SJWs would open up of red pill men (be they MGTOW or PUA – does not matter) started going out of their way to become mentors.

    1. Way ahead of you. When the opportunity presents itself, I announce, “I’m with the Resistance”, and then say whatever needs to be said.

    2. Agreed, been my goal for a while now, especially once I saw the effects on my own son and how he compares to his Millenial contemporaries. He literally is a rock that can weather any storm, calm, women throw themselves at him (and he acts like he could give two shits, which is why they do it), great girlfriend who would likely jump off a cliff if he told her to, been earning his own bank since he could drive, and he has a plan for a future. Shoots guns, dresses sharp, lifts weights, great grades, a real head for math and science, the whole package.
      Figure I must have done something right. So I make it a point to socialize with younger men, especially former vets and newcomers to the biker veldt. Plus I pontificate until people fall asleep here at ROK, heh.

  15. I grew up without a father or masculine role model, and had no clue why i was critizised so often when i was a boy and then a teenager. Looking back from today (im 25 now) i can clearly see that normal masculine behaviour was punished. It isnt just propaganda that you guys on RoK run, it was really happening when i grew up. I felt very often that im not just penalized because of some misbehaviour, but because it was ME (a badass male, as i realized later). the result of this was that i lost interest in other people and withdrew to alcohol, i was an alcoholic at the age of 19. however, when i had to be with other people like in school, i became ruthless und brutally abusive, since i felt i cant be myself without punishment anyway. this realization made me utterly mad. sure, i had a mother. her advice was in short to always be nice and to seek purpose in religion, as she did. to me, her faith was nothing more than alcohol was to me: an escape from reality. but how did i managed to get out of that?
    when i was 20, i heard somewhere about pickup, and tried it out. worked, and it explained alot. but it also made me lose hope about woman and emotional connections. then half a year or so ago, i found ROK, which has been a treasure trove so far. why? because, unlike pickup, you find many good advices on developing yourself, you learn that masculine behaviour is a virtue, not an error, and most important: life isnt all about woman. i find great pleasure in lifting weights since im 21, and the result of a muscle packed 200cm body feels just great. i enjoy fighting at my boxing dojo and met other masculine men there. all in all i would say im recovering fine from the damage feminine education caused to me, altough i still have to fight backlashes, the biggest one being hate for woman because they screwed me up when i was a child, and couldnt fight back. i trusted them, and they betrayed me on a level i couldnt imagine back then. that is absolutely unforgiveble und makes me still trembling when i think about it, they just go to little boys and tell them shit, the little boys believe the woman and are crippled as a result for trying to be something which isnt their nature. how can you do this? to children? its disgusting on so many terms i sometimes still have trouble acknowledging it today.
    but anyway, there is a point when you are adult and responsible for your life. when i was a child, i was a victim and had no chance. today, im reversing the damage and start exploring a direction in life which i would like to take, not what im supposed to take. A mentor back then would have been indispensible. RoK has been a great help so far and im getting somewhere where i like to be, WITHOUT oppressing my male behaviour. thanks to RoK for giving me aid. thanks the commentsection for the interesting discussions, especially to the older, wiser users. and also big thanks to roosh for making all that possible. some day, i hope i can return the favor with a little more than just gratitude.

  16. Here’s a little mentoring then. When you write something for publication, read through it and constantly ask yourself: “Is this true?”
    It’s something I learned from reading Hemingway and Steinbeck and it’s a reason I don’t like women’s writing.
    Your point is good. Mentors are good. I have a theory that the homosexuality that is pushed on us is not to make us homosexual so much as make us think intimacy between men, including mentoring from other men could lead to something sexual. It debases fraternal love, which is a plain shame.
    Add: actually the hype around paedophillia does a lot of harm to kids also by discouraging normal adults from engaging with them.

    1. I agree with this. I had a mentor back in the day, he was my African Studies Professor and he said something like . “Two men,especially a younger and older one can’t sit down and have a damn conversation without the world thinking something’s going on with them.”

      1. Whether other kids or men, if your intentions are pure you just do it and anyone who gives you shit can piss up a rope. There are pretty obvious bounds to stay in to avoid people using your friendliness for malicious reasons.
        That said, with so much easy entertainment available to kids now they are far tougher to mentor in the same way my grandfather did me; chopping firewood, straightening nails, shearing sheep, talking about the Great Depression and the war, not really getting paid in money.

        1. I wish I was old enough for my granddad to teach me that stuff, now he’s a bit too old but we do have good talks. I think money has feminized men by us letting it define us instead of our honor and principles.

        2. Money is a tool, like any other tool. What it’s not is a good way to ‘keep score’.

        3. Truth. It is a means and not a end. I just feel like some men allow money to define them just as they allow women to do so.

  17. I have mentor great writer and all around good dude. Taught me how to hone my writing craft and the first thing he told me was. Never get married.

  18. Im probably not the one to be too critical seeing I have never written/contributed to ROK. That said – this article absolutely sucked. He clearly has no experience in discussing this subject. It should have been titled “Why SJW’s Suck & Women Age ” or something like that – considering that was the gist of the article.

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