Is Civilization Worth Saving?

ROK seems to have been established on the feeling that men are returning to their rightful places in the world. I want to evaluate that title. Many people associate kings with the great civilizations of history. Is this association necessary? Is civilization too often assumed good without a closer look? Civilization is also associated with busy-body bureaucrats, military conscription, unjust institutions, and collectivist tyranny. Is civilization worth saving?


What Is Civilization Good For?

I like to define the good of civilization this way: when father and I go off the ranch to work for a day or two, we expect to return to the women and children taking care of the ranch. We expect most everything to be the same as when we left it. We expect our trip to be profitable. We expect the fruits of our labor to be useful toward our clan and enjoyable for our people. This is civilization to me.

If we returned to our home and it was a smoking ruin, and our clan’s little dead bodies were littered about the ranch, we would not consider this civilization. We would consider this the opposite of civilization.

Extending this concept, when we promise our property or labors in fealty to the strong men who would lend us protection and patronage, we expect the faithful protection they’ve offered in exchange. We expect to be considered a “good guy” when the agents of the Protectorate inspect our activities, and we expect the Protector to be somehow accessible should we request his appeal.

Lastly, when we feel like most of the people around us are generally trustworthy, sharing a common value system which is taught to them by default from birth, we consider this civilization.


When Civilization ATTACKS!

Our current civilization of dehumanization and a reign of managers has led to problems in society. I believe the epitome of this tendency is the Civil Rights Movement. The words “civil rights” so perfectly embodies the evolution from natural rights to the managerial, nanny state tyranny we see today. Civil rights are wholly derived from civilization deciding that it has become more powerful than whatever arrangement it was the civilization was initially found upon. In the West, our civilizations were founded upon Rome, Greece, Christendom, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and free markets. This foundation, absent a monarch, is known as classical liberalism.

After the Enlightenment we eventually entered the modern period. The modern period is governed by the managerial mentality: everything in life has a neat little solution that an engineer will be along shortly to remedy. Conservatives in America are actually better described as classical liberals. The real right-wing Conservatives I know are monarchists still pissed off about the French and American Revolutions. Modern liberals came to be called “liberals” through evolution of their original label “social liberal.” This evolution is noticed in the opening chapters of The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek, written in the 1940’s.

krugman cat

Whereas Natural Law was founded upon universal philosophical arguments going all the way back to Aristotle, modern Civil Rights are founded on nothing more than naked utilitarianism asserted by the civil government. What is naked utilitarianism? The economic engineers—the planners—evaluate a problem in society and design a technocratic solution to our problem. There are seldom actual mathematical models calculating “utils” provided to procure the greatest good for the greatest number of people—utilitarians and their voters often just go with their emotional urges to devise and sell the social engineering plans to the masses.

An important step they miss is the definition of “problem.” A utilitarian cannot use utilitarianism to define problems or their scope. The utilitarian is stuck with naked assertions and uninformed assumptions about how things ought to be run in this world, often blowing problems way out of proportion and prescribing overbearing solutions that just cause even more problems. It never strikes them that racism and sexism should be solved by personal moral enlightenment. That’s too slow for progress, and nobody gets a cushy government job in that scheme, so they just bring out the ban hammer and smash away at whatever they perceive as “racism.”

Are you offended that I question civil rights? Ask yourself this: when does the Civil Rights Movement end? When does affirmative action end? When does disparate impact end? When does feminism and political correctness end? Not even the best civil rights advocates can describe such a condition. Not even the utopian dreamers can conceive of their utopia. They are perpetually aggrieved. There will never come a day when some future Nancy Pelosi marches out onto the Floor, throws up her hands, and says “Well, we’re all equal now. Good job, everyone!”

Who Is The Sovereign?

As with all political questions, we always end back up to who is sovereign in this world? Some would say it is the head of State. Some would say it is the scientist. Some would say it is the father. Some would say it is We The People. Feminists want women to be sovereign. Religions establish the Gods or Fates as sovereign. Post modernists ironically muse that there is no sovereignty at all.

ROK seems to fall into the camp that, at least, men are sovereign and need to return to their places. This is a good start, because men are definitely very high within the Great Chain of Being. However, with sovereignty come some ugly realities. Male sovereignty means male responsibility. Yikes! The manosphere is full of men who have no interest in civilization, society, or The Great Chain of Being. And I don’t really blame them. Studying the great Philosopher Kings of our past also reveals that even the great sovereigns themselves can often feel lost in this world of vanity and the chasing after winds; his is a hard-fought order which will probably come to ruin when the next man takes the crown; his is a house full of crap he’s collected which he can’t take into the next life anyways.

Literacy and Laziness

One thing I didn’t mention that is good about civilization is literacy. If it weren’t for civilization, I would not be able to sit here and cite Aristotle and Natural Law in a discussion freely read by people all over the world right now. If not for our Western civilization, I would probably right now be writing yet another poem about how great Muhammed is. However, I have to admit that so-called art in my modern and post-modern civilization is far worse than reading through the hadith or Leviticus. Leviticus may put me to sleep, but at least it doesn’t make me want to murderously scratch my eyes out, like modern art or womyn’s studies does. Our civilization is marred by obesity, drug addiction, and hubris. So is civilization worth saving? Should we fear its demise? Whom shall I fear?

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571 thoughts on “Is Civilization Worth Saving?”

  1. Don’t you like those power and sewage lines going to your house, the way you can walk outside your front door with the general feeling that your neighbor won’t murder you, and the way you can consume items from more than 50 miles away because we have infrastructure maintained by the state?
    Then you like civilization and you want to preserve it.

    1. between everyone’s conflicting interests, i struggle to see a way to preserve western civilization as we now know it. we’ve had it too good for way too long. i think we’re over the hill and will die a slow death, just like any civilization that struggles with unfairness, inequality, coddling of certain segments of the populace and good ole-fashioned human greed.
      eventually in 50 years the filipinos will wear cheap-ass sneakers made in texas and we will be the ones with the awesome thin respectful women. but then i’m reminded that none of us will ever live to see it and i relax, take a deep breath, and laugh at anyone with the hubris to say we’re gonna make it. ha!

    2. None of those things have anything to do with “the state”.
      I don’t know if you’re confusing “the state” with “civilization” unintentionally or on purpose, but in either case it won’t fly.

      1. Actually, they have everything to do with the state. Who do you think builds and maintains the roads, and provides the police and firemen.

    1. fuck this PC tolerant bullshit. oh, you wanna come to my country? great. learn the language, blend in, have a steady job, don’t abuse welfare and for the love of every made-up sky-god, adopt the local religion. oh, is that excessive? cool. stay at home in fuckyoustan or whatever the hell you’re from. fuck immigration and multiculturalism.

      1. ….agree 100%.
        Unfortunately in most of Europe you would be called a Racist and perhaps prosecuted by saying these things….so the battle has begun.

        1. Then say them louder and with a defiant smile. Overload the court systems with your invective based laws. Screw’em hard and have fun doing it. Bring down these laws. You’ll need other men to help, but it can be done.

      2. “fuck immigration and multiculturalism.”
        Throw in “fuck feminism”, then say it loudly outside of our internet sanctuaries. Educate other men on why it’s not only right to believe, but right to proclaim. Say it at the Statehouse and bring those other men with you as you demand the repeal of the legal slavery system known as Family Court. This is what will work. I’ve seen it done.
        Victory goes to the defiant and active, not to the passive and accepting.
        Keep preaching the good word. We can win this.

        1. really, i appreciate the fervor, but it’ll take a shitload more than us men revolting on a website, to impose real change on this dreck of a society. and what are the odds of improving things that fast, that we actually live to enjoy some of those new-found benefits? slim, i’d wager. i never said change was impossible, i merely said that it’s unlikely and even if, it would take a long-ass time, so we’ll all be worm food by the time men will have an easier life in the first world.

        2. That’s why I say to do this outside of the internet sanctuaries.
          I have kids. They’re being raised right, and some day they will have kids. It means something more to me than instant gratification. If I go into the worm bins with my last thought being that I helped reverse the course and got the ball rolling in the other direction, well, that to me is a fine legacy for a father to bequeath to his children.

        3. i hope your kids will be different, but also i know that peer-pressure and the need to conform are extremely powerful forces in the life of a teenager. you might be shocked to discover that your kids have adopted the pc-culture just in order to not be the ‘weird’ kids in school, and all your education will have been for naught. again, i hope this will not happen, but considering the odds, having kids under ANY circumstances in this day and age, seems like a losing bet.. my 2c.

        4. They’re both teens, and my son graduates high school next year. There isn’t a shred of PC in either one of them, and they routinely confront their teachers attempts at PC and bring them down. Since they are both A students they are not officially “troublemakers” so the teachers are forced basically to nod and smile and cede points, in front of others.
          Nah, you gotta raise’em right and be consistent with your message. As powerful as schools are they have nothing on hand to defeat a strong, powerful father’s guidance.

        5. i dunno, man…teachers and laws can really mess up your life when you’re a teen. if push comes to shove, do you stand up for yourself and risk being ‘ostracized’, or do you toe the PC-line in order to literally save your future? fuck i wouldn’t wanna be/have a kid in these dark times.

        6. Actually having and raising a strong family is one of the crucial antidotes to what is going on today. They don’t toe the line. At this point in their lives I don’t think they could be PC if their lives depended on it.
          History is replete with dark times, in fact, it is “good times” that are a rarity. There is always some force out to destroy the world, some army sitting at the border, or some dictator about to swoop in and deal some tragedy. Fuck them. The family has stood firm as a bulwark against all of it. Why do you think, after all, that the Left is so desperate to normalize sexual deviancy and to destabilize families? Having a strong family in this day is the ultimate act of rebellion, and the more we do it, the less power they have over us.
          Cheer up brother, this is not the strewn, wrecked battlefield that they report to you daily that it is.

        7. i realise that, i’m just saying that you can find yourself in a world of hurt if you do something simple as standing up to a cop when you -legally!- are in the right. seeing the power that HR departments, teachers and the aforementioned pigs have over you, NOT toeing the line seems like a recipe for disaster / joblessness / life behind bars. there are some forces that even a red-pill family can’t go up against and win, that was my main point.

        8. See my post on the gun rights battles in Ohio? Guess who won…hint: it wasn’t the cops. Fuck the cops, they’re required to follow the law, and we still can affect the law locally. Get enough local/states changed and the Fed becomes self neutering since they will be ignored. Wyoming is a fine example of that, laws on the books declaring Fed gun laws void and have pending laws about to declare the EPA void in that state.

        9. here here, we all know this train will come off the rails eventually. Personally my money is on the Muslims. They are poised to take over this rotting heap of a society when the time is right.

      3. If you want to come to my country, fuck off. We don’t want you. Return to the 3rd world swamp that spawned you.

        1. Didn’t know you owned a country. Congrats! More people should have one. Perhaps everyone. Would make the world a better place.

      1. The linked website is terrible. Bunch of naive pussies who don’t understand taqiyya and kitman

    2. England use to be a great nation; a Christian nation, A bastion for Western Civilization but they stopped believing in the KJV and look at them now.
      I went to my local rifle range on Saturday morning (Mason’s Shooter’s Supply in Des Plaines) and couldn’t even get a spot on the range to shoot my Remington 870; there was a huge line of people mostly Arabs and Middle Eastern looking dudes.
      Mustafa, Mohammed and Kaliel were practicing for the coming Jihad with their AK 47’s, I’m not joking! Allahu Akbar!!!
      They had five guys working behind the counter who couldn’t even keep up with the business; one guy told me they can’t keep enough Glocks in stock everything is flying out the door (great time to open a gun shop), I wanted to buy some slugs for my shotgun and couldn’t even do that so I walked away. Ammo is getting harder to find; lot’s of people are getting ready and prepping. WSHTF; “When Shit Hits The Fan” all those gun hating liberals and feminist cuts will find-out what Islam thinks of Fags and Man-Bitches!
      As far as I’m concern I’m a bad motherfucker and no rag-head will mess with me cause they’re going to get a slug shoved up their black ass.
      There’s another gun shop in Mel Rose Park where I saw the shelves just about empty of all guns and a big picture of Barack Hussein Obama hanging on the wall with the captions above it reading: “Best Sales Man of The Year!” again I’m not kidding saw it with my own eyes (should have taken a photo).
      What you don’t realize is that this will end in a bloody mess very soon and only Christianity and an AR-15 can Keep Islam at bay.
      That which cannot mathematically continue, will not continue.
      Qur’an in Context 1: “Fight Those Who Do Not Believe”

      1. I’ve seen that “best salesman” sign in gun shops around here too.
        If you rely on .223 you’re going to find out real quick about a live saving technology known as “kevlar body armor”, heh. .308 steel core minimum, accept no substitutes.

        1. Looking at a Savage Trophy Hunter chambered in 308 Win right now, Totally there with you Bro. I want to be able to take-out Mohammed at a 1000 yards well out of range of his AK47.
          Got my tactical 870 for closing fighting.
          They are fears fighters, real men not to be fucked with! Wait till these sissies manboobs and Feminist have to dodge a 7.62X39 fired from Mustafa’s AK 47– Allahu Akbar!!!
          You know Allah Allows them to rape their captives.

        2. Great choices. If they’re closer than 100 they get to eat 70 caliber slugs, if they’re further they can be picked off with a bit more finesse from a nice steel core .308.

        3. Well at least that’s my plan… lol
          double odd buck works real well too!!! (9) .22 caliber steel balls coming at you real fast.

      2. You are right bro…
        The problem here in England that even having a pointy stick can land me in jail for having an “offensive weapon”….so we are truly fucked.
        Besides……they reproduce in greater number than we do….so they will use democracy as their weapon (as they are now doing in Europe)…so your AR-15 may be of little use.
        …”the womb of the Arab women is my strongest weapon”…
        ……….Yasser Arafat

        1. I really feel bad for you guys, what a socialist shit-hole; when you go we go!
          Somethings got to give. Real Men have got to step up and take care of these bitches! and I don’t mean marriage.
          Get back to our core values KJV, fast bullets and blood.

    3. Thanks. That link actually made my weekend. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while; despite being dragged to some cheesy comedy club last night.
      Seems like the main character in opposition to Sharia references in British Law, comes from the great “Equality Campaigner”, BARONESS Cox………….:) Poor equal Baroness thinks this “violates everything we stand for.”
      I’m not making this up.

  2. Civilizations have a shelf life, and America appears to be reaching its end. It isn’t preservable. Other civilizations will rise to take its place. But preserving the legacy of Western Civilization is a must.

    1. If the seed of western civilization survives then Western civilization will survive.
      And by seed I don’t mean “values”, or “freedom” or any other such neocon creedal happy horseshit, by seed I mean the White race.

      1. barring some mega-war, white people will survive. just that the economic poles will shift and we’ll be the ones toiling in sweatshops that cater to the eastern markets. ok maybe not us, but our kids and our kids’ kids. see now why i don’t give a shit about having kids and leaving some awesome ‘legacy’ behind? it’s all turning to shit anyway, why bother?

        1. I would like to save the White race and the Western civilization for nothing but the sheer hate that I have for the hostile elites, the anti white men media, the whole Feminist-industrial complex and an all round shitty life experience that is 21st century PC multiculti West. To see these people suffer like they have made incalculable suffer through loss of jobs, hopes, self-respect and vitality would be immensely therapeutic.
          To see them fail in their grand scheme(White extinction) will be enjoyable.

        2. even if this generation of men makes a dent in the system, i’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be alive to reap the full benefits of this revolution. societal change is slow, we die fast. shit my hair will probably be gray before we even have a male contraceptive pill and you’re dreaming of overthrowing the ovarian overlords?

        3. So the theory then is that our progeny who are not even born yet and innocent of sin somehow deserve the fate we give them, since we refuse to act on their behalf as we will not reap instant gratification?

        4. Now don’t freak out over the example but Hitler overthrew an equally corrupt regime in 14 years.(Now granted that the average White man nowadays is not even the pale copy of an Interwar German). But changes have come and they have come fast, the only thing that is needed is pure, unadulterated hate, (the kind of hate ancient Muslims had for infidels) and I think we are reaching that point at the speed of light.

        5. yeah, but nowadays the average westerner is lazy fat and stupid, numbing himself down with porn and netflix. does that seem like the kind of man to stage a revolution? just for the sake of argument, even if all red-pillers around the world revolt, we’d be what, 5% of all men? there were more people protesting obamacare and still it passed, what chance do we stand?

        6. more or less. seeing how the world is irreparably turning to shit, it would be bordeline child abuse to bring a child into this world. that’s how i see it, so i shan’t be spawning.

        7. Nothing repairs itself, it takes men willing to pick up the tools and get the task accomplished.

        8. So go get to evangelizing and convert them, then recruit them as evangelizers. Fuck sake man, how do you think every other “civil rights” group won the day? We have a base of men now to start preaching the good word and spreading the message, and there’s not a man out there except a mangina leftist who will not agree with you, right now today, on most all points. They’re prime for the recruiting.

        9. My thoughts exactly. It isn’t even about “winning” anymore, it’s just about the enjoyment of watching the opposition lose.

        10. having kids today thinking they will survive by working for a company is akin to having a child during black American slavery.

        11. There will always be Elites, these are the Alpha white men and the creme de la creme. The so called “elites” you’re referring to are the jews, a mongrelised and degenerate people and as Jesus(a pure Caucasian) said, the synagogue of Satan and murderers.
          10k years ago the entire pop. of the world was 1m. They were all White men except for a handful of negroes on the west coast of Africa and another branch of the White race in the Far East who look a bit different but are from the same Homo sapiens sapiens stock. During and after the last ice age many of these Old Europeans lived in the South but were racially identical to their cousins in the North.There were hundreds of these groups and eventually they went from families>clans>tribes>Nations but they were all from the original Caucasian stock.
          And btw, don’t assume that the people you see in areas of the world today were the original people, anymore than Detroit looks the same as a mere 100 years ago.
          After thousands of years of a world pop. explosion (still ongoing) the handful of negroes increased and crossed Africa (the Sahara was a savannah then) and by 1k BC they were seen in Egypt and the mid East and basically used as servants and workers. In the OT they were referred to as “beasts of the field” which were humanoids(probably a slightly different human species-Homo sapiens idaltu) who were below the true White humans (Adamites).
          —-to be continued

        12. The American revolution was won with only 3% of americans fighting. Which reminds me I haven’t checked out sippsy street irregulars in a while.

        13. in the 90s there was a TV series from Olvier Stone called Wild Palms, where everyone was addicted to a drug that made holograms come to life…. we don’t even need that drug… just plug into your favorite TV show…. so long as power and food is available… and we have a warm and relatively comfortable place to plug into the matrix… we’ll happily let our jailers drill us in the ass until thy kingdom come…

        14. they’ll all agree, and then they’ll open another six pack and go back to jerking off…

        15. Quote: “even if this generation of men makes a dent in the system, i’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be alive to reap the full benefits of this revolution”
          So true. The baby boomers in america had handed to them the greatest nation on earth, and these stupid ingrates could not flush it down the toilet quick enough. Baby boomers never knew the value of sacrifice, for the greater good of the country. They never suffered through the great depression. Is anybody here motivated to make the sacrifice now only to realize that it will be the next generation to benefit, full well knowing that those who come into an improved america will too be clueless, selfish ingrates?

        16. Hordes of good, decent, traditional young Boomer men bled out and died in the Asian shithole known as Vietnam. The problem is that those men, and those who came back, were basically the only ones worth a shit in their generation. The rest was worse than nothing, they were destruction addicted nihilists.
          Not a Boomer, btw, GenX, the generation that rebelled against the rebelling Boomers by assuming a generational philosophy of conservative-libertarianism.

        17. That’s why you have to evangelize and be persistent. Life isn’t based on instant gratification when it comes to this kind of thing. It takes work on our part, often times frustrating and hard work. But hell, that just means that it’s a manly challenge to take up and execute.

        18. Only about 5% of the population actively participated in the American Revolution. A revolution is not an election.
          “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate,
          tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams

        19. You are probably right on with the 5% estimate BUT only about 5% of Americans started the revolutionary war. The numbers went higher and higher as victory drew closer but at no time did a majority of colonials support the revolutionary war effort against england.
          If the red pill nation began to take action today I believe we would win but the unwillingness to take action from the minority position is the great obstacle.

        20. ok I didn’t see all the other references to the American revolution below. I just saw this and commented but I think the reference is still valid and I’m glad so many commenters on ROK are knowledgeable about so many things. The average american man can not tell you what the American Revolution was.

        21. Don’t talk like a white libtard chick. I also notice you used the shitlib favourite of “sigh” before your post a few down. Use your big grown up words as a rebuttal on why you disagree or agree with a particular point.
          We get chickspeak enough in day to day life, don’t stink up the place with it here eh?

        22. Indeed. I’ll take the 2% head start as a good omen…
          And today’s 2% in population terms could easily be comparable to 50x the 3% of 1776.

        23. “To see these people suffer like they have made incalculable suffer through loss of jobs, hopes, self-respect and vitality would be immensely therapeutic.”
          Snatched the words right outta my mouth.

        24. “(the kind of hate ancient Muslims had for infidels)”
          Fairly certain that Christians and Jews were far more hateful towards infidels than Muslims.
          The former two changed, while the latter didn’t though.

        25. That only makes the problem bigger.
          The childless are going to be the most expendable in any sustainable post-collapse society.

        26. Except the system want western peoples not to have children, if you do that you do Soros, Hillary and Co a favour.
          Having children to bring down the crumbling remants of today´s society

        27. Hi, Alex. I agree with you on the need for hate — and think it is coming on fast.
          Classic poem by Rudyard Kipling on this:

          Rudyard Kipling
          It was not part of their blood,
          It came to
          them very late,
          With long arrears to make good,
          When the Saxon began to
          They were not easily moved,
          They were icy — willing to
          Till every count should be proved,
          Ere the Saxon began to
          Their voices were even and low.
          Their eyes were level and
          There was neither sign nor show
          When the Saxon began to
          It was not preached to the crowd.
          It was not taught by the
          No man spoke it aloud
          When the Saxon began to hate.
          It was
          not suddently bred.
          It will not swiftly abate.
          Through the chilled years
          When Time shall count from the date
          That the Saxon began to

      2. Truly, what is the point of preserving a race of people? If the natural progression of the world is the mixing of all races, why try to fight it? What good does it serve? If you want to preserve a racial element of the past, how far back
        do you want to go? According to evolution and science the first humans
        were not white. I can understand perhaps you want to preserve your culture, but even culture dwindles away with time, constantly changing into something new. I can understand your hate for some of the anti-white media, but you have to understand there are also elements of anti-black media. It is conveyed in such a way to create conflict between races, as you can see today. Divide and conquer.

        1. Only east Asians and whitey created anything worth having invention wise. IQ is inheritable. The out of Africa theory is simply white flight to a safer neighborhood. Even Hispanics in the US for 4 generations cant compete with Asian kids that got off a boat with nothing but the cloths on their back 6 months ago.

        2. The whole African genesis theory is nothing but liberal creationism, and no we are not meant to mix if that were so then the creator would not have made us different and it would not have taken the greatest propaganda and mind control machine in history to coerce us to mix.
          But most of all I do not believe that the creator created a magnificent people like the white race just to see it grow senile and disappear.
          Also there is no anti-black media, the reality is just the opposite it is only the Negroes are so worthless problematic that even with the cover up some of it seeps through.
          There is no divide and conquer with respect to Negro and Whites, my culture is a by product of my race and not the reverse, once the race disappears so will the culture, race is the essential and culture is just a costume. We are a people not a creed.

        3. ”’If the natural progression of the world is the mixing of all races, why try to fight it? ”’
          Don’t you mean the “natural progession” of the world is the mixing of white gentiles?
          I don’t see self hating white libtards and Jews wishing the Africans or Asians were more “DIEverse”. Weird that eh?

        4. there are aryians (blonde blue eyes, largely wiped out now), caucsians, darker – jews arabs / south europe – negroes and finally asians….. everything else is a mix of those 4.

        5. “We are a people not a creed.”
          Very true. Imagine if whites claimed that black hip-hop culture would continue to exist in all its entirety even if the black race vanished off the face of the earth.

        6. But it would. In fact hip hop is very popular in many parts of the world. A lot of music you may associate with “whites” or “blacks” are all due to the mixing of many different forms of music over time. Music evolves and changes, just like culture, and even race.

        7. Well using your logic, if the ‘creator’ did not intend for different races to mix, then it would not be possible. Different species of animals cannot have offspring, so why not different races? Unless by your logic the creator intended for this to occur. The fact that you believe black people are “worthless” and “problematic” just shows how inexperienced you are with the world. Yes there are some bad environments for blacks in america, and this has led to a poisoning of the well. As you put it, the media and black culture generally teaches a lot of these destructive concepts and glorifies them, I’ve experienced what this is like. Black culture in america was the first to experience radical feminism and the destruction of the family unit, and you see the results. Soon the rest of america will experience this as well. But I sense a lot of hate and resentment in your words, and that I cannot help you with.

        8. If you believe that only asian people and white people were the only races that “created anything worth having invention wise,” then you are obviously ignorant and not very educated. Also, it could true that IQ is inherited, but it is not bound on levels by each race, as most genetic data is not. I’m sure you’ve seen very unintelligent people of every race, and very intelligent people of every race. Even if a person’s genetics contained a “higher IQ”, they are not necesarrily born with intelligence. They are born with potential. And for that potential to grow, a proper environment is required, just as a seed needs a proper environment to grow.

        9. Actually you’re somewhat correct, I have yet to see or hear about any race being upset that their skin colour won’t be preserved in generations ahead of them, after they have died, at least in America.

        10. Coz EQUAL!!!…So Eqwuaaaaality !!
          Science denial eh? The cornestone of every fact hating shitlib.

        11. Going by your posts you’re obviously non-white. Let me ask you this, do whites question you as to why your race should exist? So what compels you to presume you can question white people who wish to preserve their heritage?
          You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself their aint ya chief?
          So to answer your question as to why no other race is upset ? Probably because people like you are not asking anyone else beside white gentiles why being wiped from existence would upset them.

        12. *sigh* African genesis is true man,it doesnt mean that our ancestors were black,it means they came from africa even before “races” existed,we have a common ancestor with blacks and asians too,but with the chimpanzee too,this doesnt mean shit.It only means that our ancestors came from Africa,just because blacks happen to live there,it doesnt mean that our ancestors looked like that too….

        13. I am actually biracial, and my mother was white. And yes people like you have indirectly said I should not exist considering my heritage. “Fighting to preserve the white race” is nothing short of apartheid, which will stifle our progress in consciousness as humans if we can’t even get over differences in the color of our skin. I mean seriously think about it for a second, if the white race was to ever blend with other races and “dissappear,” you will not be alive. You will not be on this planet. So why are you fighting to preserve seperation, which leads to more hatred, for future generations?

        14. Ah this explains it all your shines abut “love”, “progress” and other happy horseshit were nothing but ethnic politics, trying to advocate for you people. Now I don’t begrudge you for that but stop with the hypocrisy of love everybody rap.
          You can have your own place if you are able to get it but just because you are grey does not mean that we bleed our hearts and wipe out White.
          And to suggest that you are a product of “progress” is laughable unless “progress” means going from first world to third world.

        15. The universe is constantly progressing and changing, this cannot be stopped. I am actually quite an anarchist and idealist at heart and don’t like the concept of government what so ever. But my friend, I have been reading a lot of your comments and they are rooted in a deep hatred, you even said it yourself. I’ve already been down that road, and I will tell you, it isn’t pretty. I can understand that you are probably suffering right now, maybe you need a friend, or some type of empathy. But it is people like you who continue needless hate and stifle the progress of the human condition. Yes this is a nasty world, but ever wonder why we have made this world so hard for ourselves? We’re animals by nature, but we have the gift of higher inteliigence through higher consciousness. With great power comes great responsibility. So far we have abused our consciousness, slaughtered each other, the animals of this planet, and the earth itself. I believe we are on a course of learning to use this consciousness properly, as we are learning of it’s destructive forces when mis used first hand. This process could take hundreds, maybe even thousands of more years to advance and mature. That is the progress I desire. We did not inherit the earth, we are borrowing it from our children. But individuals such as yourself are simply pawns for the elite. The elite want this type of needless conflict, because it stifles human consciousness evolution, which makes humans that much easier to control and enslave.

        16. Mulatto ethnic politics. I have a flash for you all this hippy-dippy forget the reality and love everybody rap works only on the Boomers not us.
          Also you and your kind inherited squat it was we who were robbed of our inheritance by the regime. In this zero sum game our share is being transferred to your people and I am not even supposed to hate that, no way Tyrone.
          The mind control is losing the grip as Whites see how hopelessly the system is stacked against them and how much the regime hates them and then you will see why the White men used to rule the waves.

        17. I’m starting to think he is. Sometimes unabridged hatred can blind you, and make logical reasoning irrelevant to you. Then again, hatred of his kind usually comes from those who aren’t so bright..

        18. High School biology man!You obviously missed these classes so you should check it out,interesting stuff believe me…

        19. Except not really because hip hop and American black culture are intertwined. You can’t honestly claim that hip hop would be the same without blacks when every mainstream rapper uses the word “nigga” like it’s a comma.

        20. If you truely believe that blonde blue eyes are largely wiped out now, might I suggest that you come to Minnesota for a short visit. It is not the Great White North of my youth, but has the largest population of Scandinavians outside of Scandanavia. I grew up in towns where my family was the only non-swedish or Norwegian one in town, and where the menus at the cafes were still in Swedish.
          Blonde and blue eyes have not faded away here.

        21. Although Anon3341 may be blinded by hatred, you might first pluck the beam out of your own eye. Some of the greatest racial hatred I have ever seen was from Blacks and directed at whites. Of course, this can’t be bigotry or racism, because only whites can be bigots, or racists.
          I like the quote from our beloved Attorney General; “White people don’t have civil rights.”

        22. “”So why are you fighting to preserve seperation””
          Once again. Because it appears it’s only white gentiles you anti-whites try you darndest to “seperate”. I strongly doubt you feel this strange urge with Asians or Africans, am I right?

        23. I honestly could care less who fucks who. But trying to ban interracial reproduction due to a fear of your race eventually dissappearing is fighting to preserve seperation which will and had already led to hatred. There are two types of people in this world. Those who want to be left alone, and those who want to fuck with other people’s rights. You are the latter.

        24. I agree I’ve seen racial hatred come from every race of humans. But considering history and what most people of color(not just blacks) are taught in school and in general in history about the collective white race murdering and torturing their people in the name of civilization in this country specifically, it makes sense. I don’t find it excusable though. But you’re basically helping to continuing the cycle of perpetual hatred. If you truly were “superior” you would not advocate and fight for more hatred and seperation, but instead a better understanding of each other.

        25. Genocide is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against groups with the intent to destroy the existence of the group.The interracial mixing of whites with other races is not genocide. And people of the white race will most likely never cease to exist, as with any other race. You may no longer be the majority but so what? It’s an irrational fear that you have tbh.

        26. Not too good on following trends, statistics and birthrates eh bud?
          Mind you, you also said human biodiversity doesn’t exist and all races are exactly EQWUAAAAL!! a few posts down so why am I not surpised.

        27. The only person I’m continually seeing the word ” hatred” being used here is you. Again you can say the word “hate” here until the cows come home but lefty feeeel words and shaming tactics don’t work.

        28. lol says the anti-white mouthpiece who’s created what 20? posts excusing and promoting white genocide.

        29. LOL this is funny. Earlier you rail against others for wanting to seperate themselves from groups they see as a threat and for very good reasons. Now you go full retard and claim that people who DONT want to be separate or be “;left alone” are people that want to “fuck with other peoples rights”.
          Obviously you cant see the glaring hypocrisy of your statements but every intelligent reader here can.
          Also its laughable that you claim others are being hateful because they want to separate themselves from groups whom you earlier stated were raised to hate them.
          Dude get your fuckin story straight.

        30. Blacks are used in US by the liberal establishment to race bait, race shame and divide the populace. It’s a fucking gift to the powers that be, you can milk that cow until the cows come home. Just think back to the whole Zimmerman / Martin case. The media circus around that event was so palpably, even boringly scripted according to the ‘liberal’ (read Marxist) ideology it made me sick. Jefferson was right – “Masses are asses”

        31. There is nothing wrong with loving your nation, your country, language and people. In fact a healthy dose of patriotism is necessary for societies to survive and thrive. The issue arises when the members of one familial construct decide that they want to kill destroy and annihilate the members of another familial construct. White nationalism has lost it’s luster right after WW2 and the Civil rights movement. White nationalism somehow goes from “Hey let’ preserve the white race” to “Hey let’s hang some niggers” This has historically pegged white nationalism as just a clever ruse for good old fashioned National Socialism. And most of us know that is not the road we want to take, Black OR White

        32. >>The mind control is losing the grip as Whites see how hopelessly the system is stacked against them and how much the regime hates them and then you will see why the White men used to rule the waves.
          So who in your opinion is White? Are swarthy Greeks from Peloponesos white? Unibrows and all? Are Arabs white? Are Spaniards of Latin America white? I suspect I know the answer to these but let’s try this anyway….

        33. You know a white when you see one(Provided your instincts have not been so blunted by PC). Also a line has to be drawn as to where whiteness stops(imagine a color in rainbow fading to the next). The modern greeks are pretty much past that line(400 years of Muslim colonisation). Arabs are DEFINITELY not white and America is a mixed bag, but the Spanish are mostly white due to expulsion of Moorish invaders.
          Again there is a need to draw a line but the most useful one is 5 minutes test(if there is any doubt as to whether a person is White in the first 5 minutes then that person is probably not white).

        34. Ah so basically there’s nothing wrong with patriotism or a love for your language and people as long as you’re not white because this leads to NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS!!!
          Got it.

        35. Back in college, I got an EDUCATION, that education told me that Marx was right, all races are equal and that IQ have nothing to do with race, only with environment.
          I mean only among humans, other animal species can have races but my professors told me that wasn´t racist.
          That saying, can someone here pay my 88 140 $$ students debts for me? My ethnics and women issues studies doesn´t get me any good jobs and with the way I look, can´t get any bitches without some serious money.

        36. I guess my presentation wasn’t the best. I’m against the ideology of a small group attempting to force an entire race to seperate from another due to a fear of mixing, aka apartheid. If you as an individual wish to do this, fine. If people wish to join you, fine. Like I said earlier, I understand your hatred for these other groups, but hatred only yields more hatred.

        37. As in people should be free to choose and you shouldn’t force anyone to not “mix.”

        38. I’m not anti any race, actually most of my friends are white. But the biggest thing I don’t understand with you guys, is that if your beef is with the anti-white media, obviously funded by the corrupt regime, for control purposes, why the hell are you playing right into their hands and hating blacks just like they have baited you to? Isn’t your beef with the regime? It’s like you’re married, and some guy keeps turning your wives against you. Are you going to take it up with that guy? Or are you going to continue a perpetual cycle of hatred with your wives? It’s almost as if you all CRAVE conflict at your core and cannot astray from it.

        39. Firstly stop using the word “hate” . It’s like the 7th time you’ve done it in a lame attempt to illicit feeels and win an audience. It’s a womanly tactic and has no place here. Secondly I don’t recall anyone saying they “hate” blacks. How do you equate daring to vocalize the obviously anti-white cathedal and the soft genocide of white gentiles with “hating blacks”?

        40. Any sane person is a nationalist. Anyone who wants his children to know their mother tongue , to continue national traditions, honored history e.t.c. is a nationalist . Nationalism , or love for his people , is an integral part of spiritual health . It has no connection with chauvinism , racism, nazism and other “isms .” To love your own people or culture is normal just as it is normal that everyone should love their family . Nations by and large – are an extension of a familial unit.
          The issue I take with you is that no sane person who loves his family , on the basis of this begins to hate others.
          There is type of nationalism, which involves an inferiority complex where a person is made to feel angry, humiliated and offended, instead of being proud . Any historian will tell you that such nationalism is really Nazism which necessarily feeds on the anger to drive a person into a corner. Such people should just admit that what they are really peddling is Nazism and not Nationalism as it is being called.
          You really worry about the well being of white people? Get out there and hit the soup kitchen and feed some white homeless. Invent something that people can late chalk up to the greatness of the white race… but, no. How could you have time to do any good when you are busy screaming about niggers? You don’t give a shit about ANYONE. How’s that for some intellectual honesty? Just a base mind you are, that places the locus of control squarely in someone else’s lap so you can escape the one truth that is actually salient to your life – you are responsible for your own fucking mess cowboy. And no amount of lynchings is going to fix that.

        41. Your ramblings make absolutely zero sense. You just repackaged what you originally said about Nationalism and love for ones lineage being ok as long as you’re not white, and then you went off on another tangent about how everyone here is screaming nigger. How in the blue fuck did you go from what was originally discussed to homeless white bums and now apparently it’s my fault there’s an anti-white push from the MSM cathedral? lulz
          You need to start making a bit more sense and clearly state what’s upsetting you so much here. Fuck..put it in bullet form or something.

        42. +10 Ha, ha man I hated my lefty professors especially the fat lesbos with short hair and nasty attitude. So Happy I got and MBA.

        43. >Not too good on following trends, statistics and birthrates eh bud?
          Yes, because it’s the gubment, niggers, anyone but your own damn fault for not reproducing. I hate that about internet nazis, no drive no ambition, no self respect, but how ready they are to blame it all on someone else. Typical Beta Male. If you continue to live your life this way NOTHING will happen. Do I think that Affirmative Action and other race based laws are BULLSHIT? Absolutely. Do I base my life around the fact that it’s not fair? Hell no. Life isn’t fair. Let me try this again – Life isn’t fair.

        44. You’re starting to sound angry there bro. Those damn ” hate facts” getting you down?

        45. >>You know a white when you see one(Provided your instincts have not been so blunted by PC).
          So I should trust my feelings and instincts? Isn’t that what chicks do? The reason I asked this question is that no one has been able to give me a definitive answer. Some people hold that only people descended from White Anglo Saxon Protestants are white. Many of them do not consider Russians white. Most Greeks you ask will tell you they are white. You see how this definition of what is White keeps changing? Even Hitler’s race purity laws were changed several times in order to accommodate new definition of Whiteness. I have seen far more White skinned European looking Tatars in Crimea then I ever did in Italy or Crete. Yet they do not consider themselves white. According to Hitler Italians were also descended from the blond Aryan race. You see how ridiculous this is beginning to look? Also where are we gonna put the Finns? They are kind of White kind of Asian. Hmm? Come to think of it how White are you really? You don’t think you had a Black or Amerindian ancestor somewhere in the ole family tree? And what if the definition of Whiteness keeps tightening and one day you find yourself in the category of a mongrel because someone who’s “purer” White than yourself makes the rules of who’s White? Hard questions to ponder for a future Reich Chancellor…….

        46. The concern troll is getting even more concerned and appears to be ramping up the cries of “NAZI” ” NAZI” related words in a last ditch attempt to quash any crime think.
          You guys better watch out!!!

        47. >>Your ramblings make absolutely zero sense.
          It isn’t my fault your American education system short changed you on your comprehension skills.
          >> You just repackaged what you originally said about Nationalism and love for ones lineage being ok as long as you’re not white,
          What I said was that modern White Nationalism has a pretty dark track record.
          Problem with that statement? Shall I keep going around so you can finally see the point?
          >> and then you went off on another tangent about how everyone here is screaming nigger.
          Did I say everyone? Really?
          >> How in the blue fuck did you go from what was originally discussed to
          homeless white bums and now apparently it’s my fault there’s an anti-white push from the MSM cathedral? lulz
          Last I checked US ( I am assuming you’re from US by your obtuse, reticent demeanor) has a representative democratic government. So it’s no one else’s fault but the electorate that you got Affirmative Action, life long wellfare queens and Political Correctness. No one forced you what to think or how many children to have or who you should be voting for in the general elections. So suck it up, shut the fuck up and stop putting blame on the minorities for the fact that your life sucks. Guess what? No one else is responsible for you, but you!
          >> You need to start making a bit more sense and clearly state what’s upsetting you so much here.
          I am not upset. I just don’t like the idea of race purity laws and other Nazi inspired garbage.
          >>Fuck..put it in bullet form or something.
          I am right there with you. It seems that American education system is so woefuilly inadequate that no explanations will suffice apart from a dumbed down cliff notes version, so here we go, (don’t thank me I am a giver):
          – White Nationalism has a bad track record because:
          1) WW2
          2) KKK
          – You shouldn’t blame minorities for your own mediocrity because it’s futile
          – You are largely responsible for your own government bullshit because you have a democratic form of Govt
          There. I hope this condensed version of my arguments is supple enough for your feeble brain to chew over.

        48. >>It’s almost as if you all CRAVE conflict at your core and cannot astray from it.
          Correct. These are the despondent grumblings of the “FML” trolls that want to make you believe that it’s your fault for being black, mulatto – whatever that their lives are so fucked. But what do I know I am not from Murrica. Let’s hang some niggers guys! Amirite?

        49. Alex
          “I would like to save the White race and the Western civilization for nothing but the sheer hate that I have for the…”

          “…the only thing that is needed is pure, unadulterated hate, (the kind of hate ancient Muslims had for infidels) and I think we are reaching that point at the speed of light.”
          “After thousands of years of a world pop. explosion (still ongoing) the
          handful of negroes increased and crossed Africa (the Sahara was a
          savannah then) and by 1k BC they were seen in Egypt and the mid East and
          basically used as servants and workers. In the OT they were referred to
          as “beasts of the field” which were humanoids(probably a slightly
          different human species-Homo sapiens idaltu) who were below the true
          White humans (Adamites).”
          With those few quotes coupled with all of the ad hominem attacks, It doesn’t take much to see that you guys seem to be coming from a place of hatred. I can use whatever terms I desire, and I am not trying to illicit emotion. If you get emotional from me addressing hatred then that is on you.

        50. You cannot simultaneously appeal to the majority and pretend to be a victim of a think crime. The 2 are mutually exclusive, Mr Troll

        51. Hey why don’t you see how many more times you can use the words “Nazeee!!” and “Hate”? I’m sure some white dude reading this is bound to crack and start self flagellating himself in an apologetic frenzy from all the rapid fire libtard feeeeel words.

        52. LOL I see you’ve been busy saying “lets all hang some niggers” and typing nigger nigger nigger in as many posts as you can.
          Oh the FEEEEELS!!! I’m gonna od on the feeels !!!

        53. “”If you get emotional from me addressing hatred then that is on you.””
          Seriously, you and the other anti-white dude have gotta come up with some new ideas to entice the shame.

        54. following instincts is as manly as they come, most of our problem comes from the fact that we have stopped following our instincts.
          As I have come to know that you are not white, so leave the definition of what constitutes a white to us, we would be sure to expel those who are not white and then you will have a lot of company to debate whether some of you could have passed as White.

        55. Yeah play in the little sandbox that you have created, O our moral superior, I have a feeling that you may be from the tribe.

        56. He does seem unusually extra adamant on his quest to promote soft genocide.
          Mind you he’s stepped up the frequency of crying “KKK, NAZI, HATE” and all the other go-to buzzwords, I’d dare say he doesn’t have much else left.

        57. I’m not anti-white by any means. I’m not anti- any race. I was attempting to offer a different perspective on the matter, but it seems you do not wish to consider an alternative perspective, and view anything that may oppose your perspective as “anti-white.” If that is your decision then that’s fine, I won’t waste your time or my time. May you find peace.

      3. Lol. As a white dude all I can say is good luck with that. How many white couples with white kids do you see around these days?
        I see about as many as I see nice datable / marriageable American women out there. And I see more pink unicorns than that.

        1. Exactly and the people who are responsible for robbing us of any meaning in life and endless vortex of humiliation deserve our pure unadulterated hate and contempt. I do not love my people as I hate the enemies for what they have done to me and my folk.

        2. In the final analysis we did it to ourselves by allowing it to happen but it does not absolve the hostile elites, bitchy feminists, lying anti white media, legislating judge, robbing and murdering pack of Negroes and invited invaders of their role in giving us misery beyond belief.
          I agree that we are to blame but these assholes need to get their deserved and belated retribution with wrath that will shake the heavens.

        3. Don’t be silly. White couples don’t even exist apparently. Yeah literally. Try typing “white American couple” into Google images. Apparently it’s offensive to the cathedral to show a white couple or something.

        4. You’re right of course. The search engine is fixed.But you have to remember that the Internet like the boobtube is pretty low brow and is over represented with coloureds and that’s who the advertisers want to appeal to. Most Whites of any substance have better things to do unless they’re doing a study on the under classes. The information that you get on the Net whether from crap sources intended for brainwashed cretins like Wiki or Wiki answers(lol) or other places is a waste of time and just a lot of misinformation for the uneducated who don’t know any better and are not smart enough to separate the tiny bit of wheat from the 99% crap chaff.

        5. You must live in a shitty area. In my upper middle class suburb (houses valued at 1 mil) all I see is white families. The problem is we just aren’t producing enough children to replace the dying.

        6. Lmao that’s not how search engines work, when you type in _____ american couple, it will string the results and since most white people in america are not addressed as “white americans” it won’t appear as frequently as what black people are commonly referred to: “african americans” or “african american couple.” A simple search of white couple would yield the results you desire…

        7. “…Whites of any substance have better things to do..”
          And you’re doing exactly what you claim the “coloureds” do lmao. The amount of hatred, playing the victim, and generally insecurity in some of you guys is comical.

        8. What do you expect when young boys are raised to think that women are the center of the universe and that his whole self worth is contingent on what women think of him? I’m not saying you don’t have a valid point, but best blame the matrix for this.

        9. I see them all over the place actually.
          Central Ohio here. My neighbors (closest to my home)
          White couple: 4 kids
          White couple: 3 kids
          Us: 2 kids
          White couple: 2 kids
          White couple: 4 kids
          Asian couple: 3 kids
          White couple: 4 kids
          Black couple: 1 kid
          White couple: 1 kid
          If you venture into flyover country it’s nowhere near as dire as it’s made out to be on some of our more radical sites.

        10. There are weight proportionate feminine beautiful blue-eyed blondes waiting you to take your pick in East-Europe.

        11. haha typical Christian. “brainwashed cretins use Wikipedia.” Can you provide some premises for that very random conclusion? Is there any source you find legitimate?

        12. Indeed. Belorussia and Ukraine as well as Serbia has some of the best East Europe has to offer.

        13. lol one in sea of black and maybe a white/Asian/Mexican or black and black
          Retard much?

      4. Something that I find insanely ironic, is that there are a small
        group of white men who fear that their race will slowly blend with
        people of color, as if somehow superior. Since you are speaking of the
        white race on a collective level, my question is, did the white race
        care about all of those native americans that had their race slaughtered
        by them? Did they care about all of those africans they enslaved,
        lynched, and murdered? Did they care about all of those South americans
        they murdered, raped, and pillaged, creating latinos? Did they care
        about the millions of japanese they killed with the atomic bombs?
        Commitors of all of these horrible atrocities and more, and you fear the
        mere idea of biracials out numbering and eventually replacing whites?
        Foolish and spiritually childish.

        1. “Fighting to preserve the white race” is nothing short of apartheid,
          which will stifle our progress in consciousness as humans if we can’t
          even get over differences in the color of our skin. I mean seriously
          think about it for a second, if the white race was to ever blend with
          other races and “dissappear,” you will not be alive. You will not be on
          this planet. So why are you fighting to preserve seperation, which leads
          to more hatred, for future generations?

        2. The superiority of the White race is what I would call “self-evident”.(Which is why it is mist suppressed and has to be deliberately unseen).
          If the world is a stage then white people have all the speaking parts.
          All your high sounding gibber is nothing but ethnic politics as you are a product of miscegenation.

        3. But what is superiority? A merely subjective and vague concept.. In order to survive, we cling to everything we know and understand and we label it reality. However, knowledge and understanding are ambiguous, so reality could be an illusion. Is it not possible that all humans live with the wrong assumptions?

        4. “””Fighting to preserve the white race” is nothing short of apartheid””
          That’s weird. A few posts back you were trying your hardest to push the “evil whitey killed all da noble savages” meme. And now you’ve done a complete 180. Surely you would want to be nowhere near those evil white oppressors?
          Also your attempt at eliciting white guilt will fail hard here.

        5. The superiority of ANY race is temporary. Used to be a time when The Egyptians ruled the known seas and they certainly were not white. The Chinese were far ahead of the West in technology during the middle ages, including military technology such as rocketry and hand cannons, but so what? Like I said before nothing wrong with loving your people, but you seem upset at the fact that not every Anglo Saxon person is having sex with other Anglo Saxon persons. Tell me, in your world would people be required to prove their Aryan credentials before they can fuck? You know like the Nuremberg race purity laws?

        6. “evil whitey killed all da noble savages” meme.
          Guess what dude. The meme is, um true. I say this as a white person of European descent. Let’s just agree that no one in the Americas sent telegrams to Europe asking them to sail across the ocean and destroy some native civilizations. No one in the motherfucking Botswana was expecting the Dutch. And the Yakuuts of Siberia certainly didn’t plead with the Russian Czar to get conquered and treated like a proberbial nigger.

        7. Nice try at the lefty shaming tactic there except statistically Anglo chicks are not really going for non-white men as much as self hating white progtards wish they were. I think it’s more about the lefts push for abortion, “career” and hordes of dusty 3rd worlders pouring into the country. Non-whites before this mess were never really much of a threat to the white average taxpaying Joe.

        8. There were savages with nothing noble about them, these primitive scums were like just any other wildlife. Also the smug morality that you have is a result of your ancestors having fought and bled to settle this land which is one of the most fantastic and brave endeavour mankind has ever undertaken. It is only the spoilt rotten people of today who have the luxury to whine about their ancestors who had to fight and die just to survive.
          Also we are a race of conquerors and it is only when we started becoming soft, touchy feeling types with secularised Christian guilt we lost the edge and are now a despised and disenfranchised group in our own homes.

        9. Guess what dude. umm Amerindian tribes fought and killed each other en masse, as well as
          attacking White villages – scalping, raping, and torturing women and
          Africans the same to each other, aswell as many Asian countries.
          But only whitey was truly evil eh?
          Got it.

        10. “”Also the smug morality that you have is a result of your ancestors
          having fought and bled to settle this land which is one of the most
          fantastic and brave endeavour mankind has ever undertaken.””
          FYI Grendel is not white.

        11. >>Nice try at the lefty shaming tactic there except statistically Anglo chicks are not really going for non-white men as much as self hating white progtards wish they were.
          Nothing to do with shaming, I continue to make my point. What is being offered here by Alex is Nazism cleverly disguised as Nationalism.
          And I couldn’t give a damn who the white chicks in America go for. 99 percent of them are shameless sluts with a VD to boot (speaking from personal experience). No matter who they go for white black or asian they are worthless as wives or girlfriends and are only good for one thing only – SEX. You really think I have a preference for whether these white girls shit on a white chump or a black one? You can have the lot of them my friend. You want a real wife or companion go to Latin America or Philippines. You want to wife up these Anglo Saxon sluts or wed them to white men by force? Sure thing champ, be my guest.
          P.S. having lived in Russia for most of my life I never realized there are even lower beings then Russian sluts. But after having immigrated to the states I must say I do stand corrected. Nothing can possibly compare to the depraved creature known as an American White female.

        12. “”Nothing to do with shaming, I continue to make my point””
          And your point from what I’ve seen is to continually shame anyone who dares walk off the lefts anti-white reservation. Even using the tired tactic of throwing the word “NAZISM” in to quash any “crime think” Why?

        13. >>And your point from what I’ve seen is to continually shame anyone who dares walk off the lefts anti-white reservation.
          You sound hysterical. Anti White reservation? What world are you living in? This from a person that wants to criminalize inter-racial relations.
          I ought to hand it to you, you have a penchant for irony.
          >> Even using the tired tactic of throwing the word “NAZISM” in to quash any “crime think” Why?
          Let me explain this to you in a logical manner mmmk?
          Your stance vis-a-vis “race mixing” is identical to that of the National Socialists. Ergo you are one. Why is this so hard to understand?
          For example, let’s say that I showed up on this site and started commenting about Class Struggle, Borgouise Privilege, and Proletariat Revolution. If you then called me out on being a Communist would it make sense for me to get offended?
          In short – If the shoe fits, wear it.

        14. If someone wants to marry whites only or sleep with whites only or tell their children to do the same that’s their right and no one should be able to change that.
          No one should be able to force a family of Scandinavians in Minnesota to start marrying Latinos. That’s their business whom they want to associate with and marry.
          Similarly if a family of Irish settlers in NY wants to interbreed with Cuban immigrants that is their right too.
          Anything less than that is pure tyrrany.

        15. “”This from a person that wants to criminalize inter-racial relations””
          lol how did you go from the initial discussion of the anti-white push in the media to this? You’re grasping again.

        16. Is the lion evil for eating the gazelle? Are reptiles evil for replacing amphibians?
          Nope, just natural selection. Whites where smarter than non-whites, even (somewhat) over the Hans.

    2. Rome changed from a republic to an empire but was still Rome for several hundred more years.
      America might just be at a midpoint, or not how the fuck could I really know?

      1. The people outside of Rome were pretty much savages. There are actually competent countries competing with the US

        1. Yea,like the savages who invented iron(Celts),the savages who built great cities long before romans even existed(middle-east) and the savages from whom Rome borrowed their whole culture basically(Greeks).Do they teach history in the US?

        2. You have just made the mistake of a typical angry European with a superiority complex. You did not read the argument in its entirety so you are really arguing a straw man.
          Mjolnir2010 talked about the end of America coming soon and Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! answered with that it took centuries of decline for Romans and I answered with how different the situation were with how it is today.
          You came with a random straw man wannabe insult talking about the Greeks and empires in the Middle East that had been conquered long before the decline of the Roman Empire.
          BTW: I had to google information about iron but there is no proof that celts invented iron anyways and modern historians give credit for the invention to the Hittite empire so even your straw man is inaccurate.
          All the civilizations competing with Rome in the last centuries of the empire were largely inferior to Rome, that is what I was talking about. The decline of the US is going to take WAAAY less than 200 years.
          I am European by the way, not American.

    3. Now is the beginning of the Pax Putana!
      Civilization will be saved for Russians!

      1. Too bad they are demographically doomed. And ringed by hostiles with superior numbers.

        1. Putin put up a law to keep boys from being feminized and molested. All he has to do is give tax breaks for kids, and stop gays from adopting orphans.

        2. I guess that living in your provincial little world that you’re not aware that already exists. Russian couples do get credits for having kids and no gay was ever permitted to adopt a child. Perhaps you little blanket boys should just read what your older and wiser Boomer betters have to say and refrain from posting and making a fool of yourselves. You blanket boys are all a good example of what happens when things become cheap and the stupid proles get their hands on them. If it were up to me I’d put a $10k tax on every computer sold and a $200 tax per month on all internet services to keep the trash off.

      2. Pax Putana? I didn’t know the world would be ruled by Putas!
        [Puta is Spanish slang for “Whore.”]

    4. Disagree. Egypt went on pretty much under the same system, that evolved slowly over time, for nearly 4,000 years. I suspect that if there is a real expiration date that it’s far longer than the assumed “200 and Done”.

    5. Civilization in the socialist areas is already dead.
      When trust between members of a civilization dies, so does civilization. Once you cannot trust your neighbor to not steal your stuff, set your house on fire, or hold a spear in the line next to you without running, your civilization is dead.

    6. “preserving the legacy of Western Civilization is a must”
      what has western civilization done for anyone ?
      should we preserve our pathetic paraffin powered contraptions we call cars, or our lousy computers with their constantly faulty, buggy software ? or the system of banking and investment that constantly favors the ultra wealthy elite ?
      how about our art ? is Britney or Kesha or Katy Perry worth preserving ? Should trite predicable stories from Speilberg and Lucas be preserved ?
      what about the internet that was built on and is still littered pornos, spyware, viruses and other filth ?
      how about our complete disregard for anything articulate, anything requiring deep thought or philosophy… should we preserve talk radio or 24 hours new channels, mtv ?
      how about our diet, MacDonalds, Coca Cola, Starbucks, should they be preserved ?
      how about the way we communicate, smart phones, facebook, twitter ?
      I can’t see fucking anything worth preserving… we were better off intellectually before electricity and all this crap was invented….

      1. You’re an idiot pyjama boy. Go to bed at once and don’t post here again until you get an education, grow up and become somewhat sophisticated. And before the era of dirt cheap computers and high speed net beginning in 2000 a jerk like you wouldn’t even be able to open his mouth except perhaps to his cat in his cellar. Books were also expensive in the past so poor slobs like yourself would have to go to some public lending library established by the rich for the proles to even be able to read a book.
        And btw, all of that crap you mentioned only applies to the lower orders. You’re just a sore loser who doesn’t know any better.

        1. I’m not sure if your pathetic trolling attempt even warrants a reply, but just to clarify – before 2000 and your wonderful computers and internet enabled you to masturbate 24/7… I had a degree from one of the finest science universities in the world, and I do sir clearly have an IQ far higher than yours since I am able to communicate this without offense or slander.

        2. My bf Dr Bigg has a degree in both medicine and law and in fact was my tutor in anatomy. In the 80’s he also had a seat on the NYSE (value about $1m at the time and was also one of the top 10 investors in earnings for his own account)and on his father’s side is descended from a signer of the Declaration of Independence. His mother was Baroness Catherine of Hertford and he is listed in Debrett’s.
          And although he is a scientist himself he really doesn’t have much use for proles with STEM degrees and other cubicle numbers crunchers, he says they have no culture or class and can easily be replaced by machines.He’s not interested in some internet dummy’s alleged IQ either any more than in Raymond’s the autistic retard in the film Rainman. In his world the only thing that matters is breeding, something the average prole doesn’t even understand.He believes that technology should only be for the Elite and not the hoi polloi who only end up abusing it and degrading the product aside from playing frivolous games on it all day and not doing real work.
          Have a nice day :o)

    7. Any idiot with an astigmatism can create modern art. Any person that thinks a religious book is anything other than a method of control is foolish. When it comes to religion, Epicurus beat the character of House by well over two millennia. All civilizations will die, what will hasten America’s is the religiosity and the fellating of the ‘moral’ by the rubes.
      Liberals and Conservatives carry the seeds of their own destruction: too much change or too little. Change too quickly, and you lose societal cohesion. Change too little and you become static, and that becomes death.
      Look at the Middle East. They allowed their religion to halt science, and they became static. Those, who used to lead, fell by the wayside and became no more than resource areas for the West.
      Look at Russia, they’ve raced too fast and lost cohesion. They have the hard liners, the old party apparatchiks. They were the ones fighting against blue jeans, apple pie, et al. They hold the reigns of power, they simply changed titles, but they have to appeal hardcore to nationalism to try and maintain unity in the kleptocracy.
      We must remember the pendulum effect, and not try to interfere to speed it up or slow it down too much. Things must, without a doubt, swing left and right. Just as taxes have gone down (marginal) for nearly sixty years, they will go back up. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m not willing to say America is dead yet, or will even be in 100 years.

  3. history is cyclical, we were just unlucky enough to be born on the tail-end of this particular cycle. the west shall crumble slowly, the east shall rise, then in another century the poles will likely shift once more.
    because of that, gents, i say enjoy the decline of ‘murrica and all that it stands for – i just consider myself lucky that this decline is gradual and not sudden, so the world *probably* won’t turn to liquid shit while i’m still alive.

    1. you honestly think that the horrors inflicted by multiculturalism, feminism and PC-craziness is easily reversible?

        1. nobody will be doing any crying, least of all me. i’m gonna enjoy the decline and not worry about ‘saving’ western society as we know it. hell, i’d prefer it dies and take all its gluttony and perversion with it to the grave. me, i’ll enjoy the finer things while i still can.

        2. Aye Singlemalt, see my post below. We’re infected with the disease of malaise and defeatism, for no good reason. If we stood up, got in their faces, flushed PC down the toilet and taught other men to do so, the laws would change nearly overnight.
          Collectivism and socialism are terrible, terrible things that rob good men of spirit. I don’t understand why people are so eager to roll over.

        3. As you cheer, perhaps you should take some time to book a flight to Venezuela, and “vacation” in the non-tourist parts of any city there. Let me know how that decline feels, because that’s coming for us and most of the world soon. You will not be so enthusiastic, methinks.

        4. noone said it would be smooth flying all the way. but i’d rather live my life in a fiscally bankrupt country than over here in a morally bankrupt country. that’s my story.

        5. If I may ask, to what country are you referencing as “over here”? Outside of the former Soviet countries, or at least some of them, every society is patterned on this degeneracy. Or are you living in Russia proper? Just curious.

        6. Oops, I mis-phrased the question, I meant where are you seeking moral sanctuary (which nation outside of the West)? I goobered the first question.

        7. well, since luxury breeds weakness, i’ll be leaving the first world countries as soon as humanly possible. looking towards more traditional societies, even if that means uprooting and traveling to the other side of the frigging planet. my inner-peace shall be worth it.

        8. Ah. Avoid central and South America, they’re the next targets, if we don’t stop the trends here in the States/West. Asia is on bat next, which I think we all know. Africa isn’t worth fucking with, they have far bigger problems than poverty on their hands.

        9. the recipe is pretty simple – head to poor countries! when you’re busy thinking of what to put on the table, you’re not busy screaming about hostile workplace environments – that’s maslow’s theory in a nutshell. i do hope i won’t live to see asia corrupted……

        10. Why are people so eager to roll over, you ask? It’s easy to understand:
          People are content with their 9 to 5 jobs and simply want to sit in front of their device of choice when they get home (TV, phone, etc). They do not want to think and do not care about anything outside their immediate lives.
          They figure, “Why rock the boat?”

        11. Gonna have to disagree. I think that’s changing. Maybe I’m just a bit more attuned to social queues, but it seems to me that there is a rather palpable undercurrent of anger out here these days. Not just in the activist communities where you’d expect it, more along the line of Joe Sixpack average guy. Strike up any political conversation at all these days and people are quick to start getting really, really mad at the direction things are going. At least in my experience, YMMV.
          More to the point however, I was wondering specifically about the manosphere and the rather clear segment that are deconstructionist and nihilistic. They give up far too easy and justify it a thousand ways, when all that it takes to win in this particular battle is getting up off the damned couch and going full bore activist.

        12. My guess, GOJ, is that the deconstructionists and nihilists feel the only way anything will change is by a total, complete, and final societal collapse. That is why they don’t feel the need to do anything.

        13. I understand their rational, but I find the reasoning specious at best, and hardly demonstrable historically at worst.
          The only major changes culturally I see are those imposed from the outside, such as the victor setting up shop and dictating culture, as in East Germany’s case. Even then, they were still basically the same people doing the same things, with a new tyrant’s badge sewn over the old one. The other option is the complete destruction of the culture by the victor, at which point speculation about “rebuilding” is a non-starter.
          Peaceful collapse though? Nah, nothing will change. Greece has done that a few times and they’re still Greeks through and through, from nose to toes.
          This is a culture war. If we don’t start showing up on the battlefield and instead think that some mythical asteroid or economic collapse will clean up the issues, we’re deluding ourselves. If you don’t change the minds, the same issues will be here once the recovery starts. I mean, can you imagine a post apocalyptic world where the white knights still were around and men, though hardened, still treated women like princesses? Because I can, easily.

        14. Actually, I could envision it descending into something akin to Mad Max.
          Only problem is, I don’t think I’d be able to find any biker clothing like that. [/joking]

        15. Ok, so let’s work with that. In Mad Max they clearly were screwed BUT what was the near constant goal most of the “good guys” were trying for, besides gettng petrol? Basically reacquiring the artifacts and culture of the passed era, right? I don’t see it working any differently in real life.
          Besides, there will be no earth shattering kaboom. I think even the most hardened nihilist knows it deep in his heart. Economic collapse, which is possible, will not come quickly. Hell 1929 came and went, and was fairly quick, and while it got bad nothing fundamental changed in the American character outside of ensuring that every person over 80 now feels compelled to drone on endlessly about how hard it was (although some awful legislation was ramrodded through, for certain).
          We’re too raw resource rich, frankly. This ain’t the Dust Bowl and the Grapes of Wrath will not be sown. We’ll just slowly start getting poorer and poorer, but adapt and overcome as is our species talent. A few economic busts will help ratchet it down a bit, and by and by we’ll end up just like the Venezuelan slums and last check those folks aren’t rioting.

        16. Out of curiosity, have you watched Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy?” There’s another frighteningly accurate movie.

        17. Yeah, it is, and funny to boot. But…it’s basically a Leftist nightmare and they project all of their own failings on us to a fault. In reality the “highly edumacated” elites that they admire (translation: their own leftist arses) are out breeded by us hillbilly hick idiots and bang, without them, the world is collapsing and everybody is an inbred hick idiot.
          Thing is, that is happening, except they are not intelligent by half, we’re generally the more scientifically literate and intellectual, and they’re starting to not breed at all, what being too pre-occupied with killing what few babies they conceive in the womb. This may well be a self solving problem that doesn’t require any kind of deconstruction whatsoever!

        18. Yeah, I know, I’ve been to that shit hole nation many times. To be fair the rich parts are fantastic, but those gated little gems are the minute exception and not the rule.

        19. I love this guy. ( No homo Roosh)
          You been smashing it out of the park this entire time in every reply GhostofJefferson.

      1. They’ve only gotten to where they are in terms of strength due to most people just standing on the sidelines and allowing them to expand and infiltrate throughout all corners of society. There has been almost no push back on those things, yet where there has, multiculturalism, feminism, and PC-craziness have all been put down. Not to mention that these concepts are so empty and weak that even basic evaluations expose them as utter bullshit. It’s just that that kind of analysis hasn’t been done in a more widespread fashion than a few select corners of the internet. And I’m still not convinced that the vast majority of people actually buy into those ideas as much as is alleged by their proponents. So yes, I do think they are easily reversible.

        1. heh, sorry to have to burst your bubble. not as long as politicians are willing to sell out their gender and/or country in order to receive more votes so they can stay in power, it won’t be easy. we’re fighting against human greed, megalomania and gluttony, and name me one civilization that found the cure for that. it’ll take more to change the laws than us fellas going all rah-rah-rah on some website.

        2. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: defund the federal government and let the states run themselves. The red states can elect enough Congressmen to the House and all they have to do is obstruct. They don’t need an agreement from the majority for within Article One of the Constitution is the requirement that all bills dealing with appropriations and revenue generation for the federal government must “originate” in the House. Simultaneously, elect state representatives who are willing to enact legislation designed to assume whatever federal functions their respective state desires. The federal government cannot do jack shit if all their enforcement mechanisms are defunded. Furthermore, all the oppressive and crony federal laws, and rampant federal spending and funding, the federal redistributionist policies simply go away. But people have to be on board for this outcome. I think this is an easy sale to libertarians, some republicans, and most red state voters in the Midwest.

        3. All the more reason the Republicans must win the Senate to keep Obama pinned down for the rest of his term.

  4. What’s interesting is that we are losing simply out of the combination of defeatism and apathy. No military can touch us, we are the ultimate warriors and to most other civilizations we’re the marauding soldiers of the future. No, we suffer from nothing greater, or lesser, than malaise brought about by socialism and collectivism. All that it would take to stop this is for us to stop believing we’re defeated, standing up, bravely confronting the shaming feminists and not backing down from the political correctness and becoming motivated to change the narrative. All of this is happening for nothing less than our acceptance of it.
    Twenty years ago gun owners in my state (Ohio) were in the same boat. We were spiritually defeated, the laws were all against us, we had no way to exercise our rights legally, we were mocked and made into the butt of jokes as “hillbillies” and pretty much every other shaming type tactic that is used against men today. You couldn’t find a motivated gun owner to save your life. Except….a small group of motivated men said “No” and refused to budge an inch further. Then they took the battle to both the statehouse and the airwaves. They marched in the streets carrying their firearms, daring the law to arrest them, and when they were arrested they took the law to court. They were defiant and proudly defiant, and their energy spread to everybody.
    Today, twenty years later, we have half a million CHL holders and growing at a rate of about 60k every half year, and open carry is now normalized and people do it without a single peep being said by the law or the cops except “Good day sir”. The culture is almost entirely cheerfully pro-gun (exception, Cleveland), and there’s no better way to make money here than to open a gun shop. Gun shows are weekly instead of quarterly. We consummated that win last January by a 5,000+ person gathering on the Statehouse lawn, all open carrying fully loaded firearms. The beeps of approval from passing cars was deafening.
    We didn’t accept the malaise. We did not accept the culture as being immovable. We did not accept the shitty attitude of our fellow gun owners telling us to sit down and enjoy the decline and to bury our guns in our yard. As a result, we did it. We won.
    I don’t cotton to defeatism.

    1. You know I wanna go to Dallas ,Texas to study (it also helps that I have family there, we are the Guerrero family 😉 , but I am pretty scared of certain potential crazy gun owners -.- ” ,why you Americans are concerned with guns ? what do you think people from other countries protect themselves ? I have never been assaulted ( maybe because I live in a town, lower crime rates ) but if someone attack me , do you think guns are the only option ? -.- ” ,I am against guns !

      1. Nobody gives a shit about your trolling, leftist. Fie on you and your house.
        Hit the road, you fairy.

      2. ” what do you think people from other countries protect themselves ”
        “Other Countries” are not 13% black and 16% Latino.

      3. When I hear this argument from either the ignorant or the left, I chuckle because this is what distinguishes red pill men from beta male wussies.
        It’s not about having a gun because nobody is attacking you now. It’s about being a man. Being a man means being capable of protecting yourself because crying: “Help! I’m a girl! Save me!” doesn’t work if you’re a man. Even if the police are there, it’s good to know you could protect yourself if you needed to. Gun owners are often besmirched as needing guns to make their dicks feel bigger but simultaneously, it makes a lot of sense for that reason. When you are capable of handling deadly force, your dick _IS_ bigger and women feel it. You feel more confident. You feel an ability to alter your environment around you as men have always done rather than being an animal and adapting to the environment and running away from danger.
        When a foreigner comes to the USA and says: “This is a great safe place to live with great jobs but why do you need guns?” the answer is that it’s that way BECAUSE of men with guns who made it that way. It’s like a child saying: “I don’t see why daddy goes to work every day. We have money so why doesn’t he stay home with mommy and cook and clean?” The doe eyed child fails to see that going to work keeps that situation going for beyond the small period of time that he sees from day to day. It’s about thinking long term. It’s what makes humans different than animals that don’t have a consciousness beyond a few days.
        Which is what civilization lately has been doing to men: Making them into animals with 140 character twitter feeds and small minds that don’t think beyond a few days. When a hear a snotty foreigner say something like that, I tell them simply that if they really were superior to me, a born US citizen, then they’d be lecturing me from Germany or some other third world country they came from as I moved there to improve my life rather than them coming here and then trying to impose their failed worldview upon me. By the same token, if you’re a man and run off to a foreign land to get a decent woman and stay there, you should respect their local culture for knowing what it takes to produce such women.

        1. Nice. Just a quick note, been following all of your posts on this thread, you’re a solid commenter. Props brother.

        2. Thanks. I’ve been involved in this discussion for about 25 years since the internet began. I evolved from an egalitarian wussie into the red meat eating neanderthal (in a good way) I am now. There were stages to that development, of course.
          I mentioned adaptation above as compared to altering the environment to suit us. That’s something that experience brings is to distinguish between the two: What we can change and what we should accept. Being a red pill man is liberating in that we can understand who and what we are but also for women in that by accepting them as they are, flaws and strengths, they can live up to their potential too.

        3. Hey everyone -.- ” why you are so rude and selfish, by the way I am Buddhist and now that I think anyways if I die , I am free from the cycle of rebirth already as I follow the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, and since I am a Buddhist from Pure Land denomination, I believe the celestial Buddha Amitabha will bring me in his paradise, I guess most of you are Irreligious or Christian like most Americans, so actually all of you are more in danger, since you aren’t Buddhist, you could be reborn as an ugly monkey living a lame life inside a zoo, so good luck!

        4. If you’re a Buddhist and you die you’re going to Hell Bro for eternity where a Fat Ugly Mexican Bitch will teach you what Femdom is all about.
          How did all these Bull Pill New Age faggots find this site?

        5. This weirdos a troll btw.For anyone thinking wtf. He’s been trolling Heartiste fo quite some time now aswell

        6. Careful you may be reincarnated as a tick on the ass of a louse infected rat. Howz your boodhism now there grasshopper????

      4. that’s because in your homeland you didn’t have anything anyone wanted, now in America you want what citizens earn.

    2. Believe it or not, I’ve seen signs of such a turn around on this issue in that most backwards of states… California.
      I mean, really, 9th district fed court says, (paraphrased) ‘you can ban open carry or concealed carry, but not both as the 2nd protects the right to carry in public.’… that would have been unthinkable 12 years ago. 9th district is about the most liberal federal court in the country.

      1. Yeah, that was some fantastic shit wasn’t it? You’d be hard pressed to find the 9th ruling positively on anything, but there they went and surprised us all.
        It all comes back to a few dedicated men willing to put in the hard work to turn the culture around from what was looking like an eventual “ban them all” direction. Hell now we passed the ultimate test with Sandy Hook, not even dead white children were able to budge our firm resistance to gun laws. In Connecticut there are hundreds of thousands of men not complying with the registration orders. It’s fantastic.

        1. My understanding is that, since that ruling, the office that handled CCW applications in Orange County, CA is now so inundated with applications they had to re-hire all the staff they fired over the past 12 years, and they’re still backlogged.
          I personally am a little confused as to what that ruling brought us, since it also seems to be saying that allowing different counties to issue CCW permits is contrary to principle and in-effect, a ban on weapons statewide if a single county disallows CCW permits. What the courts seem to be saying is that a permit in one county is valid for all, which might explain why OC is so inundated.

    3. Demographics may yet win. Progressives don’t reliably breed. They have to recruit.
      Clean out the communists from academia, and this may still be winnable.

      1. I’ve been seeing more and more stats along that line too. It’s a hopeful sign. It also bolsters my notion that having and raising a family successfully, as a strong father, is the ultimate form of rebellion against the prevailing culture.
        The problem with it, that I’m full aware of, is the poisonous family law situation we face. That needs to change first and fast, IMHO.

        1. Fixing that set of uncivilized laws and judicial activism would do far more than Christian male shaming. Normal people WANT to breed, dammit.

        2. It’s a chicken or egg situation I think. We need to get enough men awake, pissed and active to get the laws changed. Once that’s done society goes into some level of self heal mode, for precisely why you mention. It’s not going to be an easy battle, but it beats the hell out of the alternatives.

        3. I agree with you. The family is the smallest unit of society. As goes the family, goes your culture.
          With this said, I find many posters here, when talking of marriage and family, speaking of concubinage as soon as the wife hits the wall. How on earth is that building a strong family and thereby, culture? The gold standard in raising good kids into responsible adult is having married, biological parents engaged in a low conflict marriage. True love (agape not Eros..the posters here struggle with the difference) is the only way to have a low conflict marriage. Concubinage, valuing only a woman’s physical attributes, and sleeping around all damage one’s capacity for agape with a spouse.

        4. Careful there, invine: The family is also the smallest unit of tribal/barbarian culture. Barbarians ONLY trust their own family members.
          Civilization requires extending trust to non-family members in the same culture. The Greeks did it through extending loyalty to the city-state. Romans required Pater Familias to put the SPQR ahead of family. Christian cultures did it through religious shame. Asian cultures also used shame ( face ) extensively as a civilizing tool.

        5. You say homoerotic like it is a bad thing. why do you begrudge the homos a little erotica?

        6. I’m just sick and tired of those roman legionnaires sticking their short swords in our faces and marching everywhere, going on their triumphal parades through Rome, with their big banners and their “ooh look at us,we’ve conquered Germania, what you gonna do about it” attitude. Disgusting.

      2. Which is why feminists/multiculturalists/Marxists/homosexuals propagandize children so aggressively. There are few children born to elite liberals. As far as they are concerned, your children are their children.

      3. Then common core is even more important to defeat. Soros has the same problem with Israel, conservative and religious Jews are the only ones breeding and they will always remember he sold out his own people during WWII.

  5. Another great article. For those interested read “The Demographic Cliff” By Harry Dent. The rise and fall of civilizations has to do with population and the spending/productivity demographics of that population. We are near the end of the largest spending baby boomers who are being replaced by a smaller generation. This generation will not produce the growth needed, we also have technology that replaces people. So who knows what the rich and powerful will decide for us. We are no longer a republic and only pretend to be a democracy.

  6. No. Next question.
    When any “civilization” gives up the ideals upon which it was founded, it is doomed. The Western Civilization has actively been working against those who still uphold those ideals for the last 40+ years, and the results are clear to see everywhere around the globe. Civilization is doomed. Best to lay in a good supply of weapons and be ready to defend what is yours and you want to protect and to hell with all of the free-loaders. They are best used as fertilizer – and that is their future.
    No animosity – there is no reason to be upset at parasites for being parasites – but rather kill the host that feeds them so that it doesn’t spread to healthy organisms. You see it all around you – the parasites destroy (Detroit) and move on to destroy another healthy city (Dallas?). Until people stop that migration, it will lead to the inevitable destruction of civilization.

    1. The present parasites in Dallas probably originated in New Orleans, and had to flee elsewhere when Hurricane Katrina struck. At the time, conservative radio talk-show host Neal Bortz was warning about that.

      1. I live in DFW and you couldn’t have said it any better. I got to see it first-hand and those sumbitches are still a blight on this state (many of them disbursed outward from DFW area). We already had enough problems with all the illegal aliens leeching off all the freebie programs they can sign up for.

    1. “Post modernists ironically muse that there is no sovereignty at all.”
      Give me a village of Pajama Boys and Entitlement Princesses, and give me four hand picked hard men and I will show them sovereignty and how to start a world.

  7. Most of these problems can be traced to a paradigm shift that happened during the final stages of feudalism in to the early modern period. During the development of agriculture about 10,000 years ago men decided to maintain land… and the supposedly egalitarian hunter gatherer dynamic was abandoned in favor of static territory. From that time until about 1700 the ruling class consisted of societies greatest warriors. There right to rule ultimately stemmed from their ability to defend their people with violence – there strength of arms. A byproduct of the enlightenment was that this mentality was eventually rejected as barbaric and primitive and a new rulings class emerged – the lawyers.
    Look at virtually every member of the House or the Senate or Parliament. Look at the past Presidents of the USA. The vast majority were lawyers. They have created laws that the layperson can not understand for the same reason the Catholic Church once insisted the Bible remain in Latin. If the people can’t understand it – then it says whatever you want it to say. These lawyers- as almost anyone will attest, are a parasitical strain on the nation and the world. There sole talent is the ability to manipulate the English language and in our perverted culture that is all thats needed to guarantee their dominance. No wonder Civilization is collapsing.

  8. Want a place to start? Go to your local bar, and talk to the men there. Don’t bother with the women, and if they start yammering tell them to butt out (politely, so as to not invoke White Knight protective instincts).
    Now find every problem the guy is having in life. He’ll tell you, it’s why he’s at the bar anyway, he’s looking for somebody to talk to. Now every problem he lists, bring the point back around to him that it was caused by either feminism, big government or cultural Marxism (call it whatever you think will work best for his intellect). Do it rationally and in a friendly way, and be sure to make it subtle instead of straight in his face. As time goes on in the conversation, amp up the “Yeah man, see, this whole feminism shit is even doing this/that to you?”. Get him nodding. Be intelligent, don’t get in his face, and let him come around that it is his idea that these things are persecuting him. Try to draw in other guys, get group conformity on your side, get other men to bring up their own examples if you can pull it off without it seeming scripted. The more that join the more they will want to conform to the prevailing message. Rinse lather repeat wherever you go and whenever the time seems appropriate. Get the message set, and get them talking about it amongst themselves. Direct them to some of the “lite” manosphere sites (for example Rational Male if they seem intellectually astute). The trick is to make them seem like it’s their own thinking that brought them to the conclusions you were directing them towards, and to get them irritated enough to want to take action. Set those hooks and reel’em in. I do it at least several times a week and now have a couple of regular buds that have started using the term “game” and “red pill” around me, without me ever saying it to them first. And they’re getting pissed as their eyes open. Perfect.
    Another thing to do, despite how futile it sounds, is to openly deride and laugh at women when they try to shame you or they start trying to talk politics or “gender equality” or any other form of feminist bullshit. Keep it just refined enough to not trigger idiot White Knights, but don’t hold back otherwise, and utterly ignore their attempts at shaming, laugh at them even. We all know the logical arguments, throw some of those in, but the point isn’t to win the debate (we win that debate hands down) it’s to win it for the *audience* while also being aloof, fearless and mocking of the very notion of feminism. Make it seem cool and like a show and you’ll find a lot of converts in time (you’ll know, because they’ll talk to you later about how they never thought about XYZ before like you were saying).
    This is one of the tactics of the Left, btw, however we have the
    advantage in that we don’t have to lie about the causes here, which
    makes our message that much more powerful.
    This is so fucking winnable it’s amazing, but if you don’t know it is you’ll stay quiet and in the “let it fall” camp. And that’s a fucking shame, because the foe is so weak that when the light in the kitchen is turned on she runs under the fridge in fear.

  9. Lol, years ago I remember taking a class on philosophy, reading guys like Plato, Kant, etc at an Ivy League university that takes itself and its curriculum way too seriously. Between classes I’m sure all the dudes in the class would fire up Xvideos and see girls getting gangbanged by black dudes with 11 inch cocks.
    It’s hard to take any kind of “civilization” seriously anymore in that regard.
    If you look at your average attractive woman, she really doesn’t give a fuck about the source of civilization. She enjoys shopping (products made by men), eating out (cooking pretty much invented and refined by men), taking selfies of herself (phones invented by beta males), and oggling the 1% of men that fit her idea of attractive. And that’s only the women that prefer rich handsome dudes, not including the women that prefer men that are anti-civilization: tattooed club promoters, bikers, thugs and gangstas, etc.

    1. Bikers ain’t anti-civilization, we’re simply outliers to the prevalent culture, aforementioned culture itself being anti-civilization. Now biker gangs, yeah, sure, but not just generic “bikers”. Hell dude, most of us are combat vets, carry firearms and outside of drinking and tattoo are some of the most conservative men in the nation.

      1. Oh, no offense. Don’t really know much about it. I just kind of wrote bikers for lack of another synonym. A lot of MRA write “bikers” as a euphemism for “thugs,” or other racially-tinged words, as the tide seems to be carrying these days.

        1. No offense taken. Most outsiders use “bikers” generally to mean motorcycle gangs. Just applying a critical distinction.

      2. The genisis of the biker gangs were WWII veterans that returned to the USA and couldn’t/wouldn’t fit in. Yes they are conservative and patriotic in their origins. I am not so sure about now. Entropy goes in only one direction.

        1. Well, gangs can be good, or bad, or just neutral. I am a lone wolf and wouldn’t join an MC if you paid me….one….billion…dollars(!), but that said there are some good ones.
          And most all of us lone wolves fit the description I gave. I associate only with quality, you see. heh

      3. And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid.And why do you tiny dick boys always talk about guns and monster pickup trucks? Too stupid and uncultured to discuss art or literature or even wine and style? Hmm
        And the only thing flyover country is good for is for airplanes to dump their toilet waste over.

  10. Lets do some stats: Red pill Pop 5% of Men, those that can be converted by education or yet to be born a further 2%. Lets say some event wipes out the rest on Civ3020 its possible to start again…but whats the biggest issue now that will hurt Civ more a planet that will grown from 7bn-9bn with an ageing population…Demographics is key. In the globalized world we live in, all territory is under threat…

  11. Of course it’s worth saving. Western Civilization, for all its faults, is (was?) an amazing system that allowed for scientific, literary, and artistic progress the likes of which the world has never seen.
    It doesn’t just need saving from feminism. It needs saving from post-modernism, from utilitarianism, from the forces whose moral relativism seeks to destroy it. Who knows if it can be saved. But it and it’s values are worth fighting for.

  12. In a “democratic republic” (if you still consider America to be one), where public opinion holds such influence, the people who are sovereign are the people who don’t answer to anyone (the government “answers” to the people in our one party state, where each party is liberal and the republicans only want to secure jobs for themselves) who also from public opinion. Any guesses to what that is in a country with a uniform education system and a totally free media? Any at all?
    I always wondered what heartiste meant by the cathedral until I read moldbug

  13. Saving “civilization” by returning to conservatism is pretty much wishful thinking and doesn’t change the fact that women are so fundamentally geared – not by their own choice but by their biology – towards dismantling everything civilized. Nothing could change this fact, and I doubt ten thousand years more of evolution would fix the problem.
    Whites aren’t the only ones with civilization. Asians, Indians, Mesoamericans all had and have substantial civilizations. Obviously because of the sway of whites and the way other races look up to them (particularly Indians and Asians), when the west collapses it will be felt worldwide but honestly that’s probably what it’s going to take. Ironically the same brown people that white liberals so love so much are the same ones who retain patriarchal and anti-leftist ideas by nature and by law.
    Honestly right now we’re not in the deepest pool of shit, but it’s pretty deep. Your average NORMAL guy of every race is suffering pretty badly. The people who are winning are largely women who for the most part of immune from any real responsibility, and a very noticeable minority of alpha males, thugs and cads. Which pretty much means that the immediate future of the west is entirely in the hands of cads and their fatherless offspring.

    1. Here’s how I look at it. Sometimes, we make mistakes or get off track and need to re-evaluate where we got off track and backstep a little. Or as feminists would put it (in hysterical tones)
      Turn back the clock.
      But turning back the clock isn’t enough. If we get into a time machine, it’s not sufficient to just reset us to that point in time and go forward again and repeat history. We need to LEARN from it. To recognize how we got to this point from there and how to put things back on track.
      It’s obvious we got to this point due to chivalrous idealization of women and treating strong men as disposable. This produced spoiled women and weak men. In addition, the notion of women’s equality was destructive to femininity and masculinity. Even lesbians want to identify as “butch” or “femme”. Feminism is not only anti-male by it’s linguistic meaning, but anti human as well as it seeks to attack a fundamental nature of our humanity: Our gender and sexuality.
      Regarding racism. Something to keep in mind is that different cultures from around the world immigrate into Europe and America for a reason: Because Western civilization, even as it stands now, is superior to theirs. Browns or Latinos are not as maucho as you might think. Within a generation or two, they are indistinguishable from inner city African Americans in terms of welfare motherhood (and interesting that both groups despite being so similar, hate each other with a passion.)

      1. The reason Latinos and AAs don’t get along is because the influx of Latinos diminishes AAs current stranglehold on being the kings and queens of victimization. It takes the spotlight off of them and robs them of their uncontested rule over the number 1 spot of being victims of the white male patriarchy. Latinos have their own issues (illegal immigration, english as a second language, etc.) and AAs don’t want any of the attention taken off of them and their issues.

        1. One thing that unites all of them are entitlements at the expense of white males. If the Republican party were to ever address race and gender preferences and even eliminate them, then these groups would all address other issues we discuss here such as traditional values or even economic factors, obamacare, etc.
          But as long as race entitlements are in place, most of the members of these groups vote democrat.
          Recently in California, the race entitlements crowd suggested a ballot proposal to overturn prop 209 which banned race preferences in universities. The Asian community shut it down. Simultaneously, even as these Asians argued for “civil rights” as pertained to allowing more of them to go to universities in California, they didn’t want to overturn minority preferences of companies because Asians often still enjoy benefits due to them.
          Our current situation is a perfect storm of the 1964 civil rights act and affirmative action, chivalrous patronage of women via feminism, and cold war politics which pushed the left to destroy the same European men that they modeled their ideal society on. It’s bizarre. It makes the times of Nero seem normal by comparison.

    2. >>Which pretty much means that the immediate future of the west is entirely in the hands of cads and their fatherless offspring.
      Excellently noticed and put. A Russian ethnologist Dr Protopov has proposed that without some sort of civilizing influence such as organized religion in a modern society, the female hypergamous behaviour will lead to degeneration back into the primeval “pack”.
      He has further proposed that the idea of Deity in society serves as a kind of a super-Alpha whose ultimate and unshakable authority is often used to control unbridled female sexuality and hypergamy….

  14. First,this idea of ‘Western Civilization’ has to be abandoned.Not only is it myopic in scope it is misleading.Rome,Greece,etc have been influenced by ideas and commerce from the east and vice verse.Indeed the texts of Hippocrates, Plato, Aristotle,Galen that you read today have come from the Arab scholars who preserved their works.So this statement is nonsense:-
    >>>>”If it weren’t for civilization, I would not be able to sit here and cite
    Aristotle and Natural Law in a discussion freely read by people all
    over the world right now. If not for our Western civilization, I would
    probably right now be writing yet another poem about how great Muhammed
    The fact that you can read Aristotle is not because of civilizations of Europe which failed to preserve them but because of the Islam and Arab civilizations which you sneer at.
    Second,is civilization is worth saving? Civilization is itself subject to natural selection.Currently certain economic States are in decline (the US,UK,parts of Europe union) and others are emerging( certain Scandinavian countries,Singapore,Hong Kong,Chile,Costa Rica). Nobody can ‘save’ civilization any more than they can stop failed species from going extinct. Learn from the wisdom of scholar of all civilizations and move to those places of the world that best suit your personal goals.

  15. If I were you gents, I’d start learning german. Yes the EU has it’s crisis but if you haven’t noticed Germany is bailing out everyone in europe, has a great growth rate and it’s exports rise every year. something about the german people that their raw engineering and logic and their sense of superiority (not imagined just how they work and aren’t very emotional) are very real and sustainable. twice in the last 110 years their economy has totally collapsed or been defeated by war and yet they build back stronger than before within 20 years of each. everyone keeps talking about how china or Russia is moving ahead…no it’s the germans….again.

    1. One could say the same thing largely about the USA. The grass is always greener…

    2. Russia? No fucking way! That country is going to the dogs…it swallowed cyanide by swallowing Crimea. Putin is leading Russia on an economic suicide mission.

    3. Actually Germany is heavily reliant on Russian natural resources such as gas. Similarly many European countries such as France and England rely on Russian investment. Its more likely the Russian bear rather than the hun will dominate the future of Europe. By the way the only country they have bailed out is Greece, the European equivalent of Zimbabwe.

      1. The USA has more NG than it knows what to do with. They flare it off all day in the Bakken. We will supply the EU, its just a matter of time.

        1. I hope so. Every time someone mentions fracking in England the hippies start protesting and prevent progress.

        2. Crack their useless skulls, they’re taking up valuable air and other natural resources and contributing nothing but death and destruction. Never had a use for hippies.
          As a libertarian I’m only half kidding of course. Though I’ll be honest, sometimes, in the dark hours of the night I sit and think about what the world would have been like had the vile, greasy toads known as hippies never been invented by the Left. These are nights of quiet contemplation and happiness.

        3. Completely agree. I value freedom of speech more than anything, but if they don’t have a viable solution they should not get involved in the debate.

  16. Thanks for a thought-provoking article. I think in this case a lifting of the word-count cap would be appropriate in order to fully illustrate your ideas.
    Your thesis was coming together, but it feels like you had to wrap up in a hurry. Follow-up post?

    1. Poli sci doesn’t really fit the theme here, but an intro to poli and ethics using the context of seeking masculine meaning in our feminized society does. My intent was to pique the interests of readers so they do their own research. Discover the Reaction or the Dark Enlightenment if you’re piqued. ~inhumanist

  17. Look, I don’t get the problem, here. You have rightly identified what actual civilization is, and you have rightly pointed out that our present culture is sub-human and hardly civilized. It is the new Barbarism, albeit a barbarism with i-phones and “social justice.” Yet you keep conflating civilization and non-civilization as the same thing, when you ask whether we should save civilization?
    ROK, and reactionaries in general, are not asking whether we should “save” what is currently called civilization, but is not. The Reaction is about restoring civilization and returning civilized men to their rightful place, after cleaning up the trash. Nobody wants to save what we have. We want to help spread the flames so that it combusts more thoroughly and quickly, and then rebuild.

    1. The destroy and then rebuild thinking is behind marxism which got us into this mess. In the west, cultural marxism is about transforming the USA and even Europe into Detroit and then from those ashes, rebuild the world into Phoenix. It’s insanity and leftists are insane. They hate while people for daring to oppose their marxist agenda and then simultaneously worship white culture and live amongst whites because they can’t stand their demographic of non-whites that comprise the majority of marxists in the states. Even in Europe, marxists are self destructive. Sweden is ALREADY Sweden, but they destroy it anyway.
      Rather than spreading flames, I think red-pill men spread awareness or a better and less contaminated term: “consciousness”. Being a conscious individual in a broken world is painful. It’s like waking up from a drunken stupor and seeing that your place is a mess filled with beer bottles and and the windows cracked and you have a lot of work to do. But it’s necessary to not choke on your vomit and die which is what will happen if you continue to move forward. It’s about letting the rest of the world burn down around you while you keep the sapling of civilization protected and alive for replanting another day.

      1. I’m not advocating any proactive act of destruction. I’m saying that all of the sick and dilapidated institutions that are collapsing, need to collapse. Institutions like the GOP are perpetuating the problem. I am a traditional Catholic, but I see that the mason-infiltrated Vatican bureaucracy is part of the problem, and trying to build respect for the Vatican at the present time will only weaken their faith. Point them to the unmistakeable record of the faith in the Fathers and Councils and Magisterium through history, and let them know that few things coming from the Vatican can be simply accepted.
        I’m not advocating that we actively destroy things; I’m saying that the sickened institutions that are already collapsing, must be allowed to collapse. If we can build a parallel architecture in the meanwhile, that could be ready to pick up the slack immediately, fine. But most forces are firmly arrayed against erecting any parallel structures.

  18. Fuck it. Let it burn.
    Between our non-stop importation of 3rd world trash and the Femis, I look foward to fiddling while the world burns.

    1. You make the common mistake of thinking that somehow, with the world burning around you, that you will be sitting in a pleasant air conditioned home, humming a happy tune and thus totally unaffected.
      When animals are cornered and fear for the lives, they strike out at everything ten times fiercer than normal. They do not choose targets, they simply strike out. Guess what, you’re a target in that situation too, assuming you’re living anywhere near here when it happens.
      So many young men here who have never seen an actual war or third world devastation and extreme poverty first hand. Smelled it. Tasted it. Had it wrap its fetid, decaying hands tightly around your throat. It ain’t gonna be a sci-fi ready movie, men, and you are not going to be exempted from it.

      1. Yup. But I’m 32 now. I’ll be at the end of my life when the 3rd World’s and Femis have turned the Estadios Unitos into Brazil / India.

        1. Fair enough. I just don’t think most men have thought it through entirely, usually out of inexperience with the real thing in real life. And I suspect most of them think it’s going to happen two weeks from now.

        2. naww, winter, 2021
          52 year cycle. major changes world-shaking changes every 52 years.
          coincides with the 79 year cycle, as well as several others.
          I know it sounds like semi-mystical bullshit, but it is ALSO the year that Our debt will exceed our ability to pay the interest even if we devalue our own currency to rock bottom (which we will)

        3. “Winter is Coming” !!
          I guess I should stock up on MREs, Whiskey and 5.56 & 7.62 and embrace the coming Ragnarök.

        4. You know, if you can put all of your supplies on a wagon, you can actually enjoy a Ragnarök-n-Roll.

        5. I have considered making my plan involve a fully automatic weapon, fully body armor, a flame thrower, some def leppard, and a large, well-populated building (grin)
          Not sure if Danny glover’s going to come along and make chicken noises in his underpants.

  19. Western Civilization was the pinnacle of a free and just society because of Christianity. The West is living on the fumes of Christianity, and without the fumes lookout. And by Christianity, I mean Catholic Christianity.
    This site regularly engages in a culture that is contrary to being civilized. Here are the examples: encouraging sleeping around, encouraging cheating on a wife once she has hit the wall, encouraging contraception, avoiding marriage (the real kind: for life and forsaking all others), promoting abortion, avoiding raising large families, and being fearful of losing money in marriage.
    You want to change the culture for the better? Clean your own house first.

    1. I’ve actually considered going Orthodox. Since Vatican II the CC has really declined in areas where it needed to stand fast as a bulwark of virtue. Now with the pseudo-Marxist Pope Franky I just don’t think I could morally bring myself to give time or credence to it. But it was fabulous, back before Vatican II, and yes, clearly the driving force behind a lot of Western civ.

      1. Benedict XVI was a totally kick-ass pope. He was starting to really clean house, and was the first pope worthy of the name since the 16th century.
        The new guy, Francis? total joke. embraces faggotry, forgives islamic radicalism, and flops the catholic church out as a throw rug for everyone else. Major, Major mistake.

        1. That’s very true, I really admired Benedict’s attempts to re-establish formality and solemnity to the office and Church. Such a shame he didn’t have the fortitude to suffer well and finish his term in office as is proper.
          Absolutely agree about Franky. Can not stand the man whatsoever. Seems nearly like a Manchurian Candidate if you ask me, but hey, what do I know?

        2. The Church does not “embrace faggotry”. The Church embraces all people, just not the sin. A person who suffers from same sex attraction is still loved by God, but engaging in sexual acts with a person of the same sex is gravely wrong and their soul is then in jeopardy. The Pope knows this. Don’t let the American media define the Catholic Church for you. Read about it on your own and use your own brain.
          And by the way, having sex outside marriage, having extra-marital affairs, anal sex, sex with contraception, oral sex, all with the opposite sex are also gravely wrong, just as homosexual sex acts. All the acts I have listed are promoted on this site. Clean up your own house first.

        3. pope’s are not candidates, they are Christ’s representative on earth. The world is in the Church, not the other way around. You have a short-sighted, American political view about the Church, whose job is not political. The Church’s job is to save souls.

        4. Unfortunately all religion involves politics, and all politics involve religion at some level. They “elect” a pope after all, and weigh many different factors into making that choice. That itself speaks to politics at some level.
          Please don’t confuse my criticism of what post Vatican II Catholicism has become with somehow not embracing the truth of God. Given my druthers I’d revert everything back to traditional ways and be the most hardcore TradCath you ever met. My druthers, however, are denied.

        5. Blah, blah. The Catholic Church was destroyed doctrinally under the Second Vatican Council. That “new” Catechism is the epitome of evil. The very fact that ecumenism is a priority of the Catholic Church, shows the infiltration and decapitation of the ancient holy order. Let me guess, “keep forgiving,” “God forgives,” “we’re all his children.” Yeah these are the new mottos for Christian weakness. Erode all of the Christian institutions in society but yet embrace the new Cultural Marxist tyranny, under the fagotty precept, of “it’s ok, God forgives.”

        6. That’s basically my view of it as well, though I wasn’t quite as blunt about it. I really worry at the damage wrought by V2 and how it institutionally destroyed the ability to even teach Christ’s message correctly, which should be I would think of primary concern.

        7. No, the acts are not ‘promoted on this site’, they are promoted by individuals, save sex outside of marriage.

        8. The Pope is elected, yes, but you completely negate the power of the Holy Spirit in your comment. The Holy Spirit chooses the pope and guides the Church. Don’t let pride blind you from that.

        9. You, too, negate the power of the Holy Spirit in your comment. When Jesus Ascended into heaven he left the Church (the Apostles were the first bishops) and told them that He would be with them until the end of the age.
          Everyone who knows a little about history knows that the first 200 years after a Vatican Counsel are a mess. You are complaining about the people who DISSENT against the teachings of the Church and took over Catholic ed in this country. That is not the Church.
          I was in a Confessional last week. How about you?

        10. Again, Ghost, watch out for pride. You think your view of the Church is better than Christ’s in this comment.
          And what are you doing to preach Christ’s message correctly? Are you in a confessional making sure your soul is free from mortal sin? Are you living your life by the true teaching of the Church? Because this site promote all types of sexual acts that are contrary to Church teachings and by hanging out here too long, you get drug into some true sludge. Just sayin’.

        11. I was born a Catholic and now I have completely left that church; it is pure evil a corruption of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and a puppet for the enemy. They have even corrupted the Bible “NIV”.
          Gentlemen pick up your KJV and lets get to work cleaning up Western Civilization.

        12. Everyone, who is anyone, knows that the KJV is a poor translation.
          Christ left a Church, not a Bible when He Ascended into heaven.

      2. Pope Francis is not a Marxist. He is Ignatian in thought and response. Look, the CC is the Church Christ founded and upon His Ascension, He told the Apostles (the first bishops) I will be with you until the end of time. This includes Pope Francis.
        Has there been a decline in teaching? No, just a decline in numbers of people who actually follow the true teachings. Dissent, not teaching is the problem.

        1. Honestly I think that the dissent occurred because of the change in teaching. Take away Latin mass, effeminize the Priesthood to the point that gays nearly openly join it now and reject many of the sacred traditions in order to “attract new, young, hip butts into the pews” and, well, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Guess I’m what you’d call a hardcore traditionalist.
          I’m aware of his sect, I was simply using shorthand that most here would understand.

        2. As a hardcore traditionalist you should know that following a Vatican Counsel that the Church is in upheaval for at least 200 years. We are living the upheaval. Are you on the barque of Peter or no? Do you like your view of salvation and the Church better than Christ’s? Pride, my friend, pride.

        3. That’s a fair cop. It speaks to me too much of Protestantism however, on so many levels.
          Dunno man, end of the day I’m just some dumb biker guy with guns and a Stetson.

        4. And I’m just a married woman of many children trying to do as St. Paul says by completely submitting myself to my husband’s loving authority. And he’s earned that submission from me by loving me the way Christ loved the Church. And that is what is missing from this site: men willing to love as Christ loves. Instead men here are just hog-tied by woman’s looks.
          And I like guns and Stetsons.

        5. Too bad you prejudice got in the way, Ghost, I actually had you thinking.
          My husband is one lucky man. He would tell you so himself, but he is too busy being “the man” to even bother with sites such as these. That is why I delight in him. He is a true gift from my Heavenly Father, and I tell him so, often.
          And he gets pithy conversations from his lady love, too.

      3. I am having the same issue, I have considered going Orthodox. Western Christianity is corrupted to the core. To me there are only two real alternatives to men who want old religion: Orthodox Christianity or Islam. The conundrum of converting to either puts you morally and spiritually against the United States. A real Orthodox Christian would have to accept that the United States was no longer his “real” home, while fully embracing Russia. I’ve been perplexed by this, and I’ve come to the conclusion that if God exists, he’s not on our side.

        1. I’d think Islam is a more practical option than Orthodox Christianity. Islam scores over Christianity when it comes to the point of polygamy – which directly decimates women’s control over men, as seen in monogamous marriages. That’s red pill enough. And from observations, Muslim women tend to be more loyal and faithful wives (and virgins too) as compared to Orthodox Christian women. The Orthodox Christian world – predominantly Eastern Slav Europe – even though produces more beautiful women – yet produces whores/slutty women who’d play the field as much as Western Anglosphere women. Moslem women tend to be more conservative and more devoted. Besides, polygamy is encouraged by Islam (natural tendency of man), and so is intermarriage with Jews and Christians; plus the religion favors men and protects men’s rights and honor. Seems a more practical choice than Orthodox Christianity.

        2. Excellent, excellent points! I’ve always thought that Islam was aligned with the natural order. I do have to say the reason for Slav sluttiness is because of the declining birthrates and early mortality rates of Slav men. Slav men train Slavic women to be obedient. The Western media and thirsty beta Anglos have pretty much ruined these gracious creatures. I’ve been saying this for a while, Arabic and Persian women are some of the most loyal and obedient women on earth. Persian women are exceptionally beautiful. It’s a hard choice, but I lean theologically with Orthodox Christians and I lean biologically with the Muslims.

        3. red pill? discarding the social structure which permits the actual accomplishers and builders of civilization… beta men… access to sex and children?
          Betas are a thousand times the ‘men’ that alphas are. The fact that PUA’s, acknowledged betas, have cracked the code of ‘appearing’ alpha without discarding their intellect and creativity is an enormous accomplishment worthy of beta genius.
          Polygamy is a non-starter. It steals the souls from those who would otherwise devote their energy to the creation of a better world for their children.

        4. So what? I’m no feminist. Far from it. But I do have a brain. Does that scare you, too?
          It doesn’t scare my husband.

        5. Anyway, continuing our conversation above without infiltrating cunts (invine, Peking, whomever) screwing it up: I have bought Bang for two friends, linked them to ROK articles, etc. and they are coming around.
          Then again they weren’t little bitches in the first place so it wasn’t too difficult.

        6. Well to each his own.
          I’ve been studying about that religion in the past few years – and after being intrigued with interactions with people living in the Middle East (I’ve been travelling there to and fro) and I do feel the religion has been misrepresented in the West, quite on many occasions.
          What’s wrong with polygamy? Rather than stealing the souls of men, it actually liberates them from slavery to women.
          You mean to say monogamous marriages today in the West are soul-strengthening? Pursuing marriage in the Western world itself is a soul-crushing pitfall which a man often chooses. Even a prenup can’t save you thanks to the hypocrisy of courts here.
          In Islamic marriage laws, the authority stays with the man. So I ain’t falling for people trying to dissuade me on the part that Islam sucks than Christianity when it comes to protecting men’s authority – because the truth and benefits for a Moslem man choosing to marry (or divorce) are evident.
          Here we can only criticize their culture (out of envy) while
          our societies continue to screw men’s happiness in both marriages and divorces.
          A lot of lies have been purported about Islam (I’m assuming from our feminist controlled media and states which want to continue to subdue men in the West) – and I do see Moslem men having a better deal at least when it comes to their families as compared to the average Caucasian man living in the West. And I’ve seen it in their households, when I visited a few of my colleagues’ homes in Middle East.
          A man’s home is his castle; here in the West the state has reduced men to the position of slaves, instead of kings, in their own homes. Their divorce laws favor Moslem men as compared to our divorce laws for Christian men; and if I ever thought of marriage some day, I need to secure my investment, marriage being an investment in the modern
          world, but in the West the state itself threatens the security of investment in marriage with lopsided divorce laws. A fact that I resent, and in some ways do envy the Moslem men when it comes to their marriages and homes.

        7. Islam is a false religion. Completely full of constrictions and bad theology.

        8. When I first went to the Middle east, I harbored a deep distrust against Moslems. Camel-riding monkeys is what I thought about them. But I found more respect – possibly being white myself – than I thought, from my interactions with Moslems in the Middle east.
          The irony I noted was with white women in the Middle east. Most of them enjoyed getting shagged by Arab men, yet kept criticizing both Islam and Arabs being dominating on women. Solipsistic? Inane? I was also given dirty looks by white women when I was casually flirting with a Middle eastern intern in my office – as if I had betrayed the white race. Not to mention that the fact these hypocritical bitches were getting pumped on weekends by Arab guys. Moslem guys on the other hand, are fiercely territorial about their girlfriends, wives, etc.
          The state (along with the feminist controlled Church) plays a big role in misrepresenting Islam to an average westerner. Possibly because it represents a threat to feminism? No wonder feminist priests and women malign that religion because it probably serves as the last bastion of red pill (though Buddhism also is quite red pill – but without a concept of God). Jesus ain’t hated in Islam as we are made to believe here. He’s considered a prophet in their faith.
          But to each his own – and I think the gravitational pull which a thinking man on red pill will eventually feel towards Islam is because of the sense of security it offers men in an increasingly man-hating world.

        9. Easiest magic trick in the book.
          Make the real thing look bad. Make the fake thing look good. Make everyone buy the fake thing and sell the real thing.

        10. Should God reveal himself to every wicked fool? If he did, would they not obey his commands by the knowledge of his very existence? What would this then achieve? It’s like a father whose son only behaves when his father is around, false righteousness. Only few are chosen…

        11. “I’ve come to the conclusion that if God exists, he’s not on our side.”
          History is littered with the bodies of those who thought they had the almighty on their side. God made them as stubble to our swords said Cromwell of his enemies. He still lost his head.
          All that is really necessary for eternity is to fight the good fight

        12. It’s easy to tell that Islam stinks by what it does to the countries it infects over time. All backward basket cases. By their fruits ye shall know them.

        13. Wrong. Polygamy screws over men and causes inbreeding. I’ve never understood polygamy pushers… they always imagine themselves with multiple wives yet never consider that they may be among those missing out. Also, Muslims usually have arranged marriages with their first cousins.
          You may argue that Islam is a “better” option in a raw Darwinian sense, but it definitely is not in a qualitative sense.

        14. Mustafa: I don’t think they’re gonna buy that.
          Muhammed: Don’t worry just tell them 70 virgins and succulent young boys will serve their every need ; they’re dumb Arabs what do they know form Adam.

        15. Mustafa: But Mohammed she’s only nine.
          Mohammed: Why don’t little girls fart?
          Because they don’t have assholes until they’re married.

        16. “By their fruits ye shall know them.”
          I think we could apply the same statement for western societies today – in the same vein. Sluttiness, single motherhood, feminism, male bashing, lopsided divorce courts, et al. Islamic countries are backward technologically – not socially, morally or traditionally.
          While we are not even backward as compared to them on a moral note – we’ve rather become depraved as societies. Using our technological advancement as an argument has always been the ploy of average westerners to show their superiority over lesser economically advanced societies. But these societies still have a proper family module; while we don’t with our feminist slutty women.

      4. If you were a truly hardcore Trad Catholic, the you’re probably a “sedevacantist.” Pretty much every pope since Vatican II has been an anti-pope and communist infiltrator. Those guys are hardcore traditionalists.

        1. Even if it’s in jest I wouldn’t be too quick to swallow the great (successful) Western push to view priests as kiddie fiddlers used to undermine religion to make way for the new religion of PC cultural Marxism.
          It never sat right with me the way we crap on the priesthood and sweep under the carpet the good these men have done and still do. Turns out I was right and statistically a child is less likely to be interfered with being around those in the priesthood than they are compared to those who are not. For memory it was 1.5 % compared with 2.5%. I’ll endeavour to find the study but like all truths that conflict with the current agendas it’s probably been lost in the wild.
          Not to mention the influx of female teachers fucking their students now would blow the priesthood clean out of the water, and the numbers seem to rise every year. Another fact which gets lost to political correctness and doesn’t gel with the current agenda.

        2. Aye, it’s the only consistent position to take if one is a Catholic. There is nothing good about Vatican II, and in rejecting the notion of the Catholic Church as the sole Church of Christ, it is clearly in error and sinful.

        3. Hey I’m with you, I can’t stand PC Culture and Marxism, because they’re the spawn of Satan! I was born into a Catholic family and loved the Church and have met many great priest.
          But the wiser I became the more I realized how misguided and dangerous the Catholic Church is.
          I’m a Christian and want to see us all come together in Christ.
          Blessing and peace be on to you. It’s just a funny cartoon.
          P.S. I always wanted to find one of those hot female teachers who would fuck the shit out of my 12 year old self back in the day. LOL

    2. I’ll get married and have kids the day the laws are no longer designed to fuck me over should we get divorced.
      Until then, no.

      1. Aye, I was addressing this below in the thread. We have to reform that, and if we succeed the rest is easy peasy.

        1. I don’t think it’ll happen. There are too many white knight betas in government.

        2. I do. See plan below. We can turn a lot of men if we put our minds and efforts into it and get to work. If the left can use psychology and propaganda to stir up emotions, so can we. In fact we have it easier because once a man starts to wake up his logical brain takes over from the emotional “brain” he’s been told to use, and then his conversion drops from months to days since we can then talk in our mutual language of logic and reason to him.
          This war is winnable in the best possible way.

      2. So your scared? And because you are scared of losing money you quit? Now that is beta. You’ve got a brain I assume, then choose a good spouse.

        1. That’s rather the problem. The pool of “good spouse”, thanks to feminism, can be contained in a standard eye dropper. You’d have better chances of hitting the Mega Millions lottery three times in a row. The “dating” market is literally full of diseased, mentally or venerealy, slags and sluts.

        2. Yes, I’m rather concerned about someone stealing half of what’s rightfully mine and taking any children we might have away from me. To boot, in the great state of FL I’d have to pay lifetime alimony to ’em along with child support.
          If you don’t think about these things and aren’t worried about them, you’re an idiot.
          Furthermore, people change. Even the best can be corrupted by perverse incentives and constant propaganda.

        3. I think that is weak. Nothing in life is guaranteed. So you’d rather sit on the sidelines and bitch then give it a go? Then you are part of the problem.
          Oh, and while women think they are getting it better in divorce, they soon learn differently. Raising kids alone is very difficult and has much worse outcomes than a married, biological parent set. Single moms deal with more drugs, drop-outs, crimes, and teen pregnancies. And the boyfriend’s of single moms are at a ridiculously higher percentage of abuse of children. This needs to be told to them as they enter divorce court.

        4. It’s not ‘beta’ to be risk averse.
          at any rate, even if it is, what’s the problem? a Beta that simulates an alpha is ten times better than an ‘alpha’.

        5. And that is because of the divorce culture of the last 40 years. Do you see a trend here, Ghost? The last 40 years were a mess everywhere, even in the CC. So are you at least going to try to make it better?

        6. I believe you’ve read my posts and hopefully seen my message that this is an easy war to fight and win, if we can shake off the lethargy and defeatism.

        7. I’ve seen a few. Quite honestly, it is hard to slog through the comment section on here because so many here cannot stop whining and denigrating women long enough to actually do something to fix the culture.

        8. Refusing to play Russian Roulette with a revolver loaded with three rounds is beta behavior, brah. Real men accept the odds and do it anyway. /sarc

        9. I’m concerned with the same and I brought more money into the marriage than my husband, truth be told.
          I’d rather loose everything than be weak and not strive for the marriage Christ says I can have.
          So my husband has a wife how lovingly submits to his authority while he earns that submission by loving me as Christ does. None of the crappy imitations of a sex life you guys wallow in here. We are alive, delight in each other, and hope to see each other in heaven.
          Do you even understand Agape? Look it up.

        10. Sorry to see you get banned Ghost. Some of your comments were actually OK.
          Next time, remember the rules. No responding to females.
          As you can see, once you give them a platform – they quickly destroy a good thread.

        11. Who told you that you needed to get married and have kids to be a man / be happy anyway?
          Thats just some old hokey myth thought up by people that want to take your money.

        12. rules were made to be broken.
          joints were made to be smoken.
          Subservience to ‘authority’ is the trademark of the weak and submissive male.

        13. yep, but that was before the reveal. I shoulda guessed, but I was splitting my attention.

      3. Shit. She just revealed that she’s a woman. Too bad, it was an interesting conversation. Be warned, gentlemen.

        1. Shame on you, Ghost. Because I am a woman, therefore I cannot hold an intelligent conversation? I had you on the ropes, and I am no feminist. This was my point all along. The men here cannot get past their hatred and bitching about women to actually make a change.
          Thank you for proving my point.

  20. Credit where credit is due. Islam kick started the renaissance by preserving knowledge deemed heretical by Western civilisation. Then the Middle East became the basket case of the world. But to paraphrase Spengler civilisations don’t rise and fall they move in cycles.

    1. islam only excelled in a very few areas because they had some talented slaves and a mengelesque morbidity, and european civilization was being regularly ravaged by successive waves of barbarism.
      The goths invaded, wiped out a ton of europe, set european technology and civilization back. followed by the Vandals, the angles and saxons, and then through successive waves of steppe asians. The visigoth and anglo saxon invasion was, however, a fairly good thing despite the setback, since they settled down and bred into the local populations, giving the formerly romo-greek cultural matrix a much-needed shot of aggression and competitiveness.
      Each new wave of invaders reset civilization, and bred an aura of fearful darkness and feudalism referred to as ‘the dark ages’. The catholic church desperately fought to stop this trend, but in the end was only able to preserve and encourage scientific development in a few place.
      By contrast, the arabs had a remarkably stable, albeit corrupt and stupid, matrix upon which to build at the time… not to mention that they had some of the smartest people on the planet, the Sephardic Jews, as their slaves.
      The reason we have a base 10 numbering system, which is incredibly inferior in every possible way to a base 12 numbering system that was being worked on, is due to ridiculous arabic beliefs. many of the modern engineering and mathematical problems we face are directly the result of using a poorly-thought-out base 10 numbering system,
      Frankly, the turks didn’t ‘kick start’ the rennaissance, they contributed to it… Thank the catholic church and technological improvements in military technology and farming techniques for creating the stability necessary for the renaissance to occur.
      The moment the Europeans were finally freed of constant and recurrent plagues, both human and disease, they quickly outstripped arabic civilization in every possible way.

      1. You have some excellent points but I can’t get my head round the idea of the Catholic church being this bastion of civilisation. All I see is a very centralised governing body that tried to dominate Western Europe and the new world. Simply replacing a Caesar with a pope and today a president of the European Union. If there is one lesson to be learnt from history it is that centralised governing tends to fuck things up Soviets, Nazis etc

        1. You seem to overestimate the influence of the catholic church. Yes, it was powerful, but individual rulers were often MORE powerful. Henry was excommunicated 3 times, Charlemagne even more.
          The power of the church was absolute within it’s sphere, but outside of it’s sphere it had almost no power whatsoever.
          It was a bit like a woman that way… as long as it convinced you it was worthwhile it was powerful, but every bit of that power flowed from the hands of those it served.

        2. I always thought Charlemagne was the embodiment of the perfect Christian ruler. I had no idea he was excommunicated. However Im more inclined to follow Deism. It removes the superstitions of religion and works in conjunction with the early ideals of a republic.

        3. yes, but the basic idea behind the superstition is the unexplainability of god.
          The problem is, what can be explained can be rationalized. Look at abortion, for example. Looking at it from a cultural growth perspective, obviously it’s wrong because it ends a human life, that has the potential to be the next einstein or Plutarch. Not only that, but potential gains are not outwighed by potential losses… the only true ‘gain’ from abortion is to avoid the ‘punishment’ for a stupidly risky lifestyle, by an individual that has just pointedly proven that she is irresponsible… and is likely to continue to be so. The problem is, the moment you start to consider it you start adding in rationalizations… ‘It’s not a life yet’. “The mother has a proven life.” “It’s likely to grow up to be a thug…”
          However, when you have an entity who is, literally, incapable of being comprehended, the rationalizations no longer apply. “God says do not have abortions.”. every rationalization for this behavior can be met with the same explanation, and you no longer require justification for every societally-positive social stricture.
          Frankly, humans (and especially women) are lazy rationalizing animals. It’s in our blood. any excuse to slip out of societally-positive behavior, we take. Anyway to avoid extra labor, we seek out.
          It is quite arguable that without a framework of social responsibility, one that is without the potential for rationalization, humans are simply incapable of building the ethics and morality that is necessary for humans to successfully interact and build a society… or, to put it bluntly, without faith we may be incapable of behaving as anything other than animals. One has only to observe children to understand that there is no such thing as ‘innate’ morals or ethics.

        4. God is a rational being. That is why there is order In the universe and not chaos. Furthermore he is depicted as a father figure or a teacher in every major religion. The desire that comes with these roles is for the student or child to exceed the father or teacher and to question them. The individuals you use as examples such as Einstein would not be known to us today if he had blindly followed

        5. So? Einstein was religious, just not conventionally.
          And I have never contested that it is important for the brilliant to follow. The Brilliant are capable of making the informed choice and accepting the painful sacrifice necessary to step away from Dogma.
          I am not talking about the brilliant, I am talking about the ordinary, and the women. Show me a female that is capable of making the sacrifices that stepping out of dogma truly requires, of accepting the responsibility for her own actions without the intercession and oversight of a deity or a man, and I will show you a unicorn.

        6. Once someone makes the sacrifice they become brilliant. No one is born that way.What about Joan of Arc. Or Caterina Sforza one of the few individuals who took a stand against the Borgia family while remaining faithful to the church and creating a bloodline that would go on to dominate most European monarchies. By the way I am not endorsing feminism with these two figures.

        7. except, look at atheism today… there’s no sacrifice to step away. It’s ‘liberating’, and completely acceptable to even the most stupid, and it has become nothing more than a rationalization vehicle.

        8. I’m fairly sure that many atheists today would have been Christians 100 or even 50 years ago. The majority of people just tend to follow what is currently popular regardless of the ideology or belief system.

      1. Evidently. That is why I gave credit to an abrahamic religion, and quoted from a far right historian. Just two of the biggest proponents of communism I could think of off the top of my head.

        1. My bad, pardon me Bro. Let’s keep up the good work. I just saw the name assumed and made an ass of myself. LOL

        2. No problem, I just thought the name best embodied the solution to the modern problems of society. We can’t fight them conventionally but have to resort to guerrilla techniques. It’s a bit of a narcissistic trip but anonymity is a necessity these days. All the best.

        3. My dad met Che Guevara in person, told me the dude was a stone cold killer with dead eyes. Never ever buy into his romantic revolutionary imagery.
          Keep the good misogynistic mayhem moving, lets keep them bitches in check!
          This is what a Godless communist Darwinist Devil looks like.

        4. My Dad met Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Che’) in person, he had a conversation with him, and he told me that the dude was a stone cold killer with dead eyes.
          Never buy into his romantic revolutionary imagery.
          Keep up the mayhem and good work fighting for the right team.
          This is what a Godless Communist Darwinist Atheist Devil should always look like:

  21. What is the state of modern civilization today?
    – A human being spends working to earn pieces of paper which help him/her to buy food, clothing , other amenities and luxuries. The world becoming more important that his/her family.
    – A human being spends his/her life wearing expensive clothing than his/her ancestors, spends time using latest technology, talks about literature/art/science, and spends fornicating like animals in heat even in public.
    – Children becoming sexualized from a very young age. Women becoming sexualized from young ages to look like their mothers by the time they hit 30’s.
    – Men living a life of slavery to the state, their families, the society, their women and their children.
    – Spirituality becoming more focused on personal wants/needs to be divinely fulfilled than appreciation and gratitude to the Divinity. Spirituality being shamed. Spirituality becoming a tool to gain power over the ignorant, and attain worldly possessions.
    – Humans passing graves and wishing that they were there, due to despair in life
    – Men becoming like women and women becoming like men
    – The learned becoming reviled, while the ignorant becoming respected
    – The leaders of people being the worst among the people
    – Humans becoming proud of persecution on weaker humans.
    – Men and women hating each other, yet having more sex than their ancestors but reproducing less (either by choice or by fate). Instead of wishing for offspring, humans wishing not to have offspring. Sex becoming purely recreational, not pro creational any more. Unnatural sex becoming normal sex, and normal sex being labeled as “boring”. Women and Men competing with each other, not co-operating or “completing” each other.
    – Parents hating their offspring, and vice versa. Parents tyrannizing their children, and vice versa
    – A woman’s beauty , sexual promiscuous experience and expertise making her more desirable, as compared to her character. Sluts being celebrated, virgins being shamed.
    – Cum dispensing, sexually promiscuous men being viewed with greater respect, than provider type men. Provider type men being cuckolded or cheated to raise other men’s children by women.
    – Education being acquired not to gain real knowledge, but to lend superficial polish to an even more superficial character. A thing common in most men and women today. Education being sold, not imparted.
    – The state becomes the husband, the wife and God in a human’s life.
    So, is this civilization worth saving?

    1. this won’t go on forever, the downward spiral has already been predicted…its in times like these, those that can move against this towline become Saints and salt of the earth….

    2. You know, I really want to argue with you, but every argument I come up with can be retraced to ‘culture’ or ‘technology’, not this civilization.
      Culturally? yes, I think that American culture is worth preserving. Self-reliance, independence, and the other hallmarks of American culture have led to greater accomplishments than any other time in history.
      Technology? Yes, I think our technology is worth conserving. Space travel, medicine… worth preserving.
      But our ‘civilization’? ‘democracy’? universal suffrage? the police state? feminism? social regulation? centralized resource control? socialism?These things are counter-cultural and violate the very foundation of meritocracy which is the core of ‘American’ culture. No. They are not worth preserving.
      The only question is, How to tear down civilization without destroying technology and culture… and I am not sure it can be done.

  22. Honestly, there is a sea change coming. Much of the hard, dirty, and repetitive jobs are going to be a thing of the past. 3D printing technology will decentralize manufacturing in much the same way that the internet decentralized the control and dissemination of information. These systems will eventually be able to build entire houses.
    It won’t stop there, and that is before we even get into the discussion of other robotic systems that are coming soon. Some of them that I have some knowledge of quite frankly scare me, and I don’t scare easy.
    The race between the hard engineers (mechanical, electrical, aeronautical, software, and hardware) and the social engineers is coming to it’s conclusion. I don’t know what will be left in it’s wake, but Western Civilization, before the others, is going to be so radically altered that I don’t know what is going to emerge.
    What happens when you have an autonomous ship pulling into an autonomous port which loads goods to autonomous trucks that make deliveries to stores, or straight to homes, that handle the stocking themselves. What happens to all the men that work these jobs and more? I don’t think of it as a particularly bright future.

    1. The thing is, robots do not buy stuff. So who is going to generate the profit for the companies if everything will be done by robots, whoes does not earn and does not pay money out?

        1. You screwing a robot is one thing. The robot screwing you back is quite another.
          Although the market is smaller, people pay more for an individual work of craftsmanship than they do for one of a gazillion indentical widgets.

      1. if genuine AI is ever achieved (I’m not sure it will be) then why wouldn’t they buy stuff……capitalism used to create products for markets. But what if those products themselves were in themselves new markets designed to increase consumption exponentially.

        1. I do not think AI’s will ever be a reality, and I am sure they will think totally differently then us.

        2. I doubt it too – they don’t even understand how consciousness works yet. I wouldn’t rule it out though

    2. The issue is that those concerned with labor representation haven’t been advocating the right angles. Many manual labor, manufacturing and transportation jobs that have been, or are being, replaced happened because the achievable quality and ends have been deduced. Whoever was deemed qualified to make the decision announced these positions to not be worth the cost of employing people versus automating that task.
      If you wanted battle the wave of mostly labor jobs being considered for the axe, then activities like developing an algorhythm that automates HR work would direct that momentum elsewhere.

    3. “The race between the hard engineers (mechanical, electrical, aeronautical, software, and hardware) and the social engineers is coming to it’s conclusion”
      That’s a nice and geniunely ominous way of describing the way things are going. Occasionally I read up on humanity 2.0 / transhumanist / futurist literature and websites. For instance Kurzweil in his eponymous book predicts that “the singularity is near” – that scientific understanding & technology is advancing exponentially, including our understanding of AI, with interesting implications for our own imminent supercession by the robots.
      A few years ago you could regard that as something that made for interesting after dinner conversation or shooting the shit in the pub – except now we have as you say 3D printing, the rapidly developing internet of things (which moneyweek keeps on telling me to invest in) and guess what Kurzweil, the aforementioned crazy freak of a scientist, has just been made Googles new head of engineering (
      In a sense we’re used to technology outstripping our expectations (the public expectation if not the science fiction writers expectations) but in fact what worries me is that while our ‘ethics’ have usually followed the advances of technology (especially biotechnology compared to bioethics) increasingly these social theorists (for which read social engineers) are actually keeping apace. Post-modernism got to grips with a a rootless future of mimetic artifical reproduction and commodification of society a long time ago. Queer theory and feminism have been yearning for the socio-economic opportunities that may be available in a supposedly post-human future – for instance In feminism, Donna Haraway penned the cyborg manifesto in the 90s – something that recognised that whether we like it or not we are no longer the raw, primitive, noble savages of Rousseau’s state of nature.
      What you are born with still is for the most part a key indicator of your future outcomes, but in terms of was once fixed but may no longer be (e.g. eye colour, facial features, deformities, gender etc) the would be social engineers are at the forefront. Feminism is for instance well-represented in the bio-ethics governance bodies. No doubt women are entering the army, including the front-line, partly in antiicipation of new technologies in warfare (drones, exo-skeletened cyborg-soldiers etc).
      For men, this is both opportunity and concern. The kurzweils of this world are male, but they are beseiged by the social engineers. What worries me is less the fact that our natural strengths are no longer so necessary but the fact that we are not yet adapting has readily or as hungrily as the change agents.
      The way I see it is that all of this doesn’t have to be threat. This isn’t exactly the first industrial revolution – factories & automation took away traditional jobs in the 1800s – two centuries on traditional employments still exist alongside automation, although automation will no doubt increase.
      What needs to happen is that masculinity needs a renewal through technological and social change and indeed this is the possibility that presents. The kurzweil’s of this world need to be unplugged from the hive, even as the hive goes live. Today’s women are already cyborgs. There is pretty much nothing left of their femininity – since the pill, tights, make-up, plastic surgery, etc. On the other hand it is high time men actually stepped forward not merely to innovate but to take control of the technologies available. I don’t mean in terms of taking the helm of corporate money, but in terms of embracing the spirit of enhancement rather than neutralisation and emasculation – only such a spirit will be truly adaptation.
      I don’t want to end on a nazism, but surely a generation brought up on Halo and Crysis 3 shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting to grips with the notion of an ubermensch (shorn of racial overtones of course)
      In other words, if there must be engineering, technolgical and social, then we must be the engineers

    4. I know and Carnegie Mellon is doing TS work on robotics. It will be a growth field, for sure. Mind sweepers are robotic (MRAPS) first gen terminators are here. You’d need a hellfire to take them out (or some kind of ordinance).

  23. This is the kind of thoughtful analysis that keeps me coming back to this site. Unfortunately the infestation of misogyny and racism in the comments section precludes sharing this essay.

    1. Anybody who uses the terms “misogyny” or “racism” (or “homophobia”) in a non-sarcastic fashion can gtfo.

    2. you forgot ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’.
      Oh, you might also want to reference the pay gap, the glass ceiling, and white privilege a few times as well. There are a whole HOST of fantasy buzzwords you could have added!

  24. Affirmative action and its ilk like disparate impace are not about justice. They are about revenge.

  25. “..They are perpetually aggrieved.”
    Well said. It will not end after the next concession, or the one after.

  26. you made a good point on racism homophobia sexism etc have really become tools to get cushy jobs. but whose to say its ended like islamaphobia is helping get people some private sector jobs in the far right some even having influence on political partys.
    moral of this paragraph, hate fear and bigotry creates jobs and can make a man rich wether he is on the left or the right.

      1. black women, white women, asian women, hispanic women and gays, then black men lastly(whatever scraps are left).

  27. This might be a little off topic but are there any parts of Western European civilization which are not fucked beyond belief from a cultural standpoint? I ask because eventually I’d like to sire heirs and I don’t think I want to do it here in the US given the bleak political/economic/cultural future.

    1. The short answer is no. Multiculturalism, liberalism, and feminism are infecting every civilization in the West. I’d suggest donating sperm if you want to pass on your genetics.
      It is my personal belief that one should not have children unless one is reasonably certain that they will be able to provide a solid opportunity for one’s progeny to have a quality of life that is at the very least equal to (preferably better) than their parents.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I have also considered the donation or freezing of sperm. This may sound a bit off but I was able to trace back my lineage through one grandparent over a thousand years, I’d like to see the chain continue. But perhaps its better to die on your feet then live on your knees, so to speak.

      2. Thanks for the reply. That may be the best option, I was already considering it. I was able to trace my lineage through one grandparent back over a thousand years, wanted to keep the chain going. However it may be better to die on your feet than live on your knees, so to speak.

        1. It is the rational option. Of course, I’ll admit I’d rather have the experience of raising my own children. It does sound like a truly unique life experience that is difficult to totally forgo. But I don’t want my children to grow up in a dystopian shit hole. Maybe circumstances will change and so to will my views but as of right now it’s not looking very likely.

    2. The United States is finished and so is Western Europe. Honestly the psychological mindset of women has changed. Divorce and promiscuity use to be severe no-nos, and in some European countries punishable by social ostracizing or physical punishment. Today with the take over of the West by the Cultural Marxists, divorce, promiscuity, out-of-wedlock births, single motherhood and other cultural poisons aren’t just promoted but glamorized in television and media. The real problem are the people on high, and unless they are removed, then no, the West is bleak. At this point, your best option is to convert to Islam and/or just go to the Middle East. Lebanon is a decent country to find wives due to the large Christian presence there.The women there are trained to love their husbands and are psychologically opposed to divorce. Welcome to the wasteland. Join us.

      1. Lebanon?
        You’ve gotta be kidding. Lebanon (along with Egypt and Morocco) was the place in the Middle east in the 60’s to 70’s where most Arab men travelled to bang whores. After the civil ware, most Lebanese bitches travelled to Egypt and other Gulf countries – and took their whorish attitude with them
        Travel to Dubai and ask any Lebanese , Syrian or Arab speaking dude. Mention Lebanese women – and pat comes the reply – “gold digging whore/slut”. Girls from the CIS who come there are actually influenced by Lebanese women (as whore role models) to whore/gold dig there.
        Every Lebanese girl on the minimum takes a minimum of 3 different dudes up her ass before she gets married – even if she chooses to or chooses not to preserve virginity.
        Almost every Lebanese girl whores herself to rich dudes in Dubai, Egypt and France. Go to Beirut and see 18-22 years old chicks whoring themselves on their vacation.
        Don’t make the mistake of giving a whore a wedding ring to get the same thing which other men get for a few pieces of paper.
        Lebanese guys fuck East European chicks while marrying Lebanese girls – even after marriage. Because they know that their women are no better. Besides most Lebanese girls explode into obesity after marriage (especially in the ass region). Plus they’re very Americanized and have a slutty snobbish entitled attitude. See it for yourself and then make your decision.

        1. God send this comment is, my last bitch was a Moroccan. She was slutty as fuck (with me as far as I know). She was Americanized and seemed prospecting. I had to go old school on her for a few times to get her in line, she eventually left is now with some thirsty ass Egyptian. I see a trend here, care to elaborate?

        2. Moroccan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Lebanese modern girls – these girls are the sluts/whores of the Arab world. And all these girls are anal experts – these girls preserve virginity by giving up the ass.
          See these girls in France. They’d practice only sodomy with their “boyfriends” before marriage. Christian Maronite Lebanese girls however take it up all the three holes before marriage.
          These women are not only “expensive” gold digging whores; they also are and make “expensive” gold digging wives. Avoid them like the plague for marriage, you’ll burn your life and your wallet – but as like all sluts/whores should be treated – use them as much as you’d like for sex without commitment.

  28. i can’t help but unleash the nerd in me: that first screenshot with the nuke mushroom cloud is from civilization 4
    /smh i’m such a beta lol

    1. Au contraire. Anything away from the cathedrals bread & circus box has got to be a step up. Gaming, whilst no substitute for traditional masculine pursuits is still leaps and bounds better than whichever faggot the cathedral tells us is “brave” or whichever yougogrrrrl is tearing up the silver screen this week.

  29. Demographics ya’ll. As the excellent columnist Spengler from the Asia Times points out the West isn’t replicating itself. There are more of “them” than “us”…..

  30. @ Corvinus: “You may argue that Islam is a “better” option in a raw Darwinian sense, but it definitely is not in a qualitative sense.”
    Well I ain’t buying that argument.
    I’m an ordinary guy seeking to live a life of happiness. I’d choose personal interests over fucking Darwinism anytime – I couldn’t care less, and I don’t think most men also do. Polygamy affords benefits what monogamy doesn’t (there was in fact an article before here which mentioned how “monogamy is unnatural”).
    Why do we guys learn game? To practice polygamy with chicks (or sluts) without
    practicing commitment.
    That’s what rotation/harems what players have – are all about.
    I guess we can’t be hypocritical to say that we’d choose a life of uncommitted polygamy with chicks before marriage, and then choose a life of committed monogamy with a “good” woman should we ever choose to get married.
    An uncommitted polygamist who’s chosen the path of polygamy can never become a committed monogamist. At the most, if he ever chooses commitment someday, he could at the best – become a committed polygamist.
    Polygamy was, is and will always be the natural state of man.
    Christianity (and Zionists) has destroyed this natural state by imposing the unnatural doctrine of monogamy on men – which had led to the failure of marriages, or satisfaction in marriages as seen in the western world. A modern western man, if he chooses to exercise his natural polygamous instincts in marriage – has to marry a possible slut who’s looking to settle down, while having a mistress on the side.
    A Christian western man living in the west, may get to have sex with as many sluts before marriage, but in the end has to choose unwilling monogamy with a possible slut (considering modern sluttiness among women, even though the woman may show herself to be virtuous) – when it comes to marriage.
    Yet most Christian men are unhappy – not only because of subordination to their women in marriage and the fear of the day their wives may cheat, but also of the fear of learning about their wives’ possible slutty past. Modern feminist society is shaming western men for exhibiting male retroactive jealousy when they learn about their wives’ slutty past. Just like men are being shamed for bothering about a modern western woman’s slutty past when considering it for the sake of marriage.
    Male retroactive jealousy is an offshoot of male territorial behavior which fears cuckoldry. Both are natural states of men. But modern western men
    are shamed for it – for showing it with slutty western wives.
    To be frank, since the level of women in most parts of the western world, is already corrupted – the choice for a white western man seeking a good non-slutty wife lies either in Buddhist countries or Islamic countries. Buddhist and Moslem women tend to be more conservative and devoted than modern Christian or Jewish modern slutty women as you find in the US or other parts of Europe. I’ve personally experienced women dangling a cross round their necks while taking a cock up their fanny. So much for the respect for the Cross itself.
    A modern Moslem Arab man gets to bang a white western woman (who’s willing to service him out of her fascination for experiencing as many dicks as possible), while himself having the privilege of practicing polygamy with virgins.
    A modern Christian white man gets to marry a white western woman (who’s probably serviced as many exotic dicks as she could) without having an option of polygamy. His possible cheating (which is the natural male state of polygamy) lands him in a divorce court which shafts the rest of his life paying for his divorced woman. And he looks on to the modern Moslem Arab man who having his cake (slutty western women) and eating it too (a polygamous arrangement of virgin moslem wives). And all the modern Christian man can do is revile the modern Arab moslem man and his religion of polygamy – while secretly wanting the same rights from his own religion.
    Feminism itself has its roots in Zionism and occult – so a white guy seeking a good wife in the Anglosphere or even Europe for that matter is like trying to swat a non-slut fly in the slut-filled dark. Most Zionists and feminist controlled Christian media dissuade the white man in the West from studying Islam or Buddhism because these religions afford more power and authority to men to dominate and inexorably judge their women.
    And what do we get as men in the West? You have churches in the West criticizing men for exercising authority over women. You got the state and the media in the West bashing men for exercising authority over women. Men in the west are actually living a life of slavery to their women and these religious Godheads who seek to destroy masculinity among men – that’s why more and more disgruntled men choose a life of nihilism, new age shit and atheism.
    And I see non-white men in Islamic and Buddhist countries dominating and being
    respected by their women by virtue of their religion alone, while my own church
    lambasts me for exhibiting normal male authority. Why would I continue to
    fuck my life and choose such a religion in which I am reviled for being a man? For the sake of Darwinism? For fuck sake’s I’d need a better reason.
    You’re saying polygamy leads to inbreeding? You’re making it sound as polygamy is synonymous with inbred arranged marriages in Islam. That’s another misconception an average westerner has – I too had the same before travelling to the Middle East. I didn’t see much inbreeding in the Middle East (among the present generation), that men choose to marry their first cousins. Most of them, with western education, are choosing their own spouses.
    What about monogamous inbred marriages among first cousins or within the family (like in royals as in UK)?
    Inbreeding comes from marrying within your family – by choice or by arranged marriages; NOT from polygamy.
    But I guess I’ll leave it there – to each his own. Travel to that part of the world and choose for yourself.

    1. Many famous white men, mostly of Teutonic blood, preferred Islam over Christianity. Kaiser Wilhelm II said he hated the inept weakness of Christianity and would have preferred if Islam was the state religion (a wish the belated Kaiser may well get with the Turkish population in Deutschland). In fact the Ottoman Empire fought with the Second Reich against the Allies (on the right side of history). Also, Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, said this on Islam quoted by esteemed German architect, Albert Speer, “a religion that believed in spreading the faith by the sword and in subjugating all nations to that faith. Such a creed was perfectly suited to the German temperament.” – Der Fuhrer. Whites are fucking brainwashed. I say all this as a Christian that has seen what the mass of Christianity has been turned into, a fucking feminist PC shit stained feel good circle jerk with an outmoded commitment to the unnaturalness of monogamy. Islam is a great buffer against feminism as well. The propaganda against the Arab and Persian worlds have been inculcated into the minds of the gullible goyim by their masters to induce hatred against any patriarchy.
      It’s as easy as Pavlov’s dog to these people, “Slap woman: Bad dog!” “Let woman get away with murder: Good dog!” Again I could do without some parts of Islam, but if it’s going to conquer the West, I’m sure many great European monarchs including Hitler would have preferred Islam over the current shitty Christianity we now have in the West. Here’s a picture commemorating the alliance between the Ottomans (Ancient Islamic Monarchical Patriarchy that was turned into a shitty modern day democracy by the British), the Austrians and Germans. Dumb ass Americans who know nothing about WWI or WWII don’t realize that the Germans employed the Muslims twice to save Europe, but of course they’d never show any thanks. There were entire Muslim SS divisions. But ohh no!!! Send dumb Anglo-American and minority gentile boys to the Middle East to turn those ancient patriarchies into feminist shitholes too! When Arab and Persian men can no longer get custody of their sons, then “we’d really have won.” Here’s to the two Teutonic Emperors and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. You tried gentlemen, you tried.

      1. Compare that alliance to the state of Christianity today. Meet the Head of the Episcopalian (Anglican) Church in America. A uniquely poisonous Anglo-Saxon/Zionist invention. The very sight is repulsive. Ewww….

        1. With women becoming heads of the Church (the biggest emasculating move on patriarchal Christianity), it makes more sense to choose either Buddhism or Islam for the average western man, for patriarchal laws to survive. And you think these women will protect men when it comes to religious laws? You’d see more and more gay marriages blessed by the Church. You take away the natural right to practice polygamy and you replace it with unnatural abomination of homosexuality – this is the state of the churches in modern civilization. And to think that with women at the head of Christian churches, Christian men would have a better future – it sure appears horrendous.

        2. White men are still taught to hate Arabs and Persians by the Zionist media (who don’t have a common interest with these same whites either). These men are mostly useful idiots sent to fight and die for a cause that’s not theirs. Islam would be a great remedy for the current social malaise infecting the West. Maybe these white men, need to hear quotes from great whites of history on Islam such Kaiser Wilhelm II or Bismarck, because certainly there words are held in higher esteem than an Arab or Persian. Whites could successfully replenish their declining numbers as well under a new religious template more suitable to masculinity and procreation. As you know, you guys use to be 50% of the overall population of the planet, now you’re only 15%. Thanks to wars and feminism. I think Christianity should go a complete and total transformation for the better or be replaced. I could do without all the Arab garb and “fashion,” I’d rather keep my Western clothes. However, we could certainly use their civilizational template at this point. The Kaiser would have urged us on.

        3. That is such a revolting heresy (aren’t they all though).
          What is particularly strange is that Christianity didn’t used to be like this. The Crusaders were no pussies out spreading love and joy for Hippy Jesus, they were hard, violent men defending the faith with sword and spear and they made no pretense otherwise. The men marching off to fight WW1 while singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic were some of the most badass men who have ever lived.
          This is beyond schism, worse maybe than even heresy. Fie on all their houses.

        4. And this is what the Anglos choose to fight for these days and destroy ancient patriarchies in the Arab and Persian worlds. I feel like Vladimir I of Russia being propositioned into either Islam or Christianity (he chose Christianity of course). However, at this point Jeff, I’m seriously at the crossroads as is Adam given his comments. It won’t even take Islam to convince me but the personal correspondence of the last German Kaiser to his Russian cousin the Tsar of all the Russias, Nicholas II…“My personal feeling in leaving the holy city,” he wrote to his cousin the Tsar, “was that I felt profoundly ashamed before the Moslems and that if I had come there without any Religion at all I certainly would have turned Mahommetan!” McMeekin: “Thus was born Hajji Wilhelm, the mythical Muslim Emperor of Germany.”

        5. ” In what other religion can you still find virgins to marry, women who’ll cook for you nearly everyday, who want to be mothers, who won’t dress provocatively and who won’t challenge their husbands?”
          – You echoed my feelings and thoughts there – about Islam. You can’t find all this among modern Christian women. We read all those statistics taken here in the West which talk about how virgins or women having 1 partner before marriage make wonderful wives; yet we all know that these women are extremely rare to find. Among Moslem women, you find most of them are still virgins. I found it’s still a requirement in modern Moslem marriages. That’s where Moslem women predominantly score over modern Christian women – they guard their chastity. While we celebrate the sluthood of our women, and secretly wish that they remained virginal for us till marriage.
          Plus Moslem wives have lack of self entitling behavior , unlike modern Christian wives. Plus they are submissive and obedient to their husbands, as compared to Christian women.
          To be frank, both Islam and Christianity, have these values – derived from the same Abrahamic roots. But Moslems have stayed true to those values, while Christians have deviated far away from those values without hope.

        6. Aye, it’s a hell of a place to be isn’t it? And again, every single bit of it is empowered and enabled by modern men and their simpering inability to stand up and simply, firmly say “no”. One simple word can bring all of this crashing down. Just one word.
          Big work ahead of us it appears. No worries though, we’re up to the task, once we realize that the task is ours to perform.

        7. Oh yes, the Muslimas make fantastic wives. I had the pleasure of being dined at a business associate’s house who is Muslim (not even doctrinally strict). My God, did the behavior of his wife amaze me. She cooked for us, did not interfere in the conversation while the men were talking, kept the children out of our way and did not try to parade them around as badges of honor like so many contemptable Western women do today. I asked her, “did she want to sit with us”? in all of my Western ignorance, and she said with a wonderful smile, I don’t sit when the men are talking. I was astonished. In that single moment, I realized all what Western Civilization had lost. I realized, I’d never find this in the West. He did get personal with me, he told me, she was a virgin upon marriage and her father arranged it. This use to happen in the West, but was lost after the 1920s. Christianity is nothing more than a shadow of its former self. You won’t get Muslimas wearing whore shorts around male company, talking about their slutty behavior, soulless careerism at the expense of her maternity, comparing dicks of past bfs with yours. This is the truly amazing aspect of Islam. Again, I’m not Muslim, but Jesus (no pun intended) does the template sound oh so tempting. Just thinking of a beautiful 18 year old virginal hazel-eyed Persian wife who’d come packaged with her devotion and love.

        8. I saw the same scenario in many Moslem Arab households that I visited in the Middle east. Their women tend not to mix with visiting men (unless if related by family ties), a concept taken from Islam. I was quite intrigued by this.
          Modern Moslem men are actually less religious as compared to their Moslem women. Modern Christian men tend to be more religious than their Christian women. Yet Moslem women show more respect and obedience to their Moslem husbands; while ungodly Christian women demean their Christian husbands. Just shows the power of Islamic patriarchal laws over modern Christian male emasculating laws – no wonder modern Moslem men can still call the shots when it comes to their wives and still practice polygamy (even they don’t need the consent of an already present wife before marrying again).
          Is this ever going to be reality with Christianity? NEVER. You’d rather have more laws for men requiring spousal consent, now that we have female heads of churches. This is not to say “enjoy the decline”; this is to say “enjoy the depravity.”

        9. so, the question is, do you think whites could do Islam better than Arabs? They are undoubtedly better at large-scale cooperation. Tribalism is the rule for hot southern climes where the primary motivator is water scarcity… in the northern climes, the motivator is conservation of warmth in harsh winters, strongly suggesting that this is why whites evolved to be more cooperative.

        10. True! It’s a catch 22 for most Western men who’ve awaken to this little perplexing reality. Use Western women as the whores they are and possibly marry virginal girls from Arab/Persian societies. The catch is that this would require a conversion or lie and/or a repudiation of European Christianity. Most Anglos have sought to ignore this glaring reality by substituting Slavic women in their place as “the only decent white women left.” I have to tell my Anglo comrades on this, Slav women haven’t been holy on the aggregate scale since the days of the last Tsar. Western men should instead be seeking to “Islamify” Christianity to instill patriarchal order and biology proclivities for polygamy. Sadly this won’t happen, due to the sorry state of the Western male.
          It was truly sad to see a couple of years ago, the Prince of Cambridge debase himself and the monarchy by marrying a non-virgin partying Anglo slut. I’m sure Queen Victoria is rolling over in her grave to see that once proud house of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha reduce to a mere spectacle of whoredom and political correctness. However, this showed me the sorry state of the West, that not only was a morganatic marriage permitted in the monarchy but a whore was allowed to marry into the highest echelons of the British Monarchy, to one day become the “Queen of Great Britain.” At least Princess Diana was a virgin upon marriage even though she did tarnish the image of the royal family by her whorish nightly sessions with certain wealthy Pakistanis. It was better for the Houses of Romanov, Habsburg and Hohenzollern to have fell on their shields (standing on principle) than to have been reduced to that.

        11. Aye, the emasculation of England and Scotland was one of the reasons both sides of my families arrived on these shores shortly after WW2. I still hold hope (perhaps in vain) for Scotland, but England is so far gone that even my optimism doesn’t see them emerging from this as a viable culture or people.

        12. By God of course! Whites would do extremely better under Islam! They would remove the regional propensities for narrowed mindedness and establish great civilizations again. Let’s face it Brig, the white man as the ruler of his country is done under Christianity. Paganism is too opaque to reinstitute, but Islam would immediately crush feminism, bolshevism and political correctness. You guys definitely need to replenish the ranks. Around 50% of the world’s population in 1904 down to 15% in 2014.

        13. Slavic women could never have been a substitute for Anglo men when it came to the choice of “the only decent white women left”. You can see them whoring themselves around to glory all around the world – from within the Anglosphere or even in the conservative Middle east.
          When I mentioned about women dangling crosses from their necks while getting reamed in their fannies, it was an experience I had with a Slavic women who was fornicating in the same way. To be frank – there are extremely few good white women left in this world -statistically speaking – not racially speaking. The slut virus has infected white women throughout the world. Non-white men seem to know this and thus use white women to inject their wild oats while choosing to marry their own virginal women. A Christian white man has a rather miniscule chance of achieving the reverse with a non-white virgin in the Middle east. Even if he did, he wouldn’t have a Christian virgin to marry in the end.
          “Islamification” of Christianity would amount to heresy in the eyes of the feminist heads of the church. At least, what they could do as a favor to modern Christian men – is to revert Christian gender laws back to the beginning of the Renaissance, so as to provide more control to men. Or at least legalize polygamy for the Christian man, instead of legalizing abominable gay marriages.

        14. That’s why I say polygamy is necessary to be legalized and made mandatory in the West.
          Christianity won’t afford that to white men here; so the only option is Islam, which legally allows it. One white man legally reproducing with four white women. Feminism = nullified. Demographic problem = solved. Sex ratio problem solved – excess women get legally satisfied in marriage. Modern men having patriarchal rights as our forefathers did. Christianity is too corrupted to bring those rights back to men. It’s more focused on giving legal rights to gay marriages.

        15. The Devil in Islam is in the details. If there came a ‘revised church of islam’ headed by Brilliant Americans or Europeans, I migth be willing to consider paying them lip service. But I refuse to give my loyalty to the current retarded rag-heads that make up the church of islam.
          In the end, I am white, and white man (Not christians) are the true enemy of Arabic Islam. It always has been, and always will be. I refuse to kneel as a slave of god and be beheaded for my race.
          Have you heard of any place in overwhelmingly Catholic South America being bombed by screaming arabs? To a raghead, ‘white’ and ‘jew’ are interchangeable…
          So yes, sure I will join islam… just as soon as I kill off all the motherfuckers that are there already.

        16. and all you have to pay for it is the dispossession of 9/10ths of the men in America.
          We cured the disease but the patient died… You are looking at a cure that’s even worse than the disease.

        17. No it won’t.
          Polygamy is not communism. Polygamy rather promotes the will to act among men. You must provide for equally for each of your wives – that’s the Islamic principle of polygamy as I found out in the Middle east. It’s not like you get sex with four different women without having to actually work for it.
          Take away the right of state welfare to single mothers. Do you think they would whore about? No, they’d rather choose marriage to deliver. So when it comes to polygamy, the state should encourage it, yet not be the bread provider for the polygamous family.
          Polygamy is not a disease – it is a necessity for the white race to survive.

        18. I’m white too. But I wasn’t reviled when I visited in the Middle east – rather I was welcomed there.
          I think it’s another misconception that the white man is the true enemy of arab islam. Your attitude is more like Arab islam is the true enemy of the white man. With this attitude, you can’t see the religion for what it offers to men. Islam is actually a democratic religion which encompasses all races. If racial inequality was the case with Islam, then white people would be murdered, pillaged and raped even today in the Middle east, where most are actually earning their living. There are so many Americans living prosperous and safe lives in westernized Middle east countries. And there is no political clergy in Islam as in Christianity – as to what I saw – every moslem man is his own priest.
          Your hateful attitude is what prevents you from seeing the truth about Islam. But I am not blaming you because I was guilty of the same attitude before I travelled to the Middle east.

        19. No, polygamy promotes the will to kill and die. Polygamy provides NO incentive to achievement.
          Frankly, men without access to women become dangerously unstable, because they have no chance at immortality, or a future, or anything worth fighting for or protecting. this fact is WHY white knights exist in the face of such obvious abuse from feminism.
          It is not a ‘feature’ of women, women have done nothing to earn the privilege, It is a ‘feature’ of male psychology.
          Polygamy, in the end, is just another way of hording resources for those born to privilege. It defeats merit.
          I am not going to insult you, or impugn you, but I am going to ask you… what do you think YOU would do if you never had a chance at a woman? if, no matter how well you were born, you would never be able to have sex, you would never be able to produce offspring, and everything you accomplish will crumble the moment you die, unless you somehow manage to become impossibly lucky and find a monopoly before someone else did?
          Do you REALLY think you would accomplish something? Think about it, seriously… polygamy stopped being a viable form of social contract the moment humans learned how to cooperate for economic reasons.

        20. I have spent quite a bit of time in middle eastern countries. White men are indeed reviled, especially in the mosque.
          In addition, I do not consider ‘democratic’ to be a particularly glowing recommendation. And ‘westernized’ middle eastern regions, such as Dubai, are every bit as much a sewage pit of feminist and socialist decadence as Seattle. (in fact, considerably more so)
          my ‘hateful attitude’? dude, is your wife dictating this shit to you?”

        21. Wonderful scenario, the only problem is, you would have to get white women to go along with it, which is something I don’t envision the current cesspool of whorish and entitled white women doing without mass violence on the part of white men. It would have to be a Night of the Long Knives or something, one day of mass domestic unrest to put them back in line.

        22. Did you read my comment carefully? I said polygamy must be made MANDATORY for each man by the state. Then how does having sex become a privilege in that scenario, when every man has his own share of women?
          Even if you ran out of women in the US to fulfill the needs of each man’s harem, you could always import foreign women to complete the harem. Either way, every man reproduces in four different genetic pools.
          Seriously, do you think men would kill each other for the sake of polygamy? Do you think polygamous men are killing each other in westernized Middle east countries? Get a life, seriously.

        23. I don’t think white men are “reviled” for the reasons you think. It’s not racial prejudice but more-so a stereotype as to what Middle-Easterners perceive white men to put up with, and how much they’ve allowed their societies to be debased by women.

        24. I don’t know how white men can be reviled in the mosque unless they’re probably Moslems to begin with – so as to be allowed to enter mosques – or if they understand Arabic, to ever understand revile from men in the mosque itself. I never experienced either. Because I didn’t bother to go inside a mosque – out od respect, knowing that it’s not allowed for non-Moslems. And I don’t know Arabic, and no Arab insulted me during my visit.
          So did any man insult you from the mosque?

        25. So, basically islamic societies practice censorship on a grand scale. glowing recommendation.
          Not that our country is any better, but you cannot really pin the blame on the ‘christians’

        26. “Not that our country is any better, but you cannot really pin the blame on the ‘christians’”
          Not entirely true. The Progressive movement (and socialists, and communism, and fascism) have their roots in two distinct cultural artifacts – Christian social justice, and German collectivism. Prior to the mid 20th century socialism/progressivism was sold in most of Europe and the U.S. as a natural, easy way to fulfill the promise of the Gospel.
          Of course now it’s full bore atheistic, but let’s not kid ourselves, it has direct ties to a very perverted view of Christianity.

        27. yes, actually, When I was in Dubai a friend of mine asked me to visit a mosque with him. I was mormon at the time, and he had actually attended base meetings with me twice in San Diego, So I thought it would be respectful.
          I took his recommendations as far as dress (I was dressed the same as he was, weird-ass tunic and little cap, but I wore sneakers) and upon entry this tiny guy with a monster beard immediately started screaming at me in arabic.
          My friend Hari told me i had to leave, as he wouldn’t allow jews to attend.
          I have NO idea what kind of a ceremony it was, I just remember leaving.
          This was in about ’93, back when Dubai was still a fucking sand trap.

        28. I would like to point out that it was actually protestantism and it’s twisted daughter, puritanism.

        29. If you want a perfect example of feminism gone amok with its destruction of patriarchy, look at Japan and the whole phenomenon of “the Grass-Eating Man.”

        30. If you really want to read up on the emasculation of a country, look up Japan’s “Grass-Eating Men.”

        31. – By making marriage mandatory on able men and women. Men and women not choosing to marry have reduced or lesser social privileges as compared to men and women choosing to marry.
          – By outlawing single motherhood (having children out of wedlock). The state punishes the parents of children born out of wedlock with jail time, unless they choose to get married. (As seen in Moslem countries)
          – A financially able man should at least have two concurrent wives in his life, with a maximum of four or five, depending on his financial ability. Men pay a mutually agreed dower to women before marriage, and this dower stays as the only financial compensation she’d get in case of a divorce. The state provides a marriage loan for employed/employer men wanting to marry for the first time but are having financial constraints to pay this dower. The loan is to be paid back without interest back to the state.
          – Men are allowed to divorce women on the grounds of non-virginity (as seen in Moslem countries). This would help to prevent sluttiness.
          – Women divorced for cheating get no financial support from their men, and lose possession of offspring which goes to the man’s custody.
          – Women initiating divorces within the first 10 years of marriage get no financial compensation from the courts

        32. Social Justice comes directly from Catholicism I’m afraid. Though yes, protestantism has it as well and was one of the vehicles used to shove socialism down our then at the time naive throats. I’m not banging on social justice, but everybody familiar with actual Christianity knows that it is something that individuals, not government, are supposed to take into their hearts. That said, Protestants are…Christian. So the point stands.

        33. Mormon or Jew, the real reason why you probably got screamed at was – because you wore shoes (sneakers) inside a mosque. Not because of your faith as I can tell from my own experiences.
          That’s not allowed – inside a mosque, as I have seen in office mosques and real mosques in the Middle east. I’ve seen Moslem guys praying in offices but taking their shoes off inside areas which they’ve made private mosques. It’s probably a custom inspired by Moses who was asked to take his shoes off, when he was asked to approach the burning bush. Don’t forget Islam and Christianity share the same Abrahamic roots.
          Your friend should’ve warned you about wearing sneakers, it’s not that they hate you for being white. He probably didn’t want you to wear shoes inside the mosque.
          I think your friend was more at fault than the tiny monster bearded fellow.

        34. I agree with most of the points, with slight modifications and additions.
          – Women initiating divorce period, gets no compensation (the initiating party gets no compensation period). Now if the husband wants to divorce this woman and she has children, then yes by all means, he should pay.
          – Men should not only be allowed to divorce wives upon learning of non-virginity, but these women/their families should have to pay a fine, by costing the courts time and money and this will provide an extra incentive as well
          – The state punishes the woman for out-of-wedlock birth if she decides not to marry the father (if sex was consensual) and of course jail for the man if he decides not to marry her. Men who impregnate extra women without the means to support them, should do mandatory jail time
          – Children automatically go to the fathers under any circumstances (due to numerous social and scientific evidence suggesting children do better under fathers plus the religious pretext of patriarchy)
          – Standardized corporal discipline methods- No fists, no kicks, biting, head butts or other signs of cruel and usual punishment. An open palm (slap) either front or back is suitable. The woman should not be physically damaged in anyway. Also paddles and belts are allowed for the derrière for inexcusable offenses such as sexting, or out right cheating.

        35. I like your improvisations, Lance.
          The first point could be further improvised as:
          Women initiating divorce period, gets no compensation (which means she pays back the dower the man paid to her to marry her). Now if the husband wants to divorce this woman for cheating and she had children, he does not have to pay her, she pays him back the dower and he takes the custody of the children.
          The last point about the corporal discipline methods made me laugh – especially about the use of paddles and belts being allowed for spanking the derriere for inexcusable offenses. Considering the depraved masochistic sexual state of modern slutty women, I’m assuming they’d rather indulge in more sexting to get more of such S&M treatment.

        36. durr. when the natives rub blue mud in their belly buttons, you rub blue mud in your belly button. I was not stupid enough to wear shoes when everybody else takes them off.

        37. again, the devil is in the details.
          Bear in mind, I am firmly atheist. I am only ‘christian’ inasmuch as I am willing to bear the social obligations (I am a scout master which I love, I always help people move, take food to people in trouble, etc.) In return for the social benefits I gain (Improved a

        38. Polygamy without mandatory marriage is self-defeating.
          If you think that the conversation ends at mandatory marriage, then you must realize that sluttiness cannot be eradicated unless without harsh laws which channelize the sexual release of female sexuality ONLY through marriage.
          Without marriage, polygamy becomes self defeating. What you see players doing is actually polygamy without marriage – promoting even more sluttiness in women. Because of the failure to implement harsh laws to save the institution of marriage in the West, we have disbelief in marriages itself. Mandatory polygamy with mandatory marriage and tough anti-slut/divorce laws is the surest way to save the white race.

        39. I still don’t see how you get ‘mandatory polygamy’ in there. You realize that without constant warfare, the male/female ratio remains roughly similar? Everything about stable marriage makes sense, except the part where you start demanding that we support more than one fucking worthless woman.

        40. You wrote:
          ” I took his recommendations as far as dress (I was dressed the same as he was, weird-ass tunic and little cap, but I wore sneakers) and upon entry this tiny guy with a monster beard started screaming at me in Arabic.”
          You never mentioned you took off your sneakers. What are we to infer?
          To be frank, you sound a bit too Islamophobic to me. Don’t know whether you still have PTSD for that incident.

        41. Who’s asking you to support fucking worthless women?
          When you’re simultaneously implementing harsher anti-slut, anti-cheating, anti-divorce laws to sieve the good ones from the bad ones. You’re been given the choice in that scenario – to select the good women.

        42. yes, but you haven’t been given the choice NOT to select a woman.
          frankly, ‘social laws’ and ‘mandatory behavior’ is how we got in this stupid fucked up situation in the first place.
          Again, where are the extra women coming from? 2 per man? what about the ugly ones… do we kill them?

        43. I didn’t say I took off my sneakers, it never got to that point. Everyone else was still wearing shoes. I was just pointing out that it wasn’t about shoes.

        44. How to expect to reproduce to save the white race when you won’t select a good woman, who’s gone through harsh selection procedures/laws?
          The reason why we reached this stupid fucked up situation in the first place is more because of fucked up feminist “social laws” than mandatory behavior. Because of the failure of the laws to protect men, men choosing to marry lost out.
          But if men were accorded laws by the state, which served men’s interests, then mandatory marriage and polygamy becomes a boon to men, both individually and as a race.

        45. Tesla, like some other brilliant men, was arguably nonsexual. OCD and clean freaking can do that.

        46. As from what I have seen in the Middle east, mosques don’t allow shoes to be worn INSIDE the mosque. I don’t know what kind of mosque you were invited to. I don’t know how that could be possible for a person to enter a mosque with shoes on, and not be screamed at.

        47. Tesla never married, claiming that his chastity was very helpful to his scientific abilities. However, towards the end of his life, he told a reporter, “Sometimes I feel that by not marrying, I made too great a sacrifice to my work …” .Yet he didn’t pass on his genes. A fact that he regretted before he died, according to some people close to him.
          “We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment.”
          ― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene

        48. feh, I’ve had 4 kids, One brother had 2, and the other brother had 7.
          I’ve done my part for the ‘white race’. don’t really even care that much about the ‘white race’, except insofar as i try to protect them from being PHYSICALLY wiped out.
          wiped out via crossbreeding? who gives a fuck? hell, ‘white’ is a combination of celt, angle, saxon, and roman in the first place.
          Meet a nice chzech or asian girl and settle down, you are likely to have decently intelligent offpsring.
          Frankly, I want to keep the stupid from breeding REGARDLESS of race. Look at Lance Christopher… I disagree with a lot of his commentary, but i’d be a million times happier if he was married to my daughter than the progressive dumbshit she’s fucking right now, and he is most assuredly not white.
          yes, worldwide, there are more dumbshit blacks than whites, but when you look at it the other way around, the SMART blacks are truly the cream of the crop, and totally worth introducing into the collective gene pool.
          This is a fact that most so-called ‘race realists’ forget… that it’s easier to wade to the shallow end of the gene pool than keep swimming in the deep end. You either IMPROVE your race through a constant influx of ‘the best’, or you stagnate until you become ‘the worst’.

        49. His primary regret was not that he didn’t get with a hotty, it was that he didn’t pass on his genes…
          Sounds pretty damned nonsexual to me.
          And a lot of things fills Dawkins with Astonishment. One of the advantages of being a dumbshit.

        50. Are you sure it really was 50%, that seems high.
          Well, if you combine an increasingly anti-white society, reduced fertility and testosterone, falling birthrates, and massive non-white immigration (Europeans make up far less in immigration than they did prior to the Act of 1965), the future of white people seems to be on the decline.
          I don’t believe this is happening naturally either. I think its deliberate social engineering . It really is one all-encompassing package of anti-western “progressive” ideas, which are at present pushing us[the entire West] towards destruction.

      2. Personally speaking, on my visit to the Middle East, I have
        seen a lot of western values being insinuated among modern Moslem society.
        As a westerner myself, I find it appalling to note that they don’t know what we men in the West are suffering from our modern feministic societies, and they are blindly pursuing the West (possibly because of its technological advancement) – even with its flawed western morals. It’s only in traditional Moslem families – which still are comparatively more than westernized Moslem families – I found patriarchal laws to be intact.
        But the influx of feministic slutty western and European
        women (from CIS) is corrupting the moral values there – so we can be “proud” that with the influx of these women, our permissive feministic values will soon destroy these places too – leaving lesser and lesser places in the world where men could travel to, to find a respectable woman to marry to start a family with.
        I’d blame slutty western or European women to be responsible
        for the moral corruption of this part of the world – than western men. They’re corrupting both the local men and women with their sluttiness and feministic behavior. Yet they’re being treated with respect there because they’re women.
        They abuse the “freedom” they’ve been given – to spread their slutty corruption, instead of showing gratitude and trying to learn to become respectable women like the local women there. Our sows spread shit everywhere they go.
        Western men actually travel to that part of the world to
        seek a respectable woman or to earn a living. I’d exonerate fellow western men living there from corrupting that part of the world – they don’t preach feminism once they’re there, like the way they do back here. Because they actually prefer that society where they’re respected for being men, and the treatment they’re accorded there.
        Western men could tremendously benefit if the Islamic marriage laws were instituted also in the case of Christian marriages here. Would put men back in the driver’s seat.
        But in westernized Moslem countries, they’re doing away with
        those laws to replace them with western marriage laws which are lopsided in favor of women. You’d see the attitude in most westernized Arab countries; the present generation is all Western wannabes. Our technology has only served to tempt these people into giving up what we gave up long back – patriarchy. They don’t know what they’ll lose eventually, in their obsession to become Western.

        1. Oh yes, I’ve seen this corruption first hand on my own travels. It truly is like a bad disease. It’s like civilizational aids in a way. You can manage it, but you can never get rid of it, and the true political right is always looking for a cure. The thing I’ll never understand is the Western male commitment to institutional monogamy. Why? Even great Christian warriors such as Charlemagne had multiple children with multiple women. And besides is it really fair that great men such as Charlemagne should have deprived the world of maximizing his genetics all for one bitch? A top dog Alpha limiting himself to one woman seems like it’s just natural wrong (which it is). Even King Solomon had 600 wives and 300 concubines.

        2. Exactly. The Bible is not the problem, it is the Church which is the real problem.
          If the Biblical prophets practiced polygamy, why can’t Christian men be allowed the same? Moslem men follow polygamy as a tradition of the more or less the same prophets. A right – which the Church has unlawfully taken away – from the Christian man.
          The biggest irony I note with Christianity today – is while we fight to legalize unnatural sex (homosexuality) marriages by the Church – Christian men all over the world should rather fight to legalize polygamy with women (which focuses on natural heterosexual marriages) – by the Church and the state.. I wonder why heterosexual western men don’t bother to fight for their natural needs of polygamy and rather choose to fight for the cause of gay marriages with the Church and state
          We are passing laws to legalize unnatural demands of minority gays while choosing to ignore natural demands of majority heterosexual men. And the majority forgets its own needs to fight for the demands of the minority. Such is the depraved state of modern civilization.

        3. Astute observation Adam. You’re completely right, it would seem as if men would’ve campaigned for the right to polygamous marriages rather than allowing the incessant homosexual “marriage” campaign to continue to corrupt the church along with institutional feminism. The forgiving nature of Christianity, which has been severely over-interpreted by modern theologians allows for any and everything. Literally one of the great purposes of religion was its ability to slut-shame. I see no future for Christianity under the present circumstances, even the so-called “Conservative” churches are feminized. I was rather repulsed when one heretical Protestant Church started given pet blessings with “holy” water. Yet, bring up the right for men to exercise their biological instincts under polygamy and/or executing the Biblical command for women to cover up and not be sexual provocateurs to men, and you’ll receive the look and scowl of death.

        4. simple. ‘Alpha dogs’ do not achieve. They may build society with the sword, but it’s the betas who are the scientists, the doctors, the artists, the ones who advance society through non-warlike means.
          Monogomy was the extremely clever instrument invented by betas to ensure that they have the chance to pass along their seed… what woman would willingly choose a genius nebbish, if she could be one of the brute’s 150 wives?
          The ONLY ways you can give beta men (civilization’s builders) the opportunity to pass along genes, and the willingness to invest in society, are two:
          A) The complete enslavement of women, through which betas are able to ‘purchase’ a women via achievement.
          B) a society which frowns upon Alphas hogging all the girls and leaving all the builders with a chance to get theirs… through achievement.
          While A) is actually a much more logical program and takes advantage of the opportunity to stifle the societal retardation women inevitably create, B) seems ‘nicer’. Making it the inevitable choice of white knights and other ‘good guys’
          In short, ‘polygamy’ is more or less the abandonment of principles of meritocracy… If you want to go live like a luddite, be my guest… but leave me out of it, I’d rather shoot you with my ‘high tech’ rifle and take one of your women than do without.

        5. Don’t be so hard on the alphas Brig. Without the Charlemagnes, Edward IIIs, Richard the Lionhearts and Gustavus Adolphuses, there would be no beta-civilization builders. The alphas protect, guard and expand the perimeter of civilization to make it possible for the lowers to work within that framework. The men who do the hard-digging should get the rewards. This is why Wilhemine Germany prided itself on strict militarism, it was a little Spartan Teutonia. The popularization of the “schmiss” (purposeful scar on a male’s face due to fencing) was because the men who guard and expand the perimeter are highly more valuable to the clan/tribe/race/nation than the betas who work within. This is more aligned with the natural order and is a shame so many great European warriors such as Richard the Lionheart never got to maximize his gene pool outside of his arranged wife.

        6. I generally agree with your posts, but I wonder at the false dichotomy you’ve set up (though I don’t think you’ve done it through malice). You’re creating by necessity the existence of two exclusive camps: Brute alphas and Creator betas. I find this rather limiting in both breadth and depth. Plenty of CEO’s who are alpha both with women and money (though this is not necessarily the case per se), just as there are hordes of betas who could not build a popsicle stick boat if their lives depended on it and who are good for little more than stacking cords of wood outside the CEO alphas mansion.
          Henry VIII was alpha, and a warrior clearly, but also had a huge interest in the advancement of firearms technology and actually helped move the scientific engineering along in regards to it. He is “both”, if you will.
          Charlemagne was clearly a conquering alpha of hard violence, while also bringing forth a renaissance in the arts and sciences strictly by his direction and intent.
          And so on.
          True alphas, of which their are few, are the men we read about in history books whose names resonate through the ages with strength and vigor on all fronts.

        7. In a nutshell these men should do the maximum mating with the most desirable women because simply… their types = maximum survival which to women = extremely sexy. Not to mention this would improve the gene pool through each successive generation. Would I rather my father be Richard the Lionheart or Jonas Salk? Not a hard answer for most young men and women.

        8. Again, I think you are recognizing traits of ‘alpha’ that are actually truly beta. This is why i seriously hate the ‘alpha beta’ construct.
          All terminology aside, the movers and shakers of society were very often NOT those to whom women throw themselves adoringly. And those whom women throw themselves at and willingly enslave themselves to, are generally not the sort ot advance technology.
          I do not see polygamy as helping society in any possible way. The problem is far too complex to think that polygamy is some sort of magic pill that will cure all of our problems. In point of fact, it is more likely to become simply yet another tool for the wealthy elite to staple the middle class into their coffins.

        9. Monogamy is an artificial human construct. It was a guilt ridden phase of humanity that took its ultimate expression in Christianity. Our very biological design as men and women is an outright denial of monogamy. With that said, it is good if children are raised with their fathers. I advocate a future system where a man may have as many wives (not too many) as his income allows. Why enforce a system that has truly outlived its usage? This won’t prevent the betas from getting women. But I don’t think a man acting out on his natural biological predispositions should be shamed by religion, however women should for obvious reasons (paternity issues, sluttiness etc).

        10. You are goddamned right monogamy is an artificial construct. It was the first step in creating ‘pair bonding’, ‘property’, and ‘civilization’. Do you really want to go back to killing people and stealing their shit?

    2. Its taken me years to find the answers u have given me! I’m in my 30s and wouldn’t mind finding a good wife to settle down with. It’s so easy to get a root these days… all western women are sluts! Finding a women that won’t leave u and pump u for child support where u can’t see your kids unless she says so is a fucking joke!

    1. False. On both counts.
      This site and others stands in direct contradiction to your first claim. Since society is nothing but a reflection of the individuals in it, it stands to reason thus that civilization itself can be improved.
      Hold the line, never surrender, never retreat, press forward at every opportunity. Battling for the soul of our once great civilization isn’t for the weak or feint of heart.

      1. If you want to change the world first change yourself. Let’s get enough people to just, I don’t know,not be lazy fucks and to read a book sometime.
        There is no going back, that point in time you are idealizing no longer exists and won’t ever exist again. Everything is in constant flux, change is the only constant. Civilization will continue, humans adapt and change and survive, that’s why I am not worried. That’s also why I don’t care.

  31. I have been wanting to read more about Natural Law but have been unable to locate any books that deal with the subject.
    Anyone know of any good books on Natural Law/Natural Rights?

    1. feh, natural law= ‘survival of the fittest, even if that ‘fittest’ involves ‘faking it’
      natural rights? There’s no such thing.

      1. How can you say there is no such thing…we don’t get our rights from the government, we’re born with rights as human beings.

        1. nonsense, there’s no such thing. as natural rights. Hell, we don’t even have the right to life… we can snuff it at any time.
          I suppose you can consider the right to what’s in your head and the right to strive ‘natural’ rights, but even those can be supplanted with ease.
          The only ‘rights’ anyone has ever truly had are those which they create for themselves.

    2. Natural Rights Theories by Richard Tuck – although he doesn’t actually believe in natural law

  32. Why would I want to save a civilization that puts women and girls ahead at the expense of men and boys? I am tired of being shat upon so it can go to hell for all I care. Equality my ass. Level playing field my ass.

    1. And now you see that Socialists and Communists don’t want equality. What they REALLY do is use “equality” as a front to gain control over every aspect of your life. George Orwell predicted all of this over 60 years ago.

      1. “What they REALLY do is use “equality” as a front to gain control over every aspect of your life.”
        That is correct, at least these days it is correct. The question is: why is it so difficult to demonstrate and argue that.
        Why is there no Karl Marx right of the centre who is able and prepared to show how equality is increasingly the manipulation of equality as the only legitimate means of pursuing power in a society where the victim rules?
        There is a need for theory

        1. “The question is: why is it so difficult to demonstrate and argue that.”
          Socialists and Communists own the media and schools at an early age, so only their message is heard.

  33. Who wants to save a society where the mothers of children will have deep-throated cocks, had at least 1 abortion and were the cum-dumpsters of other men on average? Who wants to save a society where by simply looking at a woman wrong, you can be charged with a false rape conviction? Who wants to save a society that enthrones the whore above else? Who wants to save a society where the churches are so corrupt, communized, feminized and homosexualized that by actually following ancient dogma, you’re “violating” the rules? Let this fucking society (a civilization it is not) burn!

  34. Civilization is not worth saving on this go around. Maybe worth re-building after it collapses.
    This is why I tell any young man I encounter that joining the military is a very, very bad idea. Their body, and perhaps their life, will be used by the feminist state. Then, if they live and return home, they will find the feminist state attacking them and fucking them in every possible way.
    Why should any man join the military and be part of the projection of power of such a sad and doomed feminist state?
    Better to enjoy the decline. Even better to do so in another country with hot chicks and easy living.

    1. civilization can NEVER be saved. Not at any time in history has a civilization that started to eat it’s own producers reversed this trend… and it is universal in empires.
      A complete and utter governmental change is in order. The chinese accomplished it by passing on the mandate of heaven (violently) to a new dynasty every couple of hundred years. The romans did it by a philosophical change every couple of centuries, and some stable kingdoms did it (for a while) by changing the hands of absolute power every generation…
      But in the end, no government has ever lasted longer than 250 years without a complete restart.
      I just hope we can save some of the psychological artifacts of this civilization, like the constitution and the American dream.

  35. For all those on here who think that polygamy is the answer to civilization’s woes (Brigadon, Lance Christopher, Adam, et al) I’ve got news for you. In a polygamous society, less than 40% men actually ever get to mate. That’s it. So odds are highly likely that all of you arguing for a harem won’t ever get one.
    There is a reason that non-Christian cultures (think far East) define marriage between one man and one woman for life…survival of the society.
    And for those of you who think Christianity should revert to Old Testament polygamy, you obviously don’t understand Jesus. He came to fulfill the Old Law. Jesus himself speaks of one man one woman for life marriage. The disciples were so shocked by this they thought it better to just not marry. But guess what? Christian marriage as defined by the Catholic Church has survived to this day. It will continue to survive after you are long gone.

    1. What if mandatory restricted polygamy (restriction on number of wives) with mandatory marriage is made the norm? Wouldn’t that address the situation?
      Polygamous societies where less than 40% men actually ever get to mate is not because of polygamy; but because marriage is NOT mandatory.
      When men don’t choose to mate, you can’t expect the statistics to show a better picture. When marriage becomes obligatory/compulsory, you’d have a different picture when it comes to the mating stats.

      1. Mandatory marriage? Seriously? How is that free for either the man or the woman? Do you need the government and laws to assure you of frequent sex? If so, then you are not the harem type in the first place.
        Children of polygamous marriages suffer. Jealousy and attachment issues are the norm. These children cannot grow into healthy productive adults. This is seen in the advances of the last 100 years. Ask yourself, were those polygamous societies you are raving about behind the technological/medical advances? Or were they from societies with one man one woman marriage?
        But hey, if you are such a pussy that you need the government to mandate sex lives, I can’t stop you. But you end up looking like the women asking government to pau for contraceptives.

        1. Dude, i already had this argument with him for days… he’s a lazy fucking Omega that wants the government to assign him two supermodels… not one of his arguments is consistent or informed, or based in anything besides liberal power fantasies rooted in an inability to create anything of merit or value.
          Don’t even waste your time on this brick.

  36. I used to like this site but judging by the comments, it’s turning into another stormfront. No one wants to hear that shit and everybody knows that whites will not be bred out of existence. It’s simply more fear mongering.

    1. Half the people here who comment are colored people, like myself. I think whites are cool, I think blacks are cool, I think Asians are cool. Each have their own civs, each have their own, albeit similar problems.

  37. “I believe the epitome of this tendency is the Civil Rights Movement.
    The words “civil rights” so perfectly embodies the evolution from
    natural rights to the managerial, nanny state tyranny we see today.
    Civil rights are wholly derived from civilization deciding that it has
    become more powerful than whatever arrangement it was the civilization
    was initially found upon.”
    I would argue it’s exactly the other way around. Human rights are derived from universalism and an idea of natural rights. Feminism and “Multiculturalism” *, are then derived from such an idea of natural human rights, as in the phrase: “Man is born equal and free, but is everywhere in chains”.
    There is a difference between claiming that man should live according to an imagined moral law of nature, and saying that amoral nature puts limits on human existence and therefore must be dealt with and treated with respect in order for social survival; for survival of that most unnatural contraption there is: in other words civilization.
    Most people don’t realize there is a difference, but it’s there and it’s absolutely crucial; decisive in fact.
    Liberalism is not the answer. It only leads to a John Lockean dead end, where no one is ready to submit to anyone else. To put it like Robert E. Heinlein: “What right to life has the man who is surrounded by sharks, drowning in the Pacific Ocean?”. Liberalism though, thinks he has such a right.
    * “Multiculturalism” is of course a Newspeak word formulated by The Ministry of Truth. Its meaning is quite the opposite from the one implied, namely, its goal is human homogenization through miscegenation and the extinction of unique cultures, identities and races, but I reckon everyone is aware of that already.

  38. When women dress immodestly, and men despise religion, it is the beginning of the end. -Seneca
    Wherever an altar is, there civilization exists. – Joseph de Maistre
    A man without religion is to be pitied, a woman without religion is a horror beyond all things.
    I quote others to better express myself. -Montaigne

  39. Come on guys. No point trying to change. Just enjoy the ride. Fuck sluts and make money . Screw having kids.
    I recently started going after married women now. I mean society is so fucked up, and married women are far far easier to bang.
    I mean you know society is fucked when a guy like me can bang married whores.One of them even cooked me a meal after I railed her in the shower cause her hubby was coming home late, ofcourse I gave her a protein packed meal myself *wink**wink*. No morals the lot of them, I swear…I don’t want to get married and be the hubby, fuck that.
    This society is fucked, it is not changing anytime soon. No point wanting the traditional husband/man of the house roles. best route is to be a playa and bang lizards for 8 years, then wait for the next batch of lizards to turn 18 and bang them.
    I though I could leave my awesome genes as a legacy and have good looking tall kids, but they would be put to shit aswell.

    1. Given the current conditions this is actually pretty good advise going forward.

      1. Lizards is a common way on the Roosh V forum to describe western women..aka women who have low sexual will power and sleep around with the nearest alpha at the drop of a hat.

  40. You know, if you watch ‘rampage’ and just pretty much snicker through the whole thing, you might as well just face the fact that you are ready for this civilization to fall.

  41. Great points in this post. Loved the Nancy Pelosi sketch. Fucking hilarious!
    I would debate against this part only: “In the West, our civilizations were founded upon Rome, Greece,
    Christendom, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and
    free markets.”
    Christendom rules stagnant times, and was certainly less brilliant than the Roman Republic/Empire before and the British and US Empires after. Christendom had more relative control over people but less affluence I think, like liberated women after men adapt to post-feminism. More relative freedom and less absolute power. Christendom delivered the power of lending in Europe to Jews. It was only once finances were in the hands of Europeans proper that Europe emerged from the Middle Ages. No image the prosperity without financial enginnering whatsoever. It would be glorious.
    Anyway, Christianity was the medium for the Founding Fathers to convey an enlightened system to the colonial masses, but it was not part of the secret sauce.

  42. Talk about a river of shit in this article and comment thread.
    If you are worried about the fate of civilization and complex societies, then read
    “Collapse of complex societies” by Joseph Tainter. This was written back in 1988 and is selling better now than when first released.
    This represents a cogent viewpoint about why complex societies grow and die.
    It takes the view that the fundamental purpose of a complex society is to hoover materials and energy from the environment and transform and distribute the goodies to the members of the society.
    Things start out at a low level, and small discoveries are made. This improves control over energy and materials and things progress. Events occur (weather changes, threats from other societies, materials shortages, etc, etc.) that have to be dealt with by increases in complexity. This means new technologies, better administration and increased information flow throughout the society. Each challenge to the existing order is met with an increase in complexity.
    But… eventually the time, money energy required to meet new challenges increases a large amount for a small advantage. The law of diminishing returns. The low hanging fruit in the solution space is exhausted and unusual expenditures of energy and money are required to meet new challenges.
    Eventually, the sustainability of the civilization is peril since it no longer has the extra resources to deal with new challenges. Collapse means a reversion to a less complex system. To some , it is a dystopian world.
    Anyway – this is the guy (Tainter) to tune in to. Most other viewpoints are mindless, unhelpful bullshit.
    You can use this to try and understand the role of women in western society. The civilization has solved the problem of , say housework, with modern appliances. The complexity of our society is stunning in the shear amount of information flow required to do anything. Think about all the folks involved in getting a car loan and car insurance. Women have been recruited to help manage the staggering amount of detail required to run our society. Think how simple things were administratively even 50 years ago. Most women are really working at jobs that require handing and making small modifications to information flow.

  43. all of you phaggots need to stfu. so many butthurt pussies yammering about on here like clucking hens. fuck!

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