Men Love Commitment

Contrary to popular belief, men do in fact love commitment. I haven’t really met anyone who is afraid of it to be honest. The problem for women is that men aren’t committed to them. This isn’t a problem with the idea of a committed relationship, or with commitments in general, it’s just simply a problem with the quality of women available in the U.S.

Having long been away from an LTR after ending it due to issues of commonality and commitment, I had grown curious if I really was afraid of commitment.  Being single for a while now, and having had a great Saint Patrick’s day weekend downtown, as well as a follow up, albeit pretty crappy, workout session at the gym on Sunday, I realized that men aren’t afraid of commitment, they just avoid them.

Now to be frank, the idea of having as many women as you want and trying multiple flavors will always be something that crosses men’s minds. The fear of commitment however has nothing to do with men being afraid of committing to one woman. If you meet an amazing woman, that’s no problem. The problem is there are no amazing women. This fact can be proven with a few simple things that I am committed to.

The Gym

This is my main hobby. I love to workout, I love the feeling afterwards, and it’s my opportunity to get away from life’s problems and exert any frustrations I have. My ex tried to get me to stop working out as often so we could hangout. So I stopped dating her. Some may say it’s a douchebag move, but the gym is my hobby, and it’s one that takes dedication. The offer was there for her to join and she refused. The option was pretty obvious. An additional fact is that if I don’t workout or do something active enough I get grumpy.

Lifting Friends

Commitment number two is, any lifting friend I have ever had. The best, albeit satyrical representation is below. I’d write a long paragraph, but the video pretty much sums it all up.

Sports Teams

Some people are equally committed to sports teams the just cheer for on TV, but I’m talking about real sports teams that I’ve committed to. The ones where you’ve worked really hard to play for and made sacrifices for. Jason Kidd has probably the best quote regarding the dedication associated with sports.

A lot of late nights in the gym, a lot of early mornings, especially when your friends are going out, you’re going to the gym, those are the sacrifices that you have to make if you want to be an NBA basketball player.


I have earned a bachelors degree, and trust me it was a commitment.  While BA’s aren’t as prestigious as they once were (mostly due to the push for everyone to now have one), they aren’t easy to get either. If you can’t deal with any type of commitment,  you will either drop out, or get kicked out due to failure.There is at least a decent amount of commitment involved with the concept of going through four extra years of schooling and amassing an absurd amount of debt to get a college education. Debt problems rank as (1) marriage, (2) children, and (3) education. If you’re willing to deal with that kind of debt, well, you know how to commit.

I could continue listing things that I’ve been committed to, but it would get repetitive in theme. The point is I learned that I, as well as many other men, actually love commitment. The frustrations of letting your team down in sports, losing a lifting friend, failing in your quest for higher education, can all deeply affect you just like a bad breakup, if not more. The key thing is that as men, commitment is assigned towards tasks that have high reward. Men live on a high reward system based on what can give them the most success.

The reason men stop trying for commitment with women isn’t that they are gaining the sex too easily. If the sex is good men will keep going back. The problem is women have progressively lowered the quality available. It’s like comparing a 67 Mustang to a 96 Mustang. The quality is gone but maintenance is higher. When feminism took such a hold on women that they became unreasonable, men stopped having commitment with them. So yes, female reader, I’m capable of commitment, just not to you.

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44 thoughts on “Men Love Commitment”

  1. Night clubs and bars are absolutely the wrong way to find quality females. You’re basically fucking sluts and putting yourself at risk of false rape
    accusations. You’re taking all this risk just to get into the pussy of not just a slut, but a drunk slut. The normal way of meeting bitches is to pretend to be a student at some
    nearby college and form a social circle with other men. Vaginas are naturally attracted to socializing with and giving attention to men who are part of a social circle because it’s insurance that they aren’t dealing with a total weirdo.
    There’s no point in going to night clubs because these are feminist businesses which charge men more money based on their gender, girls become accustomed to free drinks because most men are spineless manginas, bouncers use force against men for any little reason and the entire atmosphere of a night club is one of putting women on a pedestal and devaluing men. Like I said, the best way to meet quality bitches who you can train to be sweet, submissive, supportive and sexy are those girls who introduce themselves to your college social circle of men.

    1. I agree with your point about clubs, however, I think you are off about college chicks….while clubs are feminist-inspired culturally, colleges are feminist-inspired intellectually. If you believe their are ANY quality women anywhere (particularly in the USA) then you have yet to fully digest the red pill.

      1. By “quality” chicks I mean chicks who aren’t total bitches and/or sluts. There’s no such thing as “finding” sweet, submissive, supportive and sexy (S-S-S-S) chicks in this society, you have to mold/ train them to be what you want them to be. College girls are actually the best blank slate any man could want. The exact same girl will act pleasant and sweet to a man who keeps her ass in check, while she’ll act a total bitch and exploit the wimp who puts her on the pedestal. Think of yourself as the parent teaching your bitch manners, and think of her as an overgrown child who needs your authority to make her the best she can be.

        1. If you can train a college chick, then you can train a club chick; the girls that are in the club Saturday night are on campus Monday morning. In any event, game these women.

    2. Horse shows, esp eventing, dressage and hunter/jumper (english riding.) Just walk around carrying a coffee or something and look like you know what you are doing there. Find an attractive woman/girl and compliment her horse. Thank me later.

    3. Clubs and bars are worthwhile if you just want to meet some hottie to screw, whom you have no serious expectations for. Girls are encouraged by the music, atmosphere, and alcohol to lower their inhibitions and let their animalistic side out, which makes such venues ideal for easily finding sluts for a one night stand or to add to the rotation. Maybe even a relationship, but one that is just built on lust, rather than an expectation of virtuous conduct and future marriage. Yes, it sucks that men sometimes have to pay more, etc., but that’s just the reality of the business. Because men are more easily turned on, and biologically hardwired to “make the first move,” clubs (places where it’s easier to make that move) are inherently going to attract more men. Club owners know a club won’t continue to attract men if the ratios are horrible, so they even them out somewhat by offering girls incentives, charging men more, implementing face control, etc.
      Finding modern American girls who are worthy of serious commitment (LTR with possibility of marriage) is pretty much impossible, because they don’t exist.

  2. The problem is that women always want more and more. They can’t find balance. They get clingy and co-dependent. They get close to a guy, they lean on him for all kinds of minor stuff and when the decent guy yields a little bit, then they start dismantling his life.
    At least a mosquito just bites you and leaves, the average girlfriend attaches and sucks a guy dry until if he’s not careful he’s a shadow of his former self.
    The game is to keep the girl in orbit, easier said than done. Too harsh and she’s unhappy,and you’re distant…. too soft and she’s never happy and your miserable.

    1. the problem is women are just crazy and need something to bitch about. At my old office all the hags ever did was complain about their children, and b/f or husband. When i replied one day that I never wanted kids or get married they look at me like i was the devil. I quickly responded, “all you ever do is complain about how terrible your lives are. why would I ever want to experience that.”

      1. Best to never mention ANYTHING negative about women or feminism in the office. Just put on a nice face and be a nice guy beta.

      2. You should know women will quickly gang up on a man that gets involved.
        Do the best thing a man can do when women are conversing about pointless things…not listen.

        1. No, it turned out fine. They couldn’t offer a counter argument other than stating “it’s not that bad.” I coincidentally heard significantly less bitching after that conversation as well.

  3. I can’t imagine any woman wanting her man to stop working out! You can’t be serious.

    1. It’s actually pretty common these days. Its a power position. If you are out of shape then the woman can be out of shape as well. if you are out of shape the woman, despite being out of shape, can still say you can’t do better than her and be factual. If you workout, she has to workout, or you will quickly be able to do better than her.

      1. A variation of this is girls buying their men unflattering clothes to deter poachers. Don’t be fooled and don’t sell your motorbike.

        1. I was debating selling mine, but you talked me out of it. Primarily so I have something to argue about with any woman I meet.

        2. Right, not only do they want men to stop working out because it means they don’t have to look as good anymore, but it also helps them keep their man because he’s too out of shape to attract much female attention. My last girlfriend tried that crap on me. “Ovid, I don’t like how you go to the gym so much. I want to spend time with you. Besides, if you’re too muscular I won’t enjoy cuddling as much.” I just nodded. She was extremely insecure, and I knew perfectly well that the *real* reason was that she was jealous of all the attention the girls at my work were giving me on a daily basis. She knew that that attention would only increase, the more time I spent at the gym, and she knew in her heart that she was not bringing enough value to the table to keep me interested if opportunities with other girls were plentiful.

      2. If she can’t handle her insecurities so much that she’d rather have a man with a flabby body than a hot one, then the problem isn’t in the woman, it’s in the man who chooses that woman. Why stay? Maybe he’s insecure too that he can’t do any better? Two insecure individuals together will have a million different problems that just to go or not go to the gym. And as much as I appreciate a good body, judging who stays with whom based solely on who has the best body sounds juvenile, no offence, if the only thing that keeps you with someone is “I am out of shape right now but I will stay with her until I workout more and get a hotter one”. Or if you feel that the woman is trying to secretly hamper you physical potential simply to keep you, where is the love? Seriously, just keep away from mean controling women, and you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of women out there, maybe not in the States apparently, that want their men to be the best they can be. Cause if the man is happy, then the woman is happy too! I don’t get why this is so hard to grasp for some people.

    2. Believe it or not but this was a huge issue with my last ex. She felt insecure that I worked out (she didn’t but was still hot) and constantly gave me shit about being in the gym instead of spending time with her. She’d say shit like “I’m worried you’re going to leave me for some girl who models cars.” Normally I have to subtly instill that idea in their head myself, so there was some upside at least, lol.

    3. Ever hear of shit tests? That’s a big one.
      In fact anything important to a man’s life that doesn’t involve her is the first thing she is going after.

  4. Heres a funny story a female friend of mine get ready for a long read folks.
    She a cool and attractive lawyer who was married to a businessman who cheated on her with his associate. Moved to a another state after she filed for divorce which lasted a year to finalze. After that divorce somehow months later got pregnant and married a younger dude while she’s six months pregnant “at least he got a preup before hand” after the kid turn 2 both went into a divorce and wonder she she cant get a man again.
    Every time I see her Ill say in my mind ” Shes hot for 44, but who wants a 44 year old two time divorcee with a 5 year old kid” There’s too much baggage and by the time the kid turns 18 she will be 60 years old WTF

    1. I actually know of a Woman in my hometown who’s in a similar situation. Divorced (only once) child about the same age and is reaching mid 30’s. She still gets attention from young 20 year olds who are looking at getting the bang and she can’t figure out why she can’t find a decent man. The obvious makes for great entertainment.

  5. An older woman (go figure) told me not too long ago that the core of committing to something (or someone) is that you consciously and willfully exclude other possibilities. Committing is scary, because you know that you’re focusing on one thing at the expense of focusing on other things. You’ll never know if what you’ve chosen to focus on will work out for the best or not. That being said, if you don’t commit to something, then you life will be poorer for it because you’ll have found yourself just flitting to and from things without any real substance.
    Yes, we men know how to commit. A lot of that is because we’re goal-oriented. We choose to focus on something for which there might be an immediate reward or something more long-term. We marshal our skills, energy, and determination to go for that one thing. Maybe it will make us happy; maybe it won’t. We hope that, with missteps, we’ll correct our course and find something that was worth it in the end.
    Indeed, women get pissed off because we men won’t commit to them. But, as you said, where’s the incentive to do so when the returns are so poor? Easier to play video games with definite outcomes, or go to the gym because of the many benefits that we get from going to tne gym.
    Men can commit. So can women, but, with the feminists, that’s more in reducing opportunities for we men to achieve so that they can achieve. They’re the ones who flit to and from because they’re driven by their emotions and not logic.

  6. I knew what I wanted to do when I was young and had to stay committed to become that even though it was tough. I’ve been lifting consistently for 12 years and praying the Rosary every day for over 5. All of these commitments have done more for me than any woman could.

    1. I’m inspired, man. I’m lifting 3 or 4 times a week. Maybe I should get back to chanting Hare Krsna on my beads. Haven’t done that in a long time, but I remember it did bring a lot of spiritual happiness.

    2. You’ve inspired me as well. I should really synthesize a personal daily ritual of some sort.

  7. “satyrical representation?” are you having compulsive sex with your lifting partners?

  8. Roosh, how short is your memory? You’ve run this exact article before, less than three months ago.

    Do Men Fear Commitment?

    Why not be a bit more selective? You don’t have to post two new articles a day.

    1. It’s not the same, and sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the same subject. Although if I was the writer of the article, I would have pointed out more about how men fear committing to American women, since American women are useless bitches.

    2. Close but no cigar. They both talk about how American women have no value but the former article discussed how American men will commit to foreign women while this one seems to attend to American men just committing to different activities.

  9. Why in the hell should men commit to women when women REFUSE to commit to men?
    90 percent of divorces are initiated by WOMEN. And with a divorce rate of 60 percent or so, what sane man would even consider getting married, at least in America?
    Feminism liberated MEN from having to commit to women. In that sense, feminism is our best friend. Now we men can be truly free, if we choose to be.

  10. “An additional fact is that if I don’t workout or do something active enough I get grumpy.”
    Holy shit is this true for me. I spent every year of elementary school playing tag every recess with my friends, unaware I was getting intense cardio interval training three times a day five days a week. It kept me sane through all the bullshit of school.
    15 years later I’m just starting to replicate that exercise routine again, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m overcoming all the various mental illnesses I accumulated during middle/high school.
    Haven’t even started weightlifting yet 😀

    1. Thanks. The feedback always helps me figure out if I’m hitting topics people wanna read about.

  11. that last sentence is very reminiscent of “Fear of Pop (In Love)”, by Ben Folds and William Shatner – a pretty red-pill-relevant song and highly recommended.

  12. I met my wife a few months ago and knew I could commit to her by the first date since she started talking about how many kids she wanted and that she wasn’t really into school or a career.

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