Straight From The Underground: The Only Steroid Guidebook You Will Ever Need

The following article was sponsored by John Doe Bodybuilding

After months of effort, Straight from the Underground – The Underground Steroid Guidebook, is finally complete and available.

Straight from the Underground book cover

I’m really excited to be releasing this ebook on performance enhancement because it’s knowledge to you from personal experience!!!

You see, unlike the rest of the internet community who are basically a bunch of talking parrots, I talk about things I’ve actually done!!

I dispel the myths and the lies and steer you through the smoke. There is a lot of wrong information floating around now, and this information is hurting people more and more by the day.

Yes, the internet is a valuable tool for research and learning, but the issue with performance enhancers is that you pick up little pieces of info here and there and then try to put it together like a puzzle.

>> Straight From the Undergound available here <<

What if you had a comprehensive guide that would drive you straight to the answers you were looking for?

Well now you do, Straight from the Underground takes you deep into the dark side of anabolic steroids, peptides, HGH, insulin, post cycle therapy, and troubleshooting issues such as injection infections and measurements.

Straight from the Underground covers unit conversions in an easy to understand manner that is like 1,2,3!!!

“This is how much water you draw out to fill this vial of peptide, and this is what you draw your insulin syringe back to when using this peptide every day.”

Straight from the Underground is so easy to read and effective that it took my book editor from knowing NOTHING ABOUT PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS to knowing MORE THAN MOST SEASONED GYM VETS after just a couple reads.

When he told me how much he had learned about anabolics, I knew right then and there that this was going to be a great book on performance enhancement!!!

Numerous cycle layouts are explained right down to the T; everything from how many weeks to what doses to when you switch compounds, to when you add in compounds.

For every steroid, peptide, or HGH, there are cycle layouts that directly follow.

Everything from beginner cycles to intermediate, to cycles a top bodybuilder would run are covered in this read!!

Yes, I am biased towards old school cycles and moderate dosages, so you’ll see a lot of that in this guide, but you’ll also see some examples of peptide runs combined with steroid cycles that even I wouldn’t run, but someone else may, and I wanted to include everyone in Straight from the Underground.

Straight from the Underground is one of the newest reads on running steroids and peptides that you could get your hands on.

What makes this ebook so worth getting your hands on? That one is easy; it was written by the Guinea pig and not the Dr!!!

There are many guys out there with nobody to talk to on this topic, so think of Straight from the Underground as your steroid reference bible.

Inside SFTU

Everything in this book has helped launch my physique from the 140 lb. skinny kid to the 220 lb chiseled beast in the making!!

This ebook also takes health into consideration as well, because without health then there is no body right? Learn what to look out for while on cycle, what to look most at when getting bloodwork done, and the right way to go about testosterone replacement therapy.

Learn about low dose cycles that work well with testosterone replacement therapy!!

I’m telling you guys, everything from the beginner who has never even touched a needle or pill, to the older guy who just wants to use something to look and feel stronger and more youthful, is covered in Straight from the Undergound!!

There is nobody online right now who is more straight-forward and no bullshit than John Doe.

No, I don’t have fancy videos or the same motivational bullshit as everyone else, but people who follow JDB follow JDB for real knowledge, not pipe dreams. I’m not selling anybody the fish here, JDB is teaching the man to fish!!

My ebooks and website have everything you need to gain an edge on life and stand out from the crowd.

I have been writing articles on fitness and life for a long time now, and I’m telling you that the money you spend on this comprehensive guide to using performance enhancers will be the best $29.99 you’ve spent in a long time!!

There is NO SUPPLEMENT for the same price as this ebook that will ever take you as far as this ebook will.

Straight from the Underground is like “The book of Eli” and once you have it, you better keep it safe and protected!

I don’t preach about performance enhancement on, and I welcome natural guys just as much as steroid users.

But there are a lot of natural guys who are ready to take things to the next level, and there is just nothing I can give you over website that would compare to the information in this all new performance enhancement guide!!

Are you ready to get huge and chiseled? Are you ready for real answers from a real guy who has been there and done it? Then my friend, it’s time to get your hands on a copy of Straight from the Underground!!!

See you at the starting gate!!!

Train hard – JD

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91 thoughts on “Straight From The Underground: The Only Steroid Guidebook You Will Ever Need”

  1. Why am I even reading this? We should get big and strong through hard work and healthy movement, not shooting chemicals into our veins that make our bodies think they don’t have to bother producing testosterone anymore.
    Besides, we already have Kratom.

    1. A guy is driving a Lamborghini. Is it because he worked hard for it? Or is it because his parents are rich? Or he won it? Does it matter at all? Fuck no. The guy is driving it, and you not. Be a Machiavellian and reach the top, no matter how. Cheat, manipulate, and choose the shorter path to success. Choosing the “fair and right” path is simply BETA.

      1. You both make interesting points. I suggest you both settle it in THUNDERDOME and see which viewpoint comes out victorious.

        1. Between the lines still appears that you define success by material terms and comparing your life to others.

        2. Looks like you’re a bit too dense for this. Replace “success” with “your goal” and you will understand.

        3. Being able to affording that kind of a car is a symbol of status, i.e. power … and power is what women care about.

        4. ‎‎

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      2. Well, I was talking about exercise, not cars…and and using the quick and easy path in fitness is simply DUMB. If you use these kinds of methods for quick and easy access to a body that is more flash than function, you will pay the price.

      3. I agree in principle. However, long term steroid use leads to other problems. I’d rather drive my perfect condition BMW than a lambo that looks like it has more hard miles than Lindsey Lohan’s axe wound.
        (Axe wound as a term has been lovingly borrowed from gregorygreens)
        Further, when you attain something without cheating there are other ancillary benefits like mental, spiritual and emotional strength that comes through to everyone you speak to.
        Further further, following your logic to its natural conclusion you should be selling your ass to Hollywood fag producers. Hey, at least you’ll have a lambo.

      4. Humm.. Actually, when I see a guy driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, or Porsche Turbo.. There, I say goes a successful drug dealer !

        1. Someone making lots of money on the misery & life of people is a successful person top you ??

      5. yeah I always laugh at those who say… “OMG that is cheating”… and try to preach their morality and stuff.

    2. Modern society / living (by design or chance) kills testosterone production anyway (eg low fat diet fads, BPA).
      But I agree with your point.

    3. Kratom is a helluva drug.
      Shoot chemicals if you want but know that there is a cost beyond the price on the packet. Fact is, you don’t need them. When I was born I weighed about 7lbs. Now I’m 185lbs. No steroids needed. Just good food and exercise.

      1. When Mike Chang was Born he was 185 with 0.2% body fat. His mother had a kratom addiction while he was in the womb. He was born addicted to being awesome.

        1. You should write a short story on that. I’m curious how Mike Chang came to its existent being. Perhaps you can even write an ebook on the size and color of his feces as well as the molecular structure of his teeth and exact sleeping schedule.

      2. BTW: “price on the packet” reminded me of the classic Digital Underground song “Sex Packets”
        Might be showing my age here. That is from a better time. A more simple time. A time when rappers were all very concerned that people were aware of the time. I assume that is because they didn’t support tardiness.

    1. My boy Sam Hyde predicts in 2070 there will be state enforced homosexuality and toy 3d printers that will produce muslim barbie dolls.

  2. I predict that the name Return of Kings might someday be changed to “Return of “Kratom.”
    Wait for it…kratom is taking over!!

    1. Oh shit, heh, I thought you were seriously trolling your own sponsor at first.

    2. Am told by a friend, yes, but pay attention, both substances impact mood, adjust strain and strength accordingly.
      Not medical advice. Not in any way involved with a kratom company at all, who sell incense, not approved for human consumption. In fact, I am a bit, and will explode in 10,9,8

    3. By steroids do you mean HRT or performance enhancing drugs? Either way, I would not expect any conflict. Kratom is related to both tea and coffee and I wouldn’t expect them to conflict with steroids.
      That said, before HRT I would max out non-drug options, such as anabolic food, anabolic meal timing and anabolic exercise.

      1. This is exactly right. I see people reaching for the decca when they haven’t even tried carb cycling, daily doubles with fasted cardio in the morning and a heavy lifting program at night. Fuckers thing oh I will take some steroids and then be perfect. I see people in the gym like this sometimes.
        I honestly think steroids is a choice and people get to a certain point and make that choice for themselves. But if you ain’t got your squat form down yet, you have a long way before making that choice.
        Nothing annoys me more than mother fuckers on gear with bad form. I want to say “what did you try first?”

        1. I usually work out in the morning. I’m lifting heavy as often as possible. I’ve got the job, my business, three kids and a live in (mother of the kids) so I find it hard to find any other time to work out other than just waking up before everyone else and getting it done.
          That said, what the hell is carb cycling, daily doubes with fasted cardio and heavy lifting at night? What does a guy do that doesn’t have the time for two work outs a day but he get’s one 1.5 hour work out in 5 days a week. I’m not really putting on as much mass as I’d like so I’m looking for as much advice as possible, but not sure I can swing two work outs a day.

        2. Carb cycling = Basically eating higher amounts of carbs on hard work out days and low carb on off-days.
          Fasted cardio = Cardio performed while in a fasted state (example: going out for a jog first thing in the morning before breakfast)
          Not sure about daily doubles. Perhaps might be either working out once in the morning and once in the evening or working out the same muscle group twice in one day to stimulate growth. Jason Ferrugia has covered this before.

        3. Hey John, I totally get what you are saying. My larger point was that there are things to do before hitting gear. I think that many people get to the point where they simply max out what they can do with their bodies before steroids and have to make a decision. That happened to me. I won’t give exact numbers but I will say that I got to a point where no matter how hard and how often I trained I simply was not going to beat my PR deadlift, remain the same weight or grow while reducing any more body fat or be able to push myself without a steroid cycle. I thought about it and decided it simply wasn’t worth it to me, no moral judgment if someone else decided in a different way. However, what gets me is people using juice before exhausting what they can do.
          Carb cycling is a diet of feast and fast with carbs that plays with metabolism and by daily doubles I meant I was doing an hour of “fasted cardio” cardio before eating my first meal in the morning and then 2 hours of weight lifting a night. I did this 6 days a week and then had sunday as a rest day (by rest I mean crossfit or hot yoga or some sport etc).
          I get that not everyone has time for that for sure.
          It is hard to give advice to a person without knowing where they are starting, what their body type is (is it hard for you to gain or too easy) etc. If you are looking to put on mass I would suggest doing Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass Workout and Diet. I honestly think that this is a really excellent program that will yield excellent results for anyone who does it and can be done given your other responsibilities so long as you have the commitment. The way I would suggest doing it is by spending a week not going to the gym at all. All the time you would use going to the gym read this workout. Read the diet. Do all the math for calories and macros. Really lean in and build an understanding of this program in a holistic way. Get a notebook and write out each daily workout. Look every workout up and print out a picture of form. Really really learn the diet, meal prep, mentally prepare yourself for how you will be eating. It will more than likely be a big change, but if you don’t make a big change in routine, lifestyle and diet your body won’t change either. Here is the program and if you want any pointers, help or anything feel free to hit me up.

        4. Oh God, the amount of times I have heard, “Well, I were on juice like you, I would look good too!” No you idiot, this took years of research, eating, training, blood, sweat and tears. So no, Deca will not fix you. Nor Clen. Or Winnie. Or whatever the hell you find online.

        5. Thank you! I hear the same shit. Another favorite of mine is how lucky I am. Lucky? I live, eat, breath fitness. I know exactly how many calories I have had at any given moment of the day as well as my macros, I spend all day Sunday cooking and weighing food for the week, I do fasted cardio at 5 am before work and then after a 10 hour day hit the weights hard, when I go to my orthopedic doctor he says “what now.”
          If you want to compete with Kai Greene you need gear. If you want to compete with me you need will, strength and dedication.
          Guy I work work eating a cheeseburger and fries for lunch while I’m having 8oz of lean protein and 2 cups of vegitsbles telling me he is totally starting tomorrow and I am lucky and what kind of supplements I use…fuck that noise

  3. Steroids are so 2010.
    Kratom is all you need.
    I am almost close to living the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle. Thanks to KRATOM.
    Steroids are for pussies.

    1. The Spartans didn’t have them and they would beat our modern atheletes asses like they were children.

  4. Mike Chang’s Kratom Electrolytes approve of this ad.

  5. In Australia every other person I know that is successful with women uses anabolic steroids. Men that are unemployed and on welfare use their money to cycle through steroids so they can get pussy. People are a lot more open about it too… In Canada men would use but never admit to it.
    I have contemplated using but from my understanding your body does lose most of the gains after you stop. When I go to the gym is see many men just going to keep their gains from their previous cycle.
    People in general do not care how you achieved results. They only care about seeing results. I can see why short sighted men will do this. When asked about about the long term consequences most men don’t know and don’t care.

    1. Men wouldn’t do it if women didn’t respond to it. Its become mainstream like getting hair restoration.

    2. Thanks for the insight. I’m contemplating seriously hitting the weights again and this is an eye opener.

    3. Women love that Men’s Health Physique. That is perfectly acheiveable without steroids.

        1. I disagree. If you eat the proper nutrition for a human male and combine it with anabolic exercise you will have that physique or something close to it.

  6. Or take the barry bonds strategy and pay some “trainer” to give you “vitamins” and then claim you didn’t know what you were doing, as you gain 25 pounds of muscle.

  7. Like what the umpa lumpas said in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
    Eating as much as an elephant eats?
    What do you get from pumping Kratom in your veins?
    A little Willy the size of an Earthworm’s brain.
    Truly, these aren’t alpha men… they’re cartoon characters

        1. And the Gay POWERTHIRST version is even funnier!
          “You will have no babies.ZERO BABIES!”

  8. “The Only Steroid Guidebook You Will Ever Need”
    So there is a guidebook on using Kratom now?

  9. You don’t need steroids… all you need to do is…
    TREN hard.
    Always TEST your limits.
    Stay on DBOL.
    Maintain a CLEN lifestyle.
    Use VARious training programs.
    ANAVAR give up
    And you will WINN!

  10. Would be better if Bold & Determined got a better ghost writer. Or a better Marketer who would stop regeritaing B&D. Or a much, much better lawyer.
    Thus far, only Matt Fourney pulled this ghost shit off correctly. And only once. Briefly. Guys, remember this, don’t lead with your chin.
    Marketing advice only, already paid what its worth. I will be investing in mentioned material in either event.

  11. It’s sad that we live in a society where a lot of men are considering taking steroids just for a chance to get laid.

    1. Yes, there’s something sad about this. Mice in the bodies of men. It’s also ironical in that psychologically they’re acting like Betas in that they buy into a narcissistic perception based on a female body image acceptance that tells them they can only get laid if they look like chewed up toffee.
      But, if it makes them happy, who I am to disagree. I just don’t think it’s making them into what they think they will become. You can’t buy that over the internet.

  12. This book is a great idea and needed. There is a lot of misinformation about roids and more inexperienced guys can easily fall into those traps and fuck themselves up for life.
    Although I’ve personally never used steroids (but at 32 considering a low dose cycle mid next year) I can well and truely see the need for this as a resource.
    If only it came with some kratom.

  13. ReturnofKings usually post great articles with sound advice and then every once in a while you guys go fucking wayyyy left field with some stupid shit like this usually it’s roosh that post stupid shit.

    1. Lets tell roosh to stop having sponsored posts so your tender eyes dont have to cross them, or you let him financially run this site to keep it up and running and you just skip reading the shitty ads.
      I agree with you though, i always skip the sponsored posts i dont know how i ended up on this one.

      1. You were jonesing for some Kratom jokes. Admit it!

        1. Hehe okay i’ll admit it You caught me, i was trying to be responsable though dont ruin it!

  14. Stupid is, as stupid is ! You can’t protect stupid & you can’t legislate against stupidity !
    Enjoy your “steroids” stupid.. You only have less than 10 years to enjoy them !

  15. If you can’t become strong through hard work, you don’t deserve strength. You won’t understand the pain required for hard work, and therefore can’t appreciate true strength. Taking steroids is for lazy beta millennials who want women but are afraid of a little burn.

  16. I personally used steroids before, and I do have some words to say about them.
    1. They work – if you know how to stack and cycle properly (including post cycle therapy).
    2. They essentially give you in three months a body that would normally take you about a year to achieve through hard work.
    3. You feel like the man, everywhere you go. It feels like nothing can stop you honestly.
    1. They are incredibly expensive.
    2. You need to know what you are doing – failure to have advanced knowledge (basic knowledge won’t cut it here) will lead to decreased libido, hair loss, anger issues, man boobs, and so forth.
    3. They are illegal.
    4. There are many, many counterfeits out there in the market.
    I personally wish I’ve never done them. I did them at a terribly young age too (23 – which was only two years ago by the way), and the results I’ve received quickly went away about three months later.
    Steroids just give you a borrowed body. That is my experience. But to each their own. I personally don’t see the harm in educated and responsible use of steroids, so please use your judgment and do your research before going down this path.

  17. ‎‎

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  18. I read few of John Doe’s articles and I can say this guy is LEGIT. Unlike Mike Changs, he is NOT fraud.
    And for all the guys out here being the moral compass towards steroid usage. I don’t see why there are so many negative feelings towards Steroids. Yes you can do hard work with eating clean, and getting big and workout with weights. There is nothing wrong with that. BUT taking steroid is ALSO a PLUS if you do ALL THAT plus Steroids. Steroids will ENHANCE your performance so you can lift heavier weight and in return help you gain results quicker and give you that cut look while still being able to be bulky BIG with shredded abs.
    Steroids is just Testosterone. I don’t know why most guys are scared of that. As long as you don’t abuse it and you don’t take alcohol because that is overkill on your liver. Anyone who wants to take steroid, it should be a LIFE LONG plan to stick through it and must give up on Alcohol PERIOD if you are serious.
    Now if you don’t work out and think that steroids is just going to magically give you the muscles then you will be the ignorant one. Steroid users still do hard work as any other guys so don’t look down on them or saying… “OMG he is a cheater” or whatever you guys think.

  19. If you don’t plan on competing in a bodybuilding pageant, this type of info is NOT for you! It’s useless. Compromising your health for aesthetics…that’s what WOMEN do! >:I

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