How Donald Trump’s “Art Of The Deal” Applies To Game

Recently I read a post by Roosh on Donald Trump’s most popular book and memoir, The Art of the Deal. In this article, Roosh presented 11 of his favorite quotes from the book—and while these quotes are extremely applicable to business and life, I also believe that they’re applicable to game.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: women are attracted to characteristics that make you successful. This is not coincidence, it’s biology—they’re hardwired to desire men with characteristics like decisiveness, assertiveness, confidence, and persistence. The reason being that men with characteristics such as these can almost always successfully protect and provide for a woman.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at how Donald Trump’s 11 best quotes from “The Art of the Deal” will help you grab ’em by the pussy.

Trust your gut

…listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you’re generally better off sticking with what you know.

This is an absolute necessity. Too many times have I seen men who have a bad feeling about a woman, but because she’s hot they end up dating her anyways. This is a complete rookie mistake; the game veteran learns to always trust his instincts, no matter how good something may seem.

I discussed this in a previous article, but the idea is that every woman has a certain “energy,” to her. Some women may have a good energy, which is indicated by compassion, femininity, and nurturing tendencies. Others, however, have a bad energy: manipulativeness, dramatic behavior, and jealousy.

Learning to read these energies is extremely important, and to do this, you must trust your gut instinct. If your gut tells you that a woman is a catch, then she probably is. If your gut tells you that she’s trouble, then she’s probably just that.

Think big

Privet! I am Fappina Bigsexyassowski

My style of deal-making is quite simple and straightforward. I aim very high, and then I just keep pushing and pushing and pushing to get what I’m after. Sometimes I settle for less than I sought, but in most cases I still end up with what I want.

[…]I wasn’t satisfied just to earn a good living. I was looking to make a statement. I was out to build something monumental—something worth a big effort.

I swear, it’s almost like Trump wrote this book specifically for game. He aims very high, and then just keeps pushing and pushing to get what he’s after. Yes, sometimes he settles for less, but in most cases he ends up with what he wants.

Is this not the quintessential aspect of game? You aim high by choosing a gorgeous woman you want, and you remain persistent despite her shit tests and playing hard to get. Obviously “just keep pushing and pushing,” doesn’t mean to rape her, but rather to be persistent.

Persistence is a major key with women, but it’s also where most men screw up. Most men interpret being persistent as being needy, but they’re entirely different. You can persist, but not chase a girl. You can persist, but not be needy. It simply comes down to not wanting her validation, but being willing to put in effort for what you want.

Don’t be desperate

Officially cucked, like many men in this country.

The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.

Wanting a woman so badly that you’re willing to sacrifice your dignity is a recipe for disaster. One of the first things that men learn upon practicing game is that you can never appear to be too desperate. When a woman finds out that you’re desperate for her approval, you’ve immediately lost her.

And what’s worse is that desperately craving a woman’s attention invites all sorts of other nasty things into your life: cheating, divorce, financial ruin, and more. When a woman realizes that she can use you, again and again, but you’re too desperate to care, “then you’re dead,” as Trump says.

Care about the cents


To this day, if I feel a contractor is overcharging me, I’ll pick up the phone, even if it’s only for $5,000 or $ 10,000, and I’ll complain. People say to me, “What are you bothering for, over a few bucks?” My answer is that the day I can’t pick up the telephone and make a twenty-five-cent call to save $10,000 is the day I’m going to close up shop.

This one is very applicable to being in a relationship with a woman. A lot of the time, she’ll gain your trust, but the second that you give her your credit card she’ll start to abuse it—this is a huge red flag, because it demonstrates that she doesn’t respect your money.

Usually a woman will come up with some lame excuse as to why she spent money you didn’t give her permission to spend. Maybe she desired to splurge on a $200 pair of shoes, and her excuse is that she wants something nice to wear when you take her out. Or maybe she spent $500 when you only gave her permission to spend $300, because “they were having a sale.”

Don’t tolerate this type of behavior, because she’s lying to you and manipulating you. As Trump says, the day that you can’t spend a little bit of effort to prevent someone from overcharging you, is the day that you need to close up shop.

Use scarcity

With so much demand, our marketing strategy was to play hard to get. It was a reverse sales technique. If you sit in an office with a contract in your hand, eager to make the first deal that comes along, it’s quite obvious to people that the apartments aren’t in demand. We were never in a rush to sign a contract. When people came in, we’d show them the model apartments, sit down and talk, and, if they were interested, explain that there was a waiting list for the most desirable apartments. The more unattainable the apartments seemed, the more people wanted them.

This one is absolutely massive. Any time a woman feels like you could leave at any moment, she will magically start respect your time and treating you ever so sweetly. When a woman intuits that you have 20 other girls that want to sleep with you, she’ll view you as an extremely scarce resource.

If you’re in a huge rush to seal the deal, she’ll most likely sense that you don’t get laid very often. Now, this isn’t the same as moving fast and escalating, but rather it’s the underlying emotion behind it. Never communicate to a woman that SHE’S the one who’s scarce (AKA you’re not sleeping with any other girls). She wants YOU to be the scarce one, and she wants to feel like you’re choosing her over all of your other girls.

There’s always a time to strike

The worst of times often create the best opportunities to make good deals.

Regardless of what you may think, there’s always a good time to strike with a woman. In fact, some of my most memorable pulls have been at ridiculous times that would’ve seemed extremely inconvenient to most men.

I recall being at a party a while back, and this platinum blonde girl was very clearly into me, despite her boyfriend being at the party. Unfortunately, however, we didn’t have the logistics to get back to my place and all of the rooms were locked. So what did I do? I pulled her to the bathroom, and fucked her on the floor—she was into it, too (asked me to call her a slut and choke her).

The point is, however, that I recognized my time to strike. I saw that as everyone was occupied with their own social matters, this girl was right next to me and eager to have sex. So, I struck while the iron was hot. I figured out a way to make it work, despite the difficult logistics.

Surround yourself with the best

ARCHIV - Rund 1000 Soldtaten nehmen am Dienstag (12.04.2011) in Amberg (Oberpfalz) an einem Appell teil. Die Männer und Frauen der 10. Panzerdivision der Bundeswehr waren zuvor von Einsätzen in Afghanistan und auf dem Balkan zurückgekehrt. Das Bundeskabinett will an diesem Mittwoch (18.05.2011) die Pläne für die Reform der Bundeswehr beschließen. Verteidigungsminister de Maizière stellt sie anschließend der Öffentlichkeit vor. Er plant eine deutliche Verkleinerung der Streitkräfte und eine Straffung der Strukturen. Foto: Armin Weigel dpa/lby  +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

I have a very simple rule when it comes to management: hire the best people from your competitors, pay them more than they were earning, and give them bonuses and incentives based on their performance. That’s how you build a first-class operation.

This can be applied to either women, or more importantly, men. Surrounding yourself with the best of women is great—it will give you an abundance mentality, get you lots of great sex, and more importantly, put you in an upward spiral to success.

Surrounding yourself with the best of men, however, is far more important. The best way to learn is through osmosis—this is true for everything, especially game. No amount of reading theory online can substitute for actually being “in field” with a player.

I recall being a pickup newbie, and how I literally waited for 10 hours just to shake a successful PUA’s hand and have a 30 second conversation with him. Was this foolish of me? A stupid man might think so, but in reality, it was extremely worth it.

Why? Because the man’s notch count was well over 500, he owned an 8 figure business, and most importantly, he was the happiest person I’d ever met. Just having that 30 seconds of osmosis taught me more about being successful than hours of reading content. If you want to have good game, you must surround yourself with guys who have good game.

Create win-win deals

Deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other.

Even though I don’t care about real estate development, the book was hard to put down. I enjoyed reading about how Trump dealt with problems that would have stymied lesser men. If you are a fan of Trump and want to understand the forces that drive him, I highly recommend this book.

A lot of the time, guys who first hear about the manosphere community think that game is manipulative. What they don’t realize, however, is that it’s actually a win-win. Game, at its most basic level, teaches you to be an emotionally healthy man who can intuit what women feel, and act accordingly.

Game is a win-win, because both men AND women benefit from it. Men benefit by having access to higher quality women. Women benefit, because there’s more men that can make them laugh, have fun, and feel good. Game is not about taking something from a woman, but rather creating an experience that you both enjoy—and that, my friends, is a true win-win deal.

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30 thoughts on “How Donald Trump’s “Art Of The Deal” Applies To Game”

  1. Basically the win-win IS the art of the deal. When one strikes a deal he wants to win and to win big, for that the other part should also win, so that the first part who has the initiative may strike another win-win deal with the same of another second part.
    An extreme example of this in relationships can be seen with the case of 2 narcissists: an inverted one and a exerted one. The second demands to belitle and even punish continuously anyone, the first wants to be belittled and punished by anyone. They are ideal for each other.This combination is the only one that may fulfil them considering that they cannot feel love they still combine perfectly.
    So even in extreme cases a win-win solidifies much more relationships between people than anything mutual, that might arise from a continuous resurgence of win-win dealings between them.
    Last but not least in that wondrous book Trump also said that he sees everything as deals. If a modern man start doing the same and trying to pursue win-win scenarios he will be able to traverse the minefield that is modern life.

    1. You bring up a good point about extreme narcissists. At the ER, we had occasional cases of spousal abuse, and like clockwork, these women would go back to their abusive men. In a warped way, they found security in an abusive man they never could find in a normal relationship.

  2. Trump’s style reads similar to 48 Laws of Power. Avoid the unlucky. Play to people’s fantasy. Wait for the right moment to strike. Never thought how similar it was to game. Good stuff.

  3. Getting Jennifer Garner to pay you $400 for sex…. via a $1400 BAD CHECK. Now THAT’s the art of the deal my friends! 😀 😀

  4. Trump really does all the things that you read about.
    I have a PDF of 48 laws of power in my phone and I have to constantly looked it up everytime Trump does something we don’t supposedly understand.
    One of the rules actually state that unpredictability is a key asset.

  5. Good read. I’m compelled to critique one passage of the article, however, for the safety of some of the readers here.
    “I recall being at a party a while back, and this platinum blonde girl was very clearly into me, despite her boyfriend being at the party. Unfortunately, however, we didn’t have the logistics to get back to my place and all of the rooms were locked. So what did I do? I pulled her to the bathroom, and fucked her on the floor…”
    Fucking another man’s wife or girlfriend is a very dangerous, extremely low-percentage play, because you never know who you’re fucking with. It’s exactly like playing Russian roulette, and eventually you’re going to click on a chamber with a live round in it.
    The graveyards of the world are littered with the corpses of men who thought it was okay to fuck another man’s wife or girlfriend. Don’t do it, young squires. Don’t knowingly fuck another man’s wife or girlfriend.
    I’ve known guys who have disappeared, or have been fucked-up royally, after they did this – and I know men who have made guys disappear, after they did this.
    You never know who you’re fucking with, when you engage in this practice. Some husbands and boyfriends are going to be well-connected, or they will have a hair-trigger temper, and they won’t tolerate that kind of thing.
    On top of this, to point out what should be obvious, women quite often fuck other men because they aren’t getting enough attention at home. And some of them will WANT to get a sucker in trouble with their dangerous husbands or boyfriends, if a guy makes the mistake of banging them. (This is most especially true, in the case of extremely hot women.)
    So be smart. Fuck single women only.
    Sure, some women will lie and tell you they are single, and it will turn out that they are married or living with a guy. But that gives you an out – it isn’t your fault.
    If you knowingly fuck a married or involved woman, that’s a totally different deal. And it’s a really bad deal. And you can bet your ass that Donald Trump doesn’t engage in this practice, for that very same reason.
    Listen to your old Uncle Bob here. He doesn’t speak solely to hear his lips flap. I know what I’m talking about. Don’t engage in this practice, young squires, or your life just might turn out to be a very short one…

    1. Gentlemen, this advice is pure gold. You tackled one of the limits, some people here cross and are glad to tell us they did. Fucking someone else’s wife/girlfriend is “doable” in the current West because we live in a faggot society. Try that in Georgia or Kosovo.

    2. I’m sorry that you are so right, because the ‘forbidden fruit’ is always the prettiest.
      But yes, basically, you can be easily beaten to death, shot,or send to jail when she tells him that she doesn’t cheat on him, but that YOU force/rape her…

    3. The thing about platinum blondes is they get lookers right and left, constantly getting chatted up. I always made a point to poke a chat when I spot one. You just have to. They’re used to it and they’re used to the dumbest silly off the cuff lines so they often respond with some silly nonsensical bullshit making them appear dumb. Don’t be fooled.
      To properly keep a platinum blonde, never allow her to go publicly with you looking sexy otherwise onlookers will see her as your trading chip. They’ll chat you, pumping you for info so they can circle and then get her from the flank. You have to make like you’re a drug lord and she is your property. If they fuck with her then they and their dog will end up dismembered making for a grotesque and nefarious photo shoot on some gore site. That’s a big face of bravada for a man to maintain for his show piece.
      The west is demographically in deep doo doo and that’s why it is best to keep your platinum blonde under wraps, broken, her beefage disrespected and her orifaces stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Keep her figure wrecked is what I’m saying and you’ll have no problem at the pool with Julio the lifeguard.
      You can take a long crap in the pool bathouse, stew and read ROK whilst not worrying that she’s doled out her number to 50 motherfuckers. You’ve done your job and trashed that figure of hers and thrown her vain modelling dreams into the trash can, and you bless the west with progeny like a patriarchal god. Conquered and off limits, your platinum haired, goddess faced woman’s head sits atop a mound of expanding placenta. You walk the poolside with her as motherfuckers inhale their martinis and choke. You say “Look what I did for my tribe today, and you?” hahaha

      1. Incredible build-up in this post, I was lol-ing by the end! What’s “beefage” though?

    4. This has happened to me a few times. Dont mess with another man’s family- even if she wants you to. The last one floated the offer for a few months, I declined, because, you know, morals n shit, and she immediately turned it around on me, got pregnant a few weeks later by her hubby. That guy is a lucky man

      1. I’m not surprised by her actions. Fucking cunts. Time for a story of my own on this particular subject, just one of many that I have…
        So I used to run with mobsters in a well-known U.S. city. I befriended a couple of guys in a well-known bar, who were bartenders, long before I knew what they really were (all mobbed up). By that point, it was basically impossible to extricate myself from the friendship.
        One of them was a hit man. He started to realize his live-in girlfriend (let’s call her Julie) was cheating on him. The other bartender and I tried for a couple of weeks to talk him out of whacking his girlfriend and the guy she was fucking. One day he comes into the bar and we ask where Julie was, because she usually came in with him right before his shift started in the afternoon. And he just smiled. And we knew right then she was gone, and so was the guy she’d been fucking.
        You never know who you are fucking with when you stick your dick in a woman who is taken. Who do you think owns, or gets a piece of, nearly all the bars, clubs, saloons, dives and strip joints in every city? Yeah, you guessed it. Wise up, gents. Life is too short to make potentially suicidal moves.

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      2. There’s an element of morals (choosing not to stab your fellow man in the back), but pragmatism counts for a lot too – i.e. is that one lay worth all the drama.

    5. Wise words indeed. “Fuck single women only”. By which is meant women who, as far as you know, are single. Even if you suspect she may not be (e.g. she’s hot) – if she hasn’t told you she has a guy, you’re ok, the deception is 100% on her. Knowingly fucking another man’s piece may make you feel briefly like the man, closes the deal etc., but it can get you a shitload of complications, even if not of the terminal nature described above. The wise man walks away from this kind of soap opera drama they want to embroil you in.

  6. You the author are an adulterous piece of shit. Definitely won’t buy your book. And I hope you get your ass kicked really bad. Or better yet, this gets done to you by another man in the future when you have a lot to loose. And then when your life is falling apart, look back at what you knowingly did to another man. Your mentality and acts are part of the reason this country is fucked up.

      1. Not a troll you little bitch. I thought part of this sight is having some fucking honor. Like the honor not to do the bad shit that is causing us all problems to begin with, like cheating. Want to scrap pussy??? I live in Kalispell MT. Bring your friends, you will need them.

        1. Cheating happens because of wimps like you, if you don’t like the website just GTFO and go to hell where you belong.

        2. LOL, not only are you a pussy, but you have no honor and a low IQ. Think about it dumb shit, just because I don’t agree with cheating doesn’t mean I don’t like other articles on the website. It’s called free speech, free thought and freedom of expression. And I guarantee that you are a wimp compared to someone out there. Someone that has more money, better looks, a bigger dick, better game, and can crush your little pussy head into the ground. You think the biggest, toughest son of a bitch gets to cheat at will??? You aint it boy, so if you don’t like reading my opinion then you stay the fuck off this website. Time for you to get cheated on now wimp. Time for you to loose. Karma is a bitch mofo

  7. I have always been kind of a loner or outsider. I lived my life the opposite of this, often going against the grain. I have no regrets.
    Except that I do have some regrets. I would have probably been more successful and had more friends if I had taken this advice.
    Still got a nice wife and kid. My job is middle class. But rather than be the lone philosopher, at times I wish I were better at politics.
    “The art of making friends and influencing people”.
    Good article even if it is not me. Nice pictures of pretty asses also.

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