SJWs Force British Comedian “Dapper Laughs” Off The Air

If you’re from outside the UK you may not have heard of the comedian Dapper Laughs, real name Daniel O’Reilly, but he is well-known throughout Britain for his hilarious Vine videos, stand-up tour, and recent TV show.

Having been a fan of his since he first entered the comedy scene I, like many others, have always viewed him as a likable character with humour that is both light-hearted and amusing. These features of his persona were reflected by his rapid rise in popularity, adoration by various members of the British public, and his remarkable climb from making short videos on Vine to hosting sell-out comedy shows and his own TV series, all within the space of a year.

During this time he has also offered genuine dating advice for men which, perhaps surprisingly, incorporated red pill philosophies and known game techniques. His Facebook page attracted almost 2 million “likes” and, up until now, the majority of responses to his comedy have been overwhelmingly positive.


So what went wrong?

In the past couple of weeks, despite the range of far more important issues going on in the world, feminists and SJWs decided that Daniel should be the focus of their negative energy. Through the use of petitions and Twitter attacks (as always), he was first forced to cancel his stand-up tour after the student union at Cardiff University stated that his comedy “trivialized rape, unprotected sex, and dehumanizing of women.”

The British channel ITV then decided to axe his TV series and remove all trace of them from their catch-up service. This was then followed by a media storm that grossly exaggerated his comedy, calling it “sexual harassment” and him “misogynistic.” It is shocking how a person can be so meticulously harassed and hounded that, in the space of almost a week, their livelihood is all but destroyed.

The effect this witch-hunt has had on O’Reilly was particularly noticeable when he appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight program in an attempt to calm his critics and detach himself from the “character” of Dapper Laughs. His solemn appearance and demeanour on the show was a far cry from the flamboyant, joyful character seen before.

In many ways it was extremely sad to see how his personality and character had been stripped bare – a visual representation, perhaps, of the suppressive censorship of his disapprovers. At the end of the show he stated that that the controversy had “wrecked” his life and that “Dapper Laughs is gone.” With that, his career, character, and fan base that he had spent countless hours developing were also destroyed.


If you spent a mere five minutes looking at O’Reilly’s Vine page you would instantly see that his humor is undoubtedly light-hearted. One would have to be extremely simple-minded, or even deluded, to look at his comedy and think that it really advocates rape or sexual harassment.

The world of comedy is littered with racial slurs, inappropriate jokes, and demeaning references to the disabled. Fellow British comedian Frankie Boyle previously named and made jokes about a 10-year-old autistic child and then said that society has a problem if we’re not allowed to “laugh with the disabled.” Yet are comedians like Boyle attacked like Dapper Laughs was? No. Are there shows cancelled and their livelihoods destroyed? No.

Is this the start of comedy censorship? Who’s next? Who will risk having their livelihoods destroyed by saying anything that could be deemed offensive by a minority? Despite the hundreds of thousands of people that O’Reilly made laugh, there was a much smaller group that didn’t find it funny and eventually ruined his life. They have successfully removed Dapper Laughs from the public sphere. And for what gain?

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159 thoughts on “SJWs Force British Comedian “Dapper Laughs” Off The Air”

  1. Political correctnes is the new black. Finding offence in anything and faux outrage is what will define this generation.

      1. I wonder if there is any way that we can distance ourselves from it. I don’t want to be associated with millennials.

        1. Abandon the west. Learn Russian, move to Kazakhstan and watch, from a safe distance, as the Occident eats its young.

        1. Yes, but Hero is very deceptive, more like the Beginners the ones that will usher in the new society of atomic division and wolf eat wolf. In 5 to 7 years feminism will be over and a new even more fucked up ism will arrive. Look at the Mens Rights Movement and how they are getting usurped. In the end, the gouvernement will pit men and women againts each other and the child will be raised by a social worker. Truly horryfing and I hope Im wrong

      2. This year, on 9/12, something interesting happened. There came into existence teenagers who weren’t born yet on 9/11/01. Teenagers who have never known anything other than post 9/11 culture and think it’s perfectly normal – the historical status quo.
        If you think the Millennial Generation will be considered the worst in 30+ years, you haven’t been paying attention to the primary schoolers lately.
        They are completely fucked up and utterly fucked.

  2. Why is no one standing up to this?? If a bunch of angry women posted on Twitter……SO WHAT?? Let them post all they want. They have no true power, but by canceling his tour and TV show, you give them power.

      1. why though? That’s the part that irks me. Women will ALWAYS complain about everything. And they’ll keep complaining because they always get what they want.

        1. The vast majority of piss weak men in western civilization has me both appalled at the total level of indoctrination and enticed in a way that I reckon a lion would feel when he sees some easy prey.
          Fuck em. If they are weak they deserve what they get.

        2. I always feel uncomfortable talking to white men about how to handle their women when they know my racial background. I figure that they think I am some kind of half savage idiot and that I have such a nice family because luck. I had a Mexican uncle who was very controlling and demeaning to his wife and kids, always tearing them down but not building them back up. Everyonekinda looked at him like, “tthat’s how Mexicans try to treat their women and its a shame.” His wife did leave him for an artist. But I figure white look at me like that when I try to give them advice.

        3. Thirst is part of it
          But I think boys everywhere still pick up on the notion that they should be especially chivalrous to girls
          Maybe that works in a more traditional society, but there’s really no reason to be chivalrous or even kind to the modern western woman

        4. I think chivalrous behaviour or good manners comes naturally to most men around women. This is why laws discriminated against women our entire history. Men discriminate in favour of women. Women discriminate in favour of women. When legal restrictions were removed women would monopolize certain parts of society and men would give them every bit of help they needed. The media is controlled by Jewish and white men. Yet every couple of years (every couple of days lately) the media creates hysteria in society, usually in relation to sex crimes, male harassment or whatever the feminists dream up. Why are their demands treated with such seriousness?

        5. The majority of men have always been weak. Democracy puts the weak in charge and the strong in cages.

        6. In England you can now go to jail for up to 14 years for “pyschological abuse”. So make sure you are nice to your wife.

        7. I wouldn’t bother, really. Every race has to get the word out and take responsibility for their people. You’re right about that, though. Now, on the internet, the funny thing is that we can actually have an anonymous discussion and your words can be weighted a lot more on the merits of your words.
          But, yeah, I’m a White guy, and I wouldn’t figure a whole lot of other races would listen to what I had to say without at least a healthy skepticism.
          But, really, in practice, it’s almost comical how overblown skepticism is because we live in such an unnatural state of affairs. People have no choice but to be on edge when they’re always surrounded by potential enemies and other competing ethnic groups, which is the retarded state of the multicult, not unlike the Catholic church producing its own sinners for thousands of years.
          Shit, I even had some crazy Black lady on YouTube call me the White devil for expressing some skepticism at what sounded like out there claims to me about what Whites supposedly did or didn’t do in Africa (which I haven’t been in, except for about a month on military exercises once). LOL. I wouldn’t take it too personally. Really, that’s funny! Like, what the hell am I going to do you to you through YouTube anyway?

      2. Unless they complain about anyone with brown skin. As Rotherham showed.
        Seriously, the UK is on the same trajectory as Sweden.

        1. I do like UKIP. And I optimisitically (with some evidencd) think that Farage is actually more extreme than he lets on.
          At the very least his party puts shutting down immigration on the table

        2. Did Rochester have Rotherham? Because if so, not going purple would male me denounce the English.
          Because I know they care about what I think of them.

        3. No Rochester was a safe seat for the Conservatives and before that Labour. UKIP looks set to take the north of England and parts of the south in the next election. If we do leave Europe it could have serious international consequences. Whether for good or bad that remains to be seen.

        4. Umm…hello? Most actual resistance to actual tyranny has always been anonymous. The only reason I have ever put a face on being un-PC and truly redpilling people is because I am completely insane with no regard for my personal safety. Do you really think a bulk of resisters are like that? I’m trying to motivate people, plus I really don’t give a shit.

    1. pretty simple anything that helps Betas achieve higher sexual market goals is bad for the economy.less time working and spending as a means to get sex and more time on self improvement feeds the materialistic society.

    2. Why would a TV channel crumble just because a student’s union in Wales of all places petitioned his attendance?

      1. Because the managers at the BBC are all either feminist women or feminist pussy men, that’s why.

        1. I have only heard of this guy since they banned him. If that isn’t great promotion I don’t know what is.
          Soon you’ll have to buy illicit comedy on the same street corner where you get your drugs and hookers.

        2. Dapper is a pussy himself. He apologized on TV instead of capitalizing on his fans and moving the show to youtube where he could reach the whole anglosphere.

      “The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. “Goddamit! Goddamit! I’m not going to take it anymore!”” …

    4. It’s all part of the growing ‘communist’ style social movement, that will culminate with a huge show down between ‘the people’ and ‘the government’ starting in about 1 year….. when the debt burden becomes unmanageable and the governments around the world lose control of their manipulations……
      for the time being they are building more and more control mechanisms, and what is more powerful than a bunch of women crying ‘rape’.

    5. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.
      That always worked for me but some people can’t stand the thought that someone, somewhere might be having a good time.

  3. We might as well just get rid of the 1st Amendment at this point.
    He’s a COMEDIAN!! If anyone gets offended by what a comedian says, you simply leave the show and let the people that aren’t offended stay and enjoy the show.

    1. The only “comedians” allowed are the Court’s jesters – NOT the Court jesters. Jesters of old would be the few who criticized the king. Today, cunts like Colbert and Liebowitz (“Stewart”) flatter.

      1. I guess we could deduce that there is in fact a shitty king that doesn’t rate his throne, then.

      1. True, however the Bill of Rights is nothing more than codified traditional English common law rights understood by Englishmen at the time of its creation.

  4. I don’t find Dapper Laughs funny, but what’s happened to him is pretty shocking. Twitter and these online mobs hold far too much sway than they should, and it’s depressing. Those who shout the loudest seem to have the power these days. Moral righteousness and puritanical censorship is getting completely out of hand. I was on a date with a Latvian-Russian girl last night, and spending a good 15 minutes making fun of fat people was joyous in it’s non-PCness.

  5. I’ve been listening to early Eminem stuff lately and the change the world has gone through hit me like a slap in the face.
    These degenerates would die of seizures if they were thrown back into the culture of only 10 years ago.
    My first thought was why can’t we have this guy back in his prime today. The world needs it.

    1. what? listen to any new rap song. Rap is all about sexism and misogyny, so I’m not sure what your point is

      1. Well basically you are right, but he was a different kind of monster. When ordinary rap is a Michael Bay movie, Eminem was more like American Psycho. The Book.

      2. I have rap
        take camel jockey from his cave
        use him to make all goy slave
        fly leetle plane into tall metal dick
        watch it collapse like seeing fat chick
        make all goyim wait for flight
        leetle by leetle take away his right
        tell him it is all for good
        make him jump through hoops for gaping poosy under hood!
        copeeright jewmosis year AJO (after jewmosis O)
        JEWMOSIS >>>>>GBFM

    2. Back in his prime? Because he’s 40-plus years old. If he were still making songs like “as the world turns” on mmlp2, I’d have no more respect for him.

    3. I’m pretty sure that 2004 was more or less the same whiney leftist entitlement mentality society that it is today. You have to go back to the running days of “Friends” to find a culture that still had enough masculinity in it that they needed to invent endless show after show to brainwash people to dislike masculinity.

  6. “student union at Cardiff University”
    There’s your problem right there. Left wing college kids who haven’t grown past childish idealism and still believe equality is a good thing
    The real problem is caring what they think in the first place – that needs to end

  7. Interesting. Iirc there was a french comedian banned from the UK for making jokes about Islam. A religion that also trivializes rape, dehumanizes women etc. Not a peep about that

    1. these islamists are the tools of the elite too. Anyone who fucks up our so called “white” society can do whatever he/ she wants. There is no other explanation as that this is all wanted!

      1. Robert Spencer thinks thag will backfire. As historically people have tried to use Islam as political muscle before

        1. Speaking of which, like the founders of and contributors to Return of Kings, Spencer is a guy willing to speak the hard truths and voice positions that go against the popular narrative.
          His site Jihad Watch is an eye-opening resource focusing on one of the most important conflicts of our times. Many around here will appreciate it:

      2. Pretty much. Islam from the beginning, like Christianity, was a tool of Semitic people to cheat and con others out of thinking for themselves.
        Looks like the same crap to me 2000 years later.

    2. Islam for the most part does not trivialize rape or dehumanize women, it just seems that way from western perspectives that are overly sympathetic to women

      1. Well, after Rotherham and the various Islamic grooming gangs in the UK and the mass levels of rape in sweden after mass immigration I have to disagree.
        Honestly the people on RoK who are sympathetic to Islam are simply running to the lions.
        Speaking generally, It’s an ideology that does one thing you find somewhat appealing and you embrace it.
        If you want women who know their place there are other religions

        1. “If you want women who know their place there are other religions”
          Yeah, um… like those Buddhists really know what to do about feminism like …um… set themselves on fire!

      2. Islam is not the real issue.
        The West has been pussifed for last 5 decades. The White man (and westernized Black) have no real identity today. They need a common enemy to come together and Islam fulfill that role.

    3. I once watched a TV interview with a guy who worked for a famous humor magazine in Spain, “El Jueves”. The interviewer asked him point blank why they always picked on Christians. He said that Christians were such pushovers – unlike Muslims – and openly admitted that he’d never do anything to piss the Muslims off. Then he went on about who cool and free and progressive the magazine was for breaking traditional taboos.

      1. Turning the other cheek I guess.
        It’s at time like this that I wish Joshua Graham were here. But then I stop being such a nerd.
        For background Graham is a Mormon in Fallout New Vegas. Basically the personification of righteous retribution.
        I’m an atheist but I don’t care for this selective intolerance masquerading as courage.

        1. “I’m an atheist but I don’t care for this selective intolerance masquerading as courage.”
          Heh, that one hit wonder of the manosphere, Welmer Price of “The Spearhead” once commented that bashing Christian fundamentalists nowadays is about as brave as stomping on bunny rabbits.
          I’d like to see modern leftists attack Christianity back in Galileo’s day.

      2. “He said that Christians were such pushovers – unlike Muslims – and openly admitted that he’d never do anything to piss the Muslims off.”
        Just as women never do anything to piss ex-cons off.

    4. If you’re talking about Dieudonné, he’s not making jokes about Islam, ( well, not only about Islam).
      He made jokes about the joos and Israel, that’s why he’s bannished.

  8. hmm,
    get the adress from the one who started the petition…drive by and give him/ her a lesson. There are ways to do it others do too. If fear of consequences is the only answer to all this manhunting so be it. Look, when someone in my neighborhood does something like that it makes a round… so why dont act someone according to the street rules. With these rules i mean just one thing. You fuck me and i fuck you double time!
    That goes for this Geordie Tait too. someone in his neighborhood must know this guy and should DO what man do at times.

  9. “In many ways it was extremely sad to see how his personality and character had been stripped bare”
    -> The correct action would have been reinforcement. What ever made them angry, he should have amplified it. Barely on legal ground, just barely but mightily offensive to the attacking group.
    So what. Outcome independence is everything. You can also make money and broadcast from moscow or hong kong just fine if you have a loyal (and big) fan base you know.

  10. Same kind of thing that happened with Russell Brand? Why is anyone surprised?
    The message from the gynocentric media is clear: anyone who follows a PUA-esque line and spreads it to the masses using the same vehicles that made them famous, will receive heavy backlash, and regarded as traitors to the Matrix.
    So much for “freedom of speech” – when the over-sensitive XX-chromosome club members, along with “Equality” and “Social Justice” representatives feel a minor inconvenience to their cause, they will distort reality via the seemingly infinite power of the media and crush it.
    Shame. We live in an age where most westerners trust the trappings of “social media” much more than they seem to be able to really trust each other… and human beings weren’t designed to mostly communicate this way. It will only bring out the worst of our nature. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.
    Be an obedient, silent slave to the system, an interchangeable cog in the machine – or face exile and oblivion.
    Obvious choice?

  11. The west needs a good period of starvation to kick in. After a decade or two of not having enough food the eat the social justice warriors will have been broken.

    1. Agreed, to a certain point, poisons in western culture are only allowed to fester because quit simply we have too much. When that ends, feminism gets tossed aside like a Tuesday night pump and dump.


    3. “After a decade or two of not having enough food the eat the social justice warriors will have been broken.”
      Heh, after a decade or two of not having enough food to eat the selective justice warriors (btw let’s all start calling them that, eh?) would be the first to starve to death.
      “Now, understand that white humans who use to die all the time throughout white history now live and thrive. These new strains are the liberals.”

      1. SO TRUE. And we never hear the end of it about these dumbass traitors even from other races that they give handouts to. They still hate their guts because the White anti-white is just inherently repulsive.
        “No one likes a traitor,” as Horus the Avenger says.

  12. And yet they leave Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr alone??
    It’s like that Blurred Lines song, they wanted to hang Robin Thicke, but Pharell gets away with it and everyone loves him. Despite what you’re told as a kid, ‘it’ IS a popularity contest.

  13. Frankie Boyle has been attacked more than any other comic in Britain for the ‘offensive’ content he puts out, from far more powerful sources than those who attacked Dapper Laughs.
    The difference is that Boyle has massive cojones, and refused to back down to the moralists – if anything, he has become more extreme.
    As a result, Boyle has retained a huge fan base and Dapper Laughs is hated by his own.

    1. A worthy lesson that gets consistently pointed out by the manosphere — don’t back down to these clowns, don’t show weakness and don’t try to appease the irrational. Stand your ground. Fight back.
      I’d like to see more of his fellow comedians, especially those with higher profiles, standing up against this wave of pc-bullshit. Given the nature of their profession, they of all people in the public sphere must see the warning signs here with this ever-increasing, ridiculous list of “banned topics.”

      1. If the BBC broke a contract to kick him off the air, absolutely he needs to get a lawyer and sue.

      2. Ben Shapiro, speaking at a republican conference, lays out a great strategy to use when staring down politically correct bullies.

        Ratings and such are disabled but after seeing video responses to it, I really dont blame him.

        1. For those of you not interested in sitting through the entire video the basic message is that if your opponent punches below the belt you do your side no favors by fighting with one hand tied behind your dick.
          There is very little point in fighting fair if the ref never calls out a foul.
          If they play dirty you MUST play dirty too.
          Because most Americans never follow issues very closely.
          All most do is just listen to what political opponents say about one another.
          So if they’re out trash talking you but you’re not trash talking them back, guess who’s gonna lose?
          I know that sound very cynical but it’s quite likely that cynicism is one of the reasons that the left wins a lot (e.g. Obamacare).
          Well, what’s good for the goose…..
          Also don’t you reckon that the reason the left fights like it does is because that’s often the way females fight?
          Indeed, I think one can draw sharp parallels between the way Republicans spar with Democrats and the way MRAs spar with feminists.
          In both cases it’s all logic and reason vs. emotionalism, ad hominem, and every logical fallacy the Greeks ever discovered.
          Fortunately, as their’s is largely a limbically (and not cerebrally) based playbook, it’s probably limited to a handful of strategies they employ repeatedly.
          Shaming comes to mind first.
          Another is to throw rocks at hornet’s nests (all day long!) and then use the inevitable stings they get to try to build a case against hornets.
          Sarkeesian, Quinn, Fat-rolls, you name em’, they use this one a lot.
          EVERY… ONE…of us here have fallen prey to that one.
          So analyzing and categorizing such attacks might lead to some successful counterattacks that can ALSO be used repeatedly.

        2. Damn good summary.
          But it still behooves them to watch the video for specific tactics.
          Like enjoying the fight, framing your opponent, framing the issue (see Shapiro versus Piers Morgan for both), always be in the offensive, spot inconsistencies (everyone here basically does that), dont get distracted, dont defend someone on your side just becaise they are on your side, body language matters (another thing the manosphere would easily understand). And a few others I cannot remember at 2 a.m.

    2. Note what TheWerewolfViking just pointed out as well: Never back down. No matter what. Dismiss their claims like they are a joke.

    3. you’re right, but he’s also left wing which makes him a more slippery target, together with the fact that his trade mark is offensiveness, rather than offensiveness about women. He got attacked for the tweet “Victoria can lift twice her own bodyweight. Sexy, as it means she still wouldn’t be able to throw me off.”. When the women’s groups attacked him for this he then cranked up the volume so to speak in response.
      There need to be more people like him who make careers of baiting these people, but in order to do that, it can’t be single issue – Boyle’s offensiveness divides the left, whereas too often the current victims unite all of them in outrage.

    4. the internet is a great leveller and removes the monopoly the TV stations have, but did you notice lately how google is not goolging anymore… it just looks like a corporate who’s who….

    5. Yeah it seems like SJW’s pick on weak betas who step out of line the way a pack of hayenas hunts an injured gazelle.

    6. Rather, I would say Frankie Boyle grovels to the Hope not Hate lot by coming on tv with lies comparing UKIP to Nazis.
      He also steals gags from the #sickipedia

  14. Inside british women the cindrella complex is strong. They all want to be kate middleton and marry the prince. When reality doesn’t line up that way for them they start spouting feminist dogma. They have to blame “somebody” or “something”. Rude comedian of the moment, or patriarchy, or whatever is an easy target.

    1. Oh, Gods, that guy was such a loser. Marrying some dark-headed unattractive, highly racially questionable woman? Shit, I’m a Germanic guy, and it’s fine-ass Blondes only. Why is a prince running around with some common-looking slag?
      You KNOW there was an internal row about that shit, and somebody will get a surprise in a will somewhere. No serious family would ever accept that kind of behavior.

  15. Consider the racial dynamics. Black male rapper gets a free pass. White male comedian gets career derailed.

    1. Feminists are white girls who resent their dads and weren’t properly disciplined for it
      Simplistic, cliche, but you’d be surprised how often this is true

  16. Best to work in a way or area where they can’t touch you. Where are his fans backing him up?

  17. Disagree Michael. Dapper was an extension of lad culture. He had no defence to joking about rape on Newsnight. So either he is guilty of being a moron or guilty of being lazy with his comedy. His vines started out as observational humour and escalated in controversy. The persona was a timebomb.

    1. So? Who gives a shit about rape? I’m tired of hearing about it. If you’re a woman who thinks you’re too good for your men, then I personally would throw your ass to the sharks. I don’t give a shit.
      What woman has ever gone out of their way to please you? And if she IS a part of my tribe, and is the wife of a man, like a normal woman, and is one of OURS, then and ONLY then will I give a shit about if she’s raped.
      These state-lovers, fuck ’em. Let daddy government worry about their precious cunts and all the rapey-rapes. You know what? Men used to rape women for the absolute fuck of it in wartime, and that is goddamned awesome. Strength and power are awesome.
      If you’re too weak to protect yourself and too dumb to ally yourself with your Folk, then I refuse to care. Let the libtard and anti-white “feminist” women get thrown to the packs and hordes clamoring for them. They deserve it.
      THAT’S how women will relearn what’s what. If my ass gets on a throne, I’ll solve the past century in a day. You rule with might and strength in order to get respect.

  18. I am from the UK but rarely watch TV so had not heard of this Dapper Laughs until the controversy started. I kept hearing that a campaign was gaining traction to kick a “sexist” and “misogynistic” comedian off the air. My immediate reaction was confusion. I was unclear as to how a comedian playing a fucking CHARACTER was being lynched on Twitter. After all, what about Andrew Dice Clay? And Frankie Boyle. Frankie isn’t even playing a character. So I checked out some of this guy’s work. And yup… In 2014 a comedian became the latest victim of another Twitter campaign by angry SJWs for PLAYING A FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTER. He even had to go on TV in a fucking black polo neck to apologise. It seems pointing out HE WAS PLAYING A FICTIONAL FUCKING CHARACTER was a logical explanation, and logic never works on the brain of the average SWJ.
    If you watch episode one of his series ( you will weep that this is what causes a moral panic today. It’s sad, and fascistic. For ITV to pull him from their schedule shows how much power these dweebs have. I’m disgusted.
    Where does this end? Do we start banning films where the main character makes a girl cry? Do we start campaigns to lynch the filmmakers for peddling misogyny? What about books? Why don’t we ban any piece of fiction where somebody at some point says something “sexist”. We could start with the Bible.

  19. The decade of the feminist SJW continues.
    This is how you deal with feminists and their power grabs:

    1. you deel with them by impersonating them, make intoo caricature, and then ampleefy. Like I do.
      Oy vey, giving away secrets!!!!

    2. you deel with them by impersonating them, make intoo caricature, and then ampleefy. Like I do.
      Oy vey, giving away secrets!!!!

    3. I miss patrice.
      bill burr banging his head against the wall regarding the same thing with the always un-funny Winstead about halfway thru this.

      1. Funny how she kept getting hung up on the word Faggot, yet would later nullify everything she said by argueing you should be able to say whatever you wanted…until some guy on Def Comedy Jam says “bitches aint shit”.
        *roll eyes* why do women even bother with comedy. Their emotional perspective completely nullifies the necessary logical leaps needed to identify the idiosycracies of life’s comedic moments.

        1. That’s true, and why the few women that can be genuinely funny think like dudes, which is apparently a thing.

  20. The key to defeating SJWs is to force them to define their terms or deny them the honor of civil conversation or debate, in which you mock, chastise and treat them in a condescending manner, until they step to the plate. This is not new, Plato and Aristotle dealt with the Sophists who realized that without definition, all rhetoric is about the manipulation of reality with words.
    In all the criticism that Daniel O’Reilly received on youtube, all that was said was he had “crossed a line” – what that line is: no one knows! They said he’s not funny, even though he has a bunch of followers laughing hysterically to the point that he was able to have a show on one of the nations, most famous TV networks. So if he’s not funny, what the hell is it to be funny? Undefined terms and ambiguity are how all these people are coming to power.

  21. If you want to see sexist jokes going mainstream watch tosh.o episodes. The things this guy can get away with on tv is remarkable. Specially the mma episode was so good

  22. Most women don’t understand comedy. They just don’t have enough of a sense of humour. How many women have you ever met that genuinely made you laugh with something they said? They’re so rare that when you find one you really notice her. That’s why there are not many female comics. So it’s no wonder they don’t understand that the best comedy is and always has been politically incorrect. It’s the surprise of the punchline being unexpected, twisted or offensive that creates the laugh.

  23. The comedy stage is a platform that exceeds any campus ‘free speech’ hog pen. ANYTHING GOES on the comedy stage. At amateur nights, I’ve seen and heard it all. The stage is TOTAL FREEDOM. One guy got up and told the ripest sexist and racist jokes that sounded original. He had three of his buddies it seemed in the front row who donkey laughed and got the crowd going. He didn’t get first place in the amateur joke off but I remember many of his lines to this day. Some other guy who sang songs and told jokes about drugs and pussy got first place.

  24. “One would have to be extremely simple-minded, or even deluded…” well, feminists are paranoid and think all men are out to get them so yes, they are.

  25. I thought it was the institution of college that “trivialized rape, unprotected sex, and dehumanizing of women.” it’s been going on i’d imagine as long as college has existed. I’m going to go on a limb and make the statement that colleges, greek life and the weekly mass parties with total underage binge drinking, recreational drug abuse and all those thousands of 18 and 19 year olds housed on college campuses all across the world away from parents and any method of control for the first time of their lives is infinitely more responsible for all those feminist buzzwords than some shitty social media champion who parlayed a few vine videos and tweets into some sort of reality-comedy career.
    feminists wont go against colleges though since it’s one of the main places where they push their agenda and indoctrinate the next generation of girls. they don’t want to potentially miss out on all those teen girls and possibly fattening their feminist ranks, so they’d never have the courage to take on academia – so they go after some hack comic.
    feminists are like any other bully – they much prefer to go after an easy target, than take on someone their own size.

  26. You could do a similar story about Ched Evans. Pro footballer (soccer player) convicted on a bogus rape charge. Girl consented but didn’t remember consenting the next day. Dude goes to prison . Now he’s been released and the PC hate mob won’t let him return to work.

  27. This is the feminist establishment clipping the vine in the bud. Those comedians whose careers are secure can get away with making offensive jokes (see Jim Norton vs. a Great Pink Whale); their fan base is too large to be destroyed with a few moronic claims of sexism. The overlords of the fem movement know that the current generation of non-PC comics are already rapidly growing ‘old’ in the public eye, so they are focusing on silencing the younger, lesser known up-and-comers of the comedy world. In a few short years, the comics who are ‘red pill’ will no longer be cool or hip. All that will remain will be those approved by humorless cunts.
    Or I could be weaving conspiracy theories out of thin air…

  28. Corporate mass-media is continuing to dig its own grave when it allows the ‘professionally offended’ class to censor entertainers. Soon comedians will have to submit a script of their act to some sort of “ethics panel’ before going on tour. That’s why the internet is the last bastion of freedom and yet the ‘professional victims’ are going after YouTube and other websites. My prediction is that media sites in the future will either be cut down to size or limited, because as soon as there is enough censorship on one, somebody will just simply create another YouTube and compete. Just look at how the growth in popularity over Alternative Media sites, like Return of Kings is becoming. Freedom is popular and people are going to flee towards sites that have the most freedom and less censorship.

  29. ‘One would have to be extremely simple-minded, or even deluded, to look at his comedy and think that it really advocates rape or sexual harassment’
    Unfortunately your point is slightly undermined by posting the article on a site that advocates both rape & sexual harassment though my friend..

  30. Good article, except that women are the majority, not the minority, other then that it’s excellent.

    1. You’re all blue pilled up. The Feminazis do not represent the majority of women. They just want you to think that they do.

  31. I doubt these feminists (read overprivileged women) even know what rape is anymore.
    We should send them to Somalia so they can find out.

  32. Dapper Laughs shows a little bit of real Red Pill Game and that is of course inherently sexist, since the gender feminist crap is the new religion. It also leads squarely to men becoming stronger and more masculine – something that cannot be tolerated by the current SJW establishment. What would happen, if more men became more Alpha?
    They have to instantly stop any celebrity that teaches young men to become more masculine. What if any a semblance of Red Pill grows among the young ones?

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