Outrage At Halloween Costumes Shows Feminism’s War Against Femininity

On All Hallows’ Eve 2014, the hit television series, The Big Bang Theory, aired an episode in which two characters debated about sex and science. A magazine wanted to include Bernadette, a microbiologist, in a profile of “the fifty sexiest female scientists in California.” Amy, a neuroscientist, said, “I think it’s awful,” adding, “Bernadette…should be celebrated for her achievements, not her looks.”

Bernadette countered, “Why can’t someone be thought of as both smart and pretty?”, echoing the words of real-life science communicator Cara Santa Maria, who wished that one day girls could avoid “Sophia’s” choice and be able to say, “I’m pretty, and I rule at math.” Amy contacted the magazine and got them to scuttle the article.

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The day after Halloween, life imitated art. An article entitled “The Reviews Are In For ‘Delicious Women’s PhD Darling Sexy Costume’” skewered a company’s “doctoral candidate” Halloween outfit. An assistant editor at Salon also entered the fray, along with Huffington Post, Inside Higher Ed, The Today Show, and the Boston Globe.

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The Daily Kos listed it as part of the “war on women.”
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Trigger warning: unrealistic depiction of a female soldier

The Guardian newspaper made a similar critique in October 2014, when it lambasted a video “encouraging girls to go into science” because that video “featured sexist cliches including high heels and lipsticks.”

Sexist cliché? Women don’t wear high heels and lipstick? Feminists seem to think women’s sexuality stops at the laboratory door, that women’s brains are disconnected from their bodies. Let’s go through five problems with the feminist critique.

First, the over-reaction to the costume is bizarre, since the company makes police costumes, circus ringleader costumes, even clownfish (think Finding Nemo) costumes. Why is a doctoral candidate off-limits?

Second, while the criticism lambasted “male tenured faculty,” “the patriarchy” (of course), “the male gaze,” “Harry Potter’s child bride” (I’m as confused as you are), and “rape culture” (Bingo!), the company’s media contact in 2011 was a woman and the national sales director is a woman. I thought ignoring women who were in charge was an example of misogyny.

Third, men presumably aren’t buying these costumes; women are, and women have agency. Or, as one feminist put it: “[W]hen we were teenagers and twentysomethings, we pretty all [sic] WANTED to dress sexy.…  [W]hat drives it? If it’s companies pushing it on us that’s wrong….  If it’s driven by demand… then it’s less clear if or where the issue is,” she concludes (unable, naturally, to suggest that women take responsibility for anything).

Fourth, at Oxford University, students often have to wear gowns. Most of the time, I noticed that women would wear tights with their gowns, which, for undergraduates, did not go down that far. They thus resembled the model in the Halloween costume.

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Fifth, and most importantly, the feminist objections hinge on the assumption that female intellectuals aren’t interested in displaying their femininity. Here are two female mathematical biologists, professors—not just doctoral candidates—at two of the world’s greatest universities, Princeton and Harvard.

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Corina Tarnita, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, and Franziska Michor, Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Harvard University. (They are from Central/Eastern Europe. Coincidence?)

And here is Big Bang Theory guest star Danica McKellar, who graduated summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics from the University of California at Los Angeles. One of her research papers is entitled, “Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin–Teller models on Z2.”  (Conflict-of-interest disclosure: Danica described me as “the incomparable, brilliant Jonathan Farley” in her New York Times best seller, Hot X.)

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Why is feminism seeking to decapitate women?  Bernadette tells Amy her thoughts:

“[Y]ou got jealous…you don’t like people expressing their sexuality because no one wants you to express yours.”

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Feminist Andrea Dworkin

Of course, Bernadette is slightly wrong: feminists usually celebrate the smashing of barriers to the expression of female sexuality. If a woman walks around New York City in tight clothing and men notice, shame on those men, because women do not wear micro-minis and stiletto heels to make themselves appealing to men.

Feminists’ reaction to the Halloween costume is scientific evidence that even they don’t believe this claptrap: Though they prioritize career over family (i.e., appealing to a mere man) and insist that a 35-year-old woman finishing her second post-doctoral fellowship is just as able to attract a high-quality mate and have children as a 20-year-old Princeton co-ed, they know the truth.

They see the wrinkles in their faces and it is like staring into a chasm—these strong, independent women must run to Jezebel.com for reassurance and a group hug—for, as the Boston Globe puts it, “Halloween Is a Cruel Reminder That Women Must Strive to Be Sexy.”

They don’t have to, but if they are as smart as their advanced degrees suggest they are, they won’t mock the one sexual preference modern feminism considers fair game.
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In conclusion, men like attractive women.  Judging from the plethora of “sexy fill-in-the-blank” Halloween costumes, women like to be attractive. This is what causes the species to continue. It’s not rocket science.

And you don’t need a Ph.D. to figure it out.

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179 thoughts on “Outrage At Halloween Costumes Shows Feminism’s War Against Femininity”

  1. Oh, The Big Bang Theory, that series where a white guy has an interview with a black woman and calls her a slave in her face and then in a recent episode same guy asks a black guy to dress in a swastika costume. But, hey, those are lefty hipsters so it’s cool. No outrage.
    Meanwhile we are informed that a costume is an outrage because it is unrealistic.
    There was a time I wondered whether these scumbags were stupid or malevolent, now I’m convinced they’re both and then some.

  2. Mock indignation.
    From what I’ve seen every female with a halfway decent (and some with far less than that) body wants to dress up like some kind of whore for Halloween. Whore nurses, whore fairies, whore zombies, whore nuns…it just goes on.
    It’s the one day of the year when every woman can unleash her inner whore for the world and claim, “I’m not really like that…it’s just a Halloween costume!”

        1. I was just making a jest. but lemme guess?…
          Whores get paid for their work?
          Yet in our society, men seem to be paying all women through our taxes, though we aren’t getting the sexual release w/ the ‘deal’.

        2. Really? Men are paying through taxes to support me? How did I miss this fact? Where can I sign up? Thank you, thank you for letting me know 🙂

    1. Reminds me of this one time I was talking to a chick back in High School. It went something like this:
      me: So what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?
      the chick: I’m going to dress up as a whore ( proud grin)
      me: Ain’t that what you do everyday? Seriously, what are you going to be for Halloween?

    2. Don’t forget though that she also has, Easter, Christmas.. her birthday, thanksgiving (if she goes out), St Patricks day and a couple others to claim “she’s not like that, it’s (insert holiday here) costume’.

      1. Who dresses up as a whore on Easter and Christmas (besides actual street walking whores)? Never heard of that before honestly.

        1. Easter = Bunny (more specifically Playboy bunny) & Christmas… an elf or Mrs Clause.

        2. I have never, ever, not once, in my 40+ years, seen a woman dress up as a “playboy bunny” on Easter, ever. Not once. I do get out a lot and do not live in a basement.
          Mrs. Clause? On television maybe. In real life? Seriously? Outside of department stores (where the elf/Mrs. Clause is generally modestly dressed) I have never seen that either.

    3. Halloween is the one day where apperance dictates reality. Tested it. Walked up to evey girl in a non-whore custume and tried my luck. A few numbers, no come ons. Walked up to a whore costume. Could have fucke d her in an hour if the wife wasnt home. No such thing as an innocent girl in a pushup bra or a whore in a puffy pikachu costume and yellow facepaint, it seems. Or maye its only the aspies who dress as pikachu??

    4. My god this stupidity makes my head hurt. I am wondering if we need to stop acknowledging the stupid complaints that feminists make. I mean really, the fact is, they are fat and ugly and can’t stand the thought that cute chicks get all the men. So they invent “sexism” as a way to stop cute chicks getting the attention that the Fuglyists want. Additionally, they draw attention to themselves, positive or negative, they don’t care which.
      Maybe what we need to do, is to stop giving these Fuglyists our attention and focus our attention on women who deserve it. The women who truly succeed in the manner that a man respects. A woman who raises healthy children and doesn’t divorce her husband for trivial self-serving reasons.
      Fuck the Fuglyists!

      1. Beyonce is a feminist, Emma Watson is a feminist, Lorde is a feminist. They are neither fat nor ugly…

        1. Beyonce’s entire career is based on objectifying herself. Look at her videos and what she wears in concerts. She’s basically a stripper that sings

        2. Or she’s saying “yo, I’m free to do me.” Or whatever. Many of her songs are about feminism.

    5. Why u mad Charles Manson? You just married nice theen brunette whore 🙂 Oh I forgot u only 5’2″ haha. Maybe shoe inseerts?

    6. That’s why there’s absolutely nothing wrong with objectifying women
      Please continue, gentlemen.

    7. The most common one is what a buddy of mine and I refer to as the CatSlut. It’s always some combination of cat ears and whiskers with tons of black makeup, a tiny skirt with tights and heels.

  3. Even if a woman isn’t the most attractive girl in the room, if she keeps herself up and displays feminine qualities she can still be attractive. Unfortunately for western women so many of them lack femininity due to feminist trying to destroy it.

      1. I think girls just dont know that men would rather have beautiful than sexy. Thry think being lusted after is a bigger compliment than being respected and loved. Their minds have been corrupted. Feminism is right about that, but they have been corrupted by other women. Men hate sluts, its not us encouraging them to cuss every other word and fuck everyone.

    1. Yeah, nothing could be easier than to be an attractive woman in the west. Maybe not at 16 but by mid thirties, what an easy game. Wavy hair half way down your back, exercise (best thing in life) and the diet of an adult, not an unattended four year old. Then you are in the top 5%, big nose and all. Doesn’t matter. Stay healthy, grow your hair out.

  4. Feminism refutes itself. It says that women are strong and equal, but claims that women are brainwashed by internalized misopatriarchogyny or whatever, which implies that women are actually weak minded and cant think independently.

      1. Not a bad thing inherently. Much of what rok wants from women is to brace that instinct.
        What is bad is when women are told they are independent so they give up the nice aspects of conformity (being pleasant and agreeable) but still work in HR and do wing tips with their eyeliner

    1. Something someone should have pointed out when women wanted free birth control. Because for once their argument makes fiscal sense but it proves women can’t handle sexual liberation and proves the contention of the patriarchy, that child rearing is too important to leave up to women.

      1. Yes, I try explaining to women that they don’t ‘deserve’ free birth control pills just because they are women; all they can do is stare blankly at me in response. I don’t think most realize that their sexual liberation costs money; freedom ain’t free

    2. A lot of things women do are inconsistent, that’s why you don’t take them seriously
      Feminism is a way to justify whatever the feminist feels at the moment, everything else is just talk – like a teenage girl writing an essay to justify taking a shit or something

    3. They’re in full denial that men have control over their feelings and self-esteem through judgement of their attractiveness. Deny nature, get shafted.

  5. Unattractive girls can find comfort in clinging to being smart. While they don’t have good looks themselves they can still tell themselves it is what is on the inside that counts. They can still feel a faux superiority over dumb attractive girl. But when you have women who are both smart and attractive they cannot handle it. It takes whatever superiority they thought they had and throws it out the window.

        1. Gotcha. I didn’t know if you were talking about feminism or if you were referring to something else. I would think if a woman was smart she would question feminism. Not just have blind faith in it.

        2. “I would think if a woman was smart she would question feminism. Not just have blind faith in it.”
          IF – such a big word, when one operates outside the realms of logic.

        3. Exactly. Feminism is illogical. It narrows down being a woman, experiences of womanhood, and femininity into political talking points. Feminism has been successful in the past because of politics and women successfully attaching emotional responses to those politics. The only way to defeat feminism is to remove politics from gender and remove the emotion from those politics.

        4. Nope. I doubt I would even be published if I did submit an article. I wouldn’t want to add gasoline on the SJW fire. I want the culture wars to end. Not put myself in a position to be quoted by Jezebel or XOJane.

        5. HMM, but everee womann think she Greateest Of All Timee, no….? I likee you Steponnknee. Come to Tel Aviv :))

        6. Fair enough but you do realize you don’t wouldn’t have to use your own name. I’m not sure why you’re using it now.

        7. I am not anonymous. I have been published on other websites and I feel important things should be said and those people shouldn’t be shamed into hiding their opinions and ideas behind anonymous avatars.

        8. By boat, if you can. Don’t bother with B.G airport if you’ve so much as waved to an Arab in the past five years.

        9. Well said! By very definition it’s offensive and tyrannical. Patriarchy exaggerates gender differences, but feminism tries to obliterate them. Both systems have narrowly prescribed gender roles, and neither is liberating for its subjects. I no more desire a woman telling me how I should behave than I do a man. In any event, biology doesn’t lie, and different can be equal. A lot of women my age were sold a lie. Gender equality does give women choices, but somehow the message conveyed was “you can have it all!” You can’t. It’s that simple. You can really excel professionally, or you can raise a family. It’s not unfair, as men cannot independently achieve both either. Me, I’m happily married and never wanted children, so my mating choices were outside the mainstream to begin with, and I’m glad to have been born in a time when I was able to choose that alternative. For a lot of women though, they were told what they were supposed to want when they were young, and by the time they realized their lifestyle wasn’t bringing them the satisfaction they desired, it was a scramble to try and start a family. A lot of these women are very bitter and unhappy now, with no choice but to reiterate the dogma, at ever louder decibels.

    1. Unless the smart attractive girl is animated in some way, then you find vicarious idolization I find

    2. ‘Unattractive girls can find comfort in clinging to being smart. While
      they don’t have good looks themselves, they can still tell themselves it
      is what is on the inside that counts. They can still feel a faux
      superiority over the dumb attractive girl. But when you have women who
      are both smart and attractive they cannot handle it. It takes whatever
      superiority they thought they had and throws it out the window.’
      right out of the window and straight into the bottomless abyss! you, madame, are a one fine woman, thank you for sharing these gems.

    3. Taking what you have and making the most of it requires some intelligence, thus, in a very real way, most ugly women are NOT smart. They simply pride themselves to devoting more time to pursuing irrelevancies than women who are smart enough to make themselves more attractive, keep themselves fit, pursue the things that really matter to women, and are smart enough not to try to compete with men.
      Yes, some women are gifted with ‘natural’ charisma, but a stupid woman will generally make herself uglier through her stupidity and bad habits, regardless of her starting advantages.
      Ugly feminist sock puppets are NOT intelligent, or they would quickly educate themselves about the truth rather than simply retreading old lies. Whatever their supposed ‘achievements’ may be, they generally only excel at rewording the same old tired bullshit, at best into a new type of media. That is not intelligence, that is herd instinct.

    4. Did I miss something? Why are women and homosexuals “discouraged” from commenting here now? They used to be banned, and anyone responding to them would be banned. Was this policy change announced, or was it made quietly?

      1. because most cunts and fags don’t know their place. If they do, they are apparently allowed to comment.
        I don’t particularly like it, but one must adapt. The moment she tries to change anything, from cuntbashing to the fucked up language we use, I suspect she will be gone faster than last night’s cheerleader.

        1. But her mere presence has an effect on men. Men act differently when women are around. I like to hear the crazy shit men think and say when women are not around.

        2. dude, this site is constantly dipped by fatrelle, lezebel and huffpo. Hell, they practically make a living through false outrage at what we say. Fatrelle LITERALLY makes a living doing it. Do you really think we are going to behave any differently just because some chick got a few replies?
          She is in line, and following the rules. If she steps out of line, she gets knocked down. Simple as that.
          Or, a mod will notice and mass ban. Also not really something to get panties in a twist about. Like I said, I am not supporting fags and cunts on the site, but it’s not really my decision… and I am not going to ragequit over it unless the SJW entryists start doing it.
          Of course, there’s a chance she IS an entryist, but that will show itself damned quick, and will help out the white knight lurkers as they leap to her defense. Getting rid of the boys that worship at the Y is worth the risk, as they are even more damaging when they concern troll than the occasional entryist.

        3. Although they hate-read this site, I was glad that they were not allowed to comment at all. I was glad to go to boot camp in the West Coast, where there were no women. Zero. None. Somewhere a boy can go to become a man without his mommy or Suzie rottencrotch crying for him or nagging him. Meanwhile, back at Parris Island, they were having sex in the portable toilets with WMs (walking mattress/woman “Marines”).

  6. Feminism it just a group of insecure women who just say stupid shit just to deal with their insecurities. That is all. It is not trying to achieve anything but it is just bitching for the sake of bitching. Hence the massive amount of double standards and hypocrisy from them.

      1. Yep. Nor do attractive and smart women, in general. I never understood why me wanting to be attractive to the opposite sex was somehow demeaning. I’m smart, relatively accomplished and relatively attractive. Why wouldn’t I want to take advantage of all my assets? I love my job, I’m well educated and I ALSO love wearing high heels, make up and leaving the house everyday looking properly groomed and attractive. I like to feel good about myself, I like my husband to be proud of me (my accomplishments and my looks) and dammit I LIKE a smile of appreciation from men I pass in public. Doesn’t make me “weak” or “submissive”, it makes me human. Who doesn’t want to feel admired and sexy? Women who’ve never felt admired and sexy.

    1. Someone once posted in the ROK comments something I will never forget:
      “Complaining is a form of parasitism, a way of trying to get others to change things for you.”
      There are some real injustices in this world, but everything feminists seem to bitch about these days comes from their own choices. Consider the recent “shirt-gate.” Feminists saw Dr. Matt Taylor’s shirt and could have taken it with a grain of salt, or (God forbid!) a sense of humor. Instead, they chose to take it in the worst possible way. If you get bent out of shape about a shirt, the problem is you.

    2. They tell themselves they’re not utter garbage because they’re activists who believe in the right things

  7. Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary, so maybe we should support women who want to play the part to just dress up as a….feminist: put on some traditional dungarees, get your hair cropped short, tattoo your arms and maybe clutch a copy of the Guardian under some fat hairy arms. Most people would find that way scarier than encountering someone wearing a hockey mask.
    Of course in real life women do want to look sexy, but thanks to feminism they’re at war with themselves and what they desire, and thanks to feminism their also at war with us too.
    But its true also that women, including academic women, want to be taken seriously. And that’s precisely why they’re going to be ditching feminism in their droves at some point pretty soon. Because association with an extremist and supremacist movement which is today to gender what eugenics was once to race, will one day soon threaten to derail their careers, academic or otherwise. Disassociate from it, and ten years from now you won’t have to be hiding your past.

  8. Insane feminists (but I repeat myself) will always seek the next insult, to which they can respond with outrage, frenzy, and aggression. They can never be appeased and never find the world good enough because they are empty. Their identity IS that of an ever-angry warrior. There is nothing else in them.
    They do not represent a movement or a political position or an ideology. They merely join whatever is a stage for their drama.
    I suspect that demented feminism (but I repeat myself) is a developmental pathology resulting from extreme coddling, permissiveness, and constant praise from family. But then, the egoist adolescent realizes that she is not what she thought.
    1. Not really bright.
    2. No talent.
    3. Mustache.
    4. Bony knees.
    5. Thin hair.
    6. Greasy skin.
    7. No dates.
    Therefore, hates good looking girls who never invited her to slumber parties and the boys who had nothing to do with her.
    Comes to hate Mon and Dad for what she considers betrayal. Rejects their values and loads her face with metal and disfigures herself with tattoos.
    The only groups left to her are deviant and marginal. Becomes a lesbian. Hates Israel. Is horny for hairy troglodyte males “revolutionaries”—because they are her counterpart.

    1. hates isreal? I despise isreal too, but not for liberal reasons… I think they need to take care of themselves, it’s simply not our business what a bunch of jewish supremacists get themselves up to.

  9. Because smart women can also be hot one must not be able to buy a halloween costume that may show off both. Patriarchy and misogyny…or something.
    These people really have nothing better to do. It would amaze if they did something of value.

  10. Feminist ‘outrage’ has become an outright physiological addiction. It’s as logical, rational, and focused on problem solving as a dosage of heroine.

  11. Silly Goyim Jonathan David Clarence Wallace-Farley 🙂 Don’t u know not too queestion feminism if you write Jew York Timees?
    HAHA, I take your payceck for myself fromm now onn!

  12. Looks at “hot” Harvard & Princeton Profs – yeah, I don’t think so. After Climategate & Cancergate, firing Larry Summers, and mix in a little affirmative action and I’m damn sure they have no business there.

  13. As I’ve been saying for a decade, the natural conclusion to feminism is Principled Frigidity. We are headed to the revolt against the orgasm as an antiquated remnant of pre-feminist womanhood. Contemporary women of the English-speaking world manage to be both sluts and Puritans, truly the worst of both worlds. This will all end in tears, as American womYn’s increasing unhappiness foreshadows.

  14. Those two ivy league women are 6.5 bangable. That’s considered hot for the ivy league.
    I’m outraged that female scientists don’t try harder to be pretty. lol

  15. Ironically, I agree with feminists in this rare instance. Women CAN’T be brilliant AND good looking, because 99.999% of the time women don’t have the potential to be brilliant in the first place.
    A good-looking woman has absolutely zero incentive to learn anything beyond how to bend at the waist and order dessert; I’d bet my left nut that these “smart” chicks in the pictures got admitted based on having a pussy and barely scraped by courtesy of snug sweaters and rough handy’s.

    1. ” A good-looking woman has absolutely zero incentive to learn anything beyond how to bend at the waist and order dessert; I’d bet my left nut that these “smart” chicks in the pictures got admitted based on having a pussy and barely scraped by courtesy of snug sweaters and rough handy’s”
      ^^^^^ THIS.
      You nailed it, good sir.
      Once a young girl’s tits pop out, her value in the sexual market place is established, and if she is among the lucky ones to win the genetic lottery, she will never have to develop her mind or intellect beyond fashion and stupid shit. This is assuming she is at least smart enough to maintain her beauty.

      1. this is also assuming that she has a REASON to develop any other intelligence.
        Frankly, more power to her. She’ll make a wonderful slave.

      2. Wow. That’s graphic but true. I always think of super successful women like Meg Whitman, Landrieu, Oprah, that mediocre looking facebook woman (who thinks she’s hot, I know she does) whoever. They knock it out of the park, get famous, get billions or whatever…and they are not nearly as attractive to men as any given 18 year old moron with a rack. It’s so weird. If you win the game as a male then your status goes through the roof. With women, not so. If Oprah wanted me, I would just say, ‘Sorry No. I would much rather spend my time with any anonymous 22 year old escort with a great rack who doesn’t even speak English.’ Sad but true. I don’t mean this disrespectfully to women, if you can believe that. It’s just true.

        1. Men and women typically are not searching for the same tings in a mate. They are simply biologically programmed differently. It is rather extraordinary that this remains a mystery to many individuals.

    2. Yeah but a reasonable amount of intelligence is genetic. Beautiful girls may have no incentive to learn anything academically, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t naturally smart, or interested in things beyond celebrity culture. Why ugly chicks love to presume the pretty ones are stupid just because they’re pretty is obvious, but I don’t see any logic behind that. Just as many butt ugly girls are stupid

      1. I don’t “presume” the pretty ones are stupid, I presume thy’re ALL stupid. Its like saying a wealthy man’s kid COULD be highly motivated and have a strong work ethic. The kid very well might, but no one’s ever gonna find out, its never gonna come up. And don’t go pushing male logic into it, women do what they FEEL like, and not one of ’em is ever gonna FEEL like getting smart when they can just coast on grrrrl-power.

        1. Yeah I said ‘Ugly chicks love to presume the pretty ones are stupid,’ so wasn’t really referring to you. And your definition of stupid seems to be lack of an education, whereas I’m talking more about general intelligence including common sense, interest in topics outside the mundane, and quick wits, which I can notice within 5 minutes of interacting with a woman. I consider that quality to be genetic in most cases

    3. Well, maybe they have the potential, but good looks often make unnecessary the cultivation of other talents. People often rely on their strengths, and attractive women are able to get much further on just their looks than are attractive men. Being tall and handsome is useful for men, but they also have to develop skills and knowledge.
      (Of course, men can get by on their looks if they’re really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Even then, that sometimes has tragic consequences).

      1. Exactly – helps the really, really, ridiculously good-looking people sort through all their important issues.

    4. I wonder if you’d change your mind if you met me. Or any of the other counterexamples I know.
      Is the only satisfaction in your life sexual and social? There is no activity in which you experience “flow”, nothing you love and aspire for excellence in? If there is, or you believe it exists, then why would you assume that any woman (let alone all women) who observably puts a lot of energy into cultivating excellence is seeking the same emotional reward as she’d get from being wildly attractive to or cherished by a man? Think about it for a minute. Your belief isn’t plausible, and you are so confident in it- which makes you sound like a fool.
      Mere honesty, thoughtfulness, and accuracy are enough to crush every major feminist argument. Yet you have left the realm of sense. I wonder what your incentive is- what emotional need does believing that satisfy- and wonder and whether or not you even believe what you wrote, because how could anyone?

  16. I’m starting to think that the inmates are now running the asylum. All this just shows how crazy and confused the feminists are!

  17. Your articles would seem more intelligent if you didn’t act like every woman over 30 was hideous and “unworthy” of love. A lot of women still look pretty attractive into their late 30s.

    1. yes there are attractive women in their 30s….are they worthy of love? That’s debatable though. Why love a 30+ year old that’s been around the block who knows how many times and shows signs of aging, when you can get a much younger, tighter woman that hasn’t been around?

        1. No it can’t. Men increase in value as they get older, and most women are attracted to older men. Please go

        2. Men generally prefer younger (legal age) women over older women, if given a chance to express their preference. This is not rocket science nor is it particularly surprising, and why you wish to make it some kind of snarky bitch fest is unclear except insofar as you’re likely a woman (or a mangina) and are craving attention through drama.
          If you have nothing to contribute, why do you bother to post messages?

        3. Your entire time here has been a digression. You strut in and make a claim against a generally observed truth that spans across cultures and time, then base the evidence on “More like I don’t like old men”.
          “Not everyone would think so”
          Great, you don’t think so. Fantastic. And as noted, your preference does not negate the general rule. You’ve contributed nothing else, but continue to post out of “curiosity” all the while engaging zero questioning of your own premise.
          Illogical and devoid of self awareness in the context of a greater society. Conversational potential reduced to zero.
          Later, gator.

        4. No.
          40 year old MILF’s banging 20 year old guys is women past their prime banging men before they reach their provider peak.
          Men in their 40’s banging 20 year old women is peak provider males mating with peak fertility females.

        5. Why don’t you like old men? Why the shallowness and superficiality? You don’t think it’s what on the inside that count?

      1. Because not all 30 year old women look like grandmas or sleep around. Here’s a personal anecdote: My mom was very attractive up until her 40s, due largely to her radiant smile and eyes, yet she has a very chaste innocence about her persona. And she’s a feminist. She was gorgeous when she married my dad at 29 or 30, and still gorgeous when she remarried my stepdad(my birth dad divorced her because they argued a lot).
        If physical perfection and chastity are the most necessary factors for a guy choosing a “mate”, then yes, generally younger women are their best targets. But some guys feel a bit creeped out about dating women young enough to be their daughters, or want someone with as much experience(physically or life-wise) as themselves. Before you go on a rampage, yes, I’m well aware of how central physical looks are to our perceptions of people. I’m a very visual person myself. But, from the disciplined, hard-working, self-aware male figures I’ve grown up around, and their wives, I’ve realized that many of them are pretty happy with someone they consider their equal, whom they love and trust for things largely other than looks. They might not be 20 year old supermodels, but they still enjoy life and carry out meaningful existences. I’m sure pretty much every guy fantasizes about being a playboy with a bunch of younger women and a hot rod at his side at some point, but many grow out of this and enjoy simple lives as fathers and faithful husbands.
        Call them betas or manginas if that helps you feel more masculine, but sleeping with a slew of “hot young things” isn’t as desirable for every guy as you might think. The fantasy might rest at the back of their minds, but it doesn’t seem sustainably fulfilling for most who actually go out and try to live off of it. An author or two have even noted in articles that sometimes you need to at least “take a break” from the player lifestyle and settle down with a STR or LTR for some stability. Some guys just want stability and comfort more than constant sex and cars.

        1. “But some guys feel a bit creeped out about dating women young enough to be their daughters”
          because they’ve been brainwashed by the feminist media into thinking they are pedophiles for going after 18+ year olds.
          Lilac, I’m assuming you’re a woman….so please do not say what you think men want. Women don’t even know what they want themselves.

        2. I just went on a date with a 21 year old hottie. And I’m 37. You should see the looks of envy from other guys around me! Lol…

        3. I have a slave who’s over 30, but I keep her because she’s been loyal to me through her sexual peak.
          The reason 30+ women are unattractive has nothing to do with simple appearance, it is about the fact that they have proven for more than 12 years that they are disloyal.

        4. They want loyalty more than anything. at least younger women haven’t had a chance to prove yet that they are honorless whores.

        5. Yup. Brainwashed. Most guys (95% or so) are simply mouthpieces for the feminine imperative without knowing it. Any man who in any way disparages or advises another man against having access to young women under any circumstances, is a simple mouthpiece bitch handpuppet.

        6. Mate we have to recognize the serious flaw in her argument, did you notice that the offering above started with:
          “My Mother was X,Y and Z” which in translation summarizes with; “Therefore because of one example, NAWALT and you’re wrong”
          let’s get one thing very clear – one example, especially one example that is admittedly close to home and therefore has an incredible personal bias to it CAN NOT be admitted as a serious retort to a hypothesis or topic of discussion such as we have here. Let us also not forget that as has been repeated again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN women are akin to the Chaos Theory and as such do not expect there to be an equal set of rules or standards and this goes double for feminists much less ones that would be adhered to.

      2. “Why love a 30+ year old ”
        Well CamJoc, guys my age cannot get and do not want a twenty something. They (women <=30) are intellectually inferior and have very little experience in the matters of the world except to play with their phones.
        Further, you make a leap in logic that 30 is a magic line between vaginal over and under use. Your statement is arbitrary.
        Youth ends though life or death. The age of women you associate with will change. Unless of course you die first.

        1. an intellectually inferior woman… how terrible! *snicker*
          I am pushing 50 and still date 20something girls. If you ‘cannot get them’ you are doing something wrong.
          If I want someone ‘intellectually stimulating’ I will talk to my friends, who are male. Women do not get smarter with age, they simply get older and snarkier.
          But please, keep confusing snark with maturity. You can have them.

        2. I think your observation about aging and snarking is correct with “single mom”, divorced women, battle-axe domineering married women and single women over a certain age; but a married woman in a happy marriage (happy to both husband and wife, not “happy wife happy life” bullshit) tends to be quite tolerable to spend time with and around.

        3. “I think your observation about aging and snarking is correct with “single mom”, divorced women, battle-axe domineering married women and single women over a certain age;” In other words, 80%+ of all western(ized) women over 30.

        4. how old are you? Have you really met a woman that you could honestly call an “intellectual”? Don’t make up excuses for only being able to attract old hags

        5. I don’t disagree. Except that, if you can show me, in this day and age, a ‘happy marriage’ in the face of the relentless push against anything resembling courtesy and xommon sense in this day and age, I will buy you a beer.

        6. “how old are you?”
          I’m in my late 50’s.
          “Have you really met a woman that you could honestly call an “intellectual”?”
          Yes. You should also know that not being “intellectually inferior” and being “an intellectual” are two different things. One is an adjective and the other a noun, but I get your meaning.
          ” Don’t make up excuses for only being able to attract old hags”
          I promise not to. There are plenty of beautiful women within my reach. True, there are copious amounts of old hags too. Scared the crap out of me when I became single again.
          Enjoy your youth, bro. Spring does not last forever.

        7. I’m 35 years old but forever young. I understand what you mean by younger women being “intellectually inferior” to older women, but let’s be honest, older women aren’t THAT much smarter, and there are still plenty of stupid old women out there.

        8. “I am pushing 50 and still date 20something girls.”
          “confusing snark with maturity”
          I gladly stipulate that the “older” women you have met or know are snarky.
          Maintaining my frame sorts out the snark quickly.

    2. Look, I wouldn’t say ‘a lot’. I did know one who was fucking dro dead gorgeous at 39. Anyone would’ve loved to fuck her, she had 20 year olds hitting on her wherever she went. Aaaaand she’s the only one I ever met in real life, in my whole life. So I’m going to go with ‘a statistically insignificant amount of women in their late 30s are attractive’

      1. Ah but you see Sir, mayhaps Lilac Haze defines “a lot” as in 30,000 gorgeous 30 something women out of 1 fucking billion 30 something women?

        1. Hmm I see your logic. It’s like saying there are ‘a lot’ of zebras around, even though they’re outnumbered 10000 to 1 by horses, and they don’t live in my country

        2. For some, anectodal evidence is all the evidence they’ll ever need for their perspective to hold true for observations about the general populace.
          ‘A lot’????? Sure….
          Granted, men make that mistake too & we should guard against having personal bias be the primary arbiter when concluding judgement.

    3. I tell you something about love. LOVE doesnt exists. It´s a mix of obsession, self interests (sex included), habit and just made up fantasy tales about romances of old days that never happened or were rewritten so the “mainpart” or core of the story can only be misinterpreted. I think love is bullshit only to make man into idiots or servants of a pussy! IF a woman thinks she loves you as a man good for her… but dont you fall for this nonsense. Once a woman has you by the balls with this love shit she will abuse it. Thats a fact!

      1. ‘Yep and alot of poor men are good providers. Lmao’
        The equivalent of ‘a lot of women still look pretty attractive into their late 30s’ is ‘a lot of poor men are alphas whom are being lusted by the young starlets of Hollywood’.

    4. So you’re over 30 and can’t compete on looks anymore with younger women, so you come here and spout feminist slogans… yawn…

      1. That’s like saying if I’m against racism I must be black, or if I give a shit about men’s legal issues I must have a dick. Take a course on logic fundamentals and come back.

        1. Stop the posturing. Post a pic with a recent date stamp and let others decide, or you deserve to be banned from commenting.

        2. Said the icon-less guest user =P You do realize I could just as easily find a random photo of a 50 year old man, or a 16 year old girl and post it? You could be a woman for all I know.

      1. Indeed. Now we need to send that meme across FB and the rest of the web, especially feminist sites.

  18. Feminists have created laws which allow them to profit from marriage, divorce and just about every other thing they can lie about and manipulate. Laws like VAWA which allow mothers to make false allegations of domestic violence, rape and child abuse against innocent fathers with impunity and for profit so they can get custody and child support. Laws like Title IV-D which allow mothers to receive from the fathers inordinate amounts of child support exceeding by many multiples the cost of raising a child and many multiples more than what a father should pay. Laws like the Bradley Amendment which prevents downward modification of any order for child support regardless of reason including unemployment, disability or even death. Laws like Title XI which deny men due process when accused falsely of rape. Laws which allow women to traffic their own children and alienate them from their fathers. Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and governments acquiesce by persecuting, enslaving, impoverishing, imprisoning and exterminating honest, hard-working and responsible men. Women have never been oppressed. They have always been the most privileged demographic in any society. Where ever and whenever you hear women whining that they are oppressed, the men are oppressed far worse. And always by the women. Marriage was “invented” (for lack of a better term) to put one man between a woman and resources so she doesn’t consume so much and so men don’t have to fight in constant wars to replenish that which she consumes excessively. It was also invented to encourage and compensate men for their intellect and labor. Otherwise the men would remain at the margins of a primitive society unable to contribute. Or they would be enslaved. Today, men are enslaved or existing at the margins of society. And because their labor is no longer valued in any meaningful way and they have been denied any benefits of living in a civilized society, our economy and civilization are falling apart. And women don’t do enough meaningful work to compensate. Is it any wonder why men don’t want to marry and have children any more. Let alone get educations or work. Good luck, ladies, doing it all by yourselves. Civilization was created by men. Period. Women have been the primary benefactors. But now women and feminists believe that they can have all the benefits of men’s labor (civilization) without compensating the men. ha ha ha ha

    1. To blame women for the reason that “men don’t want to marry and have children any more. Let alone get educations or work” is weak and undignified. It paints men as feeble and easily manipulated. Men have a choice whether they want to marry and have children, get educations and work. No woman is preventing them from doing that. Lack of ambition and motivation is to blame, not women.

      1. ‘It paints men as feeble and easily manipulated.’
        No offense but are you not older than 10? If not then where have you been in the last decade? There had been ground-breaking scientific findings that men only find women who look like playboy playmates sexually attractive because, voila, media brainwashing! See? Those gullible don’t-know-what’s-good-for-themselves human males are indeed feeble and easily manipulated! Now if the media would brainwash men into finding lamp-posts or termite queens sexually attractive then – lo & behold – men would wanna fuck lamp-posts and termite queens!

        1. it’s unfortunate that you have such a low opinion of men. Men find playboy playmates sexually attractive because they’re genetically predisposed to finding tits and ass sexually attractive. That has nothing to do with media brainwashing. Media brainwashing has perpetuated negative stereotypes. That is the problem.

    2. Some men and lawyers are suing under title IX for unequal treatment based on sex when they are suspended from school over just an accusation of sexual misconduct and there are no charges filed or brought up by the police.

  19. Walmart created a shit storm for itself for marketing women’s halloween costumes as “fat” size instead of “plus” size… lol

        1. Quite frankly, feminists prefer anything that lies outside their political ideology worthy of censorship.

  20. Because feminists want to be men, or, more exactly, their immature concepts of what men are like.

  21. “(Conflict-of-interest disclosure: Danica described me as “the incomparable, brilliant Jonathan Farley” in her New York Times best seller, Hot X.)”
    Nice! *bump*

  22. Any men with any interest in the free exchange of ideas should know what a gag this site has become. These clowns are deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there. This has become one big circle jerk with zero tolerance for any deviation from the party line. Fuck you, Return of Queens, I gotta feel bad for anyone that thinks they’re part of any kind of free thinking here. Laters

  23. even Barbie is throwing in the towel:
    “She’s short, brunette, has an average body shape and can even be given cellulite and acne” Ooooh…will next year’s add on kit include some Herpes sores and a suspicious looking mole?! If Barbie gave our generation a distorted standard of female beauty, there’s going to be a lot of young women twenty years from now who are horrified to discover their stretch marks don’t peel off.

    1. What’s next?? G.I. Joe will be replaced with G.N. Man (Gender. Neutral. Man), basically an androgynous version of a male, dressed up in hipster clothing…….urgh, sad sad world we live in.

      1. G.I. Joe?! what is this evil you speak of? That guy was outlawed years ago because it’s a scientific fact that every little boy who played with him went on to commit horrifically violent crimes. I like GN Man though..but I think kids will have a hard time getting him dressed in his skinny jeans and fair trade moccasins.

        1. Horrifically violent crimes like wearing a decent suit, training LIKE A BOSS and being the harbinger of poosie-slaying. Yes…….horrific crimes.
          Oh and don’t forget the organic, lemur-shit-it-out coffee.

        2. I like the lemur-shit-it-out coffee as an add on but I’m still trying to figure out how to package and quantify the sense of entitlement upgrade….

        3. Easy, get the lemmie doll and when you squeeze her hand she says “creepy”, touch her butt she says “RAPE” and if you touch her face she says “why are you kissing me!?!?!” also she has a self-destruct mechanism if you take her smartphone out of her hand and don’t put it back within 30 seconds…..so she melts.
          as for G.A. Man he reacts to voice commands:
          “G.A. Man ……..GET HERE NOW!!!”
          *like Igor*; “YES…..master”

        4. In fairness to Lemmie, based on her physical description, no man has ever touched her hand or kissed her. Without a point of reference it can be difficult to decipher a man’s intentions…..

        5. In this case art imitates life; take a walk down the street and see if you can spot the lopsided scenario where some heifer is hanging off the arm of a guy that is way out of her league.

        6. Yeah, but to be fair I feel that’s certainly tied to demographics. I come from a very large, primarily wealthy, urban area and women here keep themselves up pretty well. Also my observation of wealthy, large cities like New York (Manhattan in particular). Lower end of the spectrum, I’ve often compared the couples to being like many species of snake: the female is disproportionately larger than the male. In extreme cases, I believe these females display preying mantis behaviour and may actually eat the male after copulation. This would explain the large numbers of obese single mothers.

        7. The slant of attractiveness bias doesn’t have to be excessive for it to be there; looking at couples in your neighbourhood it is probably closer to an equilibrium rather than in other areas but nonetheless you WOULD have at least one example where one (male/female) has traded down.

  24. Hypocrisy — they’re meant to be able to choose what they want to do, according to the feminist clause. No one is forcing that costume on these women.

  25. Girls wearing tights, yoga pants, and leggings. Some high schools think to ban them. Girls always say they don’t wear them because of guys, they wear them because they’re warm.
    That’s why the aversion for thicker fabric sweat pants.

  26. So I can’t be smart and like sexy costumes at the same time? I can’t like men, have male friends(three of which I find attractive, so you guys can save the “She’s evil for friend-zoning those Nice Guys!” rant), agree on some of the issues that MRAs(real MRAs not the rejects that are angry because Megan Fox didn’t marry them) bring up and enjoy male sexuality? What the Hell?! In my mother’s day Feminist were women that wanted to prove they could do the same work as men, without lowering the standards. She was in the Army(same as my father but in different locations) and any woman who whined about having to do push-ups or whined that she didn’t wanna be there or in general just pissed everyone off she was called out on her bullshit. There was no “Aww you poor suffering girl!” my mother was the one that would flat out ask “So why the fuck did you enlist?” My mother was never a Feminist, as in she never went rallies and such, but she believed in equality but only total equality. For example if a woman lies about rape she deserves the same punishment as a rapist. When it comes to equal pay my mother and I believe on Equal Pay for Equal Work not Equal Pay for Fuck You I Have A Vagina. I mean hey I’m all for equality and justice for all but some things are just absurd. Either way I don’t carry a card for any group I’m just an individual with an opinion. I don’t care for groups that much, especially gender based groups. The vast majority of Feminists hate me for not viewing every man as some mindless psycho rapist and the vast majority of MRAs hate me because I don’t want to do conventional female jobs(except for being an Alt/Horror Model and even then it’s still not 100% conventional), I’m too much of a Good Girl(Physically yes but Mentally….whole other ball game) and because I can think for myself. So this is the end of my post look forward to Civil replies as well as Trolls.

    1. I agree with what your mom said if a woman accuses a man of rape and its proven she lied about it the punishment should be reversed . Ive said this a ton of times. Of course rape does exist , and shame on them. Its difficult these days trying to figure out who is who. Men and women both lie to get there way with something. All of my siblings and myself were raised and taught to be accountable for our own actions. Wrong actions brought correction. Too many poeple today in our society think the world owes them something for not doing any thing morally correct to get it. Its all me me me. There are too many takers and not enough people giving. I guess the correct word might be Greed and Self-Entitlement you want something you had to work for it. Ive been paying attention for years about the male and female teachers having sex with the students. When I was coming up I do not remember too much of that going on. I think it did but on a much smaller scale to the point it was hidden, most likely by male teachers with female students. Today every time you turn around its female teachers having sex with male and female students. Every thing is out of control. People seem to not care any more even about themselves, no morals, nothing matters as long as I get satisfied today that is all that matters.

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