The One Word Us Females Use That Screw Up Relationships

There is a four-letter word in the English language that is so subtle yet insidious, it has single-handedly managed to pervert relationships, mangle trust, and thwart the happiness of humankind.

That word is “just.”

When I was a blossoming teenager, my grandmother gave me a piece of dating advice that would cloud my perception of men for years to come.

“Don’t trust any man,” she cautioned me, with protective intentions. “Guys will just want you for sex.”

This warning was echoed by feminist mentors and prematurely bitter girlfriends. Pretty soon, I had heard it enough times that I started to believe the conclusion myself, even though I had no experience of my own to base it on.  For pleasure or power, I accepted, guys would only want me for my body.

Before I had even lost my virginity, I started to view sex as something stripped of emotional intimacy: a mechanical act that primarily benefited males. Guys just wanted to get it in—it didn’t matter with whom—and I was merely an appliance for jacking off: an upgraded hand, with self-secreting lotion.

And that’s when things started to get really twisted.

Sometimes I would meet guys I really liked, but I was afraid to act on my physical impulses for fear of turning myself into a sexual object. They may have wanted me for sex—but, I realized, I wanted them for sex, too.

So, why couldn’t I get past this notion of guys as sexual predators if, as I began to admit to myself, I wanted sex as much as they did?

Blame that treacherous word, “just.”

Of course, I didn’t JUST want a guy for sex; there were numerous factors that played into the desire to get naked in bed with someone, including his sense of humor, education, kindness, financial stability, etc., but once enough of those qualities became apparent in a guy, the inevitable outcome was that I became stricken with the primal urge to have his babies. Why shouldn’t it be the same for guys?

Any man who just wanted me for my mind and personality might as well be my father or gay best friend. But if a guy wanted me for sex, did that mean that sex was all he was after? There’s kind of a major difference between the phrases “he wants to have sex with me,” and “he just wants me for sex.”

I realized that the word “just” had completely distorted my perception of guys, their intentions, and the role sex plays in building a healthy relationship. By assuming that guys only wanted to use me for my sexuality, I had been suppressing it for fear of being exploited.

After I took the word “just” out of the equation, I began to see sex as something more than an anonymous bodily function. Once I was on the same page with my first boyfriend, physical intimacy became part of the natural progression of making a human connection. We both wanted each other for sex (among other things)—and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Sadly, female use of the word “just” continues to hijack many otherwise promising relationships, provoking misperception and hostility between genders. Granted, I’m also not surprised that there are men out there who actually do just want women for sex.

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113 thoughts on “The One Word Us Females Use That Screw Up Relationships”

  1. Interesting to hear a perspective like this. Not that the feminist crowd are even ready to entertain an open-minded discussion like this, but interesting. …now if I could “just” get that sandwich..

      1. I wanted to be the token chick on this site. I wanted to do
        a column called “Old Wife Tail” where people ask me questions & I answer as
        earnestly as possible & then in the comments everyone can make fun of my
        answer & discuss how wrong I am & solipsistic & hypergamous, etc.
        It would be just like Susan Walsh’s place except I won’t delete all of your
        comments & ban you all.
        *call me* 😉

        1. Lol, I’m old & married almost 3 decades!
          I’m not bad though, tall & thin with long brown hair & big green eyes.
          The reason I’d be good for questions is because I’ve done a lot of stuff, like I’m a pilot, jumped out of airplanes a bunch, done acid literally hundreds of time (1987 was a good year!), used to own a music venue/bar, & lots of other crazy things.

        2. Ever cuckold your husband, sweetheart? If he’s not doing it for you, I could rock your world — assuming you are as attractive as you seem to think you are. Then you and could do a guest post together.

        3. “I’ve done a lot of stuff, like I’m a pilot, jumped out of airplanes a bunch, done acid literally hundreds of time (1987 was a good year!), used to own a music venue/bar, & lots of other crazy things.”
          SJW profile: confirmed !

    1. i dont get you MRAs/PUAs who hate women as a whole…i feel sorry for most of the women i see, cuz they could’ve had happy lives, if they’d never been introduced to materialism, media brainwashing, processed foods, etc

      1. You’re not old enough yet.
        So after enough time and you find that any and all social roles, be it personal, romantic, occupational, that women fill in some form in your life and they have disappointed you, if not actually fucked you over, or attempt to literally damage and harm you, financially, legally, professionally, criminally, then maybe you will get the clue.
        When you’ve observed them, been affected by them, damaged by them, then you’ll end up hating them.
        Even with high partner count, all that allows you do is actually know them in a different light compared to most men. Seducer’s Dilemma where the more of them you have sex with, the more you lose respect for them, is most real. Fuck one married woman or woman in an LTR, and you think “It’s just me” or “It was just the situation” but fuck 12 of them, and you see that it isn’t, it’s them.
        And you hate them to the point you don’t even want stand in a check out lines with them much less have them in your life for any more than the only thing that they can do for you that you cannot find some other substitute, sex.
        I quite actually am fucking enjoying hating them far more than I did craving them, pedestalizing them, orienting every aspect of my life to have one in my life. I find the key to being happy is not being unhappy. And the surest way to cut down on unhappiness is to curtail contact with women.
        There is a manosphere law that I can’t find the exact wording. But to paraphrase, it says “Women don’t need men and they have nothing to do with men unless there is something in it for them.”
        So I find that merely avoiding contact with them reduces your overall life “costs”, money, time, work, emotions.
        And I make no bones about it. If they say “you just hate women”, I say “Well I do work at it and I do get better at it every day.”
        For me, being a Woman Hater is a sign of good and sound judgement and not an insult. To me it is in the same category as being a front-end-high-speed-collision hater or chainsaw-dismemberment-accident hater or a economic-recession-of-the-century hater.
        This isn’t a bad article. And I would tell any of you that wish to influence what gets printed on Return of Kings that if you don’t like it, start you own high readership men’s blog. You’re barking up the wrong tree in telling this guy what to print.
        But anymore when I see a woman author, I know not to take it straight up at face value and I am actually better off dismissing it because inevitably there is something else going on other than what the words are saying
        Never listen to what woman says, watch what she does.
        In print and in life.

        1. Quote Mark Minter: “And you hate them to the point where you don’t want to stand in a check out line with them”
          This actually happened to me not too long ago. It was wierd because I did not expect it. I had already been unplugged for some time and had come to terms about women after I read The Manipulated Man by Vilar and after I had made many connections to my life and the assertions made in that book. Women are like labratory rats; a few are tolerable, but too many under the same roof and there comes a feeling of disgust and you have to leave.

        2. i always read mark minter’s comments in the bastion narrators voice. sage advice as usual

        3. I’ve had similar a experience. The more ‘red pill’ I went the more I just couldn’t stomach women. Once you open your eyes you see that most are just not worth your time. The hardest part is seeing these negative behaviours and traits in women you used to respect. I didn’t realise how much emotional blackmail and conniving my grandma used on a regular basis. She pretty much raised me but now I can’t look at her in the same way.

        4. More “deep thoughts” by Mark Minter (and I don’t mean that sarcastically) that always brightens my day.
          Not sure if I hate women, but I definitely don’t respect them, and I can tolerate them for maybe as long as a circus act. Which is an appropriate metaphor, given their childlike logic.

        5. lol dude you don’t hate woman its freaking retarded when people say hate
          if you hated some dude you would beat the shit out of him or kill him
          you don’t hate woman

        6. whatever, according to roosh there are still decent women out there that you can marry, just gotta get out of the feminism-tainted countries to find them

        7. Thanks for saying this! I read this blog but I don’t really subscribe to the whole “game” thing. Game is something I tried in high school and got bored of. Lol, I’m reminded of the time when I was 13, and a senior student shared some sagely advice, “you’ll get bored of chasing women one day.” You press a few buttons, the results come out. And you have to act in a different way, be someone you’re not. Some people would argue, getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Yeah, but what if I got out of my comfort zone and don’t enjoy the new me/where I am? And of course, the costs involved are always going to be higher than the benefits you get in return. In economic terms, the utility you get gets smaller.

    2. I actually liked this article. How often does a girl get butthurt and say, “You just want me for sex,” and start being miserable and maybe even try to withold sex.
      When this happens I say, “Fuck it, I’m out.” If the girl would have been pleasant and sexually excited instead of miserable and sexless she would have had a better shot at a relationship.

    1. You said you’d help me raise the baby, that you didn’t just want me for sex………

  2. Surprised to see an article written by a woman
    here on ROK…not against it but surprised.
    Her line about “financial stability” being a
    factor in attraction very telling. As guys, a
    woman’s finances don’t even enter into
    the equation ; off course we don’t want
    to be involved with a gold-digger but
    we couldn’t care less.
    I think that it is imperative that every
    older guy stress upon those younger
    than himself how very VERY important
    money is to women and to what degree
    it plays a part in making one attractive.

  3. It’s disappointing that a woman is allowed to post on ROK even if she’s a supporter of men. Women are proficient in infiltrating the spheres of men; with a failed attempt to infiltrate the NFL, women have infiltrated the UFC and now ROK. Is there any bastion where the girls won’t enter the boys’ clubs? The quality of ROK gets watered down when this happens. There’s a significance when men can simply learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences…there’s something sacred (nowadays, at least) about men being in the company of men…I thought the word “Us” in the title was a typo for “US” as in United States…damn Roosh…Return of Kings…not Queens…

    1. I kind of agree as this wouldn’t usually be allowed if it’s a “girls club” type situation…but even Jezebel lets men right for them as long as they castrate themselves first

      1. A woman must not write. Men will be subservient, but women always let their emotions come int play and will always seek to destroy men from within just like this Mangosteen chick is trying to. She has corrupted Roosh’s mind and now Roosh has let her write for him, thus Mangosteen will not try to corrupt the minds of the red pill men reading the article and manipulate men thought subliminal manipulative ways.

  4. I don’t mind letting females contribute, but this was weak and barely coherent you must admit

    1. This wasn’t bad. It was just funny because it made the grand revelation that guys just wanna get laid. She deserves points for the laughs lol

    2. i’ve just realised that one potential reason why she was allowed to contribute, is because she bought up some ad space the other day. and probably has some viewpoints which are not against the ROK ethos.
      Or in the inimitable words of Michael corleone:
      “it’s not personal sonny, it’s just business”

      1. The article was accepted for its own merits, not because of any payment.
        She didn’t buy ad space, a guy on RVF did. She doesn’t own the advertised site.

        1. We use a complex algorithm to determine the value of all guest posts. Our computer predicted 100 comments, with a 50% positive rating.

    1. Exactly – I remember the banner ad for the author’s site. I suspect somr politics might be transpiring.

  5. This may sound harsh kiddo, but for him, it really is still “just” about the sex. He’s simply being discreet about it. Doubt me? Then take it away and see how humorous, caring, and financially lenient he is towards you. Really, you should have renamed this article “Enter the Hamster”, because all you’ve described in this article is your inability to accept the fact that men naturally have a higher propensity to engage in sexual activity. Come on…

  6. They got it in NLP or one of those systems that a word––even a benign one–– can get in your head and do this kind of damage. So I freebase bath salts, makes an omlette out of those negative self-doubting memes.

  7. Talking about guys just wanting sex is like talking about corporations just wanting money. What else are they supposed to get?

  8. Im with most of the commenters here: if women become regular contributors im out. Remember Elmer’s Law: when women enter a male space, the focus shifts from getting shit done(even if that means just conveying information) to the comfort and security of said women. I wish ‘alphas’ were immune to this but alas.
    To say nothing of the nosedive in post quality women would make. RoK seems to be all about giving lesser known manosphere names a platform and I can accept that that means not every post will be a blockbuster but it will get much worse if the regular contributors are women.
    A few odd posts by women isnt going to kill the blog overnight but too many or too often will.
    PS It may sound like im trying to use my readership as a weapon to ‘scare’ you into doing what I say but thats not the case. Im just not interested in watching another good manosphere blog bite the dust, which is exactly what will happen if women regularly contribute to it.

    1. Elmer’s law is dead on. The moment you involve more than a couple women in any group activity, the dynamic changes to impress the women, rather than the focus of the activity.
      Unless it’s something like a group Bukkake type deal

    2. I disagree about having women (who aren’t feminists) not being allowed to have their say. It’s a good thing. Embrace it. It’s like having a lesbian friend who teaches you bedroom tricks.
      As for much of the advice (that’s written by “alphas”) round here, it could do with a bit of a reality check from time to time. Quote from a recent article, “99.9% of women under 27 are sluts.” Case and point.
      Any guy who feels threatened by female input is a fucking beta through and through.

      1. Lesbians don’t have any bedroom tricks unless you consider fisting a “trick.” The only time I’d use that trick is to retrieve car keys.

  9. I is disgusting what you have done Roosh. This mangosteen woman has now corrupted you enough to cause you to let her write an article for ROK. You are a weak alpha man and i ma calling you out for this. Please do not destroy the manosphere Roosh. Please let this be the last article written by a woman on this site. If not for you, then at-least do it for the manosphere. Please roosh, do not destroy ROK by introducing more women on here.

    1. destroy the manosphere hahahahahahahahaha what a chode.
      but seriously ROK guys, you are playing too hard. the banner ad at the top that says “watch a video that shows you how to stilulate a clitoris” or some other such nonsense? are you just trying to see how many of your readers would click shit like that?
      you knew everyone was gonna flip their shit over a broad writing an article. nobody is gonna listen to her. “right? but roosh said before dont listen to girls right? RIGHT?”. “why dont we just listen to sonny and cher?”. you knew.
      i think its fucking hilarious. keep this shit up.

  10. The post is pretty good, but I am more impressed at her business, Spam Her Clam. That shit is genius. Not sure if it was her idea, but that is bound to get some attention – if it hasn’t already.

  11. I think the founder of this site, Roosh, is intelligent enough to determine what use women should have on this site, if any, when it comes to posting an article and how many should be permitted. i just urge him to only allow this if they’re posting golden information to the benefit of men.
    While I agree with most comments above, not to let women infiltrate this site as it is doing perfectly fine without them, there’s nothing wrong with having a female mole/spy or two keeping us up to date with the latest news (think Esther Vilar) I just don’t think this article represents that. Imagine the article was pure gold, would we complain?

    1. I’m inclined to agree. There are exceptions and Esther Vilar is a good example. She basically stated that women simply do not like men. This does not make women bad animals, so my complaint is directed at the nature of things; why was man biologically and emotionally evolved to desire women, when women only want us for resources? Seems like a sick cruel joke played on men by the cosmos. But the true criminals are those who advocate the notion of love, starting with Shakespeare and continuing with Disney and Hollywood. I deeply resent the scam; that men are being played for suckers.
      Having said that I think it is ok to have a few skirts in the house here at ROK provided they are closely watched for any hijackers or astro-turfing. A woman writer could posts some ideas we all agree with only to see her then post pro feminist ideology disguised as manosphere philosophy. But the male contributors as well as male readers are too astute and I will be among to sound the alarm if I read something suspicious.

      1. “But the true criminals are those who advocate the notion of love, starting with Shakespeare and continuing with Disney and Hollywood.”
        Better not watch anime, then, either….

  12. ROK is still young, it’s trying out different things seeing what works, if not then it’s business, so what.

  13. Speaking of women, I’d love to see an interview with the infamous Chess Club, the Bonnie to jlaix’s Clyde.

  14. This wasn’t a bad read. I don’t know why you guys are so bent out of shape. This was far from the worst article on ROK; there have been some that were just plain misinformation!
    That said, I am bracing for an article on skin care and make up tips…

    1. I can’t wait for the article telling women how much they can accomplish if they have more confidence in themselves.

  15. I found this post to be somewhat sophomoric. It doesn’t seem like it would require all that much brain power to discern that though guys clearly want sex, that there are other things about women they might also enjoy.
    Love ya, Roosh, but it would be my preference to not have female posters here.

  16. In Obama’s America your grandmother was right. Don’t let a few hundred cultural conservatives on this blog convince you otherwise. Most men want you for sex and sex alone. They don’t value your personality, even when they are “just ” your “guy friend.” How many men do you know who are close friends with fat chicks? The answer is probably none, because men don’t enjoy the company of women they aren’t banging, potentially could bang, or at least could fantasize about banging. If your boyfriend is a cultural conservative than good for you. Probably not though. Have fun with your liberated sexuality on the carasel. Seriously we need much more quality control of these articles Roosh……

  17. Do all you people just fucking despise fun? Stop taking shit so damn seriously. It’s just an internet blog!

    1. No doubt. Sometimes I wonder if it’s teenagers reading this blog. The threatening to stop reading this blog cracks me up the most. So much butthurt.

      1. There are many other blogs out there that we can go to if we don’t want to read crap like this.

  18. I found the comments posted to this article to be both entertaining and enlightening. Having met and been raised by some villainous women in my life, I empathize with the men who have used their encounters with brutal females as an excuse for resorting to blanket misogyny. I won’t try to convince you otherwise.
    Likewise,as I imply in my article, I think the man-hate that leads many women to become so militantly feminist often arises from some similarly-internalized retribution
    toward a male who did them wrong–like, I don’t know, used them just for sex?
    Granted,any woman who thinks guys are not motivated by sex is either stupid or naïve,
    and so is any man who thinks women are not motivated by money. This is exactly
    why I am extremely selective about who I choose to have sex with, and why men
    should be more selective about who they choose to spend their money on if they
    don’t want to be taken advantage of “just” for their finances. Keep it real.
    Still, I’ve met many guys who were not “just” interested in me for sex–which I presume is only because I have more than that to offer.

    1. The best manipulators know how to make you feel like the special snowflake you are.

        1. “Well, if the illusion is complete, what do I care?”
          You’re a female, no one expects you to care about illusions. However this site is for red pill males who prefer to be disillusioned.
          It’s ROK’s prerogative if it wants to have female writers. My opinion is that it would be great if there could be one little fucking corner of the universe for men to occupy without females pounding down the door. This kind of thing never happens in reverse (except to prove a point about the fiction of equality). We don’t care if you have a Tupperware party or vibrator party or a ladies-only gym or whatever. Go, do it.
          So yeah, I agree that if this site truly is “For Masculine Men” then a viewpoint from a female is worthless. I realize I can skip over it. I’m just surprised to see it printed here at all. It’s a sign that very little is impervious to the influence on men of the feminist imperative, and now we can include ROK in the list of those that have succumbed to it.

        2. Are you so blinded by hating ‘all-that-is-woman’ that you can’t see that she’s being sarcastic with you?
          Most of the “Masculine Men” I know treat women with benevolence, like Kings. They don’t get ruffled when a woman speaks.
          How are you planning to get laid when you are terrified of their very presence?

        3. 1. Then most of the “masculine men” you know are pussified betas.
          2. I don’t hate “all that is woman” and I’m not terrified of them.
          3. Sarcasm is not feminine.
          4. I’m not “planning” to get laid. I already do.
          Now go back to Jizzabel with your feminist cliches.

        4. “So yeah, I agree that if this site truly is “For Masculine Men” then a viewpoint from a female is worthless.”
          There is at least one good thing about female opinions: entertainment.
          Personally I can’t understand how worked up guys are getting over ONE FUCKING POST but hey, this is insanely entertaining so keep up the rage.

        5. I wasn’t very happy about the “liberals aren’t the enemy” article or the “MBD” article. Roosh still hasn’t addressed us about that one.

    2. “blanket misogyny”
      Jezebel anyone?
      We don’t hate women. We just don’t particularly like them. They’re really annoying at times. And we laugh at the clueless women who don’t understand biology. Men like us know how to game women, how to make them think we want them for other reasons. I don’t consider the whores that constitute modern American women marriage material.

    3. Tits or GT… Oh, forget it.
      My first thought on reading this was about how many times I’ve heard women talk about the reverse of this – where because men ‘just’ want sex, they decide they too will ‘just’ play the field. Queue an 18-30s holiday and a Salsa Instructor named Miguel. Call it post-rationalisation, identification with the aggressor, gangnam style or whatever, but I know women who have played this pattern of thinking out for decades. You could’ve gone deeper (obvious pun sidestepped) with the underlying idea of the article I think. But still a good read.

    4. How about you write about things that actually matter, like how much women place value on height compared to money or charisma . Or what are some clothes that come off s high status apart from suits that look rich. Also do write about how women never give short men the time of day and how superficial women are.

  19. It’s “we” females. Take “females” out of the title and it becomes “the one word us use that screw up relationships.” I’m no grammar nazi, but that really bugs the shit out of me.

  20. It WAS a prettyboring article though. She’s like the Kathryn Bigelow of articles.

  21. How about an article from a female about the motivations behind their extreme attention whoring? I’d like to see their hamsters try to rationalize that behavior in a couple paragraphs.

  22. Man, Roosh, you’re letting wimmin on the site? It’ll be dead within a week.

  23. one female with a cute pic shows up & you guys all start buzzing around her like bees.
    angry bees.

  24. Grammar nazi reporting in, should be “The One Word We Females Use that Screw Up Relationships”.

  25. Jiminy Crickets, is this like some bizarro world social experiment on the manosphere?
    First we got some naive kid barely shot out his mothers snatch with zero social awareness still obviously on a notch count high telling us everything is awesome, then an obummadrone libtard telling us liberals are not the enemy (thought that one was sarcasm at first). Now this remarkably boring non point written by a chick in only the way a chick can when she encroaches on a male space. (nothing personal sweetheart).
    Stay tuned for next weeks blurb when ROK’s resident homo gives us the low down on why your not really a man until you try it up the ass.
    Return of the Queen, but the Kings been sidetracked in transit obviously.

  26. I interpret this article as a confession, of sorts. By learning to let go of your misandrous conditioning and inhibitions, you learned that you could actually enjoy men and sex. Wish that other women could follow your lead and learn the path to happiness, instead of taking refuge in obesity, body piercing, and Skrillex cuts.

  27. I didn’t really read what she wrote but I liked it anyway because she has a nice profile photo. Plus, I thought the way that she made a rhyme with “spam her clam” was very clever for a girl.

  28. My experience is that men tend to fall in love with women who are good at sex, so the women who are waiting for marriage are at a distinct disadvantage.

  29. aaaaaand Roosh finally goes over to the blue pill side.
    Why is this dumb broad posting here? Who wants to reads this?

  30. I wonder if this is men needing a space to be with just men- like that’s a male need- or if this is an eerie look into the past when women weren’t allowed to play sports, become doctors, etc. “You’re not wanted here. Women are idiots, blah, blah.” It’s disturbing to me (goodbye, things that may me happy. I’m too physically weak to get what I want by force, so have to be allowed…) So, you’re more masculine men. Masculinity might be sexy, but I like being happy, and if men naturally want to exclude women in that way when they become otherwise more masculine, then fuck it, I’ll take the society of pussies and feminists around me. Real men are mean. … Needing a place for just guys in a world you feel is too feminine. Well, people have needs. Okay.
    …. Maybe Roosh thought articles like this would be of interest to men like articles describing how to score with women- you have to understand women in certain ways to do that. Maybe understanding women’s feelings and needs, which are in ways so different from what’s inside you, because we’re so different in some ways, you’d have to hear women describe them (then see if that sounds realistic given your experience with chicks)- like this one describes, above- will help you in relationships and help you be better men? Not just better, I don’t know, pussy-chasers?
    … Needing love or some affection or specialness or whatever to have sex and not understanding that good men want sex, too, is a not-uncommon misunderstanding among women. That’s not your problem. But maybe you’d be curious to know. Nice girls I know often say they don’t want the “wrong” kind of attention, so they don’t dress sexy, for example, like good men don’t feel lust. … If sex was “all” there was to relationships, and not just an important part, to guys, I would live celibate and die alone. And I walked the first part of that talk for years. Legit. Couldn’t get myself drunk enough to want to be with someone to whom I was interchangeable with someone else. (Though, to a degree, I accept I am… To a degree, it’s even hot. It’s a question of degree. Any more, and the whole thing would be awful). That feature, while extreme in me, exists in most women. The woman who wrote this discovered that “wanting sex” and “just wanting sex” are very different- they’re ALL the difference (to someone like me, the difference between feeling sex is one of the best things in the world and one of the worst- and that’s a deep feature of me, not some cultural or environmental whatever- I can tell) and women’s game is about filtering those groups, if you want a relationship- power to her, man. To let that part of yourself be free. That’s life-changing. If you guys are so fucking ignorant of women’s nature that you can’t understand that a fundamental need of MOST women is to have a man find her special, care about her, commit to her- something- in addition to wanting to sleep with her, you might as well know nothing. It blows my mind. … “Wanting sex” and “just wanting sex”, so different. Get a clue. … Getting into chicks heads, in their own words, if thoughtful and based on self-observation, every once and awhile won’t kill you. … A little diversity of information sprinkled here that you would never seek out yourself won’t kill you. … And maybe this bored you. But do the guys write posts relating to essential features of men? Yeah, and that’s interesting. To me. A woman. I want to understand. I love this site. I’ve read almost every post in two weeks. The difference is I respect the the people who write here, so I listen to them and basically assume they know themselves until proven otherwise. (This is not to say I accept arguments about the world. Just the individual’s self-evaluation and evaluation of personal experiences. The former is a depiction of a nature I can’t relate to in ways. Understand, but only by observation and description). My default is some respect. More as more is earned. When you respect, you listen. With some due reservation and skepticism, of course. You don’t respect women. … Like, at all. I hope that’s because so many don’t deserve it and not because as men get more masculine in ways- which, again, is attractive sexually and romantically- they inevitably respect women less and want to exclude women more…

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