Is Milo Yiannopoulos Becoming A Liberal To Maintain His Celebrity Profile?

Free speech advocate Milo Yiannopoulos has told his followers to be “deeply suspicious” of anyone who “gives a shit” about skin color, sexuality, and gender. His comments somewhat resemble past ones he has made, but this time he appears to have been responding to media criticisms that he is a racist, misogynist, and Islamophobe. To maintain his celebrity profile, Return Of Kings believes that Milo Yiannopoulos is meticulously toning down his rhetoric.

“White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go,” he continued. “The way to go is reminding them and yourselves that you should be aspiring to values and to ideas.”

“You should be focusing on what unites people and not what drives them apart,” MILO concluded. “You shouldn’t give a shit about skin color, a shit about sexuality… You shouldn’t give a shit about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do.”

SJWs have expressed their fury at book publisher Simon & Schuster for backing Milo’s new book and paying him a considerable advance. Having not won the election and with stunts like the “women’s marches” failing, leftist extremists are becoming more and more rabid.

In his recent address, Milo paid special attention to white nationalist and white identity platforms, saying that they are not solutions for America’s current political and social malaise. Remember that Roosh has fought a running battle with white supremacists who despise his Iranian and, to a lesser extent, Armenian parentage. Return Of Kings regards Milo’s assessment of white separatist groups as a topic of discussion. That said, he should have noted the deep irony of every non-Western country being able to protect its native ethnic mix whilst America and other European-founded states are expected to let in anyone and everyone.

The Breitbart editor went on to say that the Trump era should be about people trying to “reclaim for America some reason, some logic, some common sense.” Return Of Kings hopes this is all just a tactical move by Milo, a strategy he has employed before. For example, to potentially avoid extra criticism about race issues, he often speaks about his preference for black boyfriends.

After all, Milo should know better than most that the modern political scene is plagued by a lack of reason, logic, and common sense. The ascent of Trump might been spectacular. This is still very different from us enjoying a tolerable, let alone beneficial political climate. That will take time and for the foreseeable future we face enemies whose modus operandi is not only to avoid reason, logic, and common sense, but to engage in its exact opposite: infantile emotions, anarchy, and destruction.

Where and why Milo got this wrong

The phantom unity.

There are two significant problems with Milo’s call for an end to identity politics. Firstly, emphasizing values in and of themselves has done next to nothing for conservatism and traditionalism. One can look back to Ronald Reagan and even further to Barry Goldwater and find a goldmine of laudable values (and policy objectives to go with them), from freedom and liberty to hard work and generally honoring the best elements of the past. Have these been translated into reality? The answer is a decisive no.

We have faith in Trump to change much of this, but values alone are clearly not enough. Though men like Reagan and Goldwater look like titans compared to today’s cuckservatives, their resort to values was naive. In the case of the former, it won him and George H. W. Bush twelve years in office, but those years are now a memory and did nothing to really arrest America’s profound social and economic problems.

A values-centric approach presupposes that one’s opponents are rational, reasonable human beings capable of being persuaded by appeals to unity and the best interests of society as a whole. On advocating for free speech, Milo has a superb record. But his own career so far is a testament to the intractability of his enemies’ outlooks and even their propensity for violence. There are currently hundreds of thousands of people who want his book banned, and many millions of apolitical types will not bother to lift a finger in support of his right to freedom of expression. As eloquent as Milo can be, identity-less values will not win him—or us—the day.

SJWs and their powerful, wealthy enablers may be a minority of the population, yet they exert disproportionate control over the media and can shame liberal and conservative politicians into oblivion if they don’t toe the official or acceptable line. This media bias was particularly evident during the Presidency of George W. Bush and will be during Trump’s, but it started decades before. The game is as much about power and resources as values. The magnetism and drive of Trump and those like him aside, our anti-SJW corner—and a very broad corner it is if Milo’s words are anything to go by—lacks the logistical power to compete on a number of levels.

Secondly, Milo’s distaste for identity politics ignores fundamental and real differences between the sexes, cultures, and, other demographic subsets. Ideals like “gender equality” have brought us to the deleterious state of affairs we experience today. No amount of explaining to feminists and others like them what equality should mean has averted the slide towards an outright preferencing of females in almost all aspects of modern life.

Plus, platitudes about equality fly in the face of what really happens when, for instance, the two sexes try and behave in the same way as one another. In the most telling manifestation of “equality,” Return Of Kings is replete with articles about the dire effects of sluttish behavior on females. Likewise, the marriage of women to the government instead of men, even when they are technically married to a male as well, has ruined the majority of families.

The most startling element of Milo’s seeming abandonment of identity politics is that it defies the history he claims to champion. Conservatism is supposedly a recognition of the wisdom of the past, but this past was constructed by men in a social context dominated by heterosexual families and societies based on ethnic nationalism. If Milo’s conservatism is based on values sans identity politics, it is a made-up philosophy.

Has the alt-right begun consuming itself?

The demise of Hillary Clinton has seen infighting between elements of the alt-right growing.

Milo Yiannopoulos has previously praised the alt-right without wanting to be a member of it. Given Breitbart‘s heavy involvement with the ideology, we are very concerned that one of its editors would chastize identity politics, just after identity politics, especially in regards to disaffected men, had won Trump the 2016 Presidential election. In hindsight, winning the election was the easy part. Post-November 8, many within the alt-right or those aligned with it, including men like Mike Cernovich and Richard Spencer, have either turned on each other or been attacked by an erstwhile ally.

My own personal feeling is that Milo’s move is strategic and largely about his own fame and profile. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, as his quest for recognition and the public spotlight has usually dovetailed nicely with promoting free speech and humorously attacking feminism. Regardless, Return Of Kings considers that Milo is making a blunder. Because of the outrage over his first book, he has given Simon & Schuster or any other publisher carte blanche to make him tone down his image for any subsequent books until he becomes part of the mainstream that he has previously attacked.

Most of all, Yiannopoulos is running the risk of biting the hand that feeds him: young men who might superficially disavow identity politics, but who really crave the essence of conservatism and traditionalism: male-dominated societies based on progress, nationalism (the height of non-destructive identity politics), patriarchy, and strong families.

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316 thoughts on “Is Milo Yiannopoulos Becoming A Liberal To Maintain His Celebrity Profile?”

  1. It is no secret that liberals get a free pass in the media. If he wants to betray the brotherhood, we don’t need him.

    1. I don’t see how he’s “betraying the brotherhood.” I think he’s well aware of the implosion of the alt-right, as well as the incoming shitstorm resulting from all these identity politic grievances, and he’s encouraging his followers to be above that.

      1. Implosions? Nah, just ferment. This happens to nascent movements all the time. Real implosion only happens to long standing parties with crusty hierarchies and huge tentacles that are hard to control at once.
        If you ever have seen beer fermenting, it’s a huge storm of CO2/Yeast activity, like hundreds of little tornadoes all going around (looked at through a glass container I mean, not just on the top). That churning and constant activity and displacement/placement yields a good end product.
        No movement ever keeps its originators. What’s happening now is nothing but growing pains I think.

        1. I disagree. Call it whatever you want, but it’s clear that the alt-right is collapsing in one way or another, which is understandable, considering the fact that on the whole it was a conglomeration of loosely-affiliated vaguely right-wing movements that were opposed to mainstream conservatism and regressive leftist politics.
          Richard Spencer and Mike Cernovich constantly seem to be at each other’s throats lately (and if we want to talk about Spencer, it seems that every time he has the opportunity to advance his brand, he manages to screw it up). Vox Day is being condemned by the hardcore white nationalists because of his partial Mexican and native American ancestry, as well as his friendships with Milo and Cernovich, who are basically public enemies #1&2 for the alt-white. Roosh, despite claims of “not punching to the right,” is now seeking to purge Milo, and he also seems to be edging more and more towards the “alt-white” despite initially denouncing them a year ago. (I suppose he hopes that the morons like “Native Balkanian,” who consider him to be white, will become the dominant voice in the alt-right so he can continue to fuck Slavic women.) And let’s not forget the whole controversy over Mike Enoch of The Right Stuff, who was found to be married to a Jewish woman despite having a podcast revolving around “gas the kikes, race war now.”

        2. You’ll need to see the cycle play out reliably time after time for a while I suspect to get where I’m coming from.
          Nothing is “imploding”, we’re just seeing shifts and new folds being created, or old folds being ironed out. In the end, the movement will come out stronger, but that may not be immediately.

    2. The worst part about being betrayed by a homo is what are you going to do? kick his ass? I mean he will just love that shit.

  2. NOTE: this video was before trump’s win… and was the one that made me think “wow this guy really knows what he’s talking about… I’m glad hes on our side”.
    This article was a tough read… only because I had high hopes for Milo as far as a well-articulated, well-read member of the alt-right. Guess he’s getting paid by someone new these days…

    1. He has always been nothing but a shameless self promoter. He is nothing more than a circus act that has cashed in on his tokinism. I am interested as too what happened to the 300k he raised for scholarships for White kids.

  3. I will give up my guns when the criminals and cops do.
    I will give up identity politics when the SJWs do.

  4. Could be Milos is whatever his handlers want him to be…we apparently have the mob, British royalty, and big-time wealth in his background.
    From Wikipedia –
    Yiannopoulos was born in Greece and raised in a small town in Kent in southern England.[1] His father is Greek and his mother is British.[13][14][15] His parents divorced when he was a young child and he was raised by his mother and her second husband, with whom he did not have a good relationship. Yiannopoulos described his father as “terrifying” and remarking upon his family’s wealth he said “I would think, if my dad is just a doorman, why do we have such a nice house? Then I saw it on The Sopranos.” As a teenager, Yiannopoulos lived with his grandmother, who regularly took him for high tea at Claridge’s.[14]
    (Interesting…he is implying his daddy worked for the mob. Wow. Not much of that going around.)
    Here’s the skinny on Claridge’s, to which his grandmother “regularly took him for high tea”, which is directly connected to British royalty –
    I mean…does anybody really think the guy got where he is by accident. If so, I really want to talk to you about a truly great timeshare opportunity in the Northwest Territories of Canada, as well as a can’t-miss, startup-company investment in sandpaper jock straps.

        1. Fine but you should not bring up something which you’re prepared to reveal in details. You just made me very curious as I read most of his papers and he looks legit to me.

      1. You work for Mossad and the Rockefellers and have a vested interest in eliminating all competing views. I can tell by the way you constantly degrade all competing views, and the syntax and methodology you use to do it. You’re a disinformation agent.
        See how easy that is?
        You got the “he’s a homo” thing right though, I’ll give you that.

        1. I notice that you didn’t deny the charge and instead used a standard rhetorical counter of farcical humor, which is a trademark of the Mossad playbook.
          Very interesting…

    1. Too much guilt by association there Bob. I have big time wealth and British royalty in my background, out the yin yang. Doesn’t mean shit with regard to my opinions or what I do in life, or don’t do in life.

      1. Too much, huh…well, that could be.
        Or maybe it’s not enough.
        “O ye’ll tak’ the high road…and I’ll tak’ the low road
        And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye…”
        And then we’ll see what’s up…after we compare notes.
        Until then, it’s all speculation. Ain’t it now.

        1. Eh, I dunno. He was a nobody 5 years ago and is now on the track to be a nobody in another 5. His influence where it was correct was grudgingly accepted, but I don’t think anybody on our side sees him or have ever seen him as an actual “leader” or spokesperson. Could be wrong on that, but I don’t think that I am.
          Seems to me he’s just some flamboyant Gay guy who grew up liking Maggie and Ronnie a bit more than other fags, who latched onto the alt-right at a prime time to garner him the spotlight because, as I noted, he’s flamboyant and saw an opportunity to glitter a bit.
          I doubt anybody will know who he is soon, and if we do, it will be because he’s gone full Lefty and starts working for MSNBC, whereupon we’ll all use him as a joke and a warning to not trust fags.

      2. If it’s any consolation, I work for Mossad as well. Must’ve given them the wrong account number though, because I still haven’t received any direct deposits from them.

        1. you doubted it was Bush in that grainy JFK photo. You’re definitely mossad or CIA or something. Confirmed. 100%.

        2. I didn’t ‘doubt’ it was him. I have no evidence one way or the other. All I said was that a white man with a combover in the 60s wasn’t exactly a rarity. #DonDraperKilledJFK

      3. Me too. And I have Danish and Vandal royalty as well. They even have a hall in England named after my family. I guess my branch must have missed the subversive family memo.

        1. I *really* wish that there was some special privilege given to me for my lineage. I totally missed the boat on that AND the place where they hand out white privilege.

        2. I’ve joked about going to tour a landmark in England that was my family’s residence back in the day and try to claim it for my rightful inheritance and see if I could get in the House of Lords.

  5. I suppose any movement is doomed to start infighting once it thinks it has crippled the opposition. Just look at how Democrats ramped up the attacks on white people, SJWs turned on Wil Wheaton like wild animals, gay men were denounced as “privileged” compared to trannies, etc. This sort of thing should stayed off as long as possible.
    Every college-aged man who laughs along with one of Milo’s speeches or realizes he’d rather have a girlfriend like Lauren Southern than date a campus feminist is a victory. Milo’s just a recruiter. It’s up to other Rightist writers to pick up where he left off.

  6. I never understood what the obsession with this person was. I don’t care what he says if he’s a homo. Dismissed!

    1. His marginal fame is based on a simple Shtick: Queer Conservative, like a Jewish Nazi, or a Black KKK guy.

      1. I always think of David Chapelle’s excellent skit where he’s the (blind) black leader of a KKK group. Hilarious. That man was a talent.

        1. That’s the best comedy sketch ever. When the news anchor at the end talks about him divorcing his wife of 20-something years because she’s a nigger lover you can see the actor trying his best not to crack.

  7. I have heard a few speeches of Milo and would agree with the majority of his assessments. However I also recognize he was building from an untapped fan base (conservatives, American working class, etc..) that is ignored by the MSM and would expect him to eventually attempt to make some personal financial gains out of it. The attacks on him of supporting white nationalism is abusrd, but he should know this is the left is trying to shut him up and they will continue to fire accusations ad nauseam until he does.

    1. let me make it a bit clearer for you : NEVER TRUST A COCK SUCKING CUM GUZZLING ASS BANDIT FAGGOT – NEVER !!!! AND DOUBLE NEVER WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES – You might as well accept a dinner invitation to Hannibal Lecter’s B’Day party.

    2. Never trust homos, blacks, Jews, cuckservatives or of course, leftists. They will always turn on you.

    3. He’s not ‘Right’ in the true sense of the term; he’s just a Classical Liberal. No one in the real Right appointed him as leader of anything, he’s just an attention whore and basically the most successful Breitbart clickbait.
      Also, there is no ‘political Right’ today. I don’t remember who said it, but “Conservatives of today are just two-steps-behind Liberals”.

    1. Alt (ernative lifestyle) Right. And right you are about that one…who died and made him king, etc.

      1. No one.
        We shouldn’t fall into the lazy trap of allowing the left to define anything, terms or otherwise, it is what they do. I reject their premise out of hand in this as in everything else and presume the other regulars here do as well.
        After all why would any King need a leader?

    2. Exactly correct. In fact, I don’t think anybody has appointed anybody, we’re more or less a forceless meritocracy, give or take. No one man speaks for the movement, and if one starts acting like an ass (*cough cough Cernovic cough cough*) he is easily rejected.
      That’s the beauty of truly leaderless resistance type movements. The hierarchy is fluid and the tipy top is constantly changing so that you can’t pin down one person or group of people and say “Take them out!”

  8. My position on Milo remains unchanged.
    What’s he’s said in the past (or present, or future) that helps our cause, I’m fine accepting as backup or evidence for our cause. Whatever he’s said in the past (or present, or future) that is stupid or detrimental to the cause, I reject.
    What I don’t do is look to the actual man named Milo Yiannopoulos as a “leader” of the movement.

    1. But isn’t anti-gay part of our cause Ghost ? What if it becomes normal for Milos and Caitlyn Jenners to be “right wingers”? The Right and Left would be the same shit.

      1. I’m saying, if a gay man, or Hitler, or Stalin or Pol Pot says “The sky is blue” and you walk outside and waddya-know, the sky is blue, then calling them a liar or disagreeing with them because they’re bad people is foolish.
        Yes, definitely I see a strong anti-faggot thing on our team (to which, I contribute heartily). But, if Milo notes that the courts are stacked in favor of women and gets press because of it, I’m not going to disagree with him just because he’s a fudge packer.

        1. Milo’s a flashbang.
          I don’t ask or care how it feels, I use it as a tool to surprise and disorient my foe. Once it’s used I leave it where it fell and prep another.

        2. Yep. His usefulness is utilitarian only, as you say, as a flashbang. His value is that he’s one of the Protected Special Class so when SJW’s try to oppose him it fries a lot of their circuits.
          He’s only useful insofar as what he’s presenting represents any of the positions of our side. If and when he starts drifting, like as this article suggests, then we should and must discard him and, ideally, discredit him.
          When it comes to using tools in politics I’m *very* pragmatic, even though my beliefs are more or less based on ideals.

        3. any alliance with the devil is an alliance with the devil…. cherry pickers and grass cutters that pinch ideas to attention whore and make a name for themselves is exactly NOT the people that should be given credit for anything. Lenin and Stalin were ‘for the people’ and against the Monarchy – you could argue they were the Russian equivalent of G Washington – fighting for freedom – but they were still psychopathic butchers.

        4. You’re too puritan.
          If somebody gets press pointing out a real injustice in society, and somebody confronts you with his words, I don’t have a problem agreeing with his words. As I note in my initial post on the thread, I don’t see this fruit loop as a leader of the movement in any sense, but I’m not going to disavow his correct words spoken about, I dunno, feminism or what have you. I won’t use him as a source or anything, but I’m not going to right-wing “virtue signal” and scream “Faggg!” when he’s said something correct in order to distance myself. There’s no distance necessary, he’s already not a part of our movement except as an outside voice. Big deal.

        5. No gays should’t have the right to talk about things in our name. Even if he right it is not worth it. It means that being gay has become so normalised that they can even be right wingers now. The people in this Alt-Right movement should have told him to fuck off straight away.

        6. Freedom of speech means that he can say anything he wants. Our choice is to ignore him, which is perfectly valid, or not.
          I don’t cite the man for anything, I don’t use him as a source in debates, but if somebody says to me “Well I suppose you’re just perfectly fine with Milo’s stance that Feminism is Cancer aren’t you? Huh Mr. Trigger?!?” I’ll say “Sure, on that, he’s right”.
          It’s really just that simple. I can acknowledge when he gets something correct, without having to accept him as any kind of representative of our movement.
          As far as I’m concerned, we really don’t have any true and appointed leaders anyway. As soon as an upper tier commenter/blogger goes stupid, we tend to destroy him and mock him and then he’s done and gone (Athol falls into this category for example). Just the way of things.

        7. I have been known to point people to his earlier debates in Britain on that loser BBC program. It’s cathartic to watch a man (even a gay, fairly effeminate man) both drive to insanity and shut down insane feminists.
          But I’m in much the same camp as you, overall. I have no desire to purity-spiral away any allies in this fight, but an ally does not mean a leader. When the barbarian hordes are at the gates, the Montague and the Capulet stand side by side, and only when the city is safe do they resume their feud.

        8. It seems to be a very in-vogue thing, to attack the messenger as opposed to the message.

        9. Amen, purity spiral is a death spiral. Acknowledge when hes correct and call him out when he’s being a fag

        10. You’d think that his would be common sense, but apparently it’s all drama and controversy.

        11. I watched the same thing happen to the libertarian party back in the 1990’s. They were just starting to get some favorable press etc. here and then the power plays all started and suddenly you had this huge group eruption, and of course, people who were not even party members claiming to represent the party, etc.
          It’s typical drama drama drama nonsense that human beings seem intent to engage upon.

        12. He is the exact thing that undermines them. When Roosh pushes his roots, the left shuts the hell up. He is a gay pushing the wrong agenda, so they can’t attack him. They want to promote Muslim rapists, say that whites shouldnt be allowed to talk to women on the street? Well then having a Muslim that promotes rape for all men, is subversive to the view they are pushing.

        13. The left is about people, the right is about ideas. The left is about women, the right is about men. The left is about emotion, the right is about logic. Society is always swinging back and forth between the feminine ideals and the masculine ideals. I think we have reached peak female finally.

        14. Fags love the drama and bullshit just like women do. They’re not fully men like me and you. While we avoid the petty bullshit and drama they lap that shit up just like women

        15. We can’t take him the right however we should still have made a stance against him. Of course doesn’t mean that we have to disagree with everything he says.
          The way it seems now, however, is that we accept his behavior.
          I have already seen gays hang around RoK pretending to be a part.
          We need to be hard when it comes to our values.
          When you have the truth the only thing to do is to keep it pure.
          There is no half-assing here.

        16. Well, he isn’t being a fag just from time to time.
          Am I saying he isn’t useful despite him being useful?
          We should call him out on what he is and he will do his thing of kinda red-pilling people regardless.

        17. What would be wrong with that?
          Just because he is useful doesn’t mean he is our ideal.
          And as such we should always call him out.
          Not defend him just because he has some right ideas.

        18. What ruined the LP for a long while was Gary Johnson not knowing what or where Aleppo Syria is . Johnson kept saying “What’s an a Leppo??? Was cringeworthy. Then the nail in the coffin was that nut who danced around in his underwear at the Libertarian party convention… Felt kinda bad…

        19. Milo has a Muslim boyfriend. Montague and Capulet should have found a new ruler instead of the ones that made the hordes come in the first place.

        20. He is the tool of the usual suspects, up to their old tricks, trying to take over the opposition and lead it down a dead end path.

        21. Indeed. If we let him remake our message as to reach wider masses it isn’t our message any longer.
          We should always be critical of the person who does it regardless if the person helps us or pretends to help us.

        22. That’s just recent, I meant way way far back. Johnson is not really even close to a libertarian, except on the WOD. Outside of that I have no idea how he can even laughingly be called one.

        23. Muslim boyfriend? It’s either one is gay or a Muslim, bro. One cannot be both.

        24. That’s what I thought too at first, but it isn’t something that constitutes ‘shirk’ (disbelief), so you can be stoned to death but still be considered Muslim.

        25. “you can be stoned to death but still be considered Muslim.”
          Gee what a relief. One doesn’t mind their head get crushed as long as he died as a Muslim, right? That’s the dream.

        26. Whatever floats their boats, I guess. It’d depend if the afterlife is real or not-but let’s not go down that rabbit-hole.

        27. It is like when Hitler (literally) invaded the USSR, and Churchill said he was the UK’s noble ally against Fascism. He got called for the sudden flip. He responded, “If mister Hitler should invade hell, I am sure I could find a few good words for the devil.”

        28. “When the barbarian hordes are at the gates, the Montague and the Capulet stand side by side, and only when the city is safe do they resume their feud.”
          I like this!

        29. Remember after this article came out, first they tried to shut down Roosh V. Why atheist Jewish women are over-represented in radical feminism? They couldn’t shut down the manosphere and the Red Pill. So they tried to use Milo to cuckservativize the Alt Right. I would say be smart. The Bible is wise. Don’t always take the short cut, it will hurt you in the long run. Slow and patient wins the race. Most women are bullied by feminazis and want to be rescued, see the election results. Most women are not feminazis

        30. You are right, the Bible, Quran and other Holy Books were written by great men who had seen war and peace, harsher times than ours and are wiser. There is nothing new under the sun. Our ancestors encountered the same gay subversion. The ones who did not fall for it survived.

        31. “Lead us not to temptation, but deliver us from evil”. If Mormonism and Catholicism lead to better wives and mothers, the wisdom applies to warfare as well. Do not trust gays. I have gay friends, but when it comes to politics, I made a mistake of being open minded and voting for a gay politician, Kathleen Wynne…. she was so horrible, forced so much SJW crap, super corrupt, incompetent, taxes went up, and she did a lot of subversive crap. Straight politicians don’t do subversive crap. Our mayor is gay, and same subversive crap for progressive causes, where as straight mayors don’t do things under the table that we had. Unless I personally know the gay man, and there is no politics… but then nobody would be promoting them, I’d trust their politics… otherwise it would be like electing or trusting an Obama. Another group jewish atheist cultural marxists like Alinsky have a deep rooted relationship with is black leftists. Jewish atheist marxists were in the same concentration camps as gays, so they have a long standing activism bond. I’d stay away from them and black atheists. Right wing religious blacks like Carson are fine.

        32. There is a reason for spiritual purity.. because you fall for traps. It works in the long term. I don’t know a gay activist without ties to jewish cultural marxists. Multiculturalism, gay advocacy, pushing radical feminism and progressivism from Hollywood, white genocide and political correctness was working for PTSDed out secular jewish atheist to feel less triggered instead of treating their PTSD. But then with all the minorities the jewish atheist multiculturalism brought, it brought Arabs and Muslims. So it’s no longer working for them, so they want to use whites as their kebab removal service and continue their marry white genocide and multiculturalism. Feminism continues, just replace Muslims with more Chinese. How to accomplish this? Add a bit of realism to the discussion of feminism and Hollywood, open the free speech. Roosh V predicted it, remember, and use that to subvert the alt right, and make sure they get nothing done about their feminist cousins.

        33. “Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.
          In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt.”

        34. Be careful with him. You think you are smart, but the people using him to subvert him are smarter than you. That is why purity is a smarter strategy. Look at the KKK. Unlike Cernovich and Prison Planet, they did not sell white Christian interests out. Remember Roosh V’s book review on Jewish Intellectualism (Milo is gay and jewish) “”Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.
          In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt.”

        35. The people behind him realized you can’t be shut down by political correctness and are using Milo to subvert you. If you don’t understand their strategy, purity works. They are smarter than you and have been at this a lot longer than you. “Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.
          In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt.”

        36. Actually a one can’t be a Sunni and gay, but one can be shiite and gay. Just say Bismallah first. Also one can be Alawite like Bashar Assad and gay. Some sects allow more gays, the ones that Obama gave the nuke to. They like to manipulate dumb mentally ill among sunnis to blow things up.

        37. Feminists will be shut up by a Muslim man because he is at the bottom of the privilege hierarchy but gays because of Obama giving Ellen that award are above white men in the privilege hierarchy. Roosh V’s Muslim background works much better to shut up feminists. Also Muslims weren’t in concentration camps with Jewish marxist atheists feminists, but gays were, and hence Roosh V doesn’t have any subversive relationships with marxists.

        38. I think the real deeper reason is they have big plans for Muslims in America..gays aren’t so crucial. The Feminists in Burkas though..who would have seen that one coming?

        39. I didn’t say that I believe milo would be part of a conspiracy as I left both options. However he’s not furthering us when we become hypocrites as we support him against our values due to his success. We shouldn’t ever glorify the degenerate person of someone regardless of the magnitude of his good deeds.
          With the rest I agree and I don’t understand why I warranted being lectured on it.
          Albeit I like what you are doing here I shouldn’t even respond to you. Out of obvious reasons.

        40. Huh? I thought anal sex is forbidden in Islam. “In the name of Allah, I’ll fuck this man and let him fuck my ass.”?
          I’m sorry, I’m not following.

        41. Roosh V did.
          The book makes clear that Jews conducted cultural undertakings that they believed would end anti-Semitism once and for all, but like most utopia builders, they forgot to account for the consequences, particularly how multiculturalism, a Jewish keystone policy, is beginning to cater to additional groups that are hostile to Jewish interests. Also, incubating social justice and then losing control of it has left out Jews as a victimized group and promoted Palestinian interests instead.
          Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.

      2. fags have been 1-2% of every civilization since the dawn of time and will continue on being 1-2%. Doesn’t matter if it is San Fagsisco or Talliban Controlled Afghanistan, 1-2% of the people will be homos. Being anti-gay doesn’t really make sense. Being anti-gay agenda is a different story but it isn’t necessarily the faggots pushing the gay agenda. I have to assume most of them are content to live in a society where they aren’t beheaded or even denied job opportunities for being degenerate sodomites.

        1. No Indian tribes are generally 15%. And when I myself have traveled and talked to natives, the women always complain about all the gay guys(women always hate competition). Areas right next door, the women aren’t complaining about the gay guys. And we see that happening now. How do you engineer a gay guy? Promote it on TV, screw with peoples hormones,put videos on the internet and let the ice cream truck driver get to him young, promote group cohesion.

        2. I don’t really know anything about injuns so I am not suited to argue back, but I think that the idea that 15% of woowoos are fags has to be inflated. I do not buy that you can engineer a fag. The hormones in the food are a serious issue, I will give you that, but that seems to me to be more about bottom line than social agenda. However, gay shit on tv and internet hormones in food? Play more sports, get out more, encourage kids to have physical fun and feed yourself and family all organic food. There problem solved. Not sure what you mean about ice cream truck drivers unless it is that some of them are pedos raping kids….I haven’t heard of that, but have no doubt it is true. When I was a kid our ice cream guy was “Steve” and he sold illegal fireworks to kids on the truck along with our sweet treats. He was just the best.

        3. LOL @”woowoos”
          Love it. Never change ROK.
          This is how I always heard the men of my dad’s generation and older talk. They didn’t care. And it seemed like nobody used to get offended at it. Shows how faggy we’ve become

        4. I am skeptical of the methodology. Listening to how frequently some broads on the Rez call their guys fags.

        5. Mexico seems to have an inordinate amount of butt pirates, too. I mean loads of them all over the place. And Mexicans are just a mestizo form of woowoo Indians.

        6. Being anti gay like Putin makes sense. The reason is simple. In war time, everyone loves the strong warrior who keeps them safe. In peace time, the warrior marches back and forth but it is Ellen Degeneres, Broadway and Marc Jacobs at fashion week, Caitylin Jenner that dazzle everyone and get all the glory. Men fight for Glory. So Ellen and Caitylin got awards meant for warriors who lost limb for their country, their freedom and fellow soldiers. Veterans are homeless and treated like shit while all the awards are given to gays, lesbians and transexuals. What straight man wants to risk their life for such a society.
          Such was the caliphate in Baghdad. All the caliphs awards went to gay poets like Abu Nawas. Straight men competed in gay and wine poetry for glory and the money of the caliph. Meanwhile soldiers would go to the edges of the Abbasid empire, and return missing limbs while attractive intact gay men won awards for their poetry, spoke eloquently. Like today’s veterans, the Baghdad caliphite’s veterans were ridiculed and viewed as deplorable by urban elites compared to the sophisticated gay poets.
          So it was very hard to find any man who wanted to police the border or be prepared to fight in the case of war. The Genghis Khan and barbarian invaders came and saw bunch of pussies who could write gay poetry with no clue how to fight. So they chopped off their heads in a mountain of sculls. Every since Muslims have had a death penalty for gay activity because Genghis Khan did and they didnt.

      3. As Orwell said, if you control the language you control the thinking; they are not ‘gay’ they are faggots and pervs.
        Also, the normalization of perversion is so deep that it has permeated our side. Any kind of tolerance of pervs and faggots shouldn’t be allowed.

        1. Completely agree. What you don’t fight; you accept.
          There has never been any middleground.

      4. They can be TOLERATED in the true meaning of the word. Remember there are those on the alt-white (beyond Richard Spencer) who we should equally tolerate.
        Note even here, RooshV is about fornication, which if you want to ask “why not LGBTQ”, you eventually get to sexual purity, which is diametrically opposed to “Bang”. And Christendom, and Western Civilization – why words like cuckold and bastard were coined – assumes sexual purity. Fathers – the Patriarch in -archy protect their daughters.
        Now if a site built on the idea of sexual immorality can be tolerated if not approved and lauded by the alt-Right, Milo certainly can be since he advocates for eucivic policies (He’s gay but realizes it is a dead end genetically).

      5. Oh yeah, Milo is gay, and you’re too fucken masculine to tolerate fags in your circle. Honestly,, you sound like a fucken closet homosexual. You sound even more gay than Milo

      6. They are there by the jewish atheist feminists to subvert the attention. They want anti feminists to shoot up mosques like they did in Quebec instead of shooting TrigglyPuff

      7. Remember this? “Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.
        In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt.”

      8. They always were. People assumed that they were different. What is almost universal is money. The control of money allows Soros to fuel a coup.
        Most states have no concept of individual freedom.

    2. You are too nice person, GoJ. But we are in war, and we have been losing battles in all fronts for the last 50 years. It is time to bring authority back.

      1. I don’t question or deny that. I’m just noting that Milo, he isn’t a leader nor a designated (by us) leader of our movement. The LEFT has tried to designate him as such, but since when have we let *them* tell us who our leaders are, or aren’t?

        1. You’re letting others define your reality for you. I don’t recall ever accepting him as leader, I’m assuming you never acknowledged such anywhere and I’ll bet you good cash money that very few if any here did so either. So, the pronouncement of “leader” is coming from people *outside of our movement*. Why would you let other people cage you in like that?

        2. so you are saying that if aliens came and said “take us to your leader” you wouldn’t immediately bring them to a 90 pound faggot with bleach blond hair and say “here’s the guy”

        3. GoJ, he works for the largest news outlet self-qualified as the voice of the alt-right. This news outlet has made it to the White House. Who else has more public outreach power than Milo? PS: I am not saying that he is THE leader, but he is by de facto A leader.

        4. “De facto” means nothing to me at all. If somebody asks me if I accept his authority on anything, I’ll answer in the negative. If they ask me if he got “Feminism is Cancer” correct or incorrect, I’ll note “correct” and let it be at that.
          Really that’s all this is about. Making it anything more is little more than drama. Who gives a fuck what others believe about our hierarchy? What are they going to do, write bad stories about us?

        5. I personally happen to appreciate your perspective somewhat, this is a movement beyond messaging, it’s about revealed nature. However, when you bring a knife into a fight it can be turned against you. I suspect that he’ll be on tv arguing for open borders soon, and… Oh yeah feminists are horrible too btw. But let’s get serious about racism.
          We’re all just expressing our perspectives here, a facet of mine is that he’s a knife sitting on a blood soaked bar room floor between two groups of guys and somebody is going to pick him up. Nothing that comes through any idiot box can avoid the gravitational pull of the money and there’s a lot at stake for those inclined.

    3. “What I don’t do is look to the actual man named Milo Yiannopoulos as a “leader” of the movement.”
      Oh, he is the leader of a movement already. The BM brigade.

    4. The most effective way to beat the opposition is to control the opposition. So when some kind of grass roots effort pops up send in the double agents who say the same message, but steer the group wrong in critical moments. You can do that when you have Trillions of dollars.

      1. Are you now, or have you ever been, controlled by Milo or what others outside of our movement think about Milo? Further, do you know anybody who *is*, on our side?
        I haven’t, and I don’t.
        Soros can spend money until the cows come home, but that doesn’t mean that the Left gets to appoint our leadership.

        1. I have never been controlled by Milo Yiannopoulos…on a Wednesday. You just have to look at the thing as how Microsoft operated for so long..any new company coming up got bought out or damaged enough to want to sell out. His programing got slow and crappy from being a monopoly, then Google sprang up in a new tech area, with dynamic programing and ate Microsofts lunch. Our current regime seems to have reached maximum rot, but the question is at what level? I’ll believe its high when most of the central banks go under.

        2. Milo is a component, and extreme giveaway, of the greater Breitbart organization’s true colors. They are a Jewish group doing what Jewish groups do best- riding the current popular movement of a society, left or right, to dig themselves in like ticks and eventually subvert and pervert the gullible goyim from within. They are definitely not on anyone’s side but their own.

    5. He’s still a complete degenerate. I called it a few months ago. Looks like I was right.

    6. I agree with you that Milo should be used like an attack dog. That is his sole value to the movement is his utility. He is certainly not to be looked up to not emulated on any level. To give him any sort of leadership role is a pyrric blunder to say the least.
      In some way I think his conflict with the left mirrors that of the Soviet unions conflict with Hitler during WW2. We recognise that both sides are bad however one side is more bad than the other and we hope that they both annihilate themselves. Indeed one thing we can hope for is that the average person viewing the Milo vs. Left conflict comes away with a disgust for both socialism and sodomy.
      It is time however to flesh out the leadership of the alt right and define our view so that we can become a lasting movement because the usefulness of Milo and the alt light is rapidly evaporating.

    7. Your cause is a lost one, you’re a minority of hate-driven, underachieving, mostly frustrated white males with delusions of superiority waging a stupid war on women, people of color and LGBTs. In other words, embers of a dying world.

      1. Funny, because you seem to be the “minority of hate-driven attitude” here. This is not a war against women, rather a defence of the very real attributes that seperates and defines men and women on a societal level. Regarding “people of color”, they as a collective represent ideas that threaten the very existence of the cultures and languages in the Western world. The utopian fantasy of uniting nationalities has already been proven to be falsifiable, e.g. the collaps of the Soviet Union. Homophilia, Transphilia etc. and any other sexual abnormality shouldn’t be tolerated, because they contradict the very essence of humanity in society. Normalization of these abnormalities are catastrophical on a societal level, because they deny factual knowledge, alas reducing the meaning of sex (which essentially is reproduction) to a state of nothingness.

      2. Your post is unintentionally funny.
        I like when people spout hate at me and call me hate-driven.
        Your propaganda points are nothing but that, you have no actual opinion of us outside of what you’ve been told to have. You will bark on cue for your intellectual leaders, and nothing more. You lack originality, creativity or an ability to reason and think for yourself.
        I do so hope your day gets better.

        1. Who’s “you”, what propaganda…I’m just a decent, free-thinking human being who stumbled upon this article, who’s appalled by the toxic, hateful, misogynistic, racist, homophobic bile I read in this place…but you just went and jumped to the conclusion that I’m a liberal, a feminist, an SJW or whatever you feel so passionately against. So much for your “ability to reason”, what you are is a foul, hate-driven manichaeistic fool
          And thank you, I do hope I can recover from the misfortune of having met you

    8. What the fuck is “our cause”? You’re the follower of a middle eastern immigraant who advocates immoral casual sex. Do you really claim common cause here?

    9. Milo likes the raw hotdog in his bottom and he takes his glaze from the donut on his face. Seems like you have interesting role model. Do you also take random men and pleasure them while allowing them to glaze your face?

  9. any criticism of the ill-liberals is virtuous…
    Presently only gays, blacks, and women can speak out without a punch in the face…
    ok one rightist woman was punched in the face.

  10. There is a reason he plans his speeches at predominantly leftist campuses, especially those teeming with SJWs. He relishes the protests and the violence. Then he can post shock videos showing just how unruly those opposing him are, which then become viral, thus getting him more hits. He’s always been a self-promoter and doesn’t give two shits about conservatives or any others who follow his shtick.

    1. He hasn’t done all of his speeches in those venues though. But generally I think that you’re correct.

      1. Right, but the ones we hear about–the ones that go mainstream, or at least get passed around these circles–take place there. I don’t feel like he’s ever said anything profound though, that’s why he can pick on really dumb and ill-informed leftists, and it’s why college-aged conservatives love him. His message is easy to digest, while still remaining edgy enough to create controversy.

        1. Nothing intellectually profound, agreed, but he has gotten press saying things about female “privilege” and other such items that get *no* cover time in the mainstream if it can be avoided. So there’s value in that at least.

        2. There is. I think the title of this article is a bit misleading. Milo is smart enough to not sell out his base, so while he may lighten the tone a bit, he won’t full on cuck out and pull a 180. I can see him toning it down enough to get a spot on Fox News though.

        3. I strongly suspect that you’re onto something there. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    2. The jew just counts the incoming shekels.
      Thats all he cares about.
      It is a well known fact that Milo kiked everyone he ever worked with.

  11. The gay, black dick promoting kike named (((Milo Jewnopolous))) was always a subversive piece of shit and he will always be full of shit in the future.
    Jews are jewing.
    Ironically I want to get rid of all the kikes on the planet in a sarcastic way if you know what I mean.
    Ironically Hitler was right.

  12. Milo is alt-lite, NOT ALT-RIGHT. He just proved it. The only reason he was understood as alt-right is that the media declared him to be. How can a race-mixing homosexual be alt-right? He only used to say some libertarian policy and some anti-immigration propositions. He also said them in a way marketable to normies, that is his only positive characteristic.
    The alt-lite were proven to their majority, as cucks themselves, they reject race-realism (color blind), are alt-west (do not care for the survival of European descended people), propose libertarian policy (one of their few truly good points, even if mercantilism, controlled capitalism, would be better), love homos and like second wave feminism.
    They owe their edginess, to the leftist traitors that control our governments, the liberal elite. Hopefully Trump may start the dethroning process for a better one.
    Now the alt-lite has only a purpose and that is only to help spread alt-right (true-right in my mind) ideas to the populace, but that only as a kick-starter. For example if one is alt-lite he is good only if he moves forward to be part at least of the manosphere.

      1. Yep, forgot! With his name originally I thought he was Greek. Anyway for me also there are some problems in the alt-right, first Andy Nowicky (skype), the owner of counter-currents (but not the site) and the writer of “the Homo and the Negro” (one may say that it glorifies homosexuality), the last two are homosexuals, and once I remember a blatant lie that one of the two last said concerning homosexuals in ancient Greece and Rome being used as priests. In truth if one was outed* as a homosexual back then the cross or the tympanon would await them (the second is a nastier version of the first, implied by the ancient Greeks). Honestly the alt-right is not air-tight it just fairs well enough.
        An another thing that I forgot to mention about the one that many of our ranks call, or used to call, if they’re not morons “our little nasty faggot who happens to also be a Skype and a race-mixer, who craves long and thick parts of the human male anatomy” is that he legitimises homosexuality for normies. That is a loss too to our future as people.
        Now the reasons behind that needed disdain (it is from an article that was posted on today, i think but again I am not sure) is that it is detrimental to intersexual relationships. You should remember for startes the scandal refering to two female Russian runners who kissed each other after their success and the media framed them as homosexuals protesting against Putin, both women were married and both, I think, have children and if I remember they were friends from school. The reason for the kiss is that culturally in some countries (in Greece this was kept too) men touch men in a friendly way when they are close to express various emotions, this is also true of women. With the promotion of homosexuality this close relationships cannot really develop because the moment they start to come to fruition most people will think that these two are lovers. This is normal for a culture that has vulgarized human contact to the extreme.
        Anyway this is all that I have forgotten to comment on Milo…
        *In ancient Greece there was educational pederasy, in which older men would be in a tighly regulated relationship with a pupil. From that in Greek there are two words for lover, the one may be used only with a man (erastis) and implies activity, the other (eromenos/eromeni) implies passivity. The thing is that men were aloud to be under such a relationship only ’till they were 30 years old which was the time that they should marry, if two proclaimed their love or were not in such a highly regulated educational relationship they were sentenced to death. Also Plato used to speak very derogatory about that practice, the book’s subtitle is on love but I forgot the title, in his words: “the erastis out of jealousy for his young eromenos he wishes and tries to poison him in a way that he may be kept close to him and never surpass him”, also note he is probably the first westerner and one of the very few who in his book “laws” condemns male and female homosexuality as a harmful thing for the individual and the state itself. For skypes one needs to read Kevin McDonald’s the culture of critique and plug-in the coincidence meter.

        1. Yeah, sadly even ‘hardcore’ [sic] sites like Counter Currents are polluted with degeneracy and perversion. I don’t have evidence that Greg Johnson (the editor of Counter Currents) is a fag, but there are a lot of rumors about it, the man have written positively about fags in the past, CC published Jack Donovan books (in case you don’t know him, is the ultramasculine [sic] faggot who basically took all the cliches about masculinity and is using them as a blanket for his faggotry), and even his musical tastes (he likes New Order, lol) are serious circumstantial evidence against him. James O’Meara (the one of the Homo and the Negro) is a fag and a freak (oxymoron), and is one of Johnson favorites writers….
          About faggotry, sex, women, etc, the most rational book in our side that deals with it is Guillaume Faye’s ‘Sex and Deviance’. I highly recommend that book, I think Arktos sells it, and there are pdf’s around in the web (if you cant find it, let me know and I will send you a pdf). I don’t agree 100% with Faye’s position, but its the best I have read in our side about it.

        2. I am gonna search for the book, thanks for the recomendation, I have read on the subject of women both rationale males of Rollo Tommassi, it is a bit nihilistic but it remains hard.
          I know Donovan… You know I cannot stand people who want us to go back to being barbarians, savages, tribalists and heck even nationalists, all these ideas are regressive. The nation state failed to sustain itself and most of them have succumbed to liberalism quite easilly, The best state that there was is the imperial.
          Multi-national but not multi-cultural (except England and Austria), strong able to defend itself and keep civilization but able to understand that to the uncivilized you act in an uncivilized fashion. The reason is close to why Ancient Greece was never united and in the end it succumbed to bitter fighting and to the much better organized Roman Republic, EVERYONE WANTS A SAY TO WHAT HAPPENS IN A COUNTRY IF THAT ENDS TO BE A CITY OR A TOWN HE STILL HAS A SAY, I am not going to say why this backfires we see it all around us.
          The power of the west was that it managed to understand universal ideas, morals, ethics etc. and it managed to apply them to reality in a way that benefited it. Next to noone speaks about this and it is the most important thing, it is what makes the west the west and the best place to live in! It is the fact that allowed us to have the rule of law and you could see it’s primordia in ancient Greece, Christianity furthered pushed this to the masses. In cc many times I see direct assaults against the idea of universal ideas (that are correct either if you know them to be or not), many times by GJ who I think he outed himself.
          Over that, I once remember a writer in cc who praised the Finns… for loving their soil! There are many reasons to praise the Finns (specifically that wherever they are they bring Finland with them), but that is not own of them, that is bronze age nationalism! That is what I call a regress.
          Many modern thinkers even on the right speak against all those great achievements. It is sad.
          Now the only reason I am against nationalism is only because of the fact that no nation can defend themselves alone. The west might close to the world but the world won’t close to it. Also democracy, the most open political system that is the easier one to infiltrate is being based on it’s idea and monarchy is impossible to flourish under such conditions. Also, by nationalism we get more and more segmented to small states that cannot live by themselves requiring foreign aid by federal ones to just keep going.
          For me it is no coincidence, that the rise of the right first started to occur in the Russian Federation, a state that resembles an empire to the closer, I even attribute many of it’s deficiencies to what little has become of it’s democratization but still everything there is made first for the Russkie (ethnic Russians) then for the Rossiyanini (Russian citizens). Here the bum worship of leftism has lead to disregard law-abiders for law-breakers and non-citizens have more rights than even citizens.
          A brief note on Jack Donovan: when the homosexual movement surfaced it was first in Germany. It immediately broke to two movements, lead by pedophile homosexuals, that I have classicly forgotten their name (Gosh if you read as much as me, it will be next to impossible to recall minute but sometimes important information): the Ulrichten and the Homosexualen. The second won but post-civil rights the first took everything, one might say only figuratively.
          The first were effeminate dandies, men that were womanly and homosexual, the name was derive from Ourania a muse that was considered to protect homosexuals due to a myth that was not named nor do I know but it could be true, in a way.
          Now the second group, that won, were the ultra-masculine, they were, in their minds, so men that they refused to womanize themselves and cohabit, engage in coitus or have any attraction to the female of the species.
          Jack Donovan in the latter, but more popular in the TVs is the first type, that posthumously had it’s last laugh. Also, when I read an article about the Maennerbund I figuratively fell off the chair by laughing! It was litteraly the inversion of the Amazons who were only mythic and used, if I remember correctly from reading the Argonautics, as epic poem texts are quite foggy, they also ate their victims … I might not be correct though…

        3. About the readings related to women, forget Rollo and the Rational Male. They are basically PUA’s/enjoythedecline types. My position about game is pragmatic: a real man must have the ability to get laid with a woman he wants; but making that a lifestyle is decadence. I don’t spend my life chasing every woman, I only chase the ones I want and usually they are few (basically due to the racial situation here, there ain’t a lot of white girls available).
          Nationalism: I’m an ethnic nationalist. My race is my nation. I support the cultural differences between the members of my race that does not imply that they must have separate political entities. Little nationalism is stupid.
          I love Russia, and possibly are going to travel there in June.
          I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the fag movement, and frankly don’t care. They are pervs who should be interned in mental hospitals forever. Period. End of story.
          Yeah, I read a lot also, but never more than 3 books at the time, 2 ‘deep’ and 1 for ‘amusement’. Right now I’m with Faye’s ‘Sex and Deviance’ and Baltasar Gracian’s ‘El Arte de la Prudencia’ (, if you haven’t read the last one you should do it right now. For amusement I’m reading one of the Draka series ( which I also recommend to you.

        4. For nationalism: you are basically describing a white empire, by that I mean one that incorporates all white people under one flag. This is pretty close to my idea, as petty nationalism is a a failure!
          (for God’s sake now that I remember due to Greek nationalism Greece opened it’s borders 2 times and allowed insides hordes of migrants! The first was with Albania so that the Greeks in it would cross, in reality one million Albanians flooded into a country of 12 million, the second with Georgia for the Russo-ponts again we got some hundred thousands of Georgians, and provided them with houses!, both these nationalities are not counted as white by some nations due to their character. Again Greece is an exreme example but sometimes national ideas backfire, though the inclusion in France of the Algiers was criminal at least it happened only once…)
          Rollo Tomassi is a degenerate writer, what he writes sounds true but the lifestyle choice does not suit me, only problem, considering Greece many things do not work directly due to our peculiar character and the fact that the average Greek falls over every woman he sees in front of him, figuratively.
          My idea exactly on the fags!
          I took notice on both deep books and added them on my list in amazon, for Draka, it is an interesting concept, not my cup of tea though.
          For reading books I just cannot organize myself, in a year I complete 50 of them on average, but simulteanous reading is bad habit of mine… this means that I lose count of the books I start and I resume them sometime months after… It is a bad system but that is how I got used to read, for the time being I struggle through the Odyssey, while reading The archetypes of the Collective unconcious of Jung, Kreutzer sonta in Russian and History of Thucydides…
          Remind me, you are from Argentina?

        5. I didn’t use the term ’empire’ because I have some troubles with it; I prefer the term Reich. Both have the same problem, and that’s the creation and maintaining of adequate leaders, a real Aristocracy. In the III Reich Darre talked about in his book Neuadel aus Blut und Boden (translated into English as ‘New Nobility from Blood and Soil’ or something like that), and the SS was a good first step, but sadly they didn’t have the time to develop those ideas. Ludovici also deals with the subject in his ‘A Defence of Aristocracy…’ which you can find here:
          My favorite ‘game’ site is, with no doubts, Chateau Heartiste: ; it’s racially conscious, well written and not that decadent.
          I’m from Colombia, and the the white population here is less than 15%, so basically its a nightmare for a racially conscious white like me. Sadly, due to personal reasons I can’t leave this country in the near future, so basically I’m stuck here for now. Actually, Argentina is one of my options in the future, its a beautiful country, the white population there is more than 70%, it is very ‘European’ (architecture, culture, etc), and very easy to obtain legal residence. The downside of Argentina is its high Jewish population (more than 100.000).

        6. Honestly, I did not know that Argentina is majority white neither that it had a sizeable skype minority, and I thought that in Colombia whites were the 1/3… I am with you on the subject of leaving, I would have abandoned the sinking ship that is Greece (we have no economy, no want to fix the underlying reasons for it, and most Greeks do not care for the Migrant crisis) if not for personal reasons although I ‘d aim on Russia… which requires a lot of guts and money.
          Although he did not write extensively on anything you would like “For my legionaires” by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu ( He was a fighter, thinker and martyr of the right in Europe, specifically his homeland Romania, he fought against the skypish and the communistic menaces, his anti-skypism was of the rational type and one could say that it is a more simple version of Mcdonald’s writings, although that would be incoherent due to timing. The Orthodox Church of Romania sanctified him also, because he was the only traditionalist European leader that did exist, his book that I have read is the one that better summarises my thoughts, the only reason I do not have this anymore is only that if in Greece you are labelled as a fascist you are immediately ostracized. You might find references to him as capitanul. Also what he said about democracy and aristocracy are probably the most illuminating, yet simple, and close words to the subject that one ever did try to speak of. Still I recomend it. Here it is a hymn to him in Romanian (an interesting Romance language by the way):

          On the Reich subject: first for my a Reich has little deference from the word empire, specifically I’d prefer the use of a word that would stem from the equivalent words the Greek one (aftokratoria= afto+krator it means the state of the self holder, because the emperor used to hold the system together).
          The problem is that an elite (i.e. the Marxist way to say aristocracy)
          is needed like it or not, as the capitanul said: “The masses cannot elect their aristocracy because they ‘d chose people of their own standing” Hence the problem all western countries face: the loss of their aristocracy (or else natural elite) led to the rise of the modern liberal elite, which simply went to fill the vacancy.
          A program similar to that of Germany did even start to exist in Greece under the rule of Metaxas but the failure of both regimes to survive for 20 years doomed it, in fact I’d say that the Greek endeavour was a bit better than that of Himler for only one reason: It wasn’t obsessed with race. While for one to have been a part of the EON (Metaksik youth) he had to have been a Greek that Greek didn’t have to be an exemplary one on his characteristics, Himler’s program cut off immediately parts of the patriotic Prussian aristocracy that although being enthusiastic supporters many of them had Slavic admixtures.
          Still though both programs had glaring inefficiencies: the Greek one wanted to make an elite of all Greeks (something impossible) the German one in the end had a problem to find political support and in the end was too much centered around the military. An elite cannot be produced it simply rises and then it maintains itself. All that because the needs of aristocrats they know them better than commoners or businessmen thus them being the best to cater to them. For example the modern liberal elite has managed to advance bureaucracy in a way that even when their bad, inefficient and problematic policies fail they may manage to continue their subsidence, best example in being is the bureaucracy of the EU in which titles, positions and overluxurious salaries are being granted between bureaucrats, or also the fact that many liberal politicians (like Bill Clinton, or the colossal failures of Varoufakis and George Papandreou jr who respectively put the base for the global crisis, made his country into a joke and ruining what little has been left of his country’s economy all today are rectors, a similar position has already be granted to Frau Merkel so that if she loses the election she will have a way to continue leaving.) needless to say the example is only being used because it can be easily studied, in older times different measures with various cultural effects and affects would have been used. Such would be the ones that lead to the creation of universities, exploration and colonization, literature science etc.
          In general for the time being we know not of any better ruling system than that of Monarchy, that created our societies wealth, with the exception of the USA at least, our laws, our culture etc. While democracy on the other hand vulgarized and destroys everything, the reason being the fact that democracy is probably one of the most ancient types of regimes (it was observed in proto-Germans), which primitive chiefdoms looked more alike (chiefs had influence but not control of power, so they couldn’t enforce laws even if only one person did not want them). A book that I have read recently on soft power underscored that one of the reasons why the USSR lost the cold war was the fact that it’s popular culture wasn’t transmissible enough, as it had to be censored and some quality standards and directives had to be followed while the American one was even if it was more vulgarized, now don’t get me wrong I would have been against the USSR and probably with the USA only due to last resort or necessity but the USSR did have high culture and the last good symphonies were written there, I only use this example to highlight two things only: (a) that democracy being more open leaves the people vulnerable to indoctrination and the slow decomposition of it’s culture to that of the rabble, Greece being here the textbook case and (b) that democratic regimes care not for quality only quantity, while the action flick, the pop-song and the comedy (which I find a lot to my liking) has it’s uses it shouldn’t be allowed to take the place of the culture film(you could also say epic but here in the meaning of film that exults a society’s values), the symphony or the drama. Or that public discourse should be reasonable than showy and humoury, while these have their uses even in civilized things they need not be the only rhetoric tools that are to be used.
          For me game is needed only to the extent that a man may have the ability to bed the type of women he wants, in general, and everything complementary to it (i.e.: reading philosophy and literature to be an interesting person or exercising, in my case doing kickboxing) should be only for his own sake, if he does it to bed women or a specific woman he will regress to the previous position the moment his aim has been accomplished.
          Phew! Last but not least sorry for the delay! :^D

        7. Yeah, the first time I went to Argentina I was like “what the hell? there are more white people in here than in any of the US cities I visited”. The jews are a downside, of course; and the worst part is that they are very politically active, they even have their own Argentinian version of the ADL, etc, etc.
          I know about Codreanu. Have not read -yet- the man but I have a couple of books from him (‘For My Legionaries’ and ‘Nests Leaders Manual’), in spanish. You should know that the ideas of Codreanu and the Iron Guard are widely know in the spanish speaking NS/WhiteNationalist scene, especially in Spain. There was the center of many Legionaries fleeing from Romania (Horia Sima and others), and they established contact with the local scene spreading his ideas. In fact, Codreanu’s translations into spanish are made directly from the original Romanian writings, while the english translations (correct me if I’m wrong) are made from italian or french versions of his writings. He is an inspiring character, and even when I don’t share his religious faith I respect him.
          I don’t know about Metaxas, and ‘m going to search more. However, I think that Race is the ground for any genuine Aristocracy. I’m not a ‘nordicist’ but certainly I do prefer the Nordic subtype over the others; and ironically, a good % of the great genius of our race were not nordics….just look at Beethoven. Now, your comment about the rise and maintaining of the Elites remind me Pareto and his ‘circulation of the elites’.
          And….send me an email so we cant talk without monopolizing RoK comments section: [email protected]

  13. Milo’s usefulness to the alt right stops at “feminism is cancer”. Everything else he’s basically a liberal.

    1. That’s about the high and low of it.
      Making a bigger deal out of him than he deserves seems like just feeding his ego. All press is good press to these types.

    2. I know he compared the two but he didn’t say “feminism is cancer”. As far as I am aware he said “which would you prefer your daughter to have, feminism or cancer”?

  14. Having a gay, transvestite, race mixer or w/e pose as a conservative mouth piece is not a strategic way to deflect the left’s emotionally driven rhetoric, instead its more of a two steps forward one step back way of admitting defeat. Making compromises is the opposite of conserving.
    Seems like the Alt Light people who follow Milo are nothing more than Liberals from the 2000’s, back when gay marriage and the Iraq War were the only problems worth virtue signalling about, if we take it back to that era, we will backslide into the bullshit we are in now in no time.

      1. People like Milo are good as a baby’s first red pill, but beyond that we should be looking for better sources. There is no point in accepting someone who openly disavows from traditional conservative ideas, otherwise this whole fight is pointless.

    1. Oh please, give it a rest. You’re blinded by your own locale and extrapolate it upon the rest of the nation/world/West. Basically you’re living one long never ending case of Confirmation Bias. White women don’t hate white men generally speaking.
      You’re acting a bit like the Oncology doctor who thinks that the majority of people in the world have cancer.

        1. Blue state college campuses and big city London.
          Hardly indicative of “white girls” in a general sense.

        2. You’ll be surprised how your beautiful Ohio will change in the next 10 years. Do you know what is going on in Iowa, with deliberate leftist immigration there, right?

        3. I live in probably the bluest city outside of San Francisco and white women are lining up to gobble my genitals. White women hate weak men. Men show themselves weak by having inferiority complexes. If you go out thinking that white women will hate white men then that chip you have just put on your shoulder will turn women off which will confirm your beliefs and on and on it goes. Come on BDTR, reach down into your trousers and find that bit of meat the good lord gave you.

        4. don’t even need to make this claim. It isn’t true in blue states. It isn’t true in big cities. It isn’t fucking true anywhere. Women hate insecure men. End of story.

        5. Do we care about women’s feelings now? Sure they hate me, they hate that I know they are hypocrites who secretly ache to do filthy things with great frequency, they hate that they have to measure up to draw my attention, they hate that their hatred is a ruse to garner attention, they hate men knowing that the only power their hatred has is in convincing other men to come at us, and they hate that those men are complete fucking pussies.

        6. you are 100% right. I was reading “hate” simply as “won’t get naked for” but yeah, women’s feelings and emotions are totally irrelevant. What matters is how well they drain your balls and how expensive a hotel room you need to buy to land a threesome with her and her best friend.

        7. I also lived in NYC and I also got laid there. No problem with that.
          I am not talking about we men, being entertainment for women.
          I am talking about masculinity in society: patriarchy. This it is what is hated. Women are the new behavioral paradigm, and our civilization is being flushed down the toilet.

        8. I wouldn’t worry about those Kuntz in that video, one hideous middle aged bitter, other marginally younger, skrillax, beret…..that’s all you need to know…..

        9. You are mixing getting laid with normative societal patriarchy.Of course, women crave for alpha dick but it is the latter what they hate.

        10. Do they do? Do they? I mean women say they hate patriarchy and masculinity in society. They have whole fucking parades about it. They have their little cake walks right through the city. Then you walk up to one in a bar and flash a little patriarchy her way and before the night is over she is gagging on your cock and begging to be fucked with her eye make up running down her face.
          You give too much credit to the brain washing. They haven’t been programed to hate masculinity…..they have been programed to SAY they hate masculinity. Just another shit test bucko. Lesson 1….don’t believe things that come out of women’s mouths. Look to their actions if you want to know what they believe.

        11. “and if you don’t like my potatoes don’t go diggin’ up my vine” — Elmore James

        12. Yeah yeah, I’ve been hearing the same thing for nigh on 30 years now.
          Leftist immigration is ceasing, if you haven’t been paying attention to the news btw.
          Lolknee has the correct take on this by the way.

        13. Leftist immigration is ceasing? Do you have any sources? Because the headlines I am reading point out differently.

        14. lolknee, you don’t flash any little patriarchy because you have not married any of them and you are childless. Having sterile sex has little to do with patriarchy, it is just entertainment.

        15. Um, haven’t you been paying attention to the news?
          I didn’t say it was gone, I said “ceasing”, which is a verb tense indicating an in motion process.

        16. Canada is up north and it is full of them. I don’t think it will be a problem.

        17. I suppose you are right…I am missing the Pater in patriarchy. However, a hallmark of masculinity has to do with making ones own decisions, sticking by ones guns and doing as they see fit in the world….so yes, I suppose I’d have to say I don’t flash patriarchy, but rather masculinity if we are being sticklers…however, if we define patriarchy broadly in terms of a world where women are feminine doves who follow the man who leads them then yes, it would be little flashes of patriarchy.

        18. hahaha, yeah they do all sorts of useless nonsense that doesn’t mean anything…what of it?

        19. That hasn’t seemed to work to their advantage in elections after 2008. Or maybe they’re voting on our side (nominally) more often than not these days. They shouldn’t be voting at all, but just noting that they vote doesn’t mean an argument is proven or disproven one way or the other (unless the argument is about whether they can vote or not, I guess).

        20. That was my point. Women do not reject masculinity, they reject what men are when they rule a country, patriarchy.

        21. If you want to convince me that voting isn’t silly and meaningless you will have to get at the back of a very long line and deal with some serious mocking when it is your turn.

        22. on a micro level they all crave it right to their core. If there is any problem it is that men haven’t passed a shit test on a macro level. Don’t worry, I am doing my part to remind women, on the individual level, what they crave deep down. History rules countries. Sorry bud, I am failing to see what you mean when you say white women hate white men…to bring it back around to the start…white women hate weak men…in fact all women hate weak, pandering little sissy fairies no matter what they say to the contrary. When men act like men women fall in line pretty damn quickly. In the meantime, you are acting like the world is just some miserable terrible swamp of shit when we live in some of the best times which have ever been. Disconnect from the internet and go on out there. Loads of greatness happening.

        23. Side Effects May Include: Frequently Getting Laid, Doing What You Want In Your Spare Time and an Over Abundance of Sammiches

        24. you wanna hear some really rough lyrics….gangsta rap has nothing on Blind Willie.

        25. I like jump and r&b too but I’ve been in a bit of a delta mood lately. I have been listening to a lot of Sonny Boy Williamson (who is most of my getting laid play list)

        26. I know Give it to me, daddy but the other one I don’t know will listen now.

  15. Milo’s gonna Milo. I enjoy watching him pimp-slap SJWs. I liked his article “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right”. I don’t try to make the dude more than he is though.

  16. I have always said this guy is a false ally. His mindset is waaay closer to those on the left.

      1. is it just me or does milo look like he should be in vegas doing a show with tigers?

  17. He was a good shock trooper for the anti-left, but he’s becoming increasingly incoherent and will soon fade into irrelevance. No loss, the right has learned a few tactics from him but will hopefully transition to a newer, better provocateur.

  18. Milo claims to be a devout catholic and later brags about guzzling down black c*ck. not very catholic is it?
    He then claims to be jewish (so which is it?).
    unlike what he say, he takes no personal or financial risks in what he does unlike other men from the Alt right movement. His sexual status protects him (think about it) and he makes alot of money from breitbart and certain (not all) public appearances. He’s worth approx $1m, not bad for a journalist. The man’s a degenarate popinjay who likes to flaunt his stupid costumes. Says alot about the manosphere when they need his likes to speak for them. I much prefer crowder or shapiro honestly.

    1. one upvote for good point….second upvote (if I were able to give one) for the use of “popinjay”

    2. Need?
      Where did anybody solicit his help here?
      Link please.

  19. I want to remind people how much money is sloshing around that can be used for evil purposes if such was the desire. There is more than 6.5 trillion dollars missing from the budget of the Department of Defense. The Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange are worth about 15 trillion dollars. So the DOD could buy almost half of our most important companies with money it lost in the seat cushions. Could they have bought the media? Easily. Could they control key internet portals? Easily. Did they? Yes. You just have to look at how the company megauploads saw a jack boot raid in new zealand despite doing the exact same behavior as youtube, not being a US company, and the founder was German. But Google had to have control of the videos.

  20. I’ve always considered Milo as a third faction in the battle between left and right: as long as he’s attacking our enemies, leave him alone, but he isn’t part of our group.

  21. This queer Greek Jew has nothing to do with the Alt-Right. He is a freak, a media creation. White men are hardly in need of him or his blather. He has had his fifteen minutes. Now, get the hell off the stage and let us get on with our fight. Milo, you
    ain´t one of us. Never were.

    1. Oh, no, not another Jew poisoning the minds of young people … but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

      1. Jews dindu nuffin. They have been hated throughout history cause everyone is just jealous of their good looks and hard work!

    2. He lost all power once he was kicked off Twitter. There are still some FreeMilo fags on there

  22. I enjoyed and agreed with what Milo said. Why use the same distorted logic the pc police are using? Forcing and perpetuating identity politics is inherently divisive and prejudice, something the rabid SJWs haven’t quite figured out yet.

  23. I’m a fan of Milo…If he gets some $$$ money out of it good for him.. His statement that race is not a requirement for being an American I agree with. It’s attitude , philosophy and ideas that make you an American. A story: This guy is a Chinese American farmer in Mississippi. Forgot the history but his family settled in MS 1890’s or so. They are rice farmers. The dude is as Chinese looking as Mao Tse Tung but if you heard the guy talk he’s 100% Southern. I mean the dude sounds like Buford Pusser in “Walking Tall”. And he’s a proud Southern Red Neck. Hunts, has a bunch a guns and a votes right wing. Dude is as American Apple pie. Race not necessary to be an American. Back to Milo the kid is fearless. He is reaching the kids which is vital. His gayness is actually the only way he gets permission to have these events. His sexuality is a “shield” and allows him , usually, to hold these events.

    1. I’m Palestinian, but born and raised in North Carolina. I’ve got a slight country accent.

      1. Do you see my point though that folks that have been here a long while qualify as Americans. But the opposite is true too that just because you take a test and an oath doesn’t make you an American. You’re a legal citizen but you ain’t an American. You’re still a foreigner who just past a test. I always counter pro migrants freaks with ” If I made you a pakistani citizen right now using a magic wand would you be in any way Pakistani?” Usually shuts them up…

        1. Yeah though there’s a backside to that sentiment people wont wanna hear (I agree with what you said), living in america as a citizen and a white guy doesnt necessarily make you an “american”. I define a true american as a patriot who believes in the principles we were founded on, not as a matter of convenience with where they were born.

        2. It’s not so much about length of time as it is immersion. Someone who speaks, eats, thinks and lives like “home” isn’t American with American values.

  24. The alt-right can disagree and discuss the disagreements without “consuming itself” – the SJW left can’t
    As to Milo, when Orlando happened he did a number of “We Shoot Back” including some clothing with that saying with a rainbow rifle.
    The equivalent in the “don’t play identity politics” would instead to come up with a line of rainbow ballistic armor with the saying “shoot here, not the head”.

  25. If he turns Lib, then we’ll notice the common denominator like Shapiro did when he bowed to the Muff to go against Trump.
    Understand the Establishment is pissed off, so there’s going to be moles in the supposed “alt right” to push for that purity shit to wreck things altogether.
    In the meantime, there are many other great sources to refer to, such as here and other outlets.

  26. Milo was always a nigger-loving faggot Jew.
    He was never anything else but a liberal. His aims were always subversive.
    He was always a controlled and approved opposition, that is why he was frequently allowed to be seen in the MSM.
    His main task was to provide a Jewish control and thought-policing over the inevitable reactionary white identity politics arising through the ranks of the Alt-Right, his second task was to sow discord among the Alt-Right.
    But it was plain as day since day 1. Is it news to anybody? I am surprised if yes…
    Milo is nothing and nobody to us.
    Forget him and move on, a glorius battle awaits all of you, fellow white, Christian warriors in the trenches of the Cultural War!
    Soon as we feel the need to ask a Jew about what we should do or what we should think, I promise the first man we will turn to is Milo. But until then…

      1. liberal in disguise. Its getting annoying on this site. They can’t come out as what they are so they bait with sheer lunacy of some wack job.

        1. Trump was a democrat until he decided to run for president.
          I suppose we should all just write him off too?
          Beggars can’t be choosers.
          Save that for when things are finally turned around….
          IF they can be turned around.

        2. Trump can be a liberal. .as long as he builds the great wall of trump and enforces immigration. .he has my vote.

  27. I’m neutral towards him, but I wish he’d stop emphasizing the gay stuff.
    Like those so-called Gay Conservatives. Why do you need to add gay in there? Just say conservative.

    1. He does it because the left thinks he is a nazi and he has no other counter except to be a perceived victim. He is white- he has no excuse. Wikipedia describes it below- and it is real with the left.
      Black pride is a movement in response to dominant white cultures and ideologies that encourages black people to celebrate[clarification needed] black culture and embrace their African heritage.[1] In the United States, it was a direct response to white racism especially during the Civil Rights Movement.[2] Related movements include black power,[2] black nationalism,[2]Black Panthers, Afrocentrism, and black supremacism.[dubious – discuss]
      Asian pride (also spelled AZN pride) is a positive stance to being Asian American. The term arose from influences of hip op culture within Asian American communities in the Western United States due to the creation of an Asian American pan-ethnicity (the concept was influenced in the late 20th century due to the influence of publications such as Yolk and Giant Robot magazines) that did not specify a specific ethnicity (such as Vietnamese, or Hmong).[1][2]
      Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.
      White pride is a motto primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist or racialist viewpoints.[3][4]

  28. I kind of take some of what he is saying as, really, feminism, gender, race etc, arent really issues or causes of discrimination. It doesnt stop anyone from succeeding.
    But there are obvious media biases, but those biases don’t play out so much in the real world. ofcourse there are heaps of exceptions, but my day to day isnt affected by the issues the media make up. Its all hype. Like people actually thinking trump, obama , will really make a difference, thats closer to delusion.

  29. Never trust a homosexual. They can be good trolls, but at the end of the day their very lifestyle is grounded in liberalism.

  30. Milo is in it for Milo. If it suddenly becomes better for Milo to be liberal, you can bet that’s exactly what he’ll start spouting.
    Love how he annoys the SJWs but beyond that, I wouldn’t trust the guy. Just look at his articles. Every one has at least one gay sex euphemism. Isn’t taht just … “cute”?

  31. Milo isn’t alt-right. Second he was only ever a mildly disruptive troll, never a political theorist.

    1. Agreed. I saw through his clever, yet apparent trolling from the get go. Admirable as that may be as a troll engaged in the trenches of online mudslinging for twenty years as I am, it must be said a fully outed homosexual was never going to last too long in the limelight.

  32. The alt-right is far from weakening, yes there were several doxxing incidents and harsh words from the “alt-lite” but those wounds are binded. The God-Emperor’s inauguration really served to roll past the petty spats, Cernovich stopped talking about the Alt-Right, Milo stayed away, and the TRS goys made friendly with the alt-liters after the Deploraball. The media is trying to wish the dissident right out of existence which only served to fool themselves into weakness.

    1. a liberal race baiter in disquise is all I see. Love your liberal outfit ..did you get that from a black lives matter protest?

  33. Milo has served his purpose in this war. What he says now is irrelevant irrespective of content and underlying motivation. Milo was necessary to draw attention to our side and minimize the imagery of the right as bead rattling rednecks. He did this brilliantly. Destiny has no further use for him in our battle at this point. Let him go gracefully and remobilize.
    Edit: I am female. Largely asexual and think like a man. Love this site.

  34. Milo is trying to turn into a main stream monetized reporter but likely not going to have success at it. The lefts main attack on the right is to link you to whatever person in history that was unholy and make you prove them wrong. Just like the idiot- two posts down from me. A libturd in disguise. You want to beat them – you take their insane logic to the extreme and make yourself the victim. Whoever wins the narrative; wins in the press.

  35. RHETORIC, people.
    Something can be 100% true, but be completely garbage as rhetoric. Milo himself notes the truth value here, by saying that embracing identity politics would lead right wing straight white men to WIN.
    A costly victory splattered with the blood of both sides.
    When curing a disease, the doctor must take care to not become infected himself, which limits his power. But a doctor who already has the disease, or is an immune carrier, can wade right into the filth and kick some ass. He just can’t associate with his uninfected colleagues. This is the power and curse of Milo. The power of Pestilence, as one of the four Harbingers of the Apocalypse.

  36. Many young people voted for Trump because of Milo. Because he infiltrated an environment that has been telling them (and me, but im a little older) that they are stupid and out of touch for being conservative. He may not be “the leader” or the most important figure. But he is an important figure!
    Milo might not be anything like us as far as being masculine or ultimately red pill. But he has done a lot to expose the left and their hypocrisy. I think there is an old saying that goes something like “dont look a gift horse in the mouth”. Milo is some what of a gift and the door has been slightly cracked for the younger people to rebel and stand up for themselves when they’ve been essentially told since the beginning of their schooling, that they are bigots, sexists, racists, misogynists etc. just because they are Republican.
    Milo in all honesty, is why I found this site. I hit a rough patch in my life and sought answers for what I can do to better my situation on my own. Not just complain about it. His sexodus article was fundamental in that and then I discovered ROK because of that article.

  37. If things continue like this, we will be destroyed from within.
    I’ll never see Milo as a legit traditionalist, but he is a very usefull tool.
    Why can’t people understand that we can’t afford to be divided in our own lines in the present moment?

  38. The alt-right is not consuming itself. After the Trump victory was secured it started to wash out the trash, like Cernovich and now Milo.

  39. Milo is and always was a Classical Liberal, a position some might call “Libertarian” nowadays. Sorry if that doesn’t satisfy the 14/88ers here.

    1. He’s written articles in the past that were diametrically opposed to some of his positions today. One of the most glaring ones was where he was praising the Gawker fellow and then the more recent one where he was attacking the guy (rightfully in this case) all over the place.
      Milo is simply for Milo. 😉

  40. He’s definitely doing it for the money, why else would he tone his rhetoric down, if not to ensure his book deal survives in an industry (publishing) that, by and large, still has leftists running it?
    That said, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. We should be focused more on practical issues (taking the fight to the left) vs. Dogmatic (are non SJW’s saying exactly what we want them to say?).

  41. Eh, when you apply his quote to the context of people who constantly bitch about “men” this and “white people” that, while at the same time complaining about racism and sexism (sorry, I mean “misogyny”), I can agree that deep suspicion is appropriate. My hope is that he is trying to speak their language and use the left’s PC rules against them, as opposed to becoming one himself. But I’ve been wrong before, so who knows.

  42. No, the alt-right isn’t fading. It doesn’t have a form or structure and one person cannot take down the entirety. If anything, it’s getting stronger with the recent breathing room being provided.

  43. But in the bigger context of the alt-right establishing legitimacy and moving the window, a major obstacle is both media blockade, and moving of goalposts.
    There has to be a flip of the media’s power, and a strong counter to the left’s domination of the narrative.
    Milo’s work in dismantling sacred PC cows, I commend him.
    As for the second point, it’s harder to assess but I do see a yuge reduction in the left’s domination of the narrative.
    When the alt-right consolidates into a specific platform will happen when the left’s control is weakened.

  44. Moderate Liberals just want a return to the 90’s, but what they don’t seem to understand is that modern progressivism is the ultimate conclusion to their worldview. If you want a world without standards, then you can’t complain when others go further than you would like.

  45. I see no problem with his statement. But I am an egalitarian. That doesn’t mean I believe in inherent equality between people, but an equality of rights. In the classical liberal position, I see nothing wrong with his statements. Is there a white genocide happening? Yes. Should historically “white nations” be able to protect their own, and care of their own first, like literally every other non-white nation in the world since forever? Absolutely. But any kind of superiority talk is nonsense. Let people rule themselves. And if people attack you, thankfully we have a natural right to defend ourselves.

  46. Maybe he knew he was going to be flame-bombed this evening, you dumb fucks. This site is full of retards. I’m going to eat it

  47. Berkley is on fire because of Milo trying to give a speech last night? Love it. He has my thanks.

  48. I don’t agree with everything Milo says (I don’t agree with everything anybody says) but I do agree with a lot of it. He pushes logic and critical thinking. He’s not trying to make us or anybody happy. That’s what I expect from him.

  49. Why is anyone surprised by Milo. I told everyone that he was a trap. His background is the same as the feminists, he is gay, atheist and jewish. Remember “Why there is a prolific jewish presence in the feminist movement” Marxist jews and gays were put together in the same Nazi camps and share a strong bond. He was there to distract your attention from this, the over representation of atheist and secular jewish women in the feminist movement. By hating on Muslims, it gives you something to do, something to scare away any solidarity from non-white traditionalists. #GamerGate went from bringing masculinity back to games, to having more gay characters in video games. I think rather than tell their feminist, Soros and Hollywood cousins to take a chill pill, they’d rather distract you with Mexicans and Muslims.

  50. Remember this article? I think Milo was used to cuckservativize and cuckify the alt right. “Their overshot explains why the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a neocon organization, has in the past two years begun attacking feminism, an ideology that developed with disproportionate Jewish support. They’re doing so because minorities are clamoring for a bigger piece of the victim pie and introducing anti-Semitic and pro-Palestine thought. Some Jews have calculated that at this point it’s better to introduce some truth and realtalk in gender issues (but not race) so that non-Jewish groups don’t gain too much power. Don’t be surprised if Jews throw multiculturalism under the bus at some point and claim that they are the true “white” Americans in need of protection from the anti-Semitic minority hordes.
    In turns out there is no “Jewish conspiracy” at all. The Jewish people simply are hyper-nationalistic and ethnocentric and so live and work in a way that their group is benefited first. Their participation in every sociological movement is structured so that Jews are benefited outright, or at least not hurt.”

  51. Kikebart is just a bunch of Jews fighting a rearguard action against the inevitable – expulsion caused by Jew perfidy.
    Every story on Kikebart has either the overtone or undertone of ‘Is it good for the Jews?’
    That they are considered alt-anything is a sick joke on White Nationalists.
    Let’s play a game – How long can Kikebart keep promoting Jew lies and avoiding the Jewish Question?

  52. Sounds like he wrote John McCain’s recent speech. Aspiring to “values” instead of shared culture, identity, heritage, race etc is the very same line the elites are using to destroy Europe. As long as the 3rd world hordes adhere to our “way of life” it is perfectly acceptable to bring as many in as possible. It’s bullshit.

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