The Synergy Of Game And Money

In my last post, I wrote of a juxtaposition between game and money and how realistic nuance prevents the crowning of either one as an undisputed winner when it comes to pursuing women. In that post, I noted potential scenarios in which one could bring a higher return than the other, showing that both can come out on top in different situations.

Today, I’d like to show the utility of blending money and game in situations where one seems to carry more utility than the other.

Game Over Money

Let us say that you are in a situation in which game may count for more than money on average. Let’s assume you’re a young guy and your targets are precisely the kind of pretty, middle/upper class 18-24 year old co-eds that tend to be more distant from the concerns that money is useful for dealing with.

They don’t want or really need a provider/potential father and instead generally seek guys who look good, know how to turn them on (read: have game), know how to have fun and can make them look good in front of their peer group.

A guy can pass all of those tests with flying colors and be flat broke-money isn’t required here. But does this mean that money has no value in this scenario? Some guys with strong game and low cash flow might make that case.

While a smart player can lean entirely on game when pursuing this female demographic and do quite well, an even savvier player can enhance this success with properly allocated resources. This does not mean flashing your Big Bank/Firm business card and/or your new Porsche Boxster (she probably won’t care or will have seen it a million times before), but it can mean:

A) Increasing your style by purchasing higher quality clothing that looks good and fits you well.

B) Minimizing logistical failures by purchasing a quality, centrally located bachelor pad close to all the action/entertainment (and keeping it well furnished).

C) Putting the pursuit of women aside for a bit and pursuing your own hobbies and passions (travelling the world and seeing new places, taking up martial arts, film-making, extreme sports, etc.) and becoming a more well rounded individual with more genuine and interesting stories to tell.

While money alone will not be enough to lean on, the things it can buy when combined with game can create an individual who is very appealing even to those who don’t tend to focus on cash. All three of the benefits above can result in a more attractive, interesting individual that girls will be more apt to want to know. Game is great, but game with money can be much, much better if one can get it. It would benefit any young guy, even one with strong game, to try and evaluate the ways and means in which money could make him a more well rounded player.

Money Over Game

Now let us assume you’re in a situation where money may hold a higher return on investment than game on its own. Maybe you’re an older guy pursuing women who have gone beyond their co-ed years (aged 27-32, let’s say) and are more concerned with the kind of realities money is useful for dealing with. They’re thinking about kids (and what kind of future can be provided for them), weddings, houses, and getting out of the rat race.

An affluent beta can pass all of these tests with flying colors even without any game, and draw a sizable number of fairly attractive women who may consider him husband material (even if they may not have given him a look 5-8 years ago). Does this mean that game is not necessary? Some affluent betas (we probably all know a few guys who fit this bill) might make this argument, denying the utility of game completely and arguing that they can get attractive women without it.

As most of us in this corner of the internet are aware, however, the answer to that question (“does this mean game isn’t necessary?”) is a resounding no. Though the aforementioned concerns may not require much game to be met, the internal female hardwiring for genuine attraction will still remain and will still require a man who understands how to turn her on. Marriage (or an LTR) is not an excuse to exit the sexual marketplace. If a guy makes the mistake of assuming that it is, he can find himself in a sexless marriage, brutal divorce, or much worse.

Game (and the clear, logical insight it provides) can also keep you from getting suckered into a marriage/LTR that you aren’t ready for or simply do not want, an important benefit for any guy who’d like control over his own future.

Thus, it would benefit any beta, no matter how affluent, to try and understand how game can enhance his life and make him a better romantic prospect. He can get attractive women without game, but his ability to maintain the high quality of that relationship and ensure the relationship’s longevity will be compromised without it.

While there is no undisputed winner in the Money vs. Game debate, there can be clear winners among those who find a way to blend the two together in a manner that best suits them.

27 thoughts on “The Synergy Of Game And Money”

  1. Good read. Just curious for opinions, but where do you think looks would rank?
    I think money is extremely important once you hit late 30’s regardless of your game and even your looks. It takes a lot of game, and probably looks, to overshadow being a 40 YO bus driver.

    1. I bet you could be a 40 year old bus driver and still make it. It just requires a good story to go with “so what do you do”
      – “I volunteer for medical charities overseas” if busdriver comes up “its something to kill the time until my next trip”
      – “I own my own business” if busdriver comes up “its a bus company and I have to fill in routes for sick drivers or vacancies”
      Thats what you could do with alot of game and playing into preconcieved notions in women’s minds.

      1. Or you can tell her you are a bus driver and how that old lady in the bus today totally made your day by telling you about her granddaughters and their dancing lessons, and how they are learning salsa and dream of having a hairy Spanish boyfriend like in the movies one day, and how she hopes she can live long enough to see it.
        You are a loser if you feel like a loser. You are handsome and sexworthy if you treat yourself as such.

    2. Any man can potentially be perceived as attractive, unless he has major health problems.
      Any man can potentially be perceived as successful, unless he is unable to make a living.
      You get it when you get it 😉

  2. Or you could just make something up on the fly, when the question of “What do you do?” comes up. The more outrageous the better, but it requires some damn good frame control.

  3. I’m essentially a travel agent (telesales) who makes a low six figure income, educated, early thirties. I routinely lie to women about the nature of my occupation because of the relative low status of the work. Should I just own what I do to earn money, letting my income numb the insecurity I have about the status of my job?
    I need some advice.
    Thanks for reply.

    1. Sigma – it’s simple, just say “I’m in sales”, which is true. Plus you have a decent income so 99% of girls won’t inquire to the specific nature of your sales environment because you will clearly demonstrate “success” that some of the material items you can afford will show (decent car, condo, etc).

  4. +1 with JG2. I used to have clients in telemarketing that made mid 6 figures. I myself was embarrassed to say what they did (to other professionals) so I just told people they did “direct marketing”.

  5. This is right on money. All of the guys, I know, who are pulling 7+ HBs on any kind of consistent basis is using this combination. Even Roosh, if he didn’t have the money to afford a decent apartment in the city centers would be at a severe disadvantage.

  6. My favorite saying about money and getting women is “A million dollars doesn’t come with an instruction manual for getting pussy”. Some guy on Roosh’s Forum said it. I can’t remember who or I’d give him credit.
    After you can afford a place of your own in a location where there is hot women, with access to transportation and a fashionable wardrobe, the marginal return on money for getting women starts to go down a lot. And the cost of this is highly dependent on the cost of living of where one is. While a place like New York is brutally expensive, one can enjoy those things for much less in other places even when adjusted for average incomes and decline in general talent.

  7. Great follow up on the last article. I really like how you wove it together here. Let’s also not forget that money can open doors to higher-status social circles and private parties which tend to have higher proportions of attractive women.

  8. “You don’t need money to get laid,”
    Provide no examples of how being in poverty and having “game,” attracts women worth having sex with.
    Then go on to suggest ways to attract women that require immense amounts of extra money, i.e. $3,000 suits, “bachelor pads” in major cities that run $2,000 a month for a one-bedroom…and the pursuit of endeavors that MAKE YOU MONEY.
    Do you see how immensely delusional you are? I mean, can you see the gaping holes in the logic you’ve set out here? You have essentially CONTRADICTED yourself by saying you don’t need money to get laid, then going on to provide several examples of lifestyle choices that imply an extraordinary level of privilege and/or good ol’ fashioned hard work.

    1. “Not having money” does not equal “poverty” you moron. Once again, you keep making things up. Yes, money allows you to have a centrally located apt or better clothes, which is helpful, not necessary. He didn’t contradict anything. On his last post, he bitch slapped you every step of the way and yet you still come back. Christ, you are a troll. GO AWAY.

  9. Those suits are too tight in the chest. If the lapels bunch outward when the jacket is buttoned, there is not enough fabric around the chest. If it fits properly, the lapels lay flat against the chest.

  10. Style is the first cue that lets people know you have money. If you have good style, and the money to afford nice clothes, people pick up on that, especially women-who tend to be much more in tune with fashion and style than men.
    If you have style that signals money and the confidence that signals game, you will get attention left and right. Every week when I fly, I get signals from girls all over the airport and from girls boarding the plane for coach class while I’m sitting in my first class seat.
    One thing that often separates men with money versus those going into debt to buy expensive clothes is their sense of style. I don’t know why exactly it is, but men with money tend to dress more conservatively, while fools going into debt wear trendy clothes that-while expensive-will go out of fashion in a couple of years. Learn to tell the difference.
    How do you juggle womanizing when you have the type of demanding job that pays you big money? I hope someone will do a post on that.

    1. “How do you juggle womanizing when you have the type of demanding job that pays you big money? I hope someone will do a post on that.”
      Good question K.
      I know several South Asian i-bankers and most opted for arranged marriage after trying out internet dating and some speed dating (very popular in NYC). They never went out to clubs or socialized much because they worked almost 20 hours a day sometimes. They barely even had time for online dating sites but they squeezed it in. However, even that proved to suck to much time so they just had their parents or others in their community here do the looking for them.

  11. this has kinda changed my outlook on how to proceed into this world of game. Now it seems like I should just game all the girls I see since I don;t really have a chance to raise my income by any measurable amount. then after I have gained some experience, once I start making money then I already have the know how on how to apply that on logistical stuff.

    1. Is that how a fucking Man thinks? Maybe you do not deserve a great woman if you think money is all you can offer her. Good news for the world: You will never get such quality of partners with that mindset. Money? great, you do something productive for us all. Thanks. Frustrated workers never shine, but never cause trouble either.

  12. Game and money are closely related. Confidence trumps nearly everything. The more confident you are with women and life the more money you will likely make. If that is your goal.
    Define your own success. Do you want a private jet and houses all over the world, or would you rather make good money a few months a year and travel the rest of the year? When you let others tell you what success is you lose.
    Really think about what it means to you, write it down, and repeat what you want daily along with what your willing to do to achieve that success.

  13. Its a question of market dynamics. If you are not selling what they are buying then your advertising (game and money) are only indicators of what kind of man you COULD BE for a woman and as such you get stuck with the fixit ticket of a lifetime.
    On top of learning what market you are in in what part of life, and what you are advertising you gotta see if what you want is for sale as well 😛
    If you want a cosplaying gamer GRRRL you might actually have luck in internet dating or anime conventions where as most people deplore the scene right now for a keeper girl. If you want a artsy fartsy type, make some friends with your typical bitter gossip and cheap fabric andro or gay guy and spend some time in a metropolis somewhere.
    I like this post but it didn’t mention the other tenet to all of this which is where you go with all of this value. You may have money, you may have game but are you trading that to allow yourself to be more open to experiencing life or are you bitter about life still?
    I would love to hear your thoughts on it. These stepping stones are really another form of “college” – a task tossed onto your back as a requirement to enter the adult world as an equal of some sort. I don’t mind, I was doing it anyways, but if it becomes a requirement — it won’t be game anymore.

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