5 Things I Will Teach My Future Son

Ideally, every new generation should surpass the former. In reality we know that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s seems like humanity is just getting less capable and more fragile for every generation. But if I have a son, he’s not going to become some pussy SJW like his peers. I won’t allow it!

As I grow older and experience more and more of life, I realize that my childhood did little to prepare me for it. I had a pretty sheltered life when I was still staying at home, and my parents probably wanted that for me. But the unintended result was that I became spoiled without even knowing it. Reality hit me hard when I left the nest and had to care for myself.

Hopefully I won’t have a kid for many years. But when I do, I know I need to teach my son some things that set him up to succeed on his own. He won’t like me being stern and saying that I know what’s best for him, but as an adult he will probably thank me for hardening him early on.

As for my daughter, I expect her mother to teach her the things she needs to know to be a lady. Here’s what my son will learn from me.

1. Beat up other kids


There’s only so much you can do to prepare yourself for a real fight. It’s one thing to fight in a ring with padded gloves and rules, and another thing to stand up to a big bully on the schoolyard. When you feel that blood pumping and anger rising inside of you, ready to do real harm to somebody, it’s like you become another person.

I can teach my son some basic techniques of punching, kicking and blocking. But more importantly, I will tell him to never back down from a fight and never show weakness to an opponent. It’s better to stand your ground, have one fight and then be left alone, than to be a pussy and get pushed around for years until you graduate.

2. Work for a living


I want my son to have a good and comfortable life while at the same time not getting spoiled. My solution is to make him do work at home to earn his place in the household. This wouldn’t be strange at all a hundred years ago or less, but nowadays kids aren’t expected to do anything that’s boring or that they simply don’t feel like doing.

I might need to put away the TV and gaming console in a closet if the kid gets too attached to them.

By doing some menial tasks around the house, the boy will learn that working is sometimes dull, difficult, and tiring, but that it’s necessary to put food on the table and pay the bills. Paying bills and taxes are certainly also things he need to know before he starts making his own money (although by the time my boy is born, I hope most taxes will be a thing of the past).

3. Lose in order to win


Roosh says it well in his book Bang, on the subject of approaching girls with the risk of getting turned down: “Not doing anything may prevent you from failure, but because you make no attempt, it prevents you from success as well.”

If you never try, you never win. And if you don’t lose a number of times—like everyone does at the beginning—you probably won’t learn anything. I want my son to understand that it’s fine to fail as long as he analyzes what he did wrong and does better next time.

I actually didn’t realize this simple truth before I read Roosh’s book. I went through life trying to avoid the risk of failure and thereby missed out on a lot of opportunities. My pride got in the way of improving myself and eventually becoming a winner. I don’t want my son to make the same mistake.

4. Hunt in packs


I don’t want my son to become a lone wolf, sitting behind his computer all day watching porn and playing some MMORPG. He needs to learn social skills, and the best way to do that is to hang around other kids. You might learn cooperation as you play multiplayer games as well, but I hardly think you’ll form long lasting friendships with guys you meet on online fantasy battlefields.

Having loyal friends gets you all kinds of perks. You can rely on them to help you when you’re in need, and they’ll have your back when you pick up girls. The reason why we wanted to have those international meet-ups was precisely to form bonds with masculine men that might come in handy if shit hits the fan. But as you know, SJWs and the media couldn’t let us have that.

5. Distrust authority


Now that there’s an election in the US coming up, you can see how people have a way of putting all their faith and hope on one single person. History shows that people are willing to give up all of their liberty and independence if a guy in a nice suit promises them enough. I don’t want my son to be just a face in the crowd. I want him to be self-reliant and put his own needs first.

He should distrust anyone who craves power, and be skeptical of those who claim to know best. He should even be skeptical of me, his father, and my teachings. Only then can he truly be his own man, and make me proud.

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239 thoughts on “5 Things I Will Teach My Future Son”

  1. “I don’t want my son to become a lone wolf”
    The best solution for this…..many sons.

    1. I disagree with the lone wolf part. The writer of the article, in the most bizarre way, believes that being a lone wolf is synonymous with playing video games, and sitting behind a computer screen all day watching porn. I have no idea what those activities have to do with being a lone wolf, and where he gets the odd idea.
      Even a cursory glance at the history of the most potent and effective warriors to have ever existed, that of the ninjas, quickly reveals that the greatest and most legendary ninjas were … lone wolves. Here’s but one example:

        1. that is an awesome picture. I am going to look for a high rez for my desktop.

        2. holy shit, is that real? Im glad they are dying out. I dont need one swooping down on me as Im eating a chili dog in Palm Springs…

        3. Last I heard, there were only 299 wild ones left in south America. In their prime they roamed all over North America, with some of ’em reaching a 27-foot wingspan.
          Had Benjamin Franklin know of the Condor, he would’ve vouched for it instead of the turkey vulture.

      1. I consider myself a Lone Wolf because I discovered that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.
        PS. Hanzo was the man. He was a samurai by day/Ninja by night. That way he could keep his eyes on all things at once.

        1. I don’t consider myself a lone wolf per se, yet it’s the fact that I embrace my alone time that has kept me sane all these years. It is quite awful what not embracing one’s alone time can do to human beings in general.

        2. Take my own mother for example. After spending 40+ years raising 7 boys to adulthood, finally she gets time to do whatever the fuck she wants. Does that mean she doesn’t love us? No, she loves us dearly. It just means sometimes, she loves bingo more. And I’m fine with that.
          And that’s the paradox with feminism. At the end of the day, for all the rah rah you go girlism I do what I want tripe, these women tend to depend on others, I.e, the pack too much, so at the end of the day, they don’t know how to be alone.

        3. They tend to be the most submissive women out there. Especially to their own children. And it’s not just women. I’ve known men who have been married multiple times and men who have grandchildren and great grandchildren living with them.

        4. I consider myself a loner as well, and your reason is one of my reasons; you also have to take into account my socialization problems, although that could just be that I prefer to be by myself.

      2. Once you hit the later half of your 20s, you kind of have to start lone wolfing it anyway if you are still single. Your old friends move away after college, people partner up, move countries, have kids, all sorts of things. People “having your back” will plummet every year post-university

        1. No shit….I can’t find ANYONE who ISN’T in some way attached. They just simply forget your ass, or they know you exist and would probably LIKE to hang out with you, but they’re just too busy saying, “Yes, dear” to their wives. It’s really infuriating, but we as men need to push forward without fear and keep trying to form positive social circles as best we can. Yeah, it’s a motherfuckin’ BITCH, but we at least have to TRY.

      3. I agree that you disagree. A man should be comfortable in both situations — operating in a pack or tribe AND being a lone wolf. Both will suit a man a various times and it’s good to be prepared for both. Being a mono polar, one-trick pony in any area of a man’s life is limiting.
        Sometimes these top-five and top-ten lists get a little monopolar and overly simplistic for the sake of brevity and holding the readers’ attention. Granted, that’s necessary. However we’d all do well to take these articles as springboards for further exploration and experimentation as to what works and what doesn’t.

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      4. I lone wolf it: being a good judge of character I don’t socialize in with my effeminate co-workers in my white collar job. But at least I try to be physically active -walking, biking, diagnosing a broken dryer- and digital stuff: (that will make money someday?)

      5. I am with you here. Lone wold does not mean basement dweller…to me it means self sufficient. Even in a room full of family I am a lone wolf….people don’t get access to my emotions, only to my rational mind. Who I am in my heart is only for me. I think this is a strength and it is something that I have worked on and strived for. I will always be alone and people will rely on me while I have no one to rely on and I think that is the core of my strength.

        1. Don’t you though ever doubt that th-…
          Oh, crap. Paradox. Nevermind.
          (I was actually going to ask).

        2. Solitude. This from the world’s greatest treehouse collection:
          The right hippie chick would bring the final touch to the decor:
          She’d have to be the busybody type, not needy, who can STFU when I have an idea to write or tinker and can give me peace on demand, not just all ‘holes’ on demand. The peace is more golden in the long term. A compulsive nagger peels away your skin eventially. A woman gets ‘piggy-backy’ in any tree house like they do riding on the back of a motorcycle. Treehouse is always a close if you can get her up.

        3. Same, except it’s not because I see it as beneficial, more so than that I’m just not into sharing my feelings.

        4. I don’t do well with roughing it or with hippie chicks but you are barking up the right tree as it were. For me it would be a penthouse suite at a hotel in the city with a cast of 23 year old hard bodies who don’t have a thought in their head

        1. No matter how many strawmen you build, it doesn’t hide the fact that you are mentally delayed.

        2. Oh boy….here we go again with the Harvard debate team tactics, reducing everything to a fallacy and then using that to bulldoze things you don’t agree with. I think it’s hypocritical to accuse someone of using strawman arguments while using “dipstick”, which is, if I understand correctly, an example of AD HOMINEM (name-calling). FAIL..

        3. “Oh boy….here we go again with the Harvard debate team tactics, reducing everything to a fallacy” It was though. His argument was literally to call me a magina & faggot. Two non relevant statements both of which contradict each other…
          “I think it’s hypocritical to accuse someone of using strawman arguments while using “dipstick”, which is, if I understand correctly, an example of AD HOMINEM (name-calling). FAIL..” Quod Gratis Asseritur, Gratis Negatur. What has been asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. He didn’t bring anything to the table, so I did not feel compelled to do anything different.

      6. In that sense it would be better to be a ‘lone wolf’ or ‘singular actor’ than it would be to be a pack animal amongst the sjw hoardes or to ascribe to any school of feminist or social marxist group think.

      7. I’d much rather be a lone wolf than be surrounded by useless parasites who bring nothing to the table.
        I’m also not big on small talk, so I don’t need a large social circle.
        In every human interaction, you should be asking yourself what is the value in this? If there is no mutual benefit, there is no point, other than “being nice”.

        1. I think SOME small talk is helpful to get one’s foot in the door for NEW social contacts, but I agree that when small talk is the only thing a man has, that’s pathetic. People need to begin developing the ability to be more honest socially.

      8. I certainly agree with your point here. Over time I learned that it is better to be strong on your own. I used to think being part of a group was important but I realized that groups can cause you to lose focus and start trying to fit in too much. I analyzed my life and recognized that my most successful times in my life was when I was a lone wolf. When I was with groups it was fun but my focus was off.

    2. Have one son and one daughter: they will learn more about life from each other than you can ever teach them directly as a parent.

    3. There is a story about a sheik in Dubai or there abouts who adopted a bunch of orphan boys. He then trained them in MMA and then they kicked all sorts of ass. The moniker is “Young Lions”.
      My son will be prepared in a way that I was not. My father was an accountant; I am an ex-army sergeant; I am a former trial attorney.

    4. The article is Missing the most important point to definitely teach your son :
      ” How to become an enterpreneur ” …
      Entrepreneurship can give your son the skills he needs to thrive in this rabid world. It’s the entrepreneur that has true control over their future because they can’t be fired, they can’t be laid off and they dont have to take orders from anyone …. By teaching your son how to start and run a business, you’re equipping them with the ability to take care of their economic needs for life and that is what I call true control.
      here are some examples :

  2. 5 more things I would also do if I have a son eventually
    1. Instill a sense of entrepreneurship in him – teach him ways to make some spare cash from side hustles starting when he’s about 12. Over time, he could become good enough to make his own way a la Roosh or Cernovich.
    2. No Sugar Water (coke, sprite, pepsi, “juice”, etc.)
    3. No “Social Justice” Star Wars movies (original trilogy only)
    4. Teach them how to interact with girls, how to defend themselves from bullies/SJW’s, and how to responsibly use a gun. If your son has been properly raised and disciplined, they will be ready for all of them.
    5. Not to feel any shame for being a straight white male despite how badly he will be bombarded with self-hating propaganda throughout his entire youth

      1. Nothing sadder than watching a man go through life avoiding all confrontation and disagreement, because he doesn’t know how to articulate his thoughts.
        I say there is a middle ground. A man needs to be able to verbally express what he is feeling, without whining or sounding like a bitch.
        A man shouldn’t cry or express sadness when his best friend or his dog dies? Bullshit. Shouldn’t express unrestrained happiness when he makes a big win? Bullshit. Shouldn’t express admiration for his peers who excel at something?

        1. Of course, being articulate in expressing ideas and well formed opinions is a must.
          What I was referring to is pathetic whining and bitching, and going on about daddy or mommy issues. Because the only answer to such whining is: “fuck it. get over it. move on.” it stands to reason there is no point in “talking about it” in the first place.

        2. I agree. But I grew up with a father who cannot express ANYTHING. He is just a silent wall of nothingness. Many baby boomer men are this way. It sucks.

        3. agreed. supposedly charlemagne would weep for all the men killed after battles. max baer wept inconsolably when an opponent he defeated later died from his injuries. hell, i get a bit choked up once in a while when i contemplate how my once-beloved country has declined over the past decades, how we worship ugliness and mediocrity now and despise all that is beautiful and good. there’s a time and place for everything.

        4. I believe women shame men for showing emotions because they are incapable of truly feeling strong emotions (ie love, happiness, contentment, emotional pain)

        5. This is pretty ridiculous. I don’t have daddy or mommy issues. I’m perfectly capable of expressing how I feel about ANYTHING without being a “whiny bitch”.
          If your focus is on being ashamed of your emotions and repressing them, maybe you’re just an ashamed bitch WITH mommy and daddy issues and whiny emotions that should be working on resolving those and becoming an actual man, rather than concentrating on putting on a facade.

        6. What your describing is “masculinity” … as defined by women! Ever hear of the strong, silent type?!? Men, err, real men, do *not* go around “expressing” this or that feeling or emotion. That’s what women do with their “bff’s”.
          Debating abstract ideas? Sure. Discussing history? you bet. Philosophy? yep. Solving engineering problems and puzzles with friends? Absolutely. But talking about this or that “feeling” like some sissy? That’s what you call a mangina. Real men mourn alone, suffer in silence, and let any anger seethe inside, within. That’s how it works, chump.
          Can you imagine?!? “Ooo, Alistair, mate, Tara and I had a fight, and I’m so upset” … Does that sound like a man to you? Get the fuck atta here!

        7. Agree. A woman once said that i was to sensitive because i had a positive vibe on life and loved to be alive. The notion of the “ice queen women” should be a good post in ROK i believe.

        8. yes, that sounds like taking it to the other extreme. not good to be unable to express any emotion at all.

        9. And as pointed out numerous times on this site, all the love songs, poems, literature, ballads, symphonies, cultivation of flowers, architecture, art, and music is 99% man created throughout history. Anything appealing to the emotion or the heart comes from a man.

        10. That’s the difference, I don’t get “upset” by a fight. Actually, no, the whole premise is wrong: I don’t even GET into so-called “fights”.
          You sound like a sissy in denial. You can actually get help, deal with your sissy feelings and become a mature man, by the way, but you’re too busy “suffering in silence” to take control like a respectable human being.
          Let me just tell you you’re delusional if you think all men are like this.

        11. Don’t rationalize you beta, err, delta, ways little boy.
          You were pushing the mangina agenda, and I called you out on it. Simple as that. Real men don’t talk/discus/advertise/whatever the fuck you call it … their “feelings”. It’s a pretty simple, non-negotiable rule of manhood. Get over it. Move on.

        12. yes, that’s true, us women don’t have real emotions, all we do is drama, because we’re inferior to men… Or maybe because you are too machist and close-minded to realize that when a woman cries, it’s AS MUCH important as when a man cries…

        13. Middle ground, indeed! Men should at all times avoid becoming “Sensitive New Age Guys” (SNAGs), but when they are kept from expressing ANY feelings at all, that’s when we start to see psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies develop in men. Men need to be able to mourn, cry, feel empathy and love, and seek the same from other men when the time is right. When men are not allowed or encouraged to share what’s on their minds and what’s going on, that’s when we create another Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, or Joseph Kallinger. Men have emotions, too, and even though we may express them differently, they are no less valid.

        14. My condolences to you and your family, Michael. Mourning a loss is the only way to experience how special someone was to us.

        15. Oh, God forbid a man should be happy and enjoy life. They should wear powerbuilder tanktops, grunt and shout at the gym, make the cover of American Powerbuilder magazine, and use their girlfriends as punching bags. None of this zest for life or love of life crap. That’s so “sissy.” Fuck that woman. The palooka joe was probably what she was looking for. No wonder men are so sick of women.

        16. Oh, STOP. You social justice warriors have nothing of actual relevance to contribute here. Go and join your girlfriends at the next Slut Walk or Feminist Slam Poetry Open Mic. BORING.

        17. I can’t ! I am not american and that’s not Something that exists in France^^ ! Nonetheless, we have many other kind of walks !

      2. There are appropriate times to express emotions. Funerals.
        I will teach to acknowledge emotions, but more importantly CONTROL your emotions. That is what separates men from women, control of your emotions.
        Edit: never ever “open up” if you need to to anyone outside of your family.

      3. So don’t show that you are happy or pleased? Are men just supposed to be passive aggressive @$$holes their whole lives?

        1. A) I am not being “a homo”. B) There is a difference between showing emotions, and letting your emotions control you and letting others manipulate your emotions.
          How are you even able to have relationships with people if you can’t show emotions? you basically are promoting people to act like this:
          Person 1: “Dude, I aced the SAT and ACT!”
          Person 2: “ok.”
          Relative 1: “Oh no, Grandma died!”
          Relative 2: “ok.”

        2. You’ve been so brainwashed in a cuntocracy or gyro-centric worldview, that you can’t step out of it for a mere second. Grandma died? Woop-de-dee-fucking-doo. People die. We’re all mortal. Nothing relative1 or relative2 can say will bring back granny. Shit happens. Fuck it. Move on. You shrug your shoulders and move on, and mourn in silence within. That’s how it works. What you **don’t** do is hug, and cry, and be a sissy about it. Same with dude1 (I aced the test): response from dude2? “Good for you.” Period. The end. What do you want? a big fucking hug and a hand job to with that? Get a grip, pal.

        3. “Don’t get upset and have a hissy fit … like some faggot!” You need to, I am completely calm. You are the one calling people faggots. “Christ, pal, you need to learn how to be man.” Oh I already am one, I followed this easy guild: Step one, have 23 X chromosomes and 23 Y chromosomes. TA DA! I am a man. “See: your emotions got the better of you!” When?.?.?…. You forgot to actually quote me in your rage. “Now, as eye-talians say, ‘get da fauck atta hea’.” LEL, I have now CONFIRMED that you are a 11 year old with dissocial personality disorder…

        4. “‘Dissocial personality disorder’ … isn’t that something Bruce Jenner came up with? ” No. It’s a mental disorder in the ICD that is roughly the equivalent of Psychopathy (something used in law, not an actual disorder) “bada boom bada bing. Get the fuck atta hea!” I… I don’t even know what to say to that it’s so retarded. P.S. I can tell that you are showing emotion of joy because you apparently think you are mentally superior to me.

    1. I would also add to have answers to a son’s more difficult questions, which means as a father you must continue your own quest as a man to acquire more strength and wisdom.
      I know growing up my Catholic parents had no answers to my difficult questions regarding religion. The church had no answers either, so I rebelled against what I thought was worldwide ignorance. It’s possible that some SJW mangina types come from a similar sense of frustration and confusion.
      I’m now agnostic, but I see the role that religion plays in peoples’ lives, so I don’t troll people for no reason. But it took me a long time to make peace with my worldview.
      Obviously a father can’t have all answers for everything. But I believe that it’s a father’s responsibility to continue bettering himself mentally and physically however possible.

    2. ” Teach them how to interact with girls”
      Exactly. Teach your son that females can be manipulating parasites and that respect has to be earned and not automatically granted just because she’s a girl. Tell your son when he reaches the age where he will want to stick his his cock in chicks, that female manipulation game is never ending until he dies.
      “5. Not to feel any shame for being a straight white male despite how badly he will be bombarded with self-hating propaganda throughout his entire youth”
      Your #5 is good but also contingent. For men today who have a son just entering his teens, then I would say this applies. But for any man whose son is just recently been born, a LOT is going to happen over the next 13 years and we might get our civil war / reboot and this see an end to white / hetero male shaming.

      1. I’d love to see the end of the shaming, but I’m not getting my hopes up. If you’re pessimistic, you’ll be surprised 99% of the time. As for the 1%… well… at least you have the consolation of being right.

    3. I will never let my future hypothetical boy drink tap water. The estrogenic action of molecules from all the things that seep into our water supply will at best turn him effeminate.

      1. That is retarded. You realize water is purified right? What kind of “chemicals” do you speak of? Can you even name any?

        1. An object that is considerably smaller than bacteria, so much so that it passes through filtration.
          I don’t care if you want to drink tap water or not. I choose not to. Maybe the estrogen will or will not effect me, but I would rather not take the chance. I don’t see the reason you are being so argumentative about it. Nor do I see the reason for name calling. Grow up.

    4. As for point 2, why?
      Point 3, I think that is more important for sake of keeping star wars from being ruined (new trilogy is crap lol)

    5. With my oldest son (13) saw the last star wars (pirate version) and both laughed until we mourn with the implausibility of the female character and the sad role of the black character (surprisingly not die).

  3. Scalia just died, and Obama is ready to appoint his successor. We all know the Republicucks are going to roll over and appoint whoever he chooses. This might just be the final nail in the coffin for us.
    -Free speech will be gutted
    -The second amendment will be gutted
    -More anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-family legislation will be approved by the court
    And we’re writing articles on what to teach our future sons and daughters? Even if we could find the proper women to breed and raise children with (an ever decreasing number), what kind of world would we be bringing them into? And don’t think expatriating is going to make any difference. If we lose here, we lose everywhere. Right now it looks like our world is going to be either Orwellian or post-apocalyptic.

        1. Fastest and easiest way is to use a VPN – there are many which are either free or operate at a humble fee of for example $8 a month.

    1. One of the best ways to increase the numbers of a force is breeding. It’s how some radical islamists want to take over Europe, after all. Use the enemies weapons against ’em.

      1. BREED WITH WHOM? The number of women who are actually fit to be wives and mothers will be virtually non-existent in the next decade or two.

        1. 1) the boonies
          2) other countries (non-western?)
          3) find the closest thing, and through psychological conditioning (maintaining frame) remove feminist foibles -dangerously close to being a “captain save-a-hoe”.
          Unicorns exist. But they are fat, grey and called a “rhinoceros”. I don’t know about you, I don’t want to fuck a rhino.

        2. Options one and two will not be available for men under 30. Unless major changes happen in the west, the entire world will be urbanized/westernized within the next decade. As for option three, they’d still be feminist, carousel riding sluts. Why should my future children be the children of a whore?

        3. Give me a break. Stop looking in the wrong places. You might have to settle for a 7/10, but it’s hardly settling considering what she can do for you.

        4. “As for option three, they’d still be feminist, carousel riding sluts.” But your kids might not. “the entire world will be urbanized/westernized within the next decade” No it wont. There is still a lot of time before the whole world becomes urban, and so what? Also, what do you have against the west? Western Culture is successful culture.

        5. I am blessed to live in the boonies (thus my handle).
          There has been carousel riding throughout history (if not outright intercourse thenheavy petting), the only difference is that technology has allowed it to be yelled from the rooftops. But that is not the point.
          You seem to have a lot to say. What do you propose? Violent revolution? Or adopting the enemies tactic of being a keyboard warrior?

        6. Friend, I have absolutely no problem with “settling” for a 7. My problem is that so many girls today have no ability to cook or clean and are too wrapped up in worthless careers and riding the carousel to be good mothers.

        7. I don’t know. I’m glad to see that Roosh and ROK by extension are beginning to embrace a pro-family anti-hedonist platform, but at this point it just might be too little too late. I honestly don’t think a violent revolution would accomplish much, as the elites would rather wipe everything off the face of the earth (i.e. Hillary) than lose.

        8. Western culture has become so degenerate that it is no longer recognizable. I have nothing against western culture, I hate what it has become. I also do not believe western culture, even at its peak, should be forced on other peoples. Just because it works for us doesn’t mean it necessarily works for everyone.

        9. “Western culture has become so degenerate that it is no longer recognizable.” Well then it really isn’t western culture. “Just because it works for us doesn’t mean it necessarily works for everyone.” So apparently the laws of physics are fundamentally different on different people? I don’t think we should force it, but that doesn’t ignore that fact that it’s superior.

        10. These certainly are interesting times in which we live. Sometimes I think it better on a personal level to be a “Chad”. Having game without the philosophical quagmire of the manosphere. But support of the mindless hedonism is moral cowardice.
          I think Trump might be a step in the best direction, but I cannot imagine “President Trump”. Or “President Bernie Sanders” for that matter. Of the candidates, which has the best hair?

    2. Meanwhile, Republicans argue amongst themselves about whether the only candidate who isn’t a cuckold is a true conservative or not. We’re fucked.

      1. The Cuckservatives are arguing how the semen from the donors tastes. “It’s salty!” “It’s sweet!” “Mom says I should go for seconds!”

      2. “true conservative” is a load of horse shit. You either agree or disagree with someones policies, it’s not a matter of if they are obsessed with getting ass fucked by corporate america and are obsessed with the 50’s or not.

        1. The “true conservative” argument is the linguistic equivalent of throwing your gun at a monster because the clip is empty. How well did all of the self-labeled “true conservatives” we elected in the 2014 midterm elections work out for us? Is voting for the same type of politicians the solution? I don’t think so.

    3. So because our enemies are growing stronger and things are looking bleak you’re giving up and not reproducing? Why not just kill yourself if it’s that bad (Please don’t.)?
      The world of tomorrow is not set in stone. Be fruitful and multiply. Concern yourself with what you can control, your children, and the world will take care of itself.

      1. As I understand it, that’s the point of the “Quiverfull” religious group…have a large family taught good values to outbreed the abortion loving liberals.

        1. At the end of the day, I’m not having kids for “the cause.” I’m having kids because I think they bring joy and purpose into life, especially as we get older. The point being that we can’t allow anybody but ourselves to make such important life decisions.
          That said, it is a winning strategy.

    4. There is no doubt Obama will take the tacky, sleazy, and self-aggrandizing route by nominating a justice during his lame duck session.
      Republicans in the senate will block whoever he nominates – or they will face even worse wrath from their voters in November than what they are already looking at.

      1. You know the Republicans are going to roll over and nominate whoever he picks. Don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

    5. Do you get your freedom from a piece of paper and a bunch of politicians sitting in Washington, or from yourself?

      1. Exactly. “Rights” only exist as long as we are willing to take arms and take to the street to support them.

    6. What really sucks is that we in the USA are stuck with a fundamentally undemocratic practice of judicial review which the Constitution doesn’t even assign to federal courts. Nations like the UK and The Netherlands, which forbid courts from striking down legislation are truly fortunate

  4. I would suggest reading The Element, and handing him a copy when he starts wondering about his future.

    1. It can’t be overstated how important this is.
      We live in a world of words, with everyone trying to use verbal deception to control others.
      When you pay attention only to action, and not to words, you begin to see how the world really works.

      1. Before I was red-pilled, I remember hearing that “advice” from almost every single relationship columnist. They would say that women just want to talk about their problems, where men always want to look for solutions. So what was their answer for this conflict? To advise the man that he should patiently listen while the bitch rambles on for hours about her bullshit self-created problems. The advice was never given to women that maybe they should shut the fuck up for a few minutes and take some action to solve their issues.
        It’s amazing how gynocentric all aspects of society have become.

        1. Precisely. Not only that, but what happens is that this type of paradigm become the norm or how “normal” is defined.
          So, if you don’t act like a chump by whining, crying, hugging and simply talking about your problems, instead of shutting the fuck up and doing something about them … you’re considered “abnormal”, and require … wait for it … therapy aka “talk therapy” and, of course, some psych drugs to further numb you, err, fix your abnormality. Un-fkn-believable!

        2. absolutely. this is how they molded a generation of spineless wimps. made it look like the morally correct position was the female position – to emote profusely and do little else.

        3. It’s interesting…we always hear that guys should be in touch with their feelings and should talk about them. Has it never occurred to them that maybe we ARE in touch with our feelings, perhaps so well that we are past the point of talking about them ad nauseum and would rather act on them? Nah of course not…solipsism and all that.

        4. Society itself is gynocentric…the off the grid ideal is very masculine and individualistic.

        5. Well, that’s a part of being the dominant one, you’re the rock she gets to use.
          The only problem with what you’re calling “gynocentric” is that they have stopped admitting they want to be submissive, that’s all.
          It’s like you people are angry about the wrong thing.
          EDIT: Or, you want to be the submissive one, who knows. I’m assuming not. But it’d be a reason to detest that culture.

        6. I don’t see it as dominant to sit there wasting time for an hour letting some whiny bitch use you as an emotional tampon. It seems that the dominant thing to do would be to toss out some glib quip that trivializes her problems, and then just change the subject or walk away. I don’t see too many alpha guys letting people waste their time with long drawn-out sob stories.

        7. Well “alpha males” are generally immature jerks. Interesting point, but unless you’re talking about a “casual bitch”, which is what alpha males do, I still don’t change my view.
          I think you might be thinking I’m talking about engaging them, asking them to tell you more, agreeing with them, etc. etc.
          I’m just envisioning being a literal rock (impermeable), doing your own thing as she’s talking, give off the occasional “Yep.” and have her do her thing.
          After 10 minutes of this she will have melted, gotten a glimpse of self-awareness and hopefully shame, and come in for a kiss, or hug, or thank you for being a great listener.
          All you need to do then is say: “Oh. Yea. Sure.”
          You literally don’t need to have ever given an answer consisting of more than one word. Women are like this, you’ll be confronted with it at some point. You can’t in a relationship expect them to be men, otherwise there would be no need for one.

  5. I only have daughters but a lot of these apply to my children as well. I’ve seen firsthand boys who are alone, bullied, and weak, because the principles above are not promoted in their families. Every time I see someone like this it strengthens my resolve to not raise my kids the same way.

  6. I wish my father taught me 1.
    During my first fistfights as a child and as a teen I got beat up because I couldn’t even throw a punch. I just couldn’t hit their face. My punches would instinctively avoid their faces, thanks for the ability to violence having been trained out of me.
    No boy should be sent into the world without knowing the basics of self-defense. Shame on you baby boomers and you morbid utopia-glasses.

    1. I agree with this somewhat, but how important is this as one ages? I don’t confront anyone with violence in my adult life and don’t see how applicable this fighter instinct would be. Do I wish I had been taught to fight back against the middle school bully who pushed me around in the locker room? Sure. But how would it have changed things today, and how helpful would that skill be to me? I don’t know. I stay in shape enough that I can look after myself better than a woman, and better than the average overweight out of shape man, but if some punk holds me up with a gun, I’m not really going to fight back. And I don’t think it would change how I view things mentally. I just don’t know how valuable this advice is in the grand scheme of things. Then again, I was never really beat up, just got in a couple of scuffles, but nothing major.

      1. I think if you know you’re able to hit back it helps you stand up verbally for yourself. This is how helpful I think it is. The ability to confrontation is an important feature of what a man should be.
        Also, violent encounters are like housefires nowadays, they never happen… until they happen. If you’re not prepared, you might get frozen when someone physically assaults you and get injures you could have avoided.
        If it’s with a gun … i don’t know, really, the risk of accepting getting the thing pointed at your face are already really great (I’m always impressed how sensitive the trigger is). If he push the gun into your face I think it’s not the dumbest thing to do to try to disarm it if you know what you’re doing.
        One thing is sure, if you have an experience of physical concentration, you will see things clearer in such moments as someone who does not.
        And to quote Sun Tzu : “Only the warrior is peaceful, the others have no choice.”

  7. 1. That one is not lost on me. As a kid more often than not, I had to deal with bullying this way. Although I should point out that when outnumbered, there is no shame in flight, especially if it’s against hoodrats. And kids should also be taught how to pick their battles, and when possible, use their chain of command (i.e teachers or other adults). If that doesn’t work, then fight away.
    2. This one should be a given. Yet, this is where I have noticed a difference between cultures such as Mexican culture, and American culture when it comes to lazy people. In American culture, lazy people get made fun of, but it’s more of a “aww, but he’s so tired” cutesy humor. Mexican culture, on the other hand, mercilessly mocks lazy people because they’re lazy and worthless.
    3. I’ll let thus image speak for itself.
    4. As much as we mock it, now that I’m an adult, I do see the value in the concept of the high school cliques. After all, you want to hang out with those who like what you like. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems, even that is going slowly extinct. Nowadays, whenever I drive past one of the local high schools, everyone looks the same. Two ironies, though. One, this is courtesy of those who believe in “diversity”. Two, I suspect these people were probably members of the popular clique in school and don’t want anyone else standing out.
    5. Trust but verify. That is all. And yet, most of you seem to be in love with Trump.

    1. Trump is the lesser of the evils. Jeb Bush believes illegal immigration is an act of love and Cruz was essentially calling for legalizing all illegals on the senate floor, in 2013. Not to mention his wife is a Goldman Sachs manager and worked on the Council on Foreign Relations to push towards a borderless America.

      1. Good factoids. Lesser of two evils sounds appropriate. Turd sandwich or giant douche indeed. And piling on #5, that’s why I’ve never voted.

        1. You know voting is bullshit when low or non-contributors can endlessly vote for more of the tax take for themselves.

        2. Well here are your choices: Someone who I agree with but may potentially be lying, or someone who IS lying and I disagree with. Who would you go for?

        3. Damn dude. Tricky question. I take #2. At least if he’s a lying sack of shit, paradoxically, I would see through the lie.

        4. WHY!!!! Just because you can see though the lye, you are still giving them a HUGE amount of power!

      1. Who knew His Airness himself thought like this? We forget, he busted his ankle to the point of never playing again, he got divorced, he was a gambling addict, he lost his father. Yet, the man didn’t take his skills for granted. Mind you, I’m still not sold on the idea of athletes making the big bucks, but at least I’m glad someone took enough sense to value their skill to the max.

    2. “I do see the value in the concept of the high school cliques.” I would say that is kind of extreme. I find nothing wrong with hanging out with people like you, but you shouldn’t just completely shun people outside of the group and keep new people from joining.
      “Maybe it’s just me, but it seems, even that is going slowly extinct.” Na, they still exist, people are just more open to interaction with people outside of them, but teens still have groups who they hang with.

      1. Not always extreme. I hung out with mostly metalheads and fresas, yet I was friends with punks and cholos, to give two examples. I just happened to like rock.
        My last point was based on my observations of how society has radically changed over the past 15 years or so. It seems to me, and probably to others in this forum, that society is starting to become more apt to follow trends en masse more than ever. Take for instance, hipsters. Rather than being unique, now most people look and think like them. Same with ladies with yoga pants. What this does is it stifles originality. Take nerd culture. While these guys were shunned from society, making them make a culture all their own, now people claim nerddom by reading the random comic, watching the latest Michael Bay flick, or wearing dorky glasses. They dilute the culture. Plus, by letting women in, it becomes too PC. Same with punks and hip hop subcultures.

        1. Kids don’t create subcultures and tribes nowadays but they are force fed carefully constructed subcultures aimed to indoctrinate and squeeze every penny out of them.
          Hip hop started in the streets and was made by the kids with the four elements and such. Nowadays, hip hop is sippin purp and rented expensive cars, face tats and skynny mommas boys.

        2. Mainstream media has even ruined BDSM it seems. I bet those guys are ripping their assless chaps in anger. Even gay bars are fed up with women going there just because now they’re sucking (no pun intended) the joy out of those places.

        3. “Not always extreme. I hung out with mostly metalheads and fresas, yet I was friends with punks and cholos, to give two examples. I just happened to like rock.” Oh, well those aren’t really cliques. Cliques are more of when girls get in groups of 4-5 and don’t talk to anyone else.

  8. “I might need to put away the TV and gaming console in a closet”
    It’s not as simple as that. That does not remove the desire for quick entertainment. I was very attached to video games growing up. You cannot control a son, you can only show him better outlets for his energy.
    Also limit sugar. You cannot remove your child from a world full of sugar, but you can instill how terrible it is for you, particularly soft drinks, juice…etc.

  9. These points were considered just obvious and normal things to teach a young man when I was a child. In fact, these were part of the many things that were taught in Boy Scouts. And the Boy Scouts were considered the penultimate organization for the masses that helped good parents raise boys to be men.
    Now these points are like heresy. The Boy Scouts are considered some strange organization with strange teachings. And the result is adult boys like Pajama Boy.
    On a specific note, teaching a boy to hunt in packs is a necessity in a normal society. Ever thought about why the elites are so obsessed with discouraging women from having 5 or 6 children? (+5 children is normal for a female human, she is made to reproduce at those numbers or higher). The reason is that they do not want to see groups of 3 or 4 brothers that band together. When raised properly, brothers form the tightest human bonds known to man. A team of brothers can do amazing things and they think for themselves, following the alpha among the brothers. A brother will sacrifice everything, including his life, to help the team of brothers.
    I have refrained from having kids because the West is so culturally sick. But, if I were to pursue that, I would seek to have at least 3 boys, preferably 4 or more. I would teach them the necessity of their brotherly bonds. I would not count on them to listen to me, though. I would make sure that they are repeatedly put into extremely difficult circumstance in which the only way out is for them to work as a team. Sibling rivalries are forgotten very quickly when survival is at stake.

  10. Who else is bored of these ‘how I’m going to be a red pill parent’ type of posts?? I’d be much more interested in hearing advice from a man who has actually done it

  11. Good luck. It is hard to fight against the culture. I lost the video game fight with my own son. But won the playing outdoor fight (subtle manipulation). Got him playing in the woods.
    Sort of won academic fight also. He started off terrible, turned around in 11th grade.

  12. “I will tell him to never back down from a fight and never show weakness to an opponent.”
    What a stupid advice. Your kid will be beaten into a hospital, stabbed or shoot to death. Always estimate your chance of winning. There’s nothing wrong with walking away from a fight. I’d rather walk away then ending up being handicapped, because I didn’t want to lose my pride or respect. People who engage in fights very easily have nothing to lose in life.

    1. Not to mention, the person who starts the fight can end up being arrested, so the defender can have the last laugh if they don’t keep engaging.

        1. Global authority is just pack authority on a larger scale . You can’t tell a man to simultaneously distrust authority but be able to work in a group because groups are dependent on a authoritative structure .

        2. You can still question and review authority without necessarily disobeying it.
          “There is a time for everything,
          and a season for every activity under the heavens:
          a time to be born and a time to die,
          a time to plant and a time to uproot,
          a time to kill and a time to heal,
          a time to tear down and a time to build,
          a time to weep and a time to laugh,
          a time to mourn and a time to dance,
          a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
          a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
          a time to search and a time to give up,
          a time to keep and a time to throw away,
          a time to tear and a time to mend,
          a time to be silent and a time to speak,
          a time to love and a time to hate,
          a time for war and a time for peace.” – Ecclesiastes 3 I think this is a very good quote, especially when discussing wars and revolutions. Hierarchy is a two way street, and if the top wont listen to the needs of the bottom, than the bottom doesn’t need to respect the top.

        3. Not really. I mean, I have objectively looked at religion, but I came to a conclusion that I agree with Christianity.

        4. Religion has a hierarchy and authortrian nature to it and basically governs all aspects of life . You openly submit to it , even though the Bible was written by man , but at the same time preach to question authority.

        5. You clearly never actually read my comment, here it is again: “You can still question and review authority without necessarily disobeying it.
          ‘There is a time for everything,
          and a season for every activity under the heavens:
          a time to be born and a time to die,
          a time to plant and a time to uproot,
          a time to kill and a time to heal,
          a time to tear down and a time to build,
          a time to weep and a time to laugh,
          a time to mourn and a time to dance,
          a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
          a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
          a time to search and a time to give up,
          a time to keep and a time to throw away,
          a time to tear and a time to mend,
          a time to be silent and a time to speak,
          a time to love and a time to hate,
          a time for war and a time for peace.’ – Ecclesiastes 3 I think this is a very good quote, especially when discussing wars and revolutions. Hierarchy is a two way street, and if the top wont listen to the needs of the bottom, than the bottom doesn’t need to respect the top.” As I said, REVIEW authority, and if it’s being abused, then you can step out of line, but if it isn’t, you don’t need to just be a lone wolf a$$hole.

        6. A group of equals, working for a common purpose with a primus inter pares as a “leader” can be quite functional.

        7. Anyone who has honestly, rationally questioned religion, any religion, cannot continue to be a believer. It just doesn’t stack up. Religion in general, and Christianity in particular have been designed as a form of control.

  13. When I was a kid, I was taught that if someone hits you, you hit them back. That was taught to me by my grandmother. She hated bullies, and if someone was picking on me or my little brother, she expected me to beat the snot out of them. She was no ordinary woman. She was a football loving tomboy who hated feminists. She drove a souped up Mercury Cougar, while maintaining the household while my grandfather ran his business. She also warned me that girls can be manipulative troublemakers, so be careful when you date. My mom and dad agreed too, but since they both had to work to keep my brother and myself out of Philadelphia public schools, she spent the most time with us.

    1. My grandmother loved wrestling and also taught us to fight back. CAMEL CLUTCH! She was seen as insane by many, but she had wisdom.

  14. I am a gamer who came here because of Reaxxion. I noticed early on that to really bond with a son now teach him how to take apart and rebuild his computers, consoles, and controllers. Taking apart these devices and putting them back teaches patience, skill, and technological knowledge, which is important now. When some chick has a computer problem and your son fixes it, BAM, that is like a mechanic who makes ladies instantly wet. Being savvy to technology is like our generations handyman.
    I also noticed people hate failing now. I like to play this game named Siren. Man, it is brutal. Failure is a huge part of the game as you learn the mechanics, but every failure teaches you how to observe what you did wrong in order to make it right on the next try. Every kid I know ditched the game because of the constant failure, but I felt so great when I finally won after 50 failures.

  15. When I was really young, some kid took my toy and pushed me down. I cried to my mother and she said: ” Push him down and take your toy back!”
    My child will never have anything taken from them, and if they do, then they will take it back.

  16. I’m not going to bag on the writer here but the title should read “how do these five ideas for raising kids sound”. The reason I won’t get on him is because a quarter of a century ago before I had kids I had the same thoughts.
    There’s several things that go into molding young minds. The one thing I can say is that things change. I was lucky.Even though I have two sons who’re eagle scouts and are in college and a wife who’s stayed consistent for the most part, things can change. I’ve seen wives just completely melt down and become sluts, whales incapable of doing anything physical, go feminist or worse yet–liberal feminists.
    #1: I don’t think you meant to say you’d teach your kids to beat up other kids but a literal reading is what you said. I enrolled my kids in martial arts class. Neither made black belt but they both spent two years doing it. My sons were always big kids. Both are now around 6’3″ and were always the biggest kids in their class. Both are mellow I think in part because no one ever messed with them. They did stick up for other kids that were getting bullied, something I imparted on them. I also always told them never to start a fight but to make sure they finished one. That was also stressed in martial arts classes.
    Work for a living: Interesting enough, kids learn by example. If they grow up seeing you work it won’t be a foreign concept to them. It also makes it easier to put them to work.
    Loose to win; They both played football. It felt like I threw my arm out because they wanted to practice at home. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are great learning tools.
    Hunt in packs: That’s good but young men need to also learn to be OK going at things solo. That’s a balancing act and shouldn’t favor one side or another.
    Distrust authority: That’s risky business and perhaps one of the more delicate balancing acts. Yes, you want your children to be able to make out propaganda but you don’t want to approve of insubordinate behavior. You can distrust it but it has its place.
    Kids take things very literally. It’s very easy to reinforce bad behavior while trying to do the right thing. I’m also amazed how often I see several kids raised in the same house by the same rules and the same parents turn out completely different.
    I would say you have the right idea but I would caution you, Raising kids reminds me of the old Land of The Lost kids show. Every time the humans messed with the matrix table, they fucked things up. Parenting CAN SOMETIMES be like that.
    I wish you all the best and my advice would be to have kids early and listen to old parents who were successful in raising good kids.

  17. You guys make an interesting point about “hitting back”, but it is very obvious that you guys are not familiar with how kids fight these days outside of school: rarely is it 1-on-1, multiple kicks to the head, stompings, and then it is always filmed. Finally, kids perpetrating these brutal attacks are not even given a slap on the wrist. Please, rethink your strategy. We don’t live in the 1980’s anymore.

    1. That’s when you go into the school and have a discussion with the school staff.
      He would -as he put it- “go up one side of ’em and down the other”.
      And always, ALWAYS never hit first.

      1. I teach in East Bay. “Talks” don’t change a thing; kids are not allowed by law to be suspended or expelled for fighting. Schools are helpless.

        1. I don’t think I was clear the first time (multi-tasking, you know): my father would give the school hell if I was punished for defending myself. In elementary/high school I was known for being grumpy because I didn’t take shit from others.
          Then again, things may have changed and things tend to take longer to get to Vermont. You also have a front-row seat to the matter, so to speak.

  18. The only lesson you should your future son is to never get married & not giving a single fuck about women.
    Life has more to offer than some silly sex with fucked up bitches!

  19. I would apply Sun-Tzu’s advice with regards to fighting. Yes you should stand up for yourself, but if the odds are clearly NOT in your favor then it is foolish to fight, especially if kids are bringing guns to school these days.
    There is no honor lost in NOT making oneself out to be a target for bullying, or blending into the crowd at school to avoid confrontations.

    1. “especially if kids are bringing guns to school these days.” Typically the ones bringing guns are the ones trying to defend themselves, not attackers.
      “There is no honor lost in NOT making oneself out to be a target for bullying, or blending into the crowd at school to avoid confrontations.” Very good point, in my years of public education I followed this advice, and not once did I ever get in a situation where I had to fight.

  20. you stated above, “As for my daughter, I expect her mother to teach her the things she needs to know to be a lady.” frankly and truthfully, daughters learn to be ladies from their caring, honest, and alpha fathers more then from their mothers. without getting into a debate or lecture, that is the simple truth and it is backed up by modern parenting books and frankly it makes sense because women without a strong masculine role model do what suits them in the moment and that is more closer likened to a whore then a lady. strong fathers raise strong daughters, which become elegant composed ladies. lucas

    1. I am not a parent and have less than zero experience parenting, but this sounds true. I feel like the mother is there for moral support but when it comes to learning how to be a human being interacting in a society it is, in a well rounded home, strong masculine energy.
      The closest I have to experience is women. I would say that most of the women I date are absolute filthy whores. I like them that way. Not one of them has a strong father they could look up to.

      1. Using the words woman and moral in the same sentence makes me queasy. How about “morale” ?

  21. 1. be a leader not a follower.
    2. be comfortable with being alone.
    3. don’t chase women, follow the money. understand that you create it yourself, not a chump ass 9 to 5.
    4. don’t depend on friends, women, or “god”.
    5. let your actions speak louder than your words.

    1. “1. be a leader not a follower.” if everyone was a leader, we would have no leaders.
      “4. don’t depend on friends, women, or ‘god’.” Stupid Atheist….

      1. If everyone were followers we’d have no leaders. If you want to raise sheep, fine with me. I never will. There are always more civilians than presidents. Maybe your sons will be devout followers of my sons one day.
        You call me a stupid atheist but you believe in a “god” on the premise that you want to believe there is one and have faith that there is a magical man in the sky, not indisputable proof. That’s not smart to a logical person. I believe in depending on yourself because your prayers will not be answered. Case in point, about 25,000 ppl will die of starvation today, even after praying for food. Meanwhile, ppl who depend on themselves will eat and survive. Good day.

        1. “If everyone were followers we’d have no leaders. If you want to raise sheep, fine with me. I never will. There are always more civilians than presidents. Maybe your sons will be devout followers of my sons one day.” I never said you should just step in line, but you just can’t have everyone be leaders. You don’t need to FORCE THEM to, if they like leading, then so be it. Be a leader. But if they don’t, I don’t see what is wrong with doing regular people work. As for everything you are saying about god, I am not a pushy asshole about my religion (unlike most atheists). Further going on point 4 though, you seem to think you can be fully independent. But you can’t. Humans are a cooperative pack species. Even with all of the “alpha” and “beta” bullshit you guys are obsessed with, the Alphas need the Betas to survive. You will ALWAYS need friends and colleagues to survive.

        2. If you are ok with taking the passive route with your heirs, that’s fine by me. It’s just not my style. And it wasn’t my father’s or grandfather’s style. Hell it wasn’t even the style of the OGs that taught me.
          The irony in your part about religion, is that you resorted to calling me a stupid atheist, when all I said is don’t depend on “god” I didn’t say which god or even attack your personal beliefs. after all there are more than 67,000 diff religions, all with their own unique take on what or who he is.
          I think you misunderstand what I am saying about dependency, I am not saying people don’t have uses. I am saying to depend on anyone on a serious level cripples you and in the long run, sets you up for serious disappointment. Depend on yourself, you can and will always make new associates, 90% of whom enter your life in passing.

      1. If the prophecy of the Popes is correct, he is “Peter Romanus” and he will be the last pope…after which time Rome will be destroyed…and mankind judged.

        1. I thought he was the second to last and then will be followed by Peter Romanus according to the prophecy of Malachi O’Moore.

  22. Yeah, inflexibly take on every fight that presents itself. Some real wisdom there.
    You want a son (or any offspring for that matter) to be discerning, wise, and authentic. The inflexibility of these teachings is at best myopic and at worst extremely unhealthy.

  23. “I will tell him to never back down from a fight and never show weakness to an opponent.”
    If he gets bullied at school I would say yes. But if he gets picked on by a group of stronger and more violent boys, I would say it’s better to just walk away. I’ve seen situations where 10yo Muslim boys threw big rocks at other boys. Rocks that can kill you if they hit your head. Or 13yo African boys that walk around with big knives and aren’t afraid to use them. They are low IQ savages. They act primarily on instinct and only think about the current moment and not about the possible consequences of their actions.
    There are a lot of fucked up kids around. Especially with all the third world scum that immigrates to Western countries. I don’t give a fuck if these savages see me as a coward, because I walked away. I’m not going to risk my life to earn respect from a bunch of monkeys.

    1. Yes, because bullies are contained to a specific area and always tone down their behavior when you ignore them. Intelligence evident.

  24. at points 4, 5. I cant help but think this site is monitored by authority types. Maybe its paranoia. Point 4 is important. Finding like minded people is quite rare

  25. Life doesn’t have hard rules, it is more like guidelines, follow them when you can go around them when you can’t.
    Raising a son is like anything else you do, it’s not going to be perfect you have to find a happy medium. My father and I got along well and were almost like friends in some ways but, there was never any doubt about who was the boss and who had the last word. I have done the same with my now grown son and he turned out well.
    As far as bullies go I was told, slap the taste out of his mouth( the bully) he might give you an ass whooping but, he won’t try it again because it’s too much work. Bullies prey on the weak not on the ones who fight back.

  26. Teach your son not to waste his precious time on chasing girls or getting sex. In the end it’s all short-term pleasure and not worth spending much time on it. Only spend your time on a girl/woman who is serious or worth your time.
    It would be hard for boys growing up in a sexualized society, but a real man should be able to control his sexual desires and focus on the things that are important. Most guys fuck up their education or career, because they focus on women and sex. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

  27. I’d have a son play at least one team sport, to learn teamwork (and that other people suck) and at least one individual sport (to learn self-reliance). I’d also have him learn a trade as well as following an academic track (assuming he had the brain for that), as well as starting him on music and languages early.
    Oh, and not to worry about getting girls, b/c if he makes himself exceptional, then the pussy will flow.

    1. Speak for yourself. My rugby team was hard as nails and almost undefeated. Best blokes I ever met.

  28. I hope #1 is teaching your son common sense; how to fight and defend himself not looking for fights. Another pack of dogs or a lone wolf with a weapon might introduce him to the reaper.
    Nothing about not taking sh#t from girls or fighting feminism?

  29. I agree greatly, as long as you aren’t telling your on to go out and pick a fight for no reason with some stranger for no reason (“Hey son, here’s a board with a rusty nail through it; I’ve got my own as well. Let’s go find another dad with his kid and have a good old fashioned father-and-son fight.”). Otherwise, that’s the kind of man this world needs.
    I especially agree with #5: distrust authority. The problem here in Canada (and your country, Sweden) is the citizens rust the liberal government too uch, and are taught that to be PC is a must. As a result, our once lumberjacking, arctic dog sledding, masculine culture of strong values has degenerated into this feminized cluster fuck I’d hardly call a “country” today. Hell, our culture is amazing, but you wouldn’t know it anymore; even I didn’t figure it out until maybe a few years ago. Thus multiculturalism isn’t helping it, either.
    I’ve thought of abandoning this malignant cancerous nation before as soon as I get older and the skills needed to ensure I make it, but I would rather stay behind and beat an antidote into this country, even if I have to spend years living on some tundra plot above the arctic circle-sort of like voluntary exile from the leftist mafia to work things out.
    Regardless, I still have college up soon (accepted). I have to take things one step at a time. I either win, or I fail.

  30. Or even better solution. How about you don’t have a son? or daughter. What kind of asinine moron, after taking the red pill, still insists he wants to bring children into the world?

    1. You are free to self extinguish your genetic line as you please. Some men want to have their line passed forward to the future.

        1. You only do if you choose to do so. If you take the action of opting out you’re guaranteed a failure.

      1. Such men are misled. What use is passing your genetic line, since first of all you’ll be fucking dead to care, and second of all, unless you are a genetic Adonis, you’ll be passing on shit DNA. Looking fit doesn’t mean you have good genetics. Anyone can achieve a good body if they work hard, but some people are predisposed to be fatasses, or hardgainers. Is that what you want your kids to have?
        With that said, people are free to do whatever they want. They should understand the consequences of their actions though.

      2. Enjoy living hell in exchange for a kid you won’t even have any contacts with in a couple years.

        1. What I like about you is how stupid you are. I’ll leave it at that.

        2. Well, from what I’ve heard from GOJ I don’t think it will happen to him in this case (I almost never say that) but I do agree that the odds are severely against a man these days. The risk is not worth it.

  31. I think the worse thing you can do to your son, is to send him off to a public school. By the time this public schools are done classically conditioning your son, he will end up like Chief Kief.

    1. You can’t segregate a child form society. No better way to raise a fringe weirdo. You do need to teach him to be objective, stoic and to challenge what he’s told but dragging him out of the system altogether is bad news. Face the world. Don’t hide from it.

  32. Well, if you want to turn your imagined future son into a rapist I can’t stop you. Sorry your ideas are striking out so badly with rational adults that you have to resort to these fantasies of perverting the minds of children.

    1. Well I know your son is gonna be one of those sexually frustrated omegas (ala Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodger).
      Congrats bro.

  33. Do yourself a favor: put away the television and the video game console BEFORE he becomes addicted to them. Do it for yourself as well.

  34. I think the lone wolf / pack hunter mentality is false dichotomy. Teach your sons – and strive yourself – to be a man’s man. Build connections and relationships for mutual benefit. Nobody builds a dynasty by themselves. A hundred men alone will build a hundred tee-pees. A hundred men united can build a hundred castles and each man can be a king with 99 kings to call his peers.

  35. So, just to clarify; you want your son to respect your authority but also distrust any authority figures, you want him to socialise with other kids but also beat them up whenever the opportunity arises, making him earn his keep in the household by working but then teach him that taxes are a bad thing and should disappear (as if government facilities such as police and hospitals all appear by magic) all the while rejecting and neglecting your daughter and teaching your son that you don’t have to bother paying attention to her because she’s a woman. That is going to be one messed up kid.

  36. Wait… all of taht also apply to girls, right ? Learning how to defend themselves against mean boys (most of agressors are boys and victims are women, true but sad fact), learn how to work hard etc. We could do the same thing for girls… No ? Oh, wait, I know, girls should stay weak and passive and say anything…

  37. Sounds like you’re going to be a great father… Not! Those things will only lead him into trouble and distress, possibly prison.

  38. My dad is 72 years old. I make it a point to thank him personally or in an email. I’ll tell him a story and throw in a thanks at the end. Two things he used to say to me a lot as a young kid; “Don’t be such a pussy.” And “You gonna hang on your mothers tits for the rest of your life?” I think about it as an adult and I smile. My college roommates and I would reminisce about the things our dads would say to toughen us up.
    Saying things like that to your son will be illegal and punished by public hanging someday. By that time, my dad will be dead and I’ll still have great memories of my awesome dad. Sorry femenists.

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