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ROK has established itself to an extent that it’s now prudent to think of its long-term longevity. Since it has launched, I have funded ROK from my own pocket, but the site’s growth and puny income has started to make me blink when paying monthly expenses, which consists of hosting and modest compensation to writers. In other words, ROK needs money.


Today I’m introducing Sponsorships. It’s a way for one individual or company to sponsor the site for an entire month. It includes several sponsor message placements. Click here to learn more. Rich men are welcome to be a patron saint and take up a sponsorship even if they don’t have a product to sell.

For those readers who want to contribute a small amount, I will be unveiling a Tip Jar page in the next week or two.

31 thoughts on “Sponsor ROK For One Month”

  1. I’d be more than happy to add value to this site by continuing to post comments every now and then.

  2. Sponsorship shouldnt be too hard to get after all this site has the elusive 18-45 young men demographic on lock.

  3. I’m unemployed however the tip jar sounds like a good way to donate small amounts when I have it.
    If someone has the money though, I suggest go for sponsorship. This site has done more for young men than just about anywhere else on the net.

  4. From what i have gathered from other sites and metrics ROK is in the top 5 if not number one in terms of manosphere traffic. Considering that you should consult an ad agency and get professionals involved in generating ad revenue. As a side note if when I pass USMLE Step 1 I will have some free time and would happily donate one or two free posts free of charge……

    1. Good point. Without making the site ad-heavy, you could still generate a lot of revenue by having a sidebar with stuff the manosphere would like. With the traffic to your site, you would make good financial coinage whilst the site would continue to attract a lot of traffic. Please just keep the ads red pill related and not all over the place, otherwise the traffic would drop.

  5. do you have different sponsorship categories? i’d be happy to make a smaller contribution – either monthly or one time.

  6. Am willing to contribute to that tip jar. This site is worthy of financial support. In fact, I don’t mind tipping monthly; however, for each month that a female author writes an article, I’ll keep my cash. Jinna ziller and mangosteen stay at bay.

      1. seriously, dude?? what the f could a chick ever contribute to a manosphere website? you miss being ball-busted or what?

    1. I stated on Twitter not long ago that we will not be publishing any more articles written by women. It was an experiment.

  7. I think you would do well by promoting Bang & Day Bang and your other books on here more often.

  8. So, I’m assuming a disaster recovery plan also exists, for when feminists deluge the host with complaints and get them to shut down the site.

  9. Would be happy to contribute. I’ve definitely gotten more value for the effort of the meager few clicks I put in.

  10. Finally a worthwile cause to donate to, as opposed to all the other bullshit movements who want your money.

  11. Roosh I can’t believe you’re actually paying these guys to write articles? Half of them are completely worthless

  12. Feed the the Fat Cats at ROK? Yeah right…
    All joking aside, I’d be happy to donate. It would be nice to be able to donate to specific articles to promote the ones that are interesting/insightful.Also, if you
    offered the authors a stipend based on % of revenue their article
    garnered it might be a nice incentive to keep posts fresh and

    1. This is a pretty innovative idea…like a tip jar at the end of the article, pay as much as you want…hmmm…then your contributions could be tracked, and say, you contributed a certain amount, you could be invited to certain perks and such at the end of the year or whatnot…this opens so many possibilities.

    2. Also, writers would have a way of “ranking” themselves against their peers, and monetary incentives to write quality articles…

  13. This is a great development for your site Roosh. Im sure it will work and you can count me in after 6 months for a banner.

  14. I would be willing to advertise my Lady Boi’s To You network that operates in the US and some parts of Europe. How much would this cost and how much exposure would I get?

  15. Put some actual content on this site instead of mouthbreathing and homosexuality and I will consider donating to you pack of losers.

  16. Roosh, I second “That Guy’s” comment regarding being able to contribute under each article, a tip jar, so to speak. This way, the best writers would receive the most income, providing a strong incentive for them to continue writing quality material, and you’d know exactly who the readers want writing for you. In addition, the readership gets to have a say in the flow of the site, creating an interactivity seldom seen in news/entertainment sites. The readership itself would fund the site directly, cutting out the ad guys and any content-related demands they may have. I’ve never seen a system like that put in place, but if you were the first to do it, it would be pretty amazing, man, innovation at its finest, courtesy of the Manospere. That’s my two cents.

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