Is There A Way Back To How Things Were?

I have always been a big believer in evolution, adaptation and the general cyclical nature of things. I have been convinced of this by compelling forces of nature. Seasons change, day is followed by night and yet followed again by day and the sun goes up and down. Our mood changes from being happy, excited and patient to anxious and depressed.  Even our actual being and procreation is triggered by a cyclical motion in bed of going back and forth. Without that simply, even primitive motion, semen will not erupt from penis and will not shower a woman’s egg and no new life will be created.

This cyclical nature of our planet and our being makes me harbor hope that the decline in our social dynamics is also a cyclical phenomenon that will inevitably be replaced by emergence from this post-modern mediocrity of how we communicate with each other. I may be naive but I hope that maybe, one day, people will take off their sunglasses, will stop trying to look so cool and all the wrong ways, and will go back to looking each other in the eye more. They will get off their cellphones and will start eavesdropping on the conversations around them and will listen other noises that the world produces.

In my little fantasy world, I see how people abandon Facebook and texting, and pick up the phone to hear each others’ voices. They start making albums with photographs, pulling out the ones that bring the most sentimental memories and holding them in their hands for a long time, reminiscing on the times when the photos was taken, rather then browsing their Picasa folder.

I know I am fooling myself but I still hope that one day our big bookstores will open up again, and I will be able to go through isle after isle and browse all kinds of books and magazines, checking out various publications, while having coffee and people watching, all at the same place.

When that day comes, the new people I meet will not ask me “Are you on Facebook?” but will go back to asking me for my phone number, like it used to be in not so distant past. Guys will go back to calling the girls they want to ask out instead of sending lame text messages.

From that day on, I will only receive actual, not “virtual” greeting cards for my birthday.  And, the people who want to get to know me will do that by talking to me and observing my behavior and actions rather than googling me and making a bunch of unwarranted assumptions about who I am based on what they find.

It will be exactly the same day when being a dick doesn’t make you cool, and being a douchebag doesn’t earn you respect. It will be the same exact perfect day when no one flakes on each other, and small talk about weather and traffic yields to discussing things that really matter, even if it means disagreeing or criticizing something or someone. Judging will no longer be a crime. On the contrary – it will be a necessarily element of evaluating and re-evaluating ourselves and the world around us for continuous growth and improvement.

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74 thoughts on “Is There A Way Back To How Things Were?”

  1. I’m currently watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and I really envy the dating culture back from the WW2 era.

  2. This was an excellent post. What’s ironic is that with the rapid AIDS-like spread of Islam, this may actually happen one day. No beer, bacon, or titties. Of course gays, criminals, and feminists will be executed so there is that…

    1. I’m brown and Christian. I was raised to hate Islamic peoples. My
      personal experience with many of them when I was younger was so-so, but I
      believe that they are ‘manageable’ and I have had Muslim best friends. I
      also have heard what they say behind closed doors and I do believe that
      UK Muslims have eventually integrated enough into society and only a
      minority causes the problems. They neither fit in perfectly here nor at
      home, and have been brought over as someone for us to duke it out with
      so we don’t go for the real people behind the problems. Should I be wary
      of the Islamists, the globalist Chinese, the communist Russians, or the
      traitors running this society? Who’s worse? And I think that the
      traitor/Manchurian candidates/fools are the most dangerous of all. I put this point here as you mabye do not see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and whilst such peoples may be a serious problem in future, I consider the ‘traitors’ the most cunning and dangerous of all.

      1. Man China isn’t globalist, it’s quite the opposite. Most Chinese just want to get rich and then wallow in our wealth, the hell with the rest of the world. Just saying.

  3. Just because it made me laugh, not trying to insult you – I hope big bookstores open again too, so that people don’t confuse isle and aisle.

    1. “It will be exactly the same day when being a dick doesn’t make you cool, and being a douchebag doesn’t earn you respect. It will be the same exact perfect day when no one flakes on each other, and small talk about weather and traffic yields to discussing things that really matter, even if it means disagreeing or criticizing something or someone.”
      A turbo-hamster to rival any woman’s hamster… Funny how the deniers of reality are are coming to “red pill” and facing the issues that make them uncomfortable (HBD, true nature of human female, truth in politics and more).

  4. Pathetic post. Yeah, I might agree with no facebook, no mobiles, no ebooks, no ecards, no internet etc… but it’ll never happen while the satellites are still orbiting the earth.
    In fact, if you’re going to go all hypothetical on us why not go all the way and preach about the stone-age times? Or, better yet, bugger off to Papa New Guinea and find one of those tribes that still aren’t on the map and live in a cave there.
    Plus, do you notice the hypocrisy of posting on the internet about how you wish there wasn’t an internet?
    If you’re going to go all pseudo-intellectual expect to be called up on it.

    1. Where did the author say he didn’t want the internet? Read a little deeper and you’ll see that he just wants people wants people to go back to face-to-face interaction and direct communication.

      1. It’s all or nothing. You can’t pick and chose. Besides, internet has been accused of isolating people. Maybe you should read deeper into my response.

        1. Huh, why you asking me? And the answer’s pretty bloody obvious and well known: selling your personal information to marketing companies.

        2. I read deeply into your post and all I saw was a back-and-white interpretation of the original article. Also, you tend to use the word “pathetic” a lot in your comments.

        3. Do I? That’s pathetic. No, seriously, how many times have I used that word here? Once or twice at the most (dunno tbh). And, yeah, I can go all b&w on this high-school love letter to the past, no apologies required. It’s weak, like something a stoned hippie would come up with, thinking, wow, that’s profound.
          E.g. Why can’t we all just get along? Make love not war. When you hate, you hurt yourself. What is the sound of one hand clapping?
          It’s all just bullshit that I’ve heard a hundred times and makes me want to bang my head against a wall. But, hey, if you think it’s profound, good for you. Go ahead admit it, you think this thread is profound. I won’t laugh. Honest.

      2. Thank you. That’s exactly what I meant. There is plenty of happy medium between the extremes that apparently O-face overlooks.

      1. Was that a troll attempt? D+ At least you’re trying to hit on something that could make me be all butt hurt, unlike Carlson D. But, no, try some other avenue, I’m perfectly fine with the fact I can’t dance.

  5. We always assume the progression of technology and innovation is inherently good, but that is not an absolute truth. Could society one day end up rejecting technology and advancements? Sure. Is it likely to happen? Probably not. Humans do not like signing up for things that make life difficult and abandoning say, the internet, would do just that.
    Maybe with the advent of the NSA data mining program people will realize they can either have the internet, social media, and email or they can have privacy And privacy wins, the net goes dark. I highly doubt this will ever happen though.
    I did see a presentation a few years ago from a self-dubbed “futurist” who gave a fairly compelling argument that the future would look like a 1950’s style steampunk reality. His prediction was that society would adopt the cultural and societal aspects of the 1946-1963 generation but would incorporate 21st century technology into it. For instance, there would be a national network of trains again on which the cars would be designed as they were in the 50’s and everyone would be dressed up. But that train may be a bullet train that tops out at 300 mph. Again, not very likely but it was definitely worth the hour I spent attending his presentation.

    1. Many of the social and cultural aspects of the postwar era were a response to communism. I think I know what that guy meant, but I find it highly unlikely that we would adopt outdated cultures wholesale simply because of their (strongly stereotyped) outcomes. If anything our culture is reflecting responses to the Recession, immigration and radical Islam; an increasing gap between STEM and everyone else, women even less clothed than before, promotion of soft vices, little or no religious obligation, an incoherent family unit, and a loss of national identity and solidarity.

      1. We are now seeing the transition into what was referred to as a “managed society” back in the 1920’s. That is why we see the removal of wealth from the masses. The feminisation of men. The quashing of any independent thought. The endless promotion of “niceness” and “civility”. The removal of religion from the public sphere. The death of the family. And the destruction of the concept of nationality.
        The problem is that in order to have this type of Brave New World society, the people, especially at the top who are not the managers must be complacent and happy. The Alpha and the Beta (as in Brave New World sense) are not that right nor does it look like they will be any time soon. Women are generally happy (or they are told to be even though they report every year increasing unhappiness) with the situation as of now but I think that is going to end soon. The fun of playing professional career woman, having Sunday brunch to talk about raunchy weekend sex stories, and endless shopping for cheap consumer products is going to start drying up in the next few years. The first real generation of women who have had access to the world like this was really born in the early to mid 80’s. They are now approaching their mid 30’s and either will hit or have it the wall. The mass delusion is going to start wearing off really soon. They will be 40, surrounded by cats, ravished by STDs, in a pointless middle management job, and no prospects of child or marriage (or maybe a failed marriage or two).
        Point is, if the manager class wants to run their managed society they are still going to have to find a way so that there is something of real value for the top 20-25% and quickly. This section of society is not just going to sit back and go along with the program watching the manager class reap in all the wealth and prosperity.

        1. Religion just dies on it’s own like the velvet on a deer’s antlers is worn off. The original reason for it was to satisfy people’s curiosity for why things happened, and it has been long, long obsoleted by Science. You’re not going to get people to go back to worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster any time soon as he hasn’t done much in a long, long time.

        2. I don’t see how your interesting link jibes with your point. It states that from 1982 to 2012, the most atheistic viewpoint went about from 9% to 15%; a jump of 50% in 30 years. The death of a big lie like religion takes centuries, look how long it took the market for superstition to shift from multitheism to xtianity in the Roman empire.
          Besides, there is an underclass of intellect that can’t understand science well enough to feel comfortable with atheism, and they are better off and happier with religion as long as charlatans don’t whip them up into murder like with the WTC.
          By the way, this jibes with findings from the US Census from 1990 to 2000 of people reporting “no religion” going up to about 15% from below 10% ( in the census, “no religion” is separate from an “Other Religion” category a Zoroastrian, for example, would check.

    2. I did see a presentation a few years ago from a self-dubbed “futurist” who gave a fairly compelling argument that the future would look like a 1950’s style steampunk reality. His prediction was that society would adopt the cultural and societal aspects of the 1946-1963 generation but would incorporate 21st century technology into it.

      I like that idea because I think more and more people realize now that our society went off on a wrong track starting in the 1960’s. The science fiction of that era generally reflects patriarchal views of women, but that doesn’t make this literature “outdated” so much as “prescient,” by showing the return to stable patriarchal norms after a few generations of unsustainable feminist social experiments.
      I’d dare say that science fiction writers’ fondness for setting feudal social structures, noble houses and aristocratic political systems in high-tech societies in “the future” will also look prescient. The egalitarian-democratic-feminist age we live in probably represents an aberration and a random walk away from longer-term social patterns which make more sense for human nature.

  6. Generally, people will do whatever it is they’re doing right now, until it becomes socially or economically unaffordable. Do we;
    A) create the unaffordability
    B) educate people about making better choices, or do we,
    C) simply wait for the unaffordability to happen on its own?
    My experience and expectation is that a combination of A and C usually wins. If you want B to win, and it sounds like you do, you’ll need to show people why doing things this way is better, how it will satisfy them NOW, or why the delayed satisfaction is worth the wait.
    Consider, also, that the current interactive norm that you describe strongly supports the cultural status quo. The rich want the working class to entertain themselves. Feminists, or anyone else with an agenda, want to snark into an echo chamber. Take away their toys and they’ll be making voodoo dolls of you in short order.
    Change of this magnitude will probably have to come from outside.

  7. Everything is application. With the resources we have, we could have Mad Max’s 300mph bullet trains, vacations to the Moon, urban renewal in the rust belt, and infrastructure for the next 100 years.
    Instead, we have Facebook, Wal-Mart, and smart toasters.
    If you’re old enough, think back to when 2013 was a distant time in the future. Did you anticipate we’d be a nation of super-obese hillbillies waddling around plywood-framed big box stores staring into our phones to get the latest in 140 character-and-under wisdom from some douchebag we don’t even know?
    This is no luddite argument. Facebook and Twitter are no more progress than the Edsel. They are websites, nothing more, and not particularly advanced ones at that. Twitter had no users for years. The media promoted Twitter big-time, and people signed up in droves. All of this social media crap exits for one reason only: advertising dollars. Our hyper-connected society is perpetuated to get you shopping like a champ.
    Again, it’s all application. We can live in a world of physical engagement, bullet trains, and adventure OR we can be excessively lazy consumers perpetually turned inward.

      1. And wouldn’t be tolerated in the United States for more than five minutes. If you want a laugh, go look at some pictures of Occupy Wall Street protests and the ubiquity of their ever-connected smart phone spy devices. Makes it easy to profile wannabe revolutionaries, huh?

      2. If you believe the official (and totally hilarious explanation) that a people suddenly arose because of texting messages over Twitter. It’s just absurd and you should more likely look at who gains on destabilized countries in the Middle-East.
        Libya for example had revolutioners who was hired militia for example. That’s happening in Syria now aswell.
        The first thing to do is never take anything mainstreammedia says for the absolute truth. Just an advice.

        1. Framing me as a media stooge is unnecessary. Qualify your assumptions as your own, not mine.
          I certainly don’t believe that Twitter CAUSED the Arab Spring, only that it was a tool, as stated above. However, the academic, political and economic establishment are trying to frame social media as some sort of communicative quantum, when in fact there is none; communication is an aggregate. The fact that social media CAN be used for something other than Western consumerism doesn’t mean you’re a revolutionary every time you check your feed.
          What’s worse, as you mention, is that many of the beneficiaries are people we didn’t want in power at all, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. As evidenced in Syria, both the West and the Levant are willing to overlook this for political and economic gain…particularly when your enemies communicate through servers that you monitor and control.

        2. Sorry it could be my language-problems, was not trying to frame you as a idiot i was just trying to put in a quick note or a hint that Twitter didn’t have much to do with the actual revolution or spring.
          As for the Muslim Brotherhood they were started by Britain in the 80s i think and there are still close relations between the European/American elites and the Saudi-regime (which is ruling the country under a very extreme form of Islam).
          I can only recommend Kerry Bolton’s Revolution from Above.
          And once again, it was not my intention to call you an idiot (english is not my native language).

        3. I see, thank you. In return for your book recommendation, which I’ll look into, I suggest Neil MacFarquhar’s “The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday”. It’s a journalist’s country-by-country account of Arab culture and politics and makes some very plain introductory explanations of things like how fatwas work. It’s been immensely useful for understanding how fundamentally different and conflicted the Arab world view can be.

    1. My cryonicist friends and I talk about this a lot. Last Century’s paleo-futurists and science fiction writers got the early 21st Century wrong in a lot of ways, but at least they showed people getting off their asses to build stuff in the real world, like moon colonies, skyscraper cities, massive land reclamation projects and such. Elon Musk grew up reading that sort of literature (Robert Heinlein’s novels, especially), and it looks as if he has taken it as blueprints for building real hardware to try to make our world look more science-fictional.

      1. Well said.
        It’s funny. When I read the above poster’s comment, I was reminded of Elon Musk as well (and I was about to make a comment about that). Great minds think alike, it seems.

  8. > …reminiscing on the times when the photos was
    > taken, rather then browsing their Picasa folder.
    I reminisce on the times when people who wrote for a living knew the difference between then and than. Those were the days.

  9. Stop dreaming and do something about it if you really care about the state of things. There is no use crying over spilled milk, wishful words on a screen will not shape reality for you. Start by getting off your computer, encourage your friends to do it too and start a movement.

      1. The part where you suggest everyone to start a movement is fuckin’ awesome.. The article is still pretty good.

  10. Personally… I like the way things are and the way women are… keep in mind IT’S WHAT LETS US OPERATE! If women weren’t shallow, narcissistic, and didn’t have unrealistic expectations then game probably wouldn’t work on them and they would all be married to some boring ass beta guy by now. Their personality traits are difficult to deal with, but it’s what keeps them single and allows our ‘game’ to work.

    1. yeah… fine and good for a bang after a few vodkas….. but long term…… that attitude just makes you another monkey humping other monkeys in the tree…. can you say ooo ooo ooo…. ooo ooo ooo ….ooo ooo ooo… and then cackle and run off with a banana ? …. great…. i’ll book you in for a spell in the local zoo….

      1. yeah… fine and good for a bang after a few vodkas..
        People were
        always like this. In fact, I find today’s youth to be conservative and
        repressed.Even in the 80’s people were more laid back and the females
        easier going. Nobody was concerned with trivial crap like smoking in
        bars or enforcing some unconstitutional drinking age of 21! Or “safe
        sex” What’s that? Don’t have sex near a window where you can fall out?
        lol You’ve become a Nation of neurotics and pussies, not to mention
        lardarses. We’re living in an insane hysterical nanny state age where if
        some girl has some drinks and has sex she can claim rape (laughable):
        or where some 16yo(age of consent) sends a nude pic of herself is
        “kiddie porn”; or where 8yo boys or 80 yo men can be charged with
        rape:or where a man can be accused of “stalking” if he talks to a female
        a couple of times (I never even heard of this term before the late
        90’s). Stalking under the law meant someone was shadowing you with the
        intent to kill you, not some nerd calling a girl or sending her flowers
        lol There was no sex offender list and when it was established it was
        intended for really dangerous people who had to be released from jail
        and were considered so mentally ill and compulsive that they had to be
        watched(like real uncontrollable perverts going after real kids). It did
        not include things like adult rape or having under age sex.
        the last generation, the one you Gen X ers and Gen Y were brought up in
        the State has become more and more repressive and the definition of a
        crime has been so expanded that you’re now in the Twilight Zone. Pretty
        soon we’ll have “eye rape” if you look at someone or “street harassment”
        if you say hello. Oh wait! We already have that.

  11. Several points to make. Firstly, us young ones are screwed. There’s been so much hedonistic ideas carrying over from the flower power days of the 70’s that plain don’t work. Religion, which formed the basis of the social contract, is swept aside, leading to a lot of single parents with the kids not receiving as much education or financial resources as they would have done otherwise. The community has been swept aside, so kids don’t learn from there either. Feminazism has been the worst force in demonising the goodness of men and breaking up the family unit where we are divided and conquered. And the biggest lesson I have learned from women is that they show no understanding nor mercy, so does that mean I should be just as ruthless in only chasing down only girls in their early twenties who make the grade? Whilst I stop helping women out in everyday situations because there’s nothing oin it for me and they condition you that you’re expendable and they don’t want the help anyways? Most women truly are more trouble than they’re worth and even have led to problems in the workforce with their passive aggressive narcissism.

    1. the puzzle is how to create subservient and loyal bitches out of today’s messy females… that is the puzzle……
      in times gone by it was easier in a way… the male – female dynamic was clear…..
      but then so was death from smallpox, cholera, TB, child birth, dysentery, bandits, horse riding accidents, basic communications that took weeks….not seconds and etc…..
      so was absolute classism and poverty for a lifetime according to your family….
      so was rampant religious fanaticism…. (Muslims are doing a better job of working through the evolution that Christians made a mess out of 500 years ago…)
      We have so many more tools at our disposal…… the fact that women have gone off the rails with them, shouldn’t cause us to look backwards, rather to look forwards and find a new paradigm…..
      How about making enough money to run a real harem…. ?
      How about getting three or more women madly in love with you and making them co-habitat and serve you…..?
      How about abandoning monogamy for a communal free sex family unit of 10 couples, or 20 females and 10 males ? the traditional family of grand parents, parents and kids, uncles, aunts etc. is gone….. so build a replacement….. ?
      We’re in the cusp of societies development and it’s either going to take a jump forwards into a new paradigm… or a massive jump backwards into some kind of dark ages of dreadful violence and deprivation, so the new paradigm can grow out of it……

  12. In the 1980s, when Thatcher and Reagan put in their free market economics… a lot of people… mainly stock traders and bankers got real rich quick….(yuppies)…. the spin off from that was a bunch of working class (car dealers, builders etc.) that also got rich quick….. (nouveau riche)
    suddenly England was awash with uneducated people that had no class and oodles of money, and behaved like monkeys buying up ray ban sunglasses, la coste shirts, sports cars, fancy powerboats, and so forth….(there weren’t so many iconic brand names back then.)
    however…. England being a rather classist society, laughed down at these people, because they had little taste, no class or style and just flaunted their money…. whereas the gentry in england, had title and money by way of their status, their family and prestige…..
    it’s not a question of agreeing or disagreeing with this attitude…’s simply a case of making the comparison…. the trend from the 80s has continued and a lot of people now have way too much in their hands….they appreciate nothing and run largely on ego and pride…..
    they feel it necessary to validate themselves not with hard work and skill, but with objects and glamor….pointless trivial crap that puts them no further along in life than a peacock showing his feathers….
    where once… the processing power of a smart phone was put into the hands of a skilled tech, who knew coding and used it for development, or at least a businessman who really needed it’s application….
    now it’s a piece of tribal jewelry…. it conveys status in the jungle as much as it’s actually useful…..
    the whole thing reminds me of the children in max mad 3, who made a jesus like god out of the crashed airline pilot…..
    this is what is happening all around us….. BMW = you’re in…. Mazda = you’re out…. doesn’t matter that both are vehicles that serve a purpose…. the brand says something about you…. and that is BS…. tribalism and ignorance….

  13. When I lived in Cardiff, in the early 2000s, University was free in the UK. Healthcare was (and still is) free. Many girls went to Uni to [email protected] I even knew girls who got laid every night for 2 weeks. Granted, I had no game, but even then the odds were great in a city of 40 000 students in a small area, plus the locals were great and friendly.
    The girls were very attractive and times were good.
    Now I have lived all over the world and currently live in central London. I see less people with money to spend in the UK. There has been the ‘graying’ of society as on average, even the women are older. There is more male competition as immigrants tend to more often be male and there is a lot of them here. Also, the women are less better looking nowadays due to poor diet and the entitlement mentality perhaps (?), but I noticed that the free for all sex of earlier generations may have led to this kind of dysgenics, which you don’t see in the European girls over here, as they are still very attractive. I sometimes think that I should not have bothered with the medical degree as I spend a lot of time studying or working without the opportunity to meet women and I do not care to live in the UK in future as it is going down the pan, perhaps irreversibly. As a 30 year old man, I see how older generations got to enjoy many attractive women and plentiful jobs that paid a lot. Compared to what they had, we’re left with the 5hit of a dying society.

    1. Britain has had the same (broken society) chip on it’s shoulder since it lost the empire post WW2.
      There will always be those that blame their fate on what is around them, and those that find a way to work through the mess and create opportunity.

      1. When you have 80 million people in 2010 (based on agrobusiness averaging of food consumption, not the 63 mil we are told are here), on such a small land mass which isn’t self-sufficient for even foods, as we can only hold 20 mil; when all the industry has been sent off and the only ‘industry’ we have is banking; when the gov sees people as such economic commodities that the locals are to be replaced with foreigners; that’s when you know the game is up. I am working my way through the mess to create my opportunity elsewhere as I do not expect there to be much of a functional country left when I am old. I have seen so many things go south in such a short space of time in this country, when other placed I have lived in are not so bad. I respect others’ who choose to stay, but most folk I know who can leave have left and I cannot see a way out of this in the long run for the UK and I certainly do not want to grow old here, so I’m off.

  14. I thought this post was gonna be about returning to masculine values and realism in politics. In that sense, adversity brought on by war or poverty will usually do it. That’s why poorer countries are not so infested with feminism and other pointless lefty ideologies. And no country stays prosperous forever.
    In terms of technology though, I doubt the clock is going to turn back.

  15. Energy and economic contraction probably holds the most “hope” for this. I use the term reservedly, however, because, if and when it does happen, the current setup will not go gently into that good night — lit by an oil fire.
    A return to a simpler time will probably happen. What it looks like, no one can tell. Where I feel the most apprehensive is if the knowledge and wisdom gained from the breakthroughs of the last 30 years or so are lost. Certainly, the knowledge and wisdom of the Manosphere. Personally, I could do without another dark age — and hope that I never live to see one.

    1. You zee you must understand zee underlying principles that rule everything without anyone making any particular effort. There are no villains.
      Zees are zee two rules:
      1) (Goethe) Against stupidity the Gods themselves struggle in vain.
      2) (Leon Day) The goal of capitalism is to reduce all human interaction to the cash nexus.
      You zee? Now you know everything.

  16. “It will be exactly the same day when being a dick doesn’t make you cool, and being a douchebag doesn’t earn you respect.”
    People on this blog will be in trouble on that day.

  17. Hopefully we won’t also get back the lame stuff, like, you know, no sex even after >9000 dates unless you want a serious relationship with marriage potential, a ballooning housewife whose pussy has turned to pudding after 4 kids, no immediate access to life-changing information written by like-minded individuals….

  18. This is a nice fantasy, but I don’t believe the world has ever worked this way, nor will it ever work this way. Deep down, I share this sort of utopian ideal with you. It might have a snowball’s chance if it weren’t for most of the population being mindless bags of cytoplasm, the big blob known as America.
    (That said, there probably will be a pendulum swing back the other way from the abyss that feminism and liberalism has created, but that, too, will fall far short of our ideals.)
    You sound like a rational personality, and unfortunately us rationals only make up around 10% of the population. The other 90% is made up of Joe Six-Packs, Betty Backbiters, Gail Gossips, Football Freddys, Lazy-Ass Larrys, and Mindless Mindys.
    About the closest we can come to liberating ourselves is to realize that most of the population is made of minions who are easy to control and manipulate. That’s what the Cathedral and Hivemind (to use Chateau Heartiste terminology) takes to the bank every day. Realize that people who are even capable of becoming red-pill are in the minority.
    This can be disheartening, and downright depressing for someone with an idealistic streak. But, many red-pill teachings are that way. Once you get past the emotional impact of it all, you realize that knowing these truths thereby confers a great amount of power upon you – power to take action knowing the circumstances that are in play.
    For me, it has come down to realizing that survival is a worthy goal in and of itself. No matter how many philosophies and ideals you apply to life, the simple fact is, life is merely about the heartless business of nature saving those heredities that work, and rejecting those that don’t, to paraphrase Sagan.
    Our responsibility as men is to find ways to survive and flourish despite the harsh trials and tests daily life throws at us, like competition for resources and for mates. Life is actually quite simple when you boil it down to this truth. It’s the acting upon this truth that is the daily challenge we all must stare eye-to-eye and beat down every day of our lives.

  19. fuck traditionalism, dawg. we shuold keep moving ahead. we should advanced the science of genetics so that we can start breeding only the best of humans. the other 99 percent, the useless eaters, SHOULD be killed off by the Illuminati.
    Heil LUCIFER, the glorious Light Bringer!
    Heil the Illuminati!
    Heil David Rockefeller!
    Heil Bill Gates!
    Heil Henry Kissinger!
    Heil the Rothschilds!

    1. Hey man, keep up the good work. The stuff you post is fuckin’ hillarious and very honest.

      1. Thanks my nigga. Now, how many of you FUCKING FAGGOTS are from Sweden? 3 muslim shitskins just walked up and punched a white Swedish girl because they asked her “are you swedish” and she said yes and they replied “fuck you it is our country now” and punched her.
        Europe is being lost to fucking muslim pigs. Why are you white men such goddamn fucking pussies?
        Isn’t roosh a mudslime from Turkey?

  20. It’s possible. In an English class that I teach I had three 15 year old girls (who would fit into the typical status-whoring, eternally connected to Facebook type that you seem to be decrying here) tell me that they were completely sick of always being connected, and that it was making people very strange.
    This doesn’t mean that they are going to delete their Facebook accounts and throw away their smartphones, but it does hint at the possibility of our relationship with technology changing.
    Sadly it may take a couple more generations.

  21. Man, this article is full of humanity. I will smoke a joint to it when I get home.
    Good stuff. Long live the revolution.

  22. Working on ourselves I’m afraid, rather than waiting for others to change. Roosh put it nicely in one statement on his blog, referring to many of contemporary ideas and ideologies.

  23. Why would we go back to inefficient means of operating? If it’s the best thing for us it’ll stay, if it hinders our survival it will go – there is no escaping this – no. escaping. this.
    Looking at some of these comments I wonder if you realize how hypocritical it is to be bemoaning twitter from a blog? Twitter is a micro-blog. Literally.
    You long for the days of bookstores opening up again…seriously? Why? What purpose would they serve? If the market wanted and needed big book stores, it would get big book stores.
    Adapt or die. If you’re hoping for some kind of static society you’re in for some serious surprises kid.
    Life isn’t static, you can sit there complaining about things or you can adapt to the current situation and take advantage of what is presented to you. Don’t sit around hoping for regression[be it time or technology].

    1. What is inneficient in all of this? The speed at which corporations earn your money and the government uneducates your children?
      My living room wall is crowded with photographs of all the past, present and future good times. When I text my good friends is to tell them where to meet for a coffee or beer, smoke a joint in the park or train grappling and boxing.
      Being close to people, the fuckin’ warmth of humanity is a great feeling.

      1. The Committee has been informed of your enjoyment of life and action is pending.
        Newsflash: The committee has made two decisions. Unfortunately, the second was not to tell you what the first one was.

        1. I know that you know that we know that the committee can’t do a fuckin’ shit about it. LOL.
          May the Force be with you.
          Don’t forget to send us a postcard from Las Filipinas. 19 years old is a perfect age for making healthy babies.

    2. You say adapt or die, you might include “migrate” in there.
      Dying kind of sucks, adapting to the amazing demands of the hamster can take decades, but migrating is just a $1500 plane ticket away.
      I DREAM of flaunting my 19 year old Filipina wife in front of haggard, bitter ladies who lunch– who flaunted their now long-gone alpha boys long ago while rejecting me.

  24. Is there a single example in all of known human history, or prehistory, where things EVER went back to the way they were at some previous stage of development? Just off the top of my head, I’d say not. So the fact that it could ever happen seems accordingly unlikely.

  25. A way back? Probably not.
    A new beginning altogether? This will probably be forced upon us at some point.Computers and cell phones won’t work forever. With the death of those, the death of our “society” will follow, and we’ll be able to start again, hopefully learning from our mistakes this time.

  26. Lovely post man. I ditched my cellphone a little under a year ago, got ride of my facebook, use skype for calls, and limit my time on the computer as much as possible. I laugh my ass off whenever someone bitches about how they cant text me. We can only hope an EMP goes off and knocks out the grid. People wont know what to do when they cant google the answer to their question.

  27. There were nihilists in the 20th century that also saw how tv brainwashed and checked people out. After a generation of boomers grew of age, changed a previous culture, and directly threatened the established power structure, the elites deliberately decided that making people stupid was a much better idea, and this conforms to ideas elites have always had about the ruled since we left hunting-/gathering and barons ruled serfs. They’ve been quite successful with misdirecting serfs into staring into screens instead of improving their lot.
    I picked plums off a tree last summer, and felt a weird primeval feeling I had not felt. My mother was almost appalled that I was surprised by the notion of not paying for food. She and her parents went far back enough to remember a time when getting food for free was not a novelty, and she’s an early-boomer, not someone from even earlier.
    A lot of private companies are getting into the space business, and other countries are moving where we have aborted the mission, so the moon should have some movement in the next 25-50 years, and that will inspire a new generation to loftier goals.
    Part of me is quite nihilistic, mostly because of the greed with which the global monetary system is run, and how easily people spout total illogic as fact. Our weather is worse, and that will affect crops, but this planet could lose a few hundred million to starvation, and keep humming along, with masters still in control of drones. This non-armageddon of course depends on the USA not pulling itself apart and lobbing nukes. Russia’s under clampdown, though China and India could run into internal strife. But seeing how effective modern police are with modern surveillance techniques, serious revolution seems to be a thing of the past, except in lesser countries. Of course, the fun of everything is gone. I laughed at how outrageous Orwell seemed in 1984. He was off only by 20 years.
    Its fun to fantasize about everything ending, but barring a celestial disaster, or the sun actually going through a serious cooling period ( I do believe in global warming, but lets face it, we aren’t getting closer to the sun), we’ll probably muddle through. Of course, the main wildcard is a nuke going off, which will crash the global economy. Of course, the way the US economy is currently run is also nuts, but after some turmoil, regulation might return, a new dollar as has been done before abroad, and we’ll get back up.
    But yeah, we got robbed of the enlightenment we hoped for. I guess we should just be happy to have survived the cold war without a nuclear war.

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