15 People In The Mainstream Media Who Used The UVA Rape Hoax To Push A False Narrative

The mainstream media is infested with far left sycophants who care not about truth and justice but pushing their delusional narrative upon us all. Here are 15 individuals who used the massive hoax of the UVA gang rape as an opportunity to spread their mythical “rape culture” views.

Dena Takruri – Presenter and producer for Al Jazeera

Dena Takruri on Twitter   Everything wrong with rape culture and American college campuses in one horrifically shocking article http   t.co u7135yXgI3 #UVA

Ben Adler – Journalist for Grist

Ben Adler on Twitter    Studies have shown that fraternity men are three times as likely to commit rape,  -- @rollingstone http   t.co bpVjHzfEbQ

Taylor Dobbs – Reporter for Vermont Public Radio

Taylor Dobbs on Twitter   Everyone should read this story on UVA’s culture of raping young women then silencing them. The fight song... http   t.co MvheunxinI

Nicole Beemsterboer – Senior producer at NPR

Nicole Beemsterboer on Twitter   I can not stop thinking about and talking about @SabrinaRErdely's @RollingStone article on rape culture at UVA. http   t.co c9oyVnedN1

Paul Glader – Contributor to Forbes, Business Week, and the New Yorker

Paul Glader on Twitter   A Rape on Campus  A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at #UVA http   t.co 8Qps0EGVkS via @rollingstone Problem cultures in #highered

Kaelyn Forde – Reporter for Al Jazeera America

Kaelyn Forde on Twitter   An absolute must-read  a chilling indictment of how univs handle sexual assault. #UVA is sadly not an isolated case  http   t.co GPXHK194xu

Mark Moford – Columnist for SF Chronicle

Mark Morford on Twitter   I look forward to lots of angry, violent, alcoholic males defending frats as essential to their development #UVA http   t.co EPfDh41pIC

Jena Friedman – Daily Show producer

Jena Friedman on Twitter   campus rape is a problem nationwide, but what's going on at UVA is unprecedented, it's like the DRC http   t.co 2Mbt21enaC via @rollingstone

Erin McPike – CNN correspondent

Erin McPike on Twitter   If you've read Tom Wolfe's I Am Charlotte Simmons, brace yourself - the real-life situation at UVA is so much worse  http   t.co wbkOSYI5Pd

Reyhan Harmanci – Senior editor at Fast Company

Reyhan Harmanci on Twitter   Just finished the Rolling Stone UVA story. Burn it down, all of it. http   t.co pZ7tLiOwaq

Joshua David Stein – News and features director at InStyle

Joshua David Stein on Twitter   Lesson  Dissolve all frats. Should have been done a long time ago. Pros would vastly outweight cons http   t.co uYYbudfxih via @rollingstone

Paul Danahar – Middle East bureau chief for BBC

Paul Danahar on Twitter   Brilliant journalism by @rollingstone on fraternity rape http   t.co VE4Ptnx6RZ clear some people need to go to jail   others be fired

Carrie Wofford – Contributor for US News

Carrie Wofford on Twitter   #MustRead  Shocking, violent gang rape @UVA fraternity is par for the course at @UVA #FratLife http   t.co z8x6O0dRfZ via @rollingstone

Jeffrey Goldberg – Correspondent for The Atlantic

Jeffrey Goldberg on Twitter   The Rolling Stone story on UVA's culture of rape is astonishing. A superb reporting job by @SabrinaRErdely. http   t.co dW5THAQYzW

Anousha Sakoui – Contributor for Bloomberg

Anousha on Twitter   Why don't women report sexual assault  cos peers, people appointed to look after them and police tell them not to http   t.co NUejADq1hB

The above group of people, many of them journalists in publications you read every week, absolutely did not care that due process or the most basic of journalistic fact checking wasn’t used to essentially convict a fraternity for rape, one that we now know did not occur. As you can see from the broad range of outlets represented, the corruption of American media is extensive. Trust nothing and verify everything.

Feel free to share the journalists I missed in the comments below.

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311 thoughts on “15 People In The Mainstream Media Who Used The UVA Rape Hoax To Push A False Narrative”

  1. Paul Danahar got it partially right.
    clear some people need to go to jail & others be fired
    He’s absolutely right.

  2. prop·a·gan·da (noun) 1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
    This is why using the media for any kind of academic citation is so disconcerting. We cannot trust them to do even basic fact checking. Most simply have an agenda, and they’re trying to find evidence to fit the political narrative they want to tell. It’s the definition of propaganda.
    Rolling Stone apologizes for High School-level journalism:

    In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced. … and now regret the decision to not contact the alleged assaulters to get their account. We are taking this seriously and apologize to anyone who was affected by the story.

  3. I’d say you’ve just scratched the surface, but given the depth of idiocy on this thing, I don’t even think you’ve gone that far.

  4. This is an absolute atrocity.
    “But the worst things is that people who are victims of rape will not be believed,” Hemingway said. “That is the worst part of this story. I don’t think the writer or this magazine could have done more damage to victims of rape if they had set out to.”
    NO! The worst part is the fact that thousands of mens’ lives are ruined by false rape allegations, believed at face value with no investigation. This will continue to happen. Look at the Duke lacrosse case. Things have only gotten and are getting worse. I’m sad to say it, but women are pretty much ruined for me. 99.9% of them have bought into the rape/man-hating hysteria and they are not going to turn back. This story will be swept under the rug within a week.
    Men today are second class citizens. Congratulations feminists, you got what you wanted. Enjoy!

    1. Doubt the fems are gonna be happy for long. They always want more.
      More things they are either unable or unwilling to produce.
      Well, Shane is not turning around & coming back.

    2. I can PERSONALLY attest many years ago this girl got up on me at a friend’s party. Then she dragged me to the party’s host’s bedroom attempt to do the deed. Her friend barged in hating, cockblocked and both locked me out the room. Girl came out 5mins later crying saying a raped her… ME, a virgin back then… Good thing I had witnesses that knew me, clearly saw she was the aggressor and straightened her dumb ass up. She had the audacity to come up to me later and apologize for SETTING ME UP. This was probably the biggest reality check i’ve ever had and how it takes one crazy bitch to ruin the rest of my life…. I turned 21 less than a year ago

      1. The sad reality is you escaped having your entire life thrown down the toilet for doing nothing, but now you know. Also, always rubber up young buck. I think getting some dumb cunt knocked up is just as a gut wrenching feeling as a false rape accusation; and they will both follow you to the grave.

      2. That’s fucking frightening. I always figured they managed to convince themselves they’ve been raped using appropriate feminist-approved rape-definitions. I never imagined they’d be so self-aware as to admit, “Yeah, I was setting you up.”
        Ready to send a fucking virgin to prison for his first time.
        Reminds me of when I was in college.

        1. You wouldn’t have remained a virgin for long in prison…though losing your V-Card might not have been the pleasant experience you were looking for.
          As satisfying as it might have been for you to put the cunt in her place for apologizing to you, it would only have encouraged her to find another way to take you down. Women like that are incorrigible, and the reason our once-great nation is now a laughing stock

    3. We’re only starting to see some resistance in society because we’ve been pushed to far. Sadly only a few men will take the fight to the SJW’s/ cultural marxists.

    4. The Duke case was a racially motivated prosecution. The prosecutor Nifong thought he could jail some white boys, instead of the ghetto trash that he always had to deal with otherwise.

  5. I wrote the president of the national fraternity urging him to file suit against Rolling Stone for libel.
    Interesting that the spin from the MSM seems to be mostly “it doesn’t matter that this wasn’t true.”
    I’ve seen multiple headlines basically lamenting the fact that the story isn’t true. In other words, the SJWs WANTED “Jackie” to have been gang raped in broken glass!

    1. Yup, the spin now is that so many women are continuously being raped at college campuses all over the country, therefore the fact that this was a hoax is not relevant. Well it is VERY relevant and exposes an awful truth: some women are crazy/attention-seeking/bitter/regretful and do make false claims, causing men’s lives (which don’t matter anyway) to be ruined. Why do so few people care about this? Why aren’t men respected anymore as a whole?

      1. There is real rape on collage campuses. Only the who/whom doesn’t fit with the progtard narrative. Fact: white college students tend to be raped by black (non-student) men.

        1. How about these girls sleep with black dudes and then say that they got raped once their white friends find out? That’s really what happens.

    2. Men are now culpable for rape depicted in fiction works such as movies, art, and Rolling Stone articles.

    3. “Interesting that the spin from the MSM seems to be mostly ‘it doesn’t matter that this wasn’t true.’”
      that’s the maddening and scary thing about this. my liberal facebook friends were all over this story, calling for blood with glee, when it first came out. if i were to go back a few days and add a “told you so” to the comments on those posts, they would literally just say that it doesn’t matter that this story is fake because of rape culture, men are awful, yadda yadda yadda…

  6. Rolling Stone apologizes for High School-level journalism:

    In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced. … and now regret the decision to not contact the alleged assaulters to get their account. We are taking this seriously and apologize to anyone who was affected by the story.

    1. “In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account . . .”
      . . . like, for instance, the fact that it was prima facie impossible. I’m sure you can understand how we overlooked a small detail like that.

        1. Well if they’re going to continue taking their lies from Sergio Leone and Michael Bay movies, they’re going to continue to have problems along that score.

    2. This is a variation of what I used to call the “90s apology” which was basically “sorry if anyone was offended”.
      Not good enough.
      When one apologies, it needs to begin with “I’m sorry. I was wrong.”
      À bientôt,

      1. I agree. “In face of new information…” is codeword for, “After others actually did some real journalism…”

      2. +1… It’s not an apology at all. Rolling Stone is making sure readers know it is endorsing the agenda that led to the witchhunt.

  7. Typical media libel. I don’t trust a word they say. The media wants us all to hate each other. They have successfully tarnished the reputations of UVA, the fraternity, and Greek life as a whole. These bastards need to be sued.

    1. I can’t believe the cunt who wrote this story hasn’t been fired yet. You would think someone at RS with business sense realizes they could possibly be sued out of business if they dont give some token of contrition.
      It’s possible she has dirt on RS and if they fire her she will get a lawyer and sue them as well.
      Either way that fraternity better fucking sue them.

      1. They know how to dot their ‘i”s & cross their ‘t”s and all that ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ grammar stuff.
        But they forgot their ‘I”s and ‘A’s.
        You know. That small print section that mentions Integrity & Accountability.

  8. Are any posters greek? I was president of my fraternity. I just found a premeditated, roofie aided, initiation gang bang hard to swallow in this day and age.

    1. I know. I spend some time explaining to my swipl friends that those of us in fraternities were just about having fun of a usually harmless nature, and not plotting our next gang rape, or to keep blacks down, etc.
      Needless to say, the ones that excoriated me for it? I am forcing them to eat the *entire* crap sammich and to tell me how good it tastes….
      À bientôt,

    2. I wasn’t Greek, but my best friends in college were the presidents of SAE and ATO, so I hung with the guys and went to the parties. Not only did I not see anything remotely resembling this, but I found frat guys to be (no offense) boring careerists, more concerned with job placement and “connections” than partying. The real wild stuff went on in the dorms with the underclassmen. The media is getting their idea of fraternities from ’70s movies.

    3. I was president of my chapter as well. I know that cultures differ from school to school and region to region, but I honestly can’t see this type of thing 1) actually happening anywhere and 2) getting swept under the rug.
      Point number 1 is if the rape actually happened. According to comments I’ve seen elsewhere from UVA fraternity members, freshmen at UVA can’t rush until the spring. They say that only shitty houses have fall pledge classes since the only people eligible to pledge are sophomores and older, and the big houses just wait to have one huge class in the spring that’s the mostly freshmen. They also say that Phi Psi is considered a top house at UVA and they don’t have a fall pledge class, or at least not one with a freshman from “Jackie’s” Sociology class int it, as the RS garbage describes. That’s not even scratching the surface of how far-fetched it is for a fraternity’s pledge process to involve gang rape. From my own experiences and shared stories with friends from other fraternities at other schools, pledging usually involves mundane shit like cleaning the house, sober driving the actives around, learning the fraternity’s history, getting yelled at, and running around getting things for actives. Things get more intense during hell week, but for one that’s at the end of the semester, not the beginning like this story, and two, I still can’t honestly believe that any chapter would have actually force their pledges to drug and gang rape a girl on a pile of broken glass.
      The other question is, would this get swept under the rug? I don’t go to UVA so I can’t really speak for them, but at my school (a very large, well-known public university), you can barely get away with anything without getting ratted on, much less gang rape a girl. About a month ago, our pledges got cryptic emails from someone in the office of student life saying that “an organization” they were a part of was under investigation and asking them to come in to make a statement. A few days later, before any of them had actually gone in to make a statement, our president got an email that our chapter was to “cease and desist” all activities. Basically, we were on double secret probation. We had to cancel every one of our events for the rest of the semester, from socials to volunteering projects. We also weren’t even told what we were being accused of until two weeks later, when they said that they received an anonymous tip that we were hazing. Finally, after almost a month, we were cleared of all charges after the investigation found nothing. But even though we’re cleared of everything, we’re still on “probation” until the woman that runs student life gets around to lifting it (it’s complete bullshit). Long story short, it’s not hard to make something up about a fraternity and get them in trouble since we’re always viewed as “the villains” of college. I know UVA is different from my school, but I can’t see it being so different that they can have an initiation ritual of gang raping a girl and get away with it.
      I also just wanted to say that I have two female cousins who went to UVA, both were in sororities, both love their school and still talk about what a great experience it was to go there. Take that for what it’s worth.

  9. How many of these individuals will admit they were wrong? None, because after all, having a narrative is far more important than having the facts.

  10. The message has been announced, and it could not be clearer. Names are going to be named, and those who collaborate with the Occupying Power will be identified.
    If you want to push your fellow man into the gallows in order to be loved by the Feminocracy; if you want to kiss ass to gain a few scraps from the table of the Ruling Sellouts; and if you want to throw in your hat with the SJWs, the dregs, the scum, the destroyers of civilization: then you will pay a price.
    The days of your smearing, lying, and persecuting men without consequence are over. Over.
    You have been put on notice.

      1. Id bet big $$$$$ this ‘Jackie’ girl slits her wrists once the lawsuits start demanding she testify. At this point her only escape is to further her own victimhood via suicide attempt

        1. I would further bet that there is no “Jackie”, and that her character is the product of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s privileged mind.

        2. The preponderance of broken glass in the story leads one to believe that Jackie is a “cutter”.
          And next week’s meme will be “UVA Rape Story Author Advised by Anita Sarkeesian After Receiving Death Threats”.

        3. How the fuck did Sabrina even find this girl anyways? Do you post an ad in the local newspaper “have an interesting rape story to tell? You could be in a national magazine!”

        4. Feminists are on a witch hunt. It’s clear, as they were easily fooled by the “Drunk Girl in Public” hoax too. I think we could further discredit both them and the MSM by baiting them with some fake stories that are too good to be true, and after they get all worked up reveal that they were hoaxes. If we hit them constantly, especially feminist writers who have a bias that they’re looking to confirm, we can find one to bite. Once one bites the others will pile on without fact checking.
          This is the point, isn’t it? Due process is being replaced by hysteria, correct? So let’s expose the hysteria for what it is. Best way to undermine your opponent is to exploit their weaknesses. Feminist hysteria should be quite easy to exploit.

        5. They seem to not care if it’s fake, they just double down on their belief. Teresa Sullivan, the president of UVA is still pushing this bullshit even after rollingstone basically told them it’s not true. Even the fucking administrators are part of the feminazi agenda

    1. I dislike the fact that nonsense like this will send actual rape victims back several years. However, I am truly enjoying watching this whole narrative begin to unravel. Enjoy the decline!

      1. Happily, there aren’t that many of them.
        Rape is an uncommon crime. And it has been becoming increasingly more so as internet porn rolls out.

        1. Fun (yet creepy) Fact: areas where lolicon is legal actually have far fewer pedophiles.

        2. What I find so disconcerting is the number of women so willing to lie about being raped. They care nothing about the suffering of an innocent man in prison. Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape case? Disgusting.

        3. Of course we couldn’t prosecute the false accuser. Magnum went on to murder someone. TY justice system for letting these criminals run around free to kill.

    2. Can you please chill with the internet Billy bad ass routine? A false rape accusation deserves careful examination and fact finding. Yelling about “feminocracy” is silly and counter-productive

      1. Banned. And you need to chill with the internet Mr. Liberal, suck-ass routine. Take your “careful examination and fact finding” to the kangaroo court that wants to see you expelled or put in jail on a whim. What planet are you living on, dunski?
        Wake up and get with the program.

        1. The guy had a reasonable point. You went all emotional on him and destroyed your otherwise good credibility.
          Read his comment again. It’s rational. Seriously. You used the word “feminocracy.” Am I supposed to take you seriously now? I’ve read your work. It’s usually good. Until now…

        2. How would you refer to it? And how does someone ruin credibility of hundreds of posts with a comment?
          That’s ok, you can take your banning seriously instead.

        3. What you’re missing is that “silly” is code for progressivist undermining of advocacy of human rights for men. The Marxist/feminist axis and their fellow travelers are working hard to shut down open opposition to their agenda. (Witness their vitriolic attacks on #WomenAgainstFeminism.) One way they do that is to call on us to stop fighting back and enter into an adult dialogue with them in which we give their point of view due consideration. They aren’t welcome to work that scam here. We know they are the enemy, and we aren’t going to surrender, be co-opted, or lured into feminist ideological space.

        4. They aren’t being banned for asking questions. What you’re missing is that just because someone puts a question mark at the end of an insult doesn’t mean he’s asking a question. And secondly, that guy has been repeatedly trolling article writers on rok.

        5. Which guy has been repeatedly trolling articles, the first guy or broseph ? I dont know their comment histories, Im not a regular here. I cant speak to their history of, to use lastangos words, being part of ” The
          Marxist/feminist axis and its countless fellow travelers are working
          hard to shut down open opposition to their agenda”. And does broseph getting a ban for defending him or for making an insult ? I cant imagine anyone here ( moderators included ) are really that threatened by an insult.

        6. i had to ask because the double banning reminded me of that seinfeld
          episode where jerry and kramer get banned from joe’s fruit store. i thought maybe those two were an undercover team or something. and i havent read that article yet; we had a busy work week.

        7. Why don’t you go to a leftist website, or campus and ask how views opposing PC are handled? Then you won’t be so quick to criticize your treatment on mens’ sites.

        8. i have no interest in going to a leftist website or a college campus; im not a leftist. and im not criticizing my treatment. im asking a question.

        9. So this is how it ends for American men? Arguing over vocabulary in decadent servile mindlessness?

        10. The brainwashed guy who was banned is an infantryman, who believes he’s a man de facto simply because he’s an infantryman. Fuck him. That pussy fights to preserve a system that views him as a third-class so he can drink beer and watch Monday Night Football. It gets no more Beta than that.

        11. Good point. I was also an infantrymen, and was never more of a useful idiot than during that phase of my life.
          The greatest betas and white knights I’ve ever known were in the army.

        12. I was genuinely asking a neutral question about why that broseph guy got
          banned; I wasn’t defending anyone and there’s no covert leftist agenda. However looking back over the thread today, I see it does look like I was trying to railroad. And it did get me somewhere, it got my ass bounced.

        13. Damn right. It’s more of the shaming techniques that they use to try and discredit someone with real comments (and concerns).
          It’s bullshit (as usual) and people need to call them out (and then ban their ass).

      2. “A FALSE rape accusation deserves careful examination and fact finding” ?
        No, a false rape accusation deserves prosecution and punishment.

        1. And vengeance.
          The SJWs in power were all set to railroad these guys, just like the Dukies would have been but for the DNA (which Nifong conspired to conceal).
          The time has come to inflict PAIN.
          À bientôt,

        2. Until the careful examination and fact finding occur, an accusation is neither false nor proven. You can’t find an accusation real or false before you uncover the facts.

        3. It’s a joke because we all know how this (usually) plays out. The man (accuser) is shamed, harassed, etc…by many while losing his job (due to bad press coverage, his house, his wife and kids, etc…)…all due to a woman’s word.
          It’s ridiculous but it’s reality, today.

      3. “careful examination and fact finding”? With the same standard of justice and care as the university tribunals and media lynchings have for the accused, I assume.

      4. There certainly is a sort of “feminocracy” in the West. If that seems extreme it is only because it falls outside of the general public’s Overton window. Just because an idea seems extreme relative to the current state of things doesn’t mean there’s no truth to it. Judge an idea based on its evidence and arguments, not how far it differs from the mainstream.

      5. Ironic that feminist denounce the existence of the term Misandry yet pulls word from their arses and makes it official; Feminocracy.

      6. A false rape accusation deserves jail time, period. That’s someone who, whether guilty or not, has just lost a life: job, maybe a marriage, kids, etc…
        It’s something that’s been handled very badly by our court system. We’re so worried about a woman who was claimed to be raped that we forget about the other side (usually the man). What if he is really innocent and how does he pick up the (now) broken pieces of his life?
        Women have played the victim far too long on this one and they need to pay (prosecution and jail time) if they’re going to “play”.

    3. Hi QC,
      I will break my usual policy of not posting where I am banned to just say this.
      John Rambo and I took the decision to name names about 3 years ago. We name men and women who openly make man hating comments in public. It has been a huge success. I have many time encouraged other men to do that same.
      Men can name names and post names to CAF for the appropriate country and sex and google will pick it up. We had another 170,000 hits on CAF last month…traffic has been steady at between 160,000 and 190,000 hits per month for a few months now.
      I was the man who broke the Rachel Cassidy false rape allegation. John Rambo was the man who did the digging and searching to get her details. He also got help from 4chaners to get evidence from other photographs until we felt confident Rachel Cassidy was the false rape accuser.
      To this day no one has denied Rachel Cassidy was the false rape accuser at Ohio University this time last year on an affidavit. I am 100% sure she was the false rape accuser.
      I have asked men many time for their help and co-operation. I get very little help from other men. I mostly get banned. And yet here we are. Three years I have been doing exactly what you guys have finally decided to do. Perhaps a little cred for being the pioneer, eh?
      The is the form for MEN in the US…I would LOVE to see ROKers post thousands of manginas details into this forum. I really would. I need help. And there are thousands of men able to help…they just won’t.
      Best Regards

  11. Let’s call this for what it really is. The narrative is absolutely necessary to illicit people’s natural fears towards violence, rape, and injustice and the subsequent need for protection. We already have laws on the books which are strictly enforced. The rape culture narrative goes far beyond rape.
    The rape culture narrative is one of many used by people in power to consolidate various demographics into it’s fold in order to control them and obtain their support. This is a power grab by the left which capitalizes on the worst emotions in human nature: resentment, blame, anger, FEAR.
    Gentlemen, this is our fight. Unconstitutional, dystopian laws are being created which will enslave you and your sons-all masquerading in the name of equality and “social” justice.
    We must change the way we live every day in order to fight this juggernaut. You CANNOT stand by any longer. You need to better yourselves and be the men you were meant to become.
    Here is a good starting point:
    “Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
    Be brave and upright that God may love thee.
    Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.
    Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong – that is your oath.”
    -The Knight’s Oath (Kingdom of Heaven)

    1. Here is a better starting point:
      Crush your enemies. Drive them before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
      –“Conan the Barbarian”, 1982.

  12. Excellent reporting, Roosh. Whenever one of my liberal acquaintances questions my assertion that most of the mainstream media harbors a liberal bias, I’ll be sure to make use of this article.
    What’s interesting is that not all of them are even SJWs. Jeffrey Goldberg, for example, tends to be more of a Zionist than SJW. That there’s such a meeting of minds between them is quite telling.

    1. Zionists tend to be SJWs in the Anglosphere but then those same Zionists tend to be patriarchy-supporters when it comes to Israel.
      Did you know that Israel does NOT have no-fault divorce? A rabbi must grant permission for divorce. Why aren’t leading feminists (almost all of whom are Jewish) not up in arms over that? They only seem to want no-fault divorce in the West, which they have fought tooth and nail for.
      If you think too much about this stuff, you could almost become a conspiracy theorist!

      1. Israel is a police state. Any real, self-respecting Jew should not support a totalitarian government.

  13. Surely the UVA Board of trustees will sue RollingStone?
    UVA president is a feminist cunt Teresa Sullivan, but surely the board of trustees realizes the damage this article has done to their university based on lies??
    The fact that their president is a feminist shows you how deep and biased the system is.

  14. Seems like we have no choice but to use the weapons of our enemies to destroy them as well. Name and shame them back. Begin a massive war against the named individuals and completely destroy their reputations as journalists. This is the only way to ensure that false rape accusations cannot go unpunished.

    1. I sent several of those people facebook messages telling them to tweet an apology to that UVA fraternity.
      My main hope is that frat sues those fuckers at RS tho

      1. Yeah I seriously hope that serious litigation can commence. This thing needs to be dragged out into the open and for the public to know that false rape accusations will not be tolerated.

      2. I actually view this as an opportunity for “Engagement” because that’s what works. Just like we’re not going to listen when the SJW screech at us about being misogynist rape culture aficionados, they’re not going to LURN when we come for them with torches and pitchforks.
        Of course, that doesn’t mean that they get out of (as I posted above) eating the whole shit sandwich, nor does it mean that we shouldn’t torch the folks who refuse to admit that they were wrong, but I’d start with the carrot first, then the stick.
        I realize that, in the immediate aftermath this isn’t going to be a popular position, but really, the Higher Path will be best here, ultimately. We *are* going to need to reach people of good will on their side. So enjoy a nice tall glass of “Gloat” whilst the SJW zombies choke on the realization that what they so desperately wanted to believe was true was nothing but a lie. Then we lead those who are willing to the Light of the Dark Enlightenment, and then go after the rest, without mercy.
        À bientôt,

  15. Earlier tonight from Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe & Mail and feature writer Erin Anderssen. By “improve the system” she isn’t talking about the media exercising restraint, not rushing to judgement or how the lives of the young men in this fraternity have been forever altered.
    Days earlier she had penned another piece, where she wrote: “Step by step, the story is evidence of the permissive rape culture that existed at the University of Virginia, and, as similar cases have shown, in society at large.”http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/relationships/virginias-campus-gang-rape-allegations-where-was-the-outrage-when-it-mattered-most/article21811134/

  16. Men should be thankful that we live in a time we can actually see an entire civilization rapidly collapsing. At times it’s depressing but we actually see shit now that is almost hilarious in its speed and ferocity of the destruction.
    If I recall correctly, Rome fell not because it was invaded by barbarians and despite a valiant fight, they lost. Rome fell, to my understanding, because nobody was left to give a fuck if Rome went down, because either the guys there were like, “fuck it, I’m just going to bang this hooker and enjoy another pita with smashed olives,” or they were like “fuck, I hope these motherfucker barbarians come and hang all these cocksuckers by their nuts!”
    The fast track to destroying a civilization isn’t by turning its women against them or whatever as most of us believe – it’s making the men actively WANT to see their own civilization destroyed.

    1. Happens in every collapsing civilisation. During the Reich’s final days, high ranking officers would have mass orgies amidst the best wine and champagne. They would surprisingly put on the very outfits and play the same music the Nazis had banned. After these drunken orgies, they would commit suicide. The women by cynide capsules and the men by bullet. Such is the behaviour of rational ppl during an imminent collapse. Party on Johnny!

    2. The Romans definitely knew things we’re on the decline, as do we. Second Dark Age coming up? Rome’s biggest problem was that the Empire was far too big. The Roman army was way overextended. So the Romans had to arm the people they conquered and use them as soldiers to help protect the Empire. Always a risk arming your enemies and teaching them your fighting tactics. 😉 Combine that with the fact that the Romans were absolutely terrible to these people, for example, selling the “barbarians” dog meat in exchange for their children as slaves. It’s no wonder Rome fell. In all honesty, Rome deserved to fall.

    3. Total collapse will not be fun or something we should fantasize about but its something all wise men should be prepared for. Buy land, learn to farm and prepare to defend yourselves. Don’t let prepping consume your lives but put yourselves into a position where you can live comfortably and self sufficient. We all see the signs, it would be foolish not to act.

    4. This is an interesting comment.
      I agree, the fall of Rome and the what has happened to the United States over the last few decades share many of the same patterns.

      1. I believe the collapse of the US is more similar to the collapse of the British Empire and now the breakup of the United Kingdom today. British Empire hit it’s peak in size at the end of WWI and by the end of WWII the collapse began. By the end of the 1950’s there was nothing left. I think we will witness a very shocking and rapid collapse of our nation.
        The fall or Rome took centuries they were governed by much better people and their art is far superior to anything being created today. What will we offer to the future generations rap music, tattoos, graffiti, paintings by Jackson Pollock? It’s time to hit the do over button.

        1. Britain is a relatively united political entity. The US will have it’s historic population bred into minority within a decade. That’s not going to happen in Britain.
          Whites in the US have gone into demographic suigide.

        2. The most popular baby name in England is now Mohamed. The Brits need to start breeding and stop importing cheap labor.

        3. And whence the collapse begins in earnest, all these SJW’s will be flocking to traditional men for support and nourishment. Those of us who’ve been watching the fall with disgust must not open our arms to those who destroyed the joint; let them fend for themselves.
          I’m sure the Chinese conquerors will absolutely love hearing about patriarchy theory

    5. There are many parallels… Rome no longer enforced its borders, although in their case it was an issue of logistics as the Western Empire was too large to effectively govern with the available technology at the time. We choose to not enforce our borders because some groups in power see political gain to be made, but either way the result is the same.
      Rome also had issues with fiscal restraint. We make them look like the best bean counters ever.

      1. When your state is as large as Rome, borders are just theoretical. Rome was a bit like a Med based NATO. The double blow by Atilla from the north and Gaiserich from the south, ended the western adventure. It’s not that big of a deal though as Constantinople was really the capital by then. But the Rome of the Med survived nicely until the Muslims swept in and savaged Rome’s Egyptian provinces in the 600s.

    6. Rome fell when it became too multicultural, too tolerant of outside religions and customs. When there were no more “real” Romans, a lot fewer had any reason to want to risk their lives to preserve it, they hadn’t all been born in Rome so they had less loyalty to it. Pascha Glubb highlights this effect in his work on nations.
      There are, of course, also other reasons for the end of Rome.

    7. This is how every civilization fails. People grow too comfortable and begin to care about infantile things, like “social justice”

    8. “fuck it, I’m just going to bang this hooker and enjoy another pita with smashed olives,”
      Haha! For some reason I find that image hilarious. Must have something to do with the after-sex smashed olive sandwich.

    9. LOL best comment so far… I call it descent into solipsism where the needs of ME for the majority of men and women within that civilization is more important than everything else.

      1. All their naval gazing will not save them from demise. The ME generation will quickly learn what rape culture really is

  17. “Fake but Accurate.”
    “Its not whether its true or not but the seriousness of the change that matters. “

  18. You think any of these fuckoes give a shit they were wrong? Acountability is for the Hoi poloi.

  19. Unbelievable. You’d think an engineer, apart from having a strong maths & physics background, would design & build things with the least chance of causing harm to people. You’d think a doctor, apart from a strong grounding in biological science,. would have a strong grasp of the Hippocrates Oath to ‘first, do no harm’.
    You’d think these media scribes or pseudo scribes above would have a strong grasp of the concepts of integrity & accountability. The cornerstone or foundation (heck, i ain’t a structural engineer or architect, *shrug*) of the science of journalism, I would think.
    Make them pay. Make them pay dearly.

    1. The thing I don’t understand is, how do you NOT go get the other person’s side of things? This was an atrocious failure of journalism most likely because the reporter and RS so desperately WANTED this story to be true.
      À bientôt,

      1. Exactly. A confirmation bias.
        Now imagine the early rocket scientists pulling that same attitude in their pre flight tests.
        ‘Yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s safe to have this human piloted vehicle do it’s thing safely after test NO.2 simply because i want it to work. Oh yeah but it won’t be my ass piloting this thing. It’s yours. Good luck.’
        Funny, i can almost understand if the Rolling Stone reporter was outright competent. Not the worst thing, right?
        It’s the lack of checks & balances after the fact that i find appalling. Or maybe i shouldn’t find appalling.. after spending enough time getting my mind opened here on ROK.

        1. The reporter wrote a nine page article and didn’t bother to actually investigate the allegations. This is a level of incompetence that would deserve termination in any organisation. This hurts the credibility of Rolling Stone if they hold on to her. They need publicly announce her termination.

        2. Failed to think of the obvious. The bloodied up woman, and the dudes with cuts all mixing up their blood n semen with her blood and quim juice. It’s a Bram Stoker novel.

        3. The reporter would never dare to write about real rapes that occur such as in war zones, for example when the Russians made it to Germany and behaved like a barbaric hoard. She would never write about how street gangs rape women or how young men get raped in prison. These stories aren’t as interesting as a bunch of rich white boys gang raping a young college freshman. Unfortunately rich white boys have a lot to lose so they generally don’t participate in felonies and most of them can get laid at college without resorting to rape. There just isn’t a lot of gang rapes going on at college. Most rape that occur on college would be classified as date rape for girls or more appropriate regretful sex for men.
          As a man sooner or later you will sleep with a woman and ask yourself the next day “Why did I do that? I can do better she was gross.” I call that regretful sex.

      2. they so “desperately WANTED this story to be true “. we’ve been seeing alot of this in the u.s. recently. im all for hearing both sides of the story and evaluating objectively. and there comes a time when we have to admit we are sticking our fingers in our ears and going ‘ lalalala i cant hear you”.

        1. Big time. Just like that twat who is carrying the mattress around Columbia. She though that the guy was going to get bounced on her say so without any opportunity for due process. Unluckily for her, that’s not the way things work. What that case boils down to is “He hurt my feelings, and I want him PUNISHED!”
          À bientôt,

      3. Journalism doesn’t exist anymore. Anything read in the press should be presumed to be a work of fiction until proven otherwise.
        If these fiction writers aren’t going to make an effort to present as many of the known facts as possible, then we shouldn’t treat anything they say as fact.
        I didn’t buy this story from the beginning because as I noted, it did not discuss any actual incident of rape, only alleged ones.

      4. Welcome to “narrative journalism”. You pick the narrative ie “all men are rapists/ college rape is endemic” and you then pick your information ( even if false) to support that narrative.

  20. Of course these manginas hate fraternities and would love nothing more than to shut them down. I was in a fraternity so for all you manginas raising your daughters to be sluts we had a great time with them. Let me spell that out for you we would put our dicks in their ass then their fucking mouths- and no it wasn’t rape because they may have been drunk but they wanted it. And I’m sure they still do. And yes most of us are now married but not to your slut daughters and feminist wives you pathetic sell outs. Enjoy the taste of another mans dick in your mouth. I know this is a raunchy comment but fuck the men mentioned in this article we know what y’all are doing.

    1. I found the biggest critics of fraternities were people who never would have been accepted had they tried to get in. They use these outrageous moments when some girl cries rape to shut down the entire Greek system. Over the years a lot of fraternities have lost their charters do to allegations of rape. Somehow the entire fraternity is held accountable for the actions of one member. If colleges could get rid of these male bastions today they would but the alumni who send in the big dollars were also members of fraternities. Maybe the college administrators should shut up and the leave the men alone or the men will take their dollars elsewhere.

      1. I’m in a fraternity. Your first sentence is spot-on. For anyone not familiar, most fraternities vet candidates for membership through a process called rush. If you don’t fit in, as in if you’re weird or a total pussy, you don’t get a bid to join. A lot of people who don’t get bids get really butthurt and turn into massive haters of fraternities. Similarly, feminists/leftists/manginas also hate fraternities because we’re groups of young men who (in general) behave like alpha males instead of beta bitch-boys. There are aspects of the stereotype of fraternity men that are generally true: we fuck sluts, we like to drink, we throw parties that only brothers and attractive girls can get in to (which pisses off the betas without bids even more). But they try to use any excuse they can to exaggerate the stereotype into this idea that we’re all ignorant, perpetually drunk rapists.
        At universities, which are primarily run by leftists with a feminist agenda, fraternities are the last place where “boys can be boys,” so to speak, and the administrators hate it. That, coupled with the fact that women aren’t allowed to join (that’s why sororities exist) pisses them off to no end, so they look for any excuse they can to drag fraternities through the mud and attempt to paint us all as rapist animals. And, as you put it, it only takes one fraternity man fucking up (or being accused of something and getting no due process) to get an entire chapter’s charter pulled or the entire Greek system shut down. It’s asinine.

  21. Can someone explain to me what the hell is this “rape culture” I constantly hear about? Where are all these rapes? LOL I’m 35 years old and have never witnessed a rape. If something is part of your culture you’d think you would experience it sometimes

      1. Aha! I caught you. You are virtual stare raping this poor, innocent victim right now.
        The fact that she doesn’t even know it’s happening and is thus utterly defenceless just makes the offence even worse, you patriarchal rape culture bastard!

        1. Same way I’ve always done it since they took the knobs and levers off my machines; hit the return key.
          Only they label it “Enter” now for some reason.

        2. But it gave me written consent, complete with a phallic symbol just to be sure there was no misunderstanding, which is actually rather disturbing now that I notice it.
          I feel a Kickstarter coming on. Ave Anita.

        3. When I do that, my messages delete the spaces and I end up with a giant block.
          I know on FB you hold the Shift Key, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference on disqus

      2. Oh ok, so now staring is rape? Thanks for clearing that up! My goal for today is not to rape anyone, because apparently I’ve done a lot of raping

        1. Staring at a girl while poor/unattractive to her is rape.
          Not staring at a girl while rich/attractive to her is also rape.
          Asking her if she is interested in you so that you can be sure to stare/not stare appropriately is catcalling, which is rape.
          I hope this has cleared things up for you.

        2. OK, so if you’re ugly everything is rape, but if you’re hot it’s not rape. Got it!

        3. It’s actually thought rape. It’s you thinking of having sex with her without her consent of you thinking that. Staring is not necessary to commit thought rape.

      3. I tried to ask her what the time was, but she screamed at me that the word rape needed to stop.

      4. I hate stare raping so much that I’m going to post a pic online so thousands more guys can stare rape me in the privacy of their bedrooms.

        1. It is one of the more pernicious forms of status seeking through humble bragging.
          And as you so eloquently note, one of the more retarded as well.

    1. I’d have to imagine the only place with a legitimate ‘rape culture’ would be prison.

      1. Lance you should get over to the Breitbart article and drop some red pill on those guys. A lot of those dudes could use some knowledge and are pretty receptive to this kind of stuff.
        I’ve been looking all over of you!

      2. Many outraged feminist commentators relished the thought of the frat boys getting anally raped in prison.

    2. Feminists define rape culture as not only actual rape, but catcalling, objectifying women, PUAs, dismissing rape accusations, etc. Basically, anything even mildly sexual that makes a feminist uncomfortable.

      1. If one didn’t know any better you’d think that feminist in western countries actually WANT a real rape culture, like in Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Mexico etc… all ironically the countries where most of the immigrants and asylum seekers are coming from.

  22. The pivot for this will of course be how the falsehood injures women who genuinely are rape victims, but this is just the shiny keys jingling to distract from the fact that they WANTED to believe this story was legit.
    They WANTED to believe it without an afterthought of critical analysis.
    They WANTED to believe it in spite of the obvious vaudevillian dialogue described by Jackie.
    They WANTED to believe a naive freshmen girl could be frat boy initiation raped for three hours on the shards of glass from a broken glass table and never seek medical treatment or have anyone raise an eyebrow over the bloody mess that her back must’ve looked like as she nonchalantly walked out of the party house.
    They WANTED and still hope that even the most marginal parts of the story might be true. They WANT any shred of hope that will distract from the fact that they must now confront their complete acceptance of this obvious farce without any compunction of critical thinking.
    They all have to face the fact that their presumption of male guilt comes before any logic or reason.

    1. I’m trying to imagine something changing because of this pile of bullshit exposed as such and for everyone to see and I see tomorrow the same as today and the day before. Still, maybe a brother or two more will wake up.

      1. The cynic in me agress, but I don’t know…because Rolling Stone is read by so many guys (who know nothing of TRP), this has the potential to transform into a huge pharmacy that prescribes only one thing: a vial of red pills

        1. Weelll, it’s all, “this has set back discussions on rape”, etc., and the worst victims of this are women who We Know Are Being Raped like the woman in the fictional story, etc. The focus is still on white males on campus and the real threat they pose to our young women, etc. The sjw/feminists/liberal media wins as it loses.
          Like Rollo and others have said, younger men are so indoctrinated it’s going to take a lot for most of ’em to wake up. For most men, sadly, it seems they have to be affected personally, hit below the belt. For many it takes them or a close friend getting a false accusation or mistreated by some bigoted bitch supervisor or raped in divorce court. Take divorce court as an ex. Every non-retarded pussy worshiping male knows marriage laws are horrendous and getting married means giving up your rights and becoming in effect a slave to a woman and the state… and still do it. What could be more damning? What is wrong with men? (The answer: many humans, or a part of them, wants to be a slave. They hate freedom. Furthermore they have little higher purpose than f*cking and the drama of relationships. Betas feel deeply lucky to even get regular access to a vagina, they fall right in luv.) Many even go through divorce and say it wasn’t so bad even though it in fact ruined them -but they got a “blood legacy” out of it. People…the Third Chimpanzee. This century is going to be a nightmare. Anyway, I’m putting off work. Cheers.

    2. They wanted to believe it because it’s their own fantasy.
      Where do you find nonconsensual sex? Where does a man overpower a woman and have his way with her? In female porn, in romance novels.
      Where do you find consensual sex? Where does a woman give noisy, continuous, verbal consent? In male porn.

      1. Mind blowing when you really think of it! Great point.
        We are dealing with collective female psychological projection.

      2. Something like that is obviously true. I would add that fantasy isn’t bad. Enacting a fantasy is often a mistake. I’d be as suspicious of a totally submissive nympho as I would be a snotty ice queen. A girl who goes along with everything you want to do is often scamming you.

    3. “They all have to face the fact that their presumption of male guilt comes before any logic or reason.”
      You give them too much credit. They would never even consider it. They need possess the appropriate aspect of character for such a self-contemplation.

      1. Right. The fact that it was a hoax will be forgotten, but the rape culture delusion becomes more ingrained.

    4. But why do they want the story to be true? (Because it gives them power and authority.)
      Why do they want power and authority? (Because they want to be successful, admired, respected, and catered to – BUT they have a complete lack of intelligence, entrepreneurial skill, and other essential qualities needed to get what they want.)
      So why do they wish Jackie had suffered oh-so-greatly? (Because, with the authority and power they’d acquire, they’d make us suffer.)
      But why, oh why, do they want to make us suffer? (Because they’ve convinced themselves that we want to make them suffer, and have made them suffer over the decades and centuries.)
      Why are they so sure we want to make them suffer? (Because the number one thing they want is to make us suffer.)

    5. The majority of society as it is today has no sympathy for men. If red pill men my generation(millennial) want to survive and thrive in present times they have to be smarter, stronger and faster then our predecessors have been

    6. She also alleges being sodomized with a bottle in addition to the bed of broken glass. Who doesn’t go to the ER after such trauma?? Pregnancy , STDs , AIDs/HIV also?? None of this addressed?

    7. Also, the potential threat to potential rape victims comes before the actual cultural condemnation of actually innocent men.
      “But what about teh menz” my ass

  23. The other week I commented that the manosphere should have its own list of white knights and feminists. I’m so glad to see that actually happening.

  24. After crap like this for the last 10 years, I make it a policy to disbelieve all rape accusations until/unless a conviction occurs. The exception is if I am very close to the alleged victim but not alleged accuser, as there is no upside to disbelief in such a case. Fortunately this has yet to be an issue.

    1. She’ll probably only spend a week in actual jail, women groups are trying to get her released.

    1. They won’t fire her. She might resign and as a parting statement blame the patriarchy for her gross journalistic negligence.

      1. Exactly. She’s a woman. Women aren’t held accountable for their actions. Somehow, someway it will be blamed on men.

      2. It’ll be interesting to see. There are actually a lot of people accusing her of a gross violation of journalistic ethics, and Rolling Stone itself is blaming her. The magazine is to blame too though for not checking that she’d done her job re. fact checking.

  25. I just read the original article by RS tonight although I had to break it up because its aimlessness and lack of coherent narration.
    First thing that jumped out at me, the author inserted herself into the story emotionally and personally. It was like she had procured a friend in Jackie through this fabricated, twilight zone saga. They bonded.
    Secondly, this reads as I would imagine the “50 Shades of Grey” series does. Brutal, emotional, sadistic, quasi erotic tendencies towards BDSM, and a whole host of other shit.
    Third point unrelated to the two prior, why the fuck doesn’t the every college and journalist have a simple no tolerance policy about rape reporting? If there is an incident, involve the police. We avoid this whole saga but I guess that would be too easy.
    I’ll comb through the aftermath and articles rebuking the original at some point.
    On a personal note, this was a great week for me to begin working on my own business as IT IS CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR the agenda is to put men in the stockades at every turn of the page. Its as if something comparable to the night long knives is next for these agenda riddled goods. Even if we play by their rules, they will make shit up.
    The good news? There is no need to be scared anymore.

    1. The red flag for me was the supposed dialogue between “Jackie” and her friends. It read like a bad made-for-tv 80s movie that was created by some D-list producer. If it walks like a duck…

  26. The original article had more than a ting of erotic wishful thinking to it. Tthese rape accusations and stories are in part a way for modern frigid women to vent their rape fantasies. It is a huge disservice to women who have actually been brutally raped. The RS writer should face criminal charges.

    1. On the UVA campus, women who run the womens’ help groups are now saying theyre ‘surprised’ to find out the story was false. How fucking stupid are they?
      Many female faculty publicly insulted and accused fraternities as well, they need to be fucking sued too. Academia and gov jobs are filled with useless women who bitch and collect a paycheck.

      1. “How fucking stupid are they?”
        I would count the ways, but I don’t seem to have a number line with enough points on it.

      2. Those women, especially Renda, are the ones who faked the story in the first place. They were just smart enough to bail.

        1. I sent Emily Renda a facebook message asking her to come clean, and say why she didn’t verify the truth before pimping out the story

  27. I can’t tell you how glad I am that this story has been proven for the heap of calumny that it is. The lie about false rape accusations being rare. I was falsely accused in college by a girl who was mad that I didn’t want to see her again. Practically all of my friends have had girls either falsely accuse them or allude to it as to put them in line. This epidemic must come to an end.

    1. yeah, i’ve had two false accusations myself, and i’m not even a hardcore playa like all you all.

  28. My friends, it is all just like back in school, when girls said “Oh billy is such a jerk. He won’t stop throwing stuff at me and pulling my hair. I hate him! Boys are stupid!”
    America! Your bitches wanna get raped so hard, it hurts them to think about it. They feel this void in their lifes, and it eats them up. Some are too young to understand where it’s coming from and why it’s there. They have never seen Brando or Rhett Butler.But the fantasies keep getting stronger. They are longing for it. They are tossing and turning in their sleep, hoping for some hooded thug to climb through the window. They feel like they are about to burst. They need an outlet. Twitter. Oh thank god twitter. At least now they can share their cravings with like minded individuals. Until maybe, some day…

    1. I used to think women rape fantasies were just impossible. I was thinking “no way”. With all this “rape madness” going on I now believe you. Wait till “50 Shades of Grey “hits . We’ll all have to go BDSM school to please these bitches.

  29. I am fkking absolutely amazed at all this rape culture bullshit talk.
    Do you know how hard it would be to remove an unwilling woman’s clothes without implementing serious violence against her, or threatening her at knife or gunpoint?
    I was doing ‘rape play’ with an ex-gf who asked me to ‘rape’ her and I tried to hold her down and take off her clothes while she resisted and I couldn’t fkking do it. I would’ve had to beat her into submission (which obviously I am not going to fkking do) or threaten her life (which I am not going to do either). After 1-2 min, we both decided it would be best if she took her clothes off and then I just held her down after penetrating her. After we were both naked, it was extremely difficult to insert my cock in her twat and she was only putting up mild play resistance. If it had been a real rape attempt, it would have been impossible to penetrate her assuming we were both naked without the use or threat of serious physical violence.
    As a man, if another bigger stronger man was trying to rape me, I would scream and yell and fight off the attack and unless the dude literally beat me to unconsciousness, there is no way he would get his cock up my ass (shudder to think) hahahah
    How come this isn’t common sense?

    1. It’s called threatening with a knife or firearm. But by that point it’s obviously kidnapping, rape etc.

  30. I have a recommendation for those concerned about college rape culture (sic).
    If college is so dangerous (ie rape) for th wimminz then we should immediately suspend / dismiss all wimminz for their safety.
    If you send your fembot (trainee) to college you must be satisfied with the level of danger.. correct?
    I can only hope you wouldn’t send your lil’ones off to college with such horrible statistics of possible harm (eg 1 in 5 wimminz raped) .. /sarcasm off.
    We need an immediate end to women voting and leaving the house without a (real) male escort.

    1. Sharia Law it is then, from now on you can refer to me as;
      Akhmed Al Durk Jihadi Mohammed Mustafa Muhadjeen Mullah Hussein ᴼᵇᵃᵐᵃ

  31. Why is there no punishment for making false rape accusations? I feel a woman should get sentenced for the same amount of time that a guilty man would get sentenced to.

    1. It could also be that “Jackie” is entirely made up as the original RS piece is a work of fiction.
      The only recourse available to the victims of this hit piece is to sue RS for libel.

      1. Falsely accusing a man of rape and ruining his life or sending him to prison isn’t uncomfortable???

    2. Absolutely. Considering the weight of a verdict would have on a presumably innocent college guy that had the misfortune to be in this girl’s vicinity, the manpower to investigate the claim to determine if it was true, as well as a litany of other legal processes. There has to be consequences for anyone’s actions, and this cannot discriminate on basis of sex. Making a false claim and it going before a court of law is PERJURY.
      And if the finding of fact determine it to be bogus, the defendants should demand compensation or the plaintiff’s due punishment. It is about time that these persecutors receive some punishment for the falsehoods they knowingly spread.

  32. In other news, it turns out that “Jackie” has a boyfriend. Here’s a photo of the happy couple.

  33. Something similar to this happened at the University of Pikeville. A young slut decided she wanted to get gangbanged by fourteen black guys at a party and tore her cooch. She had to go to the hospital and when her parents found out she cried rape. One of the men involved recorded the entire gangbang proving it was consentual but since she lied about her age they were still charged with statutory rape. Another incident happening in my town happened to a friend of mine. he broke up with his gf and she accused him of rape and convicted. a year later he marries the bitch but he’s still on a watchlist. both these incidents happened near uva. This area is notorious for false rape claims.

        1. It needs to be pointed out that it is a stupid thing to ever get involved in. People often forget that whilst they enjoy the porn fantasy in their head.

        2. The idea of sharing one woman’s orifices with 13 other men in the same room is rather discomforting to say the least.


  35. One of those reactions to the “retraction” : “Of course why this investigation is left to the press and not the police is the biggest issue”
    These idiots dont realize its possible the whole story isn’t true. “Ah part one of 15 is fake, but what about the other 14?”

  36. We’re in a “Long War”. The SJWs are going to move on to exploit the “next” thing with lies, distortions, and omissions. Celebrate their failure today but ready yourselves for the next battle.

    How about the lack of value in a education. A system that makes getting a degree a difficult task. The high cost of tuition and student debt for unemployable people with useless degrees. An economy that offshores manufacturing and imports cheap labor.
    I define that as rape culture.

  38. I’ve been banned from feminist / cuntist sites like HuffPo and XOJane. Yes its possible to log in with a new screen name. But why do cunts think they can destroy other persons right to free speech when they want, and then claim the right for themselves whenever they feel like it?

    1. I am banned everywhere. Looking at Salon yesterday it seems they are in meltdown. More black faces than a rap concert. The few essays featuring whites start with “White Male Racist….”.
      Salon’s readers love them black folks but don’t live anywhere near them.

      1. “Salon’s readers love them some black folks but won’t live anywhere near them.”
        A painful irony that SJW’s never take into consideration.

  39. Does anyone really trust anything coming out of mainstream media anymore?
    Also, just because something gets ‘retweeted’ alot doesn’t mean it has a higher level of validity.

  40. Senator Gillibrand grabbed this story the minute it came out and waved it around in her continuing offensive to ban campus and military sex (with side benfit of priceless self-promotion). Her quest to reform the military is based on the ludicrous Pentagon Sex Report, which I detailed in Spearhead’s “Pentagon Sex Report Fuels Media Rape Fantasies”.
    Note that just a few months ago she made headlines when she claimed senate colleagues had sexually harassed her, but would not reveal their names.

    1. “when she claimed senate colleagues had sexually harassed her”….you mean they disagreed with her? Heated discussion with a female= harassment.

  41. When will the insanity of feminism and the rape culture end. By the way, sexual abuse by women is as prevalent as that by men. Wake up feminists. Your misandry is disgusting. All sexual abuse is wrong!
    Nearly Half of Young Men Say
    They’ve Had Unwanted Sex. New study says
    it’s possible for women to rape men: 18% of surveyed guys say women used
    physical force to make them have sex against their will
    Female teachers: The sex offenders no one suspects
    Female teachers with students
    The Sexual Victimization of Men in America: New Data Challenge Old Assumptions
    Double standard seen when boys
    abused by women
    40% of rapists are women (yes,
    get over it)
    Look at the CDC’s 2010 National
    Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. The first thing to note is that
    the NIPSVS decided that men being forced to have sex with women isn’t rape.
    Let’s think about this again. The NIPSVS finds that men are the majority
    perpetrators of rape. 98% of female rape victims and 93% of male rape victims
    had a male perpetrator. A woman shoving her fingers up a man’s anus is rape,
    but a woman shoving her vagina down on his penis is not. The latter is not
    classified as rape, but as “made to penetrate” and is placed in the category of
    “other sexual violence”.


    High Prevalence of Sexual
    Victimization Detected Among Men; Similar to Prevalence Found Among Women in
    Many Cases
    And when a women does rape a boy,
    they get off light. I can just imagine
    the sentence (years) a man would get if the gender were reversed. Where are the feminists calling for equality
    in these instances? What, young boys
    don’t matter?
    The CDC’s Rape
    Numbers Are Misleading
    http://time.com/3393442/cdc-rape-numbers/43% of high school and college-aged men have had “unwanted sexual
    contact43% of high school and college-aged men have had “unwanted sexual
    contact43% of high school and college-aged men have had “unwanted sexual
    contact,” 95% of those say a female acquaintance was the aggressor
    Female sexual abuse of children
    Young Males Report Unwanted Sex
    acquaintance was the aggressor in majority of cases, U.S. study finds
    teachers: The sex offenders no one suspects
    More women (97.5%) than men (93.5%)
    had experienced unwanted sexual activity; more men (62.7%) than women (46.3%)
    had experienced unwanted intercourse
    Sex abuse by Women Teachers
    Study. And now the real surprise: when
    asked about experiences in the last 12 months, men reported being “made to
    penetrate” — either by physical force or due to intoxication — at
    virtually the same rates as women reported rape (both 1.1%
    in 2010, and 1.7% and 1.6% respectively in 2011).
    The Ultimate Taboo: Child Sexual abuse by women
    The Sexual Abuse by Women of Children and Teenagers
    A surprising 86% of survivors of sexual abuse
    were not believed when they said the abuser was a woman.
    Up to 64,000 women in UK ‘are child-sex offenders’
    New CDC report reveals troubling equality when it comes to sexual assault
    Sexual Predators with Multiple Victims
    Nearly half of SA boys
    An astonishing 44 percent
    of South African school-aged boys have been forced to have sex. And even more
    shocking: most of the perpetrators were women.
    Girl on Guy Rape
    Allred suing high school for alleged treatment of male sexual abuse victims
    The Sexual Abuse of Boys Is Not About “Getting
    Lucky” and We Need to Stop Promoting This Myth – See more at:
    Rape, Sexual Assault and
    Molestation by Women
    Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Think About It The unstated rules for male victims of
    female-perpetrated sexual abuse and assault

  42. I wonder if we will hear anything from these so called people about the wrong done to the fraternity. That has as much chance as a snow ball in hell. Their hypocrisy will know no bounds.

      1. The fraternity is a corporation and is not in any way a branch of UV. The chapter house itself is owned and administered by a corporation formed for that purpose, it is not UV property.
        Both the fraternity and the chapter house have standing to argue damages, as may the fraternity’s charitable foundation.
        That’s not just being able to sue, but being able to sue three times, once for each legal entity.

        1. thanks for the clarification. I hope they sue three times, plus once again for good measure

  43. “Brilliant Journalism by Rolling Stone”
    Ha ha. That should be written on your grave stone Paul Danahar
    The real rape culture is the rape of the truth by SJWs

  44. Good angle – focus on the hysterical media culture that fosters fake journalism like this. The real issue simply isn’t an isolated instance of a bad journalist failing to check her facts, or her source. Erdley refused to withdraw her sources name, presumably because that source realised she might be exposed as a fantasist. That in itself says a great deal about what we’re dealing with. The real story is not about ‘Jackie’ or the fraternity / university, but about the witchhunters themselves: the febrile, sexually charged, fantasy land they inhabit, and how they will bend the world itself around them in order to feed the sword and sorcery narrative of helpless wimmins and vicious rapey males that rapes them in the ass everytime they close their eyes

    1. Not just you. But it’s The Great Taboo of the modern world.
      “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

  45. A month ago I stopped by a frat party on the way to a football game at a Pac12 school. From what I saw females had no value for their sexuality, so I got to wondering how a man can violate or steal something that is being given away and has no value to its owner?

  46. Seems most reporters have a “herd” mentality. Like a pack of lemmings to form opinions and judgements without all the facts. I find it ironic that the Al Jazeera reporters are chiming in on the “rape culture” of colleges and not the rape culture of the Islamic world. Rape is endemic in the Islamic world. Sanctioned even

  47. Amazing the number of people whon immediately touted how wonderful the journalism was in that story without a shred of evidence other than their own love for the narrative – it simply told them what they wanted to hear.

  48. Let’s not forget Emily Renda, the gal who first connected “Jackie” with RS. Renda is, of course, a “survivor” of an unreported rape. She’s also an SJW. An activist. And she served on two White House task forces when they were trying to get even more funding for campus rape centers this summer as part of that “war on women” B.S. (and general SJW rent-seeking).
    I got $20 says it was Renda who found some damaged chick from UVA that nobody deemed remotely credible, manipulated her into a ludicrous narrative that was just what RS was looking for, then bailed when it became very clear the general public couldn’t buy this garbage.

    1. I sent that Emily chick a facebook message.
      If a lawsuit forces this ‘jackie’ girl to testify, she will throw Emily under the bus, she is the link between Sabrina’s agenda and needing a random broken girl. I hope she gets the worst of it

  49. fapse narratives by feminsts are done the world over. like that 2012 delhi rape in india was just some launching pad for local femicunts to pudh their agenda. and big companys used it to make money like sfl promoting womens self defense.
    this is a global thing we must be aware of.

  50. Notice how NPR is in the center of spreading the “message.” Notice also that NPR is taxpayer funded. Notice also that NPR is the primary propagandist for the White House.
    It’s time for NPR to be eradicated. No man’s tax dollars should be used by the federal government to attack him.

  51. How and when did liberals/SJW take over the mainstream media? Even though I’m not American, I’ve watched CNN and BBC at least 20 years ago and they used to be respected and trustworthy…
    Would like someone to write an article on this please

    1. If you’ve been watching CNN and BBC for the last 20 years, you’ve been spoon fed a steady diet of leftist propaganda the whole time.
      We had good journalists during WWII and immediately after. See Ernie Pyle, a courageous patriot. But probably starting in the 1950s with McCarthy exposing Hollywood and the Alger Hiss scandal, it was evident then that our top institutions had been infiltrated by Soviet rats.
      This cancer only accelerated during the 1960s.
      By then the hippies and commies had forced academia to install leftist professors and give them tenure. The Ward Churchills, Bill Ayers, and Elizabeth Warrens of the world (frauds all) are now the rule, and they teach that the job of the journalist is to “change” the world, not just report it.
      Hell, Fox News is even way too far left for me.
      It’s hard to believe you’re a reader here at ROK and this is all news to you.

  52. The message has been announced, and it could not be clearer. Names are
    going to be named, and those who comment against the Occupying Power
    will be banned.

  53. Some of the tweets have been removed by now. Most of these people switch to criticise bad journalism. These poor victims of bad bad Rolling Stone…
    And no apology for the innocent accused victims of this witchhunt.

    1. I hope that girl sues rollingstone, it’s like at the last minute she knew it was bullshit and told them not to print it, but they did anyways. Then RS will have no choice but to attack her for lying. Hilarious
      She has already retained an attorney (paid for by her dad Im sure)

  54. It’s clear that the motive of this false accuser like any feminist, is to abolish anything for males, and promote everything in favour for females.

  55. Gotta love the BBC bureau chief’s claim of superb reporting by rolling stone. Why is someone with so little regard for journalism in such a high position in one of the world’s foremost media companies?
    Oh yeah, I answered my own question…

    1. Journalism today is all about getting the most clicks. No one cares about finding about the truth first, they’ll just apologize and write another article later

  56. As if the point couldn’t be any clearer: narrative comes first, facts come second.
    This is what GamerGate erupted against and it goes way beyond video games. The entire established media is complicit. You ignore this at your own peril.

  57. Two reporters from Al Sleezera. Meanwhile how many women are treated like complete garbage in the Middle East?

  58. Disgusting scum of the earth. Apologize, Carrie Wolford. Joshua David Stein, you’re a smug, infantile, pig. There’s no hope for you, but at least you are now forever outed as a lynch mob leader with zero credibility.

  59. Nicholas Kristof of the New
    York Times did the same thing with Somaly Mam (even worse) Than Rolling Stone writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely with the Rolling Stone article “A Rape on
    Campus” at the University of Virginia.
    And guess what? Old Nicholas Kristof wrote about how terrible rape is on
    the UVA campus in the New York Times.
    This whole thing played out
    just months ago with the Somaly Mam/Nicholas Kristof sex trafficking rape scandal. And with “Sex Trafficking hysteria” in general.
    Not only did Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times write many fake made up stories about “Somaly Mam”
    and sex trafficking he also promote it, and wrote books, made documentaries and did marketing for her.
    Somaly Mam and Nicholas
    Kristof should have lawsuits filed against them for committing fraud and
    stealing money from the public by providing the public with false sex
    trafficking horror stories that were lies to send money to the Somaly Mam and
    Afesip charities. These charities then committed human trafficking themselves
    by forcing women and girls to stay in their (rescue) centers against their will
    and to lie about being forced into sex trafficking to the western media and
    Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times newspaper appeared with Somaly Mam at many fund raising events. He acted as her press, marketing and celebrity agent. Writing books and making documentaries about her. It seemed like Kristof was working for Somaly Mam. Was he getting a kick-back from her? Why was he doing all this work for her? How much money did Nicholas Kristof make from Somaly Mam?
    And guess what? Somaly Mam continues to make millions of
    dollars off of her lies with her new anti-sex trafficking NGO. Nicholas
    Kristof was never fired and continues to make millions off of lies.

  60. As the sports & culture editor at AVFM, I’m proud to stand in solidarity with my brothers on ROK on this day, where we can put differences aside and FTSU(Fuck Their Shit UP), regardless if on some things we may disagree. BRAVO on this, and retweeted/shared

  61. A sad commentary on the state of journalism. Not one mainstream journalist stood up and said “at least wait until the facts come in.”
    Is anyone surprised? Does anyone believe the mainstream media (or academia_ anymore?

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