The Bill Cosby Rape Scandal Is Just Another Example Of Modern Hysteria

An otherwise obscure Arizona woman named Barbara Bowman was widely ridiculed a few weeks ago, after the Washington Post published her Bill-Cosby-raped-me claims. Bowman at the time of the alleged assaults had been a pretty, blonde, aspiring actress, still in her teens—prime bait for a libidinous male TV star, and probably well aware of that fact. Though strategically abbreviated to omit some of the more damning details (which appear in another first-person story in the Mail Online), her account in the Post made clear that she had willingly put herself in Cosby’s way.

In one case, I blacked out after having dinner and one glass of wine at his New York City brownstone, where he had offered to mentor me and discuss the entertainment industry. When I came to, I was in my panties and a man’s t-shirt, and Cosby was looming over me. I’m certain now that he drugged and raped me. But as a teenager, I tried to convince myself I had imagined it. I even tried to rationalize it: Bill Cosby was going to make me a star and this was part of the deal.

The final incident [after months and months of these “assaults”] was in Atlantic City, where we had traveled for an industry event. I was staying in a separate bedroom of Cosby’s hotel suite, but he pinned me down in his own bed while I screamed for help.

She offered no explanation of how she had got into Cosby’s bed. The Post commenters ran heavily against her, scolding and mocking:
comments bowman 1
Still, the Post and other feminist-oriented media sites kept the story going—to grab more clicks, of course, but also because they seemed to want to take Cosby down, and in so doing put another notch on the feminist crossbow. Here’s Jenny Kutner, who writes about “sex, gender and feminism” at Salon:

Because of the statute of limitations on rape cases, Bowman says Cosby will likely never suffer legal consequences for raping her. And while she and other survivors are working to change the legal system so it will no longer “silence [victims] a second time,” it is also up to the public to ensure that men such as Cosby do not walk away without any consequences. We do not have to continue to turn a blind eye. [link]

(Note how smoothly Bowman’s voice segues into Kuttner’s.)

Eventually the keep-the-story-alive strategy worked. A woman named Janice Dickinson came forward with her own allegations.

Dickinson says she [then a twentysomething model] went to Lake Tahoe in 1982 to see Cosby perform. She says the comedian told her to come to the hotel and he’d help her with her career . . . after dinner he gave her a pill and some wine, and the last thing she remembered was Cosby “in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me.” She says the next morning she was naked with semen between her legs.

Dickinson describes herself as a supermodel. Possibly a better description would be: D-list reality-TV celeb with a history of odd behavior, including running up huge debts and shamelessly seeking attention. However her story, coming right after Bowman’s, allowed the media to write sentences that began “A growing number of women are coming forward.” There was much talk now about that growing number; in some accounts there were six, in others seven, in others thirteen. NBC, developing a Cosby sitcom, and Netflix, about to air a Cosby comedy special, suddenly found him radioactive.

The new consensus, even among many men, seemed to be: These women can’t all be lying. Why would they embarrass themselves by coming forward like this? Where there’s smoke, there must be fire.
comment on cosby

But this is all wrong. Whether or not Cosby drugged those women just isn’t something we can fairly judge, based on self-serving accounts in the media, and decades after the events in question. In pursuit of their own narrow interests, feminists want us to believe otherwise, but we should resist that tendency forcefully.

Modern societies have evolved legal systems that, ideally anyway, treat defendants as innocent until proven guilty—and also protect them with statutes of limitations and other restrictions on evidence, such as hearsay evidence. Moreover, judgments are to be made after a trial in a controlled courtroom setting, where witnesses can be cross-examined, and can be charged with perjury if they lie.

These protections are already too weak in the modern world, where the “court of public opinion” is presided over by feminist media and routinely ruins people’s careers for ludicrously inadequate reasons. In any case, we should remember that these protections were put in place specifically to minimize miscarriages of justice based on false claims—including quite a few episodes in which women produced false claims by the dozen.

A very brief history of hysteria

The contagion of false claims that began at Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 is an example that comes easily to mind. Unfortunately, what really happened at Salem tends to be obscured nowadays—no prizes for guessing why. The acceptable version of the story blames a tense socio-religious environment. But in fact the Salem case is just one of many social contagions throughout history that have been triggered and mostly driven by the competitive histrionics of girls and women.

The Aix-en-Provence case of the early 1600s bears an even closer resemblance to cases like Cosby’s. It centered around a teenage nun, Madeleine Demandolx de la Palud, who on a visit home from her remote convent at Aix apparently developed an infatuation with a young, handsome priest, Louis Gaufridi, a friend of her parents. Madeleine later claimed that they had been intimate, and for that she was kept well away from Gaufridi.

After two more years in the convent (bored out of her mind, no doubt) she smashed a crucifix one day, and thereafter began acting out the symptoms of demonic possession. Soon other girls in the convent at Aix, including one Louise Capeau, were competing to top her antics. Sexual themes predominated—and the stories and acting-out were so lurid that observers were convinced that these girls, all from good families, could only be possessed by demons. Gaufridi, of course, was the target of their hysterical claims, and eventually was brought to trial by a fanatical Inquisitor.

Madeleine and Louise were the star witnesses against the priest, recounting in graphic detail their possessions and going into fits before the court. Madeleine alternated this daily display with assertions that she was making everything up. She claimed great love for Gaufridi and actually writhed on the floor imitating the sexual acts they had done. Physicians examined her and agreed she was not a virgin. She displayed the devil’s marks on the bottom of her feet and under her left breast. When pricked with a pin, the marks did not bleed or cause her pain. The marks mysteriously disappeared and reappeared repeatedly. [link]

Gaufridi was tortured into confessing, not just to having had sex with Madeleine, but to having signed a blood pact with the devil, etc. He later recanted, but it was too late, and he was tortured and executed in April 1611. As soon as he died, Madeleine’s long possession ended, although some of her competitors continued their performances and their behaviors spread to other convents until the authorities locked the ringleaders away.

These bizarre contagions are often said to have ended in the 17th century, as western legal systems improved and the Enlightenment reduced official enthusiasm for witchcraft and demon-possession stories. But they eventually resurfaced in the medical world, late in the 1800s, in the “hysterias” that preoccupied Charcot, Freud, Breuer, Jung and others, and that basically kicked off modern psychiatry.

Hysterics, so-called because they were mostly women (the name is derived from the ancient Greek word for uterus), had what we would now call psychosomatic ailments, and often seemed to switch personalities suddenly—just as women supposedly possessed by demons had done in centuries past. And once again, sexual themes were frequent.

Breuer’s famous patient “Anna O.” (real name: Bertha Pappenheim) writhed on a bed in front of him and claimed to be having his baby. Jung accepted a patient with masochistic fantasies, one Sabina Spielrein, and risked his career by having sex with her—a story that was dramatized in the recent movie A Dangerous Method.


Then there was Freud, a guy who, as the saying goes, heard hoofbeats and looked for zebras. He theorized that hysterics’ inordinate interest in sex while on therapists’ couches must be due not to the obvious possibility, sexual frustration, but instead to repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. Like the gullible onlookers at Aix, he could not believe that these young women could make up sex stories on their own—someone had to have forced them into such experiences.

He eventually set the sex abuse idea aside, but later psychiatrists took it up again in the 1970s and 80s, in the face of an epidemic of “multiple personality disorder” (MPD)—a full-blown spirit-possession version of hysteria, once again dominated by women. The MPD epidemic had followed the success of the 1973 book Sybil, whose protagonist and her female psychoanalyst had claimed—falsely, it is now asserted—that “Sibyl” had multiple personalities and had been sexually abused as a child.

The MPD-caused-by-sexual-abuse industry grew rapidly in the 80s and early 90s. Driven by the competitive claims of MPD “victims,” it eventually branched out into the even more ridiculous MPD-caused-by-satanic-ritual-abuse hysteria. Esteemed doctors who knew much about modern psychiatry, but apparently nothing about the lurid histrionics at Aix and Salem, were completely taken in. Like the Inquisitor at Aix and the Puritans at Salem, they ended up orchestrating and promoting the epidemic, which damaged and destroyed many lives.

There was also, around this time, an epidemic of an MPD-like syndrome in which people—again, mostly young women—claimed to have been abducted and abused by aliens in flying saucers. In that and in all the other cases, the media of the time, and especially the book-publishing industry, helped foment the hysteria, but conveniently developed amnesia about its role when the contagion had burned itself out.


What guise does female hysteria take nowadays? I would guess mostly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder—which is epidemic, and is diagnosed three times more often in women than in men—although 21st century psychiatry affords women almost limitless opportunities for fantasy role-playing in a non-judgmental medical setting. You wondered why Obamacare made mental health coverage mandatory? Now you know.

But my main point here is that there are clear historical precedents in which multiple women, encouraged by the media, have made false claims against men. Note that the central feature of these contagions, even more central than the “spirit possession” or “multiple personality” aspect, is the need to get attention or influence by acting out the role of victim. And for every victim there must be a perpetrator.

Thus it is not just wrong but dangerous for us to judge Bill Cosby based on the current set of claims, which are made years and years after the supposed events, and apparently are accompanied by no corroborating evidence.

A behavioral program?

Another point is that this history of female hysteria suggests the existence of a “program” coding for such behavior in the brain. This program, it seems, is mostly latent but can emerge in some, especially women, under the right circumstances: it is all about playing the victim, in a way that draws attention and otherwise empowers the person, and it includes an impressive set of histrionic tools to convince the unwary. Four hundred years after two randy, unstable nuns sent a man to the stake for crimes he did not commit, we are still easy to fool.

Note that this behavioral program is probably ancient and global—not limited to the Christianized, medicalized west. Anthropologists have detailed many possession cases in the third world, and the social groups that form around them (possession cults), which, again, tend to be women’s domains. They have proposed that women tend to predominate in this area of behavior because, in these traditional, patriarchal societies, being possessed (often by authoritative male spirits) gives women a voice, gives them something interesting to do, in ways that ordinary behavior couldn’t.

That all may be true, but even if this peculiar predisposition arose as a secret weapon of female empowerment, its utility over hundreds and perhaps thousands of years would have driven it into the human genome, where it presumably persists. Certainly hysteria hasn’t disappeared with the rise of feminism and mass female empowerment—far from it.

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368 thoughts on “The Bill Cosby Rape Scandal Is Just Another Example Of Modern Hysteria”

  1. I reckon he slipped em a Mickey Finn or two. It’s probably just the tip of the iceberg too.

        Legally speaking he’s admitted it but the court documents are sealed. Good optics, but Cosby is clearly a guy who slips women Roofies. Costand is credible, she files her claims promptly and Cosby, even if he claims consent is stuck with a problem. He was a Trustee at Temple at the time of the incident with the Bakkaball Coach.

        1. No matter how many times you post the link. If there was no conviction then there was no crime. Thus, he’s no rapist. All you have is your conjecture, counselor. And some he said, she said. Case dismissed.

  2. Oy, Vay such good work on the UVA hoax, then you had to wade in on Cosby. He’s set himself up for this with the onscreen Huxtable act. Turns out he was Muh Dikking horndog and not a nice doctor. Doesn’t look good for his reputation as a sober conservative black chap you wouldn’t mind living on your street. He’d drug up your daughter and ply her with booze after all.

    1. the guy was never a conservative, the media just billed him that way because he said black men should get jobs, as though that’s some kind of awful uncle tom thing to say

    2. No roofieing here. Just consensual drug and alcohol use by cheap fame whores and their going to bed with a rich, powerful man hoping he’ll make them rich and famous later.
      If your daughter is going to Hollywood parties and wants to be an actress, you’ve already failed as a parent.

      1. Blame the 15 year old girl?
        Clearly you know of nothing about Hollywood sex abuse … it’s rampant and vicious … especially to minors. Children and teens are used and disposed of. It’s the biggest open secret that no one talks about because so many high profile celebrities are involved.

        1. What 15 year old girl? Every single story I’ve read about these women makes clear they were all adults who willingly met with/partied with Cosby. Many admit that he openly offered them drugs that they took. Where is the 15 year old innocent girl in all this?
          Child sex abuse is different, I agree; I’ve seen no allegations of child sex abuse here. And child sex abuse charges are usually same-sex oriented, which is what Corey whats-his-face talked about.

        2. “Clearly you know of nothing about Hollywood sex abuse … it’s rampant and vicious … especially to minors.”
          Oh really? Sounds more like you have been indoctrinated into the feminazi echo chamber. That social chamber runs deep it seems, even to members of ROK.
          Other than Roman Polanski, can you kindly provide links to, say, a dozen examples of Hollywood figures tried and convicted of “rampant and vicious” sex abuse against minors?
          Okay, if not a dozen, how about a half-dozen links to such cases. They don’t have to be all that recent either. Let’s say in the last 15 years.
          And “accused of…” doesn’t count. Let’s have some actual cases of convicted Hollywood felons. If the problem is truly rampant, there should be thousands and thousands of such cases, making it a snap to find a half-dozen quite easily.
          Please post here when you find them.
          If I sound a tad bit defensive, it’s because:
          (a) I am appalled that even redpill men are at least partially brainwashed by the Feminocracy, and
          (b) I work in media creation in Los Angeles and the ONLY sex abuse I’ve ever seen (many dozens of cases) are of up-and-coming untalented actresses and models aggressively soliciting producers/directors to exchange sexual favors for parts – the exact OPPOSITE of what the rest of the world stereotypes in their mind of how “sexual harrasment/assault” goes down.

        3. I don’t think you believe that it exists on a large scale (you seem to want convictions … but unlike adult rape, pedophilia is much, much harder to catch and prove). Well I witnessed a boy being raped by a priest when I was younger, but I didn’t know what happened until later. I never said anything because I honestly didn’t know what was happening. I’m not going to say much more, but here in Boston, there are many young men who have been raped in the last century. Many of those priests are still practicing …. I have names of clergy who I know we’re moved to different parishes and colleges.
          The issues of pedophilia disturbs me greatly … I think it exists on the highest levels of government, religion, and entertainment. It is covered up because so many high level politicians, clerics, and celebrities are involved.
          If you would like to investigate this issue in depth start with: “The Franklin Cover Up” by John DeCamp … if that doesn’t send chills down your spine I’m not sure what will. There is a direct overlap between entertainment and politics … as shown by Mr. Larry King, who was a pedophile indicted for abuse, he sung at the Republican Convention in 1988 to introduce Bush, I believe … but past that the government stopped any investigation. Look into it if your are really interested.
          In terms of recent revelations I would look at the cases of Corey Feldman’s and Paul Peterson’s revelations, Michael Egan against Bryan Singer from X-men, Martin Weiss composer of Sesame Street, the list goes on that’s off the top of my head.

        4. Judy Huth claims she was 15.
          A number of the reports have women saying they were early teens when it happened. Google it.

        5. If a girl has gone through puberty or is going through puberty. Then the man desiring her is not a pedophile.
          ”Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger”

        6. yes. oh wait, no. definitely no. i mean, he scouted the countryside, kidnapped them in their sleep, held them in chains in his basement, and -then- they all got drunk and randy together. he mind-controlled their legs open. the military should weaponize cosby.
          each girl had her own actions. cosby had his. looks like an even way split if you ask me. also, doesn’t look like rape. just looks like stupid. as an additional exercise, trying to determine if it really was rape decades later also looks stupid. not even the players remember the plays.

        7. I’ve read the “Franklin Cover Up.” It did indeed churn my stomach and I highly recommend it to red pillers who are brave enough to peer over the cliff of our society into its filthy abyss.
          I agree that priest and politicians are involved in some of the nastiest pedo activities, with many cases proven and convicted. Politicians especially are specifically recruited and selected based on such criteria as that makes them easy to set up for blackmail whenever it serves their Elite puppet masters.
          But I feel that the whole Hollywood sex abuse thing is way overblown. The Bryan Singer accusations are just that – accusations. One of the alleged victims later recanted. And the whole thing smelled of the old game of wannabees selling themselves for roles, only this was a gay version.
          I stand by conviction that other than the likes of Roman Polanski the only sex abuse occurring in Hollywood are by young female wannabees who aggressively sell their bodies in exchange for roles. I have been proposition myself several times, and I am practically nothing in the industry. I’ve witnessed it happening to colleagues at least a dozen times.
          In my ten years in the industry I have yet to hear of a SINGLE case of a male executive pressuring a young female actor or model for sexual favors. They don’t have to! That is the dirty secret of the industry. Yet the world outside is under the impression that the situation is the exact opposite.

        8. The key word in the above phrase is “claim”. Without evidence the number of individuals making this charge is irrelevant.

        9. And yet when you read Judy Huth’s story, it sounds like a typical star-fucker’s—she snuck onto one of his sets, pursued him, went back to his place for drinks, and then willingly went to the Playboy mansion, where she accepted drinks and drugs.
          She was 15, not a child, but sexually mature. She knew exactly what she was doing, even if she was new at it. And what kind of parents have a daughter who does this? Bad parents. Her parents were bad and they raised a skank daughter who never bothered to check in with them when she went drinking and partying at the Playboy Mansion with some celebrity she’d just met.
          Now the last part is very fuzzy—he does something she objects to—this is not “held me down and forced himself into me” like Roman Polanski did. The age of consent laws seem to have been broken, but whether she was “raped” is still very much doubtful. You think after all partying that this little trollop didn’t know what the toll was?
          This wasn’t child-rape (pedophilia) but a sexually mature-but underage girl messing around with a celebrity and regretting it later. No rape, and no sympathy here. Regret is not rape.

        10. Blame her parents. 15 year old women are fertile, and in better cultures than ours, geographically and historically, often full wives. But only after being given away by a dad that actually gives a f about to whom and under what conditions.
          Governments, ambulance chasers, scandal pushing hucksters, and petty trash titillated by lurid tales of others’ private lives, have exactly zero business getting involved in any way, shape or form whatsoever.

        11. Perhaps. However, if the claims is true (which at this point no evidence is available for the given accusation appears to be forthcoming) Bill Cosby could be guilty of statutory rape.

        12. It does make one wonder about even our forefathers. An example of your suggestion are the parents of the late baseball great Ty Cobb.
          When his parents married his father William Herschel Cobb (1863-1905) was 20, his mother Amanda Chitwood Cobb (1871-1936) only 12. However, she did not come to live with her husband until age 14. A year later (1886), Ty Cobb was born to eventually become the very first player ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This would place his mother, Amanda Cobb, at age 15. His father at that point would have been 23.
          As shocking as this might sound to modern ears, this situation was more common than most individuals today would be comfortable accepting. It does make one wonder why different cultures and time periods held different standards than today.

        13. I don’t really want to get into this … but there’s a lengthy discussion on the Internet (no book I know connects the dots … it’s all rather disconnected) about who runs Hollywood rituals involving children (where does the Catholic function of the alter boy come from? … goes back to Isaac and Jacob). Today, this child abuse exists rather openly in some Islamic sects, while in Christianity and Judaism it is a secret, but it’s existed in practice since the inception of these Abrahamic faiths.
          Look at the movie A.I. … why would anyone want to buy a little boy who never ages?
          Spielberg is a genius. He’s telling you something about wealthy people. He’s just too smart to say it out loud.

        14. +1
          The modern concept of “pedophilia,” like most other Western concepts, is contrary to the ordinary course of nature as our age(s) of consent has nothing to do with pedophilia and everything to do with the college educations of women. Not only does Teenage pregnancy substantially decrease a woman’s chances of breast cancer for life, in general, the more children a woman has given birth to, the lower her risk of breast cancer.

        15. True. But statutory rape is a fa cry from forcible rape. Feminists try to confuse the two deliberately.

        16. Yes. And I’m willing to bet the SOL has run on most of these. Darn, what a shame.

        17. Good point, bad example. Cobb’s parents were clearly mentally unbalanced; his father was so paranoid his mother was cheating on him, he pretended to leave on business and snuck back into the house to spy on her.
          She then blew him away with a shotgun, saying she thought he was a burglar.
          And Cobb’s behavior throughout his life demonstrate extreme mental problems, probably inherited.

        18. Hmmm. I dunno about all that. But then again, nothing really surprises me anymore. When you look into any major Elite media meme (Vietnam, feminism, 9/11, Russia, Syria…) you always find out that truth is stranger than fiction. Often what the mainstream media tries to push down our throats is 180 degree from the actual facts.
          Child abuse certainly exists all over the world, often in religious, codified form as you suggest. It’s almost always directed against young boys rather than girls which suggests a common, dark trait within a sub-section of humanity – ritualistic, homosexual pedophiles.
          I’ve never heard about any such things going on in the entertainment industry. Of course I’m no where near high enough on the totem pole to be invited to any Eyes Wide Shut style parties so who knows if actually does exist. But I think we also have to be careful of being susceptible to the same “Salem witch hunt” hysteria that affects the female mind (much more so than the male mind).
          Hardcore facts are important, not alleged hidden messages in A.I. (or Eyes Wide Shut) or the X-Files. Some times a movie is just a movie. But, as I said, my mind remains open.

        19. There is no evidence that his parents were “unbalanced”. Herschel Cobb’s suspicions regarding his wife were not entirely unreasonable given the rampant rumors floating around the small town of Narrows at the time. He likely listened to it for quite some time before succumbing to the rumors. In a small town, rumors tend to spread rather quickly.
          Ty Cobb’s behavior, interestingly enough, did not manifest until after his father’s death. His reputation in the minor leagues was actually one of a baseball clown to a certain extent. He was never quite the same individual afterwords.
          The point however, is that like Ty Cobb’s parents, marriages involving pre-18 year old females were not uncommon.

        20. The problem with marrying a teen is that she will almost certainly end up cheating on you and divorcing. Henry VIII had to behead one extremely young wife after it was revealed she was banging a page boy. It’s inviting cuckloldry. Even if you are a King, that’s an unstable situation and not good for the man.

        21. Indeed. However, at least at this point in western history that appears to be par for the course for many females regardless of their age.

        22. Mary, Mother of Christ, would traditionally have been around 12 when she was pregnant with Jesus. Neither of them seem to have had their lives wasted as a result…..
          Mohammad supposedly married his favorite wife when she was 9.
          Combine the two, and you’re talking moral compasses for half of humanity for over a millennium. Hardly some run of the mill “perverts”…..
          I’m not saying I would hand my daughter on to some Jihadi at 9, but whether to do so or not is up to the girl’s parents/father. Not some government apparatchiks and their progressive-drone acolytes. Government does not “protect” “our” teenagers, because 1) there are no “our” with respect to other peoples children, and 2) no government ever have, nor ever will, “protect” anything but their own privilege and ability to oppress their underlings.

  3. What the feminist media is doing to Cosby is utterly disgusting. These fame-whores accusing him of rape 40 years after it happened are nothing but attention grabbing hags looking for sympathy and an easy settlement check. Cosby was rich, famous and of course women were lining up to go to bed with him during his 70’s heydays’ which were often alcohol or drug fueled parties that were the norm for that time period. If he didn’t have $$$ on his name now all these women would chalk it up to a one night stand they had forgotten about, but to them it’s now an opportunity to game the system and ruin this man’s reputation. It’s scary that a woman can come after you almost half a century later and make-up a claim and ruin your livelihood. The system is 100% against men.

    1. There were lining up? That’s interesting. While I don’t begrudge the guy his fun, he did present an image in public as a conservative dad full of wisdom and family values. This is more to do with a persona he cultivated in public. No one would begrudge him his conquests if he were an actor in Blaxploitation or had the profile of Denzel Washington of Will Smith.
      You can’t actually see the reason for the scandal can you?

      1. He played a ROLE on a tv show in his older years. So he had some fun in the 70’s while traveling the road and being a stand up comedian. Somehow, I have a feeling the 20’s version of what you did won’t be the strict, corporate drone you will be in your 40′-50’s especially if you had the money/fame/value of a celebrity. This is pathetic cash grab by a bunch of hoes looking for attention.

        1. Right so being involved (even if it wasn’t rape) with intoxicated girls (that much is confirmed by side sources of what I read) that are in their teens, while you are in your fifties lecturing on family values says what about this man?
          100 percent fraud.

        2. A moral fraud perhaps, but that’s irrelevant here
          The point is his accusers are a bunch of fruitcakes symptomatic of female hysteria, and people should be wary of those women like that

        3. Well you want to give Cosby the benefit of the doubt based on …
          His character? We know that was bullshit.

        4. Cosby is famous and remembered as a comedian. Not a lecturer on anything. As a comedian he was funny (according to many.) Hence not a fraud.

        5. The women were intoxicated? Says who, the women? O my, do I have a bridge in Alaska I’d love to sell you.
          Cosby did not rape any one of these women, and they knew it. How do I know? It’s because he did not need to. He had too many options. They threw themselves at him, had consensual sex, and expected to be made a star by the guy. Of course, that did not happen, so they felt they could repackage their nonsense as rape.

        6. Again, since the case did not go to trial, we did not know the details and neither of us was there.
          I could easily claim that he did not drug or finger fucked the woman. He settled the case to ward off unwanted attention. There, fixed it for ya.

        7. Maybe she was angry that he didn’t dick fuck her?
          Maybe he finger fucked her to prepare and was put off by suspicious odours?
          “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?

      2. “This is more to do with a persona he cultivated in public.”
        A womanizing tennis bum which was actually just a cover for being a womanizing international spy?
        “You can’t actually see the reason for the scandal can you?”
        Sure I can. The SJWs despise decency and attack it whenever they can, however they can. They were attacking his role as Dr. Huxtable as vile and disgusting while he was playing it.
        “The truth is ugly, only the ugly can be truth, – that is all
        We know on earth, and all we need to know.”

      3. What a ridiculous statement. So because you play a conservative role on a tv show you deserve different treatment when it comes to the law?

        1. It’s more than that. If you set yourself up as a paragon of virtue eventually the fame game will make mincemeat out of you, if it ain’t true.

        2. Again, it’s still nonsense. Cosby had extra-marital, consensual sex in his earlier days. So what?

    2. Cosby did it to himself, you can’t play Mr wholesome America for decades and think you don’t need to “walk the talk” of your role, even if one of those women’s stories is legit, he deserves to go down.

      1. You’re seriously going to claim that chastity is a male virtue? Railing chicks is wholesome. Having sex with your old wife or masturbating is sick and deranged. And none of the women’s stories are legit, crazy/greedy/evil bitches are more common than not

      2. Go down for being alpha and sleeping with some fame whores who did it for nothing other than self promotion and a chance to promote their own careers? Now 40 years later it’s just a cash grab, simple as that. No man deserves to go down for the whims of some feminist fame whores.

        1. Drug rape? Don’t be so easily brainwashed. I guess every time you get drunk and hookup with girls you drug rape them too right? This was the 70’s. Everyone was experimenting with drugs/alcohal etc. We weren’t there so we can’t judge and don’t know the true stories.

        2. Alpha per Roissy as I remember it (as authoritative as any) is a function of notch count and notch smv. Not of methodology, although I think (not sure) he may disqualify straight up pay-for-play prostitution.

        3. Sociopathic behavior might not correlate with either “alphas” or “betas.” That is what this drugging technique of his was — sociopathic.

        4. I don´t care what somebody else says about something. I have my own brains and I´m proud to say that I´ve never fucked a chick when she was wasted like shit. Not because of the “poor little girl” BUT because of the “poor little me”.
          I´m a grown man not a spineless little highschool boy who wants to get his dick wet no matter what.
          Fucking drunk chicks is beta as hell. Easy but beta.

        5. No mah Niggah,
          He assaulted a basketball coach at Temple U who almost immediately filed a complaint. Then the attorney burrowed into his past and found 10 other possible cases willing to testify. Cosby folded and settled. He’s got a nasty habit of Roofies and somnambulant ass fucking.

        6. I don´t know, what does Roissy said about red hair?
          Go check it out real quick. Otherwise you would have to think for yourself.

        1. Yea he pimped his image for a little more than a pay check. He was Black Jesus giving moral lectures.

        2. Playing a character on a sitcom that does not mesh with ones off-screen actions is hardly worthy of a prison term.

        3. Thanks for the article. It’s definitely an interesting read, and the case deserves more scrutiny. However, my disagreement was never with the fact that he may be guilty. I think the fact that one of the women immediately went to the police about it lends much more credibility to the story.
          My problem however was with commenters here saying that the discrepancy between his role on a tv show and his single life spoke to whether he was capable of such acts. The fact that multiple people brought that up and asserted that it did matter is what was truly mind-boggling.

    3. Nonsense. He was targeting girls that were in some cases in their teens, while he was around 50! The volume of claims that have been repeatedly made in commonality for THREE DECADES indicates that something inappropriate and probably criminal was going on …
      Give me another example where 20 plaintiffs file false suits … is this a massive conspiracy? Remember, false rape charges with no substance made by high profile women are subject so counter suits (in this case Cosby could destroy these women in court if innocent). A girl has come forward with a story including biographical information which places her in Cosby’s company at the age of 15 (having claimed rape back then, not on out of the blue).
      Before you attempt to defend Cosby, look over the reports … there’s more than a few details which are alarming (unrelated to an actual rape).

      1. Yeah sorry, I don’t buy it. I get you and @disqus_198vxDDBU9:disqus
        believe Black guys are automatically guilty of rape if it involves a white woman but this is hard to swallow.
        The number of women coming out of the woodwork to allege Cosby raped them now makes most of their claims improbable. We now have 33 women (and counting) claiming to have been both drugged and sexually abused by Bill Cosby. Yet, only 1-2 of them ever bothered to even make a police report. Really?
        Supposedly rape is underreported but, assuming that the statistical average of 10-20% had reported Bill Cosby after being attacked we should have at least 3-7 police reports and at least 1-2 actual sexual assault charges. Add in that Bill Cosby is a black man and these women are almost all white women and the odds of a police report and indictment double – so we should be seeing 10-12 police reports and maybe 2-3 past indictments.
        Are all of them lying? I doubt it. Are all of them telling the truth? No chance in hell. He is clearly a piece of shit but most of them likely hooked up with Cosby back in the day. Some are bitter. Some just want attention. Some want to get in on any financial payout that happens. Some of them were probably sexually abused by Cosby in some way.

        1. I don’t think anyone is qualified to state the veracity of the rape accusations on Cosby. My personal opinion is it is unlikely a black guy could get away with raping a white girl, regardless of how famous he was. However, Cosby did leverage his public image as being wholesome and his involvement with some of these girls, while consensual, still deviates enormously from the image he built his career on. So at the very least he’s susceptible to criticism in that regard.

        2. However, Cosby did leverage his public image as being wholesome and his involvement with some of these girls

          Roughly 13 of these claims were from women who worked at Playboy’s Chicago club in the 70’s; Bill Cosby was a washed up has-been in the 70’s.
          “The Bill Cosby Show” had been cancelled after 2 seasons and he was mainly a nightclub comedy act in Vegas. He made a few low budget movies, attended grad school and was best known for pudding commercials. Bill Cosby was not America’s Dad until a decade later with “The Cosby Show.” The LAPD would have been all over a rape claim against a black celebrity – and everyone knows it. Would we even be discussing Bill’s “public image” if he weren’t a Black guy?

        3. His public image was built on his career as a stand up comedian in which he was known for having clean material that was universally relatable and he has explicitly disparaged comedic routines that weren’t family-friendly. His public image has NOTHING to do with his race. If this were Charlie Sheen I wouldn’t be talking about how it violated his image. And as I previously identified, I find it extremely unlikely a black man, regardless of his social status, wouldn’t be eviscerated for being accused of rape.

        4. Your logic is negrophilic. I doubted the Kobe Bryant story. It’s not automatic prejudice. Cosby built up an avuncular safe persona. It’s masking something awful by the looks of it.

        5. Dude,
          You miss the point. I can’t attest to the rape claims. It’s the public image this guy created juxtaposed with the reality. He sought fame, well, Fame is a bitch.

        6. This attack may be ultimately due to Obama/Holder supporters because Cosby has always told black guys to get jobs and support their families — the opposite of what is needed to keep them angry and violent. By discrediting him they believe they can discredit his useful statements about this.

        7. The amount of schadenfreude is hilarious. Did your diva cup overflow? Is that that why you’re trolling my comments?

        8. He had a bit in his stand up act about Spanish Flies, John. He wasn’t squeaky clean until a decade later. Face it, television character ≠ public image because television isn’t real. Though, you are right about one thing: A black man in America is not and has never been above the law, especially 30-40 years ago. That concept alone make 30+ women remaining absolutely silent out of their own volition without compulsion of any kind for 40 years highly improbable.

        9. and your logic consists primarily of MSM talking points. What the fuck does Cosby’s persona have to do with female hysteria or 30+ women accusing the guy of rape once this became a media sensation and money was on the table? So the Coz should never break character because you can’t distinguish entertainment from reality? Even his initial accusers settled out of court before they had to testify, open your eyes dude.
          Oh and I noticed both of your ‘muh dik’ comments, thankfully, near the bottom of the thread where they belong. Prejudice plays a significant role in your reasoning for sure. The real Beta, White Knight, Manginas show their colors when a the big bad black dude endangers the virtuous white goddess. You only pay lip service to the Red Pill.

        10. They were forced to settle? Bwahahahahaha. That’s not how it works. Cosby was forced to settle and I might add, he used every trick in the book to avoid settling.

        11. Cosby has a long history of controlling, abusive behavior and an insanely huge ego according to some articles I’ve read about past encounters and interviews with the Coz. He actually sounds just like the type who might act like a super-nice guy and serially kill or rape people… they’re highly functioning sociopaths and they’re usually extremely successful in business when they’ve gotten an education.

        12. I wouldn’t bother debating anything with Dr. Orange. He is a Statist, a socialist and a supporter of the police state.
          Do you really think Cosby is a piece of shit for getting pussy? Isn’t that part and parcel of what ROK is about?

        13. Even being a “washed-up” has been will get you pussy. Most women are not going worry that its been a few years since your last big movie if you are in fact, still a celeb. Guys who hang with a band will almost get as much pussy as the guys in the band.

        14. Would you criticize him for getting pussy? All I see here is him gaming these girls and them getting mad about it otherwise.

        15. @John
          Having a clean reputation seems to be his real crime. It’s why Hannibal Buress went after him, and Tina Fey a decade ago.
          Cosby was the 1st black star of a serial “I spy.” and this made him an untouchable civil right hero.
          That he spent the entire 1970’s high and hanging out at the playboy mansion is forgotten.

        16. No. I criticize him for getting involved with women, evidently numerous ones, that are this unstable. There are many black public figures that have active sex lives that are able to avoid such drama.

        17. He is perfectly entitled to do what he wishes within the legal framework of not harming others. However, if someone wants to be a cultural critic as he is so wont to do, he better maintain that clean public image to be taken seriously.

        18. Have you been with many women John? You don’t have to go very far before you run into unstable ones. Not sure what being black has to with it.

        19. From Law for All:
          “Is the former football hero Orenthal James Simpson a murderer? A civil jury found it more likely than not that he caused the death of his ex-wife and her friend. A criminal jury was unable to find beyond a reasonable doubt that O.J. committed first degree murder. Legally, the outcomes do not contradict each other.”

        20. Yeah, and I have never had any accuse me of rape. Though I always deliberately avoid women that are remotely drunk. Race is relevant because in America, especially during that time period, a black man was highly vulnerable to rape charges against a white woman. Which is why I find these cases highly suspect. I think if he were actually doing this, these women wouldn’t have had any reservations at all in going to the police as a black man would almost definitely be investigated thoroughly for rape.

        21. The rules have changed and sexual assault information is more available since the 70’s. IMO Cosby probably had sex with a lot of women (several hundred possibly). He was probably slinging free drugs (coke ?) to help him score, which really is not a stretch for a somewhat popular entertainer working in a city.
          Most of the stories are along the lines of “I had some drug (dropped some LSD?) and…” or if some basic coercion from Cosby in the form of access. This is fundamentally different than forcible rape, but still considered rape and or sexual assault by the law. I hope everyone knows this by now, otherwise be prepared to go to jail or be ruined economically.
          As Cosby’s status improved, he became a harder target to want to take on. The would be accusers were isolated, with minimal or no evidence. Cosby was probably smart enough to use condoms or at least make sure the evidence was not coming back, else this would have been open and shut years ago. These women today would not say anything unless they have a class action case. There is too much exposure to a counter suit otherwise.
          I personally think Bill Cosby is not the hill to die on. He settled out of court once. There is a rail car full of women making new accusations, including high profile women with nothing to gain. The large number of accusers are not going to hit any jackpot. Cosby’s legal fee’s will strip all the cash and he will be left a smoldering ruin.

        22. Yes we all know about the civil judgment. The point is that you cannot be convicted of a crime in Civil Court.

        23. You’re still young John. Give it 40 years for these women to turn around and say you raped them.
          White guys get accused of rape all the time though.

        24. In 40 years those sluts I banged won’t be able to remember me. I’ll just be one of the few hundred dicks that they had. They won’t care about me anymore then than they do now.

        25. The point is John, is that Bill Cosby was in no position to judge what the mental state of a slut might be forty years later. He’s entitled to have consensual sex with women and not to blame for their unethical behavior.

        26. I agree but ultimately man of means need to understand that women are mostly there to take their resources.The probably holds true for you and I but not to the same degree as someone as well off as Bill Cosby. With that knowledge he should act accordingly as others in similar circumstances do.

        27. Maybe Cosby was sporting a “magic wand”, they were spellbound by his “unicorn horn” all these years? [/sarc]

        28. And John Wayne spent most of his spare time wearing a dress, demanding his boyfriends call him “The Dutchess”.
          Your point?

        29. They gamed him, for the “BBC”, and now they want to get paid, and BobsyerUncle.

        30. They’ll only accuse him of rape if he gets rich/famous. Otherwise they’ll deny on a stack of Bibles that they ever did those filthy things with his genitals, even if he needs them to tell to get his head out of a noose.

        31. I wonder why nobody mentions the psycho bitch who was involved in murdering Cosby’s son.
          Oh, I forget, it’s his fault because he let her mother take his drugs and suck his big black cock 35 years ago at a Playboy Mansion party when she was 17.5 years old.

      2. I don’t want to sound like I’m condoning extra marital sex unless your wife is OK with it, but if you are going to have casual sex with sluts, good on him for at least picking sluts that aren’t simultaneously washed up old skanks. Would it somehow be less “inappropriate” if he was slumming it around old folks homes? He’s Dr. Huxtable, he’s got standards…..

      3. A stated, not one of these cases is about forcible rape. It’s either women accepting drugs and sex and having regret or unproven allegations of being roofied when roofies rarely existed and weren’t needed by celebrities.
        This is, really, a Donald Sterling-esque pile on. Cosby burned some people in business, this is them organizing every former groupie with an ax to grind in one big pit and letting their regret foment into rape.
        I mean, the idea that Janice Dickineson ever said no to anybody–especially a celebrity–is laughable by its lonesome.

      4. As I pointed out in another comment – these were consenting adults “using” each other. He was using them for sex. They were using him to get ahead in their careers. Fair trade. If they had become the big stars they hoped, you wouldn’t be hearing about any of this, or they’d be bragging about how they got their first big break by bedding Bill Cosby. So maybe they have a case for failing to live up to a verbal contract? But rape? I call BS. Why is their sex more valuable and precious than his influence? Probably far less valuable.

        1. I hope you make it one day and become the best n the world at whatever you do. We will see if those women coming out of the woodwork to accuse you of various transgressions will be telling the truth. I can guarantee you now, at least one will come up with nonsense.

        2. Very compelling story. But we must remember that these are unsubstantiated allegations. The drugging incident would have been a serious crime, yet he wasn’t prosecuted. The Duke case, and now the UVA case show how important it is not to take compelling but unsubstantiated accusations at face value. And exactly why did this young, aspiring actress allow herself to be alone with him in his house? She was clearly hoping that his influence and connections would pay off for her.

        3. The Duke case was Nifong attempting to prosecute white boys.
          The same goes with UVA.
          Use your wits on this one.

        4. Accusations of drugging and sexual misconduct without investigation. If there’s a pattern here, it’s a pattern of accusations without evidence.

        5. I fail to see the distinction, unless you are suggesting Cosby is being targeted because he is black? I think he is being targeted because he is a prominent black man who has dared to criticize black ghetto culture.

      5. “The volume of claims that have been repeatedly made in commonality for
        THREE DECADES indicates that something inappropriate and probably
        criminal was going on”.
        They know this is a common fallacy that people buy into, that the more people who jump in, the more credibility they will be given by people like you who buy into this bandwagon fallacy.
        Also, the “commonality” you speak of could very easily and likely be them copying the details of others’ stories. So they gain credibility from enough fools by the bandwagon fallacy and “commonality”.
        So now that they have their two sources of “credibility”, these women begin piling on. And contrary to what you and others say that they don’t have anything to gain and are taking a “brave” risk, their motives could be anything from competitiveness
        (thoroughly explained in this article) or vindictiveness to wanting
        attention, money, etc. They see their opportunity and take

      6. “He was targeting girls that were in some cases in their teens, while he was around 50!”
        Why the shaming language? Save this “Age Appropriate” bullshit for feminists and manginas.

      7. Yeah, but these women are lured by a $100 million pot that gloria albright wants cosby to payout to them. Their stories are grossly suspicious and cannot even be verified because they all claim they were drugged and passed out before cosby raped them. And why and how do all these 15 year old girls manage to get away from their parents at night and sleep with bill cosby for days on end and no one knows? It just doesn’t add up, what kind of parents don’t report their 15 y/o missing when she isn’t in bed?

    4. Postscript: Just another shameless money grab, nothing to see here.
      Gloria Allred, self-proclaimed “Discrimination Attorney” and “Feminist Lawyer”, has recommended that Cosby put up a $100 Million fund to payoff his accusers or prepare for court (read: extortion). One lawsuit has been filed in California and more will most definitely follow now that guaranteed cash and media attention is on the table.
      It will be sad when this case blows up the way the Rolling Stone UVA just did; It’s inevitable. Most of stories are sloppy and will be easily discredited when the time comes. Bill Cosby has already filed a counterclaim against the woman making the accusation in LA. Her story is retarded: A 15 y/o girl partying and getting raped at the Playboy Mansion? For anyone whose actually been, A 15 y/o girl could NEVER get into an adult party at the Mansion. Bullshit. Never happened. Full stop.

      1. She’s burned either way. Either she’s making it up, or she, without telling her parents, snuck onto a movie set, hooked up with a celebrity, went back to his house, and then went to the Playboy Mansion, all while willing getting drunk and doing drugs. So either she’s a liar or a massive, early-starting groupie whore who knew the price of admission and is now trying to pretend she didn’t.

        1. …Not to mention, in addition to all you wrote, according to her, after all that she rode the dark steed all night long.

      2. The “drug fantasy” is an important part of this. For a start, why does a wealthy celebrity need to drug desperate women? That is peculiar. It would make more sense to say he forced himself upon them a la that other fake rape case against Mike Tyson.
        Second, no woman is so dense as not to know that going to a hotel room late at night is a prelude to sex.
        Last, this “date rape drug attack” story is essentially an urban myth that is perpetrated by women to excuse their own bad behavior. Some women cannot face up to the fact that they are suffering “buyers remorse” about whatever stupid thing they did and must invent an external agency (demons, drugs, I bumped my head, etc) to take responsibility for it. One of my exes did this when she got silly drunk and left a stream of vomit from one end of London to the other, suffered a personality change, and woke up with no memory with me staring angrily at her. She claimed some guys spiked her drink because she “didn’t have that much”.
        I said “bitch you were more drunk than George Best on his birthday!”

      3. Judge: What is your defense Mr. Cosby?
        Mr. Cosby: The victim is a retard, your honor.
        Judge: I see. Case dismissed.

    5. A big part of what’s going on here, pressing claims after the statue of limitations has passed, is to DENY Cosby his day in court, and thus any ability to officially defend himself from these allegations. It amounts to a Bill of Attainder. He’s being tried in the media.
      À bientôt,

      1. This is the only point that matters. Bringing accusations long after any trial may proceed means money and attention are the only goals, period.

    6. You raise a valid point and I must add that women for some reason feel they must compete with each other and up the ante at every opportunity. (He did that to me as well – syndrome) I will demonstrate this with an actual example of my experience.
      I asked a lady out on a date. She was part of a group of three friends who I spoke to. She declined. I put it down to her friends influence. I asked her what the problem is. She had told her friends of my polite advances who had then said to her I had asked them out as well. I was shocked. I confronted them both, and guess what? They insisted and cited occasions when I had suggested we go out as a group. I was in disbelief but realised it was a battle I was never going to win. Now I am careful with all my dealings with women. They are poisonous.

  4. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” – Beta Men of power and status think they can get away with all sorts of things, including rape and sexual impropriety, this has been researched and proven to be the case, our best, (if not extreme) examples are the Beta Emperors of Rome ( Caligula). This is not mass hysteria, it’s media sensationalism to make it feel like it’s mass hysteria, the public were stooged for decades over this guys saintly goodness.

    1. and we’re being fooled (again) by believing (and siding) with these women – years later.
      They had no problem with it “back when” – even going to his home or hotel. Women who act in this way are looking for something for free. If they really wanted acting lessons then they should have done it the right way.
      We keep giving these women a pass…like their small, frighten animals. But, at the same time women are supposed to be “strong”, “independent”…and equal.
      Give me a fucking break. These women were after something (as well). They are older and much bitter, now.

      1. They wasted their lives riding the cock carousel and need quick cash.
        Nothing more or less.

        1. Look at the bigger picture…I don’t care about Cosby or the details.
          We need to make sure that all citizens are created equal (yes, even criminals have rights). No more of this bullshit of a woman crying she was a victim of whatever. Police report, courts, evidence…move forward.

  5. So if Cosby really did rape them, then that means 20 women let a serial rapist run free and terrorize more women. That’s anything but brave.

      1. rape: 40 sluts, who had sex with cosbro when he was a bum, didn’t get cash retirement prizes when he made it big decades later.
        of course, back then, the idea to call that rape had yet to click into feminism’s asperger insidious entitlement theft mentality. so it was just sluts not putting a ring on it. but now? well, now there are different rules, new bold ideas, and innocent slut-walking angels cosbro probably didn’t even fuck want a piece. 40-way split of a washed up has-been anyone?

    1. Seriously, god damn they misuse almost every word they use from “rape” to “brave”. It’s disgusting the limitlessness to their dishonesty and bullsh*t. They assault and molest the English language.

      1. “They assault and molest the English language.”
        And, some then go on to rape and sodomise her [the English Language].

        1. More truth about women in blues music than most other genres of music combined/ Old blues is anti-pop. I like what Zeppelin did with it.

    2. How many of these “rape victims” voluntarily spent time with him after the alleged “attack”?

        1. Dr. Orange, I agree with you 100% on the “Alpha” comment , however, these women “kicked it with him” after the fact, did not report,& no jury convicted; so it’s all tyrannical hysteria and ideological faddishness at this point.

        2. I’m not saying all of these women were raped, nor am I denying that some of them were whores. That’s a smokescreen hiding liability.
          But when you put together the age differences with the drugs and alcohol, the private staff setting up meetings with under aged girls, Cosby’s bizarre behavior of wanting to be alone with certain women and have them watch him eat and dress, a gruesome picture starts to emerge. This guy was up to something. He wasn’t seeing up girls the normal way.
          All of the details will come out.

        3. Most women who claim to have been raped say they were drugged. It’s an easy way out of recounting any facts, evidence, or providing reasons for why there was no resistance. The fact that you assume guilt by saying “drugging women isn’t alpha” makes you suspect in my book.

        4. True, but I live in The Bay Area and most folks here don’t like “sexing up” the normal way, and they still find people who are down. So, I just stay away and accept that there’s “different strikes for different folks” and I don’t verbally judge or condemn them in a way that will effect their livelihood or career.

        5. And none of it ever was, nor ever will be, the business of anyone besides him and his entourage of star struck sluts. Particularly not any business of any even infinitesimally legitimate government.
          In more civilized parts of the world, where most men are not willing bendovers for their oppressors, women whoring for attention in this particular way is simply deemed whores and stoned in public. Leading to women finding more useful ways top spend their lives, like having and raising children with their lawfully wedded husbands; instead of chasing celebrities three times their age into their hotel rooms hoping he can make them famous too….

        6. He didn’t drug them; he offered them drugs, and they willingly and enthusiastically accepted. He also offered them alcohol, and they accepted; he didn’t shoot alcohol down their throats.

        7. Some of these whores were teenagers as young as 16. We protect teenagers from men in their 50s under our laws.

        8. lol…we protect all women under our laws (screw the men).
          I thought I’d fix that one for you.

        9. And “we” take close to 50% of men’s income as well. As well as their guns. And most else. Under “our” laws.

  6. In 1486, a catholic inquisitor wrote a book on witchcraft. He states (in short) that you can spot a witch as having three attributes:
    (1) She is annoying others through irritating, long-term and malicious actions and statements
    (2) She is showing blatant disrespect for social structures and people wo do not share that disrespect
    (3) She feigns sadness and victimizes herself without having any reason.
    Anyone but me thinking “feminists” when reading that?
    (The book is named “Malleus Maleficiarum”, the description taken from Section II, Page 13 in the German translation from the Latin original)

    1. It’s a good OP, well-researched and presented. Thanks.
      That said, there certainly is a spiritual, and not just biochemical, aspect to these millennia-long attacks against masculinity. Ancient religious literature, both Scriptural and secular, attests to this phenomenon. The Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was not equipped to understand, much less overcome, this tendency in females, and in male enablers.
      Must be the Season of the Witch. Just because it’s a song, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.


      1. Good God John, are you this god damned gullible? This is a blatant SJW troll, not a scientific publication.

  8. Guilty! Destroy him!!! No need for a trial, no need to convict in a court of law with irrefutable evidence — this is the most important aspect to this story, that we’re at a point when men are guilty in a court of public opinion, lynched by the media and the mob, and all it takes is one accuser. Heh, true in this case there’s a.. few, and this leads any honest person to wonder what is wrong with women that they are so cowardly they cannot come forward to save other women from a “predator” if he is guilty.

  9. I’m just waiting for the Mr. Rogers rape scandal to happen. Will they make his skeleton stand trial?

    1. Captain Kangaroo, the Lady from Romper Room, and Mr. Hooper as well (bonus if you get the reference).
      Of course, Jimmy Saville was a child molester and hosted kids shows for years and was covered for by the BBC, so anything is possible…
      but this Cosby crap? lol. There’s a reason many of these women waited until after the SOL had passed and are trying to extort money now.

      1. But, it stems from a settlement he made with a Canadian…in a court, over a sexual assault charge.
        This isn’t Julian Assange getting trapped in an intelligence Honey Trap.

  10. Let us not let our cynicism get in the way of clear thinking. There are so many women making this claim, and Cosby has remained so silent on the issue. He won’t come out and even defend himself. Why? Probably because it would be perjury.
    Rumor is that he pays the women under the table to hush up. This is NOT the same as the UVA case. This is probably the real deal.
    But let’s be clear about one thing: tons of women wanted in his pants in his heyday. He was larger than life, very well respected. The reason the women never accused him of raping them before is because they just DIDN’T CARE! They did not mind being drugged and sexed by someone like Cosby.
    This reveals some hidden truth about why women feel “afraid” to accuse men of rape. The fact is that, when being “raped” (blurred lines, here) by celebrities or fratstars, women actually do not suffer much in the act. Sometimes they enjoy it. Then, after a bad breakup, embarrassing moment, or a rough spot in their life, they will accuse a guy of rape out of their feelings of bitchiness or vindictiveness. I had a friend who went through a bad breakup, and then was accused of “repeated rape” of his girlfriend, just because she was a crazy mess, emotionally distraught about the breakup.
    Women feel guilty about this, because they know their discomfort was not caused by the “rape,” but by the breakup, embarrassing moment at the party, etc., and they know they are harming a male who did not harm them by accusing him of rape. But they do it anyway because they are hamsters.
    This is why women are scared to file for rape. It simply doesn’t make sense that a woman who was actually harmed by a really nasty rape should not report it, like they would any other crime. They are embarrassed about the rape because they know they are just projecting another problem at a man, a man who did not mean any harm. The feminists stand behind this bs because they are misandrists always looking for another way to “stick it to the man.”
    This madness must end.

    1. And Apparatchiks stand behind it, because it gives them yet another excuse to insert themselves into other people’s private business.

  11. I can understand how a person under 18 could be intimidated into not filing a police report. Also women in some cultures where they’d be disowned by their families. But for an adult female in the US… file the report… it appears more solid. Even if you choose to not take it to trial, it gives the police something to work with.

  12. Cosby is a big patriarchal figure to take down who wrote a book on fatherhood. He’s a big fish and a big target. Who’s next, Santa Claus?
    Socialist services hacks and their SJW minions in the local branch offices troll for head of household patriarchs to take down and destroy everywhere. Billboards abound with females and children curled into balls crying with captions that if read with ‘they live’ special sunglasses would reveal bold face ‘SMASH THE PATRIARCHY’ captions. Children and spouses are urged to ‘COME OUT’ against father for whatever reason – THERE MUST BE A REASON – the patriarchy must be toppled.
    The vilification of the patriarch as the boogeyman equals the ambulance chaser ads going after the giant monolithic pharmaceutical companies promising windfall rewards for ‘victims’. The hacks will go after simple household patriarchs with the same force one would apply trust busting law against a company or finger and hype a hiding ‘terrorist’ in the community.
    Or the competing yellow page ad divorce lawyers who have pictures of Ferraris and Bahama vacations on the walls of their lobbies enticing all the great things you can get if you do your business with them, all the great things you can TAKE THE MAN for. And it’s all about WINNING nothing more. They’ll WIN YOU MORE than the next guy if you do business with their firm. Nothing about fairness or justice but WINNING. Like the troll attorneys, the SJW’s also have no more concern for fairness but it is a WAR and WINNING is the goal.

    1. It reminds me an awful lot of the cultural revolution under Mao, which had legions of red guards(read SJWs) go around and accuse people of not towing the socialist party line. Namely parents, teachers, and anyone they felt like were blamed, many were wrongly jailed and even executed based on the accusations that they were reactionary. This period left a horrendous and notorious mark which would be how people viewed Mao’s leadership after that point. Just like the cultural revolution, many in China became disillusioned by the party leadership, and just like the SJWs and their social campaigns, young men(and some women) in America find themselves disillusioned as well.
      All of the promises of a sexual revolution and sexual utopia if we give them all the power has turned out to be hollow, shallow, and empty. The first men who went along with these changes in the 1960’s never accounted for the real nature of female sexuality. Namely hypergamy. An unleashing of this system means only the top men succeed as well as most women. But this leaves most men cripplingly under-productive and even violent(see Elliot Rodger, George Sodini, etc.). However when you combine unrestrained female hypergamy with completely restrained male sexuality, such as no prostitution, a new shaming for watching porn, and basically make men feel like losers if they aren’t getting sex daily, it’s no surprise that men are fucking angry. There is only one solution, toss these liars, white knights, manginas, and feminists out. Or risk implosion.

      1. One thinks of Mao’s cultural revolution on hearing a professional SJW spouting “the struggle must continue”.

      2. All of the promises of a sexual revolution and sexual utopia if we give them all the power has turned out to be hollow, shallow, and empty. The first men who went along with these changes in the 1960’s never accounted for the real nature of female sexuality. Namely hypergamy.


      3. “It reminds me an awful lot of the cultural revolution under Mao, which had legions of red guards(read SJWs) go around and accuse people of not towing the socialist party line. Namely parents, teachers, and anyone they felt like were blamed, many were wrongly jailed and even executed based on the accusations that they were reactionary. This period left a horrendous and notorious mark which would be how people viewed Mao’s leadership after that point. Just like the cultural revolution, many in China became disillusioned by the party leadership, and just like the SJWs and their social campaigns, young men(and some women) in America find themselves disillusioned as well.”
        Well said. Only thing missing are the dunce caps 😀

    2. Cosby is a big patriarchal figure to take down who wrote a book on fatherhood. He’s a big fish and a big target. Who’s next, Santa Claus?

      My prediction is that none other than Sir Charles Barkley will be the next black celebrity to be targeted by the SJW farce squad because he has become more vocal in the same way Bill Cosby has.

  13. What is more, NONE of the stories are even demonstrations of rape.
    When the headlines first blared on this matter, they stated something along the lines of “Cosby drugged and raped me!”
    you read the stories. It wasn’t Cosby roofieing their drink and their
    waking up and getting tested and having proof of roofies. It was 1 of 2
    1) Cosby openly offers them drugs in front of people at a
    party, and the women openly took them. This is like a woman taking a
    man up on his offer of multiple shots and then complaining that the
    shots got her drunk. These women got high and went to bed with him.
    These women claim that “I only had one drink!” and that magically they
    woke up in bed with Cosby. Forgetting, of course, how they had several
    more after that but don’t want to remember it and want to pretend they
    were innocent.
    I would salivate to be Cosby’s counsel in any
    case where these chicks take the stand (which is ALL of them, as the
    only proof of their rapes is their say so, with not even physical
    evidence to prove it). Cross examining them on their credibility would
    be like cross examinaning Ted Kennedy on his.
    All this is is a
    lot of slutty, old failed actresses and models past their prime trying
    for a last bit of fame now that their looks have passed by playing the
    innocent victim card. Remember this phrase: Munchausen Syndrome.
    last note, the funniest thus far is Lou Ferrigno’s wife; the entire
    incident supposedly occurred before she met Ferrigno. She was Playboy
    bunny who met a guy at an airport (!) who invited her to Cosby’s house
    (!) late at night (!) when it happens. And the assault???—Only that
    Cosby tried to kiss her!
    Truth is honey, you were a
    Playboy bimbo crashing Cosby’s home and he tried to kiss you. That’s not
    even close to sexual assault. Also, thanks for embarrassing your
    now-husband in public with the news that you were always just a cheap trick. Lou should go running to the divorce attorney yesterday.

    1. “Truth is honey, you were a Playboy bimbo crashing Cosby’s home and he tried to kiss you.”
      “Truth is honey, you were a Playboy bimbo trespassing Cosbro’s pad and you sucked him stupid so he wouldn’t call the cops on you before daylight. And then he had the nerve to try to kiss you because you gave such a good job. That perv.”

  14. A bunch of aspiring entertainers who got drunk and fucked him in hopes he would help out their careers and who are now embarrassed and angry at him instead of themselves. Typical of most females, playing follow the loser once one says something about it.

  15. All I hear from Cosby is crickets … if I were innocent I think it would be easy to dismiss these charges. Too many obvious details to be revealed soon.
    The cases are too strong, he knows he’s ruined. That’s my guess. All of it will come out eventually …

    1. What cases? There are none. These women have no evidence that proves that Cosby did anything untowards to them.
      And even the worst lawyer in the world would tell his client to STFU about any criminal wrongdoing, no matter how long ago in the past it was, because even if he opens his mouth once without legal supervision he puts his fortune and freedom at risk.

      1. That’s convenient (but I’m not talking about an overt rebuttal), only if I were innocent, I would be able to drop conclusive proof that at least some of these women were frauds right away. Won’t be hard. Win the PR battle. The legal battle is secondary.
        My guess is that Cosby is cooked, and if he wasn’t, his millions would have prevented this from reaching the light of day. There are going to be witnesses the come forward against Cosby, because the way that these rape allegations are piling up, there’s too much smoke not to be a fire.

        1. And how well does proclaiming one’s innocence work? It rarely does. And considering the standing ovation Cosby got at one his most recent gigs, I doubt he’s terribly concerned about how “tarnished” his image is. It is, after all, the feminized mainstream media that is driving this story.
          Each time he opens his mouth, he gives the story more life. If he remains quiet, eventually another big news story comes and blows this out of the news cycle and people go on with their lives, not caring about Bill Cosby.

          There are going to be witnesses the come forward against Cosby, because the way the rape allegations are piling up, there’s too much smoke not to be a fire.

          I am simply applying the same standards of guilt to Bill Cosby that I’d apply to the mythical UVA super-rapist, or the Duke Lacrosse Team… proof is required. Allegations without proof mean zero.
          My theory is that Bill Cosby used his wealth and celebrity status to bang tons of women who wouldn’t otherwise give him the time of day, and now that Cosby has paid for the sex he had with one of them, the rest want a payday.

      2. No. He settled with a Canadian on a sexual assault case. Documents are sealed by request from the Muh Dik. That’s pretty damning shit.

        1. That is one civil settlement though. It can’t be used to prove criminal wrongdoing, especially since the accuser has agreed not to discuss the matter further.

  16. Lets face it Cosby wasn’t blessed with good looks….. how many good looking black athletes/actors, etc., bang the shit out of numerous birds throughout their careers and they don’t whine about rapey rape?

    1. You’re right. Cosby is one hell of an ugly mo fo even for an old black guy. His dick probably look like a piece of beef jerky been chewed by more trailer trash than he remembers. He’s the black Jack Nicholson of Hollywood – all character without any looks (ugly as horse shit). But he wrote a book on fatherhood bless his soul. Nicholson is also rich and powerful, pushing 80 and swinging HIS ugly gizzard freely, but he never wrote a patriarchal treatise.

      1. He’s the black Jack Nicholson of Hollywood – all character without any looks (ugly as horse shit). But he wrote a book on fatherhood bless his soul.

        The Bill Cosby situation embodies the proverb “no good deed goes unpunished.”
        The only reason this is a scandal (again) is because another Black comedian did a stand-up act where he claimed Cosby had no right to tell young Black men to pull their pants up or stop feigning victimhood because he had been accused of rape. The real story is the Black community’s vitriol towards Cosby for wanting a degenerate culture to evolve and mature. Cosby was essentially thrown under the bus by one of his own because victimhood and ad hominem will always be infinitely easier than taking responsibility for your actions and improving.

        1. You are an dumkopf. These accusations have dogged him for the better part of two decades. The accusations really revved up when he settled with a Canadian sports coach over a sexual assault. The Canadian was outside the Hollywood system and was able to follow through.

        2. There you go again. There are probably piggy backers. Sure.
          Constrand looks credible. The other cases fit the story Cosby settled over with Constrand.

        3. Correct me if I’m wrong but the most terrifying part about this comment is that you practice law. I shudder to think.

      2. But Jack is extremely charming and the bitches love him.
        Bill Cosby has no charm at all in real life.

        1. Yes. A good secondary point to note from this case is that, for those of you betas who think that it’s better to work on getting famous/powerful than learning game to get women….
          your beta will follow you.

        2. I’ve even seen that over in SE Asian countries with the bargirls.
          Sure, you can be a fat, awkward beta and wave your money and get a chick, but guys that actually have charm and some game have women swarming them.

      3. Nicholson looked fine when he younger. not conventionally handsome by any stretch, but he had his own look.
        Cosby never looked good.

    2. true, but then are his looks what mattered, ever? it wasn’t until he fell that all the buzzards wanted to cannibalize his status, rather than show it as a badge.
      him walking around in sweats just accelerated it.

    3. Cosby is unattractive and has always come across as aloof and strange in interviews. He has never projected any warmth outside of his TV show.
      He probably has no game and just expects his immense power and wealth to seal the deal.

    4. Cosby had other magical superpowers that lure easy women into bed — money, influence in Hollywood, celebrity status.

  17. I have witnessed as well as have been the target of hysterical cabals of gossiping female co-workers intent on getting a man fired over nothing. These days they are often joined or enabled by feminized males.

    1. The women themselves are never the actual perpetrators of much evil. Instead, absent pathetic and/or men, they would be rather harmless. Some slut in a French monastery babbling about sexual fantasies, was pretty darned inconsequential until the usual suspects, agents of the oppressive state, got involved and started their self promotion by holding “court hearings” and “finding” this and that……
      It’s the same story now. If men simply left the hysterics to their own devices, they would do no more harm than any other crazy lady walking up and down Market Street, Broadway or Hollywood Boulevard.
      The underlying problem here, as everywhere, is that men who should know better, have allowed other men to terrorize them on behalf of, amongst other hysterias, women’s nonsensical attempts at attention grabbing.

      1. Yeah, that’s it. If Cosby can be destroyed, legalistically or otherwise, then basically every male over eighteen is fair prey. That’s the matriarchal/statist endgame.

  18. “Lots of women telling the same story means it must be true” is the exact same non-logic used during the Salem Witch Trials.

    1. This is what happens when you have an idiot society that think studying history isn’t important. Santayana’s words just become more pronounced in their fulfillment in this type of society.

  19. I love how these women, who were happy to keep quite while they were receiving cash and prizes, now have the audacity to lecture us about rape culture and the host of people who “must have known” what was going on but did nothing to stop it. No shit. Go look in the mirror.

  20. One of the more retarded aspects of this thing are all the claims of “I waited 50 years to say anything because I was afraid no one would believe me.” In particular a woman who claims Cosby raped her in 1969 said this.
    So I’m supposed to believe that in the year after MLK was assassinated for daring to ask that blacks receive equal treatment under the law you, a pretty white girl, wouldn’t have been able to find some white cop to pursue justice for being raped by a powerful black man? Ok.
    If that’s the case, I guess a lot of other narratives we constantly hear about this country are wrong.

    1. In the context of Hollywood and TV production? Accusing a black of assault or rape would have been a career ender. Goldwynbergsteinwitz wouldn’t have the pet hauled up in front of the LAPD. Even if he did the Commissioner of police would have buried her.

  21. I feel terrible for the old guy. These were cases of consenting adults “using” each other. He was using them for sex – they were using him to get ahead in their “careers”. Since it didn’t work out the way the women wanted – they didn’t become big stars – they retroactively decided it was rape. If it had worked out the way they wanted it would be a completely different story: the women would be fondly writing in their memoirs how they got their first big break by bedding Bill Cosby. What disgusting hypocrites.

    1. Agree….and that’s the piece of information that’s missing from these articles. These women know what they are doing (they’ve been doing it forever).
      If they truly wanted “acting” lessons, then they should have done it the right way. They were trying to get something for nothing and yes, had it worked out then you wouldn’t have heard a peep from them (because it could ruin their life and career).
      But since they didn’t become famous (and we know how women love attention), years later it’s a “problem” or rape.

      1. You have not read the genesis of the story. A Bakkaball coach at Temple University filed charges against Cosby while he was a Trustee there. Even if he claims consent this is a huge billowing red flag. He abused a sulituation outside the Hollywood system and then the case mushroomed when she threatened to provide 10 other women’s testimony against him. He folded like a cheap chair and settled, because he couldn’t hold Hollywood over her. He got sloppy, he got arrogant. Hamatia, the fatal flaw in the hero. Don’t waste time defending him. He’d fuck you over in heartbeat.

        1. preponderance of repeat posting, all citing the same selectively interpreted weak story, will only achieve the label of spam, not proof. weak levels of proof only weaken a case the more they are cited as they are indistinguishable from hysteria.
          if justice is the goal, distinguishing from hysteria is a must. otherwise, there is an inappropriately low level of evidence for the $100 million level of redistributive justice sought.

        2. I don’t give a shit about Cosby…I really don’t. I’m worried more about men, in general, and how this will effect us. The one thing that I don’t want to do is just these women a “free pass” just because they said it. That’s been our problem all this time with society. A woman claims something (anything) and automatically it’s the truth (and she’s the victim).
          Fuck it…if women want true equality then we need to go through the motions (starting with filing a police report and then going through the courts.
          Women wanted equality….they got it.

  22. Public Service Announcement:
    The man accused by Lena Dunham of raping her in college has set up a legal fund to sue her for libel.
    If you have some cash to spare please donate. His attorney Aaron Minc set it up. You can google several articles detailing how strong his case is.

  23. I little doubt Cosby is a creep (this shit has been around way to long to be just made-up), but Janice Dickinson is a burn-out headcase. I wouldn’t trust her to tell me what colour the sky was.

      1. SHE almost raped Jose Canseco on THE SURREAL LIFE. Flashing her bare ass at him and stuff.
        Back then she still looked pretty good. Now she’s a horror.

        1. Janice is the epitome of the modern Western post-35 hoe.
          My eyes bleed looking at her. When I hear that loud cackle from an aged whore, I feel like an STD is penetrating my ear drum.

        2. “When I hear that loud cackle from an aged whore, I feel like an STD is penetrating my ear drum.”
          excellent line.

  24. Bill Cosby can’t be called a rapist until someone produces some credible, verifiable and objective evidence to the contrary, no matter what these wannabe whores claim.
    Don’t forget that these women were supposedly “raped” during a time in which law enforcement would have no problem lynching a black man who laid eyes on a white woman, much less touch or rape her.

    1. and I still haven’t read any article that asks the woman tough questions such as…”Why did these women go to his house or hotel room versus meeting in a public place?”.
      Women go to homes, hotel rooms, etc….and everyone assumes (right away) that they are the victim. No one questions the behaviors or motives of the woman. She’s obviously trying to get something out of it (and for free).
      This does not add up in our new “equal” society.

      1. Heck I’d even settle for “why didn’t you report it to the police, or seek treatment at a hospital which would have reported it on your behalf?”

        1. True, but this still went nowhere.
          I find the fact that the woman was still interested in being paid for her services after the fact. It is hard to call someone who walked away with a significant amount of money a victim.

        2. It is an admission that he did something with this woman that he might not want made public in open court, but that could be anything, not necessarily rape.
          And if this woman is not talking, then there’s no crime.
          I’m not defending Cosby because I think he’s Dr. Huxtable or any other kind of upstanding citizen. I just believe in the rule of law. If is just a he-said-she-said, then there’s no crime.

        3. Agree. Probably because these women were too embarrassed. I would be, too, if I went to a man’s home or hotel room (to get something for nothing) and got the short end of the stick.
          On the other side, if they became rich and famous they would have thanked him.

  25. Cosby isn’t the ship I’m going down on defending. The guy even talked about dropping spanish flies in girls drinks to get them in the mood on stage. There are plenty of women who have accused him that have nothing to gain and will gain nothing from the accusation.

  26. Since we’re talking about Cosby, I’ve always wondered what the fuck that weird purple hat Dumb Donald in FAT ALBERT wore.
    Was that a thing among ‘those’ people?

  27. If a famous man can’t use his fame to sleep with willing girls anymore, society is fucked.

  28. I have heard DIRECTLY from one woman that he courted and freaked out with his behavior. Her story is funny in hindsight because she stood up to him and got him angry. But he upset her at the time. This was in the mid-1980s at his TV show studio. He apparently paid modeling agencies to deliver targets to him. He selected models that he liked and that were most vulnerable.
    Not every woman is hysterical and not every man is falsely accused of rape — although too many are. I look at Cosby as like the entertainment version of a Catholic priest. He was so beyond reproach that no one was willing to call him out until after decades of criminal conduct.
    The latest accuser is beyond reproach so now Cosby’s fate is sealed:

    1. lol. Good trolling article. But comparing Cosby to a child molester is way off the mark. Heck, as has been pointed out, most the charges against Catholic priests weren’t pedophilia, but instead gay-underage sex, all consensual. The Chruch has a gay problem more than it has a pedophilia problem, the sensationalized stories notwithstanding.

      1. Sex with 16-year-old girls is against the law in most states, including California and New York. But I agree that Cosby is not a “child molester” because the girls were not really children. He does appear to be a rapist by any definition of the word. He is a statutory rapist and a rapist rapist.

        1. The age of consent is 16 in most US states. 31 of them to be more precise. You are correct about California and NY having a higher age of consent. Your particular wording is incorrect, however.

    2. “I have heard DIRECTLY from one woman that he courted and freaked out with his behavior.”
      the above, like all others to this point, is a mere accusation. Now Bill Cosby may very well be what the accusations state. However, this is not evidence. Should the latter become available (if there is any validity to the accusations) however, then one can legitimately consider him a criminal.

  29. Cosby paid modeling agencies in New York to send him targets. He was an unattractive black man in his 50s. He could not have consensual sex with teenage white models. This is why he drugged them. I have heard DIRECTLY from one of these models that he freaked out (although he did not get to the point of drugging her).
    Some of his victims might have been corruptible, but many were just rape victims. He even drugged a couple women that he already was sleeping with. It seems he had a fascination with drugging women.

    1. I heard DIRECTLY from someone that you are a troll spreading false rumours. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    2. Funny how all of these women went to his house (on their own) versus meeting in a public place?
      And no one questions these women on why they went to his house? Again, No accountability or responsibility required on the side of the woman (she’s always the victim).

      1. I find myself agreeing with you! If I go to a guy’s house, there’s an expectation there really

  30. I think those that defend Cosby do a disservice to innocents like that fraternity at UVA. It undermines the pro-male movement that this site and others champion. Just because that fraternity might have been unfairly victimized by a cabal of feminists does not mean that Bill Cosby also is.
    For every eccentric ex-model like Dickenson, there is a respectable, quiet woman accusing him of drugging and raping her.

    1. We have no evidence that this man robbed a bank except for the word of that woman over there…hence, he must be guilty.
      So, let’s take away all of our laws, rights, etc..(especially if you’re a man) and we’ll just go by the word of any random woman.
      How could we go wrong?

  31. I think my posts keep getting removed. Although I agree with many of the articles on this site, I do not agree with this one. I know someone well that was not abused by Cosby but could see where he was going. She was one of the many models told by her agency to go to see him at his studio for “acting lessons.”
    The UVA story is deplorable but real rapists and sociopaths do exist.

    1. The point of the article is not that Cosby is innocent.
      The point of the article is that we shouldn’t judge such cases based on media accounts, given the history of hysterical epidemics of false claims.

      1. That’s buried deep in the article if true. Cosby has some serious problems. He’s going the way of Fatty Arbuckle…

  32. Has every one forgotten? If you can’t have sex for free in America. Having sex for free is rape!

  33. I think the whole thing is crazy…he is Bill Cosby! He doesn’t have to rape anyone when plenty of girls would be willing

    1. like I said a minute ago, if you meet up with a celebrity you kinda have to expect sex is on the table going in…I would

        1. Have you read through the material yet? The situation is astonishingly similar. Except Luster was dumb enough to film himself raping the zonked out Female-Flesh.

  34. “If a woman was raped, why wouldn’t she immediately file a police report?”
    Well, because of articles like this, where women are always immediately assumed to be the liar, and are called an attention-grabbing whore for finally having the courage to come forth. Secondly, most of the women accusing him are well-off financially. But again, this article is being crapped out on a website that doesn’t believe that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, so I guess I can’t say that I’m surprised.

    1. I dunno about that exactly, however Going against a rising star feted by the Elite in Hollywood ain’t going to do you any favors. If the LAPD Commissioner gets the case handed into his lap you could end up dead…not just run out of town. Anyway, the public used to have a good laugh about GHB type Roofies.

      Here is Dr Cosby bragging about pushing his pills.

        1. You are clearly obsessed with BBC , thus all the “muh dick” comments and have your little panties in a bunch over successful black men. Probably making your day to see one “going down” you probably think about Cosby when you insert that black dildo in your ass and wish he would have his way with you. Sad. Feminist fag.

    2. Yea forty years later….. and I’m not defending the guy one wit…..1 in 5? Does that include finger banging Mary Jane Rottencrotch in the back row of the movie theatre? Guilty as charged…….

      1. This started when a woman filed a charge in Canada…
        I remember when Cosby’s son Ennis was killed by an Ukrainian guy,
        his wife Camille was whining a lot about white racism that led to her
        son’s death. Funny how she has been silent all these years about Bill
        Cosby’s serial raping.

    3. “…But again, this article is being crapped out on a website that doesn’t
      believe that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted at some point in their
      One of the the original sources of the 1 in 5 raped figure today is just another version of the original (oldest) 1 in 4 figure from around 30 years ago in a Ms Magazine article in 1985 where it got a lot of attention. They published data by a woman who conducted a vague survey in 1982 with a really small sample size. However this did not stop the 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 raped myth. Some people are even suggesting that its 1 in 3 that will be raped.
      The survey asked indirect questions and the survey giver made their own conclusions as to what was rape and was not rape regardless of if the person answering said they were raped or not. For example, having a drink and then consenting to sex was rape. Regretting consenting sex in a one night stand was also rape.
      The most accurate information on rape statistics is about 1 in 2000 women. That’s the FBI’s own database from 2010 and estimates of forcible rapes in the United States per year, an estimate that’s trending down as the years go by. Any number higher than that is flawed by the Inappropriate Generalisation fallacy. It’s functionally impossible to project anything about the number of unreported rapes from the ones that are reported. It is simply a logical null – no matter how many women scream at each other on Facebook that they were raped.
      And lets not even get started on false rape reports. If you’re prepared to evaluate false rape accusations by the same standards as the Ms. Magazine article estimates rape rates — i.e. using small sample sizes — the false rape accusation rate runs to 90%. Wider survey sizes put it at around 20 and 40% or so. The FBI”s database, again the go-to for feminists, puts it as high as 8 in 100 — almost 1 in 10.

      1. I don’t get some of the posters here… why are they presuming Cosby to be guilty without any solid evidence to back up those claims.
        That’s the same exact kind of white knight mangina behavior that goes against everything that is good and right.

        1. To be fair, there are a shitload of allegations all coming out of the woodwork, and “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” sometimes does have use as a heuristic reasoning tool.
          However, the inherent flaws in that reasoning chain are a major rationale for the (mostly abandoned now) old judicial rule that generally you don’t try several criminal charges together in one proceeding – simply because each charge has to stand on its own merits; the allegation of one charge does not necessarily make another, even if strikingly similar, more likely except under very restrictive rules.

        2. Dude you are naive. I’m profiling the black SOB. The presumption of innocence is a nice idea. In practice it is garbage.

        3. So you bought into the UVA mythical super-rapist story too? After all it was just a “very serious allegation.”
          Show me objective evidence that Bill Cosby raped anyone and I will change my opinion. Paying a woman for sex after the fact does not count.
          We don’t need to be helping the feminists, white knights and manginas by hanging a guy based on decades old claims that have no credible evidence to back them up.

      2. Agreed it’s a bogus number. Crime reports by city have data on Forcible Rape. That’s the only data worth bothering with. It’s almost all blacks doing it though.

        1. Further to the “1 in 5”: Slate has just put out an article which has some decent citations to indicate the 1 in 5 of college students — which presumably our friendly female peabrain is referring to — is dreadfully overinflated.
          In short, the 1 in 5 has been overestimated by some really screwy statistical bullshit. It’s a fucking myth. Always has been. The real rate is much, much smaller. But hey – Obama says, feminists believe, right?

    4. Why is it wrong to presume that the accused is innocent in the absence of facts or evidence that prove otherwise.

      1. It’s not. Feminists, like every hysteria-driven, or ideology-driven, group, constantly make war on Blackstone because they know the presumption of innocence is an inconvenient bar to their ambitions.

  35. This woman is broke and needs to write a book so she can catch up on some bills. The other women Bill Cosby slept with probably needs some cash and publicity too. When they say “drugged” that just means they had a few drinks before knockin’ boots.

    1. He never presented himself as a paragon of avuncular virtue. He was always a bit of a bad boy.

        1. That’s not an excuse for Bill Clinton, it is just the facts. Feminists couldn’t care less if there are rape allegations against a person if he helps advance their agenda.
          And there’s at least one decades old rape allegation against Bill Clinton, but you don’t hear any feminists proclaiming him to be guilty.

        2. Gary Hart screwed less, but at least he was a bit more discerning. Compare Monica Lewinsky and Donna Rice 😛

        3. He is still an “accused rapist” in the same vein as Bill Cosby.
          Now I look at the allegations against both and there is no timely reports or evidence to back them up. Consequently, it is wrong to conclude that either man is a rapist.

        4. Cosby is in a world of hurt. There is no statute of limitation with one case, and my guess is that there are allegations about to surface that stem from the last 7 years.

        5. Yeah, Bill liked Skanks. The classy gals he fucked probably didn’t care too much. He never appears to have done the Roofie thing either.

        6. Your politics are showing. It’s pretty sad. Bill had game. John Edwards did not. Either were useful liberal tools. Gary Hart was a liberal. No game.

        7. How is what I said political? I simply said that Bill Clinton is as much of a “rapist” as Bill Cosby supposedly is. The decades old rape allegation against Clinton also carries with it no evidence. It is just he-said-she-said, and therefore, BS until proven otherwise.
          Many of the women who want to hang Bill Cosby for supposedly being a rapist openly praise and adore Bill Clinton, even though they are accused of the same crime.

        8. i have no objection to any of Cosby’s accusers going to the criminal justice system to have Cosby punished if he is indeed guilty. Let them bring their claims and evidence to the same system and they can have at it.
          The fact that they chose not to do this shows that these alleged victims didn’t take those alleged crimes seriously.

        9. I do not agree with Bill Clinton’s politics, but I give the rape accusation leveled against him by Juanita Broaddrick the same credence I give to those leveled against Bill Cosby.

  36. “Still, the Post and other feminist-oriented media sites…” or in other words, nearly, if not all mainstream media sites.

  37. Hey , hey, hey ! Looks like Albert and the gang is in trouble, all because some bitches is lying . Let’s see if the kids can get out of this one . I blame rootie and weird Harold for this shit!

    1. A quick reading of that article seems to indicate the reverse of what you’re saying. It says Cosby offered to resign because of the effect of the allegations on Temple, not because they were giving him the choice of resigning or being fired.

      1. Temple kept Cosby on for ten years after the settlement with the Bakkaball coach. Ten fucking years! They know.

        1. Apparently not, they kept him on so maybe, just maybe, they didn’t know what you assume they knew.

  38. I don’t believe any woman’s rape allegation unless she goes to the police and the police find evidence.

    1. Hugh Hefner is currently Lawyering Up. He knows that some very dangerous and credible charges are being made that implicate his Mansion.
      Hugh is a bright guy.

  39. Cosby has been a known for speaking against idiotic black (and criminal in general, ynkuk ynuk ynuk) behavior. The timing of these allegations coming out juuuust before what became the great Fergudishu riot are certainly interesting.

    1. The blacks will self destruct. It’s their nature. I Know A Good One? Always ends up the same fucking way. Obama is next up. How has that black guy screwed up? Ferguson.

        1. I have a feeling that the risk is some HNIC will be standing over the corpse of civilization.
          It’s fascinating that you connect civilization and negritude. Taharqo was undisputedly a black Pharoah. He was part of a 150 year run by Sudanese blacks who took over the settled civilization of Egypt. Taharqo was deposed by the Assyrians. Egypt never ever came back from a Black Run State. After Taharqo Egypt was simply a province…

        2. Well what do you know civilizations rise and fall. I don’t see us wearing Roman garbs and worshipping Zeus either now do I? Civilizations rise and fall just like the one we are in right now is collapsing in on itself.
          And you can stop trying to be intellectual. Because by saying racially divisive garbage like “it’s in their nature” just proves you to be inept. Especially when history proves that all civilizations that have tried to dominate a region regradless of race eventually fail.

        3. Especially when a black takes the reigns of power. Mugabe, Obama, Taharqo, Coleman, Barry, L’ouverture, Dinkins…every last one of em prove to be a fuck up. A black executive is like the touch of death.

        4. The language you are abusing is approximately 25% Latin in lexicon. How many Swahili/black words did English steal from Subhaharan Africa? 100-200 words tops. Words like Banjo, Banana, voodoo and Zombie.

        5. As opposed to Latin derived words like Justice, Agriculture, Civilization, Senate, Editor, Legislature, Circus, Peace, Public, Palace, Dictator, Consul, Emperor, Forum, Virtue, Pontif, Vice…and don’t mention the Aquaduct.

        6. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December… The calendar.

        7. Yeah good shit. Especially b/c white men have made this country into a place that is free from fiat currency, feminism, debt and overall decay. Oh …. wait….. Damn! Don’t ya hate when that happens?

  40. If there’s a rape/molestation claim against a prominent celebrity, you can bet he’s making the fags and other degenerates uncomfortable. Bill Cosby is one of the few celebrities who are trying to send a positive message, so he has to go.

  41. Like the “10 hours Walking in NYC” video, I believe the true point Cosby rape scandal is an assault on the Constitution. 10 Hours is a subtly trying to chip away at free speech, and Cosby Rape is attempting to chip away at due process. (The racial aspect in both examples is not a coincidence, what better way to get people to act than to have black boogiemen assaulting white women?)
    We can see the attack on due process playing out in the universities as our Federal government attempts to strong arm universities into lowering their standards of evidence. I do not believe it is a coincidence that UVA was the subject of that phony Rolling Stone story either, people have been gunning for UVA for a while now:
    What we are seeing is history repeating itself, feminism being used to disrupt society, just like Gloria Steinem was used back in the 70s. Once again they are attacking black men to affect change. And since so many people view these issues solely through emotional lenses, they can’t see they are being manipulated into acting against their own self interests.
    Here is Gloria’s Ms Magazine trumpeting the book “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman” (some believe she actually was the ghost writer) as the book that will change the 80s… and she was right, it kicked off the downfall of the black family by pitting black women against black men in the name of feminism.

  42. One of the biggest medical malpractice cases here in North Carolina was against a male psychologist. A group of his women patients got together with a tale of mollestation and rape.. the man (who looked like Santa Claus coincidentally) lost his medical license and it was the largest insurance payout to “victims”in the states history. The only problem with the whole yarn was it was a lie. Every single woman was full of it. Able to convince a gullible jury with their tales, they destroyed this man and shook down the insurance company for millions. A friend of mine lived with one of the female accusers for a while and she told him the whole thing was just for money, and that it never happened,… just as matter of fact. No remorse, no reflection on her part on the horrible nature of what she had admitted to. I guess the huge $$ settlement and not having to work for a living eased her conscience. Over the summer I ended up getting involved with such a woman who had a poor guy locked up for a year awaiting trial on rape claims. Knowing that she could be dangerous [as I treat all women] I protected myself. When things went bad with this hot mess, I not only smoked her case against me but also ended up freeing the dude who sat in the lockup for the last 12 months. Her credibility and that of her mother was shot after I provided the d.a with evidence that I am sure made them blush. The lesson is great claims require great proof…protect yourself. Never underestimate the depravity of others. There are a lot of messed up people out there.

  43. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (2008-2012), 60% of rapes are never reported. If 20 (actually 20+) women claim to be raped by this man, the odds of there not being ONE single report of rape to the police can be mathematically calculated as 0.6 to the exponent of 20. The odds are hence below 0.0036%.

  44. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t believe any rape accusations unless a rape kit has been done and a police report filed. It’s really not that difficult to see how women can benefit from making false claims, although the feminazis pretend to be blind to this reality.

  45. I reached the conclusion that the current attack on African-American men has absolutely nothing to do at all with Bill Cosby,” she wrote. “He brought this on himself when he decided he had the right to have his way with who knows how many women over the last four decades. If anything, Cosby is distinguished from the majority of black men in this country because he could depend on the powers that be for support and protection.”
    One more woman comes forward. This one a black woman. They’re all lying. Every single one of them. Right?

  46. SMH at the clowns talking about Cosby’s identity, as though it affects them, while they read and comment on ROK…a site, started for and is still primarily, about hooking up with girls.

    1. (a) Cosby’s main modus operandi is said to involve slipping drugs to women and then fucking them while they’re out cold. ROK has never taught or endorsed that. Ever.
      (b) At least some of the allegations against Cosby are farcical, and in some cases from convicted drug dealers, disbarred lawyers, and serial allegers of abuse. There is a strong element of female fantasy playing into at least some of the allegations, particularly given some encounters could be just as easily argued as female “career advancement” which didn’t work out for them.

      1. I don’t think anybody took “hooking up with women” as slipping them drugs. That’s what this site’s detractors do, they see what they want. I think the majority if not all were for “career advancement” that didn’t work our for them. Neither of these are my point. He had sex, a lot of it. If it didn’t line up with how people felt about him, that’s unfortunate. He’s still a man, last I checked. Like Roosh made a good point saying in his latest post/video; “All public rape accusations are false”.

  47. Apparently every white woman in the mainland United States was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby,

  48. Don’t forget the Satanic Panic of the 90’s. Our days version of the Salem Witch trials. Numerous men (and some women), falsey imprisoned based on ‘recovered memories’ of ritual Satanic Abuse.
    At one point, lots of normal people believed every city had a strong Satanic movement, killing children and raping women.
    The fear of Satan on the teligious right, combined with the fear of men on the left, plus the quackery of ‘repressed memories’ psychology psuedo science, came together to create this Satanic Panic, ruining the lives of many men in the process.

    1. Cosby admitted to giving them drugs. He did not admit, however, to giving them drugs without their consent. The fact that everyone automatically assumed that was a smoking gun just goes to show that this is indeed hysteria.

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