Australian Male Senator Shuts Down Female Colleague For Accusing Him Of “Mansplaining”

Australia, there may be hope for you yet.

In a story quickly going viral, a Labor senator named Katy Gallagher accused fellow Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield of “mansplaining” during a proceeding after a particularly lengthy explanation of government processes. Initially confused by the unfamiliar term, the Senator quickly exploded into a righteous rant that, in the politest possible way, shut down the accusation completely.

I present it here in admiration of your manly glory, Senator Fifield.

The only thing better than watching this exchange is reading the subsequent comments:



Even the subsequent news articles about the exchange are surprisingly neutral, simply describing it as a “row” or “face off” rather than the usual “man dares to disagree with woman!”



Clearly, from the shady internet chatroom to the newsdesk to the corridors of power, people are getting increasingly sick of this feminazi bullshit.

What I love most is how quickly the distinguished senator shut down the “mansplaining” argument. Without any preparation, he poked holes in it in about ten seconds, exposing it for the childish I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I bullshit that is it.

Katy Gallagher meme

History will quickly forget this exchange. It is but one small skirmish in a decades-long culture war, but it is one that the feminists lost. Let us savor the moment.

Yes, it is disturbing to realize that you have people with the apparent mental faculties of twelve year olds making up 30% of your parliament. But let us appreciate that as overwhelming as the social justice crowd sometimes appears, there are still plenty of masculine men out there not willing for a moment to put up with their pathetic whining. They are still doing things old school with logic and facts. Not everyone has bothered keeping up to date with the newest edition of Newspeak, and that includes our politicians.

Mitch Fifield Destroyer of Worlds

Honestly, I think Senator Fifield should have been grateful to be accused of mansplaining. If anything, its praise. Who uses such an accusation, except for someone who realizes they are totally outmatched in an argument? Quick, someone is making a fool of a women! Call in the white knight airstrike! Call in the media!

I can only imagine her terror when she realized no help was forthcoming. Like Hillary Clinton, she’s perhaps discovering that with greater power comes greater responsibility, and that in 2016 a pussy-pass has less value than it once did.

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206 thoughts on “Australian Male Senator Shuts Down Female Colleague For Accusing Him Of “Mansplaining””

  1. Haha, that was quite well done. “It is a term that’s used… by senators seeking to make gender an issue.”

    1. Or you know, the “casual sexism” that those poor oppressed professional women have to endure in the workplace.

    1. LOL! How could that possibly be a victory for the left? Goddamn those people are delusional, holy crap.

    2. These types are very delusional. It’s why they think they are winning (or have won) when in reality, she got her ass spanked by daddy that day.
      He pretty much told her to stop talking while the adults are talking (using her made up words). Half the room had (has) to idea what that word means and it showed. This is what happens to these SJWs and these self glorified cunts when they think they have the upper hand….a bigger hand comes along and smacks them down. It’s called reality.

        1. wonder if he could be tracked down? If he was demonstrated to be a plant, that might have interesting implications for Hillary’s campaign

    1. Yeah, that women vote didn’t help her then and it’s not going to help her now.
      She was up against the likes of Obama (back when)….this time it could be Trump and she has no chance.
      Trump takes no prisoners…and Clinton should be off to jail about the time Trump is sworn into office.

        1. “She shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president until after all these charges are brought against her and she is either convicted or cleared. The fact that they would let a possible criminal run for POTUS is frightening.”
          Nothing new.
          Bush/Clinton (Mena airport).

          The ultimate Manchurian Candidate currently going by the alias “Barack Obama” now that was novel. Most pet dogs have more verifiable backgrounds than that person.

      1. Looking forward to trump running hillary through the shredder. When trump shouted down megyn kelly he made it clear he was the only male candidate capable of campaigning against hillary’s feminist bullshit.

    2. That was a fake male protester planted in the audience to rally her femtard base. That’s how feminist frauds operate. Meanwhile her hubby is making her cuckquean.

    3. I wouldn’t even trust Hilary to iron my shirt. I bet she would start to do it, fuck it up, and then Monica would swoop in to finish the job properly.

      1. Unless the clothing has a presidential load on it…that will stay in the closet as is. Makes a great conversation piece.

  2. A positive article that actually made my hour.
    Usually articles on ROK make me irritated (you know what I mean), so I appreciate this change.

  3. Mainsplaining – explaining something, then having to repeat yourself and use smaller words because some adult women has the logic and comprehension skills of a child, then being berated for explaining it so they can understand

    1. Really can’t win by catering to women even in this kind of abstract sense, it seems. But doing the sensible thing, treating them like children and ignoring them, just gets people fired.

    2. Once in high school a girl asked me for help fixing one of the lab computers, as she couldn’t log on. So I wiggle the ethernet cable and explain it using official terminology about the ethernet cable and unable to connect to the school server. I get a blank look. I simplify it and she got pissed.
      Friends and I used to call her “Slinky” because she doesn’t have much purpose, and would give great amusement if pushed down the stairs.

      1. I’ve been berated by women for contextualizing when explaining technical things in non-technical terms -_-

        1. In ye olden days, we called that an “analogy.” Apparently not everyone has a deep understanding of literally everything, so we compare complex issues to something that can be easily understood.
          Oh, the times, they are a-changin’…

      2. This is exactly my same experience trying to explain anything to any females beyond their competency in accessorizing outfits ordering overpriced items from a menu.
        Rather than show appreciation to a man for his knowledge and experience as he demonstrates his abilities by solving the problem, females protect their the delusion of superiority by displaying all manners of contempt and ridicule to the man helping them.
        Conversely, females will put up with all manners of useless nonsense and endless dialog from other clueless females about the problem and how to solve it. Despite not being able to solve simple problems, females will congratulate themselves on their superior communication skills and their ability to recruit other useless minds to the party.

        1. A woman showing appreciation to another man takes a certain level of humility. Women lack this basic ability to be humble unless it is taught to them. The way a woman shows appreciation for basic favours is never the same way compared to a man. The “thank you” a man gives you is very different from the “thank you” a woman gives.

      3. Once in my beta male university days I shared a ride back from a holiday with a group of friends and I ended up sharing a ride with a feminist in her car (supplied by her father). This was fine by me as she was attractive in those days. About mid night we ended up with a flat tire and I innocently offered to change the tire which upset her because it implied women didn’t know how to change tires.
        As maybe 50% of men know you crack the nuts on the wheel first with the spanner/tire iron then jack the car. Had I been with a male friend I merely would have explained it to him. Unfortunately she didn’t know this and preceded to struggle for 5 minutes as the wheel spun away because she couldn’t get purchase.
        It ended with her bursting into tears and me like a beta feeling sorry for her and fixing it and then creating distracting conversations to minimise her embarrassment.
        In retrospect I should’ve just laughed at her and then validated her by fucking her.
        Young men, I’m thinking of my nephew here, are also often quite ‘know it all’ and refuse the advice they are offered by well meaning mentors.
        Women also have ‘known it all’ problems in their youth but they now have a system called feminism to rationalise their know it all attitudes to double up on youthfull stupidity.

        1. Ah, the beta days. It’s good to know that one can look back and learn from the mistakes.
          I’ve only refused advice from one type of mentor: old battle axe post-modern deconstructionist art professors who were bagging groceries before they were teachers (whose art careers didn’t start until they were professors). But I got along well with the guy whose professorship was essentially his retirement from his career of making commercials. I got along with people who -to put it frankly- had success with their art in the real world.
          The “know it all” phenomenon is closely linked to the “special snowflake” thing, and -in psychobabble- is called the “personal fable”. Its usually present in adolescence, but since psychological development is being delayed in favor of consumerism… well… it probably won’t stop until the “mid-life crisis” stage.

      1. Or when she’s too stupid to know she’s too stupid to understand but resents being talked to like a child.

    3. Mansplaining is the only viable response to Cuntasking
      Cuntasking (n.)
      The proposed veiled accusation or absurd point-of-view, appearing to uninformed as an question, that has no reasonable answer, but is only meant to put a man on the defensive, since no answer or manner of response will be construed by said cunt as anything other than patronizing and condescending towards women.

    4. Its impossible to cater to insecure people… they will always feel insecure…. i think the best response is to pick them up on their own fear… turn it back on them – what the bully tries to do is make you feel his (her) own insecurities – deflect that and the battle is half won already.

      1. Not sure what you said right there. Kinda drunk right now, but yeah. I think what you mean is keep exposing that person to the fear in a controlled setting until they cowboy the fuck up.

    5. What gets me, is the sheer stupidity of using a childish slang term in a government debate. Only an idiot would expect to get away with that without have their (figuratively speaking) testicles ripped out from between their legs and served back to them as meatballs and spaghetti.

      1. “Mansplaining is a word people use.”
        “Used by whom?”
        “All my friends on Tumblr”
        “Isn’t Tumblr’s primary market tweenagers sharing cat photos and complaining about their parents?”

      2. Those “Australian Labour Party” women give me the shits. They are
        1 Eternal Student Radicals, they only moderate their hair and dress when they enter parliament.
        2 Invariably from an Arts-Law or simular humanities education
        3 Have come in through a union or leftist think tank or law firm.
        In other words no diversity of background or profession.
        4 Cant stop telling us that women are victims and need promotions for having a uterus.
        They are invariably white women from mostly white upper middle class suburbs. Diversity to them is a Chinese lesbian. (Penny Wong)
        The worst thing is they have no ideas. They have no ideas about anything except feminism and the usual politically correct clap trap. (feminism, intersectional feminism and green left ideology). They really are idiots.
        At some point the newspapers started blabbing on about ideology instead of policy issues.
        The conservative side is considerably better but as soon as they start gender quotas we’ll get idiots there as well.
        Sure they can agitate for a medical centre or a new bus or tram route but they are completely void of ideas and the public servants put that kind of infrastructure in anyway.

    6. Femoting – projecting your insecurities onto everyone else, then being offended by them
      “You’re being slightly patronizing to me, and I find that offensive.” “Well, that seems like a purely femotional response to my case.”

  4. Hypocrisy…thy name is Senator Gallagher. Classic. If he’d only not had his arms crossed when he responded to her.

    1. I agree about not crossing arms, but it isn’t always easy to keep your control 100% in these types of environments. I think he did great.

        1. Agreed, as someone who spends much of his life in the public speaking trades, I just like to nitpick for self-improvement purposes.

  5. I enjoyed her look around the room in attempting to get validation from others . Typical move of the insecure .

      1. I wished she would’ve called him a misogynist. Then he would’ve make her look even more retarded and do further damage to the feminist narrative.

    1. Yeah, good thing she got called out, because her behavior was childish and disgraceful. At least there was one adult in that conversation.

  6. Best video I’ve seen in a while. Sharing the hell out of this with my shrieking “feminist” friends. Takeaway: don’t ever let your enemies co-opt the language. He who controls language, controls reality.

  7. I put women in the same category as blacks and children. They all have the same mental faculties with a huge gaping hole where logic and reasoning should be and quite limited vocabularies.

        1. I get your point. But the alt right makes race their religion, which is the equivalent of worshiping white poosy. That’s fucked up in a different way.

        1. “You may send that check to John Lennon’s estate.”
          Yes, the multi-million estate left to his family. Somehow, when it came to his own money, none of the Communist ideals from his lyrics about a world without God, countries, and possessions applied.
          Imagine no possessions
          I wonder if you can
          No need for greed or hunger
          A brotherhood of man
          Imagine all the people
          Sharing all the world.

        2. But he meant it in a feminist way – Lennon explained his use of the term “nigger” as referring to any oppressed person.

        3. As a Beatle, Lennon also played “Taxman”, a reaction to British Labour’s 95% – yeah, you read that correctly – top rate on income back in the early 60’s:
          “Here’s one for you, nineteen for me”
          “If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
          If you try to walk, I’ll tax your feet,
          If you stay at home, I’ll tax the heat,
          I’m the TAXMAN!!”

        4. When pressed about that very thing in an interview, he supposedly responded, “It’s just a fuckin’ song, mate.”

  8. Cunt is a word that is used also. Accuse the female politician of cuntsplaining.
    By bringing gender/sex into a discussion where it wasn’t relevant she has made herself into a cunt. Turnabout is fair play.

    1. Hahaha, from the Everything You wanted to Know About Roosh comments:
      FivePointSpurgeon to skillet•21 days ago
      “And the best satire is that which has nuggets of truth in it.”
      (Guest)•21 days ago
      “This comment was deleted.”
      FivePointSpurgeon to (Guest)•21 days ago
      “No, I don’t debate masculine ideas or thoughts with women. Try someone else.”
      GoingSane to FivePointSpurgeon•21 days ago
      “I don’t think we even could, mansplaining isn’t a word.
      I do know it is highly unlikely she is prepared to entertain any explanation especially considering this article provides the link to the other article in question and yet look at how she chose to “interpret” (read: ignore and deny) your comment about good satire being founded in truth.”
      (Guest)•21 days ago
      “This comment was deleted”.
      GoingSane to (Guest)•21 days ago
      “Wait, are you “womansplaining” right now?
      Or have you finished trying to use fake words already?”

    2. Just for the record, gender is grammatical category and sex is biological category.
      Cultural Marxists and their byproduct like Femtards and SJWankers, use newspeak in hope to change reality.

      1. Yes thats brillant…. in latin languages nouns have a gender m. f. or n. – biological creatures have a sex ! Gender is completely incorrect – unless you happen to be a latin noun.

  9. I must be late to the party; I have literally never heard of the word “mansplaining,” (as has Sen. Fifield) until I read the article and watched the clip. That being said, it is stupid and guaranteed not used in the normal lexicon outside of SJW/safe space contexts.

        1. I’ve man slammed before , but I refer to it as “I’m twice your size, youre in the middle of the ilse , and refused to move an inch to let me by “

        2. Oh, so women, who basically just have to be pretty and nice to succeed in life, are pissed that they don’t get like the ONE PERK the big and ugly guys have, which is winning any battle of physics? Feminists don’t want to be women, they want to be super-bitches that are all good things that women have, all good things men have, and nothing bad at all.

        3. And what a coincidence that it is all dependent on the female‘s perspective as to whether it constitutes as condescending or patronizing (essentially the same as saying I didn’t like his tone of voice) for a man who is actually just setting forth a set of facts or his own side of the discussion, to be accused of this garbage. Like, “Oh no, I’m losing, better point out he’s a man!”
          Sort of like how what was consensual sex magically becomes assault or rape simply because she decided so afterwards. It’s all so terribly predictable and lame.

    1. It’s been making rounds on the internet. Basically an insulting way of trying to nullify men’s thoughts & words because it portrays them as being male-biased, condescending, and basically “patriarchy-esque.”
      Naturally, basically more anti-male feminist crap.

    2. And that is where that kind of talk should remain if it is to even exist. You could equate that kind of talk like jive talking. It definitely does not belong in high level government chambers.

    1. Like blacks playing the race card if they don’t get what they want, feminists are playing the gender/sex card. If you don’t agree with her you’re part of the patriarchal oppression just because her poosy says so.

  10. I hate to judge a book by its cover, but Ms. Gallagher, even before opening her mouth, just has that SJW face about her.

      1. Monica in her prime was like that girl in college who was 25 lbs overweight who was down to suck cock after a few beers. Maybe a target of opportunity but you didn’t want her hanging around.

        1. She had what was now called Adele syndrome. She looked like she hung around with the theater faggots in college. She was overweight but they told her she looked “fabulous” and had “great boobs.”
          The confidence built by the homos was shattered when the cool guys only used her as a 4 am drunken receptacle and then denied remembering it afterwards.
          She probably had about half a dozen beta kids from a debate club trying to get with her but she was always hanging with the queens and would jump out of bed to slob a knob or fulfill any insane request of a tequila fueled fraternity.
          I know the type. I played sports in college. Nothing like division 1 or shit like that, but being athletic meant you always had a few of these you could call up and jizz on.

        2. She’s like a moped – Fun to ride, but your friends are going to laugh at you.

    1. Hillary is a dyke. It was well known in Europe and inside the DC beltway for quite awhile. The fall of “Clinton” wasn’t lying over sex (he purged himself on the stand, so he deserved it), but getting impeached over an ugly JAP? That was the big joke abroad.

      1. Supposedly he had a torrid affair with liz hurley, so at least hes moved up a bit in the world.

        1. Bill Clinton is associated with Jeffery Epstein the convicted pedophile and his under age sex slaves. The Clintons really need to go away.

        2. Ahh the sweet sweet Lolita Express. Apparently Alan Dershowitz was a frequent flyer too.

        3. No he didn’t, that’s been disproven. Hillary is a rug muncher though. Taki named the object of her tongue once, one of her aids.

  11. She uses a sexist term and gets called for it ….and so you appeal to Fifield’s ‘logic and facts’ but through the same tactics as she; using “feminazi bullshit” (equating Nazi-ism with feminism) and “pussy-pass” (a sexist reference even more gender specific that mansplaining). Seriously, if you’re going to take the high road then take it without any detours otherwise you’re no better than her.

    1. Except that a pussy-pass is a real thing; it’s why women get sentences 60% shorter, aren’t 90+% of the prison population and workplace deaths and also aren’t drafted

  12. We need more mansplaining, IMO. It’s the only way to get these toddlers who call themselves women to shut up. Mitch Fifield accomplished just that. Give this man a medal.

  13. Words like ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading’ = the language of children. It amazes me that people can say those words with a straight face. It truly is the ultimate sign that you are dealing with a mental midget.

  14. While in graduate school, I was working on an assignment when three women–one with two Masters from Harvard, the others with PhDs–asked me to help them with something in the adjoining office. I proceeded to the office, where a fourth woman (also with a post-grad degree) was trying to insert a flash drive into each of the computer’s hubs. One of the others grabbed it and tried and said something to the effect of, “We can’t figure out how to get this thing in there.”
    They handed me the flash drive. I made sure to slowly make assholish eye contact with all four, very slowly flipped the flash drive over, and inserted it into the computer. They all thanked me and commented how they couldn’t figure it out. All I said was, “Try to flip it over next time.”
    By the way, the one with the two Masters from Harvard stated that black mothers were better than white mothers during one of her lectures. She also mentioned that fathers were essentially useless and unnecessary. Yeah, she really proved it that day.

    1. There is a correlation about women dominating the universities and the rise of federal regulation demanding half of board members in corporations be women.
      If you live in any of these countries were legislation is pending, be sure to de-invest your retirement/ stock portoflios. You can thank me later.

      1. They do within the university system. It allows for them to learn zero valuable skills while spouting their feminist ideologies to a chorus of cheers from female students and male SJWs.

      2. Of course they have desk jobs in administration making the lives of others a living hell. You know, committees, meetings, policy, pie charts and of course lunch with samiches, fruit cup and appropriate beverage.

    2. Those women are “brilliant” degree holders who will have successful careers and can Compete with any Man… only as long as white knight society promotes and empowers them, in truth, many women are completely useless outside of the Kitchen/Bedroom.

      1. You can remove kitchen for a lot of them, and in the bedroom, there’s too many that don’t know how to give a decent hummer.

    3. Yep, this chick with a Cambridge degree worked for my company and while she had the smarts, she had NO common sense whatsoever!

    4. You should have said with a straight face something like “If it won’t go in then it means the flash drive is corrupted. You’ve lost all your data.” And then watched the looks on their faces.

  15. This woman doesn’t realize the huge privilege she has compared to other women living in the world, do women in Afghanistan have her privileges or rights? No. And is there appreciation or thanks for those Rights? No. Instead what does the senator do, she shit tests the Men of the west. The social experiment of seeing if women are equal to Men needs to be Done with, it has been a disaster, women are children who need to be dealt with accordingly when they act like Brats and not be taken as Serious Adults. The worst part is women have been over-Privileged, and in years past what Mitch did would have landed him in hot-water as a sexist, even in a supposed equal society where it would appear Men and women could have Disagreements without women crying discrimination, women still get the pussy pass and still can play victim, luckily based on this article it looks like the Tides are changing.

    1. Most women–and possibly many men–are unfamiliar with the concept of Moynihan’s law–the countries with the most criticism socially and otherwise are the freest societies. So of course she’s going to run her mouth in Australia, but her fellow feminists/SJWs have no problems or remain silent on countries that don’t punish men who throw acid on women, blame a woman for actual rape, or keep them enclosed in potato sack-like burqas.
      If feminism/SJW activism had any sense of promoting actual justice, they’d focus on these countries to drastically improve the rights of women who are treated horribly. Until such a day happens–and it never will–they are a lost cause and aren’t to be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain.

      1. “Most women–and possibly many men–are unfamiliar with the concept of Moynihan’s law–the countries with the most criticism socially and otherwise are the freest societies”
        Freedom: Maximum privilege for my people and incrementally less for others corresponding to the degree that they differ from me.
        Russia: leader of the Free World.
        Slavery: forcing the extension of my people’s in-group privileges to out-groups while forcing out-group status and burdens upon me.
        USA/EU: slave states.
        My perspective of course. Your results may vary.

  16. “It is a word that is used…” Oh, well, then of course it has credibility and should be used by a senator. Not really. More correctly the little girl in an adult body playing at being a government figure should have stated, “it is a slang term used by disgruntled, whiny, teenage girls to deflect attention away from their inability to follow a moderately complex discussion.”

  17. This is why you should never vote for political parties that support feminism. Masculine men do not vote for left-wing parties, because what you inevitably get from them is a barrage of feminism and other politically correct bullshit. Some context for people who do not know much about Australian politics: EMILY’S LIST, which was created by notorious misandrist Julia Gillard, is the official feminist arm of the Australian Labor Party. Emily’s List has successfully demanded quotas for women MPSs in the ALP, which ensures a steady flow of hard left women into Parliament – disgusting, snarky man haters like Gillard, Plibersek, Wong, Roxon and Katy Gallagher- all of whom have proven themselves to be completely incompetent at governing. This is the kind of crap they pull – “mansplaining” – to show off to their feminist mates and Australia’s adoring state owned socialist PC media, the ABC. It is obvious they despise men, yet they have the gall to constantly whinge and whinge about sexism – how ironic when they have dedicated their lives to hating men and ensuring they benefited from biased treatment in selection processes. And they also fight hard to ensure a political climate where a woman can never, ever do anything wrong or be criticised for ANYTHING – they will squeal “sexism” at every opportunity, for as feminists, they do not believe in accountability and self-responsibility. Useless hags, the lot of them…
    They have form with this mansplaining crap. Shows the pathetic pseudo intellectualism of feminists. Use the word for no reason, then smugly smirk and look around like you are Albert Einstein. Tanya Plibersek is the worst!–but-what-does-it-mean-20150916-gjo7sk.html

  18. See what is going on here is the old guard male senator assumed correctly, as i did myself, that labels such as racism, sexism, etc. were supposed to guarantee a fair and equal domain for all – ie. No bigotry or klu klux klan style bullying or fear tactics… based only on race, skin color, sex, or other relatively generic marker that does not essentially define a human being or give grounds for others to attack them willy nilly. There are even valid arguments to be made for being decent towards homos, mad people, the disabled etc. – every human sole deserves a modicum of humanity.
    Whereas what has happened in the last 10-20 years is that the bigotry, hate, bullying and victimisation is now being propelled by the very people claiming to be proponents of the orginal concept.
    You’re not really a rascist unless you’re beating up black people as part of a neo nazi gang…. you’re not really a sexist unless you are overtly going around bullying women only because they are women – but now we have a new problem…..
    Anyone can label a person using these terms…. and some how automatically it carries an “instant condemnation” … leaves the oerson in danger of having to defend themselves for no reason….
    We need a new term for this – ah i’ve got one….. socialist – make it a dirty word.

  19. Fifield: Well, I would suggest Senator that if you’re putting the word “man” [mansplaining] in front of some description of what I”m doing, you’r edoing that which I”m sure you very much against, is making a sexists implication about how I’m conducting my roles.
    Gallagher: Well, what I”m saying is that the way you’re responding to me has been patronizing and condescending, and I have responded to that.

  20. People are naturally wisening up due to the “wild west of facebook” (ie, 100 supplicating comments) passing, and 10 years of these comments sections. Anytime there’s a female “victim,” like the recent women who committed suicide over the bf breaking up before she planned, normal people in the comments. In general people are sad that women go through these things, but everyone sees who brought them on themselves.
    Most people may not be red pill, but rather “pink pill”, as in no shades of “blue”, but with some “red”.
    Fuck, even my dad who raised me to be a hard “blue piller” (treat women like queens–I thing he was just trying to do what was “right”)), I talk madd red pill stuff around him and he has yet to call me out on it.

    1. Liberal in Australia is center-right, closer to Republicans here in the ol’ US of A. Her side–Labor–would be considered liberal here.

    2. Liberal in other places means libertarian, mostly. The U.S. had a definition change in the 1920’s that makes “liberal” and “leftist” = “socialist”. Used to mean what the American FF’s believed, aka mostly libertarian.

      1. Well sonofabitch! To quote Stan Marsh, you know, I just learned something today! Much appreciated

  21. I count…
    9 Women
    5 Men
    No wonder Australian politics is a fucking joke!!
    Women are like teenagers, they’re NOT built for leadership!

  22. i think its interesting that they say man-splaining, and man-spreading, and not “boy” or “guy” or something else. almost as if their subconscious is betraying them, they secretly respect you for doing it, and thus earn the designation “man”

  23. All it takes is one man in the public Western Sphere(Trump) to let his nuts hang, and others will follow…. You gotta let ’em hang.

      1. Oh they get Trump. And that’s exactly why they fear and hate him.
        He’s every Chad Thundercock who ever gave the media nerd a swirly; or got the girl they liked; or belittled them when they tried to get smart; or succeeded ‘effortlessly’ at something they longed to be good at (not that they were there to see the hours and hours of effort put into perfecting ‘effortlessly’).
        He’s their judgemental father, and the ‘so unfair’ expectations that he had of them when they were stroppy, idle teenagers.
        He’s the guy who says the unspeakable truths and then laughs at their vapours and pearl-clutching.
        He’s the Patriarchy made manifest.
        Every time the MSM drones and their Buzzfeed/Vox/HuffPo amplifiers scream “Trump’s over! Trump’s done!” they’re being forced to confront their own unresolved daddy issues.
        Well MSM, it turns out Daddy’s home; and he’s very, very disappointed in you.

      2. Trump is only winning because he refuses to let media, political interest groups, and a party dictate his rhetoric. This is what the people want. Trump is the R.P. McMurphy of politics.

      3. They can only stop Trump by exposing the true nature of the political system to boobus-americanus. This really puts them between a rock and a hard place. They have to let the public know how they’ve been played and fleeced in order to stop Trump and they can’t bring themselves to do it. So they are left with attacks that just don’t work on Trump’s game. So that’s what they’ve been doing hoping it will work and instead it just feeds the energy around Trump.
        As these attacks fail watch as the system moves to try and absorb, assimilate Trump into their borg-like collective. The only alternative could wake up the boobus and that would mean the end of a way of life.

        1. I believe the term ‘boobus americanus’ should be credited to HL Mencken, a newspaper writer in Baltimore during the early 20th century.

  24. He handled it well. If a feminist cunt used a dumb word like that in my face, I would have lost it. I would have become really angry. I would not have kept my calm like that man did.

  25. Notice how when she says “It’s a word that is used…” and then looks to her left looking for support and confirmation. She’s so strong and independent she can’t handle what she started.

  26. I was reading this article when I heard on the radio, that the Australian Federal Police are now making in initiative to make the gender balance 50/50
    No reason was given as to why they are going against meritocracy for diversity and equality obviously

    1. When you have women in the police force it’s pretty obvious the performance is going to drop. Sydney has seen a rise in nasty violent crimes on the street and in pubs recently. Fighting etc. The response was to shut down the whole city at night with these so called lockout laws… It’s kind of like a curfew. The rise in crime and the curfew seems to have coincided with this increase in women in the police force.
      Now the economy is suffering from the curfew. Many many businesses have gone bankrupt.

  27. Fellow Australians – Let’s see that Senator ‘Ms Andry’ Gallagher looses the male vote next election.

      1. Since she holds a seat in the ACT there probably aren’t any men to choose from. But yeah, a real man should vote Liberal at the very least.

  28. I always remember a quote from somewhere in the manosphere: “In the war between the sexes, imagine what would happen if men actually turned up.”
    Guess what, ladies……..

  29. He looks like Patton Oswald.
    Bitches should be charged for manslamming.
    Seriously millennials Dont know respect. Send these cunts to an African or an Asian country. They’ll learn how to respect a man and a fellow human being.
    The only flaw the west really have is the hierachical tradition is lacking. Therefore you create arrogant cuntshits with no appreciation for what was before them.

  30. I have to deal with this shit at work. Gay guys being catty and gossiping like teenage girls and women pointing out every tiny perceived infringement against them. I’m just trying to be the grey man, keep head down, deal with my project, collect pay cheque.

  31. Notice what she does after he points out the implication behind her statement, that by using the term “mansplaining” she’s making a sexist implication about how he is conducting his role as a man, and therefore she is violating the very standard she is trying to attack him with. Her only response, when he uses judo and throws it back in her face, is to become defensive and say “well, it is a term that’s used.” In other words, this term has a rich history of use by other stupid women.
    So instead of addressing the hypocrisy of the statement, she makes an appeal to consensus, or Political Correctness. “Political Correctness, our god now, says that I’m a victim, and whenever you talk to me like I’m stupid, I’ll accuse you of mansplaining. Then when you use logic to point out that I am too stupid to understand the hypocrisy of accusing someone of mansplaining, I’ll point out that it’s a thing people say.”
    Hypothetical response: “Okay, woman are bad drivers.”
    “What? That’s a thing people say, people say women are bad drivers all the time.”
    “Your argument doesn’t work unless the person saying it has victim status.”
    “So let me get this straight: victim status + accusations of sexism/racism trump basic human logic that points out the stupidity of said accusations.”
    “Wow, that almost seems like someone found a loophole so that idiots could rule the world.”

  32. This sort of shit has reached critical mass in Australia in the last 12 months – there is a real difference in the mood of society here. I am seriously considering relocating somewhere. Glad this cunt got shut down, trying to play the gender card.

  33. She looks like a insecure child. What a looser. Congratulations to the senator to stand up and shut her down.
    ps: Im wondering if she got horny after being put in her place…

  34. This was refreshing to see , who knows how many men let something like that fly over their heads not noticing they had the right to correct some disrespect like that . Woo how dare he were condition to believe .

  35. OK that was the best one minute video I have watched in a long time. Give that man a Medal of Honor for going to the trenches of the culture wars and taking on 100 foes at once.
    When she said “it was a term that is used” he should have fired back “so are racial slurs are you suggesting that we begin using those as casually as you used the slur mansplaining?”
    If I could vote for that man I would do so as many times as Democrats can fraudulently vote in any major city.

  36. “Bitchplaining” – when a woman is losing an argument, she complains by lobbing a sexist label at the man she’s losing to, in hopes of changing the focus from her stupidity to the man’s alleged (and hoped-for) “sexism”.

    1. Yeah it’s always the way. We see it the whole time with “debates” with feminists on everything from game, rape culture, wage gap or any feminist bullshit you care to mention.
      When any of their talking points are debunked through logic and reason, they resort to the usual shaming tactics to try and win – “small dick”, “basement dwelling loser who can’t get laid”, “misogynist”, “who hurt you?”, “why do you hate women” etc etc
      What this bitch done is no different. While I didn’t see the opening exchange which lead to the “manspaining” comment, you can be sure she most likely was handed her arse. and then what does she do? Play a gender card. Her feminist shaming instinct kicks in and hits him with the “mansplaining” ad hominem in a pathetic attempt to paint him as some sort of evil sexist, when in actual fact he just won’t tolerate her bullshit.

  37. I saw this vid on MSN the day it happened and I just knew it was going to get mileage. This is the kind of idiocy we Australians pay for with our taxes. Whilst the Liberals (whom are actually conservatives) are generally intelligent people who can put together cohesive and intelligent arguments, pretty much all Labor representatives are idiots who sound like they are retarded. Senator Fifield is an example of the former whilst “Senator” Gallagher is an example of the letter. Like most (female) members of the Labor movement are wont to do, Gallagher introduced gender into the debate and the gets offended when she is called on it. As Senator Fifield pointed out, this is hypocrisy of the highest order and a staple of the Labor philosophy. Julia Gillard had the same problem. Not only was she a complete idiot but she called then Liberal leader, Tony Abbott a misogynist but then took offence when the Liberals attacked her on the grounds of gender.
    Put simply, fools like Gallagher and Gillard do little else than convince men that women have no place in parliament. Gallagher’s recent effort on reinforces the well-held concept that women are idiots. Gillard achieved little else than to put the women’s movement in Australia back 100 years and ensure that Australia will not have another female Prime Minister for several generations.

  38. As an Australian this makes me proud; men are finally standing up and debunking feminist bullshit and taking back the room in politics. Here’s hoping for a turn around in the younger generations.

  39. It’s been an interesting week down here. Apparently we have a education scheme for our schools that indoctrinate kids with LBGT propaganda, under the guise of an ‘anti-bullying’ scheme. There’s even a part where kids will ‘role play’ a transgender so they can ‘understand’ them. Fucking filthy.
    Basically the scheme has been called for review by Bernardi and his fellows. Bernardi goes on to call Shorten dishonest. Shorten fires back with the typical rebuttal; ‘You’re just a homophobe’. What isn’t mentioned is how Shorten goes on to call Bernardi a sook for having complaints with Shorten’s bullying and name calling.
    I don’t even know what to say to that hypocrisy.
    These people run our country.

    1. Not for long, I’ll wager. You have a small, feminized population and China is watching.

  40. Found this definition of mansplaining on urban dictionary:
    “Stating accurate, verifiable facts. Especially when these facts are inconvenient to the feminist worldview, or contradict feminist talking points.
    It is often used by a feminists who makes an incorrect claim in support of their narrative, and someone responds with something refuting the feminist’s claim, which she (usually it’s a she) cannot counter.
    By claiming “mansplaining,” she tries to pretend to have invalidated her opponents claim, even though she has not addressed it at all.”

  41. It kind of looks like they could release a lot of tension by just having sex with each other. I’m sure they have families but I’m getting a weird sexual tension kind of feeling between them.

  42. Senator: Why are you so offended by “nigger”?
    Obama: What?!
    Senator: I’m surprised that you are shocked. Nigger is a word that is used.

  43. It’s an unfathomably sad state of affairs when feminist cult-jargon and buzzwords are being used in government. Shame on this woman, she doesn’t belong in any such position.

  44. Respect to this bloke. And here was me thinking Oz was in the toilet. Looks like there’s still a good man or two left prepared to stand up to feminazi BS.

  45. She is not pretty enough to incite the legions of white knights, also she is not a gurl gamer.

  46. How horrifying that they have a Senator that speaks on the Senate floor at the level of a teenage girl..

  47. Dear God… what a hideous, snarky, feminist bitch. And to think our taxes pay her salary…

  48. A dried-up pussy pass isn’t as valid as a younger fresh one, but it’s still just as morally bankrupt.

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