Canadian Aurelie Nix Falsely Accuses Roosh Of A Rape Threat With Help From Journalist Emily Campbell

Canadian professional SJW and all-round miscreant Aurelie Nix has falsely claimed that Roosh threatened to rape her. Despite publicly available information that proves she is lying to gain attention and calculatedly defame Roosh, she made the extraordinary claim to an ignorant Montreal radio “journalist,” Emily Campbell.

Roosh V found some of her photos, and went after her online.

“He posted it and incited people to wonder if they would sexually assault me, saying that he would.” she says. “I received a lot of death and rape threats on Facebook, online, on his forum, my pictures have been posted everywhere.”

Nix has pressed charges against him with the Montreal police.


Nude photo was publicly accessible on Model Mayhem, even to children

In addition to raising questions about Nix’s greatly unbalanced state of mind, her mendacious, plain made-up accusation should strike fear into the heart of every man who takes the extreme risk of sleeping with her. If she says this about Roosh when the online facts categorically disprove her lie, what could she do when a man has no record of what actually goes on in a bedroom with her?

My esteemed colleague Quintus Curtius already introduced you to Aurelie Nix this week. Her flagrant disdain for free speech and virulent organizing against it is becoming even more notorious. And she has taken her hateful ideology to another extreme by pressing charges against Roosh with Montreal police, as Emily Campbell’s article confirms. You can therefore add thoroughly vexatious complainant to her curriculum vitae.

Aurelie Nix says false rape accusations are rare but makes false rape threat allegations

Aurelie Nix’s nose is a lot longer than this.

2-4% of rape accusations ever turn out to be false…how is that the “fastest growing hobbies”? Especially since less than 10% of rapists ever see the inside of a jail?

Aurelie Nix’s Facebook comment earlier this year, before her false accusation that Roosh threatened to rape her

Roosh’s actual comments about her were:

Would bang if…

-I get the whole thing live on video from start to end with a direct feed to the local police as a false rape accusation preventive measure
-Face down so I don’t have to see the tattoos
-She doesn’t talk

Instead of engaging in some basic, two-minute fact-checking, which would not have required a response from Roosh, Emily Campbell simply took Nix’s unabashed, defamatory lie as gospel. This is poor, distinctly unprofessional journalism on her part and she should either completely retract the story featuring the false accusation against Roosh or provide the context that blows Nix’s complete lie out of the water. Irrespective of which of these choices she makes, she owes Roosh an unreserved apology.

Aurelie Nix should be charged by Montreal police for making a false report

Emily Campbell, reporter for radio station CJAD 800 in Montreal, owes Roosh an apology and must either retract or provide context for the defamatory remarks she featured from liar Aurelie Nix.

Whether this happens is another thing. I imagine that the political establishment (let alone SJWs) in Quebec, of which parts are already clamoring to try and shut down Roosh’s Canadian lectures, would call for any charges to be dropped, if they were even laid. Nonetheless, in a teeming metropolis of millions with hundreds, if not thousands of serious crimes to solve, Aurelie Nix believes she can waste precious police resources that should be allocated to people in often dire physical need. She is nothing but a vindictive liar and charlatan.

From her tattoos to her naked photos to her posing drenched in fake blood (also naked) to her now false allegation of a rape threat, Aurelie Nix is a girl desperately craving attention and very much over-the-top online and other validation. If her fellow SJWs had any nous, they would strategically cut ties with her, citing her as one of the “minority” of women (in their view, not ours) who make decidedly false rape or rape threat accusations. Unfortunately for them, their hate is so all-encompassing and misguided that they will probably do anything to protect poor, precious Aurelie.

Roosh is winning (and will win) the Battle of Montreal

Another feminist false rape threat accuser, Elizabeth Bruenig.

With Aurelie Nix, one of the ringleaders of the angry mob trying to silence Roosh, outed as a false accuser through her own stupidity, the credibility of the SJW lynch mob has been broken into still more pieces. Fully cognizant that their narrative is as fake and contrived as Nix’s allegation against Roosh, they want the proprietor of Return of Kings silenced so that their facade does not crumble. Instead, he has published a plan called Operation Medusa to fight back.

I asked Roosh what he thought of Campbell’s reporting. He said, “It’s clear that Campbell has conspired with Nix to defame me for making a threat that did not take place. I am currently talking to a lawyer in Quebec to see if I have a winnable civil suit against Nix, Campbell, and CJAD’s owner, Bell Media, a huge Canadian corporation that I’m sure has deep pockets.”

These are exciting times for the manosphere and, particularly, neomasculinity. As Arthur Schopenhauer famously recounted:

All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Aurelie Nix and her not so merry band of affronted, free speech-hating witch hunters are currently in the self-immolating throes of their violent opposition to Roosh’s truth.

Read More: A Police Officer Shares His Personal Experiences With False Rape Claims

314 thoughts on “Canadian Aurelie Nix Falsely Accuses Roosh Of A Rape Threat With Help From Journalist Emily Campbell”

  1. I said in the comments of the event … fucking feminism here in Montreal is at its best … now imagine Toronto. Le Journal de Montréal it’s a newspaper for the ignorant and for the non educated people, it is for the low class masses. It is very populist, sensationalist and they publish shit articles. What else can we expect ?

  2. Who didn’t see this coming! And the posting of their naked images to wider audiences is just. She posted them online for crying out loud. Behave like a slut, get treated like one.

  3. Also, good luck with the lawsuit. You’re going to need a good lawyer to overcome what will no doubt be a fat lesbian judge with purple hair.

    1. i was thinking something like that. although “would you bang?” is clearly not a rape threat, with the political climate in north america i honestly wonder if the canadian legal system might interpret it as such.

      1. Then they should have a field day with people playing F(uck)M(arry)K(ill) online.
        EDIT: Also, be nice to have some screen captures of known feminists participating in it.

        1. Of course. Rape is the ultimate crime for feminists. Like when a bunch of feminists decided to boycott Game Of Thrones because a character was raped off screen (graphic mass murder and murdering children was fine).

        2. It’s funny because the porn Industry shows that the difference between consent and rape is basically a Paycheck, try getting someone to agree to being murdered for a paycheck, then you’ll know which is the worst crime.

  4. A court win would set a precedence for false rape accusations, that would be an incredibly valuable win for men in Canada. It would also sends a very clear message to the women who think they can make these false accusations without penalty.

  5. I would very much like Mr Roosh to document fully his experiences with the Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP in relation to these organisations responding to false accusations such as these.
    If they respond with force, these women have clearly committed serious assault by using members of these agencies as a weapon, and consequently I believe they should be taken into custody for serious crimes, namely serious assault.
    We’ve heard a lot of bollocks from some women about Canada’s “rule of law”, but the truth is that it punishes people through a means called “the process is the punishment”. Clearly these women are expert at working the system, but the system can be changed.
    When false accusers are locked up with husband beaters and husband killers, perhaps decent men can finally get a restful night’s sleep.

  6. i feel sorry for the majority of canadian citizens. their country is being hijacked bit by bit, by these fringe, uber-leftist, totalitarian-desiring nutcases. watch out america… these people are desperate to create the same conditions here!
    best wishes roosh.

    1. Worse still… It looks like the New Democratic Party (NDP; i.e., far left socialists) is a legit competitor to the conservatives in the 2015 election.
      Their platform… Let’s raise the minimum wage from $11 to $15 on a federal scale.

      1. Reminds me of this.
        The TL;DR is:

        In the pursuit of ending income inequality, Price’s voluntary wage hike proved to have some grave consequences. Higher-paid hires received no wage boost. Feeling slighted by this in-house move, they chose to quit.

      2. the actions of ndp’s bob rae are the reason my family moved out of canada and to the usa (and aside from a much higher percentage of fatter women, everything’s better in the usa).

        1. I’ve put moving out of Canada on the table with my family and friends and people look at me like I’m insane.

        2. People looked at your dad Jor El as if he was insane as well.
          Turns out he was right not to listen to the banality of the bureaucracy when he tried to save his family and himself.
          As to his detractors? They became cosmic dust eons ago.
          Do what your masculine mind tells you brother, even if your friends and family don’t understand it.

        3. my anecdotal two cents: personal liberties are not as ingrained in canada (from youth) the way they are in the states (‘YOU have the RIGHT to be free!’ which includes the right to run your mouth). this is why canadians are stereotyped as meek (at best) to us-citizens, and why canadians have certain stereotypes about us-citizens (loud-mouthed, gun-wielding etc etc)… so the fringe-leftists in canada have had some success in the 21st century at forcing laws through to limit speech (to ‘protect’ the citizens), but to me it’s just a blatant demonstration of handing more control to the government. what a bunch of suckers. it’s a shame. i’ll never move back.

        4. Theres your destination clark: a solar system with a red sun

      3. Honestly, all political parties up here have the same illuminati agenda.
        The gst was supposed to be eliminated years ago. At least it was reduced by 2% while the cost of living in any of the three major cities has gone up by 12%
        It’s all a joke. I can see the end game already
        Continual rises to taxes and cost of living. Continual decline of social services and “overpaid government workers” police, fire, teacher, paramedic.
        It’s funny how no one seems to mind Parliament having summers and Xmas off, while making 150k and up salaries and retiring to multi million dollar pensions with huge expense accounts.
        I don’t care harper’s friends got caught. I truly believe all parties are doing the same bs.
        This is the end of times
        Or part of a cycle. Going back to paying the Royal families.
        Hierarchy. Blacksmiths peasants bishops and knights

        1. The only financial security in Canada is in the public sector.
          Canada and innovation just do not mix.

      4. I was curious as to whether you were lying/misinformed and lo and behold, from wiki:
        “Under the Canadian Constitution, the responsibility for enacting and enforcing labour laws, including the minimum wage, rests with the ten provinces as well as the three territories which have been granted this power by federal legislation…”
        How did I know you were wrong? Simple: you used the “far left socialist” fear tactic. As in the US, Canada has no mainstream far left or far right parties. They exist only on the political fringe. No federal party has the power to set a national minimum wage, unless you’re trying to claim that their platform includes amending the Canadian constitution, in which case a google search turns up nothing of the sort.
        I don’t understand why, in Canada or the US, people get so emotionally involved with these elections to the point that they either don’t fact check or even flat-out lie in support of their party of choice,or against an opposing party. Nothing ever changes in any significant way with mainstream parties, no matter which one you choose. That’s one of the core problems with modern western democracies.

        1. It all gets confounded in the multiple sources of media.
          This is what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard people talking about.
          Thanks for checking that.

        2. I just checked and you’re right.
          NDP majority in Alberta is pushing for $15 min wage from $11.
          I didn’t know min wage couldn’t be changed on the federal level until you mentioned it.

        3. In general, the national government will set various standards for federally regulated industries – banking, telecommunications, air transport, etc – so, for instance, there is a Canada Labour Code but each province and territory will also have their own labour laws. Off the top of my head, I can’t cite the federal statute for non-unionized workers.

      5. What is wrong with that? Canada has a weak dollar and a high cost of living. There are too many educated people.

        1. Artificially increasing min wage will create inflation and hurt the dollar even more no?

        2. This really just reflects the true cost of living here. Pushing the min wage lower means you collect welfare as well. So the people are not even really working. You cannot feed yourself or rent in a city like Toronto with that kind of wage. You might say then leave Toronto. Fair enough. Many people did. So the business complained of labour shortages because no one to sweep the floor or change the bed sheets at hotels, no one to bartend, no one to do menial jobs and brought in temporary foreign workers to take the jobs, which create its own problems. 20 live to a house but this violates city code on rooming houses and it is a fire hazard.
          You can’t have a free lunch. You have companies making billions, who won’t hesitate for a $350,000 helicopter ride, or a new limo every year but will whine about a few dollars so the guy who keeps the place clean can have somewhere to live.
          Either you let in a ton of immigrants and let them live 20 to a condo and make a huge hazard or you pay a decent wage.

      6. Yep. I’m Canadian and hope the Conservatives win, so we aren’t taxed to death and don’t have social justice stuffed into our society (we have enough social justice).

        1. I wouldn’t say I’m pro-Harper, but I’m worried about what’ll happen if NDP comes into power. When they say “create jobs” do they mean pay more taxes for more office sluts?
          I haven’t had enough time to research what’s been going on in Alberta. NDP now runs Alberta. Are they doing a good job or not?
          Have the demographics shifted?
          Honestly I’m not certain about what I’m going to do at the election yet.

        2. I heard that the Conservatives were ruling Alberta for 44 years, and they were getting corrupt with the power, so voting NDP was sort of a protest vote.
          Honestly, Harper isn’t perfect, but another thing about the NDP is they want to legislate gun control, and I’m getting into using guns (hunting, trap shooting) and I believe that gun control will hinder me in these areas while barely doing a thing to stop criminals (shooting up a place is illegal, so I doubt criminals care about whether guns are legal or not).

    2. Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and of course Sweden, are all currently in a tough spot for male freedom of speech. The UK and Oz have already banned male “PUA” speakers from entering their countries.
      I wonder if any (modern) female speakers, for any topic whatsoever, have been denied access to those countries.
      I had never heard the following phrase before yesterday and want to share it with you readers who don’t already know it:
      “Men win the crowd by winning an argument. Women win an argument by winning the crowd. ”
      This applies to our topic today because if she succeeds in getting roosh denied entry to Canada, she will have used “the crowd” (border agents) to win her argument.

      1. I often wondered why Roosh had never come to Australia. I was very interested to hear his thoughts on our atrocious women – perhaps even bad enough to rival Toronto’s. Then I remembered a PUA got deported not long ago, and now it makes sense… I can see the feminists going absolutely NUTS if he showed up here

  7. Don’t just file a civil lawsuit. File criminal charges too. Even if they went nowhere, it will force them to pay money to put up some kind of legal defense.

  8. The bitch is hungry she needs to tell, so give her inches and feed her well!!!
    No more bullshit amigos, fight this fight until the whore can’t fight anymore.

      1. love the 80s…a skinny german sam kinison with the comb- over

  9. The journal of montreal speaks in Roosh’s favor:
    “Tolérer des propos outranciers ne veut pas dire faire le mort. Il faut
    manifester, dénoncer, ridiculiser, expliquer que c’est une affaire de
    dignité humaine. Et quand il y a incitation à la haine, on appelle la
    police. Pas la Fédération des femmes du Québec.”
    “To tolerate bad intentions doesn’t mean to do nothing. We have to manifest, to denounce, to ridicule, to explain that is a about human dignity. And when there is a hate exhortation, we call the police, not the Quebec’s Woman Federation ”

    1. “Faire le mort” means “doing nothing” actually (nothing to do with killing). The overall meaning is that you can tolerate other people’s rights to free speech and that doesn’t mean doing nothing. You are equally entitled to denounce and ridicule as well.
      Which is absolutely fine. I will defend other people’s rights to express their opinions even if I find them absurd and say that I do.

    2. But lcn is probably all over it as we speak
      They lap that internetz stuff up usually. Like the fake drunk girl and 8 hours of big tits in ghetto videos, they were spinning it relentlessly. Omg patriarchy and all…

    3. Actually that 1st article, Lise Ravary bashes Roosh. She says that “Roosh V croit que le viol à l’intérieur d’une propriété privée devrait être légalisé.” (“Roosh V thinks that rape occurring inside private property should be legalized.”)

  10. So she post pictures of her tits, which are pierced, and then gets mad when men judge her on how bangable she is….does she not understand what nipple piercings are for?

      1. Higher powers let that elfish bitch breed? Really? And she’s out taking blood-splattered naked pics for attention instead of taking decent care of her child?
        We’re fucked.

    1. maybe women really do not understand what their tits do to our brains. maybe that is why they think we deliberately make them into sex objects just to hurt their feelings.

      1. Nipple piercings are meant for sexual arousal for the woman. By having them she is saying she is comfortable enough with sex to modify her body to enjoy it more. She also posted this on model mayhem and chicks who post of those site .

        1. I don’t think I’ve met a person with piercings that had didn’t have the intention of showing them off, at some point.

  11. Just googled Aurelie Nix and ROK is the top link. Nice work buddy, the more people see this article the more will see the freak circus going against the manosphere.

  12. I think this is the moment when SJW’s / Feminists / Cultural Marxists / Leftists will finally realize their folly with their war on traditional Western culture and values. They have been consistently poking the hornet’s nest with their totalitarian censorship methods and false criminal allegations and character defaming of individuals who pose ideas counter to their own.
    My greatest hope with operation Medussa is that the men who subscribe to sites like this and the tenants of Neo-Masculinity is that we are a larger and more formidable force than we ever realized. Even if we are still outnumbered in this fight 100 to 1, we will still have an incredible chance to turn the tide against degeneracy and stupidity.
    One only needs to look at the individuals at the forefront of the Neo-masculine movement and then compare that to the disgusting mutants that make up the bulk of the left. Is there any doubt that we can turn the tide against them?

    1. I agree. Men gotta get out there and back Roosh publicly. It will have a snowball effect. How many men secretly agree with Roosh but would never publicly admit it? This has to change. Men could annihilate all these freaks on the left… the more men support him, the more will emerge….

      1. Agreed BJ, but you have to remember that the men who back Roosh tend to be guys with jobs, or their own business and families to provide for, you know, contributing members of society. Roosh has the advantage, as he mentions in his video, of not having anything in his life that could be a target (i.e. family, office job, etc.) for his enemies to exploit.
        These fucking degenerates will come after everything you hold sacred in life if you even dare to utter a word of opposition against them. We live in a age where 120 or less characters can cause your whole life to come crumbling down.
        So I can understand the reluctance to voice an opinion or to support Roosh publicly, especially with the dissemination of false allegations and constant character assassination attempts against him and others who have the same ideologies. Can’t remember how many times I’ve had to bite my tongue and smile through my teeth at my previous office jobs while putting up with SJW/Feminist office politics.
        As I mentioned in my previous comment, I’m hoping that men (and women who subscribe to traditional western values for that matter) will start to see that there is a large community of like minded individuals out there for support. Hopefully this will motivate people to step out into the public and not fear unfair retribution for merely having an opinion.

      1. I would breed bastard children with that…perfect cum dumpster, I bet her pussy belches fart smells too mmmm

    1. posture, my god, posture!
      earlier in my life, i had a dislike for overly feminine movement. nowadays, i see that the alternative is girls moving like dudes or cripples.

    2. shitty posture, tattoos, piercings , post op tranny, bow legged wannabe otaku , selfie taking dork.

        1. I used to mess with chicks like this, still do from time to time. Freak is an understatement. Girls like that will let you do so much to them youll be sitting at home making list of shit you want to try just cause your bored

        2. Very true. A friend of mind used to mess with women like this. She became so desensitized to the depraved sexual acts he would perform on her that she started asking him punch her in the face during sex. He almost caught assault charges after he broke up with her. As @david_eriksen:disqus said: never stick your dick in crazy.

        3. This is why I’ve become an ardent Neomasculinists, if you will, freaks like this can never compete or even be remotely compared to man like Roosh or anyone of even modest success. They’re just pathetic losers and what really gets to me in this “progressive” world is this – all that has been accomplished is to empower not just the weak but the freaks. My sister is liberal but and she says I’m one of her heroes, but, I’m increasing put off by this because she recently gushed-out her emotions for some tranny/lesbian photographer and she described her as brave, courageous etc. I’ve since felt slighted, since I went to war and that is now on the same level of being delusional and wanting to have sex? That aside, what gets to me a little more is that she’s admiring a freak. I pity my sister and see her being caught-up if not brainwashed. I sometimes wonder that if things get that bad and I, for instance, really distance myself from liberal progressive (as I am doing) and she finds herself only among these imbalanced freaks with their bad hair, smelly, warped and twisted personality and psychology etc…I wonder if she’ll be hit by an electrifying realizing of total regret – that she choose this over her family and real heroes.
          There is real danger here. A thing like that will never be happy with itself no matter how much they extort the government for privilege and free-be’s. And the reason is simple, you’re dealing with people inherently flawed she sees her nose and all the rest of her left side of the bell curve attributes more than us despite her delusions. And for this reason these people will never stop demanding more and more nonsense. This is why we have claims that air conditioning is sexist or calls for “fat acceptance”. We simply cannot be lead by these fuck ups anymore its already caused enough damage. God’s speed Roosh.

    3. No. First because it is an “sjw” and is trying to mess up Roosh. Second, look at that face…check out big nose.

    4. Like Lena Dunham, she’s barely common whore material. Who would want a wife so twisted?

      1. I dunno, that room reminds me of the rooms in The Shining…

        1. explain why Jack is in that photo from the 1930s…I still dont understand the ending…totally different from the book(and I heard King is involved in a remake which will be closer to his writings).

    5. I wouldn’t touch that even with a borrowed 10′ pole. I bet the hair is not even real.

    6. Lol at making selfies seem “artistic”. Jesus Christ how narcissistic and hard-up for attention must they be?

    7. I would tell her to put a paper bag on her ugly face if she wanted me to fuck her, like Christian Troy in that great Nip/Tuck scene. Then I would do her from behind, rough and without even a hint of pleasure in my facial expression, pull the bag off, cum in her hair, put my pants on while the tears of self hatred wash down her mascara making her look like the Joker, leave her and never call her again.

  13. “Do they realize how fucking ‘rappy’ they are being?”
    I’m being this rappy:

    1. In retrospect, he wasnt that bad…I could never get past those dumb sunglasses

  14. I had ample opportunity to fly back Toronto for the seminar and seeing my family but I kept postponing it and now I’m regretting not being able to be a part of this historic moment.

  15. The nose ring really draws attention to how large her nose is and no one should mutilate their body with gaudy tattoos. Such a waste.
    It’s interesting how no one dyed their hair platinum blonde before Game of Thrones and Frozen. Life really does imitate art.

    1. Good observation! Never made the correlation. And this also feeds into the female copycat mentality of doing something they see a thinner and prettier woman do in hope of getting to the same social and attention-garnering status as her, and then it spreads like a plague from coast to coast for this very reason.

  16. That Facebook page to stop Roosh seems to have been deleted. I suppose they thought they succeeded when Roosh’s original venue cancelled on him.

  17. google her name and this article is the #1 result. DIRECT HIT!
    Enjoy your newly minted google CV you pathetic SJW See-You-Next-Tuesday

    1. Second link is Aurelie Nix, model… Model for WHAT? Showing people what happens when you don’t get braces? Ads for contraception?

      1. Role model for all the aspiring poor man’s Lady Gaga everywhere, by the looks of it

  18. Hell yea Roosh, wish I couldve attended one of your lectures. Hope these cowards eat shit.

  19. As a girl I love reading this site. I never realised how pathetic men were. Feminism has shown men up for the wimps you really are. All women know men are weak with no control. Secretly we laugh at you. Women have always been better than men and deep down men know it. Ugly losers. You’re probably all middle aged as well. Paedos.

    1. Yep, ALL of us are middle-aged loser virgins who live in Mommy’s basement and we are all SHORT so we deserve to be Holocausted! Any more cliches you wish to spew?
      Mods, ban this twat right quick, please.

      1. You forgot premature ejaculation. 30 seconds of flopping about is a man’s equivalent of good sex. Women are outperforming men in every area. Your time of reign has come to an end. All men are slaves to to women.

        1. Yep. Tell that to the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians when then come over here in two generations and slaughter everybody wholesale and take all the resources because twats like you and the manginas you wish to engineer will put up a joke of a fight. Think they aren’t plotting this as the see us decline into The Abyss? Okay, just wait and see…

        2. Really? Look at every athletic record and compares men’s top records to women, next look an inventions, and finally look all around you at the vast metropolis or suburb men built…

        3. women are far from outperforming men in every area. Go look up Bureau of Labor Statistics women are still mostly admin and support. And any gains you have seen have not come about from a system of meritocracy ergo legitimately earned but from a system of affirmative action and quotas. From school admissions to corporate jobs its mandated that women must be admitted or hired and when that isn’t enough you call for more i.e. “not enough women in STEM or in 3D Printing etc”. No such mandate exists for men. You see us interior men DO NOT need some outside arbiter to place us into positions – we’ll earn it.

        4. You did realize her reference to performance only pertained to the bedroom, right? I’m sure she beats all men who sleep with her there. How much time do you think an average man who slept with Sarah spends on porn?

        5. I see where you’re going with this, but I honestly believe in two generations the Chinese, Russians, whoever, are going to look at this society and say HELL NO I am not going over there! Why the hell what I want to “conquer” that hellhole? There is far more oil and resources elsewhere, anyway, and America will be a cultural and economic wasteland by then.

        6. Might as well do it out of spite to settle old grievances. If I had longstanding bitter enmity with someone and a bunch of gray-skinned obese Caitlyn Jenners that the SJWs forcefucked all Americans into looking like were all that stood in my way I would definitely run right through them simply because I could!

      2. She’s in here talking about men are slaves to women but who has the higher number of sex trafficking rates….

    2. That’s why feminism relies on lying, on burning books, censorship, banning debate, re-writing or ignoring history, propaganda, etc to ascend. If you women are sooooo much better than men than why are all the major accomplishments of mankind been and still being done by men? Your expected response “systemic sexism”. Ah, the patriarchal conspiracy to keep women done…I see. But, women are better than men and according to you by a wide margin and this has always been the case? If a thing is superior than how could it let itself be subjugated by the inferior? Hmmm? Systemic sexism, if it ever existed, would have been swiftly handled by the superior woman long ago. But according to you it wasn’t and in fact it still exists? There, I just eviscerated contemporary feminism canon in one simple exercise in logic. Of course, we all know that women are superior because they can’t comprehend logic.
      BTW, nice admission and yet another great example that the true face of feminism is supremacy. We’re a little more secure with ourselves over here, so, we don’t secretly laugh at you we just laugh at you and all your synthetic “role models” or “accomplishments”…a women in a high place – we now presume diversity/affirmative action hire or in the case of the wnba a subsidized (by a male sport no less) artificial creation versus being authentic.

        1. “And so the dunce continued
          I’m a spinster not a shrew
          If I truly wanted I could bed the lot of you
          She raged and spat and sniggered
          She pouted and she stewed
          But no matter what she uttered she never had a clue
          That all the men were laughing
          Her friends and family too
          On she went with her tirade ’twas all she had to do
          Her life ‘til now was easy
          But this grown-up stuff was new
          Her voice it had less meaning the more doctrine she did spew
          Usually she gave a cry
          And came the White Knight riding
          But on this particular morn her knights were all in hiding
          She stood alone on oafish pride
          Set for vainglorious battle
          But once was faced with logic she retreated to more prattle
          You can’t treat us women thusly
          We are not your common chattel
          If you do not start behaving I fear that I will tattle
          But this threat it was as empty
          As her thousand-rooster stare
          It was if they all knew her and her insecurities lay bare
          Down went the vapid warrior
          Her identity exposed
          Though first disguised as woman it was in fact a baby troll.” – Me

        2. You are really good at this- are you a traveling bard, going from hamlet to hamlet, performing these for money?

        3. I think it is because SJWs and particularly this brand of feminist minion “half-wittedly” provide infinite material. I just happen to be around to chronicle the insanity and spread the tidings.
          Maybe I could make some money by compiling it and releasing it as “The Road to Red Pill” or “The Red Pill Tales?”

        4. indeed, where was the time when comments from female and homosexuals were banned? I wonder if this rule still applies…

    3. Im ok with women having a class called Women’s Studies. Men have their own class, it’s called history.

    4. The irony of this comment is that Feminists have successfully alienated the very men who were supposed to protect the society you live in. Who will protect Western women from the mass rapes German women suffered after WWII if say…Russian hordes decides to invade after our inevitably collapse?

      1. This is already evident in feminist Sweden, where the local women are getting raped by the Muslim immigrants

        1. No surprise there. I can’t think of a single instance where the left’s solutions to (imaginary) problems did not create bigger problems. I envision it playing out like this:
          1. Leftists import 3rd world savages with into civilized countries.
          2. Savages bring values and beliefs rooted in the 3rd century.
          3. Savage population reaches critical mass and undoes the left’s utopia.
          4. Social unrest ensues.
          5. Feminists want female-friendly (read: Western) patriarchy back.
          Too late.

    5. So, let me get this right. You read ROK daily. Enjoy it in fact. You know full well the capability and acumen of the posters on this site, and still decided to post an (albeit laughable) inflammatory comment about men and our weaknesses without any evidence to the contrary? You do realize there are easier ways to invite a bukkake? Now run along dear. Go pop a refreshing beverage and decide somewhere else about whom you wish to have inside you today.

    6. Hehe, feminism is the sole responsible for the broken society of west. Dumb dildo

    7. If men are so much weaker than women, how come women are always complaining about domestic abuse by men? Shouldn’t they just defend themselves?
      Or, why do they say they have been raped, why don’t they just beat the would be rapist up?
      Or why is it when they do a job that requires someone to achieve certain physical fitness levels (military, police, fire) are the levels lower for women than men, shouldn’t it be the other way around?
      And why do they always ask a man to open up a container instead of doing it themselves?

    8. OK, so who built 99.9% of the entire world?
      And ask yourself this.. if all men dropped out of the economy tomorrow, could society survive? Of course not. You would all starve to death
      If all women dropped out, however, there is no doubt society would survive…

    1. Oh yeah, and anybody who writes for Jezebel isn’t a deranged cunt who invents “rape” and “abuse” stories for attention even though no sane man would touch one of with a boomerang, exactly!

      1. No the world has finally come to realize how deranged men are. How horrendously you have treated women over the centuries. You’re all slaves to the vagina and you flip out when we deny you. Men are OBSESSED with women.

        1. Men also invented the iPhone you are OBSESSED with to get validated by every throwaway two-dollar schmuck with your innumerable selfie posting, lest you forget.

        2. Another vapid woman shows up to tell us how bad men have treated them. Here’s a tip, honey. If it wasn’t for men, you’d be getting chewed on by lions, unless of course you’re the animal psychic bitch claiming contact with Cecil.
          Patriarchy is the solution to your insanity. Now find a man willing to put you in your place, and get in the kitchen.

        3. And a woman called heddy Lamar invented the internet that you write your vile rants on. Oh but of course she’s been written out of history like so many other great women because men have tantrums if they are outdone by a woman.

        4. But I’m not obsessed with women, so, what are you talking about? Men are deranged? What? Okay lets look at women – you complain about air conditioning, free contraception, fat acceptance (its okay to be unhealthy and overweight), you support the right to kill your own babies (55 million and counting) AND to sell off your offspring into little pieces for profit. The list goes on and on. Oh and here you are making claims of supremacy with as much gusto as a KKK member. Pardon me, did you say something about men being deranged?

        5. HAHA, we manipulate you because you’re stupid. You’re pretty much all worthless except for the axe wound between your legs, plus you probably wish guys were attracted to you. I can’t imagine any cunt patrolling the web for offensive material is attractive, let me guess pink hair, earings, fat as fucking fuck, ugly as an asshole to begin with, a sense of entitlement, a lack of any life accomplishment etc…. etc…

        6. Exactly. Ever since we’ve liberated women en-masse, we’ve seen who they really are: Over 120 million abortions, Nearly 50% divorce rate, Women initiate between 66% and 90% of all divorces; So on and so forth.
          While feminism gives Modern/Western women a fake sense of independence, It is showing the rest of the world that these women will destroy families and disregard all societal norms to satisfy their own selfish needs. I hate to say it but our current culture is a good example of what happens when women are ungoverned.

        7. Bingo. You touched on many things I’ve been pondering. There is a good youtube channel called Vernaculis (I’ll link below). Vern is a young kid (still in HS I believe). I watched his recent vid on air conditioning, which was great (he just laughs) but whats revealing is the comment section – presumably his peers all youngster and all immersed in PC feminism etc. Everyone was anti-feminist. I think the real backlash has started and its coming, especially if Trump gets elected. Women today are providing all of mankind all the justification to re-institute patriarchy. Because if patriarchy means a balanced, ordered society based in reason, logic and morality than it should be embraced and I believe it will be. Otherwise we literally face chaos. The more petty demands and disastrous results from free contraception to ruined childhood and lives…the more these add up and the more the backlash ferments. I think were reaching boiling point.

        8. Actually I’m young,blonde and quite beautiful. I also have a masters in biology. I just find this site so funny. All my friends read it. Women create men. Every misogynist came from a vagina.

        9. That obsession is gone. Most of you will be left to wander the wasteland you created. And when you have eaten your last cat, we won’t be feeding you.

        10. I also have a masters in biology.

          …and yet, you have time to troll websites, during the busiest time of the day.
          Now that we know what women actually do during the day (instead of work) it’s easy to understand why the “Wage Gap” exists. Every man in America is woking twice as hard as you this very the moment.

        11. Shut up you fool men have destroyed the world. Famine,war,recessions,bombs,sexual violence,murder etc. Women view men as big babies who abscond responsibility. You have to be fed,watered,clothes laid out for you. Constantly told you’re great in bed even though the majority if you are crap. My Italian boyfriend would be embarrassed if foreplay was only 2 hours.

        12. Actually what we now can confirm is that you’re an idiot, that much is true. For the same reason it still resides in the realm of highly probable that you’re a freak too despite the strong evidence you provide by the nature of your comments.
          Look, oh superior one, this is the internet. There is NO way to valid anything you said. NONE. You can say anything. I have a degree in physics from Harvard, 6.2 dirty blonde 175 and ripped. See how easy that was. My guess is you’re a fat, purple haired, smelly and probably balding female land whale. You FREAK.

        13. Your Italian boyfriend is clearly a cuckold if he allows his woman to speak as freely as you do.

        14. Your Italian boyfriend? Is he getting raped on the side by the Libyans flooding his pathetic country? Or is he your cuckold while you service them?

        15. Many women have to have an abortion because they have been abdoned by cowardly men. How many girls and boys have useless deadbeat dads.

        16. “Actually I’m young,blonde and quite beautiful.”
          As much as I hate spouting internet cliches, “Pics or it didn’t happen”.

        17. One second you’re saying men have ruined the world, then the next second you’re bragging about dating a man from one of the most traditionally patriarchal and stubborn cultures in the world.
          You broads always fail to surprise me.

        18. So, let me get this straight. Most of the 55 MILLION abortions were because of “cowardly” men? And, you don’t think the women who, um, willingly had sex with these deadbeat men aren’t responsible? Oh superior one, don’t you know that abortion really reduces down to personal responsibility. Don’t you know that a woman purposely has sex and then refuses to deal with the consequences by killing her own baby and, worse, many times putting the cost of that procedure onto society. Yeah, that sounds like the mark of a truly superior being. Freak.

        19. LOL that’s because we are talking about a stupid troll here.. just look at its completely unrealistic comments:
          “Actually I’m young,blonde and quite beautiful. I also have a masters in biology.”
          “You have to be fed,watered,clothes laid out for you.”
          “Women are outperforming men in every area.”
          “My Italian boyfriend would be embarrassed if foreplay was only 2 hours.”
          hahaha what’s next? “I’m a navy seal trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces.” ? HAHAHAHAHA

        20. Pussy is not woman. Men are attracted to pussy. You are as valuable as an earth worm without a vagina. And there are your peers offering pussy for 2 bills an hour so your argument is invalid.

        21. A woman has control over her womb, if she sees a man invaluable to be her kid’s father, why the fuck does she fuck him at the very first place and let him seed her? You have double standards and a squirrel has more common sense than you.

        22. So you’re confessing that you’ve ridden the cock carousel? And now you’ve locked down a hungry beta?(most likely in your imagination). I feel like I’m arguing with a chimp with Down syndrome. Cunt

        23. Yup, not to mention implying having tried enough cocks to decide that the majority of men are crap in bed.

        24. No attractive woman would be trolling on the internet for attention from men. Got daddy issues?

        25. Without men, your ass would be in a cave, rather than a safe, air-conditioned building. Quit yer bitchin’ and go to the kitchen!

        26. She had a lot of down time once the boyfriend went limp. Sadly 98 doesn’t count as the majority of men.

        27. Women have abortions because they allowed a man to cum in them without benefit of birth control. Women are the gate keepers.
          Useless deadbeat women who have babies to collect support and welfare payments. Women who need a man or the daddy state for support.
          Please have an abortion so I/we don’t pay for your irresponsible behaviour.

        28. Sometimes the man doesn’t want to be a father. Shit happens and that’s what abortions are for.

        29. Then they should of been more selective of whom they had sex with.. Women have got to wise up. We are the ones who truly suffer the consequence of casual sex: Std’s, unwanted pregnancies, abortion. Is this fair? Nope. But it’s reality.

        30. Oh brother, women don’t create men or women for that matter – Ms. So called biologist.
          It takes a mans sperm and a woman’s egg..
          Can you for once appreciate what men have given to society ,?
          Most misogynists of the Western Hemisphere are the spawn of ignorant feminists..

    2. Oh, and being soooo superior to men in every way, that’s why you find air conditioning sexist. Yep, labeling a major modern convenience sexist – that’s the mark of a superior being.

      1. lol i heard about that…
        I heard reaching for the remote to change the channel is also sexism.
        So is diabetes if I’m not mistaken.

        1. I know and someone like sarah connor still thinks that she’s vastly superior to men in all ways. Complaining about air conditioning, remote controls? How the fuck is that superior? Meanwhile, men put other men on the moon…oh but we’re inferior and get laughed at.

        2. Also @Towgunner77:disqus, okay, okay, one of you need to explain this whole air conditioning bit! “Sexist” how?? And if it’s so sexist, are they trying to live without it to prove a point? Somehow I doubt that!

        3. Yeah, that didn’t sound impromptu invented on the fly just for the sake of posting a video for attention or anything! Jesus Christ, are there any women in The U.S. and Canada left that aren’t skullfucked into oblivion??

        4. Rodney Dangerfield knew this better than anyone. As an aside, Wiki has a list of inventors inducted into the Hall of Fame. Of the 500 plus inductees, less that 33 are women. That isn’t even 10%!!

        5. nope, bumfuck bitches all over the goddamn place, looking like a bunch of constipated ostriches in high heels and chirping like little chicks in a nest waiting for big daddy government condor to drop free worms through the bunghole

        6. When I heard the “I think most women are sitting here listening to this in agreement” I wanted to play it to a group of starving Ethiopian women with her in the next room.

    3. You know what I loved about Roosh’s video is that he’s bold enough to refer to you appropriately – FREAK. You are a freak, period.

    4. Funny, EVERY version of Sarah Connor has also been ugly as fuck with no proper job (especially in the last disgrace of a Terminator film)! Kinda the pot calling the kettle BLACKER right here!

  20. What do you expect from a country that is even more politically correct dominated than the US? Free religious speech is practically nonexistent in canada, so Men having non religious free speech rights that don’t conform to the viewpoints of SJC’s like Nix are not at all a surprise.
    They’re trying to make Roosh into a pariah over there so he can be an example to all of us everywhere else of how we should just keep our non politically correct mouths shut.
    Fuck canada and all its progressive twatage.

    1. This. With such a compliant and self-ingratiating public, Western countries don’t need a dictators.

    2. When society becomes a Matriarchy every insecurity,vanity, narcissism, False Justice, wrath, lie, false equality, grievance,false fairness, intolerance and hatred of woman becomes Rule of Law.

      1. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the religious Patriarchy demonstrated in the bible had to be attacked thoroughly in the US as well as abroad by godless SJC progressive scum like the ones in canada.
        You can’t figuratively cut a man’s balls off if he still believes in that pesky Abrahamic God. You can’t replace a Patriarchy with an inferior matriarchy if Men still behave like the strong Alpha types in the bible.
        That’s why the war on faith is also the war on Men. A few atheists get this, most of the (antitheist) rest don’t because they are too blue pill to realize it.

        1. Atheists worship science at the altar of liberalism and “progress”. And they call us Christians crazy when they should just look in the mirror.

        2. When a Christian Man will only bow his head to the one true king and his heavenly Father, it makes it rather inconvenient for the leftists to get the Christian to worship at the alter of Big Government and Subjugate him.

        3. Atheism is not a religion. It is simply a lack of belief. Other than this one trait, there is no requirement for atheists to agree on any other topics. Some of them may “worship” science or liberalism and others may not. Some may think Christians are “crazy” and others may just want to leave Christians in peace to practice their faith.
          And when it comes to discrimination in the US, atheists are far more likely to be discriminated against than religious folks, with the exception of the muzzies of course.

        4. Atheism fulfills 11 of the 12 tenants of religion. The 12th being a belief in God. If you really get into it with an Atheist they will make it quite clear who their deity is … themselves.

        5. And why not? Ultimately its he that has to believe in himself to survive. God is just the placebo.

        6. It is a religion, because those that speak for atheism do so with nothing in the way of fact to support their remarks that our God is truly nonexistent. You all simply believe God doesn’t exist, yet you provide no scientific evidence to support that view.
          “And when it comes to discrimination in the US, atheists are far more likely to be discriminated against than religious folks, with the exception of the muzzies of course.”
          Uhhuh…tell that to all the lawsuits brought by the freedom from religious freedom foundation or the ACLUs and all of them being against people of faith exercising faith, especially those calling themselves Christians.

        7. Atheism IS indeed a belief; this weasally “lack of belief” equivocation is but pure sophistry.

        8. Lack of belief in a god/gods is literally what the word means. Not all atheists necessarily believe there is no god. Many would be open to the idea were there hard evidence, but simply refrain from belief given the paucity of evidence put forward by religious people.

        9. Not all atheists necessarily believe there is no god.
          That statement is plainly, demonstrably false.
          Many would be open to the idea were there hard evidence, but simply refrain from belief given the paucity of evidence put forward by religious people.
          What you are describing is agnosticism, not atheism. By the way, by “hard evidence”, you obviously mean empirical evidence. Newsflash, dumbass: God is not an empirical object.

        10. No, agnostics don’t know whether or not there is a god. Atheists simply answer the question “Do you believe in God” with the word “no.” The problem with you religious folks is that you are so wrapped up in the concept of belieiving in stuff that you can’t conceive of people who simply don’t believe, and thus petulantly insist that they, like you, simply must belive that there is no god just as fervently as you believe there is one. Furthermore, defining God as not an empirical object is simply Russell’s Teapot fallacy combined with the Special Pleading fallacy. A claim that God exists is no different than any other claim and ought to be accepted or rejected based on the evidence that its proponents can put forth. Religious people have had thousands of years to provide evidence and failed miserably, and thus atheists simply don’t buy it.

        11. Equivocal and disingenuous abuse of common language: alas, so typical of butthurt Gnu Atheists these days.
          “Atheists simply answer the question “Do you believe in God” with the word “no.” ”
          The reason atheists answer the question in this way is due to their own faith-based belief that God does not exist. However, they don’t actually know this proposition to be true, and have no logical or empirical way of proving it; they merely believe it and that’s all they do.
          Most self-proclaimed atheists these days have no idea what the word “God” actually means, or what “religious folks” actually believe in anyway; they just like to pretend that they magically know better because it somehow feeds their desperate need to feel superior. Hence, they appeal to cheap, irrelevant, misapplied, and intellectually inept strawman fallacies like Russell’s orbiting teapot, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and so on.
          “Furthermore, defining God as not an empirical object is simply Russell’s Teapot fallacy combined with the Special Pleading fallacy.”
          Alas, you have demonstrated your wholesale ignorance of the classical conception of God with that utterly ridiculous and confused statement. Don’t ever go full retard in an intellectual discussion. AUTOMATIC FAIL.

        12. Right. Atheists have a desperate need to feel superior, yet you religious people, who actually insist that your religious texts have all the answers, are somehow the fount of all humility and emotional security. Keep telling yourself that. Maybe someday someone will believe you.

        13. You’re a classic example of a self-declared atheist with a desperate need to feel superior. And, boy oh boy, are you ever desperate!
          BTW, lots of people know this to be true. A lot more than you realize. You’d know this yourself if you ever bothered to remove your head from your ass long enough to find out.

    3. Even religious speech is oppressed. It’s practically illegal in Canada to quote Leviticus 18:22.

      1. Yes. Pastors have been arrested for simply speaking from the bible, which is why i said what i said earlier.

        1. It seems that Jezebel rules the land to the north. She rules wherever whores tend to flourish.

        2. I was speaking in general here (not just specific to canada) but here are just a few:

          The next articles will be about canada specifically:
          He’s not a pastor, but he is a Christian and was arrested for speaking against homosexuality in canada

          Former pastor charged with violating HC law in canada and fined summarily

          the bible can be construed as promoting hate speech in canada

          Christian teacher gets hit with discipline and worse by canadian officials for writing against homosexuality to local paper

          I’ve read enough of your background to presume what your response to this likely will be, but for the sake of optimism i will wait until you respond before i give you personal opinions over the information.

      2. Granted, I know of zero Christians who follow Leviticus (you cannot shave your facial hair, wear cotton/poly blended clothing, eat shellfish, and there’s a particularly crazy part about how if you get in an altercation with another guy, your wife should grab his genitals and then her hand will have to be chopped off or something nutty) but that is insane to ban speech.

        1. We don’t follow it verbatim because it’s part of the old covenant that applied verbatim to the Hebrews. When Jesus came he fulfilled the law and made a new covenant for those bearing His name to follow.
          It’s why we call ourselves Christians and not Hebrews.

        2. This is correct. But many ‘christians’ like to pick and choose an obscure old testament quote and pretend that it should be followed while ignoring the rest of them.

        3. Can you give me an example? I’ve read examples from the secular crowd that state the contrary (picking and choosing from the NT while ignoring the OT) so i’d like to further understand your perspective here.

        4. Many who claim to be Christians in the US don’t follow the bible, so it should come as no surprise. Even the guy to who you were responding used profanity in his original post.
          The bible says that from the mouth overflows the heart. Ie: filthy words indicate a filthy heart. Ramos needs to repent, if he follows the bible like a Christian is supposed to do.

        5. But what are “filthy words”? From what I can see, only using one of God’s names as a cussword is blasphemy.

        6. Well, the most controversial is probably the one above against homosexuality. I’m not sure Jesus would condemn somebody born gay. You can’t just point to an old testament line in Leviticus about gayness being bad if the rest of Leviticus is inapplicable.
          Not really the issue I wanted to bring up, as I’m not in favor of normalizing deviant behavior, but I’m also not in favor of persecuting those born with this abnormality.

        7. He wouldn’t condemn them as people, he would condemn them for what they do.
          I think the issue here is with your belief that people are indeed “born gay.”
          Even the APA, the psychological body that helped lift the ban on it in the first place, had to reverse itself in considering it an immutable state shortly after the lifting of the ban. Ever since then they have gone on record as saying:
          “There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.”

          This doesn’t even speak of the fact that there are former homosexuals who have gone on record as staying on the “straight” wagon.

          If people were really born homo, no one would be able to stop the behavior. It would be the equivalent of willing cancer away.
          Also, there are NT condemnations against the behavior itself, making it a consistent theme from way back then all the way to this very day, most notably in the book of Romans, Jude and Corinthians. The laws that applied verbatim to the Hebrews were often spoken of in the NT with a revised understanding made possible by Jesus’ fulfilling of the law, which emphasized following the Spirit of the law, not just the letter, as the pharisees were fond of doing.
          Now i do agree they shouldn’t be persecuted for subscribing to the lifestyle, but i don’t agree they are born that way, especially since no definitive scientific evidence exists to justify that remark.
          We can of course, agree to disagree; i just felt compelled to issue a caveat regarding your mention of that.

        8. I have 2 gay acquantainces. They are different enough from me and any of my male friends for me to think there is something biologically off kilter about them. Not to mention I can’t understand why someone would choose that lifestyle if they had a choice.
          Homosexuality is pretty clearly to me a natural anomaly, and one that exists in nature as well. But if by some fluke, we discover it is purely a choice to be gay, then what? People make a lot of stupid choices I don’t agree with, from eating unhealthy foods, to leasing (yes) rims on their cars, to smoking cigarettes. I’m not going to waste my beautiful mind trying to change them.
          That’s one of my biggest problems with American Christians–stop trying to make others not be gay or not have abortions, and try doing something positive. Jesus was first and foremost anti-war and anti-poverty. You don’t hear many Christians speaking on those issues. Jesus didn’t say anything about birth control or abnormal sex practices. That doesn’t make them right, but they are far too big of the focus of His religion today.
          I’m pretty tame in my sexual practices. I think the proper role for gay sex is how it was practiced for centuries–those that enjoyed were often married, and did it privately and clandestinely, and the rest of us never heard about it, other that whispering rumors that someone was fruity.

        9. “you cannot shave your facial hair, or wear cotton/poly blended clothing”
          Where in Leviticus does it say that?
          Also, you must bear in mind, Leviticus as a whole is the ancient Jewish Constitution; it doesn’t necessarily just cover spiritual law.
          Also, if you would like some New Testament verses that restate what are still sins; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
          9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators (man-whores and sluts), nor idolaters, nor adulterers (cheaters of their spouses), nor effeminate (homosexuals), nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
          10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
          11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

        10. But there’s no reason to think that the difference in question has anything conclusively to do with biological factors, but rather psychological ones. Remember, there is more than a passing correlation between homosexuality and early childhood sex abuse, so that factor can’t be ignored or otherwise dismissed on scientific grounds.

          As far as the “why would they choose to do that argument” you answered part of that argument yourself, so i will flesh out the rest. Bear in mind that humans rarely operate on logic and conventional common sense. If they did, why would people still smoke even with all the warnings and negative health affects associated with it, as you essentially said?
          Why would humans gamble away their lifesavings even to this very day, or engage in intravenous drug use, if not for an intentional circumvention of what we consider “common sense?”
          With regard to the nature argument, i’ve written a thesis years ago that covers that as well. For the sake of brevity, i will simply say that animal homosexuality examples in nature are no more a definitive proof of “natural” homosexuality than a natural presence of nuclear radiation currently in the Ukraine. I trust you are familiar with the Chernobyl disaster that i need not elaborate on my point there.
          You shouldn’t try to change them, but you shouldn’t accept their lifestyle as immutable either. Tolerance is true neutrality. Acceptance is enabling their unnatural behavior to the detriment of society as a whole, here there or elsewhere.
          It may be entirely possible that your friends are at least having a subconscious influence on your objective nature here, in that you have at least come to believe their beliefs that they are indeed “born that way” irrespective of all the scientific arguments to the contrary.
          “That’s one of my biggest problems with American Christians–stop trying to make others not be gay or not have abortions, and try doing something positive. Jesus was first and foremost anti-war and anti-poverty. You don’t hear many Christians speaking on those issues. Jesus didn’t say anything about birth control or abnormal sex practices. That doesn’t make them right, but they are far too big of the focus of His religion today.”
          I do agree that no one should force a homosexual to “not be gay” or have abortions, however the pendulum (when adjusted for temporal accuracy) is swinging more the other way especially in North America.
          Right now the pro homo crowd is trying to force people of faith (especially Christians) to accept homosexuality as normal and the US government for its part has done its job in promoting the lifestyle as normal as well (obama choosing to ignore the law of DOMA, for instance) not to mention forcing those American taxpayers to subsidize pro homosexual programs as well as indirect taxpayer funded abortions. PP receives nearly a billion dollars from US taxpayer coffers, and their presence in the news demonstrates superbly why this is a fact that must be brought to a definitive end. The progs (pro abort or pro homo) have pretty much conquered Canada, so there’s no point in going on at length about them.
          With regard to Jesus and SS relationships, He didn’t have to go on at length over something that was emphatically condemned by God. He would have been redundant to do so. Whenever Jesus mentioned Marriage he always mentioned the “one man one woman” paradigm so for anyone to believe He would have been ok with alternative lifestyles (let alone counterfeit Marriage) is engaging in wishful thinking, to say the least.
          Now with regard to him being “antiwar” i don’t believe that is actually accurate. Jesus even said so himself here in Matthew 10:34
          “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”
          You are describing the faux “hippy” Jesus that the American progressive left has promulgated in order to hijack the religious narrative. The real Jesus only promoted peace in heaven, on earth He understood that we would be at war with the world because of his radical, anti establishment beliefs which were so controversial even the religious leadership at the time called for his timely execution.
          I also wouldn’t describe Jesus as “anti poverty” (except in faith) so much as i would describe him as anti materialism. His words demonstrate that loving anything (especially wealth) can lead a person to fashion for themselves a makeshift god that they would inexorably pay worship to with as much consistency and zeal (if not more so) than the Father…and that was to be condemned.
          You hear about us going on at length about abortion and homosexuality because these are the two largest hot button social issues of the day. Nowhere else in human history has the belief that a person has the right to murder developing life been as obscenely commonplace as it has been in recent times, here in the US especially. The Constitution of this country makes no legal allowance for this barbaric act, and yet our courts went ahead and chiseled one anyway. We have been fighting against that ever since.
          Now with homosexuality, the fact that STD’s like HIV have exploded in infection rates ever since the ban on it was lifted through nothing more than frank kameny’s activism and alfred kinsey’s junk science research is no coincidence. The homosexual lifestyle carries with it many real negatives, this is just one of them. Besides the moral issue, this and many other reasons are legitimate grounds to oppose it. Even the CDC lists them as the main demographic vector for increases in new disease transmission…mind you, this isn’t the only disease they are responsible for helping to transmit by virtue of their lifestyle.

          The lifestyle has more connection to mental paraphilias than any physiological ones…it’s why the research into the genetics has resulted in no more than theory while the legitimate research into the psychological causes has been largely blacklisted, for obvious reasons.

          Your last remark highlights why it should never be openly accepted, merely tolerated as existing in the darkened bedrooms of those who go against psychosexual conventional norms. Also, there is no definitive research to conclude that people married their same sex anywhere in ancient society. SS relationships were never given the same sociological consideration given to conventional heterosexual Marriage, for obvious reasons. Faux Marriages existed yes, but examples where two males or two females married have yet to be conclusively researched. Of course if you know something i don’t with regard to this please post it here.
          JD Unwin’s and even Arnold Toynbee’s research shows that the more that this lifestyle is accepted openly, the more likely it was for that society to implode under the weight of its own iniquity.
          You don’t have to be a person of faith to be opposed to homosexuality (or even abortion) the fact that i am is simply incidental, especially given that i was an atheist years ago.

        11. Oh here we go…
          ” Even the guy to who you were responding used profanity in his original post.”
          If you even followed most of my posts, and were therefore aware of how i actually represent myself, you’d realize that i RARELY use profanity except in instances where i am strongly attempting to discourage something or speaking from off the cuff anger, largely at the trolls who have already cussed at me.
          But go ahead, go through my open comment listings and see it for yourself.
          You are doing no more than cherrypicking here, in that you would use a select quote or two in order to brand me as a hypocrite instead of actually getting to know me in order to see how i actually carry myself.
          Jesus for his part used insults, when he described the pharisees as vipers and hypocrites. Were you even aware of that?
          You are judging me superficially in that you use one or two sentences in order to try and disparage me, while conveniently overlooking my defense of faith and the civility that i consistently show to everyone who deserves it, atheists included.
          Go and read the bible with understanding before you try and attack me on it, hypocrite. It figures an atheist flunkie would try to use a collection of books he doesn’t understand in order to attack me.

        12. That guy has 18 comment to his name…he’s just a troll or probably some atheist ROK fan that still bears a grudge against me.

        13. Perhaps; still, it’s a shame how nowadays (while it didn’t start, it sure skyrocketed during the 21st century) the name “Jesus”, is now surpassing “Fuck” as the #1 cussword in virtually all movies and TV shows (with the exception of the fantasy genre).

        14. Eh, it’s hard to imagine warmonger Jesus telling his armies to turn the other cheek, and THEN attack. Or to beat their swords into plowshares, and THEN attack with the plowshares. I’ve never heard Jesus described as not pacifist. That is a new one for me. There are loads and loads of examples of Jesus preaching peace and nonviolence. I’m not a biblical scholar, but it would be fairly easy to compare the number of times he mentions peace and pacifism versus talking about a sword. And anyway it’s far more than how many times he “hypothetically could have talked about gayness but didn’t really need to because that chapter was covered earlier on page 43 of the O.T.”
          Re: my last point about marriage I meant that most people who were considered “gay” throughout history were guys with WIVES and children (not SS marriage), who would often try deviant sex with another guy secretly, the same way some people like to suck toes, watch bestiality, pee on people, tie them up and whip them or whatever, to me gayness is just another fetish.
          I have a very live-and-let-live attitude (if I didn’t my ideal society would probably look like Saudi Arabia because I don’t personally believe in tattoos, smoking, women showing skin in public, hookup culture etc.) so my views on homosexuality were always a mixture of “so what” and “it can only help me”: Every gay guy takes at least TWO dudes off the market (him and a partner) which means the woman who was just checking out all 3 of us has only 1/3 the option she thought she did. Gay guys are also less leaches on society because they don’t have kids or use a lot of the public services our taxes go to (the same way communities like Florida love having retirees–lots of tax income, very little expense to keep them happy). OK So gay people are going to get sick, well I don’t physically interact with them so I’m not going to catch their STDs.
          And kind of the same thing with abortion–to me life begins at birth. Rational people don’t want to murder babies. Many rational people choose to use birth control to avoid pregnancy (some of these involve killing sperm, others fertilized eggs, and then finally there is abortion–I just don’t see the huge difference but if others do, I respect that opinion). To call it murder is just as disingenuous as calling “regret sex” rape. If you believe life begins prior to birth (life and birth are antonyms, but whatever) then you could possibly consider abortion manslaughter, but never murder. And raising a kid you don’t want is never, ever a good idea. I’m a fiscal conservative and children are net takers. I just don’t understand why a society who could actually prevent real live, adult deaths through things like lowering the speed limit, banning cigarettes, stopping the bombing of brown villages in the ME for the past 15 years, etc. somehow thinks that when it comes to microscopic fetii, life is the most important metric and is secondary to all other thoughts. Maybe if we lived in a society where we are all super hyper-vigilant about never putting ourselves in danger and living in complete safety, then I could understand opposing abortion but I would not want to live in that world. The bottom line is, I would never choose to have an abortion, but I would never, ever think I’m entitled to make that decision for another person.

        15. The turn the other cheek remarks by Jesus were never intended to be a statement supporting weakness, but rather strength. During Roman times it was commonplace for someone to be struck on one side of the cheek, to denote rank, punishment, and so forth. Turning the other cheek meant that the aggressor would have to use the front of the hand to strike them, signifying that they considered the person to be struck as an equal. That is what Jesus was trying to intend, not to lay down and be weak in the face of adversity, but to stand firm on belief and principle by causing the enemy to escalate in their intentions and confirm you and your position as valid. In that respect he was successful.
          Jesus’ life, much like Thomas Jefferson’s, has been taken out of context depending on the type of lens one is using. While he was a Man who called for orderly resistance without violence, he nonetheless used a form of violence when he went around whipping money lenders who were defiling the house of God. He also went shopping for swords with his disciples. One cannot merely say that Jesus is “this or that” unless one has examined him from a purely objective perspective. He told the pharisees to “give Caesar his due” when they were trying to get him to advocate breaking the laws of Caesar, but nevertheless (and technically) broke the religious law (such as the Sabbath) at the time which the pharisees were fond of enforcing per THEIR interpretation. This is because the laws that they followed were being twisted to present them especially in a favorable light. It wasn’t until Jesus’ arrival that their hypocrisy truly became known, as he came to offer a new interpretation of the law, one which emphasized the spirit behind the law not just the verbatim of it. He fulfilled the intent of the law in doing so.
          Getting back to my remark about Jefferson, i’m sure you’re familiar enough with him to know about his unflattering thoughts on organized religion, but from our past exchanges (and maybe elsewhere) you also are aware of his pro faith viewpoints as well. Depending on the year and his mood, he would either criticize the hypocrisy behind organized religion or he would extol the virtue of having faith, up to and including considering himself a person of faith. Even the “deist” application can’t be logically applied to him, given his occasional remarks which emphasized a belief in supernatural interference. (by God) He considered himself a Unitarian, but never referred to himself as a deist or regarded himself one.
          In this respect Jesus is no different. One can’t simply call him a “pacifist” or a “warmonger” because depending on what He is saying, How He is saying it, and WHY it’s being said, he can either be considered a pacifist or a person calling for war. It’s best to just consider Him as someone who gave the right message at the time it was needed. (and of course, as the Son of God who died for our sins and gave us the pathway to redemption:)
          He called for peace in Heaven but on earth given the issues of the flesh, a peaceful solution was not always practical. Jesus was more a Man of peace than war, yes, but because he did mention words and engaged in behaviors which indicate a position favoring war, it’s best not to pigeonhole him under the limitations of a particular nomenclature. That’s my take on His life given my exegesis; others are welcome to believe as they like.
          Ok i understand the context you were expressing Marriage in. Gotcha.
          “Every gay guy takes at least TWO dudes off the market (him and a partner) which means the woman who was just checking out all 3 of us has only 1/3 the option she thought she did. Gay guys are also less leaches on society because they don’t have kids or use a lot of the public services our taxes go to (the same way communities like Florida love having retirees–lots of tax income, very little expense to keep them happy). OK So gay people are going to get sick, well I don’t physically interact with them so I’m not going to catch their STDs.”
          The problem is, because of their highly promiscuous nature (true for most of the community than not) that homo is likely going to have sex with another homo who also engages in sex with females, and possibly a female that has had sex with a straight male that had sex with the female that you were interested in courting at some point. 6 % of separation apply here just as they can apply elsewhere. The more they engage in their risky behaviors the more likely those consequences are to bleed over into the hetero community you and i belong to. Consider it an “STD lotto” that, the more you engage in the dating process, the more likely you are to win…and by “win” i of course mean lose.
          It’s true that they don’t have kids (in the conventional sense) but they are no less a drain on our resources. The US government spends billions on AIDS research with regard to a disease that has become an issue precisely because of their lifestyle. Needle usage and heterosexual infections are so minimal when compared to homosexual vectors that they are almost negligible. Things like HIV and AIDS are a concern (however exiguous) to most common sense heterosexuals but to homosexuals they are practically a dangerous (if not inevitable) possibility they face everyday in their lives. It’s why the “Gay Men’s health crisis” was set up by homosexual males to help other homosexual males deal with issues that were first diagnosed in homosexual males. AIDS at once point was called “GIDS” (Gay immuno deficiency syndrome) so there you go.
          “And kind of the same thing with abortion–to me life begins at birth. Rational people don’t want to murder babies. Many rational people choose to use birth control to avoid pregnancy (some of these involve killing sperm, others fertilized eggs, and then finally there is abortion–I just don’t see the huge difference but if others do, I respect that opinion). To call it murder is just as disingenuous as calling “regret sex” rape. If you believe life begins prior to birth (life and birth are antonyms, but whatever) then you could possibly consider abortion manslaughter, but never murder.”
          Sperm does not by itself possess a sentience, even if it technically can be considered life. This is different from a developing life however, in that new research has shown that developing babies can feel pain as early as 20 weeks, which qualifies it as sentient. Also, even a developing human being in the earliest stages of its life can be clearly seen as human. Advancements in medical technology have allowed us to see facial features develop as early as a few weeks of confirmed pregnancy. Even if a developing baby hasn’t technically been born, the fact that it can be seen as human (as early as 5 weeks) and can feel pain (as early as 20 if not sooner) means that this technicality does not justify the support of an activity that unnaturally interrupts and ergo destroys a developing human life. No rational person can make the case for this if they are against torture and if they believe that people are people regardless of the stage they are in.
          Someone hooked up to life support equipment for instance, is still technically alive even if they aren’t able to do all the things that living people do as part of choice. If a person murders someone on life support, the law doesn’t make exception because that life “is alive because of medical technology” and neither should the law make exception for a life just because it is alive because of another person.
          This is why i consider it murder, because (for whatever reason) the potential Mother or potential parents are choosing to interrupt nature by killing that life, and more often than not it is because of selfish reasons. Manslaughter would technically apply if the death of the developing came about through no malice, but how would one determine that when the developing life has no external representation by which to determine it’s relationship to the Mother? All a person could do is take the potential Mother’s word that there was no “evil intent” involved. Even the Father’s word or his or her family would be largely circumstantial in that respect, especially given how little in the way of importance the law gives the potential Father in regards to reproductive rights. Lowering the standard to say that abortions can happen because of “manslaughter” related motives (and therefore not technically murder) seems ill advised to me and egregiously in error. Since the taking of a life would not be acceptable regardless of the motive involved for an adult human being, there should likewise be no special exemption made because of the motive involved in the taking of a development human life, especially when the 5th amendment to the US Constitution protects both:
          “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”
          Notice that it says “person” and not “citizen” here, meaning that a developing life is still technically a person and therefore is protected by 5th amendment rights. The “due process of law” is regarding the consequences of criminal proceedings (such as the death penalty) which happens nowhere when a Mother decided to murder the life in her womb.
          With regard to how exactly that life came to be there in the first place; It’s not like that life got there through some alien intervention; the Mother had sex and became pregnant as a result. Of course not every pregnancy is a result of personal choice (rape for instance) but these circumstances are the exception and not the norm, and they still don’t justify punishing a life conceived through a crime. Valerie Gatto was born through a rape and her life has been a testament to something productive resulting from something negative. Her Mother didn’t decide to punish her for the crime of her rapist, and now Valerie models her life (if you’ll pardon the pun) on educating Women about pregnancies derived from rape and the possible benefits therein. Just like the law doesn’t allow for vigilante justice (you kill my Wife i kill your son, for instance) the law should also make no exceptions for vigilante justice in pregnancy. Murdering a life that came about through rape is an act of revenge, since the life that resulted had no involvement in the process by which it came about.

          Now as far as the legal justification for why a developing life should be protected, we need look no further than Founding Father James Wilson, considered one of the most respected and brilliant of all the FF’s by the rest of the FF’s, and his views on life:
          “With consistency, beautiful and undeviating, human life, from its commencement to its close, is protected by the common law. In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By the law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence, and, in some cases, from every degree of danger.”

          Here Wilson is saying that life is protected and regardless from its stage of development. The FF’s were not ignorant as to what a pregnancy involved (most notably with regard to Benjamin Rush’s medical research on “the quickening”) so they were astute enough to understand the meaning of life even back then.
          The irony of the modern age is that the more that unnatural medical technology catches up to unconstitutional activism, the more likely we are to end up legally agreeing with Men who lived over 200 years ago (prior to the development of this technology) over the subject of developing life. Their views would seem anachronistic from a purely technological point of view, but it just proves that the FF’s were ahead of their time and for all our progress it is we who should be regarded as the uncivilized barbarians for allowing this evil practice to flourish.
          On a related note, the only possible exception i would be okay with is allowing an abortion to save the life of the Mother, but even with that the Mother should sign a waiver saying she would be okay with the Doctor doing that (or not) beforehand and only if he or she feels it is absolutely necessary. Since abortions that are literally life or death are so few and far between, this type of example is practically negligible in that respect.
          “And raising a kid you don’t want is never, ever a good idea. I’m a fiscal conservative and children are net takers. I just don’t understand why a society who could actually prevent real live, adult deaths through things like lowering the speed limit, banning cigarettes, stopping the bombing of brown villages in the ME for the past 15 years, etc. somehow thinks that when it comes to microscopic fetii, life is the most important metric and is secondary to all other thoughts. Maybe if we lived in a society where we are all super hyper-vigilant about never putting ourselves in danger and living in complete safety, then I could understand opposing abortion but I would not want to live in that world. The bottom line is, I would never choose to have an abortion, but I would never, ever think I’m entitled to make that decision for another person.”
          True enough, but that is what adoption is for. It’s a natural alternative to the destruction of human life. There are enough infertile couples desperately seeking a child to make it so that adoption is a more legitimate alternative to abortion.
          I actually do agree that cigarettes should be illegal, i don’t agree that the lowering the speed limit would save lives, if anything the opposite would be true. Studies have shown that most traffic related deaths that involve a vehicle in motion occur at lower speeds rather than higher ones. This is due to the fact that more people travel within cities (streets) than without (highways) so the speed at which they are more likely to travel will be lower rather than higher.

          This is true for the US but even outside it and with specific respect to Germany and its autobahn (which has become infamous for not having a set speed limit all throughout) all the deaths that have occurred there are still statistically lower than the mortality rates of the US.

          I also agree that i wouldn’t want to live in a nanny state society where high risk behaviors were criminalized (like eating fast food, drinking, and so forth) but that doesn’t mean we should go in the opposite insane direction and support barbaric actions that involve the destruction of developing life simply because it inconveniences the life of a person or persons.
          You may not support abortion for yourself (and since you’re conveniently a Man you never have to worry about the possibility) but being pro choice on this issue means you at least partially support abortion and all the negatives (that i described) that come with it.
          In conclusion and despite being a person of faith, i have mostly presented a secular argument against abortion using reason as my compass and history as my chalkboard. It’s up to you to consider my words on those merits or to dismiss them because you are firmly entrenched in your opinion.
          In either case, i’m at least in appreciation of the fact that you can debate without resorting to insults, since that isn’t always a given when two people from two divergent viewpoints discuss this kind of issue for long.

        16. Who says that people are “born gay”? Qu’est-ce que c’est, monsieur? Newborn infants have no awareness of sexuality or sexual preference.
          Leviticus makes no mention of “gayness” (whatever that is), only of certain abominable acts meriting death.

        17. Sola scripture is a heresy. Alas, it is only Protestants who “follow the Bible” (or at least claim to).
          But as an atheist, what do you care if anyone follows the Bible or uses filthy words?

    4. Last I checked, it was Canada who had a conservative leader and government (in power for almost a decade now). It’s the USA that is currently being driven into the ground by an Alinskyite community organizer “progressive”, who is in bed with Iran, supports the Muslim Brotherhood, made peace with Cuba, hasn’t batted an eye about Planned Parenthood, forced Obamacare, etc.
      You should be more concerned with your own libtardian SJW “progressive twatage”, sir.

      1. Last time i checked, Canada seriously undermined its respect for religious freedom that existed prior to 1977 thanks to the “Human rights act” which is enforced by the all powerful “Human rights commission” which has resulted in people of faith being fined, harassed or otherwise humiliated by weaponized progressive government and the militants who exploit it.
        Google Chris Kempling, Stephen Boissoin and of course American Peter Labarbera’s arrest in the prog hellhole called canada for just a brief and educated glimpse into just how seriously screwed up by progressivism your country has become.
        As far as the US is concerned, if this was a pissing match on which country was more screwed up i’ll grant you that obama puts US over the edge, but please dont play favorites by trying to excuse the Bs in your country away by simply focusing on the US. At least here we still have something called “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” which is increasingly becoming nonexistent in your gynocentricism controlled government.
        I’m the first to tell you the US under obama is a progressive hovel for scum and villainy BUT i won’t be biased enough to make exceptions for canada, as you seem fond of doing.

    5. I’m Canadian and I HATE to have agree with you – but I am also a man and don’t deserve to have my rights stripped. Since this is the way we are running things here now, then yes, fuck Canada!

    6. I’m Canadian, and I’ll admit that we have quite a few social justice warriors here, but a lot of level-headed people as well. We do have more lefties than right-wing folks, but our we have one conservative party and three lefty parties: Liberal, NDP (New Democratic Party), and Green. Because of this, despite the high population of progressives, they split their votes amongst the progressive parties while all the conservative votes get concentrated into one party, and as a result, the conservatives normally win. However, the progressives are getting VERY vocal this election, and I’m not sure who will win.
      I hope the conservatives win, because the union workers of my province elected the Liberals, despite our provincial debt (billions) and many scandals, as the Liberals give them high raises. Also, the Liberals have forced a sex curriculum into our schools, so children learn about sex, homosexuality and transsexualism from a very early age (maybe too early). Many people have opposed this, but our premier (provincial leader) has simply called them homophobic (I’m not joking). Oh, and she’s forcing windmills up everywhere, even when people don’t want them.

      1. I’m sure there are pockets of underground sensible Men and a few (and i mean FEW) females who are still androphiliacs despite all the social justice twatage in power over there.
        From what i’ve read, the “Human Rights Commission” has near absolute power in that they can review cases of so called “hate speech” and determine if a targeted individual can be silenced “for the good of the community” which is essentially legalized fascism. The same kind of thing occurred in NAZI Germany but since no one in power in canada has as yet argued for the gassing of anyone, very few people outside of canada bat an eye. It took Roosh to truly expose the degradation of canadian society overall, to include teaching contemptible things to impressionable young children in order to turn them into useful idiot foot soldiers later on in life. Despicable.
        If it’s any consolation, we here in the US are not too far behind you. Obama has turned the US into one big orgy of corruption and depravity; basically a nation adhering to the “principles” of Mos Eisley rather than bible Alphas. Our fall from grace is only topped by satan’s fall from heaven, and it will echo sodom’s fall from existence soon enough.
        Keep continuing the fight though…people like you will be needed when the collapse finally comes.

        1. Thanks, man. I’m hoping that the Republicans win your election. They are honestly a lot more beneficial to us than the Democrats, as your politics do affect ours to some extent. Actually, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard that Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline (a project that would transport Canadian oil to the US, creating jobs on both sides). Apparently Keystone is ‘bad’ for the environment, even though it’s actually a LOT less likely to leak then oil delivered by trains (which it often is).
          I think a lot of Liberals just blindly follow their leaders without even looking into what they get into.

        2. Thanks brother but the GOP is part of the problem also. They’ve sold their souls a long time ago for the promise of having a greater share of that power pie.
          Last time Mitt Romney was chosen (by deceit and treachery) and it looks like this time they are going to try and push Jeb on us…Ted Cruz is the best and most legitimate conservative running who can truly help turn the tide against this progressive blight we are experiencing here and you are experiencing as a second hand effect.
          If he doesn’t get it, the Diogenes cynic in me will continue to believe the republic is doomed…the indoctrinated sheeple just haven’t realized it yet.

        3. See, I only have some knowledge of the GOP, but I’ve heard that Mitt Romney was pretty left-leaning for a conservative; I haven’t heard much about Jeb.
          From what I’ve gathered, I feel Cruz is perhaps the best choice, as he seems to understand morals.
          I’m not sure about Trump, especially his wall idea; I suppose that it might work like the Berlin wall did, but Mexicans may just blow it up and/or dig a tunnel under it. It may just be a big waste of money.
          I’m sure the GOP has its problems, but I think that the Democrats waste their time on issues that really aren’t on the front line of importance (eg. social justice).

        4. Mitt was no conservative, he was just pandering to the base as all good politicians do.
          ” I suppose that it might work like the Berlin wall did, but Mexicans may just blow it up and/or dig a tunnel under it. It may just be a big waste of money.”
          True, but that’s why i would add some more manpower as well as automated turrets to take care of anyone trying to blow a hole in the wall.

        5. I know this conversation had ended a few days ago, but I went back to that article about men taking a woman’s surname, and people have given up replying to me, but a whole lot of idiots poured into the article and went full retard, calling the guys of the article “awful misogynistic douchebags” for saying they would prefer to keep their surnames (they weren’t even being disrespectful, they just said they felt it was emasculating to take a woman’s surname).
          I’m in a “debate”(he’s not really debating, just bullshitting) with a white knight who looks like a smug fat kid in an unfinished basement who thinks he’s superior to everyone else. He’s been saying the same damn things to me over nd over (eg. you’re calling the patriarchy wonderful, you’re straw manning me, etc.), when I never said the “patriarchy” is wonderful (I said it’s natural and isn’t that big of a deal, especially considering it’s a modern one where men aren’t given to beat up[ their wives), and he keeps straw manning me by claiming I’m straw manning him (thanks to morons like him, the word “straw man” has almost become completely useless).
          I know my message won’t get through his bloated head, but I can’t let him have the last word, as it’ll make other morons think he’s right and perhaps convert others.
          I’m sick of how they complain about guys “forcing” women to take their surnames, when they can’t even STAND the idea of a woman taking a man’s surname and want to force men to take a woman’s surname (they say they don’t want this, but their motives are as clear as glass).
          Here’s one stupid quote from a random SJW in the comments: “Perhaps when you boys finally grow up to be men you will understand that she is not your property.”
          When the fuck did these guys say a woman was property!? I’m only bringing this up because the comment section of that article has, by far, the most retarded conversations I have EVER seen in my entire life.
          Oh well, I have to keep coming there; It’s my duty to give them the least possible chance of being taken seriously.
          PS I doubt you want to get involved with the most retarded comment section on the internet, but just in case, here’s the link:

        6. “(thanks to morons like him, the word “straw man” has almost become completely useless).”
          Agreed. Your average leftist moron tends to throw this word out despite the lack of evidence to support it.
          “Here’s one stupid quote from a random SJW in the comments: “Perhaps when you boys finally grow up to be men you will understand that she is not your property.””
          You should tell them that if that’s the case they are making the argument for becoming a female’s property…they have no self respect as Men and no clue as to what leadership is about. These guys are sickening.
          Ok i think i might drop by there now 🙂

        7. I saw you in there…thanks for support.
          I see you saw Pat (the smug fat kid) and Unreal (the woman who lives up to her name, ironically). I’m guessing you can tell they’re a delusional bunch. I’m glad most of them don’t really stand a good chance in the dating world. I’m actually astounded how so many stupid people can congregate in one place and turn an entire comment section into a clusterfuck.

        8. Stupid people tend to gravitate to each other like retarded roaches. They can always be counted on to leave even the shiniest kitchen sink conversations coffee brown spotty with all their roach droppings.
          A can of IQ RAID always helps to clear them though. Watch em run! 🙂

        9. I accidentally up-voted my own post. I’m mentioning this so nobody assumes the worst of me.

  21. Most people simply don’t have what it takes to oppose what’s going on around them, or to risk the displeasure of authorities or popular opinion, and to stand their ground. Godspeed Roosh.

    1. Canadians (especially Ontarians) have no mythos about the entrepreneur like what you have in the US. The idea that someone would put forward risk to create something from scratch is simply unheard of.
      Torontonians are clawing over each other for the public sector jobs and the finance positions. But if you say that you want to live beneath your means to save money to start your own venture no one will understand. In fact you’ll be viewed as a social retard.
      But how can everyone get paid by the government (i.e. taxpayer dollars)? Where does this money and new value come from? If highschool teachers are training students to become a generation of highschool teachers, then nothing has been created… and there was no point in teaching those students in the first place.
      So where does this new money come from? The answer is a consistent stream of mass immigration to maintain the population and economy… Canada is a weird place where people spend all day consuming American media while having no idea what America truly stands for.

        1. ok, thats enuff internet for today.
          Between this and the posts above about reenacting a gay marriage in kindergarten, I am proud to be an American- god bless the ewe ess aye
          Think Ill go test drive a car with a Hemi this weekend

        2. Well, even though Brazil’s economy is completely fucked up right now, I’m happy we still haven’t got that far when it comes to children’s education…. yet..

      1. Tim Horton’s is the Canada Employment Agency. Canadians think minimum wage yobs or any yob is something to be so happy about. I am trying to get state side again.

  22. Aurelie has removed her Model Mayhem page, as well has her Facebook “modeling” page.

    1. You mean using Sex images, I thought feminists say that women use their intellect and wit to be successful.

      1. How funny. Feminists used to complain about being treated as ‘sex objects’. Now, thanks to feminism, more men see them as nothing more than fuck toys than ever before!

        1. She wants you to view her naked photos as art. If you view it as pornography, then it was viewed without her consent, hence rape. LOL!!! WTF. SMH.

  23. Canada in general is the land of Sodom and Gommorah for the most part. Heterosexuality is discouraged, number of single moms and bastards is increasing, the sexual market is unbalanced, hard work and dedication is punished by insane tax frames and obligatory child support, divorce rates are mind blowing and consequently the economy is in horrible shape. People live in denial and need to wake up.
    Now back to this article, no man(not mangina) in their right mind would even consider banging this hag, not even with a borrowed dick and three layers of condom. montreal in general is the city of weirdos and tax wasters. You can observe that from the “artwork” at every corner of this once great city, that’s vommitted by some delusional, bipolar artist and paid for by the taxpayer. I’m not surprised a hideous sorcerer does such claims.

    1. I believe there was an article recently about how 6 year olds in a Canadian school were forced to re-enact gay marriages in class without their parent’s knowledge.

      1. Yes, basically they hanged a poster of two gay guys doing fellatio in the sex Ed class.

  24. “(supposedly grown) Men”, It always cracks me up that feminist, (and feminists who dress like the freak show and like little girls who found their mothers makeup kit for the first time) would know anything about what grown Men are supposed to act like, or what a “real Man” is, heck they don’t even know how a Grown woman is supposed to act like, or what a “Real woman” is………. As for False Rape Claims, every other false Claim that is made in society that affects lives there is punishment for, but when it affects the lives of Men in the case of false Rape, no one cares, it’s time that False Rape claims get put on the books.

    1. The ‘grown men’ and ‘real men’ type shaming language is interesting, it’s like a mother chastising her son, and seems to be built on the subconscious idea that men are all seeking women’s approval.

      1. I just don’t understand how These feminist’s have a clue what a real Man is, when they don’t even know what a real woman is.

        1. They think everyone is just like them. After all, according to them, everyone is equal.

  25. Men have created nearly every important invention known to man, been philosophers, discoverers, mathematicians, physicists, etc… and yet somehow SJW cunts on here think they’re better than men. Newsflash ugly retards, you’re fucking WORTHLESS. you provide nothing to society. And you will be crushed. So take your false rape claims,(Im pretty sure rape doesn’t happen very much at all), and go fuck yourself. You do NOTHING for the betterment of mankind.

    1. I’ve often thought that all the modern Great inventors that have been beta-fied and white knighted had scorned mothers who whispered in their ear and transformed them into white knight enablers, It’s paramount a father has influence in his sons life.

    2. So true. And can we all start using words that piss off feminists more that have dropped away, like “mankind”? It drives them nuts.. a feminist university lecturer used to take marks off my assignments where I used “mankind”

  26. I seek a chick to turn into my wife, not a girlfriend/fuck toy, and yet I too, am afraid to ask a chick out simply because of how easy it would be for her to destroy my life when I haven’t even touched her.

    1. you sound a like rapist! Sorry, was just getting in touch with my feminine side:)

    2. Just screen her well, check for red flags, if you’re not a total autist you should be able to do that. Despite what the manosphere wants you to believe, there are still some good ones out there.

  27. “she made the extraordinary claim to an ignorant Montreal radio “journalist,” Emily Campbell.”
    Damn it, can’t we just call feminist radio ‘journalists’ “audio typists”?
    Not quite the same though is it

    1. and somehow, they all seem to be fat ugly with incredibly deformed man jaws that would even scare away the creature of the black lagoon

  28. Unless one of these nutjobs physically harms Roosh (highly unlikely since these people are only brave behind a computer screen), this is going to be hilarious to follow.
    If something bad does happen to him? I hope not, I like him pretty much alive and healthy kicking SJW ass, but that would be even worse for them as the Manosphere would get itself a martyr.

    1. Nix is trying to get some dumb beta cop to do something stupid against roosh and she knows what she’s doing. She has no scruples, typical renegade sjw. I’ve known ‘hood queens’ who sweet talk stupid beta cops into favors. They’re the most unmotherly ho bags and is another big reason that cops on average have the crappiest marriages. Cops get sweet talked with promise of pussy by the hood tramps and trailer ho’s that cry for cops to do them a favor or ‘save’ them. She’s working the cops as we speak, trying to find the right dummy to go over the line and do something to Roosh. Bitch has no scruples but she’ll learn in the end. She’d try to start a war to boost her ego.

        1. Aurelie has used the cops no doubt countless times as leverage or to control her bf’s or ex’s. In socialist Quebec, dat’s how zee fwench doo iit, at least for the current screwed up generation. That’s how Nix’s current generation of sex mutants are taught in the borg schools to rely on the system for everything.
          It is a regular practice and habit for dumb bitches to call on the law to help enforce single motherhood and slut culture. Old feminists and mangina cops are the same as the new crop of shit that call themselves sjw’s. They’re the same enemy, only a generation separated. Countless families have been destroyed by these family butchers and most unknown men don’t have a voice when attacked BUT Roosh is biiig time and the tables are turning. The pig squealing bitches and their old MO is in the limelight. The whole rotten anti male ‘bitch system’ is exposed and the table is ready to completely turn over.
          Nix lists some # to a border agency desk clerk or bureaucrat and urges public to flood with calls. If it were concerning some unknown person, a simple call automatically generates a case if it regards removing a father or the state absconding with someone’s children or if a woman suddenly ‘feels’ raped or is in a ‘rapey’ mood.
          Canada is a lot more socialized than the US and big time models obviously use the socialist system to hammer Canadian men regularly. WHEREAS in US jurisdictions, affluent people like models deal with lawyers and not so much the keystone cops when they want to push a domestic or personal agenda. In the US it is mostly the low lives and subsidized housing dwellers with single mothers who use authorities as a rule to remove men from their homes.
          Like the preying mantis, these women regularly use the system to ‘bite the head’ of the male off. In the lowly ‘bug world’ this is how the female preying mantis gives her signal to the male that she has been sufficiently ‘fertilized’. The female mantis turns and bites the male’s head right off at the moment when he spikes her egg sack. He then flops over dead and if she’s in the mood, she eats his inherds like a pissed off fat chick.
          In our human species, our own WILD BITCH MOTHERS on public assistance who live by these same rules that govern the animal kingdom, will act as the mantis, killing off the father AND THEY BECOME THEMSELVES just like dumb animals without souls. Our only saviour is our adherence to patriarchal order and CONTROL OF OUR WOMEN. This is what separates us from the animal kingdom and the assorted wild beasts of this world.

    2. Men have to back Roosh on this one. This could be a cataclysmic event. This feminism bullshit has gone way too far!

  29. did anybody else catch on that her name is “she doesn’t speak” or “she doesn’t do oral”? her name is “aurally no” or “orally no”

  30. She is lying and making a false police report. There was nothing that suggested roosh would sexuall assault her without her consent.

  31. Saying you would like to have a car is not threatening to steal one.
    Saying you would bang a woman is not threatening to rape her.

  32. I actually talked to her on Facebook. She was mad because I defended Roosh. I speak French by the way. I tried to expose the gross exaggerations and feminist propaganda from the medias in the comments.

        1. I don’t feel like being associated with these loser SJWs. Good luck though.

  33. Nix is playing favorites with the cops just like a housing project queen does with the WN’s that she retains. This vixen is seasoned in playing manginas. She is a queen of sorts with a narcisistic madonna or Lady Gaga streak and she’s putting out or ‘implying’ that SHE’LL SCREW whichever riled up ‘go get ’em’ puppy with a badge does whatever it takes to get that bad fox ROOSH. Notice how Nix names the border security officers by their badge#. She’s already grooming orbiters. What a {pussy} politician. I bet she idolizes the hillary saga and she probably wants to suck egg with the queen matron herself in the shaggy room someday after she’s past the wall. The only saviour for post wall fems is bitch politics. Look at Nix’s face. That face. I’m not the keenest on art, but now I think I understand what all the hooplaah has always been about the mysterious mona lisa stare. Look closely to the works of great painters and photographers. They are able to capture the essence and reveal the GREAT BIIIGG HAMSTER that lies beneath:

  34. They don’t like Roosh v because he’s exposing there lies and bullshit for what it really is…well fuck those bitches…men built this fucking society they can shut there bitchy whiny mouths

    1. THIS. As brain dead and illogical as feminists seem, do you really think they don’t realise their whole livelihoods depend on maintenance of the status quo? They rely on men building society, feeding society, and paying their taxes to fund all their bullshit SJW crap. Take away feminism, and they have no gender studies at college, no HR/marketing/government jobs, no PC media etc… no wonder they are fighting like a wounded animal. Their whole livelihoods are at stake!

      1. Take away women’s and gender studies, feminism goes by way of the KKK. Another form of institutionalized bigotry outcast.

  35. Really, Roosh I don’t know how you live with yourself. You are always posting pictures of women who disagree with or say something you don’t like and encouraging men to make hateful comments about sex with them, and their appearance. You’re like a hateful 8th grader. You complain about being censored, yet you attempt to censor anyone who disagrees with you by starting internet hate campaigns against them. You are a hypocrite, a narcissist and a sociopath and you seem to be completely unaware of what an awful person you are. Someday, your actions and words will catch up with you.

    1. You do realize that the person in question attacked Roosh first, right? Roosh didn’t even know who this junior pornography student was until she poked her head out of her swamp and decided to try and prevent him giving a talk in Canada. Why don’t you get in touch with Nix and tell her what a narcissist and sociopath she is? I thought not. One rule for me, another for thee.

      1. He attacks women he does not know all the time. What about the girl who wrote that tinder article that did not mention him but hurt his feelings anyways? He put up her picture and encouraged people to trash her. This looks like karma. He writes disturbing things about people and I’m surprised he’s not in prison already.

        1. Of course Areola Nips knows Roosh? Much butt hurt I sense. Taste of her own medicine.
          Prison? Oh the drama, the angst is just too much! Being disagreed with is sooooo triggering
          Got those empanadas made yet? I like fresh pico.

        2. The difference is that he doesn’t make up false charges or pass off untruths as fact, at least not knowingly. That is the difference right there, put as simply as possible… how can you not understand this?

    2. Uh oh guys we found the butt hurt feminist. Looks like this bitch didn’t take her kratom lol

    3. Really? Perhaps Roosh should strap a mattress to his back and parade around town.

      1. Lol, you people are so retarded you can’t even make a point. I think we should let Roosh do his little lectures so that everyone can see how fucking stupid he is.

        1. You do realize this is the opposite of what Nix, who you were just defending, wants to happen, right? How about a straight answer on whether a man should be able to come talk privately to another group of men or not about issues men are facing and his thoughts on how to address these issues? Is that ok or should it be shut down?

        2. I don’t have a problem with a bunch of morons coming to hear a bigger moron talk. I’m not threatened by that. I just think its funny that Roosh is being treated the way he treats others.

  36. Roosh is still not doing the most obvious thing, which is the play the Muslim card.
    If Roosh plays up his Muslim background, all these frauds will back away with great speed.

    1. Yup if he plays the muslim card she loses.
      Muslim card tops race, gender, jew, rich and any other color.
      Me: I don’t want to show my face when I vote
      Poll Worker: …. then you don’t get to vote.
      Me: I’m muslim
      Poll Worker: Here is your voter card sir
      Me: Alllahu akbarr!!!

    2. The problem is playing the Muslim card means Islam (and these radical femimist cultural Marxists) wins but men lose. I rather like he stands his ground as a man rather than playing the victim as a Muslim.

  37. Of course you make a false rape accusation, she knows like all the other snowflakes, thats the charge that gets no blowback when false. Err not that women would ever make a false claim! Run hamster run!

      1. Reading through that he says he would bang you if you didnt talk, if he had a video from start to finish and you weren’t facing him so he didnt have to look at your tattoos. Do you even know what rape is?

  38. wow what timing, wasn’t there an article about a week ago asking why feminist comedians always have to take their clothes off? awesome timing!

  39. Men were always going to fight back against feminism. Maybe this is a turning point, for all of us? Like the name too – Operation Medusa! Good luck man. I’ll be watching with interest from Australia!

  40. O.k guys.Im seeing a LOT of religous bullshit. The last thing the manosphere needs is another faith inspired division. I think the planet has been divided and destroyed in the name of faith enough.You believe what you want. You dont have to turn it into its them against us (christians)victim/ martyr mentallity. Keep religion out of it and we’ll all be happier.We have enough of a battle without splitting the red pill with religion.

      1. Aurelie, just post a pic of your cunt. Its a topic of your blog.
        When you do that I might be inclined to believe you.

      2. Sure, go ahead. I’d recommend that you fix that horse-face, though, else you’re getting nothing besides a carrot and a bag of hay.

  41. You can find a sample of Nix’s writing here:
    As someone who fancies herself a writer it’s all rather blase but she does have an interesting perspective “what I’m sure they would later call a compliment, but I sure as
    hell didn’t feel complimented by this complete stranger, so close to me,
    who forced himself and his opinions on my appearance onto me”
    Apparently to this woman saying you have nice hair and skin is akin to “forcing” yourself on her….

  42. I think she secretly just wants roosh to hoe smack her and give her a firm hard penis while he roughly hate fucks her gomeshi style. Better get her to sign a waiver and it all on tape with a police officer camera man so she cannot lie and play the rape card latter.

  43. There are 24 people who care about this, 21 of them here, Roosh and maybe 2 feminists. Instead of worrying about people with brain damage, why not open teaching workshops in the US to teach young men how to avoid pitfalls and establish their lives in a feminist-dystopian Mad Max world?

  44. Nix also has an active GoFundMe campaign to raise money for shelters to help….wait for it…..cats. Surprised? Not really.

    1. In other words, she is funding her own lifestyle and her cats. It probably means she can’t find a job.
      I know. Let’s start a GoFundMe campaign to create a lobby group that encourages employers and governments to ensure that radical feminists and their fellow travellers remain perpetually unemployed. It’s what they would do to their own enemies.

        1. Poor little snowflake. I hear there are places for special damaged people like you where meals are free and there are lovely people in lab coats to talk to all you want. They may or may not be able to help you.

  45. crap like this? What I would like to point out from all this ia the race issue. Why are white people or white women always so bitter and drumming up bullshit? Blacks could give a crap about what Roosh or anyone does. Latinos, Asians, etc don’t care about this stuff. Why is it always white women, or white people, who make a big deal out of nothing? First it was Julien now this.

    1. Well they do, only for different reasons. These people are self entitled and coddled. Life is too simple for them and that creates a void. Surrounding yourself with like minded useful idiots will soon grow into a movement of “oppression”. Regardless of race, all leftist minded people will blame a “system” for their shortcomings.

  46. Aurelie Nix : ” You should think , what I think ! Otherwise you are a racist bigot, white right-wing militia extremist & a male chauvinistic pig “!
    That about all in a nutshell !

  47. Aurelie Nix is, simply put, a shrill, histrionic, irrational, pathological lying, vapid, unattractive, ignorant, delusional cunt.

      1. Honey, cupcake, you’re late for your medication you half-wit of a simpleton. You’re fucking certifiably nuts and a cunt. WTF would anyone be involved with a lying gash like you. Lol You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit in you in your cottage cheese ridden, disgusting fat ass. GFY.
        Your fucking website isn’t the truth and you’ve been shown to be a liar. Nobody raped you and nobody wants to rape you, idiot. Grow the fuck up.

  48. my good Lord etc, this Aurelie is butt-ugly, plus she looks so stupid, sort of a Lady Gaga wannabee. Why don’t she changes the dumbass name ‘Aurelie’ into ‘Lady Gag’ ?
    Anyways, RAPING her? Who the hell would RAPE her? BAH AH AH AH
    I would not f**k her if she paid me good money, let alone raping her for free if I were a rapist. Bah. This ugly bitch thinks that labelling something, makes it real. The police probably laughed after she left the station.

    1. You *are* a rapist who hasn’t been caught yet. When they do put you away, they’ll have a field day with you, cupcake!
      *points at you*

      1. Well, perhaps because until Roosh pointed out your hypocrisy in this area you were perfectly fine with showing the entire Internet your body’s full appearance in its entirety?
        Are you intending to put your Model Mayhem page back up complete with your blood-soaked nudes anytime soon? Please don’t edit it this time, as you have the forum posts that you allege constitute “threats”.

  49. If you want people to take you seriously, I suggest you stop using so many accusatory words and such an angry tone. From a neutral point of view, it sounds like the goal of this article is to defend roosh/humiliate this girl and not to look at the facts objectively. Just some advice.

      1. “In truth, “Roosh V” Daryush is a self admitted rapist (he admitted to raping women”
        Be more specific…quote exact page numbers and sections of books or articles where he actually advocates rape. We both know that you cannot do that, because he has not written such material, and so basically you just make things up to fit your narrative….but you are actually an outright liar.

  50. Look at that picture. Could there be an even greater embodiment of the degeneration of women in the west than this dirty cunt?

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