An Introduction To Kama Sutra Positions

Several months ago, I reviewed that classic of erotic literature, The Kama Sutra, on my website. In that review I said that the book didn’t actually provide as much erotic instruction as I would have liked, instead giving me a lot of interesting looks at the culture of ancient India that was nonetheless not immediately pertinent to improving one’s skill in the erotic arts.

So for your benefit, this will be the first of several articles that will cut to the “meat and potatoes” (meat and naan, whatever) of the Kama Sutra, showing you the sexual positions in both textual and visual form, and how and when to utilize them, without all of that other information that is not particularly relevant to the modern man. While Return Of Kings is of course a men’s website, I will also be providing counterpoint to each item on the list, in the form of instruction for any women to use when having sex with their menfolk, just as the original Kama Sutra does for both male and female readers.

The most important thing to remember when studying the erotic arts is that most sexual positions are, in fact, variations of the basic ones you know without instruction—typically, the mere act of placing the legs in a slightly different place constitutes a new position. With that being said, a few of them are actually the nigh-incomprehensible techniques only alluded to on bad sitcoms. But those will perhaps be for another time.

And so, without further ado:

Number 1: Mouth Congress

What we in the modern day and age refer to as oral sex, Vatsyayana referred to as “mouth congress”—and I’m honestly surprised that some fedora-tipper hasn’t started using that term. As stated above, I will be providing instructions for both men and women because A) The techniques are obviously different for each sex and B) Considering that the overwhelming majority of blowjobs I’ve gotten in my life have been absolutely horrendous, I feel the women of the world could use some proper edification. But first the men:

When performing cunnilingus, the key is to stimulate the clitoris. In other words, don’t just slobber all over the vulva like a dog lapping up some tasty bits off the floor. Use the tongue to palpate the clitoris, letting her responses guide you.

Side note: When I say “let her responses guide you,” I mean that in the sense of “listen to how she reacts to your tongue magic and react accordingly,” not “stop every 10 seconds and ask her for consent and approval.” This isn’t California.

For the women performing fellatio: the two biggest problems I’ve had afflicted on me are the use of teeth, and literally “sucking” the penis as if it were a straw. Avoid doing these in the future. Use the hands,  and use the oral cavity and tongue as if they were hands as well.


Number 2: A Couple Of Missionary Variations

Yeah, I’m slightly cheating with this.

I don’t think I need to explain to most ROK readers what the missionary position is, as I assume that most of us reading this website have had sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. Instead, I seek to convey a few variations on the standard position that may enhance your lovemaking pleasure and prowess.

One way to go about doing this is the Lotuslike Missionary, in which the woman lays on her back and folds her legs up into a lotus-like position as the name implies. This requires a good degree of flexibility, but rewards you with deeper penetration


Or alternatively, the woman can plant her feet and do a wrestling-style short bridge, allowing for deeper penetration and for her to match her thrusts with the man’s

Number 3: Fixing the Nail

This is technically another missionary variation, but the sheer peculiarity of it is worth a standalone entry.

The woman lifts one leg high up and over, being evocative of a hammer striking the face of the man. The angles allow for some interesting use of kegels, as well as some general heavy petting along the raised thigh. While this isn’t one of my favorites, it’s worth a try.


Number 4: The Supported Congress

My personal favorite position, one that not only feels good, but also actively cultivates your masculinity and reinforces traditional gender roles while in the act of sexual intercourse.

The easiest way to go about doing this is to begin in what Vatsyayana refers to as the “pair of tongs” position, and what you likely know as the cowgirl.

Wait for her to slow down or stop entirely (which she should have legitimate reason to do if you’ve been doing it right), and then suddenly lunge forward, grab her around the waist, and stand up upon your feet—I emphasize that you should never end coitus, and it should be rapid.

Then continue thrusting as normal. If you’ve done this properly, her reaction will be a shriek half comprised of shock and half comprised of the utmost arousal. Her arms and legs will tightly wrap around your shoulders and waist, an involuntary reflex to a genuine fear of falling flat on her face. In short, her adrenaline glands will be working their endocrine magic. And from there you can stay on your feet or seamlessly transition to a man-on-top position


These four positions are just the tip of the sexual iceberg. Have fun and be safe.

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    1. I can think of a few other positions that could qualify as “Drain the Swamp,” but your version may be the filthiest.

    2. “I shall drain it by bringing in the fresh, uncorrupted minds of…. (wait for it) everyone I can fit from Goldman Sachs!” Do you use drugs often?

    1. I’ve often wondered whether I could make a small business out of coaching. After just three discreet sessions, I could improve their results tremendously.
      Of course, the hardest part is word of mouth…

      1. Which reminds me, didn’t rapper Kelis rise to pop culture prominence back in 2003 with a song advertising her tutoring program for BJs?

      1. 100 % – 95 % = 5 % = Goth girl raised by a single mom…awesome kitchen styles, awesome fkking. She could suck a taxi driver thru immigration

        1. I’m partial to BJ Clinton’s description of prowess: “she could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose”

  1. Hindu culture is a pathetic beta-matriarchy. Men licking pussy? Jeez. In the West, the greatest Civilization ever created, female orgasm was ignored and punished for a reason. We stopped being like that and our civilization is quickly being flushed down the toilet.

      1. Organizing ideas between “back” and “forward” denotes progressive mentality.

        1. Sure. The idea to embrace chastity belts and female circumcision denotes red pill masculine awesomeness.

        2. Sure ! The idea of male circumcision and no strong opposition from females essentially denotes inherent female inferiority complex, envy and grudge on MASCULINITY !

      2. That’s nothing compared to what MEN went through the ages, that’s literally nothing !

      1. Until the hysterical creatures create a legal framework which accuses you of rapist after that orgasm.

        1. Pretty sure that system was designed primarily by sexist men who weren’t getting any and sexist women who weren’t getting any.
          Both living in a fog of self-ignorance and denial, telling themselves that they’re only missing out on a heinous act. They’re so twisted up inside that they’ve taken one of the most amazing acts a man and woman can do together and framed it as rape (in many cases, with or without consent).
          It’s sickening.

    1. Female orgasm is essentially a really short lived thing anyway, providing a woman lives out her biological imperative. Most women cannot orgasm after a vaginal birth any way because during child birth the nerves around the cervix become damaged and desensitized and much of female orgasm from penetrative sex comes from the penis hitting the cervix. Kegels can get much of the grip back caused by pelvic floor weakness if they are done consistently enough but they can’t improve sensation on the woman’s part because the two things are not related. People think that strengthening the pelvic floor will allow women to orgasm again, it will not. It may improve the man’s pleasure but not the woman’s.

      1. What matters is “giving” satisfaction + orgasm and “getting” back the same. I will not talk about women who keep “popping out” children either for their own benefits or for religious reasons. But wonder how they are able to do it without satisfaction + orgasm ! may be because of C-section (courtesy: MEN) !
        And it shouldn’t matter whether the so called “orgasm” comes from “penetration” (MAN or a dildo or vegetable !) or by combination of other sexual acts ! When in a relation, what matters is the ways to get “orgasm & pleasure” !. By very nature, regardless of the cleverly used excuse of “vaginal child birth”, women seldom get “orgasm” solely on the basis of “penetration”.
        Getting orgasm & pleasure are inherently different from person to person, nothing applies as a whole and “generalizing” is preposterous, for example, as you said: “it may improve the man’s pleasure but not the woman’s” !

        1. It’s actually vaginal birth that does the damage, not c sections. Women are actually opting to have c sections for this very reason.

        2. Hmm, I had my child in my teens and did not have my first orgasim until my thirtys after divorce.

      2. This is a complete nonsense. I know many women who gave birth and they have no problem to orgasm, and it’s even easier for them. In addition, a female orgasm tends to be longer and more powerful than the male one.

        1. They absolutely are longer. The average orgasm for a male is approximately 10-15 seconds, the average for a woman is like 20-30 seconds.

        2. Once she’s in the highest state of arousal, you can keep her going almost indefinitely. I’ve been with a couple girls where 10-15 orgasms per session (two hours or so) was normal.

        3. This is something that women have a hard time discussing. No woman wants to admit that childbirth has destroyed her lady bits. It is common knowledge that sex is often described as ‘different’ by various mothers and medical professionals after women give birth, and different is the hamster keyword for worse. I have heard various accounts of women not being able to orgasm, or taking longer to reach orgasm and the orgasm being muted. I have personal experience with this. After having kids sex is pretty sub par for me. I used to orgasm very easily from piv sex alone, and now I can’t orgasm from sex AT ALL. I have done excersizes to tone my pelvic floor, but the issue is unrelated.

        4. I’m sorry about your personal issues, but I don’t think that they are so prevalent. I don’t want to provide TMI, but let me just tell you that nothing from what you describe happened to me.

        5. Just because it doesn’t effect you it doesn’t mean that this issue doesn’t effect lots of other women. I saw a thread recently on babycenter and lots of women were complaining about this issue.

      3. This is utter bullshit. Orgasms are vaginal and clitoral, hitting the cervix absolutely does not cause orgasms, in fact from what I hear the cervix getting poked is pretty painful. But besides that, how do you explain pen with penises shorter than the vagina is deep?

        1. That’s not true. I used to orgasm from having my cervix hit, and from PIV alone. Since giving birth I get no pleasure from sex at all, despite doing what I was told to do and toning my pelvic floor, still nothing, the inside of my lady bits feels almost completely numb. The vagina is only about 2-3 inches deep. Very few men are that small. Some women don’t like having their clits touched, for some women it tickles.

        2. “I used to orgasm from having my cervix hit, and from PIV alone.”
          You implied in your first comment as if that is how most women orgasm, and that isn’t the case. Some may, but the vast majority orgasm from either the Gräfenberg spot or clitoris. Which by the way, are you sure you weren’t being stimulated on your Gräfenberg spot and not the cervix?
          “The vagina is only about 2-3 inches ”
          The Vagina is, but the vagina isn’t the whole depth of what is being penetrated. There is also the Vulva.

        3. Cervical orgasm could be based in masochism. Vaginal orgasm is because the submerged base of the clit runs along both sides of the vaginal walls.

    2. Well once we stop flushing the toilets the Western Civilization will be saved from female orgasms.

    3. You’re certainly free to not care if a woman you’re sleeping with enjoys it or not. But men who ignore the importance of a woman wanting to enjoy sex with him shouldn’t be surprised when that woman finds another guy to have those needs met. And I think its been well, well established on this site that men who know how to get their girls off are more likely to have girls who will stick around and want to make them happy.

      1. I am against no-fault divorce and in favor of adultery punishment. Problem solved.
        “when that woman finds another guy to have those needs met” No comments. You clearly accept current sexual market conditions imposed by the left.

        1. If, by “current sexual market conditions” you mean not wanting to be married to a man who sucks in bed and refuses to do anything about it because he doesn’t care about my sexual needs then yes, yes I do :). Being so against a female orgasm, or their sexuality in general, as you appear to be, says a lot more about you and your fears then it does about the current sexual marketplace.

        2. If you think what women of my age (twenties), under the current media-enforced promiscuity bombardment, content themselves with marrying to a (one) man who satisfies them in bed, you are a little bit distant from what I am observing. (I live in a college campus) And no, I have no fears about sexuality, don’t fall in the feminist tactics of undermining male sexual confidence.

        3. Does it change anything? The same patterns repeat in cities, just that they are less visible.

        4. No point in replying bro ! These creatures will NEVER accept and acknowledge the reality !

      2. The same thing applies to women ! women who ignore the importance of a MAN wanting to enjoy sex with her shouldn’t be surprised when that MAN finds another woman to have “those needs met” !!!
        It’s the females who behave as if “they are giving” but in fact they are “getting” more pleasure than MALES, and, as always, for FREE ! Absolutely FREE !!

    4. Yep.
      No matter what the position, the outcome is the same. Besides, who pushed this crap for over a century?
      The left. That’s who.
      Then they ratcheted it up to fetishes. Same outcome: you splooge. Big fucking deal.
      Sex is overrated. No man ever rolled over and died for the lack of it, and any man can kill that urge in 2 minutes. A woman takes longer to finger herself but she gets the same result.
      I’m tired of this leftist “sex is the end all be all” crap. It’s just another thing to do. Fuck, we have angry incels, some of which resort to murder. For what? Can’t get laid? Shit I wish I never got laid for the all shit I had to put up with “just to get laid”.
      I’m halfway to Heartiste here. “They)) killed sexual socialism, a system that ensured that most people got a mate and a shot at reproduction, and replaced it with a chaotic sexual market while at the same time hyping sex up to a point where the ugliest piece of shit woman will get put on a pedestal just for letting in some dick. If this game were recognized early on (of course the boomers were THAT stupid falling for it) and men decided on other pursuits we would be exploring space with warp drives by now.

      1. Sometimes I wonder which part of my sexual drive is motivated by societal hypersexualization instead of own native desire.

      2. “men decided on other pursuits we would be exploring space with warp drives by now”…hear hear man..God the time and money I’ve spent chasing tail. Maybe I need to check my T level but these days between going out with some gal or a good book I’d rather read the book…

        1. It’s a natural progression in a man’s life. You put in less time, because you have less interest, and only bother to pursue better quality.
          (Solution: Bring the book in case she doesn’t show. Or in case she’s a wildebeest and you have to eject.)

        2. I’m 31 and I feel like I’m already there. Building a business empire and finding people of value are far more important to me.
          Getting laid? So what?
          The amount of time it takes to set it up and get to the actual sex part, for sex with a virtual stranger I probably won’t see again, is time I could have spent doing something else that has real lasting value.
          Not to say I’ve lost complete interest, but I’d rather a night on the beers with old friends and chatting up some quality birds that aren’t painful to listen to than to have a one-nighter with some tight, hot 19 y/o I have nothing in common with besides sexual desire. Like, once the sex is over there is NOTHING that interests me. They are just another chick, putting their clothes back on and making awkward conversation…

      3. To quote Tom Leykis, once a man has banged enough broads, sex is like taking a dump. The hot ones are like using the bathroom in the Four Seasons, the barely bangable ones are like the bathroom at a truck stop gas station. Regardless of their physical attractiveness, you are still taking a shit.

      4. in your hypothetical world where (((They))) didnt hijack our biological desires in order to destroy us, can i please cleanse africa with phosphorus weapons?

    5. Errr… For the longest time it was believed that female orgasm was a great help to pregnancy, the Elizabethans in particular were very keen on it. Only feminists think that no married woman enjoyed sex before 1971.
      Sheesh, let’s not go nuts here.

        1. As I argued many other times, all this feminist shit has deep origins in the (((anglo world))). NONE of this shit has come out from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Bavaria, Poland or Russia.

        2. Nothing of what? Women not caring about their own orgasms? Word of advice, don’t put “I choose to suck in bed” as your POF profile opener.

        3. I was talking about feminism, not female orgasm.
          I don’t suck in bed, just that I don’t make female orgasm a priority because it does not matter for relationship stability anyways. Her relationship with daddy government is.

        4. I don’t think you should make it the number one priority over all other things. However, acknowledging that your girl likes orgasms ( as most do) and having a mutually satisfying sex life does in fact matter for relationship stability. I don’t mean to be rude, ( or maybe that’s just my disclaimer), but have you actually been in a relationship? Because you post like you either haven’t had much experience with women or you had a string of really bad experiences with women who liked sex.

        5. Yes, I’ve had relationships with women and I am well endowed and all that crap. The point being, is that sexually satisfying women does not matter for long term relationship stability. Relationship stability is a cultural fact which must be enforced by patriarchy and female sexual freedom control. In the current whoredom sexual market situation in which promiscuity and “I need to discover my sexualityyyyy”, a man who “cares” about female sexuality is no more than a puppet or clown to the system.

        6. Yes I agree that the original suffragettes such as Emily Pankhurst came from England but that is only example. From the mid 20s to late 00’s there was no serious English born rad fem movements. Most came from the US to England.

        7. “Well endowed and all that crap”. Not sure why you needed to include that in a debate about not caring if women like sex (it actually implies that you attribute a big member with female sexual satisfaction and goes against your own point about not caring if women get off with you). Of course I will have to take you word on the endowed penis, anonymous person who I will never meet (I’m a blond D cup all natural! 😉
          Anywho, I realize now that I’m going back and forth with a 20yr virgin from Saudi Arabia. I wish you and your future sexually unsatisfed wives best of luck.

        8. Dude, for how long have you been at ROK. Haven’t you read enough about hypergamy?

        9. “Relationship stability is a cultural fact”. Well said mate. Both partners need to be on the same track when it comes to family and marriage, otherwise partners’ only incentive to stick around stems from their needs to simply full fill their desires and needs be that sex or fear of loneliness.

        10. Im not sure what hypergamy has to do with women liking orgasms. You know I’m a female right? Look, yes there is more to a stable relationship than sex and fulfilling desires but it is important. Would you be ok with a no fault divorce policy being married to a women who lay there like a dead fish and an impatient expression on her face while you are having sex with her? Would you be ok with her never wanting to give you the sex you like or stopping before you get to orgasm, telling you that sexual satisfcstion is not important to the stability of the relationship? Or that it’s for reproduction purposes only (both things you posted today).

        11. And that how women get a pass to wreck an entire family if they are not haaaapy. A lot of the female orgasm/vagina monologue shit started in the 1990s.
          In my experience when a women is into a man she is not entirely concerned about orgasm. She might get one, she might not. There are some who never get one the standard way, others who ruined themselves on vibrators, and I have known some who will be simply wet the entire time without some thunderous climax but satisfied.
          In many way, while men are conditioned by society to think that not putting pussy on a pedestal is going to make them magically wake up gay or trans the next day (complete with big black boyfriend and God standing there saying “you broke the rules, now you have to suck it”) and hence is the catalyst for making women tolerated (not tolerable) “They)) also worked it from the other angle, making women overthink the orgasm and hype them into it becoming the sole measure of satisfaction even outside of the bedroom.
          Genie is apparently lacking some education.

        12. Did the dead fish thing for 30 years, then she divorced me. So yes, is your answer, sexual satisfaction was not all that important to me in a relationship. My home and family was what counted.

        13. “Yes, I’ve had relationships with women and I am well endowed and all that crap.”
          Wait, aren’t you catholic? At least, you seem to have a hate for Protestantism and defend Mediterranean/Latin culture a lot, so why are you having premarital sex?

        14. “The point being, is that sexually satisfying women does not matter for long term relationship stability.”
          This is one hundred percent wrong.

        15. I’m not a practicing Catholic. I would not call it hate, just empirical evidence: the Catholic world did not produce feminism.

        16. In the current culture of normative promiscuity, a man sexually satisfying a woman is irrelevant for long term stability.

        17. That is clearly due to the Catholic world generally being poorer than the protestant world with the exception of Germany, Belgium, and France. France produces those women who run around topless attacking people, Belgium has a gay Prime Minster, and Germany has the rape-u-gees welcome movement.

        18. This has nothing to do with poverty, but with values, especially those of the elites, who are never poor.
          Europe has always been behind when it comes to cultural marxism. By the time the Anglo world was being flushed down the toilet, 15 years ago Catholic European countries were mostly ethnically pure with 0% guilt of anything, with the exception of the (((lolocaust))) guilt in Germany. Then globalization came and we had to swallow “American culture and values”.

      1. BetterDeadThanRed doesn’t know what he is talking about. The idea that female sexuality was considered “bad” and orgasms were something that needed to be prevented is a complete fabrication of feminism. If anything, female masturbation was more accepted than male. They even had an illness where women didn’t have enough orgasms.

        1. Do you even read what you post? Treating schizophrenia with orgasms. THAT’s clever, great therapist game, lol.

        2. That isn’t schizophrenia. “exhibited a wide array of symptoms, including faintness, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, shortness of breath, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, and a “tendency to cause trouble.” None of those are schizophrenia symptoms.

        3. “Today, female hysteria is no longer a recognized illness, but different manifestations of hysteria are recognized in other conditions such as schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, conversion disorder, and anxiety attacks.”

        4. Schizophrenia is definitely in the minority of cases as the described symptoms are not schizophrenia.

    6. OMG! Men licking pussy, especially Hindu MEN licking pussy ! I thought western MEN (not all but in general) are pussy lickers or fond of the same ! dating, bending on knees etc. etc. !
      I don’t want to comment on “Hindu culture is a ….” ! I know it’s of no use ! Hindu culture gives (almost) equal amounts of respect and privileges to females BUT unlike the western (don’t want to use religion name) culture, Hindu culture “clearly” defined (and applied) “gender roles and responsibilities”.
      It’s the “vested interests” from the west that tried (and still keep trying) to destroy the Hindu dharma, traditional & cultural values. Again, I don’t want get into the details ! I know it’s of no use !
      But even though how hard the west tried to destroy, luckily, Hindu women didn’t resorted to “walking bare chested” or didn’t do any slut-walks or our movies didn’t show MEN as pussies, useless idiots and buffoons !
      Just like the west is facing problems (don’t know whether “what you sow is what you reap” applies in this context !) with “one” religion , the Hindustan is facing severe problems with “more than one” religions !

      1. Indian men are the most fucking beta people I will ever meet. That’s why the Indian chicks born in the US are the most fucked up girls in the head. Compare it to Asian american.

        1. That’s not true bro. Indian MEN may be “beta people” in your view but NOT in the sense of western “beta MEN”. There are strong family values and sentiments to which they are/remained committed, throughout the civilization. I will try to explain this in brief:
          Brother & Sister sentiment: Brothers, especially elder brothers dutifully take the “responsibility” of their Sisters in almost every aspect, next to their father. When it comes to marriage, it’s a practice to get the “females” married first ! Often, MEN has to bear many financial & cultural obligations for their female siblings.
          In Hinduism, there are hell number of female deities ! and the society forces the MEN to treat pussies as if they are celestial objects ! The pussies and society ignores the fact that there are MALE deities and the pussies should treat MEN with respect !
          MEN are also told (or brainwashed !?) to treat “every other women” as equal to their Mother (or sister) ! But not the reverse !
          All in all, Hindustani MEN are not “beta” in the sense or similar to the Western MEN ! They are taught to be “sentimentally & emotionally” considerate to females.
          Coming to the Hindustani chicks born in the US, you said it right ! Because of the fucking feminism, because the western Government, Politicians and MEN “entertain” their bitchy, arrogant, reckless, slutty and whorish attitude; Yes, the Hindustani chicks that are born in the US are indeed “photocopies” of western chicks !
          Either way, MEN are being made scapegoats !!!

    7. Exactly! I mean, they idolize a pornstar in India and put her on the pedestal – Sunny Leone! A bloody pornstar is their goddess!

    8. “Hindu culture is a pathetic beta-matriarchy.”
      India: Homosexuality Illegal
      America: Homosexuality legal
      India: 2.5 fertility rate
      America: 1.88 fertility rate
      Tell me again how India is a beta-matriarchy?
      “female orgasm was ignored and punished”
      Yeah, feel free to back up that load of bullshit.

  2. Why are Jewish men obsessed with Oral sex? Is it something to do with their mouths, always yaking away?

    1. Law of conservation of genders: the more masculine the man, the more feminine the woman; and the more masculine the woman, the more feminine the man.
      This is my guess based solely on my experiences with Jewish men (tend to be feminine) and Jewish women (tend to be masculine).

    2. It’s because they have been circumcised, and a man who has been circumcised has lower penile sensitivity.

      1. Honest talk, I’m one of the millions circumcised at birth by the doctors. I will never know whether the whole sensitivity thing is true, and quite honestly I can’t imagine it being true.
        Not saying you’re wrong or anything, but it’s not something I can comprehend.

        1. This is something that you American folks should solve ASAP. Don’t circumcise your children. And in case of phimosis, follow basic physical treatment as I did.

        2. Its bullshit, there is no way to objectively measure pleasure or feeling or sensitivity of any kind for that matter. Its merely anti circumcision propaganda.

        1. There are many nerves in the foreskin. During a circumcision these get cut off. Women also get more pleasure having sex with uncut men.

        2. “There are many nerves in the foreskin.”
          Yeah, and all nerves lead back to the brain. When a nerve gets cut at the end, it now just ends wherever it was cut off. You brain doesn’t just magically stop using those nerves.
          “Women also get more pleasure having sex with uncut men.”
          Citation? Anecdotes from some Cosmopolitan article is not evidence.

        3. Apply your logic to the nerves for your fingers if your hand is cut off. You really think they’re full operational?

        4. The neural networking of infants isn’t finished yet, the nerves can still readjust for damage/amputation of part of the body. Why do you think adult amputees have phantom limbs and circumcised men don’t have phantom foreskins?

        5. Go and find the studies yourself if you don’t believe me I’m sure you still have internet access.

        6. I have, and studies all studies come up with week correlation, and just as many conclude with it being MORE sensitive as conclude with it being less, what does this tell me? That there is literally no correlation between sensitivity and having a foreskin.

  3. If you can bang a woman until she says, “Please…get the fuck off of me,” you’re doing it right. If you have never heard a woman say this to you, you’re doing it wrong.
    If you do it right, she’ll tell all her friends and you’ll get free advertising. Which will bring more sluts to your door. It’s a snowball effect. Women can’t keep their mouths shut if you fuck ’em right. Which proves they are their own worst enemies.

      1. Yessir. I saw the line go to -6.5 yesterday a half-hour before the game and I pounced. Cowboys look great today, too. Eat that up, boys: -5 to -5.5, however high it goes. The Pittsburgh/KC game is looking interesting as well. I’d take KC -1.5 if I had to do it, which I don’t. That Cowboys game is too juicy to invest in anything else today. Patience and self-control. You betcha.

        1. Cowboys lose. What’s a guy to do? Bet twice what he bet on the Cowboys, on Kansas City -1.5. Uh, no, decided to pass on that one…

    1. That’s the problem with super-boners where you lose feeling. She be like “You done yet?”

  4. I think ‘sexual technique’ is a very modern, liberal concept. Our grandparents were never taught how to have sex, and things like anal and oral and all these different sexual positions and kinks haven’t become popular until recently. I don’t think anyone really knows how to be ‘good in bed’. Either there is sexual attraction there or there isn’t. From my experience things tend to go downhill once a woman has children or ages, and when men age things tend to go downhill too, but they have about 15-20 more years than women, this is true regardless of how you try and sugarcoat it. Sexual technique will never make a woman feel like a nulliaparous 18 year old again, and it won’t make every man a prime adonis. I think if you are in your physical prime, sex will feel good, no matter how vanilla it is.

    1. I don’t think sexual technique is a modern concept *at all.* Vestal “virgins,” in Ancient Greece, the sultan’s harems, the pleasure quarters of the Yoshiwara, the Court of Versailles pre-revolution among many many others, were all famed for the expertise of the sexual techniques available. The major difference is those people were often considered a) professionals b) slaves/low social standing. Now, having some skills is considered more mainstream– not that you are likely to find them.
      Not only are there many ways to be “good in bed” outside of just being young and attractive, but learning to apply those skills is an advantage. There is absolutely zero upside to being a boring lover. None. There is nothing to be gained by putting no style into it, and a lot of fun to lose.

      1. “Vestal “virgins,” in Ancient Greece, the sultan’s harems, the pleasure quarters of the Yoshiwara, the Court of Versailles”
        What are you talking about? Versailles was the residence of the King of France, what does that have to do with sex? A harem is merely a section of a house for women and children. Vestal virgins DIDN’T HAVE SEX.

    2. “From my own experience”. Maybe seek better experiences? Good sex can be learned and good sexual technique, regardless of if the man or woman is 18 or 50, does make a very beneficial difference than someone who has no clue how to get someone else off.

    3. “Our grandparents were never taught how to have sex”
      Actually they were, by their parents. For whatever reason parents now get all squeamish about talking to their kids about sex.
      “and things like anal and oral and all these different sexual positions and kinks haven’t become popular until recently.”
      Uhh no, lol. Oral has always been very common, anal is only really projected as popular by media (e.g. porn) but really isn’t that popular, people have been using an infinite combination of sex positions forever, an the kama sutra is proof of this.

  5. Forget the stupid crap from a failed civilization. Just bang her. And make sure western babies result.

    1. it began with Kamasutra and ends with bollywood romantic music comedies. not definitely a good example indeed !

      1. THIS. Bollywood is a result of a cunt-o-cracy. And the former is a result of weak beta male culture: indians.

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    2. Exactly! Have you seen how beta and socially awkward Indian men are? And you want to bring in Kama Sutra from this culture? Caveman fucking does the job and they love it. No chick is into Kama Sutra. They are into getting slapped and taking it up the arse. Enough of this yoga hippie crap!

      1. Exactly. i had a girl tell me I fucked her like a retard recently. Can’t get rid of her.

      2. To be fair though, Kama Sutra is amazing.
        Sometimes I wonder when Indian men became so cucked.

        1. Really? Indians are cucks? So if a society that has managed to produce enough children to be 1/7 of the world population, has banned homosexuality and doesn’t take shit from SJW’s is “cucked”, then what does that make the west?

        2. ah ive been looking for one of you. so ive got this problem with my samsung, it turns off and on when I go through a dead spot, is this a warranty issue or do i go back to the phone store? thanks

        3. The reason there are so many Indians and Chinese is because their land is much more fertile and have better climate for agriculture. This created a large population base many years ago, that applying population-growth exponential function gets to very high population increase. Europe was a VERY tough place to live.

        4. Do you know the definition of cucked? These men hold women on a pedestal, and it’s the women that forces them to get married and runs their everyday life while she sits at home, gets fat, likes to gossip with her friends, and ensures the husband is funding her bank account. Indians are massive breeders because they think of their children as investments and hope their kids will bring in money for them in their old age. Not a bad mentality, but it would be nice if the western white folks would take the same breeding principles.

        5. BTW- Indians have not banned homosexuality. Don’t know where you get your facts, but lady boys are a dime a dozen in India. They are called Hijras. Google it sometime. India does take shit from SJWs. Just look at how they have defended pornstar Sunny Leone and put her on the pedestal. She was the most googled search term in India in 2016. That says a lot. And they were quick to defend her when other people talked shit about about allowing a pornstar to get into Bollywood.

        6. The other reason is because there is no concept of birth control in that culture. Men are really horny and want to quickly consummate the marriage and de-virginize themselves. The men last 10 seconds, cum, and next thing you know, the chick is pregnant. An interesting study that should be done in India is how many women have actually orgasmed in their marriage. I’m sure the number is quite low.

        7. I am not Indian, and I am also in fully support of Western Culture. I have plenty of problems with Hindi Culture, being “beta” simply is not one of the problems I have with Hindi Culture.

        8. “BTW- Indians have not banned homosexuality.”
          Well, for starters the Indian Supreme court:
          and here is a gay rights NGO:

          I guess you could say “homosexuality” per se has not been banned, just homosexual intercourse which as been banned since 1861.
          “but lady boys are a dime a dozen in India. They are called Hijras.”
          The concept of Hijras exist more for the sake of segregating them (non-“cis”) then protecting them. Not to mention, under your logic, Iran takes shit from Social Justice Warriors because the state pays for sex changes and annuals documents for people after they “transition”.
          “Just look at how they have defended pornstar Sunny Leone and put her on the pedestal. She was the most googled search term in India in 2016. That says a lot. And they were quick to defend her when other people talked shit about about allowing a pornstar to get into Bollywood.” So? Maybe Indian people enjoy porn? Who the hell doesn’t (even ultra-religious have to admit they like it, they just disprove of it.)?

        9. “Do you know the definition of cucked?”
          Well really it means your wife cheated on you, but recently it has taken a political context of people supporting other races more than their own. I don’t know how Indian culture has cuckish tendencies in any way. Its quite racist by western standards, though not as racist as say Nippon or African societies.
          “These men hold women on a pedestal”
          That isn’t being cucked, that is just gynocentrism, and this is just as prominent in the West as it is in India.
          “and it’s the women that forces them to get married”
          Again, same thing in Western Culture.
          “while she sits at home, gets fat”
          The Obesity rate in India is at an all time high of 15% for women. Much lower than pretty much anywhere in the West.
          “likes to gossip with her friends, and ensures the husband is funding her bank account.”
          Yeah, that isn’t Indian specific, its ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE.
          “Indians are massive breeders because they think of their children as investments and hope their kids will bring in money for them in their old age.”
          Okay? Isn’t that the complete opposite of being a supposed “cuck”?

    3. The reason Indians are cucked is because they don’t embrace their cultural tradition any more … they wrote an expertly detailed book on how to sexually please women, and now they consider it obsolete.

  6. What amuses me is that I’ve never read the Kama Sutra and never looked into sex techniques, as it were, yet nothing in this post struck me as new information.
    You do what makes sense, you feel your way through it a few times, and you’ll fairly quickly figure out the best ways to do it.

      1. Actually. Ive got a meeting with the bobs.
        So im gonna have to ask you to sort of just leave ok.

  7. I read the Kama Sutra many years ago and like the author, I felt it didn’t really provide any valuable insight. As others here have said, figure out what works for you and enjoy the process.

  8. For us men sex is biological need, for women it is a psychological need.
    Based on that, all that bed gymnastics is irrelevant. No matter how much you lick that pussy or how long you bang her, if her brain does not get a mental orgasm, she ain’t gonna feel anything down there. Like others said below, forget that eastern mumbo-jumbo and stick with what works for us white people.
    What you do before you hit the sheets is what makes her excited about you.

    1. Its like the saying, the most significant sexual organ is your brain. I can see that maybe being more true for women then men. It’s how the guy acts and how he makes her think and feel. But nothing wrong with trying new things like different sex positions if that’s something one or both are interested in. If it doesn’t work out then you both have a funny memory to share about that time you fell off the bed trying to do some crazy ancient sex move.

        1. Well her mind is on the money, as has been known by most when she hooked up with Depp. She has one playing card and she’ll use it until men are no longer interested, then she’ll hit up rich lesbians because she’s bi sexual and an equal opportunity gold digger.

        2. This golddigger might be staking a claim to a vein that is almost dry as Elon Musk’s wealth and fame are built upon the billions of US tax dollars that he has gleaned via crony corporatism from his “bestie” 0bama.
          That gravy train is likely coming to an end.
          Coincidentally, I was solicited recently by Musk’s boys at Solar City and they were adamant that I had to buy into their solar scam now as they couldn’t guarantee that their special financing programs would endure under “the next Administration”.

    2. I’ve known plenty of women for whom sex was a physical need. I think most of them are nymphos, in fact. Closet nymphos, mostly.

      1. The nympho women have much higher testosterone than normal women.
        You’re fucking a man there, uncle Bob! lol

        1. fatherofthree is talking out of his arse. His theory on Jamie Lee Curtis is pure speculation, and AIS is exceedingly rare.

    3. “What you do before you hit the sheets is what makes her excited about you” = a) being a quality man + b) tight game. Or sometimes, just b).

    4. I find taping a $100 bill to my forehead before sex gets them to orgasm fairly quickly and with much enthusiasm.

    5. “For us men sex is biological need, for women it is a psychological need.”
      Do you mean physical? Psychological is still biological.
      “No matter how much you lick that pussy or how long you bang her, if her brain does not get a mental orgasm, she ain’t gonna feel anything down there.”
      You apparently don’t understand how orgasms work. Every part of the orgasm is mental/neurological.

        1. Yes I do. Men don’t “need” sex the way they need food. You do realize there are monastics who never have sex, right?

        2. Every part of an orgasm is mental. Your nerves are being stimulated, that part is mental. Muscle contractions, those are your nerves telling your muscles to tighten and release. Any sort of claim that men like the physical feeling of sex and women have some sort of “emotional/mental side bullshit” is just that, bullshit. The emotional part of the brain shuts down during sex for women, they don’t have any sort of mystical emotional side that men don’t have, quite the opposite actually.

  9. Personally, while a hard and long basic rogering works for 90% of the women I’ve been with, having that library of knowledge is useful in case the girl needs a little more to get off. And I do concern myself with making the women I fuck orgasm, because once you make them come, they’re yours as long as you want them.
    And with that being said, commence with jokes about street shitting and poo in the loo.

    1. A friend of mine was making his wife orgasm every time they made sex, which according to him was 2-3 times a week. They got divorced because he found sex messages to another man on her phone.
      I asked the bitch what the other man had than my friend did not. She said: We hardly talked apart from all that sex.

      1. This. Women have biologically-driven sexual market power. The only equilibrium solution is to culturally repress public female sexual freedom.

      2. A few years back I lived with a hooker who wanted sex 5 times a day, and had an orgasm every time. I had to move out after 9 months because it was killing me.
        2-3 times a week is normal!

        1. Squirting is just urination. “Real” squirting is them loosing control of the bladder because the orgasm is so intense, but it can also be faked.

        2. Yeah, right!
          I’ve got a news for you – all women that you thought had orgasms with you actually faked it. How’s that? LOL

    2. A comedian once said “If you ate three meals a day and had sex once a week you can survive. If you had sex three times a day and ate once a week you would be rethinking your priorities”

  10. And, as always, we omit that the main function of sex is reproduction. Long live to materialism!

  11. Does the kama sutra go into the “toss her around like she is a chew toy and you are a giant goddam dire wolf?” because that’s the position that works the best.

      1. They definitely do enjoy that position. Anything where they can really feel your strength.

  12. If only I could but at the moment cannot enjoy such pleasures for extreme premature ejaculation limits me to initial penetration and then the finale. 2017 is here though and it’s time to fix it!

  13. Missing Americans/Canadians guys check it out! Take it to the white house! Bigfoot likes scrimps too. Inshah allah. Preview important protoype trailer for Missing 411 official yellowstone cam. Current main trailer Missing 411
    Ive seen these in person before up close..beautiful but potentially dangerous.

  14. If you are married, I recommend reading a book out loud with your wife (that way you discuss matters as they come up). She picked up this one called”and they were not ashamed” by Laura brotherson. Totally improved our sex life. Mostly improved her attitude towards sex.

  15. Going down on a girl has to be among the most servile things a man can do, esp considering the std risk and its more dangerous than smoking for throat cancer.

  16. I remember when I was 13…I thought the Karma Sutra was racey stuff back then too. Now I’m 39, and cant help but notice almost none of those positions are all that erotic or special. Most in fact are pretty basic sex by the numbers.
    Ps… were I’m from we call that last one the Pile Driver. Back in the day that was one of my signature moves! Bitches really love it when you pin’em against the wall in that position; she thinks you’re a strong ravenous animal, while you get to rest your arms…cheers.

    1. Pile driver involves liftnf the pelvis above the head, inverting them, not just lifting them. Look it up in VNDB

  17. Been up voting a lot of comments on this thread today. Keep up the good work gentlemen

  18. study tantra, not the kama sutra, if you want to know how to embody deepening energy through sexual congress. look at the kama sutra for position inspiration, if youre interested. also i like the term ‘mouth congress’. and can you kids stop discussing an entire culture (which you know barely anything about) with sweeping statements like ‘cucked’ or go back to /b/?

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