Tune In Tomorrow Night For Culture War Live Chat With Me And Quintus Curtius

Two weeks ago, Quintus Curtius and I did a spontaneous live Youtube show where we talked about the ongoing culture war. It inadvertantly served as an overview to red pill thinking. If you missed it, you can listen to the recording below (start at 26:55 to skip the technical difficulties):

We’re doing another show tomorrow at 7pm EST. You can tune in at this Youtube address or click play below:

Do you have questions you want us to answer or topics you want discussed? Leave them below in the comments.

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  1. The only thing I can think of would be to be as broad as possible. Not restricting it to gamergate, feminism, globalism, etc but perhaps a holistic challenge to the general “make the world flat” egalitarianism that runs rampant these days.

    1. I also believe I have a compelling answer to the issue the two of you discussed towards the end of your last stream: ingratiating potential new members with a starter package.
      For one, the game site is a good idea. For another, I think the solution is obvious. Even though I had been convinced by more controversial issues than anti-feminism before coming here I was shocked by this and for a while looked for an answer: what makes a good woman. This is rarely discussed explicitly, or is hard to find. It often has to be inferred. While many of the desired traits are obvious, one can easily not see that from a site that is (deservedly) critical of women to an extreme degree.
      No seriously, the number one complaint of you and this site is misogyny. So the best way to combat this is to present what positive qualities women do have and should be cultivated, as well as how women violate these. For that last part use MRA sites even since they do that a lot.
      Another great way to buttress this is to reference how feminine girls outside of the west still are to show what it looks like. That connection is also important
      I say this because I was a bit of a nerd I guess you could say, and as such I didn’t have many experiences with women. As such I did not have a viscerally negative opinion to be honest.
      And all nerds want to believe in a good woman so you gotta throw them that bone or else they do see you as a misogynist.
      Because prior to GG, the manosphere tended to attract guys who had already been burned. These GGers haven’t yet.
      Now, to be clear I am not saying to sugarcoat it but to provide an answer to the modern woman that will appeal to gamers.
      Afterall, a hallmark if what I will broadly call nerd culture is the “waifu.”
      Just go in 4chan and you find it.
      Most guys dont take it seriously, at most it is a female character that they really like, but even so it makes my case about them wanting to believe in femininity pretty solid imo.
      It provides an answer to the issues most guys have when finding the red pill, and as such protects you from immediately being seen as hateful or accusations that you’re simply preeching nonsense.

    2. Yeah in FB a fat girl I have known since high school was lamenting about how many times … who was it… that fat woman Honey boo boos mother or something (I don’t bother to watch that shit) could be married and she is not.
      Well, I made one short remark about SMV and cut it off right there stating that I’d rather go have a drink than explain it.
      Because I knew what I was getting into and frankly didn’t give a shit. If a woman who was a pudge her whole life is still wondering about such things in her 40s, there’s no way in this hell or the next that she’s going to get a clue now.

      1. Yeah that would most likely be a waste of time.
        The wall is a bitter truth that no woman wants to accept… Even if it makes perfect sense.

        1. And if they do come to realize it and accept the red pill truth about their ugly selves, the bitterness might increase exponentially.

        2. Its amazing how little insight so many women have of themselves.
          She was complaining about this dude who wont commit to her.
          This guy is aged 30, unemployed, broke, lives at home, has no ambition… but he is part of a party scene and knows cool people downtown.
          This guy just dates different women in this scene he is a part of and has game.
          “Why wont he commit to me???” Why the hell would he commit to you? What makes you so special that he would not eat his free lunch? This guy has women throwing themselves at him and he doesn’t have to do anything… he is part of the “cool crowd” and that is all that matters to her… Somewhat frustrating to hear about for a guy like me who is working his butt off thanklessly and without reward to try and become fully independent… but hey that is the path I’ve chosen… I bet in a few years this guy is going to be asking for other peoples’ money…
          When I told her to dump him and find someone more mature if she wants commitment she said “But mature guys are boring…”
          There you have it…
          I hadn’t felt beta in a long time… But talking to her really made me feel like an idiot… Why should I bother working again? Oh yeah so I can save money and GTFO of here…

    3. Sometimes I forget that the mainstream is actually as dumb as it is…
      I bumped into a friend on my way home tonight and we went to grab coffee and catch up. She mentioned her dating life and she asked me “Hey… do you think men and women are different? Do you think its all just cultural?”
      It hit me in that moment that she is actually indoctrinated in the MEN AND WOMEN ARE THE SAME concept… I almost spit out my coffee… it wasn’t that she asked me this conversation starting question… but rather that it seemed like she really hadn’t thought of that as a possibility before…
      Perhaps the men and women she usually hangs out with really don’t talk and behave in the same terms that I do… She was asking me for dating advice and I told her straight up… “Make yourself more approachable and feminine.” She wasn’t upset that I said that.. but I got the impression that most people wouldn’t give her such actionable advice.

      1. Holy shit. That happened to me the other day as well
        My first thought, “they know…”

  2. Dude, I’m gonna miss it because I have concert tickets for tomorrow. Roosh, your info has been spot. It’s a shame I’ll miss the live chat

  3. Some great topics could be the rash of bogus harassment footage flooding Yahoo, like the drunk girl footage that was posted earlier today. Twitter white knighting the SJWs and the potential threat that these changes they are proposing could have on the male community, and what we could feasibly do to stop it from happening.

  4. Mmm not sure about this advice – Chinese women are getting worse and there’s no future in English teaching in China (did it once myself) as the Chinese are happy to be racist as hell against us.
    Still, if it further awakens the man from his slumber, so be it…

  5. Roosh like yall have mentioned expand your catering to a more moderate base also. You can cater to both. Take me for example. Im working towards a traditional family and although I see that modern social climate is shitty and most western woman are worthless for this purpose I still had some very decent options to work with. I didn’t find it impossible. Maybe because I live in the Deep South where a lot of girls are still workable but I am very interested in navigating me and mine through the disgusting current social climate. I want information on how to fight the progressives and escape their poison here on my own turf. No prob with the guys that go to Asia or South America but I ain’t doin it. This would include topics on how to find the right girl and how to keep it right as we age. Fuck those feminists they won’t run me out of here or chase me from what my folks have been doing here for 300 hundred years I will carry on business as usual.

  6. Hey, this is Canuck I’m just posting from a different computer.
    It took about 4 years of training (poorly, bad diet half the time) to go from 175 to 220 lbs. I can go into diet and nutrition for that if you want. Then going from 220 to 243 took 2.5 months on a basic cycle of test. I’m on it now. I wake up everyday feeling like Hercules. This isn’t for everyone, obviously, but if you do your research and eat and train properly and you accept the risks, you can get 3 years of gains in 3 months. Again, its not for everyone.
    I love Toronto. I go there a couple times a year. I’m in Ottawa. Last time I was there for a week on business. I could tell you stories, m8. Next time I’m around we should grab a drink

  7. I would like to see the movement drift a little further from the endless bitching about western women. Yea I know the majority of them are sluts or fat and probably selfish as hell and what not. Ok gotcha. Are they any worse than the western male species though? Think of all the poons, fags, and spineless deusch bags you know.
    Most on this site understand women only want alpha dick. And men judge women by their outside appearances. Apparently human attraction is kind of shallow all the way around.
    Women fell because men fell. The manosphere or whatever the fuck this is should focus on male self improvement, correct tips for dealing with opposite sex rather than the lies we have been led to believe, and a group to switch swap ideas on how to fight these goddamned progressives. let’s also discuss and make clear what we feel women need to do to be attractive to us. For example not fat, not a slut, don’t cuss we want feminine women.
    Let’s do these things and I think the women will follow. the ones we want anyway fuck the rest they will punish themselves with the betas.

  8. Roosh, Quintus,
    By the time I discovered manosphere I had already entrenched myself in the blue pill lifestyle with a 4 year accounting degree which I begrudgingly accomplished to provide for a woman I assumed I was going to marry who left me after 3 years of dating for a promotion. I then dated her successor for 2 years only to have her leave me for a 1 night stand with a local weed peddler.
    I’ve gone from a nerd / provider at 6’3 175lbs to a strapping 243lb gym bro, I learned how to play guitar and I have no problem with the plate spinning lifestyle, however I still have this job I don’t like, this debt over my head (only 17k now), 62k per year with a good pension plan and health benefits. Still, its dreary and drudgery and I hate it. I’m 28 years old, I don’t have a lot of time for new training, or money for it. What can late bloomers like me do to escape the matrix when we’ve so carefully plugged into it?

    1. Just quit Public Accounting to go teach english in mainland china, teaching english abroad has a huge demand for teachers and pays well for the relevant cost of living plus your living abroad, and can switch to another country every year if you want to. Work 25 hours a week, do your own thing the res of the time.

    2. Hey dude, fellow Canadian here, I’m from Toronto whereabouts are you at?
      Btw… how the fuck do you go from 175 to 245??? How long did it take you to pack on that kind of muscle???
      I’m asking kuz if you’re based in Toronto I’d suggest sending an application to Prophix (although I think they have franchises around Canada/North America). My buddies with finance/accounting/business backgrounds work there and they really like it. My friend was in accounting and hated it but now he’s a baller..
      Its a finance software implementation company. Basically they install software, for small to big companies, that tracks the whole companies finances… allows them to create correlations between different factors like time, profits, etc. (business lingo is not my thing) and gives them an constant updating overview.
      If you’re in Toronto give me a shout. PEace.

  9. I’m wondering if you could discuss the embarrassing speech given by Emma Watson at the UN.

  10. Intriguing discussion and I’m glad another is planned. Roosh, it’s inspiring to see that you seem to have found the deeper purpose you were looking for in leading the charge of this greater battle, and Quintus, that was an apt comparison to one aspect of the Renaissance, in that we seem to be “discovering classical wisdom that has been lost for hundreds of years.” This entire community’s over-arching purpose sure feels close enough to a movement along those lines.
    Topics that could be expanded upon might be: how best to combat the usual arguments and tactics from the social justice clowns for recent red pill converts (I liked your thoughts on adopting some sort of landing pad for guys new to the scene or those with more moderate tendencies), how lack of masculine virtue is directly leading to the decline of traditional values and the rise of radical Islam in many parts of England and other areas of Europe in that cultural shift, and, for the vestigal blue pill aspects found in certain fellas (such as myself, I admit), how to cope with the reality that sane, decent, feminine “unicorns” are extinct in this culture gone increasingly mad.

  11. A question, something I wondered when I discovered this site is: Are there any real life kings or royalty posting on this site under pseudonyms? I’m sure it would be tempting. Prince Charles on the other hand, with his thoroughbred floppy ears marrying Camilla, a post wall promotional poster matriarch under approval of the queen mother, and after being cuckolded by Diana – HOW BETA IS THAT? Charles should don a harem of young virgin brides. Which poses another question: Are dominant alpha traits LEARNED more equivocally that they are inherited. In Charles’ case, poosy paradise eludes even the rich and powerful.
    Another question: I saw the Julien Blanc video going hog wild on Asian women. Towering westerners can walk amongst them like giant Nephelem and take what they want.
    I’ve heard that the Chinese have a 5000 year plan. Westerners tend to plan in terms of ‘quarters’ which is comparatively short sighted. If intelligent western alpha expats pump enough Asian women, they will spawn many Gengis Kahn offshoots. The West would suffer alpha drain and would in time be colonized by new breed larger invading Caucasiatics. Many posts promote going ALL THE WAY east. Is Asia’s welcoming openness to White alpha dick really part of their 5000 year plan? To ‘pump them up’ for some future era where they won’t be handicapped against the large westerners?
    If I expated and headed east, I believe I would stop at the foothills of the Caucasus mountains and plant my dag. Not that I’m against Asian chicks, I just really like the sound of the name ‘Svetlana’.

  12. Just listened to the previous podcast. Guys, you’re doing a terrific job.
    I know Americans are ahead of the curve when it comes to modern feminism, but as a Frenchman I have to say what you’re doing is much, much needed here as well.

  13. I´ve heared a very good essay about the french revolution and the so called secular humanism that came with it… I dont believe in humanism or eglitarianism anymore. When humanism is in essence “do what you want” (minus all the myth that makes the humanistic movement so great in the eyes of the idiots) then it´s complete bullshit and so are the “human rights”. The people actively working in the councils of the revolution were bloody insane fuckos. It would be a good topic for some future article because this so called progressive mindset can be traced back to this period of time too.
    I´m in no way an expert in history but what was told were the “little” details you never hear about. And these details make you wonder what the fuck these people did in their rage of liberty…. boiling children as a mass ritual and that sick shit… and that is documented. If you read about the french revolution and some prominet figures of it as just the greatest thing in europe because of the “libertys” then no… thats not the complete story of it.

  14. As you say they hate being shoved a mirror in their face, that’s the weak point and so it seems the only way is to use the same techniques and shaming all their sponsors and any other associated entities.

  15. Yes Roosh, you do have a chance to grow something bigger than just the PUA aspect. Alot of guys just want direction and the psychological understanding on how to deal with this ‘brave new world’. Obviously the gamer crowd isn’t out there hitting the clubs every night — but they are dealing with the same societal-SJW mindset that basically acts like a woman any way.

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