Will Germans Resort To Merciless Violence To Save Their Country?

The German political system, responsible for the suicidal demographics that led to the mass sexual assaults and rapes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, is in desperate need of reform. But where will it come from? Stuck in a coalition with socialists, the so-called German conservatives led by Chancellor Angela Merkel have in one year allowed one million undocumented people, about whom they know nothing, into the land of Beethoven and von Goethe. Every current party in the German parliament is thoroughly committed to keeping them in Germany.

All the major parties refuse to listen to the German people. And the only point at which they will listen to voters is when a majority of “Germans,” including many of the one million allowed to enter Germany in 2015, retrospectively support what the political establishment has always wanted: the non-existence of German ethnicity. Rendered mentally ill by an imaginary guilt over the long-gone Nazi past, mainstream politicians are actively trying to destroy any non-leftist German sense of self.

Inasmuch as ROK does not support these kinds of actions, it seems that the only probable way for change to occur in the present climate will be through Germans taking extreme or perhaps violent measures against their political “representatives.” If the next wave of mass rapes are publicized (and the news of them not swept under the carpet), the anger of some Germans is liable to erupt after so many years of their concerns and plain fears being castigated and labeled “racist.”

German politicians are disregarding the popular will

One can imagine Merkel is careful about which people she poses for selfies with nowadays.

The majority of the German people were against the opening of the gates, with borders only half-closed a matter of weeks ago. Irrespective of this massive consensus against the utter tearing of Germany’s social fabric, Merkel let the hordes in. Most of them were not even Syrian, the group of people meant to be the beneficiaries of the German government’s immigration stupidity.

There is no doubt that Angela Merkel has betrayed anything resembling a German conservative cause. Regardless, the broken electoral system of Germany is also to blame. In a sense, it is entirely predictable that most within the political classes, including conservatives, will put power ahead of principle, shacking with up opponents such as socialists to retain their incumbency or wrest the reins of control from others.

Germans, on account of an Austrian-born dictator and a regime absent for seven decades, are required to shut up and welcome millions of more unwanted people over the coming years. Any attempt to call out or resist this diktat will be met with the loss of a protester’s employment prospects, verbal harassment, physical suffering (without police to protect them), or even criminal prosecution under Germany’s draconian anti-free speech laws.

German Politics 101 and why even conservative parties have been “forced” to welcome millions of migrants

Work has never been more dangerous for German police officers.

To understand a significant reason for the pro-immigrant homogeneity of the major German political parties, one has to look at the federal political system. Remembering the Weimar years, modern-day Germany has erected a very large impediment to “small” parties entering the German parliament, or Bundestag. In a nutshell, it is designed, or so it is claimed, to stymie organizations like the Nazi Party, which maintained a minor presence in the old Reichstag for years before suddenly becoming the largest grouping in 1932.

If a party does not achieve 5% of what is called the second vote (German electoral law permits a direct candidate vote and an additional party list vote) or win three constituencies, it is not allowed to enter the Bundestag. In the most recent election in 2013, the center-right Free Democratic Party (FDP) just missed out on the 5% threshold, achieving 4.8%, and was therefore not entitled to any seats. This is despite registering an otherwise very sizeable two million votes.

In the absence of the FDP, which had previously been the junior government coalition partner, Angela Merkel’s CDU (called the CSU in Bavaria) achieved a nail-biting 49.4% of the available seats, or 311 out of 630. The three other parties were, in order of popularity, the Social Democrats, Die Linke (“The Left”, which wants a return to East German communism but with a very social justice flavor), and the Greens (another hard-left party).

If it had wanted to, the Social Democrats, which are to the left of the British Labour Party and the US Democrats, could have achieved a coalition with the Greens and Die Linke. In the end, Merkel and the CDU/CSU formed a grand coalition with the Social Democrats. As you can imagine, with no other right-wing or even centrist parties, the nominally conservative Merkel has no one else to turn to in order to govern, aside from the SDs, the largest and least radical of three toxic parties.

Auf wiedersehen, Deutschland!

Aside from (insensitive?) cultural appropriation by foreigners and tourists, German identity is dying.

Funnily enough, Angela Merkel, who is known for having a rapport with Japanese leaders, never demands that economically advanced East Asian states take, say, 15 million migrants and refugees to make up for seventy years of their openly racist border controls. Such a call would be fitting, considering that the Nazis and Imperial Japanese had competed for who could kill the most people during the 1930s and 1940s. If we are going to indulge common sense-destroying war and genocide guilt nearly a century on, when 99.99% of all the perpetrators are long dead, let’s do it consistently.

But no, Germany’s Chancellor wants to be unique. She deeply desires that, borrowing the title of a recent bestselling book by Thilo Sarrazin, Germany abolish itself in record time.

How will the German people respond, if at all?

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94 thoughts on “Will Germans Resort To Merciless Violence To Save Their Country?”

  1. How will the German people respond? That depends on how effective the brainwashing of the globalist cabal has been.

    1. It has been perfect…there´s no mood of resistance left… give up and be proud of it…I´m a German citizen and my hope has been long fading.

      1. As long as you are unplugged from the Matrix, you can make a difference. Don’t give up!

  2. German guilt. Germans must feel it their time to have German culture and German people exterminated in mass.

  3. When politicians describe patriotic Europeans as fascists then some people will come to the conclusion that fascism is the only resort left open to them.
    When they describe the men attacking foreign rapists as far-right vigilantes while politicians and police do nothing then people will see that the only people that represent them are far-right vigilantes.
    Worse is better.

    1. Crickets for the thousand strong rape battalion in Cologne, the police instead attacked the peaceful pegida demonstrators.
      Crickets about ‘minors’ looking like 25 turning Stockholm trains station into a sexual assault robbery and muggery heaven, oh my, some swedes decoded to bring order to the place, evil evil swedes.
      When you’ll be called racist no matter what, then why not be one and earn the badge.

  4. My general thoughts on this:
    1. Germany’s evolution as a united country has been interesting. After unification in the late 19th century, Germany ascended into a major player in Europe threatening the traditional powers who would have none of that. WW I & WW II really screwed up Germany’s rise and altered the trajectory of a once proud people.
    The Germans have really brought this on themselves and maybe they will have to resort to violence to stop the spread of diversity. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    2. I am of German heritage and have been trying to move to Germany for the past year. The German bureaucracy is not making it easy and I am having trouble locking up a job.
    (My previous employer was a German company and I was working on a work transfer but suffered a lay off instead like a lot of people in my local area).
    I always joke with friends that I should just put “refugee/Muslim” on my application if I want to attract any real interest from potential employers. Oh well.
    3. I remember reading a satirical piece from The Onion years ago talking about German voter anger.
    One women with a joking responce: ” I don’t like it. When ever Germans get angry, they tend to start wars on six continents”.

    1. The globalist cabal running the transatlantic banks financed both sides of WWI and WWII. It was part of the plan to create the League of Nations after WWI. When the League failed, the cabal started WWII to set the stage for the creation of the United Nations. It’s all part of the evil agenda for their one world government goal.
      The false version of history that is taught in schools is ridiculous. As if funding for the tanks of the Panzer divisions materialized out of thin air. Follow the money.

      1. I noticed the habit of labelling every hold out of the Federal Reserve note as an automatic terrorist state: N Korea, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Cuba, etc.
        Don’t get me wrong, these countries are 3rd World dives, but we are in bed with dictatorships that do far worse-but trade in US dollar.

        1. Correct. Holdouts are labeled as “rogue nations” and targets of isolation, sanctions, coups, and military invasion.

        2. Your statistics are old Jewmerica has whittled the number down to 3 countries free of the scourge and blatant theft of the central banking system, Cuba, N Korea, and Iran. Only citizens of these countries can save money without the theft of inflation

        3. “blatant theft of the central banking system, Cuba, N Korea, and Iran. Only citizens of these countries can save money without the theft of inflation”
          Iran’s inflation rate: CPI, money supply, and Central Bank Monetary Aggregates..
          Not even with bothering looking at the stats of Cuba and NK.
          One shouldn’t become so fervent as to just go around believing and spreading errant propaganda because it favors your position.
          And, don’t think I’m for fiat money, central banking, etc, because I point out obvious factual errors. Precious metals for the win.

        4. There is still inflation, but the central bank is owned by the government unlike the private corporations that run the central banking system. When we’re stolen from it ends up straight in the jews pockets, when Iranians are stolen from its basically another tax as it ends up with the government. Im sure the economic embargo has something to do (every chart you linked is a hockey stick) with the inflation as the central bank of Iran has as one of its top priorities preserving the value of their money. Whether its gold or a unit of work preserving value is the most important thing.

        5. I used the other three countries to make a point that GWOT is meant to ensure dollar supremacy, not to spread democracy like everyone thinks.

  5. It reminds me of something one of my army buddies said when we were drinking at the local bar drinking dunkel weisen in Wiesbaden: “Hard to believe these people used to have balls.”

  6. Well, there are more than 1.5 million invaders in Germany already. It won’t be easy.
    But in the face of a catastrophe people go crazy, don’t be surprised when peaceful Germans act in ways you would not normally expect.

    1. Say what you will about hooligans, but they tend to help initiate radical change. Think Poland, Egypt, and Yugoslavia.

      1. They have a function to serve. I used to look down upon them, but now I realise each person has his own role. There will always be a few hotheads in society, might as well put their anger to use.
        Not everyone should be a hooligan, but a few hooligans are always useful for action on the ground.

        1. I recommend Football Factories International. They got about 8 or 9 episodes about hooligans all over the world. The series is from around 2005 but holds pretty well. The episode below is from the Balkans. Enjoy!

    2. Their politicians, police and media have turned on the people. It will take the people fighting both the politicians and some of these illegal criminals who have “migrated” to the country.

    3. honestly they should rallying outside the homes of egalitarian politicians, activists etc
      the muslim migrants are just the symptom of the problem

      1. That is true.
        Many activists focus purely on Islam and what not, but really it’s about demonizing nationalism, homogenity, patriarchy.
        To defeat immigration you must rile against liberalism itself.

      2. Sure, Terry, but for many people, the choice to do this would mean loss of job and income, extensive harassment and other lovely things.
        This is where the idea of stronger offline communities is so important, so men have a focal point on which to rely.

      1. You set up an imaginary standard no one has presumed to have. Then criticize this straw-man like he has failed to live up to a standard. Newsflash asshole, Return of Kings has never presumed to be unbiased.
        Virtue signaling shit lib troll. Go fuck yourself tool. You can start by using my dolphin dick.

    1. Closed for comment. What a surprise.
      We are going to see this tactic from the SJW media more and more. They fear the democracy of public commentary, since it threatens their government subsidized incomes (i.e. the BBC, NPR, etc.). They depend on a highly censored environment where they can straw man and ad hominem the opposition.
      Their hysteria suggests that they sense a crack in the echo chamber.

      1. Been seeing the meet ups mentioned by a lot of leftoid people I’ve known for a long, long time. People I’ve never seen comment on ‘us’ or related issues. Naturally every potential meet up participant is some flavor of ‘shitlord,’ without any refutation on the merits. Every shared MSM article is about us “pro-rape” shitlords. A few feeble MRAs will occasionally comment then bend over quickly and take it up the backside. Many planets/white knights in the comments threaten to ‘disrupt’ the meet up near me. All I have to say is… they are clearly worried! Good.

    2. He’s also pretty much headlined the news in Australia this morning!
      Any other Australians here should contact Immigration Minister Dutton via email and notify him that you won’t be voting for the LNP should they decide to pander to the feminists and place a restriction on Roosh. I expected better from a conservative government..
      [email protected] or peter.d[email protected]

      1. Sadly, the seismic shift towards white nationalism in what was once the ‘manosphere’ has ended Roosh’s Australian campaign. Might be a few odds and sods coming to see what the hooey’s all about, but few will have the stomach to endure the whitism long enough to learn the truth behind the media lies and hype. It’s a crying shame.

        1. “the seismic shift towards white nationalism”
          “but few will have the stomach to endure the whitism”
          You sound as alarming as Alex Jones with his Globalist nazis nonsense.
          Here is a white nationalist website
          Now compare it to ROK. Are you going to tell me they are the same ?
          Jesus Christ, everyone is a nazi and a white nationalist these days, the cucks are getting triggered hard.

        2. I was talking about the manosphere, not ROK. Roosh’s strategy is to draw attention to manospheric principles, not just this website. Many others are shifting toward WN faster than this one. Think a bit deeper, man.

        3. “few will have the stomach to endure the whitism long enough to learn the truth behind the media lies and hype”
          The type of people who cannot “endure whitism” are weak and useless in a cultural war.
          And if you are concerned we are too hardcore or too biased towards whites, you can create a purple pill or minority pill version of the manosphere which will be more appealing to whomever you want to appeal to.
          Censoring ourselves for the sake of a few soft-skinned guys is useless.

        4. Sadly, the seismic shift to move towards white nations from what was once the “3rd world” has ended the narrative. Might be a few odds and sods staying in their shit countries letting the migrants go see what all the white hooey’s all about, but a few will eventually have the stomach to endure their shitty homelands long enough to learn the truth behind the anti-white propaganda and hype. It’s a crying shame.

        5. Liberal slander has lost its meaning. It’s gone on too long, and has gone too over the top.
          Everything is rape, everything is racism, everyone is literally Hitler. It’s played out. It has no power any more. A typical “debate” with a liberal degenerates to nothing more than them screaming accusations of bigotry over and over before they shut down and block out the outside world, retreating back to their “safe space” of heavily-censored internet and liberal colleges complete with coloring books and puppies.
          If it wasn’t for the massive backing and support from the media SocJus wouldn’t even exist outside of Twitter.
          The MSM drives it. To find the truth you simply have to find out who drives the media, and who keeps giving these groups their funding.
          Just follow the nose.

    3. I wouldn’t be concerned. The SJW’s will be at the airport with their “welcome migrants” signs.

    4. Here’s the introduction of the article:
      “An online group of misogynistic, homophobic neomasculinists who believe rape on private property should be legal ”
      Sure sounds unbias!

      1. I read the same shit, but was just lauding the free press. Imagine how women with half a fucking brain interpret most of what they read on this site: Oh wow, men want their women to dress like women, be faithful and motherly, and in return we’ll drag our balls through broken glass for them? Oh what a fucking break through in thinking, drop the blue hair dye! Women can really up their value by reading the wisdom all over this site, it isn’t rocket science. The hard part for them will be when their friends discuss it and they come to the realization the opposers are just bitter, ugly cunts with nothing to offer to anyone. Ladies, we realize it isn’t a one way street in this world and love you forever when you’re under 150lbs and devoted.

      2. “a bunch of terrible human beings who want to rape your mother and eat your children are coming to your town to kill all of your grandmothers in satanic sacrifices…..to be fair, we do have to say that not all of them will kill your grandmothers….each person is assigned one grandmother to murder…hide your grandmothers…also, they are hitler”

        1. Say what?! Just eat the children? What about the extended family? What of the next-door neighbours? And as far as Satanic sacrifices go I’d do it for Baal, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Mega-Tsatthogua and Cthulhu-ia Cthulhu f’tagn!

    5. Wow, people have some pretty funny ideas about us. I have never once read an article on this site endorsing rape.

        1. The writers on here quite regularly mention getting a few drinks in a slut before dicking them. Among feminist circles, having two Coronas at the bar means they’re no longer responsible for any of their own actions because *giggle* they’re so waaaasted!

        2. Well according to feminists, looking at them for 3.2 seconds is rape so I’m not too concerned.

      1. Roosh had that article about REDUCING rape by making it legal on private property. If you disagree with his premise then you LIKE RAPE.
        Why do all these people arguing with Roosh LOVE RAPED WOMEN?

        1. Yes, I know it was a satire. It went a little too far, in my opinion. but I took it for what it was, and then questioned the wisdom of the format.

    6. I noticed the article was written by some chick who must have been on her period when she wrote that.

  7. IMO another country might need to declare war to Germany and invade them to liberate them.

  8. “imaginary guilt over the long-gone Nazi past” <—the guilt is real, the reasons for it are false (propaganda).

    1. This video goes step by step explaining the physical impossibility of the holocaust. Here are some Holocaust survivors who arent money grubbing anti german parasites.

      1. Holocaust and the other 4 Million murdered is not “Propaganda”. They wiere murdered and the evidence is undeniable. Why do you want to believe otherwise?
        So were the Kulaks, the Armenians, the Kurds, the Greeks, Tibetans, etc… denial is a psycoholigical defense to accept responsibility. Most Germans, Russians, former Soviets, Turks, Japanese.. alive today had nothing to with it. Human history is a gigantic scar (hattip: Richard Fernandez), but accept the historical, as well as witness testimony, as is.
        Mass graves found in Iraq? Christians being exterminated in the middle east? German girls raped in public? What does the a western state head revert too? Denial. It is the psycholgical defense that would stifle moral action (and buy you a little time). The establishment in power today in the West is losing the “narrative” and it is going to get ugly.

        1. The holocaust IS propaganda, the way you can tell it is, is that youve been brainwashed by hundreds of movies, shows, books, and classes about the holocaust, but you cant even name me all the reinhardt death camps, how many camps were there? How many died in each camps? Where are the exact locations of a mass grave of gassed bodies? Why do you know absolutely no real facts about the holocaust even after all that brow beating? How did Winston Churchill mention nothing about the holocaust in his memoirs when we broke the German enigma code and listened to every radio transmission from auschwitz since before 1942? Why did no aerial photographs of Auschwitz show smoke stacks or mountains of tens of thousands of bodies? Why does the worlds leading gas chamber engineer think that gassings of any kind would have been impossible at Auschwitz? Why has the auschwitz museum lowered the death count there from 4 million to 1.5 million with no reduction in the 6 million.
          Trust me I used to be a dumb ass as well but if you start looking the holocaust really is so flimsy that without constantly throwing historians in jail for questioning the slightest detail, it would collapse totally. The difference between the Ukranians the armenians the rwandans and the holocaust is that the first 3 have actual mass graves that you can go to, and the other is merely a fleecing operation for billions.(also the first 3 you dont go to jail for questioning)
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c5b09340cd1376ecad9ce9e0665a59317511f66964dc730256ab0a33ad0de74e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e0db81cfbbd25eb4516952d474352158989eb432b3da3a3f659822a1f2e4e06.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1c6188353ddcfb2ab2352fde010eee2a7f98a6fb72d8745018c691f3a618e575.jpg
          The Red Cross was in all German work camps heres their total count of deaths in the camps, almost all typhus.
          Heres jews telling us we have to take unlimited refugees because the holocaust when they all know god damn well Isreal doesnt take a single one even though they border Syria. Isreal treats Palestinians worse then the Germans ever treated them.

  9. Western feminists only get agitated by rape by white males. When rape is committed by non-whites the crime goes in a different category like an unfortunate traffic accident.

    1. Western feminists only acts agitated by rape by white men. They actually want it to happen. They even make it up.

    2. For a feminist it’s consensual, because the rapist gave consent. Because the woman raped is western, and race trumps sex in the oppression scale, any refusal of sex from a western woman to a oppressed man is racial oppression.

    3. Western feminists know a proud Person of Color can’t rape them. That is why they allow it. Rape requires Institutional Power. Only a white man has privilege in society over a white woman, so that is rape. The refugee does not have privilege, so he is at worst committing a temporary suspension of female privilege.

  10. Send back all immigrants to their home countries. Start with Roosh. Send him back to Iran and let the Morality Police deal with his perversions.

      1. Here is King Darius father of Xerxes( you know 300) explaining that Persians are Aryans. They got watered down over the years for sure but Iran is no backwards shithole.
        I am Darius the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage. – See more at: http://www.iranchamber.com/history/darius/darius_inscription_naqshe_rostam.php#sthash.e0MOnDn9.dpuf

        1. Well it is on account of the Islamism but point taken. As a matter of fact, when I was working another job years ago there were two Persian gentleman who I served and I caught a little of their conversation. One was called Darius and the other Cyrus-as soon I indicated I knew that those were Persian names we got into a rather pleasant conversation and they effectively told me that many in Persia (they find the name ‘Iran’ abhorrent) are crypto-Muslims lest they be murdered and are Zoroastrians; I wished them a pleasant trip back and my hopes that sanity would somehow prevail there one day.

  11. Some of those syrian women arent bad looking. Olive skin, green eyes, etc. I would bet they are somewhat more mild mannered and know how to cook. Maybe we can trade? Accept some of those “legitimate” / well-meaning women, and in return, we send back some of the good-for-nothing somalis and pakistanis who are already here along with some of the indigenous fem-cunts and diggers who inhabit our land. Especially useless white women.
    Send them back along with Acbar and jabar, and she will gain a whole world of knowledge and experience and become a more well rounded individual after she’s introduced to actual ‘rape culture’ found in islam.

    1. Heres one thats welcome for sure, unfortunately like most white Syrians she actually likes her country (when were not fucking it up)

    2. I wouldn’t be a fan, they may look nice but the average Syrian IQ is 84, which would drag my kids IQ down hugely. This incidentally is the problem with white guys having kids with Thai’s or Philipinos who have an IQ of 91 and 86 respectively.

  12. On the contrary democracy is working perfectly in Germany. X years of left wing governments to destroy the country as fast as possible, followed by X years of right wing government to consolidate the degeneracy. Exactly how the jews planned mass democracy coupled with their control of the mass media.
    “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”-Adolf Hitler
    “When the day comes, we will not ask whether you swung to the right or whether you swung to the left; we will simply swing you by your neck.” –Robert Mathews
    This is what a race war looks like

  13. Besides a few left and right extremist groups, there’s no fight left in the Germans. They have been told to be timid little workers since grade 1. The majority will lube their butt before going to their job everyday and pay sky high taxes in order to feed the ‘refugees’. Maybe China will take a Canadian approach towards immigration, because they have some unoccupied cities? See here

  14. Part of the problem is that Europeans have become so divorced from hardship and the idea of using violence to defend the borders they cannot comprehend taking up arms to defend themselves. I really do fear for the future as the politicians walk hand in hand at remembrance rallies of dead citizens.

    1. I agree that it seems radical to the average German but civilisation is a thin veneer over our barbaric nature. The media are terrified to tell the truth over refugees and didn’t report the Cologne attacks for the very reason that they are terrified of provoking German people.
      White people in general will be nice for a very long time but once their patience snaps them woe betighted those who on the end of it.
      It is a travesty because in the end it will hurt the refugees more than if they were resettled in Arab countires.

  15. While I don’t disagree with the conclusions drawn by this article, in fairness to the German electoral system, it is orders of magnitude more favorable to small parties than is the U.S. systems. Germans with whom I have spoken consider the U.S. system to effectively disenfranchise large numbers of people who live in congressional electoral districts in which the opposite political party dominates. I used to live in the 8th Congressional District of Virginia. It was so heavily Democratic that there was virtually no point in Republicans going to the polls. That would not be the case in a German election.
    The 5% thresshold is to prevent small parties driving absurdly hard bargains to join coallitions. I think that the Israeli Knesset has this problem.

  16. The Germans will die unless they want to live. No one can clean up their house for them. They must clean their own house. It’s on them. It’s either die or face the challenge. The German people will emerge stronger. Fewer but stronger. Control your bitches German men. Muzzle those big mouthed ‘Brunhildes’. Never again let the traitors and jews plop a talking brunhilde head like Merkel on the end of a stick and dictate to you with it. THAT’S A JEW PUPPET HEAD you fools. Kids who watch cartoons and superstitious aboriginal pygmies fall for puppets and believe they’re real. YOU’RE GERMANS. You’re better than that. Shut your pie holes and get cleaning house. That’s an order!!

  17. Well, what good is a democracy if it doesnt even serve its ethnic majority?
    Engage nationalist revolution today

  18. Some questions for readers.
    What’s the worst city in Germany, generally, for this migrant problem? You can speak as either a citizen or tourist.
    What other cities in Europe/the US replicate these kinds of problems? What are your experiences?

    1. I think the cities in North Rhineland Westphalia such as Frankfurt, Cologne are really bad on account of the extant Turk population then factor in Berlin and then cities in Bavaria where they are entering and you have quite the situation. When I was Germany even as a kid I noticed a lot of them and was concerned not knowing what would transpire nowadays.

  19. A few facts that will make this migration a disaster:
    1) Syrian IQ averages 84 – most Syrians and their children will find it hard to be successful in a capitalist society. (1 point below American Blacks)
    2) Most immigrants are young men – Conservative estimates put it at 65% men, even if every other migrant was a woman (not a child) this means that 30% of the total migrants or 300,000 odd won’t have a Syrian woman to marry.
    Due to culture and IQ they are very unlikely to have success with the native women so this will creates a large army of young men plunging into genetic oblivion with very little to lose.
    3) There are so many that they will form ghettos – I sometimes forget my Chinese friend is Chinese because he was raised as the only Asian in a 99% White school. By contrast if you live in an immigrant Ghetto it is very unlikely you will integrate. Welfare will also ensure they don’t have to go out and integrate.
    4) Islam is anti-thetical to Western society – Islam is the religion of suffer now, enjoy the afterlife later and many pleasures the West partakes in are seen as wicked and blasphamous.
    All of these factors will combine to make a huge pool of angry young men who feel frustrated, discriminated against, and insulted by German culture and ready to be radicalised by ISIS who are most likely coming over with them.
    Merkel might just have started a war.

  20. The problem with those fucking nazis is that they are white. Nobody remember other atrocities that those committed by whites.

  21. Governments which fail to meet the needs of their people are destined to fall. Pas auf Frau Merkel!

  22. Europeans got used to live as poor as people in underdeveloped countries, now they will also live fearing for their lives 24/7 just like them, too!

  23. The euros are a dying breed. The victory at Tours seems to have only delayed things. Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.

  24. The cognitive dissonance on those who defend this invasion must be getting painful. Paris, Cologne, you guys are causing your own people harm. Your jobs is to protect your people. You’re fired! (Maybe Trump can tell them that when he wins….)

  25. Germany and the USA have been sending a message of Welcome. If we change the message to Not Welcome, the invasion will lessen. If we post machine guns at the border and shoot a few invaders they will get the message fast

  26. A 16 year old German girl posted a long heartfelt plea to German men, and her government to protect her from the harassment and fear she and her friends were experiencing at the hands of the colonists.
    Zuckerberg et al deleted it naturally. But some red pill guy captured it and its available.
    It was wrenching for any man to watch, and even I could not completely subdue my white knight instincts. But underneath, reality bubbled through. Before I could formulate my thoughts, a commenter stated the red pill response perfectly…
    “Okay, you want male protection. Male protection comes at the price of female deference. If you want to compete with (and displace) men in the job and education marketplaces, if you want women to be defense ministers, if you want to pursue a career at the expense of being a wife and mother, if you want income and status equality with men, if you want to ride the alpha cock carousel until your early thirties, then expect to find a beta male provider who’ll buy with a ring what you gave away free when you were younger and hotter,
    We cannot waiver on this. The tradcon feminist insistence that men capitulate to the entire feminist agenda, and also give them traditional deference, care, resources, and protection is one of the pillars holding up feminism.
    We must make plain that the price for our traditional behavior, is their ending the rebellion, and returning to traditional female behavior.
    No mercy, no quarter.

    1. So let me get this straight. An adult male responded to a 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL, who has quite possibly never had any sexual contact with anyone (and who, for all we know, isn’t a feminist and plans to wait until marriage to have sex), with the words “cock carousel”, and you’re praising him???

      1. He said if she grows up to ride it, quite a different think than you are trying to allege. A typical feminist tactic by the way.
        I suspect from your reaction that you are not familiar with the term common in red pill land to describe the behavior of most American women nowadays, so it may shock you. We speak plainly to shock men back to sensibility concerning themselves and women in our man hating, child abusing feminist society.
        He was exactly right. Women who behave in the manner he describes have absolutely no claim on the protection of men. And he laid out plainly the type of behavior that earns a woman the protection of men. Riding the carousel, and the other behaviors is disqualifying.
        An idea you might find shocking as well. We do not care if you are shocked. Our purpose is to bring men to awareness first, and perhaps to help those women questioning their feminism to realize what men actually think about their beliefs and behaviors.

        1. I don’t give two shits if he was telling her not to ride it in the future. All I care about is that he posted an obscene response to a minor who likely had no idea what his tirade was even about.

        2. He was not posting the response to her moron. He posted it on an anti-feminist site for adult males, commenting on the video and its appeal to German men to save German women from the mess they had created.
          A day after the Swedish government finally released the police reports about immigrant rapes and abuse of Swedish women (months after they occurred) prominent Swedish women took to the press to announce that the immigrants were not to blame, because all Swedish men were rapists and abusers, so singling out the immigrants was racist. Now that is speaking obscenity to minors.

  27. I think we all know that you can push the German people only SO far. Then look out.
    I believe that the origin of the WW2 atrocities began during the Weimar republic. The Germans were being bled white by the WW1 victors (primarily egged on by France). During the 20’s and 30’s the German economy was in ruins and I believe the message finally got through to the people that their extremely accomplished and vibrant culture might not survive. All they needed was someone like Hitler to give them hope and a possible way out – and they took it. They did all the mental adjustments to perform self justifications to save their DNA.
    So, these days, Germany is much richer, but economic danger is still lurking. Now, the insertion of Muslim immigrants is a threat to their society and DNA. This is a problem of their own making because the boomer generation in Germany is still trying to work off the bad karma of their “troubled past”. “Troubled past” is an expression often used by politicians of Merkel’s vintage;
    Should the problems of Muslim immigrants (who will never ever fit into German society) cause the Germans to fear the deterioration of their culture, then I can predict a violent response from some elements of German society. Look out!

  28. As a man whose native country was invaded by the Nazis, whose people were murdered by the Nazis Germans and Nazi Croats, I am appalled at people comparing those who simply want to preserve European culture to Nazis.
    Most people have a very cursory understanding of WWII, and invoke the Nazis for anything they don’t like.
    It is ironic that Nazism (Fascism) is remarkably more similar to Islam than it is to any other ideology.

    1. It’s also funny how liberal retards love to say Hitler was a conservative Christian when he was a national socialist with liberal tendencies who followed pagan occultism and new age philosophy. The very religion that so many liberal cucks follow (after atheism of course). Also as a eugenecists who’s ideals basically helped jump start Margaret Sanger’s campaign on killing babies through pp is conveniently forgotten.

  29. Fight to save what they have now ? No. Otherwise they would have already. The dynamic being left out is why would a German man fight to preserve being a cuckold. I’m sure feminism there ridicules him and belittles him as it does in the rest of the west. Imagine a man fighting to keep Merkel in power. As far as the German men are concerned there is nothing to fight for.

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