10 Hollywood Films For Men That Leave Today’s SJW Movies In The Dust

The following are personal reviews of some of my favorites films, covering the period of Hollywood cinema from 1992-2004, and there isn’t a loser in the bunch—not a single SJW-themed film can be found, and the overall entertainment and educational value is uncommonly solid.

In no particular order, here they are (check ’em out if you have some free time on your hands; you won’t be disappointed):

1. “Glengarry Glen Ross” (1992 – Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris)


Nobody writes dialogue like David Mamet. And nobody plays a ball-busting alpha male like Alec Baldwin; check out his monologue at the beginning of the film, and prepare to be knocked down a couple of pegs—no matter how macho you might think you are (“Always be closing. ALWAYS be CLOSING…this WATCH is worth more than your CAR”).

Pacino is undeniably fabulous as super salesman Ricky Roma, who lies his way to staggering real estate commissions, while preying on various Beta males’ emotions, hopes and dreams. Great cast, superb dialogue, intriguing plot, and a surprise ending.

2. “The Usual Suspects” (1995 – Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Chazz Palminteri)


Arch-criminal Keyser Soze rules the world—but which one of the myriad human chess pieces that he’s currently moving around the board, is actually his alter ego? Kevin Spacey steals the show as Verbal Kint, a cheap, mouthy, crippled grifter who gets completely under the skin—and all the way inside the head—of clueless Detective Dave Kujan (played by Chazz Palminteri).

Benicio Del Toro is hilarious in the role of Fenster, a mumble-mouthed, babbling, oft-confused thief, and the talented Del Toro skillfully tosses away his lines like used snot rags. Great script, great dialogue, great scenes, an incredible cast, and a bang-bang, totally unforeseen ending that is guaranteed to stun. (This is truly a real man’s movie, and that’s for freakin’ sure. No blue-pillers allowed.)

3. “Training Day” (2001 – Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn, Tom Berenger)


A story of corrupt cops in Los Angeles (is there any other kind?). The Three Wise Men rule the city, and everybody else just goes along for the ride—including rookie cop Jake Hoyt (played by Ethan Hawke), who tries to buck the system as he clings to his blue-pill beliefs and schoolboy morals.

Denzel Washington is right on point as the charmingly sociopathic Detective Alonzo Harris; the bathtub scene, featuring some frighteningly likable Hispanic gangbangers, as they coldly and menacingly prepare to blow Hoyt’s ass away, is worth the price of admission. The delicious Eva Mendes is sperm-boiling hot in a partially nude scene, which rounds things out nicely—just like her perfect ass.

4. “L.A. Confidential” (1997 – Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell)


More L.A. police corruption at the behest of the super-rich players who pull everybody’s strings in the City of Angels. Kim Basinger plays Lynn Bracken, a cock-loving, carousel-widened, has-been Hollywood whore, to absolute perfection, as numerous horny dudes bang her out—all while being surreptitiously photographed by slimy scandal-sheet publisher Danny DeVito for purposes of blackmail.

Great acting chops displayed all the way around, most especially by veteran character actor James Cromwell, who plays a police captain who is (surprise!) on the take—and then some. Russell Crowe is violently convincing as the anger-prone, white knight cop, Bud White, who falls hopelessly in love with Kim Basinger’s hot-girl-who-hits-the-wall character, as he kicks ass, breaks skulls, and doles out street justice at every available turn. (“Hush, hush…”)

5. “Breakdown” (1997 – Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh, Kathleen Quinlan)


How would you handle it if your wife, who isn’t your typical cock-carousel-riding, SJW cum-dumpster, suddenly vanished while the two of you were driving cross-country through good-ol’-boy, yahoo-infested, inbred-dipshit territory? Russell does what he has to do in order to find his missing wife and bring her back alive, and he’s bottom-line great as the white-collar husband who finds himself forced to bring out his rabid, inner wild animal, in order to survive and save the woman he loves.

The now-deceased J.T. Walsh is understatedly menacing as the ringleader of the white-slavery ring that plucks Russell’s wife (played by Kathleen Quinlan) right out from under his city-slicker nose. Unnerving tension, great action sequences, and solid performances by all involved.

6. “The Ninth Gate” (1999 – Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Emmanuelle Seigner, Lena Olin)


This unsettling film is flat-out creepy. Johnny Depp comes on strong as the outmanned, outgamed, rare-book dealer Dean Corso, but Frank Langella steals his thunder as the metaphysically inclined—and undoubtedly unhinged—Boris Balkan. Throw in an understated, haunting performance by smoking-hot Emmanuelle Seigner as the girl of Dean Corso’s recurring dreams (or is that nightmares), and a slutty, I-love-cock-but-I’ll-rip-your-heart-out performance by Lena Olin as the ruthless Liana Telfer, and you’re bound to be entertained right up to the extremely bizarre, highly inflammatory climax. No politically correct, SJW goings-on here: only greed, lust, betrayal and full-tilt horror.

7. “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead” (1995 – Andy Garcia, Christopher Walken, Treat Williams, Steve Buscemi)


Nothing cracks me up like the line, “Give it a name,” which basically pokes fun at scientists and other myriad “experts”, who give names to made-up bullshit, at the behest of rich oligarchs, who tell them exactly what to say in order to protect their nefarious scams. And this gold-plated one-liner recurs throughout this entertaining film, as we take a very bumpy ride with some colorful, lifelong Denver criminals, who agree to execute what they think will be one final job, which has been forcibly dumped on them by quadriplegic crime kingpin Christopher Walken.

Check out Treat Williams’ turn as Critical Bill, whose nickname stems from his unshakable habit of leaving nearly every single man with whom he bumps heads in critical condition. The seductive Gabrielle Anwar is hotter than Arizona in August, too, while maintaining a girl-next-door appeal that would make any Alpha male take a really hard second look.

8. “Seeing Other People” (2004 – Jay Mohr, Julianne Nicholson, Andy Richter, Bryan Cranston)


This film was widely bashed by critics, mostly because it was an independent film whose writers openly and mockingly made fun of liberal insanity. Around 2005, virtually all Hollywood movies started reeking of SJW chicanery, and, depressingly, that trend has only accelerated since that time. But this is a truly funny, richly dark comedy about real-life relationships in the age of liberal excess, along with its concomitant collection of ridiculous, self-centered, personal expectations.

Check out the scene where Mohr’s character, finally free from his clingy fiancee, hooks up with two hotties for a three-way and one of them wants to do him in the ass with a strap-on (uh, no thanks). Features top-notch performances by Mohr, Nicholson and Cranston.

9. “From Hell” (2001 – Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, Ian Holm)


A psychologically pummeling look at the Jack the Ripper killings, from an entirely refreshing perspective—and with a heavily Masonic bent. Johnny Depp absolutely nails it as the opium-addicted Inspector Frederick Abberline, who has a curious talent for seeing the future, especially while chasing the dragon (a euphemism for smoking opium).

Abberline refuses to bow to his Masonic overlords, even when his investigation leads him right to their heavily guarded halls of power, and he pays a heavy price all the way through this vivid, nightmarish ride. Avowed SJW Heather Graham, despite her brainwashed, liberal leanings, looks wholesomely fuckable as prostitute Mary Kelly.)

10. “The Machinist” (2004 – Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Ironside, John Sharian)


Lead actor Christian Bale lost a frightening amount of weight in order to play the part of Trevor Reznik, a skeletal, insomniac machinist who hasn’t slept in over a year. Slowly losing his sanity, Reznik posts reminder notes on his refrigerator door in a desperate attempt to compensate for his growing inability to remember things. His madness accelerating, Reznik comes to believe that someone—probably one of his co-workers—is out to get him, using a phantom employee named Ivan (played by John Sharian) as the point man.

This movie is a thoroughly riveting, totally harrowing ride, and Christian Bale is at the absolute top of his game, making most of his future turns in countless mainstream Hollywood schlock-fests, look absolutely lame in comparison.


Personally, if I have to watch one more promotional clip on TV for a god-awful SJW-themed Disney movie, or a childish superhero movie, or a lousy bathroom-humor comedy, I’m gonna vomit. (But thankfully, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching any of those actual films—and hopefully, neither would you.)

Hollywood 2

Hollywood takes its name from the wood of the actual tree that was originally used to make magician’s wands, and smoke-and-mirrors deception and misdirection, is what it’s definitely all about. Its current mission is obviously centered around the outright force-feeding of blue-pill concepts to naive moviegoers everywhere, while completely dumbing them down in the process

But you can fight back.

Don’t watch today’s mainstream Hollywood crap whenever you can avoid it, and start doing that soon. Ice down a few cold ones, rustle up some snacks, call up your hottest girlfriend (women will like most of these films, even if they are liberals), tell her to get the heck over to your place, and then kick back and watch a few of these 10, killer, lights-out, red-pill-male films instead.

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638 thoughts on “10 Hollywood Films For Men That Leave Today’s SJW Movies In The Dust”

  1. Some good choices. May I add some more:
    Apocalypse Now – every man should know and recognise the heart of darkness
    The Godfather – ultimate study of how power is cultivated
    The Prestige – the price AND necessity of dedication to one’s art

    1. +1 for Apocalypse Now. I’ve seen it nearly ten times and each time I pick up and learn something new. The heaviness of the mission Willard was given didn’t quite register with me until about the third or fourth time.

      1. The Kilgore character in Apoc Now was great, but I’d rather watch Patton 10x than Apocalypse Now as it has 100x Kilgore’s greatness.
        It also mocks lefty claptrap instead of embracing it…and it doesn’t come off as having been made and edited by folks who were strung out on LSD.

    2. Gran Torino
      Braveheart but mostly cause I’m Scottish. Back before Mel Gibson got banned from Hollywood.

      1. +1 for Gran Torino – an entertaining movie on the surface but also a great illustration of the virtues of traditional conservative values such as hard work, masculinity, loyalty, self-reliance and judging others by their character

        1. That Oscar-bait ending though.
          The ending didn’t seem very plausible, since Clint’s character was what gave the beta Hmong their backbone. In his absence, they would’ve reverted to “prey” for the gangs.
          Still a solid movie. Especially as the “imperialist” tone (it takes an old white guy to save a whole host of Asians) irks lefties.

        2. Here’s what I couldn’t figure out about Gran Torino. When the gang starts fucking with the girl’s family, the policeman says something like, “Nobody will talk, the Hmong don’t rat.” But in the end, after Eastwood is shot, they rat – “We’ve got witnesses this time”. In that neighborhood where Eastwood is shot, it’s all Hmong. You can see them in the windows. WTF? Either people rat or they don’t – which is it. I guess it depends on making the ending fit the desired result, and continuity and plausibility don’t really matter, kind of like a woman telling a beta simp where she’s been and what she’s been doing all night.

        3. That got stuck in my craw too about the movie.
          My take on it was that Clint Eastwood had inspired such reverence in among the Hmong that they would be so broken up over his murder that they’d “Start Snitchin’” to the cops.
          But it seems far more likely IMO that the meek Hmong, having just seen their hero slain by the gang, would revert to being the subservient “sheeple”, who were too afraid of the gang to rat them out to the cops, that they were before.

        4. My take : when the gang killed a white man, they crossed a line and the neighbors turned on them. You can say it’s “racism” or “privilege”, but when white people start getting killed, you know the cops will bring a shitstorm down on an area.

        5. I’m not so sure that cops in the hood care when a white guy who chooses to live there gets whacked by the “indigenous population”.
          For example, there was an affluent white woman (Molly Macauley) who was recently stabbed to death in Baltimore by thugs. So far as I can tell, the cops and the media haven’t paid the incident much mind.
          The movie made it seem like the Hmong, who had lived in squalor and fear for generations, suddenly grew courage and conscience because they hung around Clint Eastwood for a spell.
          Maybe an alpha like Eastwood’s character can “alpha-ize” other men, like how a magnet can magnetize normal iron, but to overcome so much beta-ness in so short of time, and for the “magnetization” to last for so long after Clint was gone seems like a stretch.
          Though I’ll admit that if Clint’s character had gone down in a blaze of glory, instead of committing “suicide by thug”, I would’ve been too impressed with the cool factor of it to notice any of this.

        6. I think what was meant was that the younger generations don’t rat because they’re the ones who mostly witnesses the crimes.
          The murder of Eastwood in the end was witnessed by many families, and probably other Hmong families who knew him through his neighbours.

        7. Could be. It’s really hard to write a script where there are zero holes. I have done continuity work in film. Basically, you sit around with a bunch of dudes (it used to be that way; women with pink hair are doubtlessly involved now, although they tend to not be able to think as critically as men, so if they are part of that now, they are brought in to make the liberal staffers happy), and you watch the film a few times, looking for holes, inconsistencies, etc., that you might be able to fix in post (meaning in post-production). The ones I sat in on, you always found things like this. But you can’t go back and reshoot the scene for something that’s trivial. “Let’s get Eastwood back, now that he’s in Guatemala, and shoot this again.” It’s kind of amazing to me how many films have glaring inconsistencies and obvious blunders. For instance, the film is set in Los Angeles and a scene features a guy on a pay phone and the phone has a sticker on it that reads, “Illinois Bell”. That kind of thing. Aw hell, it’s just entertainment. But hopefully it’s not cheap entertainment, and that’s where we are at these days. Cheap, SJW-themed bullshit, over and over. Today it’s all about indoctrination. Creating perception. Social engineering. It always has been that way, they have just accelerated the process to the point where it’s mind-numbingly over the top…

        8. I would offer this reasoning for the ending of Grand Torino (which will offend leftists just as much).
          Asian people are very community oriented. The “other” is usually avoided at all costs. When I studied for my 5 weeks backpacking around Japan, I learned that the Samurai made “getting involved” in anything to be a death sentence that the Japanese will just avoid confrontation or whatever is going down than try to help/do something. This obviously can’t be transferred to every Asian, but there is a general sense of conformity to the mass and anything outside that mass is treated as if it did not exist.
          Second, RESPECT is a MASSIVE Asian cultural trait. People who earn RESPECT in a community gain a lot of power. (Pretty much universal, but Asia in particular focuses on it and gives it prestige.)
          Clint’s character may have been racist, offensive and completely out of touch to our liberal safe-space ways, but he entered the community of the Hmong and EARNED their respect.
          Thus… his sacrifice was predicated on KNOWING that the Hmong, like his generation (The Silent), would ACT when someone of character and respect in the community is violated BEYOND the acceptable boundaries of social deviancy and corruption. (i.e. Even if you are a gang, you LIVE here and there are things/ways that will NOT be tolerated.)
          Secondly, Clint Eastwood showed you CAN stand up to these people, and like most heroes, it takes the death of someone with courage to fight injustice to have justice done.
          Those are my thoughts anyway.

        9. An old POLISH white guy. Fuck the SJW’s I hope they shit their pants at this movie.

      2. Gran Torino have a big problem: the multicult aspect. The deep message of that movie is literally that the white man must offer his life for the non whites.

        1. That wasn’t quite the point. He was about to punch his ticket anyhow, so he chose a more productive path than palliative care.
          He could’ve taken some of the thugs with him though.
          It would’ve been better if Clint’s character had channeled some Simon too when he was going “full Jesus”.

        2. His character served in the Korean War with the First Team. It’s not like he hadn’t done that before. The message I got for it that it’s better to die on your feet for something then to die in bed for nothing.

        3. And from his standpoint, he had nothing left. His wife died. His friends were dead. The neighborhood he lived in and knew for most of his life was gone. He’s retired, but that plant he worked at was probably moved to Mexico. His family were a bunch of ungrateful parasitic good-for-nothings who couldn’t be bothered to dress appropriately during the mother/grandmother’s funeral.

        4. My take on it is that it serves as a “family runs deeper than blood” sorta aspect. And for the record, I’m as anti-multicult as they come.
          He found that his neighbours, whom he shares nothing in common with, gave him more respect than his own family did.
          He was also looking for a way to atone for his past actions, but sacrificing himself for a cause he believed in rather than one he didn’t.

        5. Its also a condemnation on the current state of affairs of the White family.
          His family represents the worst and all too common traits of White families, while the Hmongs still exhibit a traditional approach.
          If anything, Gran Torino is shaming White people for their sheeple behaviour.

        6. Not only shaming, but rather opening our eyes to as you said “the current state of affairs of the white family”.
          But is that such a bad thing? The lesson being Whites should learn to revert back to some traditional approaches to family.

        7. You are definitely reaching here. There is Red Pill… but it is not everywhere and not 100% in everything. If anything, the multicultural aspect of the film INSULTS the whole idea of “equality” because it shows western culture degenerating to such a pathetic state, a man of the Silent Generation has to turn to Asians to find people of CHARACTER who are respectful, good and moral individuals.
          There will ALWAYS be tribal lines, and the biggest one is human decency and moral character. THAT… is why this film is such an incredible watch and also WHY only a man like Clint Eastwood could get it green lighted and filmed. NO ONE in SJW Hollywood would do a film like this.

      3. Gran Torino good call… Check out David Mamet’s film about Jui Jitsu –“Red Belt”. Also any film by Sam Peckinpaugh is 100 proof, distilled red pill….

        1. Red Belt was decent, but could the movie have been made with a white man playing the main character instead of Chiwetel Ejiofor?

        1. A man who chose to die in an incredibly gruesome way for his cause rather than kneeling into servitude or giving up. I’d say that’s red-pill.

        2. And cucks the mother fucking King of England in the process.
          I mean fucking A, it was Red Pill on the half shell.

      4. Another fine Scottish film: Rob Roy.
        Brutally violent and very red pill; even though Jessica Lange’s character has a will of iron she must endure the harsh reality of violence and aggression. Nobody emerges from the violence unscathed. Liam Neeson plays Rob Roy as a man of strength and devotion, caught up in events beyond his control and doing what he has to to protect his own. Tim Roth is excellent as his cold blooded nemesis.
        Gibson’s film was great but this underappreciated film is exceptional.

        1. 200% better. It does not “Hollywood” the idea of justice and freedom from elite terror. No rally cry with the shooting unit helpers running around with bull horns and signs that read “Make lots of noise.” Just Liam, Tim and a sword fight to death.

        2. I’m ashamed that I’ve never heard of this film. I’ll be watching this soon! Thanks for the recommendation.

    3. Apocalypse Now?
      IMO that needs to be distilled down to just the scenes featuring Colonel Kilgore. The rest of the movie, the pretentious left-wing claptrap, ain’t worth the time.

    1. Most dystopian stories are very red pill. Especially 1984, the cold hard truth of George Orwells fictional socialist super-state is incredible and nightmare inducing.

    2. Between that and Office Space, Mike Judge has made a couple of great movies that are frighteningly accurate with their portrayals of real life.

      1. Mike Judge is also one of the only Americans who would dare to make a comedy that’s pro small business like Extract. The boss was more likeable than his dimwit employees.

        1. I strongly suspect that he’s on “our side”. I have a libertarian-ish friend who is actually friends with him and I’ve been more or less told that Judge is on the up and up.

        2. Oh yeah, I forgot about that movie. The scene where he tells off all of his employees was golden. And the one with Gene Simmons as the shady lawyer.

        3. I’d believe judging by things I’ve read and heard. It is just a shame he no longer has the same influence on popular culture now that he did two decades ago.

        4. I think he is. Beavis and Butthead did feature two morons, but they did mock their SJW teacher, Van Driessen, and they were the best reviewers of music videos on MTV.
          There was also King of the Hill. Despite having a major character flaw (He was a Dallas Cowboys fan), he was always befuddled by political correctness. When confronted by it, he would either shake his head, or say, “I’m going to kick your ass!”.

      1. I once remarked that I felt like I was in a John Carpenter film. When asked I replied They Live. Heh, the guy got nervous after I said that.

      2. That’s a classic-the fight scene along was tremendous but the themes and how it was executed is scarily prescient to what a cesspool today now is.

      3. Fuckin preach. Carpenter flicks are always solid, even if they are a challenge.

      4. I for one could never quite get into They Live as I first heard its signature line as

        It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of gum!

        which blows the movie’s original version away in both phrasing and delivery

        I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum

        It’s still a movie worth recommending IMO.

    3. It also features a more functional Cabinet, and more capable President, than what the USA currently has.

  2. I would also add “Heat” to this list. “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk
    out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” That’s some red pill outcome independence way ahead of it’s time.

    1. That was the greatest heist flick of all time. Hell, the diner scene between Pacino and Deniro alone was worth the price of admission.

        1. Sandwiches, a Thermos of coffee. Maybe an apple and a good book to read. Probably Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky.

    2. Also the relationship between Al’s crazy ex wife and her new sissy husband haha, great flick. Seriously though a hammer drill will overheat in seconds if you wrap it in insulation to dampen the noise, which, is actually coming from the bit hitting against the wall anyways… Looked great and sounded even better. Check out how those guns sound the next time you watch it. Danny’s solid in that too.

  3. This movie would make my top 10 every time. If you haven’t seen it, please do.

    1. cuck on a red lives matter mission is pretty damn SJW, though there may some tranny red lipstick on that blue pill

      1. The script could be very compelling, the directing might be world class, but there are some people I simply won’t give my money to.

      2. The Revenant was…ok…. Hollywood took massive liberties with the True story of Hugh Glass. My father read a book about Hugh Glass (The Saga of Hugh Glass) and we had a Conversation about it. He said Hugh Glass didn’t even have an Indian son, and that Hugh Glass crawled across Alaska, not to avenge his dead Indian son (who didn’t exist in real life), but to get back his Musket from a guy who took it from him( a musket Hugh built himself), after he was left for dead from the Grizzly bear attack. A story about a Man crawling half dead through the Alaskan wilderness to get his Gun back, is probably a little to masculine for most limp wristed fags making movies today, and of course having a scene where a white Man kills an Indian boy is much better suited in liberal Hollywood, so the “retrieving the Gun” script was scraped in favor for the “remember our evil white heritage” plot. The True story of Hugh Glass is one of Ultimate Endurance, with pirates, cannibals, Indians burning a guy alive, and of course Hugh surviving the Alaskan Frontier half dead after a bear attack all alone..much of the true story is completely different then the movie, with very little of the movie actually being true.

        1. This is very true. I read the real story before the movie was even thought up.
          The scene with the “evil french rapists’ the ‘indians get their revenge’ all screamed that this movie was Pozzed like all the others.

        2. It’s to bad Hollywood always has to go down that road of inventing stuff to suit their agenda, instead of telling the story like it actually is. The Bear Mauling scene, and the scene where Hugh eats the Buffalo he finds, were the only parts of the movie that were true , according to what my father said, and in the Buffalo scene an Indian was included, but in real life Hugh ate the Buffalo by himself and there was no Indian present, so even that scene in the movie, is only half true.

        3. Yeah I wonder why (((Hollywood))) keeps pushing the White guilt angle. Hmm. I cant figure out why they do it. If there was only one common trait they shared that would help us understand why…

  4. Going Red Pill has definitely lessened my ability to enjoy new movies. What’s even more annoying is that the anti-male, anti-white, pro-degenrate propaganda is so incredibly blatant, yet it goes far over everyone’s head and nobody seems to notice it.
    We are truly living in an era of insanity.

    1. Creed did a great job of avoiding that. Nothing in the film takes away from Rocky Balboa, and the themes were perfectly in step with the original Rocky film.

        1. Creed is good movie with no SJWs bullshit. At it core about man look to follow his father’s footsteps through hard work and trying move away from his father’s shadow. The movie also stress the needs of fathers. Adonis is growing up more with Rocky’s guidance.

        2. Meh. Maybe I would be less skeptical if there weren’t sooooo many movies that erase the White character for a non White. IE Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Conan, etc..
          On it’s own perhaps the movie has merit but, in the context of what I described it gets tiring.

        3. Its fucking annoy trend in movies today. It takes away from the characters and plot, to become Sunday morning sermon given by hypocrites. I know saw any of that in Creed. Rocky is never pushed aside or erase from the movie. He is major pillar of strength that Adonis needs in his life. The movie is one of few gems that is produced in the cesspool of Hollywood today.

        4. The SJWs should be more offended by Creed — a white man solving the problem of black men that black people can’t solve!

        5. I’m just not sure it would have worked with Sylvestor Stallone as the lead…
          Besides, black men have dominated boxing for decades. If anything, the original Rocky movie turned reality on its head by making Rocky the Great White Hype.
          But you know what? I enjoyed it and didn’t spend time whining that the white guy beat up the black guy.

        6. ” black men have dominated boxing for decades”
          I think that’s because a lot of white guys were more interested in football.
          White people would probably dominate Boxing if there were more whites interested in Boxing.
          In MMA there are only 3 black fighters that I can think of (Jon Jones, Anderson SIlva, Kimbo Slice but I know that theres more). Most dominant MMA fighters are white.

        7. You don’t have to make excuses for white guys mate I’m just stating a relevant fact. The “why” is not important.

        8. My grandpa says things like this, ‘if only they had a basketball team of all white guys they would rule …’
          If this were true then all the teams would be all white guys

        9. You guys are missing the point. The plot hinged on Rocky being the white hype idiot loser that stood no chance. It was not about a legitimate white contender. That is why Rocky, right from the start, was not shooting for victory but for going the distance. He knew he stood no chance. This makes the plot and the character totally true to life.

        10. What about the Klitschko brothers? I don’t follow boxing much, but wasn’t one of them a champion for close to a decade?

        11. Is you crazy?? Heavyweight boxing has been dominated by Whites by over a decade. Boxing has become LESS black not more.

        12. I don’t watch sports.
          Have you heard of sampling bias ? ‘Statistics’ means you compare the total number of heavyweight boxers to their breakdown by race, and see if there is a statistically significant correlation between race and being good at boxing. It doesn’t mean that you take a sampling of your favorite and pretend it represents a trend. This is the kind of tunnel vision that makes both the left and right impervious to facts.

        13. so you dont watch sports but, you have the audacity to opine on them? And to a guy why makes his living through a contact sport.
          You are ridiculously ignorant on this matter. Whites have dominated heavyweight boxing of recently. Arguing otherwise proves your ignorance and bias.

        14. Making a living in sports is not relevant to the statistics, which you have not provided.
          Not sure why you care either way? I guess white people are good at swimming, black people are good at running, etc … Anyone who pays even casual attention sees such trends, so if you want to argue against experience and common sense, the burden is on you to provide numerical evidence.

        15. Incidentally I just spent a few minutes clicking on historical champions on Wikipedia, I do see some Slavic champions recently, though it looks to me that more than half of champions since 1980 are black

    2. Old movies are full of SJW shit too. We don’t see it because we’re not looking for it, but It’s there.

      1. Yeah, what I meant was that nowadays when I go to the movies, I see it more than before because I’m more aware now than I used to be.

        1. Now it tends to be the focus of the movie. It is so blatant and so over the top you feel like you’re being bludgeoned with it.

        2. It happens in Polish TV shows now too….in Rancho there is a lot of blatant EU-phillic stuff….like accepting EU funding for certain projects…

      2. Yeah but there’s also at least solid dialogue in smoke filled titty bars and people getting called fags so you take the smoke with the fire sometimes.

      3. Yes, you are right, but they weren’t so preachy about it. Even “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance” had an SJW scene, where the great John Wayne insists the local bar serve his negro ranch hand. But on the other hand, Pompie was a loyal and polite servant, not an uppity loudmouth like the characters Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson play.

    3. It’s a blessing and a curse; my capacity to watch television, listen to the radio or experience any exposure to the mass media has diminished to about 30 seconds before walking away with disgust or having to purify myself for being exposed to such filth.

    4. Its taking over everything. I was watching Marco Polo the other day and this tiny little girl was beating up big strong men. Men that I would pause before fighting.
      I thought, wtf is this? Ridiculous.

      1. I stopped watching TV about the time “Zena-Warrior-princess” crapola was coming on board. Good to see I haven’t missed much.

        1. That sucks. Try a google search for “The Death of Xena”. Its well worth two minutes of your precious time.

        2. Horrible acting, and horrible cinematography. Don’t think I missed much from this series.

      2. The cop-out is ‘Girls need role models.’ So here’s a woman doing something X>95% of men can’t do.

        1. Its like I said to my chick the other day. Shows like this are going to get women killed.

        2. It’s comical how the girls are almost always attractive too. So these Lululemon-wearing Hydro Flask-carrying cunts are supposed to clobber WHO, exactly???

      3. Haha sounds like the average horror and action movie now. All with that recycled token female character who can somehow overpower everything thrown at her.

        1. No kidding. If “Halloween” was made today it would depict Jamie Lee Curtis roundhouse kicking Michael Meyers out of the second floor window.

        2. The only Michael Meyers she could roundhouse kick is the Michael Meyers from Wayne’s World and even that would be a massive stretch of the imagination.

        3. Netflix is hog wild on the “Kung Fu Princess” theme with their Marvel stuff. That Iron Fist had this short, soft fertile fleshed, wide hipped, small upper body framed half Asian girl enter this cage match with with this Hulk like male fighter and overpower him. And she’s not supposed to be a super hero or anything, just the Iron Fist’s love interest. Really preposterous. Same as the awful “Sense 8″ by the insane Transvestite Wachowski Brothers, another small 4’11” stick and bones Asian chick beats the hell out of a full grown male professional fighter. Of all the transgendered crap being forced down our throats, the segment of that scene of straight men transitioning to become “lesbians” has to be the sickest part of it all. They can’t even make the claim to have a woman’s brain in a man’s body, as such a person would be gay like the Crying Game dude. People like the Wachowski Brothers and Bruce Jenner are just really sick in the head dudes in need of a shrink who tells them to man up and try to suppress their sick fantasies, not live them out and shame themselves and their families.

      4. I think some women actually believe this stuff. Whats worse some MEN believe it too and cower to a woman.

      5. And the warrior guy says to the ‘female warrior’, “why did you let me win, I know you would have beaten me” (or something along those lines). I stopped watching the series right after that.

      6. Man, that was ridiculous, I saw it with my own eyes.. you’re talking about the scene where the skinny inny-bitty-titty mongol chick shows off her fighting skill by beating every heavy soldier on the military camp and no one can beat her beacause girl power, right? (and then Marco comes and take her inside the tent and almost fuck her)…
        There’s an even more absurd “girl power” moment on that series but I won’t tell it to avoid spoiling the series if you haven’t watched it yet… just be prepared for more..

        1. Yeah there are more foolish moments in the second series. And don’t get me started on the “strap-on” scene.

        2. But she the princess of the Golden Horde (they end up taking over and ruling over Russia) and she’s mongolian!!! They’re not your average asian they’ll kick your butt! Lol that scene aside, I gotta admit the series is pretty cool. I enjoyed watching both of the seasons. There hasn’t been a modern show that really showed how the mongols truly were. And the history buff in me has loved every bit.

      7. Yeah. I hate that trope. I dug up the Ducktails reboot for my kids, and not only did the little girl beat up an armed criminal, but the 3 ducks discussed their absent mother. Now my kids can’t watch more, or they’ll start asking about their absent mother.

      8. The character who is a mother an use his mother instinct to kiss ass is somewhat Relatable (Ellen ripley Aliens, Beatrix kiddo from Kill bill) I can imagine a woman going to the extreme for their progeny, but now the woman kicking ass is a sterile woman with no kids (Black widows, Avengers), I guess that´s one of the reason leftist hate the new Jurassic park movie, the career woman end his life of corporal achievements for her family and she was driven by pure mother instinct to save the kids, Family was seen as a good thing and being a corporate slave was seen as wrong and unfulfilling, two great NO NO for the feminist GOGIRLism.

    5. Yeah… trully. An era ir people bitching all the time about how they are being treated wrong… an era of people thinking they are better than the other sex, even though they are so fucking dumb… an era of crying little babies who can only say stupid shit… an era of… man’s right little bitches…
      Dear god… how much can a man cry because he doesn’t get things his own narrow minded way?… Jesus, you are such bitching little kids…

    6. The metophor of the ‘Red Pill’ just keeps becoming more real. Now people are going to see that talking-poop movie. Is this supposed to soften the blow for sodomy? Were they all sitting around a table asking, “how can we get people to be more okay with poop?”

    7. I have had the same experience. I just went to see the new Spiderman movie and several of the classic characters who were white have been changed to brown including Mary Jane. And to add insult to injury Mary Jane is now a SJW. I just couldn’t enjoy the movie entirely because of it. I’m finding it harder and harder to find entertainment that I like these days.

    8. I saw On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, there was a scene where James Bond was viewing a Playboy magazine in front of a woman in an elevator. You can’t do stuff like that today. He also spanked his love interest in the movie, again something that is a giant no no today. The movie came out in 1969 and many people hated it because it did not have Sean Connery, but today many Bond fans consider it one of the best, if not the best James Bond film. It was the first that finally had the character Ernst Stavro Blofeld was portrayed perfectly by Telly Savalas.
      Gosh I would trade my left testicle to be time warped back to 1969.

    9. George Clooney gave a speech a few years ago about privileged white males to a mostly white audience in Paris France. Kettle calling pot black.

  5. Good enough choices. Prefer 70s/80s.
    I’d recommend- The Quick and the Dead- High Plains Drifter- Paris, Texas- Duel (70s version with John Weaver)- Wall Street- Trading Places- Alien- The Night of the Hunter (1950s version)- Both Cape Fears- The Cruel Sea- Sink the Bismarck- Sleuth (1971 version with Micheal Cain and Sir Lawrence)- Brazil- The Long Weekend (Weird Australian outback movie from the 1970s)- The Last Picture- My Cousin VinnyThe Wicker Mad (70s version)- Groundhog Day- 2001- Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s version)- California Suite- Easy Rider- The Revenant.

      1. Thanks, I’m a bit of a movie buff, it’s one my favorite escapes from reality! I become totally absorbed in a brilliant movie, it’s like a great book in that it stays with you for years.

  6. I would add “the thin red line”, “Patton”, “unforgiven”, “catch me if you can” and absolutely as below, Heat.

  7. Dude, you left out Fight Club, I hereby sentence you to 30 days watching Sex And The City.

      1. One must suffer mightily for such transgressions.
        Judge Confederate don’t even play the radio.

  8. Sicario is a must see–probably my favorite Benecio del Toro film. Much better than Savages, which celebrated two best friends cucking one another, who then risk their lives white-knighting to save the bitch who hamsterizes why it’s perfectly acceptable to be taking both of their cocks…although Blake Lively does make my wood grow like Pinocchio. Also, how the hell did Gladiator not make this list?
    For horror movie fans, I’d recommend The Descent, which shows just how incompetent and back-stabbey women become in a crisis situation. Plus it’s loaded with gore. The Evil Dead franchise, including the show, is great entertainment. Bruce Campbell was built to play the role of Ash.
    One movie I caught on a rainy day that kind of surprised me was Paper Towns. While the bulk of the movie is loaded with blue pill bullshit, the ending made up for it when the main character learned a harsh lesson about pedestalizing pussy.
    Other movies I’d recommend: Lord of War, 310 to Yuma, Casino (if you want to see just how badly a bitch can fuck your shit up), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (for some fat shaming fun and, most of all, watching Leonardo DiCaprio play a retard).

    1. Casino is an excellent movie, better than Goodfellows, but not quite Taxi Driver.

      1. Agreed. I live in Vegas now, so it’s nice to be reminded of the mob days. Crazy times back then.

        1. Statistically, Las Vegas had a lower crime rate when it was ruled by the mob.

        2. That’s what I’ve heard. Plus the mob run casinos took better care of their customers. Now I have to gamble a fortune just to get a free buffet.

        3. I love the Joe Pesci character as he’s such a psycho grease ball who’s really well counter-balanced by Deniro’s detached and cool mobster role.
          The ending with the music from the closing of Saint Matthew’s passion is a stroke of genius on the part of Martin Scorsese.

        4. Enrico Colantoni’s character in Person of Interest was right: crime was better all around when it had rules as imposed by the mob.

    2. 310 to Yuma? The movie where the craven beta simp who is haunted by his beta past (played by Christian Bale) ends up “winning” because the alpha gang leader takes extreme pity on him?
      I can’t say I get that recommendation.

      1. I love westerns, so there’s that. I also enjoy how Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) doesn’t give a damn. He’s playing them. He could escape at any time, could get whatever he wants, but he’s just enjoying the ride. He lets Dan have one because yes, Dan is a sad character indeed. It is a good lesson in the falsity of blue pill views. Dan swallowed it whole. As a result, his wife can barely stand to look at him. His son hates him. And the guys in town run roughshod over him.
        At the end, he finally nutted up and made his own demands (extra money/protection for his family) and withstood the gunfire of an entire town. That took some balls. It’s the first time he showed balls all movie, and although he died, he gained his son’s respect at the end. And the winner of the whole thing? Ben Wade. He alleviated what little conscious he had, put himself on the train, but had an escape plan that was unlikely to fail. The alpha won.

        1. Dunno, it grated on me that Crowe’s alpha character spent the entire movie toying with everyone without enough reason for it being given.
          It reminded me of how The Joker toys with Batman, or how the assassin in In the Line of Fire allowed himself to be offed by Clint Eastwood’s character.
          Crowe could’ve escaped at any time. He could’ve avoided the big shootout at the end.
          But he chose to drag out his escape and engage in a harrowing adventure that culminated with him killing all of his own men just so he could dupe Bale’s beta into feeling good about himself…why?

        2. I think it boiled down to him having some respect for the simple life of a rancher. He genuinely liked Dan because he was a hard worker trying to do right by his family, and although weak and downtrodden, was a likable guy. Plus a big reason Dan was in his position was mostly due to 1) Bad luck and 2) Corrupt businessmen. Sure, he made his own decisions that got him there in the first place by taking a gamble on a loan, but after that he never had much of a chance once they shut off his water supply.
          At the end, Wade never intended on killing his men, just getting on the train and escaping on his way to Yuma. But they killed Dan, who provided a link to his conscience. It was an act of rage when he killed his men, which he would have never done had they not gunned down Dan. His whole purpose was to give a guy who’d experienced a long string of bad luck the chance to be a hero, if only to save his ranch and gain the respect of his son.

  9. How does”Seeing Other People” get on the list? Man with less attractive fiance agrees to allow her to sleep with other men before their wedding.

    1. Basic Instinct should make the list too. I bet your heart missed a beat when you saw this too.
      SS was hot back then.

      1. This whole pantyless thing must have been a shocker back in the day, especially considering even middle school girls and 50 something hags walk around with their asscheeks out nowadays.

        1. I saw some broad at the gym one day stretching out on the mat with ripped yoga pants that revealed part of her crotch. lol

      2. Emphasis on “back then”. Reminds me of 90s Jeri Ryan (back before she ensured barack 0bama’s election…).
        I saw SS on the much more recent Agent X TV show and both her looks and acting chops had taken their leave 🙁

        1. True, it’s a shame because she was actually quite a good actress before the coke fucked her up.

  10. The Maltese Falcon is another good one if you are looking for a classic Hollywood film.

    1. Most Film Noir movies from the 40s and 50s were really good and red pill(I’d also recommend some film noir movies from the 30s, particularly the Fritz Lang ones).

  11. Maybe “The Hunted” and ” The Book of Eli” can be added to the list?? or at least recommended

    1. At least you didn’t say the Shinning. Overrated toss in my humble opinion, can’t understand the universal raving about this movie.

    2. Don’t know about The Hunted (haven’t seen it), but Book of Eli was very underrated IMO.
      Might be Denzel’s best movie.

  12. The most Red Pill, anti-SJW franchise is Planet Of Apes (I admit I haven’t seen the newer movies though). Fortunately, it’s too deep for SJWs to ever consider it a threat.

      1. I got married in Scotland, and purchased my kilt for the event in the same shop that Charlton Heston frequented. They had pictures of him on the wall with the sales associates whom I was dealing with personally.
        It was pretty fucking cool.

  13. We are going to murder those Hun bastards by the bushel!- Patton.
    Any of you sons of bitches takes a shot at me, I will kill you, all your friends and burn your damn house down!- Unforgiven.
    I would think Hollywood in the 21st century wouldn’t allow lines like that lol

  14. Braveheart
    Last of The Mohicans
    Black Hawk Down
    13 Hours
    7 Samurai
    The Thing (Kurt russell)
    Aliens (tastefully done female lead)
    Terminator 1/2
    Legends of The Fall ( serious red pill stuff happening in this one. Everything from distrusting the Government and a Man living an untamed life , to how an Alpha affects women. )

    1. Legends of The Fall is a gem, kind of sad and tragic too. Have to say much prefer Alien to Aliens…so eerie the music alone makes you feel that you’re light years away from Earth.

      Kind of liked The War of the Worlds version by Stephen Spielberg, very grim, but powerful and very red pill in its own way.

      1. Alien is a great movie , the slow build of the film, with each scene paced with masterful patience. The vast emptiness of space creating an atmosphere of what it means to be truly alone, and a single Alien creature killing off a helpless crew, one by one. Great film

        1. Add to that the fact that, when it came out, Sigourney Weaver was an unknown. They set up a strong captain (played by the well-known Tom Skerritt), then had the alien rip him to pieces.
          In ’79, nobody saw that coming.

        2. I didn’t know that .So the audience would have thought Skerritt was probably going to survive, and the unknown Sigourney , was probably going to die. Pretty clever.

        3. It’s sad RS has gotten to the point of ‘I’m Ridley F-ing Scott, and I can do whatever the F-ck I want!’

        4. It’s more like a play I sometime think with the slow pace that allows the characters to develop as real people and that sense of confinement within the hull of the ship, even it’s background nosies sound like a heart beating.. Nowadays, as a Director you wouldn’t get away with having a movie where there was no alien or nobody getting spliced in the most dramatic and cheap way within the first 60 minutes, quite amazing, but, the audiences were much more sophisticated back in 79.

      2. I also liked Alien over Aliens as well, and I am of the astoundingly unpopular opinion that Aliens wasn’t even that great of a movie, and inferior in every way to the first one.

        1. Enjoyable 80s flick, but I never believed for a second that humping a mini-gun plus ammo up and down rough terrain was even feasible for anyone– including Jesse Ventura.

        2. Well, they’d all be deaf after the first fire fight as well. My plugs fall out for a single iteration, and I’m halfway deaf with ringing ears for at least a day or two.

        3. True. Plus they didn’t seem to bring any water or food with them. Good luck drinking out of those bacteria filled streams without iodine tablets.

        4. Why not? He was able to conserve strength because, as it turns out, he didn’t have time to bleed.

    2. Add 13 Hours to the list. A handful of strong men face the brutal realities of the conflict in the Muslim world when their own government (Hillary) does nothing.

        1. Nah, it just reminded me that so many white guys throw away their lives for a corrupt gov’t.

    3. The Thing makes my top ten every time…. classic suspense/horror movie. Never get tired watching it….. and the effects surpass many of todays….

      1. Something about that film didn’t click for me. It could be because I watched it right after Alien and Poltergeist, but it just didn’t wow me.
        Not saying the movie wasn’t great, but it doesn’t make the top of my list.

      2. They screwed the pooch with the remaquel, particularly by removing the practical effects.

        1. The 1st one is an absolute classic, a must-watch. The second one is decent, but it pales in comparison.
          I’d definitely recommend it. If you’re watching the one where they shoot down a helicopter at the very beginning, you’re in the right place.

    4. Predator 2 as well. When at the end one of the predators gave him the flintlock pistol from the 1700’s meaning that they has been there for at least a couple hundred years.

      1. I have no idea what’s canon in that universe anymore, but Predators have been around since humanity existed. They taught humans how to build and create, and essentially upped them from lesser primates.

        1. It has something modern films rarely to never have–real, palpable TENSION and drama. The fear of something invisible and the doubt of each of your friends and colleagues. It’s similar to Alien, but done even better here.

        1. Oh there is only one, the 1980s animatronic version directed by John Carpenter. That thing terrified me! Great psychological thriller reminescent of Aliens. You never know who is infected and who is not…

    5. Seven Samurai was good, but I’m not sure how “red pill” it is.
      The 2 most “red pill” samurai die, the completely “blue pill” beta samurai doesn’t seem like he learned his lesson and the flick ends with the stoic surviving samurai saying that the samurai lost and the beta-male farmers won.

  15. L.A. Confidential is one of the most underrated films of the 20th century. Great cast, great plot. I’ve never been into the noir type films but this one was great. I’d also put the Shawshank Redemption on this list.

    1. Agreed about “L.A. Confidential” – it’s hugely underrated and a superior film in all respects. And I’ll personally take it, over “Shawshank”, any day of the week. It’s the plausibility factor that bugs me about the latter film. For instance, nobody ever heard Tim Robbins’ character chipping away at that rock for 20-plus years? Tap, tap, tap – in the dead of night? Give me a break. The night staff must have been deaf. Nobody noticed him dumping rock in the yard? Nobody noticed there was a hole behind the poster, until the warden fired that pebble through it? They tossed his cell how many times, and never saw that hole behind that poster, over all those years? He what, backed out through that little tunnel in the film when he made his escape – that puppy was barely big enough to make room for a spider monkey. Other than that I liked it, but plausibility is a key thing for me when watching films, and “Shawshank” is rated the No. 1 movie of all time over at IMDB, and I just don’t see that one. (But then, beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, for sure…)

      1. And how did he neatly place the poster back over the tunnel opening after he crawled into it?

        1. Yeah that one got to me. I guess he was facing forward when backing out on his stomach, because there wasn’t enough room for him to crawl, and then he had some tape on the underside of the poster and he somehow grabbed the poster and pulled it back against the wall…because that poster would have had to have been firmly adhered to the wall for that pebble or rock to go through it. Also, the guards couldn’t hear him tap-tap-tapping at the rock at night, but neither could the prisoners – who were much closer. The prisoners were amazed he’d escaped, because nobody knew what he’d been up to. So, um, in the dead of night, everybody is trying to sleep, nobody heard the tap-tap-tapping. It’s so implausible it kills the movie. But I don’t think Stephen King is worried about that, he’s probably dashing off another implausible screenplay as we speak. Wow. I sound bitter there. I must be envious of his hundreds of millions of dollars and it’s coming out as a bashing of his best work (which still sucked, because it was implausible – there I go again!). I need to get out more, or less, I can’t figure out which…

    2. James Elroy is a great hard-boiled writer. Check out his trilogy starting with American Tabloid.

  16. Let me also add one of my personal favorites – Excalibur (1981).
    It was a fantastic retelling of the King Arthur story, minus SJW nonsense. For example, there are no female characters that beat up 27 knights with one hand. Also, the women are feminine (as history has affirmed in the original texts), as opposed to a modern he-she that is supposed to make us forget history.

      1. True. I remember being somewhat shaken by that as a youngster – how the Queen stabbed Arthur in the back so that she could chase bad boy thrills with Lancelot.
        But as time has gone by, life experience has just reaffirmed the interplay of the movie. Arthur – who placed Guinevere on a pedastal – is forced to eat the red pill later in the movie. And the queen, all to satisfy her temporal lust, brings the kingdom into ruin.
        Truly a red pill movie.

    1. No token black actors turning up in Britain in the middle ages without explanation, (unlike the later BBC show Merlin)

      1. The exception was Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood, but that’s because he was supposed to be a Moor, or something of the sort.

        1. The trailer for the upcoming King Arthur movie has the black from Gladiator in it, unfortunately. Will not watch. Blacks would have been killed on sight during that time.

      2. I did not know that, but I am not surprised. I assume that anything done recently will have the touches of SJW revisionism.

        1. Black Guinevere (who only betrays Arthur because she’s under a spell), badass action Morgana, dumb jock Arthur, angry asshole Uther, beta simp Merlin…
          The list goes on forever. BBCuck.

        2. Well the BBC…that says enough. I am surprised that Reggie Yates did not play the role of King Arthur.

        3. He was only king for a couple of seasons. And Morgan Le Fey was constantly taking his throne out from under him.
          No, best to keep that loser blonde haired and blue eyed.

        4. Ugh…not surprising at all. All these modern films become a “chicks with dicks” movie – just change the costumes and names.

        5. Watch the opening scene of “the way of the gun”. Ryan phillipe breaks Sarah silvermans nose with a nice shot after mouthing off and her punk ass boyfriend stepping up.

    2. I loved that one, especially Merlin. Ex gfs dad gave me a copy on DVD years ago as a present. Was a nice chaste girl from the country, but a little too duncey for me to stay with. Dad was cool though.

    3. I was beknighted (ha) about this film.
      Very nice to see a movie that shows that medieval knights actually could move around impressively in full armor. Too many portrayals of armored knights have them unable to even get up if knocked down.

      1. And it totally will make bank. Don’t listen to all those misogynist virgins who like looking at little girls. Those box office numbers are rigged! Like totally! That $9 million dollars that it took last weekend was a LIE!

        1. Yeah! It’s finally made enough to cover the production budget, so it’s not a flop!
          (And, no, we’ve never heard of advertising budgets or paid critics. Stop talking nonsense)

        2. But on a more serious note, I was actually look in at the box office charts on Box Office Mojo. Holy crap has it taken a dip. Granted, that $45 million it made wasn’t too bad, but maybe it was because those who cheered for other were the ones watching it. Second week it dropped to $21 million. Third week, $10 million. And the most telling effect, About 900 theaters dropped the movie. And then both Star Trek and Bourne are out and Suicide Squad is waiting in the wings. Even a movie about degenerate, bad moms is doing better. And I doubt my fellow Latin Americans will watch four unattractive women in suits. Cause, you know, machismo.

        3. The new Trek was actually pretty good. Simon Pegg had a major hand in the writing, and it shows.
          The “gay Sulu” thing occupied all of three seconds in the film, so it wasn’t intrusive and comes across a bit as a “there, you happy?” moment. The Badass Action Girl(tm) was infinitely more believable than the new Star Wars girls, because she’d clearly spent years honing the skills she showed off in the movie.
          And the plot made use of some of the same universal themes as the classics. Overall, it’s probably worth seeing.

        4. Fuck those geeky sci fi nerds …. It ain’t like they have money to spend or anything.

        5. Dunno, the second Jar Jar Abrams Trek movie probably had the more believable female character, the “science babe” who demonstrated that it was her looks and her father, not her skill, that got her to the top.
          She was a non-repulsive, less fradulent Elizabeth Holmes…and way better looking than the version of her character (crone) from Wrath of Khan.
          Which reminds me, Ricardo Montalban’s character in that was pretty alpha.

        6. All true (especially about the late, great Montalban).
          The thing about the other two Trek films is that they didn’t really feel like Trek. This one, in my mind, actually does – it had all the camp elements, overarching moral themes, and character development that made Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country compelling.

        7. [SPOILER ALERT – MINOR]

          Plus, the movie contained all the emotional impact of Nimoy’s death. Spock’s and Kirk’s reactions to the news pretty much mirrored my own, and they made it part of Spock’s character development. Well done, writers.

        8. I’ll second that the Jar Jar Treks didn’t feel like Trek.
          I’m not sold on Idris Elba though. I’ve never seen anything from him that was above average and I’m even finding reviews that claim he was an anchor on the movie, which gives me pause as Elba is a critical darling currently.
          IMO, Khan and Undiscovered Country are the top 2 TOS Trek films. Both were written and directed by Nicholas Meyer. Meyer is supposedly working on CBS’ wonky new Star Trek TV show.
          IMO the modern Trek movies would be better if they put Meyer to work on them too.

        9. I didn’t even know the villain was him until the credits rolled. It was a rather bland villain with no stand-out scenes.
          It worked well enough, in sort of a Borg-y way. He was basically just there to set up the scenarios required to develop the mains.

        10. Wrath of Khan was the truly great movie to come out of that line of remakes.
          And the science babe you speak of, yes, hot as a tin roof in summer. Would bang, with a vengeance.

        11. I just think the bullshit SJW elements are sufficiently few and sufficiently small that they don’t detract much from the film. Comparing it to Zootopia (the otherwise newest film I’ve seen) is like comparing Ghostbusters to Ghostbusters: SJW Virtue Signal Crusade.

        12. Fair enough, we all have our own tolerances and understand our individual acceptable levels of exposure.

      1. I think their cracks may well be haunted, if never before by men. I imagine Melissa McCarthy probably goes to her gynaecologist to get treated for bats.

  17. benhur and 10 commandments are my all time old movie favorites. I hope they dont butcher the Benhur remake this year.

    1. You know they are, that’s why they’re doing it. There’s no point in remaking it, the original was almost perfect.

    2. I just read a headline about that this morning. They’re going to butcher it, rest assured. “Not about revenge, blah blah blah”

  18. The Road, A History of Violence, and Master and Commander:The Far Side of the World were all pretty great films.

      1. Heh, just realized Viggo Mortensen has had great acting roles. “Appaloosa” comes to mind as well.

    1. Master and Commander was great. If only Russel Crowe would’ve made another.
      But, like Ioan Gruffudd before him, he talked about continuing his Napoleonic naval series on his own dime but has yet to.

      1. A sequel was in the works but it fell through. The film is based off a book series after all. I own this film and never tire of watching it.

        1. Now that Paul Bettany has “hit the big time” in the Marvel movies, I wonder if he’d return for a sequel.
          It doesn’t seem like Crowe, who ain’t getting any younger, has much else on his plate though.
          IIRC, the man owns a soccer team. I don’t know much about soccer, but I’ll assume that if he can afford a soccer team, he could get the ball rolling on a sequel movie.

        2. Wouldn’t mind a prequel to be honest. When they first meet and Captain Aubrey is given his first command. Could be good with the right script and actors- unknowns hopefully.

        3. A prequel could be interesting, especially if it leaves in the chair-beatdown that was almost in the first novel 😉

    2. The Road and History of Violence are both excellent movies in their own ways. I haven’t seen M&C, but I’ve heard good things.
      As far a more recent movies Sicario was great and surprisingly avoided SJW girl power crap despite having a female lead. Ex Machina had some valuable red pill lessons as well.

    3. The Road was one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen along with The Butterfly Effect. I wouldn’t watch it again

    4. Thumbs up to “A History of Violence.” That scene where Viggo’s wife finds out he was an ex mobster, gets pissed off but then turned on by his thuggish history as he takes her. Violence works. Some real red pill reality dope right there.

  19. I noticed Kevin Spacey figures in many of these films. The guy is dark horse, a Red Pill alpha swimming breaststroke atop the SJW sewer which is Hollywood. (Or his alter-ego is, at least).
    Now I think about it, I’m surprised “American Beauty” didn’t make the list. Suffice it to say, Spacey’s character made even a brass-balled USMC jarhead turn queer. And he kicked a 17-yo stunner out of bed because she was a virgin.

      1. Yes, Kevin Spacey is a very predatorial homosexual, like most of Hollyweird. Incredibly, he’s apparently not Jewish.

    1. I did like American Beauty. Mena Suvari, of course, is a nice piece of freshly baked heaven, and Kevin Spacey is a born again alpha. And the wife is a psycho. On the one hand, perhaps he didn’t bang her because of some moral epiphany. On the other hand, it sucks that crazy wife kills him in the end.

        1. The actual script details that it’s his wife.
          Yes, I read production movie scripts. Sue me.

        2. The movie alluded to it as she drove home and suddenly has a change of heart at the last second.

        3. I was never sure why the director went off script on that one final scene. It really wraps it up well and soundly puts the finger to the woman/wife. To make it “whodunit” kind of was a pussy cop out I thought.

    2. American Beauty is simply amaizing. One of those movies who leave a bitter taste.

      1. What about Falling Down? It’s a bit of a downer, I suppose, but pretty realistic to me.

        1. Agreed, anything Michael Douglas is Red pill. Love the scene where he single-handedly takes on those Mexican gangsters.

        2. Falling Down was pretty enjoyable.
          It looks like fast food joints have finally gotten its memo about serving breakfast now 😉
          In a sense, it was a vastly superior version of No Country for Old Men or a bleaker Gran Torino.

        3. And remember how his wife was a nagging bitch. That was one of the first films where I realized that women could be insufferable cunts.

        4. It’s a classic, and could never be made today. Well, I suppose it could but the Michael Douglas character would be clearly an evil racist misogynist, where in the film, he is .. well you just have to see it.

    3. Spacey is excellent at playing dark and deceptive characters like Frank Underwood in House of Cards. I am sure they are trying to make them like Bill and Hillary.

    4. That movie was good. . too much whining by daughter and wife

      If spacey had taken his tasty treat up to bed, he most likely wouldnt have been killed.

    5. AB is a good, but unhappy, movie as it shows that despite what appears to be a normal family there is a lot of unconfronted issues beneath a thin surface.

    6. Spacey’s best friend is Bill Clinton. There’s a 50% chance he’s gay. And he has a fetish for neo-London, and will become a citizen when applicable.

  20. There are still some absolutely excellent films out there. Just for kicks, though, I’ll try to keep away from the other excellent suggestions on this thread.
    From Russia with Love and You Only Live Twice
    – The Sergio Leone trilogy (chiefly A Fistful of Dollars)
    Moulin Rouge (because it’s basically about the tragedy of a love triangle where the men are both beta as fuck, and it’s great when chicks come over)
    Rambo: First Blood (The first Rambo film)
    Rocky (Honestly, the entire series)
    Ghostbusters (The real one)
    Blade Runner
    Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade
    Guys and Dolls (Yeah, it’s a musical, but it’s a damn good one. “Some Doll” is a perfect analysis of beta-tude and oneitis)

    1. Connery was the man. Anything by Leone is bad-ass too; Corbucci also.

      1. Heh, yeah. But the film, especially that rape scene, does a great job of showing who was alpha in the group. Unfortunately for Bobby, he didn’t make the cut.

        1. Deliverance rape scene, Midnight Cowboy rape scene, and American Me rape scene would probably be top 3 most disturbing.

        2. The actor who played that role later sued the director as he claimed it killed his career. Never heard what became of the court case.

        3. I seem to recall reading something about that. The guy who played Bobby, Ned Beatty, recently had a role in “Charlie Wilson’s War,” he plays an old politician.

        4. American Me rape scene is the most disturbing thing I think I’ve ever seen in a movie.

  21. Can’t recommend “The Usual Suspects” enough, it’s one of those movies that falls into the “Holy Shit This is Good!” category.
    “Gone Girl” is a movie I would recommend.
    I didn’t think it would be good, but I kept on hearing people say things like “I have to pee like a motherfucker, but I ain’t leaving this theater until this movie is done!”
    It’s pretty good.

    1. Second “Gone Girl” although the last 1/3 of the movie gets a little far-fetched, otherwise solid film.

      1. The female character is supposed to be so far-fetched that no one believes it. That’s almost the point. Most people, upon planning a murder, do it with a stunning lack of preparation. This woman spent over a year laying the groundwork to fake her own death. People just don’t have that level of Machiavellian restraint.

        1. A man would have that much restraint. Gone Girl rocks, that movie shows just how fucked up a woman can be….

  22. Lawrence of Arabia
    Scarface – “first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women

    1. Lawrence of Arabia has always been one of my favorites, but I’m curious which parts you think are red pill?

      1. Red Pill?
        I don’t know just one of my favorite movies. I like most war movies.
        Juxtoposed with modern heroin movies such as “Hunger Games” where a strong and independent woman can shoot down space ships with a bow and arrow…And they can all out fight all men, and teach them technical stuff…
        Guess there were no women in Lawrence of Arabia. But red pill is more than just PUA.
        Is about exposing lies of big government/media
        What’s happening in the ME now?
        Watch character played by claude reins(s?) and Allenby discuss the Sykes Peco treaty (British and French agreement to divide the middle east for oil in WWI)
        I especially loved Omar Sheriff. Strong, proud, stoic.
        Scarface? And the quote about money->power->women. In hindsight I would say is almost anti-pua redpill (except for the power). Money doesn’t get women as much as “game”.
        I would also add Clint Eastwood in “Good Bad and Ugly”. true classic…
        I quoted the move the other day… And I recon Clint quoted all of us 2 days ago…

        1. I figured Lawrence might get a little flak in here for being campy/homo. It’s kind of red pill in that it exposes government leaders for what they are (Claude Reins) and shows how a man can be a leader.

    2. Lawrence of Arabia?
      Wasn’t he banging the boys that he was shown traveling with in that film?
      Didn’t he engage in self-flagellation after surviving being tortured by the muslims?

    3. First you get some money, then you buy your women, then you feel powerful when you send them home without being scathed.

  23. Aaaaaand only two of these movies are available on Netflix. Of course there is a whole cornucopia of cat-lady fare on there. No wonder people pirate movies anymore.

  24. Escape From New York
    The Thing (Both versions)
    Wind and the Lion
    The Wild Bunch
    The Good, The Bad, and The ugly
    And you might to give the films of Samuel Fuller a try.

    1. Murphy’s Law-The only law I know is “Jack Murphy’s law.” It’s very simple. Don’t *fuck* with Jack Murphy. You remember that.

      1. Recently saw Cross of Iron. No way that film could be made today, but honestly I was surprised it could even be made in the 70s. Really good.

        1. I’ll have to rewatch that one; doesn’t have an American bluray yet AFAIK.
          I remember it striking me as a sort of WW2 allegory for Benedict Arnold and Horatio Gates but it has been a long time since I’ve seen it.

        2. Reminds me a bit of Kubrick’s film about war, one of his early ones I think Path to Glory is the name. Both have messages about the elitist chickenhawk pussies who get honest men doing the dirty work killed, and couldn’t care less. Both good anti-war films in other words.

      2. Steve McQueen was badass, and Sam Pechinpah was probably the manliest director Hollywood ever had. Straw Dogs was a masterpiece and one of the most red pill movies ever made.

    2. Death wish 3. Chumming for punks then shooting them in the back when they run, great movie.

    3. Absolutely. Charles Bronson wasn’t someone who just acted tough, he was tough in real life too. Growing up during the Great Depression really hardened him. His movies should be watched by every man.

        1. I’ll say it, I don’t like Tarantino. I think his films reek with him over-compensating for his beta fag self hence his movies are simply over the top.
          The one movie of his I do like was “Reservoir Dogs” — but that was when he wasn’t well known.

        2. Yeah, I just don’t get him. He uses “fuck” about every other word, and he exploits blood and gore. Wow. People in their 30’s gush about how great he is, but I think that’s due to the fact they haven’t been exposed to much else, as post-1990 Hollywood cinema basically blows. I mean, if you ate fast-food all the time, you might think Subway was really good. Depends on what you have been exposed to, I guess. Like AIDS, syphilis or herpes…

        3. “..as post-1990 Hollywood cinema basically blows.”
          Completely. I have a collection of DVDs and picked up a couple of foreign films over the years, but recently I’ve been watching old russian movies from the USSR days. Some good ones there.
          Something I caught earlier that I thought was well done is a German 3 part series, “Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter” (Our mothers, our fathers) about 5 German friends at the outbreak of WWII.

        4. Reservoir Dogs is his one and only masterpiece. Pulp Fiction was ok-ish.

        5. Interesting. It’s messed up when you have to look to a different country, in order to find something worth watching. I get my MSM news from other countries, for that same reason. If the average American found out what was really happening in his backyard, he might become alarmed and try to do something about it. But that won’t happen, because the average American only stuffs his brain with American MSM news. Reality: The sky is blue. MSM-fed American: The sky is Obama.

      1. I like Kill Bill, but mostly because I see it as a purposely done old school campy movie. That’s mostly because Uma Thurman is just not believable as a tough broad, at least unlike both Lucy Liu and the hot Japanese schoolgirl with the chain.

        1. The style was okay, because I can clearly see what he was trying to do. I just don’t like the films.
          (It might be somewhat related to the fact that I personally don’t like Thurman or Liu. But the real thing for me was the pacing was weird in one and non-existent in two.)

        2. Were either of those the female gangster who, in a fit of penis envy, runs a guy through with her sword and delivers a pithy line about “penetrating” him?

  25. I recommend Lemon Party! Basically two guys who get locked in a vault for 48h arguing about the meaning of life,marriage and trips to Cancun.

  26. Scorcese movies ofc.
    (Not hard to see that I’m a Fan of Wolf of Wallstreet.)

    1. Dude, I saw that when I was around 8. And I somehow liked it. And that girl who Al Pacino dances the tango with. One of the most gorgeous women put on film. And Pacino shows that an alpha male doesn’t have to play aggressive to win the girl over.

      1. That’s Gabrielle Anwar – check her out in “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead”. Wow.

        1. Yep, that’s a woman who allows herself you be wooed. Nowadays, she would have called the cops.

      2. Check out Andy Garcia’s game as he makes a play for Gabrielle Anwar in “Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead” –

        1. Holy crap! That’s alpha when you can make a phrase as nonsensical as “the bee’s knees” sound cool.

        2. No shit, eh. And he used the go-to tactic for time constraints – “Always be closing…”

      3. and he is blind and he drives a Ferrari around Brooklyn! totally believeable!

  27. I would add Gran Torino.
    Eastwood lays down some ancient wisdom in what it is to be a man, and does it in his usual badass style.

  28. Didn’t see the movie, but saw “Glengarry, Glen Ross” as a play – yeah, Mamet is a fucking genius.
    “The Usual Suspects” – one of the “perfect” movies with impeccable acting, and every piece absolutely fits. Even when you know the ending, it’s a joy to watch for how everything is pieced together.
    “Breakdown” was surprisingly good.
    “Ninth Gate” ditto – and that was one screwed up chick.
    Will have to take a look at “Seeing Other People”

    1. The one thing that bugged me about “The Usual Suspects” was the fact Verbal Kint used all that surrounding prompting material to tell his story. So was the whole thing made up, or not? Parts of it were, I’d have to think. Like the picking beans in Guatemala line. I like films where I just don’t know for sure what’s going on. You know, like any wedding film, or a woman’s About Me clip on a dating site…

  29. Unless I totally misunderstood the movie, Hail, Ceasar! is an unironic love note to the golden age of pro-American, anti-communist Hollywood. Not a great film, but the Coen brothers are commendable for portraying communist subversives as the bad guys.

    1. Maybe, but it’d take a helluva lot more than just that to undo the criminally bad cinema that the Coen Brothers unleashed on us with NCFOM and, especially, their True Grit remake.
      BTW, what is up with Clooney appearing in movies lately that are anti-leftist? Is just a hilarious coincidence?

      1. George Clooney playing himself. That was weird. I remember watching HC, then talking it over with a friend. No way Clooney could be dumb enough not to get the joke….

        1. Maybe he is?
          He also appeared in the badly done but still anti-left movie Tomorrowland as well.
          So Clooney is either hard up for cash and will take movies that go against his core beliefs or denser than lead? Maybe he acts “ironically” in works that go against his core beliefs?
          I suppose there’s a third option, that he’s actually not the leftist he paints himself as, but that’d be like Tim Kaine being a secret Trump supporter.

        2. It wouldn’t be completely unbelievable for a Hollywood A-lister to hide the fact that they were conservative, but still, I doubt they’d go as far into the tank as Clooney to appear overtly leftist.

      2. NCFOM was a gloomy, pointless downer. The only redeeming thing was the sherriff…Tommy Lee Jones?

  30. I know it’s a bit of a feel good movie, but I’m going to say Lean on Me, with the Head Nigger in Charge himself, Morgan Freeman.

    1. It is a good one. Because what Freeman’s character is really fighting, is progressive miss-education. Which has only grown worse since then.

  31. Here’s an even better RP film: Das Boot! 4h of epicness from the story to the soundtrack, everything amassing!

  32. How is Fight Club not on this list….I guess cause we have all seen it already. Fight Club is easily the most red pill movie of the 90s. The book is great too.
    “We’re a generation of men raised by women”

        1. As a rule, I’ve noticed we’re avoiding Fight Club and The Matrix. Considering how many of our memes derive from these films, it makes sense.

        2. No doubt, I love the film but it has been mentioned non stop here at ROK but not as much as Kratom.

        1. i think you’re confusing him with the transgender creators of Matrix. Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, remains a gay man.

        2. Oh yeah I didn’t know which film they were referring to. Hah. Well that beats all. Between the W brothers, Chuck Palahniuk, and Milo Y, I suppose we must concede that the most masculine public figures are gay men with impossible to spell last names.

        3. W brothers? The Wachowskis who made the Matrix?
          As they’ve turned themselves into the Wachowski sisters now and haven’t made a decent flick since the original Matrix, I have to admit that I don’t see much masculine about ’em.

      1. Dunno about that: I could think of some reasons why a gay dude would want to influence men to not seek the company of women.

    1. After learning that the author of Fight Club is like a hybrid of Milo Yiannopoulos and Rob Halford, I can’t help but suspect there were ulterior motives to much of the “red pill” ideals in the movie.
      A gay dude telling men to give women a wide berth just brings to mind the old adage that “gays don’t reproduce, they recruit”.

    2. ‘Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.’

      Apart from Chanel no 5… you really need that shit apparently.

  33. Hollywood has been making SJW shit since day one. 1957’s 12 Angry Men is a classic example of heavy handed strawman moralizing.
    (((They’ve))) been undermining WASP culture for a hundred years. We’re seeing their attempt to finish us off, fatality style.

  34. I’ve found that new movies that get around 17% on Rotten Tomatoes are usually pretty light on SJW idiocy.
    I figure that’s why they get bad reviews.

  35. Sicario is one of the most anti-feminist movies out there. I love when Alejandro tells the idealistic social justice warrior FBI agent Kate at the end of the movie:
    “You should move to a small town, somewhere the rule of law still exists. You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now.”

    1. I hear good things about it, but it stars Emily Blunt, the “Fullmetal Bitch” who openly hates everything about the USA-despite becoming a naturalized dual citizen-except our lower-than-Britain’s tax rate

  36. from hell is a badass movie. good to drink to. dark London at it’s best, made me a johnny depp fan.

    1. Can’t see Fight Club without throwing in The Snatch. They go together.
      Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels comes to mind, also.

  37. All good movies. LA Confidential is one of my favorites.
    I would also add Fury to that list.
    Gran Torino – most Clint Eastwood actually. Unforgiven too.

  38. Currently on Netflix is a movie called Deathgasm. The movie is about metalheads and is 100% diversity free.
    Of course it was made in New Zealand. No way a movie like that would get made in Hollywood

    1. “Do you do drugs, Danny?

  39. A few of these I’ve never seen, but the ones I did see I really didn’t find to be all that impressive. LA Confidential would be my choice as the best from this list. Master & Commander should be on any list of movies for men.

    1. Master and Commander is absolutely on the list, in fact it should be pretty close to number one, perhaps only overshadowed by Unforgiven.

  40. All good movies. The book that 9th gate is based on, the club Dumas, is one of my favorites too

  41. I’ll add a few more:
    The Passion Of The Christ
    The Deer Hunter
    Raging Bull
    The Road Warrior

  42. All good movies.
    Might i also add Total Recall (1990) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, steroids, and a broad with 3 tits.
    Saving Private Ryan (1998), a movie about real men making a real sacrifice. No SJW feel good moments here.
    Schindlers List (1993), i revisited this movie not to long ago and i really was impressed with the first 30 minutes of the film. Schindler, played by Liam Neeson is the definition of a masculine, charismatic man, with an amazing ability to stand out in the crowd.
    Forrest Gump…the biggest betafied piece of propaganda you will ever see about a drug addicted whore who ignores a good man, rides the cock carousel, steals the good mans seed and deprives him of his child for years, gets aids, marries the good man, then dies, leaving the kid behind. All men should watch this again and if they are not disgusted, they need to read every article on this website again. For balance, focus on the story of Lt. Dan, a great man whos journey is very inspirational.

    1. Another film that warns about being beta and modern marriage is “Blue Valentine”

  43. It has been mentioned but anything by Leone is gold for me-I also would nominate Once Upon A Time In The West; the way Charles Bronson’s character masterfully manipulates all the circumstances and his enemies and bides his time before exacting vengeance is a lesson for all as far as strategising, pragmatism and not allowing one’s emotions to cloud their judgement.

  44. Any good old fashion 80’s movie will do too.
    If you want a good pre-PC series to watch try Star Trek Next Generation. It isn’t completely un-PC, but close to it. The male leads are strong and even though there is a female doctor (who are we joking with a female doctor). The plots for the date and time which they were filmed were really telling of the future. I watched one episode recently where the crew got addicted to a game that almost took over the ship. Sound like anything that has become a “craze” recently?

  45. Great list.. David Mamet is interesting… He’s a conservative Jew. He laments the loss of masculinity in film. He ( mamet ) is big into JewJItsu ( pun intended…). No really , he is so into it he made a great film called “Red Belt” about it…c

  46. The most red pill film EVER imo is….(drum roll). “The Searchers” by John Fucking Wayne…

  47. Fight club, devil in a blue dress, unforgiven, major league, Grand Prix, heat, the way of the gun … Just a few off the top of my head. A lot of good suggestions and recommendations on here that I’ll end up checking out at some point. Not really a fan of movies and definitely not going to the theatres.

  48. Id like to add some of my personal choices.
    Bedazzled(2000)- First romcom ive seen where the nice guy doesn’t finish last, and learns a valuable lesson about how being a pushover beta gets you nowhere in life. Also seeing Elizabeth Hurley in skimpy outfits is always a plus.
    Predator- Probably the manliest action movie ever made.
    They Live- Perfect allegory about the ruling elite of the world.

  49. What’s that film (the clip has been posted here many times) that shows an old NYC guy telling this kid about the door test. Basically if you take a girl out on a date and you unlock the door to let her in the car, if she leans over and unlocks yours, she’s a keeper. Haven’t seen the film yet but it looks good.
    A Boy And His Dog is worth watching just for the final line (and cool closing music). Although it’s quite a weird, dystopian flick.

    1. A Boy and His Dog is the ultimate “bros before hos” film.
      It’s also fairly anti-SJW, though a future where only one woman is shown to enjoy sex is pretty damn dystopian indeed.

  50. Cleopatra (1963) with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. It’s basically a cautionary tale of what results from putting a woman first in your life.

      1. Yeah. Not only is it anti-government, but it also shows how worthless someone who used to be a childhood friend can be.

  51. I haven’t seen any of those movies!
    You know, the one thing the red pill does is kill TV and movies.
    Back when it first started, I was a Game of Thrones super fan. I watched the first season 10 times over, same with the following season.
    I took the red pill some time after the red wedding, and the show just started to look stupid.
    Did GoT REALLY turn into a SJW porno half way through, or is it just the red pill lenses that changed my perspective?
    I watched the most recent season only once, and my eyes couldn’t stop rolling. The show plainly hates masculinity… and even femininity too with the way they butcher what ladyship was really about and regurgitate it with modern feminism exported into a mediaeval world.
    In fact, I think SJWs just hate humanity – masculinity and femininity both – and they create this Hollywood shit as a result.
    I’ve now lost interest in virtually all movies. I’m sick of female heroes who can do things that real females simply cannot do – it’s frankly misogynistic, and it’s misandry too because it curbs the reality and pride of masculinity.
    The last movie I felt an urge to see is Warcraft. I missed it at the cinema due to fear of SJWism. I’ll see it when it’s released publicly, and if a female superhero shows all the men how it’s done then I’m giving up on movies and TV altogether…

    1. The last season of GOT was a pain to watch at times! I wonder if Sansa will end up a warrior princess too?

  52. Troy is good. It’s sad that Paris doesn’t get fed to lions in the end, though. I really wanted him to die.

  53. The original Conan the Barbarian needs to be here. The fantasy setting is simply a convenient tool for classic lessons in masculinity.

    1. The Robert E. Howard stories of the same name are entertaining and Red pill as well.

  54. I was just thinking about something similar…like a list of “The 100 films every man should see.” , it came to mind when a coworker told me he had never seen “Fight Club” and my mind recoiled in horror.

    1. She was asking for it! I mean, look at the poor soul, she’s one step above a goat!

  55. Some Red Pill performances of note:
    Neil LaBute’s relationship satire Your Friends and Neighbors. Jason Patric is straight up merciless in it.
    Let me also throw in Hard Eight by Paul Thomas Anderson. Philip Baker Hall has unbreakable frame and is mesmerizing to watch.
    Raoul Trujillo as Zero Wolf in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. Outstanding villainous performance.
    Any male performer in any film directed by Samuel Fuller. Most underrated filmmaker of the 20th century.

  56. Rocky
    As for the red pill and blue pill coming fr9m Matrix I suppose it didn’t make the cut

    1. Watched it for the first time the other day. Such a simple, elegant story.

  57. Ever see “Wake in Fright” (1971)…it’s an Australian film, sort of a cautionary tale about the irreversible effects of binge-drinking, with veiled and direct references to the abject futility of most men’s lives, especially if they don’t belong to one of the world’s more powerful fraternal organizations. It’s an unsettling film, and it might stay with you long after you’ve finished watching it. It’s a little slow in the beginning, but definitely worth a look – if for no other reason than to watch real footage of swarms of kangaroos being shot and killed, en masse. The best part? You can watch it for free below at Dailymotion; includes a sequence similar to the squeal-like-a-pig scene in “Deliverance” –

      1. Free’s a good price…this film isn’t for everybody but the kangaroo scene is fucking brutal. SJW’s and gays will scream and cry and moan during this intense scene, just as if they were watching Bambi and The Little Mermaid being killed by live gunfire. But you won’t.

        1. Another Aussie gem is “Gallipoli” starring Mel Gibson. Lots of great films out there, just have to look for them.

        2. Huge fan of that movie. And what about pre-cock-sucking Charlie Sheen in Platoon?
          And Full Metal Jacket?

        3. Speaking of all these great films really takes me back. My how the film industry has fallen!

        4. “Full Metal Jacket” is really good. Wonder why that one isn’t showing up on late-night reruns on cable TV. Oh. Too red pill. Have to watch “My Little Pony Goes to Yoga Class” instead…

        5. That Rolling Stones song at the end of Full Metal Jacket sent chills down my spine the first time I watched that film. Truly a masterpiece.

        6. Never saw that one either. I’ll check it out. Today’s movies suck ass. Jesus.

        7. The first 45 mintues at Paris Island was the best part.
          The chick sniper firing from the standing position with an AK and constantly scoring hits was bit far fetched.

        8. I even own it on DVD. I don’t normally buy movies because these days they are bullshit but I never get tired of watching that one.

        9. The basic training part was pure gold. The rest left me…meh.

        10. That was my first reaction but the movie was pretty deep. It needed a few viewings and some maturity on my part to truly appreciate it. Actually better than Platoon in my view.

        11. Despite being directed by a loon (Stone), Platoon was a decent flick. Stone caught a lot of flack from vets about the village scene, but he swore by it until an investigation was launched and the he recanted that he only “heard about it happening” and didn’t see it with his own eyes.

        12. I should probably re-watch it, it’s been many, many years. Platoon, eh, was ok but seemed a bit too, I dunno, Leftist anti-war as opposed to libertarian anti-war. Maybe that’s just my reading of it though.

        13. Nice try Boboh, but I ain’t going to any Yardies’ house! Man might rob man for that iPhone and CP jumper. hah
          Or maybe it’s because I’m a southerner and east don’t do it for me.

  58. I can’t believe you left Heat off this list. De Niro and Pacino going head to head? And women doing what they’re supposed to be doing (making sammiches).
    And the author is correct. Women love watching guy movies snuggled up to a real man.

    1. Yeah I kicked myself after somebody else mentioned “Heat”. Had 10 shots. Fucked one up. Ninety-percent ain’t bad. I’d replace “Seeing Other People” with “Heat” in a heartbeat…

      1. Honestly there are a lot of great Redpill movies out there. You’ve exposed me to a couple here I haven’t seen.
        And one I love. Ravenous (with Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle). The message I took away? Meat makes you strong. Right in the face of those vegetable only eating faggots.

  59. Check out “Bone Tomahawk” (2015)
    And check out John Brooder’s (Matthew Fox’s) comment halfway through the film!!! (about intelligent men)
    Classic quote! Worth watching that film for that quote alone!!

  60. Fighting Back (1982).
    “My name is John D’Angelo. I own a deli and I make the best hot hero in town.””

  61. Oh no, all these movies are made by jooos. I think they are trying to get everybody on the Red Pill. Beware!

    1. There is hundreds of films you could name and I thought it was stupid of people saying “how isnt this on it etc” but fuck me Falling Down is definitely one !!

  62. Papillon with Steve McQueen, the book is better no doubt, there is a lot more stuff in it. But the movie is golden, the fight against all odds to be free no matter what it costs, and the part in indian village is amazing.

    1. Imagine the triggers if whinny Bernistas watched it. They’ll probably start a campaign to free him and still blame the patriarchy.

  63. Man Never thought I’d miss the nineties but boy these were the last years of greatness. Gone the Pacino’s, the DeNiros, etc. PC culture and leftism has totally destroyed this art.

  64. OTOH even if you watch old movies you fund them. Unless you watch illegally, that is.

    1. Watching torrented movies is not illegal everywhere dude. In several European countries it’s only illegal to rip a disk and upload. Downloading is not illegal.

  65. Anything that comes out of Hollywood is propaganda, regardless of whether it’s packaged as red or blue pill. Their greatest strategy is to control the both sides of an argument. People always fall for this.
    For example, despite its clear masculine undertone the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” promotes the image of an desperate salesman who resorts to cheating to satisfy his obsession with money – a mirror of the modern corporate culture where moral and ethics are forsaken in exchange for a paycheck. That dangerous me-first mentality is in fact a sign of one being rather feminine and it creates an environment of desperation.
    The real masculine man is generous and can never be a good salesman. He is a King who is above the matters related to money.
    If you want to enlighten yourself with real, authentic ideas, you have to go back to books written prior to 1920 or thereabouts. Forget about Hollywood movies altogether.

    1. Yeah, whenever I watch Braveheart I get a strong urge to go buy ironic glasses and vote for Bernie Sanders.

      1. The movie Braveheart is marred with historical inaccuracies. For example, Prima Nocta – there is no evidence (even in France) that this ever existed in the feudal period. It does however regularly appear in Hollywood movies as it promotes the image of the oppressed woman and the cruel aristocrat.
        You do know what Prima Nocta is, Mr Smarty Pants?

        1. If you’re watching movies for historical accuracy you’re going to be constantly disappointed.
          They’re entertainment. Shakespeare got a lot of shit wrong too with regards to historical accuracy. That’s because he was writing fiction to communicate a story.

        2. Yeah, Mel Gibson is all about feminism.

        3. In fairness he has a point of the feminist undertones which i never picked up myself nor know it wasnt true. I had the same reaction when he said historical accurateness until he explained.

        4. It’s not much of a point though. At the time women were generally far less free than they are now, and I don’t mean that as some loon feminist (which I’m not). It’s not a big secret that was somehow revealed about the13th century, and as I recall, men were taking it tough in that movie too, to the point of death. The most I’d take from it is “life sucked for everybody, generally”.

        5. where in braveheart does it portray signs of feminism or sjw. i’m actually curious because is one of the movies i consider red pill, however i’m also aware that there could be sjw undertones that i havent picked up.

        6. Nah I think you are just being stubborn. You really don’t think that is a good point ?? The fact that they completely made up a ritual that shows women as mere sex objects but that their is no historical evidence of ??? It’s EXACTLY the type of issue you see here the whole time. I didn’t say it changes the whole context of the film not should stop you enjoying it Ghostbusters it aint but its a good observation and in my opinion a valid point.

    2. What you say is largely true, in my opinion. But you will have a really hard time convincing anybody of that, just by stating it outright. I used to be an activist – not the kind who holds signs, in order to make it easier for the Feds to I.D. them – and I experienced shit that would turn your hair white.
      But that’s another story altogether, and I stopped doing it as soon as I realized that most people are incapable of waking up. And the majority of the rest of them don’t want to wake up.
      That being said, if you want to get through to the very small number of partially open-minded individuals, it’s best to use subtlety. I’m not preaching here – do what thou wilt – but I’ve been blunt in the past, just like you were being here, and aside from wasting energy, it can really frustrate the person who is delivering the message. I’m just trying to give you a new perspective here.
      When the unaware read such bluntly true statements, their programming kicks in and their minds shut down – “C” word (and I don’t mean cunt, I mean conspiracy; it’s exactly the same thing that happens when an SJW bleats out, “Bigot!”, when faced with something that runs contrary to their programmed beliefs, and doing this immediately blackwashes the messenger, and shuts down the minds of the potential listeners).
      There is no man so brainwashed as the one who firmly believes in his own viewpoint, while refusing to entertain the evidence for any concepts that run contradictory to it. A partially open-minded person, when confronted with such concepts, might say something like, “You’re a flaming, ass-hat, conspiracy theorist, dickhead, Commie fag, but I don’t know everything – why do you think that way?”
      All of this merely confirms what Arthur Schopenhauer knew long ago – “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”
      If you can cultivate a subtle means of delivering mental nuclear bombs that might break down a person’s rigidly held, programmed belief system, by being ruthless, cunning, patient and sweet, while slowly expanding that person’s field of vision, you have a shot at getting through to them.
      Which is completely irrelevant, as you will find out if you try it long enough, because as already mentioned, most people are incapable of waking up, and the majority of the rest of them don’t want to…best of luck to you, in any event.

      1. I know that, my friend. The GhostofJefferson is a prime example how relatively intelligent people could very stubbornly closed minded.
        But I am but I am not trying to convince him or anyone else in particular. I just drop the message and when the right person (as yourself) reads it, it will click with them.

  66. Spartacus (1960)
    Office Space (figuring out that living for soulless corporations sucks, and developing a ZFG attitude)
    Blade Runner
    Master and Commander
    The Godfather (how was this NOT on the list?)
    Scarface (again, wtf?)
    The Astronaut Farmer (highly underrated)
    Kelly’s Heroes
    Conan the Barbarian
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (hell, 95% of anything by Clint)
    Obviously, Fight Club
    American Beauty (MGTOW precursor)
    From Russia With Love
    The Revenant
    The Patriot

    1. Predator, such a classic. “If it bleeds, we can kill it”.
      I wasn’t too much of a fan of Scarface though. I just found it underwhelming considering the hype that always followed it.

      1. I ain’t got time to bleed!
        Watching that flick boosts testosterone by a good 200 points. It’s like somebody filmed Kratom.

    2. Just saw The Patriot for the first time-great flick. Mel finally has a new movie coming out, true story about a medic who refused to carry a weapon(7th Day Adventist) during WW2. looks good

    3. With that 5% being Paint your Wagon. Just watched Conan through last night.
      The movie of Pink Floyd’s The Wall has some good lessons. If you want a B movie with some good stuff and music, Maximum Overdrive is the way to go.

  67. David Mamet cant get arrest in H’wood these days…no one wants to produce his works

  68. “The Count of Monte Cristo”
    “Far and Away”
    “Master and Commander”
    “The Grey”
    “The Edge”
    “The Bounty”

    1. I have forgotten about this underrated gem. Definitely deserves an honourable mention.

    2. Oh wow, how did I miss that one? Fantastic choice.

  69. Dr. Strangelove.
    I ask people if they’ve seen a commie drink a glass of water as a litmus test. If they answer correctly, then I know they are gtg.

  70. The Thing and Predator always make me smile. One woman between the two films and she is basically helpless and needs the men to help her survive.

    1. Gran torino ??? is a fucking load of shit !!!!! couple of good scenes where he scares off the gang bangers but ohter than that typical hollywood tripe and he sacrifices himself without attempting to kill any of them ?? pure liberal pc bullshit !!

        1. I got it just fine. Rather than vague passive aggressive opinions why don’t you tell me what you think I missed but you picked up ???

        2. An old guy sacrificing his life to make a point. That sure was deep and stuff. Nope sorry not seeing how Gran Torino is red pill, it’s more blue pilled then anything at this point. You are an old man and you sacrifice your life so a bunch of thugs get to jail and some migrant can get a second try at life. If anything it’s the usual “You are a male so we expect you to sacrifice your everything tee heee” instead this time around he did it for a guy.

  71. Was this article written by a 13 year old?
    “Yeah, girlz suck! Boys ruuule! This chick in the movie was so hot brah! That actor is like, super cool, we like MAN MOVIES cuz we’re ALPHA!” Soooo gaaaay this is the shit that makes ROK sad when a mainstream red pill site like this has never been more important. Don’t just publish crap just bc it has a vaguely red pill msg, Roosh, jesus.

  72. How about “Under the Skin” for a realistic look at the evil nature of women?
    Some scary shit.

  73. Seen five of the ten, my favorite among them being “Things To Do in Denver . . .”
    Favorite line was Treat Williams taking out Steve Buscemi (“Mr. Ssshh”) with : “I am Godzilla, and you are Japan!” and gloating over the dying Mr. Ssshh with “Your reputation farrrr exceeds your skills”–just before Mr. Ssshh gets off one last shot and the two crumple together in death.

    1. Yeah, Buscemi was completely believable in that part, which surprised me. You don’t picture him as a cold-blooded assassin. Lots of good things going on in that film. I like the way they dangle the truth out there, in the characters’ back-and-forth conversations. The red-pill kind…nothing tastier.

  74. “The following are personal reviews of some of my favorites films, covering the period of Hollywood cinema from 1992-2004…”
    (I think a few people missed that opening sentence – however, I should have put the same time-frame reference in the last paragraph. I forgot about the scroll-and-forget factor involved in reading over a computer or phone. “Next time” – a great line from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, another red-pill favorite of mine from 1969, which I’ll hopefully be reviewing down the road, unless I get hit by a truck, or shot by a raving SJW on Prozac…)

  75. Oh hell, how could you forget Deliverance! “These are the suburban guys like you and I, nothing unusual about them until they decide to spend one weekend in hillbilly country!”

    1. Deliverance? Isn’t that the movie with the infamous “Squeal Like a Pig” line where the guy gets raped?

  76. “Irreversible” directed by Gaspard Noe is another very good movie. It contains by far the most intense rape scene I’ve ever seen. Not for SJWs …

  77. Some nice pics, and a few I haven’t seen. I would say no human being should watch openly demonic fare like #6 and #9. You don’t want to put that input into your brainbox. And you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable to the attachments that those films have.

  78. Second-Hand Lions. w/ Michael Caine and Robert Duvall, teaching a young boy about what’s really important. You’ll be more noble after watching.

    1. is the ‘second-hand lions’ metaphor referring to themselves as old men?
      they were rich yet chose to live a small existence? Didn’t quite get the point

      1. No, it’s the name of the movie, yet also a metaphor: once a lion, always a lion. For those of us nearing the inevitable, it’s always good to remind ourselves to die with our boots on.

  79. “It’s a liberal thing, one day you’re saving the rainforest, the next you’re chugging cock”

  80. I would probably add most of Christopher Nolan’s movies such as Inception, The Prestige, Memento, etc.

    1. I was going to respond with Reservoir Dogs but you beat me to it. I think the only female in the entire film was the one Mr. Pink carjacked.

  81. Any of you gents heard of a film called The Hunt? It’s a Danish film about a male kindergarten teacher that gets falsely accused of sexually abusing one of his students. It really is a commentary on the very serious and often neglected problem of mass hysteria, but it’s definitely looking at it from a man’s point of view.
    Hollywood wouldn’t have the balls to make it. I’m surprised there isn’t more red pill commentary about that film. I considered writing an article about it and sending it to Roosh a while ago.

    1. Heard about it, haven’t seen it yet. Definitely on my list.
      I’d also throw in The Virgin Spring by Ingmar Bergman. Great movie containing some solid red pill truths.

  82. I prefer 80’s movies, back when movies were fun, creative, and original. The main protagonist was usually a straight, white, alpha-male (think Indiana Jones, Rambo, or any Arnie movie). It was also before PC speech control came in, you’ll often hear the word “cripple” and “faggot”, and it’s not unusual to see people smoking which seems to be a big sin these days.

  83. Elite squad is really a good movie,masculine and a huge slap in the sjw face (some of them teke really slaps in the movie)

  84. I personaly recomend a polish sci-fi movie Sex mission. It’s about two men who wake up in the future after a hybernation experiment. They are the only two surviving men in the world. The women in power brainwashed others by feminist narative (Men are evil,we don’t need them and other bullshit). Our heroes are given two options: to be killed or go through a sex change operation.
    I am not going to spoil the ending. Go see it for yourself.

    1. I can’t suspend disbelief enough to believe that a planet full of women and trannies could keep basic infrastructure working at all.

      1. They live in underground bunkers because there was a war in which all males died.They don’t eat normal food. Instead they eat a pudding looking food. Also they are brainwashed by drugs and totalitarian propaganda.
        Go watch it. It’s an excellent movie.

  85. Off hand list, as I read the piece, then the comments (attempting not to repeat):
    Lord of War
    Death Wish
    The Mechanic
    Clock Work Orange
    True Romance
    Get Shorty
    Runaway Train
    Full Metal Jacket

  86. A couple of rp truths in great movies:
    As good as it gets: @How do you write women so well?
    Jack Nicholson: “i start with a man and take away reason and accountability”
    !!! Spoiler alerts !!!!
    Enemy at the Gates. Chick rejects same class(jewish intellectual political officer) and falls for scrappy alpha hero.
    Last of the Mohicans.Chick rejects same class(Bitish intellectual officer) and falls for scrappy alpha hero.

  87. Platoon and Boys in Company C. Sure, they might not be rah-rah-rah pro-war, but they still have great redpill lessons and they’re just damn enjoyable movies.

  88. One of the best movies that nobody saw: 84 Charlie Mopic. Damn good Vietnam movie.
    While Predator was a good movie didn’t anyone notice that it has a hidden anti-hunting theme?

  89. Collateral is yet another movie where the character slowly grows a pair with the aid of the badass antagonist/mentor.

  90. I have to say I’m surprised Gladiator didn’t make the list. And the scene from Conan the barbarian where he is given a woman so he can breed with the finest stock….Priceless.

  91. I’m surprised by a couple that made this list, especially since it took a slot that could have gone to Falling Down or The Revenant

  92. What about Killer Élite? Strong Men refusing to endorse fue murdering of their comrades for National interests ‘ sale and the only female carachter chooses to step aside and lets the males take care of her

  93. Point Break
    Road House
    Red Dawn
    Conan the Barbarian
    To Live and Die in L.A.
    Bad Lieutenant
    Another Day in Paradise
    White Men Can’t Jump
    Wall Street
    Full Metal Jacket
    A Clockwork Orange

      1. Yeah, its a good list, but…
        “White Men Can’t Jump”???
        A whigger with a PR girlfriend who lets a black street hustler treat him like dirt?

  94. More lists like this & columns, we must archive the good culture and throwaway the rest once we start to rebuild

  95. Most movies before 1990 are worth watching. After that political correctness settled in, and you have to be very selective with the movies you watch.

      1. Ah yes, Crash, you’re right. I tried my best to get that shitty movie out of my head.

  96. “Red pilled men shouldn’t watch porn!

    Here are some hot sex scenes for your perv ass”

      1. I cringe pretty damn hard at it. But it really exposes how deviant the whole trans bullshit is. You could never make that movie today.

        1. I agree. It would be labeled “controversial” and anyone involved would be blackballed.

        2. I’m too young to remember but apparently even when it came out there was some gay tantrums over it.

  97. I’ll give you a better one: “Sicario”. In this film, the little girl FBI agent (played by Emily Blunt…who should be having children instead of being in movies) is invited to volunteer for an interagency team taking on Mexican drug gangs. As usual, the woman shows herself psychologically unable to do what it takes to combat the drug lords and becomes a liability. Benicio Del Toro is brilliant as the former Mexican prosecutor who becomes an assassin after his family is killed by the drug lords. At one point, “Alejandro” shoots Blunt’s character in her body armor when she attempts to interfere in his actions. The ending scene shows the weakness of the woman and the strength of the man.

    1. I would have had her off the team and up for disciplinary action about half way through. Besides her one solid movie though

  98. The Empire Strikes Back. Wimpy teenage boy raised by a beta uncle learns that he has a studly alpha male pilot father who tries to get him to follow in his footsteps.

  99. These are older, but men were men back in those times.
    Hard Times
    Jeremiah Johnson
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    Anything with Robert Mitchum

    1. Oh, agreed, I’m astonished when I look at really old movies just how manly the men were acting compared to today’s wimpy and feminine ones.

  100. Saddest thing was seeing Christian Bale being pasased over for to Jamie Foxx at the Oscars, that’s when I finally realized Hollywood is a f’joke… that’s way fhags, blackies and trannie roles always win.

    1. Oscars are a joke, and frankly they’ve lost their relevancy a long time ago. Seriously, who cares anymore if an actor has an oscar or two? Plenty of bad actors have oscars as well(Jennifer Lawrence, anyone?) What I’m saying is that Oscars aren’t the determining factor on whether an actor is worthy or not. They’ll just give oscars to whoever pleases them most, not to actual talent. Look at how many decades it took Leonardo Dicaprio to finally get an oscar(and for a role that didn’t merit it IMO), AFTER he started preaching the claptrap about Environmental Awareness.
      Oscars are nothing more than Hollywood virtue-signalling and circle-jerk.

  101. Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarintino
    The Color of Money by Martin Scorcese
    White by Krzysztof Kieślowski
    One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milos Forman
    The Last Tango in Paris by Bernardo Bertolucci
    Fight Club by David Fincher
    Apocalypse Now, Director’s Cut by Francis Ford Coppola
    9 1/2 Weeks by Adrian Lyne

  102. It’s a shame John Wayne never gets a mention in these lists. I would strongly recommend “Cowboys” as well as the original “True Grit”. Both fabulous films.

    1. John Wayne did get mentioned in another article about manly movies. Personally, I would recommend most of his movies after 1939, they are just extremely entertaining and he’s always manly.

  103. All the Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood are fantastic. Clint is pure distilled manliness in those films.

  104. “It is the doom of men that they forget…” EXCALIBUR which predicts a lot of what we’re seeing now IMHO.

    1. Wha…..
      Boreman’s ‘Zardoz‘ is the predictive programming you are looking for.

  105. Death Wish
    If you haven’t mentioned ‘Death Wish’ yet, then hang your heads in shame…

  106. No one has mentioned Jaws. That movie is perfection. Best character in any movie, Quint.
    My top movie ever.

  107. Disney is remaking a live action version of Aladdin, with an Arab actor playing the title role, but his love interest, Princess Jasmine is going to be portrayed by a white British actress. I wonder what SJWs say about that? No cultural appropriation? Why not have an Arab actress instead? I guess they want to push the interracial romance angle towards audiences.

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