I Was Mugged And My White Privilege Was to Blame

If you haven’t heard of this story, I present it to you with little fanfare. I highly recommend reading the original article, and even subscribing to the Hoya if you want a daily does of rage.

This article has everything stereotypically associated with the liberal intelligentsia of the west in it. And it should make everyone reading this stop and shudder because these indoctrinated leftist clowns are graduating from school and coming soon to a workplace near you. Here’s some juicy excerpts written by the kid who got mugged:

Example 1: White Guilt

The millennial generation is taking over the reins of the world, and thus we are presented with a wonderful opportunity to right some of the wrongs of the past. As young people, we need to devote real energy to solving what are collective challenges. Until we do so, we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins. I can hardly blame them. The cards are all in our hands, and we’re not playing them.

Funny enough, he seems to make a case for “the white man’s burden” in 21st century neo-liberal terms. Basically, “black people need our help because whites hold all the power, and until whites do something to help blacks, nothing will change.” Of course, formally, SJWs would shudder at the thought of this neo-colonial mindset, and yet here it is, spelled out in black and white..

Example 2: Refusing to Account for Personal Responsibility

Young people who willingly or unwillingly go down this road have been dealt a bad hand. While speaking with a D.C. police officer after the incident, he explained that he too had come from difficult circumstances, and yet had made the decision not to get involved in crime. This is a very fair point — we all make decisions. Yet I’ve never had to decide whether or not to steal from people. We’re all capable of good and bad, but it’s a whole lot easier for me to choose good than it may be for them to.

What makes this funnier, is that talking with the DC police officer (I’m going to roll the dice and guess that he’s black), he gets told that socio-economic factors are not enough to remove the agency of choice or willingness to commit violent crime. But of course, the young SJW just brushes it off and blames it on “the system.” Which brings us to example 3:

Example 3: “Its the system, maaaan”

When we play along with a system that fuels this kind of desperation, we can’t be surprised when we’re touched by it. Maybe these two kids are caught, and this recent crime wave dies down, but it will return because the demand is still there, and the supply is still here. We have a lot, and plenty of opportunities to make even more. They have very little, and few opportunities to make ends meet.

A lot of Ivy League and top-tier university kids DO get a leg-up in life. And when they graduate, they will belong to the ruling class of this country. They will assume the position of left-leaning intellectuals that are increasingly becoming a “liberal politburo” in front of which we have to clap harder and harder to not be labeled homophobes, racists, and sexists. Even if the parents of these kids are rich conservatives, college will make sure that their children will end up like the mugged student: shrieking termagants begging for annihilation from the Uruk-hai.

Rush Limbaugh chimes in:

(Disclaimer: I’m actually not a big fan of Rush, but he’s spot on here)

Is this not pathetic?  This is little glimpse here into the minds of our indoctrinated youth. You know, it used to be said that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Now, if you want to mug a liberal, you go right ahead because the correct reaction is love for the mugger, understanding of the economic plight of the mugger.

One has to wonder if the Christian ideals of turning the other cheek have not finally reached saturation point, and now permeate the consciousness of the millennial generation. If this is true, the irony is that most millennials reject Christianity for being too barbaric and backward, without realizing that as a generation they represent the culmination of thousands of years of Christian teaching in the west.

Whatever is going on, it is incredible. It seems that even an encounter with near death is not enough to change the belief of this SJW. Such fanaticism is usually reserved only for the extremist sects of most religions, and yet here we find it as well, only in its secular form. This leads us to conclude that progressivism is itself a cult, dedicated to its own message, divorced from reality and dependent on faith alone, with its own strange rituals and initiations that one must go through to join the church.

There is a ray of light in all of this I suppose. The feminists on campus decried the article on the grounds that it was “victim blaming” (Unfortunately many comments were removed, but not before your humble narrator picked out the juiciest ones). Deconstructing their logic is a difficult task to be sure, but I surmise that they realized the following: a woman placed in that situation should not be blamed, so I guess we can’t blame this male who got mugged either.

However, they then continued to agree that the fact that we are all white and privileged is a problem, and that systematized racism was the culprit behind the mugging. I guess both parties, the mugger and the muggee, were the victims. Well there you go, liberal double-think at its finest. And they said 1984 was a work of fiction.

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181 thoughts on “I Was Mugged And My White Privilege Was to Blame”

  1. “White privilege” is one of the most offensive things one person can say to another.

    1. I think it’s ‘Racist’ that is slur that used these days for whites.
      And just like any slur for any race the key is to Not Give A Fuck. It’s a meta shit test, people want to know who the weak people are.
      Alpha minority men don’t really care about racism at the meta level. They are too busy achieving. They deal with when necessary and don’t whine and bitch about it because top males know the score. They instinctively know that we are tribal animals and don’t get butt hurt about it because it serves no purpose.
      It’s like getting mad the sun for making you hot. Only dumb fucks do that.

      1. The best way to argue with the person slinging the racist crap is to “agree and amplify.” I usually say to that attempt to somehow put me into a situation of defending myself, “You underestimate me, I am racist, sexist, homophobic and I am waiting for Webster to add lookist, so that I have a right to hate people for the way that they look.”

    2. White privilege is where one group of people is told to be ashamed of and accountable for the actions of their ancestors by another group who refuse to take responsibility for their own children.

      1. dude, its not their children. its children of children, and most of the time of their children. Too far gone to place blame. Parenting should be a right. If you had to pass a test to give life, everything world be solved. All the money spent on worthless government funds to help the less proactive/aware would definitely cover the costs of officials giving the okay-go for child birth.
        some people are idiots. Its the way it is.. just limit their rights. Its about good morals, open minded-ness, and understanding. No-one is perfect, but some people just down right suck. Don’t give them at pass.

        1. Limiting another humans right to reproduce is an unfortunate statement. You liken yourself to men as Hitler or Mao when you start recommending such extreme and heinous action. I as well hate seeing good men have one child and quit while the most pathetic in society keep popping out welfare babies but the answer isn’t to stop their reproduction. The answer there is to stop taking care of their babies.
          May I present another idea. Reserve the right of voting in a republic only for property owners. If only people who own a home, a business or a piece of land can vote, then only people who are relatively reliable will be able to vote long term. Unreliable people will eventually lose their property, and thus, their right to vote. This would bring conservative values back to America in one election cycle.
          This would still allow people of all races and creeds to vote so no one can legitimately cry fowl in racist terms (although they still will try) and you wouldn’t need to remove the right of women to vote. The fact of the matter is that as women age and especially when they get married and have children they vote more and more conservative. This is because they don’t want young hotties stealing their husbands away, I would guess. Since most female property owners would own real property because of husbands, more of the female voters would vote conservative and the vast majority of male voters who own property would as well.
          Of course the chance of something like this passing any time soon in America is about as high as a golden condom magically appearing in my pocket.

        2. I hate to like this, because I hate being a proponent of eugenics, but damn it sure does sound like it would work. >.<

        3. This might makes sense if we’re starting with a level playing field, but with the decades of predatory capitalism that has concentrated wealth at the top all it would do is further enrich the already rich…
          It’s a good though though. Limiting voting somewhat is probably an excellent idea.

        4. 1. Or give people with low IQ’s <90 welfare benefits with the condition they do not reproduce with an added bonus if they adopt and raise another child of average or higher IQ.

    3. White British kids forced to be humiliated for slavery as the picture shows.
      The British Navy enforced a global ban on slavery.
      When I bring up this, and the fact that Arabs and Africans also did slavery it is rationalized away by saying “well you’re still guilty, and still benefit from it today.”
      Not only missing the point, that this guilt is applied selectively, but also displaying the true motives. Envy.
      White societies are not still benefitting any more than Arab ones are. White societies are just wealthier, and not because of our slaving prowess. This argument has no bearing on culpability.

      1. If slaving another means progress, the Arabs would have colonies in other universes by now

    4. White should have sent back Black to Africa after the Abolition of Slavery. In those days, Africa was still fit to them.
      Now they won’t agree to go back ad you’re stuck with people who live in an environment that doesn’t suit them and who hate you for importing them here.
      Good luck.

        1. It’s a shithole because the White man is obessed with changing human nature. I grew up in a genuine African environment and it wasn’t so bad.
          Unfortunately, the White man considered than in order to have better education and medication, we had to adopt his system entirely. Now, we have crime, violence, no genuine identity but hey! that’s the price for being civilized.

        2. You cant have ambition without blind arrogance at times friend. Since the majority of White people are either Cro-Mags( neurotic followers) or Neanderthals( innovative autists), its always that one Melonhead( think Ceasar, Hitler, Stalin,) that comes and sets the shit into motion. Were the Negroids in Africa much better living their own lifestyle without being attacked? Yes indeed I cant argue with that, the people there should have been left alone.

        3. That is true. Africans may be better suited to a primitive tribal hunter-gatherer culture that only supports very very low population density and very short harsh lives lived in ignorance and squalor. What does this mean for the future of multicultural western societies that have dragged millions of this type of person into high tech information economies and expected them to achieve equality?

        4. Europeans are none of those pre-human primates, and due to many eons of mixing and movement any genes left over from when our ancestors were these species means that the attributes are thoroughly mixed into all of the eurasian peoples.
          The only major genetic divide in humanity is between sub-saharan africans and everyone else, with a much smaller divide between europeans and asians, and a very small difference between northern and southern europeans.

        5. Friend Neanderthal is not pre-human primate idiot creature that the mainstream media has led you to beleive. He is the reason the European and Asian have succeded in every aspect, where other races have been held back by their genetic heritage. Look around the web there is a Renaissance in anthropology taking place as we speak. People will finaly be able to prove why the European was so vastly superiour and still is, on the level that he is measured.

        6. I never said they were idiots. For all I know they could’ve been smarter than modern humans (in fact for some specific types of intelligence this even seems probable.) They are however primates (as are we) and they most certainly predate modern humans.

        7. Personally, I don’t think that Civilization is good for anyone. From the craddle to retirement, people are enslaved to 9 to 5 system (school, College, Job) while, in “primitive” hunter gatherer times, people only had to work for their survival and could enjoy 75% of their life.
          I don’t think we’re equal or inequal. We should should just go our separate ways. Unfortunately, you will always be hungry for our resources and, subsequently, we will keep coming to your countries. That’s a catch 22

        8. Civilization is fantastic for those at the top end of the socioeconomic ladder, and those who like their job.
          The vast majority of those of European ancestry have since the dawn of civilization chosen to live a civilized lifestyle because for them it’s far preferable to the alternative (a short, brutal existence, scrounging to survive, and living in near total ignorance of how the world works.) Since a primitive lifestyle supports only a very low population density virtually everyone alive now would have to die for the world to go back to anything like it.
          On the other hand life is exceedingly easy and comfortable for the vast majority of the population in the western world, and anybody who wants to (assuming they’re not imprisoned for committing a crime) has the option to save up for a trip to the Alaskan tundra to live totally off-grid and essentially outside of the “enslavement” of anybody (in fact they give you money in Alaska just for being a citizen, no strings attached… To call such a life “enslaved” is ignorant.)
          None of this negates the fact that liberalized/integrated/”lowest common denominator” multicultural public education often sucks for everyone (thankfully in free countries we can home school our kids of we choose,) that many marginal and/or unlucky individuals find themselves in jobs they don’t like, but even if they totally hate their job a full time worker will only spend about 25% of their working life doing it, and when you count their free time before joining the work force and after retirement it amounts to less than 20% of someone’s life being dedicated to supporting themselves, so by this measure alone, even if life were otherwise just as easy and enjoyable, would make civilization preferable. Modern western civilization is also plagued by systemic issues with unequal wealth distribution, and if these were rectified, with the efficiencies of civilization we could be working less than 1/10th of our lives and still living a happy comfortable life.
          As for your other point: Human beings, as both individuals and ancestral population groups (“races”,) are measurably unequal across many measures and dimensions, including height, weight bone structure, muscle cell types, hormone levels, grey matter density, neocortical convolution, psychometric attributes, and more. Some of these populations are more suited to a simple hunter/gatherer type lifestyle, and others to a more complex technological civilization. Anyone who says otherwise is just in denial.
          As for economies wanting resource input: If the governments and people of the third-world countries are willing to sell out the interests of their own people and send their resources abroad in exchange for manufactured goods why wouldn’t we do that? A free and voluntary exchange of goods and services is the basis of the modern free capitalist economy. Other than those resources helping us built our civilization (and hence people wanting to come to our civilization because it’s a preferable lifestyle) it has no relationship with immigration, and no matter how many come “to” our countries, modern western nations have orders of magnitude more police power than needed to turn the vast majority away at the border, and to round up and deport those who sneak in, and we have every right to do so (and should do so, for our own self interest, and there’s no catch-22 or other contradiction with this at all.)

        9. With the ewxception of the top 1%, Western people are slaves of their own system. They are fat, depressed, men can’t control their women and kids and their low fertility rate will result in the extinction of their race. However, I agree with you that White and Asian are suited to that lifestyle. It’s just a pity they fucked up other cultures who have now to live like them in order to survice.
          In some “indigenous” cultures who maintained their lifestyle (exp: Tahiti), people are fit, enjoy every second of their life and many actually die old.
          Capitalism is just a form of slavery where people give up their freedom for civilization which actually benefits the top 1%. I don’t see any free exchange of goods here.
          If you consider all that as free and fair, so you’re no different from Al-Qaeda and ISIS who see it as fair to slaughter people in the name of their religion… no different at all

        10. Yes, our system has gotten majorly messed up relative to what it was 100 years ago, but it’s still lightyears ahead of anything else in the world in most regards. This cultural degradation relative to what white people had built up over the thousands of years prior is traceable to one historical mistake around WWII which can easily be rectified when the time comes.
          “Fat”? No, if you look to nations that exclude GMO poison white people are quite fine health-wise.
          Depressed? Not really, most white people are not depressed (though the rate is somewhat higher, but that hardly makes a difference to the majority, and depression is rarely permanent, and we’re much less depressed among our own civilization than other races are amongst theirs.) The fact that Africans alone have loads of self-esteem is based solely on how their brain is wired genetically with no regard to their actual self worth might be a fine adaptation to living on the plains of Africa but there’s no indication that this is an adaptive trait that would suit anyone in a technological civilization especially in times of strife.
          “Can’t control their own women”? I’ll give you this one, relatively speaking, but it’s traceable to that very same historical mistake that occurred about 80 years ago resulting in a cultural degradation, but culture can be fixed very quickly, genes are for life.
          “Low fertility rate”? Most western peoples are what is called “k” reproductive strategies, where a lower fertility rate occurs so more time, energy, and resources can be put into raising each individual child to help them achieve their full potential. Tropical people on the other hand tend to be what’s called “r” reproductive strategists, which is where rather than investing much in their children they just have a lot of kids and hope enough survive. Though there’s no “right” and “wrong” when it comes to evolution I know which one is morally superior for human beings whether in a plentiful or adverse environment (and remember that much of the worlds overpopulation is attributable to the “r” reproduction of tropical-originated peoples.) “R” reproduction works great when there’s plenty of resources for everyone, such as in this brief period of civilization where society feeds everyone no matter how weak or sick, but in times of deprivation and conflict and other adversity “k” tends to be the preferable strategy. The fact that there’s plenty of food in the civilizations that the northern peoples’ built, and that our morality has us feed without regard to the person’s usefulness, means that in our civilization “r” strategists breed like rabbits, but as overpopulation takes hold and the institutions that the “k” strategists built disintegrate those “r” strategists can expect a massive drop in population during a time that the “k” strategists excel… If you look forward to the medium term future of mankind do you see peace and plenty for most of mankind? I don’t think so…. Who do you think will excel during such tough times? (Hint: Not the ones who reproduce like rodents.)
          “Extinction of their race”? That’s funny. There are more white people alive today than there have ever been, and our genes make up the bulk of the genes in the continents of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with a significant portion of the genomes on the entire continents of North and South America. As long as human beings exist on this planet our people will NEVER be extinct (though notions of absolute racial “purity” don’t hold much sway, though they aren’t terribly adaptive anyway, it’s more about the quality of MOST of someone’s genes, not the absolute purity overall with regard to some arbitrary baseline population.)
          “Have now to live like them in order to survive.” Nobody “has” to live like them, but most cultures who come in contact with western civilization CHOOSE to adopt many of the attributes of it. They could (and some do) go right back to the primitive mud-huts of their ancestors but they don’t because romantic notions of a happy carefree lifestyle don’t match the reality the vast majority of the time.
          “some ‘indigenous cultures’ who maintained their lifestyle are fit, enjoy every second of their life, and many actually die old”… The average lifespan of ANY native population is less than HALF that in the western world, so while there may be exceptions (there always will be,) when western people aren’t eating the GMO crap that’s peddled we’re far healthier.
          “Capitalism is just a form of slavery”. Go take an economics course. Capitalism, when allowed run amok and held up as the controlling dynamic, leads to all kinds of wealth inequality, environmental problems, and general instability, which is why it can’t last, but capitalism itself is just an economic form that allows individuals to retain ownership of what they create or find out in nature, and then choose to use that to produce more if they so choose, how could that possibly be inconsistent with freedom or be inherently unfair? As long as capitalism is constrained on most sides by a functional government of a just and educated people it works great, so how about we make sure our governments are just and our people educated rather than throwing out the most efficient and [on a raw output basis, for the highest number of mouths fed] effective economic system the world has ever known? “I don’t see any free exchange of goods”… Then you’re blind or in a cave. I just had a free exchange of goods with my employer when I sold services to them, and I had a free exchange of goods when I went to the store and bought some sporting goods.
          “If you consider all that are free as fair… no different from Al-Qaeda…” That’s one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read. Al-Qaeda and ISIS (both western and controlled created “fake” terror groups by the way,) though they may see it as “fair” to slaughter people, it is in-fact NOT fair to do so, because it infringes on the (much more fundamental) freedom of the victim to stay alive. All that is free IS fair, but moral people need to balance their own freedoms with those of others, or the overall net freedom is very unequally distributed (which isn’t fair and certainly isn’t free for the victim half of the interaction.)

        11. Whatever you said, dude. Words are just words.
          White and Arabs are gonna kill each other.
          The big winners will be Asian and Hispanics. I hope Black will separate from the white man so we can get back to our real nature.

        12. Yes, words are words, and rocks are rocks, and people are people, and potatoes are potatoes, no sh*t (in math this is called the reflexive property.)
          If whites and arabs do kill each other odds are we’ll take the whole world down with us, so you’d better hope that doesn’t happen.
          If Hispanics and Asians win then whites still win indirectly (since almost very hispanic person carries a large amount of genetic materials from whites, and Asians and whites carry many of the same genes.)
          I too hope blacks will separate from the white man to so you can get back to your real nature. That would be ideal for everyone. Both peoples were better off before forced integration.

  2. MAJOR flaw in his thinking. The privileged steal. A lot. Ever heard of Enron? How about the savings and loan scandal of the ’80s? Michael Milken? Should we also feel sorry for these people as well? He says: “Yet I’ve never had to decide whether or not to steal from people.” But these people did and they could buy and sell his family. How to deal with that?

    1. Ancedotal. You might as well said, “Blacks steal. A lot. Black privilege!” Go to Appalachia and tell the people there, some of who are living in circumstances similar to the third world, that they have privilege. Let’s be honest, “white privilege” is just an excuse to rob others based on race. It’s exactly like feminism, except replace gender with race. They use the same types of arguments, many based on shifting the burden of proof and manipulated statistics combined with a victim mentality. It’s no wonder that most who accept one also accepts the other.
      People will generally accept hard truths when they can benefit from them, but as soon as there’s nothing to gain they reject them. What do either minorities or feminists have to gain by dropping these “privilege” arguments? Nothing, so they won’t. Ever. So if you’re white, you have “white privilege,” and the burden of proof is on whites to prove they don’t have privilege. That is completely irrational and backward. The burden of proof is on the person making the claim.
      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
      -Upton Sinclair

      1. White Privilege is a 100 IQ and a 50-50 shot of having both your parents. Nothing more.
        À bientôt,

        1. lol IQ isn’t an accurate measure of intelligence. If it were then Marilyn Monroe is smarter than Einstein.
          IDK if your post was a joke/troll but just in case it wasn’t look up the validity of IQ tests on google.

        2. fucking LOLD HARD at this latest attempt at liberal disinformation.
          No, IQ isn’t the be-all, end-all measure of intelligence. However, there is a direct correlation between high IQ, high standard of living, low criminality and low iq, low standard of living, high criminality.
          Basically, we’re not sure what 120IQ means in the grand scheme of things, but we do know it’s less worthless than 70IQ.
          Religion is a great thing. The high IQ crowd can get philosophical and spiritual insight into the world, and low iq dummies can lead a productive life by just following the commandments & teachings.
          But of course, you liberal shit-puppets had to take that away from the blacks too.
          Good luck with your bleeding to death in an alleyway goals of 2015.

        3. Marilyn Monroe may very well have been smarter than Albert Einstein, and if so it’s a real shame she didn’t do more with her mind.
          I’ve reviewed the literature. Though it’s not perfect (little is) IQ is a HIGHLY reliable indirect measure of general intelligence factor (“g”,) which is the best scientific definition we have for what we simply call “intelligence”.
          IQ correlates with a wide array of measures of functionality in life (crime, education, income, longevity, child abuse rates, drug addiction rates, teenage pregnancy) and even correlates to biological measurements including grey matter density of, level of convolution of grey matter, and to a lesser extent actual brain size.
          Those who reject IQ tend to reject the validity of any objective measure of intelligence (and prefer definitions that can be distorted by subjective bias and interpretation to yield the “equality” they so wish to find.) Only someone in denial and/or with a vested interest in undermining the concept (often someone with a low IQ, from a group with a low IQ, or in defense of a group with low IQ) would try to argue that IQ itself isn’t accurate (it’s one of the most accurate measures we have of general intelligence.)

      2. Race thats involved with stereotypes is just ridiculous, isn’t it? Same with lots of limiting things. I think we’ve all encountered that person who breaks the preconceived notion. If about an individual.

        1. Yes and there are convicted murderers who are now decent upstanding people, or gorillas that speak sign language, but rational beings do and should make decisions based on the rule not on the exception. Of course we should allow for the individual variation that inevitably exists, but this doesn’t negate our ability to make decisions in aggregate when that is the most effective option. Stereotypes exist for a reason (because they are right more often than not.)
          For example: Do you want to be relatively safe when walking down the street at night near your own home? Then avoid living in a neighborhood with a lot of brown people. Is this is stereotype? Of course. Is it wrong? No.

    2. The reality is that people with little regard for other human beings steal. Ive seen people of all races, male and female, steal from friends, relatives, stores, etc. The thievingest person Ive ever met was a rich, snobby white girl I met in college. She stole everything from glasses amd mugs at the bar to clothes and lipstick from Macy’s. She didnt do it out of necessity, but merely for the thrill of being rebellious. She was also, not ironically, one of the worst (if not the worst) human beings I have met to date; soulless and absent of a single moral fiber.
      So the SJW’s assertion that black people steal because they have no power is baseless. They steal because they are humans with little character and a lack of boundaries. Yes, most of them are poor but millions of poor people get up and work their ass of every day.

        1. According to conservative, whites commit 0% of crime while other races commit the remaining 100%

        2. I’ve never seen a single “conservative” ever argue that. Other races do commit about 2/3rd of the violent crime in the U.S. though despite the fact that they make up only 1/3rd of the population. This is taken from the government’s own statistics.

      1. the main reason people commit crimes is not because of economic circumstances, it is because they enjoy being criminals. some of the most honest people i’ve met have been dirt poor. as many have noted above, many rich people will rob you blind given the chance.

  3. If they truly felt bad for these criminals they’d give them their money in advance. Maybe send them weekly payments. Now that’s a privilege.

    1. They only want to do that with other people’s money. It let’s them “feel good” about themselves, without having to actually shell out.
      À bientôt,

      1. Bingo. And there it is, folks…SJWs are happy to extract resources from those who have and distribute to those (indoctrinated) groups they deem worthy, so long as they themselves don’t have to actually provide resources other than an upvote, tweet, or bullhorn proclamation.

      2. It is worse than that. So-called SJW nearly all have jobs that are little more than glorified welfare. They are parasites who whine about how unfare their host is.

    2. The weekly payments you mention are taken from ALL of us, by force, regardless of whether we want to support those people or not.
      Taxes are just theft by force.
      Our society: fraud backed by violence.
      On every level.

      1. Yes that’s what I was hinting at. We are already being robbed and the government borrows money to pay for entitlementsm

    1. Haha — surprised someone remembered her. To recap, she was a woman raped by a black Haitian who somehow managed to pin the blame on white oppression. If you have a link, post one.

        1. Just read the article. If there are any enterprising criminals out they could make a real killing out of white privilege.

        2. Well if we at ROK could put together an online archive with every SJW article and its author then charged a small fee for this information to criminal networks I think we could create a system where everyone is happy. SJW’s could bask in the warm glow of feeling superior to everyone for forgiving their mugger. The criminials would make money with little resistance and little fear of prosecution. We could make a nice cut as the middlemen and people who do not wish to be mugged would be safer.

        3. I see a new iPhone app in the making. Like Tinder, except it matches willing, white privileged, victims with underprivileged, minority thugs.

        4. Sign up for “Bitter”, a social network where privileged, middle-aged white women have to entice a minority to rape them in 140 characters or less.

    1. He’s lucky he wasn’t Knoxville’d or Witchita’d or St Louis’d ( Bosnian guy beaten to death with hammers while youths scream “kill the white people”.
      Liberals like these will be the first casualties when the race war comes out in the open (when whites start fighting back for real) or when the SHTF.
      They are useless. They have no practical skills. They do not value liberty. They do not understand the Constitution or the concept of ‘inalienable rights’ and most importantly, they still trust the government. Idiots to a man (or woman).
      In short, that bunch is fucked. Total writeoff. If any SJWs show up at my door post-SHTF, I might let them work for a bowl of rice a day. So they can understand what ‘poor privilege’ is and how when there’s no nanny state to save their day, that what matters in the end is what they can DO, not what they say.
      People will no real skills will be useless eaters when the smoke clears.
      Don’t be a useless eater. Learn some practical skills: fixing things, growing things,. building things, brewing/distilling things, etc. Those skills don’t pay much now in our abstract centralized world. But that will change.
      In a country where most people with jobs either serve customers (would you like fries with that) or deal in abstractions, I predict that there will (at least for a brief time) be more useless people than useful. That will self-correct as do all population imbalances an every species once nature is in control and our society returns to traditional values.

      1. Are you kidding? If you only give them a bowl of rice a day, they will complain that you are being selfish and greedy and hording all the resources and they will demand that you redistribute the wealth better. They must only be turned away. Don’t accept them. Make your alliances now. Find friends who are also prepared and trustworthy and arrange to meet up with them when the grocery stores go empty. Prepare your community now and hopefully you’ll all be on the same wavelength once tough times arrive. Identify those in your community now that will become trouble during stressful times.

  4. Self-defense is Natural Law. To deny this to oneself (out of ignorance), or to others (out of malice), is just a set-up for a Darwin Award.

  5. Something tells me that if this story gets any traction, there will soon be a rash of people who identify as ‘white/privileged’ getting mugged…and then blogging / twittering about the experience. They will rationalize it as somehow ‘atoning’ for perceived sin whilst getting to be an even bigger victim amongst their friends.

    1. Excellent. Twitter hashtags replete with androgynous retards holding up signs saying “I was mugged, but it’s okay…I’m white”

    2. Two-hundred years ago a person with a certain skin color committed a crime. Therefore, all other people with the same skin color must be punished. People wouldn’t dream of blaming modern blacks for something another black did a long time ago, but people pull the same racist collective punishment bullshit on whites all the time, and get away with it.

      1. Two hundred years ago?
        Go back a little further 🙂
        It was a black landowner who filed the first lawsuit that resulted in slavery being recognized as legal in what would become the USA in 1655. The black slave owner’s name was Anthony Johnson.

  6. SJW’s are DESPERATE to be told that they are “Good People”
    They show kindness to all their protected classes basically because “Jesus loved whores!”
    They’re all Christians, at least most of the ones in the States are, but they can’t see it

    1. It’s a response to be accused of being a demon all their life and them getting hurt by it.
      So they qualify to their accuser and have to prove to them they aren’t horrible and in fact good people.
      It’s people pleasing, plain and simple. You don’t please man. You do the right thing and don’t give a fuck.
      You should have the old school idea of Honor. You do what is right. Even if it’s 1 vs 1 million. Selling out your own traditions and people to please groups that hate you is coward behavior that in the end leads to ruin.
      Guys that do this have no honor and they know it. Their effeminate behavior and mannerisms along with the whale pussy that usually comes with is rightly their reward.

      1. It really does wreak of low self esteem. Its almost like a pussified reaction to being weak and powerless at the hands of someone who he feels is beneath him. Instead of being a man and admitting “I was overpowered by a more powerful man, I should learn to defend myself or project strength to avoid this situation in the future”, he goes into superiority complex mode and tries to find a way to look down on his aggressor amd pity him when, in fact, he is the one with no power.

    2. Or perhaps there all just egotistical narcissists displaying a truly grotesque perversion of what it is to be “good”. These special snowflakes have been told their sooo perfect and special that no one can be “gooder” then them…never mind that their concept of what is good is actually bad but you can’t even call them “well intention” since trying to out do each other as “gooder” then you is really just ego at work.

    3. They’re called “cultural Christians,” as their way of thinking is rooted in Christianity. Their arguments about egalitarianism are based on the Christian philosophy that all souls are equally valuable to God. It doesn’t matter that there’s no evidence to support human equality. They are a religion.
      Reminds me of Saint Seraphim of Sarov, who after being robbed and beaten to lameness pleaded for forgiveness in the courtroom of his assailants. Why? In Christianity we’re all sinners, which we inherited from Adam’s original sin. We forgive others so God will forgive us of our sins and Adam’s sin. Similarly, this Georgetown moron see’s European history as the original sin, and he must forgive others so he’s forgiven of his inherited sin. It’s the same thing. Liberalism is just another religion, quite similar to Unitarian Universalism.

  7. What a dickless idiot. Why can’t morons like this do the “oppressed” a favor and suck-start a 9mm to rid the world of their privilege?

  8. “One has to wonder if the Christian ideals of turning the other cheek have not finally reached saturation point, and now permeate the consciousness of the millennial generation.”
    One of the most misunderstood passage of modern times.
    All it means when you read it in full context is basically ‘Don’t Give A Fuck About Insults’. A slap is an insult and to turn the other cheek is indicating that it was laughable because you are above it. It’s holding frame and not qualifying oneself. It’s game theory 101.
    It doesn’t mean don’t take serious threats seriously. The way the verse is seen and quoted is an indictment on our society pussy mentality and not to be taken what it actually means.

    1. When required by law to walk a mile as a beast of burden for the Roman army, walk two miles. Fuck the Roman army. It’s your own decision. It’s holding frame.

  9. The theme I see repeated is that people will accept hard truths when they help them accomplish their goals, but as soon as those truths have the potential to worsen their lot in life, suddenly they become invalid.
    It’s the old Upton Sinclair quote, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    Minority guys assert there is “white privilege” because what exactly do they have to gain by rejecting it? Just like feminists, if they dropped the claims of victimhood then their circumstances in life would be worse off. So they go for their own self interest. Either they internally accept the lie, or exploit the lie while remaining silent on the truth.

    1. Good point.
      Its a paradox: but his ‘weak’ statements reflect the fact that it is currently strong to be weak, and weak to be strong. However sickening it is, he’s not wrong that behaviour that is unimaginably weak and cringe-inducing may actually propel him up a ladder designed around such behaviour.
      The proof of the pudding is whether he ends up worse or better off for displaying such behaviour. If he ends up better off off then his ‘weakness’ is primarily aesthetic. Having said that I can’t help feel that women will despise him either way. At least deep down.
      Strange times

        1. yes you are right. The question is whether he is wrong to believe he is the ‘master’ – clearly it is perverse for the mugger to have his deed explained as a product of victimisation, but the thing I’m unsure of is whether this individual, or his type, are genuine dolts, asking the predators lining up to eat them whether they’re tasty enough, or whether his posture is at least in the moment, a rational self-interested one.
          i.e. has he given up his interests – certainly you could argue the case in terms of race, gender but in terms of individual survival I find myself unsure – he certainly deserves to perish, but will he?

  10. I’ve been the target of an attempted mugging three times. The last time was 3 ‘kids’ (the youngest was 17, oldest was 19) of differing ethnicities (one Black, one white, one mix). They were waiting on my usual route to work ( I walked to the club where I worked as a bouncer) and had obviously decided that as a middle-aged dude I was a good victim to hold up at knifepoint. Two fractures, one break, two concussions, one dislocation and a call to 911 later I was attempting to explain to the cops that yes, I felt fully justified in sending the silly little sods to the Emergency Room and no, the severity of my response was not racially motivated. In fact, it had been the white kid who’d had the knife and had borne the brunt of my aggressive response. They wanted to charge me with aggravated assault, but ended up not bothering once the word came down that two of my attackers had a sheet for similar stunts. I have no sympathy or empathy for people who would stab a man for the contents of his wallet.

    1. WTF???
      They wanted to charge you for defending yourself against armed muggers!
      Better to judged by twelve than carried by six.

      1. Better not to call the cops. Put your enemies down and leave the area as quickly as possible.

        1. Im hearing this advice more and more as people are opening up to the idea that police cant be trusted. Thank God

        2. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is not the duty of the police to protect you, just enforce the laws, period.

    2. I love how society today claims that you are racist in the case of self-defense. Lol, like if a black kid attacks you, are you really gonna go “Oh, I can’t fight back, because that is racism.” I don’t give a fuck what race you are. You threaten my livelihood, I’ll tear your head off. Good job putting those pieces of shit in the hospital!

      1. That’s exactly the response they expect from you. If you’re white and if it’s a black person attacking they expect you to let yourself be victimized with whatever the attacker decides you should endure, and then (if you survive) file a police report to let them “handle it”. If you dare to defend yourself, and if they think they can make charges stick, they will label you as the aggressor and you’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      2. Remember Reginald Denny? During the LA riots he was dragged from his truck and beaten with bricks within inches of his life; all recorded and not a single conviction of the perpetrators. They were too effected by the media race-baiting hoax of “Rodney King” to be held accountable for their own actions. All because of “white racism.”

    3. Now that’s how you do it. I always say that I will to do as much as I can to avoid a fight. But once I am pushed to that level, I’m breaking arms, legs, ribs. I’ll make sure that person second guesses ever fighting a stranger again.

      1. I got on alright with the cops in my town. Most of the time they were solid types and I could count on them to be decent. But that night I must have drawn the crazy shiny-badged leftist from the pot, because he was all “Did you warn them that you had training?” “Did you attempt to defuse the situation?” (Answers were “No, only a fucking idiot warns three attackers he can defend himself, because then they will still attack him, just being smarter about it.” and “Yes, I said ‘Don’t be fucking stupid, boys.’ They didn’t listen.”) The cop in question was so green he could photosynthesize. When they wanted to take me down to the station for questioning, I said “Sure” and he went to put cuffs on me (?!) His partner (cute blonde thing) straightened that out, though.
        That was seven years ago. these days, with things as they are, I wouldn’t call the cops and ambulance. I’d put the attacker down hard and scram.

        1. That is understandable. For other people I would say if you do wind up explaining yourself to the cops simply don’t. Request counsel and let them handle it.

  11. Anyone else hoping the Georgetown student gets mugged again since he thought he deserved it? His comments are quite condescending. Our backgrounds DO NOT hinder us from choosing good instead of evil. We should be better than that.

    1. Maybe he’ll get murdered next time.
      Wonder if his epitaph will thank his murderer, or apologize for his privilege

      1. Wonder if his epitaph will thank his murderer, or apologize for his privilege

        Probably both.

  12. I can’t really fault this kid for not being a materialistic little shit. He still has enough youth and optimism in him to not turn his being bullied into a reason to become a greedy spiteful bastard.
    As he grows older he’ll become more conservative though. Once he has to work up a sweat for what he has, the next time he gets mugged he wont be so kaleidoscope eyes.

    1. i agree that many people get more conservative with time. all the kumbaya stuff sounds great on the college campuses, and im sure its exciting to go out and protest ‘the man’ . but the real world is an eye opener.

      1. “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not aconservative at forty you have no brain.”

    2. The toerag should be skinned alive. His attitude endangers everyone. Even the muggers. He ought to have been carrying a pistol and defended himself.

    3. All of these jerk-offs need a good dose of reality knocked into them. Sadly, they live in such a rarefied world where they will most likely only ever encounter people who think exactly like them.
      Like those Libtard idiots who protested in Ferguson and got their asses kicked by the crowd.

      1. Many years ago the submarine I was serving on pulled into St. Croix, in the Caribbean. At the time the tourist industry had died off and the economy was so low that there was a huge crime wave; which of course suppressed tourism even more. There were several attempted and one successful attempt to take money from young sailors. They did not need to grow old to be conservative; most were from working class families and all worked hard for the pittance they got from the Navy.
        One case was a guy was flirting with a girl at the carnival that was at the head of the pier. Two guys threatened him with a knife and demanded his wallet. He grabbed one guy’s wrist and elbow and broke his arm across his knee. The other guy ran off. When the police came they grabbed the guy with the broken arm by the collar and waist band and threw him into the back seat of the police cruiser. They apologized to the sailor for any inconvenience. Did I mention that all parties except the sailor were black and the sailor was white?
        The next day three sailors went to the beach. They dropped their clothes and possessions on the beach and went towards the water to swim. When one guy looked around there were two guys going through their stuff. They ran back at those two guys. One of the robbers then reached under his shirt and told the sailors to back off and that he had a gun. Their response was, “Well you better get it out and start shooting because we are going to kick your ass.” The two robbers ran away. Once again the robbers were black (not surprising since about 99% of the island’s population was black) and the three sailors were white. I will also state that the three sailors were white men from Appalachia. They were ridge runners and hillbillies to the max.
        Several nights later one sailor stepped outside of the bar we were all in to take a smoke. He was hit with a brick and knocked down while another guy stripped off his watch. He jumped up pretty quick, but the robbers were already running. He called for us and there was a lively chase through the streets. The robbers knew the territory better so they got away. If they had been caught I don’t think we intended to call the police.
        It isn’t age that makes you not accept this BS it is having to work for what you have. Sailors work hard for every penny and you aren’t going to get their money without a fight.

  13. It really does wreak of low self esteem. Its almost like a pussified reaction to being weak and powerless at the hands of someone who he feels is beneath him. Instead of being a man and admitting “I was overpowered by a more powerful man, I should learn to defend myself or project strength to avoid this situation in the future”, he goes into superiority complex mode and tries to find a way to look down on his aggressor and pity him when, in fact, he is the one with no power.

  14. “White Privilege” is simply Orwellian Bullshit. Why? The SJWs understand that their ideas cannot sustain any type of rational or logical examination*–“AUGGHH!! IT’S DAYLIGHT!!! WHERE’S MY COFFIN?!?!”–and thus they are reduced to using ad hominem attacks. You say they’re wrong? It’s b/c you’re (insert: white, males, straight, not a fucktard, etc.)
    Would anyone ever talk of “Arab Privilege” in Egypt? Or “Islamic Privilege” across Muslim countries? Or “Black Privilege” in Africa? Of course not, b/c that would be silly. Just like “White Privilege” is.
    To a SJW, shrieking “White Privilege! White Privilege!” is (in their tiny little brains) a way to escape whatever argument they happen to be losing at the moment….
    À bientôt,
    *”Logic” is, after all a Coercive Tool of the Oppressive Patriarchy dontcha know.

  15. The Milwaukee police chief who told off a bunch of reporters the other day had this to say: “We get a big community of hipsters in town, waving their signs about
    oppression, fascism and Nazism, and their last experience with police
    was in their D.A.R.E. class.”
    I thought he nailed it. The more this dangerous mindset continues to spread, the more violent criminals are going to use it to their advantage. I was floored by the amount of people defending the riots ( from a comfortable distance of course ).

  16. Funny how an idea can be the culprit of a crime, rather than the criminal himself.
    You know, I’m a French-American. I grew up poor, inheriting most of my clothes from older cousins, including shoes.
    Also, the Gauls of yore (frenchmen during roman rule) were often taken as slaves by conquering Romans. Therefore, I should be allowed to mug every Italian I come across…it is only natural, of course. Completely makes sense….if you’re an idiot. The loops these liberal minds weave would be dizzying to a blind man.
    All I can say is if anyone tries to mug me, whatever race or class they might be, is going to get a fucking bullet in the head. I don’t give a fuck how white I am, I don’t owe anyone shit, especially not the money I’ve worked for.
    These dipshits don’t seem to understand that EVERY type of race has been enslaved at one point or another in human history. But because Americans are so spoiled and separated from the rest of the world, they think the only slavery to ever happen was that of whites enslaving blacks. People have been abusing other people forever, but their small minds can’t handle that hard truth.
    Thank the education system, spouting liberal nonsense since 1969

    1. That rainbow is hilarious. someone should add a unicorn sliding down it, via photoshop or something

      1. The picture provides the most subtle innuendo about his sexuality that I have ever seen.

    1. Muslims were enslaving Ukrainians and Russians (hence the name Slavs) for hundreds of years, until they banded together and killed the slavers. The kidnapping stopped. But that took courage, organization, and a will to say “NO MORE” by those medieval Slavic people.
      Force solved their problem.

  17. I lived in Georgetown a few months ago. Pop on in to the Tombs on any night, and apart from it being a dead-zone for any attractive women, you will notice that all the male undergrads look like Obamacare’s hot-chocolate boy.

  18. How do you know the whole story isn’t just a fake propaganda piece like the “drunk girl” video?

  19. This is indoctrination by powerful propaganda tools of a cult combined with the low-testosterone of the extremely civilized man.
    Pit him; he is like a breed of dog so inbred and weak that it runs from cats when they look at him funny.

  20. I’m half middle eastern and feel very ostracized after 9/11.
    I think a weekly mugging is appropriate followed by sackcloth and ashes for his privilege.

    1. Yes, but only if you’re black.
      Isn’t it crazy how whites, jews, arabs (the civilised ones), asians and latinos generally get along pretty well, but NOBODY gets along with blacks.

  21. The term ‘White Privilege’ is simply just a reverse racist term to justify prejudiced viewpoints and practice from non white peoples. I had a black professor in community college that was straight up shoved this down students throats. I was vehemently not buying it. (I think white privilege is bullshit. Just because I’m white don’t mean I’m rich or have special privileges or rights.) So the professor went through an inane battery of questions as qualifiers of your privilege. Afterwards, I was further back than where I had started. I asked her’Professor, where’s my white privilege?’ She was steaming like a homeless man urinating in an alleyway. Her response was ‘This is how other races view you in correlation to the 14% upper class whites.’ I should have reported her to the Dean and demand she lose her job for propagating blatant racist nonsense. But inevitably, it would have just resulted in a poor grade for me because academia cannot accept the concept off a non white racist.
    If you aren’t getting a check in the mail for being Caucasian, and there isn’t laws to protect you because your Caucasian, and there aren’t societies to protect Caucasians or help them get into college or get special scholarships–because that would be racist—, you would realize there is no privilege to being white.

  22. I’d prefer to be mugged by someone from my in group. Less likely to end in me killing the cunt. If a darkie laid a finger on a loved one I’ll cut his entire extended fambly down.

  23. If he thinks that way, he deserves to get robbed to the point of financial ruin. There’s a fine line between being idealistic and a complete moron.

  24. Did white people (or men?) in America have certain privileges at one point in time?
    If so, what were those privileges?
    When did those privileges washed away? (if they did)

  25. One has to wonder if the Christian ideals of turning the other cheek
    have not finally reached saturation point, and now permeate the
    consciousness of the millennial generation. If this is true, the irony
    is that most millennials reject Christianity for being too barbaric and
    backward, without realizing that as a generation they represent the
    culmination of thousands of years of Christian teaching in the west.

    Historically, Christianity was for moderation in behavior. Since throughout history, the tendency has been to act like barbarians, most Christian correctional behavior was in the direction of making people nicer. But in the post-Christian west, the exact opposite problem is becoming apparent (unless you cross SJW dogma, of course), and Christians are actually having to learn to be meaner.

    1. At first I thought that was a photoshop.
      But then I thought about the utter nonsense in Ferguson and was like: “Well, obviously…”

  26. “Yet I’ve never had to decide whether or not to steal from people. We’re
    all capable of good and bad, but it’s a whole lot easier for me to
    choose good than it may be for them to.”
    So white people have never had to resort to crime to survive? Fuck this spoiled yuppie liberal pussy.
    I’ve told this before, but it’s relevant here. It took me years to find employment. I couldn’t even get a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s. While focusing on all this, I was very pessimistic at the time about my employment opportunities and was afraid that there might have come a time that I would have to resort to crime in order to survive (or go on welfare, but it’s stolen money either way). I have a job now, but it’s not the highest paying.
    I had a homeless white man ask me for money the other day. Clearly, he’s rebelling against his privilege and living this life by choice, right? That’s the only logical explanation.
    I suppose this little bitch will tell you I got a job because I’m white, but he’s obviously an idiot. Also, there are quite a few blacks who work with me. But that’s the company hiding their racism, right?

  27. I’ll tell you what White Male Privilege really is. And trust me, it’s got nothing to do some childish bullshit about not being followed in a store.
    It’s being able to be a law-abiding, hard-working, contributing member of society and not being looked down on by the rest of your people as a ‘sell-out’ or an ‘Uncle Tom’.
    Does that sound like a ‘privilege’? Well, if you look at the utter ruin of the black community these days I would have to say yes.
    While blacks continue to hold themselves and each other back nothing will get better for them.

    1. Have you heard of the crab bucket?
      One day a crabber needed some extra help so he brought along a friend that had no experience in the task. While teaching him the ropes he pointed out to the man that when you catch a white crab you put in the bucket with the secure lid. When you catch a black crab just toss it in the uncovered bucket. The newbie was puzzled, and asked why the black crabs wouldn’t crawl out and escape. The crabber said to watch. What the newbie saw was that if a black crab started to reach the rim of the bucket and escape the other black crabs would pull him back and try to climb over him. The result was no black crabs ever got out of the bucket. The crabber then uncovered the bucket of white crabs and they all started to escape; none hindering the other. The crabber quickly put the lid back on. He then said, “Now do you see why the buckets are the way they are?”

  28. Not sure why white privilege is such a hard concept for many here to understand. I can only assume it is due to low rural hillbilly moonshiner IQ.
    White people control the government and set all the policies and laws.
    If there is some problem with minorities, it is white people’s fault. Minorities only operate inside pre-existing laws created by whites. There is no one else to blame.
    If you have brown country with a white minority and all the whites are in jail and are poor and have no money and power and were brought there as descendants of slaves and not considered humans. Whose fault is it really? The white man would have no power there, no say in how things are run. Sure you can say personal responsibility. But this is not what the history shows of white people. In most of 1700s, 1800s and 1900s and 2000s Europe (like greece) when this was the case, whites burned down everything and rioted and elected extremist governments usually after killing whoever was in power and committing mass acts of violence.
    Frankly we whites are lucky that blacks and hispanics aren’t as a fraction as violent as us white people have been historically. we murdered our leaders when things didn’t go our way. we murdered cops and soldiers by the hundreds when we didn’t like how king george ran things.
    That is who is in charge and has been for hundreds of years. Of the 10 most violent states, 8 are Republican Red states with Republican govenors or leaning Red including Tennessee and Nevada and Alaska and New Mexico and South Carolina, the five most violent states in the union in order.

    1. “Minorities only operate inside pre-existing laws created by whites.”
      Most of them do. The problem is with the ones that don’t.

      1. Yes but the ones that don’t are still the white man’s problem. They were the ones who educated him and used their tv programming and advertising to brainwash him from childhood. If such a minority criminal exist, who was raised or born in America, there is no one to blame but white people.

        1. Then why don’t they move to where the government and society is set up by Blacks? There are a lot of countries dominated by blacks to choose from; Haiti, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan, and many others. Oh, Yeah; because they are all shitholes.

        2. Zimbabwe was set up by blacks? Haiti, Liberia, Nigeria? Really. You mean post colonial countries that didn’t even exist until whites invaded and redrew borders, one of which was created by the white government of america as us colony? Learn some history before you spread so much ignorance.

    2. “Frankly we whites are lucky that blacks and hispanics aren’t as a fraction as violent as us white people have been historically”
      The conquistadors were Hispanics, (and brutal)
      Then you have the Moors, who were North African and many of them black.
      ALL civilizations through history has held slaves and mistreated other people, and white Europeans are but the newcomers at this game.
      It`s just a coincidence that the time of the “rule of the whites” coincided with the industrial and technological revolution including mass media. That`s why it`s fresh in our memory.
      Besides whites have been the minority in many countries and yet excelled.
      Zimbabwe being one example. The same goes for the Chinese immigrants to the US, who were “de facto” slaves, or at least treated very poorly.

      1. Conquistadors were white Spaniards.
        You white supremacist argue that the Moors were not blacks but had a few black slaves. Can’t have it both ways.
        It is true slavery was widespread, but none near as brutal nor genocidal as the slavery that occured by the europeans in the americas and europe and africa anad asia. The europeans didn’t just practice taking free labour from people, they practiced genocide of slaves based on race. Banned slaves from learning, reading books, practiced the cruelest form of multigenerational holocaust camps seen to man. Wiping out the history, culture, language, nations, religions and mores of a people. Rarely does this if ever occur elsewhere in history.
        Jews were enslaved in babylon, but were still allowed to be jews. Whites were enslaved in Rome, but the slavs were still allowed to keep their language and culture. They were not banned from reading books.
        Nothing comes close to the mass genocide of colonialism and slavery practiced by the white man. What Hitler did to East european slavs and jews, was what western europeans in france, belgium, netherlands, britain and so on where doing to nativa americans and blacks for hundreds of years. It is part of the reason he was so perplexed by the war declared on him by france and england who had done the exact same thing.
        Yes whites had been the minority and excelled because they stole all the land, raped robbed and pillaged a people and now it is blowing up in their face (predictably).
        Chinese were not enslaved, but if you have been to the areas of chinese americans who have been there since the days of the 1800s, on average they are WORSE off than the blacks. It is the recent Chinese immigrants who are doing very well. And this is largely because they have ways of operating around white supremacist behaviour. Ie. Chinese have their own banks like HSBC, so aren’t dependent on whites for reasonable loans or jobs. Black Americans can’t start a black American bank. But the chinese americans homeland government creates a bank to help chinese worldwide.
        Which simply demonstrates how devastating the impact of white enslavement of african peoples has been that it still negatively impacts african americans untilt his day.

        1. Conquistadors were by definition Hispanics, as they were natives of a Spanish culture.
          Anyhow, that’s just semantics. The Aztec were native of South America and held slaves and bullied other people as well.
          “You white supremacist argue that the Moors were not blacks but had a few black slaves. Can’t have it both ways”
          First of all read my post. I said that the Moors WERE partly black, that was the whole point. Secondly I`m not a white supremacist. Thirdly, you should really stop doing drugs and clear up your brain a little.

        2. Actually the Aztecs were North American. What I have read was they were originally from the Los Angeles basin, but were driven out by other Native American tribes that objected to their choice of human sacrifice. They then settled the high plateau of Mexico (which is still part of North America). They never were at any time in South America.

        3. Thanks for that correction, mezzo-America then.
          However it`s dosen`t make a difference to the point I was trying make

        4. Can’t have it both ways, either the moors were whites or they were blacks. If we want to get technical, none of these countries ffrom rome to greece to persia to wherever was just one race.

    3. I guess that since Obama has been president for the last 6 years and he is black, now whenever something goes wrong with a white person it because of ‘black privilege’… Damn good thing I don’t have to take personal responsibility anymore.

  29. Ramz Paul did some research into this whole debacle and claims its false, which makes sense. There are no police records, either local or campus, of this occurring. To further his point, how would a reporter have even heard about this case, much less write about it if even the police have no records of it?

  30. White privilege = white guilt. // translation –> white = bad.
    See: http://www.amazon.com/White-Guilt-Together-Destroyed-Promise/dp/0060578637/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1417682340&sr=1-1&keywords=white+guilt
    As a member of the elder millennial generation, being in my early 30’s, I see the legacy of my baby-boomer forebears. Not that my folks were hippies, but their generation produced enough hippies who have produced enough of my contemporaries.
    The hippy baby-boomers were the “me” generation. Everything was about them and their perspective on life. Naturally they have raised maladjusted youth who have a conflict…
    Do they follow mommy and daddy down the hippy “me, myself and I path” or do they confront their white privilege that their ironically white privileged aging white undergrad professors drove into their heads? Is their status in life is ill gotten,? Is the non-white gutter rat entitled to the profits of a hold-up? Furthermore does that hold-up, by some gutter rat, assuage their presumed white guilt?
    My parents were the exception to their generation, they raised me to be the exception to mine. I don’t hold out much hope for the generation that follows mine. Once corruption is passed down, it is passed down once more….and so on.
    Hopefully, reality can hit the CTRL, ALT, DEL button on this nonsense. White millennials need to wake the hell up. This country can’t afford a nation of cowards.

    1. The greatest thing ever said about White Guilt was a throw-away comment by comedian Jim Norton (who, for the record, is kind of a moderate), who said: “I don’t have any white guilt because I don’t think I’m better than anybody else…”
      That about sums it up. White Guilt is entirely about feeling so superior to those “poor black folks” that you just have to express your understanding and sympathy for their plight, since you (perhaps subconsciously) think they can’t figure it out for themselves.
      If someone extends their hand to you for help you’d take it as a fellow human being. But being dedicated to seeking justice for another culture is the ultimate form of arrogance. And one born purely from a sense of ego and superiority.

      1. Agreed. The most sincere form of racism is saying/acting to another race, “Here. Take my hand, for you are too stupid or incapable of helping yourself. If you don’t take my hand, I will feel guilty as a white person since no one had to extend their hand to me.”
        Stop extending the hand in exchange for racial penance. Stop expecting people to live as you have lived or be as successful as your forebearers. Take whatever you have been given and build upon it. If you build a new story onto a previously existing mansion…kudos good sir. If you build a mountain on top a pile of barren flat land…you are legend my friend. Your progeny should sing your praises for many generations.
        That used to be the America dream. Or so we’ve been told.

      2. the sad part is that blacks really don’t feel like they can figure it out for themselves.

        1. Many can’t, but I think enough could, especially with a little bit of help, to make life half way livable (but it first requires an honest reassessment of group aptitudes.)

      3. “White guilt” is also about feeling superior to other whites, which is why you see so many Social Justice Warriors are spoiled rich c*nts and in general p.c. identity politics is so popular with richer white people. Some rich twit, probably socially retarded (srjw), on twitter and a progressive in condos downtown can weep crocodile tears and pontificate -it’s easy for them and let’s people know on some level they don’t have to live in the real world.

  31. If your mugging is the price for white priviledge, a$$hat,
    I hope you get mugged over and over, as the tax you pay for the white privilege,
    And yea, if you like it so much, here, have some of my white privilege, pay it too.

  32. …and upon graduating this mentally deranged libtard will find himself working in a top tier job, ( with his daddy having helped pave the way for it of course) , surrounded by all white people who think just like him and living in a gated community. Fuck his type: I’m sick of hearing them lecture the rest of us plebes on how we should think, live and act. Meanwhile they wall themselves away from the hell they create.

  33. White privileged. . Last hired, first fired. . No scholarships so massive debt, can’t defend yourself, open discrimination via affirmation action. Hr cunts refuse to hire you. Churches won’t help you. Homeless shelters won’t help you. You as a white man make up the bulk of cops, firemen and soldiers yet no one respects you. A 300 lb monkey is allowed to attack you and shoot you with your own gun, yet you can’t defend yourself. Expected as a white man to bear the brunt of paying taxes to a govt that hates you. . Colleges teach how you are evil, . . This is amazing to be a white man in America. I feel the privilege.

  34. The pendulum has swing way too far to the P.C. left again, and there WILL be a major backlash. And that’s great news.

  35. These PC, brainwashed millennials will be the first lambs to die in the brutal real world all of us are able to navigate with relative ease. So, there is an upside. Many of them will not make it to a point of being able to procreate. Those that do survive will not be desirable to actual fertile females because they are all pussies. Even if one of them gets lucky, they will be too shell shocked to figure out what to do with their dicks.

  36. Of course the leftist establishment frowns upon self defence. To be capable and willing to defend oneself implies a level of independence from daddy government, and we all know that’s considered to be double plus ungood.

  37. Bullshit. Many self styles “Gangstas” I’ve met come from comfortable middle class homes. They’re thrill seekers looking for some excitement and can always rely on their father or high priced lawyer to bail them out if things get sticky. Myself, I’m the offspring of a violent, drunken, unemployable father and manic depressive mother who spent his youth variously living in London, NYC, LA & DC. Although I’ve had my share of scrapes I grew up to be a reasonably success full businessman, father, husband and Christian. Thankfully, my parents sorted out their issues and are living happily together but it just goes to show we all have choices in life.

  38. Oh, and every time I mention this to some rich kid they say “You lived in the ghetto? Cool!” No it fucking wasn’t

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