Life Has Thrown Me Down, Up, And Then Down Again

One of the things I can be completely certain about is how unpredictable the road ahead can be. You can make plans, prepare, and have certain expectations and ambitions, but your destiny ends up proving all your predictions to be way off. My path is one filled with contrasts. It has brought me up through high class society and then down to sleeping on cardboard in the dirtiest of slums.

I was born in Norway 34 years ago to a Norwegian mother (nurse) and a Venezuelan father (doctor). My dad never liked Norway, its weather, and its reserved people, so we soon moved to Caracas, Venezuela. We lived in an upper class neighborhood. I attended the best schools money could buy. We were members of the most exclusive country club and mingled with Venezuelan aristocrats. Then my parents had a pretty nasty divorce, the kind where they never wanted to speak to each other again.

A couple of years after the divorce, my mother got an unwanted pregnancy at a point my father wanted his share of the apartment we lived in. My mom was in a pretty tight spot. She confabulated a way for us to escape the country. All of a sudden she tells me we’re traveling to Norway.

The journey started through a clandestine, shady one-story vessel that transported us from the Venezuelan coast to Trinidad & Tobago. It had to be that way since my dad had set a legal prohibition for his children to leave the country. I was ten years old at the time and I remember all of us got scabies from the boat.

I was initially thrilled with the freedom I had in Norway. It was safe for me to play around freely on the block and walk alone to school, but economically it was a drastic change to have three kids with a single mother on government support.

My dad was devastated and didn’t send a dime. Even though I suddenly became the poorest kid in my class, I wasn’t bothered about our severely tight budget. I’ve always made friends easily and was regarded as one of the popular kids, so I was content.

Bergen, Norway

After a year isolated from dad, my mother permitted from then on two yearly visits to Venezuela. I went from being the poorest kid in class to one of the richest guys in town during these visits. Those rendezvous with dad included vacations in Miami, New York, and Aruba where pops would buy me anything I wanted.

When I got to my teenage years, growing up relatively ignored by my mother, without any discipline in the household, my grades plunged and I started smoking pot. My mom thought I was getting out of hand. She conspired a plan where I’d be leaving Norway for good.

On one of my regular visits to Venezuela, I was told I wasn’t coming back to Norway. I was enraged but powerless and just had to accept it. The positive side was that my father spoiled me and I was back living a permanently high class lifestyle. I had just turned 15 that summer.

Caracas, Venezuela. The contrasts of the hoods (right) and the middle class (left)

I was amazed that I could suddenly go to bars and “legally” acquire alcoholic beverages in contrast to Norway’s extremely strict laws. I integrated fine at school and made friends immediately. I soon switched from smoking pot to drinking. I partied at exclusive clubs and fooled around with exotic girls. Life was good.

After I graduated high school, I took a sabbatical year where I just went surfing on the beach, started smoking again, and got introduced to cocaine by a beautiful brunette I was having a fling with. It was party time. I was—and still am—an avid guitar player and was influenced by bands like Sublime, Nirvana, and The Doors, who promoted drug use in their music.

I started college to become a veterinarian, but it wasn’t long before I began using animal tranquilizers like ketamine and then eventually heroin and crack. I was forced to drop out at my third year after several overdoses. A close family member took me to a doctor’s appointment where I was supposed to get a “vitamin shot” to help put in shape, but it ended up being a powerful tranquilizer.

I woke up in a strange place wearing a uniform. It was a public psychiatric institution specialized for drug users. My family was done putting up with my shit. Three minutes after I woke up, I got beat up by the nurses because I refused to get an injection. They took off all my clothes and threw me in a completely dark small room referred to as “the hole” for two straight days.

I laid naked on the floor of cement in my own urine, freezing. It was the worse two days of my life. This taught me to just obey what the nurses ordered of me for the rest of my time there. I also went through two electroshock sessions where they put electrical current through my head until I passed out. It was essentially a prison with a lot of crazy people in it, a terrible but interesting experience.

After eleven long months, I got out. Crazy thing is, the last couple of months I became used to the place. Then I ended up living in the streets of Caracas. Begging, stealing, and sleeping on cardboard was my routine. Between the slums, gangsters, and other street dwellers, it was a struggle for survival. Having a blonde Scandinavian “gringo” look didn’t help my case. I was regularly abused by police, beat up, and robbed. I was more dead than alive.

Snotty gangster kids are the worse kind. No reasoning and always want to prove them selves. A pain in the ass when you go into the hoods to score drugs

Another life-changing happened. Out of the blue, I was offered to drink a natural extract called ayahuasca from a girl I used to go out with who had overcome her own drug problem. It saved my life.  I experienced a profound inwards journey that allowed me to know myself. It’s the only thing that has helped me stay clean.

Ayahuasca vine

I married her and we now have a beautiful child. I’m happier now than I have ever been, and my old life seem like a distant dream. It left me with huge lessons and made me a stronger person. Alcohol, cigarettes, and any other narcotic for that matter is despicable trash to me now.

There are many things that happen throughout your lifetime that at the moment will seem like a curse, but as time passes by you get wiser and realize that there is something to learn from all the experiences you live—they make you the man you are today. Your mistakes are your best teachers so these apparent curses end up being blessings.

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42 thoughts on “Life Has Thrown Me Down, Up, And Then Down Again”

      1. JOHN
        Most relationships between Asian or South American males and white women end this way.
        I knew a Chinese-Singaporean businessman who had three children with a typical white female post-hippy waste case (Trying to start an NGO) and he left her in a church in the UK and fled.
        These sort of single-mothers who’ve had a taste of exotic dick do not pack it in and look for a Beta white to provide for them, they leave the kids with grandmother and rush out to find some other foreign cad to shack up with.
        It is the story of Obama and the story of this writer.

        1. When Obama was first elected, I had a hunch he had an inner disdain for single whoremothers or that he would have at worst developed a repulsion for women. He had no string of political groupie females like Bill Clinton so it was clear he swung all the way gay with his tranny beard partner (Michael) Michelle and their test tube and/or stolen kids. Obama was himself a manchurian testube creation for all we know and Hillbeast the potus candidate was an ensemble of body doubles and bots – a stage show if you will – a total VR image character portrayed.

        2. Dick Boner
          Same story with White men and Latinas? White men and other non White women? Freaking H christ man! Let go of your insecurities, greed and ego. Live and let live! The audacity man! Love to eat from other mans plate but hate sharing. That is little children behavior. There is no other man in this planet that interace more than White men. But as soon as White women do the same in kind, your penis shrivel up. My Puerto Rican uncle married a southern conservative women from Alabama in 1974. They are still together with grand kids. My cousin married a White women and have two kids going on 11 years and very happy. I am with my wife from Ostrava, Czech Republic for 10 years with two children still going strong. None of them fat or ugly. frock! I am out of here. This group change into beta pajama boys whining and hating Instead of self improvement, camaraderie and sharing as it was in the past. No wonder women do not respect you. Is not the women. You are spineless little men with entitlement issues and lack of leadership! Learn how to be men by giving your women peace and love! Grow the fook up. Is not easy for them. The constant pressure women have to deal with by the media, work, children. Then they have to deal with a whinny so call man upsetting them more with his own insecurities? The Black, the Latinos, the blank breathing all the White man air….jeez….Imagine you dealing all day with an azzhole boss, get home and all the wife does is complain about the neighbors? How will you feel? Get with the times man. People want peace and happiness in their lives man. She will put up with it when the interest level is high but be prepared when it start hovering around 50% or lower. You guys better hold on to your wealth because I see no sane women finding other redeeming qualities. People are sick of you relics. And to add insult to injuries. you are hypocritical in your actions. I have met Latinas that dated White men and said never again! “Its like dating an insecure spoil child in need of constant reassurances” they said. Exhausting! Remember the interest level scale. High? A whole lot of tolerance. Low, you are screwed! Not good bro!

  1. Norway is not an Angloskank country like the USA, Canada or snotty parts of England mate.
    You need to relocate to the EU because being homeless in Caracas this time of year isn’t a good life, not even with the top quality mestizo Italian, Spanish, German and Mediterranean chicks there offering their intimacy for a loaf of bread or a 1 dollar Federal Reserve note.

  2. That’s an inspiring and well-written account of your life. Why in the world are you wasting it on this trashy, hateful website ?

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      Why don’t you do us all a favour and leave this website? Your pu$$y is stinking up the servers.

      1. I imagine you made both comments. The clue is 1488. Hey, its Friday that’s means your Splc paycheck is due?

    2. Ana, has anyone ever told you; you have a big nose? I bet you could sail around the Antarctic with that thing.

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        I once laid that line on a (((magistrate))) with an obviously kosher schnoz. It was a traffic court and they already had me for the $50 ticket so I said what the he||. It was worth the chuckles from the other good citizens in line to get fined and even the bailiff tried to quietly contain laughture and blew snot on his moustache.

    3. I call “Bullshit”.
      This is a FAKE story.
      Cliff notes-
      Hispanic is giving free resources in Bergen.
      Returns to “homeland” with health and education.
      Becomes a drug addict.
      Cures drug addiction by using drug (DMT=Ayahuasca)
      Repeats the formula with his own 3rd world brat.
      The tone of the article also drips with “INVADER EXPECTATION”.
      Are we supposed to feel sympathetic towards this douche?
      Mom was a Doctor but couldn’t understand how sex or abortion works.. but sure had dreams of a Scandinavian Anchor-baby.
      Mom snuck kids into Norway illegally using African/Carib smuggling group.
      Mom, who didn’t work, didn’t speak Norwegian, and was not a legal resident, traveled back and forth to Venezuela easily,…. had clothes, food, and lodging in Norway… for FREE.
      Idiot article writer, (from higher class- country club, medical professional Caracas parents) used his love of Sublime records to justify a ghetto drug habit.
      Author turns potential Veterinarian success into PCP habit.
      Author is “shocked” that he wound up in psycho ward.
      Author is “cured” by dangerous hallucinogenic.
      What can we do but LAUGH at this fairy tale?

      1. Fuck.
        I mixed up Mom with Dad in the above rant.
        I suppose I should be so depressed about that I sink into a massive heroin habit because of my make-believe shame. 🙂 haha
        Story is still TOTAL CRAP.

    4. Of course a feminist would say something so devoid of thought and logic on a mens website. i guess its hateful that men learn from one anothers stories, cause you vitriolic bleeding hatchet gashed whores gotta keep them cattle men on your plantations in contract yokes so we can get kicked when you pathetic diseased skanks need another fix of sadism while you diddle your vaginal warts.

      1. Yes, piece of shit, you are hateful. Most of these assholes are hateful. Even in this story, you pieces of shit condemn mom, who struggled on a tight budget to care for kids and provide, while rich dad sent no money to support his own offspring.
        Eat shit and die.

        1. thank you for proving my point. AWALT, whore-ship money before anything else and then say its all about your kids. liar and female are synonymous, you shameless bitches.

  3. Glad to came out on top, man. Life gives and takes without warning. You probably already know it but: enjoy the small things.

  4. Pleasantly surprised: I expected the usual nihilistic wankfest. Instead got a contemporary journey to hell and back again.
    Congrats on finding a wife and having a kid. For most of us the proverbial heroic journey to the underworld is merely psychological, but you survived the literal journey. Confronting the darkness/chaos of the world and in ourselves is important if we want to become better people.

  5. Is this supposed to be a special story-another instance of a cross-cultural relationship between a swarthy foreign man and a Western woman that resulted in a third-culture kid who took the most potent psychedelic on earth and is now on a permanent trip.
    And how is his life better at age 34?
    Having spend my adult life overseas I can see how third-culture kids could experience a difficult developmental process but if his Dad had been Norwegian and his mother the South American he’d be different.

    1. well duh, of course it would have been different if the roles had been reversed or nationalities had been reversed. i doubtt we would have read his story if they had been, becauee his whole story would have been different.

  6. I think this article is typical of the Gen X/Millennial born in 82 or 83 who were children of the decadent and aimless 90’s born to children of the 1970’s.
    Mom was a “space-case” post-70’s burnout in her twenties (Probably born in the late fifties) and Dad was a foreign student who was giving her his exotic psychedelic root between his pants.
    Is their supposed to be some significance to this writer’s experience. Happens over and over again with mixed-marriages between Dagos and white women. A big fuckfest and then Mom is on government support.
    I was waiting for the bit about the Beta stepdad white who came in to get sloppy seconds.

  7. “Life has thrown me down”
    No it didn’t, you started the typical route to heroin addiction beginning with smoking joints in your early teens, then sniffing cocaine, went through the usual club scene with Ketamine and Ex, finally blew your brains out with a powerful Peyote-like hallucinogen and now you are probably a schizophrenic with a load of conspiracy theories about JFK or 9-11. BFD.
    Your story is typical of kids born in the early 80’s who were children of the 90’s in the post-Grunge Era and came of age during the Iraq War and Bush.

    1. Haha!
      Excellent, Richard!
      See my Comment above.
      Time is ripe for a good culling.
      Perhaps the NWO had part of the picture? 😀 hah

  8. Why did you get married especially after everything your conniving mom did? Same will probably happen to you.

  9. I have no sympathy for these chronic drug addicts sucking up million$ in taxpayer dollar$ for the “opiate crisis”. Let nature start taking its course and stop wasting money on people who are too far gone.
    Glad you got yourself straightened out. Yes, all life experience no matter how awful will make you stronger.

  10. Thanks for the telling us about your interesting life. You must have gone through a lot of mental pain, being cast off by both your parents. We would like to hear more about your situation. What do you do for a living, what kind of place do you live in, and what are your future plans? Also how are you affected by the economic situation in your Venezuela? Now that you are clean of drugs, have you become reconciled with either of your parents?

  11. This was a very interesting story. The author should submit another piece just on what it was like to live on the streets. That would be very interesting.

  12. This is actually a very typical ayahuasca case.
    I´ve known a lot of similar stories during my stay in the Amazon.
    Actually, I visited an ayahuasca institution specialized in recovering drug addicts that had a very high success rate.
    Those labelling ayahuasca as a mere “hallucinogen” aren´t up to date on the latest scientific studies. It´s been clinically proven to be very potent in fighting addiction of any type.

  13. Thanks for sharing this personal shit, but remember this is ROK, where the commenters dont hold back.
    Doing ayuhuasca and popping out a kid doesnt prove you’re clean or happy. I have had too many bad experiences with “ex” addicts to believe anybody is ever trustworthy after crack and heroine. Check back in ten years.
    And you claim its sublime and the doors that inspired drug use? Come on bro. Caracas thugs peddled you crack. You hang around dogs, you get fleas.
    For God sake get your son into a safe neighborhood. Parenting ends at adolescence. After that he will mimic his peers.

  14. So the guy did what every other dysfunctional product of a Latino player and a young white girl of less-repute did: he grew in a divorced home bouncing between a white mother on welfare and a Latino father and got into smoking crack after starting with the weed early in life. Then finally he blew his mind out with some heavy-duty Peyote and now he is on “another level”.
    Whoah…………………that’s inspirational.
    Being a former druggy (Though only casual as shitheads become addicts and Beans and Hoodrats smoke crack) his story ain’t nothing special. It starts off as a stoner in the high school and then clubber who tries a line of coke and becomes a crackhead.
    Now he is in his early thirties and his mind is blown.
    Special stuff.

  15. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
    -Napoleon Hill

  16. Fake story, cmon Roosh do you even proof read this garbage before putting it on this site? You are letting idiots ruin something great…

  17. “I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king, I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing: Each time I find myself … flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race.”

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