Woman Abandons Her Family, Gets Paid $85,000

Check out this photo of a seemingly happy family (mom is on the far left):

She decided to get involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that except she completely abandoned her family in Florida in order to do so. From devoted mother to dreadlocked protester…

A media reporter asked how she could leave her four children. Her answer: “It’s important for their future.” We also get to see the Indian man she “cozies up to” at night. A fellow supporter adds that “She’s a good mom.”


In the next video you see her making out with a bearded guy at 1:29…

She did respond when a Post reporter asked about a YouTube video showing her making out with another protester during an Occupy “Kiss In” on Valentine’s Day.

I actually made out with four guys,” she said, laughing wildly.

This seems to be an open-and-shut case of a neglectful mother, but the American judicial system still believes she deserves some cash. She was awarded the $85,000 in her husband’s 401k, which is money that was controlled by a bank and earned through his job as a banker.

The ultimate insult is that she compares her cavorting with male protesters to being a soldier fighting a war:

“Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad? I’m fighting for a better world.”

Delusional or inspirational? Maybe we should ask the kids she left behind.

Source: New York Post

27 thoughts on “Woman Abandons Her Family, Gets Paid $85,000”

  1. And another reason to never get married (to an American, at the very least), as if we needed more.
    Poor guy, what must he be thinking? His spouse went batshit insane after giving him 4 kids. He never saw it coming. And the money is just insult to injury.
    A sad testament to a couple ills of American society.
    Oh, and she looks fucking ridiculous with dreadlocks.

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      pretty weird names for the same thing

  2. What is fucked up is that this narcissistic cunt wasn’t ordered to pay child support. If a man had abandoned his family, the court would have likely attributed income upon him and set a child support order accordingly.
    Pay outs like this happen all the time in divorce cases and very often in community property states . I.e. Idaho and Arizona. Property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be owned by the community. Each party has a 50% interest in the community. As a dad who love his child more than anything, and a former lawyer, I can see the logic of dad’s payout. Sure this cunt got a buttload of money, but it will be gone soon. I bet that she’ll blow it on an alpha that pump-n-dumps her.
    Dad, however, has his children, IMHO which are more valuable, and probably still has the means to replace the lost 85K. The cunt will die alone. Dad will be surrounded by family.

  3. The real question is: To what extent are these behaviours latent in all women as opposed to being the result of fucked up brain chemistry/upbringing?

  4. This would not surprise Esther Vilar, author of the 1972 anti-feminist classic “The Manipulated Man.” She gave pages of insight into how women ALREADY had American society wrapped around their finger, and how things all looked to get worse. It is both fascinating and chilling to read a voice from nearly a half-century ago explaining to us the awful direction we were heading, and then to contemplate how it’s all turned out.
    I’ve put together a cleaned-up and nicely-formatted PDF version of the 2009 edition of Vilar’s book, which she actually made very few changes to; but it includes a pessimistic new introduction by Vilar herself. You can download it for the next while from 2shared — please pass it around:

  5. dude what the fuck. i hate this cunt and i hope she dies. of vaginal stabbing. or syphillis.

  6. It’s not like this whore is taking the guy’s money. The government is. Just like it is not the whore who would be causing him problems if he did the right thing and stoned her. Again, it’s the government. And you can bet Mr. Bendover will be the first in line to champion more “law and order.” Taking the bait and complaining about “her”, instead of the ones that are committing the actual theft.
    As another commenter said above, thank goodness there are pockets of Muslims (and a few others) who haven’t yet fallen flat for the full progressive nonsense agenda. With a bit of luck, some of them may even get hold of a few nukes soon.

    1. the only muzzy nation with nukes is pakistan an they actual have womens rights an feminism there …just not in the western region dominated by pashtuns along the hindu kush(where malala was shot) (and where taliban hangs around)….this woman should be sent there
      Iran not likely to get one …india is more advanced an their latest nuke the agni 5 can only go 5000miles….north korea is more advanced than iran an they cant shoot one offf
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      there are christians among others in middle east an africa that have simialr mentaality..like congo rape capital of the world

  7. Wows all around. Wow to this silly bitch, wow to the way women are given preferential treatment no matter the scenario in American divorce and wow to some of these retarded responses.

    1. @Mike Nobody’s getting nuked, so save the tough guy act for another day.
      Back to the topic, a society which doesn’t ostracize whores like this doesn’t deserve to exist.

      1. ……Nor will it, for very long.
        But here’s the problem: “Ostracizing” voters don’t win elections. Paying them off with money stolen from others do. As long as those who have it stolen from them, keep coming up with rationalizations for why the thieves really are a-ok; or if not, the kind of system that allows thieves to get into power is a-ok. Same result.
        Which most people ’round here do these days. Cue those somewhat less delusional, who happen to live primarily in nominally Muslim countries. And are getting closer to getting nukes. Something the thieves and whores claim is yet another justification for robbing people; this time to “protect them”. Against people who, as of current, have done me no harm. Something that cannot be said of the rob me to pay off whores gang.

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  10. Something not mentioned, and often over looked by short sighted women is that their children don’t stay children. They grow up, become adults and quickly learn and figure out what sort of messed up, selfish and immature human beings their abandoning parent was, especially with the internet documenting plenty these days. Screw over your kids and it will come back to haunt you when you are old and need them.
    “A boy named sue” has a happy ending but I think ‘A mom named slut’ will end with kids abandoning her when she’s old, decrepit and alone.

    1. Don’t you worry about slut’s future. The courts screwed her husband out of money, they’ll screw her children too.
      If not, daddy government will be there to screw all of us.

  11. I would like to know the name of the judge(s) who awarded her that money. Too often the judge’s name gets left out of stories like this and it makes it much easier for them to escape accountability.

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