Young People Are Returning To The Land

After decades of rural exodus, the land is becoming popular again. The trend is rather discrete and seldom heard of inside the mainstream world, but it has been gaining traction for years. More and more Westerners have left the cities for the more open land, especially the young.

How could urbanites, raised with the idea that cities were cooler and more progressive, not to mention the comfort of having everything close from home, choose to switch to a hillbilly-associated lifestyle? The official narrative answers that, thanks to “progress,” city-dwellers became conscious about the environment and longed for closeness with nature, organic eating, and a healthy lifestyle, which motivated them to have it all in the countryside.

This may account for some bourgeois bohemians’ motivations but is far from the whole truth. Actually, most millennials leaving the metropolis for the country are adapting to harsh realities. Big cities have become unlivable. They are incredibly expensive and riddled with openly encouraged criminality. Good jobs have turned increasingly rare and the few remaining are handed out to women or HB1s.

Many of us managed to live a rather normal, blue-pilled life in the city at our parents’ home before being faced with the choice of either paying a high rent for a tiny, over-expensive downtown place, or living in some peripheral area for a lower price while being forced to commute every day. When you consider all these factors, the previously unimagined option of getting a plot of land and living off it with no boss, no HR, no thugs, more space and everything cheaper becomes a lot more interesting.

For years I have been witnessing a quiet, yet growing interest in survivalism among French speakers. A seasoned “prepper” from Québec has gained traction from blogging on various agricultural, independent living and preparing for collapse issues.

On the other side of the pond, the YouTube channel France Survivalistes enjoys a discreet yet steady success. Videos on how to spot and secure a cheap piece of land or how to buy a shotgun without a license soared, respectively, reaching beyond 140,000 and 280,000 views, suggesting it is becoming a substantial niche. Several books have also been issued by dissenting editors, including Piero San Giorgio’s Surviving The Collapse which became an Amazon bestseller without any MSM cover.

On a more conventional note, community-supported agriculture associations have been multiplying since 2001.

Many leave the cities to try their fate in the countryside. Some grow vegetables and raise animals. Others create rural holiday accommodations, educational farms, small-scale grocery stores, or play the tour guide… all of them have one thing in common: they want to be close to the land and run sustainable environmental projects. (Source)

This is not about French speakers. Greek millennials, after years without a job in the city they were born into, went green. North Americans did the same.

The neo-feudalism of today’s economy, where large corporations use large masses of the underclass via government funded conduits to earn money, allows for others to seek fortunes elsewhere and by other means… It would take shared goals, ideals, and beliefs–and it would not look like a back-to-the land farming movement, but rather a back-to-the-land pioneering spirit to build up small towns and rural areas, using location independent workers, technology, and the rejection of the progressive status system. For small towns and little cities, it would not take many individuals to co-locate and transform a community of 5,000, or even 10,000. (Social Matter, “The First Reversal of Urbanization”)

Less factories, more machines, and a never-ending quest for cutting costs even in widely beneficiary companies mean fewer jobs. Affirmative action means even less jobs for us. The megacities are overpriced and hold no future for us. They were appropriated by parasitic boomers, thugs, whores on freewheeling female hypergamy, and globalists. Most women living there are supported by the State, NGO or sugar daddies, which makes the place very much like a harem for rich men—or those daring and clever enough to pick up there.

On the other hand, living off the land, selling the occasional surplus and freelancing allows for a more rewarding life. Especially when it lets room for local community-building. If you consider starting a family or a tribe, the countryside is much safer, cheaper, and suiting to viewing things long term.

We should both reject the idea of mass urbanization as a good, and we should physically abandon them ourselves as well. In the short term, this means that each of us should move out of the cities for the countryside as soon as it is practical to do so. In the long term, it means accepting the idea that the Restoration must involve a recentering of society, from one centered around megacities to one centered around a “manor culture”, led in both a cultural and political sense by country squires who form a de facto or de jure aristocracy. (Anti-Dem, “An Introduction to Squirearchy”)

The leap is challenging though. First, besides losing the many nearby shops you could go to in the metropolis, you inherit a number of physically demanding tasks. You also have to care about the weather, land fertility, and a number of natural things the cities shielded us from. Second, the Eye of Soros is already projecting its dark glare there, and the left has been busy trying to demonize survivalists while appropriating the trend towards the land.

Middle and right: aforementioned Piero San Giorgio and Vic Survivaliste

The agrarian associative world, which was a bulwark of resistance against commies decades ago, is now under constant pressure to walk crooked like everyone else, at least on surface. Just check their lingo, their marshmallow pastel tones, or the smug liberal faces on at least some farmers’ markets. The WaPo article quoted above only interviews female farmers, female consultants and female executives (surprise: it was written by a female journalist). Some bourgeois bohemians use their wealth and connections to buy land easily then promote miscegenation along the way.

Liberals can’t help but poison what they touch. Their narrative conveniently opposes a supposedly male corporate world to female or emasculated organic growers. When the virtue-signaling lesbian sisterhood members might benefit from student loan forgiveness and free taxpayer moneyfarm transition programs,” the truly independent know they will have to rely on themselves.

For decades the left did conspicuously not care about peasants. They were not included into the fashionable urban proletariat—those who fed everyone else were deemed reactionary, uneducated hillbillies whose land should be seized in the name of “modernization.” Neither did these destroyers of the West invent organic farming, which owes much to traditionalists like Lord Northbourne or Rudolf Steiner. In the 60s, the pampered sons of then well-off middle classes appropriated it while keeping the typical Marxist mindset. Today their ideological heirs are doing the same.

But even then, things might take an interesting turn. A friend of mine, who associated with New Agers before he took the red pill, told me of a community of neo-hippies in central France who had hired security—and they didn’t care if the bodyguards leaned right as long as they did their job. Also, even leftists start to understand the value of hard work and the legitimacy of roots, property, and inheritance when they start growing life off the land.

Living off the land means getting back in touch with the very world. Just as when you’re bulking on a budget, growing foodstuff is by no means virtual or for the sake of appearances. And perhaps this matters even more than the grown food itself. As the Romans said, soli sol soli—the land owes everything to the Sun.

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53 thoughts on “Young People Are Returning To The Land”

  1. Too much like hard work for me, I have a rice farm but can’t be bothered to plant as the returns are too small.

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    2. It is amusing that being called a “buffalo” is a grave insult in Issan.
      Of course my Chinese-Thai wife is from there too.

    3. Inknow a retiree who tries to grow hay . He bought $100000 worth of equipment when hay was at $60 per bushel when it sank to $20 he lost money . He did create a pond that is full with bass which is sustainable without any funds but he would have to build a house first

  2. I (21y/o) left my city in Scandinavia for a house by the river. If i want to be in a city thats not full of degeneracy I just fly to eastern Europe

  3. Unfortunately, this is not being done in any significant numbers, and many of those doing it are far from conservatives. While they may indeed be tired of the larger cities, it is not due to the degeneracy in the cities, but just for a quieter life, to be cool, or because they have a romanticized view of what rural life is and want to try it.
    I’m betting most of the young peeps doing this are politically and socially liberal.

    1. Also, just wait till the cities are full of these “diversity” imports. Do you really think that they will allow 90% of the countries land to be owned by white people?….na, they will follow us out there, they will demand special “pricing” so that they can get land too, and all these small towns you though were cute will become inundated with the same trash that you find in cities today. Not to mention, the cities will still hold the key to politics, and at any point they could force themselves onto the rural. The best we can hope for is that this country gets so fucked up that many decide to leave the cities back to their country of origin, and/or the country get so fucked up that the cities essentially eat themselves while the rural will generally be spared from most of it and then rebuild America.

      1. You made some excellent insights. Before the Bolsheviks seized Russia all the farmers thought they could simply stay rural and do their thing; they were sorely mistaken.
        The USA and the West is being destroyed by design by letting masses of scum from the moslem third world run amok and rape all at taxpayer’s expense. If you don’t see this there is not much hope for you – we’re through the looking glass. It’s not about bad politics, the politivians are simply following their orders from the deep state. Instead of thinking of fleeing to the country, we have to fight – eliminate the politicians eho betrayed us – and eliminste the trojan horse “migrants” who were brought in to destroy the west.
        Nobody wants to think this way – so it’s easier to simply run off to the country to try to live out one’s days, but eventually there will be no place to hide, and one will either have to fight or be slaughtered – those will be the choices.

      2. Precisely correct! Look at all the H1B visa workers coming the masses from India. I see them everywhere now in the city. When I go up to National Parks or Ski Resorts, I see them there too. The State of New Jersey has become 25% Indian now. Parts of San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, NYC, and Seattle are now all Indian majority. And what do Indians do? Breed like crazy! They are breeding like no other right now within this country and popping anchor babies. Meanwhile, in India, they don’t stop reproducing there either, and a lot of them send their kids in the masses to the West on student visas to receive “advanced” degrees. These foreign Indian kids have no desire to learn. They just want a pathway to immigrate here permanently. In 2017, 70,000 Green Card applications were filed for employment based purposes just for the country of India. Just to give you an example of how much that is, China and all 61 countries combined that also applied for Employment Based green cards did not reach the level of how many applications were filed just for India alone. This country is going to look like Bangladesh pretty soon. It’s only a matter of time when these third world trash start moving to rural areas, because they want to be where the White people are. They want White women. And they don’t want to be around their kind.

    2. That is what they are TODAY but give the kids time to grow, a child does not become an adult overnight, there are always learning steps and that is how they grow One Step at a time, a liberal in youth can grow into an adult conservative.

      1. Exactly. I forget who said it, but the quote “if you’re not a liberal at 20 then you have no heart; if you’re not a conservative at 50 you have no brain” applies here.

  4. Rural areas are in our DNA. We had evolved as species at natural, wild settings. We are not really designed to live in big polluted cities, which you can see from our nowadays “technogenic” diseases

    1. It’s not so much a “technogenic” disease more than it’s a lifestyle disease. Most people sit all day long at work, eat neutral to unhealthy foods, go home and sit until they pass out in front of the TV/computer/whatever other mind-numbing device they have. Chalking up technology to most diseases nowadays is like a fat person chalking up their obesity to the McDonald’s down the street.

  5. guy on radio was talking farming- average net per in acre in the US is only $1000. wish he delved into it more, obviously some crop makes you more money than others(cant imagine an onion farmer makes much).
    good article on olive oil btw- consume it cold, frying up some nice chicken cutlets neutralizes any health benefits of the oil

    1. Absolutely true, dont heat up the oil and you are golden – Provided the oil is of good quality…

  6. “Liberals can’t help but poison what they touch. ‘
    The best, and truest line in the entire story and an 8 word summation of all the world’s problems.

  7. Where there is life there is Hope and frankly I am happy to see liberal youth leave the big cities to return to their rural roots or even better those who have never left the fat corrupt cities to set down new roots. Let them feel the soil between their young fingers and hear the breeze running through the grass rather then cold concrete under their feet to the drone of noisy traffic so that as they grow they become mature conservatives and take their journey to adulthood to join us who are wizened with experience. Let the boys with their labors grow into mature men and girls mature to women and mothers. Life is a never ending learning experience, let the kids learn what real life is before speaking ill of them. Hopefully their kids they will raze to a wizer more conservative world.

  8. In my neck of the woods, every single “organic farmer” that shows up to the farmers market in a beat up old Chevy, is in fact, a dope growing hippie larper scum bag from the big city. They moved here from the metropolis supported by their parents deep pockets. They buy a piece of property with all of their “hard work” while their lawyer daddy in the city writes a big fat check. Don’t let the bohemian look fool you. It’s all just a bunch of fucking pageantry and they can kiss the darkest part of my lily white ass. On a merrier note, the amount of extra work I get wiring outbuildings and setting up water systems etc is staggering, but incredibly pathetic. 99% of these idiots can’t even wire a switch and don’t care to learn. I don’t see the point.

    1. Over here the organic farmers are the ones that show up in old and beaten trucks and tractors, not the ones in brand new multi million € computerized tractors. They dont get paid the big € by GMO companies to use their herbicide and GMO seeds. In Luxembourg roughly half of the land is used for cows and the other half for corn … The corn is for feeding the cows that will produce milk and meat.
      All of that is pretty useless, nobody needs that much corn anyways and milk is also utterly unhealthy if it isn’t consumed right from the source. Luckily our cows are still allowed to graze outside. With all that much cows, the farmers are furious about the low milk prices and demand the gov to subside them more every couple months cause they can’t reimburse their credits anymore they took for the fancy machinery and stables.
      I have no pity lol 🙂

      1. There’s a huge movement around, called veganism, that is the problem with low milk price. Shame ROK doesn’t address this fantastic revolution health wise. Maybe we’re not supposed to eat 100% vegetarian, but for sure we’re talking 85% and above. The benefits are immense.

  9. The country is where white trash belongs. Get the fuck out of our cities. That way you can build your incested ethnostate you faggots dream of.

        1. Well you have a point about inbreeding-Mexicans are part Charlie Sheen sleazy Spaniard, part Sephardic Jew, part thieving gypsy and an Arab or two crossed with a jungle Indian.
          This is why Mexican girls like gang bangs so much…it is how your race began.

        2. Mexican girls like gang bangs so much because you are the product of 10 Spanish guys passing an Indian around a Hacienda.

        3. Notice the Mexican or Black guy’s typical response to the unadulterated red-pill truths about race and immigration discussed here – it is usually something alluding to their purported dick sizes. Which if untrue is just plain pathetic, and if true, only confirms yet another Red Pill truth : Large penis size correlates to low IQ.

    1. @Michael Myers: the conquistadors were NOT Sephardic Jews. The Sephardic were expelled to N Africa before Mexico was colonized and those Jews didn’t intermarry.

  10. Moving out to rural areas is a desirable option if you can afford to do it. Land is much cheaper for a residential property, with a small bit of spare land for hobby/ small scale farming.
    A big reason for doing it these days, is the Anglo Saxon escaping the multicultural ghettoes, where you feel like a stranger in your own country.
    The organic food movement does have opportunities for money, but you still really need at least one adult with full time employment in a regular job. Most farming these days is agribusiness, where I live in Australia. Many people don’t actually own their own farms, but run and manage them for large corporations, many of them multinationals. Guess what, China is a huge investor in agribusiness in Australia. I hope other readers countries are smart enough to not allow this to happen, and continue to subsidise their own countries farming.
    In Australia, unless you have inherited a farm from your parents, the average person has absolutely no chance of making it in farming, because the price of a real commercial farm has been grossly inflated by foreign investment.
    Way to sell out your own citizens to multinationals and foreign governments.
    I know people that have gotten wealthy brokering sales with foreign buyers for farmland. Politicians are all for it. You commonly hear” they can’t actually take the land out of Australia, what’s the problem?” We are told it generates jobs, but it isn’t very many because most roles are industrialised, with million dollar harvesting and planting equipment, run by a couple of people.
    Fruit picking and the like are underpaid jobs, that no citizen in Australia would do. Not because they think the job is beneath them, but because the pay rates, and seasonal working conditions leave you as working poor, and are not conducive to raising a family even if the pay was better. Instead the agribusiness owners, import cheap third world labour, with the support of politicians,or use backpackers who are just doing it to slightly subsidise a working holiday. This kind of work only works if you come from a third world country, and are willingly to have 3 or more families, living under the same roof. A sad state of affairs indeed.
    If you are going to go rural, do it for lifestyle choices, because you probably won’t get rich being a farmer.

  11. The author loves writing inflammatory articles about boomers being the great oppressor of millennials. Millennials are too slothful and undisciplined to put forth the effort described here.

  12. The problem is you can’t compete with automation and technology. You can’t make any money being a primitive farmer. So if you want to go back to the good ole’ days, you won’t be able to afford any modern conveniences or nice home and car. Good luck getting a good looking woman to stay with you.
    The revolution that really needs to happen is telecommuting.

    1. Depends on your strategy. If you’re cultivating foodstuff for yourself and your family, part-time, and go freelancing the rest of the time, you can make some money while eating healthily for (almost) free. If you can invest into some more complicated/sophisticated stuff, say you start raising organic ducks for high-end venues, the payoff may be far from negligible.

  13. Sorry in advance.
    Not trying to be a jerk here.
    But the girls in the pictures?

    1. By the time you rule out the fatties, the lazy wannabes, and the whores in cowgirl boots you are stuck with the average Jane’s because its a short list of women who are willing to sacrifice cushy suburban life for the rough reality of farming.

    1. I’m married to a rice farmer, and my mother-in law is a rice farmer.
      My home is surrounded by rice paddy. Does that count?

    2. I don’t know why you’d assume that. I did grow up on a farm and live on a farm now, though I don’t personally farm it anymore.

  14. I grew up a farmers daughter. Many of the issues you complain about on this website do not exist in the country: Women raised in my “neck of the woods” were tastefully groomed, wanted to be wives and mothers, and were far less likely to be promiscuous. “Feminism” did not exist as it was understood that everyone worked to survive and had a role to ensure that survival. There was no “women’s” or “men’s” jobs. You all pitched in and respected one another. Yet the women were not butch. Strong enough to handle a large animal or do heavy lifting required for farm work but they didn’t treat it as “being better than men”. They were a man’s partner. Men were not limp wristed social justice warriors and knew how to take care of themselves their own families and were therefore able to help each other out too. If it was broke they fixed it, if a kid acted up they feared punishment from a strong fatherly figure. Most importantly they respected women because the women were worthy of that respect for their contributions to the farm and the maintenance of their looks through homecooked meals, dimestore makeup/skincare, at home natural colored hair dye, and engaging in laborous work vs 1000s of dollars on hair clothes makeup and fake nails. I’m all for people going to the country. It IS affordable if you are willing to sacrifice that IPhone, dinners out, designer clothes, and social media “likes”.

    1. How is it affordable when in order to farm you need millions of dollars for land anf equipment ?

      1. Land is the main capital cost. Good used equipment is fairly cheap as long as it is not computer controlled. A 15 yr old Versitile was bought for 20grand or 1/8 of its original cost, including it’s 8 new tires and only 4500 hrs. Implements are same cost ratio. However, one must be able to maintain/repair such to keep costs down. This was done on pipefitter wages to start a place from scratch. All is paid for. All is wayyyyy hard work. Cattle care take up a huge amount of time during the winter months……..soapweed

    2. Sounds like an authentic depiction of rural life around here. My Amish neighbors would approve (except for the makeup part).

  15. Its affordable because you buy used equipment and fix it yourself. Oldest tractor was built in 1950 and my dad bought it in an auction and fixed it up himself. Welding mechanics and such are skills you learn when you are frugal. Books from the library…YouTube…ECT are valuable sources. Land can be expensive but its possible to attain through extreme frugality. I recommend the book “Backyard Homestead”. And yes Amish are a bit extreme. I grew up Christian but wore jeans and boots. Scaling ladders and chasing cattle in a dress didn’t translate. You can have a good life farming without embracing radical Amish religion. Though if you all want that chaste wife who stays home cooks amd has kids, you need to consider a Christian community. Those old church ladies police the younger women.

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