Why Do Hollywood SJW’s Still Defend This Admitted Pedophile?

To its credit, Poland has heeded American calls to hold an extradition hearing for one Roman Polanski. You may remember him as that award-winning Hollywood personality who pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Or, if you’re a Hollywood leftist type, a victimized and bullied film director par excellence. The extradition hearing was adjourned in late February until April.

It is true that Roman Polanski is not welcome in the United States (aside from entering a jail cell with Big Bubba). But a veritable menagerie of European nations has been happy to house, welcome and protect Polanski, while the United Kingdom and other European countries have or are looking to ban PUA “guru” Julien Blanc. Australia and Singapore have also barred Blanc entry past their borders (he basically had to quickly pack up and leave the former), and South Korea and Brazil are sternly indicating that they will force him out too if he attempts travel there.

To be honest, I find Blanc’s advice and seminars often puerile and perpetually gimmicky. But forbidding him entry while many European nations keep the doors open for Polanski makes a mockery of the immigration, border protection, and criminal systems. Even the French government, including former Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand (nephew of the former French President) has previously fallen over itself in defending Polanski.

Former French Culture Minister Mitterand is best known outside France for defending Roman Polanski (and his own bizarre time in Thailand with young male prostitutes).

All aboard the Hollywood hypocrisy train

Whenever Hollywood bigwigs express a political opinion, it is almost invariably a liberal one, which often intersects with “issues” of women’s rights, patriarchy, and gender discrimination. Celebrities such as Lena Dunham crave rape victim status without bothering to press charges and, as wealthy and powerful women, take a stand for the “little women” of the world.

This makes those backing Polanski particularly repugnant. They’ll back a woman who cries rape without any evidence, and believe her, but refuse to rally against a man who personally acknowledges that he raped a child, all because he’s a Hollywood “creative force.”

Polanski’s rape of a 13-year-old girl, now a middle-aged woman, was not just statutory rape. Statutory rape implies that the girl was sober and unaffected by any other mind-altering substances, but was simply legally unable to consent. This rape allegedly went much further, though.

The police’s initial charges reflected their understanding that Polanski plied her with alcohol and drugs, and then sodomized her. Feminists and SJW’s have been frothing at the mouth to lynch Ched Evans, despite a horrendously flawed conviction, yet Polanski produces warm feelings for Hollywood celebrities and rather muted reactions from professional leftist activists.

I’ve yet to see a major FEMEN protest against Polanski at Cannes, or a proper Jessica Valenti diatribe about the way Hollywood protects its own, contrary to the rights of women.

Scorsese is a superb director, but is a moron when it comes to defending Polanski the pedophile.

In my female child-killers article, I equated society’s rationales for these murderers with excusing Polanski for raping the girl because he endured the Holocaust. Sadly, though, this was no exaggeration on my part, as Polanski’s wartime experiences, and the murder of his pregnant wife Sharon Tate by the Charlie Manson Family in 1969, are often used as background softeners to mitigate his admitted rape of the 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Polanski’s victim has gone on record multiple times to request that US authorities’ pursuit of him end. She cites that he served an “average” sentence (he was in jail for six weeks pre-plea deal and then in detention or under house arrest in Europe in 2009-10 pending a Swiss extradition hearing) and that the exposure of the case has caused him considerable embarrassment and pain.

The victim is entitled to her opinion but, last time I checked, criminal matters are between the state and the defendant, who in this case openly admits criminal guilt. And Polanski made a large financial settlement with the victim, obviously requiring her to abstain from certain kinds of public commentary and actions. Moreover, feminists don’t suggest that a man who actually hits his wife without provocation should be spared sanction just because the spouse doesn’t wish to press charges.

There’s no Apocalypto coming for Polanski’s career

The juxtaposition of Polanski and another celebrity, a conservative Catholic, is truly mind-exploding. No one can deny that Mel Gibson was a train wreck for much of the 2000s. But his most significant “crimes” were of the DUI and verbal varieties. The latter of these weren’t even the subject of legal investigations (though alleged domestic violence surrounding one of the verbal incidents was). He used anti-Semitic and anti-black slurs across these different outbursts. Not ideal and darn disrespectful, but it didn’t involve sex with a minor.

Where was the New York Times open letter to support Mel Gibson, instead of the half-blacklisting he actually received? Now self-immolated Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal, who ironically used racial putdowns in a treasure trove of email correspondence, was a lead pitchfork-holder behind the scenes, undermining Gibson wherever she could.

But Polanski found himself buttressed by vociferous agitation from Hollywood’s biggest names in a real New York Times open letter, including Harvey Weinstein of Miramax, and directors Woody Allen, Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, and Martin Scorsese.

Childish or not, Gibson’s antics didn’t involve raping a 13-year-old.

Politico revealed that these public Polanski backers were often donors to Obama and the Democratic National Convention. So they tacitly (or explicitly?) support the watering down or obliteration of due process rights for men accused of sexual crimes, often without evidence, but simultaneously identify with one of their colleagues who did rape.

Right now, my mind is spinning. Maybe yours is, too. Inasmuch as I have read extensively about the Polanski case and have expected the worst, even revisiting old facts creates a mental mess each time.

In this world where SJW’s imply that Mark Zuckerberg is a misogynist for wearing plain T-shirts and flirtatious comments to women are treated as tantamount to sexual assault, it’s psychopathic for entire countries to continue ignoring the rape of a child by one of Hollywood’s most famous sons.

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    1. so Michael Jackson was covered too, and he died a Muslim, certainly was no jew… but let’s focus on teh joooooos

      1. Translation: “Let’s overlook the obvious.”
        CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (Jewish)
        Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish) Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish) Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (Jewish) Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish)
        News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish)
        MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish)
        NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (Jewish)
        SAG President Alan Rosenberg (Jewish)
        Amy Pascal (Jewish)
        Ari Emanuel (Jewish)
        Clive Davis (Jewish)
        but I suppose reality is anti-semitic as well right?
        Get fucked.

    2. and no RoK article will ever mention the jewish connection. I realized that when my previous handle was blocked.
      With my final post I’d like to point out how, on top of advocating adultery, RoK is now censoring. Which is ironic considering we take SJWs to task day in and day out for the same misdeeds. Think Animal Farm when the pigs begin to resemble humans, as they walk upright, carry whips, and wear clothes.
      To summarize, for anyone interested in knowing who they’re allowed to criticize:
      Critiquing Islam ad nauseam is permitted.
      • Disparaging African-Americans is permitted.
      Posts or memes making light of the tribe are strictly prohibited. Said post, regardless of how tongue-in-cheek, will be deleted within an hour and your handle will be blocked.
      The End.

      1. can you show us screencaps of deleted anti-jewish posts or are you just cherry picking like a typical anti-semite?

        1. How does being anti-Jewish make somebody “anti-semitic”? There is nothing “semitic” at all about Ashkenazi Jews, which make up the bulk of today’s Jews and are 100% DNA fake converts from the Khazar Empire.
          Most Jews we know today, particularly in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Argentina are of the Ashkenazi variety and are essentially just Eastern Europeans who pretend they are something uniquely different.
          Palestinians ARE semites. So if you are against the Palestinians and their struggle you are a real anti-semite.
          And there is your daily dose of red pills.

        2. You would conflate an observation with antisemitism you delicate fucking pussy. I know what I posted and it got me banned. So why would I post it again? Go fuck yourself Isaac.

        3. so obviously the darker jewish girls are the other variety of jew which came from the tribe northern africa right?
          From my limited understanding there were jews who ended up in egypt and africa, who eventually went to israel, then the ashkenazis (lighter skinned northern ones)

        4. I think you are thinking of Sephardic Jews. They are extremely light skinned with jet black hair. The women can be VERY attractive but I find that most Ashkenazim women look like the Wicked Witch of the West from the movie The Wizard of Oz. The Ashkenazi originate from what is modern day Georgia, if you have ever seen a Georgian you will see where they get the big nose from.

        5. Tonight is the festival of Purim.
          Purim is a Jewish commemoration of the deliverance of the Jewish people in the Ancient Persian Empire where a plot had been formed to destroy them from the Persian lands. The story is recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther during the Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BCE. Today Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the US Congress about the threat of Iran obtaining the nuclear bomb….Shall the trope continue.

        6. Don’t ever hide the truth. Good post. Some of the authors on this site unfortunately like to delete comments and ban other red-pillers who expose the truth of the jewish agenda. I’ve dealt with many Khazar fiends, and they are an unruly salllow people. Their hollywood counterparts are only able to hide the ugliness with photoshop and money.
          There were other races before the jews, the western oligarchy that hides behind its religion of the holocaust and big banks doesn’t want you to know that though. Is it any wonder why they were kicked out of countries for millenia? They instigate every proud nationalist’s downfall. Can’t say much in the western world publicly now, they control every facet of its raw-dogged media.

        7. Purim is when the jews kidnap our kids erand crucify them and put their blood in their bread

        8. Here’s a red-pill dose for you: Science contradicts every one of your claims. So much for being an anti-semite xD

        9. You know nothing about ashkenazi jews or sephardic jews, but keep rambling on

        10. Sephardic Jews are not particularly ‘light skinned’. Many were in North Africa and the Yemen for instance. Look like natives of those countries.
          ”Ashkenazi Jews are known to have origins in the Levant, which Israel is smack dab in the middle of. But exactly who “European” Ashkenazi Jews are has long been debated. An analysis of the gene database shows that the original Ashkenazi Jews were about half European and half Middle Eastern. They lived in the medieval era, about 600 to 800 years ago, according to the analysis – and numbered just 350 or so people”

        11. Yeah, Iran has been getting the bomb for the last 20 years. Nuttyahoo is an evil psycho. The Republican Party are in the pocket of Sheldon Adelson and the Jewish lobby. Americans are the biggest stooges in the world.

        12. ”Ashkenazi Jews are known to have origins in the Levant” ~ I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

        13. For those with limited Biblical knowledge, Noah had three sons: Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Ham’s son Cush had children who moved into Africa, Japheth moved north into northern Europe and Asia, and Shem spread out through the Middle East and Southern Asia.
          Therefore, for general purposes, “Asians” and genetic Israelites are “semites”, Europeans and Slav/Sorb/Serbs are “japhetites”, and Africans are “cushites” or “hamites”.
          The regions in which this classification is less clear are the Americas and the Middle East. The former is due to lack of recorded genealogy for the native peoples, the latter due to the many peoples which have intermingled within the region.
          Here endeth the lesson.

        14. Non-sense article. You can’t take sample of all modern people to try to find the past ancestors makeup Any region of people will end up being more closely related then any other region of people to themselves.
          Your article claims
          Researchers analyzed the genomes of 128 Ashkenazi Jews and compared them to those of non-Jewish Europeans in order to determine which genetic markers are unique to Ashkenazi Jews. They found that the Ashkenazi Jews’ genetic similarities were so acute that one of the study’s researchers, Columbia professor Itsik Pe’er, told the Live Science website that among Ashkenazi Jews, “everyone is a 30th cousin.”
          This 30th cousin thing is true about everyone on the planet. relation to each other.
          The study compared families that have been intermarrying for hundreds of years.

        15. Are you a native English speaker? Gobble-de-gook matey. I am not your 30th cousin for starters. You are clueless. DNA markers can show the origins of ethnic groups.

        16. Agree with “Reason and Believing,” 30th cousin is an extremely wide net. Such a wide net, you’d have to say it’s meaningless. Here’s another wide net, “I’m apparently 5 degrees separated from every single person on earth.” Like that gay Will Smith film explains, I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who is an acquaintance of the person in question.
          You read a sentence like that and you go, whoop-de-doo, of course everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who is an acquaintance of anyone on earth. It’s pretty much a statistical certainty. Now, as for your 30th cousin statement… well, fuck, I thought Jews were smarter than to cling onto a ridiculously encapsulating statement like that as some sort of “fact” that needs repeating to help their position.

        17. It seems to me you’re trying to establish Jews as race. And that would be convenient thing to establish since your Jewish run media have been brainwashing everyone with that one word: racism. Certainly would be helpful to be able to throw around the racism card every time someone gets pissed off at your tribes inherently greedy nature (which, ironically, is frowned upon by the very scriptures you pretend to adhere to).
          And another ironic thing about all this racism preaching your tribe sprouts in the western media is Israel. Talk about not practising what you preach. Israel’s gone full Hitler on the Palestinians for about 60 years. And don’t give me, “it takes two to tango,” they’ve been slaughtered by you lot (just stating facts, don’t even like the Palestinians, nor Israel, for that matter).
          Which brings me to a third peace of irony: Anti-antisemitism. Palestinians are West Semitic… and Israel’s against them… So Israel’s Anti-Semitic…?
          Jews need to pull their heads out their asses and realise that if there’s any ill will towards them in this day-in-age, there are some fucking good reasons for it. Your Jewish politicians (Wall Street folk) are cunts. Your bankers are cunts. Your media puppets are cunts. YOU are cunts. Grow a pair and admit your flaws, then maybe you can fix your public image. Until then, expect the hate to keep rising.

      2. Criticizing Islam an African Americans is allowed because the maistream media will rarely attack either group plus SJWs never seem to attack either group an give them a free minority pass. ROK looks at things the mainstream media an SJWs wont which is why why those groups are allowed to be criticized. As for the anti Jewish comments I see them all the time on here. I’m still yet to see any evidence of some giant Jewish conspiracy, i’m not discounting it but have seen no evidence (admittedly I haven’t really looked into it to much). Every Left leaner an SJW I’ve met hates Israel.

      3. I totally concur with your sentiments bro. The Jews are the real masters and manipulators around the globe. This is not some mindless anti-Jew ranting. Take a look at David Duke’s web and do your own research mates. The Jewish holy book Talmud clearly states Jews are the chosen master race while the rest of us are impure Gentiles.

    3. The chopped dick has no homing instinct of its own. The nerve endings severed render the loop broken and M.O.-wise it becomes a separate entity detached from the ‘big head’. Call out a Jew for his misdeeds but don’t neglect calling out primarily the ‘princess’ who’s really pulling his chains? The old saying ‘she’s got him wrapped around her finger’ refers to a circular piece OF SKIN. A gold wedding ‘band’ is only symbolic. The ‘hus-band’ (hoos-bahnd). It’s VOO-DOO I tell you. BLOODY VOODOO CONTROL! At least with the Muslims an equal footing is achieved with both sexes being genitally mutilated. Whatever Islam lacks, it doesn’t achieve the levelling glass smooth pond surface of Buddhist ‘nothingness’ does it?

  1. SJWs an people who follow extreme liberal politics have always been hypocrites with who they criticize an wont criticize.

    1. What does Spongebob have to do with this?
      And c’mon, Sandy was saying “no”, but her bushy tail said “yes”! heh

  2. Look, it’s all pretty simple: Bill Cosby was black but a bunch of white women have all come out decades later to tell the same false rape story without even a photograph between them showing one of them with Cosby. This normally would pit two SJW causes – racism and rape culture – against one another. But luckily, Cosby made the mistake of telling young black men not to act like hoodlums – victim blaming and Uncle Tomming – so the scales tilt in favor of taking away his due process rights in the name of apparatchik groupthink. On the other hand, Polanski did rape – rape culture – but he also made Rosemary’s Baby, which is anti-rape culture. So this is like a negative canceling a negative, and Polanski’s rape of a child was actually good because it probably served as inspiration for a better anti-rape message. Kind of like how Rolling Stone was right to print blatantly false rape claims and ruin a few dozen lives because there is a greater societal good to pretending that we’re having a discussion about something important. But Polanski raped after Rosemary’s Baby came out, you say? Yeah, he was just confirming that rape culture was bad and using his own experience to prove how needed the message is.
    What? This doesn’t make sense to you? Yeah, me neither.

    1. It only makes sense if you think like an equalist
      Where “The Cause” is more important than reason or reality

      1. Just don’t forget, even “the cause” is less important than the attention.

  3. It’s not just Polanski.
    There’s Corey Feldman’s story: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/11/secret-police-tape-corey-feldman-first-detailed-rape-in-1993-cops-did-zero-to-catch-sexual-predator/
    and of course you can’t forget Michael Jackson.
    And then there’s this as well: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood-sex-abuse-film-revealed-748375
    And this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Savile_sexual_abuse_scandal
    And this: http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/27/europe/uk-gary-glitter-sentenced/
    Its not Hollywood, but the entertainment industry in general. They don’t want to condemn Polanski because they’re all looking out for their own.

  4. The fact the author does not address the fact that this is the jewish tribe protecting their own is disappointing. Sam e thing for Woody Allen and numerous other tribesmen in Hollywood.

    1. Irrelevant because all tribes protect their own from WASPS to Wops.

      1. Bullshit. Whites sell each other out by the trcukload. The entire SJW movement is overwhelmingly white, except for the leadership of course.

        1. Joe Lonsdale is Jewish. Google him and look at what the media is doing to him. In fact, his plight should be a ROK article. Truly frightening stuff. Takes the false “regret rape” BS to a new level.

        2. People will sell each other out by the truckload, no matter the skin color or facial features.
          When it comes to treachery, humans are equal-opportunists.

        3. His plight is only because his jewishness is trumped by the new rape hysteria.

        4. Yeah, sure. Which is why Jack the Ripper was known by the police as a jewish man named Kosminski, and yet they couldn’t put him in jail because the one eyewitness said he would never testify against a fellow jew.

        5. Very true. And socialism was codified and invented by whites, specifically Germans I believe, and latched onto as trendy in Europe with gusto. The French manning the barricades in the 1800’s would destroy swaths of other Frenchmen who did not tow the line of effeminate socialism, and in fact, did so.
          The communists planted a deadly seed in the West that is now bearing its fruit decades later. This entire state of affairs is awful.

    2. It’s a vast right-wing conspiracy!
      The biggest conspiracy is that there is no conspiracy, get used to it.

  5. I arrived ready to dislike this article and left finding it fair and balanced, correctly identifying why Polanski is, in fact, a rapist.
    And, of course, pointing out the hypocrisy of the whole thing. They are, however, and from their own perspective, applying a principle:
    It doesn’t matter what they have done, you don’t call a foul on your own team.
    Addendum: I arrived ready to dislike the article because the title is not fair and balanced. She was not a ped and men should stop accepting this femcentric idea that post pubescent women are prepubescent children. The very reason the age of consent was raised above the traditional is because these young women have always been the most naturally desirable to men.
    Polanski likes ’em young, but he likes ’em with tits on.

      1. All we know specifically about her is her age, and by her age it is quite possible, but like most men with very narrow tastes his tastes are, well, very narrow and well known because he’s never made any attempt to hide them.
        It’s just not his taste.

        1. Right, but we also know the time period this was happening. See my other remarks on the thread about hormones.

  6. gibson made a ton of money from the passion of the christ…so much, that he was gonna start his own movie studio…then, well, you know what happened…

    1. He was truly fucked over by the cunt he was screwing. The temerity of taking a private conversation, taping it illicitly, and then releasing it to the press is breath taking. Nobody is in good form 24/7 and I strongly suspect that any one of us have things we’ve said or done that we would cringe to have released to the whole globe. Stupid fucking cunt got sympathy while a great man and amazing talent got shafted, all so that she could get her 15 minutes of fame.

  7. This is a misuse of the word “pedophile,” which connotes adults who have sex with children who have not yet developed secondary sex characteristics. Feminists are famous for misusing this word (i.e. a 40-year-old dating a 22-year-old is now a “pedophile” in feminist medialand). Is this where Return of Kings is headed? Whatever the case, what Polanski did was engage in criminal activity with an *underage girl* not commit “pedophilia.” Had she been 10 or under, it would have been pedophilia. Why not consult a dictionary or do some research before writing next time. You’re becoming the establishment you set out to fight.

    1. 40 years ago girls did not enter puberty at the age of 11 like they do now actually.
      Hormones in the water have lowered the age of puberty significantly, even in my lifetime. There were no 11-12 year old girls with big tits and already on their periods when I was growing up.
      It also probably explains the stunted development and effeminate qualities of Millenial males too now that I think about it. So much estrogen from birth forward can not be healthy for either sex.

      1. some girls who grow up on the old town farmlands don’t get their periods till 17 or 18. They eat what is grown and drink what falls from the sky.

        1. Yep. I’m thinking back a bit and as I recall the time most of us “knew” that a girl became a woman was when she started driving or a bit afterwards, as far as that was concerned. I don’t remember any big boob chicks showing up on the scene in any major way until they had car keys in their hands. Also games of “doctor” on the middle school bus didn’t seem to reveal anything vaguely adult like (back in the days when women didn’t shave off everything in order to appear as prepubescent girls instead of adult women).

        2. woman are having sex earlier and having male attention much earlier. the early maturer’s usually turn out really beat by the time they finish high school. some of the girls who started to get breasts at 11 and 12 are the most emotionally damaged people i have ever crossed paths with. which i think must be based on the total mismatch between their psychological self and physical self. often the teachers from my experience are teaching sex education earlier and earlier. which leads to the rare story of girls having their fun before they start middle school.

        3. Not to mention absentee parents who act like a best buddy. Also, allowing your daughter to dress like a street walker.

        4. The Obliterator’s wife, (Aisha, was it?) reached puberty at age 11, after he had married her at age 9. And that was 1500 years ago. We can thank the religion of peace and the great prophet Obliterator for setting the record straight on this debate.

        5. Seriously. Last summer I saw a girl who couldn’t have been 15 walking down the street with jean shorts that were so short her ass was literally hanging out. She must have snuck out of the house without her dad knowing, right? Nope. He was walking with her.

    2. Yes, I agree… In Spain and Mexico and some other countries the legal age for sex can be as low as 13…… so it is overblown to call it pedophilia… that’s a completely different bent….

    3. OK, technically he was one year out(and it’s under 13)
      He drugged her and banged her up the arse…what a lovely fellow.

  8. Yep, they circled the wagons because raping children is one of the perks of the Hollywood elite. I suspect a lot of the high level ones are guilty. Ever wonder why actors and actress seem so damaged? They had to sleep their way up. A coworker has a 13 yo daughter who had Hollywood dreams so he moved the family from Texas to Tinseltown. WTF… Might as well as throw her to some wild beasts.

  9. fuck ’em all.
    Having sex with a prepubescent girl is not ‘pedophilia’, it is ‘pederastery’ dumbass.
    and this girl was not a prepubescent at 13.
    Whether he plied her with alcohol or drugs does not imply she was a child, despite modern retarded definitions of ‘minor’. I was slaughtering hogs, skinning rabbits, drinking beer, and having sex when I was 13.
    Polanski is a retarded dipshit, who should have been run out of the country on a rail 40 years ago, but not for being a ‘pederast’. Rather for being a manipulative drug-chugging, twisted, corrupt hollywooder.
    So far, that’s 3 for 11… 3 decent articles for 11 tries, not a good average.

    1. Pederasty or paederasty (US /ˈpɛdəræsti/ or UK /ˈpiːdəræsti/) is a (usually erotic) homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male. The word pederasty derives from Greek (paiderastia) “love of boys”,[1] a compound derived from παῖς (pais) “child, boy” and ἐραστής (erastēs) “lover”.
      “Minor” has a very real definition. It means, at least in the US, under 18.

      1. Yes, but ‘pedophile’ also has a very definite definition. and that definition, while certainly implying an INTEREST in having sex with prepubescent children, does not actually include the ACT of intercourse. Dumbass.
        and I never said that ‘Minor’ does not have a definition, I said it was a retarded definition. Learn to read, dipshit.

        1. Your consideration of that definition being “retarded” is really kind of irrelevant.
          It’s a simple matter of age, whether or not you like it. Tough shit.

        2. Actually, no, it’s a bunch of idiots trying to press humans into perpetual childhood to make them better slaves.
          The ‘age of consent’ less than 40 years ago was 15, 40 years before that it was 13.
          Humans have not magically retarded development over the last 80 years. that development retardation has been utterly intentional. The camel is fully in the tent, and Obama is pushing the ‘age of consent’ back to 25… Humans need to get out on their own, leave the nest, in their teens, or they will never develop into responsible and capable human beings. The plague of 38 year old men playing video games and living in their mom’s basement is the direct result of this policy.
          The fact that you cannot understand the simple logic of adulthood is clearly your father’s failing. I pity you, millenial, you are damaged beyond repair.

        3. “The plague of 38 year old men playing video games and living in their mom’s basement is the direct result of this policy.”
          Got anything to back that up?
          “I pity you, millenial, you are damaged beyond repair.”
          I haven’t noticed. I’m doing well, thank you!

    2. One day you will have a child you love & adore more than life itself. Only then will you understand.

      1. I have. It took watching her destroyed by the broken progressive agenda to truly understand how sick it is.
        It is my love of my daughter that brought me to conservatism, and my love of honor that took me beyond it. It is my love of america that forces me to fight against her enemies, the cultural marxists and homosexual agenda pushers. It is my love of my species that forces me to fight against those who would destroy it, and my love of women and feminity that drives my battle against feminism and socialism and egalitarianism seeking to destroy what makes people special.
        The greatest Irony of all is that somehow, true conservatives are labelled with ‘hate’ while the progressives and tolerance-pushers are labelled as those who ‘love’, when in reality it is love of children, love of men and women, love of family, love of species, love of your nation, your culture, and your neighbor that these batshit liberals are trying to destroy.
        Part of that love is knowing when it is time to allow your children to move onto the next phase of their lives… refusing to keep them as children long past the time when they should be starting families of their own.

        1. This is not an issue of over parenting. Samantha Geimer, the woman who was raped analy and vaginally by Roman Polanski at 13, is on record ( by her testimony and HIS) that these acts were non consensual. He’s already admitted his guilt. He should have done his tine long ago. Don’t victim blame a drugged girl for her own violent rape. Blame the Jews that own and operate both Hollywood and DC.

        2. Tolerance is preached by intolerant people. Weird ain’t it? Leftists aren’t tolerate of shit. They are completely divisive.
          The goal seems to destroy the last vestige of humanity, the family. Families form communities, communities have bonds and alliances. Alliances resist.
          Pervert the women and destroy the minds of children. Who are they the victims of? Men who built the nations their feet rest on. The enemy took the back door rather than confront the men head on.

        3. That’s because confronting men head on ensures loss. Slave cultures cannot compete with free cultures, and thus the back door was absolutely necessary.
          Fortunately, backlash always occurs. Unfortunately, it tends to take most of civilization with it.

        4. God bless you! Love is the reason that we fight. We only wish to restore the family unit and create the next generation of Kings and Queens. Most liberals will never understand the truth until it’s too late.

    3. Actually pederasty is homosexual sex between a man and a boy.
      Disregarding the victim’s age as far as legal definitions of rape, a 13 year old girl has *zero* tolerance for booze or drugs nor does she have experience to guide her decision to use them, just given her body size and weight alone. I’m all about holding adult women accountable if they get drunk and have regret-sex, because they know the risk and are fucking in control of their actions when they take that first appletini, but a 13 year old under the guidance of a much older authority figure has no clue what she’s getting into by taking those four shots of Jack Daniels and has no biological way to process it in a non-harmful way yet. I did my first shots of whiskey at age 12 and after just two of them was seeing “major fuzzy world” in a big way almost immediately, and I was a big boy. He’s a scumbag and a rapist as far as I’m concerned.
      The value of many articles as of late are the comments section, heh.

      1. Polanski was probably drunk and high at the time…..according to modern rules, I thought, if you are drunk you cannot consent. At the very least he is innocent. Possibly she is guilty of raping him.
        Thanks Feminism.

        1. You forget, the drunk and high rule only applies to females when it comes to agency.
          I do however apply it judiciously to 13 year olds, they simply have no way of dealing with this kind of thing and are easily swayed by authority figures to do wrong things.

        2. agreed GoJ…just having a light hearted go at fems.
          Meanwhile, if I were to be serious about it, I would question where the parents of this young (now older) lady are. I would assume either in Jail or also expatriated. Because allowing a situation here their 13 year old daughter is hanging out with a bunch of hollywood celeb types ought to be a crime.

      2. My argument was about what he did being defined as ‘pedophilia’, not ‘rape’.
        Frankly, I think he was an utter scumbag rapist, just like the majority of Hollywood, and he should have been punished as such… however, there is a world of difference between the punishment a rape opportunist should receive and the one a child fucker should receive. a rapist should be beaten, badly… to teach them a lesson, because an opportunity rapist (unlike a serial rapist or child rapist) can learn the lesson.
        However, a child rapist cannot be taught a lesson, their hunger is unquenchable, and they need to be put down just like a maneating animal. They do not need to be made an ‘example’ of, because sane people, who can learn such lessons, would never rape a child. They do not need to be punished, because punishment is irrelevant. Their life must be ended quickly and humanely.
        Polanski is an opportunist, and pain can teach him a lesson and serve as an example to other opportunists.

        1. We actually don’t disagree. I’m rather OCD about definitions, if that’s not obvious yet, heh.
          Beat the living shit out of that sniveling fuck in a large, month long blanket party. Then throw him in the klink for however long is possible by legal statute. My tolerance of actual rape is 0.0%.
          Child rapists, the actual kind we can all agree one, should be strung by a rope until dead and their head put on a pike outside the city walls to serve as an example to all.

        2. Frankly, I aqm a firm believer in corporal punishment. I think that ‘outcasting’ is the worse, most inhumane form of punishment imaginable, which is basically what prison is… The human psyche equates outcasting with death, which is why imprisonment simply creates criminals rather than punishing them… it is the rare human that can learn a lesson from their own death, rather than simply choosing to use it as an excuse to become ever more base.
          But pain… pain has been built into us for millions of years as the way to LEARN. Pain teaches lessons we will never forget. A drug dealer put in jail simply learns to be a better drug dealer, but a drug dealer placed on the frame and given 20 lashes in public will likely never touch drugs ever again.

        3. Outlaw used to mean throwing out from the village in Anglo Saxon (and other) societies. You were literally a lone wolf, which turns out, was not cool or edgy, and it also meant that besides not getting any resources from your tribe, you were also outside-the-law regarding punishment. You rape somebody’s daughter, you get to be an outlaw and subject to execution out in the wastelands and the woman’s father faces no consequences since you are, well, outside the law.
          The concept of law actually used to mean something positive to the individual, and not just the rulers.

  10. Let us all keep in mind that us joos bar/bat mitzvah at 13years old. 13 is seen as “grown” by traditionalists.
    As someone with years of experience on Pedo/ hebophilic relationships, let me remind everyone that a true pedo wouldn’t touch a 13 year old sexuality, they are attracted to pre-tweens. Polanski is a hebophile .

  11. it’s not about messages, race, or what cause the guy stands for.
    it’s about the fact that the guy is European (high culture!), makes movies the average American white male does not watch, but the American women swoon for (even if most of those don’t understand them),
    That makes him anti-white-male.
    That is why he is to be excused by SJWs.
    There needs to be no other merit, or qualification.
    Interestingly, some pussified male friends of mine are of the same caliber, and their cause in life is also to stick it to the white male. Especially if the WM in question is a Republican.

    1. I’ve heard of those kinds of pussies. Funny how their zeal never seems to be present if I’m around. Fucking cowards, the lot of them, which is why they work just like females – passive aggressiveness and doing things behind your back and having others do their dirty work for them.
      The concept of bringing an errant fucktard behind the barn for a session of “common sense therapy” needs to be resurrected. Would cure hipsterism in a month.

        1. We’ll need tape for our hands. Lots and lots of tape. And a good set of leather fingerless gloves. Don’t want to miss a moment of fun after all.

  12. http://www.jewishjournal.com/hollywoodjew/item/does_jail_remind_roman_polanski_of_the_holocaust_20090929
    Confirmed jew….
    Jewish internet defense force.
    Why am I wasting my time debating you filthy lying kikes. You cannot be beaten by logic.
    The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic.
    First they counted on the stupidity of their adversary, and then, when
    there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all
    this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand, or, if challenged,
    they changed the subject in a hurry, quoted platitudes which, if you
    accepted them, they immediately related to entirely different matters,
    and then, if again attacked, gave ground and pretended not to know
    exactly what you were talking about. Whenever you tried to attack one of
    these apostles, your hand closed on a jelly-like slime which divided up
    and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected
    again. But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow
    that, observed by the audience, he couldn’t help but agree, and if you
    believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your
    amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest
    recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as
    though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged,
    affected amazement; he couldn’t remember a thing, except that he had
    proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day.
    Sometimes I stood there thunderstruck.
    I didn’t know what to be more amazed at: the agility of their tongues or their virtuosity at lying.

  13. If your politics are left wing/liberal/socialist you will be allowed to do anything…
    Bill Clinton ,a level 5 whoremaster, is loved and adored by libs. He’s a rock star. More recently BC was associated with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s
    vacation “orgy island”

    1. Clinton raped women too, including the 13 year old black daughter of his ‘friend’ who ran a barbecue joint in the South that he frequented. He’s beyond sick.

  14. How do feminists apologize for hillary clinton who defended a rapist of a 12 year old girl as his attorney, and after she secured the minimum sentence for him she was recorded on tape laughing about it? Feminists are “evil”, and that’s not crazy talk.

      1. Most do, or at *best*, remain silent about it entirely even when pressed.

  15. I’ve always given Polanski a small benefit of the doubt because his pregnant wife was stabbed to death by the Manson Family.

  16. The deep dark secret is that the entire thing is run by perverts. How do you think Hollywood so quickly yields to the state? Polanski can probably name names as to was at what sex party and with whom and can probably take the “old guard” down with him.

      1. The Lost Boys is one of my fave 80s movies…”Youre a goddamned vampire! just wait til mom finds out buddy!”

    1. Same thing happened to the “old guard” of some which members were off Coronation Street. One guy got caught, the whole gang is under the glass.
      Bunch of old guys running the train on young girls…prepubescent and all that.

  17. What about Victor Salva. Raped a 12-year old cast member of his movie, videotaped it then got to write and direct a very creepy paedophile allegory (POWDER) produced by Disney.

    1. I heard abou that when the movie came out… but the scandal seemed to get brushed under the carpet.

  18. ”Polanski’s rape of a 13-year-old girl, now a middle-aged woman, was
    not just statutory rape. Statutory rape implies that the girl was sober
    and unaffected by any other mind-altering substances, but was simply
    legally unable to consent. This rape allegedly went much further,
    The police’s initial charges reflected their understanding that
    Polanski plied her with alcohol and drugs, and then sodomized her.
    Feminists and SJW’s have been frothing at the mouth to lynch Ched Evans,
    despite a horrendously flawed conviction, yet Polanski produces warm
    feelings for Hollywood celebrities and rather muted reactions from
    professional leftist activists.”
    What Roman Polanski did was reprehensible and should be given the due penalty for his crime rape(not the regret sex) should not be tolerated in any civilized society that being said the title is also a misapplication of the clinical term ”pedophilia” considering such a girl is not prepubescent.

    1. Given the lack of stupendous amounts of artificial hormones in milk and the lack of The Pill flushing untold gallons of estrogen into the water supply, back then, she probably was prepubescent actually. Girls didn’t used to reach puberty at 11 or 12 like they do now.

      1. What is also unfortunate is girls disposition of innocence is gone at a much younger age. I’m talking of their mentality. Occasionally I will hear of 11 year old girls giving handjobs at shopping mall parking lot for cirgarette and Gucci bag money.

      2. Is there statistics to prove your point?
        Actually its not unheard of in agricultural societies for menarche to occur at 12 often it is the minimum age that a young woman can be married.
        Perhaps more resource scarcity raised the age of menarche somewhat.

        1. I don’t have stats and am not claiming a scientific fact. I do however have experience having become a teenager in the early 1980’s and being acquainted with countless girls my age at the time. Anecdotal? Sure, yeah. But look around at girls that are 11 now, with breasts and taking their periods, and “guys” mostly being so unmasculine as to be mistaken for women (except for their beards) in the 20 something Millenials. Something bad has happened and it has to have something to do more with an external factor than simply propaganda.
          I could well be wrong on my Millenial hypothesis, but even now I’m looking back at pictures from my childhood (we still keep photo albums and I’m working at home today) where I know the ages and see nothing like what girls the same age look like now.

        2. Perhaps. If that is true I will change my opinion.
          ”Sure, yeah. But look around at girls that are 11 now, with breasts and
          taking their periods, and “guys” mostly being so unmasculine as to be
          mistaken for women (except for their beards) in the 20 something
          One must consider if that is truly the result of estrogenic compounds in the environment or if it is the result of a resource glut.
          I will have to reserve judgment of that one since we do not possess enough information at the moment.

      3. According to this link, puberty in the US is legally defined as:
        ” The age in boys after fourteen years until full age, and
        in girls after twelve years until full age.”
        So that seems to mean that after her 12th birthday, a girl is not considered pre-pubescent (which is what would define a charge of pedophilia or not I suppose). But then I’m neither American nor a lawyer myself, so I can’t be sure there.

        1. Honestly not sure how the age of consent aligns with getting pubic hair, nor am certain what the definition would have been in, say, the year 1979. The youngest age of consent that I can recall was West Virginia which used to be 14 at one time (not sure if it is now).
          All I know is what I’ve seen. The world has changed a lot. How the law has changed to reflect this is probably seen in your link.

        2. Indeed. And interpretations vary depending on where you are. If I’m not mistaken in my country puberty is legally defined as 13 years, but age of consent is 18. However, that means that for a charge of pedophilia, one of them has to be under 13 while the other of adult age. There’s also another law that allows some leeway. If an older person has sex with a minor, they will not prosecute if the age difference is not more than 5 years. So a 16 year old with a 20 year old is seen very differently than a 15 year old with a 40 year old, which makes perfect sense actually.

    2. Why did you use the phrase “such a girl”. It is entirely possible for a 13 year old girl to not have undergone puberty. The average age might be 11-12, but on the individual level there is much wider variance from 7 to 16. So had this particular victim finished a substantial part of puberty.

      1. That’s true. But is it true in this case? And if I am wrong I will retract my statement.

      1. Very interesting that the thoroughly and long standing leftist rag would even breath such a thing.

    1. so has lena dunham, re. Woody Allen at least, in between giving her 6 year old sister a special education.

    1. Polanski drugged and ass-raped a minor. Drop the part about her being a minor and he still drugged and raped a woman. Real rape – the kind that is immediately reported to police.

      1. Polanski drugged and ass-raped a minor.

        Whatever he did, it has nothing to do with pedophilia. And analyzing a minor (below 18) is legal in most places of the world. From the title (“pedophile”, “butt-fucking”) I am reading moralfaggotry and man-hating Social Justice Whoring of the highest degree:
        1. Supporting feminist second biggest win (age of consent laws). Disgusting.
        2. Accusing men of pedophilia, just like feminists do, although this has nothing to do with pedophila.
        3. Moralfaggotry regarding anal sex. Just like feminist and religious cunt overglorifiers do. Disgusting.
        Mind you, I am not condoning rape or drugging or similar. I am merely pointing out that this article could have been written by an SJW accusing his fellow SJWs to be more feminist.

        1. She was 13. That’s a minor you creep. We can debate 16 to 18.
          I’m guessing no father around because:
          1. She was left alone with a creepy director
          2. Polanski is still breathing
          I have a daughter and neither of those things would have happened.

    2. If you go back further than the 1800s the age of puberty was in the mid teens. It is interesting how it goes up and down.
      Also, sexual development is only one part of it. Brain development and knowledge are another.

  19. “But a veritable menagerie of European nations has been happy to house, welcome and protect Polanski, while the United Kingdom and other European countries…”
    This is actually very consistent with how pedophiles are treated in western Europe… Especially if they’re not European .

    1. Muslims are given the “Anti-Christian Anti-White Male Special Privilege Pass”, dontchaknow?
      Ol’ Kaja there will be the first raped and then beheaded by her beloved pet minority once they assume full power. Stupid freaking white female SJW’s are the enemy of Europe and the Anglosphere in every way, shape and form.

      1. Europe is starting to wake up. Norway finally engaged in the very sensible endeavor of deporting ones they know to be radical and its had positive social benefits for them. Perhaps with that sort of possitive reinforcement they and the rest of Europe will follow suit.
        And then we could just hope that the US would follow their lead.

        1. Good to hear!
          I’ve heard rumors that Swedish nationalists, basically a lot of Swedish guys for whom the Viking DNA has lingered undetected for centuries, are starting to protest in the streets against these alien occupiers.

        2. Heartiste has several videos of it, but of course the MSM will never report it. Not a huge fan of Heartiste (personality wise, not content wise), but that’s the place to find the real picture from videos.
          It’s the first thing that gave me hope about Scandinavia. It’s always bothered me mightily that men descended from Vikings could become what the common understanding of Swedish men is today. Turns out, it may be an illusion floated by the SJW’s. Or not, we’ll see, but at least there’s some resistance.

  20. this must be one of the worst texts I have ever read in ROK. The thing is that (what many self-centered americans might not understand), other countries realize USA is not a civilized or developed nation. I.e. you don’t have a functioning juridical system, which could be trusted. (By the way, you don’t even belong to the international criminal court.) If you read or listen to the interview of the girl who was the victim, you would clearly want this nonsense to stop. USA is about 100 years behind Europe in many issues, including its court system and policing.

    1. why? Its focussing on a double standard which lets progressive elites off the hook for real crimes even as they zealously prosecute fantasy rapes that have never even happened.

    2. I’ve seen her interviewed. She’s a grown woman who doesn’t want attention and would like all this behind her.
      Civilized nations don’t punish child rapists?

    3. Yeah, we’re pretty backwards. We also have not technically submitted to a dictatorship, we do not prosecute people by law for speaking as they wish (you can deny the Holocaust here and not go to jail, imagine how backwards that is!) nor have we disarmed ourselves like all of you ever so enlightened and forward thinking Europeans.
      Gosh, I surely wish we were as advanced as you! *gush!* *swoon!*

      1. your system has been shown to be completely biased against minorities. money can buy anything in the USA, even in court. you can shoot people and not get punished – yet you may get very harsh sentences for minor crimes. you have a death penalty and sentences of 200 years in jail. not even Russia has those! 🙂 you are in the same group of countries as Iran, China and Saudi-Arabia – I bet you are proud. 🙂 the problem is, the USA has no objective view how it looks to the outside world… the outside world does not look to USA and think “oh, they are so advanced, the have a functioning constitutional state”. you have even Guantanamo and lots of prisons where you torture people – sometimes guilty, sometimes innocent. you don’t give a rat’s ass about international law. what are the odds – is the whole world wrong about Americans or maybe the Americans could be wrong (300 million people, i.e. under 5 % of the global population)… hard to say!

        1. IImari…wait until Putin takes your country, don’t come running back to us for F-35s.

        2. Your bullshit is so thick that one can eat it with a fork. But use a spoon so you get every drop.
          Go pound sand you leftist scuzzball. Your kind are a plague on the world and when you self exterminate the earth will be a much better place.
          No go line up and wait for a proper reaming from Mohammed, he’s knocking at your door, Mr. Enlightened-Advanced SJW.

        3. Archives will be fun to review once these people self terminate. It will be fun to have a beer and toast to their memory.

        4. wait until we start beating them at soccer..then I’m going to start talking some major shit.

        5. Heh.
          Eric Samson, from Montana, scores a Goooooooaaaaalll against Swedish favorite Mohammed Al Mayida! This is the second score against Sweden with the last coming from Bob Frederick against Allamar Y Nechahimk who is a favorite in Gotburg to be certain!

        6. the Cubans like us to have Guantanamo. We pay the Castro brothers the rent they need to eat caviar while their people eat grass and queso.

        7. Yeah. I’m not a fan of Gitmo to be honest, but I’m not going to give SJW boy there any slack. He deserves his fate.

        8. well – it shows that you know I am right.
          the sensible response to a critique would be to make things better in your own country and not to shoot the messenger, right? 🙂 you are better than the USSR and the Russians, right? 🙂 this is exactly how THEY would respond… 🙂
          every country has its pros and cons, but the juridical system in the USA is definitely not good.
          let me reverse the question: if YOU were faced with a death sentence – or a sentence of even a 15 years, would YOU trust your own country? or would you rather be convicted somewhere else? 🙂

        9. No, it shows that I have no tolerance for you SJW types any longer. Honestly we can sit here and “debate” all day, like I used to do with you scum, and you’d twist and turn the language every which way but loose and never admit wrong. Simply put, your kind are not worthy of debate any longer, you’ve become dogmatic and frankly not worth my time.
          And in parting, let me make it clear, that I am against Gitmo and what both Bush and Obama have done. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go on the white guilt trip that your kind wants me to go on. There are many ways we ARE better than you European SJW scum, and I’m proud of those things. Don’t like it? Tough shit.
          Now run along little boy, pajamas are out of the dryer and the whistle is blowing on the cocoa pot. We’re done conversing.

        10. we will all have one word names for our kids like the Brazilians 🙂
          Mike Brown from Mechanisburg, Ohio scores a hat trick against Christian de Van der Merwet Hamburgler from Switzerland !!

        11. “There are many ways we ARE better than you European SJW scum, and I’m proud of those things. Don’t like it? Tough shit.”
          I bet there are things that you are better. You have a big military and a lot of nukes, for instance.
          The question is, would you (imagine yourself as a foreigner) want to be convicted in the USA? would you expect to have a fair trial?

        12. Two goals in one game? The rules certainly are slanted in favor of offenses in soccer nowadays.

        13. LOL!
          Cowboy, from Montana, scores a Goooooooaaaaalll against Swedish favorite Mohammed Al Mayida! This is the second score against Sweden with the last coming from Pennsylvania born Ironmonger against Allamar Y Nechahimk who is a favorite in Gotburg to be certain!

        14. I love your wisdom bro, but I’d appreciate you not referring to all Europeans as “you European scum” just because of one dumb ass..lol. He definitely does not represent all Europeans nor representative of how we all think, and don’t forget that all white Americans have European roots, so we are cousins really. 🙂

        15. I changed it to European SJW scum, the same thing crossed my mind. Besides, I’m the grandson of actual Europeans, so eh, gotta self-preserve my sense of ego, heh.

        16. Your indoctrination against the US judicial system is complete. Incidentally, the EU systems are all punishing Muslims at disproportionate rates. So either they are also unfair to minorities, or you can join a civilized stance and realize that many groups of minorities are not capable of adhering to western cultural ideals of justice and therefore end up being punished more.

        17. The truth is, ALL civilized countries are part of the International
          Criminal Court, ICC. If you are not in, you are in the wrong group of
          So, basically, what you are saying, the USA should act
          as the international criminal court. Because I can guarantee you, the
          USA would NEVER send even its worst war criminals into the ICC.
          I could choose, it would be a good idea to have trials for all of
          world’s war criminals in the Hague International Criminal Court. But,
          this might hurt your butthurt butts: the USA should probably send
          thousands of its soldiers to be trialed. Yes, that’s right.
          Now you are screaming and crying already, so I will repeat your logic:
          your logic, everyone else should obey USA, but USA should not obey
          anyone. Everyone should be loyal servants to the KING OF THE NATIONS,
          USA! if you dare to disagree, you deserve no help, moreover you deserve
          to be murdered in a holocaust or what did you say to me? 😀

        18. your system has been shown to be completely biased against minorities.
          Bullshit. Complete bullshit. If anything, the deck is stacked against whites. You know nothing except what you pick up on the stupid biased newsmedia.

        19. Now I get where you’re coming from. Your ranting about no objective view and how we don’t care what the world thinks about us – that sounds *exactly* like female shit-testing with a guilt trip.
          The only appropriate response is hearty laughter and a condescending pat on your head. Are you Finnished yet?

      2. It’s cool, Ghost. When the Muslim Horde comes rampaging through Europe, we’ll be over here in our strategically superior location buffered by two massive oceans and the most powerful Navy in history, safe and sound. We can deal with the few Yullah-Yullahs who managed to hide out here and then we’ll sit back, crack a cold one, and enjoy the show. Being a European SJW, I’m sure this asshat will try and cut a deal with his new Islamic masters in order to save his worthless hide and I’ve heard that Arabic isn’t necessarily hard to learn.
        Btw, Ilmari, if it wasn’t for us backwards-ass, uncivilized Americans, you’d be speaking German right now and goose-stepping in a military parade down the Autobahn behind a swastika-covered nuke. You’re fucking welcome. Stay in your lane or we might just sit the next one out.

        1. thanks a lot for participating in WW2, though I have to point out some things.
          you think I am from Sweden (where I am not from, but anyways). Sweden did not participate in the Second World War (or in the First World War, for that matter), nor did it get any funding from the USA. Sweden never received any Marshall aid and was never occupied by the Nazis.
          80 % of Nazi German war force was in the Eastern Front against the USSR. (Well, you did give them some material to fight with.) So, you might as well ask us to thank the Russians or the Soviets in fighting the war!
          WW1 and WW2 were conflicts in which which were not caused by the USA, indirectly or directly. Thanks for that! It hasn’t been the case in many of the conflicts during the late 20th or early 21st centuries.
          Here is a nice Russian propaganda-video for you. I have realized you actually have very similar world view than the Russians. You believe in strength, militarism and world domination. They are OK values – I guess – but it is good to know you stand behind them. Some people in Europe actually had funny ideas how you like freedom, democracy, human rights, peace, happiness, equality among nations etc.

        2. “you think I am from Sweden (where I am not from, but anyways). ”
          Never once said you were Swedish.
          “Sweden never received any Marshall aid and was never occupied by the Nazis.”
          Like I said, you’re welcome.
          “Some people in Europe actually had funny ideas how you like freedom, democracy, human rights, peace, happiness, equality among nations etc.”
          World peace is nothing more than a pipe dream and a cliched question for Miss America contestants. It has never existed in the history of Man, and it never will. As long as humans walk this Earth, there will always be violent struggles over land, resources, religion, etc., and only a fool would think that you can eradicate the inherent nature of Man. Might makes right yesterday, today, and forever more, and the strong people with the guns and armies get to make the rules, moral or not. As the saying goes: The weak are meat, and the strong do eat.
          Europeans have been content to surrender their rights in the name of all the things you mentioned. (Peace, love, equality, etc.) In reality, all they’ve done is surrender their freedom and will soon reap the benefits of “equality”. Equality is an affront to nature and anyone with a modicum of intelligence. Equality can only be earned, not enforced.
          Look man, I’m done with this because you’re either a horrible troll or brainwashed beyond help. Either way, I’ve made my point. Remember, in Islam, you wipe your ass with the left hand.

        3. Our problem is the invasion from within. Our navy protects the oceans, but it doesn’t protect the southern border that Obama is snickering and opening wider than ever before.

        4. Chances are he’s actually Finnish. The Finns I’ve known mock the Swedes as gay boys, or did during the 1980’s. If he’s a Finn, well then, it appears that the disease has spread.

        5. “Btw, Ilmari, if it wasn’t for us backwards-ass, uncivilized Americans, you’d be speaking German right now….”
          Oh my god, here we go again!
          If it wasn´t for the French, America wouldn´t exist right now and you´d swear to the queen.
          If it wasn´t for your mommy, you wouldn´t exist right now….blablablablabla..
          btw, about a 100 million people in Europe ARE speaking German.
          “Stay in your lane or we might just sit the next one out…..”
          You weren´t fighting in WW2. Your ancestors did, though ass.
          Sadly, your ancestors also waited a very, very, very, very long time before they did join the fight. In fact, the hardest battles of WW2 were already fought at that point.
          But you´re right, America is the bestest super duber uber sensational mega power in the universe and in paradise. That´s why your military forces have won so many wars in history…..whoops! I´m sorry.

        6. Damn the hate is strong with this one. Yes, you are sorry with all that hysterical feminine screeching. This should help you get that sand out of your vag though.

        7. I like the Finns. I especially like that they fought with the Germans when they had no choice and fought the USSR alone when they had to. They collaborated only out of necessity and then only to the limit of what served their country. That being said, the male Finns I have known have said their country is sinking into the same kind (but perhaps not degree) of feminist hellhole as Sweden. Maybe the only way to avoid this fate is to embrace a dictatorship like the Russians have.

        8. Is the dweeb holding a joint? I guarantee you some Belgian pederast would love to party with him.

        9. Hmm? Says the one who believes he, himself, had anything to do with the liberation of Europe in WW2. You are a megalomaniac and a certified “pocket Napolean”.
          Don´t you think it´s weird that only you guys are so damn proud of your victory in WW2?
          I´ve never seen Brits, Canadians, Australians or Russians bragging about it the way you do.
          I´ve also never seen any other nation in the world where people waving their flags and screaming like nationalsocialists back in the 1930s. You shouldn´t be proud of this but scared. This is brainwashing in progress.
          I bet you are one of those guys:

        10. I just thought of another nation where people are acting the same way when it comes to “patriotism”. It´s North Korea.

    4. No civilized country would be part of the ICC. Why would anybody give up their sovereignty. And don’t even get me started on your Eurocrats. If the election doesn’t go their way they just keep holding them until they get what they want, after which they blissfully ignore any future votes.

      1. The truth is, ALL civilized countries are part of the International Criminal Court, ICC. If you are not in, you are in the wrong group of nations.
        So, basically, what you are saying, the USA should act as the international criminal court. Because I can guarantee you, the USA would NEVER send even its worst war criminals into the ICC.
        If I could choose, it would be a good idea to have trials for all of world’s war criminals in the Hague International Criminal Court. But, this might hurt your butthurt butts: the USA should probably send thousands of its soldiers to be trialed. Yes, that’s right.
        Now you are screaming and crying already, so I will repeat your logic:
        In your logic, everyone else should obey USA, but USA should not obey anyone. Everyone should be loyal servants to the KING OF THE NATIONS, USA! if you dare to disagree, you deserve no help, moreover you deserve to be murdered in a holocaust or what did you say to me? 😀

        1. Government is the creation of order through the threat of violence. I adhere to the laws of the US because if I do not, the government will use force to bring about compliance.
          Voluntarily submitting to such an apparatus happens because it is more beneficial to me to comply than not. There is no moral higher power invoked. The same is true with the ICC.
          It is no more concerned with Truth than the individual governments. Only a weak country would want to subscribe to such as situation and it is only interested in doing so in order to unequally yoke a stronger country.
          You and your country are weak. At an unconscious level you realize this and it scares the crap out of you that you exist solely out of consent by the greater powers on this planet. Therefore you dress your position up as some sort of moral high ground when it is not.
          If you have a problem with the way the US conducts itself, stop it. Don’t demand that it voluntarily submit to you. You and Europe are engaging in classic gamma behavior. And quite frankly instead of attacking the US over its alpha stance, you should be sucking its cock, because if it wasn’t for our soldiers pointlessly (from an American perspective) interfering with Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc. Europe would be engaged in some pretty serious boundary wars of its own. So you are welcome.

        2. Well said. He’s here to troll however. Got to get his SJW cred in with Jezebel and this is the standard way to get it done.

        3. well now I can see the “real face” of the USA – you really are as arrogant as you seem. at least there hasn’t been a single person from the USA here who would have had a reasonable stance on world politics. you really are more similar to Russians than most people in Europe even realize. You don’t want to be liked by other countries, you want other countries to be afraid by you!
          I am from a small country: OF COURSE I KNOW WE ARE WEAK! IT IS NOT A FUCKING HIDDEN SECRET! And here is the thing: we are governed by different internal logic than you Americans or the Russians! As a country, we want good for the world, nature and people who live in it! We have no desire to dominate, nor we would have any resources for it.
          When it comes to the European Union, it is a different thing. For sure it has fewer nukes and less military budget than the USA does (and has fewer nukes than Russia has), but it has as much power, if not more, in other respects. for instance it has GDP (if you haven’t heard of the word, you can search it from the wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_%28nominal%29) larger than the USA, and EU population is 200 million larger than the US population. if the EU would choose to be militaristic, it could be very strong indeed. but they choose to be pacifistic and want to negotiate with different countries. and you and Russian see this as weakness! Wow, how developed are you, really!
          by the way, it is hard to tell if the US presence is stabilizing or not. in Latin American countries, the more USA has been involved, the more they have had internal turmoil and civil wars. now that USA has been concentrating on the Middle East for quite some time and they have had fewer coups and involvement.

        4. “As a country, we want good for the world, nature and people who live in it! We have no desire to dominate, nor we would have any resources for it.” ~ You don’t want good for the world and the people in it, you want them to be ants. And had you the resources for it then I am sure that some power hungry psycho fellow countryman of yours would be beating the war drums with a gusto that would make Tommy Lee look like Oskar Matzerath from The Tin Drum!

        1. Well primarily because there is no such thing as an international law standard. And as I have pointed out elsewhere to the extent that you are pretending there is one (and you are a gamma if you are), the ICC isn’t the least bit interested in truth or justice. It has been in opperation for about 12 years, plows through 100 million a year (for a whooping 3 indictments a year, 36 in all), and you are more likely to die (3 people) awaiting your trial than you are to get convicted (2 people).
          If the US were a member the international gammas would no doubt use the ICC as a political apparatus to punish the alpha (US) rather than go after the victim groups (Warlords of Color). Because as we all no, there is nothing more evil on this planet than countries ruled by white patriarchy.
          On what basis are the views of the rest of the world more valid than the US? Is there some higher authority that states that the entire planet subscribes to some moral code voted on by the majority? By what logic should the clearly superior country adhere to the whims of lesser but more numerous countries, especially when those countries have neither the ability nor the desire to do anything about it? Why give them an easy method to be assholes?
          And quite frankly what is the point? If the US were members, and the ICC did go after a US soldier for war crimes there would be such an uproar in the US that for political expediency the President would be forced to tell the ICC they won’t be members anymore. So the practical reality of the situation is that this is just about getting the US to front its standard 30% of all associated international costs while allowing the gammas to have the satisfaction of having an alpha come into line.

    5. What gets me is WHY IN THE FUCK are non-white going to white western countries if we are the devil.
      Seems to escape oppression, religious zealots and poor economic conditions. The problem is those fuckers bring the same shit with them when they arrive. If they really gave a shit they’d fight for themselves and their people in their country of origin. But they don’t. They want shit handed to them and having shit handed to them, they want more because it is never enough. Then they adopt leftist ideology by being “victims of oppression.”
      They should pack their shit up go home and fight the corruption of their 3rd world shitholes and religious monarchists.

    6. Forgive me for interrupting your soak in the grimy bathtub of clichéd anti-U.S. rhetoric by guiding the discussion back in the general direction of the article:
      –How did the U.S. judicial system fail in the Polanski case?
      –How would the U.S.’ being a ratified member of the ICC – whose jurisdiction covers crimes of genocide, war, and against humanity – be at all relevant to this or any individual rape case?

  21. Abuse is the great metaphor of our times, probably feminism’s only bonafide original idea, that feeling of violation your average feminist gets even while ogling her own tits in the mirror. Hollywood progressive elites, both jewish and gentile, support both feminism as well as not infrequently transgressive, limit-pushing sexuality. While gay rights has been the point upon which the two have united, now the issue is largely won, the alliance is less easy perhaps. In the allegations relating to Singer’s friends (unproven I think), Corey Feldman’s defuse but probably well-founded suggestions of a big Hollywood paedo-conspiracy, and the Epstein & Dershowitz case etc (though not Hollywood admittedly) elites are beginning to get accused if not necessarily convicted. There’s still massive inconsistency here, and I imagine that has everything to do with liberal feminists not wishing to bite the hand that feeds them. But for how long? Hollywood elites are still largely men, and feminism wants their power – just look at Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech, or Lena Dunham attacking Woody Allen, of course while doing her very best to turn her own sister into a lesbian. That means the likes of Polanski are still going to get a free pass in the short term, but in the longer term when feminism thinks its strong enough there’s going to be clash. As for the actual victims, of which I imagine there are many, they will as always be pawns in the power games between emerging rival elites. Another thing though, is that while this may not yet be the case in Hollywood everyday sexual abuse by women, single mothers, female teachers etc is becoming ever more apparent. Women abuse just as much, if not more than men. The abuse wars have only just begun

    1. Hail Satan… nobody has mentioned so far that Tate was Roman’s blood sacrifice. That practice is rampant in Hollywood, and all this ‘SJW said’ ‘conservative said’ argument goes out the window once you realise you’re dealing with bloodthirsty occultists.

  22. Social Justice Warriors, the foot soldiers of the American Left, will defend the actions of anyone who is part of the anointed minority because they are saints in their eyes. Leftist morality demands that the most oppressed minority wins. In their eyes, Roman Polanski has had a hard life as a creative Jew so what he did was not “rape-rape”.

  23. Why is this SJW posting here? Making snarky remarks about being in prison (with Bubba)? Talking about Polanski like he raped someone? Falling into that stupidity of labelling sex with anyone that is one day under 18 as a “pedophile”.
    There is a full documentary on the Polanski case that would give you a blow-by-blow on his actions as well as his arrest. It’s amazing to me that the ROK site would be this ignorant about this man, while being for men’s rights.
    Educate yourself before you go shooting your mouth off ignorantly and proposing locking even more men away in American prisons.

    1. He did rape somebody. Unless you think 13 year old girls have the agency to respond to an elderly authority figure correctly instead of being awed by him AND are able to process the alcohol and drugs he fed them knowingly and their very young bodies have the ability to deal with that kind of load given their inexperience with such things (no tolerance built up, iow). One can sneer about the age of consent, but there’s no question that a child, and it’s a child, responds to adult authority with obedience and trust, and that a child of that age has no ability to process large quantities of alcohol or drugs and remain capable of consent.
      It’s great to hold adult women accountable for “I drank and regret sex” bullshit claim they make. It’s another to fault a child for being naive to the lechery of a depraved old man.

      1. I do not agree with your assessment. The girl is now a middle-aged adult. She has said repeatedly there was no rape. I’ve read the transcript of her court testimony.
        When Polanski was first interviewed by the police, he had no idea what he’d done was even illegal. And in many parts of earth, what he did wasn’t illegal.
        You are confusing American age of consent laws and adding your own moral point of view.
        This is just exactly how feminists behave. I’m not interested in your pronouncements about the big bad men in authority and their evil intent.

      2. From biological point of view, 13 year old girl is sexually developed and
        ready to have children. That’s why in some cultures women marry at age of 13

  24. Though it follows a pattern, liberal “thought” doesn’t follow what we would consider a coherent rational trajectory. Rather it is outcome based, and the outcome is judged on “feels.”
    So a liberal can be outraged that a woman feels oppressed by a big boobed gal on a billboard ad, while (now) secretly being happy that Stalin killed tens of millions of his fellow citizens in order to bring about the communist paradise. Whatever they deem the desired end result justifies the actions taken to get there.
    Hollywood is now a liberal stronghold from which it can launch liberal propoganda. By its nature Hollywood glammer attracts a lot of narccistic psychopaths. So you get a lot of anti-social backroom behavior from the producers of these liberal broadcasts. And thus the need to protect them from judgement by the average joe mooks.

    1. “Whatever they deem the desired end result justifies the actions taken to get there.”
      That’s an important point. We get hung up about what the feminist, SJWs, leftist / marxist endgame is, but in a sense the thing I find most disturbing about them is their unlimited readiness to lie and deceive in trying to achieve their goals. The left has always proceeded on the basis of the end justifying the means, which is convenient given the frequency with which the means involves death and destruction on a massive scale. The end justifies the means also results in their ability to justify deception on a massive scale. The vanguard never leads transparently but only through manipulation and guile while the foot-soldiers just need to repeat their lines, learn the slogan or campaign of the day.

  25. That Frenchie just looks like a Chester. Or Buffalo Bill’s cousin. If you asked me to draw a stereotypical pedophile, it would come out exactly like that. “Excusez-moi, monsieur, are you ze owner of zis vehicle?”

      1. No sir I was raised in the Midwest, but even we knew about “Chester the Molester”. Ahhh yes the universal cry from teenage girls when they thought some older guy was creepy. “That guy is such a fucking Chester!!!” Haha

  26. As a french, I’m quite happy that you evoke that problem, some people even consider the possibility of a big network of pedophiles in our country…Jack Lang (former culture minister) is also pretty suspected to work with them…

  27. Why does polanski get a free pass from progressives despite his pederastic rape and someone like Bill Cosby is guilty without any evidence or due process? We know all the reasons, but, that’s exactly why we have to constantly discuss this. Over and over and over again. The hypocrisy is so obvious its grating to see just how it could possibly exist in 2015 or, for that matter, any time in history. But, there is a bell curve distribution of intelligence after all. At any rate, our culture is suffering from progressivism/cultural marxism and its a centralized cabal…much like every other infected institution today. Nonetheless, we have to keep on exposing and bringing this stuff to light. The veil that once kept this perversion in tact is coming off of the entire progressive movement. Need an example, well, ROK and the Manosphere are one part of it and, as I’ve said before, the more feminism gains the more it creates red pillers, men and women. This exposes feminism and, as follows, creates the very people and forces that will bring its demise. So, keep these articles coming. It will seem pointless at times but our ranks can only grow from here.

  28. It’s pretty obvious Polanski has the exact same dirt on some very big names in Hollywood.

  29. The simplest answer is: he is one of their own.
    The most accurate answer is: he is a freak pervert and hollywood is full of those, including those who wouldn’t mind pedophilia being legal.

  30. He was considerate enough to rape her anally so there was no chance of her getting pregnant. He’s Jewish. That’s why he’s still feted by Hollywood. Gibson criticised that which cannot be criticised. Which is why he is Persona Non Grata with much of Hollywood…as is Penelope Cruz and Javiar Bardem for speaking out on the slaughter of women and children in Gaza by the IDF.

    1. Let’s see how long this stays up. Mods, we all see what you’re doing here.
      Is it really the best long-term revenue strategy? If this is Roosh reading this, think about it. If this is some other mod, talk to Roosh before he gives you a dressing down.
      It’s obvious what’s going on.

  31. The thing about Christianity they hate is that Christ protects children, from pedos
    In fact, the homosexual “rights movement”” is not at all about consenting adults, who have always been free to do as they wish in their private homes, but about pedos of all sorts getting at young children.
    ABC Family just aired what amounts to primetime pedo porn of two young boys having a homosexual kiss.
    Everything they do is about getting children the “right” to be sexual, and then the ‘right” to consent with sex with anyone they want.
    Why are they against straight white men leading their family nit ?
    Because straight white men protect their children from perverts.
    Single mothers’s children are easy pickings for perverts.
    Every policy the left has leads to the same horrid thing.

  32. So…I’m really not sure where you got the idea that feminists everywhere are sticking up for Roman Polanski. In fact, the criticism you made- that Polanski is somehow beyond reproach because he’s famous- is very well covered in feminist circles, in my experience. It gets held up as example of this phenomenon all the time in fact, for example, in light of the Cosby allegations or Woody Allen winning the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  33. Why are you whining about this moviemaker? If you don’t like his films don’t watch them. Guys used to hook up with 13 year olds throughout history. For the majority of our history, women were married by then. I’m not condoning what he did but I’m sure not gonna judge him either. Also, it wasn’t clear from your article, but was this something he supposedly did one time, decades ago? Come up with something more compelling to write about.

    1. As I understand it, Lee Harvey Oswald only shot at Kennedy that one time, and it was quite a while ago, so no need to talk about it now. And I believe Mark David Chapman only shot one Beatle too, so… you know, no biggie. Besides, guys have been killing other people throughout history. I’m not condoning it, but I’m not gonna judge them either.

    2. My father was born in 1929 and married his first wife when he was 18 and she was 13. She died when my oldest brother was 1 year old.

  34. Can RoK writers start paying attention to their use of language and its implications?
    By calling Polanski a pedophile, you’re implicitly affirming a frame that shames male desire for young nubile females. An adult male lusting for an underage teenage girl is driven by the same sexual impulse that would make him lust for her if she was above the arbitrary magical limit of 18 years old. Polanski is not a pedophile in the actual sexological sense of the word. The notion that he is one or that he committed pedophilia is way more of a social construct than any of the ones feminists usually rail against.

  35. They’ve probably all got skeletons in the closet
    Woody Allen married his own daughter for gods sake

  36. Then you have Whoopi Goldberg on the View – and apparently supported by the audience and cohosts – going on about how this wasn’t a case of “rape rape”. Any defense like that offered on behalf of some college sophomore would be met by the screaming vengeance of a flock of feminist harpies.

  37. This article must have been written by a feminist. It presents the “rape culture” meme in slightly altered form, without a clue to the social, cultural and legal realities of the 70s. The writer apparently couldn’t be arsed to inform himself, which a viewing of the excellent (and I believe free on Netflix) 2008 documentary Wanted and Desired, which would show any non-feminist clearly what happened way way way back then.
    The author seems to have some kind of neo-feminist beef with other directors and actors (all of them male) in Hollywood, because? Because Hollywood, I guess. Or it’s really anyone’s guess.
    Here’s the deal: stop propagating prison gulag culture as well as neo-feminist rape culture and SJW culture here on this site or anywhere. They are detrimental to men and detrimental to American society.
    And how bout you and the other neo-feminists in the US Justice system who have, in the past 10 years, ramped up their incessant attempts to bring this 80 plus year old artist back to “justice,” just give it up.
    To the rest of the world, you look like the arrogant, nutty, feminists that you in reality are. Most people like Polanski’s art. And they, including his “victim”, think he’s paid his debt to society–many times over.

  38. The man pleaded not-guilty at his arraignment then later took a plea-bargain for a reduced sentence. Now, I’m not saying he did or didn’t commit the offenses, but it isn’t uncommon for innocent people, especially in the American legal system, to take a plea-bargain. Accepting a plea-bargain is technically different from a confession. It’s a tactical decision based upon risk.
    In the case of allegations of child sex-crimes the risk is extremely high, with legal professionals admitting that such cases are perhaps the most difficult of cases to defend against. Juror bias is a serious issue, especially regarding child-sex crimes in America. Despite the claim that people are innocent until proven guilty, once a grand jury has decided there is probable cause to prosecute the guilt is often assumed.

  39. Polanski is rewarded for toeing the leftist line.
    Contrast his lionization to the character assassination of Bill Cosby.

  40. He’s a JEW and Hollywood/The Media is highly Jew/Israel controlled, that’s all there is to it.
    I loved his “Pirates” movie, thought it was side-splittingly funny – recently the woman actress claimed he F-cked her in a casting couch operation… Heh, that beautiful brown haired lady on that elegant bed… It was in France and she was 15 or 16, just barely not “Sweet Statutory”…
    However, hearing about him I’m thinking of two intellectuals I like a lot – out of many – one is a philosopher, the other was a … writer. Both have had wild lives we only wish we could. And both are gay and pedophile.
    The first, I’m sure most have heard of “William S. Burroughs” – the heir to a family made wealthy selling the machine company bearing that name – he was an oddball gay drug addict – and also probably as smart as Einstein or any other genius.
    Won’t do an essay on his life here but while he was hiding out in Tangiers over the accidental killing of his wife he had a lot of indulgence. Enough Heroin to kill a 40s Army regiment, smoked like a Chimney, drank enough to pickle a pachyderm… And he had regular sex with pre-pubescent boys, enough to turn dozens of Catholic Priests green with envy. “Sex Tourism” only became vilified after the 00s media went on it.
    He’s almost worshiped in literary circles, popular since the 60s and has gone on to increasing fame and legend. The current generation of X, Y, Zers grew up on comic books that worshiped him and tried pathetically to imitate his “Mind F—-” stories. Even those SJWs who rave against “Sex Tourism” usually have tons of papers on Burroughs elsewhere…
    On the other hand there’s Peter Lamborn Wilson aka Hakim Bey. He’s an Anarchist philosopher/speaker best known for the concept of the T.A.Z. “Temporary Autonomous Zone”… I’d strongly recommend reading him, all open sourced and online, such as “Boycott Cop Culture”, “The Tong”, “Immediatism” and of course his whole TAZ work.
    The best outsider looking in about his TAZ is that he creates more by realizing what has, can, will happen a form of “Anarchy” you can carry with you like a turtle shell and plant as a seed wherever it works. The “Tong” might be good inspiration for this group, MRAs. The media is only killing us, a stream of fecal mockery then magnification of whenever someone they can pretend is within 20-80 degrees of separation away bursts out in violence blame us. So, instead of a simple conspiracy easy to subvert or a boring group of intellectuals or rioters the state smashes quick he revealed something that worked…
    And of course ‘the state’ through all the paid toadies point out any and everything they can find to ‘discredit’ him. And they have a doozy. He’s gay – whoops, that’s acceptable – but no he’s also a pedophile – thinks it should be OK to do it with young boys… As watched as he is he’s likely a celibate pedo, perhaps maybe some Afghan Chieftan’s boytoy in the 60s when he wandered by backpack through that area…! But compared to Burroughs, nothing, he’d be in jail now like lots of NAMBLA fellows he wrote essays for. IMO it’s actually good that my “Anarchist” has a “Non-socially acceptable form of rebellion” – as he said Babylon can make money of all imagery. If he was a person without flaw they’d be making tons of money off of his works and then glut the media with him till he’s “So last week…” then move on to something else. As it is he’ll live for aeons after he croaks, his work always just under the surface, and he will inspire long after others like him are forgotten.
    So, why is Burroughs a Sakred Gawd of the Hipsters and Hakim Bey a refined taste people are embarrassed to talk about? Especially when the ‘rape’ quota of the former makes the latter look like nothing if anything?
    Well, Burroughs – 1. Was bestest friends with Allen Ginsberg a JEW publisher. -and- 2. He had a JEW wife – not the one he shot – who he married to help get into the USA to escape Hitler.
    Hakim Bey isn’t “Anti-Semetic” but he is pro-Islamic culture albeit the Moroccan, Moorish, Tangiers, super mystical/liberal brand of it – mainly coz yes boys are ok… (not a man yet so not f—ing a man, cut off the balls, NEVER a man so take that Leviticus!) Jews hate Islam and Muslims, even the “Liberal” ones that’d be ISIS’s first victims…
    I make no apologies that I like them both. Burrough’s Dark, paranoid vision. The defiance in “Last Testament of Hassan Sabbah”. Hakim Bey for his TAZ turtle shell anarchism you can carry around versus waiting forever for ‘the revolution’. I ain’t a faggot nor into little boyz – straight normal like big boobs and butt and on adult women. Lots of women I’ve known almost wish I was a faggot, but straight dog is me…

  41. Leftists deliberately voice contrary, negative opinions because they believe it makes them look intelligent, creative, and wise, that it strikes others with awe and a sense of inferiority. Much of what they do and say is a pose for that purpose.
    Notice how Obama greatly impressed the US and European left as soon as he appeared in the news but quickly earned the contempt of truly strong leaders.

  42. what on earth does it have to do with Mel Gibson? of course media jumped on his drunken diatribes – but so they did with crazy ramblings of Donald Sterling (who’s not a “conservative Catholic” at all). and would do with anyone else. and it’s not like Gibson faces years in jail lol. man you’re all over the place.

  43. wow. so you decry the feminazi witch hunt against Roosh – and justly so. but you vehemently support a much worse witch hunt against Polanski – who faces years in jail on trumped-up charges… obviously you know nothing about the case.
    and then you cry about “hypocrisy”…
    too funny.

  44. Let’s be clear on what Polanski did.
    He drugged and anally raped a 13 year old.
    Him surviving the holohype or loosing his wife is just total bullshit.

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