How British Men Are Ruining Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, there’s a special occasion that happens every year when spring rolls around. No, it’s not flowers blooming, or the beautiful girls shedding their winter coats in favor of sundresses and high heels. It’s not a festival, holiday, or anything like that. What am I referring to then?

None other than the British Stag Party.

Not familiar with the term? Let me catch you up. You see, for the guys get married in the UK, there is the need for a “final celebration” of freedom. Much more like a funeral, but substitute suits for bizarre costumes and mourning for drunkenness, and it’s really the same thing. The groom is kissing goodbye to his freedom in favor for marriage, and all his buddies come to celebrate with him.

For those of you who live in the US, it’s like a bachelor party—except much, much worse. Whilst bachelor parties are often drunken shit shows and rarely end well for the groom, the Brits take it a step farther. They dress the sucker up in a bizarre costume, and they make it their true mission to wreck any chance of anyone else running game in whatever venue they’re frequenting that evening.

Unfortunately, these parties do their best (albeit it’s not their intention) to make sure that nobody in an entire city has a chance in hell of getting any action on any weekend night from April to September. In the last week alone, I’ve witnessed fifteen guys in smurf costumes, ten guys walking around in neon pink underwear, and a waterfight inside a pub.

British guys are absolutely tainting game in Eastern Europe for the rest of us. Here are just a few of my thoughts on them.

It’s Nothing Like The Ads

Many Eastern European tour countries have hopped on the bandwagon. For a low price of XXX, you can have all your stag party fun taken care of for the weekend! I don’t blame the tour companies—they’re taking advantage of the market given to them. But rest assured, the stag parties are paying the price. If they’re not too drunk to just completely forget how much they actually spent, they’re still paying ridiculous marked up charges everywhere the “tour” takes them.

And the tour gets a nice cutback for every single crappy low-end beer they purchase. Needless to say, you won’t see any stag parties seeing any action like this:

The sad reality is that it’s seen as a “necessary” for your mate getting married, and it’s just another absurd wedding cost in the grand scheme of things. As if weddings weren’t elaborate and expensive enough as is!

Pro Tip: Avoid flying budget airlines (WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet) on Thursday nights and Friday mornings. The drinking and general rowdiness starts early—even on the 5:30am flight from London Luton. You’re much safer on Sunday evening or Monday morning when they’re all nursing hangovers. Or better yet—don’t fly those carriers at all. After all the BS fees tacked on, you can take a real airline for just a few bucks more, or for free.

Bad Games On Levels You Haven’t Seen

Everybody has seen “those guys” before. The ones who run around an entire bar, trying to mack on anything with a pair of tits. The interactions are forced, painfully awkward, and are a general buzzkill for both parties.

Unfortunately, the stag parties tend to up the level of bad games in that bar, and like I said—an entire city. The reason for this is the absurd amount of alcohol consumed on these parties. Don’t get me wrong—it’s Europe, after all. Beer is cheaper than water, and vodka cheaper than wine. And it’s a party, so you expect people to drink.

But then you see groups of guys stumbling through town, each of them holding a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and you wonder—what exactly is so miserable with their lives home that they need to drink so much while they’re on holiday?

Well, the answer to that is:

A Symbol Of Western Marriage

Now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, I realize the entire concept of these stag parties is simply symbolic for how Western society treats marriage as a whole. Look, I get it—it’s cause for celebration. But what happened to going out and having a nice whiskeys, smoking a cigar, and maybe hitting a strip club with your buddies the night before the wedding? I know that’s what my older friends, uncles, etc. did. And yes, granted, I’m from America, not the UK.

But regardless, the people I know who got married long ago didn’t see a need to make an entire weekend of blacking out in preparation for getting married. It’s getting worse in America, too—except at least we just ruin Vegas instead of pristine Eastern European locations.

Maybe it’s because once, long ago, it actually meant something to get married. It was something to be proud of, look forward to, and recognized your growth as a man. And it was a worthwhile endeavor, because you were likely marrying a girl who was worth it. These days, that’s questionable.

Sadly, it seems that the concept of these stag parties are just trending upward.

The UK stag do industry is expected to grow further in 2017, with 3 million lads expected to party the night away, celebrating their mate getting married. While most will still be remaining in the UK for the big send off, the number of EU bookings does seem to be increasing, despite the brexit vote.

This is my official plea to the Brits reading this site: Stop the madness.

I know many of you reading would prefer to disown your stag-party kin, and I do realize there is not much else you can do. The next time you’re invited to a stag party—just make sure the smurf costumes are left at home.

If you’d prefer not to be one of the chumps at a stag party, make sure you get my course on how to keep multiple women: The Harem Handbook. For more advice about an Eastern European country stag parties haven’t infected (yet), check out Ukraine Living.

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264 thoughts on “How British Men Are Ruining Eastern Europe”

  1. As a Brit myself, it is my sorry duty to confirm that this is all true. And, worse, I have to admit to being one of the worst offenders in this regard when I visited the Czech republic for a stag weekend 10 years ago. I got so drunk that I paid 15 bucks to a stripper to whip me on the buttocks with my pants down while my mate was filming it (yes it is now on youtube somewhere, with him unable to take it down as he has lost the password).
    And then I tried to give a blow-job to a hat stand. Also on camera.
    Fortunately that was 10 years ago. And tomorrow I celebrate 6 months of drinking absolutely ZERO alcohol. I’ve given up!

    1. And this is why I’ve always avoided getting drunk. People do incredibly stupid shit when they’re smashed.
      Glad to hear you’re alcohol free.

      1. Yeah, I’ve always wondered why something that makes you fat, stupid, and impotent is so intricately associated with manliness.

        1. Yep. Point being, if you earned a drink through good work and effort then there’s nothing wrong with taking that drink and fully enjoying it. Teetotaling is borderline faggotry to me. Being abstinent of alcohol is fine, but evangelizing about it is lame.

        2. Where and when were you in combat?
          I’ve always sensed shame and weakness in guys who can’t let it go that I don’t drink. Most are fat, impotent too I imagine. When I lived in the former USSR girls were shocked at my stamina in bed. Always chalked that up to the local guys’ alcoholism.

        3. From raging alcoholic to holy saint, hear ye hear ye. Tell us all about religion next week, cock mongler.

        4. Me: The British Government has just reduced the safe limits on alcohol consumption.
          Russian hardman: This is a country that promotes homosexuality.

        5. Ultimately it’s denial. I see the same thing in people that take drugs and smoke. Its unmanly not to have self-destructive habits.
          The reality is that they have taken the definition of manliness and stood it on its head. A man chooses and a bitch is chosen. Nuff said.

        6. ‘Its unmanly not to have self-destructive habits.’
          That’s pretty self destructive.

        7. Yeah. Not that I “evangelize” about it as GOJ put it. That would be about as good a use of my time as telling fat people they need to lose weight.

        8. Just agreeing, people who cant even have a drink with you & then rally against alcohol, are usually unstable personalities that possess no self control…that have found their soapbox to preach from. Ok, Imma crack this brewski & be over here now-later fag.

        9. Unmanly not to have self-destructive habits….
          You got to respect a man like Sick Boy from Trainspotting. Does heroin whenever he wants and quits anytime. Addicts are weak degenerates.

    2. I am angry that you were making mess in my country but at least you apologized for it. This makes you automatically better than most tourists these days.

      1. I hope that you can diffentiate between the English and the Scots and Welsh? Remember British does not mean necessarily mean English.

      2. Screw the tourists, what about all those black people selling drugs on the streets of Prague freely? Tourists come and go but more and more scum is coming to Eastern Europe

    3. You should be grateful it was on camera; at least you can be certain it actually was a hat stand.

    4. ” I got so drunk that I paid 15 bucks to a stripper to whip me on the buttocks with my pants down while my mate was filming it (yes it is now on youtube somewhere, with him unable to take it down as he has lost the password).And then I tried to give a blow-job to a hat stand. Also on camera”
      Wtf….. are you serious?

    5. You, my dear friend, need to start reading the Bible getting into some fights with real men.
      Cures you of any missconceptions 100%.

    6. Brits on stag parties or just on the lash are absolutely the worst behaved groups in Prague and other Easter European destinations. Czechs are probably the biggest beer drinkers in europe yet they don’t seem to get massively drunk, shout or smash things up. It’s almost as though it’s possible to drink heavily without causing mayhem.

      1. We are the biggest) had 12 full beers last night and today I woke up without Headache and went straight to gym with only little impact on my performance and now I am having late lunch with another three and they still tastes sweet like beers should be)

        1. I admire your constituional fortitude. After a dozen Pilsner Urquelles I would not be in the gym the next day.

        2. it helps that beer is cheap in Czech. In England there’s a lot of tax on alcohol and 12 pints of lager at a pub would cost you about £50 compared to about £15 in Czech (far less if you’re drinking at home). I think that’s why the Brits have to smash shit up – they need to get their money’s worth.

        1. Some of his GOJ parody stuff is actually quite funny. If he focuses on that and dials back the rage, I think he could be an asset here.

    7. It’s pretty much the same in Canada. My husband and I have often remarked “when did the stag become more than: round of golf/night at the nudybar—or—expensive dinner followed by even more expensive whiskey and cigars”? We’re only in our early 40s and all of us (meaning ourselves and our friends) managed to get married without making a gigantic, expensive, and oft times humiliating, production of it. We’re also all still married and mostly debt free. We’ll see if the same happens, moving forward. Cuz there’s no better way to start a life together than with: mountains of debt from your stupid wedding AND the knowledge that one or both of you may have blown a hat stand/stripper/farm animal. I don’t defend my sex here either. The modern day bachelorette has become an evening of whoring around town in a Tiara.

  2. Wasn’t there a movie about Americans doing this? ‘The Hangover’, only the Americans were getting buggered by ladyboys.

    1. Um, they weren’t getting buggered by ladyboys that I’m aware of in the first one. Although I might have watched it drunk and forgot due to hangover.
      Feeling a bit defensive are we?

      1. Ha, only Brits enjoy being buggered by ladyboys, surely. Shit, they invented the word “buggered”, though, so have to give the Limies some props for that, because “bugger” is probably one of the funniest colloquielisms in the language.

        1. Bugger = Bolger = Bulgarian = Cathars from Bulgaria, who were gnostics, who shunned normal sex and instead did anal. They went to England, and thus was birthed another interesting word.

        2. That is… incredible! Thanks for the lesson of the day.
          So then historically, buggers like assfucking because they viewed the physical world as evil and couldn’t stand the thought of conceiving a new life. Makes you think…

        3. You’re welcome kind sir.
          I grew up poor, dreadfully poor, but one of the few wise investments my parents did on my behalf was to buy the 1974 World Colliers Encyclopedia set for me. Me, and me alone. I read that from cover to cover from age 4 to 10.
          If the topic is not pop culture or sports (prior to ’74), I can own any Trivial Pursuit game. Hands down.

        4. “They went to England”
          Did they? Got on any info on that. Not that I’m particularly interested in the transnational history of buggery

        5. That’s the dominant paradigm we’re living in right now. Abortion, human bashing environmentalism / climate change zealotry, population reduction, homosexuality, feminism etc. etc. it’s all got fist-shaking at God gnostic roots. If the world is evil then reproducing within it, hence jamming your junk up another guys poop chute is a categorical imperative and the key to salvation
          Eric Voegelin had much to say on the matter.

        6. You are right– Gnosticism has prevailed in the West, after all.
          For the moment.

        7. Oooh, you know what, maybe they didn’t hit England. They sure as hell were known by the English though, hence the word “bugger”. For some reason I may have confused them with another splinter Christian sect.

        8. Nowadays it’s called “Trivia Night” at the local pub. And I clean up there as well.

        9. You do know that the Bogomils lived in the 11th century? English Crusaders perhaps encountered them on the way to the Holy Land and as the Bogomils were heretics they co-opted and corrupted the name as an insult.

    2. Hangover II I believe, the same chap who marries a whore in Hangover I, the beta cuckold dentist…

    3. Yep. The movie was funny. What’s not funny is now every idiot imitating it and thinking they need to do enough drugs to give themselves brain damage in order to properly celebrate their wedding.

    1. Not here in Scotland! It is too cold and too far from London for their liking. I read recently of a Muslim family that got sent here. They liked the people but desperately want to be sent elsewhere. The father even attempted to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of whisky in a very short period of time to call attention to their plight.

  3. As somebody with wholly British genetics (well, if you include Viking (Norse) in that, which you should), this boils my blood.
    Every day I thank God that my grandparents left the U.K. after WW2.

    1. Amen. We’ve been here since 1660 and I’m SO thankful. I used to wonder what it would be like to live in England but now I have no desire, unless maybe a small town somewhere is not as infested?

    2. My Mother’s maiden name is English, but from an Old Norse word. And we have those slanty little cold-weather eyes, tall lanky build, red beard, tough and strong. etc.. So what do we call ourselves? Norse-English? Anglo-Viking?

      1. No idea really. Anglo-Viking seems logical.

      1. I’m afraid to ask what that actually is.

        1. I’m pretty sure that if you see it in person, its the last smile you’ll ever see.
          Btw, you have a stalker.

        2. Yeah, I know, I put him on block a while ago. He’s upset that his little shaming rants weren’t agreed to heartily enough by me and eventually started a stalker account. These types are really, really insecure and can’t stand not to be taken seriously.

        3. If you hadn’t of blocked me GhostyGal we perhaps could have had a chat to prove whether or not your assumptions about me are correct (hint, they are not).. I am merely a troll who’s noticed you here for a while basically constantly bragging despite the fact it’s obvious most of your claims are false. Certainly no leftist, but your blocking me is quite indicative of your true marxist tendencies.

        4. Please don’t man that is just too pitiful. How pathetic are you that you took the time to make up that screen name to troll this guy? You should be banned from commenting on this site

        5. Let’s see if a ban falls soon. This guy is annoying as hell. Roosh? Quintus?

        6. He’s doing some funny parody stuff of you and your hyper manly life of bar fights and fighting off 10s, but there’s too much rage and he’s too desperate for attention. Could have been a funny account if he understood subtlety.

      1. I’ve met him. He is most definitely not jewish, and being of jewish descent I should know.

  4. Dublin used to be a hot spot for hen and stag parties, but so many problems were arising that alot of places declined to let them in. To many fights with the other tourists and locals.

  5. And American women fuck these men for having “cool” accents and… well, that’s all.

    1. “Oy! Get over ‘ere and rub yer cunt on me mouf ya slag!”
      “Oh my God! Becky, he’s quoting Shakespeare again! Isn’t he like the most sophisticated and romantic guy ever!”

      1. “Aaaaaaaaahhh hahahahahahahaha…….uh Shakespeare, is that an energy drink to lose ma flab?”

        1. Well quite, but as noted above the correct term when speaking to a young lady of impeccable credentials is “vag” or “facking vag”…. one uses “gash” when discussing gynaecological matters amongst one’s peers…

        2. Axe wound always in style!
          Isn’t it great how many words English has for cunt?

      2. British yooof of that class are more likely to use the colloquialism ‘vag’… and it would be “facking vag on me mouf”… but certainly “slag” rather than “slut” as you note…

      3. Why do Americans seem to believe that ALL British people have working-class London accents?
        Here in Britain we’ve long had a booze culture,where young people, especially females believe dressing slutty and getting collapsed on the pavement drunk makes them cool and interesting. The continentals, especially the French,drink a lot but they stay at home and don’t stagger about the streets.

    2. Do they? The utter degenerate sluts. Don’t suppose you have any telephone numbers or contact details for these harridans? I think I may need to speak to a few.

  6. Can someone tell me what the last picture is. i can’t figure it out even on zoom.

    1. Best I can offer is it’s a scene from inside “The Pub”, branding itself as “The Pub – Pilsner Unique Bar”, a chain out of Prague, Czech Republic.
      They put beer taps right on the tables, which likely means they have the highest mortality rate of any restaurant establishment in the western hemisphere.
      That particular picture probably has some special meaning to our good friend and article contributor, Mr. Trouble. Beyond his fondness for Prague, it’s not clear what that meaning might be.

  7. I always found the modern equivalent of an old fashion stag party low class. Found a book full of advice for men that came from the 40’s or 50’s at a yard sale. It had advice for the best man of a young man to be wed. For the stag party it suggested that the father of the bride would make reservations at the country club or lodge (I think meant masonic lodge) where no less then ten and no more then twenty of the grooms friends were to be invited. Suits or at least blazers were to be worn and absent other concerns steak was to be served. There was also supposed to be a round of toasts one dedicated to the father of the bride, one to the bride, and one to the groom. and THAT. WAS. IT. Sounds more classy then the beer swilling bachelor parties that wreck the nice watering holes in our city.
    If you are a man out there thinking about getting married (d.o.n.’.t d.o i.t.) take a note from the past and have a classy bachelor party.

    1. Perhaps the booze-fueled debauchery to ensue after that was taken for granted? I imagine it wouldn’t be printable in a respectable guide back in that time, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      Suits or at least blazers were to be worn…

      I imagine that was classy back in the day, but today if that were a requirement, you’d end up with a painfully ostentatious bunch looking more like Jared Kushner in Iraq than anything respectable…or masculine.

      1. I once asked my grandfather what his experience was (he grew up is more sparse suburbs) of a major metro area. He told me his bachelor party was the father in law and eight or nine of his best friends. They had dinner in the back of a VFW then a night cap at the local bar. He got married the next day so perhaps that is why there was no rager that evening. There ceremony was in a backyard and honeymoon was a week at the Jersey shore (which was probably also a little classier back then).
        As for the suit thing, not sure what you mean. I know plenty of dapper men who wear suits.

        1. Marriage ceremony/tradition on the whole is a fail. A bunch of people gather & freeload off you while you pay out ass I had no ceremony, has had zero effect on my marriage. If I have one in future, it will be with wife & maybe 5 people.

        2. Oh the modern equivalent is horrible. A racket design to put pussy on a pedestal and bilk, usually, the bride’s dad and/or groom out of well earned savings.
          But really up until the 70’s, maybe even late 70’s it was just a way to solemnize an oath united with friends and family. My grandfather/grandmother got married in the church, had their reception there for an hour, then drove to a cabin resort for a week. When they got home that was that. Even my Mom and Dad had nothing big. It was in a public park. My mom wore the dress a friend had worn the previous year. They drove to the shore and spent a week at a nicer motel. In fact, most people I know who are still married 10-15+ years now had small ceremonies, got home, and went on with their lives.
          So, yeah, if you do get married I would encourage you to keep it small, take a nice trip, then just get on with your lives.

        3. Sadly, nowaday’s one man’s “dapper” is another’s “douchebag hipster”, ie: Jared Kushner.
          I’m not sure how we “fell from grace” in that regard, but I suspect that Mad Men was in no small part responsible.

        4. There are plenty of guys in my office that still wear proper fitting suits and not those stupid slim cut ill fitting hipster suits and big glasses.

        5. Same way we did it. We had a church ceremony followed by a small “friends and family” reception, then it was on a plane the next day.
          For us the wedding was a big deal, but it wasn’t our “one special day”. It was something we had to do in order to get on with the business of being a family.

    2. I think people who roll with a good ‘ol boys crew or their ring of skank girlfriends are usually low class lemmings. Much easier/enjoyable to roll solo or with one wingman.

    3. My husband and I are both in our early 40s, we’ve been married 15 years this summer. His stag party consisted of tickets to an MLB game followed by an evening at a whiskey/cigar sampling event. My bachelorette party was an afternoon at a spa, complete with a little too much wine lol! Btw: young ladies: you get a bachelorette party OR a shower, not both, but I digress. At the rate these things are going I can only assume by the time our nephew is old enough to marry his stag will involve a week of doing crystal meth and hunting homeless people…..

      1. Just the idea of a bachelorette party seems a little perverse, “hey look over here, pay attention to me, did you know I am getting married” like its something super special like becoming queen of the world.
        I won’t give a pass to most bachelor parties either, but guys getting drunk in a bar is sort of a weekend thing for most single men. Getting dressed up in skimpy outfits, renting limos, wearing a sign that says “bride” in a tiara, trying to get men to suck your p- shaped lolipop, and getting you mom and soon to be mother in law drink is simply not the same though.

        1. Well I think traditionally women had showers and men had bachelor parties. At a shower a young woman would receive gifts of small household items. This was logical since most women married out of their parents’ home and didn’t own much. By the time my generation was getting married most of us had already set up a home with our prospective husbands so there was no longer a need for a shower. That, and ask any women you know, showers are hideously boring events. Thus women of my generation opted to forgo the shower and have a girls day/night out. A day at the spa/a nice dinner—that type thing. And yes, a few too many drinks and a couple of laughs. Operative word here being few—we weren’t out slamming shots until we vomited in a public place. And we certainly weren’t obnoxiously parading through the streets half naked while encouraging each other to perform lewd acts on strangers. The whole bachelor/bachelorette tradition has become about drawing as much attention to yourselves as possible. Along with spending way too much money. So I while agree that the modern day bachelorette party is disgusting, I don’t think their male counterparts are retaining any more dignity.

        2. Both are pretty disgusting and ridiculous attention grabbing events. The only difference I would say between the two is a bachelor party is more like a heavy drinking guy’s night out.

        3. Well yeah, but not when they’re running through streets in Smurf costumes…. I’m sure that’s what you and your buddies do when you “catch up over a few drinks”. I know my husband’s drinking costume is at the dry cleaners right now lol!

        4. I think that is a British thing (I am in the US). I don’t see that kind of behavior over here and I live in a metro area in the NE.

        5. I Canadian and I’ve yet to see a Smurf costume but I’ve seen groups of males in stupid matching outfits. Also the groom being paraded around in drag…or with a bra and thong on top of his clothing.

        6. Fortunately that hasn’t made it to the States yet. The “customary” thing to do here to humiliate the groom is to have a stripper spank him with a belt or some random ugly girl in a bar.

        7. Sadly what you’re describing is actually more dignified than the aforementioned. The Canadian wedding industry has become ridiculously expensive and narcissistic. And grooms are becoming just as demanding as brides. Yeah equality. Look up Jack n Jill…another new Canadian “tradition” which I don’t think has reached the States. Yet. It’s basically when the bride and groom rent a bingo hall, get themselves a liquor license and then SELL (at a tidy profit) their guests beer. Games are played —all to “raise money” for the couple to fund their wedding shenanigans. Cuz running through the streets all weekend with a sparkly dildo stuck to your head costs money man. It amounts to crowd funding your wedding. Classy.

        8. Jack and Jill parties definitely haven’t hit at least here in the NE metro area yet. And it sounds horrible. But I am sure as cultural degradation goes it will hit us soon enough.
          Down here south of the border, it is mostly the endless female centric “traditions”. You have an engagement party, then a wedding shower, then a bachelorette party, then a wedding party weekend, then of course the wedding party have to show up to buy the dress, then there is usually a spa weekend before the wedding (you know just because), then you have the wedding, then endless gloating about the honey moon. It is like a straight on 18 month injection of serotonin into any woman’s system. No wonder once the magic wears off 6-12 months after a wedding they are out looking for a new man.
          For men it is a little less debaucherous, but not by much.
          The average cost for a wedding on the NE corridor is nearing $50,000 and that is just the wedding. Average honeymoon is around $12,000. All told with parties, showers, and more parties I’ve had friends spend over $100,000 on wedding events. Most then got divorced less then 5 years later.

        9. $50 grand USD?! Jesus! The costs are astronomical here too—But at least paid in Canadian pesos lol! And if not financed by mom and dad than they go into huge amounts of debt. A great way to start a life together. Then they look incredulously at us wondering how we ever bought our first homes. Well for starters we didn’t blow our down payment on ONE DAY. I don’t have an engagement ring (didn’t want it–we were already living together when we decided to get married—that does not equate to him “owing me” something sparkly). I wore a party dress…not a wedding gown. My sister and I spent exactly 1 day picking it out—and what I chose was on a sale rack for $99! It was nice too, I think I looked pretty. Neither my husband or I are religious but I knew getting married wasn’t about pictures or social media (social media didn’t exist but you get my point). It was about making a lifelong commitment. And everyone who has been married a while knows those commitments can be tested and it’s not like a Hollywood movie. But it’s also worth it (I think). Seems that message has been lost.

        10. Last summer I had a tale of two weddings.
          The first was your classic had to be a princess bride. Everything had to be perfect. Parents were well to do but not wealthy. I think her dad paid most of the bill but my friend, the groom, told me while drunk he had to dip into his savings too. There were countless pre-wedding parties and engagements. She even had her ring completely redone because it wasn’t “up to her standards”. (Wouldn’t any man who spent his hard earned cash on a ring feel like a chump being told that…) They even had a movie done of their entire engagement and wedding. And when I mean movie I mean movie length documentary. The whole package must have cost $150,000+ for everything. Even in the expensive NE that will get you at least 1/3 of the way to a nice house. A year later she is mad that they have no money and are stuck in his condo which is OK but on the wrong side of the tracks. My guess is they are a few years away from divorce-town.
          Another friend of mine, she is very down to earth, low maintenance kind of girl. Found the love her of life and are now getting married after going out for what seems to be around a decade. Her wedding is going to be in the backyard of a neighbor’s house, catering is going to be provided by the local church (they are pretty religious), her uncle is a bartender and will be working the bar. Her dress, like yours I think was around $100. The neighbor is going to open the pool after the ceremony. Oh and the cocktail hour is before the ceremony instead of after. I can’t imagine it is going to cost them more then $3,000 to $4,000 if that for the whole deal. I’m really looking forward to the wedding. It will be like an outdoor BBQ where all my friends are invited. And guess which marriage is going to last….

        11. Yep. And you can bet couple #2 will probably stay married and enjoy a life of relative happiness and financial security. The other problem I have with couple (or princess) #1 is that you don’t truly appreciate what you don’t work for. My husband and I are both fairly successful professionally, but also both come from pretty humble beginnings. We (almost completely) own a nice home. Not super fancy, but the finishes are nice. We both admit, that still, after 10 years of living here, we catch ourselves taking stock and thinking “wow! I can’t believe I live here!” Another truly prized (material) possession I own are a pair of lovely diamond stud earrings my husband bought me for my 40th b-day. They’re prized because:
          A. I’ve always loved diamond earrings (despite not being a bling kinda gal) —but I never expressed this. Most of our marriage we didn’t have that kind of money to waste on frivolous gifts.
          B. Despite me never mentioning this, he knew somehow. And now that we have that kind of money…..
          My point being, those earrings represent a lifetime of 2 people working together and making sacrifices in order to reach a point where they can spoil each other once in while. And we still love each other and want to make each other happy. (Don’t worry, he’s also gotten his share of nifty gifts as of late). It’s not what you own or who it impresses…it’s how you get those possessions that counts.

  8. It’s getting worse in America, too—except at least we just ruin Vegas instead of pristine Eastern European locations.
    Vegas was a planned ruin from the outset. But the point is solid.

  9. So who are these women that UK men are getting married to? This article and the photo essay of women at the Grand National race should be companion pieces.

    1. There is little else available in the UK. If you want a family and children, it’s either fat slag or mail order bride (or move to another country).
      Fuck man, you’re Australian, yours are worse than ours …… Aussie chicks are more manly than most other countries men.

      1. As bad as American women are, I suspect they’re the best the English-speaking countries have to offer.

        1. The main advantage America has is swathes of lad populated by rural communities, where there is still some element of struggle against poverty and religion still exists. I’ve heard that a bit of that exists in the Australian outback as well but it’s hot as balls, unlike Alaska or Wyoming.

      2. Again son, you’ve nailed it!
        Years ago I asked some aussie chick in the payroll, how to get My ex back..
        Answer: Do NOT ask me, I’m an Australian! I can’t keep a single piece of man more than a week… or something like this!
        A.k.a: a walking cum bucket nearly all of them aussie girls!

  10. in france, many girls do the same thing, wandering in the city, especially during the saturday afternoon, ridiculously dressed, loud and obnoxious, claiming and advertising at everybody that one of them is getting married. bunch of degenerates braggers. No one care that one of them is going to get married to some random beta guy.

  11. It’s all too true. On a recent trip to Karkow I got stuck in front of a stag party on the plane out. In the end the crew warned them that if they didn’t calm down and behave they would be bumped from their return flight. Lots of places – Dublin for example – won’t accept stag parties because they drive away far more business than they bring. The funny thing about stag parties is that I don’t think anyone actually really enjoys them, even the ‘stags’. It’s just a further humiliating instance of the shameful fact that we Brits seem to be incapable of having a rational relationship with alcohol.

    1. …worse than that, they WANNA fuck Eastern European women! BRING back National Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <–that would sort this chav infested fucked up society the fuck out for good! They WANT this, in this way!!

      1. Nah, we’ve pretty much let the Muslims and Pakis fuck all the Brit birds they want. Like, as if we want the fat slags!

    2. stag party destinations seem to change pretty rapidly, as prices changes (upwards) and locals tire of the bad behaviour. Prague yielded to Krakow and then other polish cities including warsaw I think. Not sure where they will go after poland turfs them out

    3. It’s true, even though I’ve never had (been married twice) or attended a stag party, I go drinking and whoring all the time. Although, I usually passed out before I got to the whoring bit. Now I try to separate the two, afternoon whoring, then evening drinking till I pass out!

  12. I don’t understand how any self respecting western man still thinks getting married to a western skank is an option. For the love of God don’t! If you want to have a family just knock out a few with an LTR. If you want to put a 2:1 bet on loosing half your stuff and getting your pay cheque cut in two then go right ahead.

    1. On one of the big alt.right sites (either Vox or Heartiste, can’t remember which) I saw them turn on a long-time commenter and brand him a “fake American” because he’s married to an eastern European woman. They’re also talking about deporting anyone of less than 50% British descent, which I guess would get me sent back to Scandanavia. So I guess a western wife is becoming a requirement for membership in the alt.right.

        1. I used to troll them using FB. Eventually I got sick from the toxic Kultural Markcizm.

    1. I suspect that this dressing up is an English thing and not a British one. The English have always been very fond of dressing up and being silly.
      A friendly bit of advice for Americans, don’t get English and British,or England and Britain mixed up. I am British but I am not English:I am Scottish.

        1. The kilt was an invention of Walter Scott in the early 19th century. Clansmen never wore kilts. I only see men wearing kilts at weddings and that doesn’t happen very often.

        2. Breacan an Fhéilidh/Feileadh Mòr came from the 16th century. Don’t speak about that of which you have no knowledge.

        3. Says the man who likes the forms of 12 year old boys.

  13. However, the very fact that all the lads involved in British Stag Parties, without exception, do find eager local girls who suck their dicks off in a toilet, should be kind of a warning sign for those Western men who entertain the idea, that travelling to Eastern Europe, they will find the good and pure, untainted women of their dreams…

  14. Personally I’m just planning on hiring a log cabin in Scotland with my mates, hunting down some bucks, and feasting on steak with beer, cigars, and whiskey.

    1. Cigars are double the price here than they are in America. My father smoked the occasional cigar but gave up because of the very high prices.

      1. Fuck it. A far more worthy expense than getting hammered in Ibiza wouldn’t you say?

  15. Brits shouldn´t be allowed to leave their isle . few days ago Leicester suppporters made a nice place in my city look like a war zone.

    1. Can you blame them? They are in the Champions League playing against the best soccer players in the world . They were construction workers 3 years ago

  16. To ROK -readers who put Eastern European women on pedestal: ask yourself a question. Why are these “stag parties” held in Eastern Europe? The simple fact that some countries out there (and especially their women) cater for the needs of these “lads… Does it not speak to you about the level of morals in those countries (and their women in particular)? On my observation, Eastern European girls can be just as bad as White Western European girls (in fact, they are probably worse). The obesity epidemic is rapidly catching up with them, too…
    In their eyes , “western passport=money”. And if she assumes you find her at least slightly attractive and sees you are interested, she will get that money from you, by all means necessary.

    1. I think it has more to say about the welfare payments in Eastern Europe. Morality goes out the window when the government won’t pay your bills.
      No welfare = plenty of hookers.

      1. This is only partially true buddy!
        It has everything to do with “BEING A DECENT FEMALE”!!!!!!! <–All boils down to this!
        ( ..and the constant brain washing the jew working on against the white societies in the last 50 years!! Especially against women! feminism/etc. )

        1. No such thing as a decent female, they are all lying, cheating, thieving, whores …… given the chance. AWALT

        2. I learned it on My own skin buddy!
          She “created” those “chances” for Me…. I guess you would say: a cunning cunt!

    2. You are absolutely FUCKING CORRECT My friend!!!
      ( Just gave advice to an English geezer, who planned to do the same.. With his bunch of buddies. Maybe I shouldn’t do that, but it’s to late now! )
      “western passport=money” <—Exactly as You’ve said!!! :((
      Fucking shame on the females in My country and the ones around!
      Are you from the UK??? — ..can we fuck right now?!
      ( = girls in Budapest! )
      ( Polish / Czech / Slovak girls are getting there just the same! )
      But all this means that females in general are fucked up all around!
      And the fucking jew is laughing… ( a.k.a no more decent relationships / marriages = no more white children!!! )
      Good point mate, hats off to You!

    3. I lived in EE fifteen years ago, so maybe it’s changed, but I’d say the one thing EE women have over western women is that they are hands down more attractive and feminine. Beyond that, yeah, they can be just as much a problem. Whereas you’re likely to get less in-your-face feminism with an EE girl, she’ll be very up front about wanting lots of shiny, expensive stuff (“We don’t love without material things” is the way a Russian girl I know put it once) and if you show any weakness, they will walk all over you.
      I rationalized that when my EE girl talked about wanting to be rich before we got married, she meant working together to achieve wealth over the long-term. Then I took her back to the US and found out just how wrong I was.

  17. I don’t know about the UK but, in the US this sort of thing kind of started with a movie called Batchelor Party then, it really took off after The Hangover movie. More movies and television “programming “.
    Around here, at least until the early 90s a batchelor party was at the most, going to the local watering hole and having a few drinks the night before the wedding. Now it’s supposed to be a whole weekend of acting the fool in popular party destinations.
    “Batchelorette parties” seem to be getting quite popular now too, also another whole weekend of acting the fool.
    A lot of people seem to think they are to behave just as people in movies and television do-news flash- that shits not real.
    However movies and television are somewhat a reflection of our society….pitiful.

  18. I’m no Brit but coming from an American that’s pretty rich. We could also argue “How the yanks turned the fucking world upside down with their retard foreign policies”. Have a little more humility, You’re in no position to be patronising other countries or nationals on how they should be behaving. Write an article on how US marines indulge themselves in rape in Okinawa. If you’re not happy in Europe you can fuck off back to Pixieland Kyle. Let the Eastern Europeans deal with this problem.

    1. What puts you in a position to patronize what other countries or nationals are doing?

      1. I know for a fact and acknowledge that my own country is shit. And seeing what you’ve done to yourselves and the rest of the world these past 15 years so should you. It just pisses me off when you start criticising other countries, which btw, most of you can’t even pin point on a world map.

        1. I was just wondering as you said he shouldn’t patronize other countries and then you turned around and did the same thing.
          We don’t have to point out where all those other countries are on a map because it doesn’t matter since America is the center of the universe anyway.

        2. Lol well if you want to be an empire it kind of matters. But i guess what you just said explains alot about your foreign policy.
          + It’s quite the center:
          When you’re run by pedo politicians, foreign interests and degenerate billionaires.
          When you get your ass kicked in every war since world war 2
          When your infrastructure and your cities are a mess
          When you can’t hit an aeroport runway with 60 tomahawk missiles…
          Come on man don’t wallow in your mistakes and your false pride. At least learn from them and make an effort.
          Because you look pretty damn stupid from out here (for what it’s worth)
          Look at Russia, follow their example. Now that’s a country and leader with style.

        3. Is there somewhere that isn’t run by pedo politicians, degenerate billionaires and foreign interests? Cause if there is I want to go.
          I will give Vladimir credit for having balls but, he’s a crooked ass hamster when you get down to it, he is a politician after all.

        4. Dude, crooked ass hamster was *perfect*.

        5. Putin is a statesman not a politician old boy. Big difference.
          Like FDR, churchill, DeGaulle or Tito. He’s a man who’s shaped a nation.
          A politicians is a self serving nobody like Spiro Agnew, John Bolton or Boris Johnson (list is infinite unfortunately).

        6. That’s a conceit that Europeans use all the time, the “stupid American” thing. Plenty of smart people here, plenty of dumb people too, and no small amount of average intellect types. Just like everywhere else.
          Given as Europeans have done this almost since our founding, my guess is that it’s a mechanism they use to make themselves feel better about living in little nations that have done nothing of note except descend into socialism for almost 100 years. Kind of like how the homely girls will all trash talk the pretty cheerleader.
          Having been to Europe way more than is probably healthy, I have to tell you, that generally y’all are no more nor less intelligent about any given subject than Americans with the exception of, perhaps, having multiple languages. That of course is explained away by geography, Americans literally have no need of learning another language since we’re coast to coast English in a country that could contain the entire area of Europe.

        7. Once at a forum that was comprised of about 95% Americans I committed a faux pas by casually writing that America was a great country but I wouldn’t like to live there. Howling outrage ensued and I never dared to show my face their again.
          My comment was an innocent one. I had not the least desire to offend anyone,yet the Americans took severe offence at my comment. I learnt that day that Americans cannot tolerate even exceptionally mild criticism of their country. This is a great failing I think as outsiders opinions can be invaluable for a country and a people’s growth.

        8. As a european man I try to steer away from stereotyping americans as I realize how vast that country (USA) is.I do try to do the same for Africa as a continent as well, because of their extreme genetic diversity. From my constrained perspective generalizing about americans is still not as bad as generalizing about europeans because every american state is subject to the same federal law, has more or less the same political parties with the whole nation voting for guy A or guy B in the presidential election, same language and common history though I know that a few states used to be independent splinter states ages ago. Every nation that borders my nation is very different from mine; the people even look different facially, have different customs, often conflicting morals and are politically more or less different. You could get a degree in the history of one european nation alone, not to mention the languages. The diversity is so great that I feel a tinge of disbelief when I hear people talk about “europeans” being like this or that or doing this or that. The fact is that despite living on the same continent and even when subject to the same EU law, there are fierce rivalries that americans have not witnessed since their civil war and even the american civil war took place between two sides as opposed to the far more complex networks in Europe.

    2. That’s a classic straw man argument. In every European country I’ve spent time in, I’ve heard people complain about Brits for exactly the reasons in this article.

      1. No it is not the British it is the English they complain about. The continentals love we Scots as we know how to enjoy ourselves without becoming violent,boorish and vomiting in the streets. The English sadly are prone to all three when they’ve been drinking.

    3. Turns out, argumentum tu quoque is a logical fallacy.

        1. Only after I’ve had three too many shots of Scotch.

    4. Looks like i’ve kick started 1775 all over gain.
      Is all good and healthy banter though.

  19. Brit here…
    Yes, yes, it’s all us! Just great to see no other Western country has a generation of *fucking useless, skinny, weak, pathetic beta males* wifing up their skanky slags…
    Kyle – you’re lot are truly really great and an inspiration to the rest of the world. Fantastic article – you certainly know where the real problem is.
    Wanker (bit of UK slang for you there).

    1. Catholic Irish white trash here.
      I have no love for you Brits but i’ll stand up for you on this one.
      Can i just ask your boys to lay off this eyeliner wearing fairy when they travel to Eastern Europe.
      Sounds like he might have gotten his ass kicked one too many times.

      1. LOL, quarter Irish (white trash) myself!
        Actually don’t have a problem acknowledging the scum pointed out by the article are…. well…. scum! Simply skeptical the problem is a purely ‘British’ one. Personally I’ve seen plenty of nationalities acting like complete wankers on stag dos….

        1. Boys will be boys.
          After all isn’t what this site all about?
          Or does Kyle want a safe space in Eastern Europe

        2. To be fair, in every European country I’ve spent time in I’ve heard people single out the Brits for exactly the reasons in this article. Granted, maybe I don’t hear the complaints about Americans as much since I am one.

        3. I think it’s the fact you wankers are trashing Eastern Euro cities while ya lame asses have nothing equal to Las Vegas. Reminds me of when homeboy & I ran into a Boy Scout troop in Juarez. Rookies.

        4. Lol just had a Brit Air Force mx crew tell me the Mexicans in Yuma couldnt even stand them at the bars. “We get a little rowdy” AKA just like the cheerleaders after tgeir second Coors Light

        5. Sure ” homeboy”.
          If you want to learn how to kick british ass why don’t you come to Belfast.
          We can teach you homies and G-dogs a thing or two.

        6. Oh, the term homeboy offended our UK brethen. I wouldnt bother putting forth the effort to ever come to your isle of bullshit. Once had orders there & traded them off for a much better place. Your food, weather, culture, & women are all bottom rung.

      2. Your government was more than happy to take a £1000,000,000 loan from us a few years ago though. The Irish stupidly,or perhaps drunkenly is more appropriate thought their ‘Celtic tiger’ bubble would never end. So they bought a lot of white elephants then went crying cap in hand to the hated British for a bailout.
        Americans need to stop seeing the Irish as romantic and passionate. While some Irish people are romantic,in all senses of that word,and passionate,most of the Irish are drunken,priest-ridden,backward and superstitious. The Irish are their own worst enemies. They were cheerfully slaughtering each other long before the British ever landed there.

        1. I’m in UK occupied Belfast my love not Rep. of Ireland.
          If you ever visit my number is 028 9011 9773, i know a very nice Italian place down by the public library. Xx

        2. Oh ok sorry. Strangely I am in favour of a united Ireland as i thought keeping NI a part of the UK wasn’t worth all the suffering and expenditurhaps. Perhaps I am being geo-politically naive though.

      1. This from a guy who isn’t even masculine enough to keep a woman in line and who has to buy his sex from professionals.

        1. …and this, from a guy, who like an Amway salesman, tells us how great he is , how great his wife is, how often he beats up beta males in a bar and how he attracts 9s. All this while he’s on the comments constantly berating others

        2. ..and this from…. *damn I have nothing but I just wanted to continue this awesome chain*

        3. We’ve had a rash of trolls as of late.

        4. GOJ I used to really enjoy your sage like grandfatherly comments,but you’ve turned dark even sour in the last 6 to 9 months.

        5. The increase in trolls here has put me in a dark mood.

        6. Go up to Columbus and meet him if you doubt him. Sure he isn’t quite as beautiful as the most interesting man in the world but it doesn’t take long talking to figure out that he’s not full of shit.
          I remember people saying a lot of the same shit about Player Supreme back in the day…..while quietly stealing his material for their own PUA seminars and books.

        7. Another guy I used to follow (Player Supreme) had this problem when he first started teaching as well. They’re worse than trolls. They’re Omegas who actually are that weird and obsessive. A lot of it’s because they tend to latch onto a belief system and will maniacally attack anyone who disagrees with it. Usually it’s some bizarre PUA crap and more recently they tend to be people who live on MGTOW forums.

  20. Why are they so fucking LOUD. You see them in every European city- they move in hordes of 15 or so, union jacks hanging over their shoulders, beer bellies and shorts- In your face- LOUD and offensive, pissed British males….and so proud to be too.

    1. Defeating the Germans was sady Britain’s last hurrah. We’ve been in decline ever since. This loudness,public drunkness and Union Jack fetishism are just signs and symptoms of a country that feels it severe drop in status keenly. Other European countries never had any status to lose or lost it centuries ago. We lost ours within living memory.

      1. Rubbish. Slaughtering the Argentines on the Falkland Islands was our last hurrah.

    1. Back when Englishmen were great! There was a day when you didn’t fuck with the Saxon.

        1. Can’t recall citing any movie actors as being among that lot.

  21. As a Czech from Prague i can say that these folks are not that big issue, ye they can’t drink or act like civilized humans but apart from some overpriced tourist trap clubs you won’t see them or meet them that much.
    Worse issue are Russians, usually only richer folks come here as poor ones can’t afford to stay here even for vacation, their mentality that they still own us or that they consider us Slavic and Eastern European pisses me off even more.
    Tho the info in this his article is spot on, no foolies, yet from my POV author takes it into extremes. Prague would be better without these cumfags – if only because some pubs and bars people would like to see disappear would loose their clientele, but like I wrote stag nights and brits are the not on top of problems in Central Europe when it comes to nationalities.

    1. Amazes me how these guys think Russians are some nationalistic superheroes when the men are alcoholics and many hot Russian women are selling themselves in Dubai and slobering over Hermes purses

      1. This is completely on spot, it is so hard for me to understand why is Russia so praised on rok or forum, I can get inclination to Christianity but I simply can’t get praise of most islamized country in Europe populated with drunkards and gold diggers. I dated few Russian girls and won’t do that mistake again.
        Noses up and that weird feel that russia is some kind of superpower and not shithole, of course mouth full of how Prague sux and why we don’t speak Russian yet they still mass immigrate not only here but into all of EU..

        1. I’m finding out that most of these writers are young kids with rose colored glasses on . They think the grass is greener in russia when they havent set one foot on the lawn yet.

      2. Russian women are all over the whore towns in Thailand too. Thailand and Russia, proud to supply whores the world over.

  22. As if Russian drunks act better. Hell Putin had to restrict alcohol sales to 2 hours per day

  23. Please upvote if you’re getting tired of the fake MLM salesman AMOG GOJ. Ok he’s near Columbus Ohio where 90% of women are overweight slags except the students at Ohio state (which is ironically where I went to college). Let’s talk about the OSU girls. The hot ones barely make it past freshman year and they all join sororities. They wont even talk to you at the bar unless you’re in one of the countless frats that are cool or part of the in crowd. The other section of hot women are waiting in line to have sex or go to the parties of the third string buckeye football players. I’ve seen the long lines into their apartments . At the end of the day we know GOJ has insecurity problems and is here to boast of his greatness. If he was pulling nines and being the most interesting man in the world he wouldn’t stay married at all. He’d be fucking 9s all day long. Yet he sticks with his old wife . Yeah makes sense. Or maybe he’s like Oblonsky in Anna karenina.

    1. FFS, you sound of sour grapes and penis envy by bitching about someone else like a woman does.
      Ignore him, fight him, or tell him to fuck off. Don’t whine about him or anyone else.

      1. I have my own penis, thank you. Just stating that every article is clogged with his snide remarks to anyone who doesn’t conform to his so called masculinity . One has to waft through countless pages of comments to see what others are saying. So who cares pj pays for sex? He will end up 6 feet under like the AMOG GOJ like we all will.

        1. GoJ doesn’t bother me, I blocked him for being a wanker a month back (and his alter ego lolknee).

        2. Because you can’t handle dissent from your omega spewings.

        3. Probably because him thinking that being a whoremonger somehow makes him better than everyone else (since that just means he sees through all the bullshit) rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

      2. Btw. We all pay for sex one way or another. He pays for his old ass wife. You pay with either money or time. A 22 year old kid I know makes $8 an hour slays more pussy than any of us but he’s not motivated to become much of anything . He says this. But he’s got all the time in the world for girls

        1. Why are you bitching to me like I am your girlfriend. You don’t like him, got it. Why do I care?!?
          All I am saying is stop whinging about it, you sound pathetic. I have always been of the belief that a man should be taken at his word unless he’s blatantly full of shit. PDNC had one of those and I called him on it. Not so much here.
          That said, I have always known GoJ to be astute and insightful both here and other forums. Even if he exaggerates from time to time, so what. Ask any man here how big of a fish he had that got away…..

        2. If you don’t care why do you keep responding ? I’m not bitching but the bullshit is getting too much. Id rather hear from real guys who tell it like it is . Why exaggerate on the internet anyways? You sound angry

  24. Don’t be such party pooper. I myself have participated in and frequently observed in Stag Dos in Eastern Europe (and Western Europe too). Yeah some are over the top but most are well-behaved. Its an old tradition in Britain that has only recently been exported over-seas. Like with any group of guys, some have good game, some don’t. As for the drinking, well, they do that in the UK too.
    The fact is, Eastern Europe survived the Mongols, the Nazis and the Soviets. It will survive British Stag Dos too.

  25. This is a load of bollocks. Eastern Europeans are flooding Britain so we have the right to use their territory for drunken debauchery. Fair’s fair. British drinking trips are solely responsible for keeping several European economies afloat.

    1. Look at the writer. He’s 25 and a retired engineer? . It takes at least 10 years to be a decent engineer . He barely got to design anything

  26. The funniest story I heard about a Hen night(female equivalent of Stag night) was when the bride gave birth to a dwarf 9-months after…she’d f*cked the male stripper who was a …dwarf.

  27. ‘Lads on a stag night’ beta males with teenager mentally being let loose by their a-pussywhippin’ women and pretending to be like what constitutes their idea of men.
    All standing around in groups to afraid to walk into a pub by themselves for fear of (the horror!) of engaging with strangers on their own.
    ‘The missus has decided it is OK to let me out of my chastity belt so I can play at being a stud while she gives head to a DJ at a club on some Irish ferry.’
    Love’s young dream writ large.

  28. In my city of Novi Sad, Serbia in the July there is foul music festival EXIT that is going on on the local fortress, hordes of Brits come and roll around in their own puke for 5 days of festival and 5 days around it.

  29. You guys are ruining foreign countries as well. You have these closed-minded views on what a woman should act like. All of you need to stay in your western shitholes and deal with the problems your home countries have. All of you who run to foreign countries instead of fixing your problems back home are all little bitches.

  30. I never went to my own brothers stag do for the very reasons outlined in this article. The hen nights we regularly get in my British home city are another nightmare altogether. If you thought Gran National Ladies Day was bad…

  31. I never seen more shameless pathetic behavior coming from a man than that of Anglo Saxon white British male who completely cucks himself on daily basis.

  32. Not to worry. With Brexit round the corner, this will soon be a thing of the past. And none too soon.

  33. Eastern Europe is a hell hole, some women here are descent but most are even worse than american! How do I know this? Well I speak the language fluently here and I can tell you its tough for young people out here, much tougher than for young people in the west. Lots of whores, sluts, gold diggers out here. There’s quite a few of descent honest girls from good families too. Stay away from large cities, career women & hypergamous whores. DO NOT TAKE HER TO THE WEST UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE! They will like you just because you are American, you do not want a girl that’s with you because you’re American. DO NOT FLASH YOUR CASH! YOU WILL BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE! Make sure you shit test her as much as she shit tests you. Get rid off her if she fails.
    I live in a megalopolis in eastern europe, I can tell you that it’s much harder to get a bang out here then it is in America. Women are smart, intelligent, and your game will not work. I moved from America too and I moved because living in America is just not worth it, you spend every penny you earn, and you fuck fat medicore pussy sometimes.
    So what advice can I give you to those westerners or westernized easterners like me willing to move back to your homeland? Keep your head down, learn your environment, and try to survive. It will be much harder and much more cruel than in the west, but it will be more worthwhile, you will be one tough sob if you can make it out here. & if you think that facebook and instagram poison only affects western girls, prepare to be hit by a big fucking bat of reality out here. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Good luck gentlemen!

  34. Flew on British Airways to Prague. Same problem. Don’t expect the non-budget airlines to be free of these drunks – the price differential between Wizz/Easy and BA is very little during holiday periods.
    However, I can offer this near foolproof solution once you get to Eastern Europe: stay 3-5 miles outside the city centre and you will not have to tolerate the stags. There you can go to places frequented almost entirely by locals and expats that will charge you a third of the price of a city centre bar.

  35. Think you need to narrow it down to English not British. Once you get a few English guys together, say over 4 of them, they develop a gang ‘little englander’ mentality which when mixed with booze results in hyper aggression. You can see why the empire invaded everywhere. Generally speaking if you get 4 or more Scots, Welsh or Irish together and liquored up they will burst into karaoke not a brawl!!

  36. Totally true – seen this shit in Estonia. Only there, the Finns are a bit worse than even the Brits. On the plus side, once the girl realizes you’re not a Brit or a Finn, you look even more attractive.

  37. Yep this is true. After coming back from a week in Poland this is true. The people there are passionate but respectful of each other in public, and the women are great if your are straightforward, confident and authentic. The Brits stick out like coal on a snowbank. This is especially true in the riverside bars in Gdansks old town. The locals look shaken having to deal with them. Might pretend to be Canadian next time. “i moved here from Canada and they think Im slow, ehhhh’

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