What’s The Difference Between A Modern SJW Protest And A 1963 Pro-Segregation Rally?

Segregation is coming back to college campuses.  But this time it’s welcomed by the establishment, administrators, politicians, and student leaders.  Recently, University of California at Berkeley students, in a protest reminiscent of the famous Schoolhouse Door stand by Alabama Governor George Wallace, physically blocked minority students (whites, who make up 25% of the student body) from going to class by forming a loud, angry mob at the Peder Sather Bridge, and yelling hostile profanity laden monologues, which sounded even more aggressive and hateful than the 1963 Wallace rally.

Let’s examine ten statements used by the speakers from both protests. Try to guess which event is a modern SJW protest and which came from George Wallace’s protest.


1. Whose university? OUR university!

2. This intrusion results solely from force or threat of force, undignified by any reasonable application of the principles of law, reason or justice.

3. I don’t give a FUCK about you!

4. While some of you may applaud these acts, millions of Americans will gaze in sorrow from the situation existing at this great institution of learning.


6. I hereby denounce and forbid this illegal and unwarranted action.

7. OUR STREETS!  OUR UNIVERSITY!  (as they move to the streets and block them also)

8. I am going to ask that all the people in this state continue to be calm and restrained in this matter.

9. There will be casualties on both sides.  People have to die to make a change in this world.

10. We must have no violence today or any other day.


If you guessed the odd numbered items were modern protests, while the even were from the 1963 Wallace speech, you are correct.  Due to the shrill, fast, high pitched and profanity-laden screeches of the Berkeley protest, I could not hear much of what was said, so item 9 is from a November Los Angeles protest.

While the 1963 event occurred after two black students attempted to enroll in classes at the then all white University of Alabama, and the governor attempted to prevent them (before standing aside peacefully and lawfully minutes later after JFK federalized the Alabama National Guard), the current protest was triggered when a university-designated safe space was moved from the 5th floor of a building to the basement.

A group of angry millennials quickly formed and blocked the Peder Sather Bridge, where they let minority students pass, but blocked white students, yelling at them to “Go Around!”  The students then went out into the streets, blocking traffic, paraded through the student center, disrupting students trying to study, and then then moved to the student bookstore where they surrounded it and posted an eviction notice to the bookstore, stating “You are hereby notified by the students of UCal Berkeley to vacate the premises immediately.  This space expansion is one step in an ongoing process to remedy the historical devaluation of students of color and LGBTQIA+ students.”

They then marched on with banners stating “Fight 4 Spaces of Color” which, despite it being racist and illegal to have a racially segregated area in a publicly funded university, they already have at the university’s Edelman Hall.


Whites were turned away; minorities allowed to pass

Of course, their targets were poorly chosen.  The Peder Sather Bridge was built by a donation from Mr. Sather, a Norwegian who moved to California and became a benefactor of the school.  He is responsible for the tall clock towers found on many campuses, as he installed one of the first in America, the Sather Tower, third largest in the world, modeled after St. Mark’s Campanile in St. Mark’s Square in Venice.


After the Sather Tower was built in 1914, colleges around the nation began adding these to their campuses.  On the top of the Sather Bridge, a national historic landmark, are four men and four women, representing eight academic disciplines, and showing an equality of the sexes over 100 years old.  Indeed, when passing through the gate, one may see a woman on one side, and a man on the other, inscribed on panels.


One of the gate panels of Sather Gate, equally representing women for over 100 years

The bookstore who received the eviction notice, followed by the written threat that “if you fail to vacate immediately, community action will continue to escalate with the goal of eliminating any revenue generation,” donates to local charities, encourages its employees to participate in social justice issues, and makes efforts to fight global warming.  Of course, this is a lesson to never give an inch, because it will not earn you any form of allegiance or sympathy.  With these freaks, you just can’t win.


To sum up, institutions that sell books, engage in social justice issues, donate to local charities, and support the student body are bad.  White people are inherently bad and racial minorities are inherently good.  Segregating students by their race and harassing them is not racist.  Blocking students based on their physical appearance and ethnic background, something they have no control over, is a legitimate method of protest.  Threats to local business owners who have done nothing wrong are perfectly warranted.  Basements are inherently worse than 5th floor spaces.  Separate but equal is fine government policy.  Public universities should spend money for racial based and other exclusionary groups.  The actions of the Berkeley students are not racist.  ROK is a site promoting rape.

While Trump won the presidency, it was by a narrow margin, and half the country is not going to give up their feminism and SJW lunacy.  Expect more of this kind of insanity.

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149 thoughts on “What’s The Difference Between A Modern SJW Protest And A 1963 Pro-Segregation Rally?”

  1. I’m a fair skinned American of Latino descent who still speaks English with a somewhat thick Northern Mexican accent. I wonder how they will react if I attempted to cross that bridge?

        1. OK, who are you ?
          Where do you live ?
          Where have you learn about the Canadian history ?
          Do you speak French ?

      1. I will respond to your bigoted racist comment with this:
        NACHOOOOOO! Btw, one of my favorite Jack Black movies.

        1. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I might actually go see that, if it happens. I liked the first one (guilty pleasure).

        2. Eh, this isn’t Obama’s America for much longer though. Fuck the crybullies, let’em protest.

        3. I liked School of Rock too, but it was a bit more “family fun” than Nacho, which was surreal in many ways.

  2. These protests in the 60’s were of the last attempts to keep the left out of the universities, they lacked governmental support and so slowly but steadily they failed. Today the SJWs have destroyed these institutions and if they allow position in the higher education their done for. Their “degrees” will stop being taken seriously as the degress of the “fascist” universities will be the serious ones, by this it is meant that they will teach something useful and quality control will help keep these programs good.
    It is their last try to keep the institutions they have destroyed being forcibly run by them.

    1. Pol Pot’s regime killed the intellectuals first:
      university professors/students/graduates…
      Today’s university professors, and students are pretty safe…

  3. “People have to die to make a change in this world.” Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. I am quite ready and willing for these SJW useful idiots to die. Of course, they are cowards and have not the guts to fight and die for what they believe in. That is for other people to do, not them.

    1. hahaha they are thinking of the army or ,police of course, they are children, whenever the small brat is put in place by the older kids they go to their parent crying. Daddy government he hit me, bwaaaaah.

  4. Berkeley? That place should have been burnt to the ground years ago. There used to be a blog called “Zombietime” that would occassionally post photos from around the Berkeley campus and other parts of S. Cal. Complete freak show.

    1. Well the minorities are pushing the Whites way too far.And for a long time Whites have shown astonishing patience. I would love to see the POC’s above pull the same stunt in Japan, China or India. The Yakuza, Chinese Triads and Mumbai gangsters would snuff them out in no time. They know Whites are patient and less prone to knee jerk violence thus they carry out their shenanigans in White countries. But what they forgot was the consequence if Whites finally lose patience and say “Enough is enough. Time to retaliate” The last time Whites got angry, I mean really angry at a non White race was way back in August 1945. And it wasn’t a pretty sight.

      1. The dropping of the A-bomb had nothing to do with whites getting tribal; it was geopolitical – and one might argue a mere nuclear test experiment since we had already kicked the japs asses with conventional bombs.
        The bigger question is : what will it take for whites to get tribal within America?

        1. Perhaps the most blatant anti-American thing I learned in Canadian high school was that my country deployed nukes on the Japanese, and not Germans, because we were racist. I told the teacher/undercover Marxist that the first truly successful nuke was not detonated until July 1945-two months after Germany surrendered.

        2. “The bigger question is : what will it take for whites to get tribal within America?”
          1. First, a small organised non deluded minority must be conscious of the interest of it.
          2. We should understand the structure, the method, the dirty tricks of those wo try to prevent it. (call them leftists, NWO minions, SJWs etc)
          3. We have to seek fertile soils to congregate, unite and expand. Who are our natural allies ?
          4. We have to promote our own Narative, and hijack and ridicule the current one (White men are evil, western civilisation must be shamefull etc)
          That means having our own medias, and our own gifted spokepersons
          5. We have to retake strategic places in politics, law, academics, arts… You don’t win any war by trying to crush your ennemy. You win when you take back his assets and his ressources.
          Note: peoples belief are a ressource.
          6. We have to sacrifice some of our hard earned ressources (time, freedom, money etc) to assure our offspring a better future.
          If we do not, we will gain Nothing on the long term.

        3. The Marxist indoctrination agent shrugged it off and told me “You need to open up a history book!” If only the internet was around in those days to prove my point, her aorta would’ve exploded.

        4. The Japanese had their own nuclear program borrowed from the Germans. The plan was to sneak a sub into the San Francisco bay area, surface, and set it off. We nuked them before they could develop it. Revisionist history says the USA invented the bomb therefore we are evil. The Germans were working on their own bomb long before our program started. The only reason Germany did not get the bomb first was because the Brits and the Norwegian underground blew up their heavy water plant in a commando raid.

        5. One thing I never understand, why other people call westerns as “racists” !? I am living in the west since the past 12 years and I never faced anything called as “racism”. If at all anything and that too rarely, I only faced and/or encountered: Jealousy, Envy and Inferiority Complex !

        6. Indeed. I am fed up of listening to White MEN are evil, Whites are racists etc. etc.
          Being “Evil” doesn’t relate to skin color or gender or country of origin !!!
          To start with, de-pigmentation & paleness of skin (“white”) is the result of natural adaptation to the Northern Hemisphere (cold climates) and in the same way; medium (brown) to dark (black) is the result of climates in the Asia and Africa.
          I really don’t understand how on the earth “skin color” automatically makes one “superior” !!??
          What made the following people great ?
          =C.V. Raman: His work in the “Light Scattering / Raman Effect” OR his “brown” color !?
          =Satyendra Nath Bose: His work in “Quantum Mechanics” OR his “brown” color !?
          =Srinivasa Ramanujan: His work in “Number Theory”, “Infinite Series”, “Continued Fractions” OR his “brown” color !?
          =Homi J. Bhabha: His work in “Nuclear Physics” OR his “brown” color !?
          =Wright Brothers: Their invention of Flying Machine/Airplane OR their “white” color !
          =Guglielmo Marconi: His work in the “Radio Transmission/Radio” OR his “white” color !?
          =Graham Bell: His invention of “Telephone” OR his “white” color !?

      2. You are quite wrong. I don’t know about China but the so called “Bombay Gangsters” (by the way, aren’t there any gangsters, mafia, drug trafficking in this Country !?) will do nothing, I repeat nothing ! India or Bharat or Hindusthan is the most tolerant and multi-cultural Country in the world. I didn’t understand why you dragged India here ! If you can list 10 “whatever” happened in India, I can list 100 similar “whatever” happened in this Country. As patient as KKK !!!

        1. Whose country are you talking about? I’m not American doofus. Most tolerant country you say? Lol Muslims are flowing in from Bangladesh into WB and taking it over from Yindoos. No wonder Islamic extremism is growing by leaps and bounds in multiple states across India. No wonder with milquetoast Yindoos like you Muslim men are having a romp with your girls under the pretext of Love Jihad. Tolerant my dick.Just stay put in your designated shitting streets will ya. The only instance when I will drag India is when I drag it to the nearest toilet away from designated shitting streets.

        2. Who cares which fucking & stinking Country you belong to, you stupid ! I said it correct you faggot ! and you read it right you psycho ! You just stay put in your shitty dung streets, will ya !!! Yes, People like you who are Incompetent, pathetic and miserable might bark here about India. Why don’t you take the name of your fucking & stinking Country you buffoon ! are you scared you “pile of shit” !?
          Why you took the name of Islam when I was talking about India !? You never heard of Hinduism ? The same religion from which other “fucking and ass licking religions” copy catted !!!
          And for me there is no need or instance to drag your fucking & stinking country, because you are fucking scared to taken even the name of your fucking & stinking country !!! Ha Ha Ha !!!

        3. Too long didn’t read. Hindus suck donkey balls. And I had a great time with your whore mother. Thx

        4. Too short didn’t read. What a bastard you are !? Guess you fucked your mother right in front of your father or father(s) !? What a coward you are !? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself !? Can’t even say which fucking & stinking country you are from and which fucking religion you follow ! difficult to guess, because some eat Hindus shit and some drank Hindus piss ! speak out you Coward !! Do you follow Hindus shit or piss !! Coward !!!

  5. Expel these losers and arrest them. SCHOOLS are for learning not anarchy and reverse discrimination.

  6. “There will be casualties on both sides. People have to die to make a change in this world.”
    Oh I laugh! The latte sipping SJW’s are going to become insurgents. These precious little snowflakes my have read about the likes of Che Guevara, but they were raised far too soft to ever take any action.

    1. They are getting weaker- some guy told me about a recent study which found out young boys have the same grip strength as 35 yr old women. Nutty.

      1. the 35 year old womyn in Chelsea NYC can bench press more than the straight men – have shorter hair, and more masculine facial hair

        1. I haven’t been to Chelsea in many years. It is a nightmare over there from what I hear.

        2. Last couple of years I was down in the dumps – -the attitude – especially at a gym can be overwhelming…
          However, now — I am Will Smith — last real man in NYC-Chelsea(except not black or gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that)
          Plus there are some most excellent day-time areas…

        3. I understand how being in the dumps can really effect the gym. If you are in the dumps you don’t make that mind-muscle connection and then you are just standing there dancing with weights, not really working out. I’ve been there brother, glad you made it out.
          Good for you being a hold out! I am hoping that in the next 12-18 months I will be moving back to the UWS which is the part of NYC I feel most comfortable living.

        4. The Clinton broads (not that Chelsea was actually fathered by a Clinton) seem to have this insane axe murderer look down pat.

        5. Can’t help it. It is like those 19th century Englishmen who collected curios. She is def worth fucking (once) based solely on adding to the collection……same category as pretty much all celebrities, eskimos, midgets, roller derby girls, muscle bound body builder chick, roller blade dykes, etc.

        6. UWS?
          Don’t know the area so well anymore
          But, down-town seems more crowded with female-walkers – tourists to locals…day-time especailly
          not so bad!

        7. on UWS and UES it is, in fact, less crowded which means you have to know where to go rather than just pop your dick out the door and get it sucked but that is ok. My last place was on 85 and CPW which, to me, was the most perfect apartment in the world (within non elite reason and means) but I gave it up for a smaller place on the UES. I usually don’t venture below 57th street. I consider the Plaza pretty much the end of civilization. But that may have to do with factors like my age, my taste in women, food and culture and my general demeanor. Its all gravy and downtown is great for meeting women. I am in Greenwich village once a month for work and usually wind up spending some time down there. I grew up on the LES. Going back there scares me when I see the changes that have gone on since I was a kid. It is basically a free forall fucking orgy down there (which it always kind of was) where the women are literally (hitler) model quality one after the other. I frequently use number system now that talks about the difference between, say, a 7 and a NYC 7 which, off the island is generally considered a 9

        8. Ill be honest, that movie was so-so, but that scene where the dog saves him brought a tear to my eye.

        9. For some reason I was under the impression you had some taste…evidently I was mistaken because…..man, that’s just fucked up.
          For some reason she reminds me of the evil doll that tried to kill Kojak on The Twilight Zone.

        10. Lol. That is what she reminds me of too. The difference is, my friend, I like to throw a total freak in the mix. I would stick it in the evejl TZ kojak killing doll too. You don’t understand how it is here. The sheer number of beautiful women who will fuck in in unmentionable ways is staggering. A little variety by tossing in a freak show oddity now and then is great.
          One day I will tell you all about the time i fucked a clown in full make up

      2. I read this study only a month or so ago. I literally (hitler) laughed out loud while reading it.

        1. I was listening to a Dr on the radio last night(he hawks vitamins made from fruits and veggies and they better be, very expensive) and he said you should eat 6-8 eggs a day. 95% of the testosterone in your system (this goes for estrogen too) is made of cholesterol. He then went on to tell the story of a man in his late 80s who looked and felt like he was 60- his secret was eating 2 dozen eggs a day. He started this regimen around 60 bc he felt like crap, claims it has extended his life.

        2. Makes sense to me. My breakfast every single morning. 2 eggs and 6 egg whites turkey and cheese on whole wheat flat bread.
          I am consuming a lot of calories now and am also randomly snacking on hard boiled eggs

        3. Fascinating interview. The owners of Crisco(P&G) essentially bribed the American Heart Assoc to demonize butter. Crisco is made from cottonseed oil, and, during ww2, was used as a lubricant on german submarines…butter is great for you

        4. Butter is good for you if used appropriately. Modern wisdom is suggesting that you should decide between fats and carbs in a meal and not just go light on both. So steak fried up in butter with broccoli in olive oil and garlic one meal. Boneless skinless chicken breast with entire cup of white rice in another. But don’t have your system work on carbs and fats at the same time

        5. No, he says frying is only good in organic butter. Olive oil (unless its cold) is not good for you. All oils are bad unless room temp, drizzled on salad or on veggies after they are steamed

        6. by frying I meant sauteeing the steak in a fry pan and not actually fried steak. I am not from the south over here. lol. As for oils, they are better at room temp for sure, but not terrible for you otherwise. At least this is the wisdom of my current trainer who is kind of a big deal in IFBB and his results on clients, myself included, speak volumes. Yes, agreed, room temp would be better. BUt being perfect all the time also has its downfalls…specifically it is easier to veer off. If I take steamed broccoli and throw it in a pan with garlic and oil and then eat it it wont be AS healthy as steamed broccoli with room temp olive oil, but it will be tastier and make me look more forward to eating and less likely to grab a burger on the way home.

        7. Saturated fatty acids (coconut oil, tallow, butter, palm kernel oil, etc) do not appear to change at high heat, and so are safest for cooking.
          Unsaturated fatty acids (pretty much all fake oils – the ones you need a chemistry set to produce) do seem to risk oxidation, which changes them into a form that can be detrimental to health. Among the effects is the one that most affected me – my brain chemistry was fucked and I was angry literally all the time. They also promote inflammation in the body, which leads to all kinds of nasty conditions (heart attacks being the best known).
          (For oils like canola – the nastiest tasting oil I know – oxidation is a natural side effect of the extraction process. I avoid as much as possible.)
          Olive oil sits in a strange midpoint, where lower heats (say, less than 150 Fahrenheit) are fine for quick cooking but the kind of heat used for deep frying is destructive.
          As a rule, I would treat all vegetable oils (except olive, coconut, and palm kernel) as processed foods. Okay in smaller doses, but don’t eat them much.

        8. Nice post. I tried frying chicken in coconut oil, but it doesnt really compute for me, I didnt know what to do with the garlic and lemon(Im a bit Italian). Guess its an acquired taste.

        9. Not what Ive read, but that only concerns frying eggs. Runny scrambled eggs in butter is good for you.

        10. When I say “frying”, I mean cooking with high heat and/or long duration. Usually, for the things I cook, it’ll take about 15 to 20 minutes to burn the solids.
          Plus, eggs will eat the solids, making them cook alongside the egg without burning. The risk is in letting the solids sit exposed to heat for too long, like when making a medium-well steak that’s a tad too thick.

        11. I haven’t tried making it myself, but the local Greek restaurant makes a steak I love that’s heavy on lemon and maybe vinegar? It has that bitter taste that I like. Greece and Italy are very close and share a lot in their culinary ; I’ve heard the lemon is one of the main differences, and of course pasta.

        12. I would eat bagels every day if they wouldn’t turn me into a fat ass but I have New York City streets for veins.
          I used to eat apples in the am and have juice but my current program restricts sugar in all forms

      3. Sounds like they might as well go ahead and crown my son king then, so as to avoid him being forced to crush these little manlettes.

    2. I agree with your statement 100% sir but I will be damned if I will stand here and listen to a disparaging remark about lattes. They are just delicious.

  7. I’d like to see a list of books taught by their English Dept today and what was taught back in 1966. Cant imagine 1984 is on that list anymore.

        1. Ah, the good ol days prior to 2008 when tentpole movies had the obligatory rap single that referred to the plot of the movie.

        2. True story:
          First time I got detention was for doing that dance in elementary school. Followed shortly after by my first make-out session (with the same girl who tattled about the dance). Oh, sweet childhood memories of bygone days…

      1. That teacher in the first vid, and the director would be hanged today. I miss my youth in the 80s when life was normal and most everyone could agree on what normal was.

  8. THE BUS was used as a weapon in the war for desegregation aka (forced multiculturalism) and breaking down communities and ethnic burroughs in cities
    Lines of busses arriving in Austin,Tx for anti Trump protests. White unmarked luxury tour busses, similar to the white unmarked chem trail planes – conspiracy theory – Me thinks not.
    And where are all these odd white busses coming from? Here are unmarked white busses loading in Chicago with a gathering of ‘FF15’ recruits. ‘FF15’ stands for “Fight for $15”. Backpacks with games, reads, smokes, red bulls – check. Such nice luxury busses. Soros backed no doubt. Sandwitches served and it’s a limo ride down I-35 cruising at 90 mph. Ever notice how Greyhound busses and tour busses fly down the interstates at near 100 mph without getting pulled over? Hmm . . Chicago ALL ABOARD

        1. I felt a degree of apprehension when I followed that link, and actually looked behind me to check it was safe to click……but I have to say that’s a pretty tasty steak-pita

  9. Not surprising seeing as this was at a Southern Cali university. That state went full retard long ago. The problem is that they aren’t contained there. They’ve infected Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and are creeping into Texas (among other states).
    Trump should consider running the wall all the way around California and remove them from the US. This would eliminate 55 surefire electoral votes for Democrats in every election.
    On a side note, Californians are the biggest dickheads on the road. When someone pulls some bullshit while I’m driving through the desert, there is a 90% chance they have a California plate. And if they don’t, I simply assume they are a California transplant who got priced out of that state, then moved to my state to vote for the same policies that ruined their state.

    1. “moved to my state to vote for the same policies that ruined their state” That´s why they are cancer. As a Latino guy, immigrants left their shitty country to vote for the same socialist policies that ruined their country.

      1. I too am a Latino, My family left Socialist Nicaragua when I was a young boy. However, we assimilated and vote conservative. Not all of us admire a socialist utopia.

        1. Yeah that´s why half of Cuban immigrants went republican, When they hear free shit, everything will be paid by government, and all free, well they have all that with Castro in communist Cuba, why would you escape communism to vote for communism? The other half must be second generation Cubans or retards.
          I´m Mexican. The fist thing a lot of Mexican do in USA, is to be in some kind of government socialist welfare program whenever they can the longer they can. They do it in Mexico too but is a shitty Mexican government plan. In Mexico You see a bunch of fat and unhealthy women in government help for food, and I think How in the hell they get so fat if they have nothing to eat?

        1. Dust off and nuke it all from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

        2. I was thinking we could strategically place explosives across the San Andreas fault, send it out to sea, making them “strong and independent,” then let them survive on their own. The ones who don’t die can be considered indigenous and can serve us food and drinks at the resorts we build there once the retards starve.

        3. Not compassionate. I just don’t want to nuke perfectly nice land when we could turn it into an island resort. It could be the new spring break destination for college sluts.

        4. can we at least steal all of the fractions of their bank transactions for a while first?

        5. Why limit to just fractions? The leftards are already wanting to secede, just drain their accounts in secession fees. Use that to pay for the fault explosives heh.

    2. “then moved to my state to vote for the same policies that ruined their state”.
      Ditto for Texas.
      The Comiefornians are carpet bagging their way into Texas and changing the demographics. I’m moving to the woods in Missouri in a couple of years. Can’t wait to get out of Dallas/Fort Worth.

  10. half the country is not going to give up their feminism and SJW lunacy. Expect more of this kind of insanity.
    1. They will get, and are getting, worse
    2. Lots more, guaranteed.

    1. I wonder how much Clown Hair Landwhale tags will go for over at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources? And more importantly, is there a bag limit?

  11. I am very intrigued by whats next.
    Very interesting times. — and Rhyming with Lenin/Trotsky – Castro/CheGuevara.
    I’m very anti-communist…
    However I admire Castro ( traveled there and enjoyed historic cars and nubile women)
    I think the formula for both main 20th century communist winners:
    Step 1: gather useful idiots -and take over country.
    Step 2: send more charismatic leader on dangerous mission.
    Step 3: bang all the women
    Step 4: profit from t-shirt sales
    we are somewhere in Step 2 in all western countries…

    1. When were you in Cuba? Considering going in the coming weeks. I consider myself neither a fascist nor communist but compared to our current society Cuba or Nazi Germany are comparitively appealing, at least for the social aspects if you are of the right background (I am).

      1. I was in Cuba 1997.
        Beautiful women, every color of the rainbow, from sub-Saharan to sub-Sweden.
        Loved the city – driving around in 56 Chevy’s, etc…
        Highly worthwhile.
        Not sure of the political situation now. But seems is rapidly changing, and may have catastrophic upheavals. I intend to keep on radar, and travel there frequently in next few years…
        I was in Venezuela in 1987 – stories of being so wealthy, was cheaper to fly to Miami for the weekend than Margarita…Now is in Hyper-Inflation…
        I imagine Cuba may have similar situations…especially with he yuuuge expat community in Miami, that may want there houses/businesses back…

  12. One wonders if they are at all familiar with the case of Little Rock Central (in AR), the result of defying federal laws, and the subsequent turmoil and burdens it has created.

  13. I have to say I am not a southern but I really like George Wallace. Racial integration has been one of the worst things to happen to White America

  14. Are white people really that bitch made now that they wont fight back to anything? Jesus christ if im trying to cross a bridge and im confronted by a group of these faggots they might be able to stop me but not before i hand out a healthy dose of broken noses

    1. Only the ones that live in blue voting districts. BLM attempted to import their b.s. to the University of North Dakota after the “Lock the Black B***h Out!” twitter scandal. Their bus was met at the border by an aryan looking motorcycle gang that followed them everywhere. They were here maybe a few hours, received zero support, and high tailed it back to wherever they came from.

    2. If anyone tried that with me there would be the sound of breaking bones, tearing tendons and screams because I would mangle them like one would resemble after being in a high speed traffic accident.

    3. Yep. The only way I would “go around” peacefully is if they were armed or they were confirmed pro fighters. The situation would get very fucking real.

  15. When will people of European stock learn. No matter how much you submit, conform, give and sacrifice it will never be enough, you will still be considered white pieces of shit that need to be exterminated.

    1. Remember when schools had standards?
      No, seriously, do you remember? I’m too young to have known a time when that was a thing.

  16. So the Democrats have almost succeeded in restoring pre Civil Rights society — which was their aim in commandeering that movement once they realized what was really going on. Getting black people to want segregation is a masterpiece of social engineering — not one I approve, but absolutely amazing.

  17. Wallace’s speech and segregation was to protect American and Western Civilization. Pro-Integration and SJWs are to tear it down. As usual, the damn Yankees were on the wrong side of civilization.

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