How To Reduce Your Risk Of Divorce

The neomasculinity movement is, in many ways, a reaction to the changing incentives for men. Divorce courts began to favor women who abandoned their vows, giving them cash and prizes for breaching their promises. Men were being thrown out of their own homes, cut off from their children, and forced to pay alimony to a woman who went back on her word (women initiate most divorces)..As a result, men are making the rational decision to avoid marriage in greater numbers.

Yet, there is a deep longing within us to be married. Call me a faggot, but I want to share my life with a woman. To have a helper, to raise children… to be loved.

Is this possible in a society that rewards female treachery? There is always a risk that you will be divorce-raped. Nothing is certain. But, it is possible to control this risk if you are very careful about the woman you trust.

Can You Cut Your Divorce Risk 80%?

For years, we have heard that half of all marriages end in divorce. This is number may be a bit high, but it’s clear that there is an epidemic of divorce today. But not all marriages are created equal. There are factors that strongly influence the likelihood for divorce.

Free Northerner has an excellent post discussing how vetting your potential wife can drastically reduce your risk of divorce:

“…I consider myself justified in estimating, that the type of women I plan on marrying would have a statistical likelihood of divorcing me around 10%.

The post relies on data from several different sources, so it’s hard to amalgamate them. But his reasoning looks pretty sound; certainly you can substantially reduce your risk of divorce rate by avoiding certain red flags. You can read the Heritage Foundation research that formed the basis for the post here, CDC source material from 2002, and the CDC data from 2012.

Here are 10 risk factors to consider:

Factors In Divorce Risk

1. Number of Sexual Partners

Source: Heritage Foundation

This is the most important factor. Women who are virgins when they marry are far less likely to get divorced, and women with lots of partners are far more likely to divorce. This is probably related to an inability to pair-bond.

2.  Age Of First Sexual Experience

Source: Heritage Foundation

This factor is also quite strong. Among non-virgins, those who delayed sex until the age of majority are somewhat less likely to be divorced. And those who had sex very young were much more likely to be divorced.

3. Race

Source: CDC 2002

There is no question that different cultures and races have different attitudes toward divorce, and that younger women tend to treat divorce differently than older women. Hispanics have a fairly flat risk of divorce by age; younger Hispanics are less likely to divorce than other races, older Hispanics more likely. Blacks are greater risks for divorce in general, but the difference is sharper as they age. White women in their 20s are the best bet for those looking to avoid divorce.

4. Religion
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

The CDC data makes it clear that women for whom religion is very important, or somewhat important, are somewhat less likely to divorce. Free Northerner makes the point that religious participation is more important than religious affiliation. Women who participate in their religion are 10-20% less likely to divorce.

I have previously written about the benefits of patriarchal religion for marriage and family life. One of the main benefits is having virtuous older women to encourage her to be a good, faithful wife. This helps counteract the cultural cesspool constantly encouraging women to abandon their families.

5. Education


Contrary to what I expected, women who complete a college education are significantly less likely to get divorced. Is this because women who complete college are smarter? Are they more likely to be wise, because they can complete tasks? Or is this a crossover effect? I’m not sure, but the data is clear: a completed bachelor’s degree means a big drop in risk.

6. Presence Of A Father
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

Like almost everything in life, women raised by both parents are much more likely to have successful marriages. This is probably because she at least has some role model and male authority in her life, and some exposure to the benefits of remaining committed to your vows.

7. Rape Victims
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

Women who have been raped (forced sexual intercourse) are 23 percentage points more likely to be divorced than those who have not.

8. Baby Mamas
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

Marrying your baby mama, whether the baby is already born or whether she is pregnant, correlates with increased divorce risk. Interestingly, not having children within marriage increases divorce risk somewhat, while having children within wedlock cuts divorce risk substantially. Is it possible women will be happier back in the kitchen?

9. Mental Illness
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

Women who were diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder were 16 percentage points more likely to divorce than those who were not. We can extrapolate and guess that women with mental illness generally would tend to be more likely to divorce.

10. Interracial Marriage
Source: CDC

Source: CDC 2002

Those who marry a woman of a different race are at somewhat higher risk for divorce as the marriage goes on. I would like to see this broken down by the race of each partner, however. I suspect that certain couplings (black male, white female) are more likely to end in divorce than others (white male, Asian female).


All women are not created equal. There are still traditional, feminine, virtuous women out there. Your risk of divorce rape can be managed, but not eliminated, by weeding out undesirable traits. If you get married to a whore, you’re probably not going to end up happy. If you marry a a virtuous woman, your chances are much better.

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      1. What do you mean almost. Please give the list of rights you get from marriage. Remember that rights are things that can’t be taken away at the whim of a woman or the black robed thieves in anti-family court.

  1. Good article for those who are considering getting married.
    One gripe I have with the manosphere is men comparing marriage and divorce to a coin toss or having a parachute that only works 50% of the time. That’s like saying there’s a 1 in 3 chance that I’ll get fat if I get an American citizenship. It assumes that you have no power over your circumstances. If you follow the above guide, be a dominant and masculine husband, and find the right woman who’s not a post-wall slut, I’m sure you can raise your marriage success to 90% or above.
    Now, whether you think 90% is still too low or think even a marriage with zero-chance of divorce is not worth it is up to you, but the point is that it’s not all a matter of chance and gamble.

    1. In the old days the deal was very simple. Youth and beauty in exchange for resources. Today the woman gets lifetime access to your resources while she can cut sex at any time for any reason. That’s all that is to it, and it’s a completely shitty deal for men. Do-not-get-married.

      1. It’s actually far worse than that. Now the state will take the resources from the productive men so women can go out and play without anywhere near the fear of consequences of time past. Even a man who never marries still has to pay.

      2. just got divorced, lucked out with just a small amount of alimony for a few months as it was a short term marriage. you say dont’ get married but we need to have kids to make sure we retain traditional european ethnic based America, so just have kids with no marriage? I’m in my early 30’s, making good money, planning on getting married again but with the knowledge I have now it will have a pre-nuptial to protect my full retirement and the house will be owned by a trust without her name on the deed.

        1. First know thyself! Marriage is not what the myth says nor are we stuck on a farm with days of labor. Men do not vote their self interest. They vote to keep you as miserable as them. The firs thing is to start finding other men who won’t betray. Remember the state thanks to welfare has an interest in your wallet. The enemy is the entire system. Victory is to install responsibility for her decisions,is hers and hers alone.

        2. Good idea and why don’t all men just get a pre- nup, problem of losing all your resources sorted! A women who really wants to be your wife should agree to a pre- nup.

        3. As I said below. Pre nuptials. are worthless. If they are deemed (whatever the judge decides that means) to put the woman at a disadvantage, they will be thrown out of court. You guys need to study the law better.

      3. Just want to add:
        “Youth and beauty in exchanges for resources & ON-DEMAND, UNCONDITIONAL, FREE SEX !!!

        1. Yeah well, try to force your wife to have sex with you see what happens. That part of the equation is non existent while she has life long access to your money. If you are divorced you will continue to pay her while she is fucking other guys in your house and on your mattress. That sounds like a very bad deal to me.

        2. You got it wrong buddy ! Pussies “exchanging” their youth and beauty essentially means “sleeping with a MAN” for resources; understood !!
          What I actually meant was: not only “sleeping with a MAN” to “exchange” BUT they CAN also “sleep with a MAN” whenever they feel or in mood or on heat or just want to flirt !!! For a pussy, it’s always a TWO way but for MEN, it’s always a ONE way !! Hope I clarified my point.
          By the way; Why would I or You (I am assuming that you are MAN) or any MAN will force their wife to have sex !!! Isn’t it supposed to be a “mutual” pleasure !?

        3. What I meant was if she cuts you off, you can’t force her. And she can cut you off at any time and for any or no reason. Meanwhile you can’t cut off the money. Hope it helps.

        4. Guess you got really confused ! I know what you originally posted (I can understand English !). In SUPPORT of your original comment, I just wanted to (albeit out of context) add a “satire” that Pussies can get (FREE) SEX whenever they want, but not the same case with MEN. It seems this is going nowhere. This will be my last reply buddy. Good Night !

    2. I agree, I live in a good area, my kids go to a private school and divorce is tiny 1/20 or more . Just find a woman who is likely to be a good mother and doesnt have insane expectations. Leave the “on the make” sex in the city types to their fate

    3. Statistically speaking you have to take into account serial divorcers as well which lowers the rate further but you also have to realize that women change. You can take the best type of girl and put her around a gaggle of american cunts and sooner or later theyll turn her. Its like rot in a crate of apples. Women are natural followers and the culture we live in is a bombardment of signals and messages to be a horrible wife.
      If you really want to get married your going to have to make sure she inaliably signs her life away to you and then youre going to have to babysit her to make sure the culture doesnt turn her against you

      1. “Serial divorcers”. Good word that clearly explains the look of amazement on my face when someone tells me they have been married four, five or six times. My response to these individuals is, “have trouble making up your mind?”.

      2. I hate to go all religious on you but the ethics of the Christian church were the best means to keep wives faithful and loving, as in biblical terms it was their duty to support their husband and to be faithful to him. In giving Christianity the boot we opened a Pandora’s box of choice with no consequence for women, not to mention welfare, which for poorer households mean women are often better off financially if they force the low earning father out and rely on the state. That is the situation in the uk for many low earning men. Not everyone has enormous riches to lose in the divorce courts, there are plenty of fathers on low wage jobs denied access as well.

    4. Would you be kind enough to shed a little bit more light on who you are? Are you female, perhaps? And if so, what do you claim to want to achieve by posting at ROK?

      1. Corey is a moderator on here. Look at “Mod” next to the name and figure out Corey’s gender for yourself.

        1. Glad rlto hear this – obviously I’m not paying attention. No disrespect to Corey – it’s just that some of the questions and remarks were strange to me; but I’ll be the first to admit at times I”m a bit paranoid.

    5. It’s a terrible article for those who are considering marriage.
      It sugar coats the harsh reality…that in at least 70% of all marriages, according to research, you will find one or more of the following:
      1. Infidelity
      2. With holding sex
      3. Utter unhappiness
      You mentioned power: once you say I do, you have given up your power. From that point on, all the power is in the females hands: she wins in court most of the time, she can legally end the marriage with no fault, she will get custody of your children, you will pay her and she will be believed when she cries “he abused me”. I speak in general.
      You can never calculate the actual chance your sweet little thing won’t turn into a man hating bitch, especially not in the first two years and certainly not in an objective manner.
      When legal marriage is reformed to become a more equitable arrangement, I may change my tune.Until then, STFA! (stay the f*** away)

      1. “It sugar coats the harsh reality…that in at least 70% of all marriages, according to research, you will find one or more of the following:
        1. Infidelity
        2. With holding sex
        3. Utter unhappiness”
        Citation, please. Also, do you think ALL women are equally likely to act like a harpy?

        1. Let common sense prevail: Nobody is talking about ALL women here but MAJORITY of women !!! and YES, MAJORITY of women are equally likely to act like a harpy !!!

        2. It is not that all women are harpies, but rather that 100% of all women can be harpies, and get cash, prizes, and 100% societal and government support in raping you.

      2. The “Harsh reality” is also that most people are fat, stupid
        and ugly too. But all of these fates CAN
        be avoided, as can a woman with the tendencies to cause all the misery you describe. As in “Game”, you have to constantly analyze
        the other person, who they are, what they’re capable of, early on, in the
        moment. It’s not that hard to identify a
        whore who will ruin your life.

        1. Yes it is too hard. I did a study on adverse select on the marriage market. I assumed the same level of probability of making an error in selecting a good wife as our fathers (your grandfathers). This worked in the past because most women were at least passable wives. But in the current era, where almost all women are rotten choices (but very good at hiding it), the results accurately predict the level of misery we are witnessing.

        2. Constantly analyzing the other person? That sounds like a lot of fucking work. I’d rather just rent a whore when I’m horny and call it a day. At least with whores, you can be nice to them and they’ll still fuck you.

    6. Oscar Wilde:First marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
      Can’t love that enough

      1. I heard that second marriage was the triumph of eternal optimism over bitter experience. Just a little to punch it up to Oscar’s usual high standards.

    7. Black swan events can torpedo a healthy marriage. Death of a child, severe illness, loss due to natural disaster. You can’t know how you yourself will respond to an extreme event, much less how your partner will respond.
      Maybe going into a marriage for the benefits you can’t get any other way (maximize the upside), and deal with whatever comes is a healthier mindset than trying to minimize the downside through statistical analysis. Them stats, they lie.
      Also: Never get married, to the entire cast of characters in family court you’re just another meal.

      1. I knew these good catholic people with 6 kids. Very involved in the church, knights of Columbus that whole bit.
        Their teen daughter gets in a car wreck and dies. They divorce, she marries another dude within like 6 months.
        Everything they built completely destroyed in barely any time. It’s almost unreal.

    8. I basically agree with everything you said. You should only marry a woman who you trust. If you can’t find such a woman, maybe you’re better off not getting married. The only problem is that it is pretty much impossible to marry a virgin woman in America, since the vast majority of women lose their virginity before age 18, so dating them would be statutory rape. I’d like to see what percentage of women who get married as virgins end up getting divorced. And when I say “virgin,” I mean a woman who has not had any sexual experiences beyond kissing.
      When people in the manosphere say “all women are like that,” it’s the same as when feminists say “all men are like that.” At ROK, we should avoid becoming the male version of feminism. We should be in favor of traditional marriage (key word: traditional) and family values.

      1. The difference is when feminists say “all men are like that”, they mean the extreme negatives that are demonstrably rare (rapists and wife beaters). When we say it, we mean things that are demonstrably extremely common (attention whoring demonstrated by the demographics and usage of social media, disloyalty demonstrated by women filing the vast vast majority of divorces, surveys showing more than half would get pregnant on purpose to trap a man for marriage).

        1. Actually, you’re wrong. When women (whether they call themselves feminists or not) say “all men are like that,” sometimes they mean wife-beaters and rapists, but most of the time they mean all men are unassertive pussies and thirsty betas. “Boring,” as a woman would put it. And the fact of the matter is that most American men are, in fact, like that. And most American women are all the things you described. But not all men are beta pussies (ROK being a good example of men who are not like that), and all women are not gold-digging attention-loving whores, either. To say “all women are like that” closes you off from any chance of finding a good woman and passing on your genes, which makes you just as much of a failure as women who say “I don’t need no man. They’re all the same.”

        2. I can’t believe half would get pregnant on purpose to trap a man, surely more than 50 % of women have some principles because as a woman speaking here I think trapping men with pregnancy deliberately is just the lowest form of female behaviour imaginable. I have a friend who did that and I have never been able to look at her the same way again. Plus the guy she forced to marry her left in the end. It’s no recipie for happiness, but more than that it should be a criminal act in itself?

        3. It doesn’t have to be a criminal act (and would be almost impossible to prove). But since women have 100% of the choice as to whether or not a child is born, then they should bear 100% of the responsibility. The dad should have to opt in to the relationship with the child (after a mandatory DNA test of course), rather than being forced to support someone else’s choices. After all if two people buy a car together but only the one ever drives it, the other isn’t responsible for any accidents the first might have.

        4. It isn’t always deliberate, what if the guy’s contraception fails, then the woman has to pay the price? It used to be so simple pre 1950’s because by and large people having sex were usually married, so pregnancy deliberate or otherwise was a less divisive issue. Socially, legally and emotionally humans have not yet adapted to the huge societal change wrought by the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, which changed centuries of the existing order of male/female relationships. It may take another century before we adapt to that enormous change in a way that is equitable and that also protects the children, who are often ignored in this debate, yet have the least control.

      2. I married one of these unicorns. She was a 25 year old virgin. Two weeks before the wedding she shocked me by telling me that I was the first boy she had ever kissed. Almost 9 years latter very happily married.
        Of course she was no a western woman. She was a Filipina from a small village in the provinces. And yes I have worked very hard to minimize the cultural contamination of living in the US.

    9. That’s why I’ve never cared much what studies or whatever say. Because they focus on the average person and a man who dedicates himself to self-improvement and is red pill aware is anything but average.

    10. I’m sorry but your argument is fundamentally incorrect. A statistic is a statistic because it includes all the men who thought they could control their circumstances, and all the men who didn’t think they could, and everybody else. Now, divorce statistics are all incorrect, there is not one organ of government that keeps track of general divorce rates, and normally statistics about divorce rates come from the IRS, or from Revenue Canada Agency, but when a person remarries, they are re-absorbed into the “married” category, so nobody really knows. I’m just saying that, if the statistic was accurate, then your argument would be mathematically incorrect.

      1. There are several non-governmental agencies that are tracking never marrieds in the US. The biggest lie of what you are talking about is the married men live longer happier lives. If you take all the guys that got married and them went through the meat grinder and bundle them in with the “single” men, and only count the still married men as married, then you get that garbage. If you look at the stats for never married you get a different picture. Dalrock often gets his stats from organizations that have unconfounded these factors.

    11. Agreed. But I also miss in these statistics what age difference is the optimal.
      Marrying a younger woman gives you less fight for å position of authority, and keeps you younger at an older age.
      I am not talking about marrying someone half your age, but maybe 5 yrs younger, perhaps? I am sure there is an optimal here also.

      1. Half your age plus seven years is the ancient formula. You get to keep upgrading.

        1. I violated that one. I married a woman half my age minus 2.5 years. It seems to have been the right decision so far. Of course that was what the guy said after he jumped off the Empire State building; So far so good.
          And I will add that no matter what age you are never marry a woman over 25. There is just nothing to gain from that mistake.

    12. statistics are BS…. put your head in the oven and your feet in the freezer statistically you’ll be at the perfect room temperature….
      send 100 random subjects big wave surfing… 99% will die… so you only have a 1 in 100 chance of making it on a big wave… go tell that to Kelly Slater…

  2. For marriage, I recommend Japanese women. Specifically Panasonic and Sony.
    Actually good article that deserves serious comment

      1. The reality is that all women ARE like that (manipulative, abusive, sociopathic, destructive, drama-oriented, liars). ?

      2. This isn’t the red pill subreddit. You can’t just walk in, say a code word, and dismiss a mountain of evidence that doesn’t fit with your dogma.

        1. And may God have mercy on his soul…
          because the unicorn and her attorney won’t.

        2. Unfortunately the article misses the whole point: there can’t be any unicorns in a gynocentric society. When will you trad-cons understand this and stop chasing ghosts?
          Each point of the article is trying to mitigate the unfair system men are being subjected to.

    1. THIS! ^^^^^^^ ********
      “A bachelor is a man who doesn’t make ‘the worst mistake of his life’ once.”

    2. You should also add…and DON’T DON’T have children…even it you don’t end up paying for them. Having children (whether it was your intention or not) and not playing a role in their lives (from walking away or from having them taken away from you) is as fucked up as they come.

      1. Aaaaaah, our genocide plan by destroying their women is working out perrrrrrfectly……rubs hands

    3. That was pretty much what was going through my head when I read the title. How to reduce your risk of divorce; don’t get married. Pretty much a no brainer if that is your only goal. I absolutely guarantee that every divorced man got married first.

  3. Until the divorce laws are changed, nothing will happen. You can “vet” your future wife all you want. When the power of the state is behind her she will be incentivized to divorce you. As long as women are superior to us in front of the law men will suffer on this deal. Walk away! It’s the only sensitive thing you can do.

    1. That is the truth. As it is right now a woman can cheat on her husband and if he divorces her, he’ll see his kids on weekends, pay alimony, and child support even if she makes more than he. She gets everything you get nothing. It is almost impossible to rewrite the divorce laws, feminist would go crazy, there is no other way to restore the old order than addressing divorce laws, child support laws for unwed moms, and the welfare voter class (good luck getting rid of that one).

  4. Don’t marry an American woman unless she’s Amish and plans on staying that way. Otherwise, either the TV or other bitches will find a way to fuck her up.

    1. I got my wife an internet based access to Filipino TV. It is pretty much all that she watches. She works in health care and almost all of her coworkers are immigrants that think American women are all bitches of the worst sort.

  5. Kinda need marriage to have kids & continue your epic bloodline. Peasants sure, cop out & die off.

    1. I disagree. You can always use a surrogate if you are so set on that. As to the bloodline I have bad news for you. In a couple of generations your genes will be completely diluted anyway.

        1. Unless a single father can magically split into two parents he still faces the difficulties of being a single parent. Which have been linked to alot of negative outcomes

        2. Statistically, this is untrue – children raised by single fathers fare significantly better than those raised by single mothers. (I think this has something to do with women being nurturer’s during infant years while fathers are teachers and disciplinarians during adolescent years… but, I digress…)
          However, since we are talking statistics, this might have gotten so skewed because of our insane divorce laws, because in order for a father to get custody over a mother, the father has to be like Jesus Christ himself, while the wife only MIGHT not get custody if she is prostituting herself for heroin and has been in and out of mental instutions regularly for the past decade.
          …Soooo… the type of men that get custody are most likely of a caliber much higher than the average to begin with.
          Which brings us back to “d’Oh!”

        3. No it does not. Tons of studies show that the single father home is only slightly below the quality of the two biological parents home as the best place for children. The absolute worst and most dangerous place for children is in the single parent family with their mothers.

        4. Studies that separate out the miniscule number of mae single parents refute you assumptions. BTW I was a single father parent after the death of my wife.

        5. Except in my case the mother died so I got default custody of my own children (although it was a close call for a while).

  6. This was a good article for younger guys like myself to see. My perception of marriage has undoubtedly evolved over the past 10 years or so. Being a North American, remaining married is extremely difficult which I have seen time and time again. But, this is not to say I denounce it by any means. Marriage has its place in our society for the future of families and nations.

    1. I understand a lot of these guys want to just bang a lot chicks. And they don’t want to end up like their friends that got fucked in divorce court. I get it.
      But we need kids if the West is going to survive. And kids need Mom and Dad. A lot of these problems will work themselves out in a couple generations if normal people have big families.

      1. The only way to increase the replacement rate is to take women’s rights away. Nothing else will work.

        1. I’m generally in agreement.
          I would roll things back about 100 years. No voting, at fault divorce, but women are something above chattel property.

        2. They should not be property. They should have all the rights with the exception of getting involved in politics. The right to vote has to go.

    2. Marriage is not found in nature, so it’s an unnatural concept. Animals live in “families” as long as it’s mutual beneficial. The legal marriage framework was put in place with one single purpose: to benefit women. Please give me ONE example where marriage benefits men.

      1. You’re absolutely right, it is unnatural. But, it keeps (or rather, was meant to) keep peoples behavior in check, and subsequently aid in the foundation of civilized societies.

        1. Well, this is a long discussion… What really kept women in check was the community, religion, shaming, women’s need for men’s resources, etc. All these things are gone now.

      2. My wife is fantastic in bed. I genuinely would not bang another woman because my wife knows exactly what I want. It’s like the guy crying because his weed is so good:
        She takes great care of my kids. Wakes up in the middle of the night, takes care of them when they’re sick. She loves those little fuckers, and half the time, I can’t deal with their bullshit (although I love them too).
        I realize divorce rape is real, and women can be treacherous. My wife is not always virtuous. But a good marriage is a good thing, I promise you.

      3. Well if you catch them before they start getting notches in their belt you have an untainted woman who you can probably grow old with and share alot of great experiences with.

        1. This is the very problem with traditionalists. How are you going to insulate her from her empowerment, her slutty girlfriends? If you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, maybe you will stand a chance but women’s nature will never change. She will continuously look to ditch your ass for a better deal. It’s what they do. This is their very nature, burned into the firmware.

        2. Wouldn’t say im a traditionalist,I’ve turned a lot of women out myself. The idea is to be the best option she has through physical and mental development. I wouldn’t say it’s in their nature, I would just women are more prone to go along with whats popular regardless of it being right or wrong.

        3. “The idea is to be the best option she has through physical and mental development.”
          You just agreed with me without realizing it

        4. Atilla, you have to go to a traditional church. My wife would get excommunicated and shunned by her whole social circle if she divorce raped me.

        5. Brad Pitt wasn’t enough for that bag of damaged goods Angelina. Exactly how do you propose to e the absolute best man in existence every second of the next 50 to 60 years. And I doubt even that would do it as you would be competing with the fantasies in her mind projected on some poor sap.

      4. Marriage is of little benefit to the western man in this day and age.
        In traditional agricultural or hunter/gatherer societies where the man of the home was also the leader of the home, marriage was of huge social and economic benefit. In such times and places before the advent of washing machines, dish washers, electric stoves and indoor plumbing manual labor was difficult and chores took a considerable amount of time and effort.
        Just making butter was a serious chore that consumed a considerable amount of my mother’s and grandmother’s time each week. My mother had to spend a day just to wash clothes by hand and spend hours each day preparing meals made from scratch. In those times a man benefited from having a woman tend to the household and raise children, and it kept them busy enough to not think of twisted new ways to stir up drama.

    3. TRAVEL! Make it your must do to leave the west and go to for foreign lands to see how women treat and respect their men.
      If you have any friends from the middle east, asia, or south america I suggest you travel with them to see their relatives and see how their women behave and interact day to day in the household.

      1. What about men? How do men treat their women?
        In east, Asia , South America , Eastern Europe first of all women are more traditional because men treat them as women. They do not share expenses or bills in restaurants. Look around how western men treat women. If in your country women are masculine there is a fault of men also. For eastern man is a shame to allow woman pays. Lot of comments I read here are about money, east sex, how men worry about not to share money with woman, not to get married etc…. so, do not complain. A Woman will always treat right a true gentelman.

  7. I can’t agree more with #1. Besides the inability to pair-bond, a woman with several partners in her history is more than likely to compare you with her first lover, or, perhaps the fling she had with her married and unattainable alpha boss.
    Interracial marriage is interesting, but that leaves a lot to be explained. From empirical evidence over the years, I have noticed that the most-to-least successful interracial marriages, in the U.S. are:
    White man+Black woman (happiest couples, for some reason)
    Asian man + any non-Asian woman
    White man + Asian woman
    White man + Hispanic woman
    Hispanic man + White woman
    Black man + Hispanic woman
    Black man + White woman (destined for disaster)
    Notice the trend of the rarer the pairings, the more successful they seem to be? I can’t explain that, but interpret that as you will.

  8. Speaking from experience, spot on advice about finding a uber religious one with a good father and taking their virginity. I have an easy marriage.

  9. People are complete fools when it comes to “marriage”.
    Marriage is the transfer of property rights over a daughter. It transfers headship from a father to a husband he has selected and approves of. The ceremony portion celebrates this union, which done right, is a pillar of an advanced and wise civilization socially, morally, economically, etc. After the man and women are wed, the man has the lawful right to bed his new woman.
    Fast forward to spiritually ignorant 2016. Women are “free”. They take their virginity and throw it away on the first chance they “feel” like. Men and women have sex all the time without the woman’s father approving or even being involved. After they do this, then move in together (usually), then they decide to “get married”. It is putting the cart before the horse. Or, in other words, two people decide to have a ceremony bringing the state and federal government into their pre-existing sexual relationship. What folly.
    I have news for you: if you have had sex with a woman, you are married to her in the moral and true definition of marriage. You have become one flesh with her. The father can annul this union or sanction it (Exodus 22 and Deuteronomy 22).
    Modern “marriage” is nothing more than a complete upside down, backwards, distorted sentiment of what it truly is. People can gnash teeth at this reality all day long but the definition of marriage is what it is, regardless how people want to redefine it multiple ways as time passes to make it fit their preferred definition. The state is irrelevant in a marriage union. It is an agreement between two families that hinges on the father of the bride.

    1. “if you have had sex with a woman, you are married to her in the moral and true definition of marriage” this part right here has shamed me into not using tinder ever again.

      1. In reality arranged marriages benefit women more than men in the long run. Women are just too stupid to see it. There didn’t used to be crazy cat ladies.

    2. From the very beginning I’ve watched the ROK community grow in spirit…
      I’ve come lurking back after a long journey…
      I see you men coming closer and closer to the truth and it warms my heart. God bless you all, may you be the best of men.

    3. When good productive father approved husbands benefited women over the alternative that’s how society was arranged. Now that doesn’t benefit women over the alternative of modern technology and social safety nets. The risk / reward calculation changed. Society changes to fit what women want.

  10. As a woman, I find that this article matches my advice to other women: there will be men who who you should choose “no man” over.
    Men should also be equally picky, and have standards.
    What makes me think I know what I’m talking about: I’ve been married 32 years. And only once.

    1. You had to bring the virtue signaling into this. You married in 1984 and by the time the society became this lose and so biased in favor of women, you were too old and way passed your prime not able to jump back on the cock carrousel. By that time you had no choice.

      1. Attila why are you so mad? Your avatar fits you very well because you are definitely a shit sucker

        1. I was merely pointing out her NAWALT virtue signaling. You will see this coming from women every single time in a discussion like this. It never fails, but you are probably not experienced enough to know this.

        2. Ah, another woman. Not bitter at all. How can one be bitter on a dog that bites? That’s what dogs do. Simple observation of a fact. Now I’m waiting to hear the usual “you live in a basement” meme.

        3. I’m experienced enough to not shame someone who is agreeing with you…. You can have a distrust of women and not harp on them every time they speak

        4. Oh, no, I don’t think you live in a basement, attila. I suspect you’ve had more than enough experience. Have you been divorced?

        5. Me being divorced or not has nothing to do with observing the reality around me. It is my opinion that we live in a gynocentric society where men are constantly being shitted on and I can’t stand watching that. And for the record, it is not women’s fault. Women will do what they’ve always done. Fulfill their own imperative… but when you put men at disadvantage in a legal sense, then really bad things are going to happen – for both men and women.

        6. What statistics and facts do you need for her to be able to agree that men and women should both have standards? haha

        7. Experience colors observation more so in women, that’s true, but context is always worth exploring. Apologies for the personal question. Considering the state of most women, I think you’re right to be cautious. I’ve seen so many women treat decent men terribly and I’ve been ashamed for them. Culture supports this behavior, doesn’t it? Ive witnessed bad behavior in men also, men who succumbed to their lesser selves. I’m sure you have, too, yes? For multiple and varied reasons this happens. I don’t believe it is their inherent nature, though many feminists would tell me so.

        8. OK, you seem intelligent enough to sustain this conversation. Here’s how I see things… there is a lot to it, but let’s jump the gun a little and explain this to me from a legal/societal stand point. How is it fair that women have all the reproductive rights while men have zero? Just look at the guys here how desperate they are in trying to rationalize that maybe, maybe there is a way to find a woman that will not pull the trigger on them.
          If a woman does not want a child, she has many options: abortion, give the child away after is born, etc. The man has no say in what happens. However, when the man does not want the child, he is on the hook for 18 years. He can not abort his responsibilities. Many times he is not even the biological father. How is this right?
          Divorce: Where does it say that in case of divorce the child is better off living with the mother? Where is the evidence supporting that fact? I would argue to the contrary just by looking at the african-american boys living in a single mother household.
          Even when the father is unknown, the woman is fully protected by the power of the state via welfare (wrapping up all the government programs geared toward women here). Where do that money come from? They come from men, as men being net contributors into the system via taxes, etc. The government incentivizes women to be irresponsible because they know that one way or another will be taken care of regardless of their poor decisions. And so you have people that should not reproduce to begin with, reproducing.
          Anyway, it’s a long discussion and it all starts from the fact that we are a sexual dimorphic species. With that being said, the system is trying to elevate women be men’s equals, and that will never work because of our biology. The system will fail but in the mean time everybody is suffering.
          At a high level, you may say that women will not… Problem is men are starting to figure out what’s going on and are walking away from this shitty deal. And that’s bad for women. You see? A man can be totally content being single. Not so much for women.

        9. No it’s not. At the core of it it’s very simple. Youth and beauty in exchange for resources.

        10. And by that standard as soon as the man’s resources dry up the woman has the right to leave the man then? Basically you are saying the relationship between a man and a woman is gold digging and purely a material one.

        11. Yes. A woman will live you once you can’t provide anymore. Go ahead and try that. I would not call it gold digging, that’s derogatory and it overlooks reality.
          I don’t blame women. From a biological stand point this is what they must do in order to make sure the off springs survive. It comes from eons of history.
          You have to understand, many thousands of years ago a woman would literally die without a man. That’s just a fucking fact. Women are weaker than us and they need massive resources when pregnant/nursing/rearing the children. Our biology didn’t change since then. We’re still running on 20K years old software, regardless of our advances at society level.
          Ever wondered why women are risk adverse? Simple. The brat needs to eat NOW. Food coming up in two weeks is not good enough.

        12. The brain has adapted a lot of 20,000 years, it’s definitely not the same as it was back then. And yes gold digging is the correct term if the women actively seeks a better provider while she is still in a relationship with another…don’t start sticking up for women now haha. My experience may be purely anecdotal but I know a lot of women who are shacked up with losers and they are the primary provider in the relationship so I would have to disagree that they are hardwired for that. In fact, the only 10 I ever knew (short little Italian and built like a brick house) shacked up with a dude who tattoo’d out of his apartment and maybe at tops made 100 bucks a week. She worked 2 jobs just to cover rent and even had a kid with the SOB. He went to prison for assaulting a 16 year old when he was 22 (real winner) and now she’s shacked up with some ex hippie who works as a manager at best buy.

        13. The brain did not catch up in any significant manner, and you bringing up isolated examples does not invalidate the general observation.
          I am not sticking up for women. I merely recognize their condition and the fact that’s it’s not an easy one to be in.

        14. What are you showing me? The lizard brain did not change. Seriously? Are we going into semantics now?

        15. Thank you, Attila. That’s more than kind of you. 🙂
          Gosh, that’s quite the can of worms you have there!
          “How is it fair that women have all the reproductive rights while men have zero?” In a secular society, it’s not fair at all. If women are permitted medical abortions, men should be permitted paper abortions. (Though I would have similar thoughts about a man exercising his right as I would a women exercising hers. You?) Of course both parties can easily avoid the worst case scenario if they so choose, can’t they? Maybe that’s naïve of me. But, yes, fair’s fair. I must point out that this is a leftist cause. Strange bedfellows!
          Curious if you’ve known a man who fought for primary custody? I’ve known one man who did and he did so because his ex was an untreated alcoholic. He easily won custody, then promptly sent the kids to boarding school. Generally men have seemed more than happy to leave the parenting to women. This is her traditional role, yes? It’s happening more, though, no doubt. And if you investigate the numbers, with new state statutes preventing gender preference, men are winning custody battles. it’s a slight increase, but it’s there. Makes sense, too, as women are not embracing their role as mother/nurturer/caregiver the way they once did. Again, a move away from patriarchal hetero marriages and traditional gender roles might actually work in your favor here.
          Anyway, these are all justifiable grievances, Attila, and they deserve attention. I feel you, I do. I feel terribly for men today. Just here on this page, there’s so much disappointment, rage, cynicism, confusion … it’s heartbreaking. When I hear a man say, “Women are soulless creatures incapable of feeling and good for nothing but sex”, I wonder what dreadful events brought this poor man to such a pained conclusion. Then I remember many of the women I’ve known! I think the growing discord and distrust between man and woman emanates from both sides. The gulf between our sexually dimorphic islands was just wide enough to inspire and sometimes nourish both. But the once uneasy peace is gone and outright war looms now, as you say, to everyone’s detriment. I don’t know why this gulf widens or how it will be crossed.

        16. “I don’t know why this gulf widens or how it will be crossed.”
          Return to a soft patriarchy and traditional gender roles but that will never happen. With that being said, men are walking away from marriage and even relationships in great numbers. They do a simple cost/benefit analysis and the numbers are simply not there. I don’t believe there is a going back from this unfortunately. The fabric of our society will continue to degrade until there is nothing left. When that happens a stronger culture will take over. In the old days we would have been conquered by the barbarians by now. Not so much today – we have very sophisticated weapons. It will take a very long and painful time until this comes to a close. What is certain is the irreversibility of the path we’re on.

        17. Yes, I don’t see the type of women in question returning to even a soft patriarchy. Theyre angry, reactionary creatures, as you know, and I see more and more of them eschewing marriage and family as some men are also beginning to do. To be fair, I don’t know that many men my age (25) would know their role in a patriarchal system anyway. At least I’ve not met many. I was raised in the Russian Orthodox church by traditional parents, and my boyfriend is very alpha, but I know I’m in the minority. If a return is not possible, maybe the best way forward is through.

        18. I have known several men that have fought long and hard to get custody and they all failed. I was told by my lawyer that no matter what I would not get custody so he recommended I not spend the money (pay him) for the lost cause.
          I worked with one of these guys. He had remarried and had two other children, worked a responsible job, maintained a sold respectable middle class life style and stable family life. His ex-wife was an unrepentant heroine addict living with her pusher boyfriend. He had multiple expert testimony that said the situation was doing serious harm to his daughter from that earlier marriage. The court ruled that the ex-wife not only retained 100% custody but that my friend had to pay for her drug rehabilitation treatment. He spent many 10s of thousands of dollars and got shafted even more.
          Another guy got the now common accusation of child sexual abuse as a divorce tactic. He killed himself by electrocution in the bathtub. His suicide note said he was absolutely innocent of the charges, but the affects of the charges alone made life was no longer worth living.
          I really don’t want to hear from any woman about how she sympathizes about how men are treated. Sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

        19. Let me agree with the comments below. The brain, especially the female brain, has not adapted one iota since we were roaming the Serengeti.

        20. Those are hard stories. I know of women in this position but not men, so interesting to hear. To clarify, me who are forced to pay undue child support and alimony are legion. I’ve only known one who wanted physical custody of his children. His wife was an untreated alcoholic and he did win the case.
          *I really don’t want to hear from any woman about how she sympathizes about how men are treated. ” That’s understandable. I’ve found sympathy to be an emotion men are not usually comfortable with. I can sort of see why you would feel so.

        21. Guess you missed my link to “Evolution of the brain” from the Smithsonian website. MUH SCIENCE

        22. “If a return is not possible, maybe the best way forward is through.”
          No it’s not. This can not move forward because it is unsustainable.
          Here’s an alternate path. Men are problem solvers and now they have a problem in their hands (pun intended but not really). You will start seeing technologies being developed that will first address the sexual needs. Porn is ubiquitous already, virtual reality comes on line next year (add some remote enabled physical stimulant devices and you have it made), and AI sex robots are almost a reality. Check this out (open in a new tab so it won’t take you off this page).
          All these will fix the sex need part of things. Reproduction will be addressed by cloning, artificial wombs, etc. in the more distant future. What will these two things combined do? Will make women obsolete. There might not even be a female sex 1-200 years from now because we will not need them anymore. That will be a giant leap for (man)kind. The specie will move forward without you. So submit or else 🙂

      2. The 70s were a LOT looser than the 80s. The 70s were loose as fuck and when most of this “sexual exploration” bullshit really took off. Women were encouraged to be sluts for the fun of it. Someone married in 1984 surely could have participated in, or at least been exposed to and influenced by that mentality.

        1. The legal framework was still favoring men at that time. Men were still able to mitigate women’s hypergamy. Not anymore starting from the ’90s and on.

        2. First marriage in 1982. No, we had no idea of the cesspool we were entering into back then.

        3. First divorce in the late 80s. No, there were no limits to women’s hypergamy and the legal framework was 100% in favor of the women and of screwing the men to the greatest extent possible. You are looking at the past with rose colored glasses and assuming it is much worse now. It is no worse, but the facts are more widely known because they are so in your face they are impossible not to see.

      3. ” you were too old and way passed your prime not able to jump back on the cock carrousel. By that time you had no choice.”
        Tell it like it is.

      4. I have aunts, uncles and cousins who went around a 2nd or 3rd time.
        I have no desire to do it again, though. I feel sorry for the young women today who can’t find anything but pajama boys. At least the pickings were better when I was in the market.

    2. Unfortunately they seem to have lost your mold over time. It’s a wasteland out there now. In the western world anyway.

    3. “What makes me think I know what I’m talking about”
      Simply that you’re a woman. Maybe.

        1. Yeah, what ever happened to being banned for responding to a female?
          Man, those were the good old days.

        2. You haven’t even been around long enough to remember that time, you’ve only had an account for a few months, I’ve been on ROK for several years…

  11. Call me a faggot, but I want to share my life with a woman.

    I think I would be more inclined to call you that if you wanted to share your life with a man. 😉

    1. The problem is that you won’t be “sharing your life” with JUST a woman — you’ll also be ‘sharing’ it with the government, Facebook, her parents, the rest of her family, her girlfriends, her ex-boyfriends, her attorney, etc. (just for starters).

      1. “The problem is that you won’t be “sharing your life” with JUST a woman — you’ll also be ‘sharing’ it with the government, Facebook, her parents, the rest of her family, her girlfriends, her ex-boyfriends, her attorney, etc. (just for starters)”
        Gone are the days when a man can just settle down in a humble existence with a humble gal.
        As Take The Red Pill stated – it’s no longer as simple as that. You will be constantly measured up, scrutinized, criticized and under constant pressure to not only not piss her off or anyone in her family or social circle, but you will be constantly having to prove yourself to EVERYONE at all times.
        Goodbye peaceful living. Fuck marriage.
        But don’t take our word for it – go ahead a get married. Then after years of antagonization of being a husband you will remembers those guys at the ROK forum – they were right.

        1. women need community – it was always the case… the stability of extended family has been replaced with a swathe of useless ‘friends’ and work colleagues who could care less about you and yours and are just as interested in your demise and the interest and excitement that brings to their lives….
          it’s not just being on guard and being measured up all the time… it’s the effort and time that’s required to keep that up.
          disappear on a work assignment for 2 weeks when no one can judge you – that alone might be enough to tear it apart.

        2. Don’t you think modern life just places too many demands on both parties to both be good at everything. There used to be a division of labour and men and women knew what was expected of them. But expectations are so high now, for both sexes to be equally good at everything, how can we help but fail? For instance and speaking from the female perspective – I need to have a job and contribute to household funds, care for the children to a level that previous generations were not held to, keep a home that looks like it stepped out of a homes magazine, feed everyone nutritious healthy meals according to their dietary needs, still maintain myself in great shape and find time to keep fit, remain ever youthful and gorgeous…….men have it even worse as they have to earn the bulk of the cash, come home and share equally in all the chores and child care or be deemed sexist oafs, under similar pressures to maintain themselves to be attractive. That’s not even to include the stresses of work, children unwell, ageing parents and millions of other pressures we find ourselves under.
          Expectations are too high on both sides, male and female – we need to cut each other some slack, be a bit more tolerant and a bit less demanding. Maybe divide the jobs up a bit more clearly again rather than both parties having to be good at all of it?

        3. There are some extreme introverts like myself. We just need to pair off with other introverts and we’re fine.

      2. You get the rest of the world trying to make her dissatisfied with you or at the very least thinking she can do better.
        I think that’s what social media does. Everyone making everyone else unsatisfied with their lives. But that’s because they see an edited version of other people’s lives.

        1. You want facebook or a life CHOP.
          Your dad will be dead thirty years before me CHOP.
          Want some cats and STDS like your friends CHOP.
          I GET what you guys are saying about the dumbshit. Just have to leverage with the fear of god. Who is gonna be holding hands on a death bed? You want to live in your car? Want to compare me to other men, how about I upload some videos of you to lubetube and see how you stack up to other women. Want me to fuck all your coworkers then get you fired?
          If she doesn’t comply, what do you care…let her run around the city telling everyone you’re a controlling asshole that only cares about cloths / sex / money…….that will chase the women off.
          Anyhow beyond the locker room talk. The goal is husband / wife versus the world as a team. Anything that threatens that is destroyed instantly. If ever seem over the top, two are one…anyone whispering stupid shit in her ear is whispering in mine. My job is to crush and pity the fools, her job is to report them and not protest when heads start rolling. Defending the enemy is worse then being the enemy…after she sees the hell you bring others, the last thing she will want is their fate. The vows are forsake ALL others, if has a problem with that…..then I start breaking vows………starting with her sister if can.

        2. yes, the movies and TV don’t help either… perfectly scripted situational dramas where everyone hasn’t a hair out of place and always says the perfect line…. combined with static photos of people you know who seem to be having the time of their lives.

        3. Don’t ridicule him for the desire he speaks of. It is natural to a
          man and was the norm for thousands of years. How do you think
          patriarchies kept the women in line while they built a civilization?
          As Machiavelli states, it would be best to be both feared and loved. If one had to choose however, I would rather be feared.
          being said the westernized woman is a complete disgrace to herself and
          to every weak male who obliges her. Not only a disgraceful whore, she
          is a constant liability to a man and offers nothing substantial to
          recompense for it.
          When a collapse comes I am perfectly fine with selling off all the skanks,sluts and baby killers to the arabs.
          men take back control of their lives by force and declare it decreed by
          the heavens themselves, we will only continue to wilt like broken,
          dying trees. The western man as a whole is already dead inside. He
          accepts his role as house cuck. He’s not a man, not even recognizable
          as a male at times.
          There is no fight in him. Nothing. Dead eyes, complacent and soft hands, submissive posture.
          Until we expel the traitors, the weaklings, the victim aggressors, there will only be the feminized lunar eclipse of all reason and sanity.

        4. I’m 37 and quiet happily married, not suffering any of the issues griped about being blanket reality online.
          Something closer too the truth is how pathetic men are that place their worth in keeping a woman. If one does their best and women flakes…her problem and on to the next.
          What exactly is the issue putting all cards on table and letting know transparent what is and not tolerated? What is the problem following through with real consequences of screwing up? What is the problem of being selective and having standards? What is the issue being in control of yourself and throwing those that don’t play ball to the wolfs?
          Anyhow thanks for telling me my life is a dream you can’t possibly fathom.

      3. social media and lawyers aside, this has always been the case… you don’t pair bond with a woman 1 to 1 – her and your family are semi essential components in raising a family and in daily child care.
        women need community, men not so much…. so the question of a LTR also relies on how good you (and her) are at handling the community that will naturally form around you. Man + Woman is not that different to a H2 hydrogen molecule… inherently unstable…
        When H2 bonds with oxygen and carbon then you have a molecule that’s the stable component of life. The divorce problems are not down to these BS statistics… they are not even scratching the surface. It’s the fractured extended family that rather be playing golf than helping with the grand kids…there’s 50% of your problem right there.
        The rest is down to lame socially retarded betas that want a safe space to be alone with their girl… fine and good for a honey moon or a dirty weekend, but women need community… and so do families.

        1. my ex starting getting way to close to her “social justice warrior” mixed black/white family and not respecting my positions as a redpilled fiery white american.
          The family/friends relationship is huge. will definitely look for that when I make much better decisions in the future. And avoid single mother raised if possible.

        2. In your/this context, I can understand BUT can’t you/I/we just say “redpilled fiery MAN or MEN” !?

        3. Then be enough of a man to be a community naturally by your own two hands.
          ” thank you, I love you, you’re my hero.”
          ” gulp gulp, meow ”
          ” I…I…what do you want me to say?”
          I’m kidding, but need to find you some pink knee pads next time go too the store.
          Lulz maybe I’m just blessed with looks, talent, and intelligence…..and life really does impossibly suck for the majority of men. Oh well, so much for leading by example.

        4. Do you have america without RED / Native INDIANS ?
          Do you have america without BLACKS ?
          (If yes, then you need to first kick out your President Barack Obama !)
          Do you have america without BROWNS ?
          (If yes, then you might have to kick out Hell number of “Browns”, including but not limited to Satya Nadella & Sundar Pichai !!!)
          Do you have america without YELLOWS ?
          Do you have america without DEBT from the YELLOWS !!

        5. america can support tiny minorities of those groups but it is contingent upon maintaining an anglo american majority or it will fail just like every other social experiment in multiculturalism has before it.

        6. Guess majority of the Bhartiyas / Hindustanis (Ok, Indians !!!) had same perspective long back ! It’s too late now ! Before I die, I wish to see & listen to my Country name officially being changed to BHARAT or HINDUSTAN !
          Anyway, got your point and appreciate the way you replied.

    2. “White women in their 20s are the best bet for those looking to avoid divorce.”
      Surely you’re joking. Right?

      1. i dont think so, my mother, and both grandmothers were white women in their 20’s and have been/were married between 38 and 62 years.

        1. Your mother and grandmother are from many generations ago. Things have changed a bit in the west since they got married

      2. Most of these graphs are skewed to older women because they require 10 or 20 years past the first marriage to appear as a data point. It’s not hard to believe that women who are 40 today had fewer divorce incentives back in their fertile youth. I bet the same graphs made 20 years from now (centering on millenials) would have sharp upticks pretty much in every category.

      3. LOL! What I was thinking. I think white women invented divorce. I guess he is speaking in relative terms…

    3. It really depends on how much of a manjawed feminist cuntsplainer his soon to be ex is? If it is Kim K, or worse, a Marcunt, then his demise is assured.

  12. Getting married today is entering a three ways relationship with the state. The state is the alpha, and you become the beta bitch. There is no better way to hand your balls to the woman on a platter.

  13. In america now any female who isn’t ugly is going to have notch count of at least 25 partners. But keep taking that blue pill if it makes you happier.

    1. Guys in America seem to underestimate the number of partners a woman has. 25 already seems high enough, but there are girls that go out to clubs and bars every weekend and get banged by a new guy.
      In reality, American girls have a HUGE notch count. The sad thing is these girls marry guys with very low notch counts.

      1. I agree — these under 2 dozen t notch count shock statements!!!???
        i think triple digit is the norm for early 20s modern woman…

        1. Nope, the average number of sexual partners for a female in her early twenties is like 6, and we know this because men, by mathematical principal, must have the same number of sexual partners, and what do men report for the average number? Well, 6-7, whereas for the females its like 5-6, so we can presume men are inflating, women are deflating, average that ought, and we come to 6…

        2. The average is totally irrelevant. 20% of men fuck 80% of women. Don’t compare the sex averages.

        3. That number is total bullshit. But even if I accept it as true, it means that men are going to have very high notch counts, and women are still going to be staying in the single digits.

        4. “using math to describe women…not gunna work” Its number of sexual partners, it does work. What sort of metaphysical bullshit are you trying to propose to me?

        5. SOME few men are going to have very high notch counts. Do you know how much I was getting laid before learning game? TWO girlfriends.
          Online dating: how many more women that before can access now that 20% of men? Do you see what I mean?

        6. “TWO girlfriends.” Presuming this is true, this means you have two more sexual partners, and each woman only has one. Which again,furthers my argument.
          “Online dating: how many more women that before can access now that 20% of men?” Guys in the top 20% of men aren’t going to be using online dating. If they (20%) can get such good quality women, why go after the bottom of the barrel (online dating)?

        7. It is for the most part. Why would anyone who has the social skills to be in public, and the attractiveness to get partners ever need to use online dating?

        8. Lack of time and money. Getting laid on tinder is orders of magnitude cheaper and faster than anything else.

        9. “What sort of metaphysical bullshit are you trying to propose to me?”
          It’s pretty obvious that a lot of the comments here are “AWALT” dogmatists who literally believe that all women will eventually cheat and divorce rape you.
          I understand where it comes from. It’s a culture thing. Their parents were divorced. Their friends are divorced. They live in the city. They are not religious.
          They don’t know people with stable marriages. So they assume that everything is like what they observe. Which was the point of my article: be careful who you marry, but it is possible if you’re careful.

      2. “25 already seems high enough, but there are girls that go out to clubs and bars every weekend and get banged by a new guy”
        What about all the pre-adolescents girls I hear about (this may be a myth) who may not technically be having sex, but are giving hand jobs for cigarette money at the shopping mall parking lots?

      3. Random guys don’t have statistical information, and the actually number of sexual partners for an american is closer to 5 or 6…

        1. You’re a fucking imbecile if you think all guys have the same number of sexual partners. Players will have hundreds and celebs maybe thousands while others maybe a dozen and most will have fewer than 5.

        2. And same thing with women. Lets say you have 100 girls, 100 guys, All of these women want to go for the top guy, so they each end up having sex him. He has 100 sexual partners over his lifetime, while each of the girls only have 1 sexual partner over their lifetime. Now lets presume 99 of these girls then go have sex with the other 99 guys, now 99 of the guy have 1 sexual partner, 1 guy has had 100 sexual partners, 1 girl has had 1 sexual partner, and 99 girls has had 2 sexual partners. That is an extreme end of sexual inequality, and if you think its the top 1%of men is actively having sex with 99% of women in the literal sense, you need to get of ROK and go into the real world for a bit. Frankly, I think the ROK crowed spends way to much time in nightclubs (what kind of women besides a hypergamous sluts would ever have a reason to go to a nightclub dude?) and so what they see there they project onto everyone else. I am not denying hypergamy is a problem in our society, but the way the “manosphere” stereotypes (perceives) the rest of western society is just melodramatic.

        3. You’re too stupid to understand the dynamics or math. The top 50% of women will have sex with the top 10% of guys. In an equal population of 1000 males and females, that means 500 girls will have 100 notch counts. The top 100 guys will have 500 notch counts. Most girls are more selective than guys. Many guys will stick their dick into any hole.

        4. Yeah that any port in a storm mentality. Makes me wonder how many guys around have turned down aggressive women and simply got pleasure from their wheels spinning.

        5. The CDC reports that new cases of STDs are twice as prevalent in women as in men.
          Get your head straight on this. The ability to have huge numbers of sexual partners means most women in the US will. Most men don’t have the ability and won’t. Women will lie about their notch count. Numerous studies with lie detectors show this to be very true. Any number a woman gives, multiply it by at least 10.

        6. “The CDC reports that new cases of STDs are twice as prevalent in women as in men.”
          This is pretty damn obvious as to why this is happening, its easier for the receiving party to catch STI’s. In addition, shaving public hair causes inflammation which also makes it easier to get STI’s, being that men in America don’t do this, and for whatever reason women feel the need to do so, it also contributes to the gap.
          “The ability to have huge numbers of sexual partners means most women in the US will. Most men don’t have the ability and won’t.”
          But do you really have any proof most men don’t have this ability compared to women?
          “Numerous studies with lie detectors show this to be very true.”
          Do you actually have any studies, or is “studies” code word for a post you say on /r/TheRedPill that said their were studies?
          “Any number a woman gives, multiply it by at least 10.”
          As said earlier, men and women must have the same mean number of sexual partners. Sure women will say they have had less, but at the same rate, men will lie and say they have had more than they actually have had. If we average it out between men and women, it comes out to again, 6 sexual partners, but even if we go with the most liberal estimate, the one using just men, its like 7 or 8 sexual partners per person. That still isn’t that much more than what women are reporting.

      4. So true. American women are sexually masculine. And they don’t care, because nobody shames them. American women behavior is American men’s fault.

    2. Maybe in the big liberal cities like San Francisco. If you want a woman who is more likely to be a virgin then you have to check out small towns and rural areas.

      1. Where does this myth that conservatives don’t have sex come from? If anything, statistics show women from conservative areas are just as bad if not worse…

        1. there is no myth that conservatives dont have sex. Everyone has sex. The point i was making is that women in small towns and rural areas are less likely to have the same notch count as women from big cities.

        2. But its still not true. If we use pregnancy rate as a good estimation for this (as far as I know, there are no statistics on actually sex from state to state) women from these areas aren’t any better, and often times, they are worse…

        3. It true small town girls see less action but they turn 18 and go off the college or to the city for work and its game over for daddy’s princess at that point. Notch count explodes they make up for lost time.

        4. Nope, even among women without college education it is still just as high in conservative states…

        5. You’re trying to force msnbc vs fox news dialog on this. This is just females thinking with their pussy.

        6. Really? You are the one saying that their is such a difference, I am arguing their is not difference. I am making the AWALT argument. Do you really have such a sever lack of self awareness?

        7. Its doesn’t matter what name is on the ballot this year. Females think with their pussy.

        8. That barely scratches the surface on information though. For example, how many sexual partners are these women having before marriage? How much of that time before marriage is spent in long term relationships? How long are they starting to have sex (for example, women in conservative areas may just be starting sex earlier)? How does this relate to race? Anyways, this map only really shows a minor MINOR difference, even women in San Francisco county are only 9% less likely to be married by age 26, and and 12% seems to be the farthest any counties deviate. That really isn’t that big of a difference. From what I can interpret of this map, it has less to do with political views are perhaps more to do with religion. Conservative Richmond county (aka, Staten Island) is on par with the rest of New York city. Davidson County (Nashville) Tennessee, which is primarily left leaning, was right on average for marriage by age 26. Something especial notable: Alaska, very conservative, but had lower rates of marriage by 26.

        9. Actually no, I am in fact male, but the female vote has fuck all to do with number of sexual partners…

        10. Guttmacher is pro-abortion group that has hid data in the past to bolster planned parenthood and they openly lie about the benefits of ACA on their website.
          Any others besides left wing agitprop Andy?

        11. I don’t see any anti-abortion organizations coming up with info on teen pregnancy rates, if you want to provide any I would be more than happy to use that instead as I am also pro-life. Besides that though, do you have any problems with the actual data I provided? Its simply statistics on teen pregnancy, which as I stated, shows basically no correlation between political leanings and pregnancy rate…

        12. No, there literally aren’t any fucking other sources that I can find. As I said earlier, I don’t even support the Guttmacher Institute, but they are literally the only research institution that regularly publishes data on state by state teen birth, pregnancy, and abortion rates. I would love if what you are talking about existed, but as far as I know it simply doesn’t.

        13. Andy, I only asked if other sources exist to back up your claim up thread. You supplied a link which I have read and now you personally disavow supporting the institute you posted as support to your own posts.
          I will assume anything you post is opinion from here on out.

        14. Of course there’s a difference. There’s more people, nightlife, and opportunities in big cities you fucking moron. In NY a women can easily meet a new alpha every weekend for 10 years. That’s a notch count of 500. How about in a city of 500 people? Half are men, half are married, half are too old or young. Your options are cut down to 30 potential partners over 10 years

        15. The biggest deviation would be between individual people and basic subsets of people who either DO or DO NOT consume MSM programming. Across the nation, one thing is standard and that is the common news speak that lacks regional dialect. Also with the ‘plain English’ dialect comes the standardized entertainment programming viewed across the board by the same audience.
          Or so it was . . Now that the MSM teeters on extinction, so will it’s widespread encumberance. It is no longer a viable vehicle for delivering propaganda and the web has branched out into all interests uncensored. TRUTH is finding partners now and allegiances are becoming stronger than the MSM ever was. This turnover in communications is happening so rapidly that I’m afraid we really can’t gague anything at this hour. But this we do know, and that is that the voice of patriarchy is being beamed like a laser vector and is fast becoming an irresistable and captivating force for our species here on Earth. Our dual nature has been supressed the farthest beyond its limits ever reached and our nature is in for the biggest market adjustment perhaps ever seen in our history.

        16. You’re talking like a woman right now. “AWALT” is not an argument. Engage your mental faculties, and argue back like a man with some facts, data, and reasoning.

        17. People who actually live in true, rural small towns with 500 people or so account for less than 1% of the US population, anyways, those women will certainly know how to drive, so they can always just go over to the next city or county…

        18. You’re a fool. Half the country lives in smaller cities with much fewer options than the top 20 cities. Cities like NY? LA, LV, Miami e tc account for 10% of the population

        19. Well no shit, New York is exceptionally massive, 8 million people. The vast majority of people live in cities between 50-200 thousand.

    3. 25 seems really steep…or perhaps I’m just not that jaded, yet. Just speaking from my own experience growing up it was usually the plain, ugly, and/or obese girls in my high school that had higher notch counts. My mom always told me it was because they had nothing else to offer.
      FTR, I was raised in a very strict southern baptist household. While it seems that guys here appreciate and want a virtuous or virginal woman…it just didn’t actually seem that way when I was younger. I gave up dating in HS after being dumped quite cruely by the 2nd guy I ever dated because I wouldn’t put out. (1st guy I dated was nicer about it and said we could just be friends lol). In a small town everyone knows everything and gossips so I was labeled a bitch, lesbian, and called tranny all because I didn’t spread my legs. If I wasn’t so stubborn or raised with thick skin thanks to brothers it probably would have had an impact on me.
      So yes, while it might be that as you get older men appreciate virtue a bit more…..that’s not the impression given to girls when we’re younger.

      1. There are countless older geezers, righteous red pill patriarchal minded landowners who search far and wide and would gladly take up a virginal highschool girl and strap her upon his wisened and upright pillars. Sadly the biddy cucked churches hold a vice against elders marrying up and breeding by the fertile young females until the fangs of the state releases them from 12 years of indoctrination. A young HS girl figuratively holds a revolver to her head every weekend and is but a hair trigger away from becoming wasted, USED and throwing it all away. Wise old bearded patriarch landowners aren’t allowed to touch a HSchooler until after she’s been wasted by her same age peers. NO MORE CLEAN AND TIGHT for the patriarchs. Let the young immature boy chins ruin them as per the grand feminist master plan. The whole place looks like a Lake Ponchatrain spillover. Good mature wisened beardmen paddle around all day and pull up a shitstinky old boot if they’re lucky.

        1. What are you even trying to say? That 14 year old girls should be married to 50 year old men?

        2. I’d say more like 18 y/o female dating 36 y/o men or older. But your attempt at telling men what is “age appropriate” dating identifies you as feminist troll.

        3. Why aren’t 36 year old men already married? Especially if you are expecting women to wait until marriage, those men are going to have pretty miserable lives until 36…

        4. I never said 14. But actually if you think about it, high school girls can be as old as 19 if they flunked third grade way back. THE STATE REQUIRES that all young females complete four years high school, of riding in the back of the school bus giving blow jobs to 15yo jocks and refugees. BUT IF ME, an old bearded patriarch wants to marry her up and breed her fresh, then the local bare-chin and jewfag prosecutors want a piece of MY ASS?? Well MY RED DICK if that’ll ever happen. But it’s just so unfair, you know. The best crackling fresh eye candy and good breeding stock keeps going to waste and it makes me sick. My balls just get into a knot over all this. They wanna waste MY DAUGHTERS and tribeswomen on the bus and in the locker rooms and behind the gym stage but they won’t even let a pissed off old dad into school classrooms to oversee the curriculum or to patrol on board the school bus, enforcing the patriarchal order?? Hell they might as well hang door beads and a sign at the back four rows of seats in the school busses that reads “do not disturb”.
          But as you say, a 50 yo marrying a 14 yo? I dunno. Putin was between two and three times older than Kabaeva on record when they made congress. I’ve met 16 yo HS grads at the community college but unless they’re majoring in cooking, they’d be risky for wifing up. And if they’re still in HS, regardless of statutory state laws, you’re worse than divorce raped if you propose to one who is still being mind raped on public school property unless you’re an irresponsible boy chin. It’s so unfair. If you’re ever going to breed a woman, you gotta do it like now, like POW! And she’s gotta be YOUNG otherwise she’s good for nothing but a FUN HOLE. A dry sterile FUN HOLE that smells like a pair of rental roller skates. If you meet her when she’s 25, then that is what the state wants for the west. Old used crag trying to stabilize and breed aspies and mongos while the youthful third world hoardes replace every slot in the census. 25 qualifies as crusty, used and old by 19th century standards. Most women were done producing their baker’s dozen by 25 years of age back in the 19th century and they were married off at puberty for dowry and were home schooled by their moms in the domestic arts. Today they’ve basically criminalized patriarchal family formation and structure and are forcibly educating and brainwashing females past the half life point of their fertile years. Basically they’re being force taught shit and having their brains SHAT UPON whilst they lose touch with their reproductive imperative and whilst their PUSSY ROTS!

        5. Maybe women need not be placed on a pedestal and every one of their desires satisfied. And anyways, a man in his mid twenties could easily be able to support an 18 year old woman.

        6. Men don’t have the same fertility cycle as females. Men age like wine. women spoil like milk. Your comment suggests you are female pretending to be male so you don’t get banned. Evolutionary biology dictates, not your “feelings” about what is fair as a woman.

        7. “Your comment suggests you are female pretending to be male so you don’t get banned.” Do you really have this bad of cognitive dissonance? Presume your statement is true, that only older men can make women happy, why would I, as a (hypothetical) woman be against this then?
          “Evolutionary biology dictates. Your ‘feelings’ don’t have shit to do with it.” I never said shit about my feelings. Explain to me, what does a 36 year old offer that a 26 year old can’t? Why should you, who failed to acquire and maintain a long term mate during your adolescent years be allowed to take the mate of someone younger than you? Again, what the hell are all the 14-36 year old men supposed to be doing? Living a long, miserable, 22 years of involuntary celibacy?

        8. Spoken like a woman who’s angry at nature for giving her fewer fertile years than males.

        9. “I never said 14.”
          In most western countries, the age of consent ranges from 14-18. I simply went with the on end of that range.
          “BUT IF ME, an old bearded patriarch wants to marry her up and breed her fresh, then the local bare-chin and jewfag prosecutors want a piece of MY ASS?”
          Why were you so fucking incapable of finding a high school girl when you were in your twenties? Anyways, in no western country are you even forbidden from having sex with an 18 year old, and anyways, you seem to keen on patriarchy, which means I am sure you think girls should need parent consent. Presuming you live in the US, you can still marry a girl under that age with a parent consent in plenty of states.
          “Putin was between two and three times older than Kabaeva on record when they made congress.”
          He is actually exactly twice her age. I have yet to believe they are even in a relationship.
          “25 qualifies as crusty, used and old by 19th century standards.”
          That simply isn’t true. In 1890, the average age for women to marry was 22, which means plenty of women were still getting married at 25. For comparison the average male was 26, just 4 years older than his spouse.

        10. Elvis Presley dated/married 14 y/o. Go back to huffpo mommy blogger site you came from.

        11. Nope, she was 22 and he was 33, not even close to 14. As for me being from “huffpo”, I do not read huffpo, and I have been a regular commentator on ROK for years, much longer than your disqus account has even existed, and if you bother to go to my account history before that, you will for the most part, only very anti-leftist content.

        12. Priscilla Presley was born in 1945 and married Elvis in 1967 at age 22, if you really can’t do that basic math as an adult, you should be sterilized. I find it ironic someone who can’t do arithmetic is telling me I’m too young to marry lol…

        13. Call yourself whatever you want you’re still just another neurotic female trolling for male attention any way she can.

        14. I’d rather be banging a hot piece in her early twenties when I’m thirty something, not a woman my age.

        15. An older woman with good temperment would gladly be accepted in many a patriarchal clan but not as a mainstay. A woman who dares try to selfishly dominate and control one man would similarly eat her baby. It’s about the woman GIVING her all. Not gluttonously eating or taking. It’s about keeping herself trim, wirey and jiggy with it. Keeping it smooth, rubbery and tight. Glad bags full are as much hindrance as flappy spent glad bags. Stay tight always. A tight and trim elderly member could teach the younger sisterwives how to bake bread and do the more learned and finer crafts. If the elderly woman is a dry hen, no longer fertile, she’d always serve as a supplimentary ‘fun hole’ for the in house jaunts. Okay sometimes outside, up against a tree or in the hayloft on those wispy or hot days when the horse ‘neighs’, be it the barometer or whatever it is that triggers things like that. Nothing is 100% planned, but in a tight patriarchal clan you can at least count on the pussy flip and the ship itself. Patriarchy is the CEMENT. Patriarchy is the BRICKS. Patriarchy is THE SKY. Well, I guess patriarchy encompasses about everything, huh?

        16. Yeah, and I agree with you, but MCGOO is advocating lowering the age of consent, which is most commonly 16 in the US. Do you really think its okay for 14, or 15 year old girls to marry a 40 or 50 year old? Let me ask you, do you want your daughter who is 14 or 15 to be with a guy this age?

        17. I think 14/15 is too young. 18/19 year old girls are barely adults as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t get a beer with me, you aren’t grown up.

        18. Would you let your 15 year old daughter go of with a 50 year old guy? What are you going to do when he dies at 75 and she widowed at only age 40?

        19. A dry sterile FUN HOLE that smells like a pair of rental roller skates.

        20. The problem that I think he is pointing out is by 18/19, though barely adults their notch counts are sky high. These days the only possible virgins are 14 at the oldest.

        21. He started “dating” her when she was 15 while he was on army duty in Germany. He felt forced to marry Priscilla because he had committed to her back when she was that age. The assumption all of have always made was he was getting pussy on the steady from her when she was 15 or 16 and when she eventually demanded marriage he felt honor bound to go through with it since he had been getting the goods for years.

        22. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 12 year old cousin. After the divorce I saw an interview of her. She said she married him because he told her to. At 12 she was brought up to do what her elders told her.

        23. What moral authority do musicians have? Why should I care? Anyways, 10 years isn’t that big of a difference, 18 years is…

      2. I would agree that surprisingly average looking females can have high notch count. But generally the more attractive the female the more opportunities and exposure she’s had for everything starting at earlier age.

    4. Bullshit, males and females have the same number of sexual partners, and men and women both report that number at an average of 6 (taken from people in their 20’s).

        1. What does that mean? That isn’t relevant to what I am asking, I want to know the statistical significance of “ugly people”. The bottom 50% of women? Bottom 20%? Bottom 70%?

        2. Ugly females, that is the bottom fifty percent at least, skew the average down for women. Chads, top ten percent of men, skew the average WAY upwards.
          Let’s say there are one hundred men and one hundred women. Fifty of the women are ugly. The ten Chads will bang ALL of the other fifty, then maybe marry one of the top ten. Women=notch count ten, or zero. Men, notch count 50 or zero.
          After banging ten Chads, fifty worn out sluts will get their hooks into fifty betas, boosting their notch counts to one and eleven respectively.
          Thirty other thirsty betas will marry thirty of the ugly women. Notch counts=one.
          Twenty crazy cat ladies, twenty basement dwelling neckbeards, notch counts zero.
          One hundred men, total notches 580, avg 5.8..
          One hundred women, total notches 540, avg 5.4.
          This is not counting the 49 worn out hags that divorce rape their husbands and then boost their notch count again before getting their hooks in another sucker.

        3. You did your math completely wrong. You said one hundred, and then you broke that into 10 chads, 50 betas, 20 neck beards, and 30 “other thirsty betas”, that comes out to 110, which explains how you got the averages differed.
          “One hundred men, total notches 580, avg 5.8..
          One hundred women, total notches 540, avg 5.4. ”
          So who were those excess 40 guys fucking? Each other?!? Your math is breaking the most basic concept in algebra, that two sides have the have the same value, and you are also someone changing the value of the variable throughout the problem.
          I find it hilarious someone who can’t do pre-algebra is trying to teach me about statistics. Come back when you pass high school and when you have some real data models…

  14. College-educated women might work as better marriage prospects because they show the ability to focus on goals, think about consequences and plan for the future.

    1. Yea…they’ve also had 4-5 years of going out to clubs with their slutty sorority sisters and bringing home a new piece of ass every weekend….

      1. Yes. And they’re almost by definition 4-5 years closer to the wall because marriage while in school is rare.

      1. I mean, you’re not wrong. But the data is the data. And the correlation is pretty solid.
        You guys are fucking savage, BTW. 🙂

        1. It may be correlated with income. I am still surprised of how poor most parts of the USSA are.

        2. Pussy is still pussy. Females are slaves to their uterus. Its still alpha/beta. Wealthier females are more adroit with the beta male lockdown technique. That’s the biggest difference.

    2. And cheat.. Here’s the big one that is being avoided. They marry betas who will tolerate absolutely anything and pay for the privilidge.

    3. I think you are lost. For the Beta Male Magazine go to Google, type “big black cock into the ass of my girlfriend while I’m watching”, then click in the first result.
      Bon voyage!!

    4. Try marrying a women with the following degrees:
      Womens studies
      They will cut your balls off

    1. Extensive vetting. Talk to many of her friends, her father, clergy.
      Treat it like you’re hiring her for a top secret security clearance.

    2. They really can’t mask being good if not, cause they don’t know what good is. Her friends, what she finds funny, types of entertainment enjoys, the cloths in her closet, the types of places she likes to go, how other people interact with her. Then just google her ass and digital spy in general. Lol @ the X, yet for another reason, good shit test…if she is willing to do X then there you have it…..girl worth being with long term isn’t gonna be down with party drugs.

  15. Before marriage. 1) Do work on yourself. 2) Use game/courtship to weed out flakes.
    After marriage. 1)Use game/emotional intelligence to instil boundaries.

    1. I also remember seeing something similar in a high school newspaper…
      blushes when found in a natural state

    2. Haha. I’m a woman and I think that’s funny! It’s also true. For most women, anyway. 🙂

      1. Every single woman in my circle found this hilarious. I’ve got no time for anyone who can’t grasp the humor. And underlying truth.

      And the feminists did much gnash their teeth, and scissor with their inferior lesbian fat body in total shame and humiliation.

  16. If you are able to find a college educated, church going woman, from a traditional family, over 25 who is still a virgin on her wedding night, you have the highest likelihood of a successful marriage. Well good luck boys and happy hunting.

    1. Solid advice if you are from some remote farm town in forgotten corner of the world that time forgot.

      1. I need to go somewhere outside of the US to search for a new wife. My ex was pretty much a ROK red flag case study.

        1. Bill our times are coming to an end. Before you seek a woman search for the truth because everything is coming to a head. Every aspect of human life on earth is focusing on a climatic sharp point of darkness. The entire world is plunging into depravity and chaos.
          I implore you to seek the truth first, and love the truth, and find the truth.

        2. “Before you seek a woman search for the truth because everything is coming to a head”
          Then be kind enough to tell us, or at least me, which chapter of the bible to start reading 🙂 just kidding, but not necessarily.
          20 years ago going overseas to find a quality wife was a sure fire solution. But the cancer has spread everywhere – and now working its way into the philipine Islands, which was one of the last strongholds.
          As well we see now at this point in time just what the elites are up to – and it’s quite ugly. All of this combined has made me decide that there are more important things to focus on, then trying to tie the knot with a hormonal driven beast who could care less if I live or die.

        3. Exactly. I’m gonna work on learning my trade, snowboard the biggest mountains I can, and improve myself as much as possible financially and personally. These girls are giving the pussy away like it’s stolen. Not gonna make things more complicated.

        4. Philippines(sp). You are correct that the disease is spreading at an alarming rate. I will argue that with sufficient due diligence it is still possible to find one of these unicorns there. I did.
          BTW divorce is not legal in the Philippines. This is the only country on earth where this is still true.

    2. In this society nowadays, you’ll be hunting a LONGGG time to find a woman like that…

    3. 25 is tossing your jewels waay over the fence . . . while the neighbor’s dog digs under the fence at night regularly

    4. Describes my parents. Divorced after 23 years. My father’s brothers racked up 6 divorces between the two of them.
      The woman my dad married after my mom, she was divorced, too, same religion same conservative christian values.
      I can name maybe 5 couples out of the hundreds I’ve known that have that fantasy marriage where they are never gonna get divorced AND they’re happy AND they fuck 2x a week. Its a myth, sold to you by religion, the wedding industry, and Disney.

      1. Yes. Probably the hardest part of the red pill that men must accept is this: Romantic “love” is a complete and total lie. A disgusting, black, putrid falsehood that mentally and spiritually castrates a man.
        A woman’s fickle “love” should never be cared for, much less the sole reason to commit to a legally binding agreement.

    5. Those sorts still exist and in bigger numbers than I thought.

      Outside the US.
      😀 😀

    6. Don’t go fishing in the desert. You need to go to a non-western third world country with a traditional, strongly religious, and patriarchal culture. They can be found there. Now let me also add that many women there are no better than they are here. You have to hunt and screen like a mad dog, but it is actually possible to find one in those circumstances.

  17. Things you never want to hear from a potential LTR candidate:
    1.) I haven’t been fucked that good since grade school.
    2.) The only other guy who ever made me cum that hard was my daddy.
    3.) That’s not a cock – a cock is 12 inches long and it’s black.
    4.) Only five of my kids are retarded.
    5) I don’t wax – my pussy hair fell out due to my AIDS medication.
    6.) I’ll be home late – I’m working a double at the titty bar.
    7.) Every girl goes through a make-a-porn-film phase.
    8.) My mother’s going to spend a couple days with us, she just got paroled.
    9.) Those are my Dissociative Identity Disorder meds.
    10.) I only smoke meth on weekends.

    1. Aren’t you being a little pessimistic Bob? Okay, say she strikes out on all ten or so points you make.–Stock-Photo.jpg
      Who’s to say that a persistent and patient guy with a blindly robotic work ethic and who dedicates the rest of his life to the relationship couldn’t make things work out for her in the long run?

      1. Yes, being delusional is the key here…”NAWALT…I’ll work harder and she’ll eventually come around. Anything is possible if I pray.” Etc.

      1. “Uh . . uh . . I’m part Navajo. Yeah that’s it. Don’t worry the last guy that blew me drank a Mountain Dew code red and sneezed.”
        Yeaah right – – lying bitch. Sheeit, bitch thinks I just fell off the turnip truck. I read ROK daily. I know waay better than most dumb bitches could ever imagine.

    2. Any biotch who says any of those was never a ltr candidate in the first place, and you had to have missed several red flags.
      That said, 6 and 7 arent the worst. At least you could get your pimp hand stronger.

  18. THIS is your religion cucked. THIS is your church when it becomes toxic from women opening their yappers in the pews and getting control of the workings of your temple. Does THIS describe modern cucked ‘Chrissy-anity’, or ‘Izzy-lam’ . . heh . . or ‘Judy-ism’
    PATRIARCH MEN ye must go the heart of your faith where its lifeblood pumps if you are to rescue your ship
    Beef it up and soup it up. No I’m not referring to ‘beef soup’, but rather to ‘modify’ the faith and creed. Make it fine tuned and race ready. Pull out the chokes, restrictors and governors. Women’s eyes will bulge when the patriarch masters breathe new life into the dead carcass that your house of faith became when bitches siezed the levers.
    AND THIS is your creed as per its intended design, as an Earthly conduit to the powers and forces bestowed by a patriarchal God.

  19. You know you had a wild, drunken night when you wake up, look at your phone, and you have a text from a number you don’t recognize, that reads, “You can fuck me again whenever you want.”

  20. Just get married religiously not legally and have her change her name to Tits McGee [insert surname].

    1. The first part is good advice. The second part is great advice.
      I think I might write an article about marriage without a state license, which I would strongly recommend to most people now.

  21. College-educated women make better marriage partners because they have more experience at riding the carousel without anybody ever finding out about it.

  22. I am thoroughly amused reading some of the comments on this post. I see guys trying to hamster their way into thinking that maybe there is a woman out there that will not cut their balls off and throw them into the garbage disposal.
    Divorce laws, divorce laws, divorce laws…. That is the main problem. Anything else is just conversation.
    A man enters a marriage contract with the Government without fully understanding what the exit clause is. He only finds out at the end of the contract. That is wrong on so many levels, your sexual drive being taken advantage of in such a cruel manner.
    I do have a solution. Each marriage should have its own contract where each and every detail and remedy should be spelled out in excruciating detail. No more cookie cutter state enforced bull shit. Some may say, wait… what do you mean each and every detail? Yeah. Have you ever seen a mortgage application package? And people close on that every day.
    It should go like this. He and she sit down at the opposite sides of a table and start the negotiation before signing the contract.
    He: “In case of divorce I see you want half of the house we’ll buy together”.
    She: “Yes”
    He: “OK, fair enough.”
    He: “Oh, you want half of the 4 bedrooms penthouse I currently own? No way.”
    She: “Yes. I want to have enough money to not having to work if this fails”.
    He: “OK, but you’ll have to blow me three times a day for the duration of the marriage.”
    She: “Twice”
    He: “OK, twice but in the kitchen. I love a woman on her knees in the kitchen.”
    She: “Fine, I’ll blow you twice in the kitchen….”
    This contract should be enforced by the courts just like any other contract… One can only dream….

    1. I agree with your conclusions about the changes needed for society. These bitches are out of control.
      But, frankly, your thinking is really lazy:
      “I see guys trying to hamster their way into thinking that maybe there is a woman out there that will not cut their balls off and throw them into the garbage disposal.”
      Is it hamstering to make a post referencing extensive, robust datasets?

      1. I am probably a little lazy. I don’t understand this part.
        “Is it hamstering to make a post referencing extensive, robust datasets?”

        1. No. I contradict what the article is saying. It is pure fiction unless you are living among amesh.
          The only way to put back accountability on women is having private contracts and scrap all the current marriage laws. That will solve all your problems.

    2. I read some scifi story where all marriages were seven year strict contracts. You could renew or not at the end of seven years. BOTH parties have to want to renew. Some people want to renew and the other one doesn’t. Think about it.

  23. Try to find a woman that will want to have a family, make it her reason for living to make you happy, to feel it is her duty to have your children, to cook and clean and make your house a home, to quell your sexual need to fuck other women, who yearns to lie in your arms and look deep into your eyes, to teach your daughters what it is to be a woman, to teach your sons to respect their father as she respects you. Try it, I dare you……

    1. They still exist. I married one. I know several of them, young women.
      Like, literally everything you said.

    2. 100% but there is also the issue of self. Let’s not make it out like every man is marriage material just requiring a girl like you describe above. When I read your description offbeat woman that’s Wanda to have a family, make it her reason for living, cook, clean, drain balls yadda yadda yadda I am already feeling anxiety and thinking “stop smothering me woman!”

      1. You have a point….. firstly I forgot to mention she has unfathomably beautiful face, tits legs and ass. I also neglected to mention her willingness to give you your own space… going hunting with the guys, sports, traveling, etc. In one instance a friend of mines wife confided in me she thought he hated her. She has no reason to feel so, he is a good provider, makes a shit load, beautiful house, holidays several times a year, etc. I didn’t dawn on me until afterwards that he is a true married gamer…… he gets all the time he wants to do shit…..

        1. I have had this exact discussion before. It never works out. The one thing she can’t give me is the ability to be single which I cherish.

  24. There is an easier approach to this that has the added benefit of not only reducing your risk of divorce but eliminating it entirely. It’s called not getting married in the first place. Marriage in the feminized Western world is a woman’s institution and only women benefit from it. I will never get married.
    And for the love of god, if you’ve managed to land a good wife in a Western country, spare the rest of us unmarried guys your commentary on how your marriage being the exception to the rule disproves the rule entirely. Marriage is like playing Russian roulette with five out of six chambers loaded. Congratulations to you on the hammer falling on an empty chamber. But for every one of your exceedingly rare circumstances of a happy, traditional marriage, there are countless examples of men who picked up the same marriage revolver, pulled the trigger, and blew their brains out.
    Gambling on marriage isn’t worth it in Western countries afflicted with the cancer of feminism. So long as courts continue to unfairly favor women and so long as marriage and divorce law continues to only benefit the woman, it’s better in the long run to leave the revolver on the table and refuse to play.

    1. I’m finding a lot of them disintegrate between 10 and 15 year mark. Around about the time the woman is having a major crisis of confidence over her looks. She will either try to have an affair or the husband will loose his attraction for her.

      1. Usually when menopause hits and she has the libido of a dead fish. The woman who foolishly thinks she doesn’t have to live up to her wifely duties and flat out rejects gratifying her husband because “she doesn’t feel like it” is declaring the relationship dead.
        Happened to a personal acquaintance and after putting up with 5 years of no sex, he ended a 30 year marriage. He rebounded and enjoyed the rest of his life with other women, and actually remarried, and his ex packed on the weight and currently rotting in a nursing home. Alone.

        1. I’ll have to make a confession.. the “acquaintance” was my uncle. He is doing great despite getting up in age and he has no regrets. My aunt… is another story. You live with the consequences of your actions. Women don’t seem to comprehend that until its way too late.

        2. I read an excellent letter to one of the advice columnists once a few years ago. It was from a middle aged wife that no longer had a libido. Her complaint was all the people (mostly women) who were constantly advising her on how to correct this. She said she was fine with it. She still had sex with her husband. She considered it normal maintenance of a healthy relationship. She added what’s the big deal? It isn’t difficult, it doesn’t take much time, and it isn’t unpleasant, so why not if he wants to? This seemed a very healthy attitude to me.

    2. “And for the love of god, if you’ve managed to land a good wife in a Western country, spare the rest of us unmarried guys your commentary on how your marriage being the exception to the rule disproves the rule entirely”
      I have definitely come into dialog with guys like this on the ROK forum.
      And really, the guys who are married and go off on how great their life is only do so because their married life has not yet fallen apart. In the final analysis, the only moment a man can say his married life worked out great for him is the moment either he or his wife drops dead while the marriage was still going well.
      Because every day is a new day – a new day for his marriage to turn to shit.

    3. Society’s rules have always been set up to offer the greatest protections and benefits for women possible. It was just in the past there wasn’t enough wealth and technology to do this before. Now women are afforded great choice and variability. Laws that kept women from doing things were designed to protect them in more dangerous times. To force all men to protect them just as today taxation and welfare force all men to protect women (from the consequences of their own actions).
      Unless society collapses or men just refuse to play any longer it is not going to get better. It will get worse.

      1. Yes it will. The decline has passed any possible point of no return many years ago. I am glad I am old and will not have to live through the worst of the tribulations that are coming.

    4. “Marriage is like playing Russian roulette with five out of six chambers loaded.”
      Did you read the article?

      1. I understand perfectly well what the article explains. What I don’t understand is how anyone can make the argument that reducing the number of rounds in the reolver makes playing the voluntary game of “Marriage Roulette” a good idea. Don’t play the game at all. Don’t get married. Then you have ZERO risk of divorce.
        Moreover, the rounds in the revolver aren’t her religious background, her race, her education level, income, or anything else involving her. The rounds in the chamber are child support, “No Fault” divorce, alimony, losing more than half of your assets, and all the other bullshit gynocentric laws unfairly favoring women in divorce proceedings. When THOSE are done away with and there is a return to a patriarchal society, only then will marriage be a good idea.

        1. Sure, not doing it is the only guaranteed way to avoid divorce-rape.
          But to go further down the analogy road, the bullets in the chamber are the statistical probabilities of the woman becoming a vengeful basket-case later on, not the weapons she’ll use on you.

        2. Look, you’re free to buy into the delusion that the bullets in the chamber are these silly statistics the article puts forth and that you can magically reduce your risk of being bent over the bench in divorce court with them. The reality of marriage and the divorce court industry in Western societies begs to differ with that delusion. The easiest way to eliminate the risk of divorce is to not participate in the state involved marriage game in the first place. There is no benefit for a man to ever get married in a Western society and no amount of statistical analysis and mitigation tactics you throw down changes that. I for one have never made the marriage mistake and never will. I’d rather keep my money, my assets, and my sanity. Walk down the isle at your own peril. Don’t expect men of sound mind to do likewise.

        3. Your position is more than clear. The article was aimed at those considering ‘rolling the dice’ and my comments were also within that assumption.

        4. I assumed that. I am married. Inherent in my risk reward calculations was that any relationship with a woman it is time limited. I figured about 6 years (at most) and I would be back in the general population. I was ok with that because I have 0 fear of being alone or dying alone. The cost part was minimized by my having been stripped to the bone in earlier divorce proceedings (yes I am a recidivist). There wasn’t much flesh left to be ripped off my bones, so her cash and prizes would be severely limited. Still I calculated the costs of maintaining a parasite prior to the divorce. The reward to risk ratio was slightly positive so I went with it, using all the caveats and risk mitigation techniques listed in the OP. I am stunned to find myself pushing 9 years of marriage and still quite happy. I would never have guessed that this was possible. Somebody has to win the lottery, even though the odds against you are astronomical. I bought her a cheap ass ring (maybe $500) and told her I would buy her a good ring for our tenth anniversary. I miscalculated by figuring that that would never happen. She has brought that up a lot recently.

        5. Surprising that you’d give it a second shot!
          That’s one thing I’m pretty sure I’d never do…

      2. The state loads the gun after the wedding so there really is no action you can take to affect the number of rounds in the gun. In fact, the state pretty much uses an automatic these days.

    5. As in War Games, like thermonuclear war, the only winning move is not to play.
      Don’t hate the player, don’t even hate the game, just stop playing.

    1. I dealt with a similar looking one funnily enough at a friend’s birthday get together; in the end I basically said: ‘We either fight, or fuck-either suits me just fine. But, if we do fight, I have no compunction in tossing you into that river’. That shut her up and it was glorious.

  25. Wanna get married?
    Ok, but read Esther Vilar’s “The Manipulated Man” (1971) and Dr. Helen Smith’s “Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood and the American Dream” first.
    Still wanna get married?
    Didn’t think so!

  26. Do not put a wedding ring on your woman. The wedding band symbolizes your bondage to the woman. The old saying “She’s got him wrapped around her finger” goes way back to antiquity when the priestess judges handed down decrees to mutilate, castrate and circumcise men as punishment. The severed foreskin resembles a circular ‘band’ of skin to be worn by the controlling woman. It’s VOODOO by definition. The gold wedding band is only symbolic. No patriarch wears a cuck ring nor does his harem control him with voodoo. The ‘band’ or hus-band refers to YOU, your skin wrapped about her puppeteer’s index, second or third friger.
    Priestess judges would hand down castration orders for minor offenses, even misdemeanors. That would be like getting your shit whacked for a traffic ticket. The rabbit hole is bottomless when bitches gain seats of authority. You DON’T want to go there.
    Egypt rose under the Pharoahs who were male. In the end, great Egypt fell under the priestess judges as it succumbed to BITCH RULE and practiced widespread male genital mutilation. And neither have the Jews been builders since the Israelites began chopping their males. They’re more like grand peddlers and nomadic Gypsies now.
    THE NOSE RING also denotes slavery.
    Resistance is painful.

    1. Jews aren’t builders? I am not pro-jewish and to an extent actually somewhat anti-Jewish, but to say they aren’t builders is ludicrous.

  27. “Dr. Glynn Whittle, of Liverpool, bore magnificent testimony to the fidelity of the Catholic poor. Speaking as he did in favor of divorce, there was a double weight in his words. He said he had questioned countless poor women, victims of habitual cruelty, as to whether they would avail themselves of divorce if they could get it. The answers had been most impressive. Protestants said “Yes”; Roman Catholics said ” No.” He could not recall a single Protestant exception. What is the cause of this grand steadfastness amongst Catholics and of weak changeableness amongst their Protestant neighbors? A member of the Council of the Eugenics Society shall make answer. Writing in a London journal he says: ” Marriage, like other natural and necessary relations, is sacred. Only in Catholicism is it a Sacrament; in scientific sociology the term is meaningless.. . . Protestantism will have none of it. The Reformation, in this as in other points a revolt from Catholicism, expressly declared that marriage Is not a Sacrament, that It is essentially a secular matter.” – Marriage and Parenthood, A Catholic ideal, Rev. Thomas J. Gerrard (1911)

    1. It is interesting and I think the Manosphere is heading in this direction – or wishes it utopianically….as the Woman submitting to the Man thing is rooted in the Bible too. Go to Dalrock blog, he is on this in a big way – but doesn’t condone of course abuse instead respect and understanding of the innate strengths of each sex in the core species-extending relationship that generates stability, happiness, and children in a peaceful society.

  28. I wouldn’t get married for the simple fact that men have no protections. If things go south, we have all the liabilities.
    But another reason I wouldn’t get married is simple math. If a woman wants to be in my life, she has to be conducive to my end goals. That means whatever career aspirations, goals and objectives she may have, it all comes secondary to what I want and what I do. Lifestyle is something that is within my means and my budget. She has accept that and to know her place and play her role. How many of today’s woman would do that? How many women you know could really play that secondary part? Not that many. Not with today’s women. They want to be out front like the guys (at least when it’s easy). For that reason, I see women in my life as visitors mostly, they come and go.
    Alpha mentality is in knowing that no woman is vital in any man’s life. Not be beholden to the pussy. If she wants to stay, she only gets to as long as I allow it. The minute I get sass, the minute I get bored, the minute I get any sort of cuntery, she’s gone. But marriage? Hell no. Understand, men don’t need it. If you want to get married, it’s because you’ve been trained to think you want that. It’s a thing buy which you see an easy way of buying your character because society tells you that that is what a man does, and you want to be respected by other men. You won’t. You would have passed no tests of real strength or courage, you would not have passed anything resembling a man’s right of passage nor will you have built anything to leave your mark. You will end up as an indebted cog, the sucker getting pitty from guys like me.
    Marriage, being ‘in love and the whole domestic lifestyle is not man’s natural inclination. These are consumer arrangements, consumer products that, you guessed it, are primarily desired by women. They are luxuries that are ultimately superfluous to any man of essentialism. Is marriage, ultimately vital? The meaning of life is as it is for every other animal on this planet: Survival. That simple. How does divorce and alimony factor into that?
    Do the math.

  29. The best way to beat divorce is ….don’t get married. All those things you mentioned that reduce the odds of divorce, short of performing an extensive and invasive background check on your beloved using a P.I., you can’t really know all that stuff as a matter of fact.
    I cannot conceive of any reason why an American male today would consent to legal marriage, it makes no sense for him in any category: financial, emotional, legal, or social.
    If you are getting married because of religion or family pressure, then you are getting married for the wrong reasons. Marriage is synonymous with castration. You can never be a man if you marry a female; you just redefine what a man is to assuage your mind so you can get on with your day.
    Husbands today give up everything; they receive nothing. Any real benefit you can name in a marriage relationship, you can acquire without it. Why put your head in a noose and hand the lever to another human? That is exactly what marriage is-for men.

    1. Except for the low-notch woman with a solid family and loves her Dad – you’re better off to be out than in.
      Men are conditioned and practically ‘imprinted’ (well – maybe not you younger guys thank God…) to be provider beta nice guys if you were raised by a solid family yourself. Absolutely sucks, but you won’t get the typical marriage and family anymore with the crew of females out there today….
      I now look around (I’m much older as the name implies…) and see the wayward seductive looks of wives at me and the intense frowns of many couples. And thankfully I am not committed.
      You’re better off out than in a relationship.
      Women won’t be back. They are like soured milk, can’t unsour them after going high notch

        1. Thanks Ace – I enjoy yours, AVYaders, Donovan Sharpe posts often
          The necessary minimum requirement Asshole is strong with you all – helped better than any ‘counseling’ for the aging former beta here
          Got one request for you guys – is how to Exit when its over. Currently the advice I see is a) alpha ghost, or b) make it clear from the start that you’re not LTR material. I tend to coast with the good times and sex a bit longer than I should.

        2. I go with option b. I am very honest from the outset. I will even make jokes about how it isn’t going to last as early on as 2nd date and when the time comes I rip it off like a band aid. I have no clue how many times I’ve said “I told you from the start this is the way it is” but it has been a lot

        3. As a side note, and this will be different for everybody, I have an 8 week rule. No matter what, even when things are great and I really like them, at 8 weeks it’s over

        4. Just let them know that you are eager to enter into a marriage and that you are sure your heavy debt load will not dissuade her from merging your finances. Also tell her you have been looking high and low for a woman that really wants to lean in.

    2. Men are explorers. Marriage makes it comfortable to become a ‘settler’ and make sure your wisdom is passed on.

  30. This is like a list of traits for Western women or women that have been Americanized, but certainly not Pasteurized.

  31. Here’s a lesson for the married fellows, although it is an anomaly. My sister married her first boyfriend from church after 5 years of dating. Strong christian values. Both virgins. Then after 3 years of marriage, they move to California and become atheists! At the 7 year mark my sister was cheating with a married man, got an STD, then divorced her husband and became an alcoholic.
    Two big factors that set her up for atheism and adultery:
    1. My mom was a man-hating demon who tortured my dad and me and trash talked all men for years. He moved out when she was already in college, but she saw the example of lack of respect for men.
    2. Moving to California, she lost all of her married christian girlfriends and began hanging out with single, party girls.
    Now she moved back to Ohio and suffers with jealousy watching her old friends care for their traditional families. All she got from her adventures was herpes and a divorce. (She blames her ex husband for driving her to cheat.)
    I think the moral is, a woman needs to be raised with respect for men, and she can not be left alone with bad influences.

    1. “Now she moved back to Ohio and suffers with jealousy watching her old friends care for their traditional families”
      And the state is filled with them in trailer parks and section 8 housing. I know of two such broads who left their husbands and their sons behind to chase Chad thunder cock. One of my siblings filled me the official reason for ending their 20 year marriage — “They were bored.”
      Several years later their teenage sons won’t talk to them. Mystery that.

      1. Her sons don’t talk to her – and she’ll die never understanding why. Improperly managed women all die like that. A loyal, kept and managed woman at least has the tunnel vision to see herself eventually laid to rest on her side of a double headstone. That’s as good as it gets if you’re female. She’s done her duty. Why would the Lord complicate things any more than that for a female? Meanwhile women should savor, cherish and kiss the sweet flowers for their grant and priviledge to serve their Earthly master, their bearded patriarch man.

    2. I suspect that a weak church had something to do with this, as well. Lots of churches teach the heresy that men are responsible for female discontent.
      This is utterly false. Women were discontent with God in the Garden of Eden. No set of circumstances will make a woman happy. She must be trained to learn thankfulness and submission, and only then will she generally find happiness.

  32. Women truly believe the “Sex and the City” mindfuck – the more guys you screw, and the longer you ride the carousel, the more appealing you are to desirable men. I find that hilarious. My sister is a hardcore liberal Democrat. Not long ago, in her mid-50s, she started spreading her legs for this guy who was 25 years old. She was going on and on to me about how they were going to wind up together. I laughed and told her there was no way that a guy that age was going to hook up on a permanent basis with a woman of her age. She was adamant that it would happen. Sure enough, the guy bailed after only a month or so and married his longtime girlfriend. I think that this is one major benefit that us men receive from modern sluts’ antics – we get satisfaction, upon seeing them destroy their freaking lives by shoving as many cocks into their holes as they can possibly handle. If anything makes it more clear that women need constant supervision and have zero ability to think critically about the ramifications of their actions, I don’t know what that might be.

    1. So do you think that these birds actually believe this to the point of honestly saying to themselves and other “the more guys I get pounded out by the better my chances for a meaningful LTR” or is it typical female convoluted logic where they are all maintaining innocence and dignity as the countermand calls “number 84! Your roast beef is ready”

      1. I think they believe it, at least subconsciously. It’s a powerful notion, and it gives them justification and encouragement to continue with their slutty ways. And the convoluted logic plays a huge role, as it does with everything in their lives. They probably pass on horseradish sauce when ordering the roast beef, though, as subconsciously, it reminds them of the strangers’ cum that was lathered on their faces the night before. That’s kinda like a fat girl ordering a Diet Coke with her two Big Macs and fries…eliminates part of the guilt. If the horseradish isn’t visible on the roast beef, the slutty cavorting never happened. They probably immediately eliminate the previous night’s notch in their puerile minds once the meal arrives sans horsey sauce.

        1. I wish I could cum horseradish. Can you imagine watching them try to be good girls and choke it down?
          I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out female logic and I have a good bit of it down—good enough to manipulate them…but the overarching logic that ties together all the crazy bits of incongruous insanity still eludes me. Like TOE for women

        2. nice!
          I call it
          “coffee, cake, claret, and cock”
          repeat till wall, then “off the cliff” thelma and lois style…

        3. This seems about right. It don’t take no Ben Matlock to realize they are nuts but I do believe that there is some kind of thread that holds it all together

        4. The thread of…psychosis? Good thing we don’t come equipped with that particular thread. I can’t imagine how horrible their thoughts must really be. But they just have to contain a healthy dose of conniving, scheming and plotting the destruction of others. I think they’re all masochists. They hate themselves, but they hate other women even more. It must be a constant state of whore for them (er, I mean, “state of war”).
          I popped into this strip club two nights ago, and this slut who has been making a play for me was there. She told me so much bullshit, I got up and left. But not before saying, “You’re a conniving, gold-digging cunt. But I like that about you.” She texted me about 10 minutes later, with, “Stop being mean to me.” I didn’t respond. So what does she do? She shows up at my hotel room later and gives me special delivery of her ass, right to my door…ha. Masochists. All of ’em.

        5. I think the hatred of other women is actually a reaction formation created from the hatred of self. Because they can’t actually go through their day to day lives fully aware that they hate themselves they displace that hatred onto all other women.
          And the masochism that comes with women is an odd thing because it is tied up in unrestrained hedonism.

        6. That’s as good an assessment as I’ve ever encountered. They project their self-hatred, that’s for sure. And hedonism is their raison d’etre. It must be really tough for them. If they didn’t cause so much misery and destruction, I might actually feel sympathy for them. But I don’t.

        7. “of the cliff ” begins when the last egg dries up.
          No children. but no worries, have career, can still have fun – party – cougar etc…
          But at some point they must realize the bottom of the cliff is 50 years away – – without kids, therefore no grand kids, great grand kids…
          We are only beginning to see the affects…

        8. They definitely get blindsided. I read a quote by Famke Janssen, the actress, at IMDB while writing an ROK article yesterday. She was complaining because “sexist” Hollywood had cut her out of the X-Men franchise, due to her advancing age. Hey bitch, it was a business decision. You hit the wall and your character has to be semi-hot. Hot girls mean more money for the film’s producers. But logic never plays into anything they say or do. She’s just angry and bitter because she lost her looks. Same shit, different day.

        9. Oddly enough bob I don’t blame these birds for the misery and destruction. That’s like blaming a zebra for having stripes. This is what they are. Blame can only be assigned where will is exerted. A man kills another man and he is morally wrong. A dog mauls and kills a man he is bad…but not evil.
          There is rarely a case where a woman destroys a man’s life that it couldn’t have been prevented by the man. It is the pandering to women and the putting them on pedestals and the supplication that allows this to happen. Women are acting like women. I can’t blame them for that. The blame goes squarely on the men who are not acting like men in my opinion.

        10. Good points. Getting mad at them is like getting mad at the sun for coming up. But I have no sympathy for them. I’m as cold as the arctic wind inside, when it comes to women. Partly because they respond to that state of mind with uncontrollable wetness. But mostly because they are evil. Whenever I have let my guard down for an instant, and have given them kindness and the benefit of the doubt, they have bitten me. So I learned my lesson in that regard. The only way you can have them is by not wanting them. If you treat them all with superior indifference, they crumble. It might take a while, but they will crumble eventually. They just have to know why a particular guy has no use for them. He could be a leper or a hunchback, and they’d fuck him at that point, just to try and win him over. Bizarre, soulless, energy-sucking freaks of nature.
          Carlos Castaneda wrote about inorganic beings in his books. They can project a human physique. But they aren’t human, and they feed on energy (ours). Since everything is comprised of energy, this made a lot of sense to me. I am convinced that there is more truth about the nature of “people”, in Castaneda’s work, than you can find in a standard physiology textbook that deals with the human organism. There’s something creepy going on there, behind those glazed-over, shark-like eyes. And in many cases, whatever it is, there’s no way in hell that it’s human…

        11. Castaneda is terrific and I fully agree with you on lack of sympathy. I would caution against thinking they are “evil” though. Evil is a moral judgment that can only truly be applied to autonomous beings capable of exerting a will above their nature state and expressing it in the world.
          Women are causal. I do not know what a soul or being or logos truly is but I suspect that it isn’t present in women in the same manner it CAN BE (though isn’t necessarily) in men.
          The problem with thinking that women are evil is that it leads to hatred and hatred is a terrible thing to carry around.
          I have been bitten once and very hard and it was when I let my guard down. I spent a long time being angry at her for what I realize now was a totally predictable occurance which could have been avoided all together in several different ways if I didn’t go against the grain of everything I knew from decades of life experience.
          Was she evil? No of course not. No more than the gun of a murderer is an evil instrument because it killed people.
          Women are morally neutral. They can be used in several different ways: as wives, as companions, as cum resepticles…they can be ignored altogether as well. They are dangerous but we know how to properly use them Bob…so when we fuck it up we can’t really think ill of them.
          People are always surprised when I say this but not only do I not hate women, I like them a lot. I feel they bring a lot of good to my life and almost no bad so long as I use them correctly. But like anything else, if improperly used they can be harmful

        12. I enjoy them, too, to a degree – for sex, for laughs, for a good time. But after I fuck them, I want them to leave. Which is kind of the way you operate, isn’t it. I don’t hate them (unless they deserve it, due to fully knowing that they are evil, and taking great joy in it, and yes, I’ve met more than a few of those). But they are like coral snakes – beautiful and dangerous. You have to know how to handle them. I prefer to avoid them unless I need them for something (sex, typically). And the older I get, the less I need them for anything. I don’t believe all humans are the same. Life has taught me they aren’t. And women are missing something inside of them that men possess. Call it empathy, or a regard for human life, call it what you will, but I have only met one woman in my entire life who appeared to have that je ne sais quoi that men possess, and she was trying to land me as a marriage partner, so it was an act.
          One thing about being a lifetime bachelor, with an ungodly high notch count, is you learn about women, if you ask questions and pay attention. (As you well know.) Women will cry if they see a poor little doggie get hurt, or a kitty-cat, but if their husband is on fire, or their best friend has cancer, they don’t feel empathy. They don’t feel a damned thing, except maybe a twisted perverse satisfaction, that is something akin to victory.
          They can mimic sadness and empathy, that’s their art. But the only sadness and empathy they feel, is for their narcissistic selves. I know this, because I’ve dragged the truth out of women, very deftly, about this very matter. And in every case, when I’ve coaxed it out of them, they express alarm – “What is wrong with me?” Well, nothing is wrong with them, that’s just how they are. All of ’em.
          I will never let a woman get extremely close to me. Would you let a coral snake get really close to you. Would you trust it. Only a fool would do that, IMHO.

        13. The mimesis you speak about where women fake emotions is one that is particularly interesting to me. I think, to a degree, all actors (even the awesome masculine ones) are deficient in the way women are which is what allows them to totally take on another character. This is more of a reason for homosexuality and it’s exaggerated representation in tv and movies than some mustache twisting homosexual plot I believe but that’s another story.
          The things I have learned about women confirm what you say. Funny thing about the crying over a dog thing….there was some paper on psychopaths (specifically Jeffy D, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy (that pointed out that they were totally devoid of all empathy but would have total emotional breakdowns over the most redicilous stuff like a “sad” part in threes company when jack tripper doesn’t get a job. Like full on my mom just died in a car accident freaking out uncontrollable sobbing emotional breakdowns.
          The thing about women is that they do have a certain softness that they bring. I have one in rotation now who plays interest game. This is what I call girls who share nothing about their own life and always ask and listen with interest about you. I can sit at dinner and tell this girl the story of how badly I wanted to play roller hockey in the street when I was 9 but I never could get the hang of roller skating and she will sit there with all the oohs and ahhhs as if I told her about the time I landed on the moon and god help me I love it. Once a week for a few hours it really makes me feel like I am important and wonderful. Women have this power. If it could be harnessed and used for good that would be just amazing

        14. Interesting stuff. Very much so. I like back-and-forths like this, they make a guy think. I don’t know about the acting angle. Acting is being yourself, and the best actors take the words and say them as if they were naturally occurring to them at that very moment. And my view is definitely shaded, since I have been an actor. Heh. But what you wrote above made me realize that something I’ve been thinking lately is probably true. All humans are predators. Men and women both. I’ve met numerous males who had a much larger capacity for jealousy, sabotage and murder, than women.
          Maybe we’re all pretending we are something we aren’t. Maybe we are terrified that somebody might discover, at any second, the depth of our capacity for predatory behavior. And so we are constantly wearing masks.
          We know for certain that women aren’t as advertised. But are men? No. I can convince myself that I’m the nicest, fairest, most sympathetic person in the world. And I walk the walk and talk the talk most of the time. But then, somebody will fuck with me in an egregiously predatory manner, and inside of myself, I will change. And I’ll let them know they fucked with the wrong person. Call it vanity. Call it a defense mechanism. But I think all men possess that faculty, especially when cornered, or threatened, or their possessions (most especially women) are being taken away from them.
          I’ve been working hard lately at realizing my own capacity for behaving like a programmed, robotic idiot. I see that I am clearly this way on many levels, and I want to change it. And the only way to change it is to realize that this is what I am, this is what all men are. Beyond that, who knows, but I have high hopes…don’t we all. Isn’t that why we slog through life, while knowing that death is waiting for us, right around the corner. We know there is more. We know we can be more. So we continue (violin music swells, end scene).

        15. I don’t think she’s from the U.S…I plucked it at a copyright-free photo website and then titled it.

        16. I don’t agree with this on a society wide – on international level.
          personally, yes – you must maintain – x, y, and z.
          i.e women prefer lions. capture lion, precede to turn into house-cat. women hate house-cats, release to wild, capture new lion.
          Don’t let them turn you (hey I know – I’ve done it). maintain discipline, don’t get lazy.
          However, women have been militarized by the State(s). Nothing an individual man can do…
          And men are mostly individuals…

        17. “The problem with thinking that women are evil is that it leads to hatred and hatred is a terrible thing to carry around.”
          That depends on how a person uses it, and processes it. Some of the major accomplishments in my life were born of hatred. But my life has been different than most people’s. I use hatred as a motivator. I don’t carry it around like bricks. I internalize it, and motivate myself to accomplish something even greater. Which will make the people who have done things to me, out of hatred (fueled by jealousy, in most cases – no, make that in every case), hate themselves even more than they already do.
          It’s a war for energy. You either have it or you don’t. Winning is much more satisfying than losing. I’ve been knocked down so many times, but never knocked out. I rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. And hatred has been a major catalyst for that. (At least, that’s how I psych myself up about doing something new and bigger than the last thing I did…I start with self-pity, then hatred, and then I work ceaselessly to accomplish the next goal. Whatever works.)
          Case in point – my best friend. He’s always been jealous of me to the point of unbridled back-stabbing and character assassination behind closed doors. That’s just how people are, I get that, and I have dealt with it my entire life. So I told him I was going to produce movies, my next major project. He could not contain his desire to see me fail at that one. Heh. Seriously. He told me that it took years of school and study to do something like that, and I should talk to his nephew, because his nephew is a filmmaker, and it just wasn’t possible for me to do something like that without arduous study and training.
          But he knows me. He knows I’ll do it, and then he’ll find out about it, and he’ll watch the films, and they’ll be good, and he’ll feel miserable. (I’m already working on a hot, well-known actress to play my wife in one of the movies; I don’t mess around when I go for something.) And I’ll do it all without taking a single class. Most people are not as they seem. They don’t want anybody they know to get too far ahead of them, because it makes them feel bad about the cards they were dealt, and their choices and station in life.

        18. I agree you are right but militarization of women by state and female psychology are two different discussions I think. Where the state can be blamed for its wrongdoing, once again we see women are just being women.

        19. I will have to take your word on the actor bit. I’ve used that analogy before but in truth have never done any acting or know anything about it.
          As for being predators, we are but humans are odd predators. Because we have emotions like shame and guilt and resentment, human predatory nature winds up being opposite normal predatory nature quite often in society.
          Those who are strongest and would naturally make the best predators are trained to back down. If I am walking down the street one way and a woman is walking toward me I will instinctively give her the right of way…even a smaller man. I try to fight this instinct when possible but men are socialized to protect the weaker. We are shamed for our strength quite often (even while being admired for it)
          Conversely, because of resentment, small and weak and impotent people, when given any measure of power, tend to really abuse it. So the female predator is very dangerous because she is naturally out manned in very category and resents it so when she does get you in her power she really twists the knife and you are socially programmed to allow it

        20. Bravo, dude. Man I hope we get a chance to sit down and socialize with a few drinks at some point. I know the conversations would be stellar.

        21. yes – this is all true.
          But, militarization, IMO, means the acceptance and promotion of women’s negative traits.
          And the prevention of men to curtail them…
          Is a all the direction of state(s), not mankind…
          Interested in your take on Rand…haven’t read it yet…

        22. Rand is fine. She essentially repackages other, better thinkers and tries to pass it off as superior descendant. I think in the end sticking to the source material is probably a better use of time.
          That the government actively accepts and promotes the irresponsibility and childishness and lack of impulse control in women is a plain fact. It’s a funny ole world we live in

        23. The movie thing sounds very cool. I will be honest, I’m not really sure what a producer does in terms of a movie. It’s a business i know absolutely nothing about

        24. Yes, those at the top of the political and economic pyramid exploit female characteristics to control men. But it’s always been like that just about everywhere. It always stayed below a certain level until relatively recently. I usually stopped at assuming the cause was the scientific management of society that allowed the ruling class to pierce the barrier. They figured out how to do it, and maybe they did or other factors changed to where the same old tactics pushed through a weakened barrier.
          Suppose that society has been arranged for the benefit of women for a very long time, maybe always. For instance, there are women who are objecting to lifting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia. In their view the ban exists to force men to drive them around. That is do tasks they don’t want to do.
          What if the things were the way they used to be because it was better than the alternative for women. Notice how feminism’s advances parallel the technology. The moment some technological advance makes some societal limit on women no longer a benefit they demand it go away. When the old still benefits them, it hangs on.
          What if men were only in charge for the reason that it relieved women of work? And now that it isn’t nearly as difficult….
          Of course any population is a distribution so what we see over time is mean shift. The edge pushes and the mean lags along behind after.

        25. At times but I find that it really isn’t too bad….more often than not there is a benefit over a penalty

        26. A woman knows her own evil thoughts and therefore KNOWS all other women are the same and expects the worst at all times. Total projection and envy.

        27. Wait, I’m not sure I actually want this role. You’d have to pay me a lot.

        28. Wish I wasn’t correct. But then I’d be like an SJW, wishing the world would be like I want it to be…

  33. Twenty-five, virgin, actively religious. I didn’t think you could actually marry a nun. Instead, be the man a woman never wants to leave. Then you choose. Choose wisely, a woman who has had one or two significant relationships in her life will not ever be curious. A twenty-five year old woman who has some street-smarts as well as an Associates Degree at least is a good catch if you’re a man that women are attracted to. Be the man no woman ever wants to leave.
    I’m a 57 y/o Alpha-male married 29 years. Met my wife at 27 years old at a 10-yr class reunion.
    Be the man who, when you get out of bed, the Devil says, “Oh, Shit, He’s up.”
    Be that guy, she’ll be attracted to the aged lion forever.

    1. Is there any way for a man to make himself into the type a woman never wants to leave when she has lost the ability to emotionally bond after making herself into a cum dumpster? Sounds like the advice of 57 y/o man who has totally lost touch with the changed sexual market place and hook up culture that drives millennial females now.

    2. If she’s smart enough to achieve an advanced degree but hasn’t officially gone through the rigamaroll, that I believe is best. She brings her fine and working DNA to your line and her glitchless service to your table. She packs the genes, not the weenies. In a pinch, she’s resourceful and she COOKS beans and weenies for her clan, but she’s never packed them in her orifices. She has the smarts and acuity to micromanage and juggle the many wonderful tasks that a true feminine woman finds the ultimate labor of joy while giving herself, body and soul in service to her master and patriarch. And it’s all about being a patriarch. There’s saluting your higher lord and having expectation that your woman or women will salute you in accordance, but you must thunder patriarchy from your pores, like the energy emitted by the first man walking the Earth and the wild beasts fled to higher ground like an impending tsunami or earthquake rattles them. Your women must taste and sense that your rattle is there, percolating and everpresent.

    3. “Be the man no woman ever wants to leave.” Whatever the fuck that means. Translation: be with a woman that won’t leave you. Asinine advice.

      1. Asinine advice? GOD forgive me. Millennials are so fucking ignorant and entitlement driven. You obviously do not know what a virtuous, purposeful-life, driven man is. A pussy (likely you) is a wanna-be man who thinks his car, apartment, clothes and income would actually attract a woman of true caliber. You’re already too far gone, pussified city-boy. When you have conquered extreme elements in three continents, made your own water and shelter, killed to eat, killed to survive, then came back and dominated your business rivals, you may address me….I ain’t goning to spell it out for you. My sons know. But you, you are nothing more than the ‘mighty’ keyboard warrior….wus.

        1. You are barking up the wrong tree there, idiot. Your self serving delusional accusations couldn’t be further from reality. You’ve only been to three continents? Maybe add Antarctica. You wouldn’t know a damned thing about me, except your wild assumptions, you egotist. Doubling down on ignorant, empty, comments like “Be the man no woman ever wants to leave.” only prove what a belligerent, pigheaded, moron you are. Maybe you also believe: “be the comment man no one wants to disagree with.”, but then I came along and popped that delusional bubble.

        2. You only have one paint brush, obviously. The millennial paint brush. Believe whatever delusion makes you feel better, you couldn’t be more wrong. BTW. you’re still asinine.

    1. A sexy widow in your home is the next most frightening thing to have next to a toaster is to a man with a wet beard. I’d want to know the circumstances that resulted in her becoming a widow. War widows are one thing but car accident or suicide widows are a little too close to home. My beard would sense her tentacles at play.

      1. She cared for a diabetic first husband, lost limb… second husband was a coworker older dude that also passed, cared for him too. She is lucky financially but loyal…traditional and treats (a-hem) her men traditionally too I am happy to say

        1. Hmm . . she’s a double widowess. It may be that she smells out impending doom. Maybe find out what she senses in you and have her communicate it to you. She could act as a radar for your well being if you communicate it to her to communicate it to you to be on alert when she senses something amiss. I once had a relative who had this eerie excitement about death. They would normally slouch around lazy and inactive but when a family funeral came around, they’d get all excited and shop for a fancy black dress to wear, like it was a glorious wedding or something. And they’d be excessively coddling and fuzzy around someone that was on their last leg. This relative behaved very strangely around me one day, being very nice and they tried to cook for me like it was my last meal, bringing napkins to my lap and talking droopy to me saying out of place things like “everything will be just fiiine”. I couldn’t stand it. MY radar then went up knowing her nature. I left the place with my radar on and twitching. As I left their apartment parking lot, I twitched to the left and saw a large moving truck with it’s headlights off speeding in the twilight just inches past my front bumper. I missed being T-boned by 1/2 second. THAT BITCH was trying to lull me to sleep with their comforting demeanor but I had to willingly and intentionally slap myself to hyper alertness. That’s why you have to train such people to use their prickly sense to alert you and to guard you instead of to lazily just sit there and have their loved ones fucking eat death whenever it nears.

        2. ” It may be that she smells out impending doom … ”
          Or conveniently seems to have plenty of extra morphine on hand.

        3. good cautions – I will watch… I’m healthy and she is some distance away so I have local options (2 in the kitty etc.)

  34. You’re so dumb. All you have to do is accuse a wealthy man of sexual harassment, especially in a liberal state, and then you will have enough money to buy 10 Land Rovers.

  35. Find someone young, conservative, religious from a good family. Teens or early 20s are fine. Get a prenuptial agreement (Trump endorses this). That is the simple way to do it without too much analysis.

  36. All the above still can equal Jack and shit. Keep cash off books, keep investments off the books…then when / if hammer comes down lol appear to be nice by handing off liability of house and car ( while pushing for a percentage ) calling it responsibility so she feels like a big girl. As for support it’s called ” authority defiance disorder.” Leave the state, change name, seal the bloody records. Start your own company and laugh if they think your gonna garnish yourself…yet only make 33X minimum wage so that’s not even an option. So some woman gripes your an asshole…strange, I don’t recall ever being married; flattered by the delusions perhaps she needs some ssris…she lives where…never been there.

  37. Stefan Molyneux has lots of videos about marriage and divorce. In one of them he goes through similar statistics as this and gives practical advice on how utilize them to decrease your chance of divorce.

      1. Here’s one of his videos though I’m not sure it’s the one with the statistics. He has a lot of material.

  38. This article is good but a companion article, one that may be an even more bitter pill to swallow really does seem necessary. An article that asks the reader to look inward at himself and see if he is marriageable material. I could find that perfect unicorn, do everything right and make sure everything works perfectly but it will fail still because I am simply not a marriageable man. I am fortunate in that I do not want marriage or children so it works out but I imagine that there are men out there who want to get married, have kids, like zorba says “the full catastrophe” but simply aren’t the type of men who have good odds of not blowing it up

    1. true.
      but no man is perfect.
      and system is perverted to allow any woman to jump ship with cash and prizes.
      She may have been perfect but will eventually be perverted…

      1. Agreed on all counts. And of course no man is perfect. I think what I mean to suggest is for men to ask themselves if they have the traits that make for good husbands. I don’t. I don’t see this as a flaw it’s just a trait I don’t have.
        When I was a kid I wanted to be shortstop for the Mets. I had almost every single talent that a baseball player needs with the exception of being able to hit, catch, throw and run fast. Other than that I was totally set. By the time I was 40 I gave up my hopes of going pro

    2. And yet two more companion articles, how to maintain your wife as marriageable material and how to maintain yourself as marriageable material.
      It is all well and good, but if you or your wife slips 10 years down the road, you have problems.

  39. Since I mentioned it I figured I would put the clip
    Are you married
    Am i not a man? Is a man not stupid? Wife. Children. House. The full catastrophe

  40. i went thru divorce, there is fucking evil sent against you that is hard to describe unless you have been thru it. years of harassment, depositions and court appearances. Dragging friends, sub-contractors into depositions for purposes of destroying friends, work, family – -all unrelated to case. but allowed to go on.
    First advise I received is:
    “don’t worry , you’ll have Wednesdays and alternating weekends. And that will be enough!”
    My ex is very wealthy – within a week of our settlement she received a 20million bonus, and I was audited by the IRS…(which is simple, easy, reasonable, and logical compared to divorce).
    Great advise. And now I live a hybrid life — this weekend stay at home dad: Museums, ice-skating in park, early to bed- no ho’s or alcohol, etc…
    Next weekend strip clubs and shots.
    However, I want more kids. because I want gandkids too, before I’m too old to appreciate it. This really is the meaning of life.
    But, a virtuous woman??? give me a break.
    I was looking at old photo of my grandma at about 50:
    with her 5 kids and 20 grand-kids.
    We (her grand-kids now average age of 50)
    have 20 kids between us, and only one has a grandkid…
    if the breading rate remained – should be 100 kids and 500 gradnkids
    But there is only one (Do I have the numbers correct?)
    And worse — these are country people.
    I have about 2 dozen City women I have “known” that are over 45 and childless…

    1. Can haz your ex’s digits please? Seriously, the reproduction rate of the working and middle classes has been sandblasted by requiring women to remain in the paid workforce no matter what their marital and maternal status may be.

    2. Damn – I hear you… same here but instead she ran off with a doc (married now thank god no more alimony)… hopefully you don’t pay her with that windfall.
      So… the answer is get you into some modification of anti-Oneitis (not that you have feelings anymore, but ‘she’ is consuming your life). I went on a tear online with the goal of engaging others’ stories and not a lot of game. I bedded a lot of babes – way beyond my weight range which was very cool. Probably spent same or less than bars and shots.
      If you need to get in better shape (not sure here), Atkins diet was terrific and added back my high school football muscles – plus no aches and pains. Truly miraculous. Then gradually add back minimal carbs (low carb tortillas became my ‘bread’)

      1. no child-support – so my life is good – free of payments.
        And live 50/50 father/bastard
        But, back in the day…
        the lawyers screaming at the judge
        “he’s a bum,. a gigolo – impute an income on him”
        Important for guys to know this — impute an income, means they will assign a value of what you “could” earn – and child support payments are based of this amount – can’t pay? fuck you – off to jail…
        I’m definitely not one-itis now…But also don’t have any abundance…
        Which is ok…I’m old – and have plenty of memories. and have a much younger girlfriend!

        1. good deal – similar with a no1 going, but my ready to go philosophy is smell and fuck – er pluck – as many roses that come into the radar if not for now for a later dry spell…
          well maybe now too

      2. married to a doctor – is the best outcome…
        would be far worse for a man to be divorced and paying for her to stay in (his) home with various chads…around your kids…

    3. Wait, you say virtuous women don’t exist, but then apparently reference your grandma. Was she virtuous?

      1. 5 kids when young, and 20 grand-kids when 50 all of them together till death do part, etc- I think,is virtuous , by definition.
        Modern women riding the cock carousel – not.
        I know plenty of women around 50 in NYC – no kids – still partying…
        the point of my personal analogy of breeding now versus then is that we are at extinction rates…
        Tonight, though, I found about 30 virtuous women in NYC…
        And since I don’t care anymore I’ll tell you all where:
        South Street Seaport saw a bar-restaurant conducting an art class, I presume – they were all painting the same thing. And mostly youngish, cute looking women…

    4. Sooo, the ex-wife got $20 million out of you? I am sure she is no saint, but you are a fool for getting married with no prenuptial agreement in place.
      You want more kids? Good luck in finding a quality woman in the strip-clubs you frequent on the weekends you don’t have your kids.

      1. $20 million bonus not from me.
        same as IRS audit not from her.
        assumption about pre-nuptial based on nothing- –
        as all men know a prenuptial has no value..
        instantly thrown out by corrupt judges while the women hold the kids as financial hostages.
        She is wealthy – -I am not.
        4 lines of wrong and nonsense.
        straw man and ad-hominums in one post —
        what gender would that be?
        another reason to not get married. Listening to that shit all day every day…

  41. Marriage works if YOU do your stuff correctly. The woman part is of little importance, you will soon understand why. Here they come – the 7 golden rules.
    0) Dont be a weakling or coward; or a man-boy. Be a man.
    1) Fuck her often and well and dont use a condom.
    2) Have children
    3) Make her a stay at home mom
    4) Earn enough money so you dont have to worry about basic needs. Luxury is NOT required.
    5) Make sure your exposure to goverment is low. Meaning if you depend on a job in your home country and you keep all your money in your home country you are weak. Women do exploit weakness. It is in their nature.
    6) Be an asshole. If you are not a natural asshole, train yourself to be an asshole at least once every single week.
    7) Make sure your women (plural!) and your children do respect you. If they show even a tiny bit of disrespect in words or actions, act without hesitation. Use verbal or physical force to make this very clear. Disrespect is not an option. Your word is the law.

        1. Well, you are an asshole with a mother of your children? Is it your insecure?
          Alpha men are not assholes with women.
          Would you like your daughter ( if you have a daughter) gets married with an asshole?

        2. Yes got 2 of the type. Chances are she will be looking for a man who is quite like her father. Thats natural.
          Beeing an asshole is a sign of strength. Only the strong and high SMV (so it seems) can afford beeing an ass. For hot women this counts twice.
          If you treat women with respect dont complain if they feel too tired for your birthday sex.

        3. You will be happy if men treat your daughter with no respect?
          I guess we communicate with very different people.
          I would say , You should not expect respect from society if you do not respect….

        4. Being an asshole is a sign of weakness and self distrust. Strong man ( gentleman) never offends women . That’s why true gentlemen are usually loved by women ….

  42. Honestly, the best chance for marital success is to just move to a non-Western country and find a woman there.

    1. Probably, you might be lucky. But don’t be too optimistic. Western dating culture and femicuntism “heavily & wrongly influenced” majority of the pussies in almost ALL the continents. In my Home country (Bharat / India) and in the sub-continent, there is a drastic increase of pussies who are Arrogant, Bitchy, Slutty, Whorish and Entitled.
      As I said, you might be lucky but again, non-western country pussies might be nice and behave “feminine” because you are from the west and they could “easily” afford comfortable life: No subjects/books to study, No exams, No qualifications, No hard work, No uncertainty. (All this benefits just because they have a pussy !) That said, there are indeed some feminine women who value culture, tradition and respect their MEN.

  43. Reduce your risk of divorce to almost 0%:
    1. collapse central banking system
    2. ban affirmative action and EEO
    3. eliminate no-fault divorce
    4. combine church and state. If the church does not recognize the divorce, then neither should the state.
    5. ban alimony and child support and welfare.
    6. legalize “crime of passion”. If you are married and your wife cheats on you with some loser scumbag and the loser knows that she is your wife, it should be legal to kill the other guy. Back in the 1800s, if some loser hit on your wife you could legally beat the shit out of him or murder him if he continued to do it.
    Once you have these metrics in place, then you’ve essentially returned things back to the way it USE TO BE. Once men have their natural rights restored back to them, then women cannot depend upon the state and will need to depend upon men. This dependency actually makes the women sexually attracted to the men. Therefore, a hard working man that isn’t a jobless degenerate “bad boy” will be attractive to women once again and have his pick of whom to marry.
    THEN women will be the ones afraid of divorce and worrying about how to select the best guys that have the lowest risk of divorce.

    1. Aren’t you insane !? According to you, you can kill the guy who sleeps (knowing that she is your wife) with your wife BUT your wife, the female who slept with the other guy doesn’t get killed !? Your wife cheated you and slept with another guy and she goes un-punished !?
      In the above example: Did the other guy “forced” your wife ? Nope. Did the other guy “blackmailed” your wife ? Nope. Did the other guy “raped” your wife ? Nope.
      Then why ? why ? why ? why you want to kill that guy !? why not kill your wife ? why not “castrate” your wife ? why not stone her to death ? why not execute her ? why not put her in jail ?
      Males and Females are “equal”, aren’t they ?
      PS: Don’t take “you” or “your wife” literally. Just used as an example.

      1. In american frontier days if husband walked in on his wife with another man in his bed, he could shoot them both and get minimal sentence. The justice system had sympathy for the husband. Now the cucked husband is expected to be a good sport and hand over half his wealth.

    2. I think the main thing is to not get the finger pointed at you if the guy smashing your wife unexpectedly slips on a banana peel, steps on a rake, walks into a rain filled manhole or meets any such comical demise. If you walk into a room and find some guy pumping your ho bag bitch, often guys tend to get a bit dramatic and start making noise, loudly declaring or waging rash and not well thought out acts of warring with the sumbitch on the spot and at the drop of a hat. That’s losing your calm and losing frame. Always keep frame and calculate your steps. But remember that whatever you may contemplate in your mind doing to the guy screwing your wife, you’re still a nice and decent guy compared to the divorce rape industry and the state bitchcourts full of hardened man hating feminist zealots from hell who are organized and are ready at the drop of a hat to process you like a hog at a butchery. They can eviscerate and kill YOU because they believe they have exclusive licence to do so and not vice versa.
      I often wonder just what kind of revolution it would take to flush the system clean of its anti family contingency. It would have to be grass roots and not bankrolled by Rothschild. Patriarchal wisdoms are hitting the grass roots with men now and their mass consciousness is snowballing. Random women on the street often look at me cock eyed like “Is he one of them?” Women should not fear the awakened and resurrected patriarchs. We’re not a zombie invasion. The SJW’s are. Women sense a change in men with increasing frequency. I could run some PUA on a woman but lately women, especially college and working women seem to be fishing for answers what’s behind all this patriarchy stuff. Trump’s win is just a barometer reading of a much much larger shift.

    3. Once you have these metrics in place, then you’ve essentially returned things back to the way it USE TO BE.
      Why waste time putting those metrics into place when you can buy a one-ticket to Iraq instead?

  44. as someone who just got divorced after a short marriage, the key is really being on the same page with someone culturally. religion second. politically third. i’ll throw race in as well but that can be tricky.
    i came to realize that the woman i married did believe in american values, wanted to import foreign cultures, thought diversity makes us stronger, etc, and also started embracing her minority roots far too much. Also raised by single mother…not a good start.
    find someone on the same page culturally, this is more important than looks as that will fade when we all hit our 40’s and 50’s.
    I don’t know if monogomy is the perfect solution to humanity but it is what western civilization has embraced for a thousand years and has brought about incredible cultural freedoms. i do see myself getting remarried. I’m 31, good job, very good health, etc…great time to be alive.

    1. Marrying within one’s own culture locks american men into gambling on some very damaged females.

      1. so import a croatian? whats a man to do? I want someone with similar cultural/political/family backgrounds that I have, seems like a good idea to me at least.

        1. You want a woman with “american values”? Toxic feminism, high notch count, the most obese… are you americunt feminist troll?

        2. certainly not those. limited government, free market, individualism, those are american values in the classic sense when i talk about it.

        3. They are loooooooooong goooooone Bro !
          We are not talking about “exceptions” here !!!

        4. Very well said. Just trying to add some more “american values”: Walking bare chested, Slut walks, Imitating MALES, Entitlement, Humiliating & Belittling MASCULINITY, Leeching out MEN and Tax Payers Money …
          the list doesn’t seem to end !!!

        5. have to the best we can i suppose. couldnt imagine living with my ex when she discussed her uneducated opinion of why American lives arent more important than foreign muslims and we need to continue to bring in refugees even if they want to kill is. there are still lots of conservative US women.

        6. thxnegan is asking, so what’s a man to do? Why don’t you share him some pearls of wisdom you’ve learned from your marriage?

  45. Hey, dumb question. Most manospherians advocate avoiding career women.
    Well, I talked to a divorce lawyer (yes, I am single), and he told me the safest thing was to avoid someone who had been divorced (duh) and to marry someone with a good salary, as alimony algorithms are calculated as a difference of the salaries between spouses. While this probably does vary between states, it does seem that with a woman with a good salary, if it doesn’t work out the downside is much less and hence risk is lower. What am I missing?

    1. Hypergamy is great isn’t it?
      Women marry equal or higher, almost never marry down.

    2. You aren’t missing anything. Most of the men think that the key to a happy marriage is to marry a young, subservient, virginal, beautiful woman who is wholly dependent on them financially and will bear them many children. Which may work out for some couples in the long-run, but marriages like that often have the odds against them, especially if you have so little in common with each other in the first place.

    3. that indeed logical. if she is as whealty as you she is less likely to have a big amount of your capital in a divorce.
      if you want offsprings choose a wealthy career women with pretty face and good IQ, their job should be a good indicators of her intelctual level. if she is bitchy ignore her and find yourself a mistress or two to distract yourself, at less you have your kids in a stable household.

  46. I can agree with the last part of 10. My old Army buddies who married Asian women (Korean, Filippinas, etc) are all still happily married.

      1. well! asians are the smarter humans being, an alliance between white and asian create a being with very hight IQ and good physical health. it’s good eugenisme it create superior offsprings.

  47. What a great article. Thank you for saving us time by copying/pasting all those graphs, which showcases information mostly gathered in 2002 or 2003, onto a single page. We might find this quite useful if we happen to stumble into time machines that will transport us back in time to the early aughts.

    1. Human mating rituals haven’t changed much in the last 15 years. You have to pull data from some timeframe. The world did not come into existence with the smartphone.

      1. Of course the world didn’t come into existence with smart phones. But I strongly disagree that mating rituals haven’t changed much in the last fifteen years. In 2002 and 2003, online dating and social media existed on a MUCH smaller scale.

  48. Contrary to what I expected, women who complete a college education are
    significantly less likely to get divorced. Is this because women who
    complete college are smarter? Are they more likely to be wise, because
    they can complete tasks? Or is this a crossover effect? I’m not sure,
    but the data is clear: a completed bachelor’s degree means a big drop in

    If you get married and have kids after completion of a bachelor’s degree, you and your partner are most likely to be more mature and financially secure. As a result, you will both be better- equipped to handle and accept the responsibilities of marriage and kids than a couple who got married right out of high school and are attempting to support a family with their minimum-waged jobs.

  49. Well researched and thoughtful article. Tells me I picked a good one as far as divorce statistics. Virgin at marriage, college educated, 1st kid at 9.5 months marriage, whitey, stable grandparents, religious, etc. My wife is pretty good looking, about a 6.5-7.0 when we married. I probably could have got a better looking woman, but I felt that her ethical qualities was more important. 15 years later, she would score a solid 8 in her age group because most other women her age have let themselves go (which is tied to the ethical part).
    Who you pick is just one part of the equation though. They need to be trained, and we need to be trained. The traditional marriage is the correct pattern to follow. She stays home with the kids, and enough kids that she is kept occupied. Have her home school the rugrats, she will have a purpose beyond the first 4 years. Meanwhile you are the breadwinner, do what you can to make it happen. I have learned I need to curb my tongue, and she has learned to respect me.
    Continuing reinforcement of family values is critical. Like the north star that the sailors of old depended on, we need guidance to have a happy life. This is where religion comes in. Be committed to your beliefs, and make sure the entire family is. On top of that, read self improvement/marriage improvement books with your wife. We will do that for about 15 minutes, and then have sex in the evening.
    Flirt with her, flirt with the waitress (but that is as far as you take it), take her out and take care of yourself. Treat her like an object when appropriate. Red pill logic very much applies.
    I know all of this sounds like a lot of work, but when I see my coworker dealing with an ex-wife and custody battles and such, my life is much easier than his. I have sex 3-5 times a week, and have six kids that I am very proud of. I come home and dinner is being made. I kiss my wife hello and tease her a bit. I go play with the kids and ask how their schooling was. After the evening slop is done and it is the kids bed time, I will go for walks with the wife. Nope, it isn’t work, it is doing what I love. My job is work.

    1. So tired of tradcon trolls on red pill site. Only 10% of females in america are virgin at marriage. So 90% american males won’t get married or you’re just accepting the lies your fiance tells you… no she didn’t suck off the basketball team that was all rumor really you can believe her.

      1. With all due respect, fuck you.
        So what is your solution? Keep banging sluts until your dick falls off? There is more to life than a piece of diseased ass. If you are going to ride the decline and score fat, blue haired feminists, you are allowing them to behave in the exact manner that got us into this mess.

        1. John wayne avatar tradcon cuckservative in denial. Keep taking that blue pill if it makes you feel better.

        2. Sounds like you are giving up. I know how you feel. Here is a re-post of something I wrote a couple weeks ago:
          “The good girls are out there, you just need to know where and how to look. Not at clubs, bars, or websites. They keep more to themselves typically.
          “In my early 20’s, I thought much like you do. I was disgusted with the quality of women out there. I was tired of the club scene for picking up trashy women and getting nowhere. At this time, I had an experience that made me question the existence of God. I picked up the Bible and started reading it.
          “That year, I came to myself and said “Self, you need to take control of your life and find a decent girl to raise a proper family with”. I was in college at the time. I asked the classiest girls in my classes that I could see. In a community of about 10% being Mormon, 4 dates in a row happened to belong to the church. The 4th girl asked me to go to church with her. I never responded to her and she moved on. About a week later, I had an epiphany. I realized that it was just those girls. They have the same genetics as everyone else. However, they carried a spirit with them that made me feel attracted to them. I had an old Mormon friend that I called up and went to church with. Shortly after, I was baptized and really jumped in with both feet. I gave up my vices and changed myself. I was still seen as an outsider from the girls near my home (I had a reputation as a player), but the following year I moved.
          From then on, things were gravy. Lots of hot girls, with traditional values. Sex was out of the picture for dating, but I didn’t care. I eventually found a good looking virgin who I married. Within the church, there is actually a shortage of guys. There is a running joke
          at BYU Idaho about that “Surf City” song by Dan and Jean, because it seriously is 2 girls for every guy.
          The trick is to become (not just fake it), and they will be there. I chose the Mormon route, but I’m sure there are others.

        3. I stayed with my Catholic roots and went to a country where Catholics are still true to the beliefs of the church that I grew up with. The women of Catholic faith, and chastity, do not exist in the US anymore.

        4. I wish you the best of luck man. I know pickings are slim, but moral girls are out there. Combine what you know from manosphere with what you learn at church, and you can land a decent catch.

        1. Jealous of sex once a week with used up mormon mom past her prime who looks like lumpy potato? Not really no.

        2. I’m sure you’re swimming in tons of young, hot, non-used-up pussy all the time. Why don’t you post some pics?

    1. So if society tells you to forget about passing on your genes and accept the fact that you will die alone and childless, would you listen?

      1. The flaw in your response should be obvious. You do not need to marry to reproduce.
        Reproduction is no guarantee of a long lasting marriage, in fact the existence of children for child support usually breaks up marriages.
        Being married means you are more likely to die alone and financially broken by divorce, and you have 80% probability of losing access to your children if you are married due to courts and parental alienation.
        It seems apparent that you don’t have much experience with the family law courts. I encourage you to talk to someone with knowledge about how the family law process operates before you make the mistake of signing a sham marriage contract.

        1. “You do not need to marry to reproduce.”
          So I suppose you would be okay with your kid being raised by a single mother?
          Or do you mean you can reproduce with a live-in girlfriend without marrying her?
          I’ll assume you’re not a complete idiot and you mean the latter, not the former. Sure, in theory, a man and woman can live together, reproduce, and live happily without getting married. But why would you not want to get married? If your answer is “I don’t want to risk getting divorce-raped,” then I just have one question for you: If you trust a woman enough to bring a child into the world with her, then how do you not trust her enough to marry her?
          You’re telling me that you won’t get married because you’re worried about the woman divorcing you and taking half your shit, but you’re not worried about your kid potentially being raised in a broken home?
          The only reason anyone — man or woman — would refuse to marry someone they’re dating is that they’re not 100% sure that the relationship will last. If you’re 100% sure the relationship will last, then you would have no problem getting married. And if you’re not 100% sure, then you should not be considering having children with that person.
          PS: I would not marry or have children with a woman who would even CONSIDER getting the law or court system involved in our private life. My girlfriend of 7 years (we’re technically married so she can immigrate to the US) once angrily threatened to report me to the cops after I got aggressive with her during an argument. This happened in South America in her country. A few minutes later, we walked past a precinct and I dared her to walk in and report me. I swear to God, if she had so much as thought about walking into that precinct, I would have never spoken to her again.
          A woman who calls the cops on her man (or uses the court system) is basically cucking him. She is rejecting the authority of her man and appealing to the authority of a stronger, more powerful man to come and dominate him. As soon as your woman does that, you no longer have any authority over her. She does not belong to you anymore.

        2. then I just have one question for you: If you trust a woman enough to bring a child into the world with her, then how do you not trust her enough to marry her?
          in California the divorce rate is 85%, so whether you marry or not, the end result will be the same. I suggest you and all men contemplating marriage watch Divorce Corp and read Learn about it before you make the mistake.

        3. You’re the one who said “you don’t need to marry to reproduce.” If you believe·”whether you marry or not, the end result will be the same,” then how do you justify reproducing with a woman who will divorce you/leave you?
          As I asked you in the last comment: You’re okay with you child being raised by a single mother?
          Or are you suggesting men forget about having kids all together?
          Which one is it?

        4. Im not in the least concerned about you. It matters not to me what you do with your life. Go ahead and put your head in the noose. People like you who won’t pay attention are the fodder that keeps the Family Lawyers sausage machine running.

      2. If that society doesn’t want you to pass on your genes, then maybe you need to leave and go to a different society that values your genes.

  50. “Call me a faggot, but I want to share my life with a woman. To have a helper, to raise children… to be loved” Yep, you’re a goddamn faggot for sure.
    Also Monogamy doesn’t work anyway, let alone marriage.

    1. The poor naive fool’s not a faggot — he’s simply a deluded Blue Pill Dreamer who’s been lied to all of his life and not yet realized that the feminists and their Big Daddy Government have poisoned women to the point that marriage (for a man) has become the same as playing Russian Roulette with one empty chamber.
      When I was young, I wanted the same thing — then I hit my thirties and realized that that world doesn’t exist anymore; in fact, it didn’t really exist at all.
      The Red Pill can be hard to swallow, but we all know that an ugly Truth is better than a pretty Lie. That’s what essentially makes us different from women.

  51. Well duh…..of course you have to be selective! Just as a woman has to be if she wants an honest, loyal, reliable man.
    I agree with a lot of the points that would make women more prone to divorce though. I would rate having a good relationship with a father or father figure as being a very high factor. Women who have good relationships with their fathers learn how to connect with men, learn how to genuinely love men and maleness and simply value a male presence in their life and long to find the man to one day replace daddy! Girls who grow up having a close relationship with their fathers are also I assume, less likely to be feminists in adult life?

    1. “…Just as a woman has to be if she wants an honest, loyal, reliable man.”
      Women want “an honest, loyal, reliable man” only when they’re over thirty and have a kid/kids, or if they’re over thirty, tired of working, and have to leave the Carousel…IOW, when they have NOTHING to offer the said “honest, loyal, reliable man” except a bad feminist attitude, personal debt in the tens of thousands, and an attitude of entitlement that reaches the stratosphere.

  52. I read something a few months ago which stated that women are ALWAYS looking to “trade up” to a better man. There’s even a specific word for it, but I can’t recall what it was. Of course, they also pointed out that “better” may mean different things to different women.
    One thing about item 1, I don’t think it’s a matter being unable to pair bond being why those with more partners being more likely to divorce. I think it’s more likely that it’s a matter of having no basis for comparison. Only had sex with one person? Then you’ve got NO idea how good they are at it, so you’re happy with what you have because you don’t know any better. Someone with more partners has more basis for comparison. And someone who thinks “well, BIll’s OK in bed, but a great guy otherwise, so I’ll just have to teach him to be better in bed after we’re married” when they marry may eventually tire of trying to get Bill to give them the thrill they remember from their better partners, and go looking elsewhere.

  53. The only way to reduce your risk of divorce 100% is…don’t get married.
    There, that was easy.

  54. “Contrary to what I expected, women who complete a college education are significantly less likely to get divorced. Is this because women who complete college are smarter? Are they more likely to be wise, because they can complete tasks? Or is this a crossover effect? I’m not sure, but the data is clear: a completed bachelor’s degree means a big drop in risk.”
    You need to break this down further – white, over 35 year old women with bachelors degrees are probably a less likely to get divorced because they know they are well past their sell date. Not true with younger women with (mostly bullshit) degrees in subjects of questionable market value. They still think they are invincible and if married in their 20s are probably just as likely to get divorced as a married non-college educated woman of the same age.
    As for non-college educated couples getting divorced more frequently, it’s probably because they tend to get married VERY early, like right after high school. This is especially true in the deep south. No small coincidence that Alabama has one of the highest divorce rates. While in the past this was normal, trying to do something that traditional in a modern society full of more temptations and vices makes it even more difficult to succeed. Tinder brings as many new guys as she wants, once swipe away. Notable exceptions to this rule are the Mormon and Muslim communities.

  55. “women who complete a college education are significantly less likely to get divorced. Is this because women who complete college are smarter? Are they more likely to be wise, because they can complete tasks? Or is this a crossover effect?”
    My understanding is that is that college exposes a girl to a better class of guy than those in her hometown.
    Any kind of post-graduate education lowers her chance of ever marrying, so being education level is obviously not the deciding factor here.

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