Why Do We Push Women To Choose Career Over Family?

On Valentine’s Day this year, I heard a man calling in to a radio program to ask how to show his wife love.  You see, the man’s wife is a career woman in the medical industry, and focuses all her energies on her job as a heart doctor.  She’s away from the home for long periods, and the husband struggles to find time to spend with her.

Idiocracy: Still not quite ready for a Family

The man stated that while their friends are buying houses and starting families, they aren’t even considering a family, because his wife states she can barely take care of herself, much less raise children.

Been there, done that

She’s too busy to even enjoy the monthly massage package he purchased her, and she is currently several months behind.  This poor cucked man, who obviously isn’t getting to touch, much less make love to, his own wife, is married to a career woman who isn’t even interested in the indirect pleasure he offers through the transitive purchase of another massaging her body.  The husband is relegated to occasionally cooking her a home cooked meal, hoping she has time to enjoy it.  What a sad, miserable, lonely life.

Hypergamous Narcissism

I later found the program online: The economy of single women (cucked caller at 41 minute mark). It begins with a Jewish female journalist from Columbia University lamenting that jewelry purchases have traditionally been romantic gifts one partner gives to the other, but now jewelry store Tiffany is also marketing to the “self-purchasing woman.”

As the journalist states, women are tired of waiting around for a man to buy her something because she deserves it (earning it) and instead are making these “just because” purchases.  In other words, putting forth the effort to attract a man for more than a couple of weeks, or showing him affection and care and devotion, is too difficult for her, so she decides to reward herself with what society has always deemed an outward sign that a woman is successfully pleasing a man—jewelry.

Why so many bags? Just ’cause.

This is primarily made possible by women’s entry into the workforce, and declining marriage rates.  The feminist journalists erroneously state that single career women have greater economic power than they did before, so they are able to better afford things like jewelry.  In actuality, a single woman, needing her own house or apartment, car, stove, microwave, furniture, etc. spends far more than a married couple does on these expensive items, and the single working girl’s disposable income is far lower.

Female Math

The primary difference is that a man as head of household is going to prioritize household expenses and severely limit the amount of purchases on luxuries like jewelry, where the single woman will spend freely on such low value, high cost items, as long as she has the money in her pocketbook, or more likely, available on credit, “just because.”

Ironically, this removes most of the underlying value of the jewelry itself.  Apart from being semi-rare, the main value in jewelry is not in its underlying mineral content, but in the romantic sentiments that go along with said gift.  There is both a financial and emotional value attached above and beyond the base value of the metal or stone.

Indirect Social Proof: An obvious gift from a man she’s pleasing

Diamond engagement rings have a far higher markup than other precious stones, because of their emotional connotation to a marriage or engagement.  I don’t really care about the silly trinkets women want or use, but the point is, they do, and they are destroying their intrinsic value.

Becoming More Materialistic While Losing All Shame

As the story points out, women 50 years ago would lie if they had bought jewelry for themselves, because they knew it was a meaningless display of vacant emotion and crass commerce, but today women have no such shame.  A diamond is moving away from a display of a partner’s love to selfish materialism (which is fine by me).

I’m confused.. is this empowering and brave, or am I a social creature that craves interaction?

More feminists joined, including one who operates the blog Alone In Atlanta, an ironic title considering Atlanta has one of the best demographics for young singles to meet and form relationships in America.  They continued with the usual brainwashing that women don’t need a partner, and that women can now do everything that they formerly needed a husband for, including economic needs, sex, and having children.  This is certainly true, as I have discussed before, but the main question remains: Why is society pushing this destructive narrative?

Why Are Women Being Educated?

I’ve been considering this question over the past week after Roosh posed the question Why Are Women Being Educated? after encountering a young female in her fertile prime squandering the huge resources society devotes to give her a career in place of a man.

This article reminds me of another controversial idea I read years ago—the chapter on marriage in Harry Browne’s book How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World.

Browne advocated shunning legal marriage, making personal agreements directly with your partner instead of entering into the dangerous three-way marriage contract with the government, and also arguing that lifetime romantic love is unnatural.  Much like many readers may feel with ROK, I agreed with almost everything else presented in the book, but this one chapter seemed too different and unconventional.  Fast forward a decade, and the idea seems like common sense.

Perhaps you rarely question things that are taken for granted in our culture, but spend some time over the next few weeks pondering why we educate women so highly, and what are the results.

We All Cannot Casually Fornicate Or MGTOW

What happens to a society where men and women no longer want to raise families together?  It dies.  If it’s not an obvious death, then it evolves into something that resembles the former society in name only.  Many would say this has already happened in America.  If not, give us a few generations where productive people do not form families, and we are reliant on other cultures to provide children and sustainability to the economy and eventually the original society is gone.

Yale: How much are they really contributing?

Why is career elevated above family?  I find myself on a similar path as many here, who after enjoying some short term fun with women, question what I really want from life.  While an endless single life of meeting new women, traveling and exploring the world, and using clown game on myself to provide endless fun and enjoyment, can be appealing on an individual level, it is a recipe for cultural extinction.

The life of a promiscuous nomad should be like that of a career girl:  an option that is always available, but not one that society pushes and glamorizes.

Propaganda Used to Have Positive Goals

The truth is women in America were always free to have a career if that’s what they truly wanted.  Most of them just didn’t want it.  Or changed their mind when they saw how difficult it was.  Even today, women are doing this.  A 2012 study in the peer reviewed Journal of Human Capital revealed that most women physicians do not work sufficient hours to break even on the financial investment in medical school.

They choose to work shorter hours, or drop out of the profession after entering it and finding it too demanding.  The costs of medical school represent huge societal investments.  Besides the financial loss, for every woman that finishes medical school, a man is not educated with the skills to be a physician, depriving society of the benefits of a needed service, and driving up the cost of health care.  The study concludes:

The majority of women physicians do not appear to work enough hours earning the physician-wage premium to amortize that profession’s higher upfront investments.

So why are we educating them to be physicians?  Can anyone provide a rational answer?

Women Aren’t Happy Being Men

The irony is that female doctors are the ones choosing to work part time, because they do not value their career highly.  And this is a laudable thing!

While the young propagandized feminist may start out thinking her career will be a source of happiness, she soon finds out that she has other priorities in life, and chooses to work fewer hours in order to give more time to family, hobbies, or other non-career goals.  Which is consistent with women’s nature.  Women are not happiest being career drones.  Women are not happiest being highly educated.  Women are not happiest being men.

Western women are, and have been for all my life, free to choose whatever life they want for themselves.  But we should stop actively encouraging them to make anti-family choices that will make them unhappy, and will destroy our identity and culture.  If anything, we should encourage them to nurture their feminine side, to foster beauty and embrace fertility, to recognize they are happiest when they are pleasing and caring for a man who is happy to be with her.  This is family.  This is future.  This is culture.

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255 thoughts on “Why Do We Push Women To Choose Career Over Family?”

  1. Big Business: Cheap labor
    Leftist politics: cheap votes
    That’s why they promote women’s participation and because it’s such a circle jerk they will never combat each other.

  2. Its simple. Its penis envy. Women want to be like men. Unfortunately they don’t realize that there is a big downside to that with men not wanting to be with women who are like men.

    1. Girls are told they should be like men by other women. You think they would wise up to the reality around them.

      1. Women conscious or unconsciously give horrible advice to other women. If they are fat will try to make the thin eat unhealthy, if she is slutty will try to make slut the virginal one, women have crab mentally, if I can´t compete I will drag everyone else to my level. Men competition is different Men will try to be the best and beat competition, Men with women competition tactics are quickly identified and not trusted anymore usually gay do that and the brain washed mangina who will start rumors about you having herpes because you hire tranny whores only because you talk with his crush.

  3. “This is family. This is future. This is culture.”
    A sound culture that is conducive to raising families (or maybe it’s the families that make the culture ?) used to be a desireable and admireable thing. What happened?

  4. The guy with the doctor wife, divorce her and claim alimony, you’re entitled so do it.
    On the upside, Jewish women are having so few children, in 40 years there won’t be any Jews left.

    1. I’m noticing more and more that jewesses go out of the tribe for sperm donors (“I’m not religious anyway”).
      And these poor fukkers are the most unhappy men I’ve ever met.
      The offspring of course take after the mother. So no, don’t count on the jewish population decreasing.

      1. And Judaism says if your mother was a Jew, YOU’RE a Jew, whether she’s “religious” or not. So she can go get knocked up by the goyim all day, and as far as the tribe is concerned, she’s making little Jews.

        1. Yup – I’ve seen many that suddenly jew-out when it means a free trip to Isreale with that birthright foolishness.

    2. I confess I’ve been amused to see so many members of The Tribe fall prey to the same self-loathing, decadence, and nihilism they foisted off on the rest of us. Many prominent Jewish celebrities like Sarah Silverman are childless. Israel’s birthrate looks healthy(oh, to hit 3 children/woman in Japan, Scandinavia, et al) but the parasitical sects that won’t serve in the IDF are growing in proportion to the rest of society and Israel relies on overseas Jews to manipulate foreign governments.

      1. “Israel’s birthrate looks healthy”
        Orthodox, my guess. I hear they have 6 babies per family on average. Short generation time too, as they get married at 19. Can’t blame them for not wanting to die out.

  5. Ah, Women’s Lib: the belief that somehow cramping oneself into a tiny cubicle for 10-14 hours a day, taking orders from some drone you despise, nursing an ulcer, never feeling fulfilled/contented no matter how much time you devote to getting it just right, while trying to walk a razor-thin margin between having enough money for the mortgage and starvation is “liberating.”

    1. I used to question such things. Now I just laugh when they whine about their life.
      This is the bed you made toots. Lay in it.

        1. the fuck they don’t. Almost every woman I have been with in recent memory has had an immaculate apartment. You just need to know how to pick them. Look at a woman’s nails. If they are absolutely immaculate then her home will be as well.

    2. Bingo. Two incomes needed per family, yet they are poorer than they were 40 years ago, and average folks never seem to question why that is the case…

        1. On another site, a woman mentioned she worked for the flagship Macy’s store in Herald Sq in the early 70s. She managed one of the depts, not the entire store, and she made $5/hour. She was able to afford a nice one bedroom in the theatre district (dicey back then) and a used car no problem. No college degree either

        2. No wonder Airbnb is so popular these days – you have to house six or seven illegal immigrants, just to pay the monthly nut on your mortgage…

        3. cracking down bigtime on that in nyc btw. anything less than 30 day stay here is illegal

        4. thank the lord for credit cards. things have changed a bunch- the most profitable businesses in the 50s were supermarkets, movies, and autos. I never would guessed the first two and I wonder what they are now? Pharma?

        5. That’s probably one of those categories they somehow fail to get the stats for, jusssssst prior to publication (“Gosh, darn, heck, missed out AGAIN”, etc.).

        6. I dunno, seems to be a lot of shootin in Africa and the ME, I guess a lot of those sales are black market?

        7. Fish and chips 7400%??? That one is an outlier. The fish must have a powerful lobby in the UK.

        8. While I truly believe that the “man hours worked” prices have doubled easily because of “her” in the workforce, I don’t think that they’ve risen much more than that. An economy should be gauged on man hours worked to buy XYZ commodities or necessities. So if I work fifteen minutes in 1970 I can buy a gallon of milk (meaning, I made $2.48 an hour, which sounds about right for that era). Today I buy a gallon of milk for $2.68 a gallon, but work only (doing math in head) enough time to get up and get a cup of coffee. In the long view things are actually cheaper. Gasoline in 1980 was what, 90 cents a gallon I think (or something close to it)? Today in winter it’s $1.80 and in summer it averages around $2.60 or so. That’s hardly a rise at all in the reflected $ price, let alone the man hours worked, given how little I work now for that $1.80 compared to how much longer I had to work in 1980 for that $0.90. Shit, objectively speaking gas is WAY cheaper than it used to be.
          Now that being said, again, with women in the workforce that doubles the “man hours worked” equation effectively, which makes prices higher. But still, end of the day, shit is so fucking cheap these days compared to the “good old days” when you don’t look at $ signs but look at “how many hours do I have to work” for comparable items then, and now.
          I think overall housing is up measurably (thanks housing bubble brought on by government forcing lenders to make huge loans to bad loan risks so “everybody can have the American dream”, bah). Cars I don’t know I’d need to really look at that one closer. The basic commodities you put into a shopping cart though, that stuff is minutes on the hour compared to what it used to be, even though “then” it looks much cheaper with a $ sign in front of it.

        9. All the items on the list are 6-10x higher in my estimation. Gas in my state is about 2.30. Almost 7x as high. While wages are about 4x. Not sure how you’re getting it at things being cheaper now.

        10. If you’re only making 4x as much as you were in 1970, you chose the wrong career path, for certain.
          Plus, there’s a whole new line of “industries and professions” today that didn’t or only barely existed in 1970.
          There is no such thing as a static “wage” that you can pin down to a year, don’t let some bean counter tell you otherwise. There are far too many variables that make the entire notion nonsensical.

        11. There’s also many professions and fields that no longer exist and/or have been outsourced. Work place participaton is low. I was merely comparing minimum wages between the two years. Perhaps I’ll look into average wage now and then when I’m on my desktop as that would be more useful.

        12. Note that the most sympathetic demographic group is affected by this as well:
          Harvard business school grads.
          I read a survey that many of them are miserable and worried about surviving and perhaps rightly so. Consider: With consolidation, immigration and rising third world talent, the need for a Harvard grad is just as reduced as it would be for an “overpriced” STEM grad in the states with a 6 figure student loan debt while an H1b with a 1 year master’s degree memorizing tech terms can work for 20 percent less.
          This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so true.
          But it’s also hilarious because it affects them as well. If the oligarchs can throw the lower class (construction workers) under the bus, and then the middle class, what’s to stop them until EVERYONE is living in a shanty town crapping on the streets while just a few oligarchs parade around with 20 man machine gun security details showing off their metallic gold shirts and gold plated Mercedes?
          In the book 1984, Winston winds up finding out the plan of the Oceana elite to make the entire society in a miserable bunch of losers simply for the hell of it. The elites don’t live much better than a Dentist by our standards, and ultimately also will be rolled over by the state, but the goal is to simply eff over Humanity because it’s there. Because effing over Humanity is a the primary goal to demonstrate power. If you can’t eff over someone, then what’s the point of power?
          And that sums up the elites of both ideologies rather neatly.

        13. Minimum wage isn’t a good metric (not trying to be a dick hole here). That’s the wage that was never meant to be a “living wage” it was the wage that you paid new workers in the work force (teens and low IQ people). Nobody made a living at minimum wage, and if somebody did, it sure as hell wasn’t a good one, not then, and not now.

        14. The philosophical basis behind the minimum wage was to encourage those that worked for minimum wage to develop greater aspirations and improve themselves for better employment as they matured.
          Back in the day, your wage was usually determined by your years of experience, or seniority. Why was this a great thing? If a man was not lucky to marry enough when young, he was pretty much guaranteed increasing wages in the workforce as he got older. Females knew this. This helped the aging man still maintain some attractiveness to women which in turn gave him somewhat of a chance to find a wife.
          Back in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, if you walked into a night club with a nice suit on, you were probably guaranteed to meet at least one woman that night that adored you. Affirmative Action/EEO did not exist back then, so men owned the job market. Some women worked to, but it was usually clerical or simple factory types of jobs. Women back then saw men as their “saviors”. It was their ticket be able to move into that man’s house and be saved from either living with their parents the rest of their lives or having to live with a bunch of girlfriends or sisters to afford rent because government subsidized apartments did not exist back then. If you were a man that was employed, you were an instant sex symbol to a lot of single females. Today, no female gives a shit unless you are in the top 5% income earners. That attraction towards men was stolen from us by the elites when they created the “great society” essentially by force redistributing everything to women. Jobs, money, welfare, free this, free that, etc.
          Today, women basically don’t have the same viewpoint or attraction towards men as they once did decades ago. Today, women date men for other reasons. They’ll choose their mates based on socializing. If a guy has a lot of friends and a social life, women will chase that guy instead even if that guy is unemployed. That’s why women date douche bags today. They don’t have to worry about their survival. Their survival is guaranteed by government that was overthrown by marxists 60 years ago.

        15. I was a Nuclear Engineer just out of the Navy in 1982, and made about $35,000. Living in California that made life very difficult. Housing ate up 50% of my take home pay. And I lived in a 1,200 square foot un-air-conditioned cluster home, which I paid $105,000 for at 13% interest. I now work in the financial sector with a couple more advanced degrees and make almost $100,000 a year (not counting my bonus or income from rental property). So, I make less than 3 X what I made in the early 80s, and I still live much better. The housing is higher priced, but it is a much better house (in the Mid west), so value for dollar is greater, and the interest rate is 3.5%. This does not mean that the average rate of increase for the basket of goods including housing has not been greater than the rate of increase in wages (in general) no matter what your career path. I guess if you started out in 1980 sweeping floors at minimum wage and now have a bachelors and an MBA and are in a much higher position then your career path beat the inflation rate. That is not most people.

        16. You’re talking about a very, very specific set of economies there man. In general, if you’re not making 4 times what you were in 1970 (note, I said 1970 originally) then there’s a serious problem OR you’re retired.

        17. Actually, the philosophical basis for minimum wage was that it was to be used as the base starting point when negotiating union wages. So 5xminimum wage is where the IBofWhatever uses as their baseline. So…everytime the minimum wage goes up, unions profit.

    3. This is really a societal tragedy. This weekend, my wife’s friend is coming to visit to celebrate her 40th birthday. We live 15 minutes outside the city, but she is going to stay downtown. Why? Because my wife knows her friend is sad about the fact that she’s still single and the realization is dawning that she probably isn’t going to have kids, and my wife doesn’t want her to be depressed by hanging around our happy family.
      I have known this woman for 15 years. She is petite, very good looking, very intelligent and has a decent sense of humor. She speaks four languages, likes to cook and is good at it, and is thoughtful about things (like personalized gifts and notes to mark occasions, etc…). But, she also swallowed the career girl thing hook, line and sinker. She got a bunch of degrees from great schools (Ivy league), and threw herself into the 16 hours per day, seven day per week grind. She likes to discuss her work exploits, such as they are, and name drop executives that she deals with as if I, or any other man, gives a shit. Sorry, my dick doesn’t stiffen when I hear about how you worked until 3am getting that last PowerPoint chart just right for your meeting with Johnny Anonymous, 3rd Tier Marketing Executive at Everyother Corp. USA.
      It’s sad really. If this girl had made the choices my wife made fifteen years ago, she could be cuddling a little brood of kids, cooking them delicious meals and using her smarts to impart them with a fine sense of culture and values. But no, raising the next generation is not as important as being the 157th nameless cog in the wheel that holds a meeting to decide to hold another meeting at some later point.
      I suspect she will drink a lot when my wife tells her she is pregnant again.

      1. Sad.
        Still, she might snag a divorced dude with no self esteem, take a ton of drugs and shit out a puppy yet.

        1. I should have taken more steroids and made more money, while also being more sensitive and spending more time with her.

        2. This is the last line in an upcoming romantic comedy- take it to the bank. Dummy standing on the street screaming up at her window, “I shoulda upped the dosage! I will make more money, not just for you, but for my roids! I will be more sensitive! and spend more time with you!”
          Rose petals strewn all over the street, mariachi band playing behind, bc, well why not?

        3. What gives you that idea?
          I can’t wait to hear about the latest adventures in the cube farm….

        4. She absolutely -cannot- admit that she fucked up.
          Luckily, she has the hamster to find lots of other people to blame… like her husband, the patriarchy, aliens, etc.

        5. Did you ever get the skinny on that Bruce Wayne character over in Gotham? I hear he’s very red pill.

        6. Due to social media, I can keep up with a lot of people I went to school with over the years. Girls who graduated high school the same time I did would be 30- 32 years old now. And the vast majority of them are unmarried, but the vast majority have children. Most of the guys are unmarried as well, but men aren’t as anxious about marriage and can get married at an older age more easily, if they choose.I have known some men in their 70s whose wives passed away and they ended up remarried. And, lest it escape anyone, they remarried to relatively younger women (the women were in their 40s, but that’s a “younger woman” to a 70+ year old man. No age appropriate women for them).
          Women my age are close to the 11th hour. Statistically speaking, every year that goes by and she hasn’t found a husband, it becomes increasingly unlikely that she ever will. And when 2027 rolls around and she’s still single, she had better prepare to be single for the rest of her life.

        7. But apparently you flew through a black hole and survived. And incased yourself in the core of a sun for a few thousand years. I’m in the wrong business

        8. I still remember the first time I realized I could shave with heat vision.
          Honestly that was a way bigger deal… Black holes are overhyped.

      2. I have seen the same thing play out with a divorced (x2) acquintance of mine. She started to panic shorlty before her 40th and was interviewing at adoption agencies. Didn’t go through with it though. She has climbed the ladder last I heard (I cut contact), but I also picked up she became a single mom at 43. She was a woman who truly believed she deserved a great career and kids.
        “I suspect she will drink a lot when my wife tells her she is pregnant again.”
        It will send her over the edge. Buy more wine.

      3. Just spit-balling here, but have you considered that she likes you?
        She can’t find a man (often times code for can’t find one like you specifically), but she’s known you for 15 years and is coming to visit despite any concerns your wife might have that seeing your domestic bliss might send her careening into pill-popping out of jealousy and loneliness.
        Not married so I get that there are definite reasons against what I’m saying, but there’s something to this that is screaming in the back of my mind that this is a prime threesome opportunity and she’s attractive…
        “Hey honey, your friend seems really down, maybe we could find a way to pick her up, give her some confidence back?”

        1. Well, this thought has occurred to me, because my wife has mentioned that this friend would bang me, because her friend told her (as have other friends of hers – I think my wife gets a kick out of the fact that I’m desirable and she has me). I stay aloof on the topic, but I definitely notice the “if your wife wasn’t here, I’d rip your pants open” vibe when she’s around.
          That said, as fun as the prospect sounds, I’m not interested in blowing up my family. In my opinion, this kind of thing leads to inevitable cat fighting and drama between women. My wife is a good woman, and this is a long time (since childhood) friend of hers. She couldn’t handle something like that, which in my opinion is part of the reason she’s wife material. I also love my kids too much to blow up their family for the sake of another notch when I’ve already got plenty.
          But, don’t think I don’t let my imagination run free!

        2. And man… you’d need to double wrap that thing because she’d be grabbing that sperm! 🙂

      4. I know a few ladies like that. One was a genuinely cool person, looked like Ali Larter. Now she is 41, never married, never had kids, but she has a great gig at one of the sexier companies on the planet. For all I know she is cool with it, cant get in her head.

      5. I’ve seen “her” troll over at the Bike Nights (motorcycle rallies) during the summer. They’re not legion, but enough of them show up that you can’t help notice. Nicely (sexy) dressed, but clearly has some wampum and is ensuring that every swinging dick there sees her. There are lots of real bikers where I hang, but we also have our Free Corporate Advertisers too (the guys who wear all Harley clothes, jackets, etc) that these kind generally focus in on. FCA’s are making good money, are reliable, are betas that want desperately to be alpha (hence why they show up at our rallies, to “mingle” and hope some alpha rubs off by association) and they’re all day suckers for Ms. Sexy Dressed Bad Little Girl Corporate Chick.

      6. The two main types of feminists are the blue haired land whales often mocked on RoK and this is the other type: Largely normal looking, even attractive, but too much baggage. Both are destructive in their own way.
        Here’s the thing: All the things these women have could be assets in theory. If a man possessed these traits, he could get married but there’s one key thing a man is expected to do most American career women refuse to do:
        “Find” a spouse.
        Men learn game or even just awkwardly approach someone and ask them out. Or go for hours on the internet and deal with rejection and flakes. The same kind of work that goes into getting a master’s degree can be used to find a mate.
        But most successful career women use their assets as a way to raise the bar on their demands of men when there are few men needing, or willing, to live up to them. This isn’t just hypergamy but something more insidious: the feminist/chivalrous notion that men exist to put up with **** from women and that men LIKE living that way. It’s much of “clown” game where a man has to pretend to like paying for dates, talking about her hobbies, etc. to get into her pants.
        This woman could still find a mate if she did just 1/10th of the “game” that PUA’s here advise men to do.

        1. Yeah, you’re on point here. Part of what I didn’t mention is that it’s not that this woman has been without suitors during the time I’ve known her. Rather, it’s that the suitors weren’t good enough for her for a host of artificial bullshit reasons – like they didn’t go to a good enough school, or didn’t have a prestigious enough job, etc… There is some blame to lay on society for encouraging women on this path, but she is also a perfect example of shared blame because she internalized all this bullshit and used it to set up roadblocks to her own happiness.

        2. I recall that the phrase for this was “pricing themselves out of the market”. To become so successful, no man can live up to their standards. In addition, what truly successful man needs or wants to put up with this ***?
          The golden era for this was in the 70’s and 80’s when most women were still homemakers and women who did get the high degrees had 10:1 male to female ratios. When the “wage gap” disappears, all the men are “losers”.
          My Ukrainian wife observed many of these women treating clerks (including herself when she did some work part-time) like garbage. They think they’re better than others due to their high “caste”. My wife said she wanted to punch a few of them in the face.
          When I’m served (literally) by someone such as a waitress, or a store clerk, I’m GRATEFUL for them providing a service and earning an honest living. It takes a pretty spoiled a**hole to go around treating others as not good enough for them.
          My father earned probably about 1/4 of what this woman did, but he supported a family of 4 and was a pillar of the community. It’s funny that feminists shriek “women who are stay at home mothers do unpaid work and get no respect” when career women treat men who earn just a little less than them like dirt and don’t want to pay top dollar for daycare.
          Sadly, the beta males never told them off and an alpha never bothered to take time out of his day to educate them. Back when I dated online, I wondered if I should make a fake profile with an alpha male’s photo and teach them a lesson: Only women 5’6″ and under, petite but busty (naturally), well educated, earns well but doesn’t work long hours, and cooks and cleans.
          This guy could make those demands. He was (still is) that hot. And I’d love to see them send their chats to him and just not respond.

        3. Housewives are “paid” by not having the burden of a career outside the home, a roof over our heads, health benefits, food in the fridge and the luxury of focusing on domestic pursuits. All of the those benefits are worth more than 300K a year.

        4. Agreed. I loved to push back on such a claim and ask them: If they’re “unpaid”, then how are they paying for the roof over their head, food, and 1/2 of the expenses including childcare for their offspring?
          Just to show how Barbie can’t do math, they calculate a $300K salary for housewives for driving a limo (full time), nanny (full time), cook (full time), etc. But the simplest way to calculate the worth would be how much does a nanny actually make who does those things? On average, it’s about $32K per year. And since this is the mother’s own child, she’s 1/2 responsible for that so it’s really about $16K per year.
          Which I think is a bit of a bargain, actually. I pay $250 per week for daycare so that would be pretty cool actually. Imagine if this was the assessed “income” when the family courts decided upon asset distribution…

        5. Unfortunately society looks down on the housewife, like she’s not living up to her potential. It’s crappy when women who decide to stay at home and not work are shamed by other women. If a woman wants to stay home and focus on domestic life that’s her choice and fuck anyone who shames her for that. On the same token, if a women decides to become a doctor and focus on that over domestic life that’s her choice as well and fuck anyone who shames her for it. There are much bigger things to worry about than women staying at home or women having a career.

        6. “When the “wage gap” disappears, all the men are “losers”.”
          A golden nugget of wisdom there.. and as succinct of an explanation as there ever was of why feminism is a societal, cultural and demographic dead-end.
          Why are we encouraging women to displace men and take over jobs and careers that men should have.. when all this does is make women look down on most men and find them not worthy enough to fuck or marry?

        7. I had a conversation in the Hollywood Hills about 15 years ago with a typical modern woman (I was renting a room from her) and she told me simply that the system could work because she “supported” “other” women marrying men who earned less or househusbands, but she wasn’t personally interested.
          This is similar to me saying I think other people should recycle, or bike to work instead of driving, or give money to charity instead of spending it on a flat screen TV but _I_ chose to personally do the opposite.
          Feminism is selfishness which is similar to the “free market” right that also is selfish which wonders why it’s failing. Politics works when selfishness is, and I don’t mean this is to sound paradoxical, “collective”. Because it’s not. Our modern civilization is a product of collective selfishness: Of people working together to achieve more for themselves and each other (win win) while there are sociopaths who undermine that success for short term success for themselves. Parasites. And evolution encourages organisms to find ways to defend themselves against such parasites resulting in increased complexity and survivability.
          Ironically, feminism is key to destroying chivalry, a western notion of feminine entitlement. I don’t see why women should be entitled to anything anymore than men. The feminists wanted equality and boy, will they be gettin’ it. They naively just don’t know what it really was in the first place.

        8. I guess that’s the answer right there.. and is a glaring indication of the vicious hypergamic nature of women and of how men and women are different and that they want and are attracted to different traits in the opposite sex. How many men would pass up an attractive, intelligent , thoughtful woman.. just because she didn’t go to a good enough Ivy League school.. or wasn’t as successful in her career as him?! Men don’t care about those things in the slightest.. whereas women seem to care a great deal and will look down upon men and reject them over those criteria… which is why it is so stupid and utter folly to elevate the status of women at the expense of men, and to encourage women to pursue careers and jobs and compete with men in the work force. The more successful, intelligent and attractive a woman is, the smaller the pool of men she is interested in and finds worthy enough to fuck and marry.

        9. Your comment about the lack of basic human decency demonstrated by a lot of these career girls struck a cord with me. I work retail not too far off from a university and many of the girls act toward me like I belong in a lower caste. Walk right past me, no thank you, have a good day, smile etc, It does drive me nuts sometimes lol

        10. Although women are women, etc. a lot of this negative culture is due to men including fathers who teach their daughters to make ridiculous demands because they’re “daddy’s little girl”.
          I had a conversation with a pleasant successful guy about life and he said that he taught his daughter his own form of game similar to classic/modern hypergamy: She should insist men buy her dinners, hold her doors, go to at least as good a school as she did, etc. to shit test his provider and reliability credentials. At the time we had this discussion, I had observed that most men who put up with these hurdles were pathetic beta males that she’d find emotionally unsatisfying or “players” who would cleverly run through the obstacle course, lay her, and move on. But he didn’t want to hear it because he thought his daughter was entitled to it and she probably swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
          I think most would agree here that it’s reasonable and even desirable for women to not shack up with losers and bad boys to produce offspring and requiring the man to be employed, reliable, courteous and considerate is a good thing but not a sex begging wimp.
          So I tried to educate the father (wasn’t interested in his daughter, BTW, was just making small talk) that the daughter should have more going for her than an educational pedigree and perhaps show off cooking skills, know how to make fine conversation, and to even give small gifts. He sneered at the concept of a woman giving gifts to a man (even if something token like a card.)
          Combined with feminism and the massive consumer/material culture, it’s a mess.

      7. These types of females are all over dating sites. One common characteristic amongst them is they typically grew up in broken families or single mom households. Even though they came from low rent backgrounds, because they were females, they got all kinds of free opportunities to go to college for free, guaranteed degree, and then a guaranteed affirmative action/EEO job at XYZ corporation as a program manager or marketing exec. of which basically just involves socializing. A 16 year old could be trained to do their job that they are making $100K at.
        These types of females do not know what traditional family is. Which is part of the reason why they trade family for a fake affirmative action overpaid “career”. I personally knew one of these types of girls of whom unknowingly gave me a pretty good insight as to why she was perpetually single. She sat their and told me about how an ex-boyfriend of hers went on a vacation with his parents/family. She said that she thought that it was so lame and she kept saying “Griswold family vacation” over and over. This particular girl grew up in a single mom household. To her, a broken non-family background was the new normal and the idea of a guy wanting to marry her and form a family was just foreign and “lame” to her.
        A lot of big “career” jobs at corporations are positions invented by the corporation that really don’t serve much of a purpose. They create these positions for “diversity” candidates so they can fill quotas, avoid lawsuits, and possibly even receive tax breaks for each female or minority they hire. The idiotic white females that win these positions have no idea that it’s nothing but an invented affirmative action job. They think they’ve really made it and are smarter and more successful than their white male counterparts.

      8. I remember trying speed dating once! All the women were tired depressed career women in their 30s that didn’t do much except work or study hence only had time to meet men through speed dating. I was thinking to myself, these women would make the worst mothers and girlfriends. Only good for a pump and dump!

      9. I think I respect her more than I respect you. At least she tried to make the most of her life.
        Honestly, she could probably find a spouse she loves and who loves her back if only she weren’t hanging around people like you.
        PS: You’re awfully self centred to believe that she bases her lifestyle choices on her jealousy of you and your family.
        Surprise! You’re not the centre of the universe. xD

        1. Hey, retard. This is what SHE told my wife. So surprise! You’re talking out of your ass.
          If people like me aren’t good enough for her, no one is. I’ve got a great life. She can keep looking, but she can’t make the world what it isn’t. I’ll enjoy the next ten years as much as I have enjoyed the last ten. Come to think of it, you should check back in with me ten years from now. I’d be interested to hear where the cat count stands.

      10. Well how do you know she really is unhappy though? Many of these successful career and corporate women are never really lonely.. especially if they’re attractive… they’re never short of men lining up to date and sleep with them, and these women are usually banging men all the time.
        Many of these women are quite happy and fulfilled with their career and haven’t the slightest interest or desire to get married and be the standard housewife and have children. They have no real maternal instinct (or haven’t really had it nurtured by society and the current western, feminist culture) and have no real desire or inclination to spend their time , energy and sacrifice their career to raise children.
        The idea that somehow women hit the wall magically at 35 and turn into lonely, cat ladies is a manosphere myth. The thirst from men is strong out there and these women continue to enjoy plenty of male attention well into their 40s and early 50s. It is only after that that perhaps they start to experience loneliness for the first time in their lives.. and only because there is a shortage of successful and attractive men with a full head of hair who these women find worthy enough to sleep with and date. It’s mostly because most men aren’t good enough for these women.

        1. How do I know? She told my wife. It’s not something I made up. Cock is one thing, kids are another. EVERY woman I know on this path, and I know several, is exactly my the same. Lonely, wishing for kids they aren’t going to have. Their choice. I don’t really give a shit. Still sad though.

      11. My grandmother never worked outside the home because my grandfather didn’t think she should. They were married in 1939 when my grandmother was 19, he was roughly 7 years older. My grandmother would work odd jobs every now and then for extra spending money, but never a full time 9 to 5. And she was active in her church. She never seemed in the least bit unhappy about not being a career woman or felt oppressed in any way.

      12. It’s about population control. They don’t want women marrying young and starting families young. What do you think the typical reaction would be if a girl who was a senior in high school said that her goal was to find a husband by her 21st birthday? In her grandmother and great grandmother day, that was typical. In 1960, 90 or so percent of girls were married women by age 21. Today, she’d be told that “she’s too young and she needs to focus on school and finding herself “. Hence, many of those girls will turn into lonely middle aged women. A 40 year old man has a much better chance on average of finding a wife and starting a family than a 40 year old woman has of finding a husband. What women don’t realize is that their looks are their chief asset for finding a husband.
        Which brings me to my next point. Older men/younger women produce the most children. This is why a 40 year old man will be made to look sick, abnormal, like some sort of pervert or, at the very least, like some socially awkward loser if he prefers a 20 or 25 year old to an “age appropriate” woman. On the other hand, “cougars” are ceaselessly worshipped. I’m convinced that if most women could have their way, most older women, they would make it illegal for any man of any age to date or have any sexual relationship with a woman more than 3 years younger than him. She can be indefinitely older, though. And this law , with the exception of the obligatory sacrificial lamb, would rarely be enforced against women or homosexuals. Think about it, you’re a successful, in shape, decent looking 40 year old man looking for a Mrs. Most men feel obligated by social pressure to only consider women their approximate age. So if he marries a 40ish year old career woman, how many children do you think that union will produce?
        Now, what if he married a 22 or 23 year old that just graduated? Which pairing would likely produce a bigger family?
        Except he has decades of social programming telling him that pursuing much younger women is a moral wrong. And the younger women have years of social programming telling her that only men who are rejects of women their own age pursue younger women. And who wants a reject?
        Women are herd creatures and will do whatever society expects of them. If they are expected to be married by 21, most will be. If she’s expected to wait until her late 20s or early 30s to find a husband, she’ll do that too. But, it’s harder then, but girls aren’t told that. Instead, a famous 48 year old female celebrity is put out front and shown finding a husband, having kids and being a powerful career woman and she got to spend age 15 to 39 finding herself, she forgot to look behind the bed, where she was all along. And while that happens, women like that are the exception, not the rule. But, they are presented as the rule.

    4. What women work 14 hours a day? More like a very soft six in donut-heaven HR. A women knocking out 14 hours a day would let everyone know it.

      1. I attended a “women in STEM” seminar and it was held by: 2 Indian men and an Indian woman.
        Congrats feminists: You’re going to the ovens with the rest of us. Welcome aboard! Choo choo!

        1. Oh my God! I didn’t think about that but it’s true! They always hold out their hand limply and leave it hanging there. Freaks me out.

    5. Don’t forget getting fat from sitting at a desk all day instead of cleaning a home and running after children.
      I guess someone has to pay for all of the cat food. hahahaha

    6. That’s not women’s lib. That’s life for most people now, men and women. Everything you just described applies to men too. We live in a time when people work too much, are too accessible to their jobs, feel that they have to work like dogs to have what society tells us we should have, and wonder why we want shit that ultimately doesn’t make us happy. This crap has nothing to do with women’s lib, it’s much deeper than that.

  6. Classical women’s education also stressed things that would make her a good wife and mother. Readings from the Bible, homemaking crafts and skills, poetry, music, and art. The things that beautify not only her but the household. A nurturing nest would result in healthy, cultivated offspring.

    1. 1 Timothy 5:14
      “I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.”

  7. Women might learn later in life that being a corporate slave isn’t what makes them happy, but by then it’s too late to do anything in terms of family. They spend their most fertile years in university and then fighting for jobs and promotions/bonuses etc. A 30 year old woman who discovers red-pill is wasteful in my opinion. For men, it’s obviously different as age doesn’t matter much.
    The only solution is that they don’t pursue university-level education and settle down. But I don’t see that happening in the western world that is too busy cheering the non-existent female empowerment. And the universities add to the problem by turning gullible women (and many men) into leftists and feminists.

    1. “The only solution is that they don’t pursue university-level education and settle down.”
      My russian MIL told this once to my wife when she was a teenager, “a woman can choose a family or a career, but not both. Choose one and stick with it.” Despite the source, so true.

        1. Not if “having it all” means vaginal warts, a pussy large enough to house a helicopter, six kids by six different baby daddies, and a serious addiction to antidepressants…

        2. Dangerous indeed. You can see the fallout walking around on the weekends in dresses and heels meant for younger, slimmer women.

        3. In my youth (25 years ago) I do recall seeing the occassional 40 something chick cruizing for young guys, but that wasn’t the norm.
          This era of grey cougars is a freak show on stilts.

        4. there is a bar in the nyc suburbs that is known for this. I knew a guy in his late 20s who would go there during a dry spell just to hook up with married or recently divorced cougars. They would hook up in the car. Men arent helping this problem- I thought it was weird a 27 yr old would wanna bang a 41 yr old bored housewife

        5. No shit! Add in the morbidly obese women who are doing it, and it’s a Kafkaesque freak show…

        6. From this starting point, the “all sex=rape” line is reasonable, after all, if the majority of women are under 18 mentally…
          And of course, points out even more clearly that feminism is actual misogyny.

        7. I could follow your line of reasoning all the way to the fount of redemption, brother…just awesome.

        8. No, it’s a testosterone killer, for sure. “For god’s sake, Margaret, at least shave that wrinkly old man-trap.”

        9. If the 41 year old was cute and in good shape, I could understand a ONS to quench the thirst as it were.
          What I am on about is the fat, dumpy +40 year old pretending she is still the hot sorority girl from Phi-Phuka-Mia. Eg. A friend of mine in his late 30s was hit on by 58 year old grandmother not long ago (freaked him out).

        10. What in the hell is wrong with women these days…or can the list of things even by summarized into a clear and concise format.

        11. Yeah, I think there are most cougars than sugar daddies in the US, presently. We all know why. The era of hardworking blue-collar jobs has passed. And competition in the corporate world is ever increasing. Most millennials look down upon any job that doesn’t come with a nice title and a cushy office. If they fail to get such a job, hey’d rather hustle around than settle for an honest paycheck. So, when a cougar comes offering to pay for the guy’s expenses, he readily accepts that. Materialism over spirituality, indeed.

        12. Flippantly? They’re children. (About as concisely summarized as possible).
          Long version is more difficult, but one of the things I’ve taken to doing is considering the West (America in particular) through the lens of red-pill philosophy regarding women. The truth is we live in a gynocentric culture and not a patriarchy (leftists always lie and project).
          The arguments you hear in legal cases, the political soup du jour, the tactics are all essentially a Mean Girls clique (Feminism. And so true since “mean” has many meanings) grown to encompass everything and what they even mean when they are trying to make it “intersectional” is to continue to perpetuate this growth. They’ll even tell you everything is ________.
          As an exercise work from the premise that women cannot handle rejection (everything falls into place, why they advocate for people they aren’t part of, why they point at straight men, whom they most desire, why they use their own definitions of words since the dictionary meanings conflict with their goals, and so on).
          It isn’t even that men’s spaces are vanishing, the entire Western world is becoming this and we are strangers in a strange land. In the end, in order to maintain a facade of safety and women’s ability to “do anything” we will have no freedom. The purview of women is domesticity (totalitarianism at its core) and they will spread it into every crevice of society left unchecked.

      1. “My russian MIL told this once to my wife when she was a teenager, “a woman can choose a family or a career, but not both.”
        Oddly enough, my 28 year old Russian wife feels the same way. Maybe it persists a bit in their culture. She wants to do part-time work, but thinks it is more important to be a mom.

  8. The saddest thing is that these female medical physicians are some of the most organized, motivated and best positioned to educate children. Their entire identity revolves around their career. If they do have kids, they have them late through IVF and usually neglect them through excessive use of au pair services.
    I have heard of a female surgeon birthing a child only to go back to work full time 5 days later. We even have a ‘famous’ female physician here in Perth, Fiona Woods. When at an event talking about her achievements my wife had overheard a news team interviewing her 13 year old son. The interview went like this.
    Interviewer: “What do you think about your mum winning this award, are you proud of her?”
    Son: “It didn’t really do much for us”
    Interviewer: “Oh.”
    So generally they make terrible mothers.
    I know these stories are true, and that Max’s assessment is 80% accurate (20% is understated; it is much worse than what he has written).

  9. The more you look, the more lazy western women are becoming so the drop in labor force participation doesn’t surprise me at all.
    Be it as housewives or workers I see them dogging it everywhere.
    As wives, they keep filthy dirty homes and can’t boil water which would have been the exception even 30 years ago. The husband will undoubtedly be the main bread winner and sometimes do all the housework as well or they’ll just live in filth. This is all income and educational levels..
    At work they always sit in warm offices and have been put in position because they have a vagina and often just cause problems or do very little..
    They’ve figured out that they can simply leech off the work of men and go on welfare, file bogus sexual harassment lawsuits and divorce rape at will…
    I think the “career woman” is largely a creation of propaganda.
    Past 50 they are mostly idle..

    1. I agree with this. I cut off a former friend because she was a terrible wife and mother. Her house was disgusting and all she ever cooked was pasta.
      There’s no way I could be a housewife if I wasn’t pulling my weight at home. This is why clearly defined sex roles in a marriage work so well. My husband doesn’t do housework except for outdoor tasks. I do not work outside the home but I work extensively within it.

      1. We seem to live in a society that makes excuses for laziness and poor behavior. Whether a single mother on welfare, a crack addict or border fence jumping Mexican there’s always an excuse rather than admonition for their actions.
        Some women, single mothers being the worst, think it’s makes them “liberated” to live in filth like filthy lazy swamp donkeys.
        Your friend was clearly one of these..
        A man as the head of the house who tolerates this is clearly not doing his job either.
        When I was single I kept a clean apt and cooked decent meals don’t see what the problem is for these types.
        Good to hear you both do your defined roles well. It works very well for me and my wife as well.

        1. Mothers who let their children live in subpar conditions don’t deserve to be parents.
          It’s unsanitary and provides an awful example. Her children were also badly behaved.
          All she did was park them in front of the tv while she played on her phone all day long.
          Defined roles leave no room for confusion. We know what is expected of each other.

      2. Well thanks for being a lovely wife. We need more women like you to help restore our society.

        1. Thanks for the compliments! I think society goes through phases. Hopefully, the advent of the Trump Administration is a signal of better times to come for traditional folks.

  10. Great article. This next bit is totally unrelated, but it’s important news all the same. You just gotta love the State of Arizona, especially in the wake of its most recent legislative salvo, in the war against libtards and blue-haired psychopaths. First, they went after social justice warriors on college campuses, and now they’re targeting paid protesters throughout the entire state.
    Arizona SB-1422 was approved by the Senate on Wednesday, and now moves to the House. Under this nifty piece of SJW-hamstringing legislation, participating in or helping to organize a demonstration that turns into a riot will become a crime (attention George Soros). It is also very likely to lead to additional charges, such as criminal racketeering. The bill also adds rioting to the organized crime statutes and also allows authorities to charge anyone who was not involved in the actual riot. Furthermore, the measure would allow prosecutors to seize a person’s assets and impose even more draconian criminal charges on them.
    You can read an overview of SB-1422 at the following link –

    1. Alot of farmland was redistributed in South Africa. Apparently, they are big on “cousins” down there- alot of “cousins” from other African nations would show up once they heard a relative got some land, the trouble was, alot of the guys werent taught(or didnt care) to learn how to work the land. nice planning there

      1. the useful idiots in USA posit you white cunts stole the land.
        we want it back…
        i wish they would leave the cities and go out to flyover to try.
        nice fertilizer I expect…

        1. There may have also been some land traded for beads, trinkets, and steel tools at some point.
          And since when do nomadic peoples ‘own’ land?
          And how many of those nomads were already dead in much of CONUS by the time the White settlers trod on those lands?
          Spain and Portugal conquered the new world and help spread the diseases that wiped out much of the native population in NA.
          The SJW narratives of stolen land, noble savages, and white privilege do not stand up to the facts.
          My own ancestors came here as indentured servants. It was the only way they could afford passage.

      2. I have a mate of mine in SA and he told me about the attempts to teach better farming techniques to unlce Bob’s boys in former Rhodesia. Absolute shit show.

        1. Some of my family used to live on a big farm in Rhodesia. Men in trucks turned up and told them to leave and keep walking, they could only take what they could carry. Farm has returned to scrub now, the natives didn’t know how to farm.

        2. This just might help boost food prices even higher. (I mean, if I were really cynical, I might think that way…)

        3. Yea buddy of mine used to work with investment bank. He was stationed in “Rhodesia” for a few years. It had the most productive land in the whole of Africa. The white farmers produced the best beef, milk, etc., on the continent…… now the dindus are starving… probably jumping on boats across the Med……

        4. I guess, keep em dependent. There was this reality show on the African gold rush, two Americans made a nice profit for only a month or two’s work. Went back the next year, and all hell broke loose. The elders in the tribe sold their claim to Chinese nationals for more money, enraged they went to the site. Buncha chinese dudes with machine guns. It got worse from there, they didnt make any money that year. I still scratch my head at it all- why dont the native attempt to mine their own gold??

        5. Weird shit. I dunno the answer to that one, man, it’s a head-scratcher. I will say that many American dindus seem to sit around collecting welfare and unemployment checks, when they are fully capable of working. But…”racism”…so I won’t go there.

        6. My condolences. Your family got royaly f*cked over.
          I know a few guys that happened too. I am actually going to talk to my Boer friend this weekend.

        7. Bob Mugabe just turned 93 and stated he is going to continue to rule. You would think his pact with the devil was about up.

        8. When the chinese are done, they pack everything up and leave a big hole in the ground and skate with the minerals. The bribe the elders and bring in their own people so the locals are even deprived of earning a few coins as a laborer.
          “–why dont the native attempt to mine their own gold??””
          Same reason Venzuleans cannot drill their own oil efficiently.

        9. Hopefully it’s not a Boering conversation!
          Ha! I kill me!

        10. Its because they never had the selective pressures, necessary to work & solve problems
          Most 3rd worlders live in paradise, they can literally live off the land without having to work
          Paradise only rewards the weak …

  11. Mentioning female doctors, I knew a Canadian med student years ago. Hot number, tight body. Great fuck but mad as a bucket of frogs. There is no way I would want this woman anywhere near my junk, in the professional sense. She “worked” her way through university…. ha ha…… I know there are very good female doctors out there but most of them spend hundreds of thousands on their education only to leave when they settle down and have a family…. so 7 years of uni, 5 or 6 working then gone….. so in the vast majority of cases what is the point?

    1. I’m sure there are capable ones, but I fear that many are sandbagged through to keep their numbers up. Gives the Med School SJW points.

  12. When you really consider the mathematics of this phenomenon, you realize that unbalanced liberalism, such as whats going on in every Western nation right now, actually requires most of the rest of the world to be heavily patriarchal and third world with traditional gender roles and high birth rates. Feminist propaganda leads to women in the workplace. Women in the workplace leads to sub-replacement birth rates. Sub-replacement birth rates lead to open door immigration policies from volatile 3rd world nations. But if no such volatile 3rd world nation exists, every feminist culture would die (like ours is now) and we would be back to the primal stage where women are forced to shut the fuck up and embrace their true purpose in life. Maybe that’s why leftists couldn’t give a rat’s ass about treatment of women in muslim countries, they need their birth rates to sustain their ludicrous and unnatural lifestyle.
    Would be interesting to see how loud they’ll be crying if and when the West becomes a series of sharia republics. Are you bimbos going to protest the patriarchy while staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by state sponsored religious police? I didn’t think so…

    1. This is clearly the result of giving women the vote, but it’s also true that the majority of Western guys can’t seem to think this far ahead either.

      1. Right you are on all counts. I still have hope though. I’ve been reading that generation Z and the new batch of youngsters is one of the most conservative generations in the past few decades. I figure it’s taken 50 years of leftist propaganda to get us to this point, it will probably take 50 years of RoK and other red pill knowledge centers to get us out of it. Cheers to the future of The Western World.

        1. Let’s hope so.
          The Generation Z thing is interesting. What do you think it is that is making the youngest kids more conservative?
          My guess is that unlike the millennial generation, of which I am a part, there are fewer and fewer successful adults around to give a sense of hope for the future. Neither of my parents have higher education but were still able to own a home and start a family. Also Internet and gaming culture is becoming more interesting than TV culture, and the red-pill is becoming an avenue for youthful rebelliousness.

        2. Going by my son and daughter and their friends, I’m strongly inclined to agree with this. Son is 20 and daughter is graduating high school this summer. Not just them (which you’d expect, growing up with me as a father) but all of their friends are so right wing it would make your head spin.
          During this last football season, a big joke between rivalry student sections was “XYZ school students are so stupid they’d vote for Hillary” if that gives you any perspective on just how “not Leftist” things are getting with these kids.

        3. Gen Z appears to be taking full advantage of the internet, no more Disney channel daycare for those kids. Not to mention they likely find it very hard to respect millennials. Most of us millennials are jobless hipsters that many people would objectively call “losers”, so there’s no pull for Gen Z to replicate the millennial policies.

        4. Absolutely, I think that also the youngsters are just as fed up with social justice radicalism and discrimination against whites as we are. Unplugging from television is a huge part of it though. Aside from older folks I don’t really know anyone who even watches the news anymore aside from important events (elections and what not). How are they even still in business?

        5. haha that’s amazing. Congrats on your kid’s success! It must be an amazing feeling to see your seeds grow and succeed while staying resilient against the constant barrages of horse shit from the MSM. Keep up the great parenting work and stay strong.

    2. Even if Western women were having 4 kids each, the oligarchs would still want non-western immigration because when they go to a boardroom meeting, the first thing on the agenda is: Cheap labor and generating demand.
      More people means lower living standards (for everyone, even the elites) but short term profit. The first line of this Python skit puts it perfectly:

      1. Yep, they’ll keep on pushing for more and more consumers and tax payers until the world is completely mined of all of it’s resources. Wonder what bullshit they’ll inject into the MSM at that point. Probably some nonsense about how we should all conserve and go green while they fly around in private jets using enough fuel to power a small city. Oh wait that’s already happening.

    3. But that’s why strong cultural and feminist indoctrination is necessary and powerful in the West. Your argument is simplistic in that you assume just because the West imports people from societies and cultures that are necessarily patriarchal and traditional, that the children and grandchildren (and especially females) of people from these countries will continue to hold on to those strong patriarchal, traditional and religious values. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girls and women especially from these cultures are raised and indoctrinated to be feminist and westernized, and by the 2nd or 3rd generation, their values and behaviours are inseparable from other Western females. The allure of freedom, sexual and otherwise, and the great power and privileges that Western feminist societies bestow upon women is more than enough to seduce the children and females of these immigrants into a typical Westernized, feminist worldview.

      1. Sorry I’m not sure where you read this assumption, I never said that immigrant patriarchal values will be passed down to future generations. My point was actually quite the opposite. Nearly every 1st world western nation on the planet right now is experiencing sub-replacement birth-rates partly due to these messages being propagated by the media. If no source of immigrants exists, the population of said 1st world nations would continuously implode until a drastic change of cultural values is implemented. Ergo, a feminist society cannot sustain itself and is therefore doomed to failure.

        1. “Ergo, a feminist society cannot sustain itself and is therefore doomed to failure.”
          Except my argument is that a feminist society is not necessarily doomed to failure. It depends on how well it can assimilate immigrants from traditional and patriarchal societies and seduce and indoctrinate them with liberalism, feminism and Western values. In the New World, i.e, Canada and America, your identity as an American or Canadian is not as strongly linked to ethnicity. America is a land of immigrants.. and it assimilates immigrants from other ethnicities and culture far better than Europe for example, which is far more racist, and where being French, or Danish, or German, etc, is very strongly linked to race and ethnicity. Maybe also because those are welfare states, immigrants are not assimilated into the economy as well as in the US for example, where immigrants have opportunities to work and rise up, and instead end up being dependent on the State and living in ghettos and keep to themselves instead of assimilating with the wider society and culture.

        2. You’re arguing something that was never part of my initial assertion and that I never denied. I know full well that soft power of first world nations is the highest in the world and that they will continue to attract immigrants to keep the engine rolling. For the third time, my hypothetical was that if there are no sources of immigrants, all first world nations would implode due to the correlation between feminist values and sub-replacement birth rates. Therefore feminist culture is hypocritical because it relies on opposite values being embraced abroad for a source of immigrants and it is unsustainable because should these immigrant source nations adopt feminist values, their birth rates would drop below replacement level as well.

        3. Ok, well it was not very clear in your other two comments that this is what you were trying to say. It seemed like you were arguing feminist societies are necessarily doomed to extinction and failure.. and I was making the point that this is not necessarily the case because of the soft power of the West and its ability to seduce the children of immigrants with its values of feminism and sexual freedom. It would seem to be that given the choice, most women will opt for a culture and values that allow them to enjoy freedom, sexual and otherwise, over a patriarchal culture that keeps women in line and enforces monogamy by encouraging/coercing women into becoming wives.
          It is a glaring contradiction within feminism and liberalism.. which I have myself pointed out to feminists and liberals to no avail. If they had any intellectual honesty, feminists and liberals would think twice before smugly proclaiming their feminist and Western liberal values as “superior” to those of traditional, religious and patriarchal societies.. simply because as you point out, Western feminist societies are failing at the most basic and fundamental level.. which is to be able to reproduce themselves without importing immigrants from other cultures and societies.

  13. Not to forget the over financialization to include over-priced .edu (Fed intervention), asset inflation ramp jobs (homes) because of Fed policies, the value of the dollar losing almost all of its purchasing power-worth since Fed inception. I, maybe have a few friends that have successfully pulled off a one-income household and have a family. 1 is under 50 and retired from Under Armor that is worth over $20M and growing, the other a small business man with a niche construction business earning somewhere around $300K , the other a VP for a small IT company with a run rate around $18M, making $180 a year. But that fact is, most dudes are going to fall into the other slots. Its just not as simple as finding a wife, wanting to get married (in addition to , sorting weeding out all the risk factors the red pill community addresses and forming a family. Western countries are undergoing a radical shift, and its wrecking havoc.

  14. The matriarchy believing cuck needs the career empowered “masculine” woman.
    The hive minded empowered woman gets her attention fix.
    Meanwhile the feminist loser gets to celebrate misery in company.
    Great times indeed.

  15. To be fair, massaging a wife doesn’t lead to sex. Sex leads to sex if you know what I mean. Why women choose career or family is an issue of timing. The longer a woman decides to date and start a family after her career takes off means less chance for dating and marriage. The choice was already determined.

    1. Women should settle down as early as they can and Men should settle down as late as they can.

      1. The thing is a lot of women want to settle down with men close to their own age as the majority of marriages have within a 5 yr age difference. Biologically speaking women should start having children in late teens early twenties but the vast majority of them don’t want to have children with middle aged men. If they did, then we would see more marriages with vast age differences and we don’t. Even before women’s lib and feminism married couples tended to be closer in age.

        1. We don’t see them because it isn’t the supported trend. Be certain that if it was, they would follow, and say how happy they are to be with mature men.

        2. Its cause average guys can’t get younger women only above average older men can get them thats why you don’t see it often. why would young women want to date average older men ?

        3. Actually women are happy to follow that trend. Just don’t be an average loser and expect young chicks.

        4. Exactly. It’s the exception not the norm and those above average older guys tend to be either fit and younger looking and/or wealthy. Just like older women with much younger men ie celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. Not average people.

        5. It’s not a supported trend because there’s lack of interest. Young women in their late teens early twenties simply have no interest in settling down with much older men. Back when women had no rights and had to depend on men, there was still no trend to marry a middle aged man. Now women have rights and can financially support themselves so there even less incentive to marry average middle aged Joe. It’s the rich older men who get much younger wives otherwise known as gold diggers.

  16. Because homemaking is not a respectable vocation. Women (and men too though I think they may be coming around *crossing fingers*) don’t respect the art of child rearing, house keeping, husband supporting. Why would an intelligent, educated woman spend her days wiping noses and making sammies when she could be go gurling in the boardroom with the men? Outsource the simple stuff to maids, nannies, prostitutes and use your brain for more important things.
    That’s why.

      1. Sure. My mom raised five, supported my surgeon dad, and kept a small farm running in her spare time. She is and was super happy. My dad values her and what she does. He doesn’t belittle her responsibilities. She was never made to feel nonessential, dispensable, “just a housewife.” But most girls don’t see this. They have divorced moms dropping them off at before school care, rushing off to work. Easy to convince them the career path is the one to chose if they haven’t had exposure to the healthier, happier alternative..

      2. They are the biggest antidepressant pill poppers.
        And no, not all women want to clean up after one fat big kid and one little one.

  17. Women can be wives and mothers, and run a household for a loving husband and loving children – which will have tough moments, but is a lifelong commitment.
    Or the can seek the approval of others who don’t care, but will give them a performance review and promotions as long as they produce but will fire them or lay them off.
    Other than mass demonic temptation, I cannot fathom women choosing the latter.

  18. I coined this term 20 years ago: “Shopping masturbation”. This is the phenomenon where career women bought their own diamond rings when more successful men failed to appear to do so for them. This was back in the early 90’s.
    And it soon was looked down upon by other men and women. An uncle of mine watching The View said, without provocation from me: “Those women probably bought their own rings”. It’s like a guy putting up a poster at work saying “stud muffin” or “world’s best lover”. It’s a title you have to earn from someone else. and as Roscoe points out, there’s little status blowing your own money on things that men are supposed to purchase for you.
    This notion of career women independance is laughable because even for a 6 figure earner, there are tons of ways for women to fritter away money: Have a kid on their own, buy a house in a bubble region, buy $3,000 worth of clothing a month.

    1. And because the career success and monetary achievement doesn’t really satisfy (most of) their basic biological and self-actualization needs, they start looking for other things to satisfy them… like a more and more expensive lifestyle, more Alpha cock, etc.

      1. And then when that never pans out, it’s everyone else’s fault. Men are evil, nobody respects her, patriarchy, systemic sexism, price tags are discriminatory blah blah…easy path bs.

      2. And this makes them fantastic consumers.
        I pointed this out previous here at how it’s kind of nice that TV no longer panders to men. I can watch some of my favorite shows, including the super bowl, and feel no emotional pull to buy the overpriced ****. Remembre when beer ads implied that if you drank battery acid Bud, you’d have hot blonde chicks jumping your bones? They WORKED! Men bought it.
        So for the first 5 years when my wife lived in the states, I had to explain during the commercials why the alluring products pitched to her were ****. We now make a game of it.
        One ad that shocked even me was for “Aaron’s” rental center I think pitched to lower class people who don’t have credit cards. They said “only $20 a week for this big screen Samsung TV!” and then… a load of fine print.
        I freeze framed my HD and went up and read the print. Something like 60 payments and the retail price of the TV was $600 and the poor saps would pay $1800 for it.
        Doing the math, if the poor sap could simply exercise enough discipline to put the payments into a jar for about 6 months, they’d own the TV outright. Instead, they’d be stuck making that payment for 2 and a half years.
        I think this is why I spot so many great stuff at pawn shops. The poor can’t make their payments and they take it in for pawn before it’s repod and they have some pretty good deals.

      3. Women are different beasts than men (as we know) but how different is amazing.
        Imagine… if you were able to get as much sex as you wanted with top grade members of the opposite sex. For men, this would be paradise but few women really take advantage of it with glee.
        I have a friend whose alpha. Tall, good looking, Director level job. He used to go out with friends on trips and women threw themselves at him. But a danger to his position was that after they slept with them, a significant number would get angry he “used” them.
        Think about it: being “used” for sex with someone whose hot.
        It kind of reminds me of how successful hollywood actors or celebrities get coked up because they think they can have “everything” and in some ways, they can, but they just go to excess because it doesn’t make them as happy as, say, perhaps just going fishing and reading a good book?

    2. And yet, at some point, they still expect men to buy themselves stuff. Which begs the question: what can you buy a gal that has everything? Especially if she’s got expensive tastes.

      1. Oh man, I have the answer to that question!
        Answer: A big ass dumpster.
        True stories: My wife has a friend who was fighting with her husband so she stayed for a week. She was in a hurry and apparently what she needed to survive for a week, in clothes, filled about 4 trash bags. I can survive for a week with the contents of a backpack.
        Another friend is a beta to a career woman who spends “her” money her way. He went to the basement and discovered…
        She was “hoarding” Nordstroms bags (with purchases) that filled a house basement to the ceiling. Imagine how much that all cost. She would try on the clothes once, put them in her closet, and eventually rotate them to the basement. In the meantime, she didn’t pay the mortgage, gas, phone bill, etc.
        That’s feminist “equality” paradise.
        My wife laughed at this title screen for a dating show on Russian TV: “Davai Pozenamisya!”

        Note the suitors: The first is romantic, the second is athletic, the third is artistic and the last…
        Is so rich he throws money into the air to show he can piss money away like a god.
        My wife laughs and says: “This is what women want.”
        But note that this is what happens when women have unrestrained cultural expectations. In “traditional” societies: Men are taught to not pee on the walls and women are taught the value of a dollar but America is a capitalistic, slightly hedonistic culture. Even religious people buy into the flash a bit.

      1. “Like Childe Harold before the ruins of the Colosseum, he stood before the desola- tion of a diamond-mine and deeply considered. What are diamonds, he argued, but the glittering rubbish with which a woman adorns herself. What are the women who thus adorn themselves at the cost of man’s life and labour ? Are they not often neither young, nor beautiful, nor virtuous That also is true. Therefore women are descended from monkeys. What a conclusion to have come to so coldly ! A lesser mind might have been baulked of it by the oonsideration that monkeys, although very often neither young, nor beautiful, nor virtuous, do not, as a rule, wear diamonds ; bat the keen eye of the philosopher, in its unerring pursuit of truth, was not to be blinded by such trivial and fallacious reasoning.” — Lord Randolph Churchill

  19. “Why Do We Push Women To Choose Career Over Family? ”
    For the same reasons Tobacco compagnies gave subventions to early feminists to make the ‘Torches of Freedom’ movement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torches_of_Freedom
    More income, more taxes, more consumerism. Bad for families, good for busyness.
    But WHO are the original ‘WE’ (push)? Search for it. Not just the usual ‘reptilian conspiracy’ bullshit easy to check , the real agenda, and the real people behind it.

  20. My mom, who’s in her 80’s never did more than what I call “hobby work”. My father had a great career in a prestigious line of work. We were an upper-middle class family in the 70’s. My father died in his early 60’s and left my mom a comfortable retirement. We were talking about feminism the other day and my mom with the benefit of elderly wisdom was quick to say women (herself included) were sold a bill of goods. She said looking back, no woman was truly happy outside of the home.
    One of my former bosses does philanthropic work with a hospital he’s on the board with. every year he sponsors a medical student through med school. At any time he’s picking up the bill for four med students. He asks one thing of those people. When they reach a certain tax bracket, they help out other perspective med students. He sponsored one girl who went all the way through med school, did what ever it is to get to a full fledged doctor and decided it was time to get pregnant and start a family. Well surprise, surprise, she never went back to work. All that education, taking up a slot that could have been used by someone that wouldn’t have squandered it, the expense and the loss of someone down the road who could have benefited from her donation of time and money–wasted.
    I’ve seen countless female pilots try and juggle and aviation career and family and doing neither, well. For the most part a guy in aviation will make up his mind that they need to be the best they can. For women pilots there’s always that thought in the back of their mind they can take the marriage/family exit if and when the opportunity presents its self. That’s why their resolve isn’t as solid as a mans.
    They’re a bad risk but the corporate overlords are always trying to push them into the position.

    1. Same in the military. I witnessed one female Airman who actually struck it rich by getting as her first duty station out of technical school Mildenhall AF, England, only to never graduate because she got pregnant. Considering how much taxpayer money goes into bringing recruits in from the moment they make contact with a recruiter all the way to actually reporting to duty at their duty station, she and other females like her are a strain on resources. And considering that the USAF recently pulled all their personnel out of Mildenhall, that was a missed opportunity for other Airmen to go abroad. After all, that’s one of the big reasons young people enlist in the first place.

      1. I’ve talked to many military personnel that said women in the military has just been a disaster with women fucking their way to the top and being the least qualified candidate at every step.

    2. Very astute observation and point. Women always have that “option” of marrying a successful man who will be happy to support her. Men have no such option.

      1. Not enough “successful” men to go around–& of those who exist, not all are willing to sign up for that deal. Most women will have to work, even if married, with only brief timeouts for each child’s birth and infancy–maybe into the kids’ early childhood/s AT MOST. Such has been the reality since at least the 1960s (or forever, for working-class women). This reality was part of what motivated 1960s feminism: women saw that they would probably have to work for pay no matter what, so they might as well strive for well-paid and well-respected work–in other words, “careers”. In the ’60s and ’70s, middle-aged moms did the best they could to get better jobs, and encouraged their daughters to aim higher from the start by studying for, and aspiring to, decently-paying work. Nowhere in that picture is there any reason a woman can’t have a family as well as a career–although some people (ahem) still try to perpetuate the old stereotypes. Most women combine paid work and family; most women with “careers” have families.
        A few women may reject perfectly-good suitors, but that’s their loss. Wise women like Sheryl Sandberg advise women to marry a good man; and yes, many men (perhaps willfully) misunderstood Sandberg’s words as a call to “date bad boys” rather than a warning NOT to marry or reproduce with them, which was her ACTUAL POINT. Most (straight) women do want a good-enough man who is not necessarily a billionaire. One of the major complaints I see on websites like this is that many women aren’t ready to settle down with Mr. Good-Enough until their late 20s or early 30s. Well, so-freakin what?!? Most men don’t want to marry until at least that age; and most women are far from infertility for another ten years AT LEAST. (And that’s with their own eggs; some women don’t care about genetic progeny–much less do MEN care that their children will come from their wife’s eggs. Their own sperm maybe; but that can be arranged.)
        What I see on sites like this are a bunch of men who think they’re entitled to sex with “top-20%” women even if they’re far from “top-20%” men. If they were smart they’d work on themselves while enjoying sex casually or with the good-enough (and eventually marriage-minded) girlfriends available, then pick a good-enough (and not necessarily much-younger, though that’s ok) wife. You may call such men “betas”, but most such men do get children, marriages (which in most cases do NOT end in divorce), good-enough SEX, and the last laugh.

  21. I believe that a lot of the misery we are seeing in career women these days is that their nature has been so drastically divorced from their nature.
    We all know the Red Pill biological truths about nature that are hard-wired into women. But we also see so many cultural “truths” programmed into them from an early age that are sometimes completely opposite of their nature. The chasm of dissonance between those two things just eats them up.
    Just a small example: a guy I knew was explaining to me that he really believed that one of the main motivating factors in his divorce was his wife’s ingrained (nurture) need to control their finances versus her innate (nature) desire to have him be the provider. They constantly fought about it. He started off controlling it all, checkbook, bill payments, etc. But she had this Type A, ingrained need from her upbringing (her father was a CPA) to not only know exactly everything he was doing with the finances, but to have him do it all the way she wanted him to do it.
    He said they went back and forth throughout the marriage, sometimes with him controlling it all, sometimes with her controlling it all, sometimes sharing different parts of it in different ways. Whenever all or any of the responsibility for the finances was on her, she resented the shit out of him because he wasn’t doing it. But when she didn’t know everything he was doing and couldn’t control it to make sure it was being done the way she wanted, it ate her up, stressed her out, and made her furious at him.
    He said the times when he put her on an allowance and completely shut her out of the finances was actually when he felt like things were they best between them… but it would only last 4 or 5 months before she would somehow find out that he had done something she didn’t like, or she would just start to *suspect* he wasn’t doing it the way she wanted. And then she would lose it.
    He said that, in her more rational moment, she knew she literally could not be happy on this point. He hated the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” aspect of it, and because he really loved her, it was brutal on him to see her be absolutely miserable about it. But she could never really come to grips with it, and so just consistently blamed him for it. The resentment just keep building up, and then just spread to everything else so that every fight became a fight about the checkbook — a fight that neither of them could ever really win because she could never reconcile the nature versus nurture dissonance within her.

    1. I don’t think this is the issue with women in general. This sounds to me like a woman whose passive-aggressive and the guy went beta and just couldn’t set his foot down and demand some responsibility from her for her decisions.
      My thesis is that there are two types of feminism with the minority of them being the blue haired landwhale shrews and the majority of them being professional, successful women who believe in the notion that the world (or men) owes them a living and they should do as they please while men should magically deal with all the fallout. For most of us, life has crisis moments including financially and women don’t like the idea of not having a magical credit card from the Bank of Men that will buy whatever they want at a moment’s notice. Despite the stereotype that men engage in “locker room talk” to brag about our dicks, it’s women who mostly set up unrealistic expectations in each other bragging about all the stuff they buy and then take out their keeping-up-with-miss-Jones on the men in their lives.
      Sometimes a man doesn’t show up and when that happens, they can’t put their finger on it (they’re not men who would engage in the introspection to do such a thing) so they just become miserable.

      1. The point of my story was a small, narrow example of what I see as a larger issue: the fact that our culture and society is indoctrinating women with “truths” that are very different, even opposite, from what are proven truths innate in our biology and evolutionary psychology. That struggle, between what they are taught (nurture) will make them happy versus what their biology and innate drives (nature) need to feel satisfied and self-actualized, makes them miserable. The same goes for men, too.

        1. I appreciate your point but my argument is that it’s not really a “grrl power” ideology so much as a notion of entitlement that’s the problem.
          It’s difficult to say which is worse, but at least when you’re living in a blue pill society where you’re constantly told “eff you, you’re provileged so you don’t deserve anything” it will cause you to question the system although I see a number of young men who become cucks and seem to enjoy the abuse. But for women, it’s an insidious message that they are entitled to everything and that if they’re unhappy, they can take it out on men not only due to morality but also because it usually doesn’t work. Even when they get what they want, for a short period of time, it usually doesn’t work out in the long run.

        2. Nah. Having men handle all the financial decisions has never worked well for most women. Not at any time; not in any society.

    2. What makes you think you know which was “nature” and which was “nurture”? Or that his handling the finances “worked” best–when it didn’t work, for her, for long? Sounds like that woman was just an immature freak.

        1. Were I to descend to your current level of discourse, I might say that you sound like a loser incel. (Or maybe just “I’m rubber and you’re glue….”)

  22. When a woman is in the workforce, it increases the chances of divorce by 50%.
    These stupid women choosing career over family first, wake up one day retired, alone in a nursing home due to wasting their whole live working!

  23. The cowardly white knights in the comments section of the video is pathetic (I’m not surprised though). The dumb cunts I understand since they want freedom without consequences or limitations but the men seriously lack balls.

  24. Here is a woman who bought in to feminism, got both her marriages effed up, went to therapists, attempted suicide and at the end found out that doing things feminine like Crochet actually helped her find her peace. But sad that she is still a feminist and because of this she still suffers from depressions now and then. This poor being. I guess the gangrapes in my country are not good enough to stop feminism. Sad that we have teeny-tiny weeners.

  25. I was pondering as to why careerism is relationship suicide for women. I’m talking the inability to secure a relationship that culminates in marriage and children.
    The obvious reason is that professional status will launch a woman’s hypergamy into the stratosphere, but I’m thinking there’s more to it. The general impression I get from most manosphere sites is that a careerist could be saved if only she’d settle for a nearby beta, but I don’t think that’s quite true either.
    The problem as I see it is that a careerist woman has nothing of value to offer the primary male archetypes; alpha or beta. IMO an alpha will value status and submission in a relationship while a beta values appreciation and security. The careerist woman generally seeks to be in a position to offer a man none of those things. The result is most relationships of a careerist woman will resemble pump-and-dump as she will not be offering any of the basic relationship requirements for men.
    That does raise the question that there are men who will marry a careerist woman and who actually seem quite pleased, what archetype is that? That is a cuck. I usually see beta and cuck used as roughly the same thing, but I think that’s an oversimplification. A cuck is getting absolutely nothing out of his relationships and yet he is overjoyed. As far as desires, yes he might be euphoric if his wife respected or appreciated him, but he is just happy the woman chooses to use him. The woman is his ‘precious’.
    There appears to be no shortage of cucks, but these are the types of men who are utterly detestable. If a woman uses the cuck option for marriage, she has defeated her hypergamous urge but is either placing huge value on the kids or is miserable. Understandably they will exercise the hypergamous urge should the opportunity present itself.

    1. Well duh.
      Of course career women don’t make good relationship material. All their time, effort, and attitudes are focused on more “important” things. And worse. They feel entitled to a relationship because feminism…
      It’s really kind of simple.

    2. “A cuck is getting absolutely nothing out of his relationships and yet he is overjoyed. As far as desires, yes he might be euphoric if his wife respected or appreciated him, but he is just happy the woman chooses to use him. The woman is his ‘precious’.”
      I think this is the root of female misery and the reason she dumps the guy through divorce or cheats on him. No women can respect such a man. No matter how hard she tries.

  26. At the risk of being predictable……….. It’s a cultural marxist brainwash plot to break up the traditional family unit.

    1. Not just marxists, the eugenisists big into population control are are I nto it too. A working girl will put off kids clear into her late 30s and then only have time for a couple.

      1. Now they are mid forties and still check want to have kids on many profiles. After 48 the Dream seems to die.

  27. The fat, middle aged cow on the massage table getting felt up by the dindu. He can have her. I’ll take her daughter, thank you.

  28. I would appreciate you letting me know the next time you interview my wife…seriously, none of the professional women I know feel they made the right choice and all left work by 45. My MD wife is bitter she is working.

  29. “So why are we educating them to be physicians? Can anyone provide a rational answer?”
    Because there is no “we”, you dumb shit

  30. This is a Jonathan Swift thing, right? Because it can’t possibly come from the brains of actual walking, talking males…

  31. I find it hilarious to see you complain about women’s education wasting precious resources in the same sentence you flaunt your complete lack of education. Do you even know what “laudable” means? xD

  32. Headline: Why Do We Push Women To Chose Career Over Family?
    Headline right underneath: 7 Tips For No-String Sex

  33. Women are starting to realize they will die working just like men do in this equal world. When or if they ever surpass men as taxpayers I think you will see quite a different tune from them on the FREE Stuff ARMY that men have been paying forever.

    1. My wife is good friends with a career chick, pushing 40 and single. She is a successful engineer. Yeah, she doesn’t sing the same tune as her socialist counterparts.
      In college, she was hot, but never took the time for dating. She is kicking herself now.

  34. “Diamond engagement rings have a far higher markup than other precious stones, because of their emotional connotation to a marriage or engagement.”
    Even this was manufactured by the Rothchilds and others (DeBeers) financing expeditions in Rhodesia and other parts of Africa. When diamonds began to be dug up in large quantities, they got nervous the price would drop. A campaign was instituted to create the fiction that a man had to buy a diamond worth several months salary for his bride to be. To this day the marketing fiction put upon the western world is still burned in to the conscience (what’s left of it) of western single women and men. https://www.exposingtruth.com/diamond-engagement-ring-greatest-marketing-scam-history/

  35. I’m proud that I was born as a male.
    We can always solve problems. Even at our weakest point, we can always get up, find endurance and strength and press on.
    Can females do that? They will just constantly bitch all day without a strong Man to put her in her place.

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