Brexit Vote: Why Britain Should Leave The European Union

Let’s provide a little bit of background to those that may be unfamiliar with the situation.  On Thursday, June 23, 2016, a referendum known as Brexit will be held to determine whether or not Britain will remain in the European Union.  

As for its origins, the EU is an economic and political “agreement” between 28 European countries that was conceived after World War II amidst the destruction and financial devastation that ensued during the post-war years.  The idea at the time was to encourage trade among the various member states and discourage going to war with one another given the economic benefits that would result.  This logic likewise led to the idea of “free circulation” where goods and people could freely move around without borders while also eliminating the need for visas.

During the 2015 general elections, Prime Minister David Cameron ran under the campaign promise that he would hold a referendum to allow the British people to voice their opinion. This was a result of an ever increasing amount of calls from conservatives to give the country an opportunity to formally weigh in, since the British people have not had a say on the matter since 1975.

Over 40 years have gone by since the last referendum was held, so it’s within reason to assume that the political, social, and economic landscape of Britain has changed somewhat in the last four decades.  Although one could pay credence to the notion of establishing the EU in the context of a post World War society, it simply does not benefit Britain to stay in for a number of reasons.

Let’s analyze some of the erroneous arguments that are often spouted from the pro-EU side.

This Won’t Be The First Time A Country Has Left


The exit is this way. Let me show you…

“This has never happened before!  It could lead to chaos!”

False.  This is probably one of the weakest arguments because it just reverts to a “doomsday” scenario instead of arguing with facts. In actuality, Greenland held a referendum in 1982 and voted 52% to 48% in favor of leaving the EU.  After going through the process of exit negotiations, Greenlanders were able to take control of their country’s history and say NO. 

A large portion of Greenland’s population relies on the fishing industry for their livelihood. They resented being told by Brussels what they had to do and exactly how much fish they were allowed to take out of their waters.  Furthermore, Greenland’s fishing industry improved after its exit according to industry figures.

Britain Will See Job Growth And Savings Of Considerable Money

“Jobs will be lost, and the economy will be damaged!”

False. More than 300 of the country’s biggest business leaders and executives published a letter to the Telegraph last week stating that Brussels’ red tape stifles growth and undermines economic growth. Additionally, they stated that Brexit would enable them to create more jobs.

Lord Farmer, the former head of the Conservative party, lambasted the globalist fear-mongering: “Warnings of disaster if we leave are misguided. Britain, the world’s fifth-biggest economy, should be confident that others will want to trade freely with it especially if, like the EU, they already do so. Europe has a surplus of nearly £70bn with us and no reason to put up barriers.”


A responsible British citizen taking out the trash.

Another area where Britain would see immediate economic savings relates to EU membership fees. That’s right. You didn’t think they called it a “club” just for fun, did you? Britain is one of 10 member states who pays more into the EU budget then they get out of it. Britain currently sends a whopping £350m, the equivalent of 50% of England’s school budget, to Brussels on a weekly basis. That money can easily be put back into the British economy by reinvesting the funds in different industry sectors to stimulate growth and create jobs.

In the long-term, Britain would save billions of pounds in imposed membership fees that are most likely squandered in other areas of the superstate that is fed by the insatiable appetite of the Brussels bureaucratic machine. Some think tanks have even posited that Britain’s GDP could rise by 1.6% in 2030 under the assumption that the UK renegotiates good trade deals with the US, the EU, China, and other major economic powers.

What should come to no surprise to the reader is that the same Telegraph article mentioned above discusses how hundreds of thousands of pounds from foreign companies and America’s biggest banks—such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley—were donated to the Remain campaign. Globalists sure love to take care of each other, don’t they?

Stronger Borders And Immigration Regulation

“The EU border policies don’t really affect the UK, since it’s not part of Schengen!”

False. EU law stipulates that Britain must allow EU citizens from other member states to live in the country.  As we have unfortunately witnessed over the past few months following the tragic events in Paris and Brussels, the lack of strong border controls within the Eurozone has led to radicalized terrorists easily sliding their way back into the continent after receiving training in Syria.  

Although the UK technically isn’t part of the Schengen Agreement, which allows for passport free movement in the EU bloc, the other 26 states that do belong are responsible for vetting those who enter in from non-EU countries.  Are we naive enough to believe that every single one of those countries is doing a thorough job at gathering intelligence?  

The fact that terrorists Abdeslam and Abaaoud were able to slip back into Belgium the same night of the Paris attacks is proof enough that the EU borders are porous at the very least and flimsy at the very best.  The herculean task of keeping tabs on 400 million people throughout a 1.6 million square mile area across these 26 countries has shown to be unreliable.  Free movement on such a massive scale simply cannot be controlled effectively.  Keep this in mind:  one illegal-border hopping into the EU would not in any way prevent someone from illegally continuing to cross into numerous other states without detection.


Not the postcard anyone ever imagines from Paris.

Amidst the continuing migrant debacle, the European Commission has also become more brazen and blatantly hostile with its demands.  This tends to be typical of tyrannical rulers realizing that they are losing their grips on power.  For example, the EC unveiled plans in May to impose a draconian penalty of €250,000 per rejected migrant that countries refuse to take in.  That’s a pretty convenient “deal” if your long-term plan is to flood the European market with tens of millions of refugees that will drastically push down wages in the labor market.  

Another laughable move recently came from the European Court of Justice, as it deemed that foreign criminals could avoid being deported from the UK if they were to be placed in overcrowded prisons back home, which would be a “violation of their human rights.” Instead of having these criminals sent back to serve their sentence in their countries of origins, the British tax payer will now have to foot the bill to ensure these thugs are catered to in a cushier penitentiary system.

Let’s also not forget that the European Commission is currently in the process of striking a deal with Turkey to allow for visa-free travel within the EU under the condition that the latter sharply cut the flow of illegal migrants into Greece.  Even though the negotiations are at a stalemate over Turkey’s refusal to amend its anti-terror laws, I do believe that Britons should be asking themselves the following question:  would it really be in your country’s best interest to remain in the EU pending the very real possibility that a country of 75 million people that borders war torn Syria and Iraq, along with sporadic territory under control of the Islamic State, be granted visa-free travel?

Britons are waking up to who’s really calling the shots.


Brexit is the wake-up call that the rest of the Europe desperately needs.  There’s a very real reason that far-right parties are surging all across the continent:  people are fed up with pro-globalist economic and migratory policies that do not benefit them or their families.  Furthermore, the working class is sick and tired of the political elite dictating and shoving policy down their throat from Brussels.  Have a look at how Britons took Obama’s last visit to the UK when he sternly urged them to stay in the EU:


That little pep talk went over really well, didn’t it?

Roughly a month away from the Brexit referendum, the writing is on the wall.  A vote for Brexit is a vote for nationalism and sovereignty.  Perhaps even more importantly, a vote for the UK exiting the Euro zone would be the spark of confidence in nationalism that will serve as a model to fellow Europeans who are grappling with a migratory invasion of epic proportions, porous border security, and a crippled economy beset by sluggish wage growth.

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142 thoughts on “Brexit Vote: Why Britain Should Leave The European Union”

  1. The EU is an abomination that needs to be destroyed by the people of Europe if they wish to preserve their continent. They should also get out of NATO and not get sucked into a needless conflict with Russia.
    I can’t wait until the EU collapses along with the US federal government. The faster these globalist institutions and Frankenstein governments fall, the better it will be for the human race.

    1. Hey, watch out with the Frankenstein jokes. I could be triggered. You wouldn’t like me when I’m triggered.

    2. An abomination? Sound biblical.
      Many evangelicals (not me) believe the EU is the fourth nation prophecied in Daniel 8&9; the origin of the coming anti-Christ. If the EU dissolved I wonder if they would go back to believing it is Russia?
      I believe the 4th nation was Rome. And there is no singular anti-Christ, it is a generic term used by St. Paul.

      1. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ is ‘anti’-christ
        It was never meant to be the opposite of Christ or the son of the devil or whatever hollywood fires out of it’s arsehole

      2. A lot of last day predictions are inaccurate. Antichrist used to be Russia. Then the Roman Catholic church. Then the EU. Then the USA. Then Israel.
        But this much is sure: when the antichrist comes on the scene, biometrics would have come mainstream, and GMO foods would be universally accepted, because there is no other way to make everyone receive a special mark before they could buy food.

    3. The European Union is an undemocratic super-state, with unaccountable commissions.
      The USA is one nation with a common culture, democracy, language and identity. Nothing wrong with that. The public secter needs to shrink to reduce the national debt.

      1. The Feds in the US are just as undemocratic and unaccountable. You should consider that perhaps we don’t have as common a culture and identity as you think.
        Does Texas really have more in common with New York than Britain has with France? Does Mississippi have more in common with Maine than Greece does with Norway?

    4. Poland should Brexit (Polxit?) but not exit NATO as Poland needs a defense against Russia. Russia may not “be aggressive” right now, but they have missiles in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad that could easily knock a plane out of the sky over Warsaw. THAT is a bit provocative in my mind.

      1. Correction: Russia is very aggressive right now. They just threatened to invade Poland and Romania.

    5. You got some points there, but then we will go back in history to the various eras of nationalisms and wars. It’s a two-edged sword. Even so, history repeats itself, so it may not matter that much if we go back or we go forward.

  2. As Indian man that was born in Britain, I want Britain to be ruled and filled with Britons. Under the EU rule, Britain will be filled with the refuse of the Middle East in short span of time and will become another shithole of the world. Its time for nations to take make their countries for the betterment of their people, not for bureaucrats in Brussels.

    1. See the Movie “Children of Men” to see what Britain will look like soon….dystopian hellhole with huge prison camps filled with marching jihadists. Kinda like “escape from NY” but without Snake Plissken and lotsa Brit actors…

  3. As an American, I lament the loss of England seeming like a stoic Uncle on the world stage. The likes of Churchill and Thatcher. The people with the bulldogged determination to outlast the London bombings and come out swinging.
    If getting out of the EU regains some semblance of that past, the “for King/Queen and Country” spirit and nationalism, the Britain we have been missing too long, then godspeed, this Yank is rooting for y’all and all of Europe too. Maybe we can learn the same lesson and say goodbye to the UN and NATO.

    1. The funny thing is I watched V for Vendetta and thought to myself, “Nah, that’s too far fetched even for Britain.” Recent developments make me think the EU would have no problem with that compared to the average British citizen who would flat out refuse it.

      1. The EU is going to be much, much worse than the fascist government depicted in “V for Vendetta”. I’m afraid it’s already too late to stop the elites, and the people are far too cucked to do anything about it.

    2. As a Yank I completely agree. England is our mother country and best friend.
      Best of luck, me blokes!

    3. Churchill was the worst prime minister Britain ever had, well, maybe Blair was worse, but I challenge you to name one good thing Churchill did.

      1. When the Germans learned that Churchill was brought back from exile they knew that England had decided to go to war.

      2. saved us during the blitz for one, killed the nazi’s, kept centuries of french culture from being utterly decimated under foot. there’s many, i picked 3

        1. Okay, so you say, “saved us during the blitz”, and your other two options are basically the same thing (War with Germany). We can approach this two different ways, the first one is this, most people see WW2 as “chapter 2” of world war 1, since Hitler was created by the waves of world war 1, who was one of the biggest proponents of WW1 in Britain? Winston Churchill, he was the loudest voice for British entry into the war, and the necessity of the war. Now if WW2 was started on the back of WW1, and Winston Churchill helped start WW1, didn’t he also then help cause WW2, the very war you claim he “saved” you in. Anyhow, the second way is this, personally I consider Germany entitled to it’s territorial claims during ww2, the majority German areas that used to be part of Germany until after WW1 etc, but anyhow, who declared war? Britain declared war on Germany, not the other way around, and who was once again the biggest proponent for that war? Winston Churchill….. So he “saved” you did he? Sounds great. And let’s not even start with his genocide of Germans during and after the war and the bombing, yeah, here is another truth you probably never heard, the German Blitz was a response to British bombing of German civilians.
          EDIT: And let’s not forget that it was Winnie that ordered the bombings of German civilians. You got something else to come with?

        2. The poster “Thomas” explained it already but to sum it up: His warmongering and hatred of Germany cost England its empire, its prestige, its best men who died by the millions in the WWI and later in WWI, cost Europe its best men as well as its very freedom (abetted and assisted the Bolshevik takeover of half Europe.
          Let’s not forget the utter destruction of German culture and psyche, whose effects are still with us to this day…shall I continue? And by the way Hitler was a madman, however without Churchill’s war (WWI) Hitler would never have had a chance to become der Führer.

        3. “Remember the Dardanelles,” his political opponents taunted when he stood up to speak in the House of Commons. When running for Parliament in 1923, hecklers called out, “What about the Dardanelles?” The “British Bulldog” embraced Gallipoli as a brilliant failure. “The Dardanelles might have saved millions of lives. Don’t imagine I am running away from the Dardanelles. I glory in it,” he responded.”
          As for starting WWI, how he got mistaken for Rothschild and J.P. Morgan is beyond me.

        4. I believe Germany’s territorial claims would have eventually extended to all of Europe, and even the rest of the world, according to whatever view suited them at the time.
          And I certainly don’t think you could extend their ‘legitimate’ gripes to justifying murdering several million Jews, or anyone else who didn’t fit into Hitlers vision of a great society.
          Germany had to be stopped, and blaming England and Churchill for the outcome that was the second world war, and the horrific events that occurred as a result is absurd.
          In fact it reminds me of the kind of thinking you get in a culturally Marxist society in which individuals refuse to take responsibility for their own choices and actions. Not only that but they also take it a step further and blame the very person they were attacking for their choices and actions.
          Its England’s fault Germany invaded Poland. Its Churchill’s fault that German bombers blitzed London and other English towns and cities. It’s the British peoples fault German society exterminated several million Jews, and so on and so on.
          Anyway, moving back to the original topic of the article I think the European Union is an oxymoron. I believe there is no union and as a European citizen I have never felt I have much of a say in continental affairs. All I see is constant squabbling, mainly over how much money we are going to give the less successful nations that have bankrupted their economies again. And bureaucracy and over regulation.
          Essentially Europe has become a massive ethno-masochist enclave fuelled by German guilt from the second world war. Its a state benefits utopia both for countries that keep fucking up, and any individual who knows how to play the victim card, providing first world comforts for vast amounts of people that refuse to integrate or even like us.
          Countries like Germany, France and the UK have contributed enormously to the European economy while continuing to bail out less economically successful nations. Its a great macro-cosmic representation of our current western societies, in which the most talented and successful are held back and undermined by less capable souls in the name of equality, and of course making sure nobody feels bad. And that’s why I’m voting out.

        5. Oh wow. So now I learn it’s Churchill that started WW1. He forced Austro-Hungaria declare war on Serbia and Germany declare war on France and Beligium so England can join the war as was obligated through it’s treaties. Go spew your BS somewhere else.

        6. The Jews also! And the Indians wanted the Europeans. Of course, why didn’t I think of that before?

        7. French Catholics supported Hitler politics, they were totally anticommunist, especially after what happened during the Spanish Civil War. Pétain was extremely popular. The last soldiers to defend the Hitlerbunker were the French SS division Charlemagne. Should I continue?

        8. Yes please. If the Catholics were so anticomunists, why would they support another socialist movement? Both comunism and fascism are leftist. Petain was popular because he gave the people the ilussion that they still had some measure of independence and he was it’s symbol. That’s the complete oposite of saying that the french wanted Hitler.
          Not only the french have and historical dislike toward the germans (they’ve been warring for the better part of the last 1000 years), they been resisting as hard as they could against the germans, with numerous guerrilla groups fighting with popular support. What nation would agree to be under ocupation, having two million soldiers kept prisoners in Germany in forced labor camps, forced to sink all it’s fleet and so on.
          And sure, the paltry 60 men that were in the Charlemane untill the end are a big proof that the French wanted Hitler.

        9. it was on its way out at that point, prior to ww1 we still had feudal style countries everywhere, that changed to democracy. I support countries rights to self determination, just as i support our own with regards to her majesty’s current territories in the falklands, gibraltar and elsewhere. They’ve all expressly supported continuing to be under British rule

        10. I never said any such thing, I said Churchill was co-responsible for British entry into the war, which was a big deal. Britain was never under any treaty obligations to protect Belgium, that’s just BS. Historians are catching up to this fact right now.

        11. You missed my point though. Let’s say I started a fire in your house, which you saw me do, then I put out that fire, and you call me a hero and tell me that I saved your life. Churchill might have “saved” you during the Blitz, in your view, but you must realize he also caused it by bombing German civilians.

        12. “I believe Germany’s territorial claims would have eventually extended to
          all of Europe, and even the rest of the world, according to whatever
          view suited them at the time.”
          And your belief is everything isn’t it.
          “And I certainly don’t think you could extend their ‘legitimate’ gripes
          to justifying murdering several million Jews, or anyone else who didn’t
          fit into Hitlers vision of a great society.”
          Oh, but I don’t think the holocaust happened, all the evidence tells me it’s a big fat lie. The only Jews that died in Germany died by starvation and typhus, just like tons of Germans were dying from starvation and typhus towards the end of the war.
          “Germany had to be stopped, and blaming England and Churchill for the
          outcome that was the second world war, and the horrific events that
          occurred as a result is absurd.”
          If Churchill was one of the proponents of World War 1, and pushed for British entry into this war, and this war caused Hitler and World war 2, then why is he not responsible? And I mean Churchill was the one pushing for a declaration of war during ww2. Oh, and Germany had to be stopped did they? Why didn’t the Soviet Union need to be stopped? That state was the real massmurdering state of that era. Even if you believe the lie that is the holocaust, the Soviet Union murdered many times more people.
          “Its England’s fault Germany invaded Poland. Its Churchill’s fault that
          German bombers blitzed London and other English towns and cities. It’s
          the British peoples fault German society exterminated several million
          Jews, and so on and so on.”
          It’s Churchills fault that he bombed German civilians first yes, and months later Hitler decided to respond by bombing British civilians. If Churchill hadn’t maybe civilian bombing would not have taken place. We have to remember that Poland was sitting on majority German (population wise) territory lost by Germany after ww1, and that was due to the Treaty of Versailles caused by the Allies, so in a sense, that invasion was caused by the Allies, I never said it was Britains fault Germany invaded Poland, I said it was Britains fault entirely the war declaration that came after by Britain on Germany.
          “Essentially Europe has become a massive ethno-masochist enclave fuelled
          by German guilt from the second world war. Its a state benefits utopia
          both for countries that keep fucking up, and any individual who knows
          how to play the victim card, providing first world comforts for vast
          amounts of people that refuse to integrate or even like us.”
          It’s the same people that opened the doors to Europe that have caused trouble through the centuries.

        13. Once again you are wrong, you don’t know what feudalism is if you think we had feudal style countries in Europe prior to ww1. And pretty much all Euro states had elected parliaments.

        14. it was on its way out at that point, prior to ww1 we still had feudal style countries everywhere, that changed to democracy.

          It’s like saying a doctor is not responsible for the death of patient with heart sickness even though he stabbed him through the heart, after all his heart was giving up wasn’ it.

        15. I didn’t say he got started the WWI but he was the greatest warmonger in the British government and his undue influence helped shape the disaster of Versailles and what came after. If there was an award for villain henchmen, he would have gotten the award.

        16. “kept centuries of french culture from being utterly decimated under foot”
          Looking at modern France/Paris today thanks to EU-imposed immigration, can you really say you prevented that?

        17. Yeah @ THOMAS, Churchill was really an evil genius with his fucking 20/20 foresight knowing, just KNOWING that humiliating Germany would create Adolph Hitler. In the history of Man Churchill knew, just knew exactly what the consequences of WWI would be. What an evil bastard he was! Ok, irony now. Geez. Your blame game gets old quick.

        18. Did you just suggest the holocaust didn’t happen? My grandfather who fought there begs to differ.

        19. Oh yeah? Were your father in the Soviet army? Because no Western allied record makes claims to have found any gas chamber. Those were all produced by the Soviet side. What US/British/French soldiers found were starving Jews, dying from disease and starvation in internment camps. Oh, and my argument is that the claims from the Soviet side were bullshit, and that these were later built into the popular myth called the holocaust.

        20. Churchill, who is half-American, has no compunctions about using questionable tactics to try and get the ships through the U-boat lines. One of his secret orders to the captains of the merchant ships is to fly the flags of neutral nations, especially American flags. Another is his order to merchant ship captains to ram any surfaced U-boat that cares to approach. And yet another order is the Q-ship programme: armed ships with hidden weaponry and sailors dressed in civilian clothing that are meant to attack any U-boat that surfaces and approaches, a war crime if there ever was one.

          Source: Hanson, David – The Sinking of the Lusitania, Virginia Western Community College, 2008

        21. I did not say that the French wanted Hitler, I just said that French Catholics supported his politics.
          60 men? Do you know the history of SS Charlemagne that well? I’m impressed. Oh wait, you just read the first paragraph of the wiki article.
          Go make waste someone else’s time.

        22. You are a joke. I quote from what you posted 19 hours ago:
          “The majority of French people wanted Hitler.”
          Now you say that you didn’t say that French wanted hitler.
          At least you are consistent in that all your talking points show the same lack of intelligence.

        23. The elected parliaments were in name only lol?
          You should google feudalism, find out what it is.

        24. you don’t understand how representative democracy has changed over the past 100 years? okthen

        25. At that time, the majority of people in France were deeply Catholic.
          France was in terrible famine during the thirties. They were weak, they lost their country in one month. They did not want to fight, the souvenir of WWI was present. Then Pétain and Germany gave them bread. Lowest level of Maslow’s pyramid satisfied. Then, things got worse and changed faction.
          There is documentary called “Le chagrin et la pitié” (the pity and the sorrow). It was banned in France for decades. Charles de Gaulle, in his own words said about its censorship: “France does not need truths, it needs hope.”
          PS: I have lived in France for many years. History is written by the “winners”, I’m just telling you the history of the losers, which is rarely told.

        26. The main change is that now voting is universal, and that is why Western civilization is disappearing. But you weren’t talking about how representative democracy changed, you said Euro states had feudalism before ww1. Please explain.

        27. Right, so you are the guy that can’t counter an argument to why I am wrong about the Churchill and the Blitz, you are also the guy that think we had feudalism before ww1, and you can’t explain why it is. And I’m the autist lol

        28. Allying with the Communists/Marxists who promote mass immigration and saving them from near-destruction during WWII certainly played a part

        29. Not quite. He knew the the war would destroy what was left of the Empire. He didn’t disagree with Lord Halifax – or Hitler – on that point. He decided that any thing was better than coming to terms with Nazi Germany, that England could no more tolerate a National Socialist empire than Bonapare’s. Whatever sins the British Empire may have in life committed its , the voluntary surrender of itself to stop Nazi Germany was a complete penance. The Free World owes to Britain a debt in can never fully repay. If the UK succeeds in liberating itself from the EU, the US should see how it can help.

        1. This is entirely unrelated to Churchill as prime minister of Britain though. That was the sense I meant. Churchill as a politician. I have never read most of Churchills non-biographic material so I don’t have an opinion on it, but I have heard critics say he didn’t deserve the nobel prize >_>.

    4. My family and friends are going to vote for the Brexit en masse. Those EU braggarts and their endless socialism/cultural marxism/globalization have their days numbered

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. When can we just take over a new part of the world and start from scratch.

        1. And Poland, just like the German people seeking real freedom.

        2. I’d consider this. Here in the UK it feels as if we’re rapidly swirling the bowl…

        3. Things will get better man, have to go down to go up. i get people leaving but there will be pushback against all the lefties and sjws.

  4. My friend’s grandmother survived Hitler’s blitzkrieg, married an American serviceman and moved to the USA after the war. Now she refuses to go back to visit Mother England because it’s overrun with islamic dregs.

  5. I am voting OUT Beyond the economic argument. It means certain Death of this land and its people.

    1. The cultural implications are absolutely staggering. I don’t think most people realize the magnitude of what will happen once Turkey is given visa free travel.

      1. Indeed. That is perhaps glimpsed in something that was said by Turkey recently, repeated through a recent video by Stefan Molyneux.

  6. Yes, please, leave the EU. You caused more troubles than anything, English pirates.

  7. Britain will not be allowed to leave unfortunately.
    Elites will make sure it won’t happen. Sadly.

    1. this is what i think too. even if we were to leave, non-eu elites would punish us with capital flight because we aren’t their entrance to the EU anymore [uk smoothed over bureaucratic bullshit].
      i’m a realist, its geopolitics man. we export 44% or so to EU, those fuckers will hike the tarrifs so high when we leave just to keep the rest of the eu in line out of fear.
      Also we import so much shit from europe, people talking about north africa for fruit and vegetables but have you actually tried there fruit? compare it to spain’s yields and quality
      also i don’t like the idea of relying on geopolitically unstable countries for our basic foods

      1. You’re wrong. How could they “hike the tarrifs so high”, if they are already destroying their economies with russian sanctions (the primary sector is agonizing), ECB 0% Euribor, the situation of the PIGS, gigantic political crisis in Spain (Catalonia question + no government), France (work legislation, strikes, Front National, terrorism), Belgium (terrorism + Flanders/Wallonia question), etc.
        The UK will have political neutrality or even support from Finland, Hungary and other Eastern European countries.
        The only one capable and willing to punish the Brexit is Merkel’s Germany, which I think it won’t, since popular support of the government is shown decreasing and many other questions (concerning the Euro, TTIP, Russia and the refugees) are already keeping them too busy.
        Big capital won’t run away from London because british overseas tax havens like the Cayman Islands are still there and that is the only thing they care about. If it wasn’t, they would have already fled to Luxembourg or the Netherlands.
        So, please, don’t let them play you in their fear game. This is a great moment for Great Britain to regain its freedom. And there is nothing Iceland can do alone that the UK can’t, too.

        1. iceland is an utter disaster, what are you talking about? they pished away about 3 billion pounds in british money, and their heads are so corrupt people had to resign in light of the panama papers. they rebranded themselves as free journalism and free speech but they suck at that as well

  8. It’s really telling that the Globalists aren’t even arguing that it will make everyone’s lives better anymore. That cat is out of the bag. Instead, we’re seeing unsubtle threats to purposefully fuck up the economies of those who won’t play along.
    They’re also trying to spread this defeatist attitude that amounts to “Yeah, it sucks that the middle class was completely devastated but it’s too late to go back now. Better stay the course.”

  9. When the EU was the EEC, European Economic Community, it had it’s advantages. It helped countries like Ireland, Portugal and Spain to modernise their economies and play catch up with the rest.
    As with all politicians however they keep scratching and grabbing for more power over peoples lives. They couldn’t just leave the countries to get on with trade and improving living standards for their populations.
    It has now become a bloated bureaucracy dictating to the populations of each member state. There is no accountability for the thousands of Euro bots in Brussells.
    One simple example. Ireland has suffered under the ECB imposing crippling debts on it’s banking system. The same EU dictates that Ireland, with the largest fishing grounds of all member states, can only fish 4% of it’s stocks. Yes 4%. Ireland should have invested in a proper navy to enforce it’s fishing grounds. Maybe send a few French and Spanish trawlers to the bottom of the Atlantic. Instead Irish politicians and their Euro lackeys have no pride and jump to Herr Merkels whims.
    As one 20th centaury politician said “kick in the door and the whole house will fall in”.
    I hope our British chums gain some balls and vote leave.

    1. “When the EU was the EEC, European Economic Community, it had it’s advantages. It helped countries like Ireland, Portugal and Spain to modernise their economies and play catch up with the rest. ”
      Absolutely true. The European Union was a very good thing that made life much better for europeans for decades. As a Portuguese that was born in 1982, i felt the results of a open market and of massive investment from richer nations in my country.
      The problem is that the eurocrats, this disgusting pseudo elite, wants to turn a alliance of free and sovereign nation states in a super federal state with no respect for national parliaments and national priorities. I do not want to be ruled by fucking Berlin!!! I do not want my elected government to beg to Frau Merkel for some financial mercy.
      If we are to stop this madness and recover the true “European dream” of a alliance of free nations and free people, i am for it. The opposite as to be opposed at all costs.

      1. Exactly. At its inception, it made sense to foster trade among the countries. The original framework, however, has been completely adulterated, and people have been catching on for quite some time.

        1. that’s not even what its original inception was man. The european coal and steel community was a heavy industry cartel designed to compete with russia. that’s really the origin. the rest is bullshit layered on after the fact to get everyone on board

        2. Ok, but Bernard is reinforcing the philosophical idea that was behind the EU until the late 90s : a supra national alliance that respected national agendas. I believe, like i said in the previous post, that this balance can be achieved. Probably the UK exit can be the beginning of that.

    2. agree partially. The EU was formed from a heavy industry cartel that basically became the non democratic paperfabric europe put up to hide the fact it was NATO that kept their butts safe.

    3. Ireland is such a small nation with %100 control, and proper management of those waters they’d have a thriving industry exporting fish to Spain and Portugal.

      1. Exactly, but our leaders sold us out. As I mentioned we should have invested in a strong navy to enforce our fishing rights. Tax all trawlers outside of the country. Also they sold Ireland’s off shore oil and gas rights instead of the example of Norway where they tax the shit out of the oil companies and they still make money…..

    4. Revolutions were started over less…like taxing tea. Eirexit anyone?

  10. “the British people have not had a say on the matter since 1975.”
    The British has NEVER had a say in the matter, the vote in 1975 was about a TRADE UNION not a federal superstate.

    1. Recall his comments that if they leave then the UK would be at the back of the line with trade deals. And that coming from someone who will be gone in six months time.

  11. I remember visiting Greece in the 90s and being flabbergasted that there were morons handing out pamphlets claiming the EU was the antichrist of the book of revelations. Ok moving forward to 2016 maybe they had a point but even if the EU is an emerging commie state it’s really nice having the right to live in European countries etc. Europe is nice. I wish we could just ditch the evil superstate and keep the benefits.

  12. most mates i know in UK are voting to leave EU myself included. if you go to any UK news website reporting it and look at the comments its 95% to leave, however i will be surprised if we do actually manage to leave the EU, the vote will most likely be rigged or since london and most of the major UK cities is more majority of immigrents and foreigners, i won’t be surprised if the immigrent vote outweighs actual british folk.

    1. I’m glad to hear from people on the ground that there’s a sizable leave vote. That’s what I’ve heard from others I know in the UK, as well. Keep spreading the good word to others.

    2. This is what I think. I also noticed the comments sections say “leave” but the polls say it only few points with the “leave” camp slightly in the lead.
      The media coverage has been so tilted with the “stay” camp that it’s hard to get a real perspective on real public opinion.
      I bet they’re promoting the “stay” campaign in foreign languages promising longer and increased “benefits” or what we call “welfare.”

  13. My heart is with Brexit, but looking at the corporatists and shills that stand to lose from our leaving the europe i estimate that both the US and non european big economies that use Britain as a non-euro entrypoint into europe will punish us via capital flight when/if we leave.
    I’m also not convinced UKIP are libertarian enough when it comes to fiscal policy. They want to invest heavy in defence and prisons. Big moneysink paying for our squaddies to be killed in the sand, shit and sludge of foreign lands when we can’t even care for our current wounded veterans properly. [i have talked with veterans charities directly about how dire the conditions are for older war vets in the uk, the mod are scum as far as they’re concerned].
    And prisons is a huge mess of a sinkhole. legalise the non violent low class drugs consumptions offences, repeal the bullshit psychoactive substances act, and tax it to the hilt to pay for the prisons and treatment of addicts thus solving the drug related crime issue almost completely. I don’t in any way care for drugs myself, but i get that the lower non offensive ones [weed, ex, mushrooms et al] can be used to pay for the rest and price out the criminals currently making a living from them in the existing black market economies.
    Finally they’re not socially liberal enough. Trump has a much better offering to his voters than we do ours. We don’t even have a fucking proper freedom of speech [one of the many reasons for my username]

  14. This makes me wish I could become a UK citizen temporarily, just to vote to leave the EU.

  15. Look at London now. What about it is British anymore?
    That’s what the banking cartels and corporate overlords want for all of us, initially. It isn’t just about wage stagnation for the natives, irreconcilable division and a monopolized voting class of immigrants . I think something far worse is planned.

    1. “. I think something far worse is planned”
      What else is planned and when do you think it will happen?

      1. In the big picture, I have no idea. It doesn’t look great. If you look at the details the NHS and how that will be effected by TTIP, if the Brexit should fail, multinational corporations could essentially own their health care system. Because of the state of the partnership, that will be legally fine, because the system is in the toilet financially, probably the worst its ever been. The sociopaths will be called in and ask to make the system more efficient, financially. That means avoiding perceivably unnecessary tests (which aren’t always unnecessary), pushing for a more centralized system and of course taking more pharmaceuticals, amongst other things.
        That’s what a lot of these massive “free trade, unity, stability, growth, blah, blah,” bills like TTIP do. But that’s only one aspect of it. I think TTIP or whatever comes next after it, will essentially do for the UK and other countries in the partnership, mostly the working classes of those countries mind you, what NAFTA did for northern Mexico and their working class. Not quite Mad Max, but, I don’t know, I’m very cynical about another sacrifice of sovereignty.
        I’m not a Brit, so its not up to me, but when my president went to the UK just to promote voting “no” on Brexit, I knew something was up. Listening to Cameron say it will potentially cause WWIII, too, and all of their empty threats, it reminded me of when Al Gore was pushing NAFTA in the early 90’s, even in rhetoric it was similar points. The dire economic state said countries will have to face if this trade plan fails, the eventual collapse of the economy if it fails, the potential opportunities for small business if it succeeds, the impossible wealth we’ll gain from it when it succeeds, the benefits of staying in this trade unification. And it was all bullshit. There is a debate on youtube between Gore and Ross Perot (most people here thought Perot was looney). In that debate you can see the similarities, where Gore was out of his depth (or outright lying) in the discussion. When he was pitted against someone who knew what they were talking about in terms of business and economics, who genuinely cared for his country and the basic human rights of others, Gore’s corporate approved talking points fall flat 20+ years later. His intent was to sell North America poison, and that’ what the Clinton administration did.
        The only difference is that, in monetary terms, the Brits are far more vulnerable, so the people are reluctant to believe anything on this issue at all. Many don’t seem to want to care. So the establishment is using the old “its racist” to vote yes on the Brexit. Even though the issue is of a fiscal nature, they way politicians utilize fear is remarkable. I know that, if I was a Brit, I would vote to get out of the EU.

        1. I’m an american but advocating to my british friends to scrape the EU off their shoes. We will see….

  16. English people are like women: once you think you know them, they stab you in the back and get laid with your neighbor. What a bunch of pirates, funding arabs and ottomans against Europe.

  17. Great article. This is such an important topic in our times, with Europe sinking because of EU corruption, red tape and insanity, this may be Britain’s last chance to save itself.
    I see England as the litmus test to see if we the “nationalist” camp can start turing the tide against the twin evils of Globalization and Socialism.
    Highly recommend “Brexit the Movie” Really exposes the absurdity of this Cabal!

  18. The UK establishment are in a real panic, they are desperate to stay in the EU. Cameron is playing every dirty trick to con the British voters. The BBC, lefty journalists and academia are all afraid of a Brexit. 23rd of June will be a new independence day for UK, BREXIT is going tro happen people, just wait and see, we want our country BACK.

  19. Let’s just hope they don’t use electronic voting. If they do we already know the result.

    1. Heh, I foresee a ‘close call’ vote for ‘remain’ as in most of the other so called referendums.
      Either that or they will simply say oops sorry, we can’t/won’t like they have in the past.

  20. At least Britain didn’t go Euro currency. That would have made any type of exit next to impossible. Thankfully the people in positions of power I know in England are all for getting the fuck out of the EU. I was talking to one person a couple weeks ago who illuminated this issue for me. He said “Do you want two bosses deciding what you can do and how? They can agree on you (business owner) getting fucked and that’s about it. Then they blame each other while running a train on your bottom line.” What will be interesting is to see what happens to the only real economic engine left in the EU if Britain leaves. What Germany does post Brexit will be something to watch carefully. The facade of the EU being a positive for their interests will be dealt a death blow in German society. Not sure how it will play out but it will sure shake things up in Europe.

    1. “No man can serve two masters”. Or as I prefer to put it.. It’s like being married to two women 😉

    2. “Do you want two bosses deciding what you can do and how? They can agree on you (business owner) getting fucked and that’s about it. Then they blame each other while running a train on your bottom line.”
      Excellent analogy. Bottom line of business is profit (in this case for the elitists) and not the wages of the employee (the lower and middle classes).

  21. Trump said that no country has ever prospered that has put the economic interests of another country ahead of its own. And the UK desperately needs to but it’s interests first.
    Personally I’m skeptical the No vote will win given that they recently fell over themselves to vote in a muslim mayor for London.

  22. Britain needs to do two things.
    First, she needs to tell the Germans and their Turkish bulls where they can go with their Union.
    Second, she needs to join forces with Russia and make sure that’s exactly where the Krauts go—as they should have done in 1945.
    The Slavic peoples of central and eastern Europe were lorded over by Germans for centuries. Only with the aid of Russian tanks did it become an option to return the Krauts to sender with nothing but the clothes on their backs and expect them to be grateful they didn’t wind up in the mass grave they’d dug for the Slavs.

    1. Poor Poland…they actually elected a real traditional PIS party in and now the EU is pissing all over it. As if ousting communists from power was “un-democratic”. What horseshit!

  23. It’s simple. National sovereignty. Screw national policies being determined by globalist overlords.

  24. But seriously, I got a firsthand demonstration of the rotten borough that is the EU when doing a European bus tour a few years back. The tour guide pointed out the bus’s on-board toilet.. but told us to please not use it, unless it’s an absolute emergency. The reason? Thanks to new laws at the time, there were now only half-dozen places in all of the EU where the bus driver could legally discharge the effluent. And if he emptied at a non-licensed waste facility, he could face a fine of €10.000’s. Not that it was a problem since we has plenty of rest stops.. but we all thought it was fucking ridiculous in the extreme. So that’s what they do in Brussels all day.. decide that buses can’t dump waste at most facilities anymore, and fine drivers a year’s salary.
    That, and also what the sonsofbitches did to the Croatian housing market when they made the unhappy decision to join the EU. Especially around the lucrative Dalmatian coast. Now most people in Croatia are guests in their own country. Seriously, fuck the EU for that. And I’m not even Croatian.
    People of Britain.. get the hell out. Now. We’re all behind you.

  25. When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    Come on UK… you’ve heard these words before… they apply to everyone, including you.
    The idea that the UK of all countries should be expected to submit to some unelected foreign overlords is disgusting and evil. BREXIT AWAY!

  26. Does anyone think that having to possess and show government papers is consistent with a free society? At its heart, having to possess a passport is the first line of government control of you. So while the EU is an affront to liberty so are border controls.
    You have to ask yourself, why do we have border controls? Is it to stop terrorists? Or is it to rob you of things you bought in other countries? Think about it.

    1. Strong national borders are the LEAST affront to liberty possible with government. They only effect people outside (not citizens so fuck em) and those who choose to cross them. I’ll take closed over open any day.

      1. Yes just like that paragon of liberty, North Korea. Closed borders mean that not only can nobody enter, nobody can leave either. This means that your wonderful libertarian government can do whatever it likes to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

  27. Given the effects Obama’s little chat had on opinions, I guess David Cameron did Trump a real favour when he said Trump was “Stupid and Wrong”. If Trump gets elected, you Colonials will owe us for that!
    If the bookies were offering to take such bets, I’d lay money on the following happening:
    1. UK votes to leave the EU but by a slim majority (52% Leave, 48% Remain, +/- a few %).
    2. UK is told “Wrong answer!” and another referendum is held – just like how it happened in ROI.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the result comes back in favour of remain.

    1. 2. UK is told “Wrong answer!” and another referendum is held – just like how it happened in ROI.
      Indeed. Just like Ireland said NO then another referendum was held and then they said Yes
      then look at what happened demographically to Ireland and look at how much they said Yes to same sex marriage
      In any event the English in particular had their chance to be put on the Nationalist self governing path. But they seem to prefer to flee….(aka White Flight)

      1. When would you say we had our “Chance to be put on the Nationalist self-governing path”? Back in ’75? Because I hadn’t even been born then, much less reached voting age. Or were you thinking of some other event?

  28. It is time for Britain to show our leadership on the world stage once again, by leading the way out of the EU.

  29. Vote remain you Brits in here, otherwise you might, as mr. Cameron said; end up as Norway.

  30. Let me chip in with my recent painfully gained experience from the greek referendum of summer 2015: THEY ARE NEVER LETTING YOU GO, NEVER. No matter the turn up, no matter how much you grassroot oraganize, no matter the vote difference favouring brexit, no matter what… Cameron’s government will “discover” some last minute legal voodoo and kick you back in Brussels’ smothering embrace… We were actually advocating for unbarred bankruptcy and exit from EU with our NO vote and still the result was simply brushed aside!

  31. The EU has been a disaster for Britain…what the British need to do is double down on the Commonwealth.

  32. Greenland is a country of 56,000 people with an economy dominated (90%) by a single industry, fishing.
    Britain is neither of those things.

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