Why I Don’t Believe In Chinese Greatness

One of the biggest stories of recent days was the crash of the Chinese stock market. It drew headlines around the world, but not in China. The state-run media made sure that the news was safely hidden from view. As journalist Frank Langfitt noted in an interview on August 29:

Well, it was interesting, because, initially – in the first couple of days – there was hardly any coverage at all. Take the People’s Daily – that’s the Communist Party mouthpiece – on Tuesday, when it came out – and keep in mind, on Monday, the stock had dropped over 8 percent – the stock market – and it was the worst since the global financial crisis. But if you looked at the front page of the People’s Daily, it didn’t have anything. There was a headline about a government development project in Tibet and a feature on how beautiful Haikou, this city in Hainan – China’s Hawaii – is. When you turn to CCTV – that’s China Central Television – their lead story was a press conference on plans for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. So it was as though it actually didn’t happen.

Those who were prepared to believe that China was poised to take over the world got a lesson in reality this past week. But I wasn’t surprised. I never trusted anything the Chinese government or corporations said about anything. There’s just no transparency there; you can’t trust the numbers. The culture of scamming, lying, and greed is so deeply embedded that it will never be shaken.


A country can never achieve greatness when its citizens refuse to respect the rule of law, refuse to follow the rules of civilized behavior, and refuse to put the common good ahead of their own petty greed.

I’m not impressed with China. From what I’ve seen, there’s no social glue holding the fabric of the society together. At the end of the day, there is an absolutist authoritarian system running the show that is deeply and irredeemably corrupt. There are schemes on top of schemes, and scams on top of scams, and you’re never going to be able to trust the numbers that they feed you.

I agree with Donald Trump on his point. Regarding China, he has said, “They’re killing us on trade. They’re laughing at us. They have geniuses negotiating for them, and we have idiots.” He notes—correctly—that China has destroyed US industry with the active collusion of the business class here in America. In other words, the rich in America sold out their own country’s economy, and dismantled its manufacturing base, to make an easy buck with China.

To anyone with a sense of national pride, this is intolerable.

I see the same thing in Brazil, a country I visit often and means a great deal to me. In one recent trip, I was on a date with a girl who had tried to set up a clothing store in her city. But she just couldn’t compete with the Chinese product dumping. The Chinese use networks of immigrants (many illegal) to import huge shipping containers full of junk, and sell it at rock-bottom prices to destroy their competition.

The Brazilian government could care less, as long as customs officials get their payoff. Meanwhile the girl I knew lost all her savings trying to keep her business afloat.

More scamming

It’s the same story all around the world. One of the more incredible examples is China’s canal project in Nicaragua. A Chinese company (Hong Kong Nicaragua Development Group) is currently preparing to dig a canal through Nicaragua, in order to short-circuit the American monopoly on the Panama canal. The scale of the project is staggering. It will be three times as long and twice as deep as the Panama canal, and will require the removal of over 4.5 billion cubic meters of earth.


It goes without saying that the environmental consequences will be disastrous. HKND plans to begin near the mouth of the Punta Gorda River, and then cut a channel along 55 miles of the river. It will create, in the process, a 153 square mile reservoir. It will then go another 23 miles into Lake Nicaragua, and from there another 20 miles to the Pacific.

The whole project reeks of corruption and insider dealing. Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s leftist Sandinista leader, heads the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Ortega’s chief liaison with HKND is his own son, Laureano Ortega Murillo, who conducted secret meetings with the company in 2012 and earlier.

There was no bidding process. The CEO of HKND, a telecom billionaire named Wang Jing, has zero experience in engineering projects. And this canal is set to be one of the biggest in history. Wang claims to have no ties with the Chinese government, but I don’t believe that for a second.

At Ortega’s instigation, the Nicaraguan National Assembly “approved” the creation of a Nicaraguan Canal Authority, giving HKND exclusive control over the canal zone. But the concession gives Wang much more. He has rights to build nearly anything that is related to the canal: airports, free-trade zones, highways, railways, oil pipelines, and anything else.

The concession is a major blow to the country’s sovereignty. Nicaraguan law will not apply in the canal zone, HKND will handle its own security, possibly in partnership with the Russians. The Nicaraguan government is trying to sell the whole project to the world by proclaiming how many “jobs” it will create, but the numbers are plucked from the sky.

Ortega, essentially, has sold out his country’s economic future to the Chinese. Sound familiar? I’m sure the payoff was substantial.

What’s even more absurd about all this is that there is no need for another canal in the region. The Panama Canal is almost finished with a major renovation; it can handle all shipping needs in the region for the foreseeable future.

But this hardly matters, since the Chinese canal project was never about rationality, it was about control. It was about gaining a commercial toehold in the Americas as a platform for commercial plunder and exploitation. The same game it is playing in Africa. And local leaders have just handed them the keys to the kingdom.

Not to be trusted


I know there will be readers who dismiss this article as an anti-China diatribe. So be it. But I don’t trust the Chinese government, its business elites, or its corporations. I see them as an army of scammers and plunderers swarming around the world, who profit from the stupidity and venality of the local elites. If anything, this is a diatribe against our own leaders here in the Americas.

Our own leaders have sold us out, in this as in so many other things. They do nothing while our industry gets outsourced, dismantled, or bought out. I blame our leaders, I blame Latin American leaders, and I blame Brazilian leaders for selling their people out to Chinese money. They took the easy road, they took the quick payoff, and that was all they cared about.

This is not the stuff that great nations are made of. There’s nothing wrong with commerce, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking profits. That’s what industry was built on. But China takes things to an extreme. In China, money is God. To me, its people have embraced greed and mendacity in business dealings to a terrible extent, to the detriment of everything else.

And this is why China, for all of its supposed economic “prowess,”  will never be a truly great global power. Man needs a spiritual center, a moral structure born of civilized values, to sustain him. Without this, he is nothing but an avaricious barbarian. Western values are superior to Chinese values, if only we can regain our confidence and sense of mission.

The Chinese government and business leaders have sold their souls to the idolatry of cash. And this is why their cities are drowning in pollution and poisonous gases, why their government and leaders are corrupt, and why money is worshipped as a god. Until this changes, we should be very, very alert in our dealings with them.

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319 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Believe In Chinese Greatness”

  1. Makes you wonder when China will reach the boiling point when it no longer can sustain itself. They’re in a precarious position where we support them by buying up tons of cheaply made products. If that dynamic were to change, they might very well collapse, or at the very least, drop from being a superpower contender.

    1. That dynamic did change. Why do you think their stock bubble burst? Because the U.S. is not buying that much shit from them. Reason is we’re broke too, but what’s to note here China is very dependent of us buying their crap..

  2. Offshoring is only one of the scams being inflicted on Western citizens by their oligarch rulers.
    How can China be to blame for the wholesale looting of the American peoples’ wealth by gangsters on Wall Street? Is China running the Federal reserve fiat money scam? The markets in Wall Street, London, Frankfurt etc are completely rigged – again is China responsible? What about the credit crunch bailouts where they stole trillions of dollars from Western taxpayers with their “too big to fail”bailouts? China again? How about the complete and total corruption of political powers so that the U.S. now is effectively a corporate oligarchy? China I suppose? I could go on.
    At least the author acknowledges that offshoring of US and other Western jobs has been planned and orchestrated by Western elites for their own personal enrichment. They really don’t give a damn about the consequences.
    Divide and conquer at home and blaming China abroad; that’s an effective MO for their Western economic elites.

    1. So true. This ‘blame China’ crap is ridiculous.
      Everything is this article mentions that same things that the Feds do.
      Big totalitarian government is big totalitarian government regardless of location.

        1. “Bullshit. The Chinese are in a whole class by themselves when it comes to greed and exploitation.”
          He’s right, the Fed and fiat money are behind World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, fascism and communism, the modern welfare state, the hollowing out of the West, everything.
          The private Fed and the occult elite that own it are the root, China is just a branch. Strike the root.

        2. The Illuminati occult elite globalist meme is a few years in the rear view mirror, except at DisinfoWars.

  3. I have been living in China for 11 years, dated innumerable Chinese girls, travelled to many parts, and read many books on China.
    This article has some excellent points. I don’t know what its like to deal with China around the world, in corporate projects, or trade, but I know one thing.
    China had a deep, respectful, sophisticated culture that honoured community, learning and care for others.
    Mao Zedong systematically destroyed this culture in 1 generation. He turned the Chinese nation into a place that personifies the philosophy that money is the only goal worth chasing. And other lives, whether they be human or animals, are expendable items to be used solely for material gain.
    I really do like Americans very much, but detest the way that America conducts itself in the international community.
    But god help us all if China were to ever supplant the USA as the dominant superpower.

    1. Yes, that would be terrible if China set up military bases all around the world and bombed countries that did not accept dollars for oil and started ‘revolutions’ in other countries and had politicians killed in other countries and carpet bombed civilians and inflated the money supply to keep the control of wealth in the hands of the oligarchy…
      Mao was funded by the oligarchy.

      1. Or China or USA, or you or other. You’re a moralistic beta pussy who won’t meet the victory never. Win implies loser.

      2. But they are certainly trying to get a foothold in Asia. Which I can understand, since they are smart enough to know the USA will try to bring as much chaos to the region as they can…..

    2. The utter irony of it all, considering that Mao Zedong was the communist leader that defeated the Chinese nationalists of Chiang Kai Shek. So much for the great communist values…

      1. Yup. Mao’s work got half done. He managed to destroy much of the traditional Chinese culture in the Cultural Revolution, but didn’t quite manage to replace it with his new ideal culture.

        1. True that. Which would be the ultimate case of US foreign policy conducted without proper regard for possible long-term consequences. Nixon going to China is what enabled China to become the manufacturing outsourcing central of the world, enabling it to rise to challenge American power. But, I suppose it looked like a good Cold War move at the time…

      2. Mao saying that he believed in Communism (ie, common ownership of the means and benefits of production), is like your average SJW saying they believe in free speech.

        1. Actually, China’s move from pure state ownership of the means of production to its current mixed-economy model only happened after Mao’s death, mainly under Deng Xiaoping.

        2. Yep. Deng is the one who opened up the economy. But Mao was the one who destroyed the culture.

        3. it doesn’t make sense to blame that destruction on mousy. he is a very normal figure in mainland chinese history. he did nothing out of the ordinary. “farmer revolution” (農民起義) is how all the “dynasties” appeared in mainland china. a “dynasty” is dictator rule over lines and points by a gang of thieves. all “dynasties” were “occupations” except for the han, which lasted around 200 years. “culture destruction” is the norm in mainland china. only taiwanese (han nationalists) and japanese have succeeded in culling wisdom and worthwhile culture from the mainland and preserving it.

    3. The sad thing is that the left is killing culture in the West too. They’ve taken away our religion, they’ve taken away our culture and traditions and the only thing left is the worship of money and inane status whoring, which is why so much is so crass and ugly.

      1. It’s not just the left, though. Even your most conservative politicians have bent U.S. policy to favor international (money) interests over their own people.
        Decade after decade, it’s been nothing but an appearance of democracy while the one big party (all of them) have been changing policies to benefit their lifestyle (wallets) – in the long run.
        NAFTA (a disaster) was engineer by both parties. Now, TPP (another disaster waiting) will be, again, engineer by both parties.
        I don’t like the left but the right has done it’s fair share to “erode” the culture in the West (at least the U.S.) as well. They sold out their culture (morals, principles) a long time ago.

        1. “Even your most conservative politicians have bent U.S. policy to favor international (money) interests over their own people.”
          They are called “RINO’s”.
          AKA: Diet Progressives

        2. > Its not just the left
          True. It is the originators and the ongoing motive force behind the “Left”.
          The Secret Behind Communism

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        4. NAFTA was a benefit for the few and other countries. It was a failure for the rest of Americans who lost jobs and a trade deficit that is ridiculous. You look at the U.S. trade deficit compared to any other country and it’s just as ridiculous as our current national debt.
          People made out on that deal but it wasn’t the majority of Americans.
          The latest “trade deal” – TPP – is all about protectionism (if you want to get technical).

        5. Sure some Americans lost jobs, but overall, more jobs were created, so yes Americans did do well with that deal. It is protectionism that overall destroys jobs. And a trade deficit is not a bad thing. That is just a term. People see the word “deficit” and think it’s bad because a budget deficit is a bad thing, but it’s nothing of the sort. It’s like a “strong” dollar versus a “weak” dollar.
          To give you a comparison, the U.S. ran a trade surplus during some of the years of the Great Depression (and for the years not, a very very small trade deficit).
          Much of our trade deficit in recent years has been due to our oil imports, and most of those come from Canada and Mexico, not the Middle East.

        6. I disagree on point one: more manufacturing jobs (better paying jobs) left the country and we were left with service jobs (lower paying jobs). Your point on protectionism is exactly what the TPP deal is all about (but it’s being hidden in a deal that looks like a trade deal).
          No deal is a good deal (for this country) when you don’t have a debate on it (and it’s done in secret, closed door meetings with only corporations attending, with their paid for politicians). Again, some few are making out but it’s not the American people.
          We haven’t lived in a free market for some time. Our free market has been manipulated so many times that you can no longer call it a free market. The last breakdown (and bailouts) in 2008 was a good example of it.

        7. Actually, NAFTA was intended to facilitate trade for select interests. It has nothing to do with free trade.

      2. One thing I do like about China, is they don’t have much tolerance for SJW’s. Which is a very logical consequence of a very selfish culture.
        For example. In Australia, a bunch of Muslims get together, and want to build a mosque, an Islamic education centre, and a couple of 1000W speakers so the whole neighbourhood can hear them howling at the moon 5 times a day.
        And, of course, the Australian govt bends over backwards to allow it, cheered on by all the SJW’s.
        China, on the other hand, would simply tell them to go fuck themselves.
        Many western countries (Australia, Sweden, Canada), are allowing minorities and leftists to destroy their cultures. This is not too different to Mao after the long march, and the cultural revolution.
        Mao did it by demonizing academics, artists, and anyone else who stood up for the traditional culture of the time.
        The west is allowing leftists to do the same, by demonizing masculinity, religion, stable gender roles, and anything else that does not conform to their ideology.

        1. Uh, dude, Islam is one of the state-recognized religions of China. Religions that aren’t only permitted, but actively state-supported, as long as the commissars get to keep an eye on things to make sure the congregations don’t agitate against the state.

        2. Not so fast, there are many Muslim projects that are strongly opposed and are not yet allowed to go underway in Australia. My mums work represent various parties in the legal aspect of these projects, some for the Muslims and some for the councils. There is a LOT of opposition still to mosques happening, you just generally don’t hear about it.

        3. “not yet allowed”… yes, indeed.
          I’m sure there is a lot of opposition to the building of Islamic centres. But one of my points was that Islam in Australia runs a similar scam to the feminists… painting themselves as perpetual victims, and constructing a permanent state of offence.
          From that point on, all criticism will be seen as racism, sexism or Islamophobia.
          Feminists, like Islam, does not tolerate criticism.

        4. I suppose it’s nice when whatever the actual facts are, you can find an interpretation that makes them consistent with your preconceived ideas.

    4. It will happen whites are gone is the time to China superior minds and soul. They have 7 IQ more than whites, you whites are like monkeys to chinese people

      1. You shouldn’t count on that too much. I doubt they headed to rural China and the rice paddies of VietNam to get those ol’ IQ numbers. Same for the Jewish people, my guess is that they hit the educated and kind of glossed over the rest.

        1. People forget that outside Beijing, Shanghai, and other major large cities is a very rural environment. Not dissimilar to the old school peasantry lifestyle.

      2. And you blacks are like monkeys to us white people.
        Life must really suck when you realize that every human race on this planet is superior to your species.

        1. That’s why you people come white countries: you prefer to beg whites for food instead of keeping whatever wisdom you allegedly had.

        2. @Dutch_pride
          At risk of incurring the ire of the Mods:
          My intention yesterday was to shut down the guy for his very off comment on what is pretty much a non-issue. Personally I think that, if anyone would ever decide to exterminate the blacks, it would be the chinese, and they would do it without animosity but for reasons for which we whites constantly have to hear recriminations of scant factual base.
          I haven’t met Australian aboriginals. I only have experience with africans, specifically those who come to the EU to cling to the oversized teats of the social systems of these countries. As a group they are a net burden to our countries and they have demonstrated for anybody to see that they are pretty much useless for anything besides eating, shitting and fucking.
          That they are “technically” conspecific to us, I doubt even that much. I’d say PC dictates that “we are all human”. After all, who could deny that wolves or foxes are just dogs who look a bit different? Proof: wolves and dogs procreate (and make some very unstable and dangerous creatures in doing so).
          Jack Donovan says in his book that homosexuals are despised by most straight men because they display behavioral traits which are very inappropriate for men. In the same vein, blacks at the very least display behavioral and bodily traits which are inappropriate for humans, IMO. There are IMO too few blacks who are OK to be able to generalize that to them all.
          Changing theme to the article: I read some years ago a comment by a Chinese General who said as much as that “if the Western elites view 85% of their people as useless eaters, why shouldn’t we (the chinese) not use such thoughts too?”. I would have to find the webpage to be able to post a link.

        3. I’m against any banning, sincerely.. specially in that case. I would have banned the tiny-eyed monkey who said whites are monkeys, instead.

        4. I know few intelligent black people. Maybe it’s just me but I think most of them are mediocre. They are certainly not the doctors to be, like those socialist say when they clap their hands when another shipment of “refugees” comes in. I doubt the Chinese care about Africans. They just use the continent for the raw materials and give the Africans the modern equivalent of beads and mirrors: cheap weapons they can kill each other with.
          I wish black people all the good luck, but I would like to see the doing that in Africa: their continent. To make it fair, the white South Africans should leave Africa and immigrate to Europe a.s.a.p. And then we can kick out the Muslims and Africans in our turn. New Zealand. That belongs to the Maori’s. Every people on it’s own piece of land would be the best for all.
          What about the US you say. It was stolen from the natives. I’m sorry to say, but Caucasians should leave. It’s a utopia, but It would only be fair.

        5. Then one must explain the tremendous achievements and inventions by, almost exclusively, whites. While Asians have not really contributed that much to the world.
          Standardized testing does not tell the whole story about who is truly the most intelligent. Historical and current achievements do.

        6. Once the “Caucasians” leave, it would be quite funny to see the original “natives” trying to maintain the civilization and technology that whites created in the USA.

        7. We are talking about 3-5 points on average between the smartest Asians and smartest Europeans, not significant. It’s not like the 30 point gap with Africa. Again, the answer lies in the shape of the bell curve. Chinese average IQ is 100, so in reality they have nothing on anyone, except numbers. When you have 1.6 billion people you can field a lot of smarter people because of your sheer numbers…..at least theoretically. But, as the author has said, they have not shown the world much.

        8. Patches of dirt only belong to those peoples strong enough to hold it. No race or nation has some heriditory claim to any turf. Might makes right.

        9. The Asians invented ice cream, gunpowder, mirrors, toilet paper, flamethrowers, canal locks, and much more.

        10. True. Not all Asians are the same. I guess they must have taken the Japanese and Koreans as a sample. From what I heard a lot of Chinese are not that intelligent, let alone those Bangladeshi folks.

        11. Ice cream? Toilet paper? Mirrors? Are you effing kidding me? You are really going to compare those to steam locomotives, automobiles, radio, computers, putting a man on the moon, the rule of law, classical music and symphony orchestras, xray and mri machines, and infinite technological and artistic creations of whites?

        12. Nonsense. The natives nearly all died of disease before Plymouth colony. Before that they were mostly killing as many of the other tribes as they could, or torturing them to death at great length.
          Louis Wetzel, a.k.a Deathwind (model for Natty Bumpo in the Leatherstocking Tales) was a hero who fought a war against the Indians single-handed, ambushing hunting and raiding parties of men with only a single-shot rifle, knife and tomohawk, yet always winning. He had been wounded in the chest as a boy of thirteen when Indians attacked as he walked out his front door, kidnapped him and his younger brother and marched them for three days. He escaped with his brother, snuck back and stole the Indians’ moccasins (their own shoes having been taken to keep them from running), then snuck back again and stole back his father’s rifle and powder horn. Three close calls, a few days and a bit of raft-building later, he ran into neighbors that got him home. That was only the first of many adventures.

        13. Your name here should be “lol.” You are engaging in revisionist history and desperately wanting to believe that your failed people were once great.
          Just compare the prosperity, technology, and quality of life in white America, Canada, or Europe with Mexico and Central America, and I think we can see who IS superior.
          And it ain’t you little brown, uneducated peons.

      3. One need only observe a traffic intersection in China for about two minutes to realize that the Asian IQ canard is hilariously inaccurate.

      4. For such a genius you can’t write a coherent sentence, my small weak son of Han.

      5. What’s the point of IQ and literacy if you’re told what to do and what to read?

        1. And in North Korea’s case, WHERE to go, how to worship the leader, how to honor the Party, monopoly of the official press, etc

      6. IQ measures you’re ability to focus and separate small from big details. Stop using that on a basis of critical thinking

        1. this is obvious too. Your IQ is NOT a comprehensive measurement of what your mind can understand. It measures only a part of the mind’s capabilities (the computational, logical part). That’s why Xi JinPing’s subjects may (or may not: we can’t know truth) have a high IQ, but they have had no art, literature, philosophy worth mentioning, and they are decades or centuries backward compared to the West and Japan/Korea.

        2. Yes people who are short/far sighted have high IQ’s. So do Autistic people and people who have OCD.

      7. Everyone is racist towards someone else. That is just a product of evolution, gentrification, and race baiting by politicians.

      8. Are you linking IQ to “races” or “countries”? You know any sociology/scientific research has denied it in last 50 years?
        You look like a monkey here, and monkeys are deeply envious beasts.
        “China” is developing 200 years after the West. And 60-70 years after Japan. I’m afraid if we accepted the racist, nazist idea IQ be related with nations/countries, the first thing we’d say is the Chinese have a lower IQ than Koreans and Japanese, as well as Europe/USA people. Or why else that huge delay and lack of civilization?
        Don’t you expect Xi JinPing to tell you this, though. Lol.
        (by the way: are you so frustrated because the Chinese are the ugliest people in the world? They can date only with other Chinese, they look ugly to any other people in the world, and we all know this.)
        They may be great as human computers, machines, nothing else: you should not have mentioned “soul”. Chinese artistical, philosophical, social, political, literary production has been nothing compared to Japan/Korea’s, and nothing compared to the white West’s. And this is, because they are as blind-minded as machines, that their dictators have such an easy time lording over them, unlike what happens in all the smartest, most advanced countries in the world.

        1. Most American black women are incredibly ugly… inside and out. If I was really desperate, I would take a slim Somali or Ethiopian woman any day over an American black “woman.”

        2. The most striking is that they straighten their hair with all kinds of chemicals and heat processes. All to look have Caucasian hair styles. It’s really laughable considering that their men can’t even touch black women’s hair. Probably because it’s all fake with all the weaves. I think frizzy hair is ugly, but if they just kept it the way nature intended it to be I would respect them for that much more than I do know.

        3. I don’t know why she wears that shirt. She probably doesn’t even understand what it stands for. It was just free clothing given to her.
          Watch this video. Aboriginals are actually mentally retarded by our standards. Yes right, it must be said. They are nothing but heaps op useless biomass. IQ’s of 64 points. I watched the video, and it happens to be that there is an ultimate low IQ peoples. The Kalahari bushman with an IQ of 60.

        4. silky straight hair is a australoid-mongoloid trait,most whites /caucasoids have curly to wavy frizzy hair .

      9. I have been less than impressed with what I see of most Chinese that come here to America (since they’re supposedly so smart, can’t they do ANYTHING other than run Chinese restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.?). White engineers here tell me that Chinese engineers aren’t nearly as smart or creative as they are claimed to be.
        And various people I know that have been to China for business…. from field service technicians on complex equipment to salespeople, say they are surprised to find how dumb many “educated” Chinese are. And outside of the big cities, it’s even worse.
        Now, STFU and go away, you slant-eyed, slope-headed, rice-propelled, little yellow bitch boy

        1. I thinks that’s Communism’s fault, not the fault of genetics. China uses Common Core “education”.

        2. Chinese education is based on rote learning as opposed to applying knowledge in the real world like Western countries. This means that a lot of Chinese do really well on tests in school but perform below expectations later. This is partly why many Chinese go to study abroad, their parents think it will help them in the future. Also unless you are at the top Chinese schools for the best performing students the actual education you get sucks.

        3. Chinese education is not a supernatural force that causes Chinese to lose their ability for creative thinking.
          In Sports, Chinese like table tennis, badminton, diving, swimming, weight lifting….basically all individual sports. They suck at team sports where you need to cooperate for the common good. This is genetic.
          When it comes to learning, they excel at learning stuff off by heart. Can’t cooperate to implement the knowledge.

      10. Calm down. Your action is a perfect example of this Godless modern western civilization byproduct. I believe one important factor that changed you is ‘Globalization’. I’ll leave you alone for you to ponder over this. Sigh, another “I’m superior than you”, ” We’re superior than them”, “I’m God”, “We’re God” utter bs.
        I just want to lay down on a greenfield under a tree and stare at blue sky, fall asleep and continue my adventure traveling to galaxies and other non-material dimensions.

      11. Except the statistics don’t favor you. One person with a 150+ IQ does more than a hundred people with IQ=110.

    5. All that the Chinese did was learn how to “play the game” from some western successful nations for a long period of time, then used it to their advantage. And as a nation, they have nailed it to the extent that they mimic some western dark traits as well.
      The average western man will not beat the average Chinese at poker. They have the face for it. Same for chess – they have the brains and organization for it. Financial markets? You get the idea. I think only their greed can be their undoing.

      1. “The average western man will not beat the average Chinese at poker.”
        I can tell by reading that statement that you’ve never played poker with the Chinese.
        Also, “Superior IQ Asian” canard is due to their consistency, not real intelligence. They all have the same brains and they all have 108 IQ’s. Their brains are identical down to the most idiosyncratic and tiny details. If you’ve ever lived in Asia then you should know what I mean.

        1. True, their IQ’s are tightly clustered around the mean. European IQ’s are shifted towards the higher end of the range. Europeans produce geniuses at a higher rate than any other race, even more so than the loving violin players from the Warsaw ghetto.
          The Chinese lack any dynamic or innovation in their thought process. They are an ant hill colony that has a collective insect mind that does not stray to far from the king bug. The extra 4 or 5 IQ points they have over nations like Germany on average must come from their never ending quest to find something to eat. When you live in an insect colony anything is on the menu. Poor kitty cats.

        2. Asians seem to be feminine shifted, I suspect because being under a well developed ordered culture for extended times punishes aggressiveness. If you look at Africans they seem to be Masculine shifted, with large amounts of war, and the opportunities for masculine men to succeed and pass on their genes..

        3. may I know where you have got that info on IQ? it’s so strictly censored by mainstream information sources that anything even slightly true about IQ differences comes as unheard-of.

        4. Firstly, I was mistaken. Chinese average IQ is 100. The Koreans have a 105 and the Japanese 105. Germany and the Germanic nations are all 101-102 as well as Italy 102. The key is in the distribution of the bell curve. This information is in IQ and The Wealth Of Nations by Richard Lynn. America is 98, but as we all know America is not a nation.

      2. Honesty is the most important thing. Look at the developed economies and you will see that trait. Being good at theft means everyone has to buy locks and watch their backs.

      3. China’s strenght has nothing to do with their IQ — their mind is inferior to the Westerner’s and the Japanese’s — as entire history proves. We are in a historical period where democracy is getting contradictory, nearing a point of non-return decline. They are a dictatorship.
        In our age, an healthy dictatorship works better than a decaying democracy. That explains trends we see, and foretells the near future (they’ll continue to rise, as an empire, we’ll continue to fall and rot).

    6. What the hell? If that were the case they wouldn’t have such a big Government and poor financial management

    7. My 6 months in China doesn’t even come close to 11 years, but in my experience the Chinese people were decent folk.
      They were kind, warm, sociable, and the moment they found out I was American they showered me with free booze in the club.
      But what I found interesting was how far removed everyday folk were from the politics. They have almost no choice when it comes to local politics even.
      Now that I think back, I should have gotten with the “in” crowd at Tsinghua to shed some light on The political scene.

    8. Oh, another pseudo expert
      Mao zedong is the the one that turned China into a money worshiping country and not America and its BS capitialism
      under Mao Zedong and his communist regime China was against the pursuit of capitalism, it was only under Deng Xiaoping that China changed its policies

      1. Valid points, but you can’t deny that Mao systematically destroyed much of the culture that China developed over several thousand years.
        And this was his intention. To denigrate learning, respect for others, and the natural environment.

    9. The way things have changed in China and the U.S. is something to think about – the comparison. Our media (U.S.) has it’s own ‘dog and pony’ show just like the state run media in China while the U.S. has turned more (and more) into a socialist (borderline communist) state – an example being spying on it’s own citizens for the ‘safety and security of its people’ (sound familiar?).
      I see the two countries becoming more alike versus different. Many things that our media and government do, today, are things that we used to rail against. It’s sad but the two things they have in common: corrupt politicians and large corporations controlling everything.
      Forget nationalism, money and greed seem to rule the world.

      1. I would have to agree. Australia is certainly becoming more of a police state, following the USA and China down the road towards being like North Korea, or the USSR.

    10. I visited Beijing for just one day once, and came away with a similar conclusion. It broke my heart. I could see evidence of an ancient, refined, sophisticated culture in the past. Now utterly destroyed and replaced with a moral vacuum.

      1. I think that what the Chinese are doing is knowingly and willingly ‘enslaving’ themselves to the mighty euro or the mighty dollar for a quick solution to their immediate problems and the desire of the ruling class to hold onto anything that would further legitimize the regime- economic growth, rural development, boisterous defense capabilities, accommodating millions of people onto the labor market, etc.
        They’re doing it very fast-paced and ‘half-assed’ to solve some pressing, immediate problems, but in time they’ll continue to grow, and implement standards and norms for sustainable growth. There’s no reason China’s development should stagnate, they have all the necessary prerequisites. Even if they are the cheap labor force of the world- hey. it’s still something!

    11. It is ironic, but people believe it is capitalism that turns people into greedy, dog-eat-dog people. Yet, capitalism is the only economic system rooted on the idea that wealth is created and/or produced; every other economic system is rooted in scarcity etc. Why is it shocking then that in the cases of socialism and communism, the tendency is towards backstabbing, political corruption and rationing?

      1. People conflate capitalism with free market economy. Capitalism is about acquiring and hoarding capital. Free market economy is about having an economy that is as free of government intervention as is possible so that people can participate in the market. Or something to that effect. I’m not an economist, just a man who sees cause and effect and tries to gain an advantage. I know that I screw up ‘Capital’ and ‘capital’ so correct me if it makes you feel better. Cheers.

        1. Actually, you’ll find that Adam Smith’s Capitalism is more Free Market than what you’re saying, here. In fact, it was a response to England’s Mercantilism, which is China’s system.

        2. I forgot to add that many see Capitalism as a form of government instead of it being a result of government. Probably the only thing I needed to say to make my point in the first place. Cheers

      2. Just look at North and South Korea. The same Peninsula, same culture, same history……………BUT DIFFERENT SYSTEMS!!!
        I recommend the book Why Nations Fail.
        Excellent read.

    12. “[Mao Zedong] turned the Chinese nation into a place that personifies the philosophy that money is the only goal worth chasing.”
      Are you serious? Mao was a fierce anti-Capitalist. He despised everything related to money. He was even wary of urban industrial workers and specialists. He held that the peasantry was the true revolutionary class and his ideal of Communism was based on land and rural-oriented. He didn’t sacrifice lives for material gain: lives were lost because his crazy experiment of forcing outdated methods of production failed miserably, as expected. It was Den Xiaoping who introduced Capitalist-leaning reforms to China. Get your facts straight.

      1. Mao taught the whole country a mindset of utter selfishness that manifests itself in the culture today.
        It doesn’t matter what anti-capitalist philosophies he claimed to adopt. Mao was a power-hungry psychopath, and his path to power was to destroy all respect for culture, art, science, family-values and filial piety.
        In order to achieve his totalitarian personal cult, he had to destroy all of the above, in the minds of a whole generation. The cultural revolution was just one step in achieving this. Deng may have opened up the economy to a certain extent, but it was Mao who destroyed the culture that had existed for thousands of years. A culture that, from reading books at least, seems to have no resemblance to modern China.

    13. I believe Israel will replace USA as the dominant superpower. China’s already a dominant superpower on different axis.

      1. Pound for pound, Israel is far tougher than the USA. But its size is against it.
        My money is on Turkey in the middle east, and Japan in the pacific.

      2. You’re joking, right? Israel has, what… 5 million people. And they are only as powerful as they are (mainly militarily) due to American giving them absurd amounts of foreign aid, tons of giveaways or sales of military hardware, and them stealing US technical and government secrets.
        But dream on about Israel being a dominant superpower, yarmulke boy.
        Without the US, they will be nothing.

        1. No, I’m not joking. That is only my view though. The irony is you have helped me to defend my view on this. Heh. All your points with regard to USA giving and providing aids to Israel are the whole point of it. It is USA’s responsibility to nurture and grow the nation after the British gave birth to it. You have to look closely, don’t be fooled by her size. With the whole NATO armed forces under their command you might want to reconsider your claim.

    14. China has been ravaged over the last two centuries. Before World War 2, nearly a third of the southern country was addicted to opium smuggled in by Europeans. Of course people’s attitudes have soured.
      My grandfather was a man of letters, a landowner and a person of some political importance in his area. The communists came to kill him, but he was out of town and had to stay away from his village. My grandmother refused to give him up and they tortured her. With broken glass. When she was younger, she was dodging Japanese bullets or hiding from soldiers on the prowl for some rape. To this day, my grandparents are locked in a survivalist mindset with a simmering fight-or-flight response. Yeah, I would never eat a dog here, yeah, I find the prospect disgusting. But I’ve never been that close to starvation.
      I don’t hate white people for introducing opium or colonialism to China. It’s human nature to be greedy and destructive when it seems to serve their interests. The current state of China right now is living proof of that. Nor are Asians smarter than white people or vice versa because of some indeterminable genetic factors or culturally-biased IQ testing. China was no utopia before the Qing dynasty. We’re more creative and technologically accomplished than the stormfront crowd in the comments section is giving us credit for, but the decision to isolate the nation from trading was hubristic and nearly destroyed the country when people with guns showed up and we didn’t have any.
      Pretending that Chinese people are all the same is to reflect a misunderstanding of the fact that China was for a long time a diverse place with loosely defined borders. Yes, the way business is done over there makes most American corporations look like NGOs. But to explain this with divisive, chest-thumping racial pedantics, with no consideration of historical context strikes me as counterproductive. Does anyone feel like the objective of this place is to learn more about the world and discuss bettering ourselves as men, as a brotherhood? Or are we here to rip on people for the color of their skin?
      Let me close with this,
      My dad grew up fighting white kids on the block twice his size because they thought he didn’t belong there. He’s been shot at in drive-by’s, had his business broken into and had to chase the intruder out with a meat cleaver.
      Life wasn’t as rough for me but yeah, I’ve had to fight literally and figuratively for my right to be respected as a man because of my race. Competitive sports, quality lays, career (HR doesn’t give me any help because I’m not the right minority), you have to tear down prejudices first before you even get on the same footing. That’s not me having a victim complex or whining, because that attitude is useless, but ask any Asian man who keeps his head up and isn’t afraid of confrontation (yeah, there aren’t many).
      Punching out.

      1. I respect your point of view, and thank you for your reasoned and thoughtful post. Especially your statement – “Does anyone feel like the objective of this place is to learn more about the world and discuss bettering ourselves as men, as a brotherhood? “.
        I have heard similar stories from my friends here. Parents who swam to Hong Kong in the 60’s to escape the communists. Eating leaves and pig’s guts because there was nothing else to eat.
        I have been fortunate enough to experience life under both systems. I have chosen to live in China, despite my negativity towards aspects of its culture. I am also fortunate to make a good living… perhaps if that wasn’t the case, I would make a different choice.

      2. The ((((((Brits)))))) sold opium from India to the Chinese through Chinese middle-men because it was the only thing besides gold and silver that the Chinese would accept. After a while, these Chinese trading families started to plant poppies in China and undercut the ((((Brits)))) with cheepah pris. The Chinese love to explain how it was the Big Noses that got them addicted to Opium but they leave out the part whereby they took over the business and massively increased the number of addicts.
        Also, Europeans didn’t make Chinese men lie around all day smoking opium.

    15. mousy dung didn’t destroy much culture – there wasn’t much culture in mainland china to begin with. “revolution” is the norm in mainland china, where raiding thief gangs ruled for almost the entirety of history. a good reference is “the ways that are dark”

    16. I’ve been living in China for 3 out of the last 4 years, etc etc. I haven’t personally dealt with the government or big business but I have read about it.
      Chinese culture still has those deep roots but yes, the Commies really fucked things up. Communism did have a positive effect on women in that it blunted some of the more odious traditional notions about gender. Sons are still favoured over daughters but the gender imbalance caused by sex-selective abortions (especially in the wake of the One Child Policy) is still far less than in neighbouring India. Still, gender roles remain in tact, family is a big deal, the divorce rate outside of westernized conclaves like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and a few others creeps over 4%, and you don’t have Pride Parades clogging up the streets and such.
      Mao really messed up things with the Great Leap Forward and the agricultural reforms in the late 50’s and early 60’s that killed millions of people when a drought hit in about 1963. However, it wasn’t Mao but rather his successor Deng Xiaoping who really set the ground work for what you mention, after his “Southern Tour” when he is credited with coining the phrase “To get rich is glorious” (致富光荣),
      What remains of communism is an oligarchical and dictatorial political system with vast state ownership of major industries. However, the model is largely capitalist rather than socialist.
      I don’t deal with the elite, the party members, nor the peasants and farmers; the people I know are working or middle class. Most are apolitical and many are entrepreneurs with a small business on the side in addition to their day job. With a flat tax on personal income of 9.2% all in, you actually get to keep most of what you make. They don’t idolize the almighty dollar any more than Americans do but rather want a better life for their family, just like many Americans.
      The attitude that life is cheap is something that has been around for millennia. It has not gone off in weird directions as in the west where activists push for animal cruelty laws with punishments more severe than for infanticide.
      As for the leadership, they have a focus on national interests. They don’t suffer from gridlock or the constant panderings of the election cycle. If they want something done, they do it. (Canadian Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau gushed about the Chinese with the inference to be drawn that if he had that sort of power he could solve climate change and all sorts of other social and economic problems.) This is not to say they are looking out for the little guy but the country is growing stronger and most people are getting richer, although perhaps 2/3rds of the population still lives in third world conditions. However, the remainder who live in modern cities outnumber the entire Anglosphere.
      With about 4 times the population and more than 3 times the economic growth rate, China will eventually eclipse the USA. The military is currently undergoing a huge reorganization to downplay the army and emphasize the navy and air force so as to be able to project its power well beyond its border (now mimicking what the USA has been doing since WWII).
      It’s hard to say what form that will take. As more and more people acquire comfortable lifestyles that allow for more contemplation, there may be a WTF? moment of political awakening that can’t be put down the way Tiananmen square was.

    17. China may be incredibly corrupt and have a slowing economy due to the destruction of traditional cultural values under Mao, but they have a couple things the West doesn’t: common sense and strong but flexible national pride. This has led them to revive again and again from internal collapse and foreign invasion, and come out more powerful each time.
      While the West is becoming more agnostic, atheist, or even anti-religious as part of its generally anti-traditions, anti-culture trend, the Chinese are trying, as best as they can under the current political situation, to go in the opposite direction. They know they have lost a good deal of their heritage due to the lies of Marx and Engels, and they are trying to get it back somehow.
      The reason why China is so corrupt right now is because despite the Communist Party’s rule, society has been in a giant dog-eat-dog mess. But this has also severely victimized massive numbers of people, like the 300 million peasants-turned-factory slaves who often have to leave their children behind in the villages because of the hukou residential policy, the “middle class” people who have to pay bribes for a wide variety of basic services, and the entire population that has to breathe poisonous air.
      In China, people don’t generally protest for more freedom or for women’s rights, but because of concrete injustices done against them, usually by greedy local officials, or for religious persecution.
      While it is the communist dictatorship that has created this oppression, some of the worst-off are the communist officials themselves. They live in a world of constant and unremitting cutthroat struggle that makes the stress-filled life of the average Chinese look like a vacation. Everybody is corrupt because corruption is the only way you can make friends and influence people in the Party.
      Chinese people hate this system; they only go along with it because they have no choice. The affluent among them go to the United States and other foreign countries with clean air, cheap land, and no anti-corruption investigators from the Party leadership. Others, especially following the military defeat of democratic reform as a viable talking point in 1989, have increasing turned to what Marx once criticized as the “opium of the masses.”
      The people the Chinese government fears the most are religious dissidents because they can’t be bought or pacified like the democracy activists who usually fold at the sight of large skyscrapers and a decent bribe (the other option being tank treads and machinegun fire). A Chinese guy I knew in college told me that in China, the only people you can think of trusting are people who have a religion, because they are the only ones who might have some sense of morality.
      Statistics in the post-Mao era show that more and more Chinese are ditching atheism because the last 65 years show exactly how well that has worked out for them as individuals, as communities, as a polity, as a nation. The rising numbers of Chinese believers, including among the communist elite, and the CCP’s unapologetic repression of those faiths it cannot control–Tibetan Buddhism, independent churches (as opposed to state-run “Christianity”) , Falun Gong– shows the potency of faith independent from the control of politics.
      Contrary to Western hopes (and Chinese fears), Tibet isn’t leaving China anytime soon. Too many Chinese living there for it to go even if China becomes democratic. No, what the Tibetans by and large want is just to be able to practice and preserve their religion.
      Christians number in the tens of millions and their numbers are growing. While I don’t see Christianity playing a major role in the future China because of its association with foreigners and the West, as well as its monotheism, the sheer numbers are eye-opening.
      Once derided using every excuse and slur possible in the CCP’s state propaganda, Falun Gong, which was banned since 1999 (for being too big and too popular) and its adherents tortured, enslaved, and murdered via organ harvesting, barely receives any mention, even negative attention, in the Chinese news nowadays. It’s not that the Chinese government has killed them all off (they still agitate for the persecution against them to end and for Chinese people to renounce communism), rather, the CCP’s inability after 16 years to destroy a group of mostly female and largely elderly mediators has become embarrassing.
      Lately, the Falun Gong have been sending lawsuits en masse to the Chinese Supreme Court condemning Jiang Zemin, the leader who gave the order to ban their faith in the first place. Keep in mind that these are Chinese people essentially castigating their own former General Secretary. Surprisingly, a lot of these cases are actually received and accepted (though evidently not acted upon) by the authorities, whose police and agents increasingly turn a blind eye to Falun Gong activities, sometimes in broad daylight.
      Is the CCP getting tired of oppression? I think not, given the Party’s insistence on co-opting oppressed groups before it grants them amnesty. The Falun Gong, with their anti-communist rhetoric, have done anything but convert, the Christians still meet in secret, and the Tibetans continue to self-immolate and make a scene. And the Party’s own reinforcement of anti-religious policy, such as the strict ban on religious faith among its members, shows that they are at least sticking to appearances. In any case, the Party is retreating on the ideological front, whether because they have to or because they want to, and we are likely to see more of the same in the coming years.

  4. Having done business in China, I can assure you they do not think like Westerners. Every single deal of any significance involves kick backs. And, who you know is infinitely more important than what you can do. Even job applicants will interview by bringing a list of contacts they have access to, and avoid talking about their actual skill set.

  5. “Chinese greatness”? At first, I thought that it was a joke headline, but I’m glad to see that you were very sensible in your assessment.
    Actually, I called this years ago; for someone who only took a couple of sophomore-level econ classes in college (almost 30 years ago!), it seemed rather obvious to me. Here was my reasoning:
    1. They have too many people. You’d think, “hey, big market = big dollars,” but they’re trying to slice a smaller (and shrinking) pie than ours, and serving it to, what, five times as many people?
    2. They are inefficient due to cultural barriers. The famous Chinese corruption is largely due to cultural barriers (I’m not saying that they’re morally inferior, so any PC asshole can just put the victim card away) which prizes a local/provincial mentality over federal control.
    3. A finite amount of resources.
    4. A cultural inability to innovate (they can only copy), one that favors harmony and conformity over conflict, which stifles creativity.
    5. A currency pegged to fiat.
    6. A prosperity that was the gift of Western consumption; they are trying to shift this to Chinese-based consumption of a Western-style lifestyle, but they don’t have the resources and those that are are hoarded.
    I think China is probably eventually going to break up into several nations.

  6. It reminds me of fetish for all things Japanese that reigned in US business circles during the ’80s. Japan was going to take over the world, or so we were told. Nearly 40 years later, and Japan is still socially and economically wrecked from their addiction to easy credit money.
    The only thing that sets China apart in this respect is the massive population.

    1. But Japan have been a more impressive country, from its actual creativity to bigger influence in many things (cars, videogames, animation, etc) Japan actually influenced us more than China ever did with the Pokemon and Lexus mania.

      1. That may be, but in the ’80s coke-snorting businessmen weren’t talking about Japan’s cultural influence, but their economic influence. They were convinced that Japan would “inherit the earth” as the new superpower – just as many Western businessmen were saying of China, until recently.

        1. It’s still is in the same position remember stock market only represents 10% of the economy

    2. Japan has more influence on us Westerners and overall worldwide, but even regionally in Asia, South Koreans are considered more cool as well than the Chinese.

    3. If Japan was even half the size of China, it would be the largest economy right now.

    4. The case of China is not that China will raise so much but USA will fall in the depths of third world. Brazil 2 is close.

  7. The “rich” in America had a lot of help and incentive to get rid of domestic manufacturing. The Unions, EPA, and all the other free-riders at every level of government share the blame. As does the education system. Machinists and Pipe-fitters are hard to come by these days.

      1. Not if you want to do it legitimately. You will have to bribe someone. Seen it happen multiple times.

  8. I was always impressed with these Austrian economists and financial gurus who were saying that China is the future. Given that they are run by communists, it should be not surprising that they lie about their economic data as this is all communists were ever good at.
    And then I heard about the empty cities and the warehouses of cars the Chinese government bought in order to boost their economic numbers.
    And I knew that their economic collapse was imminent.

    1. Exactly which “Austrian economists and financial gurus” say that China is the future.
      Austrian economists would praise the entrepreneurial spirit in China but would never praise the cronyism.

    2. For the record, an article on Mises Daily from 2011: “The Chinese economic miracle is nothing but a redder version of Keynesianism. Like all interventionism, the Chinese system is destined for a hard fall.”
      All Austrian school economists I’ve been reading have been saying that China is a complete wreak, worse than the US, for years.

      1. Get back to us when that hard fall actually happens. If you knew the first thing about economics, you’d know that the movement of the stock market is not a reflection of the actual underlying productive economy.

        1. It’s not until it is…
          The market is mostly made of people’s pension funds, 401K etc.. When those gains go puff..you tell me what happens to the economy..

        2. Retirement is ultimately funded by the profits of the corporations behind the stocks. Not from traders passing stocks back and forth between them at ever-increasing prices. Stock price is just a market price, not a measure of actual value. Not one cent of real value is created or destroyed just because the stock goes up or down.

        3. “you’d know that the movement of the stock market is not a reflection of the actual underlying productive economy”
          “Retirement is ultimately funded by the profits of the corporations behind the stocks.”
          So which one is it? You can’t speak from both sides of your mouth, or can you?

        4. As to this.. Not true. Let me repeat. When you put money into your 401K that money goes into the market. The traders, the ones you probably look down onto buy and sell those stocks. They do two things. They assume the risk and they set the price.. Anyway, that process was fucked by the FED with their printing press.. There is a big disconnect between the market and the real economy, but you can turn and point the finger at the FED for that. Either way, value or not value people do retire on these investments. Call it what you want, but in the end is real money… until it’s not.. and when that happens and millions will figure they are actually dirt poor after a life’s work then everything will stop.. anyway I’m not going to argue with you.. The whole thing is a Ponzi scheme created and fueled by the FED and the political class…
          People never learn or want to hear about what’s going on.. So here’s the thing.. What we’ve seen last week is the beginning of the end imo. It seems benign but it’s not. The dow and the s&p will hit the 09 levels, before the end of next year.
          fyi, the /es just crapped its pants again tonite

        5. If people manage to retire on investments that increased in value without any corresponding increase in the profit of the corporations behind the stocks, it just means they were winners in the Ponzi scheme. A movement of the stock market is nothing but an internal wealth transfer inside the economy, between the old and new owners of that stock.
          If China’s stock market crashes by 8%, it means that someone lost 8% of his investment wealth while someone else gained an 8% discount on buying investment wealth. One chink loses, another gains, but the GDP of China is still the same as it was yesterday.

        6. “If China’s stock market crashes by 8%, it means that someone lost 8% of his investment wealth”
          Not really… They lost 80% of money they never had… It’s what I’m saying. It’s all about the perception.

        7. The fact that you think I am speaking from both sides of my mouth only serves to demonstrate that you don’t know the difference between an increase in stock price and an increase in the actual profitability of the underlying corporation, ergo you don’t know shit about what you’re talking about.
          Profits of the corporations behind the stocks are not the same as the movement of the stock market. Wealth is produced when the corporation makes a profit. Turns inputs into outputs, and if the outputs have higher value than the inputs, that’s called profit. Actual wealth has been produced. A stock can go up and down for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the actual corporation behind the stock.

        8. “Profits of the corporations behind the stocks are not the same as the movement of the stock market.”
          No shit Einstein.

        9. Now it’s self-evident to you, 21 hours ago it wasn’t. You acted as if the two are the same, in order to portray me as having talked both sides of my mouth.

        10. No. You still contradicted yourself. Read again your own two statements.
          “you’d know that the movement of the stock market is not a reflection of the actual underlying productive economy”
          >>> It’s not and we all know that…
          “Retirement is ultimately funded by the profits of the corporations behind the stocks.”
          >>> If the retirement plans are all speculated in the stock market and at the bottom of it all is pure speculation, then retirement can not possibly be funded by the profits of the corporations behind the stocks because indeed there is no correlation between the stock market and the underlying corporations.
          You see there are two kinds of speculations.. In a normal market speculation is healthy, as it contributes to price discovery that ultimately gets in sync with the underlying stock value. That, and the risk assumption by the speculators. A corporation can say all it wants about the price of it’s stock, its projections and so on. That means exactly nothing. The true value of the stock is set at the market where a buyer meets a seller. That’s what I mean by healthy speculation.
          In the current environment, this process was distorted by the FED’s printing press, and the speculation is unhealthy giving people a false sense of wealth.. that until it all resets to where it all should be and that will be traumatic for everyone.

    3. “Austrian economics” isn’t real. It’s a propaganda construct funded by American businessmen. When Ludwig von Mises migrated to the U.S., he couldn’t get a real job teaching economics, so an ad man named Lawrence Fertig bribed New York University to give Mises an office and pretend that Mises worked there as a “visiting scholar,” or words to that effect. Fertig paid Mises’s salary out of his own pocket.
      The people who run the Mises Institute today show that they don’t believe their own propaganda from the fact that they have digitized Mises’s writings and give these ebooks away for free over the internet, despite Mises’s explicit argument that you can’t produce something of value while neglecting or defying price signals. According to Misesian theory, every time the Mises Institute allows a free download of one of Mises’s book or its other literature without charging a market price for it, it runs the risk of causing economic chaos.

      1. Maybe, or maybe the economists who say that they follow the Austrian school are not imaginary, and the fact that it correctly predicted the Chinese crash and the housing market collapse when everyone one else was saying the opposite means that it’s a pretty accurate theory, and you’ve just massively misapplied a theory that went way over your head.

        1. It doesn’t take predictive prowess to correctly predict that something that has happened countless times in the past will happen again. As for the housing crash, even Krugman, who’s pretty much the farthest thing you can be from an Austrian, predicted it.
          Austrian economics is a bunch of unfalsifiable hand-wavery. Its adherents have contributed isolated bits and pieces to mainstream economics, but as a complete theory, it explains and predicts nothing apart from “government intervention universally bad, libertarian capitalist policy universally good”.

        2. I admit I didn’t know that, but I see he did write about it in 2005. However Austrians got it basically when the fair housing bill was passed.

  9. “I’m not impressed with China. From what I’ve seen, there’s no social glue holding the fabric of the society together.”
    Why is that a bad thing?
    “Social glue” like personality cults, US-style military worship (Thank you for your service!), government schools, fear mongering, war mongering, etc. are all…anti-liberty!

    1. Liberty is not atomism. It is based on the individual AND the culture the individual lives in. Without a common glue, a common understanding, then liberty becomes nearly impossible. For example, a free society with a recognized Constitution that respects liberty will not long endure if everybody forgets about it and actively work against it out of their own short sightedness. When it ceases to matter, then in step the charismatic strong-men, and boom, liberty gone. Society needs some amount of social agreement and cohesion, or you won’t have a society at all.

      1. True.
        However, the kind of “social glue” that Quintus Curitius seems to promote in his article is national militarism and an “us against them” mentality which only leads to less liberty.
        “Social glue” that arises naturally through common beliefs and kindred and geography is one thing.
        “Social glue” that is top down from a central government is entirely different.

      1. Good point. I’ve read a little about that. I need to do some more.
        Can you post some article or authors?

      2. I’ve seen Chinese trust first-hand. Two Chinese expat guys who were coworkers and roommates. They’d trust each other with thousands of bucks, way more than I ever would to anyone of that level of relation. Low-trust my ass.

        1. Good job with your one story about expats, which is a different thing. After years of living in China and having Chinese friends repeatedly tell me themselves not to trust my employer, landlord, vendors, the police etc. and having seen people get cheated in all sorts of petty ways, I can tell you China is a low trust society.

    2. The assertion is wrong, in any case. There is a social glue holding Chinese society together. Ethnic nationalism.

  10. Excellent article. China’s historic Confucian culture is inherently corrupt. Bribery is the order of the day as always and anyone who does business with them must accept a certain amount of both corruption and fraud.
    Regarding trade with other countries, the Chinese figure that if you’re stupid enough to allow them to rob you blind, that’s your fault, not theirs.
    Trump is right about China…and a number of other things.
    Admiral Ackbar!

    1. It’s not a Confucian matter. The Confucian state ideology of Imperial China was very meritocratic, by international standards. Corruption is the natural state of man. The correct question is not why there is corruption, but why there isn’t.

    2. Confucianism resulted in the world’s first systematically meritocratic civilisation, at a time when your people were still running about in skins and using stone tools.

      1. Try again, moronic imbecile. Confucianism was a rigid caste system that mandated inherited social class. It was as rigid and cruel as the caste system of India. The “meritocracy” of the Confucian examinations were only taken by the tiny Mandarin class at the top. Some “meritocracy”.
        Sorry, again, mindless dolt, but my ancestors were creating cities with water and sewage systems that China wouldn’t have until the 20th century. My toga-wearing ancestors were designing and building architectural masterpieces like the Parthenon and the Panthoen that would n’t be surpassed in China until they adopted western methods in the 20th century.

        1. Try taking a history lesson, dipshit. Confucianism advocated rigid social roles, not classes, and even farmers could take the damn exams. You have to take the exam to become a Mandarin, not the other way round. Guess you aren’t in touch with your Greek roots enough to be familiar with the basics of Aristotelian logic. It also helps to be able to read Classical Chinese, which, by the way, has way more users today than Latin and Classical Greek combined. Great job on preserving your culture.
          Who the fuck would want to make a large marble building even in the 20th century? Our Great Wall shits on both these structures in terms of size and utility over the centuries anyway.
          And the Parthenon and Pantheon are Greek and Roman respectively. Can’t make up your mind can you, or are you some kind of mix-blooded mongrel?
          Speaking of Greece, how’s your ancestral homeland’s financial situation lately?

        2. Try again, chink. The Confucian system was indeed a caste system in practice and stayed that way until Mao. China is shit and does nothing without western ideas, technology, engineering and knowledge.
          The “Great Wall” is a brainless idea conceived by unintelligent morons which failed utterly in its intended role. FAIL! Not only that but millions of little chinkies just like your sorry ass were murdered while building the idiotic waste of time and effort.
          For your information, chink, Greeks and Romans are the same European/Aryan stock. But, of course, the descendants of coolies like you wouldn’t know that, would you? Also I notice that little chink is typing in English, not chinese because it’s still European knowledge and ideas that power the world.
          As for Greece, chink-boy, things are so bad there that millions of people want to get in while NO ONE wants to go to chink land.

        3. The burden of proof is on the one who makes a positive claim. The onus is on you to prove that Confucianism was a caste system, not a class system. Note that the inability to move to any other social stratum is what distinguishes a caste from a class. Also, I see that you’re defending Mao and communism now. I guess that’s a western idea you’re really proud of. Mao was a stinking piece of shit whose only real achievement was the liberation China from the KMT with the help of Chinese tactics taken straight from the Sun Zi’s Art of War. Every atrocity he implemented from the land reforms to the cultural revolution was inspired by Occidental Marxist philosophy. Speaking of technology, your kind would still be wiping your arses with their fingers now like the stinking muzzies, and your little colonial excursions would have ended in dismal failure without our gunpowder.
          And take a fucking lesson in genetics won’t you? I don’t claim the glories of the Mongol empire’s conquest throughout the world just because they come from the same mongoloid stock, for the simple fact that we diverged thousands of years ago. You’re not Greek or Roman just because you’re white.
          As for tourism, China’s inbound tourist numbers are double that of Greece’s. lrn2google, wog. I guess 54.7 million visitors per year mean nothing to you wogs eh? Guess this standard of numeracy was what led to the debt you wogs hold. Though truth be told, given your ignorance of basic genetic theory, I doubt that you’re even a wog. You may even be of Germanic or Celtic extraction, and your ancestors really could have been barbarians running around in their skins while my ancestors were building that engineering marvel known as the Great Wall. What could be more metal than building a wall over the sacrifices of thousands of workers? Can’t be worse than having boy-fucking faggots beating off over marble pillars of a ruined temple.
          As for my using English, I’m doing it for the benefit of monolinguals like you. Bet you can’t speak languages from more than 3 primary language families.
          But really, what do we have to fear from you guys? We hold you by the balls with the money you owe the PRC, and there are more of us than you could ever hope to hold back. Hell, we’ll probably drown everyone in your state or country simply by getting everyone of Chinese extraction to spit once on you guys. One only need to look at every race that has tried to subjugate the Han. The Manchus have all but lost their culture and land now, and the Mongol barbarians, once keepers of the largest empire in the world, have their lands divided in half, their people no longer able to speak any tongue but ours. We will assimilate you, and you will be Chinese, whether you like it or not.

    1. He does? As far as I have heard, he’s merely noted that our negotiators suck and that we always get the raw end of the deal with the Chinese as a result.

      1. Even he still buys stuff from them. The low prices of building material are too low for him to resist.

        1. So your first statement was completely blown out of the water, and now your trying to change what you were saying to keep from looking like a complete moron?

        2. If they’re the boogeyman, why is Trump feeding them? It’s his statements that are contradictory.

        3. I’ve never heard him make them out to be the boogeyman. Saying that they beat is in trades is not saying that they are the boogeyman.

      2. Specifically, which “negotiations” is Trump talking about?
        The only thing I heard is the same Mitt Romney crap calling China “currency manipulators” because the Yuan does not float.
        The real currency manipulators are the Federal Reserve banks. Why would China let the Yuan float and make it easier for the Fed to manipulate its currency and crash its economy like the Fed did to Asia in 1997?
        The “ChiComs” are big government…just the like Feds (and the Fed). They all do the same kinds of things.

        1. You’re asking me? I’m asking NeuroticWriter to clarify his comment with specifics. When you talk to me of the Fed Reserve and big government, you’re preaching to the choir.

        2. I’m not targeting you in particular. I’m just addressing the conversation as a whole.
          Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        3. What do you mean. BOC had the yuan pegged to the usd for ages.. And it’s not only the FED, it’s the ECB, BOJ, SNB, BOE.. everybody’s doing it.. It’s a race to the bottom.

  11. I have never been to mainland China, but visited British Hong Kong once long ago. There I witnessed something, the memory of which still makes my skin crawl.
    Many people in Hong Kong live in high rise apartment buildings,
    and hang their laundry to dry on bamboo poles extending from their balconies.
    I saw one fall, and hit a woman carrying a baby on her back.
    It knocked her to the ground, killing her baby.
    No one tried to comfort her. No one. The crowds just walked by.
    Those who saw her grief, looked away and kept on walking.

      1. “How could people not react to that?!”
        Because they’re fucking savages. That’s why.

      2. You asked a question, so I’ll try to answer.
        I did try to comfort her, but I spoke no Chinese only English,
        and the passers by often gave me strange looks of disbelief.
        I don’t know for sure the reasons for their detatchment,
        but I have been told that Confucianism holds them responsible
        for the life they save. So if they save the life of a future killer
        they become responsible for his murders.
        That’s my understanding, but I could be wrong.

    1. I’m just gonna leave this here…It enraged me the 1st time I saw it. There are countless videos of the low some Chinese people sink to when it comes to a lack of plain decency.

      1. I’ve talked to Vietnam and Korean veterans. They basically say Asian cultures have little respect for human life.
        I was stationed in Korea. They’ll sell their daughters to Mama-San for a one-eyed buffalo, then reject them for being whores and dishonoring the family. I’ve seen old men shit right at a bus stop like there was nothing to it. They also have zero sense of personal space. They’ll stand 3 inches away from you in an empty room. It means nothing to them.
        As a general rule they do not like Caucasians and loathe Blacks. I was a little naive at the time thinking Asians, being Asians weren’t racist. Seriously, the Koreans hate the Japanese, The Chinese hate the Koreans. Of course there are historical reasons for it but most people aren’t aware they can be pretty hateful fuckers even as they smile at you. I saw part of it myself. Not knocking Koreans or making sweeping generalizations, but outside of the culture itself Koreans can be cool people. Native Koreans can be quite weird to Europeans.

        1. I have a friend who lived in Japan for a couple of years, had a great experience there, but said the older ones would secretly hate and despise you for being an American. Now, it’s sick as fuck to be the only nation to ever use nuclear weapons on a civilian population and I’m not about to attempt to defend that or pretend that the Japanese should be all lovey and friendly with the west, but Americans hold no ill will towards Germany, even Israel and Germany seem to get along fine with no secret hatreds.
          The only positive is that unlike the Germans, who were man-for-man STRONGER than any other fighting force in the past century, the Asians seem to be fairly weak man-for-man. But then again they have billions…

        2. white culture values dogs and pets more than people with some melanin in their skin,looking at their historical track record.so spare me the pity party for the dogs.

        3. and caucasians hate everyone including themselves,seeing they fought 3 world wars(napolean if you count the first) .

      2. Absolutely disgusting. The child appeared to be moving after it was first hit and run over by the front tires, but after the back tires run it over, something appears to “squirt” out and I’m guessing it’s dead at that point. The people on the street passing the child by… I simply have no words.
        I’ve heard that Asia does not have the same view of human life (or animal life) as we do in the west. Slaughter all the tigers because the powder makes my penis feel good. Let people die from lead poisoning as long as we get a big paycheck from our cheap toy exports. They simply do not have the same values as the west.

      3. This is what communism does to a people. If any day can be your last and you struggle to get by, another life isn’t important anymore, unless it’s your family.

    2. individual life has zero value in that civilization.
      There’s a story from the cold war that Mao was told in a nuclear war China would lose 100 million people…his reaction was something like “So? We’ll still have another 900 million to spare.”

      1. that seems like a commie thing. the stavka ran the war on the eastern front that way, and it’s why the USSR beat the US at almost every step in the space race (one cosmonaut dies when a rocket explodes, no problems, just try again with another).

    3. I don’t know whether to like this comment or express outright disgust at what I just read. This does correlate with the expression Asian tourist have in America. I was regaled by a co-worker’s tale of when she shouted at Asian tourist for taking pictures of a potentially dead person during the rush hour hustle. It must have been 5:45 pm on a weekday when this citizen lay dead on the pavement and these tourist hunkered down, broke out their cameras and snapped pictures to their hearts content.

  12. Quintus Curtius,
    Do you know the history of the Panama Canal?
    How is the Nicaragua canal any different than the imperialist Feds of the last century vis-a-vis the Panama Canal?
    Big government is big government. One is not better than the other just because they are of your race or your language or because you used to be their employee.

    1. The Panama Canal was originally a French project only to be finished by the Americans. In this case imperialism was good and right. This canal has brought incredible wealth to Panama. The benefits to world trade have been incalculable.

    2. It’s a matter of degree. All countries care about influence. But China places greed on a pedestal to a degree that the US never did or does. China is not interested in exporting its language, culture, or worldview in the same way America, France, and England were. China comes to plunder, make money, and move on. It’s a matter of degree, and of perception. But travel around the world and you’ll see it’s true.

      1. ” All countries care about influence. But China places greed on a
        pedestal to a degree that the US never did or does. China is not
        interested in exporting its language, culture, or worldview in the same way America, France, and England were. China comes to plunder, make money, and move on. It’s a matter of degree, and of perception. But travel around the world and you’ll see it’s true.”
        Aren’t you aware of how China ethnics colonized many of the surrounding countries? They come as merchants, set a business, bring their extended family to expand operations, then bring more and more Chinese as needed. One day the natives wake up and realize they’re not alone anymore.
        It seems that in many Southeast Asian countries, ethnic Chinese often have the dominant economic power. Why?:
        But, you really, you should be thinking in terms of comparing Chinese civilization to Byzantium/Russia. Why does it matter what flash in the pan, here today, obviously going to be gone tomorrow, countries like “America, France, and England” did?
        In post-collapse America do you think people are going to think it was wise to pretend to “Americanize” foreign and hostile groups like Muslims?

    3. Well for one, when the Panama Canal was built there wasn’t already a canal there, so it was actually filling a very serious need.

  13. The only way the US will be supplanted by China is if Americans stop trying. Remember, from freight trains to airplanes to oil rigs to automobiles to cell phones to the internet to rule of law to a miles-long list of things, the modern world is a Euro-Anglo-American world. The story of “China’s Rise” is simply the story of China integrating into this world.
    Europe seems to have stopped trying, the US can still get it back (civilizational confidence that is). I lived in China for 3 years and saw a lot of the country. While I made great friends there and generally liked it, they are not a people ready to lead the world.

    1. The real problem is our greedy fucking corporations basically built Chinese industry for cheap labour to maximize profits as they fucked over American workers and industry. The Unions went bat-shiat crazy with corruption, which didn’t help.

        1. No it’s easier to employ compared to the west but not cheaper.
          For example Foxconn pays half of it’s workers under the table.(illegally hiring them) in order to save money on taxes.

  14. I’ve had a lot of interaction with Chinese people. Every Chinese women seems to have 4 kids and the men are appalling dressers and seriously lack manners.

      1. Things have changed for the rich. In fact, its a prestigious thing to be able to afford more than one child. Their new rich often has the money, but lacks things that even lower class folks in America take for granted, like brushing their teeth.

        1. “We” (in quotation marks, since Black dudes haven’t been able to get as much, to my dismay) have been doing the same for such a long time (without paying though), we could only expect them to do the same.

    1. Don’t know if you noticed. They don’t brush their teeth and their breath stinks. Fucking savages..

  15. The main issue in China is the lack of enforceable property rights, which goes back to their lack of elected government.
    Long term sustainable development is always predicated off of the investors in these projects being assured that they can keep the results of a successful venture.
    Without reliable courts guaranteed by the power of the vote this doesn’t happen.
    The Chinese death spiral caused by their crashing demographics combined with advances in robotic manufacturing pretty much guarantee their economic demise over the next 30 years.

  16. China does not have to do anything to win, the rest of the world is driving itself towards being one big western ineptocracy.. The one thing that stuck with me after living in China was that despite all the corruption, shit simply gets done. There is no pandering to NIMBYs, red tape is shunned in favor of progress and they have work ethic that puts the west to shame.
    Sure they are not the most ethical people in the world, but as all red pillers should be acutely ware, being nice & playing by the rules = finishing last.

    1. They are a nation as healthy and tight as Western nations were 2 centuries ago. That’s the key. You know, civilizations rise and fall, are born mature and die, like living beings, there is no difference. We are old, they are young.

  17. >> Our own leaders have sold us out
    Oh Duh, Quintus!
    While I fundamentally agree, the more somber fact is that “our” leaders never had any allegiance with “us”. “Our” leaders have never felt allegiance to anybody but themselves. They have, since millenia, succeeded in subverting any and all societies lucrative enough to ransack. Their weapon is not the sword but the lie.
    The “governments” of USA, Latin America, China … are those very same people.
    The “business classes” of USA and China are essentially the same, so there was no collusion, strictly speaking, but merely doing business in the family so to say.
    The “US” “business class” started grabbing and offshoring US businesses when they figured out to what degree it would increase the rentability of these businesses – for them, not for the US. China and the other recipients of offshored businesses, what did they get? A giant contingent of slave labor slots and lavishings upon their “business class” and “government”, and, of course, the technology developed in the US, at no cost to them.
    Why is China as a whole not so impressive? They’re running around with the riches and cultural implements developed by other people. Their cultural development was far behind the West when it was stopped by Marxism about 100 years ago. The lack of family unity might as well be result of the ca. 90 years of hardcore marxism they’ve gone through.
    IMO at least.

  18. Most Asian countries have terribly chaotic and inefficient organisational structures. The roles are not as clearly defined as what they are in Western countries, so you can have one person doing 2-3 different things that have nothing to do with their official role. For example, at an organisation I used to work for–which is run mostly by Vietnamese even though it’s owned by an American man–you have people in accounts taking on HR duties, secretaries that are also marketing officers etc. It is all B.S just to save money and at least one third or more of the workers were hired because they have friends and/or relatives in upper management.
    I quit because I couldn’t handle the chaos. It was too stressful for me to bother with so I threw in the towel and got a better job.

    1. I noticed that in China. A friend of mine goes from one job to the next every few months, and her new jobs have nothing to do with her previous ones. In a way, I admire the versatility, but it does make one wonder about competence and experience. Well, I guess foreigners do it too, that’s why you have computer scientists, failed physicists, underwater basket weavers, druggies, and so on teaching English there.

  19. Fuck China. They’ll follow the fate Japan had. Remember Japan?
    I posted this on fuckbook some time ago.. Note the date. Nobody gave a fuck of course, as attention whoring is more important than anything else.. Oh well.. They never learn…
    And if they start a war with the United States, that will be a monumental mistake on their part.
    PS: as to what’s happening here, expect the dow to get to 6-7000 within a year or so.. We’re fucked too, but a reset is much healthier than the fantasy we’ve been living since 08…

  20. “A country can never achieve greatness when its citizens refuse to respect the rule of law, refuse to follow the rules of civilized behavior, and refuse to put the common good ahead of their own petty greed.”
    These are the words of a person who knows absolutely nothing about the citizens of China.

  21. In the 1960’s they forecast the USSR’s economy could grow as large as America’s – it didn’t.
    In the 70’s and 80’s it was the turn of Japan – it didn’t.
    Recently it has been China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa – they are all stalling and some are going into reverse.
    In recent decades the only country to break out of the middle income trap is South Korea. The middle income trap is where an economy opens up and gains many benefits of the free market but never quite makes it to first league status. These countries succeed in taking the cheap labour jobs and the jobs that rely on cheap raw materials and cheap land for factories etc. They do a good job copying what has been invented elsewhere, but fail in making the jump to the top table, where you have to invent and pioneer yourselves. To make it into the top tier you also need an economy relatively free of corruption, bribes, kick backs and high taxation. It’s almost impossible to achieve outside a ‘free country’.
    South Korea managed it. Japan managed it before, and that was a century ago.
    Many countries don’t have the system or the human capital to achieve it.
    Africa will always fail, whatever the system in place because of the people.
    The Far East has the human potential if they can change the system.
    The system is important…there have been micro experiments which show this…Booming British Hong Kong while China was poverty stricken – similar people but different systems. The same can be seen when comparing North and South Korea and also West and East Germany. In all these cases the system is essential to success, even if the people are similar.
    Sometimes if a system is in place long enough it can change the nature of the people. In the case of the US it makes people more entrepreneurial, in the former Soviet and Communist countries it makes people less trusting, inventive and individual.
    Sometimes the ruling classes benefit by having a system in place that is not good for the country as a whole, but helps keep them in power. You see this in India. To be wealthy in India is to live a life of luxury. But it entails keeping 95% of the population poor.
    It’s amazing that in 2015, even now the UK with its 60 million people has more wealth than 1.2 billion Indian, Indonesia with its 260 million and Brazil with its 200 plus million. China with its 1.2 billion still has a smaller economy than the USA, almost half the size. Even the Netherlands beats Saudi Arabia with its oil, Nigeria and Turkey despite a tiny population.
    I am sure in 25-50 years the West will still be doing just as well.
    Meanwhile China will rule Africa and South America. They will control everything. So blinded by the idea of European Imperialism the Africans cannot see that China can also be Imperial. And once ruled by China the Africans will look back to European Imperialism with nostalgia and see it as a golden age.

    1. Very good points, but I’m not as optimistic about the West, specifically Europe. When you look at the demographics, in 25-50 years I think Europe will be decisively Muslim. France and Germany recently announced that essentially their borders are open.

      1. Or race war.
        Why is that off the table? I once read that “Mohammad” was the most popular baby name in Yugoslavia circa 1990. I don’t know if it’s true but it paints a rosy picture nonetheless.

        1. It does end in war. When the economy collapses, sometime in the next 10 years, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece and the USA are going to have their Yugoslavia experience.

        2. [URL=http://media.photobucket.com/user/Kanakaruto/media/12767523786321.jpg.html][IMG]http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z166/Kanakaruto/12767523786321.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

        3. I now look back and see the Serbians were 100% correct in what they were trying to do.

        4. Word. And NATO bombed the heck out of them for ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’. Pretty soon, France and Germany and all eleemosynary countries found themselves with hoards of Muslims knocking at their doors, hanging themselves off their gates or simply jumping the fence.
          Looky looky- who’s crying now?
          Sad, terribly sad. I wonder what the solution is for the Europeans. Migrate and populate Siberia? Learn Russian? Move to Australia or rural US?

        5. and those migrants are bypassing Serbia on the way to England, France & Germany. Who’s laughing now?

        6. Russia will survive the coming Dark Age…yes it’ll still be filled with corruption, but the Russian national psyche is fueled by a ‘siege mentality’ against attempts at conquest (which the PC West and Muslims will be seen as); Japan will survive…they have ‘social capital’ on a national level and being islands, they have never been ‘conquered’ (yes we defeated them buts that’s only because we used the Atomic bomb, and only because Harry Truman realized an amphibious invasion would be suicide) Eastern Europe will probably survive as a ‘buffer zone’ between Eurabia and Russia. Australia/New Zealand might be ok, but they’ll need to deal with the death alliance of PC Left and Muslims in their midst.

        7. Europeans are able to shift Russia in the new USA not apt for pussies or ethnomasochists and not commit the same mistakes

        8. Eurabia, Eurafrica, United States of Africa & Mexico. All is the same whites are being conquered

        9. If Russia can’t reverse the demographic trends, stop abortion and take its women back to the kitchen, that land will be Muslim by the End of this century.

        10. Ethnic Russians are still reproducing below replacement level. Russia’s Moslem minorities on the other hand …

        11. Absolutely true. Russia has countless times shown that it remains unmoved by the ‘neo-liberal’ agendas that seek to weaken the traditional arrangement within societies and grant powers over powers and numerous benefits and additional rights to minorities, whether sexual, ethnic, religious etc.
          Both the political class as well as the people feel the same way- that they must protect their values, culture and tradition, and that anyone who understands that is more than welcome to live and ‘prosper’ there. However, they also make it clear, even in high-level political interventions, not just on a day-to-day basis, that whoever does not abide by their rules will simply not be tolerated.
          It’s as simple as that. The Russians don’t mind being called bigots, racists or whatever-ists. They simply shrug and move on. If it hadn’t been for the conflict in Ukraine, I doubt that Russia would have ever been imposed international sanctions. It’s just the NGOs who keep making noise in international forums, not other countries.
          In contrast, Europe is sinking, akin to a dead body being devoured by other organisms.
          Just an unrelated example –
          I was just watching Euronews (right now, actually) and was utterly shocked to see the havoc that immigrants and so-called ‘asylum seekers’ have created in Budapest. The filth and squalor, tons of trash, dirty tents, half-naked children, it looks like a slum in Bangladesh.
          Most men were ‘demanding’ (!!) that they all be sent to London, Berlin etc. as they DON’T WANT TO stay in Hungary. Hungary is not good enough for them, and either way, it’s not like they have to explain or anything- they just don’t want to stay there, period.
          Unbelievable the rapacity, predatory instincts and assertiveness of these people. Had they been genuine war refugees, they would have count their blessings for having their lives saved by the Hungarians, Bulgarians and Macedonians.
          But no…they want to access fat welfare checks signed by Britain, Germany, Sweden…
          some stupid Hungarian NGO representative was arguing with a border official, claiming that banning their exit from the country would encourage human traffickers and that either way, those people should be allowed to do as they please.
          Border officials had to almost excuse themselves for the ‘cruelty’ of the rules, that clearly state that a refugee must register and stay for a while in the first country he reaches, not to parade around looking for the cushiest spot.
          An Italian social worker has been raped by three Egyptian ‘asylum seekers’ on the second day on the job, while trying to help the ‘poor victims’ in a state triage and assistance centre.
          The ‘refugees’ who were so afraid for their lives and traveled in such awful conditions to escape death and prosecution still find the energy and copulative instincts to brutally rape a woman who was working to actually assist them.
          I don’t know what this is all coming to, but it ain’t good.

        12. Maybe we should start calling ourselves Aryans. The “white” Ashkenazim aren’t being conquered.

        13. Aryans including Iranians but not Ashkenazim. What do you prefer?? Nutcase nuke Shiites or White Jew (only those who remain faithful to our cause) Aryans sounds too nazi to be successful. But we need and identifying name.

        14. and its glorious.should of never squatted on our continents.you had a homeland,europe,but it wasnt good enough,so now even that is being taken over by the caliphate.

      2. Well this is the problem at the moment – the European World is being ruined by the immigration of peoples who come from unsuccessful societies and cultures.
        Latin American’s into the USA. Muslims and Africans into Europe and Australia.
        It is a good example of how a society can be destroyed by inferior societies and peoples through a period of self destructive political policy and opinion.
        Africa in my opinion will destroy the world. They are due to see a population increase from over one billion to over five billion by the end of the century. This will mean the end of all the African Wildlife and forests and poverty, disease and hunger across the continent. And of course Africans being Black, they will blame everyone but themselves and push their problems onto others by migrating to the successful cultures of the European World.
        Europe and the USA could end up looking like South Africa, where once the blacks and other ethnics are the majority they go into long term decline as there are more and more people acting like parasites and less and less people to play the host that the parasite needs to live.
        The Muslims are very similar to the blacks. Once the oil and gas is gone the Muslim world will sink back to absolute poverty once there is no oil income, the sovereign wealth funds have been bled dry and the currency reserves spent. This will also result in migration to the successful European countries.
        1. No food aid, vaccinations, medical aid, to Africa or the Muslim world. This would rapidly reduce the population back to the 1950 level of 200 million for Africa.
        2. Repatriation of all those of Muslim and African stock to Africa and the Middle East.
        3. Invalidate all Middle Eastern ownership of Western Companies and any debt payable by Western Nations to the Muslim World.
        Simple do the above with enough enthusiasm and the problem could be solved within 5 years. It’s the 21st Century, the age of jet liners. It can be done if the will is there. Those that voluntarily leave would be able to sell their property and take the proceeds. Those that resist would lose all property rights and all access to all services. They would then be forced out.

        1. Not matter when it will stop growing mathematically as upper limit (for usa living standards) fit only 500 millions.

        2. Not gonna happen — the UN is the puppet of globalists that want to continue this corrupt system, and if any ‘western’ nation dares to propose what needs to be done, they’ll get accused of the trifecta of evil “-ism’s” (Racism, Imperialism, Capitalism). The academic elites of the so called ‘west’ have so much hatred for their own civilization that they will cheer on the coming dark age.

        3. Reductionist fantasy. By the end of this century, there will be less people in the world than today. War, mass poisoning, disease and hunger (due to destruction of major crops either in wars and/or due to plagues thanks to obsessive monoculture) will lead to this outcome. Whether the West in its current form will survive is another matter entirely.
          By the way the best that could happen to Africa is a full stop to foreign Aid. Our countries have for too long abetted the insanity of bloodthirsty regimes in that benighted land after our departure. The best the West could have done was to crush the indigenous rebellion and rule those lands in tandem with enlightened natives.

        4. Wtf Africa is in it’s current state due to the UN subsidies.
          Why do you ignore this and blame race?

        5. To blame is the fact the we supply food, AID and medicine and vaccines. Withdraw all of the these and all outside technology and the population problem will solve itself.

        6. I completely agree with your projection of what will happen if the West continues on its present course, and with your solutions. The problem is that 95% of people will immediately argue that the outcome is “inevitable” and the solutions are “unthinkable” because HITLER.
          If Hitler was, essentially, right, then how can the we be so proud of ourselves for “winning” the good war? We can’t. And we need to start facing up to that as soon as possible. Let’s try to get the truth about WW2 out, and object immediately when anyone uses Hitler as a modern synonym for Satan. The recent Alex Jones debate with David Duke could be a turning point.
          Unless we can get over the paralysing issue of Hitler demonization we are finished as a people.

        7. Ah, bullshit! Africa is in it´s current state mostly because of corrupt leaders and warlords who don´t give a shit about their country.
          But, hey, that´s not a problem. They can all come to Europe now. Our borders are currently wide open and passage is only 8 000 Euros in a comfortable 150 person row boat. For 10 000 you will even get a life vest and a crash course in Italian.
          Seriously, how can they pay for such a high fare? Aren´t they supposed to be totally broke?

        8. You mean Native americans into America.white peopels ilelgal borders dont eman shit.USA will be given back to native descendientes and all whites will be genocided there or be chased back to eurabia.

        9. the europeans are there by right of conquest….the new arrivals just sneak across borders….The USA should remember John Wayne’s advice – Remember The Alamo….as it seems you have forgotten you defeated the Latin Americans many years ago just to let them seep across the borders a couple of centuries later…Shameful.

        10. Go away, little brown bitch boy. Your and your people don’t have the technology fighting skills, or bravery to “genocide” whites. All you can do is cross the Rio Grande illegally and breed like rabbits. That’s the only way you will ever succeed in defeating white Caucasians. Just by illegal entry and outbreeding us. Very pathetic way to win.
          And then the USA will become a shithole just like your beloved Mexico and central America.

        11. NO, look it up those problems came AFTER the UN subsidies. Who do you think is funding these Warlords who have military like equipment?
          Yes you touched on a huge point, how else did they get the money?

    2. China has to fuck up badly to get Africans to look fondly upon European Imperialism…..given China was trading with African countries before European imperialism was a thing. (i.e. Zheng He)

      1. America belongs to Mexicans and other Native americans and well genocide all whites in this continent too buddy.the time for whitey is at an end !

        1. The only way you can defeat us is by continuing to cross the border illegally and then breeding like rabbits. Then you might outnumber us. Then America will be a shithole because you Mexicans and central Americans, and Native Americans will never be able to maintain all the white technology and infrastructure.
          The reason your people flood into America is because you cannot create a safe, clean, and prosperous society in your present home countries. That proves your inability as a people.

    3. USA is becoming slowly in South Africa, soon its official name will be change to United States of Africa,USA (or Africa and Mexico, USAM) It sounds like a nation of moonwalkers

      1. UN subsidies should be withdrawn of course.
        To blame is the fact the we supply food, AID and medicine and vaccines. Withdraw all of the these and all outside technology and the population problem will solve itself.

        1. Vaccines are part of the problem to add. But yes making people dependent hurts them in the long run.

  22. Fuck the Chinese. The most amoral, greedy, shifty people in the world.They ship poisonous dog food, baby food, poisonous toys for our children, poach and sell any living thing they can to make a buck.Undrcut all aspects of labor, Use roadkill to sell in restaraunts, ignore any kind of world Health Organization standards of workplace, food prep, human rights, animal rights laws. Fuck them.Let them choke on their own poisonous air and water.

    1. You think American capitalists would be any different if they could get away with it?
      Which, as it happens, they might well do in the near future, if the government regulatory agencies meant to prevent it get gimped by Republicans with an axe to grind.

    2. You get it. I just reached a breaking point with their games, scams, and evil-minded barbarity. And our own leaders let them plunder…they sit there and do nothing.

      1. “You get it. I just reached a breaking point with their games, scams, and evil-minded barbarity. And our own leaders let them plunder…they sit there and do nothing.”
        China > USA.
        When the Chinese leadership begins to eagerly plot the demise and replacement of their own nation, race, and culture then we can begin arguing over whether they’ve become as bad as, or worse than, the American establishment.

        1. China lacks a certain “tribe” that has spent decades fomenting most of the suicidal movements in America (and the west).
          The “tribe” is genetically-programmed to behave this way.
          If somehow, China were ever to let in a significant number of the aforementioned tribesmen, and let them take over the media, banking, and higher education, they are just as doomed as we are.

    3. Tiger balls, Rhino Horns, Shark Cartilage, Monkey brains. They seem to corner the market killing animals for dumbfuck elixirs. Of which they insist on purity yet cannot produce goods worth a fuck.

      1. Yup, They give zero fucks when it comes to conservation of the natural world. Poaching everything for so called virility potions. If they could just find an elixer to give them anything other than micropenis. Viagra must be flying off the shelves over there thinking it’ll give them a bigger dick. They actually have a mass hysteria in asia where they think their cocks are disapearing. All the fucking dead rhinos and tiger balls in the world will never give those chumps a real cock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koro_(medicine)

      2. Did you see during the Olympics the yummy cornucopia of tasty Chinese food available? How about deep fried starfish on a stick? My saliva glands were drooling.

    4. Which is why it is insanity to have them make and sell their products to us…we need to bring our manufacturing base home, but doing that would renew the fading middle class and the bankers don’t want that…they want proles shopping at Wal-Mart maxing out their credit cards.

      1. I know, right?! I had to go to the local Target which is connected to the mall. You would have thought it was fucking Christmas the way the place was packed with dumb consumo drones walking the aisles like zombies. The corporations have turned the weekends from doing stuff like going doing physical activities like ball games and bike riding etc..to just a population of obese consumers that do nothing but shop , eat and get fatter..

    5. They torture to improve the taste, cook and eat dogs when they’re still alive. Google it. Asians are soulless

  23. The Chinese ruling elite is the Tywin Lannister of the world. Ruthlessly and single-mindedly dedicated to increasing the power and prominence of its faction, a ruthlessness born out of a history of being abusively taken advantage of during an earlier period of weakness.
    Only that in the case of China, it comes with an additional conviction that because of the past abuse, the West will forever be in no position to judge it. Nevermind that Western imperialist abuse of China largely ended almost a hundred years ago, after which the West came to its aid against Japanese imperialism.

  24. Sorry, not convinced. Devious business practices have always been the norm in China, back when it was the world’s largest economy up until the British Empire. Chinese civilization has worshipped money since, forever.
    At the end of each growth period, there is usually a Japan-like stock market plunge. This is not what’s going on. The current stock market plunge is only a bump in the road. Given China’s population there should be room for at least a decade or more of growth.

  25. hi guys
    I speak some English, Chines plus my mother language and i would like to comment as an outsider , I know that neomasculinity have some nationalist undertones and when i read this about the Nicaragua Canal ..common USA divided Colombia in two cause a civil war (Panama is a country made out of thin air) , destroyed economies and thousands of people die in the processes.
    talking about corrupted elites is hard to imagine one group of people more corrupted than the guys you got in wall street or Washington , but in Chinese history i dont know about any invasions to other weaker countries or imposition by force of chinese will , you see it goes against confucius-ism
    Chinese culture is well and alive , old wisdom that gives a place for woman , a place for man , a place for the elderly and the children and is base in the reality of the human condition no in some social construction bull , we all would benefit of its understanding and respect specially this movement.
    I think when you live in a huge country like the states or china or Russia is easy to think the next country if full of barbarians but this is not the case , i can speak hours about good things about the States but it doesn’t mean is all good

    1. So China colonizing Africa, taking all the resources and killing all the wildlife for their use in Chinese medicine doesn’t count?

      1. Hi Bad_Mr_Frosty, of course to use animals for Chinese medicine is sort of sick , all I am saying the writer of this piece have to get off his high horse , africom is a USA invasion unit in africa , killing animal is bad but a little worse is killing thousand of people and calling it collateral damage. Please dont get me wrong there is tons of good thing about the states but accusing china of being part of some axis of evil … is a little too much

    2. I guess the tibetans love to be replaced demographically by han chinese people.

      1. Hi Ragnar , i am not here to defend China , I will just say China consider Tibet and Taiwan
        as their territory.

    3. “but in Chinese history i dont know about any invasions to other weaker countries or imposition by force of chinese will”

  26. I half disagree with the article.
    China does have a corrupt, totalitarian and despotic ruling elite that chokes down everything in the form of opposition.
    Nevertheless, China as identity, culture, ethos, values and pragmatism is way different and much better than that.
    Chinese people might appear loud, unwashed (especially in the rural areas), greedy, racist (white skin worshipers) and whatnot to the Western eye. Some of these traits do exist in the majority of people.
    However, I firmly believe that with a strong capitalist-like ‘authority’ within the state, China could accomplish great things.
    Their historical love of authority, respect, class order, gender identity, society order, meritocracy, bureaucracy, hard work and no leniency towards crime will forever exist. Pretty much the same ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ like we see in Russia.
    No matter how deranged its leaders might be and how weird some people appear, Russia is and will be a strong, united nation. It is through their identity that they have persisted, unlike the European West, which is slowly crumbling under its own yoke of grossly misunderstood tolerance, multiculturalism and generosity towards foreigners.

    1. Your comment says “could accomplish” great things. We’re not talking about hypotheticals here. We’re talking about about what exists on the ground, around the world, today.

      1. That is precisely why I said I ‘half agree’ with the article.
        Put the United States through a series of wars on its territory and more than 60 years of communism. That wouldn’t be a good result, would it.
        The Chinese are unfortunate to be molded by the personalized Communism their kleptocratic class is parading around and pushing down people’s throats.
        Yes, numbers can never be trusted. Rule of law is rarely respected. No complacence with international norms and regulations. That’s absolutely true.
        China HAS already accomplished great things, true- for a reduced part of its population. It HAS created economic development from virtually devastating hunger and unimaginable conditions for 99% of its people.
        IF its leaders would abide by international standards, many things WOULD change in a short span (conditionality)

  27. The Chinese are great at the art of imitation but useless at creating anything original. They lack genius in other words, but, so does modern america also, where it’s a badge of honor to be profoundly average and narrow in your outlook and ambitions, for fear you might upset the neighbors or worse still need therapy to make you conform and be dumb once more…smile and don’t use “he” or “she” and who knows you might even get a job in a call center outside phoenix.
    What a shame, other western nations used to respect and admire the USA , not any more, and how can any European nation honestly admire the Chinese? But, so long as western countries are in debt you’ll hear our debased leaders sing about all things eastern, when in reality all they want is their money. The whole thing says more about western society and culture and the point-counter-point blank that it has now very evidently arrived at.

    1. ” great at the art of imitation but unless at creating anything original”
      The ability to “imitate” requires brilliance….that is a skill in itself
      and the Chinese are particularly original in their incredible ability to imitate.
      I once spoke to a guy who said he played a 300$ cheap Chinese made copy guitar and it sounded BETTER than a 3000$ one.

  28. But, but all cultures are equal say the twats.
    It’s annoying how each culture promotes their best and ignores their worst.
    China is run by feudal warlords, it has been this way for over 5000 thousand years.
    For over 5000 years they have not developed the institutions that gives a person their day in court to be judged by peers or makes contracts meaningful.
    They are little clans connected to bigger clans, they run their villages like old school mafia, machete’s and steel pipes, the rich can literally pay others to do their prison time.
    Nepotism, bribery, family connections, corruption, violence is the only way the body politic runs. How delusional do you have to be to talk about your greatness, when really all you did was fill the world with cheap nasty plastic crap made with slave labor.
    Plus there’s all the organ harvesting.

    1. It’s a parasitic economy that depends on the rest of the world buying its crap to survive.

  29. “A country can never achieve greatness when its citizens refuse to respect the rule of law, refuse to follow the rules of civilized behavior, and refuse to put the common good ahead of their own petty greed.” Oh, I thought you were talking about America.

  30. I just don’t understand how all the blame could go on the Chinese.
    The west wiped out north american aboriginals, used free labor, and are in a round about way encouraging the unethical business practices in China by continuing to do business.
    For example, Apple.
    How do they justify contracting out business to those Chinese factories… are the savings really passed on to the consumer, or does the cheaper labor really just allow the company to make more and more profit?
    Regardless, this article feels in line with the hypocritical facebook group to ban the chinese dog eating tradition.
    It’s not like our factory farms are at the forefront of ethical treatment of chickens, pigs and cows.
    I blame our governments and corporations for contributing to the downfall of societies the world over.
    but then again, a lot of people believe that overpayed, unionize factory workers aren’t worth it and are a strain on governments and businesses.
    so believe what you want I guess.

    1. Also, the Opium Wars. Does anyone want to suggest that contemporary Chinese economic interfere in third world countries is even more exploitative than that?

      1. The Europeans wanted silk, tea and china but the Chinese government, happy to keep their little serfs kowtowing on the brink of starvation, wouldn’t accept our “inferior manufactures” like locomotives, steel ships, modern weapons, medicines, chemicals etc. They only wanted silver or gold and there wasn’t enough of that to go around. The ((((Brits)))) discovered the one thing they would except.
        So they swapped opium for tea and thereby forced the Chinese to sit around on their asses all day getting stoned. Evil Whitey strikes again.
        Of course, the Chinese always forget to mention that the ((((Brits))))) swapped the opium with Chinese middlemen who happily sold it to their own people. As soon as they figured out how it was made they immediately transferred production to China. But it’s all Whitey’s fault.

        1. Cool alternative history bro. In the real world though, it didn’t quite go like that. Opium was banned by the Chinese government because addiction to an expensive drug was causing all kinds of social problems. But Britain couldn’t abide that, so Britain invaded China to force it to re-legalize it.
          That Chinese middlemen did the retailing in China is irrelevant. Every society has its crooks who profit from misery, or would if they could.

    2. I would ask every SJW hipster to justify their iPhone and the fact it was built slave labor.

      1. Just my opinion…..
        Daniel Ortega is a Marxist. He fills his own coffers at the expense of everyone else living in dirt. See Cuba and Venezuela for more details. So if he has “the Chinese” build him another redundant canal no one will use it will only benefit him in the long run. The Chinese already have influence in Panama due to their control of their operation.

        1. That reminds me of the saying about supping with the Devil. Ortega et al don’t have a long enough spoon. Do you really believe the Chinese would invest all that money and let that asshole live? Please…..Misfortune would take his bunch on a one way ride.

        2. The Chinese have been building cities that do not have any residents. They are sitting on a pile of cash. So they build a rival canal to Panama especially after Panama is increasing capacity. They build a rival canal in some of the most formidable terrain in the Americas…with a fellow Marxist. And magically nobody is getting their kickbacks. Uh huh.

  31. Remember when the British did all of these same things in the colonial era, and Japan did the same things pre-WWII (for the most part) and leftists collectively lost their shit?
    They’re eerily quiet about China…

  32. The problem is the Chinese are trying to play the “manipulate the markets” Ponzi scheme that the US/UK have perfected. It’s going to be very hard for them to beat us at our own game. They have succeeded in producing an amazing manufacturing industry and a very fast and adaptable economy. You can get a project designed, tested, and prototyped faster than you can get a business license in the USA. But they are overstepping their knowledge when they try to get into manipulating fiat currencies, creating a gambling arena, excuse me stock market, and introducing debt and finance to their old economy. They have a lot of strengths, but they appear to have stepped to far, and I’m not sure who will come out on top.

    At the end of the day, there is an absolutist authoritarian system running the show that is deeply and irredeemably corrupt. There are schemes on top of schemes, and scams on top of scams, and you’re never going to be able to trust the numbers that they feed you.

    It may be worse in China, but this is exactly how I feel about America.

        1. Again you didn’t answer the question, The Chinese Government simply inflated the market correct. But gambling? How?

        2. “Trading” stocks today is gambling, pure and simple.
          I have some money I invest once a year in an Index fund, but the stock market is pure manipulation. Consider this: Since 2000, the S&P 500 is up 53.6%.
          The economy is in a much poorer condition than it was in 2000. Profits are not increasing, and yet the “value” of these companies is supposedly much higher.
          The original idea of a stock market is to allow people who wanted to raise money to make a product without having to resort to borrowing from a bank. So they could issue shares of a company which people would buy from the company, and the company would use that money to finance its startup costs. The shares of the company could then be traded, but the value of the shares had no further influence on the success or failure of the company once issued.
          Contrast that to today, where IPOs are only undertaken when the businesses are already established and the owners want to “cash out” (See: Facebook). The focus is entirely on the price of the shares constantly increasing (and yet this does not benefit the underlying company). The stock market as a mechanism of savings and investment is dead, and the millennial class is largely avoiding the stock market entirely.
          The source of the gains in the market is primarily tied to the huge increase in the money supply over the past 15 years, much of which went directly into the stock market. Demand to buy more stocks with free money increases the price, as the supply is fixed.
          And that doesn’t even touch the real fraud such as taken short selling, high frequency trading, and priority given to institutional buyers.

        3. The stock market has tripled in the last 6 years. If you think that’s a reasonable reflection of our society, that somehow we are now outputting 3 times what we did 6 years ago, then go ahead and play the stock market game. But that seems incredibly risky to me. I warn anyone to be very, very careful of money they put into the stock market.

        4. No dude the stock market doesn’t represent the economy wtf
          That’s inflation for the drastic increase not “economic growth” if that’s what your doing.

  33. I have never been to China and I’m not going but, I will say this. I don’t think they are going to be leading the world as fast as people think. There are still a lot of people there living in mud huts and farming with draft animals, most agricultural commodities are harvested by hand. Last time I checked the only people doing that in America are doing it because they WANT to.

  34. If dumb people declare with joy that China’s GDP surpassed the United States, remind them it took 1.3 bil people to catch up to what a quarter of that accomplishes. An economy based off cheap goods and counterfeit products. A country of slaves so brain fucked they work for pennies an hour and blame the company instead of the government that lets them do it.
    They have a powerful army…they can’t feed and don’t have the logistical capability to move. They have an aircraft carrier. One aircraft carrier, that we can sink with a missile fired from the US. They celebrate their new tactics and technology, that was old thirty years ago, when we invented it.
    As an active duty soldier, I’m not in the least bit worried about China.

    1. China is being called the second largest economy again. Maybe its published statistics are a sham, and China’s economy isn’t as big as its government’s stats claim.

  35. Of course I am inclined to have a positive view of my native country but I do agree, that many US depictions of China as a superpower are overblown. The average person there makes less money than the average person in Mexico.

  36. China has alot of problems, from demographics, to lack of water and pollution. But they have so many people, they don’t have to improve much to be the richest country. I think you only need to look at how japan, came to prominance, and kind of fizzled out to imagine the future of China.
    And to say we don’t need another canal..well its a monopoly, having more will make transport cheaper. But it does kind of feel like it won’t get done, especially under the current problems.

  37. Well two points.
    1) The Nicaragua Canal using the country’s interior lake route was in fact the superior proposal. But, Lesseps, coming of his great success at Suez, was able to sway his government to his support. The Chinese effort may fail for all sorts of reasons, but the initial concept is sound. it always was. See McCulloughs ‘Path Between The Seas’ for the details
    2) China’s current political-economic condition is much like England after the Seven Years war under the tule of Prime Minister Walpole. There was great wealth creation, but also wide spread political corruption or ‘jobs’ as they were called. What cured England was the loss of the American colonies, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Reform Bill. These permanently changed the culture of England to create the basis for Victoria’s Age.

  38. From my corner of experience, you cannot trust the financial statements of Chinese companies as there is nothing backing the numbers up. When dealing with them, it’s always cash-up-front and from the amount of Chinese businessmen trying to get their personal cash out of China, it should tell you it is a house of cards. China will go broke before it ever gets rich.
    Second, I have a friend in South Africa who does alot of business in the mining sector. He tells me how Chinese companies come in with all their personal (eg. engineers, accountants, security, etc…), after paying off the local politicos, and strip the natural resources like locus and disappear. The local people don’t even get the benefit of jobs or taxes.

    1. Hard to say. Whether the high average IQs of Chinese and Ashkenazi (not other kinds of) Jews is due to heredity or favorable upbringing is still an open question.
      Also, even if it’s heredity, that doesn’t mean that crossing the two would create a supergenius. Might be that the cases of high intelligence are due to very narrow, specific combinations of genes. If that’s the case, you’d need both parents with the same genius-genes, with a Chinese-Ashkenazi crossbreed manifesting neither and being less than the sum of its parts.

    2. Israel has an average IQ of 94, China’s IQ is 102. The average IQ for all people is around 90, so this is nothing exceptional about either race. Besides it’s important to remember that Ashkenazi’s Jews above IQ of 117 is only found in limited (although important and common) activities that measure intelligence, mostly based on language and numeracy. In other areas like spatial/technical and mechanical intelligence, the Ashkenazi Jews have a normal or slightly lower than normal IQ, so these things are largely dependent on what type of intelligence you’re trying to measure in the first place.
      Also, is the man who can craft a chair from wood but cannot understand differtial calculus any less intelligent, I don’t think so. Besides, intelligence is as different from cleverness, as wisdom is from foolishness.

  39. There are broader strategic implications here than merely the economic. The Panama Canal is a United States defense asset. Should war break out with China, the U.S. would use its influence to prevent Chinese Navy ships from passing through the canal, while the U.S. Navy and (likely) the British Royal Navy would have unfettered access to the canal, allowing NATO substantially increased freedom of movement from Atlantic to Pacific.
    Should the Chinese develop their own canal, the Chinese Navy could achieve strategic parity in navigating between Pacific and Atlantic. No longer would they have to pass through the undesirable waters of Cape Horn.
    The United States and NATO should exercise all economic and covert means to ensure the proposed canal fails miserably, at a cost of billions to both Nicaragua and China.

  40. If China is so deeply corrupt and dysfunctional on the inside, why is it China that manages to corrupt the political processes of other countries and exploit them for Chinese benefit, and not the other way around? Why haven’t foreign interests flocked to China to rob and exploit it?
    Those chinks must be doing something right.

  41. I seriously don’t see why anyone would prefer China as a global superpower. They have all of the worst elements of American society, but on all levels. For example in America there is greed on the very bottom with crime and on the very top with Wall Street. In China, every single level from poorest of the poor to the top .01% has that greed mentality. If they can sell you lead paint toys, they’ll do it, if they can poison their air, food, and water to make a dollar, they’ll do it. If they can save money and eat cats and dogs, they’ll do it. China is the worst of all possible options. They are very cunning and haven’t had any good historical traditions since Mao took over.
    Furthermore I don’t believe it will happen, just the sheer amount of resources it would take to raise China up to the standards of let’s say the average Western European would be absolutely staggering. In other words it simply will not happen, severe limitations on resources would basically assure it will never happen. In the future both China and Western countries will run into these resource limitations, getting your population more hopelessly addicted to resources will be bad in the long run.
    There are some things I like about China though:
    1) One child policy, every third world nation should have that law
    2) Hard-working with some traditional values
    3) Food is good (at least the Westernized version)
    4) Women are cute and not fat
    5) Have a pro-Chinese people first policy in government. Unlike Western governments which with immigration(both legal and illegal) have staunch policies against their own interests, Chinese officials have none of it. Same with Japan too, I think they’re learning from the mistakes of the West.
    6) Not nearly as entitled as Westerners

    1. The west could learn something from China’s approach to humanitarian aid. While Western charities often dump food on Africa’s doorstep and pays their employees with most of the donations, China takes a smarter approach of establishing self-sufficiency.
      China’s law enforcement system, while very corrupt, has its good points. I’m not a fan of censorship or moral obligations, but China doesn’t put up with the degenerate garbage that pervades America’s airwaves.
      I think there is a lot we can learn from China. However, it is one of the last places I would want to live. There is a good reason most of Asia doesn’t like them, and I resent their smog drifting over to the air I breath.

  42. China is everywhere and everywhere they go to do business they take over! They spread money around as if its water and our leaders sit like Dogs and bark with happiness.
    We were at one time a powerful country with our manufacturing and eveything else that made us powerful until we thought we were invincible. Look at us now! We make nothing and the stuff that is made for those countries are too expensive for their people to buy due to import taxes or the government will not allow it due to competition of a better product.
    Yet everything we buy these days is made in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore you name it.
    Damn Toyota and Honda have their factories here to avoid the import taxes for their cars making them cost effective for the masses. While our products sit on the shelves.
    We need to wake up and start not doing business with them.
    Great post Quintus

  43. Just curious – who thinks the Americans were maybe just a little bit possibly involved in the apocalyptic explosions in Tianjin following the NYSE dips in response to the Yuan devaluation?

  44. Well, you know the old joke “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!” The organized will destroy the disorganized and the way that the West is continuing to embrace multiculturalism and other destructive fantasies means that homogeneous countries just have to wait till they inherit the mantle of leaders even if their performance is not particularly good.

  45. You laid out some very valid points here. Economic growth and prosperity alone don’t make a great nation. What worries me about this “money as god” concept is that if it’s compounded by a weak moral fabric and a foregoing of traditional culture and societal roles, all we get is a tyrannical government willing to do whatever the “elite” wants while society shifts to the left in order to accommodate a more controlling and parental government.

  46. I dont know why western leaders trust the Chinese seriously they are idiots to think the Chinese do anything for anyone except for China…

  47. “Our own leaders have sold us out, in this as in so many other things. They do nothing while our industry gets outsourced, dismantled, or bought out. I blame our leaders, I blame Latin American leaders, and I blame Brazilian leaders for selling their people out to Chinese money. They took the easy road, they took the quick payoff, and that was all they cared about.”
    Its like these people don’t understand that everyone is better off if there are jobs. It upsets me that in Australia, and America, the manufacturing sector has been fucked so hard. Creating generations of pencil pushers and importing them from the same country that is exploiting our resources and “tolerance”. Its sickening. Granted, the executive management of these manufacturing companies are fucking bone headed, they continue on with the same products that dont sell, and then wonder why they arent making profit. Unless thats their intention anyway. who knows. cunts.

  48. 2 Canals, so what is wrong with a little competition? yet it is ok for the USA to build military bases in countries bordering China. Payback in my opinion.

  49. First, this article is so biased that it isn’t even funny. As an American, Quintus is worried that USA will lose their monopoly on international shipping through Panama Canal…
    Second and more important there’s a big difference in foreign policy and how these superpowers run things in the world. China minds their own business, while USA often invades other countries and topples goverments they don’t like, often with disastrous results (see Iraq, Ukraine, Libya). American goverment have proven many times that despite all the money going into CIA and other agencies, they have zero clue how things function in the rest of the world.
    Third, look at how USA and China are investing in Africa. Chinese just want to do business and don’t care about local culture and society. On the other hand USA holds back investments and foreign aid unless country in question promotes feminism and homosexuality.

  50. I have lived in Chengdu in the Sichuan province for five years and in fact I’m sitting in a SUBWAY sandwich shop in Chongqing typing this. Yes in China money is GOD and success is measured solely in its acquisition. There was once a strong sense of history here and it is slowly being rediscovered but for the most part has been abandoned in favor of avarice. The destruction that Mao wrought cannot be overestimated. 5,000 years of culture and history trashed in favor of his pride. He really believed he was wiser and smarter than anyone who lived before him or anyone who would live afterwards. China is slowly throwing this notion off but the elites keep him because they have the mantle now and want to keep it. It isn’t communist at all anymore except in the sense that there is a single, mainly corrupt, ruling party that demands to keep power at all cost. They are superior to the American system only in one respect: they leave you the f*** alone for now. You want to make money? Go ahead – here is your tax bill and its much less than the U.S. or Europe. You want to build something? Make a new company? Have at it. There isn’t anything akin to the massive web of government burdens, zoning requirements, diversity checks, politically correct horseshit, and thinly disguised payouts and bribes that American small businesses must endure. Environmental regs? HA! They have fewer than before the U.S. invented the EPA. Does this have costs? You bet *cough*, *cough*.
    On the plus side if you wanted to do something like buy a string of firecrackers and set them off in the middle of the street because you just opened a new business (this is common) no one would care. The police, if they were around and noticed you at all, would keep driving. In America you’d be a terrorist and a SWAT team would be dispatched to execute you immediately without trial. Your home, car, bank account, business, any personal property, and that of your family would be seized oops sorry “forfeited” and this kept by the local police and split with the government. These are the “services” you pay for in America. Not so in China. You are far safer here from police execution than in America. Don’t believe me? Try protesting the government in an airport in Beijing then try it in Washington D.C. You must do it in that order because you won’t live through the one in D.C.
    Do I expect this freedom in China to continue? No, absolutely not. The thing about greed is that it always grows. Yes right now the elite are content to collect their 20% and leave most of the people alone (provided you don’t criticize the government too sharply) but that will change and much faster than it took the U.S. to turn into a totalitarian kleptocracy. There is no culture of freedom here. No legacy of human rights to overcome. There is only a persistent notion of “get what you can” and so long as there is plenty of money the government will grab at the low hanging fruit. Even a pig can be generous when all the troughs are full, but let them get empty and the ugliness underneath will emerge very quickly.
    I love this place. I love the women here as they haven’t had as much time to get completely corrupt as they have in the West. But all of this will change. As the pie shrinks the government will grab more and more just as it did in the West, to our ruin. The girls are already getting tatted up (this would have been unthinkable 20 years ago) and are starting to sleep around in college in earnest. You will see China peak and fall much faster than the U.S. sad to say, its just has more time until death than does the U.S.

  51. Well, the greed of the corporations and the rich destroyed out economy and we got the Great Depression. Then the government put laws up to stop it from happening again. So then they took jobs and technology to China, where what few laws there are aren’t enforced, so the rich and the corporations are actively destroying them now. Some guy on the radio this morning just said that the Chinese government doesn’t even understand the complications or the issue the world is having with them in not understanding what’s going on with their own economy.
    Also, there were recent studies done in Europe and the U.S. comparing Chinese students against Western ones. Previously it was thought that Chinese students were great. But the studies showed that the Chinese students cheated, and cheated, and cheated. Their educational system is pretty non-existent, because the students don’t do any learning. . . they just cheat and professors cheat to get them through because their careers are based on passing students. . Nearly all Chinese “discoveries” and developments have turned out to be stolen from other countries.

    1. The Great Depression occurred due to bad fiscal and monetary policy in response to a stock market crash, not greed of businesses and the rich.

  52. Screw some long-winded intellectual diatribe: fuck this commie canal, long live the Monroe Doctrine

  53. ”I never trusted anything the Chinese government or corporations said about anything”
    Wow man, I thought such narrow minded people only lived in my Italian town of 6000, but boy was I wrong.

  54. Wow this article is a thinly veiled hysterical racist rant. This is the sort of shit that draws negative press to the men’s movement.

  55. The U.S. actually has the second-largest (and in some ways still the largest) manufacturing base in the world. We are very much still a manufacturing nation. It’s just that manufacturing EMPLOYMENT has declined due to improvements in technology.
    I also never trusted the Chinese government, both for reasons of corruption, but also because their so-called “stimulus” consisted of just building more random infrastructure and buildings. They as a result have a ton of empty cities. How does one value such things? It reminds me of the problem with trying to measure the Soviet economy. The Soviet Union produced a whole lot of stuff, yes, but most of it was worthless. Similarly, how does one value properly all these Chinese buildings and infrastructure that count as GDP? And that’s assuming a lack of corruption which we know there is not.

  56. Until the United States decides to remove the impediments to commercial entrepreneurship in America, the Chinese will be able to take advantage of their competitive advantages to our continuing detriment. Our regulations are outrageous, taxes the highest in the First World, and our central government is committed to interfering with EVERY ASPECT of the Free Market. The American Worker has the third highest productivity per employee in the world. However, we have a current non-participation number of 94 million Americans. This disconnect needs to be addressed, or China will take over the world.

  57. I hate the Chinese ching choings – They are uniformly dishonest, they eat dogs and cats, and the v agines of their women smell plus their language is ugly to listen to HONG WONG DONG WING WANG

  58. Honestly, at this point, the Philippines has a better chance of dominating the world than China does. Their immigrants go to other countries respecting the native culture while providing good service to the natives, making people warm up to them. One white priest even called them a missionary race, bringing Christ to lands near and far.

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