Does God Have A Place In The Red Pill Man’s Life?

Who programs the game? You? God? Cosmic accidents? Evolution and Jesus are all over the Internet’s “manosphere.” Middle aged married folks are mingling and bumping elbows with restless young cads. Why?

Nature, And Nature’s God

Will God have mercy on our souls? Or will Darwin have the last laugh? Just as the most successful alcoholic recovery program forces one to accept a higher power, the ignorance recovery program that is the Red Pill often forces a man to deal with ultimate metaphysical questions. Just as the concept of the alpha male is both illusory and quite real, metaphysics are both forever out of reach but indelibly present to the awakened male.

The nihilist (rogue) avoids this metaphysical confrontation. The blue piller (pawn) allows others to dictate his metaphysics to him. The virtuous man (warrior) studies metaphysics and realizes they are the source of ethics, and an unveiling of the code by which the game is programmed. Through metaphysical effort the player feels able to reprogram the game to some degree, or tap into the deepest secrets of the game which have been hidden from him by laziness, foolishness, feminists, or white knights. The program seemingly has a programmer, and confronting the programmer is a metaphysical experience. This is why so many in the community end up getting religion. They begin to realize that this is a massively multiplayer game, and there is much more at stake than getting the girl or the job. They suddenly realize that there is a game manual after all, and it’s called a Bible.


The final sphere of the warrior is government. Once he has understood the game, himself, the programmer, and the powers and principalities, he feels that politics are important. Alas, politics is the highest realm of applied masculine virtue. The majority of poli-lit consumers and news consumers are, and always have been men, while the majority of fashion and gossip subscribers are, and always have been women.

Politics and pickup mingle on some of the most influential game sites. And it turns out that reality has a conservative bias. Contrary to popular opinion, both Darwninan nature and God’s Creation are a real bitch, and there is no utopia in sight. There is no enlightenment, there is no equality, there are no human rights, there is no justice in this world. These things cannot be found under a microscope, and they are placed back in their proper metaphysical contexts where they belong by the red pill man. Confronting reality is the essence of what it means to be a masculine man. Confronting your neighbor’s reality is only the next logical progression. Religion often has a role in these matters.


Although the concept of nation is higher than the concept of family, the concept of a nation stems from the concept of the family; the clan; as well as religious values. Governments, businesses, and nations reflect upon the state of the family. This leads many men to conclude that government and family are closely intertwined, and leads them to take on fatherhood in order to build a legacy of his own.

Fatherhood affords a man a power that he cannot bring about on his own. He can raise his sons and daughters to reform the nation. He can build a house under his name. He can go to his grave knowing that he was perhaps a deciding blow in the war against the ugly lies. Taking up this calling in our modern times can be a nightmare if men are tossed aside for no reason and find themselves enslaved to their traitorous wives by a biased family court system, or have their businesses destroyed by a sniveling meddling bureaucrat. But the rewards can be uniquely satisfying; there are many men who go to their graves surrounded by loved ones who will proudly carry his colors into battle.

To someone who has never known such a feeling in their own dysfunctional families, it can be hard to imagine, but I promise you, it in fact exists. Not all married men end up in that endless pile of dead men filling the trenches of Earth. Because a man has taken this calling, or foolishly has found himself trapped in this situation, he finds game helpful. He observes from the shadows, lurking anonymously online behind his deadly enemy: the nihilist, the cad, the slut, the feminist, the mangina. He games his wife, his daughters, his mother, his employees, his customers. He learns to be both genuine and intentional about everything he emotes. He teaches his sons to identify danger, and forces his daughters to heed his directions. He protects his own, and betters himself, progressing as a man, developing abilities he probably didn’t get from his own father since his mother unilaterally kicked father out of his home and replaced him with a strange biker drummer dude, or since his father was just another feminized neck bearded sniveling milk sop. He comes to learn that all of life is in fact a game which we play for keeps.

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326 thoughts on “Does God Have A Place In The Red Pill Man’s Life?”

      1. I’d agree with that. Buddhism is something I definitely wouldn’t consider blue pill.

    1. Agree. This site’s name is Return of Kings. Here’s what Macchiavelli had to say about kings:
      “It is not essential, then, that a Prince should have all the good
      qualities which I have enumerated above [faith], but it is most essential that
      he should seem to have them; I will even venture to affirm that if he
      has and invariably practises them all, they are hurtful, whereas the
      appearance of having them is useful.”

    2. As a woman, I find offensive how most religions have male gods, blatantly sexist religions such as Christianity or Islam are fake, if there is a god, it should be a female, women have the kindest type of spirit, the ultimate good should be a female in theory, that is enough proof that most religions are false.

      1. You misunderstand something. God is not about being “kind” (though I fail to see any connection with kindness and women these days) but about creating. God creates, men creates. Women do not. Therefore, God is a man.

      2. You’re just a stupid bitch. You’re the most dangerous kind of person in our society.

      3. BS, most of the kindest people I know are men. My father is way more kind, and a better person, than my mother was.

    3. Religion is a man-made system, whereas a supreme G-d and the afterlife are real. People have seen the afterlife. And science, for example Darwinism, becomes twisted towards what the generational rich ruling class want. If you believe in pure Darwin, then you must believe that the dumb twats who run our countries are superior to us. Which they aren’t, they are merely better organised by maintaining a cartel.

      1. “People have seen the afterlife.”
        When you die, you’re body releases massive amounts of DMT and a shitload of other substances that fuck with you. Am I saying there is no afterlife? No. I’d just be careful not to listen to what others say about these things. Use some skepticism.

        1. Some of the testimonies I’ve read & heard about people who were legally dead but then revived are quite compelling stories about the afterlife. But if they are just chemical hallucinations, how would that phenomena have even evolved? How would your body know to release DMT? If you’re dying, you won’t have a chance to reproduce anymore, so a hallucinogenic event wouldn’t improve your reproductive fitness. There’d be no rhyme or reason for the genes for such an event to be passed down.

        2. The existence of an afterlife and the omniscience of God are different issues.
          Maybe “sent” isn’t the best way to describe the transition to the afterlife.
          Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after three days and Lazarus came back with stories of the afterlife. If Jesus the son and God the father along with the Holy Ghost form the Trinity then Jesus is God. So God knew that Lazarus wouldn’t stay dead but allowed him to go to the afterlife “prematurely” anyhow.

        3. Sometimes things can happen in the body and mind that are not evolved mechanisms for reproduction, but plain and simply malfunctions of a system approaching breaking point. A typical example is the hallucinations reported by people who have gone through extreme situations – starvation, dehydration, extreme cold, lack of oxygen etc. They start to see and hear things which are not there. When the brain starts to go haywire, then yeah .. it can throw some crazy shit at you. You can’t explain everything with ‘it does / does not help you impregnate a female’.
          Besides, a genetic trait does not have to necessarily actively help with reproductive fitness for it to be carried on. It’s enough for it not to seriously hinder. In fact some traits are actually ‘handicaps’ (for example the human penis having no bones, unlike that of many mammals), which we speculate are a way to show off the individuals health and fitness (he’s capable despite the ‘handicap’). Careful of trying to explain everything with one simple general principle. The universe is way messier and more complicated than that. 🙂

        4. Here’s how I heard it explained from a priest who was also a very learned university professor.
          God (assuming a god exists) does not, and cannot know the future, because the future does not exist. So even god cannot know something which does not exist yet. The future is just a concept in our mind. It’s not written anywhere. There is no predestination. Every future moment is shaped by how we use the present moment, so we create our future as we live. To believe in predestination would negate the concept of free will and the whole damn house of cards comes crashing down, for then how can anyone be good or evil if it was written already how we would live his life and it never was in his own power to decide? It therefore follows that even a god cannot know nor decide your future. That’s for you to decide and create.
          And that’s the whole basis of concepts of morality and good vs bad. What choices will YOU make? If you had no say in the matter (predestination) then everything becomes futile.

        5. Again, I never said there wasn’t an afterlife. I just said that we should use some skepticism when dealing with these types of things.
          As someone else said, I think it’s just a malfunction at that point. Your body releases DMT when you dream too.

        6. Ok, concepts such as genetic drift and the handicap principle can help explain evolved traits that aren’t necessarily advantageous to reproductive fitness.
          What I find interesting is the commonalities of some of the afterlife testimonies. If they are only hallucinations from DMT, etc, then how come so many people have very similar hallucinations? Including visuals, places, faces, and spoken words.
          Funny thing is I guess we don’t know for sure until we take the plunge ourselves. Didn’t a dead guy want Lazarus to pass a message on to his living son but Lazarus said the son wouldn’t believe him anyhow?

    4. I disagree completely. One can absorb a large amount of wisdom from religion e.g Christianity and Buddhism. There are a lot of messages from Christianity that are red pill
      “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control.” 1 Timothy 2:11-15
      “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)
      “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.” Colossians 3:18
      “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
      “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”
      “There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it.”
      I can write a whole article on the red pill knowledge in religion. Sure religion is not perfect but then again what is ‘perfect’?

      1. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
        I needed this. So fucking true.

    5. Depends how you define and frame religion. Sure you can blame Christian ethics from the works of Nietzsche but there is a certain strength in spirituality. Many teach emotional, mental and physical self control.

  1. One’s religion is generally an accident of birth. Clinging to that religion through life is just a sign that the person never tried to figure things out on their own. I’ve been a person of strong faith, then was an agnostic, am now pretty much an atheist. I don’t like the in your face atheist crowd, but generally I am much more free mentally, and feel more accountable for my own life as an atheist.

      1. Who is the guy in this picture? Seen him on a few memes. Anyone know the origin or name of the meme?
        Just curious.

      2. phone god? lol
        p.s. you dont look too euphoric to me — unless 90 lbs overweight with adolescent clothing indicates euphoria
        That person’s face cries out: I am extremely smug, tho I have nothing about which to be smug. My advice: head on over to Mr. SuperIntelligent’s shop, you’ll fit in there.

    1. Not necessarily. It depends on the person. Case in point, me.
      No matter what I grew up with, I realized my decision to follow my religious beliefs was my own.
      I’ve tried to figure things out on my own, and I’ve discovered that many things I’ll never know for sure. What I’m capable of finding out, I will strive to do. There are somethings that aren’t proven or disproven. That’s how our world, and life, is.

    2. How can it be an accident of birth? I was born Hindu and I chose a form of following Christ.
      G-d and the afterlife are real. Google about people who died and saw heaven/hell. Plus, gotta warn you, our UK/US leaders are Satanists. They truly believe in Satan and his war against G-d.
      The Satanists hide in various guises and are often called ‘the Synagogue of Satan’ though they are not exclusively of a religion and work with Freemasonary and secret societies, such as Skull and Bones (George Bush).
      This is the group who collectively are known as the ‘Illuminati’ and comprise of central bankers, military strategists and globallists. They are currently establishing what Bush, Tony Blair, gordon Brown and Obama call the ‘New World Order’. The Iranian premier, the cuban leader and even Putin are part of this plot by a minority of 6000 people, all generational dynasties, to enslave humankind.

      1. “I was born Hindu and I chose a form of following Christ.”
        So you went from something that doesn’t make much sense to something that makes no sense? Organized religion is just a way to control the masses, which is what Christianity did better than any religion prior. Organized religion is a way to institute certain rituals in society so that people will follow those rules with the fear of God instilled on them. Please don’t misconstrue my argument to say that there is nothing outside of this world because I’m not saying that.

    1. Problem is these days too many are dogmatic about science if that makes sense. For example, you meet someone who’s one hundred percent sure that global warming is a reality because someone told them so. A little more skepticism would be a good idea. Certainty is for those conducting experiments. Which is why I give more credence to Roosh’s views on game versus my buddy who is too scared to approach women.

      1. People do not know what science is. They do not know the meaning of testing and Ockhams Razor.
        And there are much false corrupted science, like much of the global warming stuff. Being a physicist helps a lot against such.

        1. Have you ever noticed how much more religion-friendly physicists are when compared to many other disciplines?

      1. Bingo. Philosophers invented science to conduct field research for their metaphysical theories. Now when people think of science they think of monks and priests and shamans in white lab coats, telling them “truth” and healing their illnesses. Scientists are often extremely philosophically ignorant, and often need to be told to shut up and get back in the lab. They can be very introverted and dorky and narrow minded, too.

    2. Both science and religion are inherently founded on belief. Difference is, scientific belief constantly evolves, while biblical does not.

        1. Science is also belief without evidence. The so called problem of induction. However, scientific knowledge or belief, highly relies on empiricism, and is subject to criticism, and hence evolves, which makes it always up to date.

        2. Science relies on falsification more than it does on induction, but I do agree. Falsification is a very robust mechanism that works very well.

        3. There is no evidence that a human can provide to dispute the existence of a being that lies outside what our limited 5 senses and brains can comprehend.
          Either you believe or you can say ‘I don’t know’. You cannot disprove the existence of such a being.

        4. There is no way to prove it either so the burden of proof lies on those making the assertion. Russell’s teapot.

        5. The existence of God can easily be proven. The existence of the universe cannot be explained absent a supernatural creator. The burden of proof lies with atheists to explain how the physical universe could create itself out of nothing and how a complex living cell can emerge spontaneously — both of which are scientifically impossible.

        6. “The existence of the universe cannot be explained absent a supernatural creator.”
          That is about the boldest statement ever made. And also absurdly flawed. What are you constituting as ‘God’? One of the man-made ones that have been designed on this planet?

        7. We don’t know, but that doesn’t mean that it necessarily had to be a supernatural creator. One could also marvel at the physical universe and all of its inhabitants, while asking why an all-knowing, all-capable, and maybe, all-loving god would create systems that are inefficient and things that are fucked up (these arguments are even stronger if you believe in the all-loving bit).

        8. A creator would implicitly precede the universe. So what preceded god? I don’t like the idea of a “creator”. I think our ancestors’ conceptions of various gods are just natural forces, anthropomorphised.
          Even so, it doesn’t make logical sense. Why would something that’s infinite contain discrete natural laws. And if it’s not infinite, then that would imply a beginning – preceded by either nothing, or infinity. Either of which don’t make sense. This shit keeps me up at night. You ever just have a moment of clarity, just like “holy FUCK is this real? This is absurd”. Makes all your problems seem miniscule.

        9. Ridiculous. If you think God created the multiverse, who created God?
          If God has always been, the same can be said about the multiverse. Besides, who said science hasn’t explained how the universe created itself out of nothing?
          And no, it doesn’t violate the conservation of matter and energy.
          Calculate all matter in the universe amounts to a positive and all energy amounts to a negative because of gravity. When you add the two together, you get precisely zero.
          Add all of the positive and negative charges in the universe and you get zero charge. Add up all the spins of the galaxies and you also get zero.
          In other words, the universe has zero spin, zero charge and zero matter/energy content. Zero is not stable and it could’ve split into the positives and negatives. Something created out of nothing.

        10. Multiverse? If there is a multiverse, then what is the probability that one of the universes has a creator god named YHWH in it? If there are infinite multiverses, then the probability is 1

        11. This sort of thinking is far too close to the ‘god of the gaps’ justification for faith, which is about the shittiest justification for faith. It is in constant retreat. There is firmer ground available for justification of faith. I hope you find it.

        12. Positive and negative energies – fluctuating in the vacuum – is not the same thing as ‘nothing.’ Now put down Lawrence Krauss’ book and apply some common sense.

        13. I imagine the universe to be “god”, its an impersonal god. One that governs with mathematical laws, pan-deism explains it perfectly

        14. I did apply common sense. You do realize that most people comprehend nothing as lack of a thing…and zero is the same in their understanding.
          On the other hand, where is your “common sense”? Physics doesn’t use the term ‘nothing’, which Nathan clearly knows nothing off or he wouldn’t have used it in the first place.
          I know it’s hard, but you gotta take context into consideration when interacting with other people and act accordingly mmmkay?

        15. I realize that “common sense” is the excuse to look for the lost key under the lamp post only.

        16. That argument fails because a god is far more complex than we are. Who created god? Look up human chromosome #2, which has telomeres in the center, which would happen if humans evolved from ancestors who had 1 more pair of chromosomes (like chimpanzees do). Look up the laryngeal nerve of giraffes, how it goes all the way down the neck and back up, due to the fact that the neck’s length evolved AFTER the connecting nerve would have… a clear example of non-intelligent design (the intelligent design would have linked it directly from brain to mouth).

        17. The probability of a square circle existing in one of the multiverses is zero. Infinity isn’t so big that it can include the impossible.

        18. Sorry dude but that makes no sense simple because a positive and negative negate each others existance. However, outside of light which creates matter for its own form of energy to travel thru, energy is just the particular state of being matter is in. Sound, thermal, kinetic, can not exist without matter being its conduit. So therefore ur previous assertion can not be true. I dare say without a God/Catalyst there can be no laws in the universe because existance is based on chance and we all know chance is random.

        19. In order for something to be, Something must always have been. If we are to assume that all came from none, then what stops another closed system crashing into this on at random. Things do not interfere with the universe because we all (atheists and theists) believe in order. I say that order was put into place by a consciousness infinity higher thn mine. However you call me shortsighted because I look the oOne who manages when I observe law and order….

        20. Those suppositions are not enough for me to cast my lot on the idea that God does not exist. All living organism’s DNA is over 90 percent similar (educate me if the variance of that is over 10%) so I now I am like a chimp, however I am also like a dandelion which I believe was supposed to humble us in to realizing we really aint shit, not lead us
          to believe we evolved from it. As far as ur aforementioned nerve, we see adaptation to situations all the time. In LA, we have some rabbits that are born deaf because they live in the airport. However such adaptations took but a few generations. If genetic code can be modified to make rabbits lose their hearing, how come we do not see the species that link what we see. Extinction should not be a factor since there is nothing Evolutionist claim make a species start or stop evolving.
          Im sorry, I see the idea of Randomized design (Evolution) like trying to play a modern PC game with an Atari controller and no lives, where every time you die you get amnesia. There is less of a chance of evolution naturally occurring after the chaos of the Big Bang than there is of an Intelligent Designer.

        21. I didn’t call you anything. It’s your own thoughts or doubt inside your head that you have to contend with.

        22. Then you do not understand the concept of emergence. The burden of proof is on the one positively affirming the existence of the God of Abraham (or equivalent in specifications).

      1. Evolution is truth mixed in with lies (are Warren Buffet and Obama, etc, really more evolved than you, which is why they are higher up in society than you?). Religion is when man twists G-d’s words to meet his expectations. Both are inferior. The truth is in-between.

        1. Why is everyone putting evolution theory in center of science. Hell, even creationism can be scientific.

        2. Yea, creationism will never by scientific. It’s a bullshit idea that never happened.

        3. What if we were created by an alien race. Why could not that be scientific explanation. Why is it always god who must have created us

        4. Fair enough. I think I misinterpreted what you said. I don’t think you’re saying creationism happened. You’re just saying that it’s possible to create a creationist theory that could be scientific. Is that correct?

        5. The ignorance of science on this site is disappoint. The Scientific Theory of Evolution DOES NOT include abiogenesis.

        6. That is not how evolution works. Hahahahhahahaha you are so stupid. Really makes me feel better about your comments about med students. Seriously LOL

        7. I would dare to ask if we should indeed worship our creator? Does this creator (or group of creators, creator race, etc.) have power over us, or did they just create us and leave us be? That is if there is a creator or creators in the first place. Something interesting to ponder over, but I’d rather be lifting, making money, or trying to be the first Black man with a triple-digit lay count with NE Asian women 7+.

        8. That is how evolution works. It is full of gaps, but describes what even religious people observe when it comes to change in family lines. What is the mechanism for mutation, give an example of how that mechanism created a new organ. You can’t, and that is the thing that evolution hinges on.

        9. No, it has nothing to do with the origins of life. It comprises how one organism changes into another one over time. And the level of ignorance on rudimentary scientific knowledge on this site is astoundingly disappointing.

      2. That’s false. Christianity is founded on dogmas, which can change when thought necessary by the Church.

        1. I don’t judge science by the amount of people who have used it to further their own agendas, so I’d ask that for the sake of this argument and truth in general, plz dont do the same.

      3. Science is based on the faith that doing an experiment repeatedly with the same initial conditions (within the threshold of measurement) yields the same predictable outcomes.
        Faith in a God is just feelings and subjective experience, without the ability to repeatably demonstrate it to others.
        Science is a stronger belief system.

    3. Nope. Science is a religion too.
      A BALANCE between Science and Spirituality is the real Red Pill.

        1. Any proposition held to be true is a belief. The distinction between science and religion is real, but it isn’t a distinction between whatever you mean by science and beliefs as such. You misunderstand the nature of beliefs. You also misunderstand religion. Most religions aren’t incompatible with science anyhow. And its hardly a red pill to utilize the scientific method, most ancient religious traditions were exactly the codification of practices that made society work over generations of trial and error.
          What do you mean by science:
          1. The practice thereof
          2. The body of accepted scientific theories
          3. The method of science?
          Depending on which of those you mean, science could be ‘beliefs (2 and 3),’ it could mean a constellation of practices done by scientists (1). So, what do you mean?
          Also, religions include practices. Scholastic Christianity included an entire method of Aristotelian logic for determining the truth values of metaphysical and physical realities (perhaps similar to Popper’s deductivist approach in some way), but they were still willing to accept certain propositions as true. So in that since, religion is beliefs, religious observances, and particular practices related to rationality.

      1. You don’t understand science at all. Science isn’t a religion; it’s a procedure.

        1. As science is practiced now it is a cult relying on ‘peer review’ of computer generated ‘research’ being declared true. Imagine if the holy book of my religion was rewritten on a weekly basis with verifiably false data.
          Evolution is a cultist belief with no living witness to the supposed continuing process ever once existing. No one ever saw a crocodile give birth to a bird but we are supposed to believe this happened … a lot… long time ago trust us. Science is supposed to observe and report – that is the ‘process’ except now it does exactly the opposite by making naked assertions based on myths far more fantastic than any religion ever has. It requires complete denial of reality like the Antarctic boat getting trapped in the ice due to unseasonably frigid waters and everyone onboard still screaming about globull warming.

        2. Evolution is mostly true, except for the most controversial part. When it comes to that most controversial part, it relies on nothing more than appeals to authority. It has a gap, in which followers must place their faith that some day we will understand how random mutations can be intelligible, beneficial, and heritable- all at the same time, with a rate of said mutations being observed to justify the appearance of huge explosions in phenotype in short periods of time such as the Cambrian Explosion. And THEN it might have to wrestle with abiogenesis if it wants to subdue religion once and forever.

        3. “Evolution is a cultist belief with no living witness to the supposed continuing process ever once existing”
          Evolution just comes from an understanding of probability. Organisms (along with civilizations and societies) die out because they don’t adapt quickly enough. All evolution says is that if you don’t keep playing the odds, you’re gonna die out. That’s it.
          You’ve gotta understand something about science. Initially, new scientific discoveries and ideas are hated upon. Actually, it was Christianity that viewed atomism as evil, but we know atomism is a more correct view of the world than the previous views. By the way, the holy book of your religion is filled with lies and horseshit.

        4. You obviously don’t understand the first thing about evolution or science, no one has ever claimed a crocodile can give birth to a bird, try reading a book on evolution and you will understand how it works. Changes happen extremely slowly, one species cannot give birth to another.

        5. Sounds like the scientific version of Ragnarok to me. You live ur life based on a future that you have faith will happen. So y do evolutionary scientist look at me like I’m the crazy one.

      2. Science is not a religion, but people think that science is an epistemology. They think that science has outgrown philosophy. They don’t realize that science is a department under philosophy, that science is done so that we can understand the world and make sense of it, to live better, to find truth and meaning and value. Science is a tool for metaphysical research

      3. religion is based -at most- on the knowledge that bronze-age tribes had available at the time the bible was written. which is to say, one step removed from cowering in fear from seeing lightning in the sky. religions is fucking pathetic.

    4. The funny thing is that any science does not disprove any spiritual beliefs just the charalitians out there that leveraged the engineered need for man’s search for truth for their own personal gain. In that way, I agree with you. However most men, when found out that their existance has been based on a lie, do not try to find out whether any of it was true but reel so far in the other extreme that they are now living a new lie. Really, the only difference between the first lie and the second is whose baby is it. The Truth is not so simple that it can be discovered without assistance in any 1 lifetime.

      1. Science disproves spiritual beliefs with Ockhams Razor. They are overly complex, and therefore unlikely.

        1. Its Occam’s razor and it is not meant to be used on every occasion. Also, science cannot dispute spiritual beliefs when the essence of those beliefs do not lie in the physical realm. Further to that, we’re so arrogant, thinking we can figure out the universe when we still live on this rock and are still trying to figure out women. We’re all just dumb brutes looking for ways to better understand the world, which sometimes, but not always, work.

        2. Isn’t the creation of life through abiogenesis ultimately complex and statistically unlikely? It seems that Ockham’s Razor, which, as I understand, instructs that the most parsimonious explanation is the most likely, lead to the conclusion that some other factor, of which we are unaware, led to the creation of life on this planet?

        3. I agree with your sentiment, but Occam’s Razor is a guide, not a rule. It is useful in narrowing down the possible explanations and theories. Think of it as a way of reducing the key-space in cryptology.

        4. The truth isnt complex just complete. God creates. Suapredicate. It what u doubt that simple complete statement of fact, that we have to load it up with adverb n adjectives. I have yet to find an atheist explain how morality came to be if no being higher than us imposed his vision of order upon us.

    5. True. But not necessarily. Much of religion is also trust based on the limited knowledge that man possesses. It is also illogical much of the time as a man’s identity is based on it. However as we strive to be closer and closer to the truth then religion should also be affected. If religion is to be true or if this or that God is to be believed then it should be based on evidence. That this God did this or that and entered history. Otherwise perhaps those Gods are hypothesises. And you are crying to an indifferent universe when you pray.

    6. Science is based on cherry-picked evidence, which is twisted towards the ruling class agenda. Modern science is based on pharma and defence companies twisting the truth. Therefore science is blue pill. Science is just a belief, because no human can be all knowing and therefore relies on erroneous conclusions made by OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, who are also fallible.

      1. You don’t understand science either. Science is just a procedure to continuously falsify information. Science is constantly adapting and has nothing to do with the elite. What sometimes passes off as “science” is manipulated by the elite, but that’s not science, it’s propaganda. The elite have used all sorts of tools to manipulate the world, including religion by the way. It’s just a part of the way the world works. The masses can’t think for themselves and they’re an extremely fickle bunch. The masses are basically a puppet in this game that they will never understand.

      2. You fail to understand science.
        If it twists evidence, then it is NOT science, but is instead fake.

    7. Universally accepted as the greatest and most influential scientist of all time, Isaac Newton believed in the concept of God. And it was not due to any pressure like how Galileo was subjected to.
      “He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God.”
      ― Isaac Newton

      1. Stephen Hawking doesn’t believe in god? Explain how one of the smartest people to have ever lived, has given many valid reasons on why God does NOT exist

        1. What has been accomplished by Mr. Hawking that is useful in the real world and can be proved (unlike Newton, Leibnitz, Planck et al, whose contributions are tangible)?

        2. Stephen Hawking has more intelligence in his pinky finger than you could have in two life times… Go read your bible fucking close minded halfwit

      2. Isaac Newton is most definitely not universally accepted as the most influential scientist of all time.
        Leibniz was working out the foundations of Calculus, Newton’s most important contribution to scientific knowledge, at the same time as Newton. It is disputed to this day who got there first.

        1. * and the dispute largely follows tribal lines. English insist Newton discovered it, Germanics say Leibniz did.

        2. You realize Newton’s influence was in Physics just as much as Mathematics, right? Even if he never invented Calculus (concurrently with Leibniz or not), he would still be one of the greats of all mankind.

    8. Max Weber writes about the 3 basic functions of religion:
      1. A general explanatory view of the world (what is lightning, etc.)
      2. A code of ethics (10 Commandments)
      3. A way to deal with ocurrences that lie outside your reach, i.e. solace
      Atheists like Dawkins usually only care about the first point and ridicule many of the traditions that stem from a time of general fear of worldly phenomenons, they also have something to say about secular ethical systems that could replace religious ones, but they ALL fail at point 3, which is the reason religion will never disappear: What does it mean, when your child dies? How can you make sense of a terminal illness? Why do bad things happen, even if you do everything right? How can you cope with the knowledge of your own death?
      Science does not deliver a sound form of solace. I remember Dawkins saying something like: Be glad that you are the one possibility out of millions that could have happenend that actually came to be, but that seems rather meek to me.
      I personally do not subscribe to the God of the desert, and it might be possible for some people to just step over these experiences or substitute them with metaphysical thoughts (stoicism seems to be rather popular on this site), but let´s face it: In the long run many people will go to pieces without guidance of some sort

    1. I love your fedora, bro. I am an atheist too. Because theists are dumb. I look down the history of classical theism, from Plato to Newton, and think: “Uneducated Idiots.”

  2. If God doesn’t exist, then pretending that he does for any societal reason is a waste of time. If God does exist, then His will should be of primary importance in your life, regardless if it “fits” into your ideal red pill life.
    I’ve never understood why so many people pick a religion based on what beliefs sound “good” to them. And, I’ve never understood why people debate about which religion is best. In matters of religion, truth should be the only concern.

    1. ” If God does exist, then His will should be of primary importance in your life, regardless if it “fits” into your ideal red pill life” How is that any different from living one’s life according to Obama’s will, or Kim Jong Un’s will? I’m not taking orders from any sky daddies, god or no god.

      1. Maybe because obama and Kim Jong Un don’t have power over your soul’s fate after you die.

      2. Obama is a puppet. He has no will. He does whatever Soros and Rothschilds tell him to.

        1. Here’s the truth: almost all politicians are puppets. Most people in power are usually power hungry and have huge egos. Almost all of them really are useless people.

    2. “If God doesn’t exist, then pretending that he does for any societal reason is a waste of time.”
      Doing anything other than that is a waste of time. Why exactly do you think most people go to church? It’s because of the social aspect, not their personal beliefs.

  3. God isn’t at all important to me, but if he is to you, that’s fine. Vive et vivat.
    I prefer the company of those who worship their god to those who worship the government.

    1. Agreed…I would rather hang out with wacked out religious fundamentalists than some of these government worshipping cultists. The religion of the “left”is government . Some of these Obama rallies had a Kim Jong Ill vibe to them with the songs , chants and matching T shirts…creepy.

    2. In ancient times before Christ, the Pharisees (lawmakers) of the time
      had invented debt-based currency and a code of laws for all to follow.
      Christ was the first real competition they had and the first real
      political revolutionary. So this ‘Synagogue of Satan’ killed him. In
      time, they had poisoned all religions, including Christianity, with
      truth mixed in with lies. They could not hide Christ’s existence, so
      they sought to sully his teachings, and deceive others’.
      By the 330AD, Constantinople was founded, alongside ‘Roman Catholicism’,
      which became a proxy for a new re-imagined Roman Empire. This new
      Christianity had false teachings mixed in with truth. The capitol was
      moved from Rome to its new site, with a further 1/3 move left to put the
      capitol where it was really wanted by the ‘elite’ of that time. In
      Jerusalem. But all roads lead to Rome, and the Roman empire collapsed as
      the trade routes to Constantinople were not favourable.
      Over the next century and a bit, many wars were fought in the subverted
      Christianity’s name. The Muslim religion was founded by the elite as an
      antidote to Christianity.
      By the late 1700s, the House of Rothschilds had beaten Napoleon and
      gained control of all of Britain through financial manipulation. They
      established a mighty empire, with the Satanic aim of re-establishing the
      third temple at Jerusalem, where Constantine had failed. They financed
      both sides of all wars and continue to do this in the present day,
      having staged the Ukraine anti-government ‘revolution’.
      The UK is the financial power. The Vatican is the political seat, where
      the last Pope (Petrus Romanus = Peter of the Roman/US empire) is
      bringing in ecumenical teachings, into the Church, which arguably goes
      against Christianity. Lastly, the US is the military arm, and has been
      used in the last few decades to establish dictatorships in various
      nations, with the excuse being given to the general public that ‘a world
      police’ is needed.
      We are now in the end-game. We all know the bankers are the hidden hand
      that controls society, for none of the big names were prosecuted
      following the financial crisis. We can see/feel something is wrong.
      Kissinger had recently suggested that ‘Israel will cease to exist in 10
      years’. The Iraelis are actually Edomites from the Caucausus, and are
      being used to establish the third temple from which the fabled
      Antichrist will rule. The real Israelites are spread all over the world,
      with only a handful in Israel. In any case, we will see scripture be
      fulfilled at some point in the next few decades, but the cost in terms
      of human suffering will be immense. People of all races and creeds will
      suffer and fight, at the beckoning of the Satanists, who see themselves
      as the true rulers of the human race and as benevolent people.
      Truth is hard to find in the modern era, but this researched account is as close to the truth as we will get.

      1. Go and read Marcus Aurelius’ diary. You’ll start to realize that Christianity doomed Rome. It created infighting and destroyed Rome from the inside out. What you’re saying clearly isn’t the truth.

        1. And then takes credit for “saving civilization.”
          I’ve always gotten a bit of a chuckle through my tears over that one.

        2. Christianity was responsible for the later enlightenment of Europe and was the guarding force against Islam sacking and conquering all of Europe. Some of the greatest thinkers in history were devout Christians and enlightenment lead to modern notion of individual rights. Serfdom gave way to freedom with the ultimate expression being America and a massive increase in technology, medicine, knowledge, and a better standard of living.
          Now we are getting away from all that hocus pocus mumbo jumbo and heading right back into slavery again. Easy to see a connection there isn’t it? Should be….

        3. The Church was the only institution keeping things in order, after the collapse of the Western half of the Roman empire. In all honesty, Rome collapsed because the Romans stopped believing in Rome. Christianity was a small, often oppressed, religion during Rome’s last days, it was hardly a cause for collapse – something St. Augustine argues in the 5th century AD.

        4. The Christians in Rome were quite radical. The factors of Rome’s decline were complex, but Pagan societies were actually much more tolerant than monotheistic ones. For Pagan societies, it was expected that each area, region, and community would have different gods. Rome started to hate on Christians, then Rome became Christian and started to hate on Pagans, and then Rome fell apart. There were other factors in place, like economic and geopolitical factors that were also very important, but creating infighting in your civilization isn’t a good way to deal with problems. Coercion, violence, and intolerance are very expensive.

        5. “Christianity was responsible for the later enlightenment of Europe and was the guarding force against Islam sacking and conquering all of Europe.”
          Yea, I don’t know bout any of this. Pre-1700 all of the largest and most powerful societies/civilizations were Pagan (ex. Mongols). I also wouldn’t mix in Christianity with the enlightenment. Also note that America is not a Christian nation. Ethan Allen, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Pain, and many others were not Christian. Here is something written on a treaty which was signed by John Adams, who was an extremely devout Christian.
          “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”
          By the way, slavery was defended by Christianity in some areas of the South during the pre-Civil War and Civil War areas.

        6. Rome was dying before the Advent of Christianity. Caesar Augustus extended its lifespan a few centuries, go and check his measures against divorce and promiscuity.

        7. Almost all pagan regions of the world pre-1700 were stagnant, including the Chinese. Only in Europe you could observe some dynamism, albeit slow in the beginning, changes began to accrue centuries later.

        8. Christianity was part of the Enlightenment, but in a negative way. Philosophers wanted the nice teachings, but didn’t want the teacher. They wanted peace and brotherhood and superiority of thought and deed and tolerance and liberation from worldly authorities but they didn’t want the source of those things. The enlightenment is fooled, thinking that truth and beauty and unity and law somehow come from nature, or they are fooled thinking those goods can be discerned in nature without a lawgiver. The enlightenment eventually throws out the baby with the bathwater- just give it a few hundred years. You have to hand it to the Catholics- for all their faults they are the foundational and most developed thinkers when it comes to human rights, medical ethics, and justified warfare theory. If you’re glad for those things, thank a dead Catholic or two.

        9. The perfect counterexample would be the Mongol empire, which was the largest land empire of all time. Also, in 1750, China and India combined for over 50% of world output. What you’re saying is flat out false.

        10. Promiscuity doesn’t mean anything in this debate. The Mongols had a very promiscuous society, but they beat the shit out of the Muslims several times. If I were you, I’d bother taking a look at the history of the Mongol empire.

        11. Nothing was built by the Mongols, even their empire faded with time, there are no achievements done by them, not even nations founded by them, not even culture was bequeathed to their subjects….
          Promiscuity (female one) entered the debate because that was part of the malaise Caesar Augustus tried to combat in order to make marriage more attractive for men back then.

        12. Casinobox, could you please elaborate on that point? I’ve read his diary numerous times. However, the translations I’ve read of Marcus Aurelius are missing passages that the authors claimed were too difficult to understand or translate. What am I missing?

        13. From my understanding, both Rome and Greece were very promiscuous (ex. Aspasia had Pericles’ children). As for the Mongols, how does a society with no language, art, literature, science, etc create the largest land empire in history? To me, that’s an achievement in and of itself. The reason, I think, empires that big fall is because they’re too big. Usually, various groups within the empire start to fight against one another and they breakdown from within. The borders of the empire also become much more difficult to control and secure while the empire is very expensive to maintain economically. This is my understanding of why large empires fall apart. To impose coercion and force on groups is extremely expensive and builds resentment over time.
          In today’s developed world, it’s Israel and France that have some of the highest birth rates along with the US. The problem is that children, at some level, become a social good. That’s the fundamental problem. There are other factors that definitely matter too. Another issue with Rome was reducing the importance of family. Maintaining a strong familial structure is important. There’s lots of factors and luck is usually the most important factor. Once fate turns on you, you’re fucked.

        14. Christianity responsible? Where was the enlightenment from the Nicene Creed of Constantine in 4 A.D. (or before) until the Renaissance. Christianity was maintained in the Eastern/Byzantine Empire until the Ottoman conquered them in 1453. Where was any progress. All you got is Christianity as the least hostile major Abrahamic religion to rationalism and individual liberty. Christendom weakened to the point that leaders had to reward individual merit and take a percentage of something rather than 100% of zero, the Reformation and all. Christianity simply did not kill scientific inquiry after Gallileo was silenced. It’s like Communist China turning to capitalism out of necessity.
          casinobox: “Go and read Marcus Aurelius’ diary.”
          Sounds like a very astute reference. I will have to look for it.

        15. Mongol empire is not pagan. Its pan religion. There were great freedom of religion in the Mongol empire, and many Mongol royal family members who converted to Christianity and Islam.

        16. Actually I’m pretty sure that the Romans around their fall were too busy engaging in homo-orgies while the women of Rome consolidated their power.
          Christianity didn’t gain a real hold on Roman society until after their fall, even if it was legalized long beforehand.

        17. I’m a big history guy and data can be interpreted in a lot of ways but I personally do not think the Mongol Empire should be lumped in with Rome, Greece, Persia, or China – in the sense that it had no real culture. It’s art, technology, language, etc were all very primitive and basic compared to other other Imperial powers throughout history. Where Rome and aqueducts, the coliseum, and Stoic philosophy the Mongols had what.. ? They contributed nothing to the human race but death and destruction – they were a plague of locust looters tearing their way across a continent more than they were state builders etc.

        18. Man, if you want to lie, at least try to be convincing. You clearly know nothing about the fall of Rome, or is simply intelectually dishonest.

      2. Interesting time-line and thought process for the end of times. We like to predict these things based on current events, but the apocalypse will be unpredictable.

        1. I prefer amillenialsm or postmillennialism, both are preferable to the ridiculous, newfangled dispensationalist premillenialism. The word “rapture” doesn’t even appear in the Bible, and the “anti-Christ” is not a singular character but anyone who is a false teacher. Daniel 8 is best viewed as Rome, definitely not the UN or the EU.

      3. “In ancient times before Christ, the Pharisees (lawmakers) of the time
        had invented debt-based currency and a code of laws for all to follow.”
        In that particular geographic region of the world perhaps. But in the rest of the world there were other systems.
        Like I said above, the sense of transcendence and methods to achieve it certainly have their place in the red pill schematic. The god of Abraham and the 3 organized Middle Eastern cults (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) that followed suit? No way.

      4. The Pharisees invented debt-based currency? if you don’t mind could you please give a reference for this? Thanks.

    3. It would be fine except when public policy is being based on religion, which happens with disturbing regularity, when our Constitution strictly forbids it.

      1. Do you have a better idea? What should public policy be based on? Let me guess: “science?”
        Science does not tell you the difference between wrong and right. It only tell you what *IS* or how to promote what you value. Science does not tell you what to value. Science, in fact, “proves” that everything is equally nothing, i.e. particles banging around for no real discernible reason

        1. Yeah, isn’t that a soft science? Heavily based on psychology, which is little more than shitty philosophy.

    4. I love the rank hypocrisy of supposed Christians. I was raised Irish Catholic (and dealt with Lutherans, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptists, Pentecostals, et al), and believe me, if there is one blue pill religion it is Christianity. No charging interest, communal living, random things hell worthy (tattoos, burn in hell greatest generation soldier unless you specifically asked for forgiveness and remediated), subservience to authority built in, et al.
      Personally, I’ll stick to Epicurus. He didn’t demand to be worshipped anyway.

      1. True Christianity is pulled from Christ’s teachings in the New Testament. “Christians” have always love to pull Jewish law from the Torah to bully people into molding into their form of “righteous”. If you consume pork then I do not want to hear you using religion to spell hate speech on the gays, tattooed, etc…

  4. Well, i have since early ages of my life (without parental influence) been skeptical towards monotheism, and am even more so as i grow older, and particularly when i read about their creation, development, institutionalization.
    In my highly unpopular opinion, European/western civilization is completely incompatible with orthodox variants of middle-eastern religions (islam, judaism, christianity). That is probably the reason why they were so frequently reformed and revised. They were all founded in cultural pot that had very little common with culture various parts of Europe.
    Anyway, Christianity today is and was heavily westernized. And even as such it is still essentially a middle-eastern cultural matrix somehow stuck where it does not belong.

    1. The Ethopian Christians are the purest form of Christianity, having been not affected by the Roman empire.

    2. Almost all religions today are fucked up in some horrible way. They’ve been corrupted by those in power to use to their advantage. It’s rather despicable.

  5. The Bible is the ultimate red pill writing. It speaks of hard truths. It’s lessons about bloody battles, the use of trickery, justice, the proper roles of men and women, forgiveness, judgement and why even promises to prostitutes must be honored resonate to this day. Like all red pill narrative, it opens our eyes to the truth around us.

    1. I wrote a comment why Bible is not true, however I think the bible asserts as making the ultimate evil, the devil ,a male, however god should be female.

      1. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen 1:27 KJV

        1. Are you freaking trying to say that I am wrong just because I am female? STOP BEING A SEXIST, we women are the kindest sex, we feel the most for others, the god of the bible is a man, it just don’t makes sense, I freaking know what I am talking because I am a Psychologist and have studied the mind

        2. Who said God is a man. If you read the bible, or even his quote you would notice that he said that both genders were made in his (because there is no gender neutral pronoun that is singular) image. Based on a misunderstanding at such a fundimental level, y would I waste my time reading what is probably more misunderstandings based on second (if lucky) plus description of “contradictions” that are listed in the Bible.

        3. Y, because you are you? Don’t be such a bigot and let a man who puts multiple complex thoughts in compound sentences talk.
          It will refine ur mental game which is obviously lacking.

        4. HAHA cocksure, do you want to see me angry? I CAN MAKE YOU CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL IF I WANT TO, so don’t defy you, I have learnt to deal with rude men and put them in their place, I have become a tough girl.
          Agbahizzal: please SHUT UP. The bible have the concept of God the FATHER and SON. Do you think I am an idiot, like many men thinks, just ’cause I am a woman? here I am showing how I am freaking more intelligent than you, a man. Who is the best sex now?

        5. He is referred to as a He because God is transcendent. If God is she it will imply immanence. For if God gave the universe birth it will imply the universe is of the same substance as God hence God is then not Holy.
          But because God is totally other and spoke the world into existence. And Fathers are in a sense symbolically other than his children while the mother and the fruit of her womb is symbolically of the same substance. God is a He.

      2. Possibly you’re a wiccan, or Satanist? We know women who dabble in occult hate the Bible.

      3. Go back to drinking mead out of a human skull you wacky pagan broad. The chick deities were every bit as wicked and violent as the male gods.

      4. G-d and Christ were true. There is evidence for this. However, it is true that the Bible was subverted long ago, and like all religions, including Judaism and the Muslim religion; all mix truth in with lies.

    2. Unfortunately, it is “the ultimate truth” that bible preaches that I’m not satisfied with.
      I cannot say that i believe bible contains ultimate truth, and then look myself in the mirror and say that I’m a honest man.
      When it comes to seeking truth, for me, bible was worthy, but not that satisfactory writing.

      1. Only in entering death can does he triumph over it. Only by suffering the wrath of a Holy God could he redeem the wicked.

        1. Yea yea. Thor slayed frost giants with a hammer, Zeus fucked every hot piece of ass it Greece. Your emasculation little jew shit himself when he was nailed to a plank of wood.

    3. Yep. G-d says to obey him and love each other, to do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. This is pure truth and the world would be a better place if even Christians obeyed these basic commandments. The Bible had been subverted, like all books, over the ages, but its basic truths are real. It must be read with a discerning mind.
      The Bible also says not to let women lead you astray (Adam and Eve anyone?) G-d is the ultimate Patriarch and knew of the inherent dangers to society of males lacking leadership skills and of female solipsism. We were warned of these red pill truths millenia ago!

      1. So why would God give us the ability to think, to write, to create, to live, to imagine, etc if he didn’t want us to use it? Is that what a benevolent God does? Does a benevolent God tell us to obey blindly and do as I say otherwise you end up in eternal damnation? That sounds closer to a ploy by Satan than something written by God.

    4. This made me laugh. So a story of some guy splitting the Red Sea in half is a red pill writing? There’s a bunch of bullshit in the Bible just like that (ex. some guy building a big ass boat to carry two of every single organism like that’s remotely possible). That’s not the truth. If you think that’s the truth, you’re just kidding yourself.

    5. The truth around us being what? And I like how said the EXACT opposite and didn’t even make an effort to paraphrase what I said.

    6. God i hate bible thumpers more than any religion for the sheer fact of this comment, who are you to say that The Biblical Religions are superior to many others? Don’t be ignorant, the bible was written by humans

      1. I hate Olympic gold medalists because they say they are superior at running or weight lifting or gymnastics or whatever sport they won gold in.
        Everybody is equal and nobody is superior……..

      2. Biblical religions are easily superior to non-biblical religions. Writing is superior to memorizing. Literacy is superior to illiteracy. Would you rather have religious claims made on paper where they won’t change, or would you rather have to listen to people who could just be making shit up and changing their religion whenever it suits them?

    7. A God who hides himself in every obvious way, and then punishes you eternally for being skeptical, is a God not only unworthy of belief, but also unworthy of worship. The Devil is a better entity…

    1. Seriously, do I need to write a damned blog post before you stop promoting crypto Satan-worship?

  6. “Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he
    must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear. ”
    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 10, 1787

  7. Good article.
    I tell most people I’m not a christian, I believe in G-d… Confuses the hell out of them. I’m gnostic myself, but I always figured that bit where Christ’s says “unto me these secrets are given, unto them it is not, so I speak to them in parables.” Was the key bit. Salvation and damnation are irrelevant, doing the right things for the right reasons is more key. And no not the liberal ideas, more Elijah and Moses, less pope pious the 12th please. Also I don’t consider sex a sin but a natural human condition as long as everybody know what’s going on.

      1. Hang out in Michigan sometime around the christian reform church… Sex and lots of stuff are sins, like watching TV on Sunday.

  8. First define what or who “God” is. An old man in the sky? An entity on another plane of existence? A cosmic force? Nature? An alien that is just more advanced than we can comprehend? Something else entirely?
    On his death bed, Takuan Soho wrote his final poem. He simply wrote one character: Yume or Dream, then toss ed his brush down and died on the spot. This existence is a dream, that is what he meant. He left this for his students to ponder, and we’re pondering it still. Is god then,the dreamer?

      1. You also can’t disprove multiple Gods. You also can’t disprove aliens coming here and creating us. You can’t disprove lots of things.

    1. Why? How can you prove that the existence of G-d isn’t true?
      Redpill is about truth. Whether it be with women or other matters.

    2. But it is all true. You just don’t like the topic. But many in the manosphere are getting religion, and many are outright nihilists, and they’re all reading the same freakin websites. Don’t you think that’s worth discussing? I think it is bizarre

  9. Enjoyed the article.
    I’ll never understand why these supposed atheist red pillers have so much hatred towards the semitic monotheist religions. At the very least they could study them with an objective eye and appreciate the red pill insights that they offer.
    Namely that God the Father is the ultimate patriarch and all of life flows from this masculine essence. Everything that makes society work comes from the spiritualization of A MAN. There is no female name for this deity…..unless we are like the papists and worship mary…which by the way is only re instituted mother goddess worship of the pagan world thrown into catholicism.
    God the father gives man the authority as head over his household and establishes that his name shall live on through his progeny. Fitting that a man rule over his house when God the father rules over this earthly world.
    I’ve seen the rise of “atheism” from millenials as more or less blue pill indoctrination. They cannot think for themselves and worshipping no other god then yourself ala aleister crowley seems to be the fad these days. So believing in your religion of “no god” is a tired cliche for intellectual weaklings.
    DERP DERP religion bad! it said so on da interwebz! DERP DERP.
    The sad thing is this among modern atheists…..they cant even come close in semblance to the nihilist ubermensch. Raised by single mothers, drugged and indoctrinated since childhood, having lower testosterone levels and a dependency on technological know how of past generations they couldn’t wipe their fucking ass unless a public service announcement on tv told them how.
    Christ I fuckin hate worthless millenials,

    1. You got that right. I’m a millennial. We are the Lost Generation, Celebrity worshipping, Godless, Narcissistic and techno-dependant to the point where I doubt any millennial can even change a Tyre.

      1. The older generations, despite claims to the contrary, are just as lost. they just learned to hide it better and have tonnes of cognitive dissonance as to why they allowed things to get so f*cked up on their watch.

        1. I can change my oil and spark plugs, build a staircase from plank wood, reframe a door, take my V-Twin apart and put it back together again, fish, hunt and cook a great meal. How am I, a GenX, lost? Serious question.

    2. People who dabble in the occult, witchcraft, black arts (magic) all have a concept of a Horned God and a Divine Goddess. They usually mask this belief in the garb of calling themselves “atheists”. The concept of a Goddess is itself used to propagate the theory of feminism – which has its root in black magic and the occult. Witchcraft in medieval Russia and Slavic countries (which was later repressed by the state) is also one of the reasons why East European women tend to be closet feminists. Most East European Slavic women still believe and tend to dabble in some form of occult belief or practices in today’s world. Romania is the only country in the world where witchcraft is actually a legal profession today.
      The repeal of the witchcraft law in 1951 in the UK led to the explosion of feminism (which was coincidentally having its first or second wave at that time) in the Anglo sphere.
      Feminist role models are Lilith (supposedly Adam’s first wife who defied him and God), Jezebel (the queen of Israel who worshipped Astarte, a goddess), Tamara (a whore), the scarlet whore (the whore of Babylon), etc. and so on. So feminism itself is a godless, anti-monotheistic, anti-patriarchal (in contrast to the monotheistic Abrahamic religions which preach patriarchy and dutifulness to wives), and in general satanic.
      Regarding atheism, Isaac Newton (considered to be the most intelligent , greatest,and influential human and scientist to have ever lived) himself mentioned that “as much as he delved deeper and deeper into science, he realized the existence of ( a singular) God.” He himself was a staunch critic of atheism in his life.
      What must be understood is that since red pill and monotheism both essentially preach patriarchy, they actually are not enemies of each other, as some red pillers think.

      1. Exactly. This is what I’ve been trying to say and it just strikes me as so odd most people who object to religion here cannot see this connection.
        I used to not think this way but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that:
        Old and orthodox= man centered, logical, fair, good for soceity
        New, progressive=female centered, faggot approved, death for society.

    3. The “Papists” didn’t include “worship” to Mary, they include her as intercessor before God, Protestant nations were the real throwback to Paganism, they were the ones to return first to it…

  10. Last time God was mentioned in an ROK article, the comments section turned into a pissing match. So called ‘pick up artists’ who ran popular manosphere blogs and who preached ‘holding frame’ and ‘remaining unaffected’ began to comment like bitches.
    Hope the same doesn’t happen here. The one thing that could embarrass sites like this are effeminate rantings.

    1. I am surprised to see the level of comments so low, some great and intellectual stuff comes across these ROK comments some times. I mean really, “Who created God?” What kinda dumb shit question is that? If you admit that there is a God are you really about to swell up and be like, “Bitch, who’s yer daddy?”

  11. The wisdom that God reveals in the bible is at its core very Red Pill. At first a lot of it will sound stupid and counterproductive (really, the suggestion of Jesus to turn the other cheek when someone hits you. C’mon!), but after a while you may become to realize what the goal of all those suggestions is: God teaching you to be a whole person, who is secure in his identity, not paralyzed by fear, driven by a clear goal, guided by healthy guidelines and rules and able to enjoy and endure the world no matter what. The suggestion to turn the other cheek, for example, will become a CHOICE to be vulnerable, not a necessity because you couldn’t stand up for yourself. All the wisdom in the bible revolves around choice and preparing you to make choices. God loves you for who you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way.

      1. That’s an interesting viewpoint. In a way, feminism is a religion. Too bad it discourages reproduction so it can’t live for long.

        1. A good father doesn’t want followers, they want their children to develop capable and independent minds that behave rationally. Which is the opposite of the herd-mentality associated with feminism or religion.

        2. False. Good fathers generally want children to promote their legacy, traditions, wisdom, and clan. Lazy stupid fathers want kids to go to public school to be indoctrinated by feminists to hate their country, their gods, and their fathers.

        3. 1. How is my argument false based on anything you said?
          2. You do realize you are 100% wrong when you say free will comes from religious teachings right?

        4. Free will comes from metaphysical thinking, which is not science or materialism. If you admit free will is metaphysical, I will be happy. If you admit that science has not found free will, then I will be happy. Free will is a logical paradox. It is easily point out by one simple question: You say you have free will, then where is it? Where is it?

        5. Where did I ever suggest or alter the definition of free will? I simply argued that religion is not the source of it. Particularly since religion is deterministic in nature and quantum physics supports some degree of free will.

    1. The turn the other cheek thing misunderstood by most people and reflects that person’s mentality.
      It says to turn the other cheek when slapped. A slap isn’t a hurtful strike, it’s an insult. It’s basically saying that if some loser insults you be cool as fuck and turn the other cheek and have the stance ‘is that it?. That’s all you got’. Show that you’re above it and don’t really care about insults because you’re frame is tight. In Game this is the concept behind AMOG being non reactive to another man’s frame.
      It’s not saying to let someone beat you down. It’s interpreted that way in these times because we live in an a pussifed era.

      1. And along those lines, Jesus told his followers to wear a sword, and his follower used a sword at one point, but at this point Jesus was surrendering himself, and he taught that those who live by the sword die by the sword, which is a true teaching. But people take it to mean that those who live by the sword are bad, evil, hell bound… which is not the teaching. Pacifism is an option for the follower, but so it self defense and justice, especially if you work for the “king” or the government. And we live in a democracy, where the government works for US. We don’t have to render to Caesar, we are in charge. Chew on that.

      2. My understanding of that saying was that backhanding someone was insulting, hitting someone with the open palm was more along the lines of declaring a blood feud. So if someone back hands you, you turn the other cheek and present it to the open palm. Basically you’d be saying “do you really want to fight about this? Because if so let’s go all the way.””

      3. Exactly Jesus smashed the money changers in the temple there is a tine and place for violence

  12. The most influential scientist in human history till date (whose theories led to basic modern technological inventions) – Isaac Newton – himself believed in God.
    He famously said the following quotes:
    “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.”
    ― Isaac Newton, The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
    “He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God.”
    “Atheism is so senseless & odious to mankind that it never had many professors.”

    1. This proves absolutely nothing. Einstein was agnostic. There, your weak argument has been refuted.

      1. Einstein himself derived his inspiration from Newton.
        What he followed in his private life was his own matter, but he never used Gnosticism to scientifically refute the existence of God.

    2. His opinion of God might’ve been different if he was born in the 20th Century

  13. Life is no game, and Game is just the latest fad that the lost clutch, trying to fill the empty place inside them where Father (and obedience to Father) is supposed to be.
    The lefties/progs run the same self-scam — God is not in them, because they are just so darn Wonderful and Superintelligent and Fabulous, who could find room? More to point, who would want to enter in to the selfish souls and steel-trap minds of such persons? Jesus? Nupe. He chose humble and “ignorant” men for a very good reason.
    God does not have a place in the redpill man’s life. Your next breath, the next bite of food, your ability to place one foot in front of another, all these are dependant upon the generosity, love, and pleasure of Father and Son, extended to us moment-to-moment.
    God does not need the Red Pill Man, or anybody else for that matter. The Red Pill Man, instead, desperately needs God, without which he will remain a proud, willful, self-serving poon junkie (i.e., a slave) and blithely toss away his eternal nature and future in exchange for silly posturings and vanity on this sad and doomed planet.
    Gamers, like the rest o the west, have severe priority problems, not least of which is imagining that the world, and/or its Creator, exist to entertain and validate them. We’ll be getting that sorted soon, though.

    1. red pill buddy, not PUA’s. using the term interchangeably is like using bicycles and vehicles interchangeably. PUA’s may be red pill, but not all red pill are PUA’s.

  14. It was some Greek or Roman philosopher who was talking politics with a group of men and one guy said, “I don’t want to talk politics.” The philosopher responded, “Then why are you talking at all?”

  15. I would recommend the whole God-thing. Nothing quite satisfies me in the same way. And if you are going to do it, then go badass on it- avoid the faggy liberal churches and go for one of the more traditional outfits. Personally I am Catholic- I like the rituals, the intellectual heritage of the Church through its artists, philosophers and scientists, and of course the basic teachings themselves. I would not say I believe in all of it, but I wouldn’t trust someone who believes absolutely in everything. But I certainly can say that my faith makes me far less concerned about dying, being poor or losing anything that I own, and it is almost as if with that fear being lifted, I am liberated to go out and kick ass at the things I care about. Now if all this seems a bit flippant and cavalier, it’s just because I don’t want to get all preachy and discuss some of the more intense aspects of the faith – I don’t think that this website is meant for that sort of thing. All I will say is that faith works for me, and I hope to marry a high-end Catholic virgin with big tits and traditional values.

  16. Red Pill = Truth.
    Supernatural creative intelligence who created the universe and intercedes when he see fit = F**king ridiculous. False.
    God is the ultimate blue pill. Belief in theism is location dependent and a product of conditioning. If you were born in India you’d believe in many gods. There might be some wisdom in the Bible or the Koran, but you can find wisdom in any work of fiction. A turd is still a turd, even if you smother jam on it.

  17. Seriously guys, I find living in Western world to be so depressing due to feminists values. Dysfunctional women acting like they have balls. Guys acting feminine and if u talk about red pill they look at u as a sexist pig. How do u live day by day, it gets to me at times where I just get so pissed off….

  18. I don’t see how a god necessarily solves the problems that traditional theists want it to solve. A god could, without logical contradiction, have created human life without any meaning, purpose, moral absolutes, ultimate justice, an afterlife or any of the other wishlists-for-Santa that theists want a god to give them.
    In other words, a god has absolutely no obligation to arrange its creation for human convenience.

    1. God could. But most theists, and red pillers, deal in what *is* first, then deal in what *could* next.

  19. The second half of the metaphysical “game manual,” especially the part about the Word (Logos) in John 3:16 is derived from Greek philosophy, most heavily from Platonism. The Old Testament demiurge is not the real God. The true God is Logos, who gives us the capacity to know; thus we can speak in accordance to reason, and do math and science.

  20. The most famous 12 step program, in reference to problems being solved says “…God could and would if he were sought.” Doesn’t say found. It’s the process of working a spiritual program that is helpful. I don’t need to understand God. God is beyond my comprehension, anyway.

  21. pathetic, absolutely pathetic. if you believe in a benevolent zombie-saviour, you’re a tool. a man thinks for himself and questions everything. if you bow your head before an imaginary man in the sky, you will bow your head before other men as well. fact.

      1. if you need proof as to why your own morality ought to be the ultimate moral compass instead of a piece of fiction shat out in the bronze age by illiterate nomads, then maybe you’re too much of a zealot to bother arguing with.

      1. that’s the beauty of it – question atheism all you want. there’s no beating logic and science

  22. The most brainwashed and indoctrinated blue pillers on this earth are those whose religion is entwined with their culture. A man on his knee’s is a man without hope.

  23. Slightly off topic but imagine being told who to marry by your parents, and ostracized by them and your community if you don’t ‘man up’ and fit in line and do as you’re told. Religion is a moderating influence but ultimately it was constructed to control the ignorant masses, hence why every notable empire had one.

    1. That is true only if you first assume positive atheism. If there is no true religion, then everything is contructed to control ignorant masses. Everything.
      If at least 1 religion is true, then it is still possible that it was constructed for the masses, but it would also be *true* and would become the “game manual” for the game.

  24. I have only just begun to read Soren Kierkegaard (pioneer of Christian Existentialism), but here are a few good quotes:
    “The truth is a snare: you cannot have it, without being caught. You cannot have the truth in such a way that you catch it, but only in such a way that it catches you.”
    “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
    “Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”
    “To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.”
    The idea that Truth cannot be found in scripture, and the elucidation on scripture, is blue-pill. Truth is Truth, it doesn’t matter where you find it.

  25. Who knows what the fuck’s after death, but it can’t hurt to have a policy of doing more good than bad in life, and believing in a higher power, and giving an “OOOMMMM” of appreciation once in a while. That’s my policy. As for organized religion, it’s bullshit.

    1. What do you call a person who prefers disorganization to organization?
      A lazy fool slob.

  26. Religion teaches you morals, ethics. It has never been about believing in the almighty god in the sky or something like that. It has always been about how you want your tribe to function, how you treat those around you.
    This is were the whole debate around science and religion goes wrong. But hey, it’s all because our leaders wants us to believe in something else, let’s say human rights, equality, diversity, the holocaust etc, etc. That’s the moral-code they want us to follow because then we are good citizens, good citizens as in controllable citizens.

  27. You will all find at the end of the day that humanity in general, and women in specific will always refuse to act in the best interests of society absent some sort of higher moral accountability.
    Most anti-religious men embody a very female-like way of rebutting religion, complete with effeminate snark.
    In their words is the same sort of defiant tough-talk that is a hallmark of the most odious of feminists.
    If someone wishes to be atheist, I have no problem with that. What strikes me as humorous is so many men on ROK (and elsewhere) who – at the merest mention of religion or God, immediate revert to a trigger-warning state of angry, defensive, and childish insults.
    Thus sayeth your betters:
    If you cannot be in disagreement about something without co-opting the feminist’s toolkit of rhetoric, then you need to re-examine just how masculine you suppose yourself to be.
    If your response to religious statements is indistinguishable from Lindy West’s, then you really need to recalibrate and learn to respond like a man.

    1. Religious belief requires a level of anti-rationalism and dogmatism typically seen in females.
      We atheists don’t like seeing grown people running around saying “Moby Dick is Holy and will save us for our sins!” Just replace Moby Dick with Jesus and suddenly it *looks* less absurd, but it really isn’t.

      1. Gee, if only all the brilliant believing philosophers (Socrates, Aquinas), scientists (Newton, Kepler) and statesmen (Washington, Jefferson) throughout history had only had the chance you had to read Moby Dick the world could have been saved from their anti-rationalism. Thank God you were here to post such an irrefutable piece of logic. How can anyone continue to believe after reading your comment. Hallelujah! We are all saved!!

      2. Most people lack the rationality to function without relgion it is a necessary tool on building civilization

  28. Excellent. You are talking above many people’s heads here. Well done.

  29. Nothing like a post about religion to get the comments section buzzing.
    I believe their is a God. Everything in this world is too orderly for it not to have been designed by a higher power. If this all was by happenstance imagine the vastly remote possibility of all the events that would have had to take place in perfect order to get to where we are today. Not very likely.
    I also find that most people who like to opine about religion, and usually Christianity, have little actual knowledge about the Bible, let alone have even read it. Most comments are just recycled trash originally spit out by someone who is supposedly in the know. Like any real red-piller should before you make any calls about some like Christianity pick up an actual bible and read it cover to cover. You will find that those who say they are Christian and those who knock it around know very little about the actual substance it.

  30. “My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and
    unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not
    call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line.”
    C.S. Lewis
    “The atheist can’t find God for the same reason that a thief can’t find a policeman.”

  31. No, god shouldn’t have a place in the life of any man who has values such as honesty, truth and integrity and who can view his world objectively while understanding the connectedness of all things biologically influenced by millenia of evolution.

    1. yes, and what about the other 99.999% of humanity?
      Over three quarters of the world cannot understand the basic concepts behind evolution… I’d much rather they had a priest telling them “Don’t kill people and steal their shit’

  32. Taking the red pill, as in the film from which this concept is taken, The Matrix, is about freeing one’s mind. It’s about breaking down the walls that are built up around us by society, to see as much truth as we can. Sometimes it’s as obvious as waking up with metal plugs in your brain, but even Neo, the “Chosen One,” didn’t understand the full truth of his situation until the very end.
    Before the scientific method was developed, religion served partly as a means to make sense of the mysteries our universe, and partly as a moral code to prevent the collapse of ancient civilizations. Now that we’ve come to understand our situation better, however, religion has become superfluous, and I submit that it does more harm than good. We don’t need ancient texts to tell us how to treat one another.
    For example, we can all abide by a simple unspoken agreement to not hurt or steal from each other. Common sense dictates that to do otherwise would bring about total chaos. Of course, that doesn’t mean we all throw our weapons into a bonfire and sing songs of peace, because common sense also dictates that not everyone will abide by this unspoken agreement.
    Whether one believes in a supreme being or not is irrelevant, however, because it’s unlikely that any of us reading or debating here will reach such a level of understanding, given our severely limited existence. The important thing is to continue to improve oneself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. That spiritual need could either be filled by religion, or by the human spirit within that drives us to not only survive, but thrive.

  33. you’re claiming to be liberated, yet you believe in what people tell you. kudos.

    1. ahh, the difference is whether or not you believe a lie because you do not know better, or believe it because it helps humanity. The first is ignorance, the second courage.

  34. I have been reading a lot of articles on this website for a
    few months now, just learning about red pill and manosphere (I’m in my early 20’s).
    While most articles are okay, a few are just sheer brilliant. This website is awesome
    for encouraging ways for men to improve themselves. My advice to ROK readers is
    to discover the truth; that is pristine Islam (without the cultural baggage and
    CIA-funded ‘terrorist’ groups). As a Muslim immigrant to the USA, I’ve grown up
    here and gone to school here. I’ve always noticed something was wrong this
    toxic feminist-lgbt-liberalPC society but never put my finger on it. I’m afraid
    to get married and raise children in such a toxic, indoctrinating, anti-Islamic
    society. Red pill is about not just gaming women but discovering the bitter
    truth. Feminism, lgbt, liberalsPC, & atheism are all funded by satanic banking/corporations/media
    to erode society, morals, and religion. No group is more demonized by this satanic
    banking/corporations/media than Islam. The materials are there; seek the
    knowledge about pristine Islam. It is readily available and plentiful in most
    languages including English. Your life has a greater meaning, a greater
    purpose. We’re all gonna die at some point, no escaping death. Islam teaches
    about traditional family dynamics, good moral upbringing, and to better oneself
    spiritually, physically, and mentally. I’m glad I was raised in this pure way
    despite being surrounded, feeling alone. I love you guys here at ROK and just
    want to get this message out. If you don’t like or accept Islam that’s cool, I
    won’t hunt you down and call you a bigot or say you’re insensitive. Just do
    some research on it and read about it. I’ve read about almost all the religions
    in the world, economic philosophies, histories, ROK, etc. Researching and reading about things has made
    more knowledgeable. Just keep reading, learning, and researching; after you
    research Islam, based on its evidence come up with your own conclusion. You
    decide if its right for you. Just merely putting this out there. [Prophet
    Muhammad: “Near the end days the truth will be considered falsehood and falsehood
    will be considered truth…The truthful person will be considered a liar while
    the liar will be considered truthful.”] [Prophet Muhammad: “The strong man is not
    one who is good at fighting but the strong man is one who can control his anger
    in a fit of rage”.]

    1. Muhammad was a warlord, a slaver, and a cold-blooded murderer. If I wanted to take that sort of person as my personal savior, I’d worship Nelson Mandela.

    2. Pristine Islam involves the subjugation of all the people of the earth to a theocratic dictatorship lead by a brutalizing strong man who interprets the words of the prophet to you and allows no dissent. Mohamed was a liar and a deceiver. He has told his followers that they may lie to infidels if it furthers the cause of Islam, therefore, how can I know that anything you have said above is true? A man once proven a liar may justifiably have all his future testimony rejected out of hand. A man who has told you he will lie to get his way can never, ever be trusted. Your prophet has told you to lie if it furthers the cause of Islam, therefore your testimony can be rejected without further debate.

  35. Sad truth is a bunch of us (Assuming God is real) r probably going to hell. Myself included. I hope i dont but i dont follow the bible too much nor am i a chruch-goer

    1. Let’s put it this way… if you act responsibly and try not to hurt people without dire necessity,, you are going to heaven. if you are NOT going to heaven even after all that, then frankly it’s not likely to be a place you want to go anyway.
      If god is as unforgiving as to refuse to let a few mistakes slide, Then he’s not my social equal, nor the social equal of any person who strives to be decent.

  36. “he was far beyond everyone and alone in the darkness, and to them he had become a strange and fearful monster.”
    Good to see another monster in the darkness….interesting article.

  37. I read your comments and realize that many of you have been seriously brainwashed by the ailing sheep of Christ.
    You need to come to terms with the fact that there is no God, because the idea of it is dead. It is a very ridiculous story.
    Religion, just like feminism, is an intelligence test. Dumb and weak men just don’t pass it.
    Surrendering yourself to a God is like being a faggot who voluntarily takes it in the behind. You disempower yourself in exchange for a very twisted sense of false security.
    And that because by giving power to another person, organization or ideology, you can get rid of that psychological burden that comes from taking control over your own life and freeing yourself from the chains of religion, government and property.
    I am not saying this to put anyone down. I am attacking your values and ideas, and encouraging to destroy them.
    Anarchy is the slightest glimmer of hope.
    Peace to you and your descendants.

    1. I am sorry, but I have seen first hand the results of anarchy. Anarchy is predicated upon the basic idea that humans are capable of taking care of themselves.
      This is transparent hogwash. There will ALWAYS be those incapable of caring for themselves and others, and there will always be those who wish to take without paying the price for it.
      Those ‘chains’ to which you refer are the crutches the incompetent NEED in order to make some sort of contribution to society. Very few men are ‘rennaissance men’, and specialization, without which technology and human progress grind to a halt, requires that individuals NOT have to take care of their basic needs… taking care of your basic needs restricts the time you can spend on being exceptional.
      It falls upon those who are capable of taking care of basics to take care of those who are specialists, in order to give the specialists what they need in order to improve the ability of those who are capable to produce.
      Excess production, and the ability to get that production where it needs to go, is the fuel by which society improves itself. While tribalism is emotionally and viscerally satisfying, it does not provide the means through which humanity can continue to expand… and expansion is the basic and unalterable goal of every species.
      Don’t get me wrong, I think that tribalism is the most emotionally satisfying form of government for humans, but it takes breaking away from tribalism in order to advance… Humans are unique in that they are NEVER adapted to their environment, and thus developed intelligence… the one feature that ensures complete lack of happiness. We are an unhappy species, unadapted, and must stay that way in order to remain at the top of the food chain. Tribalism, complacency, and bliss must be fought constantly lest it drag our species back to the same valley of complacency that kept us from advancing for fifty thousand years.

      1. Anarchism as a political alternative is quite new. It has been evolving. In its early stages of development, terrorism and armed revolution were options. The dissolution of the state has always been its final goal.
        The state is to be replaced with a participatory democracy.
        You have never seen the results of Anarchy first hand. Neither have I. None of us fought in the Spanish Civil War or the Russian Revolution.
        Anarchism is a project. The homo sapiens is not the end of history. We are travelling to the stars after we get rid of the angry monkey tail that keeps us addicted to power.
        Long live anarchy

        1. Do you really consider the inner cities of place like compton, DC, detroit, and the like, places where even the cops are terrified to go, to not be the ultimate bastions of anarchy?
          Anarchy ALWAYS results in destruction and dissolution. If this is the altar where you choose to worship, the triumph of beasts over civilization, more power to you… but to be fair, if you attempt to ACT to create anarchy, I, and many others like me, will be willing and able to use a bullet to stop your reign of destruction.
          Now, that being said, Anarchy CAN be used as an effective tool for trimming away the excess fat in a society. Creative use of controlled anarchy is as effective as a surgeon using a blade to excise cancer…. but as an end goal? Anarchy devolves to tyranny as surely, and far more quickly, than socialism.

        2. It is good that you tell me this. Because you are talking about a very unorthodox definition of Anarchy, which I do not feel fond of. That definition is the product of anti-anarchist propaganda.
          The last thing we want Is physical violence because it has been tested for millions of years.
          The goal is to bring awareness through the methodical exposition of political and economic truth.
          If we can tell the difference between right and wrong, better decisions can be made.
          I am not here to do politics for my own benefit. Just to say the truth and speed up the process of liberation.
          The first duty of the anarchist militant is to defend his individual freedom.
          I know you are an intelligent man and I sincerely hope you can join our ranks one day and spread the truth. I have no reason to raise my fist against you. Long live individual freedom. Children are the only valid basis for society, not power over each other.

        3. Why is freedom important, exactly? does it feed you? does it clothe you? does it make you rich? does it give you the opportunity to acquire power, or sex? Can you measure it? Does it improve technology, or help the race spread throughout the stars? does it increase the general happiness?
          Justice I can understand.
          self-determination I can understand.
          Personal responsibility i can understand.
          Personal progress I can understand.
          But at it’s core, the definition of ‘freedom’ means ‘freedom from consequences’. and that I cannot understand.
          Anarchy has, at it’s core, the basic understanding that you do not have to pay for the actions you take. This I cannot understand, because it denies reality wnad the basic condition of being human…everything has a price.
          Anarchy’s price is instability, ongoing violence, and mental manipulation… My mind belongs to me, it is perhaps the only thing I truly possess and truly value, and I am not willing to give it up for an anarchist’s vaporous definition of ‘freedom’.
          Humans crave government. without government, they cannot succeed.
          Is there really a reason one man should NOT have power over another?

        4. You have to experience individual freedom in your daily life in order to understand it. This is the basis of human dignity. You eat, sleep, dress, smoke cannabis, raise your children and have sex with dignity. You exchange things with people on equal terms, you educate yourself and your children…
          You only need to acquire enough power to defend your individual freedom. No need for submitting others or keeping them ignorant for your own benefit.
          At the higher levels you cooperate voluntarily with others to bring down organizations that cannot justify the power they hold. Example given: The Fed, processed food manufacturers, the feminists, the homosexuals, alcohol/tobacco/oil companies, and so forth.
          You are angry, just like me and every single man here.
          We gotta keep fighting power. We win by destroying. Power cannot be transferred, it must be destroyed.

        5. none of those things require what is colloquially termed ‘freedom’. Justice, self-determination, sure, but freedom? I’m sorry, but that is nothing more than a buzzword unless and until it is given meaning through context. Independently, it means nothing except that you force someone else to take on your burdens.

        6. Do you know what our main ideological difference?
          You think we are bad and we need to be controlled. I think we are good we need truth and freedom in order to make the right decisions.
          Apart from this, there is no much difference.
          Here is a quote from a synth pop band, which I think deserves it’s place in the history of art:
          “Although we see the world through different eyes, we share the same idea of paradise.”

    2. Anarchy our only hope? Wow you are not a man, but a mere animal, a creature only fit for the slaughter. And like a leper you spread your filth, keep it to yourself looney. George Washington believed in God as did the rest of our founding fathers. They created the greatest nation the world has ever seen. What can you do? If you want to keep believing in nonsense, at least keep it to yourself.

  38. The world is filled with lies. nihilistic realism demands immediate suicide.
    If you are not a fucking idiot, you will realize that you must find which lies are worth supporting and which will destroy the human race.
    I agree with the lie of religion, and support it 100%. Why? because without it, people lose the fear of hell. The idea that killing others and stealing their stuff is irrelevant to the future of the universe or even to themselves as individuals, since they will all be dead in a hundred years regardless of how they lived their lives.
    Frankly, religion is the only framework that has successfully kept people from killing each other and stealing their shit for thousands of years. to me, that makes it truly worth preserving. Secular Humanism has failed to address the issue, atheism-as-a-religion has only made the problem worse, as has the lie of egalitarianism.
    Of course, religions that support the idea of killing others and stealing their shit need to be stomped out. They harm humanity, rather than encouraging a moral framework that makes this mud ball a fairly decent place to die. Sorry Islam, your bloody-handed religion’s gotta go. It might work fine for desert people, where water scarcity makes every man see every other man as a potential enemy, but for us northern people that have to huddle together to stay warm in the winter? enemies are contra-survival. Islam is wrong for a civilized people.

    1. Morality based on religion is morality based on the fear of punishment as well as the desire to have absolute power over people and events.
      It is a very primitive and ineffective method of population control. Why? Because in most cases the punishment does not take place right after the sin. This is a loophole in the divine law of reward and punishment, simply because we tend to forget things that do not affect us immediately.
      That is why we had to create civil laws that could guarantee punishment in a shorter time span than that of divine law, as this has an immediate effect on the behavior of potential divine law breakers.

      1. Of course, a two-tier method works far more effectively than simply relying on fear and guilt.

        1. I believe moral behavior can be regulated and observed much more effectively in small groups such as bands or very little communities. Everyone takes care of everyone. We all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
          Larger societies such as nations or tribes need violence to ensure order and law. This is because the individual freedom and love/respect for others is replaced by competition for resources and status within the group.
          Peace man.

  39. God is the universe evolving into a state of perfection. God is not static. God is reality, and reality changes. We, humans, are tiny parts of God’s consciousness witnessing himself along this evolutionary path. The Jabberwocky has spoken! Anyone who wants to know more religious truth’iness should contact me, one of an infinite number of messiahs who happens to be a little more correct than all the other ones.

    1. If God is whatever you want him to be then it’s obvious you’re creating some sort of invisible friend crutch.

  40. The sense of transcendence certainly has a place in the red pill schematic. The god of Abraham and the 3 major religious cults that followed? No way.

  41. Like every other area of American life, organized religion is a training ground for the submissive male. Basically sex for a man’s soul brothels. Only the pastor and a few of his close associates may be alpha.

    1. *Shrug* not every man can be an alpha, nor SHOULD every man. Someone has to keep the water and power flowing while your dick is hard.

      1. True that’s why I don’t think organized religion has any place for Reds. Unless you want to start a cult where the hot women fuck you while thinking they’re doing God’s will and you dupe the rest out of their money.

        1. And this is a bad thing?
          Seriously, reds in general should be all over this. However, this is a sticking point between PUA’s and builders.
          yes, we both know the truth, but pua’s want to exploit it for sex, and builders want to fix it. That doesn’t mean one group has more of a monopoly on the truth, it just means we have different solutions.

      2. Every man must be alpha at least one woman. His. That is what learning Game, for the married man at least, is all about. It’s not about dick swinging at other men or pissing contests. It’s learning what you need to know make your woman respect you as the MAN of her life.
        That’s even the idea behind monogamy. One man being Lord of one woman. That’s how monogamy creates the stablest societies. Look at the “lost boys” of the fundamentalist Mormon sects like Jim Jeffers. The “elders” throw out the boys as soon as they are old enough to go after the young girls, which all the pervert leaders want for themselves. That is what always happens with polygamy.

  42. “A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”
    – Timothy 2:11-12
    Say what you will about Christianity, but it certainly had wisdom and a great plan for civilization.

  43. God is what fills the void of ignorance, especially so when answers matter more than questions.
    Can’t whip-out God in a consistent, non-subjectively dependent manner? Then he doesn’t exist. The null-hypothesis is Step 0 in having and maintaining a logical and rational view of the universe. It simply states this: it is impossible to *prove* something does not exist, therefore affirming something’s existence requires proof as everything that exists can be proven to exist. It’s the simple point-to and say “see here?” test. One cannot point to a God and say “see here?” without relying on subjective feelings which can be hallucinated.

    1. You must think yourself smarter than Isaac Newton! He believed in God more than in himself. In fact, the worlds real scientists who have contributed to society all believed in God. Ignorant reprobates like Darwin and Dawkins have not done anything for us. Evolution has never been observed nor shall it ever be, except in Pokemon. The fossil record shows not one sign of mutation taking place. That’s why even today it is still called the missing link. And it shall remain so forever, for they are chasing the wind.

    2. A very interesting argument, one I am not sure I have ever encountered before. Very good! I will have to research it further.
      A couple of problems, however. First, “Everything that exists can be proven to exist.” Nonsense. The existence of atoms was postulated more than 2000 years ago with no proof available anywhere nor for thousands of years. The existence of thousands upon thousands of galaxies was not even conceived until they were discovered with modern telescopes. If the universe is composed of superstrings, most scientists are now saying we will never be able to prove it. They may still exist but we lack the instrumentation necessary to ever prove it.
      But even if we have the instrumentation for detecting something that cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled with our naked senses, we may still be unable to prove to ourselves it exists if the instrument is damaged or in need calibration.
      When Yuri Gagarin came back from space, the communist proudly announced to the world that he had not found God. He used the instrument of a rocket to travel 107 miles into space, looked around and said, “Nope! Don’t see God.” Yet the universe is billions of light years across. He could have just as inconclusively said, “Nope! No alien life forms out here,” and been just as correct. His instrument was not fitted to his task.
      The fact that 99% of the human race have always and without question or doubt believed in a supreme being and that atheism is a new development in the human psyche just might be evidence that the instrument used by human beings to detect God’s existence, the soul, is broken in the atheist and damaged in the agnostic. It is at least possible.
      But you say, that means you have no proof for God. At least not proof the atheist or agnostic can perceive. So what then?
      Well, even without proof one may still have a valid theory communicable even to those without the instrumentation to “see” the proof. A theory is created to interpret data, explain facts, and generate hypotheses that can be tested by research. A theory might never be subject to proof and yet still be valid. A theory is judged valid to the degree that it explains observed facts. A theory may or may not be useful depending on the phenomenon it explains and whether it can make any useful predictions or generates any new or useful behaviors.
      If you were to read the book, “Evidence That Demands a Verdict”, I think you would find that “The Theory of God” can do all of the above. So even if your “God Instrument” is damaged or destroyed you might still be able to acknowledge the beauty of the theory and appreciate it’s usefulness.

  44. Euthyphro’s Dilemma defeats the necessity of God. Since true morality transcends God thus he is not needed for true morality and claiming good is whatever God dictates is childish. Hence a real person seeks true morality without make-believe deities to get in the way.

    1. But you rather have each man make his own morality huh? That is a doorway to an evil evil world. What right do you have to tell me I am wrong? What is good for you is not good for me.

    2. You are mistaken. Euthyphro’s dilemma is a chicken or the egg question which is easily answered by postulating the existence of an uncreated creator possessing in his eternal and uncreated nature all of the attributes of rational consciousness including the attribute of freely chosen moral perfection.
      This infinite-personal God then creates us in His image, the image of rational consciousness and free will, thereby imparting to us the undeniable mental concept of moral perfection. We then, in our own minds, reflect our agreement with the moral perfections expressed by the moral term “piety” or “goodness”.
      Problems arise almost immediately for us as we live out our lives because every day we are confronted with the reality not only of our rational consciousness, but also of our ability to make free choices between different actions. With this ability comes the question, “How shall I then live?” Or, “What OUGHT I to do in each of these situations?”
      How you answer these questions determines your own personal character and moral “worth”. Do you choose to do what is right or what is wrong? And how do you decide which is which? By rational thought or by animal passions?
      Far from eliminating the necessity of an infinite-personal God, solving Euthyphro’s dilemma necessitates the existence of such a God. Without an infinite-personal consciousness possessing the attribute of both rationality AND free will, there is no foundation for the concept of moral necessity aka moral obligation.

  45. In the old testament it says the effeminate men will not share in the glory of god, The Red pill is for every God fearing man.

  46. God owns the universe.
    It is His private property.
    If you intend to stay on His property, you obey His will.
    And if you have a problem with that, then go to Hell.

  47. This article is bullshit by the very premises the question in the title makes. The Red Pill is the understanding of the fundamental sexual nature of woman. A topic which is utterly unrelated to whether there are any gods, and how Man should act in accordance.

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