War Machine’s Cuckoldry Shows That Men Are Not Allowed To Feel Jealousy

Human history has been replete with instances of crimes of passion borne out of mate jealousy and sometimes-retroactive jealousy too, since antiquity. Religion has laid down specific laws dealing with infidelity or adultery. Human genitalia itself has also undergone years of evolution to deal with rival competition for the partner. In spite of the accepted permissiveness of modern culture, men as well as women continue to deal with jealousy in relationships, and sometimes commit crimes due to it.

After promiscuous pasts, retrograde jealousy comes to hound and destroy stable relationships—even in cases when both partners knew about each other’s “colorful” pasts.  For example, modern fem-centric permissive societies look at retrograde jealousy as an “illness” while stating that “people should get over each other’s pasts in relationships.”

“Say you’re interested in anal sex – not because you’re all porno’d up on ass play, but because it’s something you’ve never tried before and would like to see if you like it – but she’s not interested because she’s already done anal enough times with her previous lovers to know that it’s not really her thing.

Chivalrous reason obviously dictates that you don’t pressure her into it. You suck it up and accept that you’re not going to have that in your sex life. But is that fair?” – Thoughts about retroactive jealousy


The case gets worse in the case of actual cheating, or assumed infidelity, when it could lead to crimes of passion.

When modern civilizational liberalism clashes with inherent territorial instincts


A recent story making the headlines was the brutal beating of pornstar Christy Mack by her MMA fighter boyfriend, WarMachine. WarMachine, who has a history of violence in real life and not just in the ring, supposedly broke into Mack’s house and found her with another man. He then proceeded to beat her visitor, and then turned onto her. Mack ran away from him naked, asking for help from neighbors before she was hospitalized with severe injuries. WarMachine was arrested a few days later, while Mack has been offered free facial reconstruction and plans to return to porn after full recovery.


WarMachine had joked about raping Mack a year ago, possibly because he couldn’t get laid enough within the relationship. He had even joked about ‘killing’ her in an interview last year. One could not stop wondering about her sanity and self-esteem when he said this next to her in interview. Why did she stay with him, break up later because he beat her and later hook up with him again? Didn’t she realize what could be possibly coming if she pushed his wrong buttons?

Is this just another example of the average western women’s mind and choice of men to date from? And we have to ask, would she go back to him in the future like she did before?

Predictably, the story was white-knighted and sensationalized by some to highlight supposed “societal desensitization to domestic violence and sexual abuse’”—of women only, of course—in recent years. Chuck Zito, one of the stars on Sons of Anarchy, recently backtracked to rescind the comments he made earlier about this story. In the original interview with TMZ, Zito said that what happened between Mack and WarMachine was none of his business, but if he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he would have done the same thing War Machine allegedly did—that is, violently attack her. His comment met with a backlash, and his “apology” too was not accepted easily.

Why did WarMachine beat her? Out of lack of sex, or out of sheer suppressed jealous frustration? But if the second case is true, then should he?

In an earlier article, I have already explained that prostitution is no different from pornography. The men who choose to be romantically involved with women in either of those or other such professions must adopt a twisted concept of partner loyalty.

“I don’t look at it as sex, I look at it as a guy with his dick in my wife, but they’re working and it’s not emotional. She never orgasms in porn. That’s for us. If it happened on the set, it would be a little weird.”—What If Your Wife Were A Porn Star?

A lot of porn stars have their families (and mothers) who condone them, and sometimes even their boyfriends “encourage” them into the profession.

“My mom couldn’t give two fucks less…”

– Mack, when asked about the reaction back home to her work in adult entertainment.


As from this nsfw interview and many such more there:

Q: So how does your boyfriend handle it?

A: “He’s ok with it. He’s the one who really motivated me. He said, if it makes me happy, I’m good and I can do it!”

Q: Since you have a boyfriend, how often do you have sex off camera?

A: Every day. (laughs). When I come home from shooting, I’m tired and the maximum he can get is a blowjob. (laughs)

Acceptance of such women into “relationships” only works for a man when he has actually killed off all remnants of the male jealousy and territorial instincts which Nature has programmed into his animal brain. Logically, he shouldn’t expect sexual loyalty from such women whose lifestyle he already knows about, and neither should he exhibit instinctual territorial jealousy or anger.

Such a man would see his woman thirstily swallowing cum from random men, getting sexually spit-roasted by a train of men who’d spit and urinate on, slap and spank her while she squeals or trash talks in pleasure. He would see her anus get distended hideously at the end of an anal creampie with cum dripping out of it, which she licks off the floor on-screen. Yet he would accept her because of “love.”


Is loyalty today just an attention-whoring tattoo?

I always wondered: how would such a man’s male honor and integrity be when he meets her “work colleagues” who ravaged her on-screen? How would he feel when his friends or random people mockingly ask him for a chance to bang his girlfriend’s anus—even if it may be for money? In short, he has to pimp not only his woman, but his honor even more, day in, day out wherever he goes. Even pimps don’t fall in love with their bitches because of this very reason. The green monster of instinctual territorial jealousy ingrained in male nature would raise its head sooner or later.

But the glaring and comical ironies of this story were the accusations of infidelities thrown out around from both sides. If this attack was motivated out of her infidelity, I couldn’t understand how a man could bother when he willingly chose to get involved with a woman who actually fucks with countless men on screen in the name of work. What difference does it make if she fucks around in real life too, when she’s already “cheating” on him with men on screen? What is the value of such a woman’s love minus her physical loyalty?

And I couldn’t understand how a woman who has all her holes and body ravaged by different men on screen should even bother about her partner’s loyalty. Isn’t this entitled female hypocrisy—commonly seen in some sluts and whores, who still want their men to be loyal to them?

Biologically, men and women are created differently, and female virtue and chastity have traditionally (and naturally) been valued in mate selection, even if not so much in today’s times of sexual liberation. Thus there will always be a sexual double standard when it comes to loyalty of the genders.

Do such individuals even deserve mention in an article?  There are however many such cases in the modern world. This might as well as apply to boyfriends of sluts or whores too, for such cases are the result of a decadent civilization which produces such individuals.

The death of female shame and male honor

The reasons why this problem gets compounded is because of the convoluted modern concepts of personal shame and honor. In an earlier article, I mentioned:

“The fact remains that the trends will continue to worsen in the future. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 20 years from now, people would be casually having sex in public, in front of children and seniors, as ‘sexual liberation’ increasingly becomes the slogan for the present and future generations of women.“

I was wrong in my estimation, for it didn’t take 20 years. Less than 20 days after the 24-man blowjob incident, another video came up again, in Magaluf again. The explicit nsfw graphic video shows the eager woman being plowed between two cars as cars pass by during rush hour traffic.  And just like sex selfie Twitter accounts, there is now a NSFW twitter account dealing with crazy Magaluf videos which contributors can submit depravity to.


The irony is that, these individuals are mature and supposedly sober, unlike the drunk teen who blew 24 men. And just a few days back, there was another case of a 40-minute romp of passionate exhibitionist sex by a couple again, this time in front of horrified families and children on a crowded beach in broad daylight.

I’m not being prudish here. I wonder why we don’t encourage public nudity if in the end we want to fuck like animals in public? Why do we have spend on expensive clothing and fashion to cover ourselves, when we’d have public sex? Let’s do away with the last barrier to personal modesty and shame. Why do we consider ourselves to be humans, the supposed progeny of Adam and Eve who supposedly even sew for themselves covering out of leaves to hide their genitals in the Garden of Eden, out of shame?

As you see, people (or women specifically) have lost their shame.It wouldn’t be long when such behavior will be increasingly seen in public, in daylight. And in this scenario, do concepts like male honor, pride and territorial jealousy hold value? What ego does the man have when he exposes his partner’s genitalia when he’s banging her in front of them? He has already exposed his partner’s nakedness to public, forget about his own. His pride comes from the fact that he banged his hot partner in public, and her presentability and worth as a partner in his eyes is not in her virtue, but rather her sex appeal to society and sexual ability. Welcome to the shallowness of the 21st century.

Yet the same man would experience jealousy if his exhibitionist partner would fuck with someone else. How convoluted have the concepts of male territorial jealousy and pride become in today’s times. Liberalism may provide a release for the animal sexual lust in mankind by promoting debauchery and licentiousness, but it can never provide a satisfactory answer in this same permissive paradigm for the inherent territorial jealous instinct inherent in the animal nature of mankind. In the end, man is a social animal with territorial instincts.

A modern social paradigm of cuckolded beasts

Modernism and feminism today preach the code of demarcation of a woman’s sexual loyalty from her emotional loyalty within relationships—and expects modern men to accept that while dating modern women. A woman can fuck with as many men as she wants without emotional investment, yet supposedly still retain the ability to love a man (sometimes even while withholding sex from him). So if she loves you, you should still forget her past and be a real man to accept her.

The attitude of women today is “I’ll fuck with whoever I want, however I want because it’s my ‘job’ (especially in case she’s in whoring or porn), whereas you will only fuck with me and how I want, because I love you.” How sincere or valuable is that love?

In short, we live in dysfunctional fem-centric societies today where cuckoldry is increasingly glorified subtly for men. Men are shamed to man up to date or marry whores or sluts, while ironically nice guys who white knight women are treated as wimps by the same society. The path of masculinity today is a confusing minefield for modern men. If you think about it deeply, modern women actually don’t need real men who have real honor or real territorial instincts. What they want are ripped, rich, martially trained beasts that can defend, fuck and possibly provide for them at will—but only on their terms.


A modern man is expected to act territorial only when his woman is in danger or needs protection, but supposed to forfeit his territorial jealousy if she flirts or fucks around, because in that case it’s her body over which he has limited to no right.


That’s what men are today for women—just tools. What women forget is that, in the end, a beast is always a beast. And Man, in spite of all his civilized intelligence, cannot deny the instinctual territorial beast in him, which will come to life when threatened. The man who has unnaturally denied that reality has already forfeited his masculinity.

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206 thoughts on “War Machine’s Cuckoldry Shows That Men Are Not Allowed To Feel Jealousy”

  1. Sure, war machine was allowed to be jealous, but I mean come on! Dude was dating a pornstar. Of course, he shouldn’t have beat her. An alpha doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him. That is a female trait.
    A lot of men have lost their shame as well. I don’t care how hot a chick is, I wouldn’t fuck her in broad daylight after she just messed around with over two dozen guys. Those dudes had no self-respect.

    1. Alphas are known for extreme violence and in history people like oh Genghis Khan would have had his woman crucified (literally) in public if she cheated on him while he had ten thousand concubines. Being alpha means being in control and what better way to control than overt acts of violence? The alpha is the last one standing in the room – emotional control when it is warranted is an alpha trait. Standing around like a dumbass saying “I don’t care” while your woman fucks someone else is most certainly not alpha. That’s when you break her, her partner(s), and show all the other females watching that you are not to be cheated upon.
      Now this guys job is much harder because the police have made all men not alpha by definition and white knight is their formal job description. This however doesn’t change what an alpha is though. If you doubt this – how many love letters do prison inmates who chopped up women who pissed them off get vs. the schulbs they used to be in an office somewhere before they were found out? Violence is very very alpha as an alpha is dominant and dominance requires violence at times.

      1. No one said to stand around and act like you “don’t care”. Violence is only necessary when you, the weak, or your loved ones are threatened. If you beat a woman because she cheated on you, you’re a bitch. Plain and simple. If that means I just called Genghis Khan a bitch, then so be it. HE wouldn’t have done shit anyway, he would have had his subordinates do his dirty work. Another bitch trait. Violence is a last resort, double that if you are highly trained.

        1. While a man can be respected when he only uses violence as a last resort, at the same time impulsive violence is a masculine behavior as well. I have a hard time categorizing men like war machine as “bitches.” He beat the shit out of the guy who was in the house. He’s clearly demonstrated he’s not afraid of other men. Is war machine a idiot? Sure. A bitch? Nah, maybe another word should be used. Claiming beating a cheating woman makes a man a bitch is a weak assumption. It is too little to go off of.

        2. Sure, he shouldn’t be afraid of other men, he is a professional fighter, that wouldn’t make any sense. Okay, maybe “bitch” is too strong of a word, but he isn’t alpha, that is for sure. I still don’t think impulse violence is a masculine behavior. Look at how many females cave to their impulses, get out of hand and hit men.

        3. Good point. What word would you use then?
          Alpha-chump perhaps?
          I think it would have to be a hybrid word. He is definitely alpha, but something in his “mixture” rings of beta.
          I guess I would have to know more about his past to properly identify what it would most likely be.

        4. I see what you are saying, but I disagree with the modern incarnation. i feel that most of these women only do that because the sub-conscious stigma of seeing other women put in their place has never crossed their eyes.
          Had they lived in a world where a man could literally back-hand her across the face without a word.
          You would not see videos of women ganging up on a single man.
          The McDonald’s convict who beat two women chasing him down for bitchiness is an example.
          Those women were up to no good, but he tried to avoid them. They leaped over the counter (more likely fat slugged their way over), and he brought out a metal rod, and started beating them with it. The screams emanating from their dick holes was hilarious. I doubt they will do that again.
          If that happened more, minus the feminist propaganda immediately afterwords, women would not do such things. At least most cases. Because the other women would see what happened to their dumbest members.

        5. No. Doesn’t strike my “that’s it” mental button.
          He has all the tools, but something is amiss.

        6. Oh, I fully agree. Even my mother told me that if a woman attacks me I should, and I quote “beat that bitch like a man since she wants to act like one.”

        7. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. How does this story affect us? How does it help us grow as men? There really isn’t a lesson here that isn’t completely obvious. Don’t date whores, literally.

        8. There is one lesson actually. Deciphering a lesser beta, posing as manly alpha rogue easier could definitely be a great lesson.
          I think there is more here to the story, but I agree with you, it is not going to make more than a short article.

      2. Genghis Khan would not exist today. If you haven’t, look into his life. Great strategist, and leader of men. But I agree with CH on this one. Just because you are the leader of men, does not make you a leader of women.
        The only reason Genghis Khan had so many women, and the ability to “keep” them was because of his status, and the legend. Had one event made him lose over the long haul, 20% of those living in certain parts of Asia would not claim his lineage.
        Women are fickle creatures. It is highly likely his harem was getting it, even when he was not around.
        We can’t judge men, and women, from those times with a modern lens. Least of all Khan.

      3. Spot on. Women too display violent behavior when men supposedly ‘cheat’ on them. Jealousy is essentially found in both sexes. But women today expect men not to be jealous, while themselves exhibiting jealousy should their men prowl around other women. Fuck that female hypocrisy. In the end, it’s men who get cuckolded, and never women in the case of cheating,.Who gets fooled into raising someone else’s spawn?

      4. http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/09/justice/charles-manson-wife/
        The 25 year old leader of the Charles Manson fan club probably thinks we men are surprised that she went ape shit over this human trash and is now his fiance. Who says short guys can’t get chicks? Nothing gets these women hot like a convicted murderer and rapist. Just ask the California state employee who married the Hillside Strangler.

    2. True. But I don’t think he was an alpha male. Granted, it is obvious he had all of the tools of the dark triad traits. However, something under the overly muscled surface was hiding. Like something out of Men in Black, there was a beta holding the controls in his skull.
      Why do I think this?
      Because he was with, staying faithful to, and going to marry that slut up.
      This women was making cash putting the short stick of numerous men, sometimes everyday, into every orifice of her body.
      He wanted to marry that.
      Sorry, I don’t care who you are, but porn stars are damaged goods. You marry one, and the Paula Abdul song of “opposites attract” is just bull shit.
      You marry someone with enough opposite traits to complement you, but you need someone who shares enough of your strongest traits to truly be your equal.
      Women today don’t do this. They know that whenever they are bored, they can take the nearest dick that tickles their fancy, fuck it (even if you catch them), and you better take your pink slip with gratitude. Or the judge is gonna send you to your own heaven of anal sex.
      And some dude, be he more or less of a man, will will be waiting in line with other men to “keep her warm for you” while you’re away.
      Men for thousands of years have written, yelled, shouted, emailed, wrote letters, made smoke signals..whatever. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM A BAD WOMAN!
      We never listen.

    3. “Of course, he shouldn’t have beaten her. An alpha doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him.”
      – This works if you choose pump and dump. That’s why I never settle into ‘relationships’ as lot of players do, as there’s no risk of cuckoldry.
      But what WarMachine did, if she indeed ‘cheated’ on him, was an instinctual male response which probably surged through his own hamster which initially cuckolded him in entering into a ‘relationship’ with a porn whore. I think what she continually did on screen and off screen finally unleashed the territorial beast in him. He did feel ‘cuckolded’ in the end. Happens to any guy, even if he might be a beta chump.
      I don’t think he would’ve beaten her if she was just a hoe or slut who he was banging on a regular basis, or if there was no emotional involvement. The problem was the ‘relationship’ tag to the fucking he had with her. That’s his mistake, but a lot of guys are like him today, who commit to whores or sluts and continue to get cuckolded within such arrangements. Men don’t get cuckolded in ONS or FWBs or casual sex scenarios; they get cuckolded within ‘relationships’.

      1. Insightful contrast. The changing value to negative investment returns as the relationship progressed past FWB is where WarMachine probably lost his cool with SlutMachine’s behavior. Had he pulled out his time and attentions to Mack before, or even slightly after, that inflection point, he probably would have just moved on.
        WarMachine went nuts after the FWB transitioned to something more and Mack cheated to his face. That Mack was a porn star probably didn’t matter when WarMachine’s own investment was small – she was like any other girl, low quality, why make a distinction when all are sluts. But she couldn’t stop (not investing), and neither could he (stop investing). His investment grew, whether he was aware or not, and any thinking that commitment to her would change her was obviously assumed, not rationally thought through. That transition to ‘relationship’ and permanent tattoos (the slut’s wedding ring alternative) was probably not too long ago. But SlutMachine’s tattoo contract obviously didn’t have the same meaning as the ‘MACK’ around WarMachine’s jugulars. Guess that inked contract didn’t last long.

    4. We aren’t robots. Emotions and passions are what make us human to an extent. Unless you strive to be the Borg.

        1. “Only children act on impulse”
          I don’t think so. Men didn’t overlook cheating lightly in primitive and even medieval times. The threat of violence was something which kept women in line. You’d hear and read stories of war veterans returning home from war to find their wives cheating on them, with ensuing infidelity related crimes of violence and homicide. Impulse? That’s a very callous way of looking at it.
          It could be argued that WarMachine was a cuckold from the beginning, because of his ‘relationship’ with a whore. But I guess it finally took the better of him when he saw her in private with the other man. Maybe WarMachine wanted to beat her ass up from the beginning for being a porn bitch. Who knows.

        2. Ancient times, maybe. Big if bro, even Socrate”s wife(?), Xanthippe, was said to whoop his ass occasionally. He “took it like a man,” and never did anything back. Yeah, Socrates may not have had kids, but I bet you his wife did.
          Medieval times is where chivalry came from. Maybe a farmer or two kept his wife in line. But I bet women knew who they could run to if they wanted to falsely accuse a man who got uppity.

        3. “even Socrate”s wife(?), Xanthippe, was said to whoop his ass
          occasionally. He “took it like a man,” and never did anything back”
          – Possibly that’s why he famously said:
          “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.”
          By the hint of his own statement, I guess his wife’s shrew like behavior is what made (or contributed even more in making) him a great philosopher. LOL.
          Women haven’t changed much through history. If women ever perform as an ‘agency’ in making men great, then I guess it’s not because of female assistance, but because of the numerous tribulations and miseries they often put men through, which forces men to adapt to become great thinkers.

    1. WarMachine’s alpha male shirt is either a parody of himself, or a parody
      of modern masculinity, or a subtle promotion of cuckoldry to men (as in his relationship) by labeling it as ‘alpha male shit’. LOL.

    2. I’m kinda sick of all this Alpha/Beta negativity going on here. Some alphas are smart intelligent and hard working; some are dickheads,, same with betas. I think the “alpha” and “beta” are really just more ways in which MEN compete for pussy. Be whatever YOU want to be. You can be a red pill 150 pound nerd or a red pill 250 pound mma fighter. The key here is NOT whether you are “alpha” or “beta”, the key is red-pill: men helping eachother and having eachother’s backs… NOT crawling over other mens backs to be “top dawg”. Because “top dawg” alpha is fleeting when juxtaposed against the fickle nature of woman’s hypergamy. Without wanting to get all gay, we need to be more like brothers and less like that douchebag. Had he been red pill; he would’ve walked long ago and none of this shit would’ve happened.

      1. Great post. I too am sick of the whole alpha beta thing. Even in better times most men do not deserve to be called alpha, they are a distinct minority. I certainly do not qualify. Even among us betas there are a wide variety of types and styles, and many of us are quite able to go alpha on you if the situation dictates it. We just can’t consistently play the part. I will say that I believe previous generations have been distinctly more manly and there are a variety of reasons for this. I especially agree with you that red pill is more important that alpha and beta and we definitely should have more comraderie and friendship in these times that are terribly hateful to anything remotely masculine.

        1. Many people confuse “alpha” and “beta” as “good” and “bad”. This is not so. You can be alpha in one situation (leading your family) and beta in another (obeying your boss). Neither one is invalid or wholly good or bad.

      2. I’m not sure what exactly an Alpha male is, but it seems that getting super ripped can sometimes be nothing more than beta behavior of accommodating female preference. I don’t want to sound like a feminist, but there still does seem to be a limit to how much fitness is actually necessary to be manly. This Mr. Universe thing is just playing into the hypergamous need for something bigger and better to validate female worth.
        As for alpha behavior – I think back to when I was a kid and there was that one fool that laughed like a hyena and had half an IQ point and always broke all the rules then flaunted it when he was caught. The 11 year old girls loved that kid. In this context, maybe it’s the sound of the pre-pubescent laugh in my memory, I wonder if being alpha sort of means having the property of thinking like a woman.
        I mean, how do even 11 year old females recognize this behavior as attractive? Perhaps alpha men have the same sort of chaotic, indifferent mind that women have. As in, nature created some small percentage of men with minds like women, so that the female values of manipulative dissimulation, group hierarchism and conformity, the tempering of the progress of civilization with emotional chaos so that we never progress beyond the base conditions of nature that ensure reproduction, etc. And these men are alphas. It’s not that they’re tough, or aggressive, it’s that they’re men without a sense of justice, complete narcissists, but with muscles that no woman would have.
        What do you think? I’m admittedly new to the science.

        1. For guys who get super-ripped… I see this as a hobby. Some guys like to pimp their car, or build a kick-ass computer. Most guys have something that they want to build to a point that is probably excessive. I don’t see a problem with this per se although some guys can get obsessive with it.

        2. “I mean, how do even 11 year old females recognize this behavior as attractive? ”
          Excellent point. Last weekend I pulled to a stoplight on my nice new motorcycle. The little boy in the truck next to me looked at the bike and smiled – a big little-kid smile. The little girl looked me in the eye and smiled – the coy chin-down female smile. She must’ve been around 11.
          The boy saw the bike. She saw the man on the bike. Hypergamy and resource-hunting starts young. Its just nature.

        3. I think it was a hobby a few decades ago, and still to an extent in Eastern Europe. Now, I think guys are just trying to keep up with hypergamy. I know a few betas who use it to substitute for alpha traits, but ultimately they’re just feeding the hypergamy monster. On the other hand, some alphas will get super ripped too, because it attracts the sort of trashy sluts they love to bang. Like 2-3 new trashy sluts a week.

        4. I know alot of really beta ripped guys. Its a way for many weak men to feel strong and powerful, especially boxers and MMA fighters. Man of them hit women and are always competing with everyone around them. It takes quite a bit of narcissism to care that much about your physical appearance.

      3. Agreed. And leaving aside the alpha/beta thing, he is clearly a guy with some serious self-esteem and/or self-control issues. Beating a woman like that is wholly unnecessary but additionally, no self-respecting man would date a porn star, stripper, hooker or similar type of woman. More likely, his confidence derives from his ability to kick ass in the ring but outside of the ring he probably feels powerless, which would explain his instinct to treat his woman and her lover as MMA opponents. To bring them into his sphere of control. As such, this man (and others) confuse the word “alpha” with the word “bully”. Bully is what should be written on his t-shirt.

      1. Joffrey Baratheon: I am the king! I will punish you.
        Tywin Lannister: Any man who must say, “I am the king” is no true king.

    3. The whole Alpha and beta thing is a myth, you’re either a functional man or you aren’t, EVERYONE has the capacity to become functional if they un-fuck themselves. Fuck I hate it when people try to insert evolutionary theory or law of the jungle on human interaction, by that logic we should expect our young to eat us, because spiders do it.

  2. He’s not the only MMA fighter who got with a porn star. Jenna Jameson was with Tito Ortiz and that ended in violence too. These porn stars don’t deserve to have boyfriends, they fortified that when they started letting themselves be filmed with every orifice filled at the same time. MMA stars in theory should be able to get any girl they want, obviously they have had their brains rewired from all the beatings they’ve taken. They should know better.

    1. I kinda get the feeling that in some weird sub-culture it might be “cool” or “edgy” to date a super-whore.
      As in like… your girl is a rebellious tattoo wearing bad-ass just like you. That you’re dating a woman other men drool over sort of thing. In this sense it screams of needing validation.
      Maybe deep down these “alpha meat-head MMA guys” are insecure. Sure they’re tough (I certainly wouldn’t start shit with Mr. WarMachine), but they aren’t soldiers… and they aren’t rocket scientists… ultimately they’re entertainers who get into showy fights for a living.

  3. Beating your pornstar girlfriend for fucking another man makes about as much sense as beating a puppy for chasing it tale: it’s what she was born to do. Did War Machine really expect fidelity from this whore?

    1. I am guessing it is the emotional infidelity that got to him. Sure, she was fucking other guys, but she was also getting paid to do it. This man got it for FREE, which means (I am guessing) that she actually liked him. So in WM’s mind, that is cheating. But, my head is going to explode if I try to fully understand the mentalities of a psychotic MMA fighter and a pornstar that shaves half her head.

  4. You can be jealous without putting someone in the hospital.
    Of course, if you’re dating a person you know is a porn actress… uh, where’s your jealousy been?
    Acting out like a stupid animal isn’t something people should defend.

    1. She probably fed him the usual line, “I don’t get any enjoyment out of it. It’s just a job, babe.”
      His jealousy was contained by a well-constructed dam, which finally burst when he caught her on her “free time”.

  5. Serves that cuckholded faggot right. I feel zero sympathy. You get into an LTR with a prostitute, especially some gender bender dyke looking slut, that’s the result you’re going to get. And the tats? Jesus fucking Christ don’t get me started. This beta chump is the epitome of what a typical beta perceives as being alpha. He is every bit of a tool for that hoe to use. She is a 4 at best, especially with the fucked up haircut and tats. My hope is that this is not a microcosm of what my fellow millennial a aspire to be like.

    1. If she wasn’t vandalized by all those tats and had a normal haircut she’d be a 7.5 but with the way she looks now a 4 is spot on.

    2. A 4 at best?!? Hahahahaha…I wouldn’t even jerk off to her watching her porn vids. This abomination is 1.5 and that’s being generous already. As for Warmachine, he is the epitome of a true beta idiot. For all his strength and MMA fighting skills, he let’s himself get used by an abomination posing as a woman. No sympathy for him. He got it coming to him in the end.

    3. Gotta agree. There’s alpha on the outside and alpha on the inside. This guy was alpha on the outside, but 100% beta on the inside.

  6. The beating is not justified. There is no need to resort to violence unless one is attacked (or if she gives you an incurable STD).

  7. And this is why you don’t date a pornstar…
    In addition to all of the loyalty issues, alpha widow issues, and numbess from too many cock (unable to feel), a lot of these girls are screwed up in the head.
    Pornstars go hard for MMA types. Maybe the MMA types have been hit in the head too many times.

  8. You can put me in the “what the fuck did he expect” camp. Getting into an LTR with a goddamn porn star?!?! Fucking beta chump. Why is ROK defending this mindless ape?

  9. The errors of dating such a female has been expounded on at length and there is no need to analyse any further. However this is the end point of Progressivism and of course Feminism. Western Society is finished and except a few sectors; productivity, ingenuity and creativity have all but disappeared from the landscape. However Feminists are vigorously seeking to destroy the last bastions of civilisation in the West, for e.g Silicon Valley.
    If you understand anthropology we are within the maelstrom of the Matriarchy. It mirrors prehistoric periods, which is only masked by the current buildings, structures, institutions and inventions all developed by man. Roving bands of directionless males, male life worth nothing, the life of infants worth nothing, promiscuity in the public eye and the female commands the savagery from atop her perch, mercilessly and brutally. This is the price of allowing women to believe she is not only equal to man in skill, but morality. This beast never had morality, virtue, she knows not the concept of Justice, man brought these concepts to her. We have allowed the most wicked entity upon the planet to unleash her caprices and this is where we find ourselves, because we have ignored the Greeks, The Romans words on woman. Schopenhauer, Weininger and other ancients countless warnings on the nature of the half-ling we call woman, a walking entropy engine, we are on the brink of collapse.

      1. We won’t enjoy any spoils. Europe will be over run by Muslims and us here in America will most likely be thrown in concentration camps for going on “hate” sites and spreading hate. That is our future.

        1. Well if Russia takes over the west, first thing they would do would be to either send the muslims back or flat out kill them.
          Its funny how they hide behind human rights here..would be even funnier watching them cry that bullshit to Russians.

  10. Men are increasingly being trained to accept open cuckoldry with the rise of cuckold porn. Only recently I have begun to meet young guys who are truly into this! Having landed a hot young girlfriend, they somehow convinced themselves that it is exciting to see her getting fucked by another guy.
    Also I have seen guys go to swinger clubs with their girlfriends and then see them making a scene when they found out that she sucked off a guy in the bathroom. “It was not what we agreed upon!” – he said with indignation and some mustered Beta-anger.
    The feminine imperative wishes to restrict our sexuality while maximally liberating theirs. A man must never ever accept any form of cuckoldry with his girlfriend or wife. If he does, then he either does not give a shit about the woman or about himself.

    1. “Also I have seen guys go to swinger clubs with their girlfriends and
      then see them making a scene when they found out that she sucked off a
      guy in the bathroom. “It was not what we agreed upon!” – he said with
      indignation and some mustered Beta-anger.”
      – I guess that’s what WarMachine felt too when he walked in upon Mack with another man at her house. (“It was not what we agreed upon! You can fuck around on-screen for work, not off-screen for pleasure!”). Then seething primal caveman territorial instincts honed by MMA skills finally burst through a cuckolded exterior to unleash violence.
      Feminism indoctrinates and creates such cuckolded beasts of men today.

      1. A good friend of mine recently asked me if I’d be comfortable gang-banging his gf with him. I thought about it for two seconds and told him how retarded that was.
        His gf clearly thinks I’m attractive and he is trying to appease her on some level here… Not having much relationship experience though, I don’t think he realizes that we’d be damning our friendship if we did that.
        He’d have to repress the imagery of his gf gagging on my dick every time we hang out from then on… and ANY shift or bump in our friendship would be amplified by that imagery.
        Not worth it for the notch… And I was truly surprised he thought that would make any fucking sense at all.

        1. Ahhh gross man… even if nothing happened no way I could be friends with a guy like that LOL.

        2. Whatever.. we all fuck up sometimes and we don’t always know what is good for us.
          He’s one of the few guys I know that understands that modern men have to stick together. And we’ve been friends for a decade.
          He’s just a weird mother-fucker all around.. plus he’s a wicked drummer.

        3. The beta always has the fear of losing his woman (or sex), if he didn’t do as she wanted. He simply can’t walk away from her, even if she continually overstepped the limits of male integrity.
          I’m not surprised by what you mentioned. The breed of cuckolded men get more pleasure in seeing their women get off in bed (even if it may not be through their own dicks and would rather be through a dildo or someone else’s cock). Porn and feminism contribute to this. You can’t help but feel disgust for these men.

        4. Considering he’s a friend I made it into a point of humor between us but I agree with you…
          He most certainly is terrified of not being able to hold onto her.
          He was cheated on by his last real girlfriend and the girls he has dated by playing the “alpha drummer in big local heavy metal band” have only made him even more distrustful of women.
          He really loves having a woman in his life though… He isn’t the kind of guy who could go MGTOW… he’d end up just jerking off, playing video games, and eating Doritos for the rest of his life.

        5. I would bet that your friendship has already taken a turn for the worse.
          Writing is on the wall already isn’t it?
          For he will always know that his dream girl wanted to suck his friends dick while he watched, over his own.

        6. I’m not posing as a saint. I’m just as much an in-out machine as you are.
          The value is the 10 years of shared life experience. Not that many people in this life are going to be able to understand you as a person… people you meet just know a first impression of you… all they see is themselves.
          Old friends are not something to take for granted. If I took a shit on all the people who’ve been good to me in this life I’d turn into a monster and lose myself… I’d be lonely and have no self-respect… I detest manginas and if I turn into that I deserve the misery that comes with it.

        7. And you’re a better friend than he for turning down that ridiculous offer. I personally never understood the psychology behind two men banging the same woman at the same time and in the same moment, let alone if she’s actively cheating. Just the concept of it alone should set off red flag after red flag.

      2. Yeah – I don’t think that Warmachine is a Beta. He was just too brainwashed and probably a bit stupid to believe in her telling him, that their sex is something special, while on the set is just work. She likely told him that she was fine with him fucking other girls.
        But what he did not realize was that if a woman crosses that threshold, then she will fuck anyone she fancies or advances her career regardless of how “special” the sex with him was supposed to be.
        In that case you’ve got to be fine with the fact that she is a hoe and will remain a hoe.

        1. Alpha and beta are actually mindsets, not real types of men.
          Adherence to either of these mindsets is what differentiates them. The scrawny bad ass dude in his 50s could be more alpha and red pill in his mind than the 200 pound jacked posturing beast in his 20s that still could be a cuckolded blue pill beta. The definition of being beta itself includes being brainwashed by feminist ideology. They’re taught that women are special snowflakes, incapable of doing anything wrong (a female’s fart is her expelling scent), and her fucking about is not the same as her emotional loyalty to him. How many bitches today fool their men by saying emotional loyalty is different from sexual loyalty. Men can’t tolerate physical infidelity to begin with. The modern BS talk about emotional fidelity is itself feminist propaganda choked down the throats of western men, so that men can gleefully accept cuckoldry, while their women are still getting their holes ravaged around by different men. What does a beta do when he feels jealous? He rationalizes to himself that his woman is still loyal ‘emotionally’.
          Hoes will always be hoes. It remains to be seen whether Mack would change her ways, which is highly unlikely. The media has already glorified her and made her a heroine, with people shelling out cash to pay for her facial reconstruction surgery. People are homeless, and don’t have enough money to eat; while people instead are paying to repair the face of their butch like favorite porn broad who’d actually gets paid more than 1k for a single anal scene, or more for double anal. Talk about femcunt societal hypocrisy and dysfunctional minds today. I wouldn’t be surprised if her story would be exploited by wannabe cheating wives and girlfriends who’d now have societal leverage to shamelessly cuckold their men, with the media’s glorified victimization of Mack.
          WarMachine still has a chance of doing real alpha male shit, i.e. if he ditches beta behavior by stopping chasing hoes for relationships, and instead develop more standards in his choice of women. A lot of western men follow the same behavior as he did. Go to any club, or for that matter, Vegas. See how skanks and cougars are mate guarded by posturing, affluent, and jacked betas. WarMachine is just an example of the average western male today: a man trained to become a beast, to be cuckolded by feminism to modern skanks.

        2. He is beta. I read he could face 25 years in the slammer because of this. An alpha male would not lose his cool and face consequences like that, and esp not over a beyond stupid worthless bag of shit like her.

        3. I think he was alpha in his display of territorial violence, but that response appears as beta only because of today’s femcentric laws which protect bitches and sluts from ‘spousal abuse’. If those laws were never into place, then had he not displayed territorial instincts, he would’ve actually looked beta to voluntarily allow her cheating.
          But the real reason why he appears as beta is because he committed to a whore to begin with. Alphas never commit to whores, sluts or such trash, though they might use them for sex practice and pass them around for other men to enjoy. Only betas however ‘commit’ to such trash in ‘relationships’. That’s the real reason why he betatized himself.

    2. I used to work with a woman who was a swinger. She stated that she wanted to “play” with me. I was not really attracted to her at all. I said that I would let her suck my dick and I would cum on her face. She went and asked her husband for permission to “play”. He worked at the same place as we did, but on another shift.(it was in a casino). Her husband gave her permission because he said that he “knew me”. I did not know this man from Adam. Anyways I got off work on our play date and went home. It was under the presumption that we would watch some vh1 classic videos and play around. I was kind of excited because I was going to get my dick sucked and was expecting some porn star type shit. After all, this bish bragged about her and her husband always going to clubs and fucking other couples. I could not get over my lack of attraction to her. She sucked my dick and then she got on top of me and put me inside her. She then proceeded to tell me that her rules were that she needed a condom, but that I was special and not to say anything to her husband!!! I told her that I just wanted her to finish me off and that I would cum on her face. She said that she would swallow, but did not want to ruin her makeup??? For me anyways I wanted the facial because the swallow was old hat for me. This was kind of like me trying to get my “pornstar”on. So I just puled out and then proceeded to run one off on her titties. After that, I gave her a handiwipe and the went back to sleep. I remember taking an extra long shower after that incident. But it was not awkward at all at work which surprised me. Probably because I just did not really care, and was actually disgusted by the whole event in the end. So even though she was a swinger, and had rules set up with her husband. She still broke them!!!! Cannot trust any bish ever. Maybe the non westernized ones? Maybe.

      1. One wonders what you expected? Knowing that betas exist, and that one who claims to have “known you” so it was “ok” for her to blow you is a pretty obvious set of “giveaways?”
        So knowing the sort of highway to hell walking orifices that put these douchebags wallets on lock, you thought she was going to suck your dick with integrity?
        Color me shocked, you were not attracted?!
        But, you let her used up orifice contaminate the skin of your skin pen.
        I got no use for that.
        Hoped you learned your lesson!
        I went to one swingers meet up out of curiosity, to see what level of bishes could be banged. I hope to the fickle gods who don’t exist that the trickle spitter whose mouth you shiskabobbed was better looking than that?

    3. if I’m in a long term relationship with a hot girl that won’t lead to marriage I will overlook cheating.mainly because I’m with her for sex .

  11. This is the nature of the declining west today, as this article shows.
    The whole episode of WarMachine-Mack is just a showcase of what’s happening around us today. Men surging with testosterone from martial arts and gyms choosing to pairbond with whores and sluts, eventually being led by these bitches who use sex to satiate the sexual thirst of men today to ensnare them into relationships. These men then control their jealousy (out of a fear of not being Alpha, as to some modern interpretations of Alpha) with these bitches, and then resort to violence when the bitch taps around with another dick. LOL.
    Men will be men. Alphas don’t forgive sluttiness, and cheating of their women. Bitchslaps weren’t invented without reason. Though Mack’s beating was a bit too brutal (considering WarMachine is MMA trained), the threat of violence was used in ancient societies by men to keep their women in line. But in those days, men wouldn’t choose sluts and whores to begin with. WarMachine definitely is not alpha for choosing a whore to commit to, to begin with, but what he did if she cheated on him, was instinctual male response, as seen in the wild. Males are not designed to tolerate cuckoldry, The irony is that he made a fool of himself by choosing a whore to pairbond with, thinking she probably wouldn’t whore about offscreen.
    Today, what do you see around you? Men are taught that jealousy is weakness, indoctrinated to accept female whoredom and sluttiness, encouraging their women into prostitution, live with ex-sluts who deny them the sex of their choice, etc.while women can do whatever what they want. Frankly speaking, cheating and adultery is unforgivable. In primitive and medieval history in patriarchal societies, a woman’s cheating entailed death for her. In today’s ‘liberated’ times, we’ve been indoctrinated to seek divorces without punishment for a woman’s cheating – which gets complicated because men actually don’t get divorces with cheating partners because of the fear of financial rape in divorce courts.
    It’s natural to feel jealousy. But I wouldn’t care much about jealousy at all when I’d be fucking the town broad, a slut or whore, unless if I’d ever be in a ‘relationship’, and that too with a chaste woman, I’d then expect loyalty and fidelity of my partner. I would feel jealous, because of the emotional investment I’d put into her. I wouldn’t tolerate society calling me ‘weak’ for feeling jealous about my partner, because prevention is better than cure.
    Women today are fucking savage animals. When society chastises men for showing jealousy, the result are empowered bitches who can constantly use that to
    cuckold their men. Take the example of Vegas – married bitches who shamelessly
    fuck around cuckolding their men. Do you think their men don’t know why their
    women are taking a trip to Dick Land? They know, but don’t stop them because
    modern society teaches men today it’s not masculine to feel ‘jealous’- to
    promote female whoredom.
    Fuck that. I see a lot of pussified western men today taking pleasure in
    their women cavorting themselves around men in public. Yeah, and their slut
    wives later get tapped in their holes, while their husbands get into liberated mind-boggling debates of whether it is alpha or not to display jealousy. I’ve seen women gamed by strangers later into bed who chastised their boyfriends for showing jealousy, when they were flirting with these strangers at first. What could the poor chump do, but agree to save his face? His weakness to tolerate that opened avenues for his partner’s eventual cheating. Women today are fucking amoral, and need even harmless types of freedom like a visit to a public loo to fuck about. You can’t trust the hoes of today.
    This is another reason why I don’t go for relationships anymore. I choose and game women only for pump and dump. Women being fucking amoral creatures, can, could and would cheat on men. Alphas in the wild kill their mates who cheat
    on them.
    Is it Alpha to control your jealousy about your ‘woman’? LOL, Heck No! That’s
    fucking faggotry. Your woman must know that you won’t tolerate her shit, if she’d
    mess around. The faggotry of modern western men is because we spend time deciding on how it is best to react to avoid looking like ‘jealous betas’, while instead laying down the rules on women today that cheating or behavior will not be tolerated. Male territorial instincts and mate guarding are all alpha instincts, even in the wild. WarMachine wasn’t Alpha to commit to her, but what he did to her because she ‘cheated’ was instinctual male jealousy which finally sprang to life. Men will be men in the end.

    1. I have no problem with what he did, but it wasnt alpha considering the consequences he now faces (possible 25 years in jail, remember he is an MMA fighter who beat up a weak girl).
      You gotta get your revenge AND come out on top..not lose your cool and ruin your life over it. So yea the guy acts and looks like the popular definition of alpha(big, loud, aggressive) but the definition is WRONG. Walk quiet and carry a heavy stick is much better.

      1. Why would you carry a heavy stick, when you’re not gonna (or be able to) ‘use’ it – thanks to femcentric laws – my friend? That’s the problem men face in today’s relationships, thanks to the femcunt system. Women can cheat about and their men can only ‘threaten’ them, but not do anything, or they’d land up in jail. Femcunt societal hypocrisy today emasculates men into cuckolds and empowers women into cheating slutty bitches. Another reason why pump and dump is the way to go in today’s societal context, for ‘relationships’ always run the risk of potential cuckoldry, no matter how much you’d keep her ‘under control’.
        Real violence and threats of violence are two separate things. Threatening violence to a woman for infidelity repeatedly loses potency, and so does divorcing her – which actually works in her favor because she’d take away half of what you have inspite of the fact she cheated on you. This is why women today have their cake and can eat it too. Femcunt societal hypocrisy has reduced men to the state of posturing beta faggots today in relationships who only have a loud bark and no bite. It’s no point carrying ‘a heavy stick’ when you’re not gonna use it at all. Rather, the bitches and sluts of today will ridicule, and provoke you even further, coz they know you’ll get yourself incarcerated should you do that. Fuck the system which empowers them.

        1. WM used his ‘stick’ and is probably facing 25 years incarceration as you mentioned. The femcunt societal system has already broken the ‘sticks’ of men today.

  12. I remember years ago, there was a patron who angered a stripper at a strip club, she had the guy beaten and killed by her boyfriend.
    Also, I used to hang with a stripper in a FWB situation, I asked her to get some girls for a bachelor party for a associate. She said, okay, but I’m working it too, don’t be jealous. I told her, why should I be jealous, we aren’t in a relationship.
    She bought two girls to the party, long story short, some random dude skeeted on her chest at the party. The relationship we had with each other was awkward at best.
    About a month later we were hanging out and I mentioned I would like to have a family with a woman someday. She said, quote “don’t marry anyone, wait for me.”.
    Granted, she was still actively selling her assets to other random dudes. After that I haven’t seen her since.
    That was in the 90s, reading all these posts, I consider myself fortunate that I discontinued association with that person,

  13. ”I do alpha male shit”, which apparently now includes having a girlfriend that regularly and openly fucks other men every which way. Shit, I’m behind the times.
    Honestly though, how are you going to get all butthurt because she’s fucking guys off screen as well? I mean obviously this War Machine guy looks none too smart, perhaps a few too many blows to the head, or perhaps he never had very much up there to begin with. Is it possible he’s actually swallowed the obvious modern bullshit dogma of ”so long as it’s all in the past you shouldn’t care”. An astonishing number of my friends seem to believe this bullshit. Would you hire an ex-junkie for any kind of responsible position and say ”it’s in the past”. Maybe there’s some that truly do turn their lives around and it’s like it never happened, but come on, how many?

  14. What is this article’s value proposition? This is a lot of bogus text to communicate a simple and hopefully obvious concept: don’t date promiscuous women, listen to your instincts and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Why is time being wasted discussing this loser, war machine? I wouldn’t trust this guy to wash my car and, based upon his pro fighting record, wouldn’t bet on him in a fight unless it was against his unarmed girlfriend.

    1. I think this article highlights the hypocrisies of femcunt societies we live today. Women today are more or less suitable only for pump and dump, not ‘relationships’. Yet guys mate guard these hoes ferociously, not knowing or willingly overlooking that women can cheat around at the slightest reasons and freedom given to them. The video of the fat Anglo bitch getting fucked in the prone position between two cars on the streets of Magaluf in the link in the article shows what depravities modern women can submit to.Women today are simply not worthy of commitment. And of course what you said: don’t date promiscuous women, listen to your instincts and don’t let your emotions (or sexual thirst) get the best of you when choosing a mate.

  15. I no longer have sympathy for women that are victims of violence. Honestly their cruelty and sadistic glee in hurting men in emotional ways and this cuckolding power games between bad boys and good, between races, and the way they play into power tropes to humiliate men is going to result in a lot of fucking bloodshed.
    This morning I saw a Chinese woman waltzing down the street with her smug fat white boyfriend. Keep in mind that my own fucking parents were the same. The feelings of hate and anger that surged through me at this display of power and cuckoldry made me rage to an extreme level. Women do this knowingly to hurt men and I no longer will feel sympathy when these women wind up getting killed by Eliot Rodger types, which is bound to happen. There, i fucking said it. Sleep in your own fucking beds you made ladies.

    1. Same here. I’ve seen too many situations where the woman has cried victim (or abuse) but come to find out that she plays into it (and she usually goes back to it).
      I’ve learned to walk away from any encounter that involves a woman crying out she’s a victim or been abused.

    2. There is much truth in your post Johnny. Women (of all races) do play the “ha ha look at me” game with men of their own race. I believe this goes for ALL races of women. (Not just Asian women as you have alluded to) I have probably been with at least 75+ women in my life in a sexual manner (I am not counting hookers LOL). I don’t say that to try and claim some sort of stud status. But I only mention it to illustrate the significance of what I am about to say.
      A large percentage of the females I have been intimate with have been non-White females. I am White (Anglo-Italian-German-Czech mix) and can I cannot think of ONE female who did not say negative things about their own men. Sometimes in front of their own men. I don’t know if there is a mechanism deep within the female subconscious that pushes them to conduct themselves like this, or if they are strictly seeking attention. But it is definitely a dynamic that exists. To completely deny this dynamic is to deny reality. I call it the “ha ha look at me” syndrome. Asian women do take that form of disrespect to a whole new level though. Virtually ALL the Asian females I have ever been romantically involved with said nothing but bad things about Asian men. I think that sort behavior is wrong, And it sure as hell never turned me on.
      It is difficult as it is for a man to find a woman who is worth while for a long term relationship. My advice would be for men of all races to more or less avoid dating women of his own race that date inter racially. Not out of hate or malice, but out of common sense. To me its a “get in where you fit in” sort of thing. If your a Asian dude, you probably want to stay far away from a Asian chick who’s last 3 boyfriends were White. If your a Indian dude, and you find out that this Indian Chick whom your hot for has dated mostly White and Latino dudes, then you should probably run in the other direction. And if your a White dudes. If the White chick your seeing made a living out of hanging out at the local R and B club while running around with Black dudes, then your best bet is to probably view her as just a possible pump and dump. Certainly not as a long term girlfriend. These are the realities in the world of dating as I see them. As a man you deserve someone who views YOUR STYLE, YOUR FEATURES, and YOUR BEING as being the optimum fit for her. Anything less than that, and you are in for a rough ride.

      1. I guess women who date interracially are great for sex, more than LTRs. I would however disagree with the thought that females like to show off their interracial boyfriends in front of their own men. This is not seen in traditional societies like Russia, though the trend is gradually turning liberal. A woman showing off her interracial boyfriend if the woman had difficulty snagging a man from her own race, or was used and dumped by local men to whom she wants to be spite back in their faces, or comes from a race which usually feels inferior to the race of the man. Whites (both men and women) are (or usually considered) the apex race worldwide. White women are the most desired women in the world, hence the entitled behavior. White men may not get a fair deal with their own women (who’ve become sluts) but have demand with women elsewhere as compared to other men. See it in EE, Latin America, Asia, ME or Africa.
        In Russia and parts of EE, the traditional cultural view held was that women who date interracially are considered to be somewhat defective, especially if she dates someone from the inferior races (darker or asian). The only thing which offsets this is the lack of men so women today are more willing to marry abroad and emigrate. Among women of lesser races (Asian, SE Asian, African) hypergamy is rampant especially when they see they could get a white man. The white man is still needed throughout the world; just not by his own woman though when it comes to dating, but again for marriage white women usually still want white men.

  16. The feminists take offense at men having any kind of desire OR complaint. It’s an effort to take agency away from men and redefine masculinity in a way the feminist feels unthreatened by. This is why I say at its core, feminism is the irrational fear of men.

    1. “This is why I say at its core, feminism is the irrational fear of men.”
      Of course, Terry. This is the very reason why Anglo western WF feminists are purposely using women from non-Anglo western cultures to further their own collective denial of FEMALE PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.
      Basically, non-Anglo women are used into red herrings and enforcers, while the Anglo WFs are the true wielders of power in their own brand of feminism.
      On a similar note about FEMALE PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, it only happens when paychecks are involved and nowhere else, even at a non-professional setting. It’s gone so bad to the point I personally asked the Church of England on Twitter when they will ordain Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere) as it first-EVER saint.

    2. incorrect. feminism’s ‘fear’ of men is a rational reaction to women’s theft of men’s resources (time/attention/money) without paying them (sex/exclusivity/family), as well as an anger at the universe itself that they should have to pay at all. fearing fair trade if you’re a thief is not irrational; you know you’re breaking the unwritten ledger.
      at it’s core, feminism is extremely rational. but at the edge between the inner child core and the rest of reality, feminism is batshit insanely selfish, and rightfully fears for its own ridiculously expensive responsibility free existence.
      even casting that aside, SlutMachine didn’t fear WarMachine until after she pushed their fated relationship too far into the red and WarMachine came collecting one night while she was putting out for someone else. Then she was afraid.
      After all, why couldn’t WarMachine know what Mack already knew? Duh! He wasn’t ever going to get any thing more out of her; he’d be crazy to think otherwise; she didn’t want to pay out more so she shouldn’t have to; but he wants to keep giving me free shit; cool, i’ll take it, but i’m afraid he just won’t get it; man that dude’s crazy and i’m afraid, why he’s so crazy, dude…

  17. “A modern man is expected to act territorial only when his woman is in
    danger or needs protection, but supposed to forfeit his territorial
    jealousy if she flirts or fucks around, because in that case it’s her
    body over which he has limited to no right.”
    The new feminism is men only have value in the utility they add to women. As fucked up as baby boomer men were to embrace feminism, its far worse for millennial men. To a millennial male being cuckold is hotttt. Post a pic on instagram so more people can see it.

  18. What qualifies her to be referred to as a “pornstar”?
    “Porn-Worker” is more like it.
    Not with crane.

  19. Its truly a depressing state of affairs out there dealing with women.
    I really hope enough guys wake up because the manginas and white knights (including this WarMAchine guy who repressed his own self respect for pussy) in reality are just bringing everyone down including themselves.
    I don’t shame betas for giving women an opportunity in life to prove that they are equal to themselves. This is a sign of a sense of justice and I respect that. I do not respect betas however who become manginas or white knights.

  20. Please stop this trend of including pointless photos in articles. This isn’t a click bait site. If you have something to say, say it. There’s no need to write it on a photograph, aka a “meme.” Doing so activates the right brain hemisphere which is holistic and feminine (that’s why feminist sets have far more irrelevant photographs than others). Writing activates the left brain hemisphere, which is logical, sequential and masculine.

    1. Didn’t find my ‘holistic and feminine right brain’ get activated reading articles here – maybe I’m just too masculine to bother about or get distracted by such trivialities, and I just focus more on reading the written content. Even news reports on the web focus on images to illustrate a point. Sometimes it’s too boring to read a long article or story which has less or no images at all. I guess everyone has his own way of expressing his thoughts or expressing a point – some write text, some use quotes, some use videos, some use imagery – even it might be memes.Focusing on these trivialities doesn’t and shouldn’t divert the attention from the content of an article, unless if there is no real content to begin with.

  21. Good god what a complete and utter piece of shit.What is it with these fighters and tats anyway?The fuck I care if there bad asses the world is full of bad asses and you really look even dumber when you lose a fight looking like some piece of shit.I just don’t get the tattoo thing they look stupid on everyone and it’s the mark of a loser imo but hey you want to look like a fucking loser by all means get one get two or 20.i don’t give a shit theres a story behind it “bra” stop peacocking you fucking losers.

  22. A lot of fighters started out as betas when they were young, learned how to fight to become alpha, but still retained some of their beta tendencies.
    I remember Tito Ortiz saying in a radio interview that to mentally prepare for a fight, he would think about all the times he was bullied as a kid. He too dated a pornstar (whom he had children with) and was later accused of abusing her.
    For more proof, check out Tim Sylvia and how timid he was on this blind date:

  23. Maybe off topic a bit but what is it with men like war machine and other riod popping, tanning bed laying, teeth bleaching, muscle faggot boys?They go through all this trouble to look this way and date/marry scum?I would say 90% of the people I know that work out and look like what I just described date shit and act like little boys with anger issues.There is no point in body building unless you want to compete in some mr world contest or something lol it won’t get you fucked by quality women the only women that date muscle heads have the same qualities as most muscle heads.

    1. “… it won’t get you FUCKED by quality women the only women that DATE muscle heads have the same qualities as most muscle heads.”
      Fucking and dating are two different things according to the female hypergamous psyhce e.g. “alpha fux beta bux.”
      While a “quality” woman wouldn’t get into a relationship with a muscle head, she would most certainly have casual sex with him, especially when she’s ovulating.

  24. No mention of Corey Thomas the real victim in all this. Corey Thomas is a 30 something millionaire who was viciously beaten by war machine after he came into Cristy Mack’s house to find Corey in bed with her. War Machine had a key, he did not “break” in. Christy knew War Machine had a key and did not change the locks, it is quite possible she wanted to be caught with another man(she is not mentally stable). Poor Corey was just getting some pussy (that he had had before, it is in the affidavit with her statement) and was sleeping post pussy only to wake up to a fucking pissed off cage fighter ready for war. He probably did not recognize who it was at first and attempted to fight and received two black eyes , a broken nose, a fractured socket and multiple face lacerations. He was forced out of the house naked and threatened with further violence if he went to authorities. I know it is a Cristy Mack pity party but I think the bitch set this up to piss of War Machine and did not know how far he would go. Why did she not change her locks? She fucked War Machine a week prior to the incident, why did she lie about it in her initial statement? Why did she lie about her and Corey relationship in her initial statement?
    I am not defending War Machine, I am just saying the real victim is Corey he was used like a pawn in her game of jealousy, and cast as an aside in this whole twisted drama she created.

    1. “she is not mentally stable.”
      Skrillex haircut: check.
      (Literal) Thousand cock stare: check.
      Mass tattoos: check.
      The bitch has crazy written all over her. War Machine is obviously batshit, so caveat emptor does not apply to him.
      As for Corey Thomas, he definitely shouldn’t have got mixed with this trash. Not to say that he as at fault, but when you stick your dick in crazy, you might as well be porking a garbage disposal unit.

      1. Something I learned a bit ago. Crazy attracts crazy. You’ll never find a stable minded man (who has self respect) with an emotionally damaged woman.

    2. i couldn’t help but wonder about the poor guy who fucked this shitbag and got his teeth knocked out by mr. dumbshit.
      How the fuck do you hold it against some guy fucking your “lady” when she fucks dudes for a living? I understand war machine is a dumbshit who has no control over his emotions but come on, the other guy has no fault in this situation. If your lady is a whore u better be a pimp – war machine is a pussy with martial arts training. There is a reason this guy never could really make it as a fighter; he is weak minded. War machine is like a pitbull raised by hood trash to be mean – only thing left to do is put him down.
      Also, she is a POS who obviously did everything in her power to make this happen so fuck her she deserves no pity from anyone.

  25. I don’t understand why any woman would go back to an abusive man even when she knows that being abused is not how someone should be treated.
    Sure it is horrible what happened to Ms. Mack but surely someone of her resources could easily have found alternative living arrangements. Even if she couldn’t there are women’s shelters who would have taken someone like her in… when someone chooses to not avail herself of such resources, it is much harder to feel sympathy.

    1. “Sure it is horrible what happened to Ms. Mack …”
      I don’t think it was particularly horrible. Somewhat unfortunate, yes, but not horrible. That’s the lifestyle she’s chosen. Is it “horrible” when you sew your field with wheat, and wheat subsequently grows? Or is it more to be expected?

    1. The guy who’s screwing her definitely appears better and younger than her atleast in looks, if not in mind. Another case of male thirst, and low standards – possibly due to sexual deprivation due to female hypergamy. Chubby chasers, and sexually deprived guys wanting to stick their cocks in a slutty pile of female fat are indeed sad realities. Men today are not only ‘marrying down’ but also “fucking down” when it comes to women.

  26. What I think is fucked up… is that if he didn’t beat the shit out of her and the guy banging her… she probably would have lost all respect for him.

    1. I too think the same. That’s possibly the slut’s convoluted brain: she thrives on negative attention from different cocks, yet constantly tests her beta orbiter by overstepping limits by cuckolding him and sees whether he has an ounce of male integrity left in him to call her out. If he doesn’t, he disgusts her even more. If he does, she chastises him for displays of jealousy (which she wonders why he didn’t exhibit at first before ‘committing’ to her).
      Whores and sluts , emotionally damaged that they often are, instinctively know they are damaged goods and are not ‘worthy’ of relationships and commitment. Yet they want some guy to latch on, who then becomes the unfortunate brunt of all the dysfunctional baggage of their lives. They often project their own self loathe onto the men who commit to them. The desire for new cock never dies for them; and neither does the desire for a ‘relationship’. That’s why they’re the plague when it comes to ‘relationships’, but great for pump and dump scenarios where they function at their best as sperm receptacles.

      1. Yeah we’re on the same page with this.
        The guy who excitedly offers her commitment, despite her slutty behaviour, looks as much of an idiot to her as he does to us…
        Even when she hides her slutty past.. she will respect the man who can see through her tells more than the beta love-goggles man… Hence why “alpha-caveman” game works so well in the some parts. In Ontario it seems like “nice-guys” or you know… normal guys… have a shot with women outside of major cities but good luck picking up a Toronto chick if you don’t have money and you don’t have tight game.
        I’ve been with women that behave this way.. and they actually expect you to get into disagreements with other men that can escalate to real violence.. I always check out the situation to see what is going on and smooth out disagreements… and if necessary I’ll do what I have to to keep my territory…. but I aint putting myself in the line of fire for some girl’s retarded amusement…
        I’ll fight for a true friend… man or woman… but I’ve been in the situation before where I’m pulling my gf away being like “Why are you escalating this situation? Somebody is going to actually get hurt… and that idiot you’re talking to might be a fucking psycho. I’m not covering your ass if you keep acting like this”. Literally talking to her as if she were a child.
        Stay away from drama Queen’s man… they’ll just damage your business connections amongst men. I’ve seen it happen to the best of men (guys in alpha position).

  27. By the way, in the west this is suicide if you have anything at all to lose in life.
    There’s a whole billion dollar industry just waiting to bend you over
    and fuck you in the ass if you do something like that (beat your
    girlfriend /wife etc)

    1. I think the laws which limit men from hitting their women within relationships is what has further worsened the situation, empowering femcunts today to cuckold men shamelessly. Men have no authority within relationships, simply because women don’t fear them. The laws are lopsided in women’s favor, she can cry out domestic violence if she got simply pushed out by her man in disgust, even if she was cheating on her man with her neighbor’s poodle. No fear of men, no responsibilities, more rights and temperament : female hypergamy unchained. To think of it, it’s actually suicide to consider a western femcunt for a ‘relationship’ to begin with; forget about beating her. That will be just a part of the countless negative impulses and emotions a man would possibly feel in a relationship with a western femcunt today.

  28. I mean come on…a juiced, professional fighter (himself a pornstar) beating up his pornstar gf? What can we learn from this? Not a damned thing.
    They are both trash and it has nothing to do with how a normal human being would operate under anything even resembling normal conditions.

    1. “What can we learn from this?”
      1. Muscles and the ability to kick someone’s ass doesn’t mean a man becomes alpha. He could still be a trained cuckolded tool beta dog for some bitch.
      2. You can’t turn a whore into a wife
      3. Men today don’t have honor, because of sexual thirst.
      4. Society today glorifies cuckoldry through subtle social programming, glorifies cheating domestic violence female victims (Mack), and hoes.
      5. Men will be men. Even cuckolded betas could unleash territorial jealousy in unexpected circumstances. Even their supposed ‘tolerance’ has a threshold limit.
      6. Retroactive jealousy is a social problem. Women have double standards when it comes to sex within and outside commitments. Pump and dump is the way to go with modern women (skanks). Don’t invest in relationships with modern bitches. You’ll avoid the problem of instinctual jealousy.
      7. Modern men are trained not to feel jealousy with the slutty behavior of modern women, which makes masculinity a confusing path for men today. The reality is that territorial instincts or jealousy is inherent in the male gender.
      8. Exhibitionist sex is rising and women don’t have shame anymore
      9. The civilizational decline is real. Enjoy it or hate it, but you can’t deny it.
      I couldn’t see more than these lessons; any more someone could think of?

  29. The bitch is a lemon. He’ll never get the service or loyalty from such a defective product. Some men think they are getting a good deal from a ‘fixer upper’ whether it be a woman, a car or a house. A broke used bitch, whether she’s broke mentally, anally or spiritually is just that. You cannot take a wild woman into your home any more than you can take a wild possum in and call it a house pet. The wild possum will chew and tear up the furniture, crap where he pleases, bite you and then run away if you leave the door cracked open. So much for loyalty from a wild animal. SAME AS A WILD SKANK. The reality promoters of the fighting industry must have thumps upped his taking a porn star to generate the drama for show. Seeing him try to make her wifey would add to the hilariousness. Doing or attempting to do the humanly impossible always makes for great show. Her stupid beat up ass is part of the show and she knows it.

    1. Apparently a sizable number of men today would love to marry ‘pornstitutes’ (porn actresses). You’d see this in the comments section on porn sites where viewers even talk about marrying these hoes. These men would love to see their favorite pornstitutes replicate the same scenes on a daily basis in a marriage for them. wtf? Just shows men are increasingly choosing sex as the main factor in choosing a spouse. Sloots and hoes couldn’t have it much easier to exploit this to still get wifed up in the end after they’re bored someday of the cock carousel.

  30. He married a girl who looks like a college lesbian who shaved her hair to get back at her father, who also does porn, who also doesn’t fuck him, and who cheats on him? How far have men fallen, I mean you would think an MMA fighter could get even a remotely better girl but damn this dude just wanted a girl who was still breathing. You shouldn’t expect much more than that from a girl like this.
    Also, for him to get a tattoo of his wife’s name, which isn’t even a woman’s name, how fucking pathetic can you be. Why don’t you just tie a dog collar around your neck so if you get lost strangers know who you belong to? So sad to see men as a sex fall so low.

  31. Christy Mack’s has had sex with 30 guys on camera.
    There are plenty of Western girls out there who have had just as many past lovers, and even more.
    At least Christy Mack got paid for it.

  32. She looks disgusting with all these tattoos and skrilex haircut.
    Would not bang
    Would not beat
    Would not watch porn with her in it

  33. Obviously you’re a fucking idiot if you’re dating a pornstar.
    But what if she only does scenes with girls? And also constantly brings you girls for threesomes? Would you ever get jealous if you caught her in bed with a girl outside of the set? Would you whine and say “that’s not what we agreed on”?
    Would you even trust her that it’s always just girls?

  34. Who would have thought that a relationship between tattooed, double penetration receiving, double skrillex haircut wearing pornstar and a neck tattooed MMA fighter with a history of assaults, jail time and a pornographic career of his own would have resulted in a hospitalization and arrest due to a beating that resulted from being cheated on? I am going to be totally honest here, I was blindsided by this news.
    These two are the dregs of society, and they demonstrate what people of each sex have to offer when they can’t contribute meaningfully to society.
    Women can always rely on giving up sex, and men can always rely on dishing out violence if they are good for nothing else, which these two are.
    These two were pulled out of Satan’s asshole for each other.

  35. In developing countries I’ve visited men are allowed (at least nominally) to settle things by fist. Here in china if two guys get into it the cops might come and watch for a bit and then take them to the precinct and have them sort it out there, pay a fine and then go home. In the US if you slap a man you get charged with aggravated assault and do two months in jail. Slapping a woman is even worse.
    People in developing countries know that if you act in a certain way you’ll probably get punched for it. To be honest cuckolding isn’t only physical but mental too. I see married women checking me out on the street or the subway. I’m really not that big a guy and there are a lot of huge Chinese guys. If I were one of them and my wife was staring at a foreigner id slap her in the mouth too. This is coming from me, a guy with a white dad asian mom.
    Women should 100% be held to the moral standards of the men that love them. Cuckoldry and eye fucking and fucking should be punished physically. Sorry if it pisses you off but human beings are animals and sometimes the best way to train them is to slap them, hard. Most men here would wreck a man who treated them disrespectfully or betrayed them. Why not wreck a woman too? I grew up in a tough neighborhood in NY and have an extremely short fuse. I sometimes wonder how some men are able to take the abuse they take and then go back to work with a smile on their face dreaming of the day they’ll become attractive because of their pay stub at age 33.
    At the current rate of female behavior when everyday life is just an orgy involving 20% of men, it’s a wonder than there isn’t a supreme gentleman revolution going on.

    1. Expat in China here, local men can become violent indeed, especially when two guys are gravitating around the same girl, the country has something like 120 men for 100 girls by now, because of the gender gap China has lots of frustrated lonely men who can never be able to satisfy their fundamental biological imperatives. For the same reasons there is also a strong resentment against expats dating Chinese girls, but nothing violent, only angry stares.

      1. One man to another, I would seriously avoid having kids with a self hating asian woman. It took me a long, very very long time to get over my issues. My brother has been hospitalized for 15 years.

        1. Good advice, I know enough about local women (including horror stories happening on a daily basis) to be sure that I won’t settle down with them anyway. Casual sex is another story, the urban youth are exceptional at it, much better than same age women back in Europe. In case one of them cause me troubles I can still pull a run out of the country.

    2. Ive been noticing that more and more Latina women are becoming as self racist as Asian women.

  36. “A modern man is expected to act territorial only when his woman is in danger or needs protection, but supposed to forfeit his territorial jealousy if she flirts or fucks around, because in that case it’s her body over which he has limited to no right.”
    Just as a sheep dog is where you take some of the predatory (herding) instincts of wolves and rework them to tend to sheep so to has society reworked the (true) alpha into a white knight. An animal bred to protect women from danger but not interfere in her mating choices.
    white knight = dog
    real alpha = wolf
    And oh, what a day it’ll be if the wolves, once again, take over!

  37. Can someone explain to me why the fuck this dude was dating a hoe? With his status he could’ve done so much better…

    1. ‘why the fuck this dude was dating a hoe?’
      His ‘Alpha male shit’ met her ‘Porn hoe cum farts’.
      Shit and farts go together don’t they?
      In the cultural wasteland of today, status helps to possibly get easy sex, and sexual access to hordes of beautiful but hypergamous celebrity hoes, social climbing socialite hoes, hustling sluts and wannabe bitches who’d throw themselves at famous men, but that doesn’t guarantee you’d find a ‘virtuous’ woman among them. Do unicorns exist or are easy to find in the west today? Plus, too many female options can sometimes screw up the mate selection process, and thus usually alphas with status prefer to sexually sample the multiple hordes of women to which they have access to, instead of committing to them. But in WarMachine’s case, he was never an alpha; rather he was a cuckolded beta, with status, who chose to commit to a pornhoe.

      1. I was going say, has anyone noticed he actually was never a true redpill alpha but actually an overcompensating beta?

        1. You guys are jumping the shark with this alpha/beta nonsense.
          Insofar as these labels have any legitimacy, War Machine is most definitely an alpha. Stop being ridiculous.

  38. This is degeneracy at its finest. First we have a man who looks like one of those “Jersey Shore” faggots. Then we have a girl who looks like a disgusting lesbian freak.
    Im gonna sound like Elliot Rodgers here but how the hell are women attracted to Tatted-up Bodybuilding douchebags? Why are these sluts shaving there heads? On the other hand its kind of a good thing cuz this tells me that any girl with a shaved head is probably fucked up in the head to begin with.

  39. He can feel all the jealousy he want’s, he can’t beat someone up because of it. Imagine, feeling jealous of a for hire whore? It’s too stupid to take serious. Don’t misunderstand, if he wanted to wife or girlfriend up a fuck for money broad that’s on him, throwing her a beating because she lied about side dick she sucked seems foolish. The re-claiming of her virtue by the feminist industrial complex also makes about as much sense as tit’s on a bull. She fucks people, men women plastic peckers it doesn’t matter that’s the ‘skill’ she has, pretending that she’s a lily white, virgin in how the world works shows just how far the feminist zeitgeist will go to make a point.

  40. I’m kinda sick of all this Alpha/Beta negativity going on here. Some alphas are smart intelligent and hard working; some are dickheads,, same with betas. I think the “alpha” and “beta” are really just more ways in which MEN compete for pussy. Be whatever YOU want to be. You can be a red pill 100 pound nerd or a red pill 200 pound animal. The key here is NOT whether you are “alpha” or “beta”, the key is red-pill: men helping eachother and having eachother’s backs… NOT crawling over other mens backs to be “top dawg”. Because “top dawg” alpha is fleeting when juxtaposed against the fickle nature of woman’s hypergamy. Without wanting to get all gay, we need to be more like brothers and less like that douchebag. Had he been red pill; he would’ve walked long ago and none of this shit would’ve happened.

    1. I dont see a shit. He did what was long overdue.
      It is not women who supress the alpha male, it is the collective of beta males – better known as goverment.
      Without laws and regulations, do you really think any guy would dare to fuck his girl? Look at him, and tell me – would YOU want to fuck his babe in madmax world?
      No, thought so. Neighter would she. It is only here and now, when even whimpy loosers with some job have a SQUAT team on quick-dial whenever they need, that true alphas have to think about what is right, instead of just doing it.

    2. In my mind ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ are already outdated words. ‘Alpha’ refers to ‘what women like’ which is just another form of feminist bullshit.

  41. Funny you posted a lion, because they have thorned penises to scratch out rival male sperm. The lesson is that if women keep being sluts, men will evolve thorny dicks.

  42. no sympathy here. Yes humans are territorial. At one time having a wife of some sort had proper value to the husband. Now society demands conformity unless women need protection. Then they are fragile princesses. Gee, Magaluf seems like a nice place.
    The alphamaleshirtwearingbeta should have ran when he had the chance.

  43. Hi there,
    There seems to be a misconception running through your discussions here. That of that Ms Christy Mack was still dating “WarMachine” at the time of her BRUTAL and CALLOUS Assault. According to the VICTIM they broke up 2 MONTHS prior to the assault. In that time she found a better man that him. In such is that fact that she wouldn’t need to fear DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. It has been confirmed that Ms Mack was a victim to domestic violence all throughout her relationship to him.
    I seriously don’t understand why anyone would take the side of “WarMachine” in this matter. It baffles my mind that any reasonable person would agree with the actions and sentiments of a violent domestic abuser like him??

  44. One a side note, must be every White Knights wet dream being in front of her house the second she rushed out naked, beat up and screaming for help. Finally FINALLY someone asks for my services !!

  45. Theres no reason to hit a woman. I can wake up from a drunken stupor and give you at least nine reasons.- Bill Burr

  46. On a similar topic, Ravens just terminated Rice’s contract. This is on the heals of a new video surfacing where you apparently see him hitting his gf/fiance.

    1. Dude, he knocks her out cold. She got up in his face and he fucking decks her. Fucking moron makes so much money and can’t handle his chick lol.

  47. Maybe a little off-topic, but reading that interview of Polish pornstar Misha Cross in the article just is so sickening. One can’t help but wonder at her boyfriend’s backbone, when she states she likes getting fucked by 3-4 guys and likes cum showers, and how she adores American porn. The globalization of porn throughout the world is just another example of depravity being spread through traditional societies, along with the export of western feminism and cuckoldry. Poor girls from EE, and other traditional societies to be brainwashed by western porn to choose pornstitution. In Japan, women choosing to work in porn is increasingly being tolerated, and beta programming is ever supreme. But damn those men who choose to commit to these porn whores.

  48. I don’t see an Alpha male, all I see is an idiot. What dumb idiot goes after, not only a slutty woman, but a professional whore? And that’s what Christy Mack is–a whore, a woman who has sex for money. She’s not even a courtesan, those at least had some social skills and grace, as well as having sex for money.

    1. No real man will sit back and let a woman who he has feelings for express true emotion for another man. IMO, his problem was that with the porn stars he thought is was emotionless and just work, but when he caught her at home with a guy, well that was emotional cheating with his value being replaced. That was what caused the jealousy.

  49. It’s actually possible to spy on your woman’s phone if you ever feel jealousy

  50. Or my fave: retrograde cuckoldry, borne of poor prior behavior from an ex. To wit, ex gets brain from some groupie, now she won’t to me. Fun right?

  51. Pretty much everything in this entire article is totally wrong.
    1. Jealousy is normal, not natural. It is a learned behaviour.There is nothing innate about it.
    2. Territoriality and jealousy are not the same thing.
    3. Article discounts the vast majority of human existence prior to the invention of the notion of property and people as sexual property. This is approx 98% of human existence and it does not even warrant a mention?!
    I would break down the rest of it but it’s not worth it. Author does not know what he is talking about.

    1. 1. Wrong. Jealousy is a natural emotional instinct. It’s as real as evolution, if you believe in evolution. It prevents any blatantly unfair distribution of group goods, useful for any social species.
      2. No, but closely intertwined. Geeze, split hairs much.
      3. The notion of property is an inherent understanding of reality. Marxism is not our natural state. Even in the most egalitarian tribes in our evolutionary history, people always had shit that was “theirs”. And we are a monogamous species. Sexual property is a nice rhetorical flourish, but semantics doesn’t beat common sense. In monogamy, both sides owned each other, mutually enslaving themselves so to speak in your hyperbolic prattle.

      1. 1. Jealousy is normal. Not natural. Jealousy is a learned behaviour that can be un-learned.
        2. This is not splitting hairs. This is like saying that temporary control over some resource (territorial-ism) and permanent control over some resource (property) is splitting hairs. It’s not.
        3. No notion of property at all has been human being’s state for 98 percent of human existence. Nomadic foragers dont have much use for the notion of property. And no, not only are we NOT monogamous as a species as our natural state (for their would be no reason to invent marriage if we were) but we never have been and we most likely never will be.

        1. Just because something can be “unlearned” doesn’t mean it isn’t natural… your are void of critical thinking skills.
          Eating is natural, yet men can learn to not eat and actually starve themselves to death during protests…
          You see the woman as your territory and are thus jealous of her moving towards giving someone else your territory and will actively work to prevent it… come on, its not that complicated JJ.
          No we are not naturally monogamous long term as a species, but again the lack of interest does not occur to both parties at the same time.

        2. Read the post again. I did not say that *because* something can be “unlearned” doesn’t mean it isn’t natural.
          I also did not say normal = bad and natural = good.
          If I believed that I wouldn’t use a computer and fly in planes.

        3. Jealousy is natural… its also displayed in the animal kingdom, you still haven’t backed your position that it is not. It is also absolutely innate. Small infants will often scream and cry when their mother holds another child, even if they are being held also… being protective of their stuff and jealous of the attention the other receiving and/or praise.

    2. Jealousy is normal and natural… jealousy exists in the animal kingdom in lots of species. Territoriality and jealousy are not the same thing, but they drive similar actions. #3 is completely irrelevant… we’re talking about today’s society.
      JJ, you need to go back to your coloring books.

  52. Dont really see what difference it makes alpha or beta or what ever, who cares. This is about accountability, chicks want to slut it up for the bad boy and just settle for the steady guy. So the alpha or whatever gets anal sex and blowjobs to completion, and the other poor sap is stuck with boring vanilla sex. And this poor bastard cant walk to the curb store for a pack of smokes without running into 20 guys thats dropped loads in her, its his own damn fault for putting up with the shit.

  53. Yeah, warmachine was a dick. Don’t date a pornstar if you’re a jealous person, if you’re not getting fucked enough then go cheat on her. Simple as that. Don’t turn around and beat the shit out of her. That’s bullshit.

  54. Unfortunate story..he seems like a dullwitted lad ..his girl takes dicks regularly on camera, is it any different just because the camera crew are gone

  55. Not good story with war machine. The guy is off. First the chick was a girlfriend porn star. How in the hell does a guy get jealous of anything from that chick. It is as automatic as a single mom that she at best will be a second string side pussy.
    The crazy chick did like the fact that he was off. Just bit off more than she could chew. Took that ass whooping and was restored as pure and virtuous so see can return to work.

  56. If you read her police report, she was not cheating on him. They broke up, and she was with her new man. He got jealous and flipped out.

  57. Imagine spending time writing this dumb ass article….lmaooo!!! Pseudointellects are hilarious!

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