Women Are Wimps And That’s Not a Bad Thing

During the last winter, I had to change over to a 24 hour gym for two months because of some rough scheduling at my work. I wound up having to go to the gym around 11:30 at night. The crowd at that time consisted mostly of the temporary floaters—people who would come in for their free week trial and disappear back to whenever they came when it expired—but there was a small collection of regulars I quickly noticed. Two of these were a butterface with a sweet bod and her chubby but cute faced friend.

The length of my routine and the two girls usually co-ordinated. Sometimes they’d be there before I’d get in, or vice versa, and sometimes they’d leave before I did… again vice versa… but for the most part the three of us showed up and left around the same time. We never became friends. We never even talked really, just exchanging a few lame pleasantries from time to time whenever we happened to pass by each other without our headphones in.

One night I had a hook-up scheduled, so I hit the gym earlier then normal. This was on a weekend night, so none of the regular or temporary crowd was in there during my routine. Finally toward the end I noticed butterface show up and begin her work out. I left to hit the showers. By the time I came out the cute faced chubbikins had arrived. I caught them both briefly looking toward me, then around the gym. They were talking about something and their body language piqued my interest so I pretended to do something involved with my gym bag just outside the men’s room so I could listen in. This is what I heard:

Butterface: “Are you sure you want to work out alone?” She said it in the same tone as someone would ask: “Are you sure you want to walk naked through rape alley after sundown?”

Cute chubalubs: “I’ll just wear one of the alert bracelet things.”

The gym is often unstaffed, so they provide a weird USB stick looking thing with a button on it and a strap that can go around your wrist. If you hit the button, emergency help is contacted.

Butterface: “Are you sure?”

At this point the pair walked away from me, and I couldn’t hear the rest of their conversation over the gym music. Soon they came back and walked into the girl’s change room. I went out to the attached parking garage, began warming up my car, and by the time I was ready to drive away I saw Butterface and Chunky Cute walking out to their cars.

By this night I had been going to the gym for awhile. I had spent a lot of nights in there with one or the other of those two girls; just the two of us, alone, at the gym. And yet because I, the man, was leaving early, these two chicks had decided not to do their routines. I knew from working out with her for awhile that Butterface wasn’t even done half her routine by the time I came out of the showers, and Flab Abs had literally just shown up and hadn’t even begun. But because a man they were comfortable with wasn’t there to watch over them, these two cut and ran.

I drew a crude layout of the gym (you may have to click for a better view). It’s not drawn anywhere close to scale. It’s attached to a mall in a good part of the city.

her terror

In order to get into the gym, you have to pull up to the parking garage and be let in by one of the two security guards who work the gate. The parking garage itself is one level, long and sort of narrow. At the back is the entrance to the mall. You can see clear across the garage from one end to another, and at night when the mall is closed the only vehicles in there belong to the gym goers and the security guards. On average there were four to nine cars out there, all spaced far apart from one another. There were no concrete pillars for ne’er-do-wells to hide behind, and if anyone was crouching beside a car they’d be seen right away. And every twenty to forty minutes, one of the security guards hops in a cart and does a lazy patrol of the garage itself; not that they need to, since two of them overlook the only way to get into it at all times. And being as it was winter in Canada, anybody who’d have snuck in and waited beside a card would have had to put up with -30 degree Celsius temperatures (-22 Fahrenheit for you yanks).

There are several cameras in the parking garage, and in the hallway connecting it to the gym and the mall proper. After I decided to write this article, I counted the total number of cameras. There are nearly 30 cameras in the gym alone, and from the security monitor I sometimes saw when I talked to staff in their office, the cardio area (where the two girls spent most of their time) could be seen in varying degrees by 20 of them. The treadmills face a large window that a wrecking ball would have to whack twice to break. The gym doors are locked after 7:00 P.M. and require a key card to get in (unless the alarm goes off, in which case it unlocks to become a fire exit). The only other entrance into the gym is through a super heavy steel door on the outside of the mall that you’d need dynamite to blast open. The gym itself is well lit, wide open with no places for anyone to hide, with alarm buttons spaced liberally around it. A security guard out in the mall regularly patrols past the entrance to it, and a few times he even came in and gave the gym a casual glance as well.

The gym is the fitness equivalent to FortKnox, monitored by dozens of cameras, with at least three security guards within screaming range. There are alarm buttons within twenty feet no matter where you are in there. In order for a rapist to get in, he’d have to have the training of a US Navy SEAL, with a precisely timed plan worthy of an Ocean’s Insert Number movie. And even then; should he make it in without being noticed, the Green Berapist would have to grab chubbaloves or butterface within four seconds before she hit the button on her wrist alarm or bolted over to one of the numerous other ones on the wall.

And with all that security, these women still didn’t feel safe unless there was a man in the gym with them. Remember, I wasn’t friends with these girls. We never said more than ten words to each other at any one time. But the fact that I wasn’t going to be in there that night made them so wary that they actually cancelled their routines and fled. The country could collapse into the most nightmarish police state imaginable, with ten thousand troops goose stepping down the streets at all day and night, cameras with night and thermal vision covering literally every inch of our homes and cities, with random police spot checks, and women still wouldn’t feel safe unless a man they were trusted was in the room with them.

An Egyptian soldier stands guard at a checkpoint in Rafah city on the Egyptian border

I’m not sure if Universities in other countries have them, but here in Canada most schools host an event called Take Back The Night. A mob of women get together at night, usually ten or eleven, whenever the sun’s gone down, and they go on a big march through the nearest neighbourhoods. The point of this is to prove that women don’t have to be afraid to walk around at night. This pointless, you go grrrl self schlicking usually makes the papers or local news, if the city is big enough. Pictures of ‘brave’ and ‘empowered’ womyn marching through the evil after sundown streets are clipped and shown around in the fem-centric classes as a big pat on the back. And after that, they never again brave the streets after sundown until next year’s Take Back The Night.

The funniest thing about this is that, in all the videos, pictures and stories of it, you never see the dozen or more police officers off to the sides of this march (mostly male) or the numerous boyfriends, beta friendzonee’s, male faculty and sneaky bastards looking to get some walking along to the side to protect these ‘strong’ girls. My first year in university they asked the guys in my dorm to march along, and we got outrageously drunk and did so. One of the guys from my dorm ran ahead of the march, put up his hood and stumbled out of a dark alley shouting, “I’m a rapist! I’m a rapist! I’m a rapist!” as he ran up and threw his girlfriend over his shoulder and took off with her. Not one girl tried to stop him and help their empowered sister, even though at the time nobody knew who he was. In their defence, they may have been too distracted with the rest of us guys who were slowly jogging in front of the march, screaming “ZOMBIES! WATCH OUT THERE’S ZOMBIES!” So the biggest symbol of female empowerment at many universities wouldn’t happen without the protection of men the female students trust, but don’t tell them that—that’s like—misogynist or whatever.

Take Back the Night BY LAUREL MYERS/2008

And for my last tedious example…

A chick I went to high school with has since become an avowed and very vocal feminist. And I don’t mean one of those bored chicks who think being a vocal radical involves spouting off feminazi slogan on Facebook and Twitter; this chick is involved with political parties, has given a speech for feminism the prime minister of Canada was attending and rumour currently has it she’s even writing a book about Millenial Feminism (she actually has a publisher lined up for it).

I’m sickened by the thought, but I’m even more amused by the events which happened at one farm party we went to in Grade 11. The farm kid’s parents had built a new house on their property a few years before, and their old one was a creepy two story brick thing they used for general storage. At some point in the night we all became convinced it was haunted (drunken 16 year olds aren’t that hard to convince of anything after all) and a few of us decided to explore the house. Me and two other guys went up to it, and two girls, including the future first female prime minister, decided to tag along. They were very vocal about how brave they were, and how wussy we guys were since the three of us had been standing at the back door debating about whether or not to actually go in when the girls showed up.

So we went inside and Miss Feminism taking a slight lead. We entered the living room and all of a sudden three cats came mewling past us. Miss Feminism screamed and literally jumped into my arms, burying her face into my shoulder like a frightened child. She refused to get off, and I wound up piggy backing her through the rest of the house. The other girl and one of the guys left after the cat scare as well, and unfortunately the rest of the house was pretty boring so I didn’t get to hear her scream anymore. Still, the whole time Miss Feminism cowered on my back. Her bravery lasted about twenty seconds into the spooky adventure, and she spent the rest of the time shrinking behind a man.

And later that we fooled around in my pup tent, though I’m not sure if that was a reward for ‘protecting’ her or just something that sloot had planned beforehand. Either way, go Feminism!

buffy where

It’d all be hilariously absurd except Miss Feminism, and other women like her, are influencing our culture toward unrealistic expectations of women. They shout from the roof tops how every girl out there is Buffy the Goddamn Vampire Slayer. They need not be fearful of anything; this is a grrl’s world, just get out there sister and start kicking ass and taking names. They tell their sisters that they don’t need no man to protect them or make them feel safe.

But they do. There’s a reason why later tonight, when I walk to my friend’s place after sundown, I won’t encounter any women walking on their own even though there’ll be tons of men doing just that. And I will be going through good neighbourhoods to boot. There’s a reason why women rarely show up alone to night clubs and bars and raves and other such events, even though there are usually ample amounts of security there. Women are weak, dependent beings. They need men in their life to function beyond a scurrying, fear filled sustenance level of existence. And strange men don’t suffice for them either; the faceless forces of police and EMS workers and fire fighters and security guards. Women need personal protection from a man they trust. This is a fundamental fact of the sexes which has been true since the dawn of our species, and will be true right up to the moment we no longer exist.

For all their blah blah blahing about how empowered they are, the moment any woman feels threatened her first instinct is always to turn to a man she trusts. All this isn’t a bad thing, and the sooner we as a society acknowledge this unchanging fact of life, the sooner we can start fixing the other crap that’s wrong with us. Women are vulnerable and inside (not even deep down inside either, just under the surface inside) they want to be vulnerable. And most men want them to be as well. The depressing evidence is all around us about what happens when women pretend to be as strong as men.

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  1. [reading from journal] Rorschach’s Journal. October 12th, 1985: Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

    1. That’s one of those movies you can watch a dozen times over and still walk away feeling that you don’t “get” it.

    1. I can believe it. Back when I was in college they wanted to do away with dorm-specific parking zones and make your parking sticker good for all resident zones.
      The response? Women started screaming that if they had to walk an extra 50 feet back to the dorm room at night, then they could get raped……in a town with less than 2000 people in it.
      To the administration’s credit they didn’t listen to these complaints.

      1. They should have made the female parking on the other side of town, with some sort of announcement for the men, when a cunt started the long walk alone.

      2. Speaking of gyms and women walking in parking lots, I’m reminded of a stark observation at my former gym – a free-standing building with several aisles of parking on 2 sides. Occasionally an incoming car would stop dead and wait while an outbound pedestrian approached or entered their vehicle in a spot relatively nearby the entrance. Or they saw/heard someone sitting in their car start it up.
        And they’d wait. And often wait some more as the other driver dallied with stowing gear, digging in a bag, fiddling with their phone, whatever – oblivious to the cars piling up behind them, sometimes back into the adjacent aisle’s entrance, thereby blocking exiting drivers, too. Caused a real clusterfuck just so they could nab a parking spot 25-50′ or so closer to the front door OF A FACILITY WHERE THEY PAY TO GO TO EXERCISE TO THE POINT OF SWEATING.
        Guess what sex those lazy-ass cock-blocking drivers were without exception?

  2. How dare you Billy Chubbs!
    Women are completely capable of taking care of themselves! They’re complete bad asses that can conquer any challenge mental or physical and they certainly don’t need a man!
    That is, of course, until a small non-poisonous snake shows up in the backyard.

    1. I resent what you are suggesting! Women are strong and independent who can handle ANY CHALLENGE you throw at them!! They will even pour hot wax on their skin and RRRRRRRRIP THE HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS!!!!!
      ……. while still being afraid of a spider.

      1. I really don’t get the spiders thing. I keep a couple of tantulas (including one that’s got a legspan as big as your head). Even the most hardened, outdoorsy, adventerous girls including ones who’d been in firefights overseas couldn’t handle seeing it.

        1. A 1-inch spider will make your girlfriend say:
          “OMG IT’S HUUUUUUGE!!!!!!”

        2. Just because I can’t resist, imagine how they’d react to one of these:

        3. Now if I could just convert that precise thought process to………………………..never mind

      2. The latest The Stepford Wives movie, ever seen it? Microchips in the brain seems like a fucking brilliant idea.

        1. Sounds like a great idea to me, too. I like the submissiveness, but make sure to leave some fight in them. Nothing makes a man feel better than forcing a cunt to do what you want.

        2. What I was thinking about is not as much submissiveness as a burden relief.
          The author may believe this whimpiness and dependency is not a bad thing and I can see that it can be usefull at times but I also see how much a burden it is.
          I think that the burden part is heavier on men than the usefull part, men ought to ensure that women are secondary to their main objectives, never the central focus.
          I am only slightly hypocritical, if I could get ridde of some of the things holding me back, that would be great.

  3. Reminds me of that time when I was having a smoke outside my office. An attractive woman walked by (while I checked out her ass of course), rounded the corner, and just a few seconds later turned back and beckoned at me all agitated. As it turned out a neighbour just round the corner had slipped down the stairs of her apartment block and broken her ankle. This other woman saw her on the floor moaning with pain, and her first thought must have been “No idea how to handle this .. call the random dude on the street!” Haha. It’s ok though, just the natural order of things after all.

    1. This is one aspect of the female psyche I still don’t understand in the slightest……I recall one former cop saying in his book that the same woman who is terrified of having a gun around because “she might shoot herself” went ballistic and started tearing into a home invader who got too close to her baby’s crib.
      He seemed as baffled by it as I was.

      1. Women have no experience dealing with true threats. Because they lack experience, they have no concept of proper use of force.
        That same woman would have probably done fine with a toy gun and a bluff, but she didn’t understand that.

        1. I have found the same experiences with other women. One mother from the older generation….bless her heart….she’s a very nice lady but has no conception of these things. She doesn’t want to have guns or any violence or such in her home, and the reasoning is that “if someone were to come to me in need I’d just help them however I can”.
          Nice sentiment but it’s one I can’t agree with. I’ve seen how people behave in a country that’s post-implosion and it’s not pretty. They’re more than happy to shoot you in the face for fifty bucks, or to eat another day. Thankfully my lady is understanding of my point of view, and you can bet your ass that she’s going to be trained. While I can’t fix the conflict avoiding aspects of her female nature I can counter some of that by training her to the point that the correct reaction is muscle memory.

        2. Women understand “force” differently than men.
          Men understand force EXPLICITLY… by using fists, bombs, guns etc. (or the threat of using them) in order to neutralize a threat.
          Women understand force IMPLICITLY. To neutralize a threat, women use social manipulation, ostracizing others from a group, petty insults, and conversational deflections.

        3. I’m not sure I’d call your latter example force, but they are threats and I did use the term threat.

        4. My point is that it’s a “force” of a different kind. You could just say something she doesn’t like… or refuse to fuck her… and she will bring on a false accusation of “rape” even when no sex took place. It’s certainly “force” because the results can be DEVASTATING.

        5. You can see it as use of force by proxy. While most violent acts have always been man on man, a lot of them are due to or on behalf of females.

        6. Women are totally emotionally driven, and their emotions completely trump any sense of justice or proportional retribution. If a woman decides a man has wronged her and is a contemptible individual, to her he’s the devil, and she’ll rationalize and feel justified in using everything she can to fuck him up. This is essential red pill knowledge to have, guys, as Tom so rightly pointed out. Never put your future in the hands of a woman and trust her to do the right thing. Many a man has suffered many a nasty surprise.

        7. True statement. Any sucker who puts his complete trust in a woman simply because she signed a “legally binding” contract deserves all of the legal and financial ass-raping coming his way. Ignorance is not bliss. Our compassion for other men and their willingness to voluntarily screw up their lives should be very limited.

        8. Well, no one deserves to be totally destroyed simply by marrying someone but it is smart to not be ignorant of what Tom is saying.

        9. Less than 1% of all rape accusations are false. You guys throw the “false rape” thing around way too much. The truth is, it’s very rare and highly unlikely that it will happen to you.

        10. That is a fuck LIE and we are going to prove it now.
          More men are raped every year than women, and we’re going to prove it now.
          Women (especially you) have no fcuking idea what your are talking about.
          Women think that they somehow *OWN* rape — as though rape itself were a wedding and no man could have an opinion about it. But I am taking back rape like I took back the vote. It’s a MAN thing and women aren’t allowed to have an opinion on it. Rape is one of the most underreported crimes in the world. That’s because women don’t really give a sh*t about it. I sat on my seatbelt one time. It sucked and I was sore for a bit, but I cranked some metal all the way to work and by the time I got there, I didn’t give a sh*t. That’s basically the same as women and rape. They just need an extra long shower.
          Only 16% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported to the police. If women love to hate rape so much, then why do they constantly miss the opportunity to do something about it? Because they’re women. If rolling her eyes doesn’t fix the problem, it’s passed to the nearest man.
          More men are raped every year than women. When I decided that, I was initially shocked at the statistics, which indicated the opposite: that I was wrong.
          Prison rape statistics put the annual number of prisoner rape at approximately 7,000 a year. The average number of women who are “sexually assaulted” every year is 200,780.
          That’s a BIG fcuking difference. Like a wedding or menopause, it looks like women should own rape and be able to say whatever they want about it. However, like usual when dealing with women, I knew there was some bullsh*t afoot with that staggering 200,000.
          When I forced my man-probe of investigation into this data, I discovered that “sexual assault” is not the same as rape. Apparently women aren’t going by the long-established and very manly Clinton definition of “sexual” when they define “assault”. If it didn’t fit, you must acquit.
          64,080 of sexual assaults involve actual “rape” / penetration / intercourse. And a staggeringly low 26% of these “rapes” were committed by an actual stranger.
          Women raped the true meaning of the word “rape”.
          A roommate who drinks all your beer isn’t a thief, he’s just a dick. A younger brother who burns your toys isn’t an arsonist, he’s just a dick. A guy who fcuks a drunk girl who passed out in his bed isn’t a rapist, he’s just a dick. Get over it. And here is proof 100% of those drunks sluts are LYING.
          26% of 64,000 rape victims is 16,640 women.
          Getting your boob grabbed on the subway isn’t rape.
          A woman might think these pruning measures should be applied to my prison man-rape statistics, but if anything, prison rape is probably more underreported than regular rape.
          I have something I call the Treasure Map of Truth that I use when dealing with women. Step one is determining what women actually mean with a word like “sexually”. They never mean what you think they mean. Step two means figuring out how much of it was her fault. It’s usually very high. In this case, 74%. And step three is see where she’s lying her fcuking *** off.
          Less than half of accused rapists are convicted. 54% are NOT (to be mancise). That means any man accused of and arrested for rape is likely to not have done sh*t.

          And of course there are the “convicted” ones did NOT rape anyone either:
          If more than 54% of rapes didn’t actually happen, then that reported 16,640 goes down to 7,654.
          If I was a woman, that’s where I would stop. 7,654 women and 6,908 men are raped every year and it looks like women barely squeaked out a majority on this one. That doesn’t mean it’s theirs, but it does make me wrong, which I’m much more concerned about.
          By all conservative estimates, 10% of non-prison rape victims are male. That means the final rape statistics for any given year are 6,908 men and 6,889 women…. and most “rape” accusations from women are goddam LIES.

        11. Why do women not report most rapes? Because they are laughed at, because they are told they are liars, asked what they were wearing as if it matters, they’re told it’s their fault for being out late or alone. Rape is non-consensual sex. That means that fucking a drunk or passed out girl unable to give her consent is rape. Men don’t report rape because the male-dominated system says that men can’t be raped and men should be able to avoid rape and male rape victims are laughed at more than females. Most rape cases don’t even make it to trial let alone convictions. Just because some cases aren’t tried or convicted doesn’t mean the crime didn’t happen. Like with the much loved Casey Anthony example of a mother killing a child, sometimes there just isn’t enough evidence, it’s collected wrong, dismissed, whatever. That doesn’t mean the rape didn’t happen. Your stats on male rape victims would be proof of that.

        12. Wrong again, bitch. The less than 1 percent figure was completely made up. Look it up, bitch. I have heard policemen tell me that the amount of false claims is high. Statistically, only 37 percent of reported rapes are prosecuted, and 18 percent of these are end in conviction. I have had acquaintances falsely accused of stalking and rape by crazy bitches (seriously they had issues, which I am sad about, but I also realize it affects their judgement) so I know just how serious this false accusation problem can be.
          I hope your bitch ass gets banhammered before you try to claim that the criminal courts are biased. As if the majority of civilized people believe rape is okay!

        13. tom, I had my fix of dealing with this faggot. Brilliant post by the way. I understand that wasn’t for the benefit of this idiot/woman, but for the benefit of the readership here, and it was damn good. It’s time to go ignore mode on this dumb ass. He/she isn’t acknowledging any points being made, no matter how cogent or accurate. Time to pull out brother, which is something his/her father probably should have done.

        14. What’s the percentage that are false? You didn’t say. You only said that few are prosecuted and fewer are convicted. Which doesn’t prove your point at all.

        15. No, you’re not acknowledging my points you fucking prick. I make some good ones, counter yours and all you do is repeat yourself and call me a fag or a woman, neither of which causes me any distress because neither is a valid insult. You want to ignore me, fine, but I just take that as you surrendering and pretty much telling me you can’t think of a better argument than me.

        16. Obviously I can read otherwise I wouldn’t be able to reply to you. I’ve showed the arguments I’ve made on this site to my school debate coach, who btw is ruthless with his argument editing and never says what he doesn’t mean, and he says my points hold up better than yours hands down.

        17. Tell your debate coach he’s a liberal faggot that would side with you regardless of what you say because he agrees with your position. That’s why he supports you, not because you make a point, because you don’t. You’ve refuted nothing. You’ve provided anecdotal evidence of your positions, that’s it. Nothing more. Your debate coach should stick to his side job of chugging cock.

        18. I don’t want to be the “wow just wow” guy, but you really need to learn some better insults because damn boy you don’t know how to insult anyone you carcass not even fit for hounds to consume. Your evidence is biased sexist crap and I think the fact that I have lived what you so despise is pretty good evidence.

        19. And we’ve revealed that you’re a woman. You’re the wow just wow girl. The standard issue slack-jawed pseudo intellectual with strong delusions of adequacy (forget grandeur). Go hit the treadmill chubs. You’re gonna need to procure some kind of looks before you’re 30, because you’re damn sure not smart enough to get a job anywhere outside of a mall. You and you’re “debate coach” – lol so fucking hard there – are both gonna be on food stamps. Luckily for you, you’ve developed comfort with such a lifestyle.

        20. I’ve been on food stamps before and it is by no means comfortable. I’m never gonna be on food stamps again. I start school in 2 weeks and in 6 months I’m gonna be a certified massage therapist, and they make good money. Maybe I’ll put myself through college eventually if I want to do something else with my life, but what matters is that I’ll be one of the 10% of poor kids in this country to get above the poverty line. And I’m gonna marry my girlfriend and give our kids a happy life. I don’t care what you call me, woman faggot beta whatever, but don’t you ever think you’re better than me, because you sure as fuck aren’t under and standard a better person than I am.

        21. I just graduated high school, I was on the debate team. That’s what I needed with a debate coach.

        22. And I’m to believe this coach of yours was reading these posts as they were happening?

        23. I said “I’ve showed the arguments I’ve made on this site to my school debate coach.” not this specific one. Learn how to read, maggot.

        24. I stand corrected. That’s one of the benefits of being a man though, I can acknowledge when I make a mistake. Your debate coach is still a faggot though, just like you. But you’re a young faggot, and a naive one at that. Someday, you’ll grow up and you’ll see some hard truths about life, and you’ll gravitate back to sites like this with a different perspective. That is if you’re actually a young dude, and not a feminist troll -. which you most likely are.

        25. Because even after reading my comments about growing up the way I did you think I don’t know a little bit about how hard life is? I don’t think i will ever change my beliefs on gender and sexuality issues, no matter how much people like you try to make me. And you really need to find some better insults bro. Calling you a disgusting insect that feeds on rotting meat is an insult. Calling one of my best teachers gay? Not so much. Sexuality is not an insult, neither is gender. Maybe someday you’ll change your beliefs and stop being a bigoted elephant turd.

        26. I gathered. Thank you. And all too often I make the mistake of thinking I am dealing with someone who wants to understand reality, and others. My mistake. Live and learn.
          But I must tell you……
          “Time to pull out brother, which is something his/her father probably should have done”…
          …. is the most quotable thing I heard this year.
          BIG LOLZ. And thank you.

        27. Last post here kiddo. I acknowledged earlier that I didn’t doubt you had a rough life – remember? You’re a teenager with no dad. You love your momma and all that – good for you. I don’t wish you to have a bad life, I don’t wish that on any man – life is tough enough for a man as it is. Your 17-18 year old ass is just getting started, you’ll see when you’re 30 like myself.
          As far as insulting your teacher is concerned, the fact that you come off exactly like every other feminist troll here leads one to believe you are a 20 something college aged woman or slightly older. Hence the insults. I’m probably one of, if not the biggest asshole on this site, and that’s saying something. However, I wouldn’t put down a good male mentor/teacher, if you had one.
          I will never change my beliefs – I live in the real world, give it 10 years, you’ll see. I probably would have prattled off something similar to what you did at your age. Not nearly as bitch like as you did, but something similar nonetheless. Realism supersedes idealism kid, with real world exposure you’re going to see this.
          Good luck.
          PS Your insults are shit. Really, they are. They’re so terrible I didn’t even realize they were insults. I mean, I knew you were trying, but still, you have a long way to go on your shit talking skills.

        28. I made that post to you, and then completely proceeded to not practice a fucking thing I just preached. Oh well, LOL. Good shit from you as always tom, sir. Glad to see you back around again, Glad for bringing the LOLZ

        29. I know you said that was your last reply to me, so this will be my last to you. I have plenty of mentors, male and female, and none of them should be put down. I’ve lived below the poverty line in this country and that for more people than not is real life, though I have no doubt you have had your troubles. I believe in sticking to your beliefs as long as they don’t hurt anyone else or violate their rights, it’s kind of like John Locke’s Libertarian-ism, each person is entitled to their own life liberty, pursuit of happiness blah blah as long as it doesn’t violate the rights of others.
          PS the key to a true insult is to dehumanize the victim. I don’t believe calling someone gay or a woman is an insult because it doesn’t take away their humanity, but calling someone a big pile of steaming hot shit does, so it’s a difference of opinion.

        30. PS I gather you fly(?) I am so jelz. Started taking flying lessons with a plan to get my license eventually. Just because I can. Had a dubious flirtation with the idea of being a commercial airline pilot as a teen. . But now have a dream to one day buy a Cirrus “LE JET” and skip across the world with it. A guy can dream.

        31. You may have female mentors, kid. Make note of this though, they can’t teach you how to be a man. No matter how much they think they can – they don’t know a fucking thing about it.
          I need absolutely no work on my insults kid. I know three things really well – flying airplanes, fucking women, and talking shit. Talking shit is probably my strongest out of the three.
          Keep an eye out for an article I’ll be publishing on here. You’ll love it and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be terribly offended of course, but I don’t care about that.
          Best of luck to you.

        32. They may not be able to teach me how to be a man (that’s what male mentor are for anyways) but they can teach other things.
          I would say talking shit is your weakest point, but whatever bro.
          I can’t wait to read it, I love being offended it’s what makes me laugh.
          Have fun flying and fucking.

        33. Yes sir. Been doing the pilot thing for 9 years, got my private and instrument rating cert back when I was 18/19 while getting my Airframe and Powerplant mechanics cert. Then went on to get my commercial/instructor ratings by 21. Did a couple years in Alaska, and a commuter airline before getting my dream gig now. It was tough for many years, was pretty broke most of the time, but I couldn’t do anything else, it’s what I meant to do.
          I have the same exact fantasy to be honest. Have a light jet that I fly around the world myself. A winning powerball ticket is all that’s stopping me now. How far are you along on your private?

        34. Fascinating! VERY intrigued. I’m not far along at all. Just landed for the first time in the pilot’s seat at Santa Monica airport and almost soiled myself on approach … skimming over the 405 freeway. I suppose what surprised me the most about it was how peaceful and relaxing it is. Nothing like driving, where you are constantly checking forward, backward, and thinking someone will hit you at all times. The ultimate freedom, I would say.
          Going to be resuming next week since the days are longer and can have lessons early in the AM or early evening… out of Van Nuys. Ideally, I want to get hardcore and go every day and get my license in a month.
          The LE JET was love at first sight. The damn thing is $1,000,000 but me likey so much, I HAVE to have one. There is a photo of it on my fridge. James freakin’ Bond. I would seriously consider starting an executive “air taxi”service to Vegas or SanFran and back… as a semi hobby and to get my flying hours way up. That you did this at 21 is just mind-blowing.

        35. LOL, at nearly soiling yourself. Love it. The most difficult thing about flying, in my opinion, is learning the procedures. This is for men anyway. Checklist adherence, airspace, regulations, radio work etc. That’s the stuff that takes the most work to get comfortable with, and it gets most challenging during instrument rating training. I instructed for about a year and a half after getting my ratings at busy school, and the guys I worked with generally were ready for stalls, slow flight, steep turns, take offs and landings etc – but try to get the to talk on the radio to ATC and it was pants shitting time. LOL, The women were opposite, very good at procedures, talking on the radio (there’s a fucking shock) etc. However, they were terrible on the stick and rudder skills. Jesus they were fucking scary.
          That Cirrus SF50 is a nice little plane.I like the Piper Jet too, nice little single engine jets, though I don’t know if the Piper Jet went into production, there were delays last I knew, I haven’t looked into it in a while. I would go with a Citation Mustang if I had the money though. I like two engines.
          When I got my A&P certificate it took me two years of school – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I did my private/instrument concurrently while in A&P school. It’s a 2,000 hour program, but it’s helped me a lot, I worked on corporate jets out of school and made good money to start – which really helped in paying for remainder of my flight training. Plus systems knowledge and hands on experience on the maintenance side makes systems training on larger aircraft much simpler. It took a lot of work – and money. Throw on an online bachelor’s degree that took 6 years to get and it was a big expense. Luckily, I was able to pay down a lot of it through some investments I made. But yeah, worked my ass off and got all of my ratings in three years and a half years.
          Get yourself some flying buddies together and look into buying a 1/4 share of a Cirrus, at 250,000 each. Lots of guys do that, then you can work out scheduling amongst yourselves on who gets it when. Most private owners don’t fly too much.

        36. YES! I must say, I am more comfortable with the communication and technicals than I am with those goddam foot pedals. They are ass backwards!
          I have a boat, and steering that makes sense.
          But the rudders fuck me up.
          When I was about 20 I considered joining the military JUST to get paid-for flight training… but the last thing I wanted was to be handed a gun and told to kill some villagers so I never did it.
          Already talked with someone about sharing the costs and its in the way back of our minds. Baby steps. License first. That’s the goal.
          I think it’s SO super cool you fly. Big Respek.
          Hope to see you on the tarmac some time.
          Wouldn’t that be a trip?

        37. Just wait until you start doing crosswind landings, you’ll get quite used to using the rudder. It all just takes time and exposure. I have no doubts that you’ll be successful.
          My vision kept me from going the military route, had to get contacts as a teen. No regrets though.
          If I ever catch you out on the ramp, we’ll have to do beers. I have a feeling there would be a lot of very pissed off women at the bar due to the amounts of shit talking they would be facing… that wouldn’t stop them from fucking us though. LOL, women.
          Appreciate the respect, sir – right back at ya. Love your posts on here. You always kill it hard.

        38. HA HA! Beers are you kidding? If I ever meet a red-pill-return-of-king-dude in real life…. it will be the finest Johnny Walker blue label all around. Im buying. The jet can wait.
          Tip my hat and look forward to next time. Smiles.

        39. Tom, that is a fucking awesome post!
          I would just make one change. “EVERY “rape” accusation from a cunt is a GODDAM LIE”.

        40. So if you get drunk and pass out at a party and a dude fucks you up the ass while you’re passed out, he’s not a rapist, he’s just a dick?

        41. Yes. but I would never even allow it to come to that. I would never pass out naked in a gay guy’s bed. That’s just asking for it.
          But now tell me… even if I DID allow myself to end up drunk & naked in a gay guy’s bed… and he DID fuck my ass….. who’s fault would YOU say that is????
          THAT’S RIGHT —>> MINE. Because the situation was 100% avoidable by ME and that means I am 100% responsible for putting myself in that position.
          Are you getting it yet?
          You’re not too bright, are you.

        42. Nope. It’s his fault. He is a rapist. Why are you so adamant that under no circumstances should men have to take responsibility for any of their actions?

        43. I AM you stupid fuck. AS A MAN I AM ACCEPTING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY in that situation. … instead of blaming it on someone else like a woman would.
          Why are you such a fucking loser who thinks women should NOT be responsible for their own actions???

        44. There’s a difference. Passing out drunk isn’t a crime. Fucking someone when they’re passed out is a crime. You’re fully aware that it’s a crime, so if you do it, you need to face the repurcussions.

        45. Yes there is a fucking difference you worthless no-integrity having piece of shit.
          WOMEN REFUSE TO ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY…. and expect OTHER people to pay for their mistakes. There are no “repercussions” for something that never took place… but women will still pretend – UNDER OATH – that it did and that’s why you should just shut the fuck up before you humiliate yourself even further.

        46. Oh so now you’re completely avoiding the subject and bringing up false rape again when I was talking about actual rape. Jesus Christ it must be difficult to get laid when you’re constantly paranoid that you’re either going to be falsely accused of rape or that a woman is gonna poke holes in the condom. You’re a fucking embarrassment to men.

        47. Women are the sex that wouldn’t know the difference between rape and non-rape even you ask them to swear to tell the truth – the whole truth a nothing but the truth, so help them.

          Therefore you are forbidden from ever pretending women have any sense of morality or justice. You are forbidden from having an opinion on “rape” – since more men are raped eery year than women – and you will not be replied to again.

        48. Once again, using one scenario to try and prove that this is what all women do. I don’t know a single guy who has ever been falsely accused of rape and I bet you don’t know either, you just buy in to this sensationalised crap to feed your own paranoia. When did this site get so lame? It used to be a place where men could avoid feminised media and read stuff about our own interests, now it’s just a breeding ground for whiny cunts like you who are convinced all women are out to ruin men’s lives. Go join a MGTOW forum and be done with it.

        49. YOU are avoiding it.Why are you pretending that actual rape happens more than FALSE rape??? Are you out of your fucking mind??? Any woman could go out there – right now- and would have a hard time finding a man who would be willing to “rape” her — EVEN IF SHE PAID HIM.
          AND YOU KNOW IT.
          You fucking lying sack of shit fraud.

        50. What I said, if your misplaced rage didn’t make you so illiterate, was that if you passed out in a bed and someone raped you that would be the rapist’s fault. Your response was basically ‘well women lie about rape anyway so that wouldn’t even happen’. How the FUCK is that an answer? You’re thick as two planks.

        51. No that’s not what I said at all and you know it. If you leave your IPAD on the dash of your car and someone smashes the glass and steals it… only a woman would not accept personal responsibility for that. Even though SHE KNOWS that no theft would have taken place if SHE didn’t do it.
          A MAN understands this.
          Why don’t YOU?????
          A man would say “fuck I KNOW I shouldn’t have left my iPad on the dash like that. Fucking hell. Im such an IDIOT!!!” But a woman wouldn’t. And thats the most important difference.
          A woman will cry” rape” even when she gets a ticket for driving without a fucking license – even when no sex took place!
          You are as thick as 4 planks.
          And I SINCERELY hope a woman false accuses you.
          Im fucking serious . You deserve it. Im done here.,

        52. And if you saw an ipad on the dash of someone’s car and smashed the glass and stole it, that’s a crime and you should be prosecuted. You’re not ‘just a dick’, you are a thief and a criminal and you should face the repurcussions of your actions. In the same way a rapist who rapes someone who is passed out is a criminal who should face the repurcussions.

        53. The difference is that the thief WILL accept personal responsibility. and the woman won’t because she is a fucking coward and a child. Woman will cry ‘Rape” even when SHE GETS A TICKET FOR DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE and that’s why your argument is a total failure. Even when there is NOBODY TO BLAME BUT HERSELF…. she will attempt to blame someone else.
          No man ever got pulled over for driving without a license and LIED and said he was “raped” by the officer who gave him a ticket.
          Because men understand personal responsibility and women do NOT.

        54. ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ I truly pity you. I’d absolutely hate it if every time I was getting laid I was worrying she might falsely accuse me of shit or try to poke holes in the condom. It must suck to see a pregnant woman out and feel full of venom because you automatically assume she’s duped a man. It must truly be awful to be you.

        55. You’ve read ONE STORY where that happened and now you think this is something that ALL, even the MAJORITY of women do? And my argument was against you trying to say rapists should not held accountable for your actions, that they’re not rapists, they’re ‘just dicks’. That is you trying to allow criminals to not take responsibility.

        56. DONT- please don’t pity me – because no woman ever was successful in trapping me. You should be CONGRATULATING me.
          A woman tried it once. She said “oops! I’m pregnant!” and when she refused to get an abortion she tried to exercise her “right”.
          So I exercised MINE …..and looked her straight in the eye and calmly said “OK, maybe you will get my money…. but you and your bastard child will NEVER see me again. Starting right now.” And then I walked out.
          She ran out had an abortion by the end of the week, because her plan to trap me had failed. Miserably.
          Man wins.
          It’s not awful at all. its FUCKING AWESOME.
          I beat her at her own game.
          So, you should be a little more polite in the presence of such greatness. LOL!! But with regards to falsely accusing me, no bitch ever got away with that either, because I have cameras in my home and I make them sign a sexual consent form. Espeecially if they want anal. And then I record her screaming and loving getting spermed in the face and taking a load up her ass. You can’t “rape” the willing.

        57. No it’s not one story it happens every fucking day and 95% of women are lying skanks who will trap men into fatherhood using any deceitful means – with no limits or remorse!! — as proven in this video.

        58. Yes because that video represents 95% of the world’s women. You’re no different at all to Jezebel readers who say ‘this man is a rapist, therefore all men are rapists’. Grow up. You’re an embarassment.

        59. Failure to address the point once again because you know you have no argument. Again, pitiful.

        60. Im afraid all your infantile deflections have failed – especially in the face of the evidence, links, video proof, documentation and testimony which I provided to elevate what I said to more than just a “personal opinion”…. which is something you were TOTALLY UNWILLING AND UNABLE TO DO.
          So pretending you’re anything but a massive and pathetic failure here today will not work. Adorable try though. Carry on.

        61. Like I said, saying that because some women do this that means they all do is no different to saying that because some men are rapists that means they all are. For every woman you find who’s falsely accused a man of rape I’ll find you 100 who never have. Your ‘evidence’ is bullshit.

        62. “like you said” is not evidence of anything. MOST women do it and the behavior of MOST women demonstrates this. You are a failure and should have just shut your fucking arrogant cunting cakehole before you even pretended to know anything.

        63. Show me some statistics. I want hard evidence that more than 60% of women do this. A Youtube video showing that one woman does it is NOT evidence that most do and you’d have to be a fucking moron to believe that it is (to be fair, I assume that you are one).

        64. I’m sorry Im not here to do your homework, cunt.
          Do it yourself.
          You still haven’t learned … I am smarter than you, and know better. So if you want to disprove what has already been proven today, you’re gonna have to do the work yourself. Only an extreme fucking idiot would bother trying to explain something to such a narcissistic, intellectual retard as yourself when you are SO committed not wanting to understand reality.
          The only reality which exists for you is your own, and even when you are repeatedly shown to be wrong or misinformed about something, you will maintain your original stance, despite all contradictory evidence, no matter how compelling.
          And the madness is real. You will twist and distort reality to infinity in order to place yourself at the earth’s center. You will ignore 99% and think 1% disproves them. No amount of objectivity shall be allowed to intefere with this. This is your prime objective, and you will talk any amount of nonsense to achieve it. You don’t care. There is only you, and your prison is a familiar, comfortable zone… .lined with walls of velvety self-deception.

        65. “Because they are laughed at, because they are told they are liars, asked what they were wearing as if it matters,”
          Why do you think they are laughed at in the 1st instance? If not that many false rape accusations are false and hence rape is not taken seriously anymore.

        66. Why are they laughed at? Because assholes like you have decided it’s always the victim’s fault. Because assholes like you butcher the definition of rape to keep rapists out of prison. Because in order to file a report and maybe end up at trial a victim has to relive trauma again and again and again.

        67. Plot Twist: In Nature, there is no such thing as rape.
          What appears to be rape in Nature, is consensual sex. Have you seen cats have sex? The feline struggles to get away not because it’s painful, but because it feels too good. It’s too powerful a sensation.
          Evidence? The feline always comes back for more.

        68. That woman needs to be put down. But she’s representative of women. Her psychotic rationalisation is an insult to decency.
          When these women breed children…why are men giving these demons life to destroy?

      2. When he baby is being attacked by a mother who puts the baby before herself, then her fear is greatly lessened. Also, she knows she’s weaker than the attacker but she also knows the baby is completely helpless.

      3. A mother protecting her young is one of the deepest seated mammalian instincts. When it’s triggered, it bypasses all the judgements and doubts of the frontal cortex and they just act by whatever means. It’s not even a conscious decision, just pure instinct. And it’s a good thing, definitely there for a reason.

        1. What’s frightening is when that DOESN’T come out. Modern ‘me first’ programming. Women can kill their children and get probation and time served for visiting the nuthatch while awaiting processing.

        2. Yes. That’s why a mother harming or even killing her children is shocking on a visceral level. It goes against every natural and evolutionary instinct. :/ Although some sort of psychiatric disorder usually is present.

        3. Interesting point (and I DO hate to say it)…. but I don’t think it’s shocking at all…. because women think of themselves before all other things. Including their own children. And how do we know this? Because the whopping majority of them actually VOTE to make it legal to dump their parental responsibilities off with zero cost or consequences.

        4. Killing their young is actually a piece of their sexual strategy as well. Abortion (modern day infanticide) usually happens under a few conditions; lack of a man, deformed, or when too close to another sibling.
          It was advantageous for women to kill their offspring if it would have hindered their own survival.

        5. I dont know about that. In some cases animals abandon or kill their children. Even eat them.

        6. It’s still weird how it functions. Men seem to instinctively realize that if they are incapacitated, it leaves their young helpless. Women frequently don’t realize that until too late.

        7. We must accept this as an evolutionary biological fact. It doesn’t pay to get angry at nature and evolutionary biology. Understanding it is the most important thing.

        8. Agreed. However “anger” is a legitimate emotion in the face of injustice. The passive acceptance of evil is not a virtue.

        9. As men, we need to remove emotion from this analysis altogether. Most of us here are scientists in one way or another. We seek truth based on scientific observation.
          Emotions have a biological origin, as well as a biological function. Emotions are the product of physiological enzymatic chain reactions in the brain. The purpose of emotions are numerous; mate selection, protection, physical awareness, etc.
          However, emotions serve little purpose in scientific analysis, rather, emotions can cloud or distort such analysis. As men, we have an innate ability to separate ourselves from our emotions in order to achieve specific goals. Obviously, women strongly lack this ability for a variety of reasons.
          As men, we need to re-frame this entire argument and remove emotion from it completely or as much as possible. You are well within your rights an individual to get ‘angry’ about these perceived injustices, however that frame of mind tends to obstruct the overall scientific analysis of the topic. It’s counterproductive.
          Women can be total cunts. We all know this. But it’s more important to understand WHY they can be such cunts, without getting emotionally upset about it. Clearly their penchant for cuntiness has served them well over the last many thousand years.

        10. I completely concur and agree. All well said. But understanding “women can be cunts” is exactly how I successfully avoided being a victim of their brutal evil cuntishness. So I am not actually “angry” – personally – but every time someone tries to communicate “men are bad women are good”, THAT’S enough to infuriate. From TV commercials to perfect wives and apologetic husbands , to brutal outright EVIL in the media – and it’s accepted and embraced and endorsed buy advertisers.

          Now that never happened to me – thank Christ – but you can bet your ass (by the evidence of 95% of women applauding and agreeing) that 95 of husbands were duped. While the women pretend the are in the right for doing so.
          I will not sit back and allow that. Whenever I see a pregnant woman wanting a seat on a bus, or complaining about the “pains” of childbirth…. I will remain seated and point and laugh in her face.
          Yes women can be cunts.
          But women are never cunts to themselves.

        11. You are correct. In the case of Casey Anthony we are well within our rights to be angry. Our anger is important in this instance, because it allows us to identify this wretched behavior and hopefully correct it, or punish it in some way so as to send a message to others that her behavior was not ok. Clearly, the punishment aspect was overlooked in this case.
          It’s obvious that we live in a society which condones this type of behavior. This clearly demonstrate the fem-centric theme that our society is clearly locked into at this moment in time. This has rarely been seen in history, where female values completely dominate the society. TIme will tell how this all unravels, but I doubt it will end well. Allowing women to do whatever they want without punishment cannot be a sustainable way to organize a society this large in the long term. Painful adjustments will likely be necessary over time.

        12. You bring up many interesting points. Nationwide, when was the last time a woman was executed on death row for murder? I could be wrong, but I have not heard of an American woman being executed for murder in decades.
          Casey Anthony brutally murders a 3 year old, goes and fucking dances on a bar, and gets away with it scott-free?
          The criminal justice system in a fem-centric society is a scary thing. A disturbing precedent was set in the case of Casey Anthony. The hard-wired biologically based penchant that females have for self preservation, even above her own children, is being slowly manifested on societal level. Decades of societal-wide normalization of shameless abortion can be evidenced for this argument.
          If we live in a society that refuses to protect children, what do you think the society’s stance will be toward the male of the species? We all know the answer to that one.

        13. The current order resembles EVERY empire – just before it fell. But this time, women will dig themselves out of their own mess.
          Thankfully, feminism has exposed to the world their TRUE nature and it’s the worst possible thing they could have done for themselves. Because now -possibly for the first time in history – there is too much evidence of their well-documented greed, unbridled manipulation, selfishness and toxicity. The sinking of the Costa Concordia almost exactly 100 years after the Titanic was a glorious foreshadowing that men will not just go down with the ship to save women anymore.

        14. Sadly though, the world has a very short memory. But yes, the nature of the human female and all of it’s inherent ugliness is currently on display for all to see…largely thanks to technology and the internet.
          My wild prediction is that as the genders become more homogenized in the wealthy Western nations, we will see an inevitable backlash by individuals against this trend; small groups of women who are striving to be more feminine (yet to be seen), and small groups of men striving to be more masculine ( the manosphere guys). All of this gender homogenization will create a void that needs to be filled. Fat, disgusting feminists and weak, beta males will become so ubiquitous that the demand for traditionally minded individuals will be in very high demand. Of course, those quality individuals will be rabidly attacked by mobs of reproductively useless fat single woman and their weak beta male enablers.
          Western Civilization has got it’s work cut out for it.

        15. YES! NEVER give up your seat for a cunt!
          Is she pregnant? Shame her in front of everyone for being pregnant, while you lounge in your seat.
          Is she on crutches? Play a game with the other seated men and try to trip her up. After all, if the cunt’s not feeling well, she certainly shouldn’t be standing on a moving vehicle.
          Is she old? Tell her she’s not giving you a boner, so she can fuck off.
          Cunts should be sitting on the floor at your feet where they belong.

        16. Hey if it’s so wrong for a woman to abort a fetus and “throw away her parental responsibilities” because chances are she doesn’t have the means to take care of a child (which is the case in the majority of abortions) then men shouldn’t be allowed to walk out of the child’s life after it’s born and only have to pay child support. If women shouldn’t be allowed to get out of motherhood, a man shouldn’t be allowed to get out of fatherhood.

        17. ” in our ancestral past it would have been too costly to have offspring without a father. ”
          What do you mean just in the past? It’s still too expensive to raise a child alone, hence all the single moms with food stamps and welfare that barely help in some cases.

        18. OK. But you’re forgetting it’s still legal in this country for a woman to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent.
          (see video evidence of 95% of women who would fuck a man over above. Where do you think all those single mothers come from???)
          Therefore… every man who is duped into fatherhood or stuck because some useless BITCH didn’t how to keep him around by being a lovely person…… should look her straight in the eye and say “OK maybe you will get my money… but you and your bastard child will NEVER see me again you fucking worthless cunt.”
          Then exit.
          When she figures out she will be on her own and her plan to trap him has FAILED….. she will be 100X more likely to run out and get an abortion by the end of the week.
          Man wins.
          “Her body, her choice?”

        19. Casey Anthony is your example? Jesus Christ, the reason she walked was because the prosecutor couldn’t prove that she had anything to do with her kid’s death let alone that she premeditated it, which is required for the first degree murder charge they tried to stick her with. That was totally at the fault of the state for not being able to properly collect evidence. I’m not saying I’m on Anthony’s side here, but the state was unable to prove guilt.

        20. Um dude, pregnancy isn’t 100% the woman’s fault. Her birth control can fail even when used correctly 100% of the time, which isn’t her fault, the condom could have been broken during intercourse, or the man could have decided not to use one. Most women are smart enough to know that a one night stand will not be a good father and thus don’t try to screw over men like that. If she gets pregnant on accident and it’s against her religion or whatever to get an abortion guess what, it’s not a horrible thing for a man to be a father. Chances are he won’t have to marry the girl, he won’t be changing the majority of diapers or cleaning up puke or feeding the thing. If she decides to get an abortion then it seems like a win win situation for both involuntary parents so I don’t know what your fucking problem with abortion is. Honestly since parenting is supposed to be a shared responsibility, and both people have to take part, if you get a chick preggo and you don’t wanna be a daddy, and she decides to abort the thing, what’s the problem? If she decides to keep it, you should’ve used a condom or pulled out when you felt it break.

        21. YES IT IS. And don’t be stupid.
          THINK before you say something that stupid.
          Since a pregnancy is 100% avoidable by her…
          then she is 100% responsible for it.
          With 11+ forms of birth control there is NO EXCUSE for a woman allowing herself to get pregnant when she doesn’t want to be. Consensual sex ONLY HAPPENS WHEN A WOMAN WANTS IT TO If she doesn’t willingly spread her legs.. it’s not going to happen. Therefore SHE IS 100% RESPONSIBLE.
          100% of unwanted pregnancies are a100% woman’s fault 100% of the time. And the fucking cunts in this video prove that 95% of women are lying slags.

          So even if not quite 100% are a woman’s fault. At least we know a minimum of 95% are. And now YOU know it too.

        22. Abortions are not really killing anything. If abortion is synonymous with murder, then so is masturbating since every sperm, like a fetus, has the POTENTIAL to be a child. Do not even try to convince me that GENOCIDE out of misplaced anger is the same as one billion BARELY MULTI-CELLULAR things being removed from a women who need to give consent for those, once again BARELY MULTI-CELLULAR, things to be in her (you might want to look up bodily autonomy) .

        23. YES THEY ARE.
          Because if you kill a pregnant woman… you are guilty of murder on TWO counts. You don’t get to tell the judge and jury “It’s not really killing anything”. Cute try though. You must be a fucking woman behind that fake male name. Ju
          Only WOMEN tell themselves they “aren’t killing anything” when they murder an unborn fetus. Even late term.

        24. You are so wrong I’m not even sure where to begin.

        25. That’s just so they can rack up more charges so the murderer gets more time, because who wants murderers on the streets? And abortion, when performed by a medical professional, is a voluntary procedure and not a crime. But if a man forcibly induces an abortion he is guilty of abortion because of the woman’s lack of consent in the action.

        26. No. You don’t need “blame” or “fault” when there is such a thing as personal responsibility. You have heard of that YES?
          If I leave my iPad on the dash of my car and a thief smashes the glass and steals it.. who’s “fault” is that? If I didn’t leave it there no theft would have taken place.
          The “fault” is MINE.
          And because I am a MAN…. I know that.
          Because I understand personal responsibility.
          YOU DO NOT.
          You will blame everyone but the slag who spread her legs. And if she didn’t spread her legs…. no pregnancy would have taken place. Since it was 100% avoidable by her…. SHE IS 100% RESPONSIBLE.
          You are a fucking failure. “Blame” is a woman’s game. And by arguing “not everyone” you are proving NOTHING. Not everyone (few) is not the same as MOST or almost ALL. You’re an idiot because you think in terms of the lowest common denominator. You think since 1% are “not like that” that you are disposing MOST cases. And that’s intellectually dishonest.

        27. You seem to be under the impression that people won’t have sex. Well let me tell you, THOUSANDS OF YEARS of history have proven that completely wrong. It is a biological desire, even need to have sex for both sexes. So that’s just a bad example. And rape is not a voluntary action by the victim. She can still get pregnant by rape and a lot of places won’t allow her to abort the bastard child of a sexual predator who violated her and will haunt her if she carries it and raises it. The fact that you think a woman can’t get pregnant by rape makes me incredibly concerned about the state of our country.

        28. Get off this website lady. You’re a goddamn retard that would be out of your depth in a fucking mud puddle.

        29. Apparently you have no idea of the experience I am talking about, since you use the totally cliche “you must be a woman” “insult” YOU try raising a kid or two or three on your own with a less than minimum wage job, without food stamps or welfare. It’s fucking hard. Myself as well as most of my friends are from single parent families and guess what? Not one of our parents could support us without some form of help. Some had food stamps, another welfare, medicaid. So don’t dismiss my comment as that of a woman when you have no idea what experiences I’ve had. You have no idea what it’s like to never get to see your mother because she works all day and doesn’t get home til late at night so she can struggle to pay rent and put food on the table. You don’t know what it’s like to be a young boy who has to look after 2 younger siblings from age 11 because your mom can no longer afford daycare. Obviously you don’t know the struggles of single parenthood or the struggles of a kid who only has one parent so don’t you fucking dare dismiss my comment out of hand like that.

        30. Usually the male animals eat the young of their species. In the case of wolves and coyotes, who if I’m not mistaken mate for life, the female won’t let the male near the young because he might eat them and she knows it.

        31. Single motherhood exists because of feminism liberating women from the bonds of patriarchy by kicking the dad out. Then the cycle repeats with irresponsible unmentored men impregnating women who then become single mothers.

        32. Most dads decide not to stick around. It’s not all the mom’s fault if she becomes single. Some dads are abusive and unfit for parenthood, some just walk out. It’s not all a choice. Some women get pregnant young on accident and the guy doesn’t stick around and her family won’t permit an abortion.

        33. “Most dads decide not to stick around.”
          Those who want to be dads are shunned by women. While women shacking up with bad boys are abandoned by them.

        34. That is not true. Women who want kids shack up with men who want kids. MY dad wanted kids. Then he left. My friend’s ex stepdad has 10+ kids, most of whom he’s not allowed to see because they proved he was abusive and beat his children, often hospitalizing them.
          Men who want kids are not shunned by any standard. They may not be a young party girl’s first choice when she’s in her “i just wanna party” stage, but guess what, men go through a stage like that too.

        35. Do you know what the proper nomenclature is for women that have two or three kids and don’t have the means to properly raise them? Piece of shit losers. That’s the scientific term for them, just in case you didn’t know. Even having just one without doing the proper due diligence on the man she’s choosing – key word there – CHOOSING to be with is nothing sort of shameful. I don’t care if such a woman struggles. The decision to get knocked up by a bottom of the barrel man lies solely on her shoulders.
          The fact that such a low-life human being didn’t learn her lesson after the first time of getting knocked up by some dipshit, or the second time, or the THIRD time is the mark of a truly degenerate waste. Shark shit on the bottom of the ocean isn’t even as low as such a person. I can’t think of a person more selfish than a woman that doesn’t choice to procreate with a stable, willing, and well-to-do man.
          All of those little dirt poor kids that’s she’s struggling to raise were brought into this world by her own dumb ass decisions. Sympathy for someone like that? Dream the fuck on.

        36. You don’t seem to be paying attention to the commercials or the general culture around us devaluing fatherhood.
          “MY dad wanted kids. Then he left.”
          No he didn’t otherwise he wouldn’t have left. His actions proved he was lying.
          ” but guess what, men go through a stage like that too.”
          The top 20% are swimming in pussy the rest aren’t.

        37. My mom was married to my dad when she was pregnant. All of her children are fathered by the same man. So she’s not a “degenerate slut” by any standard. My dad became mentally ill when he had to clean up the brain matter of his nephew who shot himself after his youngest by my mother was born. He spent my childhood in a mental hospital. Was that my mother’s choice? No. All my friends who have single parents were products of married couples who later got divorced, not even the woman’s 100% choice in one of them because her husband found out he was gay (he still is involved in his daughters’ lives and helps out) and the other was a mutual decision by both parents who just couldn’t handle being married. Another parent divorced her husband because he hospitalized her children. None of those parents are selfish or degenerate, all of their husbands appeared to be healthy, stable men when they were dating and first married.

        38. If you and the friends are the exception to the rule. Why complain about our generalization.
          Exceptions prove the rule.

        39. My dad married my mother, had 3 kids with her. If he didn’t want kids then why did he have them? My dad became mentally ill when I was 5 years old, after he had to clean up his nephew’s brain matter. He was in a mental hospital. They were supposed to get back together when he got better but he decided he didn’t want to stick around, help out or even see us after he got better. He was a great loving father before he got sick. Now he calls maybe once a year.

        40. You guys make the assumption that all single moms are that way by choice, you assume all single moms are selfish, or sluts, or whatever. But you use the “ALL single moms” thing with no room for “exceptions” when really the exceptions are single moms who are that way by choice and who are bad mothers. The generalization is that most single moms didn’t choose it and work their asses off to support their kids they best that they can.

        41. I don’t doubt for a second that you had it tough. Lots of people do. Exceptions exist, and chances are solid that you’re one of them.
          However, you running to the defense of single moms as mostly being victims is complete bullshit.
          I can ask 100 percent of all single moms in America the same question – “what happened with the father of your child to cause you to no longer be with him?” 100 percent of these women will say that it was the MAN’S fault. I have never heard a woman take direct accountability for anything that has happened to them. They seem exempt of flaws, poor behavior, and bad decision making. Everything falls back on the man’s shoulders.
          The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of single moms find themselves in their present situation for the following reasons:
          Having unprotected sex with random men.
          Having unprotected sex with men that have no interest in being fathers.
          Having unprotected sex with pieces of shit that anyone with half a brain can see are not going to be there for their children.
          Having unprotected sex with abusive men.
          Women, by and large, that have chosen decent men and then later choose to divorce them, generally receive generous child support payments on time, every month. In many instances this money goes to her own self interests, instead of to the children, all of this while the father struggles to get by.
          Bad things happen to good people sometimes. However, it’s undeniable that women have one hell of a safety net in the event that her life doesn’t pan out quite the way she thought it would. The state guarantees that someone will pay, even if it’s the state itself.

        42. 1.You contradicted yourself by saying exceptions exist but then saying “100% of women”.
          2. Pregnancy isn’t 100% anyone’s fault due to condom or other birth control failure
          3. Rape can lead to children and some places won’t let women get an abortion even if she was raped.
          4. Some women who end up as single moms wanted to get abortions but couldn’t because some douchebag decided abortion should be illegal in some areas and not everyone has the resources to travel out of state to get an abortion.
          5. Condoms are the man’s responsibility and any guy who doesn’t want kids should always have condoms on him and use them when he has sex or he should just not have sex
          6. As it turns out a lot of single moms were in stable marriages that ended and dad may or may not be around anymore
          7. Although men do pay child support and welfare is offered to those who qualify, and it doesn’t always help that much especially with multiple children. Plus it doesn’t take much to not qualify for government benefits. Trust me, been there done that for awhile.
          8. Sometimes (and this is a true exception) a woman may be a single mother in a financially stable position with no need for help and then an unexpected turn is taken in the economy or whatever and she loses that stability
          9. The dynamics of a marriage could change or the guy is manipulative and tricked her into marrying him like a psychopath does. One of my friends’ mom was married to a guy who seemed nice and stable and he started abusing his kids and hers and hospitalized their daughter.
          So yeah.

        43. 1. He was talking about exceptions regarding living a tough life, not placing blame on separation. Try harder.
          2. I will say that it takes 2 to get pregnant, but only 1 person has final say regarding what is done with the fetus.
          3. Please give a list of FIRST WORLD countries that have such laws.
          4. See response #2.
          5. Women can carry condoms just as easily as men can. The other forms of birth control, however men don’t have such access too.
          6. I wonder what percentages we’re talking about with “a lot”
          7. Unless there is split custody (and even in some of those cases), the child is going to get support entitlements. The particular amount is moot. And if there -are- multiple kids, maybe mom should have considered her finances before popping out another kid (again, see response #2).
          8. And?
          9. Obviously your anecdote proves nothing.

        44. I never contradicted myself. I said 100% of women asked would answer with “it’s the man’s fault”. A certain, albeit small, percentage of those women would be right.
          Since you can’t connect some simple dots with my prior comment. I didn’t see any reason to read any of that other shit you have there as it will be the standard issue talking points of the other side.

        45. Reply to response #:
          2. Some states make it virtually impossible to get an abortion (see response to number 3)
          3. The United States of America such states as
          j)South Dakota
          k) Texas
          these are all states where the accessibility of abortion has been hindered by anti-choice bigots, and where women have been put on trial for having abortion. And this is any abortions including aborting fetuses that are products of rape.
          4. How is response 2 applicable to abortion? Sure it takes two to tango, but if a woman wants an abortion response number 3 would have been better.
          5. What man on here would trust a woman’s condom? They don’t trust women to take their birth control let alone not poke holes in the condoms. Men are responsible for condoms. Their protection, their responsibility.
          6. I’m not gonna go look that up for you but most of the single moms I know, which is quite a few.
          7. Once again, in the cases of moms having kids while married and then later getting a divorce, why was she looking at finances when she was stably married?
          8.He’s saying single moms are irresponsible or never equipped for single parenthood, which isn’t always the case but can be pulled out from under a mother leaving her broke.
          9. Obviously you missed the point.

        46. Nothing wrong with being a bigot, Jacob. Children keep women focused on what they do best, and increases the population without need for outside immigrants. Let them run free and they start injecting their emotions into serious politics.
          I used to be pro-choice when I was like 15, but then I grew up and realized equality and “rights” were not really important compared to the supremacy of our civilization. Even caring that much about abortion itself is a sign of immaturity. This is the kind of stuff liberals vote on, because they’re mental children. You need to start putting your empathy away, questioning tolerance, and basing your worldview on tangible objectives, not “compassion”.

        47. Or you know, not do that because what’s the point of having a society where people have no rights? Rights of the people are what founded this country, why would anybody want to give up the rights our founding fathers fought so hard for? A woman’s ability to choose to have an abortion is her right, just as it is your right to speak out against her being able to have it. Rights should never be taken away from the people, although unfortunately it’s happening quickly in the United States. I wouldn’t call this feeling empathy, I would call it patriotism, that’s what the founding fathers called their movement to emancipate themselves from tyranny at the hands of those who would take away their rights piece by piece

        48. You’re so fucking stupid it’s actually laughable. If you don’t put a condom on your dick and you get a chick pregnant you’re an utter moron and you need to take responsibility.

        49. Not really, and I can prove it. But we don’t mind if you think that because that’s exactly how we outsmart women. Because -like you – they THINK we are “stupid”. It’s one of the tragic side effects of being born with a vagina.
          You are actually more stupid than woman because you forget that women will reach into the garbage to extract the sperm from a discarded condom in attempt to fertilize themselves and trap you into fatherhood EVEN WHEN YOU DID USE A CONDOM. And that’s how they trap fucking morons like you because you are too stupid to even THINK a woman will do that to you.
          But a smart guy(s) like me….. we put hot habanero in the condom so when she thinks she is being “smarter” she burns her OWN cooch instead of me!!!How fucking genius is that.
          So you should be a little more polite in the presence of such greatness.

        50. You once read a sensationalised news article about a woman who dug a condom out of the trash to get pregnant and now you think all women do this all the time. This guy kills me.

        51. Dude if it doesn’t take two people to make a baby in your mind, you are so dumb you need to be sat down in 9th grade health. Women can only get pregnant if there is sperm, and the only way they can get sperm is from a man, they don’t produce it themselves. So if there is no man and no sperm, there is no pregnancy. And you know condoms have this stuff in them called spermicide, it kills your little swimmers.

        52. No dude, single motherhood has existed long before the rise of feminism. Single motherhood is the result of an absent father for whatever reason, whether it be he left, died, was kicked or whatever.

        53. It doesn’t… and you should know that already because it’s still legal in this country for a woman to allow herself to get pregnant without a man’s consent. It does not take two. IT ONLY TAKES ONE LYING BITCH.
          AND YOU KNOW IT.

        54. If it only takes one, how come how come our gene pool is so diverse? If pregnancy only took one, the entire populace would be women and they would be clones pretty much. There has to be a dude involved to get the sperm to fertilize the egg, idiot.

        55. This is why:

          Because women commit paternity fraud (and vote for it to be legal in all 50 states and Canadian provinces – which it is) and they will fuck a nameless black stranger while trying to pass her nigger bastard womb turd off as her white boyfriend’s.
          That’s why. So once again, you are a total idiot. And like I said…. It doesn’t take her and her boyfriend’s consent to have a baby. She can do that by stealing his condom, someone else’s condom, or fuck a stranger nigger.
          Either way, women are frauds. Just like you.
          And just like you, they don’t even think they are wrong.

        56. Pregnancy still requires 2 people to have sex. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to wrap your, obviously very small and damaged, brain around. If a guy doesn’t want to risk a really small chance of a girl “trapping him” then he shouldn’t be having sex.

        57. No it doesn’t.
          Pregnancy can occur with women stealing condom contents, holding semen in their mouth and then going to the toilet to insert it into their cunts. And don’t forget sperm donors and nigger bitches all over YouTube® who nobody wants to fuck….. injecting themselves with semen and producing videos about it.
          You are so fucking ignorant and stupid I can’t even finish this sentence. And there you go again thinking woman are accountable for nothing. But single mothers are the number one cause of single mothers. May they live and die in permanent poverty as most of them do. Love to see it.

        58. Dude that still requires sexual acts of either coitus between a man and a woman or masturbation on the man’s part. Jesus Christ. I also love how you would condemn an entire demographic (single moms) and their children to poverty even if they didn’t choose to be in that situation. You’re a goddamn ignorant moron, not me.

        59. No it doesn’t you fucking idiot. Like this great big fat nigga bitch single mother of 4 who calls herself “mommy devine”…. because nobody is fucking her and nobody can even stand to live with her because she is a fat repulsive pig. Probably like you.
          And here is that demographic you are talking about and trying to defend so badly:
          There is your proof especially the second one. That one was recorded especially for (and directly addressed to) ignorant pieces of shit like yourself.

        60. Okay dude, that video didn’t prove anything. She’s a single mom, sure, but there still had to be sperm and therefore a man in the situation, be it anonymous sperm donation or whatever, for her eggs to be fertilized and for her to become pregnant. Women cannot get pregnant without a man’s sperm.

        61. Im so glad you’re learning. Where you previously tried to pretend sex is a requirement for a skank to get pregnant, now at least you admit it only takes sperm from a stolen condom and a lying slag like all of these – which is what I have been saying all along.

          …. but until now, you were too fucking dumb to admit it.
          So at least we have made SOME progress here and the day is not a total loss. OK I’ve had my fun with you and really have to bolt now. Take care and have a pleasant evening.

        62. You still haven’t figured out that it still takes two people for a pregnancy to occur. I give up on you, you’re hopelessly retarded and I just give up on trying to teach you basic sex ed.

        63. Why are most murder of children by their parents done so by their mothers?

        64. It can. Sometimes the hormones just don’t work or they encounter something that negates their effects or there’s a manufacturer’s error that screws them up.

        65. It can still fail. That’s the point. Even a small percentage is still a percentage and it still deserves to me taken into account.

        66. “That’s just so they can rack up more charges so the murderer gets more time, because who wants murderers on the streets?”
          How is that a good reason? What if you were accused of murdering a pregnant woman? What if you didn’t do it?

        67. It’s the burden of the state to prove guilt and if I didn’t commit a crime they wouldn’t have sufficient evidence to send me to prison for it. And abortion is only a crime if it’s done against the mother’s will, like pushing her down the stairs or something, which might be another reason why murderers of pregnant women get charged with 2 counts.

        68. “It’s the burden of the state to prove guilt and if I didn’t commit a crime they wouldn’t have sufficient evidence to send me to prison for it.”
          So you’re saying if you didn’t do the crime then the state couldn’t have evidence to prove you did the crime? No innocent people ever go to jail?

        69. Some do, but it’s less than the amount of legit convictions of actual criminals. There are so many safeguards and appeals in place not a lot of people get to slip through the cracks, especially in death penalty cases. Honestly, even if I did commit a crime like murder, I’m not dumb enough to leave behind evidence. But in your scenario, there wouldn’t be enough evidence, I’m sure of it.

        70. Didn’t you say earlier that if you don’t want a child you shouldn’t have sex? If so then there’s no need for abortion to be legal, no? Unless you think it’s a case of one rule for men and another for women…

        71. No whats his name..Tom did. He said that since the woman opened her legs and had sex she should be prepared for a baby and I said that he was living under the assumption that people will not have sex and I told him that that assumption was wrong because thousands of years of history have shown that people will have sex, regardless of social class and state of preparedness for a baby. Sex is a biological drive for most people, they want to have sex, and why not? It’s fun, it feels good. Name one straight guy who would not have sex with a woman because he doesn’t want to risk getting her pregnant even if he has condoms. Always have protected sex, and if the condom breaks, find a morning after pill ASAP, they’re sold in every pharmacy. If she ends up pregnant abortions aren’t such a bad thing if you don’t want to have to pay 18 years of child support so I don’t know what you people bitch about all the fucking time. And guess what? It is her body and she does get to decide if abortion is the right way to go, so if you want input on that decision fucking be there to give it and don’t threaten her. If she decides to abort, you guys are both off the hook. If she keeps it, she’s as you guys would say “taking up her parental responsibilities” and so should you. That doesn’t mean marry the girl by any means, it just means be a dad to your kid and help the “problem” of kids being raised solely by their mother, which is something a lot of people on this site hate.

        72. GGGGAAWD!!!!!!
          “Someone’s got to pay. Someone’s got to be accountable.”
          I wish could un-see that shit.
          There are sensible and smart people out there right now….. who are not even sure if they should bring ONE kid into the world – because they can’t afford a private school education. And then you see shit like this. SMH. Thank you for sending that shining example. I weep for my country.

        73. Mammal mothers who aren’t in a position to care for and protect their young should not be having sex.
          This is a Natural Law that is broken by infantilised women who deny the biological debts they incur when they bring children from the ether against their will to a planet of death, suffering, trauma and horror, denied. Made to be in a helpless state and then bullied whilst in a helpless state?
          Made to be attached to the mother when her debt is only cleared by making the child independent and unattached? Lying to their children. Using violence against the descendants of ancient deities. Raising their hand to strike a god. Traumatising children to make them ashamed of their innocence and purity? Fucking sacrilege.
          Every mother and her enabling john belong in the ground.

        74. People are going to have sex. It’s a fact. Nothing will change it. If women decided not to have sex because “it’s too much of a risk of having a baby” men would have a shit fit, especially you guys. And if you think that all mothers are evil and deserve to die, have fun planning your mom’s funeral. The fact is, if fathers took some personal responsibility and stuck around to raise their kids, or if women who don’t have the resources to raise children had access to safe and affordable birth control or abortions there would be less children in poverty and less single moms trying to take care of them.

        75. People are going to have sex. It’s a fact. Nothing will change it.

          Education would result in far safer and more intelligent sex but the reason women can’t tolerate education for girls is because they need to setup them to faceplant into puberty at the traumatic and terrifying discovery that they’re the perverse, abnormal slut every woman hates!
          Every single girl discovers this.

          If women decided not to have sex because “it’s too much of a risk of having a baby” men would have a shit fit, especially you guys.

          I am not averse to supporting a measure to terminate the lives of anyone who says something as vile and nauseating as this. It’s not men’s fault that women need to abuse children. Men’s manipulation is not a fucking excuse to abuse a child.

          And if you think that all mothers are evil and deserve to die, have fun planning your mom’s funeral.

          I was supposed to do it at five. Then at 14. Then at 20 was my final chance but I couldn’t do it. Now all my siblings are dead. Even worse, they’re polite.

          The fact is, if fathers took some personal responsibility and stuck around to raise their kids,

          That fact is that you’re an imbecile who needs to study some biology. It’s not the fathers job to raise the mammal mother’s children. Paternity is a whore lie like monogamy and marriage. Every other mammal species has mothers who repay their biological debts incurred when they bring their young against their will to a world of trauma in a helpless state. Every other mammal species’ mothers raise offspring to be independent / unattached. But human whores want slaves.
          Men are coded to instinctively respond to and protect all children. Thus, the infantilisation of women to steal children’s biological protection mechanism.

          if women who don’t have the resources to raise children had access to safe and affordable birth control or abortions there would be less children in poverty

          Yes, but you’re still making excuses for child abuse. The truth is right in front of your eyes but you’re either playing dumb or you’re blind. Mother Nature is always fair. There’s a reason why mothers owe a blood debt that men do not owe to their young.
          Women are in breach of Natural Law when they have sex without the capacity to care for their consequences. There’s a reason why they break Natural Law. It’s not men who want sex, men are broken and abused to make them want validation. Men pleasure women. Sex is a chore for men. It’s a little different for women, about ~10x as good, every single second is better than the male orgasm.

        76. “100% of unwanted pregnancies are a 100% woman’s fault”? Are you aware that women can be raped? Or are you too close-minded to even consider the fact that people are sometimes held against their will?

      4. Had that discussion years ago.
        Why don´t they just buy a gun, then?
        Women feels a gun is just too dangerous to have…
        Seriously? Hahaha!
        The answer to such antics is mockery.

  4. No point in thinking too much of the “take back the night” marches and all that. It’s more of the meaningless, haughty, huffing and puffing that can only exist in a society where people are completely sheltered from any real adversity. To my point: I’ve never witnessed this behavior in any woman who was exposed to real hardship, or comes from somewhere that’s actually dangerous.
    When it comes to men you won’t see any of the posturing tough guy behavior from real tough guys either. They know that you know just from looking at them, that if you start shit they will kick your ass into next week. Posturing is unnecessary(the point has been made without a word being spoken), and counterproductive(it draws attention that REAL tough guys don’t want).

    1. You do realize that both men and women in India marched against the gang rape cases after they occurred last year, right?? so clearly “posturing” – as you call it – occur where real violence and adversity happen on a daily basis.

      1. I don’t think that Indian march is comparable to the “take back the night” bs in western countries. The march against the gang rape was an anomaly and based on several factors (a) The outrageous brutality of the crime in question and (b) decades of simmering anger in the populace against massive police corruption and affluenza passes for connected punks
        Indians have hardly ever marched, en-masse, against sex crimes before or since. In the Anglosphere, on the other hand, womyn march in “take back the night” charades even in small college towns where the incidents of actual rape are practically non existent. So that’s posturing and Hell_Biker’s comment is on the money, imho.

        1. Guest101. I wouldn’t call what happened “outrageous brutality”. After all, I know for me, I’m sure for you, as well as the non-manginas/white knights here, what they did is no more than what any of us red-blooded men need to do to cunts every so often to get the relief we like.
          It is as much for these rights that we are fighting as well as basics like take away women’s right to vote, terrify them into submission and all the rest of the generally agreed upon basics.

        2. guest – I am not a troll. What is in my comment that you disagree with and why?
          If you can’t come up with something very male-friendly, then to protect myself I will have to assume (as I’m suspecting already) that you are a feminazi cunt troll and I will ignore you. If you are really male, take this one respectful opportunity and use it well.
          But stop with the “oo, teacher, I found a troll!” comments.

        3. Ruler, do you rape women? From your comments in this thread, it seems that you do.

        4. Well, sex is the only thing women are good for. Remember, if women wouldn’t have a pussy, they would’ve been killed off long time ago.

  5. Assuming you are from Ontario, this does not surprise me at all. When I lived up there, women were endlessly hysterical about their safety despite it being one of the safest places in the world for women. I always got the feeling that they were just angry that they might be expected one day to have husbands who were not 6’2″+, broad shoulders, latin features and irish eyes alpha bad boys.

    1. A safer environment just lowers the sensitivity to risk, and lack of experience leads to helplessness.

  6. What kind of a woman doesn’t want to feel safe? I’d love to be protected by a strong brave maan… that kind of security is hard to come by when you are only with girls :$

  7. “Me and two other guys went up to it, and two girls, including the future first female prime minister, decided to tag along.”
    Canada already had a female Prime Minister. Her name was Kim Campbell. She was only in power for 4 months (June 25-November 4, 1993) and she was terrible. When an election was called in the fall, the party had high hopes that it would be able to remain in power and, if not, would at least be a strong opposition. Support tailed off rapidly as the campaign progressed. By October, it was obvious that Campbell and the Tories would not be re-elected. Campbell herself was defeated in Vancouver Centre by a rookie Liberal candidate. She conceded defeat with the wisecrack, “Gee, I’m glad I didn’t sell my car.” It was only the third time in Canadian history that a prime minister was unseated at the same time that his or her party lost an election. As a result, the Tories won only two seats, compared to Reform’s 52 and the Bloc’s 54. It was the worst defeat in party history, and the worst defeat ever suffered by a Canadian governing party at the federal level. She wasn’t even in power long enough to move in to 24 Sussex Drive (the Canadian Whitehouse).
    Despite her dramatic loss in the election, the Canadian women’s magazine Chatelaine named Campbell as its Woman of the Year for 1993.

  8. Just don’t white knight for girls you aren’t fucking and aren’t part of your family. If this happens, feminism goes away.

      1. The lace curtain
        I might use that. The western media already behaves like the media of the iron curtain.

    1. People gots to make sure to vote so Hillary doesnt become president. Because the president after that will be gay. Then the next one will be trans.

        1. Coz yall make such good leaders and are so compatible with Western civilization and the morality that built it. Retard.
          faggot spotted.

        2. I’m just saying, give one good reason why a woman, homosexual, or transgender can’t be a good president.

        3. Because once enough straight men stop laughing and start dropping out you “equalists” will be back to shitting in caves?

        4. They can, it’s just not as likely, and more likely they’ll think like a victim and pity other victims instead of progressing the nation.
          Males 18-60 from the majority ethnic group form the backbone of every society, for a good reason. That’s why the left hates them so much. And I’m not part of that demographic, it’s just the truth.

        5. For the same reasons most successful entrepreneurs are straight men, pure male leadership. That and the fact PC bullshit is already bad, I can’t imagine what it would be with a tranny as president.

        6. It doesn’t really matter who gets elected, black white male female, doesn’t matter how much of “the backbone” they are of society cuz guess what, they’re all backed by lobbyists for corporations and they would rather pass legislation for the lobbyists than for the people.
          Just being the majority doesn’t make someone a good leader for everyone. I think the best leaders would be those who have experienced true adversity and hate, not rich white dudes. Sure we have had some good white male presidents, but that doesn’t mean a woman or a gay person can’t be just as good or better if the system actually allowed it.

        7. That’s not even a valid point. You’re an idiot. I said give me a good reason as of right now, not a “if” or “once blah blah does whatever” give me a reason of why right now a female gay or trans person won’t be a good president.

        8. Margaret Thatcher was one of the best Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and she was a female. Lack of testosterone doesn’t hinder one’s leadership abilities, heck it might even prevent violence since women don’t like wars very much.

        9. Tom,
          Margaret Thatcher used the Falklands WAR as a means to get herself re-elected. Don’t put any politician on a pedestal, especially a woman. Women likely to prevent violence? HAHAHA you are funny.
          Your argument would have been better if you left everything off after the comma as I likely would not have noticed to correlation between Thatcher and war.

        10. I’m not saying ALL women don’t like wars and I wasn’t even referring to Thatcher specifically when talking about wars, but I have noticed that the more often men are in power, the more wars happen. I think there’s something to that correlation.

        11. Because if you think the rest of the world hates America now… wait until a woman is running the show. A woman can’t be a good president because she would never be willing to grab a sword, charge first into battle and fight to the death for what she believes in. She would rather have a MAN do it. And that’s just ONE good reason. Never mind that whole “accountability” thing women avoid. That’s really the only reason you will ever need !

        12. From all of your comments on here I’m not trusting any opinion of yours. You don’t even know how babies are made and how to prevent them for christ’s sake.

        13. “Margaret Thatcher was one of the best Prime Ministers”
          I know there aren’t many examples to choose from when people keep repeating the same few exceptions.
          “heck it might even prevent violence since women don’t like wars very much.”
          God I’m speaking to a child, I’m out.

        14. Who starts wars? Oh yeah the male-dominated government branch known as Congress. I’m sorry but women have always been more open to diplomatic solutions and the avoidance of wars, even if it means ignoring each other until they cool off. Men just run in and start fighting.

        15. “You don’t even know how babies are made and how to prevent them for christ’s sake.”
          Projecting much?

        16. Dude, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Senegal have all had female presidents or prime ministers and 1/3 of Egypt’s parliament is female.

        17. Yeah OK. Now give them a sword (or a rifle) and put them in the front of the line at Normandy and push them off the boat onto the beach KNOWING she will be riddled with bullets and DIE the second the doors open.
          No woman in a cushy parliament chair ever did that shit. And she sure as fuck won’t voluntarily sign up for it. So I don’t really know what your point is.

        18. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact. You can’t agree or disagree with a fact. A fact just is. I don’t really give a shit what nonsense you prefer to believe. Just thumb it down and be on your way.

        19. Actually women are far more aggressive and violent than men.

        20. Women are the cause of every war in history and the fact that you did not realise this would make you excellent fodder for cannon.
          By their willingness to fight and die in war, men exonerate themselves in terms of culpability for the need. Men do not need war.
          Who needs to cannibalise their betters who prepared for peace? Who doesn’t want to work? There’s your need.

        21. Right right right, that’s why most violent criminals are men, such as rapists and murderers. The profile for serial killers is white men in their 40s the profile for school shooters and other mass murderers is white men, hmmmm I don’t think I believe you.

        22. Nice reading comprehension.

          Women are the cause of every war in history

          Direct responsibility.

          Who doesn’t want to work? There’s your need.

          Go die for your whore, fodder.

        23. Oh, I was under the impression 99% of wars were about about money, territory, and resources.

        1. Except no president would do that because it wouldn’t get them re-elected and it would make them extremely unpopular

  9. White men are wimps.
    I have never seen more scared little wimps when a white man when he is alone in a place where colored folk are.
    The walking across the street, the locking of car doors: scared shitless whenever there is a black man around.

    1. Because we’ve been sold the “all blacks are thugs” line by the media.

      1. Lol! “I am a scared little shit because the TV told me so..”
        Take some responsibility for your own wimpy behavior. It’s not the media’s fault. You chose to act like a beta – your own decision.

        1. You’re correct of course, but along with that goes another key characteristic of the millienial male: Inability to distinguish fact from fiction. You even see it here by how many people are getting their life lessons from movies(fiction) rather than things experienced by themselves or their mentors(reality).

        2. It’s not media; any perusal of crime statistics will reveal that young, black men are the most criminal populace in the country by many orders of magnitude. Their “blame everybody else for making me act like a thug” mentality, just exacerbates the volatility.
          I don’t avoid a black guy just because he’s black. I look at the outfit, the gait, the body language. I consider what part of town I’m in. It’s also not just about violence. The reason blacks aren’t afraid to walk in white neighbourhoods, is because white folk generally have a culture of civility. But black folk – and I know plenty of black folk that admit it, and I know that the twitter feeds during certain recent events where black folk got out of hand, reveal that plenty of the black folk there, complained that many of the other blacks “don’t know how to act” in public – have a culture of hysteria, emotional volatility and unpredictable incivility.
          I even avoid black women, if they’ve got the right look, not because I’m afraid of a physical fight with them, but simply because nobody wants the headache of dealing with half crazy/half hysterical ghetto slatterns. It’s not always fear of a physical confrontation that scares whites away; it’s a desire to simply not get sucked into some emotionally super-charged hassle with some emotionally undisciplined people. I have seen an hundred videos on youtube of black folk going insane on each other, even at nice events like wedding rehearsals or buffets after Church on Sunday. They throw things, overturn tables, smack the hell out of each other…
          They behave like animals. I have never seen even one video of white people behaving that way (and I’ve looked). I can’t even imagine what would cause white folks to act that way. Maybe a group of spoiled, stupid rich brats with no education or morals. Maybe. Even then, I don’t know.
          I’ve met plenty of nice black folk, and a couple of them are personal heroes of mine (Thomas Sowell, Alan West). But the hard fact is, a hell of a lot of you guys act like complete trash, and who wants to walk through the trash? That’s why we cross the street. There is some caution involved, with black men (if you’re a lone white guy, it is just prudent); but the fact that most of us do it even with women and kids, indicates that our primary motivation is simply to side-step the circus act. So maybe you can stop baiting the white folk here, and try to improve your community.

        3. 85% of whites murdered in 2013 were murdered by other white men/women.
          instead of baiting, go home and improve your murderous communities!

        4. Really..what media/ fiction are you watching? Most media I see goes out of their way, to the point of ridiculousness, and bends over backwards to portray black folks in the most positive light possible, in harsh contrast to what I often see in real life.

        5. You are preaching to the choir. We get it, you are such a hard black guy throwing up “Lolz” on your cell phone to intimidate the softy crackers via web comments. No one here is a fan of weakness or ignorance, no matter what color.
          So stop being ignorant.

        6. Go learn what percentages mean. Who doubts that most people are killed by members of their own race, since many murders are motivated for personal reasons amongst people who know each other? 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. So, even dealing with intra-racial percentages (which have no comparison value from one race to the next), blacks are more murderous within their own community, than whites are in theirs.
          Also, go look up the definition of “baiting.” You were the first one to jump out and flash a race card. Nobody is “baiting” you when they call you on your bs.
          What is more revealing than intra-racial percentages, is inter-racial crime ratios, since these will indicate the proportionality of crime from one race to another, rather than simply looking at how many people are killed within their own race. Compiling the data officially confirmed from the crime reports of the FBI and the Department of Justice, the New Century Foundation produced a book called “The Color of Crime,” which reveals such interesting facts as:
          Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
          Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife.
          The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.
          Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a
          So, while it’s no surprise that most people are killed by people they know, and this usually means someone of the same race, the fact is that y’all are far more likely to commit crimes, period, and y’all are 39 times more likely to violently assault us, than we are likely to assault you. Take murder out of the picture, and it is 136 times more likely, that you are going to rob us, than that we are going to rob you. I don’t know any white person who wants to have a bad opinion of blacks or black culture, but we would be foolish to ignore the facts. I’ve had a couple black friends in my life, and, as I said, I greatly respect some black men; I would give them the seat of honor at my dinner table, and hope I could learn something from them. I’m not racist. But I am realistic about the kinds of culture and behaviour that flourish among many sectors of the black community. If you’re not a part of that, kudos, and I wish you all the best. But you can’t blame whitey for trying to play things on the smart side of caution.

    2. Actually, its not the media that told me so…..its my own personal experiences…..all caution is not bad…..in my opinion, in many areas, avoiding large groups of colored folks isn’t wimpy..its prudent….and oh yeah, fuck off.

      1. Oh your prudent little man – telling people to fuck off behind your keyboard, while in real life, you are the one running down the Street with your dick in your ass hole! The Lolz.

      2. Actually no…you’re the one who started the conversation…not
        me…your the one who turned it into a black/ white thing…not
        me….I’m just calling you on your bullshit…

    3. Probabilities, man. Probabilities. No one WANTS trouble, yet EVERYONE knows that black men love to mouth off and act up in front of their friends, which leads to trouble. They’re their own worst enemies, but that’s small comfort for the lone white dudes who get caught in the crossfire.

    4. I suppose if most of you didn’t act like wild animals we white guys wouldn’t act the way we do around blacks.What you don’t understand is I won’t fight you’re evil humanoid ass I will gut you like a pig or shoot you’re ass because I am scared.

      1. Big game behind the keyboard, scarred little bitch in the Street – Says the white guy.

        1. Dude…no one’s scared of you..you made the assertion that white guys are afraid and hiding behind the keyboard..this is the internet, where we found you this morning, not the other way around…you’re hiding behind a keyboard race baiting and accusing everyone else who responds to you as hiding behind a keyboard…troll behavior.

        2. If you are not scared of me, then don’t run away like a little pussy the next time you see a black man walking your way. Prove it by your feet, not your mouth.

        3. More fun to get em locked up for 5 years than just punching them where you could end up in jail too.
          In fact, I think I found a video of “Truther”. Lol.

    5. I don’t disagree, which is why I don’t understand the feminist claims that white men are “privileged” to fearlessly walk the streets, and the “oppressed” blacks jump out of their way and call them “sir”.

      1. If anything, the single white female is the MOST privileged of them all!
        Let’s see:
        –lion’s share of the alimony? Check.
        –court-granted custody? Check.
        –got men LYNCHED, which was the ultimate fate of my grand uncle? Check.
        –western media standard of beauty, albeit outdated? Check.
        –getting a free pussy pass? Check.
        –can get a man FIRED/JOBLESS for a FALSE ACCUSATION she made? Check.

    6. Correction: White liberal men.
      And yes, it’s true. They’re terrified of blacks. It’s almost funny, as if they don’t really see blacks as human beings…

    7. lol, that is not being wimpy it is called having common sense. Do you really want white people on the offensive again? Fire-hoses and police dogs?

      1. What about just NOT running away like a little girl when you see a black man at night? What about just keep walking you way and not acting like you are some scarred little shit?

        1. How does not wanting to be around you hurt you ?
          I think deep down you are hurt because White people don’t want to interact with you. Jealousy is a bitch, isn’t it….

        2. So basically you want people to be more PC and act like there is nothing to fear from random black dudes on the street?
          I used to think this way until I was actually faced with a moment like this – I was walking in a small group of people(yes, white people) on the way back from an NBA game to our vehicle and a black guy was coming up on us fast, I had an internal debate with myself about whether I should keep an eye on him or would that be too racist? Sure enough he tried to quickly snag a wallet on his way past but since I’m such a bigot I spotted him and yelled and he ran away.
          Fuck being PC, I don’t have to act like black guys are just wanting to be my friend or some bs. This is grade school stuff: Don’t trust strangers (no matter what race they are).
          Oh and have you seen the “polar bear hunting” videos on youtube? Full of white people getting knocked the fuck out because they were too PC to see trouble coming they should have spotted from a mile away.

    8. If you’re a white guy in the hood at night you’re scared cause you don’t know the territory, you don’t know how many gang members he has with him, and you know the average black guy doesn’t mind going to jail, for beating up some white man on the off chance somebody sees him. I wouldn’t hesitate to jack up a black guy who tried to steal a car in my neighborhood.

    9. haha, unless you grew up in that sort of place as you know how to handle yourself. Visa versa with a ghetto mentality in a white neighborhood, as the police gang will get your ass there. Actually most of what are considered gangsters or thugs are some of the biggest bitches out there. Just trashy posturing pussies that are equivalent to scurrying rats. Besides, if packing I’m sure one will fair just fine being an upstanding citizen with no record killing “criminal gangsters” under threat.
      On a lighter note…

    10. Building more and bigger prisons and tougher judges giving out much longer sentences seem like a pretty fair and equal solution to that problem.
      Dontcha think?

    11. It is sensible to be afraid when walking through high crime areas, which is what non-White areas are.
      To walk through high crime areas with the same level of awareness as low crime White suburbs is a female trait.
      What does it say about Black people when we have to lock our car doors, and our house doors and windows ? We never had to do that where I grew up because we respected each other so much we didn’t need to lock anything ever, then again we didn’t have non-Whites in the peaceful crime free streets of my home town.
      Seems you take pride in the murder of Chris Lane because his murderers where non-White….

    12. My .45 doesn’t give a fuck what color you are, you PC goon, and neither do I. Walking in fear of anybody is passe and only leftists engage in it these days. The rest of us arm up, look you in the eye, smile and dare you to pull your pussy “thug” crap on us.

  10. If women were serious about self protection they would be staunch pro 2 amendment and carry guns. Guns are the great equalizers. Quit with these absurd “self defense” classes and rape whistles.

    1. The self defense classes and rape whistles are just more ego boosters for the cunts. They should be worried if their male baby is in trouble, but if they or their female baby are being harmed, they have no right to hit the man or blow a whistle on him, which will get him 45 years in jail, just for having some fun.

  11. hold on… PM Campbell was your classmate? so are you around 70 y/o? wtf

  12. Whenever a female tries to back out of a situation where she blew herself up to be more macho then she can handle. I call her out on it, and try to get her to follow through with it. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

  13. If the system collapses every man will have a harem. Not necessarily one he gets to have sex with, so not in the ancient aspect of a harem. Most of them will be useless hangers on.
    This is why I say that in the aftermath, any woman that sees you are not a monster and wants to tag along should be required to carry a shovel. And if she’s “the cause of the problem”, your typical modern girl, she should not be armed nor fed. Her privilege and entitlement are of and by the system and that should go out with it and those inured to it should become extinct.
    Hence the shovel – it’s to bury her with.

    1. corpses serve as warnings if suspended from buildings overpasses and telephone poles. Burying them seems a waste.

    2. Trust me women would gladly be part of a proper harem it gets them safety. That’s how it worked before, and that’s how it would work if the system collapses.

  14. “Women are weak, dependent beings. They need men in their life to function beyond a scurrying, fear filled sustenance level of existence.”
    In exchange for their sexual and malicious powers over men and the lifetime of humiliation/confusion they cause for beta’s, the great balancing act of the universe endowed women with smaller brains, smaller ineffective bodies with a short height, cowardice, dependency and the rest of it. “Womyn” are loud and outspoken with their outrageous copycat fake intellectualism because they feel inferior that they were born a woman. Their sexual power and options does not give them any fulfillment they would otherwise have you believe. Women pretend to “love” sex because they know it makes you think you can have access, but it’s all a lie. If women “love” sex so much why do the best pick-up artists have 90%+ failure rates? Yet, something they do not give out without GREAT cost, gives them all of their power, A parasite cannot exist without a host and whose fault is it for this female matriarchal mess?

    1. If you do not believe the smaller brains bit, simply look up, “height”, “testosterone” and “intelligence”, in brain development statistics it will all start to make sense, The BIOLOGICAL truth should be exposed once and for all. Using SCIENCE, that is why when you act like a moronic clown, your success with women SKYROCKETS, they are finally able to identify with you, Act humble intelligent, noble, and women will think you’re a freak. See “how to be a good clown” by rooshV.

    2. Anatomically their brains are smaller, but only a fool would confuse a smaller brain with less mental power. Their brains are wired much differently, and are specialized for deception, graft, exploitation of the male for resources, rationalization of any horrific event for survival, etc. Female psychological manipulation of the male is a major survival adaptation in the human female.
      Human mating behavior is similar in many ways to various animals. Watch and episode of Nature, and you will quickly see very primitive traits in animals that are also present in humans.

    3. Women are biologically coded to desire sex something like 10x the biological capacity of men.
      Women are sociologically conditioned to hate sex, even to the point that colourful language was invented to make girls associate pain if any guy talked about sex with her.
      They spend their lives trapped between these two forces. They learn to Doublethink during puberty to cope with having been sadistically set up by women to despise the SLUT none of them realise they’re all going to morph into (naturally).
      What women do to girls is horrific, demonic, abusive, sadistic shit. The greatest fear of an objectified hag is being forced to compete with a younger object. Girls who don’t conform have historically ended up in the dustbin of history.
      Women ain’t playing with girls. It’s a purge and it’s been rolling for thousands of years.
      Remember Nipplegate.

      1. “Women are biologically coded to desire sex something like 10x the biological capacity of men.”
        They are? That’s news to me. When did science come to that conclusion? I’m merely curious about the source of that statement.

    4. Firstly, GrandAdmiralAlphaCommander if one has a small penis they shouldn’t be calling themselves things like that, it is like a neon sign saying that your are lacking in that area. Incidentally, that is probably why you think womyn don’t enjoy sex. You have never sexually satisfied a womon, therefore you have become a bitter little man who will remain ever alone. That nonsense about women’s brains being smaller is true but they use more of it than men so… It is cute that you think womyn depend upon men. So cute. Keep telling yourself that as you lie in your bedroom alone when your hand is fucking your because of your small cock. Yours sincerely a misandrist.

      1. Fuck off. No one gives a shit what a womyn got to say.
        You are inferior and you know it. You also know deep down that women are garbage and you belong in shackles.
        Keep living with your pathetic, delusional lies, broad, i certianly don’t give a shit.

  15. It’s easy to forget that, in women’s eyes, we’re basically the orcs in Warcraft or Warhammer.

    1. The funny think is that orcs in both settings are extremely dangerous, much more so than the “civilised” societies. Women know that if outright war will ever break out between men and women, they are finished within couple of days.

  16. The complete opposite of what is presented in the media. Every action movie or t.v series seems to have the unsuspecting pretty girl who turns into a vicious kung fu killer, and wipes out the alpha male bad guys. It’s purely fantasy.
    At martial arts classes, there will be one or two women who show up and take it seriously, however the vast majority who turn up, just see it as some fashion contest or extension of yoga. Often making the environment more sanitised. Even to the point of complaining about men swearing and grunting.
    If a woman wishes to be in such a masculine environment, she has to be prepared to remove her femininity and any notions of entitlement they have. Many are simply not prepared to do this.

    1. Even those who are ready to give up their “feminity and entitlement” can’t go very far in those fields. I’ve seen a few who were taller and as heavy as me, had better technique and were more experienced than me, I still couldn’t go at half the force I’d use on a male beginner.

      1. Well you my friend are not doing a proper martial art. I am 6 feet 2
        inches and do Judo and boxing. Of the two Judo is the real art. In what
        other martial art, the control required boggles the mind. It is not
        mindless wild hitting and kicking like boxing, but controlled movements
        that take every ounce of your self control otherwise you could very
        easily kill someone. Yes we have very few womyn, mostly due to idiotic
        oppressors such as yourselves who decree it is not feminine for a woman
        to defend herself. Though I can say I get a fair share of my hard ons
        watching a woman being a badass. I digress, the womyn at my dojo are
        better and more dedicated than many of the men including myself. Judo is
        a art, which does not just require muscle mass that men do have in
        abundance, but skill and brains which we do not.

        1. Judo and Kung fu is for pussies and white knight faggots like you; real men pick up Krav Maga.

        2. You are almost certainly a womyn. Fuck off, nobody cares about the vapid opinion of a womyn.
          And no, women are not badasses, no matter what you say. It’s a safe bet any experienced Krav Maga practitioner could kick the shit out of those “badass” womyn you mentioned. In fact, i’d pay money to see it happen. Women belong on their knees, not martial art schools.
          Deal with it faggot.

        3. By the way, men are more intelligent than women, and certainly more intelligent than bitches like you.
          Go suck some nigger cock.

        4. “mostly due to idiotic oppressors such as yourselves who decree it is not feminine for a woman
          to defend herself.”

          Stop using “oppresor” when it doesn’t apply. Punching or gripping people clothes before throwing them have never been feminine. Just like ballet is not masculine.
          “the womyn at my dojo are better and more dedicated than many of the men including myself. Judo is
          a art, which does not just require muscle mass that men do have in
          abundance, but skill and brains which we do not.”

          I like judo, but even the most dedicated women get feel like rag dolls compared to a man with similar experience. We’re not made the same.

  17. What’s all this feminazis say about equality? Those two cunts can’t go alone from the gym to their cars. I do that every single fucking day with no problem.

    1. But you’re a man and statistically less likely to be violated against your will by people just like you who believe that women deserve to be raped.

      1. Cunts want “equality”. If I walk from my gym to my car without all that stupid camera and security guard shit which I have to pay for with my dues, the little cunts can do it too.
        And if I’m there, or another like me, and I want pussy, I get some, she gets taught a lesson about going outside her home, and males have one less feminazi and one more scared, submissive cunt. Wins all round.

        1. You need to be put in prison. Like high security, total lock down prison. Yep. And while they’re at it they should castrate you.

        2. Right, ban the guy who doesn’t believe rape is acceptable. God damn you guys need some new perspective. If you believe that me wanting someone to take him off the streets for public safety is a bad thing then you must be a whole new kind of idiot.

        3. I would never rape a woman because men are fools. Men are the steaks. Women are the predator rapists. Women want to sell [doing what they want to do with men 10x more than men biologically could].

          “Truth is on the side of the oppressed, never the oppressors.”
          – (Malcolm X)

        4. I can genuinely say that I am happy Malcolm X is dead. Is it not ironic, that you. The personification of all he thought and I KNOW is wrong with world. Dare to use his words? It makes me sick. You are not oppressed. You do not even know the meaning of oppressed you cockless coward. You are nothing but a little child who cannot get their way anymore so proceeds to throw a tantrum. Yours sincerely a feminist.

        5. Get bent, you cum guzzler. Malcolm X got several things right, things that your liberal mind cannot comprehend.

      2. Last time I checked men are more likely to be assaulted, killed, robbed etc.

        1. Actually the group of people most likely to be assaulted killed robbed etc would be trans women of color.

      3. And all this time i believed women actually deserved being raped, beaten etc.
        Actually, i still do.

  18. they were leaving early because they wanted you to hit on them for a threesome, not write an article about how you stalked them….
    butterface was just waiting for you to butter her face….

  19. For me its actually the opposite. I really dont trust being around females. In stairwells, elevators, anywhere.
    Look what happened to the taxi cab driver that carted the three drunk girls home from the club and they refused to pay him and threaten to charge him with rape. Luckily he had a cam taping everything in the car or those cuntresses would have ruined his life, his marriage, his job – all to save twenty bucks.
    Never underestimate how low a female will stoop.

    1. Good point. Cops and all the other government provided and tax payer financed “protectors” should also not feel safe alone with a woman. Alone, a woman can make whatever accusation she wants, and the judicial system – such as it is – will believe it.

      1. I heard of a story where a deputys wife cheated on him with his younger partner.

  20. The only way to hasten the change is to TRULY force women to face the world alone. No more special protection from the police, no more security designed specifically for women. Men should not lift a finger to protect them.
    They will happy return to hearth and home if that ever happened.

  21. You hit the Take Back the Night part out of the park. I remember I was going to college in Seattle and there were tons of the Take Back the Night posters. They were everywhere. It was put on by the CHID (Comparative History of Ideas; its an actual major at UW) department.
    I was a transfer so I didn’t get involved in the student life but I started cracking up when you mentioned it.

    1. Other women terrorise girls to keep them away from their (taken) exclusive slave men and from men in general, lest the truth be made known to men about female reproductive biology.
      Look at the advice women give girls. Suicidal.

  22. Feminists: LOUD, STRONG, INDEPENDENT!!!!
    …..until things get the tiniest bit difficult……

  23. I’ve been chastised for laughing out loud at movies that involve Angelina Jolie winning fist-fights with men twice her size.

    1. Latin America is starting to became infected with the F word. Im sure many hispanics on this site have heard of “Rosario Tijeras” “La Reina Del Sur” and “Camelia La Tejana”

  24. Since when is assessing/calculating risk and reacting accordingly being a wimp? (referring to your first example) That’s just being smart. I’m no feminist, but you suggest that single women who live alone are timid, hopelessly limited, and unprotected. I’ve been pretty capable of staying alive (while actually living a pretty fun, fulfilling life!) for the past couple years while living alone and neither have nor need a man to “take care of me”. These articles crack me up 🙂
    (Oh, and isn’t it possible that the girl that you mock in your 2nd example was over-exaggerating and purposely playing to your ego because she, in fact, did want to hook up later? Who knows. But…it has been known to happen…)

  25. How very rude, Billy Chubbs! I am the woman! Hear me roar! So what if its not me who since the dawn of time, was slaying beasts and protecting society? So what if it was not me who wandered into unknown territories bravely to find food, and shelter for our species? So what if it was not me who created boats to travel the large bodies of scary waters? So what if it was not me who build civilizations, monuments of the past, and who fought in wars, in the face of enemies, and who jumped into icy cold waters from the titanic, bravely embracing death to save you? So what eh? you know why it was like that? because I was oppressed! yes, you oppressed me and kept me that way! You are to blame for all of my fears and lack of bravery! and for the fact that even in today’s world, conditioned to give me all sorts benefits over you, I still remain a pathetic, weak, wimpy wimmin! Fuck u men!

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