She Hands You A Condom, Then Insinuates Rape? Canada’s New Political Witch Hunt

As you tuck yourself into bed tonight, still cursing your many problems and present challenges, spare a thought for two men going through hell in Canada.

Last month, two Liberal members of parliament (MPs), Montreal’s Massimo Pacetti and Newfoundland’s Scott Andrews, were expelled from their party caucus after accusations by two female New Democratic Party legislators. A non-police complaint has not even been lodged, let alone tested, and the careers of the two men are all but destroyed.

The first female NDP MP found herself on a bus with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. Both were traveling to the funeral of Ottawa terrorist victim Corporal Nathan Cirillo. She asked if Trudeau knew of “allegations” by a second female MP regarding Scott Andrews. This first female MP made no mention then of her own later accusations against Massimo Pacetti.

After this conversation with Trudeau, the first female MP then claimed to the whips of both her party and the Liberals that Pacetti “forced” himself on her earlier in the year, without “explicit consent.” Consistent reports from this meeting indicate that she did not say no and even handed Pacetti a condom.

The abysmal treatment of Pacetti and Andrews highlights two disastrous undercurrents in society today. Firstly, in one stroke Trudeau acted entirely against the Liberals’ stated platform. Unlike in the United States, the capitalized term “Liberal” refers to centrist and conservative parties in Canada and Australia respectively. Emphasis on political rights and individuals freedoms by these groups bears resemblance to the classical liberalism of John Locke and the American Founding Fathers. As wide-ranging as classical liberalism can be, innocence before guilt is an irrevocable cornerstone of this philosophy.

Though Trudeau took the cheaper, illiberal path, we cannot blame him alone. Politicians’ “leadership” choices often reflect the idiosyncrasies of a very sensitive, partially indoctrinated electorate, and the SJWs who try and whip it into an anti-due process frenzy. The good chunk of society which finds the claims spurious and preposterous fears speaking out and being labelled rape apologists.

This phenomenon is exemplified in the affirmative consent debate in the US, where the overwhelming number of online comments even on sites such as CNN have lambasted lower evidentiary standards and the reversal of the burden of proof in college “investigations.”

Justin Trudeau, perhaps pondering the next death blow to due process.

Secondly, the Pacetti-Andrews witch hunt demonstrates the complete absolution of female responsibility in sexual encounters. A woman can now hand a man a condom and, after they engage in sex, imply that she was sexually assaulted. Oh wait, did the female NDP MP actually want Pacetti to make a condom balloon animal? Or a makeshift water bomb to be thrown at their mutual Conservative opponents? Or was she proselytizing him with a safe sex message before his next session of intercourse with his own wife? These are the sorts of ridiculous alternative conclusions handing someone a condom entails.

If anything, the accusations against Pacetti in particular only reinforce the fact that feminist notions of “affirmative consent” infantilize women. Men are presumed to give consent merely by the act of sex taking place. Women, on the other hand, can give the explicit signal of handing you the condom and still require an inquisition to establish if this is what they really want. Given this direction, will spontaneously touching your wife of ten years affectionately on the buttocks during a stroll now amount to a sexual offense? After all, did you ask her?

The most disgusting aspect of this sordid affair is that the accusations are on the moderate side of the spectrum. If saying you handed a man a condom before sex lands him in political oblivion, what about when a woman alleges a politician drugged her, similar to the slew of accusations being thrown at Bill Cosby?

And what if the first female MP had left out from the beginning the part about handing Pacetti a condom, just as she did here. The march against Pacetti and Andrews would only have accelerated. Uncovering the innocence of men like Pacetti more often than not depends on ridiculous claims made by the accuser, not any purported due process enforced by society. If a woman keeps her accusations non-fantastical and consistent with dates and events (such as when a UVA frat party actually took place), the accusation is treated as gospel by countless SJWs, media outlets and segments of a populace reminiscent of sheep.

Inasmuch as I sympathize with Pacetti and Andrews, the horrendous treatment they are receiving may eventually serve the justice of other men accused in equally ridiculous circumstances, without the “plaintiffs” even bothering to formally complain. Right now, though, we’ve witnessed another nail in the coffin of due process. Let’s just hope Lazarus makes an appearance soon.

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62 thoughts on “She Hands You A Condom, Then Insinuates Rape? Canada’s New Political Witch Hunt”

    1. When I see a uterus I see a bear trap.
      When I see a woman with her legs spread I’m reminded of a spider.
      Of course I was once hit with the “if you leave me I’ll claim rape” and a few years later a woman did try to entrap my by trying to get knocked up right after she aborted the seed from another man she was cuckholding her then husband with, who on finding out, went for a separation and her response to that was to trash her house and claim he tried to kill her and then took HIS kid and fled the state while he was in jail. When I found out I kicked her to the curb.
      I don’t know what’s more weaponized though, the sex or the “system” around it ranging from the family courts all the way to each and every ignoramus fucktard voter.

    1. Once was “propositioned” for a threesome by three sluts at a job for a large corporation.
      It went like this:
      “So how about a threesome with me, X, and and, X later and… Oh don’t go looking all disgusted like that”.
      Those three would join the “Dok is gay” bandwagon. The first on that bandwagon was some fatass with two bastard kids (one dad for each) who left notes on my truck that I simply ignored.
      First, women my realize that their pussies can be resisted – especially when their vaginal carriage system (read: the rest of her) is pure shit in body and soul.
      Second, men MUST be undone from their years of indoctrination around “if you can resist pussy it means you are gay and want to sick big hairy cock or your trans and want to walk around looking like you’re from a Monty Python skit and it’s all automatic and you have no control because you said no to the pussy”. It’s bad enough that a slut goes to the “he must be gay” thing when their “wares” are resisted, but the first fallback argument of the feminists, before the “wow just wow” and the “we’re done here” lines are used is “What’s the matter, can’t get laid? Are you angry because no woman will have sex with you?” and is usually preceded by the “good luck getting any woman to have sex with you having an attitude like that” (that latter line shows their collectivist nature).

      1. Good observation. As with most things, it sounds like their actions are a defense mechanism to protect their fragile ego. A real man can handle rejection, failure, or other setbacks and keep an even keel. It’s a masculine trait. When a woman faces adversity or rejection of any kind she has to do mental gymnastics for the fault to not land on anything remotely related to her actions or even something out of her control. Though I’ve never seen the need to counter any of that behavior other than just knowing I’m still going after the women I find attractive and disregarding the ones I don’t. At work it’s easier because you can keep your common interests related to work goals. Plus, over time they are going to see you aren’t gay and hate it when they see the 9 you brought to the company party.

    1. they are building a society where men are paralysed by fear and uncertainty. The point is that one can never be sure what is or isn’t rape, since the issue is decided after the even, and after the woman has interrogated her feelings about the issue and cross-referenced her experience against the feminist list of pre-approved behaviours

  1. We MUST take a leaf out of the feminazi’s handbook that “All men are potential rapists” and institute the self-preservation policy of “All women are potential false rape accusers”.
    Before you put that condom on get your phone out and RECORD her enthusiastic consent…..

    1. That record button on you phone is your best friend.
      I love how the accused have been named publicly but not accuser. As evident from her statement below she clearly understands the ramifications of her name going public, but does not hesitate to hurl his name in public.
      Quote from her:
      “It’s not a question of shame. From the moment your name goes public, and the way the media works today, you’ll never get out of it,” said the NDP MP
      Yes, don’t go the the police, just go to the media but keep your name out of it. Don’t seek justice, just smear someones name in the media. Maybe there is no justice to seek, ya think???

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    2. The men at college are at the most risk. If they wise up and stop dating women who attend their own schools, they’ll not only be protecting their own futures they’ll be setting an example for other men who don’t get it yet.
      Only preemption works. Getting out of trouble is hard or impossible. Avoiding trouble is much more doable.

    3. YES; record audio…. perfect…. but probably inadmissible in court so you could still get fucked…. still it might be enough to make the police back off or squash the pretrial hearing…… before things get rolling….

    4. Yes, I would even extend the “All men are potential rapists” to all women, since even trying to communicate with them triggers this instinctual thought in them. Especially, if you’re slightly trying to insist with some written message. As Frank Mackey (Magnolia, 1999) would say “…And it’s universal, man. It is evolutional. It is anthropological. It is biological. It is animal…”
      To avoid being accused of rape, yep, start to carry some cool secret spy camera. So that you have facts. “In this life, we want nothing but Facts, sir; nothing but Facts!” (Hard Times, Charles Dickens).

        1. Good Point. The mere second a woman hints of a rape allegation, the guy is assumed guilty. He immediately loses his job, is kicked off a team or expelled from college while his name and image is all over the media.

    5. Puh-lease. No one is handing a condom out to any ROK reader, that’s why they are on here whining and sniveling.

    6. @thesickmanofeurope_com:disqus
      I had a thought recently about how to deal with the growing “post-regret rape” phenomena. Perhaps men, who take random women home with them, on a regular basis, now, need a “female relative” to “drop-in” to their place of residence, “post-event”.
      Here is an example scenario, a man meets a women (via night club, Tinder, OkCupid, day-game, etc.) and takes her back to his place. Before the “event”, the man notifies the participating female relative that an event may take place and to be on stand-by, for an unannounced drop-in at his home. Post “event” the “stand-by female relative”, has a key, lets themselves into the mans homes and “accidentally” pokes their head into the room where the “event” has taken place. During that pop-in the female relative acts surprised and says something like “I’m so sorry, I’m so-and-so’s sister, I usually walk his dog at this time”. After that, the female relative then BLUNTLY asks the “female guest” about consent and presses the matter until an “affirmative” is achieved.
      Is this a HUGE hassle, YES, is it also weird for the “female guest”, YES, is it embarrassing for the male PUA, YES. However, it has a good chance of saving someones butt in court and increases the odds of proving “legally” that the “female guest” has no ground for criminal charges.
      Note, under this plan, men can never go to the females home, nor hook up in spontaneous locations. I know people have said previously that video cameras with sound need to be installed in PUA homes (which depending on how used, is illegal in some states), but are there any established legal cases where this has worked?

  2. She hands you a condom, you hand her a waiver and a consent form.
    Sex is gonna be so hot in the future.

    1. Plus a phone call….”I’m going to need my lawyer in the room while this goes on. I have to look out for my best interest”.
      Yep, that’s hot.

  3. I’ve heard, though I can’t verify it anywhere, that the NBA holds several meetings for rookies after the draft to help them acclimate to their new life. One piece of advice is to record all sex they have to avoid any possible after-the-fact false rape whistles.
    It’s probably said in jest, but so is a lot of truth.

    1. Doesnt surprise me one bit. In fact, if I were commissioner or a PA union rep I’d institute it.

    2. True.
      NBA Rookies Get Schooled In The Ways Of Certain Women
      Tuesday, August 28, 2012 12:46 am
      Last week the NBA convened the NBA Rookie Transition Program, and the newcomers attended an informative sex talk that drew rave reviews.

      But recently, several high-profile NBA rookies have opened up about one surprising factor that can derail a successful career: Conniving women.

    3. “…avoid any possible after-the-fact false rape whistles.” AKA “the Kobe treatment.”

  4. At this point it’s become a necessity to at least make an audio recording of every sexual encounter you have. You may violate their privacy, but it will address any false rape claims you come across.

  5. women have multiple personalities. You need written affirmative consent from all of them

  6. A signed consent form possibly with a 3rd party as a witness an video footage of her giving verbal consent is the future of casual sex in the west. Still even after that is implemented some guy will still get accused of rape coz they will say he forced her with threats of violence to sign the form an make the consent video.

    1. In California if you are a man going to college a 3rd party can file a rape claim against you. Yep,some SJW can file a rape charge on you just because she feels like it.
      Everyday I come to the same conclusion: It’s either us or them.

  7. Another example of an “innocent” woman going back to a man’s hotel room (or apartment if you must rationalize it) to have a drink….no strings, no expectations, etc….
    How old are these female politicians, again? How the fuck does a woman go back to a man’s room to have more drinks (more alcohol) but still be claim to be the “innocent” party?
    At what point are women going to come out for equality in these situations? They want equality for everything else but when it comes to these type of circumstances they are the fragile snowflake and the man is the big, bad evil man.
    The hamster truly runs wild.

    1. Men allow it. That’s why. The more I see the more I realize women are not capable of independence for they have a hive mentality. They need to be stripped of the right to vote. We end up with leaders like Clinton and Obama because of them.

    2. They don’t want equality, it’s never been in their nature to be equal to men, but rather try and dominate them until they rise up and put her back in her place or, alternatively, foreign invaders conquer the pussified men of her land and ravish the women and young girls.
      All in all, it’s a massive, collective shit test that western men have been failing for a long time now.

      1. Right…and we need to fix it. Men (looking to make a profit) have sided with these women (or have tapped into a new source of customers) and it’s fucked us (men).
        We need to put these women in their place at every turn (it’s going to take time and work). I’m for it (I do it everyday and at every chance I get). The nonsense has been going on long enough.

  8. Justin Trudeau. Card carrying member of the Born With A Golden Spoon Up My Ass Club. Mr. Flip Flop and which way is the wind blowing in Ottawa will determine my platform today. Trust me, the SJW’s will vote Baby T in based on his looks. We are doomed.

  9. The war of the sexes, a very well understood biological phenomena, is now playing out in full force in political theaters worldwide.
    This article started strong, but inexplicably began defending Justin Trudeau, head of the Depraved Women’s Party of Canada. Make no mistake, the politics of this decade are demarcated along two lines:
    The Depraved Women’s Party:
    -Single, promiscuous low earning women and single mothers
    – Gays, Lesbians, Transexuals, and other abnormals
    – the welfare and entitlement abusers (not including those who actually need assistance)
    The Traditional Men’s Party:
    – Tax paying men
    – Married men
    – Conservative, married women
    This dynamic is playing out across every western country, and increasingly developing ones as well. The divorce rate and out of wedlock birth rate basically predict future elections. For example, in the USA, only 20% of young adults (ages 18-29) are married. This does not bode well.
    The Feminists obviously pander to the Depraved. Which is why you see the chaos in family courts, and the exoneration of Nicole Doucett, both by the hands of the Feminist legal apparatus.
    The ONLY way to combat the Depraved Women’s Party is to STOP MARRYING, SUPPORTING, ACKNOWLEDGING, AIDING OR ABETTING slutty single women. Form coalitions of taxpayers, and demand policies that appreciate tax payers. End third world immigration immediately, aside from the rarely talented (e.g. von Braun, etc.).
    No Hymen, NO DIAMOND.

  10. The point isn’t to infantilize women, its to harm men. If they can on a whim destroy a man’s life, then feminists win.

  11. What due process? Due process is a legal requirement of the criminal justice system. Private assemblies of citizens are not bound by it. Remaining on a caucus just because you’ve made it there is no civil right. A political party is allowed to sack anyone from any of its own positions for whatever reason it damn well wants.
    Screeching about due process in this case is as inane as screeching about free speech when, after you have written an article, someone else writes an article about how stupid and wrong you are.

      1. On behalf of everyone here at ROK, let me say it`s a pleasure to have you aboard, Mr Christian.

  12. I think the author needs to revisit their research into Canadian political parties. The Canadian Liberal Party sits firmly in the left-of-centre or centre-left on the traditional political spectrum, and has espoused none of the classical “liberal” believes in platforms under Trudeau or any other leader in the last thirty years. The New Democrats are simply further left than the Liberals.
    The Canadian Liberal Party has no relation to the Australian Liberal party, which is closest in comparison to the Canadian governing party, the Conservatives.
    Just worth a clarification.

  13. I can say from personal experience that the government and the police sometimes actively try to elicit rape accusations from women who didn’t even hint at having been raped. Here’s my story:
    So, a few years ago a had this fuckbuddy. She was 18, but looked young for her age – most people would have guessed she was 15. Anyway, she agreed to let me take some photos of her in which she wore a ‘sexy schoolgirl’ outfit and posed suggestively which I would keep for my personal use. At the time, I was living in a ‘multiple occupancy house’: a house whose owner rented the bedrooms of individually with a communal kitchen and bathroom. One of the other people living there got raided and done for possession of cannabis. As the police had found drugs in this guy’s room, they proceeded to search the whole house and came across the photos in my room. Next thing I know, I’m being arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with a minor.
    So I’m dragged off to the police station in handcuffs at 3am in front of all my neighbours and thrown in a cell for the night. Next day, when being questioned, I said, “She’s 18, here’s her details if you want to confirm that.” So they give her a call and she comes in for an interview with her ID to prove her age and identity.
    I was then released without charge. But here’s where things get scary: when I met with her later, she told me what had happened when she was interviewed. To begin, she confirmed who she was, that she was the girl in the photos and that everything that had happened between her and me had been consensual – including the taking of the photos. But the fat dyke officer who did the interview asked her questions like, “He’s quite a bit older than you – why would you want to date a guy twice your age? Did he ever put any pressure on you to enter the relationship? Did he ever coerce you into anything? Are you SURE that EVERYTHING that happened between you and him was FULLY consensual – did he NEVER apply ANY pressure at all on you to do something that you didn’t want to? Do you not regret anything you did together?” Luckily for me, she was adamant that everything was fully consensual. She said to me “I wanted to tell that nosy cunt to mind her own damn business – all she needed to know was that I wasn’t underage – but I didn’t want to get you in any trouble so I just kept repeating myself and saying that everything was consensual.”
    I’m not going to go NAWALT here – my fuckbuddy was a complete slut, certainly not LTR material – but I am so lucky that she didn’t let the officer doing the interview lead her into making a false rape accusation. A lesser woman might have answered with “Well, he WAS a bit persistent in his advances … ” and I’ve no doubt that the officer would have twisted the mildest and meekest of come-ons into an accusation of rape if she could have gotten any indications that I applied any ‘pressure’ out of this girl. The fact that this girl was a proudslut also worked to my advantage as the officer’s questions were asked so as to imply that any answer other than “He pressured me into it” would be an admission of promiscuity. Admitting to being a slut didn’t bother the girl in question, but many other girls would have thrown me under the bus to save their own reputations.
    So there you have it – the government and the police, especially the ugly old women in them who are jealous that no man pays them any attention, are actively trying to solicit false rape accusations out of women who have no interest in making them.

  14. Justin Trudeau is the ruin of my great nation.
    Besides that point it seems the right wing media of Canada has failed to mention this in their broadcast even though they support the conservatives (as do i). So maybe Sun News can even recognize this is utter bullshit and shouldn’t receive the light of day. I think these women need to be fired

  15. The Liberal Party of Canada is absolutely not classic liberal. Its as far left as the Democrats.

  16. Gentlemen,
    Just take the bitch out to the garage, show her the spade shovel and a 50 lb. bag of lime there. Inform her if she attempts to blackmail you, SHE will dig her own grave with that shovel and YOU will sift the lime onto her broken feminist bones. After you tell her that, she ain’t doing shit except that which YOU want. When did men become such pussies?

  17. Baby J is pandering to the female voters. Anyone will a brain cell in their head knows that he is a beta simp and was born with a golden spoon up his ass. Women will vote for him because he is “cute”.

  18. the most important election in Canada’s histroy will be the next federal one.
    Trudeau will start the path to demise but 4 years is too short for MAJOR things to happen. So if we elect another dumbass progressive in 4 years this country is utterly effed.
    Main thing for me is going to be the influx of Muslims and the rise of Islam almost identical to present day England, France, Sweden.
    (Canada is already a moral cesspool as it is, due to progressive ideas and feminism)

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