The Easiest City In The World To Get Laid

Imagine a place where you can realistically have sex approximately 50% of the nights you head out.

Imagine a place where you can talk to a girl from California, Oregon, Canada, China, Florida, Chicago, NYC, Brazil, Italy, France and Russia all on the same night.

Imagine a place where every single girl you meet is on vacation…and drunk.

Imagine a place where nobody has to drive anywhere.

Imagine a place where there are people partying 24 hours a day.

Imagine a place where a Tuesday night is the same as a Saturday night.

Imagine a place where indulging in your deepest and darkest pleasures is promoted… by the city itself.

I am referring to Las Vegas.  This weekend’s trip reminded me again, as it always does, that Vegas is hands down the easiest place to have sex I’ve ever been to — and I’ve been all over America and to over 60 cities outside the US.  Any semblance of game and a willingness to put in a handful of approaches and any guy can have sex there.  I’m not exaggerating, it’s that easy.  So why is it like this?


Everyone is staying at a hotel nearby.  You are no more than a 10 minute cab ride from almost every hotel, and only a 2 minute walk to the cab line.  Plan correctly and you walk upstairs to your room and be there in 5 minutes.  Nobody has work the next morning.


Absent the people working, everybody is here on vacation.  People fly in from as far away as Russia, and LA residents like myself may make a snap decision to take a quick 45 minute flight or drive 4 hours to party the weekend away.  Some even start drinking before they land in the state of Nevada.

What are girls on vacation like?  Slutty. Did I just sleep with that guy? Oh well, I’m on vacation!  I have a boyfriend?  It’s okay, I’m on vacation!  These are the standard thoughts that go through a girl’s mind whether she’s vacationing in Costa Rica, Madrid or NYC.  As long as she’s not in her home town there are less consequences for her actions.  Now take that and couple it with what has to be the single greatest public service announcement in history for single men…

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


If I could thank one man in person for what he’s done for society, it would be whoever the genius was that developed and marketed this slogan.  Let’s really think about what this is saying.  Basically, whatever the fuck you do in this city, nobody will ever find out.  If your friends see you leaving with a random dude, it’s supposed to “stay” in Vegas.  Secrets are not told.  You can act out your wildest fantasies be it blowing a dude in the bathroom of XS or getting gangbanged by some guys you just met in an elevator (true story).  Your friends, family and coworkers will be none the wiser on Monday morning when you return than they were on Friday when you left.

In fact, Vegas has updated their advertising to keep up with social media.  Now, girls are supposed to “know the code.” Specifically, they are not allowed to post pictures, update their facebook or tweet about what is or has happened on their trip.  And you know what happens when you place girls in a consequent-free environment — they go fucking nuts.  Everyone knows Vegas is a free for all.  No consequences = no worry of being judged = no need to rationalize your actions.  Not only is she on vacation, but so is her hamster.


You can drink and party 24 hours a day in Vegas.  You can drink in public on the strip.  If you gamble you will drink for free while playing.  If you like clubs, you can literally go all day and all night.  Night club at 11pm, leave at 4am for afterhours, come back at 1pm and go to a pool party (summer) or day party/brunch (winter) and rinse and repeat.  I’ve seen people so drunk they have been escorted back to their hotels in wheelchairs at 3 in the afternoon.

Like white girls?  Asian girls?  Foreign girls?  Black girls?  They are all there.  There on business on a Tuesday?  No problem.  Those that fly in from further places tend to stay longer than just a weekend, so you will find a substantial amount of vacationing girls there on weekdays as well.  The opportunity is endless here.

Success Rate

You will succeed here.  Even average game has a high shot of success.  Take me for example – on my last 6 trips to Vegas, totaling 16 nights, I’ve had sex 8 of those nights.  On two other nights, I brought girls back who refused to have sex but we engaged in other shenanigans.  One girl even apologized to me, saying “I know this is Vegas and I’m supposed to be a slut and not care, but I just can’t do it.”  Obviously not every girl will turn into a raging whore, but even they admit they are supposed to be sluts.

And I’m not a male model by any means.  I have only been part of the “game” for a year and a half.  I’m not obscenely rich or famous.  It would take me over 100 nights in LA to have sex 8 of those nights.  In other words, Vegas is different.

They can’t be that slutty, can they?

Yes they can.  Here are some real stories compiled from my own experience and/or friends’ experiences:

  • Girl takes me to strip club and pays for my dances before going home with her
  • Go home with a 21-year-old who later admits she has a list for Vegas, which includes banging a guy over 30 (me).  Also on that list?  Have a threesome.  Spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince her friends to join, including the girl my friend banged and was sleeping in the bed next to us.  Sadly she was unsuccessful.
  • A girl meeting four guys in an elevator after a pool party (including my friend), inviting the guys in for a shot, and once there, she got on the bed and asked who’s first.  A train proceeded to run for the next hour.
  • A Russian girl inviting my friend to lick her after she meets him on the elevator at 6am.
  • Friend spending 15 hours straight with two Russian girls and showering with them during his bachelor party.
  • Making out with a girl within 5 seconds of meeting her (this past Saturday).  End up taking her home while her sister (who was there with her boyfriend) goes home with my friend.
  • Friend’s ex banging a random guy in the pool she just met.

I’m by no means saying you can fly to Vegas and have sex with models every night.  Sometimes you get cockblocked too (this past Friday for me).  But you can have sex fast and often.  Some will be hot, some will be cute and some will not (but hopefully you drank enough that you won’t remember).  Some final tips:

  • Dress sharp.  I now wear only suits when I go out.  This weekend I wore a tie and pocket square and my results improved.
  • If you are in good shape hit the pool parties.
  • Approach girls everywhere.
  • Don’t give up until you are in bed, and don’t go to bed until after 7am.  No girl wants to go home alone in Vegas.
  • Approach smaller groups of girls, cockblocking still exists with bachelorette parties and larger groups.
  • To get her from the club to your room tell her you want to gamble.  If you’re at a different hotel than the one the club’s at, tell her you are lucky only at your hotel.  Once you arrive at your hotel, if you are wearing a suit like you’re supposed to, say you want to change real quick.  You should never have to leave the room again.

If your goal is to have a lot of sex with many random girls, I can’t think of a better place to attain this goal.  Personally I hate the city after 2 nights because of how intense it is.  All the drinking, smoke, lack of sleep, and downright indulgence in all senses breaks a man down.  But it’s the only place in the world where I expect to have sex within my first 48 hours there.  Think about that.

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122 thoughts on “The Easiest City In The World To Get Laid”

  1. I was reading and a link to “The Ten Ugliest Feminists” led me to this site. You men on this site have no respect for feminist ideals, are vulgar, concerned only with sex , treat women as sex objects, and generally uncaring about unsuspecting women’s feelings and emotions. That is why I love this site and come here every fucking day! Fuck yeah it is easy to get laid in Vegas, I love that place!

      1. Dude I lost my virginity when I was 14 and never looked back, this site talks about stuff me and my boys have been doing forever we just never approached it in such a scientific manner. Seriously, I was having flashbacks of shit I used to do with every article I read. I put all my niggas on to this shit and they love it to. To a pussy getting mutherfucker like me and my homies this is the shit! I am the tall light skinned dude on the far right in the photo, when I go to D.C. over the holidays to see my family I am going to have to buy a drink for this Roosh dude. He is a pimp ass dude, I fuck with both this site and RooshV!

        1. Everyone hates lawyers and policemen till they need them, say what you will about St. Thomas Law school, but we produce great attorneys that can get you off even if you are guilty, just ask Casey Anthony. Speaking of Casey Anthony I would hit it ,because you don’t need a condom,If she gets pregnant you know she will abort it… in the 14th trimester!

        2. lol bro, welcome to the manosphere. Just be careful about what you do with your real name on these sites if you’re going to law school.

        3. no, not really. don’t kid yourself. st. thomas is an overpriced, 4th tier law school, that couldn’t find employment for 1/2 it’s graduating class. casey anthony got off for a lack of evidence. a baboon could of gotten her acquitted.

        4. I had a scholarship so that is how they got me, and I am a Biotech patent attorney so my science background is far more important than my law school. And prior to the rescission you could get a job pretty easily just not likely in big law, you would have to work 8-10 years to get 100,000 mark. Sorry I did not go to Harvard Sam, and no Casey got off because her lawyer’s ability and he was working on a shoestring budget while the state had unlimited funds. Did not watch the trial and talking out of your ass perhaps… stop being sneaky and get your facts straight when you insult people while being a dick.

        5. Actually, I hate lawyers even if I need them. Just because I have to work with them, doesn’t mean I don’t hate ’em.

        6. True as hell. No rule saying you gotta like anything you must put up with to get what you want. I am a vagina aficionado, enthusiast really, lets just say vagina enthusiast. In order to satiate my enthusiasm ,and keep my amateur gynecologist clinic going I must deal with feminism, the hamster, and flaking. Hate that shit, gotta put up with it…..

        7. I’m sure the color of your skin had nothing to do with your scholarship. No I didn’t go to harvard I went to UF law…a respectable law school. Casey got off for a lack of evidence, stick to patent law.

        8. out of curiosity, how often did you have to lie to girls on the beach, and say you went to the U so people would take you seriously? biotech patent attorney? how many hours if any did you bill last year?

        9. So… who seems to piss the farthest???
          And is it cause he has a bigger bladder or cause he regularly has his finger up his ass massaging his prostate?

        10. Strike that, you really are a bitch. You confront facts with insults, and personal attacks. Even if you piss standing up you are female in your behavior. Not a good look, tell Kyle Mitchell he has a small dick and girls fake orgasms with him and complete your menstrual cycle you fucking cunt.

  2. “Don’t go to bed until after 7am”
    — Jesus! Clearly I’m getting old, because that sounds horrible!

    1. How old are you?
      I stayed up until 7am on Saturday night. Not because I wanted to, but that’s how long it took to get the job done. Don’t go out unless you’re willing to do everything it takes to close. Otherwise stick to day game.

      1. One of the better points I’ve seen here is that when you bring a girl out, expend time, money, and effort, that’s her version of getting laid; that’s how SHE fucks YOU…….did you stay up til 7am getting chain-fucked by some piece of ass?
        Did you?
        You’re among friends, be straight with us.

      2. Haha, I’ve realized I’m old, boring or jaded or all three because I’ll never again stay up until 7 a.m. just to get laid. Been there and done it, but no woman is worth losing a day sleeping it off when I could be doing productive things. Day game is best.
        P.S. Speaking of, just read your Day Bang book, Roosh. Good stuff.

        1. Man have to find out what suits their nature best. My normal sleep hour is 4am every day, so obviously staying up until 7am is a logical move to get the poonani.

    2. Like Roosh says, sometimes you have to go through many hours of dedication to get laid. This past Saturday I was in bed by 3:30 a.m., because I was able to seal the deal by then. On the extreme other end I’ve had to wait out all dudes hitting on this girl at the bar, drive her friends around town looking for a party then back to their car, go back to her place to walk her hermaphroditic dog (seriously), come back only to have wine with her neighbors, then get the bang. At least by then we were both too tired to engage in any “I’m not a slut” games.

    3. I feel you on the late nights banger, after 33-35 they get tougher unless you are a night person or work a night job anyway so “late” is really “mid day”.However, if on vacation the weekend warrior mentality is a must so Vegas should be a 48-72 hour affair for most “older guys”.

    1. Definitely not. The Tropicana has some bars/clubs which aren’t bad, but it attracts a lot of Jersey locals, so it’s definitely not easier. The talent is also lower.
      Vegas is alive every night, but during the week AC is full of seniors.

      1. A.C. has a lot of greased-up guidos and guidettes. They come in large packs and are very, very loud and sometimes hostile when drunk. If they sense you’re muscling in on one of their women, expect conflict.

  3. Sounds like Spring break beach partying for adults over 25. I’ll definitely be there this summer. I was told if you go to the clubs getting a VIP is a must. It minimalizes the effort put in as it puts you in some super high social status on the scene.

    1. It’s a lot more fun and it’s easier, but it is not necessary to have VIP or a table. VIP entry helps so you don’t have to wait in line and lose your buzz or get shut out completely. You can pull a girl from anywhere inside the club. Often times the dance floor is the easiest because they are just there waiting to get danced with.
      For pool parties, it is a bit more advantageous to have your own cabana. Especially if you have your own bathroom in the cabana, or your own side pool by the cabana, you can create an exclusivity appearance that attracts a lot of girls.

    2. Here’s what you do, man. I’ve been stationed here for a couple of years now. For night game on the strip: Eat dinner and got to bed early. Have your outfit pressed and ready. Wake up at midnight. Shower, shave, get dressed, pre-game. Play a hand and win ten bucks. then head to the club you want to go to. You’ll get there by 2…maybe 3am. The lines are low if non existent, the cover has been cut if not non existent. Most girls that are taken have retired for the evening. Every other guy is sweaty and drunk and tired. You’re there fresh faced, rested, and clean. Plus all the girls are already drunk off of some other dude’s money. You win the Game. Like the author said: “No girl wants to go to her room alone in Vegas.”

      1. “You’re there fresh faced, rested, and clean. Plus all the girls are already drunk off of some other dude’s money. You win the Game. ”
        I have never thought of going out this way before. You are a genius.

        1. From what I have seen, there are no “leavings” because there is no last-call on Vegas. Take it or leave it though, heh.

        2. Nonsense. As with NYC’s theoretical 4 am last call, plenty of people leave by 1, 2, or 3 am. The better looking the girl, the earlier she tends to leave, even in Vegas.
          So, the girls left at 2 am tend to be scrappy — and facing their late-night girl-stupidity while sober can be painful.

      1. I know, i have seen him commenting here, therefore it should be practically impossible for him to even think about marriage..

  4. I live in Las Vegas and was born and raised here for 20 years and what this man says is very true. However the local women that live in Vegas are cunts. The tourists are the ones to go after if you want to get laid easier.

    1. Same way in Paris. I had no Game at the time, so I only got a date with a Brazilian who knew a few English words. I know no Portuguese. I was impressed with her poise and youth being together. The Brazilian tourist women had the best personalities and weren’t slackers physically.

  5. “One girl even apologized to me, saying “I know this is Vegas and I’m
    supposed to be a slut and not care, but I just can’t do it.” ”
    Hey, I had just had an idea– when one of you alpha P&D types encounters this type of situation, you could sell her contact info to one of us beta LTR-type dudes who doesn’t like sluts. Basically have a referral service on the side so you can still salvage some value for your time spent. What do you think?

    1. “Brought her over on the second date but said she needs to be in love first. She likes it when you kiss her neck but not her ear.”

      1. Bingo. I’m serious! E-mail me at lkoron{eight} with any offers. (Replace number in braces with appropriate numeral).

        1. Dude, you can find your own good girl once you have enough Game, which you MUST have to have a chance at managing a ltr that the NWO will blow up on your face if they can. But don’t let an ex-carousal queen fool you. She has to be no older than 25.

  6. I know the easier city where there are:
    1. overwhelmingly more girls than guys because of several humanitarian universities in that small city
    2. most of them are young students
    3. all those girls are Russians
    4. almost no feminism (it’s Russia)
    5. no game needed, even omegas have good chance to get laid
    It’s Syktyvkar. But if you visit that place, stay away from nearby cities and towns especially to the north from there – they are as criminal as Afganistan or Iraq.

      1. Lets hear more about this place mate. Not much of an adventure to go to Vegas. Banging girls in Dubai and Iraq was on a different level. Shit maybe ill go there after Cuba next month and write it myself.

    1. ugh eastern european women. if you’re willing to go there I know an easier way to get laid. fuck dudes.

  7. It’s a temporary city, but Burning Man is very much like this. All good music festivals are pretty much the same thing also – everybody’s high, everybody’s there to party, and everybody’s got a tent or something within walking distance.

  8. Las Vegas is also a great place to get a scorching case of genital herpes which you will carry around with you the rest of your life. Condoms do not prevent STDs. NO THANKS.

    1. Condoms do prevent STD’s but not 100% guaranteed every time. You can always stick with oral. Monogamy is a luxury of civilized people, and if you are not playing marriage 2.0 roulette, why start now? Some risk is better than no risk: that’s how life works. A long life of total abstinence is not worth living. In the MM or M3 model there is the A3 qualification. Get to know her and try and figure out if she normally has standards. Look at her pussy in the light. You can avoid most serious problems with just a little investigation. You can’t have a guarantee, which is why socialism, feminism, communism, does not work as advertised.

  9. Thank you so much for the reconnaisance. A worthy destination even if one hates gambling and hates the constant flashing lights.

  10. On the thumbs-up side, I seriously like the “lucky-gambling-at-my-hotel/run-up-and-change” series, that is a nice piece of work.
    On the “caution” side, I grew up less than three hours from Vegas and have lived less than 5 hours from there for the last 20 years and I can tell you this: women’s slut-quotient definitely goes up, but so does a lot of other shit going through their head. They EXPECT at least on some level, a guy in a suit, a VIP table, a $500 of vodka, and will be perfectly willing to bounce along to the next “up-and-coming marketing director” at the first sign of common sense. That means the first time you say fuck, how many $500 bottles do you and your friends plan to blow through? Or, how am I going to bang you before breakfast if I’m standing in line at XS at 6am?
    Answer is you gotta pile onto that “approach everywhere” mentality. Approach EVERYWHERE and close, close, CLOSE! “Letsfinishthesedrinks and gogamble and straightomyroomandfuck!
    You gotta match that increased slut-ishness with increased asshole-ishness or these crazy bitches will bleed you dry and leave you standing there stupid.
    Lastly, great fucking article!

  11. I am an indian gentleman who likes white women very much, where is the best place in las vegas to find white women who prefer indian men?

    1. a whorehouse…heh.
      Forget the white woman, raj, go for the older foreigners, like Roosh instructs Indian-Paki-Bangl. men to do in Day Bang:
      “I once taught an older man who […] had trouble getting even thirty second chats with the type of girls he desired (hot blondes in their early 20s). Yet when he talked to older foreign women, he fared much better . He was from Bangladesh and had an accent that the average American would consider Indian. In the United States, a man with his skin tone and accent will receive very few positive responses from young blondes.”

  12. As soon as I read the title my first thought was “This guy has to be from LA”. Los Angeles residents have the biggest hard on for Las Vegas. Either way, great post! haha. I think Vegas could be the best if you have “Vegas Style” game. I did better in Cancun, New Orleans, and Seaside Heights. The crowded lines kill me in Vegas, but I am going in June for the first time in years so I may change my mind…Good POST!

  13. Good article, but two pieces of advice:
    Don’t go on a weekend where it’s a busy sports weekend. I just returned this weekend from betting on all the basketball games. All the clubs and the Strip were loaded with dudes from their colleges. It is very different than other weekends loaded with convention women. And also, don’t go to specifically gamble. You will lose all your money and energy to game any chick into the wee hours of the morning. Otherwise, it’s a great city to party.

    1. I agree with the second point, but have to respectfully disagree with your first point. I’ve gone for March Madness the past three years and have had rather easy success each year. Despite the large number of men that come that weekend, a substantial portion of them have zero game. Ever met the random college basketball fan from Idaho or Kentucky or Kansas? You can outshine them no problem. And at least for March, it’s spring break so you have that whole crowd of girls too. Stories 1, 2 and 6 were from March Madness, as well as another girl who checked my ID to make sure I was older than her before leaving with me.

      1. I don’t know, this article is exaggerated and you must have very tight game and approach like mad! I’ve gone to Vegas many times and so have my friends. Out of 6 male buddies only two were able to get laid…LV takes a certain type of player to succeed. At my age (34) I just have an awful time staying up for 30+ hours or focusing my energy on 21 year old girls. The last couple times i’ve gone to Vegas I struck out badly and not for lack of trying. “My best” game was getting 2 good looking girls to hang out with me for a day and evening so I could get into the happening clubs however nothing more than number closes happened. To be honest I have much better success when I go to EE, places like Russia and Ukraine and use my Russian skills and foreigner status to the fullest extent. I think your article needs to be labeled as “the easiest city in the world to get laid in for under 30 year olds”

        1. I’m over 30 and about your age. Also, last trip it was my first approach that got me laid. What are you wearing when you go out? Are you direct and aggressive?
          I’m not doubting the EE success, I’ve been there myself and love it. But overall it cannot be easier there to get laid with such quickness.

  14. Vegas capitalized on people saying it is ok to be a whore there so now women just act like whore’s when they are there.

  15. Any suggestions for day or early evening game? I will be there for a conference in July but need to be asleep by midnight and up by 8 each morning. Seems like the recommendation here is the last drunk girl standing at 3am technique.

  16. Vegas is good if you have a frat boy gaming mentally. The ratio is not that great in my experience – a lot of guys go there. And yes, be prepared to stay up all night.

    1. Yup. And the quality isn’t great. I went to marquee in december and it was a cockfest.
      The lavo brunch was a beast tho. Overrall i think las vegas is overhyped.
      Lots of couples, elderly, bachelorette parties, and attention whores.
      I fell for the hype.

  17. This reads more like an infomercial. I have been to Vegas a few times. I don’t know anyone that got laid by 8 girls in 16 times out, unless they paid. When I think of Vegas I think of $15 mixed drinks and steep cover charges.

      1. vegas sucks for online dating .. tinder is okay if you look decent and if you play the tourist chicks .. if you have a circle of friends or if you greg up here you will have no problems .. there’s women here just all hurt or weary because of the amount of players …

  18. I’ve done a lot of clubbing in Vegas. Here’s a few things that should work:
    1) There are a lot of gay bars in Vegas, and gay bars are an insanely great place to meet women. Basically there’s a lot of straight girls that go to gay bars because they don’t want to get hassled by all the jocks and bros on the strip.
    Obviously, this opens up a moral dilemma about trying to pick up on women that are at a gay bar explicitly to avoid jocks and bros.
    But in my experience, there are a lot of women at the gay bars that have a good attitude, and they’re a lot friendlier than at the regular clubs.
    Plus, gay bars are a lot less expensive than straight clubs. Cheap drinks and little to no cover. Plus the music is better 🙂
    The same tactic works in Palm Springs. Palm Springs has lots of gay men at the clubs, so if you’re a straight man you have a chance to meet a lot of girls who are getting away for the weekend.
    2) Another tactic that works in Vegas is to visit the bars and clubs around the convention center. Obviously, this tactic only applies if there’s a convention with a lot of women attending.

  19. Want an even better chance of “success?” BYOG – Bring Your Own Girlfriend. All the craziness with (hopefully) a lot less STDs and accidents. Even really boring people can manage some fun.
    That, and Vegas IS overhyped. Lotta elderly folk, lumpy soccer moms on holiday, and really, REALLY big bar tabs if you’re not careful. Odds are…unless you’re really beyond help…you’re the most exciting person within 100 yards.
    Oh! Unless you have Chola-philia. This is the town for you.

  20. Excellent article and DEAD ON. I live in LA and lived/worked as VIP Host in vegas last year for 6 months. You think it’s good visiting? Imagine being a vip host at the hottest club on the strip….I killed it.

  21. Staying out past 3am in Vegas while horny is a good way to fall victim to a hooker. They swarm lone drunk guys. As for negotiation, she does it every night, Junior. You’re going to get fucked but not in the way you like.

  22. This article is TOTAL BULLSHIT. I’ve been to LV many times and never saw guys approaching girls they didn’t know. The girls are all in cliques and are not open to guys they don’t know. American women aren’t into novelty when it comes to men, they like familiarity, and do not like strangers.
    This article sounds like a trashy movie, not reality. If it was that easy to get laid in LV, every guy would come here and never leave and there would be no people passing out flyers for you to call escorts for $400 an hour.
    I challenge this Law guy to come to Vegas right now and prove to me that he can pick up chicks easily. I’ll pay him to do it too. I’ll bet he’ll chicken out because he’s full of it.

    1. I believe it. It’s all hit or miss. For example, I was at the grocery store one night and every aisle had hot babe’s in leggings. Go another day and it’s filled with fatties. But I would be a little reluctant to eat a chicken out I just met. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas for some. Women gets pregnant. STDs how does she explain that one to her boyfriend?

  23. I think Panama City gives Vegas a run for its money. You meet people on vacation or Panamanians and expats from all over who embrace the drinking culture. If you play your cards right, social proof is easy to obtain and since Panama is small it pays off. Also, something about the tropical weather makes people horny.

  24. I highly doubt it. It’s way easier to get laid in South America & Europe. American women are bitches.

  25. I’ve been to Vegas twice (on new years and on halloween) and it isn’t really anything like what you say. You can definitely get laid there but it’s not this bacchanal of singles like you describe. Vegas is mostly family tourists now. Also, since it cost quite a bit of money to travel, you can be sure there won’t be many young women in their 20s there since women in that demographic don’t have money. The worst part is, any party that takes much money or effort to get to will be dominated by men. Vegas is a sausage party for this reason. It’s not overwhelmingly a sausage party but it is a sausage party. I will never forget when I saw 3 buff guys who were buff and in their prime trying to hit on 1 thirty something woman that I had made out with but later struck out with. I have never seen that on any regular night going out in my home city and I’ve been out on the town hundreds of times.

  26. sloppy sex wit a girl who’s been drinking and pissing down her own leg and wetting her flaps every 15 minutes … oh joy! You have to be 12 to think it sexy.

  27. I have profound hearing loss so I cannot be in loud clubs etc etc even with ear plugs…Any other suggestions as to where to go ?

  28. Thats bullshit.
    Ive been to LV twice on new year eves and I didnt any have luck at all.
    All women come with their guy friends or a bunch of female friends who arent opened to meet other men.
    The only women who approached me were hookers.
    Please be more realistic with you promote.

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  30. I”ll have to disagree with this article. I have been doing pick up in vegas a fair bit, easily over a year.
    This is why I think it is much harder that you would expect.
    -girls are usually from another city and/or country
    -girls are in groups with their super close or best friends
    -girls are there centered around some event (birthday party, bachelorette party, vacation
    For the above reasons, it is actually very difficult in lots of cases to get them away from their friends. They don’t want to ditch their close friends in a foreign city (in their local city they are more comfortable and can get home easy the next day, etc). They don’t want to abandon whatever event they’re there for. Also, since the friends are very close with one another, the cockblocking is much stronger. Compare this to a girl that’s out with a couple friends that she’s not that close with. The cockblocking probably won’t be as intense.
    -girls in vegas have set itineraries and event plans. meaning that the girl could be super DTF but she has to go to the pool with friends, then shopping with friends, then dinner with friends, then get ready for the night, then club with friends…then oops..time to fly home. This happens CONSTANTLY. Additionally, local numbers that you get tend to be girls that have super busy schedules (2-3 jobs) or industry jobs and no time to go on dates.
    -lots of girls want to stay til the very end of the night because they are there having a blast with their close friends and want the whole “experience”
    -lots of girls are too drunk or too tired by the end of the night
    Logistics are king in Vegas. Most noob & intermediate guys (aka most of the guys in this group) don’t stand a chance with handling these issues successfully most of the time and will most likely get laid LESS than your normal cities.
    You have to understand:
    -how to handle groups (and all the intricacies and subtleties that go along with that)
    -how to deal with multiple cockblocks without appearing tryhard or having an agenda
    -driving compliance through the most compliant girl in the group and/or the alpha girl of the group
    -complex methods of isolation
    -long-walk bantering/thread cutting/reframing/prevention of conferencing in group due to walks through casinos, cab line waiting times, and things being spread out in the city
    -dealing with the heavier than normal objections at critical pull points such as club exit, cab entry, and home arrival due to girls being in a foreign city and leaving their pack of close friends (this can be scary for them)
    -babystepping through various parts of the venue before it’s even time to leave
    -table area infiltration for top stunner access then dealing with all the table dynamics and massive AMOG attempts
    -how to coordinate everything with wings when pulling groups (which you will have to do a lot as a last resort when your DTF girl is being diehard blocked). this includes bantering, blocking, reframing, etc.
    Most of this is advanced shit. So fuck that article about it being the easiest city. Most of the immersion guys don’t get laid. Most pickup guys going to the “goldmine” of vegas come home beaten down and sad.
    So know what the fuck you’re talking about before you go attributing my results as a product of Vegas. For the record, i lived there less than 1 year and I have had equal late rates over long periods in Philadelphia and San Diego.

  31. The best state to get laid is Arizona, I’ve been all over the U.S. as well. The reason why its so easy there is because there’s literally nothing to do, no attractions, no good jobs, no religious places, no communities, just an absolute wasteland. What do women do when there’s nothing to do? Sex and drinking. I slept with about 20 different White women there, 70 different Black women, and 10 different Hispanic women.
    Easiest way to get laid for free is to just pick up Black chicks on the internet. Black chicks will never ever turn down a White guy, ever.

  32. My mate and I tag teamed a chick we met at Wet Republic.. only a few hours after saying goodbye to two college chicks from Chicago who had stayed the night in our room. Yep, this is the place for a sexual smorgasbord, no doubt about it…

  33. Hint: make sure they’re on vacation!
    If they’re a local, chances are they’ve already experienced many dudes trying to hit on them, especially if they’ve been to the club scene every now and then.

  34. People are so incredibly ridiculous. I can just imagine what the STD and the HIV rate is in Vegas. In this modern day and age whatever happens in Vegas winds up coming back home with you and haunting you the rest of your life. Do yourself a favor. If you are that shallow and the self-indulgent and you wind up picking up an STD or worse HIV, then ask yourself it was worth it.

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