We’re All Living The Human Resources Nightmare

“Mark, it’s Friday afternoon,” I said to my co-worker.  “You’re off at 3:00pm and it’s 5:30, dude.  GO HOME.”

“I can’t,” Mark replied to me.

“Uh, why?”

“My wife isn’t home.”

While holding back my laughter (and disgust), I replied, “Why the hell does that matter?”

“Well, what am I gonna do without her home at home?”, he quipped back, “Plus, I need her to cut my hair and she’s been resisting doing it lately.  I wish she wasn’t so picky about the way it was cut.”

“Well if she’s the one bitching at you about it, she should do it.  How long could it possibly take, anyway?”

“It takes about an hour, usually.”

“It’s good to know she spends more time on that head than your OTHER, more important head, man.  Just go home.”

Right on cue, my boss walks around the corner.

Admittedly, it wasn’t my most brilliant moment to say that when I knew he was likely in earshot.  I’ve often been affectionately referred to as “HR’s worst nightmare,” by my friends at the office for quite some time now.

Up until this point though, I hadn’t had any issues.  I say plenty of politically incorrect things at work all the time.  This time though, I made the mistake of opening my big mouth in front of someone who mattered.

Nothing more was said that day.  Come Monday morning though, I received an email from my boss asking if I had some time to talk to him.  Begrudgingly, I trudged to a conference room and sat down, like a guilty man awaiting my inevitable sentencing.

He had three points for me.

1.) We were within earshot of two female employee’s desks who could have heard what I said.

2.) He wants me to have a long, successful career at the company, and don’t want something like this on my record to halt my progression.

3.) I had offended Mark.  He thought it was “not cool” for me to bring his wife into it.

Oh, The Horror Of Offending A Female!

This is the perfect example of how females are so coddled in today’s workplace.  Note, that neither of the two female employees were actually at their desk.  They were both long gone for the day.  However, the simple chance that they could have heard my joke was enough to cause alarm.  You’re telling me grown, 50 year old women are incapable of brushing off a joke?

Sounds like pre-school where boys weren’t allowed to say bad words like “wiener” in front of the girls.

No doubt, if one of these women were offended by my joke, I could get in a lot of trouble with the Human Resources department.  That, in and of itself, is the real joke, not my penis remark.  The fact that a woman could single-handily ruin my career because of a joke shows how much power they wield in the workforce.

woman boss

Long Term Career

Let’s translate this into corporate speak.

“We want you to have a long, successful career, with endless possibilities,” roughly translates to, “We want to abuse you for our own profit as much as humanly possible, because you’re a damn good worker and we don’t pay you nearly what you’re worth.  We want to continue to exploit you while stringing you along like a cat chasing a ball of yarn for the next promotion.”

Realize that EVERYONE is ultimately out for themselves.  And you should be, too, ROK readers.  The days of corporate loyalty, pensions, and respect are gone.  You are, at all times, replaceable, especially if you piss the wrong people off.  Take a career leap to a rival company that offers you 25% more pay than your previous company – because your current company will offer you 3% next year and claim that they’re as much of a saint as Mother Teresa for doing so.

The phrase “corporate ladder” always fails to mention one thing – the length of the ladder.


Man Up, Mark

Well, needless to say, most of us here are familiar with the type of guy Mark is.  His name comes to mind every time I hear or read the word “beta”.  He brought his wife to the US from Eastern Europe, and she’s lived here for about 3-4 years with him now.  He is paying to put her through college, she has no job, and she already chopped her hair off.

He gets sex, “maybe” once a week, if things are good.  Those are his exact words; he’s a dog begging for a bone.

Yet, he was deeply offended by the fact that I made a joke at his expense.  He wears his whipped status like a badge of pride, standing next to his wife with his head down and his hands buried in his pocket.  He endlessly complains about his nagging wife, but is never willing to stand up and be a man about it.

Can you imagine how much better his life would be if I just sent him a link to Return Of Kings?

F- You, Corporate

What can you take from this?  There’s many options if you want

There’s always entrepreneurship.  You could start your own business with a product you develop, or do freelance artistic work.  There’s plenty of  work in a male-dominated fields with manual labor.  The possibilities are endless.  It took me less than a year of being in the workforce post-college to realize corporate America is not where I want to be.  I’ve put a plan in action to get out, because no man should be at the mercy of some office slut who makes more money for doing half the work just because she wears a skirt.

The one thing preventing me from completely severing the lifeline to my job is the possibility of working remotely, away from all of the politics and office drama.  Being able to take my American salary to another country and work in the comfort of my own home is a possibility I want to explore.

Learn from stories like mine to blaze your own path.  If you don’t, you’ll likely end up just waiting for the HR secretary to set your path, as well as your entire career, ablaze.

A final note about our friend Mark: as I mentioned, he brought his wife here from Eastern Europe, and she was very much lower-class when living there.  She received her US citizenship about a month ago.  A few of us around the office started taking bets as to how long it would be until she divorced him and took him for all he’s worth.

Let’s hope that betting scheme doesn’t make it back to HR before I walk out the door for good.

f you

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201 thoughts on “We’re All Living The Human Resources Nightmare”

  1. You know for those of us still in university waiting for life in the coeporate world, this article isn’t too encouraging
    How do you start out?
    Who to trust?
    When and how do you “start your own (insert buisness here)”
    I’m too worried about my future if im gonna owe my career to some silly womyn and the fucking HR!!!

    1. Only one way to win, and that is to never get involved in the first place.
      Fuck corporations, I’d rather dig ditches all day than work for a corporation.

    2. I recommend using “corporate” as your safety net. Keep your eyes open for other opportunities like entrepreneurship, etc.
      Worst case scenario: you work a corporate job and see how it is first-hand. It sounds like you don’t quite believe these stories: the only way you may ever believe us is by trying it out yourself.
      You gotta do you. Advice abounds, but this life is about doing whatever the f*ck YOU wanna do.

    3. If you’re in university, don’t let those stories prevent you from getting your degree and enter the corporate world, you might regret it.
      Get a job keep your redpill for yourself (even those you think get it probably don’t, and gossip is bad for your career). Don’t trust anybody at work, and read “the 48 laws of power” as a guide through your career.
      Even if you know they’re exploiting you, do your best to get promotion (change company if needed). But unlike everyone else, don’t blow your income on new cars and a house mortgage, save most of it and invest it.
      Then you’ll be able to do something you like (or nothing if you want and you earned enough), because your passive income will be there to back you up. If that’s your thing, you can also live in a country where the cost of living are lower.
      By then you’ll be free while your ex-coworkers will still be broke and slaving away to earn the money their wife spends on useless things.

    4. I recommend reading “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ Demarco. That book changed my life. That is the only book on entrepreneurship you’ll ever need, and I’ve read quite a few. The author also started thefastlaneforum.com which is an invaluable resource. Don’t let that stop you from getting your degree though.

    5. Read The Prince and the lesser know Japanese treatise on the warrior, Hagakure. Take the lessons to heart
      Learn the rules of the corporate game, then exploit them with your knowledge of the above. Treat your career as if you waging a long cold war, I’ve used several strategies from Sun Tzu’s art of war and the above mentioned to further my career and income. Know when to commit your capital, know when to retreat, and cultivate your intelligence network – corporations are a mess of gossip and nothing is a secret for long.

      1. American women have higher divorce rates than foreign brides. That said, I wouldnt be surprised if they stay married. If you have money but are beta a EE woman will put up with it but she will sure make you suffer. I knew a story just like this, and finally the beta guy got the divorce because he couldn’t take it anymore.

  2. Horrible state the US is in.
    I live in Germany, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it usually works around here. It might happen, but usually such jokes can be told at the workplace without much repercussions.

  3. The 3% “cost of living” raise is such BS. It’s a slap in the face because you are not actually moving forward, you are just staying with the value of currency. I mentally checked out of my job after I put in a substantial record year for my position while also picking up the duties of those who left the company. I came away with a “met expectations” in my performance review and the same 3% raise that all the lazy people received. After that slap in the face I began saving money in order to one day hop on out of the corporate work force.

    1. Good job, get the hell out of corporate America as fast as you can. It’s a soul sucking dead end lifestyle. Better to live on less money and work a job that you like, at least you are happier then.

    2. HR knows this 3% raise SCAM….they bet on your first two years of productivity and knows after that you will be dead wood….
      Smart men in corporate find ways to work less and less…

    3. “I began saving money in order to one day hop on out of the corporate work force.”

    4. If by currency, you mean US Dollar, 3% raise means you’re actually losing significant amounts of purchasing power each year.

    5. It’s because you are worker level. Get to management/director level and enjoy nice raises and large bonuses. The only way to make money in Corporate America these days is to jump ship all the time. If you go on Linked in and look at (young) upper management folks, a lot of them don’t spend more than a year or two at a company – they know that the BIGGEST raise you will ever get is when you walk in the door. Once a company has you then the only bones you get are bennies (what’s vacation like, bonuses, will they pay some of your living expenses, etc).

    6. Companies are alot like women, once they know your full value they will only give everything when they know you can walk away and not look back. And in the same way a guy without options isnt that attractive. They pay you 3% because they know you will take it(and bitch) and stay on the job. I’ve known so many examples of people only getting the sweet heart deal once they quit their job and got hired back. And if you think about it the typical way people are hired is crazy, salary is negotiated before you’ve proven yourself, and then its difficult to move from that number.

  4. The russian bride is a goner for sure….
    What did he expect? She knows he’s a loser for “buying” her out….you don’t marry a prostitute.

  5. ‘Leering’ is a form of sexual harassment where I work. I guess I have to walk around with my eyes to the floor like a good slave lest I get in trouble.

    1. Raise your lower manhood value (female assessment of your value) and you can keep your head up. Practise away from work with strangers until you get it. We are talking vibe. Don’t frame yourself as weak, because predators be predators. What you want is to be preyed upon, at your discretion, as a desirable sperm donor. I always compare women to sharks.

      1. You could also get a couple of tats and piercings to inflate your ‘lower manhood value’ in the eyes of females. It’s all about the tingles.

        1. You read me right. I have neither and will be getting neither, but I entirely see your point. Fortunately for me, narcissism can be expressed by body language and social behavior.

        2. Depending on your job, tats and piercings may hold you back.
          Most of your coworkers will be skinny-fat so if you want to stand out, lifting may be more than enough.
          But as Doug said, the most important is body language and attitude.

  6. Work for a firm or corporate for 3-5 years leave and do your own shit taking connections and clients with you. BDS, Big Dick Style, fuck em good! Care about PC culture more than your bottom line, you are fucking yourself, I might as well get some strokes in!

  7. “When an organization becomes feminized, priority shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services to development of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.”

    1. And the We Hunted the Mammoth award winner:
      “Females want to inhabit man-created
      business structures as if those structures existed before man appeared
      on the veldt. … When you have pushed the last man out of the corporation
      it will collapse under its own dead weight.”

    2. “… to development of rules for the comfort and security of women’”
      Women don’t need more comfort than they did 50 years ago…
      Government is telling the women sheeples that they need more “security” so they can add more laws to CONTROL ALL OF US…
      Don’t you see it?
      The government is using women’s insecurities to add more laws to limit our freedom.

      1. Women are never satisfied. There is no such thing as enough comfort and security in their eyes.

        1. “Women are never satisfied”
          Government tells women they are not satisfied…
          Big Difference.
          Women are like dogs, you can train them to think whatever you want…

      2. You say Government as if it was independent from the big capitalists. In the US, the connection is overtly clear. Not so much in other countries (each country has its elite).

        1. We can’t control big companies but we can reduce the Government and make it hard for it to abide to companies 100% like it does today…

        2. If you reduce Government the companies will do with you whatever they want. There is no such thing as a “free” market. All markets are born out of regulation and to have a market where competition is the norm you need strong Government control over the rules of the game.

  8. The only two work options for men today are entrepreneurship ventures and jobs that require you to fix and build things.
    Corporate America stopped being cool when Gordon Gekko went to jail and Ronald Reagan got out of office.
    Fuck HR! (Both literally and figuratively.)

    1. If I start my own company and it pick’s up, I will LITERALLY HAND PICK EACH EMPLOYEE. I will be CEO and HR. I won’t tolerate self entitled princesses, I will employ men and married women who already have children over and HR diva. I will employ on merit over CV filler’s and sweat talkers and I won’t tolerate buzzword jizzers.

        1. Oh yeah, a bunch of alphas all in the same office competing against each other. THAT’S a recipe for success.

        2. There would be no women so there would be no need to assert any kind of dominance over one another. How the hell do you think anything worth a damn was ever erected in the first place? Answer: strong, focused, and like-minded men who are able to logically work together to accomplish a goal.

        1. Because if they already have children they aren’t likely to leave for pregnancy.
          But given that women cost as much as men, why not hire only men? They’ll get the job done.

  9. i took a pay cut to get out of a similar situation and it was worth every fucking penny. but, my brothers, i worry about the strategies we so often recommend. we can’t all start our own businesses and we can’t all live in a cooler country. is it not the case that what is really needed is to fight the beast in its own lair? anti-male discrimination needs to be tackled head on in the rich west where it started.

    1. Roger,
      I have been promoting the idea of a second economy for more than 2 years now…if men just took my advice? You would be a lot better off by now.

    2. “we can’t all start our own businesses and we can’t all live in a cooler country. is it not the case that what is really needed is to fight the beast in its own lair?”
      Exactly, here’s how to curb the government…
      – Reduce your taxes as low as possible
      – Reduce your monthly expenses
      – Don’t vote or contribute $$ to politics
      – Don’t give donations to any government groups
      – Don’t donate to charities
      – Don’t spend on useless crap (new cars, boats, toys etc…)
      – Don’t have kids
      – Don’t marry (no diamonds)
      – Grow your own garden, use solar panel too
      – Don’t watch T.V.
      Be as Selfish and Greedy as you can for your own retirement.
      Don’t listen to women, they are the government’s unpaid propaganda agents using their pussy to lure you in..

      1. Don’t donate to charity is absolutely terrible advice. I donate to LiNK, they get north koreans to safety. Worth E.V.E.R.Y penny

      2. Don’t vote? Why not?
        Don’t give to charity? What kind of fluffery is that?
        Don’t buy useless crap? What fun is life without useless crap?!
        Don’t have kids? Without our genes passed on, there IS no resistance.
        And you’re afraid of the TV boogeyman…

        1. Give to charity if you want, but it won’t get you closer to your goals.
          Useless crap isn’t as fun as you believe. It sets you back from fianancial independance and when you think about it, what does a brand new car really does for you? Is it really more fun than your old car full of memories?
          I won’t start another debate on children, it’s a personal choice. No TV is a no brainer.

        2. “Don’t have kids? Without our genes passed on, there IS no resistance.”
          Your kids will be as brainwashed as you, the resistance starts now, not in a future generation.

      3. Regarding the charity issue, I know that there is a divide in the manosphere about spirituality between men who are believers and atheists/agnostics. As someone who does believe that there is a Creator and that life has purpose, I can only say from my own experience that charity can serve more than just a “feel good” or idealistic purpose. It can serve as a “karmic reserve” that can protect us from the “shit happens” rule of life. I have found that I tend to have good fortune after I help others, and that I experience unlikely surprise twists that turn my life out for the better as long as I keep sharing with the less fortunate.
        That said, we should prioritize how we spend our money. My rule tends to be as follows:
        1. Save and invest first.
        2. Pay back debts second.
        3. Once my needs and my obligations to my creditors have been met, give charity, with the priority being to loved ones in need first before strangers.
        I think that is a balanced way to approach it.

        1. You should pay back your debt before you can truly save and invest. Less debt more money for savings…

      4. If people follow your advice the economy will crash. US economy is based on superfluous consumption.

        1. Don’t worry women will always buy shoes and crap they don’t need to support the economy. They are the biggest consumers anyways, companies realized that, that’s why all commercials are geared for them.
          My advice is for men willing to get out of the system or live financially free…

      5. agree with everything except don’t vote. if you don’t vote (esp. in congressional elections), our house, senate, and presidency get filled with idiots like warren (1/32 native american, got the job at harvard law), pelosi (“we need to pass obamacare first before we can read it and find out what’s in it!”) and obama (repeating the bullshit “women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes” statistics in his state of the union address last week)

        1. If you want to vote, vote for someone with no chance of winning..
          If enough people vote for the outsider, eventually people will realize how rigged politics are when their outsider nominee still loses with majority of votes…

    3. but, my brothers, i worry about the strategies we so often recommend. we can’t all start our own businesses and we can’t all live in a cooler country.

      I disagree. If there’s one thing the developed world has been lacking, it’s small businesses. The world could absolutely stand to have fewer large corporations and more people in business for themselves. This is particularly true in an age when overseas shipping is so easy, and overseas money transfer is instantaneous and painless (with BTC).

      1. it is certainly easier but logically not everyone can have a business since businesses need employees. under the circumstances, setting up a business and/or moving abroad is the more rational choice. but that leaves our own countries to be ruled be feminists, manginas and faggots. This causes me much regret.

        1. According to the Small Business Association, fully 70% of all businesses in the U.S. are “sole proprietorships”.
          Now, I’m not going to defend the SBA’s statistics, lord knows they’re a gov’t bureaucracy looking to justify their own existence. But I’m willing to bet a lot they’re quite close to the truth. Businesses do not require employees. It’s very easy to conceive of an economy that has 90-95% (or more) of its business organizations with only one employee, the owner.
          The only organizations that truly require large numbers of employees are the businesses that build large, functional structures, bridges and skyscrapers. The kind of automation needed to build a building, for instance, just doesn’t exist yet.
          The rest of the economy? They don’t need employees, not really. Farming is only a few robot inventions away from being entirely automated, even without automation you can have a small farm and do it yourself, it’s been done this way for a millenia. You don’t need more than one person to brew beer, move finances around, defend you in court, etc… Most of societal functions just don’t require multiple hands to make the work lighter, and automation is fast shrinking the list of industries that do.

        2. well said man
          the only thing stopping us is ourselves, we are creatures of habit, it’s just easier to keep taking that regular corporate paycheck
          Richard Branson’s (whatever you think of him) famous line is “Screw it, let’s do it!”, uttered after too much time spent sitting in a conference room talking about doing something, instead of actually doing it.
          The more “meetings” you have to attend, the farther away you are from actually getting anything done.

        3. Cooperatives. They can be high-tech or low-tech, they can be big, but it works better when they are small. Ten men with an objective and good work ethic can build a successful cooperative. Call it “partnership” if you don´t like the correct “socialist” lingo.

    4. ” we can’t all start our own businesses and we can’t all live in a cooler country.”
      Why not.. you don’t have internet and a laptop?

      1. I have my own business, thankfully. And I think the basic advice of being independent and not dependant on the corporate world is the best advice one could give to a young man, other than telling them not to bang feminists.
        My point is not about life on an individual level but more about what will happen to us collectively- while the few may have the balls to go it alone, most will still work for others. That being the case, it seems to me that the fight against feminazism and the corporate-state-media alliance must also be fought in the west, where most of the victims of feminism actually live. To really defeat an idea, it has to be killed in its own home.
        The virus starts in the west and spreads to otherwise cool places, so my worry is that at some point there will be nowhere left to go.

  10. I gotta admit — so much wisdom on this website but when it comes to our role in the workforce it’s one whiny bitch posting after another. Trouble.Maker: your job is to make money for your employer and not to tell dick jokes. The way up the corporate ladder is to demonstrate added value and not to piss and moan.
    This kind of whinging, pissy entitlement is something I expect from a college girl.

    1. Dude…I used to work in a steel works. You should have heard some of the language in a place like that.
      The “quote women” would complain about our swearing and we would respond “well, if you don’t like how men behave at work, don’t work here.”
      So you can see how much it has changed over the years.
      Back in 88-89 we started getting “quota women” in software development in IBM and in walkthroughs they would get so upset that they would burst out crying and run off to the toilets……strong and independent? Sure.

    2. “The way up the corporate ladder is to demonstrate added value and not to piss and moan.”
      You are correct. However, I will note that when I got to the top of the ladder I took a look around and:
      Jumped. Without a parachute. And it was worth it.
      Count me among those that advise young men not to get on the ladder in the first place.

      1. I wouldn’t advise it, if you keep your way out in sight, it’s a safe way make a lot of money (and invest it).

        1. It can be, but the safety is largely illusory, with the risk hiding behind the curtain.
          And investing in yourself is a viable alternative to investing in others, although you will have to be able to deal with risk walking around naked to view.

        2. “the safety is largely illusory, with the risk hiding behind the curtain.”
          Yeah, I don’t live in america, it probably depends on the country. Here you get a big amount of money if you get fired.

    3. This is exactly the debasement natural selection I’m talking about, the joy of servitude and the absolute fuckyou guarantee of God or Gubbermint. What is the job of the employer, or the gub bureaucrats? It’s a man’s job to work for himself, to add value to HIS life. Where is the partnership, the win-win, with the employer. Hey, slave, it’s your fucking job to be a slave and like it. Bullshit! Fuck this adverse selection by economic tyranny.

    4. “”Trouble.Maker: your job is to make money for your employer and not to tell dick jokes.””
      Productive men swear and tell dirty jokes, that’s just how it is. I know which one I’d prefer on my team.

  11. And this example is exactly why I created the MBA, A-MAN-ZON, MRIBA.
    If men were 10% as smart as they make out? You would have joined me in starting up new companies and new businesses to take business away from those who are pandering to women.

      1. Yes. This is our friends in the “Australian CIA” (ASIO) slandering me. If you do not have your countries intelligence agency openly attacking you? You are not important.

        1. Hey Nolan. When’s my alleged trial going to allegedly start? Peddo. Woman bater. Dead Beat Dad. Con Man. Loon

  12. “We want to continue to exploit you while stringing you along like a cat chasing a ball of yarn for the next promotion.” You lost me here – now who’s the victim? Nobody can be exploited without his permission. You’re free to quit your job. And this: “you’re a damn good worker and we don’t pay you nearly what you’re worth.” Did you miss the part where you could negotiate your salary and turn them down? You’re paid exactly what you’re worth if it’s what you accept.

  13. One thing that doesn’t make sense here TroubleMaker. Why would you make the big-head-small-head joke to Mark if he’s the type who’s gonna get offended by it? At first it sounded like Mark was your boy and he’d laugh at it, but if he goes and tells the boss it offended him than it sounds like he’s someone you should only talk shop with.

    1. True, but it’s also good men doing nothing. We’ve gone past the point of fuck it, let the collapse happen, but a natural systemizer (like myself) wants to systemize. Now I look to game within the system rather than work with it (which I now know means taking it head on because I am slated for profitable liquidation). Being a systemizer will be rewarded at other times in the cycle of civilization.

  14. You touched a nerve in me with this post, T.M. It’s such a damn shame and abominable offense that PCness from on high selects for betatude via this economic tyranny. Fuck the NWO. TGIF. Time to chase skirts and drink a few. Let me know when SHTF. Enjoying the Decline.

  15. Realistically, the corporate world is inherently flawed as a structure for men to operate in. By default the corporate world is a house of gossip and backstabbing. You’d be better off being a politician as a man than trying to move up the corporate ladder.

  16. or if u cant beat em join em. we need affirmative action for more men in hr.things will be easier then.

  17. T.M.- I’m also a young engineer with a job in cube land. As a female, I find the office unbearable with men afraid of offending me and me afraid of “crab basket” female office politics. I make sure I find project that send me out to the construction site. We are just out here to get things built. It is fantastic! Keep up the good work here, men!

      1. It’s Disqus flakiness. It can take a while after a post to sort things out correctly.
        That’ll happen when you try to use VisiCalc as a database and run it on a Timex-Sinclair.

        1. Oh, so that’s what’s been going on. I owe Roosh an e-mail retraction of a claim I made…

      2. Hehe Nope! Never gone by ‘splooge’! You may have me confused for someone else! Great name tho! Haha

  18. Do what I do mofos:
    -Work in a corp
    -Have side business
    -Be on lookout for consulting gig or own business
    -Fuck bitches, get money
    Keep all your thoughts to yourself. Everything is always on the record at a company. Never ever talk about anything that the PC crowd or a female would consider offensive.
    Never ever give your true opinions on anything at work. It is fail. Always.

  19. I work on oil rigs in North Dakota. Often I work 18 hours with just 20 minutes every few hours to eat and rest. I was on one of my short breaks and I ran off the rig floor to take a piss on the front of the truck. Later I was called into the managers office because a female state inspector was on site that day and had bitched about being offended by it. He said I came close to getting in big trouble. This cunt was on an oil rig full of men surrounded for 10 miles by wheat fields and she was couldn’t comprehend a hardworking man taking a quick leak on a truck… The end times are surely here.

      1. The $$$ is good. And with the exception of the above incident, the BS level is very low compared to my experience in the corporate world.

        1. Hopefully this is useful wisdom. If a company absolutely can’t replace you with someone competent, or at least someone competent enough and more PC, you can do what you want up to a point. People bluff because they are relativist bitches always wanting more control over others. In the right situation, a publicly made ‘fuck you’ does wonders. When the hammer does not fall, you know it was a bluff, then you ride that bitch like the garbage he/she is. If the money is good and you make them money and talent is lacking, might be better to walk and talk tall. It’s your life so I don’t know what you should do. I am just sharing that there are times to say ‘fuck you’ at work. I mean literally and publicly. You are not in the office, so I’d say the chances are good. With the female inspector, she has a hamster like every overprivileged broad. Game her, frame it, smile with the shit-eating grin when you pee, and pee like a man who earns peeing like that damn it! They did not fire you, and if they do, can’t you just go elsewhere and demand a place to pee. Geez.

        2. Skilled workers are in stupidly high demand in the Bakken oil field.
          Get a welding cert, and make them pay your LLC for the work. Slap them down when they try to tell you how to act.

    1. ” Often I work 18 hours with just 20 minutes every few hours to eat and rest.
      You are a super SLAVE my friend, just like the cotton picking brothers we had…

      1. That kind of job is usually very well paid, as long as it’s temporary it may be a very good choice.

        1. “That kind of job is usually very well paid”
          Fiat money means shit…wait till big Gov. debases it again.
          All slaves should be paid in Gold like it used to be…

        2. You don’t pay slaves. It’s the simple elegance of slavery. Duh.
          Please stop contributing to discussions here, you have nothing to add.

        3. It sure didn’t sound like it. Text loses a lot of visual and spoken cues that are obvious in face-to-face conversations. Next time, try marking your sarcasm with an identifier, like a smiley face. For example, consider the following comment and see if you can detect the sarcasm without any smilies:
          Please stop posting here. You are ranting incoherently and making the whole men’s movement look bad. Your posts provide ammunition to our opponents and allow them to dismiss our arguments without considering them.

        4. Clarence, I’ve posted many comments with lots of positive feedback on RoK. You telling me to stop posting here is a waste of your time. Rok doesn’t belong to you…and by the way who made you moderator all of a sudden? They didn’t cast Spock as a fag for nothing, thanks for reminding me the reason.

    2. I dont think it was you as far as the female was a state inspector. Frackers probably are under a lot of scrutiny. Had it been some other lady it probably wouldnt have mattered for shit.
      Just my take FWIW

    3. Hey Mjolnir, don’t me to go off topic, but is there any way you can get me started on trying to get a job up there?

      1. Google “Sven’s Bakken Blog” wordpress. Sven is a helpful guy… Contact him by commenting on one of his recent posts.

      1. They generally don’t. I’ve read a job advertisement for work on an oil rig here in Europe and it said quite explicitly that due to the male environment “women should refrain from applying”.
        I was a bit surprised because I thought that kind of thing was against the law to say – but maybe the law allows for exceptions here.

  20. I’ve found that a lot of times it’s better to treat women exactly the same as you do in real life rather than try to hold it in. Obviously, you can’t come out and hit on your female boss (most of the time), but if you stand your ground and be a man they will eventually come around and give you some leeway. I have a female boss who overheard me joke around with a male coworker. What I said was not even remotely offensive, but my boss got snappy at me and told me I couldn’t talk to people like that. She even went as far as to take my other coworker off to the side and talk to him, telling him she was seriously considering disciplining me. I never apologized for what I said and basically pretended that nothing happened, continuing to engage my boss in friendly conversation throughout the day. Sure enough, later on in the day I had her laughing at one of my “offensive” jokes. She learned to accept me instead of the other way around.
    This won’t work for everybody. Guys with a white knight, geeky “man” or an ugly, bitchy “woman” for a boss will probably still have to watch what they say. But if you apply my principles above, they will still give you more leeway than your other coworkers and you will be surprised at what you can get away with.

    1. That is absolutely STUPID advice! They are taking “notes” on you, kid. Don’t think for a minute that they are not compiling a laundry list of your “incidents” (while they smile to your face and joke with you), and sooner or later, it will all come back to bite you in the ass. You think those chicks are stupid? I have worked in the field of Corporate Compliance/Regulatory Compliance for several years, and I have seen this scenario play out several times. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” is the unofficial motto of HR, and you are a fool to have had yourself lulled into a false sense of security.

      1. Maybe they are, but I think I would have to do something actually harmful to the company and much worse than an off-color comment to get fired. That kind of stuff is encouraged when people who are higher up than the females (who are higher than me, but not at the top of the food chain) are around.

  21. Dear TM,
    I like your articles, however this one deserves some comment. Life happens when one takes responsibility, so sticking your nose in someone else’s business is bad for him and you. Doing so at work is really bullying. Invite him for a beer to talk later if he is whining in your ear bothering you, making it his responsibility. Work is for working not making friends or playing Dear Abby. The boss is correct to chastise you. If you make work a crusade, you will lose for sure.

    1. I disagree, you need friends at work. Otherwise you wont last for long. It will become unbearable to work somewhere where you cant talk freely to anyone.

  22. I work for myself. Regardless of the price, I maintain my mottos:
    “No boss at work; no boss at home” — whatever the price.
    “Don’t give up. Don’t give in.” Ever.
    A few simple rules:
    Never get married.
    Never cohabit.
    No joint property.
    Don’t waste money on shit and status.
    Work, worship, feed and rest your body.
    All charity is personal an anonymous – to to feed female land whales who don’t want a real job but who want to attention whore.
    Want kids? Save your pile. Move to a foreign country when you’re 45.

    1. “No boss at work; no boss at home” — whatever the price.
      Pretty much says it all…
      Amen brother.

    2. No need to wait until 45. You could teach English in Asia or Eastern Europe when you are 22. Lots of happy guys do it.

  23. Trouble Maker, did you watch this man piss away his life in slow motion? Come on dude you couldn’t help him out.

  24. Am I the only one who sees that women rarely (if ever) create something of value in the corporate world. How many women do you know who run construction companies, major department stores, pharmaceutical corporations and computer manufacturers? about none. The only corporate area you’ll find dominated by women is HR, and there they’re just regurgitating the same shit repeatedly and not actually creating something tangible.

    1. Women don’t create anything in general. They are administrators. Even the ones who become CEOs often have fuck all to do with the initial idea that made the company great to begin with. They just take over and get kudos for some other guys work.

    2. My man, they dont create anything in any world, cooperate, science, medicine..you name it. They are human leaches.

    3. you’re not the only one. aside from being wombs for life, most (not all) women contribute nothing.

  25. This article brings up very important points:
    – How men will be increasingly betrayed by mangina “buddies” in work environment
    – How men will increasingly have to bow before the increasing population of mangina “bosses” in real life, which is the sad truth
    – How men who travel to Eastern Europe (Russia/Ukraine, etc.) to find their destiny (wife), will eventually discover their true destiny (begging for sex) once they’ve married and brought their destined wives back home to America
    – East European women, even though being “feminine” women, are still women (very much like American women). Femininity can serve as a dangerous weapon to mask closet feminism – which unfortunately is the truth about most EE European women. You won’t see it at first, but you’ll discover it sooner or later. Feminism has reached most places of the planet already.
    The future seems replete with manginas. Men will have more problems fighting these virulent specimens of mankind, than feminists.

    1. Well I know a few places where it is not. Feminism is not in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia..and all African countries.
      You’re right about EE. They are all closet feminists. And I think South America is about to fall as well. But South East Asian women do not understand feminism and girlpower, I doubt they even know it exists. So there are still places to go.

      1. Did you read the book “The Anatomy of Female Power”?
        It was written by a Nigerian author (Chinweizu) and it is a dissection of feminism (banned in some countries). Some of the examples in that book are drawn from the matriarchial customs/traditions prevalent in Africa.
        And you mentioned african countries as untouched? I thought Nigerian women won the award for the most unfaithful women in the world by a poll taken by Durex in 2012.
        Notable mentions on that list:
        2nd place: South Korea – Asian
        3rd place: Malaysia – SE Asia
        4th place: Russia – EE
        5th place: Singapore – SE Asia
        So much for Africa or SE Asia not understanding feminism (synonym for sluttiness). As I said before, feminism has reached most places of the planet already.

        1. Unfaithful woman (synonym: skank, slut etc)
          What do we do with unfaithful women? Oh yeah, I remember… pump and dump. Same as with feminist women.

        2. I just read the article and it’s a tad poorly written. Second place for unfaithful women is actually Thailand with a whopping 59% behind Nigeria’s 62%. South Korea is #2 for most unfaithful men which living here doesn’t surprise me at all. Not knowing the dynamics behind all of this, I can only assume that with the men working long hours here, they tend to go out after work, get shit-faced and probably head to a massage parlor to get their weasel greased.

        3. Well they also cook for you, have many children (when young) , clean the house and look out for their parents when they get old. Basically housewifes. That sound feminist to you ?

  26. Funny how women have no problem and never talk about HR departments being made up of 90% women. Noooo we dont need to change that.

    1. its the war of position…….there was a time when the phrase “I’m interested in working with people” had no sinister connotations. Now its the same as a potential abattoir worker saying he wants to work with animals

  27. I’m between jobs right now..and I dread talking to any HR department. They are always ALWAYS women.
    They can feel that I’m redpill, and I know they are jezebellers. So we have a problem right there. There’s mutual hate right from the beginning, which makes it rather hard to get a job.
    What I’m doing is explicit targeting small companies that has no HR, going directly to the men in charge.

    1. Female HR managers are the signal for the end of masculinity in the office/work environment (and other places as well), which later spills into society. You’d see the results almost everywhere.
      Most of them serve the sole purpose of the “mangination” of young budding male employees into subservient mangina drones, faithful to a female boss or the alpha mangina boss (who’s both subservient and dependent on his female HR managers/staff to “manginate” his existing male staff, like how he has become). These manginated drones, once they’ve stepped outside of their office environment, often target the men in society, who have not yet become manginas. Such is the long lasting, spiraling and virulent effects of mangination. Mangination is a process which can be best performed only by female HR managers.

  28. I haven’t been in the corporate world for years, after having started my own B2B software business over 20 years ago. Is it really as bad as it sounds these days? I remember back then the women seemed to appreciate the “off color” jokes and double entendres just as much as the guys did.

    1. Witness the success of series like “Mad Men”. As many movies and TV, it is a sublimation of men’s desires to be men, and women that did not put them down.

  29. “””He gets sex, “maybe” once a week, if things are good. “”””
    LOL, I get sex about once a month. (sucks getting old) but at least I get it on my terms.

  30. Timely article. I just heard a story about a teacher who maes all typs of inappropriate comments to her fellow teachers and even to her students and her ass aint got fired yet!

  31. Given that you were talking to your manager who has probably seen firsthand how deep the rabbithole goes, and you knew it wasn’t your best moment. It sounds like he was giving you some legit advice that you knew, but had to be repeated – hell to cover his own back as much as anything.

  32. one movie…..Office Space! lol
    Mark is a whipped pussy who is grateful to sniff his wife’s soiled underwear. She will definitely leave him…maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, next week or next year…but she will leave him. He is a cuckold and doesn’t even know it. He deserves whatever she does to him for his inability to man the fuck up and take no shit from her. He is providing everything for her…..her only job is to cook, clean and fuck him…and she’s lazy about that. He has truly earned his shitty existence.
    If you are offended by jokes, racist or not, sexist or not, or whatever, get over it. if its funny, its fucking funny. what’s the saying, “fuck’em if they can’t take a joke”.
    The “corporate ladder” is not for people who want to have the type of success that living a life of freedom and adventure can bring. It is useful to start out with but sticking to a planned slow advancement to middle management over a 10-20 year period seems so mundane. I could be wrong but it may just depend on what people find pleasing and enjoyable to them. If that type of career makes someone happy, then good for them but I see a lot of people are there just to collect a pay check…..seems like a waste of life for them. Be brave enough and ambitious enough to follow your own dreams. Usually one’s rise to the top is never generically mapped out on the standard corporate ladder. Think, work and live outside the box. Find a career or hobby that pleases you and make money from it.
    Your happiness is what you choose to do with your life.

  33. Sounds like pre-school where boys weren’t allowed to say bad words like “wiener” in front of the girls.

  34. Save your freaking money from day one on the job. If you have a reasonable paying job, it’ll take you 10 years of solid work & saving (investing) to tell the boss you go stick it…..

  35. This happened to me – I was a chaplian at a school and I sent a joke aroundf of a cow humping another cow – a woman got hold of it and I got let go…

    1. ….”at a school…” ??!!?? What were you thinking? Schools/universities are the ultimate ground zero of PC culture. Did no one send you the memo?

    2. I wonder if there are statistics available for the number of men get culled in this way. Its always treated as an individual matter when in fact its not just the policing of the workplace its the redistribution of a labour resources, & therefore of wealth from one group (the usual suspects) to another. Very often in senior positions (where the occupant is a figurehead or something) this type of dismissal of someone offending against ‘equality’ typically triggers counter-balance recruitment e.g. at the figurehead level, lawrence summers, dominique strauss khan etc. The complainant class is nearly always richly rewarded

  36. Well, this article came at the right time. I was fired one month ago by a bipolar pill popping cunt who reported me to personnel for exercising my right to speak out against some unproductive garbage policy this bitch was trying to put into the workplace. I filed a work commission report for unfair dismissal and have my day in court on Thursday 06/02. I don’t know what else this bitch will come up with, but I hope to God I win….. Fingers crossed…

      1. While the US Federal Government is doing its damnedest to make the United States into a nation state, a fair amount on independence still exists, so the matter varies greatly between states.
        There are a number of states in which one may dismissed because it’s Tuesday, or the boss had a fight with his wife, or whatever. In others the idea of “just cause” is somewhat strong.
        The latter states are the more “progressive” ones of the North East, The Industrial States centred on Chicago and the West Coast.

    1. Here’s my update. I had my case read this morning., and I won the case. My pay out was only 10,000, but I refuse to go back to my role, so I took the cash. You should have heard the shit the cunt was telling the commissioner. It was very hurtful, and complete lies….He told her to shut up about 8 times. She didn’t have any case, and was in the wrong. Biggest lesson learnt from this morning, I will never ever trust or work for a female as long as I live….

  37. Just keep opinions to yourself at the workplace. If you aren’t good friends with a guy, don’t make jokes at his expense. Don’t make any jokes directed at women. As long as you work in Corporate America, you are trapped. Keep opinions and anything that could get you into trouble to yourself and work to get yourself out of corporate America.

  38. Be careful. If you decide to leave corporate America for something else to avoid the HR KGB be sure to do a bit of research first. I’ve been in the US Army for over 10 years and while we don’t have HR departments like in the traditional sense we have Equal Opportunity (EO) reps and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) reps that help police this. Thanks to current politics and the same farcical hoopla that’s been written about extensively on the ROK these individuals now outnumber recruiters. While I’ve been sort of lucky and served mostly in all male Infantry units I’ve had jobs and duty assignments with logistical units and other soft skill MOS’s in a more office like setting. Within both of these assignments I’ve had two EO complaints filed against me. Why? Partially because I was an easy target (young white male with a combat arms background). They were both complete bullshit but still not fun to raked over the coals. I just warn people of this because while you could join a combat arms MOS mostly devoid of females, be aware that our progressive government will shortly begin systematically forcing females into traditionally all male units and this HR nightmare will follow its way down to the lowest levels of combat units.

  39. Be careful. If you decide to leave corporate America for something else to avoid the HR KGB be sure to do a bit of research first. I’ve been in the US Army for over 10 years and while we don’t have HR departments like in the traditional sense we have Equal Opportunity (EO) reps and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) reps that help police this. Thanks to current politics and the same farcical hoopla that’s been written about extensively on the ROK these individuals now outnumber recruiters. While I’ve been sort of lucky and served mostly in all male Infantry units I’ve had jobs and duty assignments with logistical units and other soft skill MOS’s in a more office like setting. Within both of these assignments I’ve had two EO complaints filed against me. Why? Partially because I was an easy target (young white male with a combat arms background). They were both complete bullshit but still not fun to raked over the coals. I just warn people of this because while you could join a combat arms MOS mostly devoid of females, be aware that our progressive government will shortly begin systematically forcing females into traditionally all male units and this HR nightmare will follow its way down to the lowest levels of combat units.

  40. He’s paying to put her through college? And she was living with him but had no job to pay her half of the rent/mortgage? WTF, I thought his name was “Mark” not “Sallie Mae”. Jesus fuck, I could never imagine the day I would ever pay someone else to go to college. That really blew my mind in a bad way. And if she’s not paying her half of the living expenses, I’d just love to hear what she actually IS doing!

  41. it’s like that time the 5 guys in my old office jerked off in a female employee’s coffee and she reported us for “harassment”. what a bitch.

  42. You work for Corporate (or Non-Profit) America? Keep your mouth shut and your head down. Until you make enough “fuck-you” money to leave the country or start your own business, accept you status as a slave and hug your chains & shackles tight.

  43. I’ve spent the past 15 years fucking over corporations and flipping off managers and HR departments. It’s simple. Just do what the fuck you want. When you inevitably get fired (from 8 months to 4 years in my case), just move on to another company.
    You need to build your career on the assumption you’re hopping jobs every 2 years anyway. You are GOING to get fired anyway, it’s the way corporations work now. So what difference does it make if it’s for saying something non-PC?
    Above all, look forward to the day that all the Feminist cunts are lined up in front of a firing squad, and you get to see their brains splattered on the wall and watch their lumpy little hateful bodies dumped unceremoniously into a trench.

    1. Remember the Jews started this whole feminist pc game as a cover for their international usury/central banking con. Jew Dr. Henry Makow -henrymakow.com explains the truth of feminism as a tool of control via the academic and cultural puppets of the Jew bankers in his book “Cruel Hoax-Feminism and the New World Order”.

  44. God I love Return of Kings.
    It’s like seeing the light house on shore that brings hope to a shipmate stranded in a sea of politically correctness and feminist filth.
    Good work. Keep up with the posts like this.

  45. The ‘male dominated fields of manual labor’ thing reminds me working in tree removal/snow plowing during college…and how much I fuckin’ loved it. Someone is having trouble getting an oil filter off a wheel loader and the first response is ‘don’t be such a pussy you fuckwad’ We said the most absurdly nasty things in regard to women, took the mouth-filter level down to -58, and and had no problem just ‘being guys.’ Now I work in F&B in a hotel on my way to becoming a GM hopefully, and while restaurant life allows for it’s moments of colorful language and moral-bending, it’s nothing like screaming every awful word imaginable at eachother or talking about what a bitch your girlfriend is. If only working your knuckles bare and pulling 20 hour days paid as much as making people feel special in a suit and tie.

  46. I move that we all aspire to be HR nightmares. Anything less means we are acquiescing to the terms of our indentured servitude.

  47. You spoke coarsely of another man’s wife to his face. Throughout most of human history, he would have tried to kill you for it.

  48. Hey Trouble read “The 4 hour work week” if you haven’t already. Same goes for anyone else with an entrepreneur mind set.

  49. Want to talk about a field that has been poisoned by women – firefighting. It IS about muscle strength, it IS about general aggression. Pussy jokes amongst men defuse tension; and, competitiveness helps build group cohesion.The culture of female firefighters is always being reminded “I may not have your strength or size, but, I make up for it in other ways!” Interest does not make up for aptitude goddammit!
    I don’t give a shit if someone from my department reads this, that’s why all the young guys have jumped ship.

  50. Pretty much spot on with all of your comments. Company loyalty is dead. We’re all free agents, now. P.S. You need a new job.

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