Why Is The Beautiful Female Hourglass Figure Being Attacked?

Men all have their select preferences for what they find attractive in a woman, like hair color, skin tone, the way she wears her makeup, and so on. The most common factor however comes down to body shape. The fact is that men in civilized, economically stable nations prefer women with true hourglass curves, whether or not they will admit it. Not fat girl “curves,” but real curves — the kind that come from being health-minded and fit — not the kind of rolls, “curves,” or bulges that come from Twinkie hoarding.

An “hourglass” figure on a woman, for those who are unfamiliar, is similar to an hourglass or a classic glass Coca-Cola bottle in shape. This means decent boobs, small waist, and big butt, usually with the waist being 7:10 to the hips and/or bust. It’s measurable beauty that delights the senses.


Look at the photos above. Marilyn Monroe (left) measures up to 34-24-34, a far cry from the size 12+ that obese ladies claimed she was. Scarlett Johansson (right) measures up to 36-25-36, with similar hourglass proportions to Marilyn. It’s safe to say that both women were blessed with beautifully proportioned hourglass figures.

Numbers or not, if a man were given the option he would choose the girl who had a true curvy body in addition to symmetrical facial and bodily features that advertise good immune and developmental health. To me, being exclusively a “tits man” or an “ass man” is irrelevant when it’s possible and ideal to have everything in abundant and equal measure. This is the beauty of the hourglass.

The body of a feminine goddess

The hourglass body shape on a woman is highly attractive to masculine men, particularly those who would like to have children someday, and for very good reason:

1. It advertises reproductive fitness and femininity
2. It advertises overall bodily fitness

In a healthy, “privileged” adult woman, balanced levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone course through the body at different points of her menstrual cycle to store and maintain fat deposits in the breasts and on the hips and buttocks.

These simple fat deposits allow for storage of nutrients for a potential baby to be born and nursed. When the woman breastfeeds, she’ll use those extra fat deposits on her lower body to support the nutritional demands for her babies. Growing babies need a lot of nutrition for their brains, so naturally it makes sense as to why curvy hourglass women would be most attractive to healthy men.

Essentially, hourglass curves scream “reproductive fitness,” which is why it is difficult for a straight, virile male to not find these attributes desirable in a female, whether or not he knows it. These preferences are so heavily engrained into the minds of mankind that they really haven’t changed in millennia, and the shape of attractive women haven’t changed in millennia either.

Even women respond viscerally to the hourglass body shape in other women:

It turns out women find similar optimally attractive female bodies as attention-grabbing, albeit for different reasons,” Platek said. “Women size up other women in an effort to determine their own relative attractiveness and to maintain mate guarding — or, in other words, keep their mate away from optimally designed females.

women ancient hourglass figures

If you still doubt the power of the hourglass, note that even if a woman is technically overweight and carrying it more on her butt, she’s still healthier than more rotund women who have more junk in the gut than in the butt. That’s just science.

A large potbelly, where waist girth begins to exceed hip girth, is strongly associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, hypertension, cancer and general overall mortality.

After all, the great Sir Mix-A-Lot once said “baby got back.” Not “baby got fat.”

[TRIGGER WARNING: Fatties below]

By comparing these two overweight women depicted below, it’s clear that the left one is healthier by comparison to the right one since her accumulated excess body fat has largely stayed off her waist. Her proportions land her in what is objectively considered a healthy waist-to-hip ratio.

Nonetheless she could still become more attractive to the majority of men (and much more healthy) by losing 20-40 lbs.


The winter-insulated sea mammal on the right is a potbellied Photoshopped and airbrushed “plus size” model with more bulge than curves, indicative of a possible unhealthy and more masculinized hormonal profile. Note also that she is much taller than the woman on the left, and if she were the same height as the other model, she would have a body like Lindy West. As she stands today, few men would man their harpoons for her.

The key here is the waist size. Smaller waist = more healthy.

The war on the hourglass

You don’t have to venture far out onto the Internet to find fatties and other harbingers of the Western Apocalypse proclaiming their superiority over what they feel are outmoded ideas of femininity and womanhood. Since millions of years of human evolution and sexual selection just werent’s enough for them, their greasy paws have hoisted their echo-chamber propaganda into credentialed halls of science and academia to prevent any semblance of scientific objectivity from hurting their still bleeding egos.

For example, a very questionable LiveScience article claiming that hourglass figure may not be the best one attempts to perform mental gymnastics to justify as to why a man would prefer a woman with a “cylinder” (read: fat waisted and masculine) figure: sexual equality.

When I first came across the headline Best Female Figure Not an Hourglass, I was expecting my life to get flip-turned upside down. In spite of my most deeply-rooted instincts, maybe this article was right. Maybe I didn’t think a small waist on a stacked women was attractive after all and it was just something “programmed into me by cultural conditioning” or some other voodoo witchcraft like that.


However, it turns out the entire article was merely the product of a Mach-speed turbo hamster. It reeks of agenda bias. For example, here’s where Professor of Anthropology/blind fool Elizabeth Cashdan is quoted to point out a simple fact to justify a fantasy reality:

And in some non-Western societies where food is scarce and women bear the responsibility for finding it, men actually prefer larger waist-to-hip ratios.

Because fatties are naturally going to be the ones who hoard all the food. More fat = more likely to have food around in a time of scarcity, for example, in an impoverished third world country. But if you’ve got your work cut out for you and are doing well, you don’t need or want a fatty. Strong, healthy and perfectly capable men who aren’t in a time of famine don’t need “strong” women, and for that reason “strong” women aren’t in demand outside of the third world.


The fact that they cite an example of a “non-Western” country for the sake of their argument shows us where their motives lie: the authors would prefer that our nations lose our first world status.

The time for “curves” is ticking away

It’s both disgusting and appalling that the authors of this piece would dare to claim that “sexual equality” is the reason why thick waists have become the “preference” in modern Western societies in the same place where they explain why some body fat gets stored on the waist. The conclusion the authors came to has nothing to do with the evidence they pointed at.

Much of the bogus LiveScience article explains that in times of stress and out-group competition, a woman’s body will produce cortisol and testosterone as a response to these environmental challenges, shifting from provisioning bodily resources for a potential child toward preserving the life of the woman in the here-and-now.

Chronically, this high-stress hormonal environment will diminish production of the feminine hormones like estrogen and progesterone, consequently displacing feminine characteristics for more masculine ones and a thicker waist to boot.

This change in body shape reflects exactly what our society has become today, and it’s evident in the figure of the average woman. The entire “science” article is a thinly-veiled rationalization for the consequences of globalized corporate hegemony, specially spun to allow the shit train to Hell to keep chugging its way over the cliff.


What this trend of the disappearing, disapproved hourglass figure means is that the “independent woman who don’t need no man” has morphed into a frumpy, irritable and inferior version of a woman. She’s traded natural femininity for a life of toil and faux competition for the sake of symbolic independence in a cruel world where men are better suited to thrive.

The “independent woman” has sacrificed her better looks for a competitive corporate job, fighting and fucking the best men among her for a place near the top, all to the benefit of her corporate masters who choreographed this entire rat race. This is typically justified by contrasting this “independence” with the toil of being a stereotypical subservient 1950’s housewife.

Noting that it’s all for profit and not for “equality,” isn’t it repulsive that the authors of this article attempted to frame this high-stress, high-competition scenario as ideal for women, something “progressive” and to be rewarded for following rather than something to be condemned for its risks of heart disease and obesity that come with it?

It just sounds like ugly, embittered feminists patting themselves on the back while stabbing their more beautiful and less-stressed sisters in the back for being beautiful and feminine enough to live a less stressful life away from corporate slave drivers who have used “equality” to the benefit of their profit margins.

This is why feminists and progressives, despite their claims to the contrary, couldn’t possibly represent the best interests of all women. They’re narcissists who are in this for themselves, and they want to share with women the shameful lifestyle that stripped the feminist harpies of whatever natural beauty they would’ve had.

Not surprisingly, the article mentions Britain and Denmark as two places where the men “have a preference for” women with thicker waists, since the thicker waists are already the norm there and any man who doesn’t want to venture off to find quality feminine women is pretty much stuck with what’s available locally. Our own Roosh has been to Denmark and has personally witnessed the boner-killing horrors that reside there. He’s fortunate to have made it out alive.

Conversely, Greece and Portugal are apparently bastions of manly men who prefer slimmer waists and curvier assets, or as the article author says, places where the women are not “economically independent,” which is a derisive code phrase that roughly means that a women who resides in these nations could simply take care of her beauty and likely find a man to support her financially while she supports his needs in her own equally important ways.

What this all means for society at large

Women going under chronic high levels of stress tend to produce damaged, weaker male babies if they aren’t just spontaneously aborted by the sheer levels of stress and adrenal hormone surging through them. Only female babies survive. This is not coincidental since the high-cortisol women tend not to have attractive bodies, almost as an evolutionary “dead end” or “out of order” sign for the man’s Y-chromosome to look elsewhere.

Study: Smoking While Pregnant May Lead To Gay Babies

Pregnant women suffering from stress are also more likely to have homosexual children of both genders because their raised level of the stress hormone cortisol affects the production of foetal sex hormones.

9/11-Linked Miscarriages Suggest Boys More Vulnerable to Stress

Males are more vulnerable to the negative health effects of stress in the womb.

After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, there was a small but real rise in the number of miscarriages across the country — especially for women who were pregnant with boys.

Perhaps this high-cortisol female, low-testosterone male scenario becomes a chicken-and-egg dilemma: did the manbeast of a woman produce the effeminate liberal beta male first, or was the effete liberal beta male first attracted to the hairy Amazonian man-woman beast?


For the answer, we have to turn back to society and determine where we went wrong to begin with. A more “conservative” K-selected society is one where masculine men and feminine women coexist peacefully in a polar balance, fulfilling their respective sex roles. Masculine men and feminine women are the people who keep the gears of civilization turning, like yin and yang. One is nothing without the other.

A “liberal” r-selected society on the other hand is one where all exist in a chasm of nullification and nihilistic equality, where femininity and masculinity are irrelevant in the face of globalist multinationals, and everyone is an opportunist set on scavenging the leftover successes of previous generations. We all currently live in the latter society, so it’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a catastrophic decline if we cannot or will not do anything about it.

Gentlemen: If/when you’re ready to “settle down,” pick the most beautiful, kind and feminine woman you can find. Always shun the shoggoths and if you find yourself compromising too much, just cut her loose to be unleashed upon some other poor sucker or group of feral cats to be adopted.

Ladies: Cut all the stress out of your lives caused by “independence” and instead embrace your femininity free from the clutches of corporate opportunists and jealous hags. Femininity is being eschewed in this day and age, and it’s up to both men and women to restore that feminine power back to women instead of letting it be sold back to them in the form of wage slavery and consumerism.

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  1. I would gladly exchange my “hourglass” girlfriend for a fatty virgin chick. Atleast I can have kids with a women who has not yet been plowed by other dudes. Makes me puke just thinking about my kid coming out of a hole other dudes have ejaculated into…. Disgusting as fuck.

    1. People do have sex. However, a virgin wife has made my marriage more stable than others. I plowed plenty of whores. I never let a single one live with me, nor did I ever commit to one.
      For me it was always about that small waist and wide hips, holy shit hips drive me crazy.
      My woman does cross fit and eats paleo. Or prenup says she stays fit and thin with a healthy body % percentage. Put that shit on lock down.

      1. “Our prenup says she stays fit and thin with a healthy body % percentage.”
        Now that’s what I call a prenup!

      2. Good for you man! Atleast one of us is living the dream. This slut Im banging now married when she was a virgin and managed to divorce. I guess its not always a sure shot…. Anyways if you marry a banged out girl you are her bitch and if you have a kid with her then you are a bitch slave

      1. Not the point. You were probably the baby that ended up with a mouth full of the mailman’s load on your way out :). Not your fault tho.

        1. Um. sorry to correct you on that, but if you post an opinion on a page everyone has an [probably different] opinion about that. How about posting an intelligent counter argument rather than personal attacks?

    2. Fatties are bigger sluts. Statistical fact, they want to feel beautiful, so they get more cock. But no man will invest good money in them.

  2. Nothin’ hotter doggy style than a tiny waist blossoming into a perfectly curved ass.
    Don’t want no cellulite on neither the ass nor the thighs, that ruins it all for me. Gotta face the facts though, young women with an hourglass figure will get fat, no two ways around it.

    1. So tell her to fucking work out? Jesus. I can’t even lower myself to a woman who doesn’t go to the gym these days.

      1. Yeah, I learned that as an alpha….an alpha does not ask a woman to work out….if the woman does not work out….an alpha does not touch her….pretty simple really.

      2. Dear I think you’re confused, from my experience you’re the ones who always lower yourselves to us. You know why? Because otherwise we wouldn’t want guys like you to be with us.
        Some of us will feel pity on you and take you in as if you’re an abandoned animal. But most of us actually keep you temporarily to have fun.
        Playing with deluded guys like you is the best part of being a woman, the way you all crawl and plead like puppies for us to give you affection. We basically can get whatever we want from you whenever you feel sex deprived, do you see how much of a weaker gender you are?
        And that’s the reason why instead of ordering a woman to go workout, you’re still here daydreaming about the perfect woman who would never chose you. Women only go for guys like you when they’re lacking a better waste of time.

    1. The hordes of thirsty guys commonplace these days probably gave them the wrong impressions of their own SMV.

    2. I love it when women are “heart broken.” Sluts get us in the dovorce court tho, if you let them, that is.

    3. this woman was beyond delusional ??? seriously, how stupid are you to think that you are anything more than a ATM to this man ??

      1. Old women who stole money from men are now being preyed upon by men who are scammers….who would ever have seen that coming (eye roll)

    1. BTW Elizabeth Cashdan, the professor quoted in the dubious Live Science article, could double for the Emperor…or Tom Waits.

        1. So true guys are pigs not don’t get me wrong they have the looks just not the smarts!

        2. to be forced to do such an ugly woman would give meaning to the phrase “pushing rope.”

      1. GO TO SCHOOL. You certainly have not done that so I suggest you find something better to do than be a sexist pig and get a life.

        1. Shauna? is that you? Get back in that kitchen, you freeloader! Damn, I pity my poor brother… he has to put up with you.

  3. The hourglass figure isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay. And Thank God! Now I prefer a more athletic woman. I like a woman with hints of a six pack. Not cut up but you can see the slight outline of abs to go with a nice pair of tits and a round ass and strong thighs.

    1. Where *exactly* do you find such women? How many lightyears do I have to travel before encountering one?

        1. Oh, that’s hourglass for you… I thought some called it banana or apple ( usually when they get fat) body type on internet. I think she’s attractive, don’t get me wrong, but I want to be clear on terms. Because everyone on internet glorify hourglass, but other types can be hotties too. 🙂 That is an example. The only thing is she is not fat, but fit. So healthy(fit) equals sexy

      1. Go downtown late at night to a big city’s club scene. Ignore all the fatties. And all the twigs, tomboys, hipsters, whatever. There you go- you’ll see these women too. Now talk to them like a normal human being- I know they seem otherworldly to you because this world just doesn’t have to many.

    2. Heavens yes. Show me a man that says he loves fatties and I’ll expose him as a deranged nutter.
      My only disagreement with the article is the lib bash. I know plenty of libs, and they unabashedly extol the good hourglass female shape. They may not fat shame, but conservative churches don’t exactly fat shame lard ass wives provided they’ve had rug rats.

      1. I know a man who loves fatties. One of his girlfiends used to beat him, another beat up his car and the one that married him banned him from having friends. I think he took her name…

    3. I like what I call the Twix Bar. Defined in outline with a line down the middle, and many real athletes aren’t quite that lean. Michelle Jenneke comes to mind.

    4. Ironic, isn’t it? On one hand, condemning corrupt modern society for telling us that women should look a certain way. On the other hand, modern society is good for telling us that women should have a six-pack and they’re ugly if they don’t.
      That’s wrong. Women don’t have muscular abdomens. If you prefer this, you’ve been just as programmed as the feminists. Women have a little belly roll. Now, as a programmed Western man, you’re going to say, “That’s fat! Eww disgusting! Hit the exercise machine, woman!” Again, that’s wrong. Preferring women with masculine characteristics is just falling into the trap. The little belly roll should hang down when you’re doing her doggy style, just like her tits hang down. It’s a marker of fertility.
      Now naturally both sides are going to go nuts over this. The programmed men are going to say, “You can’t make me like OBESE women like this, I naturally prefer washboard abs and this isn’t due to programming AT ALL! Does she even lift, bro?” and the feminists are going to say, “See? I TOLD you fat is beautiful! Here is a photo of a 200 pound woman and she has a totally natural belly roll just like you said! You go girl!”
      Everyone will ignore the “little” part and concentrate on what they prefer to hear.

      1. Bull shit! To paraphrase Borat “I’m looking for a woman who can plow a field for 10-12 hours a day”. Women are meant to be physically strong and endurance beasts. They are designed for endurance to a greater extend than men. They were designed to have 4/6 packs showing, gluteals showing. calves showing. These things are evolutionary evident. Men generally speaking prefer women when they wear high heels. Shows off calves and achilles. Which sub consciously indicates her endurance potential . have you seen a chubby chick in heels where her thighs blend into her calf. It makes you want to puke. a woman with a 6 pack has the abs strength to have a much safer delivery.There was once no chance of a c- section. now 95% of woman have one. They were once required to have abs to withstand the stretching forces. Even the hour glass figure was a move towards fat acceptance during the 1950s age of consumerism. Call me a traditionalist but if she can’t squat an ox then i won’t hit that box.

        1. You’re so awfully wrong it’s not even funny.
          First of all, why are you paraphrasing a quote from a comedy movie like it has some sort of philosophical significance?
          That’s why in the 19th century women were expected to have six packs and were NOT called masculine if they were to spend their time in the fields doing manual work with visible muscle showing.. right
          It’s totally not a creation of modern mid-20th century media.. course not.. the “biology” excuse gotta work some time.

      2. LMAO! to each his own my friend, to each his own. My preference still stands, but I’d bang the chick with a little belly as long as her tits were big and she had a pretty face…..to cum on. lol

    5. I’m personally not really attracted to that. I don’t want to be manning the harpoons, but that’s just too skinny for me. That being said, I’d date the athletic girl before I would date the proverbial land whale.
      Too many tattoos for my taste (that is, I like none at all) but there we go.

      1. I can see where you are coming from. I’m not fond of tattoos on women. I like their skin to be unmarked. Thick chicks are fine as hell and some can take a dick pounding.

  4. i respetfully disagree for the “overweight” woman on the left is mal malloy.. and she has a nice phat ass and being an ass man..i love this..shes not overweight..just gotr a great ass..i respectfully dsiagree that shes fat that is one of the best bodies on earth in my eyes ifnot the..pissed that she went away but another topic for another time..anyways yeah

    1. Dude, you’re fucking nuts. You can see her cellulite from the moon.
      Health is health is health. Just because you see it differently doesn’t mean that is most manly view.
      You’re a man, and therefore entitled to like what you want.
      Overweight is overweight.
      Have a higher standard man.

    2. I respectfully regret to inform you that you are wrong. I mean really, really wrong.
      And I don’t mean wrong as in “We will have to agree to disagree” wrong. I mean wrong as in “What the fuck is wrong with you, dude?” wrong.
      She is absolutely and completely objectively not merely fat, but obese.

    3. Yeah I recognized her as well. Definitely NOT fat.
      But if I were a betting man (which I am) I’d say 9 months after a night of unprotected lustful ravaging, her body would probably never recover…

    4. aaaahh Mal Malloy’s “Solipsism of an attention whor* oops I mean woman”.
      post vids of yourself in your underwear claiming you are chronicling your weight loss…while wearing G-strings, heels, mini skirts and teeny costumes…but it’s ok! “See, I have my measuring tape and tit pasties!” *wink*
      SMH, women…

    5. She’s probably overweight but lucky enough for her weight to go to her butt instead of her stomach.

  5. Uh, stop with the Lindy West. Every time I see Queen Jellyroll and her government issued feminist glasses I want to vomit.

  6. Totally off topic, but had no idea where to put this.
    I have been reading a lot of the articles on this site and I have to say I do agree with a lot of it. I am a female but I am far from being a feminist. In most of the articles you talk about the 1950’s family. maybe it is that I am in Canada and we are usually a few years behind the times, but I had that life growing up in the 70’s.
    Mom was home when we got home from school. Snacks ready for us. Dad came home at 6:00pm dinner at 6:30. We sat at the table as a family and talked. We lived in a very small town where that was the norm for pretty much everyone.
    I was one of the bad ones and got pregnant when I was 15 my boyfriend was all there tell the reality hit him when our son was born. So after I graduated I moved to the city to go to school (Holly Culture Shock) Freaking feminist run amok. I had an interview with a councilor for career path and when she asked me where I wanted to be in 5 years and I said to be married and be a mom. The look she gave me made me feel like I was the worst human on the face of the earth. I think I met the queen of the feminists that day.
    I married a man who felt that woman should be bringing in an income and I continued working. We finally ended up divorcing as our believes were way to off. He grew up in the city and me in the country and I could not be cityfide as he called it.
    So I guess all I wanted you to know is that a lot of us woman in our 40’s were somewhat forced into the lives we now and have no choice but to live, I have worked all my life and my son suffered. He never got to have Mom there when he came home from school, he went to day care. Day care pretty much raised him. We were not home most days tell after 6 supper was what ever I could throw together and not real meals my son deserved. I was not super mom. I was never raised to be that. I was raised to be a mom. He was the only child I had as I did not want to put another child through being raised by day care.
    So please do not lump all of us into the pot because it is not all of us.
    PS: I do agree with the hour glass figure being the most admired, just look at most of the art from centuries ago tell today.

    1. “I have been reading a lot of the articles on this site . . .”
      . . . but for some reason didn’t bother reading the About page.
      As a general rule that should should be the second page you read at any web site; just so you know what the proprietors think it’s, ya know – about.

      1. The last one won’t delete and default to guest, so I will just keep reading and keep my comments to myself. sorry about that.

    2. ” I am a female but I am far from being a feminist. ”
      Who cares what you think. You western women are EVIL PEOPLE.
      Until you sign up to CAF and you prosecute the criminals among your own no man should listen to what you say and no man should answer any of your questions. I am bringing out a book called How to be a good wife. It will be on this link around the weekend time frame if audio recording and mixing goes ok…..so keep an eye out….you will get all the answers you want from that book. So book mark it and be ready to pass it to your friends.

      1. This Nolan freak has like 2 people on his site and they’re both him bitching. Take the gaspipe you queer.

    1. Do you mind if I ask why? I think it might help your cause to have a few woman who do agree with a lot of what this site is all about. I agree with men being men and woman being woman and feminists killed the family.

      1. Because all it takes is a single feminist spouting obvious bullshit, and suddenly the article is up to 300 comments replying to her, and 8 hours later it’s 4:30am and a feminist goes to bed fully satisfied.
        Stop giving them what they want. Idiotic comments should have 34 downvotes and zero replies.

        1. That’s any site, regardless of gender. Say, we ban the trolls. It’s not her fault anyone replied to her in the first place.

    2. Finally a mens site that has the right idea. Ban women all together so the men can talk in peace…..not many of these around…every site and ever group that allows women to participate loses all credibility as the women incite the white knights and manginas to attack the men who know what they are talking about…..like that idiot self confessed crazy 16 year old bitch “betty”
      Thank God RoK is now women free in the comments.

      1. You should be banned you retarded psychotic freak.Still crying like a bitter blanket boy because your fugly 40 something wife dumped you because you beat her and pimped her out as a Ho because you were too lazy and drunk to get a job.
        We know all about you and when you’re deported to Australia you’re going straight to jail.

        1. Dude…I am the guy who has been saying ban women from speaking in mens spaces for nearly 6 years now….you are rather later to that party.

    3. Treat females, and even more so feminists, the way you treat a guy on a street corner who’s spouting nonsense about end times and jebus. There’s no good reason to engage these kind of people, unless you plan on being a smart-ass and want to see how riled up you can get ’em.

  7. Why is The Beautiful Female Hourglass Figure Being Attacked?
    Easy. Because it’s something most western men want.

  8. Shaggoths? Really? Stop being a faggot.
    Great, intelligently thought out piece. Don’t ruin it with “wannabe badass” terminology.
    I swear if you say “milk blood” I’ll go ape shit.

      1. remember guys, read a lot of nerd literature and be sure to surf 4chan a lot and play videogames most of your free time. That made me an alpha red pill.

        1. Actually it’s from Classic Literature, HP Lovecraft. Sort of the ‘Steven King’ of the 1920’s. Nothing Nerdy about it. admittedly, it has been used recently in a lot of nerd stuff, but right now it’s the cultural equivalent of “brobdingnagian”, another literature Term from Swift’s gulliver’s travels.
          Being well-read is fucking dominant as hell, although you have to adjust your game slightly and ditch the fake gold teeth and striped top hat.

  9. I will let this here:
    I guess abstract beauty is also a difficult subject for female artists. It is not because they can´t paint. It is because you need to suffer somewhat to be a good artist. The same I think about high-class undeserved artists. Unless you are a genius. But if you are (like Orson Welles, rich guy all around, was) you are already suffering.

      1. Lived in Tel Aviv for a long time, so Chagall was something I saw every other week. But I really envy people that can jump on the Louvre every time they fancy it.

    1. “The most boring of all arguments is that men are better than women. It’s self-evidently nonsense.”
      Because you are, ya know, ignoring the evidence.

    2. I think it was Nietzsche who said man is more divine the greater his capacity for suffering. Not only do women not know suffering, they also never really move beyond a subjective point of view. Whereas most if not all great art transcends the subjective.

  10. How did you work “corporate hegemony” into this? One wonders if you have any idea how stressful and hard life in agrarian times were. There was a reason why people living on farms flocked to the cities (and still do in places like China), escaping the horrific and STRESSFUL conditions of working sunup to sundown, not having enough food and living one tornado or locust swarm away from having no crop after a season of farming.
    I want to understand something. Are you guys anarchists? Also, I saw some other guy peddling “anti-white” crap. Are you guys white separatists too?

    1. Don’t make the error of conflating or mistaking technological progress with cultural growth. Technology alone has been hiding the effects of destructive ideology since it’s inception. ‘Agrarian times’ with today’s technology would be terrifyingly successful. One man with a tractor can feed a thousand or more people with his labor alone.
      “liberals didn’t build this.”

    1. Geez, thanks bro. Now I have to wax it.
      We don’t find women like THAT anymore. I love the way she sucks that stomach in. Actually, she had probably been doing that for so long that her stomach was permanently in the beautiful sucked in shape. It probably lasted like that until she was at least 50.
      Just another reminder that the American women of today totally suck.

      1. I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion (hence the username), but that “sucked-in stomach” look freaks me out. I don’t want to be able to count your ribs, this isn’t anatomy class.

        1. No, it’s from corsets. She did burlesque, and that is what they wear, usually.


    2. Ahhh .. just gorgeous. Here’s another one the likes of which they don’t make anymore. (Lorna Maitland)

    3. That is not a natural figure and never will be. Looks like she wore a corset. If that’s what people want, I expect men to start using steroids or something and then I’ll write articles shaming those who have a lanky figure and can’t get as much muscle.

      1. It is a natural figure. I’m in college and I still see a few chicks like this – even though most girls here (including sorority types) look like whales. Also, most guys in college football teams take steroids, even D III. Most male models do too. No one needs to write an article shaming effeminate lanky fucks, because they already know they can’t get any. I was one of them, and I put on 26 pounds of muscle to stop being one of them. The thing is, you don’t even need juice to get the male fitness model look. So it’s down to laziness once again.

        1. Seriously stop. Now. It is great to get in shape and being healthy, but steroids and corsets are not doing anyone any favours. They are both VERY HARMFUL to whoever uses them and put people at great risk, so people should just do whatever makes them feel good and look good, but things that wont KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. If you think into it logically… feminism is like a gigantic women’s coffee morning bitch session…
    All things that any woman has an issue with…. is boiled up into one huge witches brew and served to society as some kind of vile medicine it must take to cure all social ills….
    The problem is that women are rather good at manipulating, playing victim and bitching / back stabbing not just men but even other women….
    So just about ANYTHING that ANY woman has an issue with – is a problem that must be examined and changed…. and a good 75% of those problems are just a lot of whining self pitty…. of course frumpy women are going to try and tell everyone that the hourglass shape is not desirable…. but I bet you won’t hear it from all the hot girls that have that shape….

    1. Taking this a step further, such problems aren’t really problems but a way to let off steam and frustration. They don’t really want the problems fixed, they just want a shoulder to cry on. And they do deserve that, sometimes. But a man should never let himself be influenced by the whims of others, and especially not by the whims of whining women.

    2. That is an interesting take on it. The more I learn about women, the more I tend to agree. The phrase ‘misery loves company’ is pretty much referring to women on the whole. If one women is not happy, then everyone must also be unhappy along with her. Women have a variety of ways of enforcing this. This is why so many women embrace socialism/communism; equal misery for all.

  12. Smoking while pregnant leads to Gay babies?
    What is this BS? Not advocating smoking in pregnancy, but that last bit stripped away any credibility this article had.

    1. No. It said that stressed women are more likely to have gay children due to the cortisol screwing up their unborn babies’ hormones.

      1. So women in Syria are more likely have gay kids? How the hell did we get through the dark ages or the black death if women were being stressed and producing gay kids.
        Sorry, not a believer.

        1. I suppose it has to be stress brought on by trying to do men’s work. Historically, they were doing women’s work.

        2. Hand on, you are saying being bombarded every other day, having to feed your family tree roots and grass and having the ever present threat of being raped and killed is the same as women doing mens work in terms of stress? I’m all for women being in the home, but you are going to have to do better than that. I’m pretty sure keeping house and bearing kids has more than it’s fair share of stress too.
          By this rational in another decade North Korea will be the gay capital of the world.

        3. A long time ago, in a mystical land, far, far away (Canada), I had the pleasure of having Hans Selye for a lecturer.
          Stress doesn’t know where it came from. It is simply a physiological reaction.
          He used to point out that a passionate kiss was the same stress as getting bad news. There is no “good” stress, or “bad” stress or, for that matter, “women’s work” stress.
          It’s all just stress.

        4. Its a stretch to think women are more stressed now doing an office job than they were a thousand years ago when their husbands were always marching off to war.

        5. Obviously, stress alone doesn’t do it. It has to be stress combined with something else, such as convincing yourself that you don’t need a man and can be just as man as any man out there. It not only calls for stress, but a certain amount of self-induced mental illness as well. Sort of like a man convincing himself to be a house husband.

        6. Actually, desperate hardship does NOT produce certain stress hormones that can affect Foetal development. Apparently you can still be ‘happy’ while dealing with the day in day out hard labor to survive, as evidenced by the near astonishing healthiness of hunter-gatherer tribes.
          Cognitive dissonance, however, has a terrible effect on the female psyche, this in turn leads to depression* (which was surprisingly absent in harder times) which can lead to birth defects. As to whether Homosexuality is a birth defect or merely psychological damage? the verdict is still out.
          *The spectacular success of corporations which market uppers to women.

        7. check out some reports on stress. Apparently women are VERY good at ‘forgetting’ threats like rape, warfare, next season’s harvest, etc. on a day to day basis… this does not cause constant ongoing stress effects.
          However, being forced to think, conceive, be proactive and actively reactive, constantly, while actually releasing positive hormones in the male body, creates stress hormones in the female body… In essence, what men thrive on, women die from.

        8. Interesting reading, thanks for that. But I did read an article somewhere , about women in the Israeli army, which said women made fine front line troops except their male colleges cracked up whenever the women took casualties.
          As with most things you have to look at both sides of the argument i guess, but you have given me food for thought.

  13. @Roosh and RoK writers.
    I think this story is worthy of an article since it is the full page banner leading story in the daily mirror right now. You know, russian females olympians in lingerie is somehow demeaning but fattie middle aged women in lingerie is somehow VERY BRAVE.
    This is hypocrisy laid on with a trowel…..we should not let it pass.

    1. We damage our credibility by quoting ANYTHING the Daily Mail has to say. Are you serious, man?

      1. We are not damaging our credibility pointing out how they champion women in lingerie every day of the week…..

    2. While I don’t usually agree with you, I’m with you on this one. A group of guys probably wouldn’t be seen as ‘brave’ by posing their obese bodies on a newspaper, they’d be expected to hit the gym or make some dosh in order to become more attractive to women.
      That being said, Clarence has a point, while it is hypocrisy the Daily Mail isn’t exactly worth our time.

  14. It turns out women find similar optimally attractive female bodies as attention-grabbing, albeit for different reasons,” Platek said. “Women size up other women in an effort to determine their own relative attractiveness and to maintain mate guarding — or, in other words, keep their mate away from optimally designed females
    I knew they size each other up. When she gets upset at you looking at other women,shes just insecure that she doesnt meausure up since she checked her out too(or sized her up) and doesnt feel adiqute. So instead of self improvemnt they just shame them.
    Us guys we see a jacked dude, we dont shame him we want to be him…wonder why women dont do that.
    Heres an interesnting article on female competition

  15. strange only a first world country of women will get stress and miscarry from an incident that was miles away from them. women in 3rd world countrys have more actual stress in day to day life and have no problem bearing kids. Our western women are spoiled that anything can upset them even if it doesnt directly affect them. Even reading a ROK article will ruin their day apperntly….so much for strong women.
    I doubt well lose our first world status unless civil war broke out like in Libya(which was a first world nation until the uprising….Suddenly got worse without Gaddahfi)

  16. I’d always thought that the changes in the female body when under stress are /supposed/ to make them more masculine. Simply put, if there is no suitable man or not enough men to take care of the more stressful aspects of tribal life, a woman would need to step into the role to ensure survival of the tribe. This woman would need to be unattractive and not reproductively viable, so the other women didn’t view her as a threat and the males didn’t view her as a mate. It wouldn’t be best for her as an individual female, but, for the good of the tribe, women just needed the ability to transform/adapt in an emergency situation.
    It’s good to see science agrees.

    1. right up to the point where it doesn’t.
      the ‘adaptation’ in emergency circumstances is so minor that, while it may be scientifically notable, is absolutely physiologically and culturally dismissable.
      While on a species level, 5% increased survival chance for a male-deprived group that ‘adapts’ might prove helpful, it is barely a scratch when compared to the 600% higher survival value that a pair-bonded or otherwise male/female tribe would experience in pre-civilized times.
      such minor adaptations in the face of such obvious sexual specialization screams ‘long useless evolutionary retrogression’, with considerably less utility than the appendix, wisdom teeth, and pubic hair.

      1. I wasn’t saying it would actually work anymore, just that there’s a reason it exists. So females becoming masculinized when under severe stress is natural and these masculine females being unattractive to males is natural.

  17. With regards to women from other cultures, men still prefer a relatively small waist to hip ratio (i.e. if you take a culture where having weight is attractive, women closer to the “magic ratio” relative to other women will be seen as more attractive). From what you said, that live science article is either deliberately misleading, or the author hasn’t done all the research.

    1. Also, the women in those cultures are usually skinny in youth and don’t develop the rolling bellies until middle age. Its the high carb/grain diet (looks like India in the picture) that causes the eventual weight gain.

  18. This article is incomplete without mention of the no-boob, no ass, man jawed, no waist anorexic, boylike twigs that gay men and the fashion industry have been telling women is the epitome of female beauty.
    Fatties have no curves, but women media tells women that thin and no hourglass curves is beauty.

    1. Define “no boob” and “no ass.” I think the blacks came up with these terms to denigrate every petite female and promote their fatty-worshipping agenda.
      And the media attacks thin women – constantly asking if they’re anorexic. It’s not just the fatties. No one thinks that fashion models are the epitome of beauty. They’re just grown that way to carry clothes.
      On the flip side, Marilyn Monroe ended up a fat pig. In the movie “Some Like It Hot,” they couldn’t zip up her dress because she was too fat. And Scarlett Johannsen (sp?) is no epitome of beauty. Body is average to me, and a definite butterface.
      Don’t assume you speak for all men.

      1. “And Scarlett Johannsen (sp?) is no epitome of beauty. Body is average to me, and a definite butterface.”
        Stfu faggot.

      2. Sean…am confused! You say Scarlett Johannsen’s body is average yet you also say, in the same breath might I add, that she is a butterface??? o.O !! A butterface is someone with a gorgeous body and an unfortunate face…(coined from the phrase ‘but her face’ as in ‘amazing body, but her face is fugly) Self contradictory statement there my good man! And no, ‘the blacks’ did not come up with anything to promote their ‘fatty-worshipping agenda’. It’s plain science and evolution ( natural selection). Besides, you sound like a girl…ewwww…don’t know why I responded!

      3. I agree with you on two things:
        1) The fashion industry has models that are supposed to be thin – not sexy. They aren’t trying to be sexy. They are glorified hangers and background art for the clothes they are modeling. Thin, sure – because fat wouldn’t be appropriate. But they can’t be distractingly sexy either. Sofia Vergara is obviously hotter than a very thin runway model, but it’s distracting. People won’t pay attention to the fashion.
        2) Thin women are constantly attacked in the media. They are laughed at for trying to be sexy or revealing, they are called anorexic or alcoholic or on drugs, or over-worked, or obsessed with weight. They aren’t held up as being sexy either, which is okay in and of itself – but it’s a testament to how they aren’t being ~praised~ either.
        I disagree about Scarlett Johanson, I think she’s a total babe and I love her face. I do think that black and urban media is dominating in a lot of ways and that it obviously glorifies big butts. But, calling people “the blacks” kinda makes me uncomfortable.. and I’m not sure if there’s a “fatty-worshiping agenda” but it is true that black men overall will ignore a little gut fat to get to the butt fat. I think this is something that can be changed though as all Americans assimilate together, hopefully. There are a lot of black men who are into the fitness look, it’s just that people largely date within their race and black women in America are overwhelmingly overweight and therefore have a different standard of beauty. With interracial dating being more popular and cultural blending in the media, I think black men can move away from the fat acceptance.

        1. Thanks dude. You understand us. We love ass. Ass for us is like pussy you can see without the girl being naked. We adore it. Personally, if I had the choice between one girl with a big ass or four without, I’d take the one. The thing is, we don’t like fat women. We hate them! I know it sounds contradictory, but that’s the truth. The only exception would be that rare case where the girl would be anorexic if her ass alone didn’t make her overweight. That’s some crazy shit that we’d kill for! However, most black women are fat, and not in that aforementioned way. I personally have decided to avoid black women altogether- not only are they fat- they treat us like shit – as opposed to white women who literally bow before our dicks. White women are better because they’re skinnier, they still have t&a with the same frequency, and they’re much nicer. I think that most successful black males will probably breed themselves out of existence fucking them- and as a black guy at an ivy- I’m all for it. My kids will be much better off no having to deal with hood rats or baby mamas. The only problem is that they’re starting to get the attitude and the fat black women have, and if it gets too bad, I’ll have to do something I can’t imagine doing- fuck Asian chicks. They’re literally too skinny for me, but it’s still better than the landwhales who tell me to date inside my race and shame me for turning against them….

        2. All of you sound like you have major psychological issues. Anglosphere men are fucked up.

        3. Agreed. And I wish these men would stop obsessing over us and stop writing articles about us and just “go their own damn way” already. They have issues. Especially the black ones. Oh well.

      4. Sean, you ignorant bastard. Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming of “Some Like it Hot”. Congratulations, you called a pregnant woman fat. Her body measurements were 36-22-35 inch. The photo was her in 1962, not even close to being “fat”. I like how you feel superior enough to belittle a person, and mock their appearance. Have you taken a good look at yourself, Sean? I don’t think you have.

      5. Sean, you ignorant bastard. Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming of “Some Like it Hot”. Congratulations, you called a pregnant woman fat. Her body measurements were 36-22-35 inch. Have you seen her in 1962 (Something’s Got To Give), not even close to being “fat”. I like how you feel superior enough to belittle a person, and mock their appearance. Have you taken a good look at yourself, Sean?

    2. Hey, Rotten, no one cares if you think they’re attractive. Also, it’s incredibly offensive to call someone who is simply skinny, anorexic. Fuck you, you piece of shit (:

  19. This top-down social engineering can’t last for much longer. You can’t tell or force a man, or any person, what attractive is. Even the most conformist weaklings among us, still have “standards”. But, its all over the place…we’re told that fat is attractive, old age is attractive etc, etc. And, what is really being accomplished here? Is there some unseen social oasis just beyond the bluff that we can’t see? No, its fulfilling the inadequacies of females, period full stop. This is what happens when you empower women, they end up trying to force other people to literally love them? How pathetic. I say this to many feminists (and homosexualists too, because like it or not homosexualism’s inherent goal is also to force people to love them); I tell them to stop living for the approval of others. Sometimes its head-bashing ironic when you consider that independence is one of their stated goals. Because observing both their behavior and, many times, actually political/social goals its clear they’re living for other people i.e. through peer approval, conformity etc, which is a suffocating and repressive way to live.

    1. I’m a feminist, and TBH, the more I read the articles here, the less I care… The anti-female culture can spread to the avid members if they like it, but eventually the women they interact with in real life will either be turned off by it or enjoy it as their behavior grows more polarized. If they like to feel submissive and stay at home with kids, ultimately living under their husband’s thumb, that’s their choice.
      Other women who, for whatever myriad of reasons, are not attracted to that lifestyle or the kind of male archetype popularized here, can reject them and move on with their lives. Basically, everyone can be happy and make their own choices.
      If I get down-voted or tossed some creative slur “bitch feminazi cunt rah rah rah” I honestly don’t give a fuck. I’ve heard it before and will likely here it again, so what’s the point in bumping up your cortisol over it?

  20. It’s appropriate that you mention the Coca-Cola bottle. It was designed deliberately to mimic the female hourglass figure. Why? Because men and women respond to it, and sex sells.

  21. Who’s attacking curvy girls? Time to white knight.
    Just kidding mate.
    Curvy girls are fecund << that’s how science people say it. They’re more desirable than less curvy girls. Most men prefer WHR (waist hip ratio) of 0.7 although I like 0.6 (it’s rare tho, to see girls with 0.6 WHR), I only saw girl with 0.6 WHR from old 70s movie, she had nice big ass as well.

  22. That fat woman on the right could be the definition of the reverse butterface…the butterbody! Shame, if she lost weight she could be attractive. A pretty woman with a slim healthy body that lacks ass and tits worthy of lust and envy is still a pretty woman. A pretty woman with a disastrous body is, well the picture speaks for itself.

  23. We all have our taste. There is no question that mine is Hourglass. My wife has the same measurements as Scarlett at age 46 and she still rocks it! I would take that body type all day long. To me, it is femininity at its best.

  24. If a woman is divorced or widowed and left with children, how is she supposed to support herself?

  25. because people in general are getting fat and losing their normal body shape. as more and more folks get as huge as whales, being normally shaped person (female in this case, but could easily be applied to men as well), is being looked down at. because nowadays it´s not politically correct to fat-shame and tell someone to stop eating as pig, but it´s perfectly fine to call someone too thin and criticize them for “caring too much”, skinny-shaming is perfectly fine i guess. because if you´re too hungry and lazy to have a normal human body shape, work out a bit and cook healthy food and most of your friends are like that as well, you´re gonna hate it and condemn it as something old-fashioned. because we forgot what a healthy male and female bodies should look like, different in sizes and shapes, but still so close to what we originally are. because sometimes when you see a couple from behind you don´t have an idea who´s male and who´s female there, cause that´s how much they look like walking potatoes. because it´s easier to be shapeless than to be fit….that´s the world we´re living at, when one can call you too skinny when you´re perfectly normal, but will call you a fascist when you call them fat…oh well, some of us still don´t forget i guess.

    1. From the posts it appears you guys don’t want women here, so sorry. I wanted to say thanks for the article and the above post. These came up on google as was researching societies attack on fit women for my paper. And ya’ll are right western women are grossly declining. I’ve always thought that if women acted like ladies they wouldn’t have to squawk so much because men would be gentlemanly…. crazy concept I know .. funny it worked really well for many great societies.

  26. I agree with most things said in this thread except for the part about Denmark and Danish women. I went out to Copenhagen last year and I was in awe of just how high the average quality of women was compared to at home (Northern England). It seemed like everywhere you looked, there was at least one woman who could’ve been on the cover of a magazine. Everyone else (short of men, children and the elderly) was at worst a four. I only ever saw one especially ugly woman but she looked like she’d had an accident or something and I wrote that off as an anomaly.
    There’s a very obvious genetic make-up of Denmark and a strong ideal of what is attractive. Tall, stout, dark haired men and tall, slender, fair women, as was in the Viking days.
    Also, there’s a strong shame culture in place for people who overeat, smoke, and to some extent the drinkers if they let it affect their lives. I imagine if Roosh had any problem with women in Denmark, it was due to the awfully cold nature they exhibit towards foreigners. Even in quiet conversation with my host, my English accent earned me the scowls from fellow diners in restaurants. They’re largely a very insular people and if it wasn’t for my host being a Mandarin student with a passion for travel, I’d have been a complete pariah in Denmark.

  27. hourglass should be like, 36 26, 26 see that makes the hour glass, i hate when overweight people say they are curvy they are, not just fat. it is portion like, 38 28 38 that is bust, waist hips… 28 waist is small.

  28. Just some food for thought:
    1) The hourglass figure is mainly genetic. Most women are simply incapable of having Scarlett Johansson-like proportions. Even fit, healthy women may not have the genetic capabilities to develop large breasts/asses.
    2) I know the hourglass figure is being attacked by feminists and the leftist, “equality”-espousing media, but let’s not forget that this is a war we can win. Let’s be honest, who do you think is getting more ass, the Scarlett Johanssons of the world, or the “big is beautiful” camp?

    1. Feminist here who thinks hourglasses are gorgeous =P
      I do agree with your point however that even many fit women are unable to attain similar proportions, due to genetics. For example, my mom is pear-shaped. I try to eat healthy the bulk of the time, hula hoop and exercise, and I remain pear/rectangular(34-28-37) Everyone’s different~

  29. Do women really have to be segregated? Why not allow those who have something genuine and valid to say contribute, and then those who merely come to pick a fight can be ignored. This article intrigued me as a woman with an hour glass figure, and I was interested to read mens’ take on the matter. It’s nice that this figure was depicted as ideal in ancient times.
    I am not a feminist, but I do not like to be patronised for being a woman. Please don’t reply to this comment negatively merely because I am female. Thanks 🙂

  30. That picture on the left does not need to lose as much as 40 lbs. Just 20 would be fine. She is not a whale or a “fatty”. She just has bigger hips. Look how slim her waist is.

  31. When I was younger and found I didn’t put weight on at all as I had a high metabolism and found it tiresome people commenting that I was skinny,so I hardly think it is just hourglass figures being attacked,but also people with small bone structures (though I know you can be small bone and still be fat).Criticising someone for being thin is no different esp as it is harder to put weight on than lose it.Although I wasn’t flat chested but not as big as I am now (c cup) not all women can have very big breasts.It all depends on the bone structure as well to being hourglass.Not all women may have big hips or may have a very small bone structure and would be hard to get a waist even smaller.
    Many of you commenting and criticising women’s bodies,well,I wonder how many of you check out as you must all be so perfect the way you go on about women.

    1. I brought up a similar point yesterday, but I’ve yet to find the comment. Perhaps it was deleted because I’m female =P Logic isn’t as important as anatomy, it seems.

  32. Sam Rogers,you are a pathetic poisonous cunt! I am glad your ex is now your ex as she deserves a lot better than you.What a pathetic little man you are using your girlfriend’s insecurities against her.I wonder what your body is like.Ha,makes me laugh hearing of men criticise women’s bodies when they are far from perfect themselves,like the fat tosser of a guy in my work who has a sense of entitlement and once said he is fussy about who he dates,and making hints about me getting together with him.I too have standards and prefer lean men but I am least not cruel and slagging off people (be it male or female ) for being overweight.And you,Ren she doesn’t have to go to the gym.The guy is no longer with her thankfully.
    Thank God I have a decent man in my life and he is overweight and trying to diet bt I would never look at him in the way you men do.You go on about feminists etc which is a laugh as not suprising many women are that way when creatures like you exist.
    What kills me is how it is men like you that rave on about how great East Asian women are compared to white or western women when these women lack the hourglass shape you like to go on about.
    I hope some woman does a Lorena Bobbitt on all you!

  33. woooooooow. women are just as intelligent and capable as men of taking on responsibilities and becoming independent. There are many beautiful, feminine females in the business world who are completely independent, and are very fertile, so you should seriously read a book and rethink 99% of this opinionated article by someone who clearly is no scientist.

  34. Agree with the health points of the article(feminist here, by the way =P). It’s obvious that generally hourglasses hold the highest tendency towards fertility/health, but at the same time you should consider why women with other body shapes look that way before trying to measure their biological attractiveness. For example, a lot of rectangular-shaped women are on the skinny side, to the point where, in order to have an hourglass shape without their chests and hips somehow enlarging, their waists would have to draw in to a severely unhealthy level. Also, esp. in cases of inverted triangle shapes, consider their levels and types of physical activity. Often times the healthy ones are sporty, or tend towards the shape due to genetics. For ex., I have a friend who’s been active in different dance classes/groups throughout her life, yet still has this shape(large chest, less noticeable waist, smaller hips) despite her fitness. It’s also not uncommon for female trackstars and general athletes to have somewhat larger looking shoulders, usually with skinnier hips and toned abs.
    Tl;Dr before jumping to “infertility”, consider their natural metabolism/genetic tendencies(bone structure, family history, etc.) and activity levels/types.

  35. I am 18 and from England, I have an hour glass shape but I am aneamic and have issues with my thyroid. This means my immune system is pretty poor and my weight has always been a knife in my self-esteem. I do not feel attractive with an hour glass shape since in modern days, even though its natural curves, you get deemed as fat. I don’t have the long legs which people rave about as I’m only 5″2 and 1/2.
    Reading this article/blog though fills me with a mixture of emotions. Its nice to see that females with my shape are still desired, but the sexist tone of this article is very off-putting. So because I have an hour-glass shape, I can’t be independent and try to be successful because this is a world where “men thrive”?
    No body shape should be slated as everyone is unique and beautiful in their own right. Sure those with weight issues should diet like I myself have done, not because it’s “ugly” but because its the healthy thing to do. Same way skinny women should try and gain a bit more weight to be healthier. The use of derogatory language used to portray larger sized women in this and extreme feminists is just immature. Sure I believe the term feminist has become totally twisted. I myself am a feminist but I just want equality. I don’t hate everything with a penis and demand to be respected because I have a chip on my shoulder.
    Honestly its a shame blogs or articles like this even have to be made. No “one size would suit all” but if people were a little less judgemental and accepting of peoples body types – both male and female, it would help combat a lot of security and confidence issues people develop throughout their lives. Especially in teenagers like myself who shouldn’t have to worry over things such as this.

  36. I was nodding and agreeing with this article until you got to the sexist bullshit. We’re all humans and if a woman wants to be more than your personal slave. I have a 23 inch waist and 38 inch hips, give my boyfriend the full works in a whole host of lingerie and sexy costumes but I do that out of the kindness of my heart, not because of some idiotic belief that you can’t be attractive AND be capable of doing something with your life. Sorry, I’d rather pay my way so you men can’t turn around and call us moneygrabbing hoes for being housewives with no income begging you for cash which secretly inflates your ego.

  37. [TRIGGER WARNING: Fatties below] (What?)
    By comparing these two overweight women depicted below, it’s clear that the left one is healthier by comparison to the right one since her accumulated excess body fat has largely stayed off her waist. (How does that affect how healthy she is? Maybe that’s just where her fat accumulates) Her proportions land her in what is objectively considered a healthy waist-to-hip ratio.
    Nonetheless she could still become more attractive to the majority of men (and much more healthy) by losing 20-40 lbs. (What the actual fuck?)
    The winter-insulated sea mammal on the right (What the fuck is this?!) is a potbellied Photoshopped and airbrushed “plus size” model with more bulge than curves, indicative of a possible unhealthy and more masculinized hormonal profile. Note also that she is much taller than the woman on the left, and if she were the same height as the other model, she would have a body like Lindy West. As she stands today, few men would man their harpoons for her.
    The key here is the waist size. Smaller waist = more healthy.
    Please tell me that this is a joke. Is this guy fucking serious? First off, is this guy seriously warning us that there are “fatties” below? Come on, man, grow up.
    Second, that “winter-insulated sea mammal” is beautiful. No, she isn’t the smallest woman out there, but that doesn’t mean that she is ugly.
    Third, a small waist does not mean a woman is healthier. One of my teachers is very healthy; she plays numerous sports, she eats properly, etc., but she has very little shape. She is basically a rectangle walking, but she is one of the healthiest people I know. So why don’t you educate yourself on the many different body types and stop shaming women for being a little heavier than others.
    Sincerely, a “fattie”

  38. Who gave this bloke the right to deem what is attractive and what’s not? And what makes him think that any woman gives one fuck about whether he, or any other person finds them attractive. Fuck you, and your fascist beauty standards. No one needs, nor do they care to have your approval.

  39. I ran across this article after recently having a discussion with my hyper-masculine bf (5’11”, 240, squats 500lbs, basically the epitome of manliness, and *gasp* he’s in love with a feminist!) about the disappearing hourglass figure and how men are innately drawn to such a figure for animalistic reproductive reasons, so I was interested to see if the author would present an insightful perspective that I had not otherwise considered. Unbeknownst to me, reading it would be an utter waste of my neural signaling cation stores. Rather than discussing what is the root problem of expanding waistlines, i.e., deplorable nutrition, and things like the fat acceptance movement that normalize poor health, the author jumps on the idiot bandwagon of pushing an anti-feminist worldview, asserting everything from feminists are ugly hags to calling women walruses (or whatever term he came up with, I don’t care to re-read any portion of it). This article is just as much bullshit as Cashdan’s “study” that claims women having lucrative careers causes them to lose their feminine physical attributes. As someone with fertile ovaries who grosses over $115k/yr and measures in at 41-29.5-40, I can assure you this notion is misguided.

  40. Absolute bullshit. Men love women with soft bodies. And yes, I mean men in civilized, economically stable nations. More than not.

  41. Its cool that men love beautiful women, but I have to add that I think alot of the men here saying that beautiful women are the only worthy human beings are ugly, fat, aging, balding, beer-gutted, wrinkly, effeminate fucks with man-boobs. I mean you have to admit its highly hypocritical that alot of men these days want women to be beautiful and in top shape while they think they can be ugly effeminate flabby no-muscle fucks. Newsflash: Male appearance matters too, and it amuses me to no end that the men these days think its okay for them to be ugly as sin all the while yammering on about how women should be beautiful. They make fun of ugly women when they themselves need to look in the mirror. Rule of thumb: Ugly people need not make fun of other ugly people.

    1. Like most likely the men commenting here are butt ugly bastards, thus rendering them unjustified in making fun of someone else’s physical plight lmao.

  42. Fuck you and fuck this article. I’m not even kidding. I do not have the opinion that all men should look a certain way and tells other women to bash one type of men because they don’t fit my ideal picture of a man. I’m a bisexual female who has been doing martial arts for lot of years, has a hourglass figure and have a wonderful boyfriend who also does martial arts. But still I’m not the target of other guys or girls who (of course) like other kinds of body types, and I should never be the only one.
    I spit on everything that says people should have the same opinion about how a person should look like. And I do for certain hate the idea of a small group of people(in this case a site for men) who gather together and discuss how a woman should look like. It’s awful and I really cannot understand how people like you feel like you can go decide what is beautiful and not, and bash other people.

  43. I am a woman and I agree with the author. What’s interesting is that when I was on the dating scene, hourglass bodies were not in. It was the mid 1990’s and Kate Moss and “heroin chic” were the ideal. I cannot tell you how many people mocked my body type at the time because I did not have straight hips. Sure, I was thin. I worked out everyday and lifted weights to develop lean muscle. I had a 38-28-38 body on the tape measure, a BMI of 21 at the time, and a body fat percentage of 18. Yet, I was not straight hipped so I was looked over by many guys, but had enough that were interested. Luckily, around 2001, I met a doctor just out of residency. He was crazy about my body type, my fair (un-tanned) skin, lack of tattoos or piercings, and my long, auburn hair. I thought his interest wouldn’t last since I was brainwashed into thinking I needed to look like a boy and have a tan. Well, we were married a year later and are still married. Here is the thing about hourglass figures, ease of conception, and health of the child. In my experience it was and is true. After we got married and decided to start a family, I went off the pill. I was pregnant within a month and had a healthy 9 pound son. We had a second son 4 years later and it was the same story. As soon as I went off the pill, I conceived. Had a second healthy son. I also breast fed both of our children until they were two. Both of them rarely get ill and are so healthy. But they also benefited from a brain development perspective. Both have extremely high IQs. Healthy brain development has been linked to the DHA in breast milk. But, once again that DHA is more prevalent in women with hourglass figures.
    I also do things that most Western women don’t do. After my first son arrived, I took a good hard look at whether or not I should be working. I had a masters degree at the time and worked in a corporate management role. But after our son arrived I could not leave him at the mercy of the daycare system. I stayed home until he was 2 and then went back to work for 2 years. Once I had our second son I asked my husband if it would be okay to live solely on his income. I have been at home with our boys since then and I do not regret it. To keep my mind occupied I got a 2nd masters degree and I do freelance writing from home when our kids are at school. I make sure everyone gets home cooked food from scratch. I had always loved cooking since I was a teenager and have gotten quite good. I like being able to prepare a wonderful meal for my family. To see them enjoying the food I prepare makes me happy.
    The final thing I do that I think a lot of western women don’t do is I put my husband and family at the center of my world. I encourage my husband to revel in his masculinity. In fact, of the two of us, you will find him spouting feminist ideals and I am the one who corrects him and says feminism is a load of garbage. He was raised by a militant feminist mom who treats her own husband like garbage. It’s appalling. So my husband has been raised to be a beta in that respect. but I am encouraging him to find his power as a masculine man. I am a feminine woman through and through and he is still trying to wrap his head around the idea that feminine women want masculine men.
    The last thing that I do is I keep in shape. After 2 kids my abdome muscles were herniated and no amount of exercise was helping. So, I got a full tummy tuck and now have my dramatic pre pregnancy shape back. This summer I will be getting a lift and possibly implants to complete the look. My husband keeps telling me I don’t have to do it. He tells me that it is wrong for him to be attracted to an extremely sensuous form and so he says that I need to do these things for myself. Well I will do them for myself because I care about staying attractive. But I also care about his feelings and I don’t think its fair that so many women let themselves go after getting married. That is plain wrong.
    This may sound strange coming from a woman but I can assure you it’s real. There are many who feel the way I do (other women) but you won’t find them in the Northeast or on the West Coast. Most of them are located in the Midwest. But they do exist.
    By the way I am a fan of this blog and I empathize with what many of the posts say. Most of all, I am going to say straight up that I am scared about who my sons will marry when the time comes. There are too many women who have been brainwashed to believe men are the enemy. So I am hoping by the time they come of age that people will realize the mess feminism has made and women will go back to being nurturers and taking pleasure in pleasing their husbands. I sure do.

  44. I can see this article is written by a misogynistic guy pretending to like femininity. I mean I have seen so many different types of men and women even guys who have muscular type builds but hourglass type structures and they are beautiful. I can see that the person in this article wants to define “femininity” a lot. Not only has he been toiling to do that but it seems he thinks “independent” women are “non-feminine.” This is the classic stereotype that has been instilled that is a mythos because many homemakers are more independent than their husbands or even wives. Independence is a large set term and it cannot only be incorporated only via having jobs or testosterone overflux. Also the subtopic Trigger Warning Fatties was in all accounts offensive. It is offensive to use this against men and women who are fat. It is alright that he does not like fat women (unwilling to know that women and men each may gain or shed pounds in a course of a relationship). Everyone can have their tastes but to put it on as dogma is pretty weird and almost has a manic zealot way of treading. I do not know what the purpose of this article was but if Scarlett Johansen read this, who is a working independent women and actress, I think she would be creeped out. What I do understand is that this man is not happy with women, maybe he has a bad history with them, that may be sexual or emotional or both or just socially ousted that now he feels that he must also punish women for making him feel this way. The best way to do this is to attack on seeing women’s “feminine decay” which is like saying that his testosterone and “masculinity” had also decayed by wasting his time writing about an article on women when he should have been out having some with them. I do not know what else to say. I feel that whatever this person feels will not be cured by lashing out against others, both men and women, who do not fit his ideals. But on a last note I also felt this article by slamming developing nations who have a rich history of sexuality is also pretty racist and uneducated.

  45. the level of idiocy and sexism that is contained in this article can only be responded to by gifs of women. Strong and really fucking independent women. and a few men.

  46. I am a woman and I completely agree with all points of your article. I believe that democracy in US is being completely misused and skewed away from the original term of how Ancient Greeks envisioned democracy. I believe what happened is a bunch of losers got lucky enough to get into power so in order to prevent a takeover of their power by more capable individuals, they started a wide scale propaganda that would inhibit the growth of more suitable candidates and tip the scales in their, less aspirational favor. It is very unfortunate to what this world is being led to and the worst part is most people are being brainwashed by this main stream crap and only few truly understand the agenda behind this wicked game.

  47. I actually found this intriguing. Ok some of the terminology was boarding of cruel but there was definitely a bigger point to be found. I’m a Portuguese woman living in the US. I’m a little overweight but I got a big ass and tits. My waist is smaller than both. I was raised to rely on a man. However I make an income equal to my male partner. What I’m saying is the I believe we can strike a balance and meet half way between culture and societal demands.

  48. You know what’s attractive to women? Someone who can read and write using proper grammar.
    You also clearly have no idea what you’re talking about – blatantly do not understand much about science, definitely nothing about health.
    This article is pathetic.
    So are you. Lmao.

  49. The only thing i can say about this misogynistic bs, is i, as a women, find comfort in the fact that guys who find the need to berate women’s roles in society, aren’t exactly big-shot CEOs, who’re fucking every victoria’s secret model in sight.

  50. And news flash you big ol’ studs; no one’s forcing you degenerates to have sex, no one really gives a fuck about you guys

  51. So here’s the thing… I’m one of the only women I’ve ever met with a “true hourglass” figure… And I’m not healthy at all. (I’ve had seven open-heart surgeries, achalasia, autoimmune disorders, ect.) And yet “science” (of the red pill variety) tells me that by body is an example of “perfect fitness” for mating/procreation/just being some weirdos fantasy.
    I’m not healthy at all… and yet my large waisted, too-fat or too-skinny peers are much healthy and more “fit” than I am for sex and reproduction. (Good for them, btw.)
    Although I understand that hormones are partially responsible for body shape, I personally find the correlation between body morphology and “health” to be insulting and reductionist.
    Those other women aren’t less “re-productively fit” than I am because of their shape, nor am I “healthier” or more reproductively fit because of mine.
    Also… My aunt has an amazing figure…but is unable to bear children. How does your “science” explain that?

  52. i have an hourglass figure (waist-to-hips ratio 0.69), good boobs, long hair and nice symmetrical face. This didn’t prevent me nor from being a feminist, neither from having quite a poor health. I am unfit, don’t do any sports at all, eat all i want to and never did anything to “save the figure”, still this figure is always with me.
    So i.m a living proof that this article’s assumptions (hourglass = healthy, fit and implies high reproductive abilities) are total bullshit.

  53. “A large potbelly, where waist girth begins to exceed hip girth, is strongly associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease, diabetes, elevated triglycerides, hypertension, cancer and general overall mortality.”
    Its true for both sexes. So if you guys think your beer potbellies won’t bring you an early death… I have to dissapoint you 🙁

  54. Fat waisted figure is not masculine, it indicates hormonal imbalance (its often correlated with high beer consumption – and beer contains phytoestrogenes(female hormones analogues)).
    Masculine figure (indicating high testosterone levels) means NO fat. Testosterone promotes muscular growth, not fat accumulation in any area of the body.
    So guys, your hands should be lifting weights in the gym, not typing ignorant articles, if you want to be attractive to women.

  55. “Cut all the stress out of your lives caused by “independence” ”
    Independence is not a stress. Its freedom. Freedom to not be abused, to eat, wear, study what you want, live with a man or woman you want, or live alone if you want. To not to live with a man you don’t like. To have sex which you like and when you want, and not to have when you don’t want. To do a job you like, and not to do a job you don’t like. To have as many or few children as you want. To give birth in the way you want. To raise your children how you like and live where you want.
    Give me a reason why would i want to reject any of this 🙂
    Simply from the spelling of the word – “in-dependence”, the opposite to dependence, i guess you won’t call dependence a freedom?
    You are pathetic, boys…

  56. I have an hourglass figure. They misogynist tones in this article and in these comments are disgusting. If I met a man in real life like the author of this article, or any of the comment writers, I would steer clear. My choice.

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