The Rape Card Now Trumps The Legal System In The UK

On Wednesday, the chief prosecutor of England and Wales, Alison Saunders, released Orwellian-sounding “toolkits” to prosecutors in rape cases. Rather than distributing a pair of pliers for pulling out the teeth of the accused, these kits contain instructions to prosecutors trying to disprove consent. Saunders, properly titled Director of Public Prosecutions (“DPP”), announced the policy like a brass-necked Stalinist:

Consent to sexual activity is not a grey area—in law it is clearly defined and must be given fully and freely.

As the Ched Evans case shows, the laws governing consent to sexual intercourse in Britain are as clear as mud. How else can a slag, to use the regional dialect, be found to have consented to sex with one man, and incapable a few minutes later of consenting to sex with another man?

The new shapes and sizes of the rape card


The new edict pinpoints two situations where a woman reporting a rape would be unable to consent. One is the familiar “too intoxicated to consent” of the Ched Evans case. The second consent-that-isn’t is “where consent could not reasonably be considered to have been given freely due to the unequal relationship of the parties involved.” The example is the “suspect held a position of power over the potential victim” followed by a list of such positions, including “an employer.”

Police will have to investigate if a woman really had the capacity consent if she was “financially or otherwise dependent on their alleged rapist.” Men charged with rape will be grilled in court on how exactly they knew the woman had freely consented. Alison Saunders is on a known crusade to raise conviction rates for rape. Like the prosecutors of the Soviet show trials, she likes to start with the desired result and work her way backwards.

A modern-day Vishinsky

So who is this Saunders character? A career lawyer who rose up the ranks of the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) to take the top spot. She handled the second trial in the case of Stephen Lawrence, a black man killed by racist white men in south-east London.

The initial trial collapsed due to police incompetence and resulted in the Macpherson Report on police “institutional racism,” full of cultural Marxist gems like the woefully subjective definition of a “racist incident” as one “perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.”

Alison Saunders, DPP – what you see is what you get.

Saunders launched the second trial on the back of Macpherson’s demands that double jeopardy, the rule that once a defendant has been tried for a crime and acquitted they shouldn’t be tried again, be scrapped. A legal principle of 800 years’ standing was thrown out to give the public their guilty verdict. Saunders then pulled the Spectator magazine up on contempt of court charges after Rod Liddle wrote that the suspects had no chance of a fair trial.

The war on common sense

Saunders is willing to set aside principle to get a politically correct result and will do the same to fix her pet problem of “low” conviction rates. In a speech given while she was still in charge of CPS London in 2012, she came out with a list of “Rape Myths,” one being, “If She Didn’t Scream, Fight or Get Injured, It Wasn’t Rape.” Rape victims, goes the argument, are afraid of death or injury, co-operate with the rapist and specifically “become physically paralyzed with terror or shock.” That scenario is now invoked to require men to justify how they knew a woman was consenting freely.

“Women Cry Rape When They Regret Having Sex or Want Revenge” is another purported myth which Saunders says “reinforces stereotypes” of lying and vindictive women and “re-victimises and stigmatises” the accuser. The implication is that you should believe women, since they always tell the truth. False rape accusations are nothing to worry about, since, “only 2 per cent of all reported rapes are false!”

Eleanor Defrietas, who preferred to kill herself rather than have her rape claim scrutinised by a court.

Eleanor Defrietas, who preferred to kill herself rather than have her claims rape claim scrutinised by a jury.

Idiotic left-speak aside, the agenda is given away by an absence of thought for possible consequences. Meddling in the justice system is a zero sum game. Changes made to increase conviction rates will result in more accused men.

For Saunders, however, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Spinning as a fact that “many rape victims freeze rather than fight as a protective and coping mechanism,” Saunders is creating a legal minefield where any sexual encounter can become rape—just because she appeared to go along with it, doesn’t mean she consented!

The Procrustean bed of the jury room

Even worse, if the jury thinks the woman is crying rape out of regret or revenge, they are now responsible for stigmatising and stereotyping her. It’s that classic SJW plea: “don’t judge!” Fortunately the job of juries is exactly that—to judge a witness on their credibility, applying their instincts and life experience. This includes stereotyping, which is essentially an product of empirical observation. Feminist conceit, again, shows itself as limitless,

Feminists ordering juries to unconditionally believe everything a woman says is reframed as a benevolent “education of juries” about “sterotypes of women as untruthful.” Like the passers-by of the Greek myth of Procrustes, independent-minded citizens will be stretched or mutilated until their views fit progressive GoodThink.

The other scenrio which the CPS is trying to propagandize, the unequal relationship rape case, is a potential black hole of rape accusations by women with a vendetta. Lawsuits for sex discrimination and harassment against male former bosses seem to have become routine for women in high-testosterone environments who get sacked (see here, here, here, here, here and here).

An accusation of rape might soon be added to that list. A woman freely and consensually shagging her way up the greasy pole becomes an oppressed victim of rape through the Marxist analysis of the “unequal relationship.”

Risks and limitations of the new order

The good news is that Saunders does not make law. This guidance is for police asking questions in the interrogation room, and for trial prosecutors who will be expected to brainwash juries about “rape myths” (such as the offensive idea that women lie about rape). Jurors are still free and very likely to ignore lawyers telling them to set aside their own judgment in favour of fuzzy, feminist ‘myth-busting.”

The bad news is an eventual increase in rape charges, whether they get to trial or not. In the UK, the accused get no anonymity, while accusers do. More men will be charged with rape only to have their cases quietly closed later. It happened to MP Nigel Evans, who reported going “through 11 months of hell.”

As an oppressed homosexual, he had more sympathy than Ben Sullivan, ex-president of the Oxford Union who was accused of rape. The 22 year-old white heterosexual was hounded by Oxford University feminists after having consensual sex with a girl who then regretted it because she was “supposed to be in a relationship.”

Turning the justice system on its head

English King Æthelred issued a law in 997 AD that the twelve leading thegns, or minor nobles of each district were required to swear that they would investigate crimes without bias

English King Æthelred issued a law in 997 AD that the twelve leading minor nobles of each district were required to swear that they would investigate crimes without bias

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, is a public sector pole-climber willing not only to throw men under the bus to achieve her political objectives, but also to compromise trial by jury, a cornerstone of English justice since the time of the Viking occupation.

With all other crimes, lawyers take it as a given that the jury is trustworthy to deliver fair judgments. In rape trials, feminists want us to believe that juries become subnormal bigots who can’t even be trusted not to be influenced by “stereotypes,” which are presumed to be a product of human malice rather than collective, shared empirical observation. Something doesn’t quite add up.

As feminists push to make making rape accusations easier and more consequence-free  for women to make, British men should ensure they take basic precautions, such as those outlined at the end of this article.

I agree with Athlone McGinnnis on which consideration should come ahead of all the practical stuff, avoiding drunk women, knowing Game, and saving all electronic communications—become aware that false rape accusations are very real. And Alison Saunders would put away on one just to buff up her CV.

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169 thoughts on “The Rape Card Now Trumps The Legal System In The UK”

    1. You willing to risk your freedom for that?
      Tits are a dime a dozen. She did all men a favor by offing herself.

      1. I won’t go for that, she obviously was mentally disturbed. The false rape allegation was simply the red flag that couldn’t be ignored in her case. Offing herself just appears to have set the idiots in motion.
        I like to say the following is the truth:
        One rape is one rape too many. Conversely, one false allegation is one false allegation too many. You can’t balance out the first by condoning the second.
        Feminists, of course, can’t stand for that. They buy into the false “rape culture” hysteria. To them, it’s just another burden men have to shoulder for millennia of oppression. Like the article said, break a few eggs. Toss Blackstone out the window, innocence be damned.

      2. Channel 4 aired an interview with her father a couple of weeks ago. It talked as if she was an actual rape victim and offed herself rather than face the courts. In reality the police had decided that there was enough evidence to charge her with making a false accusation and she was due to face trial for that. Not a word on the man that had his life destroyed by this maniac and while still presenting her claims as not proven to be false which they were, they offered us up an excuse for her lies by saying she had autism or something something like that.
        I couldn’t begin to count how many people I know that have been accused of rape. My father met my mother through an accusation of rape. The first night they met, he walked her and her cousin home and my mother’s nutcase of a cousin walked into her own house and started crying and said she was raped. My father was hauled into the station but when my mother was called for to come down to the station to back up the claims of her cousin, she asked why was she lying. The rest of the conversation was caught on audio. Her parents had her shipped off to Australia before she could be charged and she has never set foot in Ireland since then. My father would have been smart to stay away from the women in that family. Twenty years later he knows better.

        1. So what if she had autism? She doesn’t deserve sympathy. Elliot Rodger was an incel. He never got any sympathy. Lets take her for what she is. She was a devil and I hope right now she is burning in hell

        2. Sickening ain’t it? Even when irrefutable evidence of truth builds organically around an epicenter of lies, the left Jew narrative is there to spin its way through and speak louder than the truth itself.
          She was a slut. She lied. She ruined someone’s life. It wasn’t her fault…

        3. “Channel 4 aired an interview with her father a couple of weeks ago”
          And why didn’t channel 4 (MSM network TV) tell the truth instead of spinning a false narrative? Why was the story focused on the ‘poor girl victim’ and not a word about the damage her lies caused and the mountains if evidence supporting this?
          Someone made the call to cover the story and spin it a certain way.
          Follow the ownership in media broadcasting…

      3. it was a blessing to men that she killed herself. Maybe she thought we would give a fuck. No. We don’t give a damn. She got what she deserved

      4. The fact that I’d thoroughly enjoy putting my face in there, doesn’t necessarily mean that I would!

    2. Yeah. Pretty awesome rack but an outside chance that it’s ‘fat-girl with structural support’ rack too which is always a huge letdown, no pun intended. But she looks quite good there.

  1. typical endgame of the socialist / marxist regime…. remove any and all free will, common sense and human decency…. replace it with an over reaching “we know what’s best for you” – such that once a girl reports a rape, the system just takes over completely….
    the politician that says they know best, is the one that set ups prison camps and a dictatorship……
    it’s the same in Australia with domestic violence, the police / prosecution system is free to spring into action without her consent, putting in restraining orders, imprisoning the man and etc. whether she wants to proceed or not….
    friend of mine had the TV on quite loud, playing with his new surround sound system….. a couple were fighting on TV…. at the same time his girl friend dropped a glass in the sink doing the washing up and cut herself…. .neighbour called the police…. they come to the door, enter without knocking because it’s unlocked and they have probably cause…… instant restraining order on circumstantial evidence…. and he’s not allowed into his own home for 48hrs while he gets lawyers and sorts out the whole mess…. $2000 later in legal fees, his new TV system was rather expensive….

    1. Yeah that’s dumb. People wonder if I am gay because I have no interest in most women. Reading stuff like this (and seeing it first hand) I think I’m the sane one.
      Why would I risk the following.
      -Being kicked out of my own home
      -Losing half of all I worked for
      -Having to pay another person for 18 years (or more)
      -Legal fees
      -Reputation ruined
      -Lose the right to own a firearm
      -Sex offender list for life
      And the list goes on. Screw that! I rather just take a trip overseas once a year and get with women on vacation and be gone later. Sure, it’s 3,000+ depending on where I go, but the alternative is scary as hell.

      1. I’ve had this feminist troll from another website call me gay just because I didn’t agree with her.

        1. Feminists will call you gay as an insult but rush to the defense of the gay community at every opportunity.

        2. All feminists have are ad hominem attacks, and they milk the ingrained biases that cause both men and women to be more sympathetic towards women. When engaged in a purely rational debate their arguments completely fall apart. This is why I encourage men to learn the logical fallacies, so they can recognize these and call them out.

        3. And you know what, most gay men (and even lesbians) don’t really like them either. I got gay friends and they are uncomfortable with feminists! Heck, sometimes I think they’ve experienced an uglier side of these fucking trolls than we do.

        4. It’s done because they worship at the temple of Freud, believing that someone who’s hypermasculine (or normally masculine compared to the milquetoasts that orbit them) must be overcompensating for hidden homosexuality. This is a rather amusing point of view given Freud also believed women were necessarily inferior to men.
          Similar thinking goes on when they try to insult you by making baseless assumptions about your penis size and/or the lack of sex you’ve had recently. These are necessarily pure shots in the dark since they don’t know jack shit about who you are. They are purely desperate attempts to hit a berserk button which say much more about the person choosing that insult than the anonymous individual it’s directed against.
          I’m particularly amused when they call men “pussies”, thereby using a slang term for a part of their own biology as an insult. Either they’re conceding women are wimpy and inferior or the insult is meaningless, no different to me calling a feminist an elbow.

        5. They will also trash white dudes who date Asian or Latin women but never fail to celebrate their own ‘color-blind’ awesomeness.

        6. Obviously. For white women, feminism isn’t about righteousness. That’s just a front to attract people. Feminism is about manipulation and shaming to get women the things they want.

        7. It’s also about crushing and smashing up psychologically the feminin and more agreeable women so that they the “feminists” can get ahead of them. Women are hierarchial social primates and they have a viscious pecking order despite their self myths of being essentially cooperative, loving and peacefull. Domestic violence amongst Lesbians is considerable for instance.
          Smashing feminists and feminism will save another woman. It is a duty to humanity.

        8. Their main intention is to defend lesbians, if some gay men benefit as well then as far as they’re concerned it’s an unavoidable consequence. When they’re being honest feminists despise gay men just as much, if not more, as straight men.

        9. “Feminists will call you gay as an insult…”
          …and a lot of them are lesbian themselves.

        10. Yep they say how much they are in favour of multiculturalism yet they hate white men dating outside their race.

        11. I’m not so sure every feminist I’ve met seems to want to defend gay men at every turn. I’ve noticed so many women can’t stand any negativety towards gays under any circumstances even in a situation a gay man deserves criticism.

        12. Thing is if they wanna talk about the subconscious another way they are exposing themselves is by criticizing your sex life. They will accuse red pill men of seeing women as a sex objects but they insult red pill men by calling them virgins, basically it shows they respect men who show high value to females and can get laid, another red pill truth.

        13. Maybe the lesbians. The gay men (or even trannies), not so much. Feminists support women, and lesbians especially benefit from it. Even average girls don’t really like it.

        14. Basically, it’s them against men (and even trannies) because they think women are more superior. They are just self-entitled cunts that think they should rule the world. The only type of people in their side is them and their manginas.

        15. True story. A friend of mine who was part of this activist type campus organization left it because the president of it is a hardcore feminist cunt. Whenever he tried to contribute something to the whole group (majority of them lesbians and some gay men, they also left after him maybe because they saw through the shit of what that president does), he was told that he was ‘mansplaining.’ A couple of times, he even heard her say that she hated men and one of the girls there said ‘penises were gross’ or somewhere along those lines. I think he also mentioned that this one gay dude who was in it made some joke about vaginas and the whole group (mostly the lesbians in it) shamed him for it because apparently, the groups’ cunts were better and when they made some joke about penises, he didn’t care because he knew they were lesbian. Eventually, the group became all lesbians with the exception of a few straight girls who turned ‘bi.’

        16. Agreed.
          Yet you’re arguing with an emotionally driven army. They have the ability to remap time history, shape memories as needed and rage with conviction at any uncomfortable trutb speak.
          logical argument and rational discussion is the realm of great white men who build and maintain civilizations.

        17. You’ll also get feminists who genuinely believe in the ‘it’s just about equality’. Every cultural Marxist movement has its useful idiots. Question is, how high up in the heirarcy were they? My guess is they were just foot soldiers, and not the sort that can reliably get a coloumn in a national newspaper. Here’s a couple of recent examples of attacks on gay men from feminism.

          I’d also submit as proof that during the 90’s it was known as the GLBT movement, since it was gay men driving it as they suffered the most at the hands of anti-gay violence, but part way though the 00’s it had become the LGBT movement, putting women squarely first. Movement capture by feminism perhaps?

        18. What about doing an ad hominem attack on her, like pointing out every physical flaw from being overweight to dressing poorly?
          I think the rationalization hamster would explode; plus make sure you get the last word.

        19. You don’t argue to convince the army of irrational, screeching victims. You argue to convince the people who are on the fence, specifically men. Without men backing them, feminists have zero power. They rely on men to enforce their bullshit, which is why we should really be directing our attacks on male feminists.

        20. Women will Attack a man’s Sexuality, in their minds it’s like going for the throat. Penis size, homosexuality, ect.

        21. Women will defend to the death the right of the Homosexual.Ironically he will never Love her, Provide for her, or ensure the survival of the Human race.

        22. How many times growing up is it ingrained to never Insult a woman’s Appearance and looks? Even in a society of Supposed Equality a Man must refrain from insulting Her when she is insulting Him. He must not “Equally” insult her. Equality = Women Superior.

        23. This true, when I say feminists believe something I can’t claim every single one believes that but I am saying that the vast majority do. There’s exceptions to the norm in every group.

        24. Western women seem to despise men who actually show they love them an in their younger years don’t care about a man being a provider. Since gay men do neither for them they don’t mind.

        25. Head on over to Truth Revolt and check out the story of the female teacher charged with rape. I’ve been called gay because I expressed objection to the notion of female teachers merely getting a slap on wrist for getting it on with boys. I also expressed how it goes beyond physical acts. How they invade boys privacy in school too. When I was around 10 years old a female teacher barged into the boys lockerroom for no reason and observed naked boys coming out of showers with a big grin on her face. Since I was 10, I was mortified — as were many other boys who were completely humiliated by a female in their gender specific lockeroom. Apparently this makes me gay. It’s this f-ing attitude which is enabling women to get away with this crap. I’m done with the double standard. Harmless male teachers are forever walking on eggshells and bogus allegations have them front and center of national media whereas women doing worse rarely even see the front cover of local paper. No female student would ever have to worry about a male teacher coming into their lockerroom or bathroom. Yet boys do since females know little will happen to them. Look at the women who’ve been caught. This double standard mentality has them actually express that they didn’t think they did a thing wrong and it’s different because “she’s a girl.”

        26. From what I hear, the gay community is no fan of transsexualism. I can sympathize with someone who is naturally attracted to someone of their own sex. I personally am not attracted to black women; it’s just innate. I prefer Latinas, although white girls are ok.
          Unless there is some awful botched procedure, like a penis mutilation (circumcision) gone bad, then there is absolutely no reason to surgically change ones sexual bits. Then one becomes androgenous–neither a man nor a woman. If you are a female who likes other girls, just be a lesbian. Don’t cut out your cunt and turn it into a dildo.

        27. A lot of the time I am automatically assumed by feminists to be on their side, because I’m homosexual. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS. The’re not on my side, and will stab gay men in the back the first chance they get.

      2. Don’t forget that all of those things on your checklist are for a woman who is likely to gain 5-12 lbs a year and who you haven’t really been horny for in however many years your relationship has lasted minus 1. Meaning that first year is the only year that has any androcentric value. Each subsequent year is gynocentric servitude even if she doesn’t gain weight, which is unlikely.
        I always think of men in the US who have ‘made it’ meaning they became extremely wealthy in the US which is like being Bill Gates in the third world if they could only get there. But so what? They still have to bed down with that whining 54 year old cunt that they can only bang twice a year (that’s when they got so horny from watching the neighbor’s teen daughter wash the car in her bikini that they were able to shove it in their bitch of a wife before the engorgement receded)
        The success is all for naught. The feminine imperative is so overwhelming. Guys who make it big are forced to go through life with a kind of constant refrain of their successful narrative going through their mind. Golf, football, single malt. That’s the life. But there is no real ‘day’ for them to live in. No boners or anywhere to put one, to speak more frankly. I don’t always like to go into genital talk but it really is what I’m getting at. 50 plus multi-millionaire yet any given 16 year old skater idiot or pseudo gangster is banging WAY better tail. I’m in Asia and it doesn’t work like that here. The young tail is reserved for the middle-aged wealthy.
        I also get whispered about too, as you do, in the ‘is he or isn’t he’ sense. “Any wedding bells? (snicker, snicker)” The hinting and insinuations get more pronounced each time I come home from overseas. It’s basically getting to be overt insults. I’ve been overseas for coming up on two years now with a third upcoming. I think when I go home then I predict that there will be some outright in my face accusations if things keep escalating or it will simply be accepted as fact that I play for the other team. I don’t at all but that’s where people in my life insist on going. I will remain polite and decent and give them no reason for such an ugly attack but I think it’s coming. It already has, really, and it’s just astounding to me. It’s the feminine imperative again. Women CAN’T STAND that I am avoiding the yoke. Men hate it too, because a lot of them make more money than me but are tied to a fat cunt and it irks them that I’m still getting tail. Or that I’ve simply dodged their shit life, as if I’m a draft-dodger and they’re sitting there without a few of their limbs. I’ve said that on here before. A few of my friends became red-pill after horrible divorces, not through the manosphere, and they have my back on this. They’re about the only people I can stand to be around because there gets to be some very serious heat coming your way if you stay single post-40. It really troubles people and things get really ugly. Even miserably divorced men will look at me askance. “What’s wrong with him?” As their own life is in ruins because of a 190 lb cunt. I’m off with my Asian women that ‘have bowlcuts’, ‘smell like fish’ and ‘have the bodies of 10 year old boys’.

      3. You’re approaching it truthfully from a logical point of view, but in addition, I am simply not emotionally or physically attracted to 99.9999% of American girls. They are fat, boring, ugly, immoral. Foreign girls I’m probably attracted to a good 25% of them.

      this is australia. the craziness, the judge in all comments didn’t even focus on that there was a breach of contract in terms of privacy but clearly stated that women shouldn’t be judged for sexual exploits. as if somehow it doesn’t matter if men are judged on numerous counts of their own sexual criteria. it’s all so absorb. 15 months prison sure but it assumes that from reading what the judge was saying that 15 months was for offending one’s god given right to sleep around.

    3. “….such that once a girl reports a rape, the system just takes over completely….”
      UNLESS the rapist is NOT WHITE….aka: Rotherham….
      If the rapist rapes 1400 vulnerable girls but is a member of some sort of “oppressed” minority group….then the system will look the other way (for as long as possible). The system in the UK has become one that is directed by Cultural Marxists with a Tweeter link…..
      A system that bans Julien Blanc from entering the country but Al Sharpton is welcome.

      1. I think you are confused. A bunch of people have been convicted over the Rotherham child sex abuse crimes.
        Is Al Sharpton welcome? He is harmless. Farrakhan is not welcome as others also are not. Try to be consistent.

    4. Ray, that sounds like bad fiction. And it would be if it wasn’t fact.
      The advice about drunk girls. For some reason I have instinctively avoided drunk girls. No good can come of it. But I do know of guys who think that drunk girls are fair game. They are not and you will be prosecuted for rape after the fact if she decides later she has a problem with it. It is a point in law that a drunk person cannot consent to contract and apparently not to sex either. Stay far away.

      1. “It is a point in law that a drunk person cannot consent to contract ..”
        Unless you are using a prostitute I doubt that having sex with someone could be seen as a “contract”….
        The point however is not that “Drunk consent is NOT consent” but that you get excused for the consequences of your behaviour if you are drunk……AS LONG AS:
        1. You are a woman.
        2.There is a man around to blame.
        Women DON’t get an excuse for DUI or other criminal acts while drunk……so that means that they ARE responsible for their actions…..but it could also mean that to excuse them for DUI would be a step too far…(for now that is).
        The problem with the “drunk” excuse is that she can accuse you of rape days…..months….years….decades after the fact.
        How do you prove that she was NOT drunk?

        1. My friend, it is a very bad habit to take people’s words out of context. My words were:

          It is a point in law that a drunk person cannot consent to contract and apparently not to sex either.

          Please don’t waste people’s time like this.

    5. I had to call the police on a girlfriend in college. (I say “had to” because applying light force did not work and in the US any use of force on a woman could be perceived as a crime). She also did not react when I threatened to call them and just stood there and waited like a dumb drunk bitch until they arrived. The confrontation was simply because I came over, found her drunk and violent, so I left her apartment. She followed me to the parking lot yelling and grabbing me, and she ripped off my sideview mirror and blocked my car so that I could not leave without running her over. At that point I called the police (RUDE black female dispatcher).
      When the cops arrived, they recognized her from a DUI recently lol and got her under control. The scary thing is there is a law that REQUIRES you to file a report on any domestic call, so even though I just wanted to drive off, they told me I *HAD* to file a report. I often wonder if I am now in some database for domestic violence, because surely the male is perceived as the criminal in any such database.
      The stupid thing was I didn’t dump her for like another 6 months and even let her follow me after graduation and temporarily move in while she was “looking for her own place”…. ah blue pill!

  2. The killer is that not only do woman make false accusations, prosecutors have career incentives to push forward with obviously false cases.

    1. As in the Duke Lacrosse rape case . That prosecutor knew the case was bullshit and went ahead anyway. He was sanctioned eventually

      1. Yeah and that’s good that it happened that way in that he got sanctioned but in 15 years 80% of the people involved in these situations (in not 99%) will be indoctrinated, arch-feminists (whether they self-identify or not) and manginas.

    2. From what I hear, prosecutors never care about whether someone is guilty. They only care about whether they can convict a person of something. I don’t quite understand how that works.. if someone is murdered and there is some question as to whether a suspect did it, why would you hide the evidence exhonerating them? All that does (besides ruining an innocent person’s life) is let a murderer go free, since the police then stop looking for the real killer. And that is the whole point of a prosecutor’s job! To find and punish bad guys! It makes no sense.

    1. Saving all communication is a good idea in principle, but the feminutzis have managed to circumvent difficult questions about why an alleged rape victim is sending the guy flirty texts up to half a year later, by saying there’s no such thing as “the perfect victim”.
      They have an answer for everything.

      1. From what I understand what they really are saying is this.
        “We hate men. If any woman anywhere wants to ruin a mans life we should let her regardless of any and all evidence to his innocence.”

      2. Yes. And the push for redefining rape is lightning fast these days thanks to the internet. In just the last few months, the steam gained on the movement has been incredible. Every day there is a new wrinkle from the drunkenness angle, to the ‘lying’ angle, now on to the ‘male has to prove there was consent’ angle to this;
        Feminists are aggressively pushing the idea that all sex is rape since that was their fantasy to begin with. That scenario above shows no crime anywhere and it’s simply understood that it’s rape. There’s not even an explanation for why it’s rape anymore. Three weeks ago, there would at least be an explanation about the man’s misleading words, etc but now it’s just understood. Basically, it’s a situation where if you even set foot behind closed doors with a woman then you are susceptible whether you touch her or not.
        No physical proof is needed.
        Her word will be believed over yours. Even if it’s not, how can you prove that you got consent (which you will have to do to avoid jail) when you never even touched her? You get the wrong feminist judge and it’s over, just for stepping in to watch TV.

        1. “Feminists are aggressively pushing the idea that all sex is rape since that was their fantasy to begin with.”
          This should be obvious to everyone. Journalists should be pointing out that everything that used to be disavowed as just an extremist position is being implemented, slowly but surely. But there aren’t any journalists left, for the most part

        2. It’s what Rush always says too. It starts out as hilariously overzealous hyperbole and then fifteen years later, it’s culturally entrenched. There is nothing too zany to the left. Whatever insanity they come up with just for their current adolescent drama and emotional payoff needs will trickle through the most liberal universities and news sources, then the the more mainstream (still leftist) universities and media, until it finally gets smelted into our culture as a kind of pillar of belief. The insanity never trips it up en route either. The route is too well-developed and lined with pure emotion-heads along the way.
          Mitt Romney defending himself against accusations of not looking to hire females;
          “We had binders full of women.” A very clear answer. A trifling semantic error should have obviously been forgiven easily via context.
          “We had binders full of female applicants.”
          Case closed. But no, the feminists had to go into the “I’m not a binder!” Rage festival. That scenario of being so utterly stupid would have been laughable 15 years ago. Now, no one even bothers to point out the stupidity. It’s immediately seen as a valid argument. Amazing.

        3. “It starts out as hilariously overzealous hyperbole and then fifteen years later, it’s culturally entrenched.”
          There should be some serious study into how this is done, because the ‘progressive’ left’s whole strategy is about gradual change, where possible hiding their tracks in the process. There’s a thing called foucauldian genealogical research which is designed to reveal how positions develop over time – problem is its only leftists who use it at the moment, not least because they dominate universities

    2. Geezus it just Doesnt stop. Seriously any reasonable person can discern the difference between a few sporadic messages made to hide something and a long consistent history of romantic communication that can be used to exonerate an FRA.
      Sickening how bad its getting.
      Good article tho man. All we can do is keep informed and make smart decissions to get laid and protect ourselves…

  3. I followed up on Eleanor Defrietas because I hadn’t heard that story. Looks like the guy she accused of rape was the son of a shipping tycoon and had the funds to go after his alleged false accuser by hiring a law firm to bring a private suite. He came up with a bunch of email and even video evidence of him and Defrietas engaged in kissing and other affectionate behavior after Defrietas said he raped her. The government lawyers found that his private case met certain elements to have the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) (apparently somewhat like a district attorney’s office) to take up the case on his behalf and then Defrietas killed herself just before she would have had to give evidence (likely be exposed as a false accuser.)
    Interesting to note that Saunders is quoted in the article as saying that the CPS made the right call. I was very interested to see that in light of her current action. Is the current edict by her office trying to cover her own ass when she supported the law in the Defrietas case but then faced backlash from SJWs and is she now putting her own position and career advancement above legal standards and ethics?
    There are several news articles about Defrietas, and I read about her here:

    1. Good post. Was gunna read up on that also…
      Man I Dont have the $ resources to fight an FRA like this guy did, but I’m sure glad I save every god damned piece of electronic info and have it backed up.
      Wish this broad didn’t off herself. Would have been great to see the aftermath …..and she probably would have gotten a porn deal too wib those big jugs…

  4. Humor can be a very good way of illustrating a truth. Feminists are wrong to claim that a woman would never make a false rape allegation because she is uncomfortable or embarrassed. (Ex. Google search black men falsely accused (mostly by white women) when the women didn’t want a boyfriend to find out about her screwing around.)

    1. The sweetest day will be when some SJW-chick accuses Seth MacFarlane of rape and he gets convicted for it.
      Fuck that fag. He who embraces the SJW-world will be destroyed by it.

      1. Perhaps. I haven’t seen or read up on his public stances, but I could easily see it towing the “hollywood line.” Regardless this particular clip illustrated the point I want to make. There are times when women like “Jackie” and most likely Sulkowicz will make false rape allegations based on “feelings” or “embarrassment” who will capitalize on the kinds changes like in the UK.

    2. You know something is skewed when a group of men who normally wouldn’t interact with white women, due to thug and ignorance impression, house the majority of rape convictions. And rapists typically know their victims. So what happened? The token black guy in the group wanted out of the friend zone so bad he raped his white female friend between classes? But she couldn’t possible be lying. Nope.

    3. If men would remain true to the axiom “Never take women seriously” , then we would constantly react to their accusations with humor and dismissal.

  5. So, given how the West is so utterly defiling itself, is it not poetic-justice that muslims will be calling the shots soon in these leftist utopias? It’s positively hilarious to consider what will happen to these social-justice shitbags and their gaggle of losers.

    1. I am no fan of Sharia law. But looking at the way things are going, I can’t blame them for how they view women. I’d take Sharia Law over spending my life in prison cause some chick decided she didn’t like me.

      1. Except when you accept Sharia law, you will be murdered because you’re an infidel. So, you’re saying you rather be murdered than spend life in prison?
        Sharia law also ditates you can’t drink, smoke, or listen to music. Except the tyrannical leaders, who openly do these things while raping and murdering.
        Calm down with the hyperbole, guys. Liberal western civilization is a mess, but the Middle East is worse.

    2. IS should make a video with this bitch, they’d have as many recruits as they could take if they’d broaden their base

  6. A couple things trouble me (More really but trying to keep this short)
    1: Position of power = Rape:
    So how come when a male employee has sex with a female supervisor no one bats an eye about her position of power? I’m a rationale guy. I can swallow most bull so long as it is distributed evenly and fairly. This is not that. This is sheer hypocrisy and I am appalled that no one seems concerned about this clear doubles standard in the justice system that is supposed to be fair and impartial.
    2: Victims are anonymous while alleged assaulter get blasted:
    Um, why? You know what this does. It means the second a woman cries rape the verdict doesn’t matter. You are done. SHe doesn’t even have to take you to court. Here is BEST case scenario.
    -You get accused of rape = Life is over.
    -No evidence = Life is still over
    -Get acquitted = Life is still over
    -Try to counter sue = Still done. Change your name and move.
    -Bring up the faults in this system = You are a rapist and a rape supporter still.
    What the hell man? How is this even flying? The way it SHOULD work is that both parties remain anonymous until the verdict. And the law should apply EQUALLY to both sexes.
    Notice I am not even ragging on the law. Like I said. As long as it is applied EQUALLY I can tolerate most bullcrap. This is just plain railroading of the system and it is plain wrong.

  7. I’m from Britain and can report it’s every bit as bad as it sounds. Hardcore extreme feminists have managed to get into many positions of authority especially in the media and the politicians are terrified. Would anyone expect pitiful men such as Cameron and Miliband to make any kind of stand for the presumption of innocence when it will mean ceaseless attacks for “victim blaming”? Not that they understand anyway.
    “Consent to sexual activity is not a grey area—in law it is clearly defined and must be given fully and freely.”
    It’s astonishing that a DPP could say such a thing. She is 100% wrong. The law in England is absolutely explicit – consent is tested to a standard of “reasonableness” (the very definition, necessarily so, of a grey area) and implied consent and drunken consent are both valid forms of consent if deemed reasonable. In a serious society she would be sacked as holding such an opinion suggests she is ignorant and dangerous to a free society. She won’t be fired though, her career will be nicely padded by the powerful.
    It brings to mind the problem of trying to be reasonable with such people and debating the details rather than going to the root cause. The feminists have ignored the detail and simply look to the big picture, trying to paint a false picture of themselves as oppressed and “equality” being a worthwhile goal. You will find many sensible men who now agree with such gibberish.
    It won’t do to simply tackle feminists on the details, to point out the dodgy statistics they love etc. We have to take the fight from first principles, on an ideological level to point out how absurd and undesirable their goal of a world where men and women are the same and the law should be there to force society to pretend away distinctions and differences is. Normal healthy people all reject feminism when they understand it; indeed for most people the differences and obvious inequalities between men and women is a source of joy, pleasure and love, the basis of happy family life and a free society. Yet those same people are brainwashed into saying “the government must do more to bring about “equality”. We have to stop them right there and point out how undesirable “equality” between men and women is, how it undermines society and means pretending away reality.
    Britain is a society in decline and the feminism is symptomatic of this. Several years back it was decided that it was wrong that women couldn’t be firefighters, so they campaigned and got the standard tests measuring size and strength dropped or in some cases removed entirely. Who knows how many lives have since been lost? They attack male sexuality all the time too, witness the ludicrous “no more page 3” campaign for censorship all over a newspaper showing topless women. In Britain there is also a very sinister group who relentlessly attack any toys for children aimed at either boys or girls. They have managed to get many companies to bow down to them and go along with their extreme policy of social engineering. Many companies are terrified, a famous shoe company was attacked for having shoes for boys and girls and publicly capitulated. A phone company begged for forgiveness when it correctly suggested women aren’t as interested in football as men in an advertisement. Recently the Girl Guides were put under the stewardship of an extreme feminist pro-abotion campaigner (I know it sounds beyond belief but I’m being serious) who now organises them to have petitions demanding sex education for very young children and nobody dares speak out. When the Bank of England wanted to put Churchill on a banknote a feminist started a campaign denouncing him as another, to give the exact quote, “dead white male” (notice they always attack white men despite white societies being the only civilisation to ever give women any kind of freedom – show them weakness and they taste blood). A hideous fat feminist who openly hates men called Karen Smith is now getting backing in the press and even part of the legal establishment for a campaign called “count dead women” – she started it when she saw some women were murdered and in her head decided it meant women were being persecuted. Very quickly, wiser heads pointed out that the statistics show that she is wrong, that in fact most victims of murder are men but she just ignored them and carried on and the establishment allow her some access to big newspapers etc despite her being utterly batshit crazy as well as stupid.
    So it comes as little surprise the legal establishment is falling too. At least we’re not as bad as the pussy-whipped men of Sweden I suppose but we’re on a very deep decline and will end up a far less free country all down to misguided attempts to placate feminist extremists.
    We can win though – almost everybody with an ounce of sense deep down knows from life experience that feminism is fundamentally nonsensical. Their only strength is that most of them have nothing to do all day but organise campaigns on twitter – which is why the companies bow down to them and it has proved sadly effective so far but it must be possible to fight back as the majority normal opinion is simply too often silent.

  8. I though this article was about a woman trying to unfairly change the law. But the person in that pic unquestionably has a hairy swinging dong between their legs. Now I’m confused.

    1. Well I’m not a democrat but that would be a very good start. After that they should be stripped of every right. The right to go to university, the right to sterilize themselves with birth control to the point that we Europeans are a dying race, the right to work (some jobs only), the right to divorce, the right to parade about like a third world street walkers etc.

      1. I’m sure there were alot of American Colonists who thought we would never break free from King George. Anything is Possible .

    2. No that won’t happen now. Some mistakes can never be undone. We will have to live with it. I wish our forefathers were more thoughtful

  9. Why would any reasonable man join the army or the police in defence of a society that hates him just because he is male? Why would any reasonable man fund such a government?

    1. If we didnt, every fake rape case would be prosecuted. how do u think the ‘slut walk,’ started??

    2. That is why Men’s clubs were eradicated .When Men get together and share Ideas and can relate to social injustices, they organize and cause change to happen. When Men are separated and disorganized the Forces that are Organized go Unchallenged and Unmitigated.These Forces don’t want a society of Reasonable Men, if they allowed for that, they’d surely be Overthrown.

      1. Men are doers, and unless things get seriously out of hand, and we have the social organization (mens clubs) to debate and organize, men typically just go about their lives. Men still dominate government. (Well, they are genetic males, but almost no politician is masculine), and yet they kowtow to the whims of minority groups (feminists, religious groups, corporations, racial groups, etc.) all the time. Why? Because females are naturally good at beeing conniving, catty, convincing, and whiny. They lobby and organize for change, and they get it. Men are too busy Getting Shit Done to go march on Washington or organize on an issue. Until one day things are just pushed too far and the whole thing crumbles.

  10. this is why im saving to move to a SANE country!
    Women arent women anymore! They act like dykes and 9/10 have mental problems! Thats why we fuck them and get rid of them the next day but lately, these broken women dont do much for me. A real feminine woman + looks = WOW!!!
    Bottom line with all the white knights, betas and broken women everywhere you go, i feel like im living in a mental asylum! I’m getting out… just not sure which country to move to that hasnt been poison by Feminism yet!

    1. Mind=blown we basically made the same kind of post at the same time lol see my post above

    2. Asia is good. Hong Kong. Singapore, Japan. Korea. There is some shit to deal with but at least you’re surrounded by real women and also not working half your life to fund your enemy’s bullshit (progressives)
      The women are turning into hairless apes. How many high profile celebs have found a way to show off their bare asses like the most depraved strippers lately? Madonna, Lady Gaga, Kim K, Miley. Okay on the one hand it’s, “Yea. Ass!” But on the other hand it’s so freaking primal and classless. They have turned into utter pigs. They are living in a state of having absolutely no expectations or obligations at all.

    3. I’m a bit of a hypocrite here, as I have not yet moved, but honestly, stop worrying about it and just go. Don’t worry about picking the best country. Just go anywhere. Even a move from the US to the EU would be an improvement. And the second and third moves will become progressively easier. Become a man of the world. The world is your oyster.

  11. Besides the Middle East, what other countries (that are worth living in) do not have to deal with feminism? I know the Phillipines gets a lot of hype, but it really doesn’t appeal to me.
    I really want to live someplace where the people aren’t connected online 24/7 and actually enjoying their world. I’ve visited Costa Rica and life there seems chill and relaxing… but it’s TOO relaxing. I have a home in the West Bank, Palestine, but there’s really not much to do fun-wise there
    I’m really just fed up with the everyday bullshit in America, and I crave places that have a sense of culture and values. I spent 2 weeks in Spain and loved the life there, so that’s in my list to consider.

    1. somewhere russian speaking maybe? bonus for you that the women in those countries love middle eastern guys.

    2. Ever thought of the south pacific? (Fiji, French Polynesia, etc) Lots of culture and very beautiful women.

      1. Because my parents are Palestinian, came to America, made a lot of money, and had a house built in their home country to retire in.

        1. is it not dangerous what with the Israeli occupation n all?
          I’ve seen a lot of hot Palestinian women on tv. I imagine they are very conservative though.

        2. The West Bank is very safe. I was there for the last 2 months, actually just got back to America last week. With the occupation we just have to deal with headaches during travel, like checkpoints and long detours. Our town of Baytin was only a 5 minute drive to Ramallah (the big major city) but Israel blocked the road when a new settlement was built, so now it takes about 15-20 minutes to get there. Water is also an issue, since the water supply comes from Israel, and they will periodically cut it off with no notice.
          Yes the women are attractive, and yes they are very conservative. Not all wear the hijab (my mom and sister do not). But usually most are virgins until marriage.

        3. Thanks for the info! I would not currently travel to this region (it’s perceived as unsafe, plus I just don’t want to visit an authoritarian state that questions me like a criminal while I come and go (even though I’m white male)) so it’s good to get some first hand knowledge.
          As far as where to move.. try to quantify the things you like. Did you like Spain because of the Hispanic women? Then consider anywhere in South America. Or because of the socially-oriented, bustling café life, the great food, and amazing architecture? Anywhere in Europe.
          What is it you enjoy? Beautiful beaches? Hiking / adventure? Culture / museums? Cheap thrills and a wild nightlife? Think about what options your ideal city would have and there is a country that caters to that.
          I am also a huge fan of Costa Rica but consider it more a retirement destination for the reasons you mention. But much of the surrounding countries offer similar locales and lifestyles, but without the idyllic nature park vibe of Costa Rica. I loved Ecuador, and want to try Columbia next.
          Travelling makes me feel so alive, and while you can make a decent living $$ in the USA (although this peaked decades ago and we are on the decline, albeit still better off than most nations) I just feel dead and shitty and lifeless in the US. Our culture is so corrupt and artificial. I don’t know the best way to quantify it other than a post I read here: “When you are abroad you never even think about video games or pornography” — so true. Also I’m rarely motivated to chase after American women.

  12. “Feminism is about equality.”
    Yeah sure. Right up to the point when two equally drunk people have sex, and then suddenly the woman is a victim who was unable to consent, and the man is a rapist. Such equality.

    1. the point when two equally drunk people have sex, and then suddenly the woman is a victim who was unable to consent, and the man is a rapist

      Feminism in Action:
      college officials expelled an 18-year-old freshman for sexual assault last year after ruling that his classmate was too drunk to consent to sex.
      The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office concluded that witnesses agreed that both parties were drunk but “willing participants exercising bad judgment,” according to a report by its investigating deputy.
      The attorney, Marilou F. Mirkovich, found that the young man did not know that his classmate was too drunk to consent because he, too, was inebriated. But, citing the college’s policy that does not allow alcohol or drug consumption to excuse sexual misconduct, Mirkovich found that he should have known and was responsible for the assault.

  13. another reason to not date british women, their laws and attitudes are as ugly as their bodies and faces.

      1. Hardly surprising. I suppose most of the voters are either completely plugged in, or had a dramatic emotional response to barrister David Osborne’s statements – in light of recent events such as the Rotherham scandal, for example (that is actual rape on a very different level, which I don’t get the impression he condones in the slightest). They cannot see where he is coming from..

    1. At least there is opposition there in the UK. I can’t imagine someone publicly, especially a judge or other powerful official, stating a truth like this.
      Look, if society wants to make drunk sex illegal, ok whatever, make a new crime called Fornication While Inibriated or something. But calling men rapists who sleep with a drunk girl they meet at a pub only weakens the true rapist (the rare guy who actually attacks a stranger and forces himself on her).
      Same with date rape. If you want to make date rape a crime, punish it separately. Because a date rapist is only a threat to a subgroup of society who will go out, scantily clad, with a man they don’t know well, and take drugs or drinks until they are mentally impaired, and/or put themselves in an isolated social situation with a person of the opposite sex where fornication can occur. But a real rapist is a threat to any woman, and should be handled, punished, and rehabilitated differently. Calling these weaker actions rape only normalizes and weakens the crime that a true rapist commits.

  14. It will take something on the scale of the Salem Witch Trials to turn this around, and make no mistake, it WILL happen. The only question is which poor smuck is going to be the first martyr…

  15. Thank god America has uncovered some of the nonsense rape fictions of 2014 for the total nonsense they are. Let’s hope the UK somehow pulls itself out of this nosedive.

  16. There was a judge who wrote about this being absurd online. Obviously he got slated but he said that alcohol and drugs should be taken out of the equation as it is most likely that it is consentual between both parties. Makes you wander if making a counter rape claim against the ‘victim’ will be effective as under those laws. You are too drunk to consent too.
    It’s interesting because he is the only one saying anything that is common sense. Suggesting that women should be more respectful in themselves both in terms of how they dress and the amount of alcohol/drugs they consume. Recognising that they have FREE choice.

    1. I suspect the only thing that can stop this trend is counter-claims. Lawyers will always follow the money – with the likely exception of left activist lawyers of whom there are more than a few

  17. 1. MRAs have lost, feminism has won. YET AGAIN, like since decades.
    2. Our whole society is femastasized with feminists controlling everything from government to media. Anyone who thinks this will stop any time soon, is fooling himself. Women are the enemy and women are the majority. This is just the beginning and radical feminism is now being codified in INTERNATIONAL contracts.
    3. Women love it that way. They love that men can be arrested and thrown into jail at the snap of a finger.
    4. The problem is not only the unfair laws, but the whole attitude of courts against men and the overglorification of female bodies.
    5. Any man who still supports equal rights for women deserves to be false accused of rape and rot in jail.

  18. This article fails to mention that several academic and police studies have shown that false rape allegations are in the order of 40%. The U.S. army study was 27%. There are even false rape claims caught on you tube. The only 2% claim of false rape allegations in the area of unverifiable myth rather than study.

  19. ” “where consent could not reasonably be considered to have been given freely due to the unequal relationship of the parties involved.” The example is the “suspect held a position of power over the potential victim” ”
    This is probably the worst bit. Since women are attracted to men by virtue of the power they hold, including the power men hold over them as women, then this serves the purpose of undermining the most likely ‘site’ of successful heterosexual couplings. As always it will have the effect of making heterosexuality unworkable (or criminal) – which has always been the feminist goal. It will be interesting to see how feminists / legal activists try to unpack the implications of this

      1. if you ever debate with a feminist (I don’t recommend it) at some point she’ll point out that the dictionary definition of feminism is ‘equality’. An actual definition however would need to refer I think to “the manipulation of” such claims to equality

  20. Re: “Only 2 per cent of all reported rapes are false!”
    In an investigation of 556 rape cases, reported in Forensic Science Digest, Vol.11, no.4, Dec. 1985, it was found through DNA testing that 33% of the accusations were false. Another 27% in the same study were shown to be false when the women involved admitted lying, or were shown to be lying by lie detector tests. That’s a total of 60% false accusations.

  21. you are the man and you have the power. Choose not to have sex. starve out the system and let the women come to their senses. Don’t fuck them. When you do, you give them the power to make false allegations. They need sex as badly as you, and your opting out will force them to change their laws. Don’t be the thirsty guy who will compromise his dignity and freedom, just for a few minutes of fun. Your respect and life is worth than that. Work to improve yourself. Stick together with your bros. Try to create a business. Starve the bitches.

    1. Nothing gives the strongest boost of will power than refusing sex to a hot woman. I’ve done it few times. The look on their faces is priceless. The table gets turned and the man gets to experience the privilege the bitches have enjoyed for millennia.
      They literally beg you for it because they get the needy ones. I usually allow them to blow me and that’s all. I would only have full sex with a girl who is totally submissive and willing to blow me on her knees first without getting any pleasure for herself. She should be ready for proper butt slapping too.
      I know it takes an enormous will power but sense of power is the ultimate drug, it feels damn good.
      Desperate times require desperate measures.

      1. Fembots are getting better and more palatable as time goes – it will be interesting to see what will happen in a decade or maybe even less, the way things are going.

    2. Sorry but women really don’t need sex as much as men. If they did men wouldn’t whine about not getting laid all the time

      1. Yes we have more testosterone and need sex more. That’s a fact. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Even though I’m more horny than woman, sometimes it good to set aside my libido when I’m being stripped of my dignity and my rights as a man. Once we starting having this mindset, we’ll break free of the power of women, the greatest reason of which is that they are the gatekeepers of sex and we are the consumers.

  22. so the brits don’t have “innocent until proven guilty” anymore? ahh. well. if my brother got locked up because of some cunt, i’d murder her

    1. I feel like it’s already here. Hasn’t legal precedent been set that a woman who is drunk and has sex is raped. Period. ?

  23. This female lawyer certainly looks like a Jew. Why are all theese man haters Jews and Jewesses? Because they want to genocide the white Race.

  24. Communist in everything but name…
    Stalinist in everything but Uncle Joe in charge….
    And very very Soviet in nature…
    The West used to be a place to be revered. Now its a place where you can live in decline.

  25. Well some of these comments are just crazy, but I agree with most of this article. As an adult, if I did not want to have sex I would say so and fight back. I don’t like that women are claiming to promote equality while simultaneously telling me that I’m incapable of putting up any resistance to men or of avoiding dangerous situations.

  26. “With all other crimes, lawyers take it as a given that the jury is
    trustworthy to deliver fair judgments. In rape trials, feminists want us
    to believe that juries become subnormal bigots who can’t even be
    trusted not to be influenced by “stereotypes,” which are presumed to be a
    product of human malice rather than collective, shared empirical
    observation. Something doesn’t quite add up.”
    Yes, it’s the direction of the bias.
    William Blackstone, taking a survey of the previous 700 years of English common law, first recorded the existence of a presumption of innocence at English law.
    In the same text — the Commentaries on English Law of 1760 — he squarely addressed the subject of rape. And doing so, explicitly warned judges that rape, being an abhorrent crime deserving of the death penalty, was of such a character as to be likely to overbear the rational thinking of juries and carry them away to a verdict of guilt without properly assessing the evidence.
    That is, Blackstone was specifically concerned about how jurymen tended to be unfairly biased against an accused when rape was alleged. They tended to produce convictions when the evidence against the accused did not necessarily add up or was insufficient. It was a tendency he warned judges specifically to guard against when looking at rape charges. That is, historically juries didn’t tend to disbelieve women on rape charges, they tend to overbelieve them so much that objective men watching the trial (as judges were) could see they were thinking with their white knight helms and not with their brains.
    And Blackstone specifically warned judges about the possibility of false rape accusations, two of which incidents he recorded in his Commentaries. He concluded by citing the words of an old judge whose opinions he had read — rape was a crime easy to allege, hard to prove, but harder to defend, and that always had to be remembered when guiding juries.

  27. I look at Eleanor Defrietas and all I keep saying to myself is “what a waste of galactic globe shaped tits”. I guess I’m going to hell. Well… not really since the bitch got exposed and then decided she couldn’t take her own medicine.
    Whoops… sorry radical feminists. Does it upset you that I said that or upset you that my girlfriend just sighed, laughed and punched my arm for saying it. I guess us normal people have to be careful not to offend any of you which is quite easy considering you all look the same, talk the same, have no worthwhile job the same, have no worthwhile education the same and all lead miserable and unfulfilled lives the same.
    But seriously…. what a waste of a good set of tits….. no… I’m serious…. or am I! Yes… I am.

  28. one more reason for every sane man to just stick to the prostitutes, i for one never regerted it,

  29. Easy fix. If you’re a guy in the UK randomly accuse some fat bitch of rape. The story will go viral and maybe they’ll think twice.

  30. Why is nothing done about this? Why are these horrific misandrist feminists allowed to get away with such measures when they are nothing more that legalized hatred of men?

  31. #yesonlywomendothis

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