Antarctica Is A Perfect Place To Resettle Society’s Losers And Slackers

During the Age of Exploration, multitudes of settlers began crossing oceans to tame new frontiers. Many were fleeing religious persecution, such as the Puritans who were kicked out of Britain for being too uptight. Others were young, adventurous, and ambitious enough to seek their fortunes in a far-off land they’d never seen. However, it even worked for the unambitious. Australia was once a colony for pickpockets and other petty criminals. Nonetheless, they got their act together, and it became industrialized and (despite some problems) overall a pretty cool place.

There’s a place already even cooler, way down under. There’s a nearly empty continent just right for the ambition-challenged of today. Who should be “encouraged” to get one-way tickets to Antarctica?

Human Resources

Making the workplace pleasant and enjoyable for all

What do HR droids do, anyway? Since I have valuable skills, I’m disqualified from such a position. However, as far as I can gather, it involves a lot of Solitaire, Minesweeper, Facebook, and Tinder. When they’re not too busy with that, they push papers, act as the gatekeepers for prospective employees (even though they often don’t understand the industry enough to assess qualifications), prevent employees from flirting, and arrange for those all-important diversity and sensitivity training seminars.

HR departments essentially serve as shovel-ready boondoggles for those who made the mistake of majoring in sociology or women’s studies. If Daddy’s money didn’t fund the four-year Cock Carousel ride, they’ve got to pay off all that student loan debt somehow! Simply put, HR is dead weight for any company. They draw a salary for doing nothing valuable. Let’s put this unproductive overhead to work, sending them to a promising new continent!

Dope fiends

Smoking weed occasionally has its effects, but isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, chronic use makes potheads lazy and stupid. The hard stuff—heroin, crack, and meth—is far worse, making users act like zombies. It’s lots of fun, until they go in and out and back again to prison, where these wasteoids are supervised 24×7 at taxpayer expense. They’re also a burden on society otherwise, which is why dope is illegal. To get their fix, they’ll mooch and steal until they’ve burnt everyone who cares about them. Then these Gollum-like creatures hit the street and keep committing crimes.

If they realize they’re wasting their lives and do something about it, great. All too often, though, they become frequent fliers in prison and otherwise leech off of society. Since Antarctica doesn’t have a drug trade, it’s the perfect opportunity to unscrew their heads before they die of an overdose.


Got any spare change? I promise I’ll spend it on food. Malt liquor and Thunderbird are my favorite food groups!

One of the first effects of politically correct language was to get everyone calling vagrants “homeless”. The sillier term, “urban campers”, never caught on. I prefer the older words. Hobos got whatever day labor they could find, tramps worked if absolutely necessary, and bums refused to work even for survival. On a serious note, it’s a complex topic. Some get in that condition after a string of misfortunes. I have no problem with those ones. I wish the hobos all the luck in the world.

Other vagrants are dope fiends and winos. They don’t belong on the streets; they belong in rehab. Also, many lunatics refuse psychiatric treatment. Back in the day, the Supreme Court changed the rules on involuntary institutionalization, releasing hordes from state bughouses. Soon, the smelly and crazy panhandlers were everywhere. (Somehow Reagan got blamed.) Then there are terminally lazy bums. I’ve known one; he wouldn’t get up off his fat ass if you lit the couch on fire. When deprived of a couch, he’d hit streets, dumpster-diving for junk food. He fathered two kids before his heart gave out in his 30s.

There’s an old term that fits: useless eaters. Perhaps the arbeitsscheu will figure out how to do something constructive in a bright new colony.

Social Justice Warriors

Dude, do you even lift?

Feminism is nauseating, but I realize that most ordinary feminists were merely suckered by a propaganda campaign conditioning them to believe they’re oppressed. Unlike the propagandists themselves, garden-variety feminists have human souls (although it’s hard to tell sometimes). However, I have zero understanding for Social Justice Warriors, the “anti-everything” crowd. SJWs hate their society with a religious zeal. This goes beyond believing too many lies.

Simply put, they want to make war on society. These nihilistic tempests in a teapot fail to realize that being a rebel without a clue is for fourteen-year-olds. SJWs are pitiable mental cases who repost stupid memes on Tumblr, spout lame slogans like “Check your privilege!”, and conduct online dogpiling campaigns to punish people for disagreeing with them. Somehow they think these antics improve the world. SJWs oppose all that is natural, normal, beautiful, productive, and successful.

To hell with them—but until then, to Antarctica! If these pathetic oxygen thieves want a socialist paradise, let them build it among the penguins. Maybe they’ll get pecked to death shortly after Year Zero fails horribly.

Chronic welfare recipients

Don’t breed ’em if you can’t feed ’em!

When I was about eight years old, my liberal parents explained the concept of welfare. Innocently, I asked if anyone chooses just to collect a check instead of working. A horrified look followed after what their little hellion said, and I was told emphatically that it never happens. Now their future shitlord is grown up, and like many citizens, I’m sick of paying taxes for millions of loafers who vegetate in front of their TVs all day, most having not the slightest relation to me.

Some are unable to work through no fault of their own. They’re not the problem. Rather, it’s insane to support perpetual alms-seekers who don’t even try, despite being perfectly able-bodied and having no mental problems besides the deadly sin of sloth. First, we must bring jobs back. Then we need to pull the remaining slackers off the public tit. A social safety net is beneficial only if it’s well-run, efficient, encourages self-sufficiency, and returns people to the workforce.

Res ipse loquitur.

LBJ started the War on Poverty, resulting in intergenerational poverty. (Way to go, Champ!) Those who couldn’t hack it in society started getting paid to stay at home and reproduce, ultimately worsening urban blight. Meanwhile, higher tax burdens started making it more difficult for productive citizens to have children. In normal families, parents teach kids about their careers, encourage education, and instill a work ethic that gets them ahead in life. As for the single moms (and more rarely, the baby daddies), maybe they show them the ropes about filling out government forms and gaming The System.

It’s basically the takers versus the makers; “We feed, they breed.” I don’t mind the feeding part so much as the breeding. That’s what brings us ever closer to an Idiocracy scenario. Only adversity can get evolution out of reverse gear, so it’s time for Atlas to shrug. Why not end the cycle of poverty and settle them in a land of opportunity where they can figure out how to earn their daily bread?

Fainéants dehors!

One last hit before I have to pack my bags…

Some will object that Antarctica is an icy wasteland with few resources and no agriculture. Well, if Japan and Singapore can support themselves on manufacture, surely our future Antarctic colonists can figure that out too. Sink or swim, slackers!

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61 thoughts on “Antarctica Is A Perfect Place To Resettle Society’s Losers And Slackers”

    1. Exactly!
      What with the resident Nazis and the aliens, your just creating another immigrant cultural clash.
      With less rape…..or with more rape….

    2. Um… The Antarctic Treaty will put a small dent in this plan, since no one’s allowed to visit the south pole, besides military, The Pope, John Kerry and a few other people linked to shady shit (note: John Kerry went to visit on Election Day 2016… interesting timing).

        1. I didn’t read your comment, I just replied to it to make sure my comment is near the top of the comments section. I always do that.

      1. Anyone can visit. It costs about 10g as a tourist. There’s lots of scientists and very limited military ofany nation except when an anti whaling ship runs into trouble.

        1. Wrong, you can’t visit the south pole. You can visit a “ceremonial” south pole, about 300 meters (or so the cunts say) from the “real” south pole. I found out that nugget of info when I watched Prince Harry’s visit. Even he didn’t get to go to the south pole. There’s a good reason for that.

      2. You can visit it via some tourist operators if you’re fine only taking some pictures with the penguins. Wonder what they’ve got to hide over ther. No wonder the flat earthers speculate about it.

  1. If we get rid of all the groups listed in this article than America will be left with only whites and a few Asians.

    1. Nice troll {{merlevin}}. How about the chosenites vacate Palestine and make their new supremacist homeland Antarctica?

      1. You’re the Sasquatch. Why don’t you take your own pelt to Antarctica? You can spend quality time with your pubic/head lice there with no interruptions.

      2. Someone must pay you to just drivel on about Hebrews even in articles with no relation to the Levant.
        What kind of SJW are you?

        1. What Hebrews? The topic is Antarctica, but you seem to have difficulty catching on. You must have skipped summer school this year. Don’t do it again.

  2. This is great. Get all the lazy, useless fucks out of here. If they do not contribute and are of the age to, boot em. I don’t work to support those who won’t.

    1. Yeah but they are not DESTROYING society. It is the pro-active bad eggs that do this. And Cholos, refugees, Hood Rats won’t move to Antartica.

    2. in fact you do. you support much worse scum not just those who are sick of the system. you support the criminals indirectly, the government does it without asking you tax slave! now go working and pay taxes you low life slave!

  3. I think Antarctica would be a good place for the White Ethnostate. Could easily set up sustainable Agriculture with greenhouses and use Antarctica’s endless fresh water supply. Also creating large indoor gyms and it would be a great environment to force Trust and warrior building attitudes. Much like how the ice age in Europe created many positive European traits.

    1. Get off the crack pipe. Stop playing with your putz. White people don’t want to live in Antarctica, you schmuck.

    2. Why should whites abandon the rest of the world. All we have to do is wake up and get rid of the Tribe’s influence. Then the whole world would be ours.

    3. That’s what I was thinking. We’ll never get the people we don’t want to move there, but it’s the last place left to escape to if escaping somewhere is what it comes down to.

  4. The biggest welfare drain is corporate welfare.
    That and the no-bid military contractors.
    Send them to the frozen zone and let the people be.

  5. Why is it everybody’s all about polluting Antarctica with all the human trash that was listed above? Personally I think they are quite at home and right where they need to be in the freaking cesspools that they live in already. What needs to happen is that human pollution needs to be taken care of right exactly where it is now instead of spreading it to a continent that’s pretty much free and clear of that kind of degenerate garbage. Beside the annunaki don’t eat human trash, but the reptiloids do, so keeping the penned up means they are easier Pickens when the forked tongues get the munchies and want fat lazy tender human veal.

    1. You all will thank me later for pointing that out. Reptiloids are lazy too so by making it easy for them they will leave the worthwhile folks alone. Didn’t you people ever watch V the series?

      1. I don’t need to thank you later as I’m sure you’ll thank yourself in a followup reply…why do you constantly pepper your comments with your own thoughts and editorial musings…get a hobby.

      1. Did you hear the one about the Arab who managed to create a huge deficit, 17 year wars in Afghanistan and a debacle in Iraq.
        All he needed was to pay for a few flying lessons and some box cutters to do it.

  6. We’ll all soon be sent there thanks to A.I.
    Fact is that most people do a bullshit job which can be easily replaced by a robot. The funny thing is they delude themselves into thinking that their so called contribution makes any kind of difference.

  7. “Slackers”
    Sending a bunch of aging Gen-X “slackers” like Beck to Antartica or pot-smokers will not change the Brazil the US is becoming due to Mestizo primitivism and the hyper-sexual High-T grunting Sub-Saharan blacks.
    Good luck evicting these folks.
    Whites are a passive race who create losers and deadbeats but for the most part they do not create aggressively destructive criminals.
    The white who smokes pot all day and lives at home when he is 45 is not destroying society.
    The 40 year old meth head who has been “spun” since 15 and has only been out of jail continuously for a single year since 1994 when he picked up the meth pipe is not blighting urban centers by stealing from his trailer park or exurban neighbors. Getting rid of him is a low priority.
    The blacks and Mexicans will go nowhere. Neither will the Jews.

  8. Deporting hippies and slackers who smoke pot in Mom’s basement at age 40 does not solve the problem of blacks and Mestizos.
    Whites are not proactively destructive as a race. Some are useless but the real impact is black/Latino crime.

  9. +We lack the language, nouns and verbs in popular conversation speech to describe what the globohomos are doing and that’s why the sheeple have such confusion and trouble doing an about face and nailing their gaslighters. Sheeple barely know they’re being gaslighted or what the term means. The sheeple aren’t versed in enough commonly understood attack adjectives to even call out the enemy and declare their presence. You simply can’t see what you don’t have familiar known words to describe, even if it’s right in your face.
    To illustrate how phenomenon are clarified by speech, take the word ‘cuckold’ for example. The word ‘cuckold’ regained prominence in the past decade where previously, feminist women’s advocates acted as apologists and excusists for any and all acts committed by a woman that fell under the category of ‘cuckoding’ although the term was absent. Openly using the branding term ‘cuckold’ was the thorn word that could pop their entire balloon. 20 years ago it went without saying that western women simply did as women did. “It’s the 1990s” was as close as you heard of calling out the whoring, the hypergamy on steroids, more whores in skirts on campuses pursuing basketweaving careers and frivorce and divorce rape devistating swaths of families and entire communities and so on. But hearing the phrase “It’s the 1990s” obscures the liability for WHO was actually abetting the degeneracy and unregulated hypergamy in females.
    The women’s advocates functioned in conjunction with the aid of nanny state enforcement goonthuggery to gaslight that there was no such thing as cuckolding and that women have dual citizenship status as both victims and as an empowered elite class. It was one of the biggest final cover ups of feminism and it was their final straw to try to bury the epidemic of ‘cuckoldry’ like it was a descriptiveless cat sh¡t odor everywhere. But it STANK to high he|| didn’t it? It still stunk regardless how deep in the kitty litter and word obfuscation they tried to use to bury the acts. The descriptor word ‘cuckoldry’ was the word that really puts a name on the culprit women and puts crosshairs on their enablers. It’s like going to the SOURCE on the awful odor in the room.
    The place we know as the west still stinks though with all the other hi-jinx being pulled on the sheeple by the homoglobos and by their k¡ke front mask faces. You can tell I’m desperately fishing for descriptive words here. People are being not only gaslighted by simpleton language used in MSM news sugar coating, but right in our faces we’re being doped with soma right and left in the form of opioids.
    – – – – – – – The ‘Opiod epidemic’ aka the homoglobo sponsored ‘drug carpet bombing’ of the west. – – – – – – –
    The war on (of) drugs for example is one ruse that feeds sheeple the lie that addicts have some sort of ‘illness’ after communities are deliberately flooded with prescription opioids and simultaneously flooded with street opioids and state funded revolving door treatment centers – – and it’s done ALL by the hands of the same elites. It’s a homoglobo sponsored chemical attack intended to tranquilize the west and the stupid sheeple emyloyees of the system and the stupid sheeple fishwrap reading good citizens are waking up without any lexicon of words to accurately describe the calamity and identify it’s purveyors by their duck walk. Not a day goes by that the fishwrap doesn’t headline citizen’s property being wantonly confiscated and unwarranted searches being rubber stamped for all citizens. It makes me sick reading the daily paper fishwrap that keeps spotlighting a new treatment center ribbon cutting and more op ed tearful stories of sheeple relatives featured in articles about the ‘toll’ of victims of dope. Why can’t we hear more outcry of mass revolt against the lying press and against the whole dope matrix system and against the whole system that is practicing managed euthanasia against white western nations?
    But (?(WHO)?) is really masterminding the scheme? Democratic party machine parasites? Homoglobulii? Elitists? Jevvs? Where’s a word? Does anyone have a good PUNCH word or SOCK IT TO EM word like ‘cuckold’ for the way the system ass lickers and good obedient sheeple give carte blanche to the opiod dispenseries of ‘treatment’ methadone that continue the cycle for the dope masters. Can’t the good sheeple rebel and run them all out of town and purge them from the republic? The treatment clowns and street dealers and corporate correctional facilities are all equally part of the greater system cabal. And so are the pinstripe suit and tie defense attorneys and state prosecutors alike. Jeez enough is enough. INTO THE INCINERATORS with all of them. And the ‘eyeball’ neighborhood watch captains who call the sinister authorities to report dope instead of taking vigilante action into their own hands and go for the beast’s jugular. COME ON you chickensh¡ts. It’s a real b¡tch of a beast and it takes many many clear seeing and thinking souls to take it down.
    And that’s not all. The mind control of institutionalized education and the further mind numbing and blinding dialogue in the state churches has the brains of the citizenry so constipated with garbage thinking, that the sickness and mind enslavement is near total for many.
    WORDS Mr Citizen, we need more powerful WORDS to do an effective bitch SMACKDOWN on the enemy. We simply need accurate descrptive words to shine the spotlight of extreme prejudice where it hits the real target and not the patsy.
    So the brain is clogged. The tongue is tied. What a real sh¡t jam we’re in. . . Well at least the GUT can still be cleansed with a bevy of super colon cleanse products available. The organs too can be scrubbed and cleansed with . . you guessed it . . . TURMERIC the super liver cleanser!!

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