A Greatest Hits Collection Of Millennial Women, Internet Shaming, And Professional Victimhood

A recent Guardian article revisits the curious case of Lindsey Stone. Ms. Stone, as you may remember, became internet famous in the worst kind of way by being tagged in a friend’s picture at Arlington National Cemetery.

While approximately 4 million people visit Arlington every year, none before her had decided to take a tasteless and disrespectful picture and post it on social media.



Social Media Shaming

I personally know three men interred at Arlington. They were three of the bravest and best men I ever came across in my life. As you can imagine, none of their deaths were easy; in chronological order, they were due to mortar attack, sniper bullet, and helicopter crash.

Needless to say, I am one of many who found the picture of Ms. Stone egregiously disrespectful. The internet backlash caused her to be fired and she fell into “depression, [and] became an insomniac.” I can’t say whether or not poor Lindsey should’ve lost her job over the ordeal. I can say that I don’t feel that bad about it. Since the picture was taken on a trip for her job, I can understand a company wanting to distance itself from this kind of PR nightmare.

In perusing the Guardian article two years down the road, the most remarkable thing is that even though it tries to show her in a sympathetic light there was still a noticeable lack of contrition on the part of Ms. Stone. Rather, she is made out to be the victim instead of an adult responsible for her actions.

Instead of an admission of guilt or apology, there are hints at Facebook conspiracies and condemnation of her treatment at the hands of the media. Her solipsism does not let her understand the sensibilities of those legions of people who found her actions disdainful. She still thinks ‘It was just about a sign.” So in rushes Michael Fertik of reputation.com to save Lindsey from her internet infamy.

Triggering Intensifies

Also in the Guardian article is a rehashing of “Donglegate.”  Just shy of two years after the event, the author has a sit down with one of our favorite feminists of color, Adria Richards. What follows is a peek inside the twisted world of a social justice warrior.

When questioned about her initial reaction to overhearing a slightly risqué joke, Adria said she felt “Danger…Clearly my body was telling me, ‘You are unsafe.’” When challenged on the absurdity most people would perceive of feeling threatened in a room full of 2,000 people, she pulls out the usual SJW trope: “Sure,” she replied. “And those people would probably be white and they would probably be male.”

If this is the case, how does this person leave their house? A joke between two of the most harmless-looking men on the planet scares you?


Run for your life!

Perhaps she wasn’t frightened as much as she was affronted. How dare those two heterosexual white beta males behind her make a joke! The compartmentalization displayed by Ms. Richards is astounding to behold. Just like they did for Lindsey Stone, the Guardian tries to portray Adria in a sympathetic light. But she makes it very hard for them.

After the internet shitstorm she incited led to her termination, she laments, “I felt betrayed. I felt abandoned. I felt ashamed. I felt rejected. I felt alone.’’ Probably not unlike the married father of three she had earlier caused to be fired from his job. But rather than empathize with the man she shamed other than grudgingly, she instead continues to play the victim and blame him for all her woes.

“[H]is own actions that resulted in his own firing, yet he framed it in a way to blame me… If I had a spouse and two kids to support, I certainly would not be telling ‘jokes’ like he was doing at a conference. Oh, but wait, I have compassion, empathy, morals and ethics to guide my daily life choices. I often wonder how people like ‘Hank’ make it through life seemingly unaware of how ‘the other’ lives in the same world he does, but with countless fewer opportunities.


The Struggle is Real

That’s right, she is blaming him for apologizing whilst concurrently refusing to take responsibility for her own actions. If you have to specifically list all of your admirable traits unsolicited, I have a strong suspicion you don’t actually have any. I certainly cannot ascertain and abundance of “compassion, empathy, morals and ethics” in Ms. Richards’ words and actions.

If she had any small degree of compassion or empathy, she would’ve at least remembered that the man whose life she tried to ruin had three kids, not two. There is a silver lining, inasmuch as the man she caused to be fired found a new job (in a female-free work place), and Adria had not.

It would be an exercise in futility to point out to her that she seems to spend at least as much time being a professional victim as she does being a “developer,” and such a person is a liability to any company foolish enough to hire her.


Shaming and Victimhood

Both Lindsey Stone and Adria Richards are typical millennial women, albeit from slightly different places on the spectrum of silliness. Both are readily able to blame anyone but themselves, and see fault in anything except their own actions. For both, the passage of two years or so has not led any self-examination or admission of wrong-doing.

The Feminine Imperative endemic in modern western society enables them, while simultaneously blaming every ill on the dreaded white-cis-het-male. So what are we as men to do? We must realize that shaming has had a long history in our social constructs. Dalrock wrote a great post about slut shaming and its role in the SMP of past and present.

Public shaming is something employed in an attempt to modify behavior. Case in point, the poor beta who was the subject of Adria Richards’ public shaming: He admitted wrong-doing, apologized profusely, and showed genuine contrition. He admits the incident has influenced his behavior, specifically “I’m not as friendly. There’s humour, but it’s very mundane. You just don’t know. I can’t afford another Donglegate.”

However, such things are no longer good enough for SJWs. So we modify our behavior, but not in the way they want. As shown by the backlash caused by donglegate, we have the means to fight back against SJWs’ encroachment into our spaces. We must remember that the SJW worldview and inherit solipsism does not allow them to feel shame the same way we do.

Since part of their currency is the prestige and recognition of being “right-minded”, exposing their hypocrisy and narcissism depletes their pretenses at both.


As evidenced by Ms. Richards and Ms. Stone, Millennial women are indeed quite shameless. Perpetual victims such as them can never be appeased short of a blank check and full societal control. Even pornstars know that they don’t give a shit about actual victims.

Thus, the process of shaming them isn’t to modify their behavior, but rather the behavior of others. As opponents of #Gamergate continually lose credibility, so too do its proponents gain leverage. The SJW cries of “victim blaming” are merely an attempt to absolve people of responsibility for their actions.

Call them on their bullshit. Expose them as the frauds they are. Better yet, hurt their wallets.

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  1. That old flat-chested, saved-by-affirmative-action, nappy-headed cunt Adria Richards should get raped for real for trivializing rape/harassment and putting the livelihood of those children in danger.

      1. I give him a pass on sig uh noy weaver…what is a sigourney anyway?

        1. a ‘sigourney’ is that little yellow, goopy something left in the corner of your eye that you can’t feel or see but to someone else it looks like snot – “Hey – you got a little sigourney there…, no other side – ya right there – you got it’.

    1. Difference is what Lindsey stone did was a genuine act of disrespect to people who have died. I’m not trying to get all military worship on you but I consider disrespecting dead soldiers while doing something for your employer an posting it on sociel media far worse than making an inside joke about ‘Dongles’. SJWs would have men fired for even looking or talking to a female without first getting written consent from her.

      1. Does that fucking cunt Stone even consider that those soldiers died so SHE can have the freedom and privileges to post stupid shit on her social media on her stupid phone?
        I haven’t watched the news in the last couple of years, so I’m not sure if our Commander in Chief Obama even condemned such an offensive act.

        1. Probably not from what I’ve seen Obama is every SJW millenials ideal president.

        2. He’s the closest thing to it, but I’m sure most of them think hes not extreme enough. I’m sure what’s to come will make him look like Thomas Jefferson by comparison.

    2. Stone little picture was sign of disrespect. It doesn’t matter who it, dead deserve respect. In wonderful utopia of Soviet Russia that many SJW wish for, the system in place could not strip out that basic human dignity we give for the dead. Jesuit Walter Ciszek in his book, With God in Russia, observed as funeral pass by on the street, every man would bow his head in respect for the dead. Male or female there are unspoken rules in a civilization that should never be violated.

    3. Actually, soldiers who fight and die are a much higher class of citizen, but even if you’re right in saying that they’re ‘not a higher class’ then how on earth did you make the leap from ‘they’re not higher class’ to ‘It’s okay to insult their burial ground’. Please walk me through this one. Tell us a little bit about yourself too, yeah?

      1. No one made that leap. I explain my perspective in the link. In general, I oppose the notion that something you do that has nothing to do with your job should affect your job. (I also oppose the notion that your employer essentially owns you even if you’re on the clock.) I oppose the notion that a Facebook photo that your friend posted is the same as writing an op-ed in a newspaper. In fact, if she had written an op-ed, the people who wanted her fired probably wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Her employer didn’t fire her because they honor veterans; they fired her out of fear, and it is that kind of cowardice and fear of the mob that has led to America’s decline. The outrage over Stone’s photo is like the SJWs’ outrage in that probably most of the people getting angry are doing so on behalf of people who themselves could care less (in this case, because they’re dead). You’re defending the Two Minutes Hate, and you could be the next target.

        1. “In general, I oppose the notion that something you do that has nothing to do with your job should affect your job.” Taking that notion to the extreme, do you mean to tell me that if you had an employee that had pictures of himself on Fb in a Klan robe or Nazi garb, you’d still want him working for you? If you would, then you are a better man than I. Either way, a company should have the right to choose the kind of people working for them. While I find the intent of your sentiment admirable, I prefer to see the world as it is, not as I’d like it to be.
          Maybe you don’t see her actions as deplorable as others because you have no frame of reference for it. These men were my friends, and she was making a joke of them. I invite you to google them so you can gain some small understanding of my feelings on the matter. It’s not just the disrespect she showed them, it was the disrespect she showed to the families they left behind and they are very much alive.

        2. I think you’re so eager to trot out your well-polished thoughts on some of these issues that you can’t think straight and that you’re conflating every chance you get. Maybe they fired the cunt because she made them sick to their stomach after what she did. I can’t believe how much you’re missing here and in your SJW-esque eagerness to lead your little dramatic charge about employee privacy issues, you’ve made an absolute ass out of yourself. And then you fancy yourself a thinker and use ‘could care less’ improperly. It’s ‘couldn’t care less’

        3. I don’t take it to extremes, but, ironically, I think (at least 10 years ago) that many Americans would defend a Klan member if he were in this situation and criticize those “whining” minorities who don’t understand the First Amendment (concrete example: Robert Stacy McCain’s support of a Klan founder’s statue).
          Someone should also have the chance to express contrition.
          The world I want to see is in fact the world the way it was: The cybermob is a relatively new phenomenon, and employers don’t yet realize that, even if they get 1,000 emails, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost a single customer or that there aren’t 100 times as many people on the other side of the issue who haven’t emailed.

        4. It’s very interesting that you bring up McCain’s support of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s statue. In your very own article in LA Progressive http://www.laprogressive.com/confederacy/ on that subject, you specifically call for people to react to neo-Confederates with the following: “Take anyone who publicly supports the Confederacy, create websites with his contact information, conduct denial-of-service attacks on his sites, and barrage his employer and associates with emails, calls, and faxes.”
          So Cybermobs (not to mention doxxing) are good when you agree with them, and bad when you don’t?
          Who’s being a hypocrite now?
          And with that, I’m done with your trolling. Go lick your wounds and try your shtick on someone who can’t work the google machine.

        5. Ah, Memory Lane. No one’s being a hypocrite. You yourself said you wouldn’t spare Nazis or Klansmen, and I agree with you.

        6. “Take anyone who publicly supports the Confederacy, create websites with his contact information, conduct denial-of-service attacks on his sites, and barrage his employer and associates with emails, calls, and faxes.”
          The Confederacy was right, they were “These United States” as intended by the Founders. The state of the Union of “THE United States” these days should tell you that. Doesn’t mean slavery was a good institution, nor is that an endorsement of racism or the KKK. If ending slavery was such a wonderful thing that required the deaths of millions in the past, why allow modern chattel slavery in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and the rest of the Islamic world? When the profit/power from doing nothing is greater than the profit/power from war (“spreading freedom”), then (at best) a hashtag from the First Lady will do.
          The rest of the world isn’t fooled.

        7. Actually, it was Georges Rigondeaux who first mentioned someone “in a Klan robe or Nazi garb.”

  2. These cases perfectly illustrate the best strategy against these SJW idiots – ruthlessly use their own tactics against them.
    And don’t wait until you are the target. Everyone says something that can be considered offensive, and with the right spin, can be catastrophic. And, in my experience, women are the prime offenders. If you know some moron is tattling on people for trivial shit, make an example of her and nuke her ass. After enough of this, people will start to realize they would rather live in a world where they don’t have to walk on egg shells every time they open their mouths. Or, maybe not, but at the very least, you will weed out the morons in your workforce.
    Also remember, men who side with these idiots are no better than the SJWs themselves. If they cannot ingest the red pill, they should die by the red sword.

  3. What stupid people. Triggered by a nerd making a nerdy ass penis joke? Ho Lee Fuk.

        1. That’s a classic.
          I think my favourite live footage is this one below. They look like wild animals spilling their guts out. Before their more refined stuff came out they were bare-bones hard rockers.
          I don’t know what music is coming out now that can match the 90s for genuine visceral performance and other-worldliness.
          I’ve said it before that Kurt Cobain had to die. An artist like that has no place whatsoever in the Twitter, Facebook, Social Media scene. I kinda doubt bands like Tool, Nirvana, Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd could become popular nowadays. They’re not gimmicky enough.

        2. That’s because they know how to play those…whaddyacallem…fuck…oh yeah: instruments.

        3. From my perspective, it was Cobain who enabled the culture where Tool, Zepplin and Pink Floyd would have no chance.

        4. cobain = woe is me /life sucks lyrics
          cant stand nirvana (anymore)

        5. I know what you mean and I get the distinction.
          But I’m pretty sure Kurt was being honest.
          I’ve also moved on from listening to Nirvana but I can’t say they had no talent or didn’t represent anything.
          I also like The Smiths and Joy Division, but I don’t really listen to them.

  4. What the fuck is that cuntrag Stone’s problem? What level of low, debased, attention-whoring goes though that fat fuck’s head to do that? This is the first I’ve heard of that incident, but my God, what a typical, trashy, more-than-likely had no father to teach her proper dignity and respect millennial cuntsmear! I wouldn’t feel a shred of sympathy if anything bad happened to her, no matter how grotesque!

    1. To be fair, there are lots of guys who would clown about a sign that tells them to do anything. She had no concept of the solemnity of the venue and then goes all PTSD after being called out on it.

      1. Fuck being fair, she knew what she was doing and why she was doing it. No matter what retroactive cop out she tries to invent to save face, it was simply to Like-collect from all of her social media Betatard orbiters, straight-up! She might as well try saying “The sky’s green” at this point and she’d have better luck selling me on that!

    2. Here’s the punchline; she’s complained publicly about being treated like a douchebag, because all she did was, are you ready for it?
      Act like a douchebag.
      It seems that 2+2=paisley.

  5. Millenials= modern day freakshow.
    Now don’t get me wrong, not all millenials are bad. Some are very good and intelligent people who will be the ones to survive this horrendous world that we live in. But my God I am sick to death of the majority of them. These idiotic dumb little pieces of shit symbolise everything wrong with our society. They are low life degenerates who have forgotten everything about standards and morality and no longer have anything worth seeking in. I cannot stand today’s modern day young millenial woman. Always attached to her smartphone like her life depended on it, constantly using the most stupid social media applications like Twitter and Facebook, and using hashtag to begin every line.
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc. Constantly switching between different social media platforms while their brains are slowly being destroyed.
    Man it pisses me off. And don’t get me started with the millenial men. As you know, I have ranted about them on so many occasions but I’ll say it again. A bunch of pussified, effiminate and emasculated jackasses who symbolise the destruction of masculinity in the West. Honest to God, millenials make me sick to the stomach.
    Imagine watching a group of millenials trying to survive together in the woods. Man, it would be hilarious seeing their heads explode from not having their smartphones. Even a bear with a fish in its mouth, has more integrity and survival skills than these freaks who are destroying the social fabric and standards in our society.

      1. Recently saw documentary that it is still being made in Czech Republic under name Uragan D2 (Hurricane).

    1. Millennial Survivor would be awesome – Pale androgynous forms rubbing their genderfluid skinny jeaned legs together to make sparks for a tinder pile of ironic flat billed hats and color run powder. Cat eye make-up emo darlings girl-throwing smartphones at wild prey. Weird series finale plot twist – they all die from their respective food allergies… who would have guessed?

      1. Oh fuck yeah. Sign me up. I’ve been studying wilderness survival as a hobby since I was 10. Any physical challenge would be hilarious too compared to these “pizza is my diet” kids.

        1. “plot twist – they all die from their respective food allergies” hahahaha yes!

      2. The japanese figured it out over a decade ago- watch the movie “Battle Royale”

        1. Notice how The Hunger Games is a copy of Battle Royale, but with bullshit teen romance thrown into it. Women can’t create any original ideas.

        2. …”hunger games is a copy of battle royale’…which in turn is a copy of “The Most Dangerous Game”

        3. Everything is technically a copy of everything else. It’s just the problem of admitting it.

    2. Blame the Boomers and the Gen Xers. They’re the ones that raised them to be like that.

      1. The fault and/or merit is in both courts. Boomers and X-er’s raised kids how they did and millennials act how they choose to.

      2. The Greatest and the Silents raised the Boomers and Xers, and so on.
        There does, however, seem to be a nexus in 19th century Prussia that set us on the road we now travel.

        1. Clausewitz, Krupp, Bismark, Marx, Nietzsche, men who had profound influence on modern warfare, geopolitics, and thought, men who were 19th century Prussians.
          Modern agriculture? 19th century Prussian.
          Drugs as the basis for creating both physical and psychological effects, 19th century Prussian.
          The very way you were taught to think – the modern school system is 19th century Prussian. Carnegie may have been a Scot, but he wanted to hire good little Prussian workers, not fiercely independent Highlanders, so he made his own.
          The roots of the great counter-cultural movements of the 1920s and 60s – 19th century Prussia.

        2. I get that the part about militarism and working tradition, but how does that connect to the counter culture movement of the 60’s? Is that not the opposite of the principles displayed there?

        3. It was that particular blend of militarism and working conditions that led to the rise of socialism, nihilism and WWI.
          The 60’s were really just an extension of the 20’s, interrupted by the Great Depression and another world war, which only served to amp up discontent and nihilism, and the 20’s were all about the psyche of the world having been broken by the Great War. The Great War began, in essence, with Bismark’s infamous letter that sparked the Franco-Prussian War.
          Krupp, in order to fight political socialism, developed the modern corporate socialism, which, ironically, morphed into the model for world political socialism, as well as fascism.
          It was the Prussian bankers who set up the American central banking system, in order to bleed the wealth of America to finance the development of a military industrial complex, and thus WWI.
          OWS was a protest against 19th century Prussia.
          There is no paradox, as Prussia bred the structure, it also bred the countervailing reactions to the structure.

        4. “The very way you were taught to think – the modern school system is 19th century Prussian”
          Before it Prussian, before it was British, it was Hindu model for educating the lower castes:
          School conditions its subjects so thoroughly in games of winning and losing that the deeper purpose of learning something becomes peripheral. Winning is the point of the enterprise, not gaining enlightenment, not developing skill, not gaining insight.
          But winning in absence of any narrative context besides the prospect of personal advantage over the people around you is a trivial, ultimately meaningless achievement, like taking snuff in order to sneeze. What’s that about? Under a regimen sorting boys and girls into winners and losers, what you win never stays won; your victories must be repeated over and over until you wear out and another winner takes your place. Nor does it take into account that winners at school tests are very frequently losers at life.
          Saying these things isn’t intended to dismiss all forms of competition. Indeed, one form of competition is an essential part of a good life: competition against yourself. When you learn to love competing against yourself, you learn to refuse your own mediocrity at the same time. Your victories are permanent and progressive. [this essentially Orthodox theology, spiritual warfare, the ladder of Divine Ascent, and view of afterlife spent obtaining ever greater union with God.]
          But attempting to win against faceless others inevitably leads to gaming the system – a moral disease, which in time destroys your soul. Why should students of winning follow Warren Buffet’s hard road to wealth when Bernie Madoff’s is so much easier? Why strive to emulate Babe Ruth when Barry Bonds chemical success is more reliable? The classroom version of performance-enhancing drugs – cheating and sucking up to the instructor – teaches you nothing. Just so, competing for grades and praise forecloses long-lasting life-altering rewards, which only learning for its own sake can bestow.
          Competition was selected by the canniest Prussian school designers to divide the young against one another. Divided people are easiest to manage.

        1. getting stupid isn’t it. A sperg way of trying to codify and classify the chaos of the world.

      3. I don’t blame anyone. I take responsibility myself for how and when I use my smartphone (as one example).
        I would make this suggestion to anyone (especially women) when you see them doing it at inappropriate times (i.e. the check out line at the store).
        I will gladly tell anyone (man or woman) that they are being disrespectful or rude when in the company of other people by texting on their phone.
        We need more people to speak out, not be shamed and make the difference in society. It’s how I was raised (by my elders) and it’s more of what is needed today.

    3. The day I see millenial western female without a smartphone is the day that I’ll believe unicorns, Bigfoot and UFO’s exist. The smartphone, social media phenomenon is a narcissists wet dream and no generation can compare to the malignant narcissism that permeates in millennial generation, hence the over indulgence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
      I am embarrassed to be part of the millennial generation, its hard to find comrades that have disconnected from the matrix which makes me almost always having more resonance with old school men that have maintained the forgotten masculine ideals

      1. I don’t much like riding on American bike paths, but the roads have actually become more hazardous of late due to women driving while paying more attention to their phones than anything else, so last year I spent more time on bike paths than I have in the past 50 years . . .
        . . . and almost got hit head on, by a woman on racing bike, in full kit, trying to figure out how to hold her phone between her shoulder and her head while in the drops.

      2. Dude stop moaning about smartphones. People said basically the same thing about TV decades ago. Smartphones are an excellent technological device that are moving civilization forwards. Don’t blame the tool, blame the “tool” carrying it.

        1. Nobody was carrying around a television with them on the bus and watching it, and people got up from their televisions very frequently to “go outside” or ‘go meet up with some friends’ and then socialize or engage in actual physical activities. This is not a case of the old calling out the young for being different, the nearly cult like use of social media and smart phones are destroying social skills and even human decency across generations. It’s not a millenial thing, it’s a human thing.
          What you say about the “tool” is accurate, hence why I wouldn’t blame the tool. I’ll blame the culture of atomism that was coronated by the invention of the iphone. It existed prior but never had such a strong ability to permeate to the point of substituting for the general culture. It can be a great tool for many tasks, but if you can turn a blind eye to how people have become with them these days, I have no idea what to say.
          The tool is innocent, but the application is not. Rhetoric is a tool that is value neutral. Using rhetoric to convince a nation to become totalitarian retards is not the fault of rhetoric, but it is also not wrong to point out the role of that specific rhetoric in creating the masses of totalitarians.

        2. Nobody was carrying around a television with them on the bus and watching it

          Obviously you have never seen Wall Street. That said, this is irrelevant. The point is the complaint itself is essentially the same and without any basis in logic. This hand-wringing about smartphones is pointless. Smartphones have “no role” in making people “narcissistic” any more than video games make people homicidal. What you are doing is taking extreme events and creating a specious link between them (this school shooter played video games and that school shooter played video games therefore video games cause people to become school shooters).
          You are essentially making the error of assuming correlation equals causation.
          Millions of people use smartphones and social media (which are not synonymous) without causing harm to themselves or others. Narcissists will be narcissists with or without them.

        3. I’m glad you said that. In a similar vein to how the printing press advanced our civilization, absolutely.
          Btw, do you think “Theatre” is cultural? Have you ever heard of Penny Dreadfuls?

        4. My point is that we shouldn’t judge a medium by its lowest common denominator. Sure, there are people who act like a jackass on stage, on TV, on social media, etc. but that doesn’t mean we should the rail against the medium.
          A fool will be a fool, wherever he is.

        5. Sure. That’s why real men don’t watch reality TV. We don’t give half of half a fuck what other people are doing with their lives (we’re too busy perfecting our own). Much of which is scripted to seem “edgy” and “risque” anyway, but middle-America believes it’s all real. Notice how they never pause, think about what to say next, or stutter? How every sentence is spoken rapid fire from one character to the next? Does that seem like the tone or pacing of a real conversation to you? Hardly.
          Men like watching a gripping narrative with a cool, inspiring character like an underdog or an anti-hero, not goddamn rich whorish White women on The East Coast who suck dick for trips and fake boobs.

        6. there is decent reality tv for men, but involves men actually doing stuff. the response it elicits from a man usually is “wow, this guy has big balls!”
          The reality tv for women generates this response “Wow, that bitch has a big mouth!”
          There s a good show on the weather ch of all places called “Fat Guys in the Woods”; they are out there to prove something, usually to themselves.

        7. Also @disqus_ELMd03Uvpt:disqus Notice how if you’re ever in the same room as a woman watching a reality TV show all the do is heckle and sneer at the characters? Who the fuck wastes precious time and energy watching something only for the sake of ridiculing it?
          Oh yeah, women. “These bitches are all prettier and thinner than me! That alone makes me want to shove them in a gas chamber!”

        8. I just dont get it. these real housewhores shows are the same thing every show. women love watching other women play dress up and have catfights.

        9. Fucking weird, warped creatures. At least men like watching MMA and can relate to the fighters as far as their struggle. What “struggle” does some attractive Jersey Jew female have, deciding what purse goes with her shoes today? Poor thing!

        10. Up to a point… yes. I mean, if I have a kilo of icecream in my fridge it is much easier for me to go and eat it than to go first to the supermaket 10 blocks away. It is much easier to resist buying ice cream than not going to the fridge. In this case the tool tests our resolution, the tool is not totally blameless. Circumstances apply.

        11. not the same.
          watching tv is passive, your brain is more active when you are asleep.

        12. If you mean the spelling of the word “civilisation” the joke is on you!
          The words which have a Latin root were originally properly spelt with an “s”, and words with a Greek root took a “z”. Civilisation, incidentally, has a Latin root (“ciuilis” “of the citizen”).

        13. Inanimate objects cannot act and thus cannot be blamed for anything.
          Anyway, your argument for not apply. Smartphones provide countless benefits to us and to my knowledge have harmed no one.

        14. Humans are affected by everything, we are not impervious to the environment. That’s how evolution works.
          I am not judging smartphones as bad.

        15. I hardly ever see a smart person carrying a smart phone.
          A small part of their appeal, on a subconscious level, is the word “smart.” If they called them “tracking devices for the NSA” I doubt their sales would be as high.

        16. Don’t be daft. Virtually everyone on the West has a smart phone.
          Even if your conspiracy theory is true that’s a problem with the NSA and not the device.

      3. I’m a millenial too, but I try to distance myself from most fools. I like to lift weights and I’m learning archery so I can go hunting with my father.

        1. Sounds like a good plan. Also, learn a few other things like doing minor repairs on your car and other little repairs around the house – check out YouTube if your father is not around or at work and can not show you.
          There are so many younger guys who have no idea how to do some of these minor things (and I don’t mean learning it for a woman).
          You should learn this stuff, anyways, to better yourself.
          A good start, though.

      4. Hey I’m a millenial female with no smart phone. I guess UFOs do exist.
        I agree with you about our generation. I’ve noticed it for a long time that their generation laments how baby boomers are “sheep”. But I look around my generation and they are absolutely cows locked in a herd mentality.
        They choose not to think. They’re more for censorship as they would rather anything that forced a thought in their head be shut down.
        They are still sobbing about Jon Stewart retiring. So many have lamented, “Where will I get the news? I don’t want to watch the fake news on Fox.”
        *facepalm*. The Daily Show and Colbert are their sole source of news and they consider it “legitimate”.
        Welcome to a mostly brain dead generation. The Walking Dead has come true. We just didn’t realize zombies carry smart phones and are completely high on themselves.

    4. Everything you said about the milllenials is true of most baby boomers I know. Just with slightly less social media.

      1. People born from 1960 up until today are basically all the same kind of retards. You´re correct.
        Less social media and less smartphone handling just because they didn´t grow up with this stuff.
        Nevertheless there is a very big difference between baby boomers and millenials (I´m a millenial myself).
        It´s called respecting others.
        Most millenials don´t have any kind of respect or morals anymore. That of course happened because the boomer generation was the first generation of women who didn´t know how to raise children properly.

    5. hashtags are a way to reach a wider audience. which is why hashtagging is like crack to attention whores. they feel the entire world should pay attention to what they are doing every waking moment.

    6. To forget, you must first know.
      Previous generations have been neglecting or purposefully tossing aside past wisdom for well over a century. What you now see is the result.
      But lay blame where blame is due…..to the countless men (and women) over several generations who aided and abetted this collapse by their own short sighted, self-indulgence, interest-seeking cowardly acts of commission and omission.
      Most particularly, those who chose not to act, because it would be too difficult or unpopular, and those (perhaps, especially those) who indulged in the delusion that “this” would eventually all pass without any effort on their part to stop it.
      Don’t blame the machine, blame its craftsman,
      and just as victory has many fathers, but defeat is always an orphan…….
      so our present calamity is blamed on those latest to arrive,
      while those responsible (partly, as many have since passed) can only snear at what they themselves have created.

      1. The Dead rule; the living simply obey. “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the new wonderful good society which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

        1. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Cicero
          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it
          cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the carrier of the plague. You have unbarred the gates of Rome to him.”
          A paraphrase from a 1965 essay by Justice Millard Caldwell. The paraphrase appears to be from the Second Catiline Oration but drastically changes the rhetoric.
          Actual example from Second Catiline Oration: “But why are we speaking so long about one enemy; and about that enemy who now avows that he is one; and whom I now do not fear, because, as I have always wished, a wall is between us; and are saying nothing about those who dissemble, who remain at Rome, who are among us? “.
          “Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful good society’ which shall now be Rome, interpreted to mean ‘more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.’”
          This is also from the 1965 essay by Justice Millard Caldwell. It is not clear if this is based in any specific dialogue.

  6. Adria Richards is an unmitigated cunt. A shitscrape of a human being. A fetid lump of narcissism, malice, bitterness and delusion. The worst kind of SJW, the worst kind of hypocrite, the worst kind of professional victim. A truly revolting personality. An individual without a single, solitary redeeming feature.

    1. Brought to mind the first couple of minutes of this 101 gender studies primer

      1. Haha nice. Adria’s in good company in the back row there. Harriet Harman and Anita Sarkesian, two other individuals I wouldn’t mind seeing in an Isis PR video.

        1. their necks are too thick and scaly. Probably well on their way to running away to become jihadi brides.

        2. In the ISIS vid, Dem bitchez would be wearing the burkas and holding the swords as they read off the pre-beheading screed ridiculing the Western manboobs SJWs about to join Christ in His Kingdom.

        3. Jihadi no want dirty skankholez, Jihadi use Dem bitchez for the ‘Dubai portapotty’ routine.

      1. with all that said, by far the worst thing is the system and culture that empowers people like her. She would be nobody in a genuine meritocracy without diversity programmes, affirmative action, PC culture, harrassment policies and all the other mechanisms of the cultural marxist left that have aided her. The biggest scandal is that this cunt was able to leverage all these systems to exercise power and get that man fired. I joked about her being on par with Harriet Harman but Harman is worse in that being a politician (a man-hating hag of one) she has the power to enact the policies that enable the likes of Richards.

  7. All I can say to Georges is, You GO, Man! Sailors are hell raisers! Thanks for the grist, Georges.

  8. “If she had any small degree of compassion or empathy, she would’ve at least remembered that the man whose life she tried to ruin had three kids, not two”
    She probably got one of them fired

    1. A mangina I worked with a few years ago once told me a story about how he got someone fired over FB while sporting a shit-eating-self-righteous-grin on his face.
      I asked him about it and he said the person on FB (that he didn’t even know) made a racist comment. He then used social media to find this guy’s employer and relayed what he wrote online. I asked him for more details… Turns out this guy was a father and husband. And now has “fired for spreading racism online” hanging over his head.
      I immediately told this mangina friend of mine how totally ignorant it was to do that. You not only potentially screwed this guy’s career plans up but you could have possibly screwed over his entire family… including innocent kids…
      Is it any surprise that this same mangina screwed me over months later? As a co-worker and long-time friend I nearly left a blind eye to him and assumed I could trust him.
      Manginas have no honor. They’re at the bottom of the totem pole and can only feel better about themselves by trying to bring other people down to their level. Happiness for others offends them.

      1. Manginas aren’t men in any sense of the word. They have a higher if not equal tendency with women to backstab, gossip, throw their fellow comrades under the bus just for a whiff of pussy, lie/cheat/steal just to drag the next man to the same level as ‘him’. I can’t even call manginas MEN as it will be totally disrespectful to you and I.

        1. It should be noted that he was married to a land-whale with neon coloured hair.
          They had an “open” relationship… but it was clear that he was getting the shitty end of that deal.
          He was native to California and an international student in Toronto at the time. He was the epitome of everything I’ve read on the manosphere about manginas. Almost a caricature.
          We have annoying white-knights and manginas in Toronto, but I never met anyone else quite like this guy.

        2. It can be taken one of two ways, as you said “a mangina”, or as I prefer to see it feminists look like middle aged balding men, with facial hair and a pipe…….:)

        3. If a dude wants to make racist comments, fine. I don’t always agree, but to get a man fired over it? These people have no honor/honour.

        4. I would have killed myself long before it became an “open relationship.”

        5. Yep I’ve seen those ugly feminist who are either overweight, ugly, and/or hirsutes.

      2. brave thing to do, but as you discovered dangerous. I’ve worked with some as well, and they are impossible to trust – nothing is just between you and them. Cultural marxist ironically came up with the idea of the authoritarian personality – yet it describes SJWs far better than it ever did austrians etc. Buts it not just a authoritarianism, because SJWs get to feel good and moral about themselves when they fight their arsewipe causes: its a license to indulge psychopathic tendencies – literally the desire to do harm to others, but for a ‘good cause’. In any society these people will be the informers who grass you up for a thought crime

      3. Yep these people are a scourge, them and the thing that produced them, the SJWs.
        When will people realize that this is naziism in a new repainted form? And that episode was more about people with nowhere empty lives getting jollies over screwing people over.

      4. Liberals and SJW’s are the lowest form of life. Nothing says pathetic like going after another mans livelihood.
        Football player with a domestic issue…”he should be fired.” Bullshit.
        A man has an opinion that goes against the social programming…”he should be suspended.” Bullshit.
        You don’t take away a mans right to feed himself and his family because he did something you dislike.

      5. Always expect the same shameless sociopathy from SJW types. They don’t care if you perish, and if online comments are any indicator, most relish and rejoice in their calls for blood against their enemies.
        Always treat them as vicious, wild animals in a cage. Fine in a cage where you can easily ignore them, but put your hand near that cage at your own peril.

      6. thats horrible.
        gotta be careful what you put on twitter/fb
        on fb, you need to set profile to “friends only”, they changed the default to “public/anyone” a while ago. Deactivate facebook connect as it lets them track your habits outside the fb environment.
        Also- dont use their messenger anymore; you cant delete the messages now. Easy for someone you think is a friend to bait you into saying the wrong thing, they can take a screenshot of the convo and wreck you with it.

  9. Funny how the author of this article didn’t use the “I’m a black Jewish female” quotes that Adria Richards kept throwing out in her article, like it was some kind of magic shield.

        1. I have never seen feminism by the numbers like this. Also, a ‘make it all better’ button is the LAST thing that a feminist like this wants. If they wake up tomorrow and the problems are gone they would be, first, shocked, second, lost, and finally, enraged. These largely imagined ‘problems’ are the absolute core of their life and emotional framework. They cannot live without their ‘problems’ and wouldn’t even want to. There is a clip somewhere of Maddow being exposed to information that debunks the ‘pay gap’ fantasy. She’s PISSED about what should be good news.

        1. haha and if you disagree with her its because you are blinded by your privilege.

      1. “I’m not hiding behind the gender card. I’m very proud to be a woman.”
        Classic feminist incoherence.

  10. Did anyone notice that between the guy (they gave him some space as well) they gave her about three screens, and him only just over two (with most of one being the pic she took)?
    Also – of all the guys who’s faces and bodies are visible, they’re actually the two most normal looking. Everyone else visible is notably uglier or in worse shape.

  11. Her we have yet another stuck up SJC (social justice cunt) looking to capitalize on the lucrative leftist victimization profession.
    Females like her use pretentious words like “imaginary people” to justify their warped viewpoints. It doesn’t take anything longer than an hour or so to send their narcissism into a downward spiral right before their fragile egos reach full meltdown.
    I have yet to meet the feminist that can match me in terms of intellectual acumen and critical thinking insight. It’s always a joy to annihilate their pedestrian arguments.

    1. Yeah, feminist are predictable as fuck.
      They will usually just rehash the information they’ve been spoon fed by their gender studies profs or will reply that “not all feminists are like that” to every case of inequality and double standards that their peers propagate.
      And don’t get me started on the dictionary definition that they will spew repeatedly like fucking mindless drones.

      1. Exactly. “imaginary people” is one stupid pretentious term this thing calling itself “vagina power” used to try and make the case that misandry doesn’t exist.
        She ended up deleting her thread after i had responded and refuted each of her silly specious statements.
        What a sore loser 🙂

  12. This is the result of the narcissism drawn up by social media such as Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. These bozos probably took part in past SM shaming and then an Adria Richards has the nerve to complain about the rules.
    You reap what you sew.
    And its ironic one is no longer allowed to make a joke in public if one has 2…..or is it 3 kids? for one may hear it and report him or her (well, really him) to the thought police on social media.

  13. White heterosexual men created the very foundation of a life they bitch about. They simply have it too easy. When the lights go dark in the future, those headstrong feminists cunts will not exist. The SJW’s, bullshit liberalism, immigration and feminism clearly appear to have a common source. Wonder what that would be?
    I’m sure there are good women out there somewhere. I, in the course of my life have not met more than a handful. They are simply self center assholes who care about nothing but themselves. Most women appear to have traits of BPD or HPD to varying degrees. How much pain can you tolerate? I’m certain my experience is just that, mine, but what is being promoted in the media is troublesome.
    I certainly don’t want to stick my Johnson, in a fat, tattooed blue haired freak.

    1. Half the time I think it is an utter cluelessness about the affairs of others. They can’t empathize with most people because they have had it incredibly easy.
      This applies to spoiled men and women, but right now society is bending over backwards for women at every turn.
      “Money? Why does everyone think money is so important? All you have to do is just stand there and everyone will buy you stuff and drives you places… why do people think they need money?”

  14. A bit hypocritical. You found the woman’s cemetery joke very unfunny for personal reasons. This idiot who got the tech nerds fires says the same thing. The cemetery girl was a dumbass, but didn’t deserve to have her life ruined, even if she wasn’t as apologetic as you would have liked.

    1. “You found the woman’s cemetery joke very unfunny”
      What a classic line. ‘You’ found it unfunny, but hey, different strokes, right? Variety is the spice of life…Unreal. Some people thought it was hilarious then? The tech nerds were making goofy, harmless jokes among themselves. That loser at the cemetery did one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, and you can equate them with a quick jog of the hamster.

      1. Really? She took a stupid picture and that’s one of the WORST things you’ve ever seen? You’re just as histrionic, self righteous and dangerous as the SJWs.

        1. So she only ‘took a picture’? Her activity captured by the photo is irrelevant? Even murder sometimes makes sense, so yeah, to be so blatantly ugly to fallen soldiers is about one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

        2. Then you’ve lived the most sheltered life of anyone I’ve ever encountered.

        3. Well I guess I’m not a total hard-ass, street-wise survivor like you since that’s how you’re trying to re-direct the point. How do you even see it from this angle? (Don’t bother trying to understand what I mean, Pearl). I’m not complaining about the photo because it crushed me. You shouldn’t be thumping your chest over how well you endured it. It’s not about me or you. It’s about this cunt’s behavior. Your solipsism is so bare-faced here. You can’t even judge her behavior. You can only assess the situation for how it affects you. That’s so extraordinary. Don’t bother trying to understand, once again. You never will. Let me try this;
          It’s not about the effect of the photo. It’s about the behavior.
          The behavior should be judged. The behavior is captured on the photo. The medium and whether or not it directly cuts, maims or injures people is not the concern.

        4. You said it was one of the worst things you’ve ever seen in your life, which is completely ludicrous. You sound exactly like the SJWs.
          She did a stupid thing,and her intention wasn’t to mock dead soldiers. It was an airhead move, and she had no idea she[d get the audience she did. The blowback was incredibly disproportionate. Your political correctness is just a little different from the cultural marxists’. But your intense desire to destroy people who don’t toe your line is exactly the same.

        5. “You”
          How is this about me? I didn’t do a thing. And yes, the fat girl taking that monstrous photo was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. People do all kinds of crap when they’re desperate or psychotic or abused or or emotional or drug-addled. That’s human frailty and it’s going to happen unfortunately. A lot of that is hitting back at society. That’s just the dynamic, not an excuse.
          But for a privileged millenial to have this kind of shitty attitude at the nation’s most sacred site is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. What was she hitting back at? How does her mind even go there? How can she be such an unbelievable pig as this?
          It’s not me being ‘politically correct’. It’s a ‘funny fat girl’ (getting to be way too common of a type) with her solipsism, ugliness and emptiness in full bloom.

        6. Ironically, you’re giving her way too much intellectual credit. She wasn’t hitting back at anything. She was posing as a serial diq in front of numerous different kinds of signs, for laughs. An airheaded, lowest common denominator version of the Larry David character. I could actually see myself, in passing, without thinking too deeply, spontaneously doing exactly what she did, for a laugh with my friends. I wouldn’t have posted a picture of it on the internet, because I’m smarter than that girl. I wouldn’t have been that proud of it. Maybe I’m a better person than her, but that isn’t really germane. When you start becoming selectively enraged at attempts at irreverent humor, and support burning a few heretics at random, it’s a slippery, hypocritical slope. From every stand up comic who ever got a laugh using the word “rape” to “cancer boy” on Kids in the Hall and on and on and on, “fu*k ’em if they can’t take a joke” has been the cornerstone of comedy.
          PS–I told some “dead baby” jokes in the 70’s, too.

        7. Did you tell dead baby jokes to grieving young parents in the ER waiting room or with your best friends at a drunken poker game? Any difference? She wasn’t goofing off with her friends in a basement somewhere. She was at Arlington. I went there was the dumbest 12 year old you have EVER seen and I was completely stricken with silence and piety.
          So in order to avoid being ‘selectively enraged’ we should never be enraged.

        8. Well, as far as being pious goes, you’ve still got it, baby–in spades. And, no, I didn’t address my dead babies jokes directly to grieving young parents in the ER waiting room–in fact, the grieving parents I told my jokes to in the ER waiting room were rather old to have a dead baby. I’m wondering now if their age had anything to do with its premature death–not to mention their total inability to get my jokes.
          Speaking of ER waiting rooms, YOU should spend some time at one. Your rankings of “worst things” you’ve ever seen will change dramatically.

        9. Weak attempt at a snarky anecdote. WEAK.
          Once again you hammer away at me when the subject at hand was the funny fat girl and her extraordinary disrespect of soldiers. Why me? And your hardness and battle-scarred awesomeness is on full display. That was your intention through most of this anyway.

        10. Hey, man, you wanted this back and forth, and now you’re crying because you can’t handle it. My focus here was never on my undeniable badassery. Any coddled member of the 1% has seen worse things than this girl’s silly picture. Your hyperbolic justification for the incredibly disproportionate backlash against this broad puts you in the same category as the worst SJWs. I don’t worship dead solders. I don’t pray to them. The less reflexive reverence we give to them, the better off the living members of this nation will be. Does that piss you off? Too bad. Your desire to ruin people who don’t have the same sacred cows as you is far more ominous than the stupid picture in question.

        11. “Hey man”
          All in a discussion about that ‘funny fat girl’. I thought we were discussing her act but you completely segued into an attack on me and then this explosion of tingly pseudo emotion on your part. This is meaning-making, solipsism, confirmation bias, projection. All the ingredients of progressive thought are on display right here.

        12. Now YOU are totally losing the plot and scrambling. We were discussing her act and YOUR perverse desire to see her pay for it on a massive scale. You (yes, it’s about you now, chump) are a pseudo-conservative social justice warrior.

        13. EDGY. But I should expect that because you’re the guy who’s ‘seen stuff, man.’ Well someone should start printing up ‘Team Funny Fat Girl’ and ‘Team Fallen Soldiers’ shirts.
          I don’t think I ever talked about how the funny fat girl needs to ‘pay’ for it, did I? Maybe a bit but I don’t think so. I only said it was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen and you went apeshit trying to convince me that I’m an asshole for disliking the funny fat girl. Somehow you even got around to displaying some blustery lack of respect for fallen soldiers as some form of proof that I’m an asshole. Your mind is a mess. Hit reset. Start reading.

        14. Go f*c* yourself, for starters. Be a man and stick to your original position: the picture was one of the WORST things you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and my position–that the retribution against the “funny fat girl” was ridiculously disproportionate–was shocking.
          Tell us some more about how pious you were as a boy. Eventually we can compile it all and send it to Readers Digest.

        15. Hey, man, are you sitting down? I saw that Nick Offerman guy on TV last night, and said he was selling meth to school children and made mocking comments about the murder of JFK! Are you going to stand for that? Don’t do anything stupid, man. Take a deep breath.
          And then I happened to see this:
          Anyway, I know that picture of the “funny fat girl” is one of the worst things you ever saw in your entire life, but I was just wondering where you’d rank what I’ve pasted below? AS bad? Not as bad? Certainly not worse, I know, I’d never assert that.

        16. Sorry, I still think fat funny cunt that you apparently have oneitis for is worse than this. Third world animals will do what they do. The funny fat cunt had no reason to use Arlington as her comedy foil after the life of Haagen-Dazs that she’d been given. You need to do a better job of picking your battles, honestly. Digging in to defend some fat idiot. Are you the funny fat cunt? Am I dealing directly with you? Because who else in the world would care so much about this fat piece of garbage cunt-whore?

        17. Wooo-ee, you’re starting to get really mad there, buddy. A lot of that intense, vengeful hatred you keep bottled up is starting to overflow. Clearly, i don’t care about this “fat piece of garbage cunt-whore” anywhere near as much as you do. Are you really pulling the ol’ “People like this owe their goodies and freedom to our men in uniform” card? Maybe you’re enraged because the cliches you cling to fall apart so quickly when actually examined critically.
          No mention of the Sarah Silverman line? Deliberately mocking the death of Christ? Don’t want to come across as an anti-semite? Wouldn’t fit with your pious persona? But what about Offerman using JFKs murder for humor, and joking about getting children hooked on drugs? Nothing?
          Anyway, back to “That loser at the cemetery did one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.”
          How does it match up to this?
          Thanks for playing.

        18. Sorry your fat oneitis cunt-whore is still worse, due to context. Are you absolving her because humanity had some tragedies before? CONTEXT, friend, context. Other than that I’m done with sifting through your word salads and watching you masturbate yourself with tried and true emotion buttons that have nothing to do with anything I’ve said. You’re a mess. Really. You’ve gone to this length to defend a complete pig. You’ve expended that much effort.
          It’s you, isn’t it? Really. You’re the fat cunt in the photo and this is how you spend your time instead of simply apologizing.

        19. I know, I know, you’re conceding defeat. Apparently you learned nothing from your childhood visit to that sacred place. The context here is your confession that the picture in question was one of the worst things you have ever seen in your entire life. Ultimately, I’m just trying to expose you to some things that most people would see as being far, far worse. You’re not particularly grateful for my efforts, but I’m a pretty selfless person, so I’ll just keep on keepin’ on, humbly making the world a better place, one post at a time.

        20. “Zing” goes your brain rocketing out to its latest emotional payoff via non-sequitir. I actually kind of envy your ability to do that. More developed brains require coherence and structure to be established at minimum, before they can even get anywhere near a payoff. Not yours. Understand what I’m saying? Ha, ha. Yeah right.

        21. Ha ha, first it was that the things third world animals did to each other don’t count, then it was things that happened some time ago that weren’t germane, and now you just sputter and babble to distract from the image in front of you. Nothing will ever change the fact that the picture of that girl is ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!
          You’re really no different from the bitch who got those two nerds fired. She’s just a little bit more of a man than you.

    2. I don’t feel like I’m being hypocritical because they’re apples and oranges. One person was shamed by many people because they found her actions deplorable. The other was shamed by one person because she was being a hypersensitive professional victim who tried to act like she was SCARED FOR HER PHYSICAL SAFETY because of a pretty bland joke. I felt like the difference was obvious enough not to point it out in the article, but maybe I was wrong.
      Also, I didn’t find her joke “unfunny”; I’ve bled for my country and those are my friends in the ground that she’s disrespecting. So yeah, I’d say “unfunny” doesn’t quite cut it.

      1. Yeah, and the tech woman could claim she was raped and has a hundred friends who were raped and they each have a hundred friends who were raped and it’s all because of a rape culture that stems from jokes like the ones those nerds made.
        The cemetery woman did something stupid. She was under the illusion that her internet communications existed in a bubble of her friends. I’m sure you have, in your life, done stupid things, too, but they most likely didn’t go viral. When I was drunk once, I repeated a joke about Jeffrey Dahmer. If it had gone viral, I would have been in a lot of trouble, and I wouldn’t have felt particularly guilty about it. If I had lost my job over it and become a pariah, I would have felt wronged. The internet has become a savage place of disproportionate retribution. The apples-to-apples situation here is that both the techies and the cemetery girl lost their jobs because of this frighteningly punitive arena.

        1. So because they both lost their jobs due to internet backlash, they are the same? I find your logic here highly specious. Lindsey Stone had the picture taken and consented to her friend tagging her in it. It was a specific ploy for attention, but a horribly offensive one. The guys Adria Richards narc’d on were sharing a harmless joke between themselves. They didn’t post it on Fb or twitter, they wanted no attention brought to them.

        2. She was extending the “joke” to her circle of friends. Are you insinuating that her intention was for the picture to go viral so she could get positive attention from it? Was that her thought process? The two guys in the audience were being, in their own, nerdy minds, roguish and were most likely deliberately talking loud enough to get attention from those around them: “We’re witty. We’re irreverent. We’re silly in an attractive kind of way.” No big deal. I’ve certainly done the same. it was stupid, though, to make jokes like that in a professional environment in this age of doctrinaire political correctness.
          You promote your own brand of political correctness and your own definitions of what is “highly offensive”–and support massive backlash against violations of your rules–while attacking someone else for doing the same thing.

        1. Pearlbuck, to put that kind of crap out there for the world to see, she doomed herself, just like the $#!+ that gamergate b!+ch did. I do not condone disrespect to DEAD Veterans.

        2. I don’t think she thought it through and anticipated a wide audience beyond her friends seeing it. You don’t “condone” disrespect for Veterans? You want to see anyone who violates your codes severely punished?
          You’re just a different kind of SJW.

        3. Social media actions CAN get people fired these days, unfortunately. That’s part of the reason I unplugged. By the way, I abhor “social justice” in all it’s slimy variations, I’ve worked with many mental midgets that believe in that BS, but I personally would never attempt to thwart anyone’s livelihood because of their opinions. People (to be specific, women and betas) have tried that shit with me in personal & professional life, but I give ’em the finger and move on.

        4. I have no “codes” because I am a man that pretends to be nothing but that…a man.

        5. Ok. Me too. I suspect we have a lot more in common than we disagree on. And if she had been making a calculated attack against dead veterans, instead of just going around the country in a silly, juvenile spree of taking irreverent pictures–smoking in front of a no-smoking sign, etc.–I would have been less sympathetic. As it is, I just tend to take a position closer to this guy’s:
          [Robert Johnson, army veteran and military and defense editor at news site, Business Insider, wrote an op-ed, saying he felt “compelled to defend her.”
          “More importantly, if Lindsey Stone wants to rip on the Tomb of the Unknowns, me, my service, or the hundreds of mutilated troops I served with at Walter Reed Medical Center, she should be able to do so without fear of retribution,” Johnson wrote. “Freedom like that is what we fought for, and respecting other opinions is part of what the military tried to teach all of us who served.”]

        6. “Freedom like that is what we fought for, and respecting other opinions is part of what the military tried to teach all of us who served.”
          Agree 100%.
          I will never seek to silence anyone’s 1st Amendment right to speak or post ridiculous images for the world to see. We also have the right and duty to question said opinions.

        7. Yeah, absolutely. I’m questioning the opinions of those who ranted that she should rot in hell, and I don’t like that she lost her job over it.

  15. The SJW’s are fighting for control of the public narrative with all their might. They realize that women are, essentially, group thinkers. If the herd starts running back towards traditionalism/family values, then Team Feminism will become as relevant as Burmese water puppetry.
    That’s why the last line by the author is so important: “Call them on their bullshit.” Never forget that their entire attack is a house of cards philosophy, waiting for a stiff wind to reduce it to rubble. I am starting to notice, when I read online forum commentary, that more people who are starting to call bullshit on them. Hopefully, the momentum continues to grow.

    1. ” . . . waiting for a stiff wind to reduce it to rubble.”
      It has never needed anything more than a spine stiff enough to say “No” to reduce it to rubble.
      My mother lied to me about the Magic Word, in order to advance the female imperative. The Magic Word for men is not “Please,” it is “No.”

      1. I find “No” to be better when dealing with individual females, rather than a group. My general rule is to say no, or to do as little as possible. This works like a charm.

  16. That Adria piece of garbage reminds me of David Mamet’s OLEANNA.
    In that play Mamet was basically predicting the sociopathic sense of entitlement of the SJW movement.

  17. I’m a millennial and I’ve never bought into social justice bullshit for a second. Probably because I wasn’t raised in a white family or near white people, no offense.
    The solution is to openly attack those who cry about being victims. Not only can they NOT shame you, they’re scared of you. The more they cry, the most targets they present for attack. There’s nothing shameful about being bigoted towards people who believe in equality. Rather, it should be the cultural imperative around the world.

  18. “As evidenced by Ms. Richards and Ms. Stone, Millennial women are indeed quite shameless.” Really? As evidence by TWO women, ALL millennial women are shameless. Did you miss how absurb that sounds? Idiot.

  19. By far the worst thing is the system and culture that empowers people like Adria Richards. She would be nobody in a genuine meritocracy without diversity programmes, affirmative action, PC culture, harrassment policies and all the other mechanisms of the cultural marxist left that have aided her. The biggest scandal is that this cunt was able to leverage all these systems to exercise power and get that man fired. I joked about her being on par with Harriet Harman but Harman is worse in that being a politician (a man-hating hag of one) she has the power to enact the policies that enable the likes of Richards.

    1. I once knew a girl who sued her former employer simultaneously for both racial and sex discrimination when they made her redundant. She freely admitted to me that she had suffered neither but needed the cash.
      She is a single mother and a stripper last I heard.

        1. Not while her shit-shower of a government are out of power. And god willing it will stay that way come the elections in May

  20. It’s easy to handle a Social Justice Warrior. Just remember they’ll all dumb sociopath cowards. Don’t shame them. Humiliate them by dominating them, then show forgiveness to drive them even madder, and stand by everything you say. Fundamentally they are fish people who need to conform in swarm societies to survive. They assume everyone is this way as well, and god damn are they wrong.

  21. Social Media has made the majority of people of a certain age group social retarded.

  22. Just this week I completely disconnected from social media, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, EVERYTHING, except ROK, heh heh! I’ve decided to go back to 10 years ago before I discovered Friendster. Now I have time for actual constructive endeavors. And most of all, I am liberated.

  23. Lindsey Stone certainly could have used better judgement and what she did was clearly in poor taste but it was a very tiny slice of her life taken out of context. Adria Richards on the other hand is a douche bag who deserved to have her life trashed for her behaviour and I have no sympathy for her at all.

  24. Generational blaming is lazy. There arenplenty of idiot feminists from each generation to show its not about when you were born.

  25. I’m sorry but I can’t with these SJW bitches. At some point I can’t even think of anything to say to these inane situations.

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