Migrants Commit An Astounding 82% Of Rapes In Sweden

A compilation of documents have been released by a subversive Swedish website and subsequently relayed by the aptly named GangRapeSweden.com, which details how between 2004 and 2014, 82% of the rape cases where perpetrators were caught, tried, and proven guilty were committed by migrants and non-Swedes with a vast majority of them coming from Africa and Muslim countries.

The documents is a shockwave for the ruling Liberal Swedish government, as they tried to sweep the issue under the rug for so long, suing reporters, and dissidents that pointed at the obvious patterns of crime in Sweden, all showing the flaws of the pro-immigration policy of the country.

An extremely inconvenient truth

Migrants in Sweden are guilty of 82% of the rape cases in the country, yet they represent around 10% of its total population (just under ten million inhabitants).

The whistle blowers took the time to calculate the factors and chances of non-Swedes committing rape and compared it to actual Swedes who were also sentenced. These court protocols were publicly available but they delivered a hard blow to the enablers of multiculturalism by compiling it.

By analysing their foreign-sounding names, country of origin and legal citizenship, they were able to differentiate between ethnic Swedes and migrants possessing a Swedish passport (an essential element that should be applied to criminal statistics and why it is illegal in so many countries) and paint a pretty good picture of the problems immigrants bring in Sweden.

Why making the difference is so important. “Non-Swedish” proves that those migrants still have Swedish passports. In the same document, ethnic Swedes are indeed labelled as coming from “Sweden”.

Notice that the heaviest sentences are almost entirely given to those who are not coming from Muslim or African countries

Why is this important?

This data confirms what every mind not infected by the multicultural death cult already understood. The countless stories of mass rapes at concerts, gang rapes of children being recorded by migrants, or the crackdown lead by the government on journalists being a bit too curious did not happen accidentally. This is hard factual evidence that migrants bring crime and the Swedish government is hiding it.

What happens in Sweden when you point out facts.

Huge numbers of convicted rapists were released with only a slap on the wrist (usually about a hundred hours of community service) or treated as a minor that received suspended jail time, costing millions of Swedish kronor to the country and its legitimate citizens.

These ridiculous sentences are given for crimes as serious as aggravated or gang rape on women, children, and even men. The correct response would be to impose heavier sentences and deport them back to their place of origin, but the documents show that this rarely happens.

Sweden’s next move

I am convinced that if such statistics were compiled and published in France, Germany, or Great Britain, the whole multiculturalist house of cards could collapse. Facts tend to be very intolerant and problematic.

Collaborators will resort to two strategies now: call it “fake news” while trying to censor further uncomfortable revelations or claim that Swedish society and modern Swedes, some of the most harmless and tolerant people on the planet (their downfall), are inherently racist and “systemic intolerance”, “problematic values”, “police brutality”, “toxic masculinity,” or whichever invented ailment du jour are responsible for the rape epidemic brought by third-world invaders, instead of pointing at their high-profile and known enablers.

Swedish newspapers that dared to publish the story, like Friatider, are actually being sued for only relaying the information.

Nul ne peut sauver l’homme qui veut se noyer

The data provided spans from the 10th May 2004 and the 8th January 2015, which means that these stats only report rapes for a period preceding the Refugee Crisis that had the time to be processed by the snail-paced Swedish Legal system.

Only God knows how dreadful the numbers would look if the same type of documents is released in five years time, taking into account the first exactions of the massive wave of migrants when they were resettled in Sweden.

Evolution of the foreign-born population of Sweden.

One can only wonder if such damning evidence, blatant lies ,and obvious flaws of the suicidal policies the Swedish government has been implementing for so many years will trigger any reaction of self-preservation among a majority of Swedes. I believe that the black-pilled ones among us are not holding their breath.

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174 thoughts on “Migrants Commit An Astounding 82% Of Rapes In Sweden”

  1. Swedish people just need to breed~
    Curse me as you want, but nationality without natality is bullshit.

  2. 10% of the population but 82% of the violators? Hmmm……
    Now what demographic in the United States makes up only a slightly larger percentage of the national population but also commits violent crimes vastly out of proportion with their numbers?

    1. Religion of peace and love…. Any of the religions that espouse the magnanimous all powerful invisible old bearded guy…..is bad news.

      1. IT is not just Religion…every conquering and colonizing tribe generally tends to rape and kill those being colonized…it is how you demoralize and eliminate a tribes identity and fully take over them. In America Islam is about 1% of the population, yet, we have colored people, illegal Christian immigrants, and foreigners constantly fucking white women (consensually or not), always voting against white man, demanding more white wealth redistribution, and demanding more immigration of their own races. White men are de-tribalized, demoralized, ignorant, and feminized retards who literally don’t give a fuck. Much of that is thanks to libertarians and “muh, individualism”…”muh, race don’t matter it is just du govement and taxes bro” type of people.

      1. That is because Swedes still make up the vast majority of the population. Also, when it comes to child rape it all depends on the people willing to go to the police to report it (children typically don’t go to the police). So, it is probably just more reported when it comes to Swedish children getting molested or whatever. Plus, remember that this is a feminist super state and women will make up all sorts of shit to fuck their white husbands over. Then, on top of that, most child rape is committed by family or relatives…many single male immigrants don’t have family or children, lol, most of them are considered “children”. Lots of migrants attacking children with “sexual emergencies” at pool houses, playgrounds, schools..etc. in Sweden, and I Guarantee you that lots of young refugees are getting run through like a 2 dollar whore in the refugee areas and camps…I remember watching a documentary on it. Most of those rapes go unreported. A big myth is that white people rape children more than other races…the Middle east is a child rape epicenter, and so is Africa.

  3. w8, did I read that correctly – “Aggravated Rape = 150 community service hours”?!?! so basically like 20 days of hanging around old people(!)

  4. Don’t worry, these embarrassing statistics can be fixed by giving citizenship to all “Non-Swedish” refugees. Then they are not “Non-Swedish” anymore. I have heard rumors that this is already being planned in Sweden. See how this one MOHAMED YASSIN BEN LOTFI MBARK is a citizen of Finland (neighboring country to Sweden) despite non-Finnish, African name.

    1. Hmmm… Maybe that’s how to slip the red pill past the multikultis. “If we’re going to even start dismantling raaaaaape culture, we need to name and shame the perpatrators! (or words to that effect)”
      [crowd cheers or snaps their fingers]
      “These are merchants of toxic masculinity! Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad…”
      [crowd becomes nervous and uncomfortable as badthink starts to creep in]

  5. Nice to see a Polish magazine on this site. Yep, allowing masses of unsupervised migrants into a European country is moronic (at best), but what can be done? They swarm at borders and either you provide them with shelters or let them cause troubles.
    As for Afro Americans you complain so much about, they weren’t always like that.

    1. If you don’t start having more children, the numbers DEMAND more fertile immigrants in order to prop up the greedy post-war generation with all their pensions and payouts.
      You are betraying your own nation when you refuse to procreate.

      1. @ John
        Lots of Poles think like you. I always tell them to fuck off. I am no breeder. And I would never purposefully condemn my child to be a slave to ANY fucking society.
        That said, I do have a daughter. Who says she’s going to work for Poles? Or even have a legal job? Please… Cut this overemotional crap.

        1. You are exactly the cancer that is threatening to metastasize in Poland. Defiant, angry, misandrist, leftist, anti-natal, anti-patriotic, pro open borders.
          With any luck, their nationalist soldiers will stamp out all traces of your marxist nation-wrecking before it gains any serious foothold.

        2. I, as a Hungarian, with a deep love for Poland, the people of Poland, and an admirer of Polish women and everything Polish, all I can say is that you are a shame of your people and your country!
          Thank God, the rest of the Polish people and Polish women are normal, healthy, patriotic peoples!
          You are just one sick, rotten apple in an otherwise great country and nation!

        3. @ Warriorhun
          You are delusional. Polish birth rates are below replacement level.
          But even if Polish women had ten children on average, I would proudly stand out.
          Please, get a life.

        4. @ Warriorhun
          Are you ready to LIVE for it?
          @ German-African
          Jesus, only elderly hookers were willing to lay with you? Too bad…
          Btw, I respect such ladies more than you.

      2. I am not pro open borders for everyone. I think Muslims shouldn’t be allowed in big quantities.
        I definitely AM anti-patriotic. And I very much enjoy your hysterical outbursts. You aren’t very much different from Muslim men: you consider women a property of yours, just like their children.
        I couldn’t care less about either right or left. It’s your war, not mine. But hey, your only weapon is virtual crying. Lame. Why don’t you get out of your mom’s basement, find a good job, get married and procure ten conservative children. Until then, you are just a hypocrite and a wussy.

        1. “It’s your war, not mine.”
          Perfect example of the passive and servile female mindset.
          Except the conquerors will have no use for your old sterile ass when the time comes. You can rest assured that your daughter, on the other hand, will be a breeder.

        2. Emphatically NO!
          Our hands are tied. We can not engage in non-State-sanctioned, private violence against migrants.
          What we are waiting for is the leadership of the State doing its duty and release us from our leash. Then we will massacre evey last one of the enemy under 10 minutes in the whole Europe.
          You, by the way, is one fine example why women should not be allowed to mouth into politics.

        3. KAROLINA
          Just so you know Polish-Americans in Detroit had large families and it did not help them.
          They were the last white group stuck in Detroit when it went bad.
          The old ones had no money to move-they had paid for their house when they immigrated and so it was worth nothing.
          Their kids also did not have the resources to leave Detroit. So it went down and down and down.
          Watch GRAN TORINO about the old Polish-American stuck in a seriously decaying neighborhood.

        4. @ Lysander, Warriorhun
          With such overemotional, childish mindset you aren’t worth much as defenders.
          @ Gen X-Ile
          Not sure what you are getting at. I don’t know much about the downfall of Detroit.

        5. @Karolina Nowicka
          Being ready to kill and to die for our people and our country is all we need to be GREAT defenders!
          And we ARE ready…

        6. I’ve fucked many elderly Polish prostitutes from Detroit. That’s your future if African-Americans Detroitize America.

        7. @ Warriorhun
          Are you ready to LIVE for it?
          @ German-African
          Jesus, only elderly hookers were willing to lay with you? Too bad…
          Btw, I respect such ladies more than you.

    2. *shrug* “Oh well, what can be done?
      We either let them in and pay for their lives, or they will get angry. Nothing can be done!”
      See gentlemen this is exactly why women don’t belong in charge of anything more complicated than a kitchen.

      1. Very funny. So far men, with so much power, didn’t do much about it. Don’t get deluded, you wouldn’t either.

        1. I read your comments and they all say the same thing..
          You surrender/ed.. Suck it up surrender monkey, nobody is coming to save your people from your stupid choices.

        2. The only reason the men haven’t done anything about it yet is because they have been curtailed by women, jews, and leftist cucks, who shame them and even make it illegal to preserve their lands.
          When they have support, such as in Hungary, they do what needs to be done.

    3. What can be done? You put machine gun carrying guards on the border with orders to kill any asshole that tries to cross without a passport. If a bunch of them decide to pull a zerg rush, then you machine gun a bunch of them
      This isn’t complicated

      1. I sometimes have such fantasies too. About Muslim terrorists, about left, about right, about EVERYONE who would like to control other people’s private life… Hey, after all, that’s why I am against Sharia Law, right?
        But then I just think some of you should be just omitted like plague.

        1. The problem you are having is, you think all cultures, peoples and religions are all equal, when it is clear as day they are not and never will be, this 3rd world invasion of our western countries ends as it always does, massive bloodshed, and your protests be bloody damned.

        1. Oh make no mistake shortbus, this ends in massive bloodshed, you are just living in denial and it ain’t a river in Egypt. Crack open a history book sweetheart, you will see where it always ends when the muslim comes to Europe in large numbers.

    4. Would agree that massa immigration, of any kind, is to be avoided. But immigration is a symptom not cause. It’s like a fat person wondering why she’s fat…you’re fat because you eat too much and exercise too little. Poland’s numbers by the way are truly atrocious. Pretty much any figure relating to demographics is problematic.
      birth rate: 1.3, one of the lowest in Europe. Even lower than Sweden.
      median age: 38.2, higher than Europe’s average (37)
      1/5 births are out of wedlock (which surprisingly is low for European standards). France for example has a rate of 60% out of wedlock, Scandinavia all above 50%.
      1/5 households headed by women
      Basically Poland is a rapidly aging matriarchy.

      1. @ Ace
        An unwed mother doesn’t have to be single. She might cohabit, like me. Not criticizing single motherhood, just correcting the error.
        I was born in a period of baby boom (late seventies – early eighties). My generation is doomed as far as national pension goes, too few children to work for us. Too bad.

        1. Where did i mention “single” in the writing you’re referring to?
          By the way, the fact that people are cohabiting is a problem in of itself. As it indicates poor economic situation (cohabitors are generally poor people). Overall such relationships are of low quality. Not even mentioning the moral aspect. A society that allows, facilitates and encourages cohabitation is a society in decline.

        2. “Where did i mention “single” in the writing you’re referring to?”
          1/5 out-of-wedlock birth is not the same as 1/5 households headed by women.
          “Overall such relationships are of low quality.”
          Any proof? Just because marriages seem to be more permanent (buahaha), doesn’t mean it’s the VERY oath that binds them.

        3. I’m sorry you’re trapped with a beta.
          If you had a good strong alpha in your life, your attitude would be so much different.
          Post some pics…who knows, maybe you can snare a thirsty chadlet off of here.

        4. @ John
          Lol. No, thanks. He might be beta by your terms, but beta is nowhere near to being a cry-baby who lets others treat him like crap.
          That said, labels are for fun. Those who treat terms like “alpha” and “beta” with morbid seriousness are immature at best.
          I’m sorry you are surrounded with ladies who would only fuck you in exchange for cash.

    5. “but what can be done? They swarm at borders…”
      Vlad the Impaler had his little forest at the Romanian border which kept the Turks out.

      1. The fact this stupid bitch doesn’t realize it’s an invasion proves she should gtfo this discussion. Now fuck off Marta Katarzyna Kowalski

        1. The fact you can’t read with understanding proves you aren’t of much value as a potential mate. Please, don’t reproduce.

    6. Witamy Karolina.
      In answer to your rhetorical question “but what can be done?”, I’d like to propose a different answer than what you provided.
      Don’t let them in, let them swarm at the border AND let them cause troubles. This at least puts the problem into perspective immediately rather than “appeasement” which is to encourage the migrants to enter by rewarding them and then they openly call for racist preferences such as Sharia law or “La Raza” in the USA when they perceive they’ve gained enough of an electorate to influence elections.
      In addition, when they cause trouble they help to expose the folly of feminism which is to undermine strong men presumably because a communist society has infinite resources to provide for women in lieu of husbands. Feminism is ultimately communism since most women cannot be independent without a socialist/communist state spending beyond its means.
      In the states, career women are notoriously loose with money. The only thing they buy of value of real estate (due to some nesting instinct) which has been subsidized by the state as well, but otherwise they blow their income on consumer goods. Most advertising is directed towards women while men such as myself don’t want to spend twice as much for something merely because it has ladna reklama. 🙂
      If it wasn’t for the migrant issue, it’s possible that western socialism could have gone on for another half century or more. Originally, anti-white ethnic cleansing was intended to eliminate the right wing electorate in the USA as a last ditch effort by the left to remain in power but now it’s destroying socialist western and Northern Europe.

        1. PS. You in US must have really sweet life if your women have so much cash to splurge. But from what I read, many of them leave very modestly, especially single mothers, ha ha. 🙂

        2. Dzienkuje. 🙂
          I live in DC metro which reminds me a lot of Warszawa (except Warszawa has a better nightlife and food 🙂 Most of the USA has a high cost of living in real estate (while Poland is cheaper) but consumer goods are relatively cheaper (due to no VAT and lots of cheap stuff from China) and medical care and cars are expensive (especially for women who tend to not want to fix their own flat tires or deal with engine light issues). Although there are women who are “grease monkeys” (auto enthusiasts) but most of the customers I see at the auto parts store are men.
          In Poland, public transportation is very efficient (although I know Poles are getting addicted to cars like in the USA and the people are getting fatter for it) but in the USA, it’s usually pretty bad and everyone usually has a car even if they commute to work via train. A new car in the USA goes for a about $20,000 or more and for those who don’t like to deal with repairs, that usually means replacing them every 6 years or so.
          Housing is another factor that’s expensive. Nowa Huta is dangerous in Poland but it’s a utopia compared to most suburban regions in the USA’s cities. So women who want to live safely also get hit with a significant portion of their income going into housing that they consider acceptable.
          So yes, many women live modestly ironically due to the feminist movement pushing women into the workplace lowering wages and raising the cost of living (literally the cost to live) but, still, there are women who are successful and earn good money and then the advertising is geared to rob them.
          I’m almost glad the reklama doesn’t care about me. I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.
          Shopping malls in the USA are full of well packaged and expensive goods marketed towards women. About 1/2 of the stores are exclusively geared towards women with the other 1/2 more general for families. Few stores at a mall cater towards men because most men are more frugal or have custom tastes that they don’t want to experience at the mall. Men tend to shop at specialty stores for hunting, sports or computers not at the mall.
          The exception is the iphone, of course, which costs a cool $1,000 and their phones are at the mall and packed with men and women both. I have one but it’s second hand I bought from someone from Saint Petersburg.
          Here’s a video by a feminist mocking white men for not being happy that now men and women have to work to support a family while back in 1950, the father only had to work:

          She just doesn’t understand that if people have to work twice as long to earn the same, that this isn’t “progress”. It’s like the USSR telling women they’ll have to work in the factories to get the same bread as came before and feminists think they’re being HELPED.
          And she’s mocking men for pointing out that this is not a good thing.
          So yes, times are tough in the USA but not for everyone but even then, it’s possible for someone whose affluent to waste their money because our capitalist system (sort of) encourages people to spend money they don’t have. I know this can also be difficult in Poland.
          Szczenczliwy boze Narorzenia! (przepraszm if my Polish is rusty, I’ve been stateside for a decade and I learned Polish in my grandmother’s kuchnia!)

        3. Hi.
          I think you are wrong. There are enough jobs for both men and women. If all women quit work, there would be too few people to work, even if salaries went up.
          Besides what woman would be so stupid to quit job just for the sake of an unknown man getting it?
          Women who want to be SAHMS need to find a rich guy to support them. In case of a divorce an American man is screwed or at least that’s what manosphere bitches… sorry, red-pilled guys say.

  6. Let Sweden serve as a caution to other nations. This is what happens when you grant democratic power to women, jews, traitors and foreigners. This is what happens when you have no state mechanism for asserting the supreme power of the native-born man. You are left with the unsavory options of civil war, or annihilation.

    1. Not altogether fair, John.
      The native children being brought up now must bear the consequences of the idiotic decisions made by aging liberals.
      Sort of like how Woodstock 1969 was all about “love and peace” but if it happened today it would be called “rapestock.” One wonders how many of these leftists would react if they were put back in time as kids but in the later environment they created in the future.

    2. In all honesty, the actions of these women have caused me to shrug when I hear about a woman getting raped. Children are another matter. It’s unhealthy the rage I feel when I hear about some stupid bimbo letting a stranger into her house to signal her ‘virtue’ while her babies pay the price. I’d like to scalp those excuses for mothers, frankly.

    3. This to the third degree. And as Aaron Clarey said in one of his best vlogs, European men need to start forsaking their gynocentric tendencies and let their women suffer the consequences for their complacency.

  7. Is it bad that I’m more upset about those delicate and rare Scandinavian genetics being polluted than I am about some dumb Swedish bitches getting raped?

    1. If they wont save themselves, so what? Let em perish in their surrender. Nobody has a duty to rescue the cowardly and foolish from their dumb decisions. They need to man up and fix their own Shiite.

    2. Lol Scando genes are proving to be cuck genes so far. Looks like Swedes and other Scandos have the “progressive values” etched in their bloodline.

      1. Funny you say that, because even the Romans use to make fun of “north men” for how well they treated their women. I think it is genetic that white men are naturally inclined to Cuck themselves, and it probably made sense back in the day…but with the advent of open borders, feminism, birth control, and media it is now one of the most pathetic attributes a man could ever have. Hell, the vikings allowed women to divorce their man, own property, and participate in politics. http://library.flawlesslogic.com/tacitus.htm

        1. Fuuuuuaaaaarrrrk the Vikings were cucks. I am really certain that if a man maintains blonde hair into adulthood that he has neoteny and thus stays in a more helpless child stage as is seen in a lot of these Swede cucks. However it’s not like Germanic people or even fucking wogs are any less cucked these days so if anything the faggoty Viking values did cuck all of us in the end.

        2. You’d never say that to Vikings face. Sweden may be cucked now but the Vikings deserve respect.

        3. well technically nobody would say anything to a Viking’s face considering they don’t exist today.
          And Vikings seemed like cowards by their modus operandi IMO.

    3. Almost one to try and snag one of the northern beauties myself Before they’re eaten up by the migrants…

  8. The Western Powers will be faced with a terrible choice sooner than later, with regards to these cucked out countries led by women and traitors. Do we allow Islamic Extremists to succeed in their plans to erect Muslim Caliphates in countries with nuclear-armed militaries? Do we allow Jihad Jabul to run for Prime Minister in a country backed by a massive White army?
    This is an extremely serious problem, not a joke. It deserves the kind of careful answer that no shitlib will ever be able to provide.

    1. John, there will be massive civil war soon so your worries about the 3rd world inbred savages is moot, just wait, the 2 per centers are about to come out to play and the 10 per centers will follow suit, the rest will have a start choice, side with the alpha’s or perish.

  9. Bitches don’t care – most of them have sexually fantasies of being raped, anyway.

    1. Especially these blonde and light Nordic women. Seems they love themselves some dark meat and seem to think their own 6 foot + men aren’t worthy.

      1. A hundred years of feminist government policies would make even Hercules look like bad husband material.

        1. So much for the Nordic Chad stereotype. So fucking slayer that they let OTHER men slay their women. Alpha af Viking strongbeard genetics clearly

        1. I rate Nordics as the most cucked Europeans by far. The least cucked are the Slavs (well except the wannabe Turks we all know about but they are fully conquered already).

      2. stereotypical view of the vikings as some ultimate warriors is overblown..
        for thousands of years there were many glorious warriors and warrior deeds throughout european lands, from down in ancient greece to vikings up north
        but not all have aged so well…

        1. At one time Vikings were the most feared and advanced. Gustav II Adolf called the father of modern warfare, had a renowned military as well. Hopefully Swedens last “Warriors” won’t be of the “Social Justice” variety…

        2. ”At one time Vikings were the most feared and advanced. ”
          meh, maybe only around scandinavia

      3. lol you’re the reason why liberals are rising, edgy virgin kid. Say that out in public and come back when your weak scrawny ass doesnt get beat up in under a minute. you wont last long, trust me

  10. Only 82%!?!
    I had a quick chat with a lady friend who lived in Scandinavia because that’s the kind of dick she wanted. After a year of not getting any male attention she realized that she had to approach the men there. 82% of rapes being by Muslims is generously conservative.

  11. Immigrant rapists: Low IQ, low inhibition, high T
    Swedes: High IQ, high inhibition, low T
    Looks like the best formula for cucking an entire nation and thereby doing a slow and passive conquest of both weak men and vulnerable females
    Good look Nerdics

  12. “I am convinced that if such statistics were compiled and published in France, Germany, or Great Britain, the whole multiculturalist house of cards could collapse”. Yeah, about England, there was the Rotherham scandal where they raped 1400 children in a town of 100k population, what happend with that? And France is an even bigger shithole than Engand, they covered the Bataclan massacre, those sand monkeys mutilated, beheaded, dismembered people. What happend with that? Germany is not as fucked up as France yet, but there’s still time to change it.

      1. Female masterminds? or pigs stuck by their Paki pimps? Just look at the blank look in their eyes.

        1. pakis have been raping women in the UK for 60 years. THey first started bringing those low IQ savages over in the 1950s. Entirely possible these women were abused at a young age.

  13. C’mon Sweden, wake up from your slumber of ignorance and take your Homeland back from the invading mongrel hordes!
    Their dicks are wet with the blood of your children.

    Why would this be astounding? Minority males often are overrepresented in sex crimes. This is true for Europe, SE Asia etc. No need to sensationalize it. This article by the way lacks much data. What are the actual numbers…how many rapes are we talking about? The figures you’re showing are related specifically to gang rapes. What’s probably most shocking is the fact that white – Swedish – males, according to the little info in this article, are way overrepresented in pedophilia (“aggravated child rape”).
    “Notice that the heaviest sentences are almost entirely given to those who are not coming from Muslim or African countries”
    Obviously…child rape carries much heavier sentences.

      1. ha ha ha yes, all those ‘minors’ that I see walking through europe with their beards and mustaches.

  15. This is already a WAR!
    A war in which the (((traitors))) among us subverted our leadership, and opened the gates for our mortal enemies.
    Those enemies are imported to our land en masse by the very same (((traitors))), who at the same time are preventing us to actively fight the war.
    1. Naming and killing our backstabbing (((traitors))), namely the Cultural Marxist JEWS and their Shabos Goyim helpers.
    2. Then deport all migrants (while killing those migrants who already committed any crime, especially rape or murder on our lands. After succeeding in point 1., completing point 2. can be done under 10 minutes (including coffee break).
    Harsh but true.

    1. Sorry, but we are way beyond the point of no return where deporting these inbred savages of the 3rd world is concerned, there are too many, too expensive and too late. This will take bullets and lots of blood to accomplish to rid ourselves of these parasites and the commi leftist enablers, and that day is just around the corner.

  16. What’s really shocking here is the utter cowardice of white “men”.
    I understand why white women are not birthing these cucks much of a posterity. That’s something you got to earn with raw courage. You gotta admit; wondering into someone else’s land and start having sex with their women–by force or consent–is quite a gutsy thing to do. And European women notice this.
    Would you go to Chechnya and rape a woman there?
    It’s unbelievable that White men are still trying to pick up women via the boomer hypergamy strategy. In a state of war no one gives a damn about your pool or your car.
    Courage will win this war. In this multicult game it’s not the suit-wearing six figure guy who is the alpha male, but the politically incorrect dissident who goes to jail for saying the holocaust didn’t happen.

    1. Lol @ 1.83 M tall Chad slayers letting ethnik manlets slay their women. Lol @ said Chads OK with being cucked but clearly inferior men.
      Wonder just how “alpha” Scandinavians are supposed to be. What is the average Swede something like 200 ng/dl test level or something? From looking at their history Scandinavians don’t inspire any sort of masculine spirit. Aren’t these the same cucks who live and die by the welfare state and socialism? Muh Viking stories doe

      1. You guys are victim-blaming. It’s true that White men are guilty of being a little too tolerant, but any meaningful action they could take against their displacement has been criminalized. Every man asks himself ‘how will I save my country from inside a penitentiary’.
        The fault lies with the (((legislators))) and the idiots who allow them to hold their power.
        As history shows, when White Men finally chimp out, it will be earth-shaking. Keep pushing.

        1. The world cannot survive a European chimpout. Push a European far enough and you have a dark triad literal slayer who smells blood and wants more. Never underestimate the power of a cucked European pushed too far.

        2. war , in Africa they have rebles if they strongly disagree with the gvt eventually gvt will try to accommodate them and give them their space maybe European man need to do the same otherwise u will be history

      2. Swedens military under Gustav II Adolf is seen by many as the pinnacle of warfare. The Scandinavian religion itself was very masculine.

    2. “wondering into someone else’s land and start having sex with their women–by force or consent–is quite a gutsy thing to do”
      It’s not gutsy at all when you are backed, funded, and protected by the full force of the Traitor State.
      That’s like saying a dude who finds a wallet on the sidewalk is a master thief.

      1. John, those two comments are quite sensible. I’m always hearing people say “why don’t you do something about it,” but what? How? Play by the rules and white men have modern culture and even the law against them (e.g. divorce courts); don’t and they end up criminals in jail.
        Folks, it took decades to end up like this, and it will take years to undo it- if it is even possible by now.

        1. Allanon, you’re admitting you’re under foreign dominion. The fact that this occurs on your watch proves what a bunch of spineless and unprincipled cucks you really are.

      2. Although for a physical standpoint Swedish men could form some Viking vigilante force and patrol the Stockholm streets at night looking it for some brown ethnik manlets. From a physical standpoint your average Swede can easily overpower these tiny wogs. In the case of Africans that might get tricky though.

        1. FITZ
          I’ll give an example in junior high school. A black guy pulled a knife on a football playing friend of mine and he grabbed a board. I told him it was not worth it. He put the board down. Fight over.
          The black guy whose name was T’Chicko ended up going to prison for stabbing a grad student for life at 16 in 1989 (Fuck me it is funny to think someone has been locked up since Bush the II was president!).
          If that high school kid had killed the black guy he’d still be in the joint. Sixteen and life.
          I had the same situation in the Philippines. Some Filipinos messed with me just because I was a Westerner. In Detroit a Filipino would not dare do this.
          One Brit told me: if you seriously injure a Filipino you are going to jail for 5-6 years. Five or six years in a Filipino jail. No way. Let em push me around. I’ll run.
          As a white man, are you willing to throw your life away and give up the family vacations and salary and standard of living to beat some ork to death in the road?

        2. “As a white man, are you willing to throw your life away and give up the family vacations and salary and standard of living to beat some ork to death in the road?”
          Wrong scenario.
          What swedes need to do is covert assassination. You are talking about face to face street crime.
          Grab some of these third world scum, chainsaw them to bits, and strew their body parts around with a warning message.
          Do it in 20 cities at the same time.
          That will send a message. What you are talking about is entirely different. I agree with you on your point, but you are interpreting things narrowly. Plenty of ways for ethnic swedes to take some revenge that don’t involve street fights.
          (Best way is to cut the power to rinkeby, malmo, etc. Sabotage the infrastructure and watch the primitive savages turn on the indigenous).

        3. jbwilson
          I would not rate the chances of rapefugees in Finland against a guerrilla resistance very highly.
          However, the Swedish police would put every effort into apprehending the perpetrator if they had to step over the bare pumping black ass of an African raping a screaming Nordic woman.

      3. Either way, they’re fucking European women, and the sluts seem to enjoy that. You can foot the bill, just keep paying those taxes and don’t be racist.
        All is fair in love and war.
        And by the way, if fucking one of these whores is as easy as stealing a lost wallet, then why don’t you go get yourself one of these blonde European specimens? Every Muslim seems to have had one.
        Then when you’re done walk into any Muslim country and try “stealing” one of their bitches.
        White “men” have ZERO honor. And that’s by voluntary social arrangement. Fucking cucks, your women do not respect you.

        1. Awww cry harder.
          You need to speak up; I can’t hear you over Sophie moaning for Ahmed.
          But are you paying off that new pool? That’s what’s really important here.

        2. White men may have less honor they used to but not zero, that’s non-White primatives who are more like mindless animals than men.

        3. White men may have less honor than they used to but not zero, that’s non-White primitives who are more like mindless animals than men.

        4. Keep making the white man angry 3 worlder, it is not going to end up well for any of you and yours when the white mans patience runs out as it soon will, then to your horror as he makes a Serb blush with envy when he takes his anger out on all of your kind. So I say, keep up the great work.

    3. Let us say every Swede left for Minnesota tomorrow.
      If you visited a Muslim country you would see how well their reproductive strategy works.
      Especially Africa, where rape and reproduction are so high that no amount of AID can keep people from starving to death.
      Africans don’t physically PRODUCE anything. Sometimes they can work in jobs given to them by white man or otherwise received money but they cannot actually have a Gross Domestic output.

      1. what country are u talking about ? I know a lot of Africans produce their own food and kenya even Zimbabwe has some industries
        the aid catel takes your money and spend it on some bureaucracy aid organization. The aavarage African has never touched aid money

        1. @HiewAfrica…they produce their own food? Is that why they are starving? Also, their food production is very VERY limited without the help and aid from western countries giving them access to technology and charity, like, irrigation systems, fertilizers, pesticides, etc etc. Barely surviving should not be considered “production”. LOL, and Africa has amazing farming weather and land to boot, and yet they are still starving…just look at what happened in Zimbabwe when the white farmers were run off.

        2. African industries revolve around basic raw resource production using technologies and financial capital from western nations/Asian nations. Africa is not a self sustaining place…if western countries did not supply access to mining equipment, logistics, investment, or if we didn’t buy their shit than Africa would immediately return back to the stone age.

      2. Most 3rd world people don’t produce anything, apart from their own food. How much of your own food do you grow?

        1. JOHN
          Notice that the Africans are not hanging around Malta or Sicily which are barely second-world countries themselves.

  17. “Migrants in Sweden are guilty of 82% of the rape cases in the country, yet they represent around 10% of its total population (just under ten million inhabitants).”
    So, I guess they are hard working immigrants after all?

  18. I think these girls like being raped. Why else do they keep voting to let in more of these refugees.

    1. Most White women, especially in the corrupted West, do not see men for what they are. Today a young pretty girl was going to show a group of lost rapefugees where to go, I took charge and guided them myself. Many have rape fantasies but they don’t want ugly retarded monkeys rape/murdering them.

      1. Its sad that our indocrination I mean education system has trained these girls to ignore obvious danger signs. It would be like training a kid to touch a hot stove and every time they do it you give them a hundred.

  19. I am sure the Swedish girls are truly enjoying these “””””””””rapes”””””””””
    I’ve never seen one single Swedish girl complaining, unless she is old as fuck and can’t get immigrant dick in her ass.

  20. What they don’t mention is
    182% of Swedish women love it!
    Swedish women hate the white race
    worse than jews and AfroAmericans.
    They want to end up like Portugal.
    Wealthiest Successful nation in the 16th Century
    imported Africans till they reached 10% population.

    1. That’s why Northern European women deserve White Sharia.
      And we will give it to them, proving that men are also much better than women at hating. We will make the Taliban look like Victorian gentlemen and Chechens look like hippie pacifists.
      We will hate and punish these whores until they love us.
      We will skim off the irredeemable sluts and trade them for AK-47s and RPGs.
      They will have nothing to do with their children. We will raise them and we will force virginity upon our daughters and toughness upon our sons at gunpoint.

  21. Not this racist old tosh again. Strange how it’s only the xenophobic right-wing sites that are still running this discredited story. There is no “migrant rape crisis” in Sweden.
    The data referred to are of “police-recorded offenses” and not of the prevalence of rape overall. This might seem like a nitpick, but it’s actually an important difference, for two very important reasons:
    Different countries have different definitions for what is “one police-record of rape”.
    The fraction of rapes that get reported to the police varies widely between countries.
    Definitions of rape, and of “one offence”
    Most countries count only how many police-reports they get, while a few countries, including Sweden, count each individual offense separately.
    If someone goes to the police in Sweden and reports that they have been coerced into sex by their partner on a weekly basis over the last year, then in most countries this would count as one police report. In Sweden, it would count as 52 rapes.
    There are also variations in which acts count as rape, who the perpetrator must be and who the victim must be. Generally speaking the countries which have the strictest anti-rape laws will tend to have the highest reporting-numbers:
    In some countries it’s only recognized as rape if the victim is a woman and the perpetrator is a man.
    In some countries rape is not recognized if the victim is married to the perpetrator.
    In some countries only vaginal intercourse is counted as rape, while in other countries “rape” also includes digital (fingers), anal or oral sex performed on a person without consent.
    In some countries rape is only recognized if physical force has been used, in other countries coercing someone by way of threats or by taking advantage of a sleeping or severely intoxicated victim is also recognized.
    Varying fractions getting reported to the police
    The fraction of rapes that get reported to the police is low in most countries, a variety of different factors lead many rape-victims to never report what happened to them to the police.
    Perversely, treating rape-victims better and doing a better job at investigating and handling rape-cases, will tend to result in higher reporting. Among the more common reasons for not reporting a rape are:
    Fear that the story will not be believed.
    Fear that the police and/or others will blame the victim for circumstances prior to the rape. (for example if the victim was intoxicated or had voluntarily gone home together with the perpetrator)
    Fear of being considered of lesser worth as a partner in cultures where “virginity” is considered a virtue for a woman.
    Fear that the police will not handle the case appropriately, or even that they’ll harass the victim.
    Feeling that reporting is “pointless” in cases where there’s not much evidence and the victim judge it unlikely that a conviction will result.
    Notice that many of these factors can be influenced to a substantial degree by cultural factors in the society, police and the courts. In societies where victim-blaming is low, where the police is professional and trustworthy, where a lack of “virginity” is considered completely irrelevant and where in general tolerance for sexual abuse is low, it’s easier for the victim to report.
    How to judge actual prevalence of rape
    If you want to judge actual prevalence of rape, as opposed to police-reports, you need to use surveys. These surveys need to be administered to a representative sample of people of both genders, and they need to be worded extremely carefully so that you’re comparing the same thing in different countries.
    You can for example not simply ask people whether or not they have experienced rape — if you do then your results will reflect that different cultures have different definitions for “rape” and for example an Indian woman who have been coerced into sex by her husband may say “no” because she is aware that this does not (legally speaking) count as rape in India.
    As an example, the latest such survey here in Norway has 203 questions, and they are all pretty specific in an attempt to pin down as precisely as practically possible what acts precisely they are asking about. Around 20 of the questions deal with rape in various forms, and they are quite specific. For example Q57 sounds like this:
    Has anyone – man or woman – ever put fingers or objects in your vagina or anus without consent by the use of physical force, or by threatening to hurt you or someone you care about?
    This is very specific. It’s also very invasive, and about a topic that is intimate and taboo, and the strength of these taboos also tends to follow the same pattern in the sense that more liberal countries that have done more to combat rape-culture also tend to have more people comfortable with talking honestly about these things.
    In other words, even with the best designed studies, it’s difficult to get precise results that you can feel certain are comparable across diverse cultures. That sucks, it would be good to have top-grade highly-reliable data on this, the unfortunate fact though is that that is something that it’s both expensive and difficult to collect.

    1. Bro, even before they changed the definition of rape (2005) it was still overwhelmingly colored people committing rape and crime. Also, much of the change in rape actually would affect the white boys in those countries more, since most “white rape” is really just sexual harassment or a feminist wife trying to fuck her husband over. There are no gangs of white dude roaming around in Sweden raping women. Almost ALL violent/forcible rape in Sweden is committed by colored people. Sweden also has to send armed escorts for their fire department/emergency services when they go into these “no-go zones”. Sweden also has a problem with grenade attacks…lol. Ask yourself something…if the statistics were really what you say they are and the “magical” colored people were not committing all these crimes…than why are the pro-immigrant politicians so desperate to hide these facts?????? What you are doing is just parroting the same garbage propaganda that the left has been spouting for decades…just like they say that illegal immigrants are good for the economy and don’t take welfare….what a load of shit.

      1. You provided no links to any evidence to back up your statements. I dispute all your second-hand ideas, which seem to be informed by bizarre sites such as Breitbart. Here’s one:
        “Sweden also has to send armed escorts for their fire department/emergency services when they go into these “no-go zones”.” No, it doesn’t:
        ” …the idea, which was first reported by the Swedish national broadcaster STV, was created by a local police officer who has set up a volunteer programme to encourage local residents to exercise more and had nothing to do with fears over immigration.
        Police Inspector Peter Karlsson said he came up with the idea after noticing that many people who wanted to run and walk during the winter were nervous about running in the dark.
        He then got together a group of his colleagues to set up an armed escort in their spare time for any joggers who want to run at night.
        He stressed that it was not needed as the town had little crime but said people were scared due to “events around the world and feel unsafe when it’s dark”.
        He added that they only needed to be armed due to protocol which says police must be “equipped for service” when out in the community.
        When Breitbart covered the story, it highlighted the “armed” aspect and used it as part of its ongoing campaign to depict Sweden as crime ridden since the start of the refugee crisis in 2015.
        It linked the Oskarshamn story with a report published by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in 2016 which claimed 46 per cent of women over 16 felt scared to go out after dark in Swedish cities.
        But the report only recorded fear of crime rather than instances of crime itself and made no reference to the presence of refugees as the reason women were scared. ”

        1. Oh, like your amazing “links” to the quora, or the link to theglobalandmail which literally has the word “opinion” in the address. This shit is not hard to find, and the Swedish government is doing everything within its power to hide these facts for a reason. Oh, the independent eh, ya, great link bro… I read the article and NOWHERE did it provide any fact to back their shit up, it was just another opinion piece written by some dumb ass women.
          In your “independent link” the best evidence this woman produces is this: “The claim was widely contradicted by experts, such as Philip N Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland, who produced a graph showing rapes recorded by police started increasing after 2004, eight years before the refugee population started increasing in 2012”. So essentially some random “sociologist” made a graph (no link or data to that graph) that does show rape was increasing in Sweden…. and ….that proves that third world migrants are not raping anyone…lol…Migrants have been a problem in Sweden for a long time, and currently the Swedish government hides information about rape and ethnicity since the refugee crisis took off….I mean, I know your not very smart, but there is absolutely no logic in anything you or any other dumb ass liberal is saying on this topic.
          Here, let me give you some links:
          This article has an actual video interview.
          Oh, this guy called angry foreigner on YouTube makes great videos on Sweden. He actually lives in Sweden. Oh, and he does a great job of providing links to the things he talks about for idiots like you to look up. Here are just a couple of his videos, they are pretty good, you should watch. A lot of his links are in Swedish, but you can use google translate.

    2. Banging you wife isn’t rape, she gave her ongoing consent as part of the legally binding wedding contract. Only in cuck country is her changing her mind (without first getting divorced) considered rape.

      1. Really, you need to put yourself in the place of the victim for once. I’m no third-wave feminist, but I am very glad that the law was changed in the UK back in the 1980s to prosecute the men who assaulted their own spouses. Your view is antediluvian. Does the Koran or perhaps the Old Testament guide your views? You would be very at home in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

        1. NO, not assault, my wife never gave me permission to beat her during our wedding service. But sex was a definite part of the contract (probably in the ‘with my body, I thee worship part’).

    3. Wait wait wait, so what you’re saying is that rape laws in Sweden are totally insane, crafted by a bunch of bitter man-hating feminazis in order to neuter their own men while elevating savage intruders above the law? You’re saying that the laws are so batshit crazy and incoherent that grooming gangs get off with community service while “date rapists” do hard time? And therefore the entire country should be taken under receivership by Trump’s America until we can help them purge their traitor class and get their shit screwed on straight again?
      On that my friend, we can all agree.

  22. But what about the indispensable vibrant diversity? Can’t we make a precious Benetton ad where all races hold hands and sing on their government provided unicorns?
    After an interlude at the government funded magic chocolate fountains all the races will ride off into the sunset on their unicorns while singing Kumbaya.

  23. This is, of course, entirely debunked right wing bullshit. Clearly, you just read an article and reposted it without any personal knowledge, without fucking looking it up, as long as it agrees with your chronic masturbator’s philosophy-lite. You truly must be as ridiculous and laughable as this site indicates.

  24. Sweden is a shit hole maybe I should tell my Mexican brethren to immigrate there instead of the us since they accept everyone there

  25. goddamn the crybaby shit is off the chain on this site lol waaa the nordic blodes fucking dark skinned men waaaaaaaaa

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